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There is one universal truth about calories‌ ‌and that is that we all need a certain number of them for our bodies to function properly and to keep us healthy. A calorie is an energy unit. Daily calorie needs varies from person to person, but on average:

Men need 2500kcal per day; Women need 2000kcal per day.

Counting Your Calories Your body does one of two things with the calories you eat

burn them, or store them as fat. By checking your food labels, you will know if you are consuming too much or too few calories.

Counting Your Calories The rule for calorie and weight control is simple!

If you eat more than you use (or burn), you’ll put on weight. If you use more calories than you eat, you’ll lose weight

Want to lose extra pounds? Exercise! Aim to lose approximately one or two pounds per week. This equates to using up approximately an extra 500 calories per day. Don’t go on a crash diet! Lose weight gradually by healthy, non-destructive means.

Where should you get your calories? Get the calories you need to control your weight from the healthiest and most nutritious source available... the Paleo meal plan! Avoid foods high in fat, salt, sugar and foods that are processed. Go with the natural Paleo diet, instead!

To sum it all up: Count the number of calories you’re eating per day. Adopt a “more calories out than in” mentality. Get the calories you eat from natural or Paleo foods!

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Counting Calories on Your Paleo Meals  
Counting Calories on Your Paleo Meals  

Our bodies does one of two things with the calories we intake, it either burn those calories or stores them.