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Is there anyone who doesn't love listening to stories? Right from our toddler days, we all have an unbreakable bonding for stories, may it be real or fantasy. In our large collection of children's Stories Around The World you will find Bedtime stories, Morals, Aesop tales,Fairy tales,Funny stories, Friendship stories, Panchatantra, Jungle tales, Animal stories & much more...

What would happen if two people keep fighting for the same thing? Watch Two Cats and A Monkey, a cartoon with a moral : When two people fight the third one always gets the profit. Kids, don't forget to see what happens in this


What happens when the Three Little Pigs are tormented by a big bad wolf who has come to eat them. Will they be safe in the houses they built? What is the lesson they learn? Watch this evergreen story as a cartoon for children.

A Thirsty Crow flies all across the forest looking for some water to drink. Half dead with thirst will it find water? Watch this beautiful and meaningful story for children about a Crow that never gave up. Moral: Don't give up till you find your goal.

Goldilocks & The Three Bears, a timeless story for children about a family of three bears and a girl who entered their house and ate up their food. It tells us how important it is not to enter strangers' houses and to respect other people's property.

Stories Around The World