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Rundown: February 2014

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Message from the President


eining Alberta Members,

As we approach a New Year and get our horses legged up for competition with our challenging weather, I hope everyone is looking forward to a successful 2014 show season. For the membership this year you will see a lot of changes, new faces, and new classes. Hopefully most of you have participated in the membership survey we sent out a couple of month ago. As a result of this survey we the Board of Directors of Reining Alberta heard your concerns loud and clear. A lot of these changes were implemented because of the results of this survey. A few of the changes listed below: We just received the approval for an NRHA regional clinic, first one ever in Alberta. We can all thank Megan Ritchie for putting this together and more information will follow. Some changes in the Reining Alberta Classes, be sure and look at the entry packages as they come out. We will have a change in Show Management and Show Secretary this year. Most of you had the opportunity to meet Leslie as she was working with Marnie the last couple of shows last year for the Show Manager position. Also a change in Show Secretary, hopefully most of you also had the opportunity to meet with Kathie MacKenzie at the end of last show season. We are also looking at making some changes in the Summer Classic to help with the entries. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated we have kicked around numerous additions i.e. Derby Classes, Inter Provincial Challenge etc. any ideas email me at All of our Classic Shows will be held in Red Deer at the Westerner this year. These are just a few of the changes we are implementing this year and hope everyone has a successful 2014 show season. I look forward to seeing everyone and the Open Rider Clinic in February with Casey Deary. President Reining Alberta Ron Barnes Page 2


Message from the President 2 Open Rider Clinic & Award Banquet 3 NRHA Clarification on Logos 4 Sire Incentive - Stallion Enrollment 4 NRHyA Regional Clinic 4 Trainer’s Corner 5 Ask the Judge 6 Upcoming Events 7 Sponsorship Package 8 Show Secretary 8 Membership Forms 8 North Branch 11 South Branch 14

Open Rider Clinic & Award Banquet


eining Alberta will be hosting its annual Open Rider Clinic and Awards Banquet on February 14 & 15 at the CalNash Ag Event Centre in Ponoka. The clinician is 2012 NRHA Futurity winner Casey Deary. These clinics are always a great chance to learn some tips from the best riders in the world, and a chance to catch up with our reining friends from across the province. The Open Rider Clinic runs both days, cost to attend is $31.50/day or $52.50/weekend. Host hotels are : Western Budget - 403-783-8382 @ $119 plus tax per night - must be booked by February 7, 2014 Canalta (formerly known as Super 8) - 403-704-1177 (regular rates apply) The Awards Banquet will be on February 15th, doors open and drinks start at 5:30 with dinner to follow. There will be a terrific dinner, silent auction and a cash bar. This is a great opportunity to relax and visit with your fellow members and peers. We humbly request items for the Silent Auction and ask that they be brought to the Open Rider clinic before the awards dinner. Tickets cost $30/person and can be purchased by e-mailing Kathie at or by ordering online here. We ask that you prepurchase tickets so that we can ensure enough food is ordered.

Bonnie Becker Reining Horses

Training (403) 381-4183


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NRHA Clarification on Logos


urrent Rule: Page 62, Section (3) Showing: paragraph (f) “A Non Pro is prohibited from showing in aftermarket logoed apparel or equipment.”

Definition of After-Market: After-market logoed apparel and equipment shall be defined as any product with a logo placed on it by an entity other than the manufacturer. A product manufactured specifically and solely for a retailer’s use in the retail product line is not considered aftermarket unless altered after sold by the retailer. Allowances: Logos from ranches, stallions, corporations, partnerships, or other business entity provided that the Non Pro and/or a member or members of his/her immediate family are the sole and only owners of that business entity and the ownership of that business entity does not change to include non-immediate family members or entities. Logos from Universities or Schools in which the member is a current member of the officially NCEA, IHSA or IEA sanctioned equestrian team. Affiliate logos in which the member is a current member in good standing. NRHA logoed apparel

Sire Incentive - Stallion Enrollment


tallion enrollment letters have been prepared and are now posted on the website. We are in the process of sending them to the stallion owners. If you are interested in enrolling your stallion please be sure to supply all the documentation to Kathie so that we can get your information updated and your stallion represented on our website and in publications as soon as possible. Sire Incentive Highlights Stallion Enrollment Form Please note the Sire Incentive entry deadline is March 31st. Offspring enrollment is due April 30th.

NRHyA Regional Clinic


eining Alberta is excited to announce that our very first NRHyA Regional Clinic has been approved, and we are absolutely thrilled to have clinician Ruben Vandorp!!!! The Clinic will run May 3 & 4 at Prairie Mountain Ranch. Both Adults and Youth can ride, you can ride both days, or just one. Details are still being finalized and confirmed so stay tuned for more information; it will be posted on the website and Facebook. While the South Branch is hosting the clinic any Reining Alberta member will be welcome to submit an entry to participate.

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Trainer’s Corner With Bonnie Becker

Conditioning Your Horse for the Upcoming Show Season I think the most important factor when conditioning your horse after a rest, is to use your common sense. The next factor to consider is that if you get into any trouble call a professional - Trainers, Farriers, and Vets. Horses that have been wintered in a pasture and younger horses will get into shape quicker then horses kept in a box stall, small pen or older horses. Before you start riding, take a look at your horse – does he need to be reset or have a trim? Is he overweight or underweight, is it time to have his teeth done or does he need deworming, is your horse sound, is he going to go to the trainer for a tune-up before show season. If you don’t know the answer to these questions this would be a good time to call the professionals that I talked about. If you have a young horse and you are not sure you will be safe doing those first few rides call a trainer. Assuming everything is a go, if your horse has been in a box stall- small turnout situation, your horse will be full of energy and need a chance to run and play. I turn them out in an indoor arena or lunge them where the footing is good, because when they are playing you do not want them to slip or fall down, and get an injury. Use your common sense when they have had enough. If you encourage them to run with a whip and they just look at you or they are sweating or breathing heavy they are probably ready to saddle up. Again if you are not sure call a trainer. I feel a common mistake made is if the horse is quiet and well trained, riders just get on and go. When the horse has so much energy the rider gets into a fight with the horse because they want them to act like they did during the show season. Don’t even go there, it is easier on the horse and more enjoyable for you if you don’t pick a fight with your horse and expect the impossible. So now you are ready to saddle up. If everything with the grooming and saddling is normal go ahead and get on. I start with walking and jogging exercises. The worst thing you can do is start with sliding, spinning and running fast circles. Depending on the horse’s condition when I start, it might be a month of riding 4 to 5 days a week before I start in reining manoeuvres. Start with jogging or long trotting and work a little more loping in every ride. How about doing some body control exercises that you learned in all those clinics and lessons that you took!!!! I don’t believe it is necessary to time your work outs, or to take your horse’s pulse. Pay attention to your horse, is he breathing heavy, sweating heavy, is your horse unwilling to move forward unless you use an unusually strong amount of leg for your horse, or are his muscles fatigued- time to take a break. Take your time; it may make a difference in your show season. Good Luck, have fun and see you at the shows. Oh by the way you are welcome to do your conditioning at Sunnyside Stables. Bonnie provides expert coaching, clinics, training and lessons for clients out of her beautiful facility Sunny Side Stables in Lethbridge. She has over 30 years experience training, showing and coaching with reining earnings of over $200,000. She understands the financial and emotional value of your horse, and strives to achieve each horse’s potential, while keeping your horse happy and healthy.

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Ask the Judge With Lyle Jackson

Score starts at 70, moves up or down per maneuver based on: +1 ½ Excellent, +1 Very Good, + ½ Good, 0 Correct, - ½ Poor, - 1 Very Poor, -1 ½ Extremely Poor

The circle maneuver can begin with a walk or trot approach to the arena center. Judging begins when the horse enters the arena, so “Zero Penalty Score” (disqualification) rule infractions include walking into the arena and straightening the reins with the free hand or stopping while you wait for the preceding horse to exit and during this time backing your horse more than two strides. Bumping the reins on the walk in will decrease the Maneuver Score of the first circle. There is nothing in the rulebook that says a horses’ head should be below his withers as he walks to the middle. The score will not be higher because of a very low head. Circles have to start in the geographical center of the arena. Circles started to soon, before center is reached will reduce the score, as will circles started too late or too far left or right of center. A canter stride on the way to the center it is a Penalty of 2. This Penalty will also be applied if the circles start significantly before the arena center. A few walk steps are allowed before the canter departure when starting the circles. But the longer distance that is walked, the more the Degree of Difficulty is reduced. A higher Degree of Difficulty increases the Maneuver Score. Trot strides incur a Penalty. One or two trot strides prior to the first canter stride results in a Penalty ½, whereas more than two trot strides is Penalty 2. Up to four steps, when counting the hind feet, is Penalty ½; the fifth step makes it penalty 2. Trot more than ½ the circle and its Zero Penalty Score (DQ). All three circles must go through the center point of the arena. Being off center reduces the Maneuver

Score significantly. Any severe course correction within the circles shows some lack of control and reduces the score. A break of gait from the canter to the trot incurs a Penalty 2. Break of Gait Penalty is often applied in patterns that require a transition from a large fast circle to a small slow circle. If in slowing down the two hind feet come together and the overall cadence of the lope is broken, such that the horse is no longer loping, then the judge must access a Penalty 2. To be a correct circle transition, the horse must obviously slow down and change direction to the slow circle, willingly and exactly in the center of the arena. Most riders can change direction but the change of speed does not come until ¼ or ½ of the way into the small circle, this is not Correct. If the judge considers that the infraction made the circle “Poor” rather than “Correct” a Maneuver Score of - ½ will be given. Continuing to go slower and slower throughout the entire slow circle is also not correct. This is not what the pattern calls for. A slow circle of consistent speed is Correct. Slower is not necessarily better. If the canter is too slow for the ability of the horse to travel correctly, meaning that the horse is so slow that his movement becomes “trashy”, heavy on the forehand, then the circles are not correct. Pattern 5 calls for a stop in the arena center following the circles. This judged together with the circles. If the horse stops on the forehand, crooked, off center, mouth open or in other way shows resistance the score of the circles can be reduced. A trot stride entering the stop is a Break of Gait and a mandatory Penalty 2. The Lead Change is considered part of the circle maneuver in Pattern 6. The change must occur within one stride before or after the center of the arena. If you change earlier than this it is Penalty 1, a change that is delayed by one stride is Penalty ½, more than one stride and less than ¼ circumference of the circle is also Penalty 1. Out of lead further than ¼

Circles; should be the easiest maneuver to get an average or “correct” score, that elusive “zero maneuver score”. So often people try to make “plus ½” and end up “minus ½”. Page 6

circle is 1 penalty point for every ¼ circumference of the circle. A horse that falls out of lead during the circle incurs the same penalty, 1 point for every ¼ circle. It is much easier to get a penalty than it is to raise the score by increasing the degree of difficulty. Speed in the circles increases the degree of difficulty. So if no comprises are made due to the speed, increasing the speed is necessary in order to be rewarded with “Good” Circles (+ ½), “Very Good” Circles (+1), or “Excellent” Circles (+1 ½). However, compromises due to speed can quickly make the circles “Poor” (- ½) or “Very Poor” (- 1). Running fast but using the wall to guide the horse is not a credit earning situation. Running fast on a relatively loose rein, with the horse obviously, willingly guiding between the reins is a high degree of difficulty and worthy of a higher scored maneuver. Running fast with a willing horse with a positive expression is a high degree of difficulty and deserves a plus score. Running fast with the horse leaning on the inside rein, (in left hand circles the riders hand pulling on the right side of the neck to keep the horse on the circle), is not a credit earning situation.

Upcoming Events Open Rider Clinic February 15 & 16 CalNash Ag Event Center, Ponoka SB Trainer’s Showcase March 29 Silver Slate Arena, Nanton SB Show April 12 Silver Slate Arena, Nanton Youth Clinic April 12 & 13 Top Notch Performance Horses, Stony Plain

Running fast on a relatively loose rein, with a positive expression, and slowing down and guiding to a small circle in the exact center of the arena is a very high degree of difficulty, and deserves a score of plus 1 to 1 ½. Lyle is a carded judge for the NRHA, FEI, AQHA, APHA, and NRCHA. In addition to his judging expertise he also has over 30 years of experience training horses for reining and most western events; with multiple championships to his name.

Top Notch will be offering Smokin Ammo and Hawks Whisper at a reduced fee of $1000.00 to mare owners who book before March 1, 2014

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Sponsorship Package


ponsorship packages are now available for 2014 and have been posted on the website. Reining Alberta offers many excellent advertising and sponsorship opportunities to meet the needs of your business so please contact our sponsorship directors to discuss which options might work best for your business. There are many new and exciting opportunities for 2014! Sponsorship Package

Show Secretary


he Board of Directors is please to announce and congratulate Kathie MacKenzie on her successful bid for show secretary for the 2014 show season! Kathie brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as many new ideas that we hope will enhance your showing experience.

Membership Forms

M Lyle Jackson Quarter Horses Training Coaching Judging

403.542.6913 Page 8

embership forms can be found on the Reining Alberta website under the Forms & Documents tab. This year we have set up payment by cheque or PayPal to make it easier for our members to renew their memberships. Membership Form (Cheque) Membership Form (PayPal)

Youth Clinic with Austin Seelhof

April 12 & 13

at Top Notch Performance Horses Austin Seelhof and Top Notch Performance Horses are sponsoring a free youth clinic April 12 & 13th. The youth clinic will run from 9am-noon both days, Top Notch will also be providing a light lunch.

Space is limited; only 8 riders will be taken. For more information on either clinic or to reserve your spot please contact Theresa at

Sponsored by:

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Branch News

North Branch

Chairperson’s Greetings

Updated Show & Clinic Schedule

North Branch has been working very hard to complete the Show/Clinic Schedule for 2014. Watch the North Branch website page and North Branch facebook page for current updates. We have had some generous sponsors come forth again this year!! If you are interested in sponsoring please contact our sponsorship coordinator. We have added some Special Classes again, including Dapple Grey, Never Won A Buckle, Longest Slide, Freestyle and our Team Tournament. Our 2014 Clinics and Shows will soon be available on the website. Watch our future Rundowns as we have some other exciting sponsorship in the works!!

Heatherdown Hills Arena, Onoway May 3 Judging Seminar Lyle Jackson May 4 Show Highthorn Arena, Stony Plain May 31 Clinic Austin Seelhof June 1 Show Highthorn Arena, Stony Plain July 19 Clinic Amanda Antifaev July 20 Show


Whitecourt Ag Arena, Whitecourt Aug 23 Show Ralph Ament Aug 24 Show Ralph Ament

Contact Information

Heatherdown Hills Arena, Onoway Sept 13 Clinic Cheryl Mitchell Sept 14 Show

North Branch Chair Daryla Friesen Show Secretary Sandra Prosko Secretary Tanya Hollasch Sponsorship Samantha Friesen

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South Branch

Chairperson’s Greetings

Contact Information

The Branch committee has been working away on the 2014 show season already. As you know dates and arenas have already been booked.

Megan Ritchie - Chairperson Karen Lowerison - Vice Chairperson & Ring Smart Jessica Comstock - Show Secretary Morgan Girletz - Sponsorship Coordinator (403) 948-3954

I am extremely excited about what 2014 has to offer, a few new classes and some FANTASTIC prizes. If you haven’t shown at the branch shows in a while this may just be the year to do it! Youth riders be warned, this is your year!!! Planning for the Trainers Showcase is well underway. Thanks to the wonderful trainers we have in our Association we will be able to offer this wonderful clinic again. With the generous donation of their time we are able to keep costs extremely reasonable, and you will get top notch advice and coaching if you are lucky enough to participate. I must give a big thanks to Cheryl Mitchell, Bonnie Becker, Wendy Nelson, Lyle Jackson, and Lachlan Bell for making this event a reality!

Sponsorship News This month has been very exciting for bringing in new sponsors for the Branch. We’d like to take a moment to thank the wonderful sponsors who have come up to help us provide great classes to support our grassroots growth: 10 Mile Ranch Brad and Christine Lamport Girletz Gear Tom Balding Bits and Spurs

Show & Event Dates While we are absolutely thrilled we were approved for the NRHyA Regional Clinic, we weren’t able to keep to our original plan for dates. We are just in process of figuring out what to do with our booking for April 5. We will post within the next couple days what our plan is, and let you know as soon as possible. Page 14

Sponsorship Package The South Branch Sponsorship package is now available and can be found on the South Branch webpage. We have a few new offerings for our sponsors and are able to provide even more bang for your advertising and sponsorship bucks. We look forward to working with many new companies and the opportunities these sponsorships bring to our Branch. South Branch Sponsorship Package If you are interested in sponsoring our branch please contact Morgan or Megan for more information.

Judges We’d like to give a big thank you to all the judges who have already agreed to volunteer their time to judge one of our shows. They would not be possible without their help and support. So thank you: Carola Friesen Amanda Antifaev Austin Seelhof Cheryl Mitchell Christa Turel

TRAINER’S SHOWCASE March 29, 2014 - Silver Slate Arena, Nanton

Sessions: 8-9:30am - Lachlan Bell 9:30-11am - Lyle Jackson 11-12:30pm - Wendy Nelson 12:30-2pm - Bonnie Becker 2-3:30pm - Cheryl Mitchell 3:30-5pm - TBA

Clinic Fee - $35 Spectator Fee - $5 For more information on the clinic check out the South Branch webpage.

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Tom Balding Bits and Spurs proudly carried by Girletz Gear Contact Joan for all your purchases and custom orders 403.948.3954

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Open Rider Clinic With Casey Deary

February 15 & 16th

CalNash Ag Event Centre, Ponoka Page 18

Rundown: February 2014  

Reining Alberta Rundown February 2014 Edition w/ Bonnie Becker & Lyle Jackson