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OUR MISSION To provide a pictorial glimpse into the workings of one family-run miniature horse ranch. In this issues of our Sales Catalog we would like to present what we have for sale at this time. Please feel free to inquire anytime about any of the horses featured here, or, with any other questions you have. 701.345.8273 |

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Winter 2012-13 Volume 3 No.5 Editor Renee LaBarre Reiten Associate Editor Renee LaBarre Reiten Guest Contributor Swig Hansen Ar t Director Tara Reiten

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Season Greeting from the Lucky Har t Ranch. Here’s hoping that Christmas and the New Year find you healthy and happy. It seems that this, the most wonderful time of the year always sneaks up on me. I always have such grandiose plans, but as normal, looks like I’m still r unning behind again this year as well! But, I did want to star t putting together a Lucky Har t Sales Catalog for your viewing (and hopefully purchasing) pleasure. We hope you see something you like . If you do email or give me a call. And also, check back regularely as we will be updating this quite often in the months to come .

May your home be decked all rosy and bright, with 8 happy reindeer and a Santa that’s upright. Thanks, Renee LaBarre 701 345 8273 | luckyhar t@me .com | luckyhar

Ed being turned out with his gals

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In the 2012 August Issue of The Journal we presented the future of our operation. On the previous page and on this page is that very advertisement. It features Mountain Meadows American Express, his progeny and what we consider to be the future of our farm and hopefully another element to strengthen the American Miniature Horse.

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ONE-OF-A-KIND BREEDERS DREAM 3 Full Express Sisters sold as a “Prize Package” together in a “Offer of a Lifetime”. We would like to sell these three together. Special considerations could be made to serious breeders. Limited time offer of $8,500

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Gypsy Pictured as baby in 2012. View many more summer photos over her below.

Ellie Pictured as baby in 2009. Watch her grow up in the slideshow below.

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Vanilla Pictured as baby in 2008. Watch her grow up in the slideshow below. pg 14

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A nice colt. To be sold as a gelding. Looks like he will stay small and should trot pretty good. He is priced at $500.00. Price good through Jan. 2013. Will keep him until March 30th at no extra cost. We will provide papers when you send me proof that he has been gelded. Featured on page 16, 17, 18 and 17

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This is Lucky Harts Alberta Express. She is at Sarah Hunters (Alberta Canada) training. Watch for her next summer. She is offered for sale, but she must stay with Sarah for the 2013 show season. We think that she will do well. She is AMHR and can be AMHA if she stays small enough. Watch for many more pictures.

Mick - More info to come. Featured on page 20, 21, 22 and 23

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Rowbuck Gee Whiz Georgia Whiz is young mare. She is shown with her first foal, a year ago. She has been left open for next 2013. She is a George daughter out of a Boogerman daughter. She is pretty headed, and kind of strong headed. A breeders dream. I would consider pasture breeding her to our Prince son (Ed) for 2014.

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The Hack We will be watching this one. He is sired by Express and out of a Bob daughter. He is small and he is up and he can bend at the pole. He is fine boned. He can be AMHR and AMHA, but I don’t know if he will stay under 34. If anyone want him as a driving gelding, he is priced at $800.00 now. That price is good until March 30th, 2013. This spring we will be evaluating him as a stallion and if we think he is good enough, it will be a different story. I really have high hopes for this guy.

Tibbs Broadway Foxie 5/31/2010 - No , this pretty little girl is not an Express daughter. She is however out of the same mare that has produced two Supreme Futurity Horses by Express. She is a daughter of Tibbs foundation stallion Tibbs Silver Fox. Her mother is Rowbuck Ballet On Broadway, a Bob daughter. We will be exposing her to our Prince Son (grandson of Express) this summer. She sells bred to Ed if so desired. She is very correct and smooth bodied. Straight AMHR $1,500.00. Pasture exposed if wanted, no live foal guarantee. (Pictured on this page and page 28)

Lucky Harts Simply Expressed Simmy is a 2012 Express daughter who is out of a Gold Melody Boy - Blue Boy bred mare. She was born very gold, but I think will gray out like her mother. She is small and I think will stay under 34 inches. If she does in the spring she will be registered AMHA and AMHR. The only Express daughter so far to carry both papers. She has it all, from the good ears to the good rear end. I think she will show and is priced as a show mare. $4500.00 Check out the Sale Horse Slide Show page for many pg 29 more pictures. This one is special if you like them a little smaller.

Lucky Harts Express Dan Dan is a nice moving Express colt out of a George daughter, that is being registered and sold as a gelding. He is a full brother to Scandinavian Express, who is with Sarah Hunter for driving training this year. He is a match to another Express son (Patch) and they are to be sold as a driving team of geldings. $1000.00 plus the cost of gelding. It’s not easy to find a pair like this. I think they will look sharp and be fun.

Lucky Hart Express Patch Patch is a match to Dan and is they are being sold as a team of gelding. This team is sweet and I think will show off. pg 31

This is not the end, this is only the beginning

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