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Koni Putri l he 16 20

Rahel Koni Putri July 29, 1996 +6285774522242 Jl. Lumbu Utara Raya No.8 Blok 1 RT 04/026 Rawa Lumbu, Bekasi



Event Division of HIMDKV 2015 Design Division of HIMDKV 2016 Fund Division of TKH Bartramp 2015 Design Division of TKH Zarthelius 2016 Design Coordinator of Binus Design Competition 2016

I love any form of arts since i was bald and stupid. Already dance since i was in kindergaten and i made it until high school, that made me became one of traditional dancer of International Gönyeli Municipality Folk Dance Festival in Cyprus, back to 2013. I love music too that brought me to Purwacaraka Music Concert, i was playing Let it be by The Beatles. Did a little concert too, playing Op. 100 No. 25 La chevaleresque by Burgmüller (yeah i was into classical music back then).

OTHER Partisipant of KMDGI XI. 3rd winner of Coconut Island T-Shirt Design Contest 2015. Traditional dancer of International Gönyeli Municipality Folk Dance Festival in Cyprus.



Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe AfterEffect Manual Illustration

Branding Layouting Collage Illustration

2001-2007 Marsudirini Elementary School

2008-2011 Marsudirini Middle School

high school made me took social program, sad thing. but i enjoyed history subject. THANK GOD, i graduated and here I am, a third year visual communication design student of Binus University. Freshman, you know, did manual illustration and have a crush on pointilism and still doing it even though i dont do that as much as i did before. Now, i have a big crush on brand identity (branding), layouting, collage, and illustration. Now, i’m not good enogh, but let’s get back to when i was bald and stupid. I know what i’m doing and i love it.

2012-2014 SMAN 8 Jakarta

2014 - present Binus University Visual Communication Design

Redesign Packaging Nutrisari College Assignment

Nutrisari is an instant orange juice brand from Indonesia. I redesigned the logo and the whole surface packaging.

I didn’t change the color, just the illustration. Without the orange picture, people still know this is a orange juice drink. The new logo I made is a logotype that made a shape of an orange fruit. Colored white because it can suitable with any kind of color (background), like green or pink for different taste.

Redesign Packaging Honey Stars College Assignment

Honey Stars is a breakfast cereal from Nestlé. It’s sweet and crunchy, honey and milk flavoured. The cereal shaped like a star that’s why they named it Honey Stars, with outerspace themed. The logo I made is more like game, like 90’s game arcade, because the theme I choose is like 3D’s version of 90’s arcade game. Still keeping the galaxy atmosphere like the original packaging. Kiddos in my generation love arcade game, it’s like bring back the old-good days, 90’s arcade game we used to play. No matter what generation it is, kids will always interested with cute spaceship theme (well i still do).

Philips Genie is a lamp product from Philips. I redesigned the whole surface packaging, even the logo of Philips.

Redesign Packaging Phillips Genie College Assignment

Colored black and blue because Philips Genie provides almost white light which is somewhat towards bluish side, or cool daylight.

This assignment is to make a brand identity, applied on stationeries. The person is actually my friend, and here, he’s a freelance photographer, he’s classy but easy going at the same time, so I choose black, white, and yellow.

Branding Identity Weceo College Assignment

typography Booklet Aturan Main TipograďŹ College Assignment

There’s 15 rules of typography in this booklet, A5 sized. Here are some pages of the “Aturan Main Tipografi” booklet.

typography Newsletter Typographica College Assignment

Ubud Village Jazz Festival is a music festival situated in the artistic surroundings of Ubud Bali, Indonesia.

redesign website festival Ubud Village Jazz Festival College Assignment

small, sustainable, eco-friendly International Jazz Festival in Bali which will accommodate musicians and their audiences' need in terms of quality and Idealism, and to strengthen and to build better communication between diverse cultures and nations through music.

DKV OI! is my organization yearly gathering.

Poster College Assignment

This is a college assignment, to redesign a poster.

Poster for Binus Design Competition.

Illustration I did some illustrations too, manually with drawing pen and chinese ink. Like what i said before, i love pointilism.

This is for Coconut Island T-Shirt Design Contest. i got third place.

This is a college assignment, to visualizing yourself. I love flowers so bad, and llama is my spirit animal and stuff, my nickname is Rey, the llama’s ear shaped “y” somehow.

My ďŹ rst pointilism artwork. With 5 colors of Snowman Marker and 0.05 drawing pen. Freshmen starter assignment, I drew Jimi Hendrix, my man.

Rahel Koni Putri, 2016  
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