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Natural Remedies For Pain Relief - Natural Pain Remedies _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Sasonh Kasop -

Do you have chronic pain? Are you looking for some natural remedies to relieve the pain in your body? Are you tired of taking pain pills that do not work? Are you experiencing negative side effects from taking all sorts of pain medication? Then it is time to think outside the "pill box" and find natural remedies that will work for you in the long term. You will be surprised where you will find these effective pain relief methods - in the grocery store, Natural Remedies For Pain Relief I work very hard to stay pain free and it is my hope that you will find these natural remedies will work for you too.

Eat Pineapple - this fruit contains Bromelain which acts like a garbage truck going through your bloodstream picking up clots and plaque that can cause pain and inflammation. It may not be possible to eat pineapple every single day, however you can look for Bromelain in supplement form at your local health food store and follow label directions. It works great for people dealing with arthritis or inflammation from surgery.

Glucasomine and Chondroitin are an excellent supplement to take because Glucosamine helps build up the cartilage in between the joints and Chondroitin allows for better absorption. You could also eat crab and lobster from your local grocery store because they are both rich in Glucosamine and work much better in the long run than prescription medication without the side effects. Crab and lobsters are excellent meal choices for people dealing with osteoarthritis. Eat fish or take an Omega 3's (fish oil) supplement because fish oils can reduce the amount of those nasty prostaglandins which cause pain and inflammation throughout the body. Fish oil can also clean up your arteries, relieve constipation, prevent heart disease, thin your blood and help lower your cholesterol.

Have you heard of Serrapeptase supplements? They are actually derived from silkworms, specifically when they emerge from hibernation as a moth and produce an enzyme that breaks up the cocoon and works as an anti-inflammatory. This supplement works great for people suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis. Mussels contain a pain-relieving extract that comes from green-lipped mussels that are popular in New Zealand which explains why so few New Zealander's have arthritis. The magic in the mussels lies in the fact that they contain antihistamine, Omega 3's, and glucosamine - all of which calm inflammation.

Yoga has done wonders for me to stay pain-free which is why I teach Yoga on a regular basis. Yoga is not about struggle or pain. The physical postures help to balance the body by making space in the body. The postures mobilize and vitalize the joints in the body. They alter our subtle energies, heal the body and influence our emotions. The exercises are designed to relax and still the body and breath while bringing you back into balance.

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