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Reinstate Cathedral

Linkedin Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project

PROJECT UPDATE. The Cathedral will look very similar, retaining many features. But, it will be safer, more functional, more flexible, and more comfortable. It will be better equipped for future worship and civic events.



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In the heart of our city, there’s no place like it.

A SPIRITUAL AND SACRED PLACEfor worshipping and celebrating; for listening and debating; for laughter and tears.

AN UNCONDITIONALLY WELCOMING PLACEfor people of all faiths and none.

AN ICONIC PLACEfor Canterbury, New Zealand and the world.

A HISTORIC PLACEfor memories, stories, heritage and taonga.

A CIVIC PLACEfor the events that shape us as a city.

A POPULAR PLACE700,000 visited each year pre-earthquake, and many more in future.

AN IMPORTANT PLACEfor our thriving central city.

The project to reinstate Christ Church Cathedral / Winter 2019


We’ve got to get the plans right, ready for physical work to start in early 2020.The Cathedral is one of New Zealand’s most important heritage buildings. We’ll be using traditional materials and techniques and modern ones. It will take longer than building from scratch (7 to 10 years), but the end product will be worth it.

5 Steps to Reinstatement

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Finding opportunities for enhancements while respecting

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Developing Physically

Strengthen Complete the plans to physically stabilise, from the Cathedral tower & create stabilise the early 2020 for and reconfigure a world class building. 12-18 months. it internally. visitors’ centre.

Right now we are...

In the future, we will...

The project to reinstate Christ Church Cathedral / Winter 2019


Workers found a beautiful section of intact stained glass from the Rose Window during recent heritage protection work.

The section of glass came from the circled area of the Rose window.

The angel’s head measures 13 cm by 12 cm, a special find.

It depicts the head of one of the heavenly hierarchy of angels. Designed by architect Benjamin Mountfort, the Rose Window contained more than 4000 pieces of glass and measured 7.5 meters in diameter.

The project to reinstate Christ Church Cathedral / Winter 2019


How well do you remember the Cathedral?

Turn to the last page for the answers.

1. Where was the foundation stone laid? 2. How many bells were there before the earthquakes? 3. When did the bells first ring? 4. When were women first allowed to ring the bells? 5. What year was the Cathedral lit by electricity? 6. Who donated the New Zealand flag that hangs inside?

7. Why were services held outside on 17 and 24 November 1918?

What’s your favourite recollection from Christ Church Cathedral? We’d love to hear about it: reinstate.org.nz

The project to reinstate Christ Church Cathedral / Winter 2019


In 2019 we’re going like the clappers* behind the scenes, before physical work begins in early 2020.

People celebrated the symbolic return of the sound of bells on 21 June 2019.

Bells were first played at the Cathedral in September 1881. They were damaged in the earthquakes and haven’t been played since.

The Cathedral bells survived the earthquakes. They’ve been refurbished and are stored awaiting their return.We’ll be ‘ringing the bells’ most Friday lunchtimes using genuine Cathedral bellringing recordings and speakers. We hope the sound will remind people that the Cathedral will once again be full of people, music, song – and the sound of bells!A new earthquake memorial bell has been cast, so 14 bells will be placed in the new tower once it is built.

* A clapper is the hammer that strikes the inside of the bell creating the ring, and it moves pretty quickly!

The project to reinstate Christ Church Cathedral / Winter 2019


The original construction took 40 years. This was the ‘anchor project’ of its day. The foundation stone was laid in 1864, the nave and tower were consecrated in 1881 and the chancel, transepts, and apse were completed in 1904.


Registered by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust as a Category I historic place.


Earthquakes significantly damaged the Tower and Cathedral.

2017 Anglican Synod voted to reinstate the Cathedral.


Contract signed enabling the reinstatement process to begin.


Planning and preparation, ongoing site maintenance and heritage protection.

2020 Physical work to stabilise the building expected to begin in the first quarter.

The project to reinstate Christ Church Cathedral / Winter 2019

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Linkedin Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project.



Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Trust, PO Box 21063, Edgeware, Christchurch 8143. Include your name and address for a receipt.


Visit the Transitional Cathedral, 234 Hereford Street, Christchurch. Mention your donation is for ‘reinstatement’.

Online donations coming soon.

ANSWERS: The most reliable report places it under the chancel / 13 bells / 1881 / 1930 / 1922 / Sir Edmund Hillary / Due to an influenza epidemic