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FUN Page 38: the Flip Side

Page 10: Extraordinary Woman Rekindle Magazine recognizes Denise Bartel, co-director of f.r.e.e. international, for her commitment to rescuing young girls from modern day slavery and forced prostitution.

Pastor Earl Munyan discusses summertime fashions and why ‘keeping up with the fashionistas’ can be dangerous.

Page 39: Fashion Forward

Page 14: Proximity Dictates Similarity

Advice for increasing the longevity of your summer wardrobe.

Birds of a feather flock together. What the bible has to say about the company you’ve been keeping.

Page 40: Music Matters


Self-proclaimed Karaoke Enthusiast , Leah Rivero, shares the custom iPod playlist she tunes into when she’s craving a new perspective on life.

Page 16: Family Focus: Meet The Cintrons Jennifer Bishop spends some time with renowned artist Sam Cintron and his family, discussing their public agenda concerning their community.

Page 41: Book Notes Looking for a little substance in your reading selections? Reviewer Naomi Close offers a couple suggestions.

Page 20: Party of 7 A little friendly advice for new moms on getting the rest you need, maintaining your sanity, and keeping your marriage strong.

IN EVERY ISSUE Page 5: Editor’s Corner Page 7: Rhema Word- Women’s Devotional


Page 8: This & That Page 29: Short and Sweet- Quick and easy recipes with the

Page 30: BBQ Remix Contributor Karina Arrue shares 9 ways to take your BBQ from blah to brilliant.

September / October 2010

busy woman in mind Page 42: Eyes & Ears- Check out this page for Christian happenings around the nation 4

We say that we don’t like change, but we do. We just like it on our own terms. We say when, we say where, we say how. Unfortunately, just like the rising of the sun, you cannot stop or control change. So I’ve learned to quit trying. One year ago this month, I was unemployed and praying for several circumstances in my life to change. I expected God to move but I never expected change to look like this. Even when I was in my most hopeful state; believing God for an amazing miracle, you could not have convinced me that I would fill this role: editorin-chief of a Christian Women’s publication. When I asked God what I was supposed to write about in this magazine, He said, “Write what you know.” So I did. And I recruited a few others to do the same. We make no claims of knowing everything about anything, but all that we do know, we are excited to share with you. This edition is all about change; what it looks like, why we need it and how to cope when it happens. Rekindle contributor, Bethany Moxley talks about the dangers of resisting change in this month’s Faith feature, “Settling in Haran”. New mom, Sarah DiBenedetto and Melody Laster team up in “Before Life & After Death” to share their personal struggles with recent life changes. Food Editor, Sarah Richman-Licata, dares us to embrace a few new variations of an All-American favorite in “The Great Burger Swap”. Whatever state of change you find yourself in currently, we invite you to spend a little time here, with us, as we too deal with change. We look forward to sharing our lives with you and pray you find the encouragement and support you need to make it to the place you’re destined to be.

Editor In Chief & Founder Danisia Ruffin Senior Editorial Advisor Naadu Blankson-Seck Family Editor Jennifer Bishop Food Editor Sarah Richman-Licata Fun Editor Priscilla Lamour Web Master Evan Santiago Contributing Writers Bethany Moxley, Leah Rivero, Karina Arrue, Melody Laster, Earl Munyan, Sarah DiBenedetto, Naomi Close Contributing Photographers Juan Morales, Evan Santiago Cover Model Arlene Zayas Publisher Hope Center Arts Web Design & Graphics One Element

Danisia Ruffin Editor-In-Chief

September / October 2010

- President & Creative Director Evan Santiago 5

A WORD FROM THE PUBLISHER Women by nature are expert multi-taskers. I’m not sure if it’s by design or by necessity, but I certainly know that it’s biblical. Proof positive is the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, the quintessential example of an extraordinarily busy, yet resourceful and powerful woman. But if she’s the model of what I should be, I’m not too sure I can be her. Certain mornings, as I wipe the crust out of the corner of my eyes and examine the hairdo that too few hours of sleep has created, I come to the realization that I’m not looking too powerful; unless my superpower is the ability to get people to run away from me in horror. But, if you are like me, you know there are also some evenings where you lay down your head and God is saying, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Those days are very good. This is what Rekindle Magazine is all about; helping you make more good days where God can say, “Well done.” Other than being multi-taskers, women are also multifaceted. Our responsibilities and tasks require addressing lots of different needs. Because of this, every issue will cover a variety of topics. From the daily needs of family, food and even fun- to your deepest concerns, including questions regarding your walk in Christ and fulfilling your call. We are here to serve you. More than anything, Rekindle Magazine is a ministry and we are not ashamed to say that. Leigh Piatt-Gonzalez President, Hope Center Arts

September / October 2010 6


Sisters, God is always seeking to do a new thing in our lives. The word of God says that His desire is to take us from glory to glory to glory. That means that once we reach one level in our destiny, God is there, not only waiting to praise our faithfulness and perseverance, but also to push us onward to the next level. It is not the will of God that we would grow complacent at any level but that we would continue the journey toward eternity and experience the abundance waiting for us. Always seek to behold the new thing that God is doing in your life and in your spirit.

September / October 2010

Isaiah 43:19 19 Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. NKJV 7

Osas Ighodaro, from Connecticut, was crowned 2010 Miss Black USA Pageant in Washington D.C., capital of the United States on Aug. 9, 2010. Thirty-three contestants from across the United States joined the annual beauty contest. (PR NewsFoto/Miss Black USA Pageant & Scholarship Foundation, Inc.)

Katharine McPhee, former American Idol Runner Up, distributed meals to children at LINC Houston, a partner of the Houston Food Bank. McPhee was participating in the Hunger Free Summer Initiative to bring 1 million meals to children from low-income families across the nation. (PR NewsFoto/ConAgra Foods Foundation)

Big Brothers Big Sisters, Bigs of the Year honored by President Obama for improving youth odds for success. (l-r) Little Sister Sabriyah, Big Brothers Big Sisters President & CEO Karen J. Mathis, 2010 Big Sister of the Year Angela Rodriguez and Carlos Lejnieks, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Essex, Hudson and Union counties. (PR NewsFoto/Kaye Evans-Lutterodt)

September / October 2010

American Dietetic Association President Judith C. Rodriguez greets U.S. Rep.Danny K. Davis (D-Ill) at ADA’s Chicago Headquarters on Thursday August 19. Davis announced he will introduce legislation in the House this fall that will require every public school in the United States to have a registered dietitian on staff. (PR NewsFoto/American Dietetic Association) 8

Denise Bartel

Who she is:

what else she does:

Denise is a small-town Montana girl who God has taken around the country and around the world to help victims of human trafficking. She and her husband Michael are the directors of f.r.e.e. international, a ministry to victims of human trafficking with an emphasis on rescuing victims of forced prostitution.

Denise loves being mommy to 2 young kids. She enjoys going on walks with them and searching for hidden “treasures” in the grass where they live near NYC.

what she does: Denise works alongside her husband to find, rescue, embrace and empower victims of human trafficking.

why she does it: God looks out for the great and the small and loves each the same. Denise was taught from a young age that all people are equal and deserve to be loved and have dreams and goals.

Why we think she’s extraordinary: Denise and her husband Michael are committed to a cause that many are unaware of and some refuse to believe exists. Not only does she help to rescue young girls, she also believes in equipping them to rebuild their lives utilizing holistic aftercare and the Word of God.

how to reach her:

Settling in H





ave you ever found yourself settling for something that you knew wasn’t God’s best? Genesis 11:31 speaks of Abram’s father, Terah, gathering his family and setting out from Ur of the Chaldeans to go to Canaan. However, the Bible says that when they came to Haran, they settled there instead. Terah was compelled to leave what he knew in Ur, -which I’m sure was very hard to initiate-, for the unknown of Canaan, yet he settled his family in Haran. The Bible doesn’t tell us what made Terah settle in Haran but something compelled him to stay. What makes us settle? If you look on a map, Haran is over half way to Canaan. So why didn’t they complete the journey? Why did they settle for less than the original plan? As Christians, we are compelled to leave behind life as we know it to follow Christ to a seemingly unknown destination. Many times, just like Terah, we stop short of the final destination and settle in ‘Haran’ instead. Haran can represent many things: a relationship that you settle into because you’re overcome by the fear of being alone, a job that doesn’t utilize the gifts God knit into you; or a ministry that you are part of because you feel obligated. In Genesis 12, after Terah dies, God instructs Abram to leave Haran and go to a land that He would reveal to him. Abram was led to Canaan, his place of destiny. Though his father chose to settle in Haran, Abram chose to follow the call into the place where God’s plan for his life had been waiting all along. September / October 2010

When God calls us to do something or go somewhere, the final decision belongs to us. Do we go or do we stay? And, if we go, can we make it all the way? I am sure it was hard for Abram to leave everything he knew and the life he had grown accustomed to but reaching for something new requires letting go of something old. Haran can be a comfortable and familiar place, but God is not calling us to a life of convenience. If the Holy Spirit lives inside of you, I guarantee that He is wooing you to Canaan because that is where He can bless you and people can be blessed through you. Are you on our way to Canaan (the place of your destiny) or are you satisfied with less, willing to settle someplace else? If you find yourself settling, seek the presence and the voice of the Lord. Every Christian faces this crossroad in their life. Don’t give up on what God is calling you to. Don’t stop and settle in Haran and say to yourself, “This is good enough.” Get up! Your real destiny awaits! “Press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14.

Bethany is a freelance writer who was first published this year, coauthoring an article for The Journal of Applied Gerontology. She works as an Occupational Therapist, serving children with special needs and their families. As a contributing writer for Rekindle Magazine, her hope is to see women become inspired to walk in the full destiny God has for them. Bethany resides in Jersey City, NJ with her husband. 12

Birds of a feather, flock together. Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are. We’ve all heard it said before. No matter which version you are most familiar with, the meaning remains the same. The people you surround yourself with are a direct reflection of who you are and/or what you stand for. September / October 2010

Similar interests, backgrounds and location may draw people together, but similar beliefs, convictions and priorities keep them together. When you decide to live a life dedicated to Christ, there are many areas that can be difficult to surrender to God. Perhaps the most critical area of all is un-godly relationships. Second Corinthians 6:14 reads, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. 13

For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” This does not apply simply to intimate relationships, but friendships and business associations inside and outside the church.

First Corinthians 15:33 says, “Bad company corrupts good character.” I remember ending an un-godly, intimate relationship early in my salvation, only to find myself associating with a group at church in which gossip, belittling talk and jealousy ran rampant. As Christians, we should surround ourselves with people who have the same priorities and goals that we do. If your goal is to be more like Christ (as it should be), you won’t find it very helpful to spend time with people whose lifestyles do not line up with the Word of God.

BAD COMPANY CORRUPTS GOOD CHARACTER. Once we accept Christ into our lives, one of our priorities should be re-evaluating who we spend time with. I quickly learned that it made no sense to ask God to help me change my life if I was going to continue to associate with people who were living the life I was trying to leave behind. Change is not easy, especially when you fail to rid yourself of temptation. As a young Christian, it is much easier for people to pull you back into old habits than it is for you to pull them forward into new ones.

September / October 2010

This is not an appeal for isolation or segregation from unsaved individuals or Christians who are struggling to live a life pleasing to God. It is the heart of God that we go out amongst them and be light so they might see Christ in us and desire to come to a saving knowledge of Him. This is a plea to seriously consider the company you keep and fully understand the impact these people have on your Christian walk. There is a difference between interacting with unsaved people in an attempt to share the truth you have found and consistently spending time in an atmosphere that is both dangerous and detrimental to your relationship with God. First Corinthians tells us that, if we are in Christ we are new creations; the old things have passed away and new things have come. Let the Holy Spirit update your phone book and make room for the new relationships God wants to give you and watch the difference it makes in your relationship with Him.

A native of Ohio currently residing in Jersey City, NJ, Danisia is Editor-in-Chief for Rekindle Magazine. A self-proclaimed cafénista, she considers herself an expert on exceptional coffee. In addition to cooking, she also enjoys reading and writing poetry. She is currently working on a compilation of her work. 14

Everyone has an agenda. The Cintron family is no different. Pastor Sam Cintron, along with his wife Liz and their three children, Sam III, Jacque and Faith, have taken their love and passion for the arts and used it to further their personal agenda: affecting change in their community. Pastor Sam is an award-winning singer/songwriter, worship pastor at his church and an accomplished artist and fine art dealer. Liz is director of the Hope Center Arts Academy and a member of her church’s worship team. I had an opportunity to sit down with this busy family and learn more about their plans for their community.

Pictured above: Pastor Sam Cintron and his wife Liz Cintron

Meet the Cintrons a fa m i ly w i t h a n a g e n d a

Jenn: Tell me how your family first got involved in the arts. Pastor Sam: My siblings and I were exposed to the arts at a very young age. My father bought us a full set of musical equipment and we were given the freedom to play and explore. We are all self taught musicians and grew up traveling with our parents as evangelists. Liz: It was different for me. I have always had a love for the arts, but I was very shy as a child and fearful of exploring my giftings. When I saw the same thing happening to my children, my husband and I started offering classes at The Palette, an art gallery we owned at the time. September / October 2010

We wanted it to be an environment that would motivate confidence and encourage children not to be afraid so they could thrive and explore their God given talents. Jenn: How has your family used the arts to effect change in your community? Liz: We offer a wide array of visual and performing arts classes through the Hope Center Arts Academy (HCAA) at an affordable rate. We also utilize theatrical concerts, workshops and summer camps. We are able to be an example as a family. Parents come to us and we are able to relate to them and show them how to encourage their children in the arts. 15

Pastor Sam: The goal of HCAA is to create high end art exhibits in typical low income communities and make them accessible to people who would otherwise not be exposed to the arts. Liz: All three of our children are enjoying classes and are using their God given gifts in ministry. Sam III is involved in Drama Team, Puppet Ministry and assists in the summer arts camp. Jacque is a teacher’s assistant in dance and is choreographing as well. Our youngest daughter, Faith, leads worship in children’s church services. Pictured above (left to right): Sam Cintron III, Faith Cintron, Jacque Cintron

The way the devil destroys the nation of the future is by destroying the family of the present. - Pastor Sam Cintron

Pastor Sam: “The arts steer the culture. I feel our church is strong on the arts. It is time for the body of Christ to step in and put their hands on the steering wheel. We should be the ones to pump creativity into the city, to exalt the name of Christ. How do we do that? By empowering the child. The way the devil destroys the nation of the future is by destroying the family of the present.” Family Editor Jennifer Bishop is a country girl living the city life. An avid blogger, Jennifer currently maintains two blogs; one about being an adoptive parent and another regarding her current weight-loss journey. A Proverbs 31 Woman wannabe, she enjoys cooking, bargain shopping and taking care of her five children and husband of 16 years.

September / October 2010 16 Copyright 2010 - Hope Center Arts (All Rights Reserved)

NEW MOMS By: Jennifer Bishop

The arrival of a new little bundle of joy, whether through birth or adoption, will definitely change things in your life.

Most of these changes are natural and unavoidable, such as sleep deprivation and less personal time. However, a lot of prayer and a little motherly advice can go a long way towards creating a smoother transition into motherhood. For instance, sleep may suddenly feel like a thing of the past because babies demand around the clock care. One of the best pieces of advice I got was to sleep when my baby slept. You might think, “But what about the sink full of dishes and the laundry that is piling up?” Let it go. The time you spend welcoming your newborn is perfect for delegating household duties to other family members and friends who have offered their help. You need rest so that you can take the best care of your baby. I didn’t take this advice to heart until after the birth of my fifth child. Finally, I feel rested and recharged. Now I have the energy to enjoy spending time with my family and I get to savor those special moments with my baby. I don’t know why I waited so long to listen to that wisdom. Babies grow fast, trust me, you don’t want to miss a single moment. Make time before the baby arrives to get away for a weekend with your spouse. There will be little time for such outings with a newborn. If you’re pregnant, the third trimester is a perfect time for a romantic getaway because you have more energy and morning sickness is hopefully a thing of the past. Alone time with your husband is crucial. My husband and I try to schedule a date night a few times a month, even if we are just able to grab a cup of coffee and go for a walk. The conversation may change from planning a tropical vacation to which brand of diapers has the highest absorbency rate, but keeping the lines of communication open will help to strengthen your relationship and keep both of you sane. 21

My life is changing slowly in some areas yet in others, much too quickly. Last Christmas my husband and I learned we would become parents this August! How exciting! How scary! I’ve found in my life that when one something changes, a lot of “somethings” change. It seems like the wind blows, a season ends, and another begins, similar to what Solomon describes in Ecclesiastes 3. So, it’s not surprising that once I learned the big news, other things in my life started changing and God started laying the foundation for a brand new season. A season of new life. With nine months to prepare, pregnancy really is the slow change leading to motherhood. Rarely in life do we get that much notice for such a major event. It’s enough time to raise lots of new questions. What kind of mother will I be? How will my marriage change when we have a baby? Is my walk with the Lord strong enough to raise a child right? How’s my temper? Why IS the sky blue? A lot of these questions I won’t be able to answer until later in my life… which is even more unsettling because change is coming soon! I’m reminded by constant kicking in my growing abdomen. Change is coming! When we walk through baby stores I realize we are in way over our heads. The impending responsibility of parenthood is enough to make anyone question themselves. However, we still have peace about what God is doing in our lives. He knew this day was coming and He hasn’t left us without instructions. Psalm 37:5 tells us, “Commit your future to the Lord! Trust in Him, and He will act on your behalf.” Over and over we’re told not to worry. Worry leads to trouble, however when we take delight in the Lord He answers our prayers! Woven throughout scripture we see a common theme. God works things out when his people commit to Him. David, Daniel, Ruth, Esther, Joshua… the list continues. Not every person had the same ending but their commitment to trust the Lord was the same. 23

I still have my questions about motherhood but I’m giving them a backseat for now as I focus on Psalm 37. When we put our trust in Him, He transforms us to fulfill His purpose, even as a mother. When asked to describe herself, this Family writer quotes Psalm 37: The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, though he fall, he shall not be cast down; For the Lord upholds him with His hand! As a new mom, Sarah now appreciates the fact that she is ‘her mother’s daughter’. She credits her mother with leading her to the Lord and her love for chai lattes, baking and great fiction. Born and raised in Iowa, Sarah now resides 1200 miles away, in New Jersey, with her husband Vincent and new baby, Zachary.

Over the past several years, change and faith have become very tangible concepts for me. Like the woman in Matthew 9 who longed to touch Jesus’ garment, I’ve been holding on to His hem, with the very real belief that God will heal my heart and soul. Hers was a bold and desperate gesture, but it was also motivated by faith that touching Jesus would do away with her issue of blood. My journey began in 2002 when I lost my job and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer (I don’t capitalize the “c”; it gives the disease too much power). Until then, I had been used to a life with relatively little drama—none close to me had died. Then in early 2003, my Grandmother transitioned to heaven right after giving her testimony in church at almost 80 years of age. My Grandma’s home going, though signaling the end of an era in my family, carried the feeling of victory because she lived long and didn’t have to suffer. Since then, my Mother passed, I’ve lost another job, experienced new relationships and struggled with health issues.

September / October 2010

Without my Mother and Grandmother, change has been overwhelming. I often feel like I’m living in an alternate universe. I went from the blessed assurance that two women of God were earnestly praying for me, to not being sure if anyone was praying at all on some days. Mother’s Day has gone from being one of the most important days of the year to one I almost hope to ignore. In things emotional and practical, I still feel lost in a lot of ways. There is hardly any place I travel, person I meet, or thing I do that doesn’t make me think about how my Mom would act, what she would say, or what she’d think. There are days I still expect to hear my Mom’s voice on the other end of my cell phone. I expect to walk in my apartment and see her. I also miss simply sitting at the foot of her bed and discussing the experiences of the day. Even though I’m blessed with many supportive friends, I’ve found that it is Jesus I’ve been leaning on more and more. Only he has been able to ease the pain of missing my Mother. He has revealed to me that He really is love. I made a decision soon after my Mom’s death to trust God with every emotion that came up, no matter what it was. I’ve stayed prayerful while crying when I want to, laughing if I feel like it, and just living day by day. As a result of my faith, God is making me whole. He has used various people to speak victory into my life concerning my future, my health and God’s desire to bless me richly. He is sustaining me through illness in my body, and he holds me through my tears. Jesus told the woman in Matthew 9 that it was her faith that made her whole. If you learn to hold on to His hem through the storms of life, He will make you whole too. I don’t understand all He allows, but I do know that by His power and grace, I am still standing and God is holding me up. Contributor Melody Laster resides in Akron, OH. She describes herself as a ‘people person’ and enjoys promoting and encouraging the success of the next generation through her work as a youth mentor. Melody hopes that her contributions to Rekindle Magazine will speak to those dealing with struggles similar to her own. She enjoys volunteering, writing and singing in her spare time. 24

September / October 2010



h, the burger. What summer soirée would be complete without a hunk of beef tucked between two slabs of bread? Sure, you can argue for hot dogs, chicken or ribs, but no backyard party is truly complete without juicy burgers fresh off the grill. Traditionalist that I am, I like my burgers well done, with a bit of ketchup and mustard. But in an effort to break out of my box, I recently decided to broaden my ‘burger horizon’. So thanks to the very able help of Rekindle Editor, Danisia, we spent an afternoon in the kitchen, cooking up some new options guaranteed to spice up your BBQ.

September / October 2010 26

Mixed in: Freshly ground black pepper and pizza seasoning Sauce: Miracle Whip and blackened redfish seasoning

(a mix of paprika, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, thyme and oregano) * Additional toppings, optional

A great way to offer these options to your backyard pals is to create a ‘make your own burger’ bar and let each guest (adults and kids alike) have at it. Simply pre-measure meat into zippered bags and lay out mix-ins for each person to choose from. (Slide lock bags are heavy duty enough to handle the kneading of ingredients and minimize mess). Finely chopped veggies, cheeses and a variety of spices work best. This create-your-own burger option is sure to be a hit! Happy BBQing!

September / October 2010

Hailing from the great Buckeye state of Ohio, this ‘foodie extraordinaire’ currently holds the position of Food Editor for Rekindle Magazine. Sarah also teaches drama at the Hope Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Jersey City. An actress by trade, Sarah has a passion for theatre, crochet, cooking and her Dachsund, Speedy. 27

Asian Coleslaw -Ingredients:

salad • 3 green onions, chopped • 1 (6 oz.) bag coleslaw mix • 3 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds • 1 cup toasted almonds, chopped • 1 (3 oz.) package ramen noodles, uncooked • Shredded carrots, optional

Directions: -

Serves 6

Prep Time: 15 mins Total Time: 15 mins 1. Crumble ramen noodles in large bowl, add remaining salad ingredients. 2. Mix dressing ingredients (oil, vinegar, sugar, pepper) in separate bowl. 3. Pour dressing over salad mixture; cover bowl and shake to toss.

Dressing • 1/4 cup vegetable oil • 3 tablespoons white vinegar • 1/4 cup sugar or 3 tablespoons Agave Syrup • 1/2 teaspoon pepper

4. Refrigerate 3-4 hours or overnight. *Note: Salad will decrease in volume as the mixture absorbs the liquid. September / October 2010 28


9 W ays to J azz U p Y our B B Q There’s still at least one more major BBQ holiday left in this summer season. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your next Backyard Bash, try these ideas! 1. Go shopping for mismatched plates at your local thrift store. Just one plate per person. Let guests take it home at the end of the day as a keepsake! 2. Have a coolest napkin and tumbler contest to encourage guests to bring their own. It’ll encourage some fun competition in the name of keeping it green.

4. Add some Korean or Brazilian BBQ flavor to your menu with chicken sausages or beef skewers marinated in a soy sauce and chili paste mixture.

6. Opt for an impressive no-bake dessert, such as lemon bars, or a berry-lemon trifle. Mmm…

3. Swap the traditional red and white-checkered tablecloth for something in a summery color. Think big piece of fabric, old curtain, etc.

5. Instead of the predictable sliced watermelon, whip up some frozen watermelon ice cubes for a refreshing treat. Simply blend watermelon chunks with a bit of water and lemon juice (and a little sugar if needed) until mixture reaches a smooth consistency. Fill ice trays with the mixture and add a popsicle stick in each cube once semi-firm. Serve frozen.

September / October 2010 29

7. Have a BBQ grill master hat and give somebody else the honor of wearing it from time to time. That way you can enjoy the party too! 8. Don’t forget the timeless classic: Potluck! Have everyone bring their favorite BBQ side dish.

9. Plan your menu based on what’s on sale and in season at your local grocer’s market.

Karina Arrue currently works as a Feature News journalist for The Jersey Journal. As head of the Writer’s Ministry for her church, Karina and her team of writers are responsible for developing full scale theatrical productions. After working as the online fitness blogger for Glamour Magazine, she now maintains her own fitness blog, Karina Works It Out. She enjoys running and trying out new recipes.

September / October 2010 30


summer TO




summer TO


Summer’s not over until the first leaf falls and even then it is possible to have summer-inspired fun during the fall months. For those of us who constantly crave TLC from the sun and the sizzle of a grill, I have compiled 5 things you can do that will make your September and October just a little more sunny.

1. Walk the beach Not only is walking along the beach at night Über-romantic, it also is fun, good exercise and offers beautiful views. It may be too chilly to get into the water, but it is a wonderful time to experience the beauty of the shifting tides that God so masterfully created. (After Labor Day most beaches are closed for swimming but many allow you access until a certain hour)

2. Barbeque Even though Labor Day is over, that doesn’t mean your grill goes into early retirement. I’ve witnessed rain, hail and snow BBQ’s and I’m positive a little cool air will not spoil your protein appetite. Fall brings with it a plethora of fresh harvests to place on your grill; how about yummy grilled pumpkin with your steak? If the weather is slightly more inclement I would suggest grilling indoors or in a semi-enclosed patio. 33

3. Outdoor Adventures For those of you who like your summer sprinkled with adventure; most summer thrill activities (sky-diving, white water rafting, amusement parks) still operate well into fall. Rates drop and there is less activity, so this is really an ideal time to book your ‘great adventure’.

4. Plan a mini-vacation If you live in a place where it gets very chilly in fall, why not plan a weekend or mini-vacation? Hop in your car and drive to warmer pastures (literally and figuratively) and enjoy the [slightly balmier] wind in your hair. This is a nice way to get away from home without breaking the bank and will satisfy your summer needs.

5. Apple-picking While it is a fall-specific rather than summer activity, apple-picking is a nice alternative to gathering shells at the shore. It is a great opportunity to bond with your spouse, children or friends and you get to come home with your own hand-picked fruits. Some farms also provide hayrides, tours and even offer you the chance to make your own apple pies! Priscilla Lamour currently resides in New Jersey. She is the Drama Director for INO House (In Not Of), a Christian youth and young adult organization. A member of her church drama team, Priscilla’s goal is to live an ‘undignified life’, without compromise, just like the psalmist in 2 Samuel 6:22. She enjoys coffee, in all its forms, and should own stock in Starbucks.

you shouldn’t want to cause him to stumble,” he cautions. Pastor Earl and his wife have often felt compelled to approach women about how their clothing choices affect those around them, both inside and outside church walls. “It can be a sensitive situation but we do it privately, biblically, and in love.”

Temperatures are soaring and clothes are disappearing

Everybody knows that more heat equals less clothes; sometimes indecently so. From short shorts and barely there bikinis to bare chests and Speedo swim wear, the line between modesty and indecency seems to be a blurry one for many Christians today. We caught up with New Jersey Pastor, Earl Munyan, to seek out a Christian male perspective on this topic. “Temperatures are soaring and clothes are disappearing,” says Pastor Earl. Like any other controversial topic in the world today, the subject of appropriate summer attire is a serious issue within the church; especially when it comes to women. “Women’s attire is definitely a concern,” he added. “There’s often a question of too tight or too revealing in any season, but especially so in the summer.” “Many women are influenced by culture and fashion. There is a desire to be fashionable, to fit in. But, each year fashions get more and more provocative,” he continues. As Christians, we have to be careful of the desire to fit in. The bible tells us that we should be ‘in this world, but not of it’, Romans 12:22. “Men are visual creatures and easily distracted by what they see,” Pastor Earl informs. “As an individual, it’s easy to feel like it’s not your responsibility to be concerned about this but as a Christian, the Bible tells us to be considerate of our brother’s walk;

September / October 2010

In Pastor Earl’s opinion, there is no double standard when it comes to male fashions. They are held to the same biblical standard. “Bare chests and even tank tops are questionable. Though women don’t tend to be as visual as men, guys should still be careful how they dress.” Even at the beach, Pastor Earl says he feels more comfortable wearing a surf top with his swim trunks. As a pastor, responsible for the example he sets for his congregation, Pastor Earl admits that he holds a much higher standard for his family regarding their wardrobe choices. “As my 12-year old daughter begins to look more like a teenager, certain styles of clothing she likes have become a concern. We are trying to teach her to respect herself through modesty when it comes to the way she presents herself.” “What you wear reflects who you are. For Christians, male or female, modesty should rule the day.” Pastor Earl’s Hard & Fast Rules for Summer Dress

• Err on the side of covering up rather than exposing • Men are visual; women, be considerate of your brother in Christ • Your wardrobe is a reflection of who you are; what does yours say about you? • Men should be just as conscious about revealing clothing Earl Munyan is an ordained Assemblies of God minister and the Senior Pastor of First Assembly of God in Bayonne, NJ. He and his wife, Tanya, who is a licensed Assemblies of God minister, are both graduates of Valley Forge Christian College and have served together in full-time ministry for over 15 years. They have been married since 1994 and together they have 4 children: Prisca, Earl, Joaquin and Sofia 35

Fashion Recycling As summer heat gives way to fall winds, changes to your wardrobe are inevitable. If you’re a price-conscious fashionista, however, you have very little room in your budget for a wardrobe overhaul every season. Looking for a way to make those essential summer pieces (i.e. skirts, sundresses, peep toes, etc) last just a little longer? Check out our suggestions below…

1 Start with one of these: Solid color dresses made with heavier material and/or lining work best; but any dress can be used.

2 Add a pair of these: Tights are an obvious transition choice, but black is so passé. Add a little color or flair with a lace patterned pair. 37

3 Combine with one of these: Cardigans and shrugs add extra protection and extra style once the temperature drops.


And complete with a pair of these: Don’t stash these summer must-haves yet! Combining them with footed, seamless tights will increase their longevity.


Accessories: Optional (but highly recommended)

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Cory Asbury

In a world where technology is changing rapidly, population is growing and the world is evolving, change is inevitable. For some people change is eagerly anticipated, while for others, change can be overwhelming. Regardless of how you perceive it, change is a constant necessity.

Kari Jobe‘s “Sanctuary” is a beautiful song that brings peace. Sometimes I can get caught in the details of life when all I have to do is sit down and let God breath into me, through His Word. The sweet melody and smooth guitar riffs remind me that I can cast all my cares upon him because I’m the sanctuary He wants to dwell in.

When the stress of the world is beating down on me and the battles in my mind rage, music has a way of quieting my soul. There are two songs currently on repeat on my IPOD which put the world and it’s uncertainty on the back burner and help to change my perspective.

Music has a way of quieting my soul. When the changes around you or even in you become overwhelming, or if you are desperate and hoping for a change check out these artists and allow them to minister to you.

Cory Asbury’s song “Where I Belong” strips my mind of anything and everything that is not focusing on God. The first line in the song is, “Your presence is all I’m longing for”. When I’m going through stuff that seems too hard for me to bear, God’s presence IS all that I want. The delightful piano tones sing to me that with

A native of New Jersey, Leah describes herself as “crazy, impatient and wonderful at times”. She loves God deeply and desires nothing more than to be in His arms forever. Leah enjoys searching for new Christian music artists, making people laugh and marathon karaoke nights with friends.

Kari Jobe

You’re a diamond in the rough You’re a brilliant ball of clay You can be a work of art If you just go all the way Now what would it take to break? I believe that you can bend Not only have you got to fight But you have got to win Believe it or not, this song, from the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack has played a big role in some of the selections for my summer reading list. These lyrics bring one concept to mind—CHANGE. Each of us is a masterpiece in the making. Sometimes the process of change involves “bending” and being “broken” as this song states. If we want to be all that the Lord wants “we must go all the way.” Not only have you got to fight… The idea of a woman fighting brings images of cat fights to mind. Lisa Bevere completely changes this perception in her inspirational book, Fight Like a Girl. The message is explained in the subtitle, The Power of Being a Woman. In her deep and thought-provoking words, Lisa Bevere encourages all “daughters” to embrace who God has created them to be and fight for their families and for truth against the enemy. She writes, “Think of it! You are something’s answer!” She encourages women to celebrate the qualities that make us unique. This life-changing book is one that you will want to ponder over time and perhaps even journal about what you are discovering. You’re a diamond in the rough The classic Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot, just under 200 pages, is perfect for a weekend getaway. This book contains intimate letters full of wisdom written by Elisabeth Elliot to her newly engaged daughter. She starts off by explaining, “It’s not who you are, but Whose you are.” Throughout these letters she reminds her daughter that her relationship with her Heavenly Father has to be her foundation. In the short chapters, she discusses love, roles in marriage, self-discipline and loyalty. This book is ideal for women at any stage of life. It’s a book designed to encourage you to let the Lord CHANGE your perception of what a woman should be. Naomi Close resides in Illinois where she’s on staff as the communications director at her church. She’s a graphic designer and loves waterfalls. She enjoys journaling and her passion is mentoring teenage girls. Her sister is her best friend and John 3:30 is her life verse.






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