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The word of God and lay faithful


The synod frequently spoke of the laity and thanked them for their generous activity in spreading the Gospel in the various settings of daily-life at work and in the schools, in the family and in education. This responsibility, rooted in Baptism,needs to develop through an ever more conscious Christian way of life capable of “accounting for the hope” within us (cf.1Pet.3:15). In the Gospal of Matthew, Jesus points out that “the field is the world, and the good seed are the children of the Kingdom”(13:38). These words apply especially to the Christian laity, who live out their specific vocation to holiness by a life in the Spirit ex-

pressed “in a particular way by their engagement in temporal matters and by their participation in earthly activities”.The laity need to be trained to discern God’s will through a familiarity with his word, read and studied in the Church under the guidance of her legitimate pastors. They can receive this training at the school of the great ecclesial spiritualities, all of which are grounded in sacred Scripture. Wherever possible, diocese themselves should provide an opertunity for continuing formation to lay persons charged with particular ecclesial responsibilities.

kotdm ae-_m¿ k` Aevam-b-I-Ωo-js‚ {]h¿Ø-\-߃°v BtKm-f-k-`-bpsS ]n¥pW: I¿±n-\mƒ Ãm\nkvtem dbn¬tIm tdmw: kotdm ae-_m¿ k`-bnse Aevamb {]h¿Ø-\-߃ temI-sa-ºmSpw iIv-Xn-s∏Sp-Øp-hm≥ Aevamb IΩo-j≥ \S-Øns°m-≠ncn°p∂ ]cn-{i-aß߃°v BtKmf-k`- b - psS F√m-hn[ ]n¥p-Wb - pw t{]m’ml-\hp-ap-≠m-Ip-sa∂v, tdmanse s]m¥n-^n°¬ Aevamb Iu¨kn¬ sNb¿am≥ I¿±n-\mƒ Ãm\nkvtem dbn¬tIm {]kvXmhn-®p. BtKm-f-I-tØm-en°m k` Bÿm-\-amb tdman¬ s]m¥n-^n-°¬ Iu¨kn¬ t^m¿ sebv‰n tI{µ-Øn¬ I¿±n-\mƒ Ãm\nkvtem dbn¬tImbpw kotdm ae-_m¿ k` Aevamb IΩo-j≥ sNb-¿a - m\pw Im™n-c∏ - ≈n cq]Xm _nj- ∏ p- a mb am¿ amXyp Adbv°epw k`-bnse Aevamb {]h¿Ø-\-ßsf-°p-dn®v N¿® \S-Øn. temI-am-k-I-eap≈ kotdm ae-_m¿ k`-bnse Aevamb kaq-lØn\mbn Aevamb IΩo-j≥ \SØn-s°m-≠n-cn-°p∂ {]h¿Ø\ ]cn-]m-SnI-fpw, XpS¿]≤-Xn-Ifpw am¿ Ad-bv°¬ I¿Zn-\m-fp-ambn ]¶p-sh-®p.

tdman¬ BtKm-f I - t- Øm-en°m k` s]m¥n-^n-°¬ Iu¨kn¬ t^m¿ sebv‰n sNb¿am≥ I¿±n-\mƒ Ãm\nkvtem dbn¬tImbv°v, kotdm ae-_m¿ k` Aev-a- mb IΩo-j≥ sNb-¿am\pw Im™n-c-∏≈n cq]Xm _nj-∏p-amb am¿ amXyp Ad-bv°¬ kotdm ae-_m¿ k` Aevamb {]h¿Ø-\-dnt∏m¿´v ssIam-dp-∂p.

December 2010

Syro Malabar Society Bahrain Roth Anniversary Celebrations Archbishop of Trichur His Grace Mar Andrews Thazhath called upon the members of Syro Malabar Community to preserve rich cultural heritage for future generations. He was talking part in the roth anniversary celebrations of the Syro Malabar Society(SMS) at the Indian School audutorium. Assistant Under Secretary for human resources and Finance in Social Development Ministry Maha

Hussain Al Mandeel was the Guest of Honour. Several dignitaries including DT Managing Editor Soman Baby, Syro Malabar Society Catholic Association(SMCA) President in Qatar Joy Elavathinkal, Coordination Committee of Indian Associations (CCIA) Chairman Dr. P V Cherian and Indian School Chairman Abraham John were present.

Aevamb t\XrktΩ-f\w: _mw•q¿ _mw•q¿: kotdm ae-_m¿ sebv‰n sk‚¿ Aevamb {]Xn-\n[nktΩ-f\w hnhn[ ]cn]m-Sn-I-tfmsS 2010 \hw-_¿ 28\v _mw•q¿ [¿Ωmcmw hnZym- t £{X HmUn- t ‰m- d n- b Øn¬ \S-∂p. kotdm ae-_m¿ k` A∏kv t Xm- e nIv hnkn- t ‰- ‰ ¿ am¿ t{Kjy≥ ap≠m-S≥ DZvLmS\w sNbvXp. GXp-\m-´n¬ Pohn-°p-tºmgpw k`-bpsS hnizm-khpw ]mc-ºc - yhpw ImØp-kq-£n-°m≥ At±lw hnizm-kn-I-tfmSv \n¿t±-in-®p. kotdm ae-_m¿ _mw•q¿ tIm˛-Hm¿Un-t\-

‰¿ dh.-^m.-amXyp tImbn-°c A[y-£X hln-®p. ^m.-tXm-akv Imem-bn¬ k`-bpsS Ncn-{X-sØ-°p-dn®p ¢msk-Sp-Øp. sebv‰n tIm˛-Hm¿Un-t\-‰¿ sI.-]n. Nm°-∏≥ k`m {]h¿Ø-\ß - ƒ hni-Zo-Ic - n-®p. dh.-^m.-sNdn-bm≥ Xp≠p-]-d-ºn¬, dh.-^m.-tPm-bn-kv, ]n.-Pn.-sk-_m-Ãy≥, tPmkv thß-ØSw F∂n-h¿ {]kw-Kn-®p. \K-cØ - nse ]mcojv, Znhy-Im-cp-Wy-tI-{µ-ßfn¬ \n∂p {]Xn-\n[n-Iƒ ]s¶-Sp-Øp.

_mw•q¿ kotdm ae-_m¿ sebv‰n sk‚dns‚ B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ \S∂ Aevam-b- t\-Xr-k-tΩf-\Ø - n\v Bcw`w Ipdn-°p-∂p. kotdm ae-_m¿ k` A∏-kvtXm-enIv hnkn-t‰-‰¿ am¿ t{Kjy≥ ap≠m-S≥, kotdm ae-_m¿ _mw•q¿ tIm˛-Hm¿Un-t\-‰¿ dh.-^m.-amXyp tImbn-°c, ^m.tXm-akv Imem-bn¬, dh.-^m.-sN-dn-bm≥ Xp≠p-]-d-ºn¬, sebv‰n tIm˛-Hm¿Un-t\-‰¿ sI.-]n. Nm°-∏≥, F∂n-h¿ kao-]w.


Expressing his gratitude to the Bahrain authorities, The Archbishop praised the country for itsreligious tolerance, communal harmony and hospitality.Earlier, SMS Honorary General Secretary Jacob Vazhappilly welcomed the guests. SMS President Joseph K Thomas emphasised the need for forming the society. The SMS members’ directory was released by the Archbishop by presenting a copy to Ms. Al Mandeel.

Xn-cp-ti-jn-∏v tam-j-Ww ss{IkvXh k`-sb A-h-tl-fn-°m≥: kotdm ae-_m¿ k` A-evam-b I-Ωoj≥ sIm®n: {In-kv-Xp-\mY-s‚ Ip-cn-ip-a-cW-hp-am-bn _-‘-s∏-´v aq-∂v Xn-cp-ti-jn∏p-Iƒ {]-tXy-I t]-S-I-Øn¬ kq-£n-®v {]-Xn-jvTn-®n-´p-≈ G-jy-bn-se G-I ItØm-en° ssZ-hm-e-bam-b C-cn-ßm-e°pS am-{]m-Ww tlm-fn-t{Im-kv ]-≈n-bp-sS ]q-´p-Iƒ X-I¿-Øv Xn-cp-ti-jn-∏v I-h¿∂Xv shdpw tam-j-W-a-s√∂pw ss{I-kv-Xh k`-sb ]-c-ky-am-bn A-h-tl-fn-°phm\pw hn-izm-knI-sf A-]-am-\n-°p-hm\p-am-bn Nn-e¿ \-SØn-b I-cp-Xn-°q´n-b {i-a-am-sW∂pw ko-tdm-a-e-_m¿-k-` Aevam-b I-Ωo-j≥ sk{I-´dn‰y≥ B-tcm-]n-®p. ss{IkvXh aX-hn-Im-csØ Bg-Øn¬ apdn-th-ev∏n-°p∂ kmaqly hncp-≤-cpsS, CØ-cw lo-\am-b \-S-]-SnI-sf s]m-Xpk-aq-lw i-‡-am-bn {]-Xn-tj-[n-°-Wsa∂pw tam-„m-°-sf D-S≥ I-s≠-Øm≥ k¿-°m¿ kw-hn-[m-\w i-‡n-s∏-Sp-Ø-Wsa∂pw sk-_m-Ãy≥ B-hi - y-s∏´p.

December 2010

{]Xn-k‘ - n-If - nepw hnizm-ksØ apdp-sI-∏n-Sn-°p∂ Aevamb kaq-la - mWv k`-bpsS i‡n: am¿ B≥{Uqkv XmgØv Xriq¿: {]Xnk-‘n-L-´-ßfnepw k`m-hnizm-ksØ apdp- s I- ∏ n- S n°p-∂-h-cmWv k`-bpsS DØ-a-a-°sf∂v Xriq¿ AXn- c q- ] Xm B¿®v_nj∏v am¿ B≥{Uqkv Xmg-Øv. Xriq¿ AXn-cq-]Xm ImØ-enIv bqWn-

b≥˛sI.- k n.- s sh.- F w. ]pc- k v I mc ka¿∏Ww Un_n- k n- F ¬kn lmfn¬ \n¿∆-ln®p kwkm-cn-°p-I-bm-bn-cp∂p At±-lw. Z¿i-\a - p≈ hgn-Im-´n-Is - f-bmWv k`bv°v Bh-iysa∂pw At±lw Iq´nt®¿Øp. {]ÿm-\-Øns‚ ÿm]-I-\mb B¿®v _nj∏v am¿ tPmk^v Ip≠p-Ip-f-Øns‚ Hm¿Ω- b v ° mbn G¿s∏- S p- Ø nb {]Ya sshZn-I-t{ijT ]pc-kvImcw ÿm]-I-Ub-dI - vSd- mb tam¨.-tXm-akv Xe-®n-dbv°pw,

Ipsshäv hnIm-cn-b¯v _nj¸v ImantÃm _men\v kzoI-cWw sIm®n: tIcf kµ¿i-\-Øn-\mbn FØnt®¿∂ ItØm-en°m k`-bpsS Ipssh‰v hnIm-cn-bØv _nj∏v Imant√m _men\v sIm®n A¥¿t±- i ob hnam- \ - Ø m- h - f Øn¬ Dujva-f-amb hc-thev]v \¬In. Im™n-c-∏≈n cq]Xm hnImcn P\-dmƒ dh.-tUm.-amXyp ]mbn-°m´v, kotdm ae-

_m¿ k` Aevamb IΩo-j≥ sk{I-´dn AUz. hn.- k n.- s k- _ m- Ã y≥, Fd- W mIpfw˛A- ¶ - a men AXn- c q- ] Xm ]mÃ- d ¬ Iu¨kn¬ sk{I-´dn -AUz.tPmkv hnXb- Ø n¬, ^m.- t Pm¨ ]pXp- h , Pn_n≥ tX°m-\Øv F∂n-h¿ kzoI-c-W-Øn\v t\XrXzw \¬In.

ImØ-enIv bqWn-b≥ sI.-kn.-ssh.-Fw. {]Ya sNb¿am\pw sI.- k n.- s sh.Fw.kwÿm- \ - {]- k n- U ‚p- a m- b n- c p∂ t]mƒ s\√n- t i- c n- b psS kv a c- W m¿Yw G¿s∏- S p- Ø nb Aev a m- b - t {i- j v T - ] p- c kvImcw sjh-en-b¿ {]^.-F≥.F. Hutk∏n\pw, anI® k`m-tk-h\w \S-Øp∂ {]hm-kn-°p≈ {]Ya I¿Ω-Io¿Øn ]pckvImcw JØ¿ Bÿm-\-ambn {]h¿Øn°p∂ hyh-km-b{- ]-ap-J\pw cmjv{S-Zo-]nI enan-‰Uv Ub-d-IvS-dp-amb tUhnkv FS-°f-Øq-cn\pw B¿®v_nj∏v kΩm-\n-®p. tIc-f-Ønse k\ykvX˛A-evamb t\XrXz-߃°v Xriq-cns‚ kw`m-h-\-I-fmWv aqh- c p- s a∂v ]pc- k v I mcw kΩm- \ n- ® psIm≠v B¿®v _nj∏v Iq´n- t ®¿Øp. AXn- c q- ] Xm klm- b - s a- { Xm≥ am¿ dmt^¬ X´n¬ A\p-kva-cW {]`m-jWw \S-Øn. ImØ-enIv bqWn-b≥ sI.-kn.ssh.-Fw. sN¿am≥ kn.-F¬.-C-t·-jykv A≤y-£X hln® tbmK-Øn¬ awK-f-]{X-k-a¿∏Ww dh\yq a{¥n sI.-]n.-cm-tP{µ≥ \n¿hln-®p. tIm¿∏-td-j≥ tab¿ sF.-]n.-t]mƒ, tXdºn¬ cma-Ir-jvW≥ Fw.-F¬.-F, AXn-cq]Xm ]mÃd¬ tIm˛-Hm¿Un-t\-‰¿ ^m.tPmkv ]pt∂m-en-∏d- º - n¬, kotdm ae-_m¿ k` Aevamb IΩo-j≥ sk{I-´dnÃy≥, sI.-kn.-ssh.-Fw.Ubd-IvS¿ ^m.-tU-hnkv ]\w-Ip-fw, ImØ-enIv bqWn-b≥ Ub-d-IvS¿ ^m.-h¿§okv XcI≥, ]mÃ-d¬ Iu¨kn¬ sk{I-´dn ]n.sF.-em-k¿ amÿ, kn.-So\ acn-b, sI.-kn.ssh.- F w.{]kn- U ‚ v kPn tPmk- ^ v , ImØ-enIv bqWn-b≥ h\nXm {]kn-U‚ v aoc tPm¨k¨, sI.-kn.-ssh.-Fw.h\nXm {]kn-U‚ v Szn¶nƒ {]m≥ko-kv, sI.-kn.ssh.-Fw.˛ImØ-enIv bqWn-b≥ P\-d¬ sk{I-´dn {^m≥kokv B‚-Wn, P\-d¬ I¨ho-\¿ B‚Wn Ipf-{ºØv F∂n-h¿ {]kw-Kn-®p.


tIcf kµ¿i-\-Øn-s\Øn-t®¿∂ Ipssh‰v hnIm-cn-bØv _nj∏v Imant√m _mens\ sIm®n A¥¿t±-iob hnam-\-Øm-h-f-Øn¬ kotdm ae-_m¿ k` Aevamb IΩo-j≥ sk{I-´dn AUz. hn.-kn.-sk-_m-Ãy≥ kzoI-cn°p∂p. dh.-tUm.-amXyp ]mbn-°m´v, AUz.tPmkv hnX-b-Øn¬, ^m.-tPm¨ ]pXp-h, Pn_n≥ tX°m-\Øv F∂n-h¿ kao]w.


Xriq¿ AXn-cq-]X ImØ- e nIv bqWnb≥-˛s - I-kn-sshFw G¿s∏-SpØnb anI® k`m tkh\w \S-Øp∂ {]hmkn- b v°p≈ {]Ya “I¿Ω-Io¿Øn” ]pc-kvIm-c-Øn\¿l- \ mb kotdm ae- _ m¿ k` Aevamb IΩo-j≥ tIm˛-Hm¿Un-t\-‰¿ (J- Ø ¿)- t U- h nkv FS- ° - f - Ø q- c n\v Aevamb kaq-l-Øns‚ {]m¿∞-\m-iwk-Iƒ.

October 2010 December 2010

{]P\\ \nba \n¿ΩmWw tI{µ k¿°m¿ \ne-]mSv XncpØWw: kotdm ae-_m¿ k` Aevamb IΩo-j≥

kzXzw \jvSs∏´ Ip™p߃ krjvSn-°s∏-Sp-tºmƒ, `mhn-bn¬ ]nXmhns\ Is≠Øm≥ ]nXrXz ]cn-tim-[\ \StØ-≠n-h-cp∂ k¶o¿Æhpw, {Iqc-hp--amb Ahÿ kwPmX-am-IpIbpw, IpSpw-_-ß-fpsS ]cn-ip-≤n-°pw, ]hn-{X-Xbv°pw If-¶ta¬°pIbpw sNøp∂p.

sIm®n: Ir{Xna k¥m-t\m¬]m-Z\ kmt¶XnI \nb-{¥W _n¬ F∂ t]cn¬ tI{µ k¿°m¿ Ah-X-cn-∏n-®n-cn-°p∂, a\p-jy-ico-csØ Hcp ]co-£Wime-bm-°n am‰n Gsd A]-I-S-I-c-amb ac-W-kw-kvImcw kaq-l-Øn-¬ cq]-s∏-Sp-Øn, a\p-jy-_-‘ß-fnepw IpSpw-_] - ›m-Øe-ßf - nepw AcmP- I Xzw krjv S n- ° p∂, {]P- \ - \ - _n¬ ]n≥hen-°-W-sa∂pw k¿°m¿ \ne-]mSv ]c-ky-ambn {]Jym-]n-°Wsa∂pw kotdm ae-_m¿ k` Aevamb IΩo-j≥ Bh-iys∏-´p. Zº- X n- I ƒ ]c- k v ] cw kv t \lw\¬IpIbpw ]pXn-sbmcp Poh≥ e£yw shbv°pIbpw sNøpI F∂ hnhm- l - P o- h n- X Øns‚ Poh-Zm-bI - ˛- k - vt\-lZ- m-bI A¿∞߃ XI¿Øp-sIm-≠v a\p-jy-hw-iØ - ns‚ cq]w Xs∂ am‰p∂ \nb-a-\n¿Ωm-W-߃ FXn¿°-s∏-tS-≠X - m-Wv. kzXzw \jvSs - ∏´


bqtdm-]y≥ I¨h≥j≥ Hm¨ lyqa≥ ssd‰vkv B‚ v _tbm saUnkn≥ 2001, B¿´n-°nƒ 18˛¬ {`qW-ßfpsS ta¬ ]co-£Whpw, Dev]m-Z-\hpw hne-°n-bn-´p≈-Xm-Wv.

Ip™p-߃ krjvSn-°-s∏-Sp-tºmƒ, `mhnbn¬ ]nXm-hns\ Is≠-Øm≥ ]nXrXz ]cntim-[\ \S-tØ-≠n-h-cp∂ k¶o¿Æhpw, {Iqc-hp--amb Ahÿ kwPm-X-am-IpIbpw, IpSpw-_-ß-fpsS ]cn-ip-≤n-°pw, ]hn-{XXbv°pw If-¶ta¬°p-Ibpw sNøp∂p. C¥y-bn-ep-S-\ofw {]Xypev]m-Z\ ¢n\n-°pIƒ XpS-ßp-hm≥ A\p-hm-Zhpw cPn-kvt{Sj-\pw, AXn-\mbn 21 AwK-߃ AS-ßnb tZiob kwÿm\ `c-W-k-an-Xnbpw ChbpsS {]h¿Ø-\-߃ tNmZyw sNø-s∏-SmXn-cn-°m≥, Ah-cpsS \S-]-Sn-Iƒ \nb-a-\S-]-Sn-I-fmbn IW-°m-°m≥ skj≥ 12-˛¬ \n¿tZin-®n-cn-°p-∂Xv hfsc X{¥-]-c-ambn Bhn-jvI-cn-®n-cn-°p∂ Hcp \nKq-V-]-≤-XnbpsS `mK-am-bn-´p-thWw IW-°m-°phm≥. bqtdm-]y≥ I¨h≥j≥ Hm¨ lyqa≥ ssd‰vkv B‚ v _tbm saUn-kn≥ 2001, B¿´n-°nƒ 18-˛¬ {`qW-ß-fpsS ta¬ ]co-

£Whpw, Dev]m-Z\ - hpw hne-°n-bn-´p-≈X - mWv. ]m›mXy cmPy-ß-fn¬ t]mepw hne°n-bn-cn-°p∂ CØcw \nb-a-߃ `mc-X-aÆn¬ ASn-t®-¬∏n-°p-I-hgn \qdp-tIm-Snbn¬ ]cw P\-ß-fp≈ `mc-X-Ønse ]mhs∏-´-h-cpw, hnZym-`ym-k-\n-e-hmcw Ipd-™h-cp-amb kaq-l-sØ, hntZi GP≥kn-IfpsS D]-Ic - W - ß - f - m°pI-am-{X-a√ BtKmf Itºmf- Ø n¬ hn¬∏- \ - ® - c - ° p- I - f m°n am‰p∂ Zpc- h - ÿ - s b- ° p- d n®v s]mXp- k aqlw Nn¥n-°p-I-bpw, {]Xn-I-cn-°p-Ibpw sNø-W-sa∂v Aevamb IΩo-j≥ sk{I´dn AUz. hn kn sk_m-Ãy≥ A`y¿∞n®p.

December 2010

Diocese of Kalyan

FIAT 2010, the first Spiritual convention exclusively for youth was organised by the diocese of Kalyan. It was the second largest gathering of youth of the diocese of Kalyan. FIAT as quoted “LET IT BE DONE’’.... in its true meaning to reach out this message to the youth to accept Lord’s call in their lives and accept His will. FIAT 2010 was the brainchild of an effort to kindle in the youth hearts a fire of faith and move one step ahead to mould them into future spiritual pillars of the church. The three day convention was attended by more than 4000 thousands youth from different parishes’ of the diocese of Kalyan, Mumbai. The convention was blessed with eminent speakers whose words of wisdom were answers to the queries of today’s modern youth. In the presence of Mar Thomas Elavanal, Bishop of Kalyan, the Bishop of Vasai, Arch Bishop Felix Machado inaugurated the Convention. Fr. Franklin Joseph, the Director of Kalyan Eparchy Youth (KEY) welcomed everyone to the FIAT; a life changing experience. Msgr. Jacob Porathur, the Vicar General of the diocese and all the Priests were present for the Convention. The retreat began with the cross procession, which has gone through the parishes of the diocese in preparation of the convention. On the first day Rev. Fr. Franklin D’souza, Regional Youth Director of Karnataka, talked on ‘sacredness of life.’


On day two, Bishop Franco Mulakkal, Auxiliary Bishop of Delhi Arch Diocese

am-[ya ip{iq-j-bn¬ ]¶p-tN-cm≥ kph¿Æm-h-kcw C˛-sa-bn¬ A{U-kp-Iƒ Xcq Aw-Ko-Imcw t\Sq Laity Voice kotdm ae- _ m¿ k` Aevamb IΩo-js‚ am[ya ip{iq-j-bmWv. Laity Voice ]camh[n hnizm-kn-IfpsS ssII-fn-se-Øn°p-hm≥ \Ωƒ \SØp∂ {ia- ß ƒ ssZhm-\p-{K-l-{]-Z-amWv . Cu t{]jnX ZuXy-Øn¬ ]¶p-tNcm≥ \n߃°pw CXm Hcp kph¿Æmh-kcw. 500 C˛-sa-bn¬ A{U v Ab®p \¬Ip∂-h-cpsS t]cv Laity Voice ˛¬ {]kn≤o-I-cn-°p-∂-Xm-Wv. 1000 C˛- s a- b n¬ A{U pIƒ Ab®p \¬Ip-∂-h-cpsS t^mt´m klnXw {]kn≤o-I-cn-°p-∂-Xm-Wv. 2000 C˛-sa-bn¬ A{U pIƒ \¬Ip-∂hsc {]tXyI ]pc-kvIm-c-߃ \¬In BZ-cn-°pw. 5 e£w hmb- \ - ° m- c n- t ebv ° v Laity Voice FØn-°p∂ Cu alm-kw-cw-`-Øntebv°v ]¶p-tN-cq..._-‘-s∏-Sp-I..

preached on the ‘Church: body of Christ & year of vocation’. On the third day, Fr.Mathew Elavunkal VC, gave a talk on the importance of ‘marriage and family’. It was an answer to the many questions that youth wishes to know as to why does the youth need to understand the line of demarcation of choices made by them in this world which is rooted in liberalism,freedom etc. And accept the truth that Lord has told us that He has the best plans for us and that in company with us,that they will be made perfect. The music ministry played an important role on all these three days. Third day (7/11/2010) witnessed a start of an initiative that was aimed at keeping the flame of faith and expanding it to every corner of the diocese.....the KEY ARMY with its motto “Hold His Hand and Walk with Him” aiming to “win over all people especially the youth for Christ”. This movement is buit upon four corner stones: Know: know the person of Jesus, Share:share and proclaim thw Word of God, Live:live the Word and liberate the World and Foster:foster unity and fellowship. 12 commited youth representing the youth of the diocese pledged themselves in the presence of Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal. Bishop Raphy Manjaly, Bishop of Varanasi was present during this sacred moment. KEY ARMY is the fruit of FIAT 2010.

December 2010

Laity Resource Team Training -Bhadravathi k`-bpsS ASn-Ød Aevam-b¿: am¿ tPmk^v Fcp-a® - m-SØv `{Zm-hXn: k`-bpsS ASn-Ød Aevam-bcnem-sW∂pw Aevamb kaq-l-Øns‚ Iq´mb k`m]T-\-hpw, ]cn-{i-a-hpw, {]m¿∞\m Pohn-Xhp-amWv k`sb apt∂m-´p-\-bn-°p-hm≥ i‡n-]-I-cp-∂-sX∂pw `{Zm-hXn cq]-Xm-≤y-£≥ am¿ tPmk^v Fcp-a-®m-SØv {]ÿm-hn-®p. `{Zm-hXn cq]-XbpsS B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ cq]w \evIn-bn-cn-°p∂ Laity Resource Team s‚ aq∂m-aXv ZznZn\ Aevamb ]cn-io-e\ ]cn-]m-Sn-bn¬ ktµiw \¬Ip-I-bm-bn-cp∂p am¿ Fcp-a-®m-SØv. Aevam-b-cpsS Iq´mb ]cn-{i-a-߃t° k`-bn¬ hf¿® ssIh-cpØm-\m-hq. CXn\v k`-sb-°p-dn®v Bg-Øn-ep≈ ]T-\-߃ Bh-iy-am-Wv. CXn-\mbn kabw Is≠-Øp-tºmƒ k`-bpsS henb ip{iq-j-bn¬ \mw ]¶p-Im-cm-Ip-∂p. BtKmf-X-e-Øn¬ Aevamb kaq-lsØ i‡n-s∏-Sp-Øp-hm≥ Aevamb IΩo-js‚ {ia-߃ hfsc A`n-\-µ-\o-b-am-sW∂v _nj∏v Fcp-a-®m-SØv kqNn-∏n-®p. \hw-_¿ 13,14 Xnb-Xn-I-fn-embn \S∂ ]cn-io-e\ Iymºn¬ kotdm ae_m¿ k` Aevamb IΩo-j≥ sk{I-´dn AUz.-hn.-kn.-sk-_m-Ãy≥ t\XrXzw \¬In. kotdm ae-_m¿ k`- ss]Xr-Ihpw ]mc-º-cyhpw, k`-bnse Aevamb ]¶m-fnØw C∂-se,-C∂v, Aevab ssZh-im-kv{Xw, Aevamb IΩo-js‚ BtKm-f-Xe {]h¿Ø-\-߃ F∂o hnjb-ßs - f- B-kv]Z- a - m°n AUz.-hn.-kn.-sk-_m-Ãy≥ ¢mkp-Iƒ \bn-®p. cq]Xm Nm≥kn-e¿ dh.^m.-{^m≥ko-kv, dh.^m.-tdm-_¿´v, ^nen∏v, F∂n-h¿ t\XrXzw \¬In. dh.^m.-tPmkv apXp-πm-°-emWv ]cn-io-e\ ]≤Xn-bpsS Ub-dIvS¿.

The main elements of the theology of the laity i.e. the vision of Vatican II on the laity are given below in a condensed form. 1. They are the People of God Lay people are part of the People of God. Through baptism they are incorporated into Christ sharing thereby the priestly, prophetic and kingly offices of Christ, and therefore they too have a responsibility in the mission of the Church (L.G. 31) 2. Basic Equality within the Church In the Church there is no inequality. The basic equality within the Church is based on the baptismal condition that is common to all the faithful (L.G. 32). 3. The whole Church is a priestly people. The priesthood of the people – common priesthood – is a consequence of baptism. There can be no ministerial priesthood (special participation in the priesthood of Christ) without this common priesthood (L.G. 10) 4. The whole Church is Missionary The Pilgrim Church is missionary by her very nature (mission 2). As a priestly and missionary people, all have to


Prof.K.T.Sebastian participate actively and responsibly in the salvific mission of the Church. Each one has to act according to her/his gifts and charisms (Laity, 2). 5. There is no Church without the Laity “The Church has not been truly established, and is not yet fully alive, nor is it a perfect sign of Christ among men, unless there is a genuine laity existing and working along with the hierarchy” (Missions, 21) 6. The Laity’s Participation in the Mission of the Church is indispensable. The very first article of the Decree on Lay Apostolate states that the Church can never exist without lay apostolate. This is something derived from the lay person’s vocation as a Christian (Laity I) 7. There is no Passive Membership in the Church Working for the growth of the Body of the Christ is a responsibility of every member of the body. “A member who fails to make his proper contribution to the development of the Church must be said to be useful neither to the Church nor to himself” (Laity 2).

8. The Specific Mission of the Laity In article 33 of L.G., which defines lay apostolate as the participation of the laity in the saving mission of the church, the specificity of their vocation is pointed out thus. “The laity are called in a special way to make the Church present and operative in those places and circumstances where only through them can she become the salt of the earth” L.G. 33). 9. Diversity and Complementarity the Apostolate


In the Church there is a wonderful diversity, which is of divine origin. There should be respect for the diversity of services and gifts, and also mutual and respectful collaboration between priests and the rest of the people of God. (L.G. 32) 10. Ecclesial Coresponsibility Another important principle of the theology of the laity emerging from the ecclesiology of Vatican II is ecclesial co-responsibility. This means a genuine partnership between the laity and the hierarchy, the laity and the clergy and finally the laity and the religious. Coresponsibility would also mean co-participation in the mission of the Church.

December 2010 October 2010

c≠mw hØn-°m≥ Iu¨kn¬

Aevamb t{]jn-XX - zsØ kw_-‘n® Un{In k`-bpsS ZuXy-Øn¬ Aevamb¿°v kz¥hpw Xo¿Øpw A]-cn-Pm-Xy-hp-amb ÿm\--ap-s≠∂v a‰p {]am-W-tc-J-I-fn¬ {]Xn-]m-Zn-®n-´p-≠v. Aevam-b-cpsS t{]jnX-Xz-Øn-\m-[mcw {InkvXp-a-XØn-te-°p≈ Ah-cpsS hnfnXs∂-bm-Wv. Aevamb t{]jn-XXzw k`-bn¬ Hcn-°epw C√m-XmIm≥ ]mSn-√. BZn-a-k-`-bn¬ CØcw {]h¿Ø\w kzmfl-{]-tNm-Zn-Xhpw hf-sc-tbsd ^e-{]-Zhp-am-bn-cp-∂p-sh∂v hn.-{KŸw Xs∂ hy‡-am-°p-∂p. CXn¬ H´pw Ipd-bmØ XojvW-X-bmWv B[p-\nI temIw Aevam-b-cn¬ \n∂pw {]Xo-£n-°p-∂-Xv. hmkvX-h-Øn¬ Ah-cpsS t{]jnXXo- £ v W X IqSp- X ¬ i‡hpw hym]- I - h p- a m- ° m≥ \n¿_- ‘ n- ° p- ∂ - h - b mWv C∂sØ ]cnX:ÿnXn-Iƒ. ≠v. a\p-jy-Po-hnXw hnhn[ Xpd-I-fn¬ A¿ln-°p∂ \hw-\h - ß - f - mb {]iv\ß - ƒ kzbw ]cym-]vX-X-bn¬ FØn-bn-´p-s≠-∂Xm-W-Xv. B kzba ]cym-]vXX th≠-Xp1. ssZh-P-\-Øns‚ t{]jn-X-{]-h¿Ø\w X-s∂. F∂m¬ Nne-t∏m-sgms° [m¿ΩnIqSp- X ¬ Xojv W - a m- ° m≥ B{K- l n- ® pIhpw aX-]-c-hp-amb he-bßsf adn-I-SsIm≠v Cu ]cn-ip± kq\-l-tZmkv °m≥ Cu ]cnX:ÿnXn t{]c-I∂ -- pAevam-bc - n-e°v {i≤ Xncn-°p-Ib - m≠v. {InkvXo-b-Po-hn-X-sØ-Øs∂ Wv. k`- b psS ZuXy- Ø n¬ CXv henb B]-Øn¬ AI-s∏-SpAh¿°v kz¥hpw Xo¿Øpw A]Øn-s°m-≠n-cn-°p-∂p. ]e cmPy-ßcn-Pm-Xy-hp-amb ÿm\--ap-s≠∂v a‰p fnepw sshZn-I¿ hnc-f-am-Wv. D≈n{]am-W-tc-J-I-fn¬ {]Xn-]m-Zn-®n-´pS-Øp-Xs∂ Ah¿°v ]cn-anX-amb ≠v. Aevam-b-cpsS t{]jnX-Xz-Øn{]h¿Ø\kzmX- { ¥y- s abp≈q. \m-[mcw {InkvXp-a-X-Øn-te-°p≈ AØcw ÿeß- f n¬ Aev a m- b Ah- c psS hnfnXs∂- b m- W v. cpsS {]h¿Ø-\w-Iq-SmsX k`bv°p Aevamb t{]jn-XXzw k`-bn¬ Hcn\ne-\n¬°mt\m {]h¿Øn-°mt\m °epw C√m-Xm-Im≥ ]mSn-√. BZnkm[n-°p-I-bn-√. a- k - ` - b n¬ CØcw {]h¿Ø\w _lp-ap-Jhpw ASn-b-¥-c-hp-amb c≠mw hØn-°m≥ Iu¨kn-ens‚ Aevamb t{]jn-Xkzmfl-{]-tNm-Zn-Xhpw hf-sc-tbsd Cu Bh-iy-Øns‚ AS-bm-famWv Xz-sØ-°p-dn-®p≈ B[n-Im-cn-I-amb Un{In k`-bnse ^e- { ]- Z - h p- a m- b n- c p- ∂ p- s h∂v hn.]cn-ip-≤m-cq-]n-bpsS {]kv]jvSa - mb Aevamb kaq-l-Øn\v IqSpX¬ ]T-\-Øn\pw Adn-hn{KŸw Xs∂ hy‡-am-°p-∂p.(\{]h¿Ø-\w. kzI¿Ø-hy-ßs - f-°p\p-ambn Aevamb IΩo-j≥ ]¶p-sh-bv°p-I-bm-Wv. Cu S.11:9--˛21; 18:26; tdma.16:1˛16; ^nen.4:3) dn®v ]q¿∆m-[nIw t_m[-hm-∑m-cme°w CXns‚ Bcw`w am{Xw. XpS¿∂p≈ e°-ßCXn¬ H´pw Ipd-bmØ XojvW-XIm\pw XZ- \ p- k mcw {Inkv X p- h nfn¬ t{]jn-Xh - r-Øn-°p≈ Aevam-bc - psS hnfn, Aevamb bmWv B[p-\nI temIw Aevam-bs\bpw k`-sbbpw hnhn-[-Xp-d-It{]jn-X-Xz-Øns‚ e£y-߃, hnhn[ t{]jn-X-cw-Kcn¬ \n∂pw {]Xo- £ n- ° p- ∂ - X v . fn¬ tkhn- ° m- \ pw Cu ߃, t{]jn-X-hr-Øn-bpsS hnhn-[-cq-]-߃, t{]jn-XhmkvX-h-Øn¬ Ah-cpsS t{]jnX{]h¿Ø\whgn Ahn-S∂v Aevamhr-Øn-bn¬ A\p-h¿Øn-t°≠ {Iaw, t{]jn-X-hrXo- £ v W X IqSp- X ¬ i‡hpw b¿°v {]tNm-Z\w \¬In-s°m-≠nØnbv ° p≈ ]cn- i o- e - \ w, ]cn- i p≤ kq\- l - t Zmkv hym]-I-hp-am-°m≥ \n¿_-‘n-°pcn-°p-∂p. Cu Un{In-hgn Aevam-bDZvt_m-[\w F∂nh {]Xn-]m-Zn-°p-∂X - m-Wv. Hmtcm e°∂-h-bmWv C∂sØ ]cnX:ÿnXnt{]-jn-X-Xz-Øns‚ kz`m-hw, {]tXyß- f n- s ebpw \nß- f psS kwi- b - ß ƒ°pw tNmZyIƒ. P\-kwJy A\p-Zn\w h¿≤nI-X-Iƒ, sshhnZyw F∂nh hni߃°pw-k`m ]WvUn-X-∑m-cpsS adp-]-Snbpw \n¿t±-i®p- s Im- ≠ n- c n- ° p- ∂ p. imkv { XoZo-Ic - n-°m\pw ASn-ÿm\ XXz߃ ßfpw ]¶p-h-bv°p-∂-Xm-Wv. bhpw kmt¶- X n- I - h p- a mb A`nFSp- Ø p- I m- W n- ° m\pw AXns‚ Laity Resource Team hr≤n AZv`p-Xm-h-l-amWv. a\pImcy-£a - a - mb \n¿∆-lW - Ø - n\v DXAevamb IΩo-j≥ BtKm-f-X-e-Øn¬ cq]w \¬Ip∂ jy\pw a\p- j y\pw XΩn- e p≈ Ip∂ CS-b-\-SpØ \n¿t±-i-߃ Laity Resource Team˛¬ AwK-ß-fm-Ip-hm≥ B{K_‘w kpZr-U-am-bn-Øo¿∂n-cn-°p\¬Im-\p-amWv kq\-l-tZmkv Dt±ln-°p-∂-h¿°p≈ ASn-ÿm\ tbmKy-X-bmWv, k`∂p. Cu bmYm¿∞y- ß ƒ in- ° p- ∂ - X v . Aev a mbt{]jn- X bpsS {]t_m-[-\-ß-sf-°p-dn®pw, Imt\m≥ \nb-a-ß-sfAevamb t{]jn-X-cw-KsØ AXyXzsØ kw_-‘n® Im\≥\nbaw °p-dn-®p-ap≈ ]T-\hpw Adnhpw. Cu Ah-kcw AXn[nIw hn]p-e-am-°n-bn-´p-≠v; apJy]cn-j v I -c -° p∂ Ah- k - c- Ønepw \mbn D]-I-cn-∏n-°p-I. AwK-ß-fm-Ip-hm≥ B{K-ln-°pambn Ah¿°p-am{Xw {]th-i-\C°m- c y- ß ƒ am¿§- \ n¿t±∂-h¿ _‘-s∏-Sp-I... ap≈ cwK-ß-fn¬. Cu kw`-h-hniIßfmbn ]cn-K-Wn-t°-≠-Xm-Wv. Im-k-߃ Xs∂ Ah-cpsS AhXpS-cpw.... Km-Vamb ]T-\hpw ]cn-K-W-\bpw



krjv S n- ® p- s Im- ≠ n- c n- ° p- ∂ p. CØcw t{]jn- X - X z- Ø ns‚ Bh- i ysØ AXnam{Xw h¿≤n-∏n-°p∂ Hcp bmYm¿∞y-ap-

December 2010

Laity Resource Team Training -Irinjalakuda

kotdm ae-_m¿ k`-bpsS ss]Xr-Ihpw ]mc-º-cyhpw ImØp-kq-£n-°-Ww˛ am¿ t]mfn IÆq-°m-S≥ Ccn-ßm-e-°pS: kotdm ae-_m¿ k`-bpsS al-Ømb ss]Xr-Ihpw ]mc-º-cyhpw ImØpkq-£n-®pw, hcpw-X-e-ap-dIƒ°v ]¶p-h®pw apt∂-dp-hm≥ Aevamb kaq-l-Øns‚ \√ t\XrXzw D≠m-h-W-sa∂v Ccnßme-°pS cq]Xm _nj∏v am¿ t]mfn IÆq-°m-S≥ Blzm\w sNbvXp. Ccnßme-°pS cq]XbpsS B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ Bcw-`n-®n-cn-°p∂ Kodungallur Research Academy for Mar Thoman Heritage, Theologate for Laity bpsS B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ {]tXyIw sXc-s™-Sp-°-s∏´ Aevam-b¿°mbn \S-Ø-s∏´ Aevamb ]cn-io-e\ ]≤Xn DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp kwkm-cn-°p-I-bm-bn-cp∂p am¿ t]mfn IÆq-°m-S≥. ap∂p-h¿jw \o≠p-\n¬°p∂ Laity Training t{]m{Km-an¬ k`m \nb-a-߃, Bflo-b-Xe-߃, kmaq-ly-{]-iv\-߃, ss__nƒ ]T-\-߃, k`m-N-cn-{Xw, Aevam-b-˛-k-\y-kvX-˛ssh-ZnI {]h¿Ø-\-߃, Iu¨kn-enw-Kv, IpSpw_w, bqØv, h\n-Xm-i-‡o-I-cWw XpSßnb hnhn[ hnj-b-߃ Dƒs∏-Sp-Øn-bn-´p-≠v. ]mÃ-d¬ B\n-ta-j≥ sk‚¿ t^m¿ ÃUo-kn¬ \S∂ {]Ya ]cn-io-e\ - ] - ≤ - X - n°v kotdm ae-_m¿ k` Aevamb IΩo-j≥ sk{I-´dn AUz.-hn.-kn.-sk-_m-Ãy≥ Bcw`w Ipdn-®p. Aevamb ssZh-im-kv{Xw, kotdm ae-_m¿ k`-bnse Aevamb ]¶m-fnØw F∂o hnjb-ß-fn¬ ¢mkp-Iƒ \bn-®p. cq]-X-bnse hnhn-[-ta-J-e-I-fn¬ \n∂pw sXc-s™-Sp-°s∏´ 70 {]Xn-\n-Zn-I-fmWv ]cn-io-e\ ]≤-Xn-bn¬ ]¶p-tN-cp-∂-Xv. dh.-^m.-tPmPn I√p-¶emWv tImgn-kns‚ Ub-d-IvS¿.

sebv‰n thmbvkns‚ F√m am\y hmb-\° - m- ¿°pw kotdm ae-_m¿ k` Aevam-b- I-Ωo-js‚ {Inkvakv˛ \h-h’ - c - m-iw-kI - ƒ!!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fkv.F - w.-kn.F. Ipssh‰v {InkvXpakv- -,- \yqC-b¿ BtLm-j-߃°v XpS-°-ambn

Ipssh-‰nse kotdm ae-_m¿ ItØmen-°c - psS Iq´m-bvab - mb Fkv.F - w.-kn.F. Cu h¿jsØ {InkvXpakv \yqC-b¿ BtLm-j-]-cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ°v XpS°w Ipdn®p. AwK- ß - f psS `h- \ - ß - f n¬ {InkvXpakv ktµ-ihpw kΩm-\-ß-fpambn Itcmƒ kµ¿i\w \mev Gcn-b-Ifmbn Xncn®v \S-∂p-h-cp-∂p. P\phcn 7˛mw XnbXn ssaZm≥ lh√n Ata-cn-°≥ C‚¿\mj-W¬ kvIqfn¬ sh®v \S-Øs∏-Sp∂ saKm t{]m{Km-ans‚ apJym-XnYn Xriq¿ AXn-cq-]Xm B¿®v_nj∏v am¿ B≥{Uqkv XmgØmWv. Ipssh-‰nse C¥y≥ ÿm\- ] Xn {io APbv a¬tlm{X, hØn- ° m≥ ÿm\- ] Xn B¿®v _nj∏v ]o‰¿ dmPn°v, Ipssh‰v _nj∏v Iant√m _m√n≥ XpS-ßn-b-h¿ ]s¶-Sp-°p∂-Xm-bncn°pw. hm¿jnI Iem-ta-f-bn¬ kΩm-\m¿lcm-b-h¿°p≈ ]pc-kvIm-chpw Pq_nen BtLm-jn-°p∂ Zº-Xn-Iƒ°p≈ kvacWn- I bpw XZ- h - k - c - Ø n¬ hnX- c Ww sNøp-∂-Xm-Wv. BI¿j-I-amb kΩm-\ß-tfm-Sp-IqSn \S-Øs - ∏-Sp∂ {InkvXp-akv dm^n-fns‚ \dp-s°-Sp∏pw CtXm-sSm∏w \S-°pw. AwK-ß-fpsS Iem-]-cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ°p-]pdsa sFUnb Ãm¿ knwK¿ hnP-bn-Ifmb tPm_n,-ARvPp F∂n-h¿ ]s¶-Sp°p∂ Km\-ta-fbpw BtLm-j-߃°v sImgp-t∏-Ipw. CXn-\mbn {]kn-U‚ v {io. Pbvk¨ sNΩ-Æq¿, P\-d¬ sk{I-´dn {io.-dn-tPmbv tIfw-]-d-ºn¬, {Sj-d¿ {io. hn¬k¨ hS- t °- S Øv F∂n- h - c psS t\Xr- X z- Ø n¬ hnhn[ kan- X n- I ƒ {]h¿Øn-®p-h-cp-∂p.


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December 2010

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