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Reineveld Genuine Spare Parts The purchase of a Reineveld Centrifuge is a smart investment, but in

program can better ensure the safe operation of your centrifuge, your

order to keep this large capital investment working for you, proper

plant, and the safety of your operators.

inspection and maintenance is critical. Reineveld centrifuges operate

There are more than 1,000 parts that make up the Reineveld Centri-

at extremely high rotation speeds, and while we build our centrifuges

fuge. Regardless of the model or age of your centrifuge, Reineveld

with the finest materials and engineering, some parts will undoubtedly

can supply any of the parts that it may require, from wear parts to

wear down or need to be replaced.

component parts. At Reineveld, we also possess the technical knowhow

Using genuine Reineveld spare parts is the only way to ensure that

to consult with you during installation or, we can carry out the installation

your machine operates efficiently because our parts are made of the

for you.

finest materials designed to withstand the rigor of the continuous operation common in starch production.

At Reineveld we aim for the continuous improvement of all of our products

Our parts are also engineered to meet or exceed the stringent standards

and the service that we provide to our clients; our spare parts are no

required by the European Standard for Safety NEN-EN 12547+A1.

exception. We are pleased to showcase recent innovations in some of

Therefore Reineveld spare parts, along with a proper maintenance

our genuine Reineveld spare parts.

The Basket

The Basket is the heart of the Reineveld centrifuge because it is the component part with key responsibility for the dewatering process. Reineveld baskets have long demonstrated superior performance but at Reineveld we aspire to excellence. We are pleased to highlight the improvements that have been made in our newer baskets over the traditional Reineveld basket.

Design Features Reineveld baskets are now constructed using duplex stainless steel and a very high quality rolled material that does not use any cladding or coating. The special duplex stainless steel material is far superior to previous stainless steel types and even to softer duplex materials. Baskets are completely machined and consistently measure within grams of accuracy in vibration analyses. Our baskets are also thoroughly tested for materials, balancing and dimensions. Reineveld engineers have complete control over the design and construction of Reineveld baskets and can ensure the quality and performance of every basket that ships from our facilities.

Benefits The duplex stainless steel material used to construct Reineveld baskets are highly corrosion resistant and will not rust, and the special rolled material does not use cladding or coating. Both of these design features make our baskets the perfect solution for the food industry because they do not contaminate the product. Reineveld Baskets use highly specific superior quality materials and the finest in manufacturing processes that comply with the European Standard for safety NEN-EN 12547+A1. Reineveld




maintenance except for periodic inspections as required by your local laws.

Generation Two Load Sensor

Reineveld centrifuges now offer the option to install generation-two load sensors. The redesigned load sensor supports accurate loading of the basket which is critical to optimizing production performance and reducing wastages.

Design Features The Generation-Two sensor is meant to replace the traditional load sensor, so the new mechanical enclosures of the sensor are designed to fit within the same confines, and share the same mounting pattern as the conventional Reineveld Load Feeler. A more dependable instrument is realized due to the adjustable potentiometer that facilitates accurate and reliable switch point positioning of the sensor arm with fine incremental adjustments. The precision pneumatic relieving regulator allows the activator to function as an air spring which absorbs erratic movements that can inadvertently activate the sensor prematurely and disrupt filling cycles. The new sensor also gives you greater control over the tension that can be applied to the sensor’s arm by allowing you to calibrate the air pressure. This is a useful feature because different products have different cake bulk densities. All of the circuitry for the sensor is contained inside the new NEMA 6 electrical enclosure with all of the existing electrical and pneumatic connections transferred onto this new enclosure. Any adjustments that need to be made are easily achieved because the sensor’s regulator is mounted remotely. This feature not only protects the regulator from damage, but allows operators easy access to the device’s controls. Operators will find the sensor easy to use because of its simple design.

Benefits In addition to the simplicity in design and operation of the Generation-Two Load Sensor, the major benefit of the device is its ability to accurately control the filling of the Reineveld centrifuge. The load sensor is responsible for closing the feed valve when the basket has been filled to the correct level. Correct fill avoids:

Under filling • Reduces capacity by reducing batch size • Traps impurities in the starch cake which affects product quality • Traps water on cake surface leading to the possibility of sending wet batches to the flash dryer

Overfilling • Reduces capacity by increasing batch times and decreasing batch output • Promotes wastage • Can cause slurry to be drawn through discharge knife and into flash dryer • In excessive occurrences, overloads cause merco thickening of the centrifuge


We have redesigned our conveyor to better meet our customers’ needs. The Reineveld Conveyor is responsible for transporting the mechanically dewatered product away from the centrifuge once the batch cycle is complete. Because the conveyor interacts directly with the product, it is very important that it does not introduce contaminants. Design Features The new Reineveld conveyor has a super smooth surface constructed with a high and precise quality stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is extremely corrosion resistant and therefore will not contaminate the product as it passes through the conveyor. Our new conveyors also boast an improved bearing package which we offer in two options. The first option contains a lifetime greasing system that eliminates the need for any future greasing. The second option is constructed with a renewable greasing system that will require periodic re-greasing. Regardless of the version that you select, the grease area is kept completely separate from the product area by a waste pack.

Advantages The improved Conveyor is completely interchangeable with our previous conveyor, meaning that you can install this new conveyor with no adjustments or modifications to any other part of the centrifuge. In addition to the stainless steel material that prevents contamination of the product, the design of the bearing package also ensures that the product is not contaminated by any grease particles. All of this means that the new conveyor is a sensible choice when it is important to keep the product contaminant free, such as in food and beverage production. Our conveyors can be equipped with a Reineveld diverter valve to separate product from liquid during the wash cycles. Finally, because we are able to deliver the conveyor to meet EU ATEX (Atmospheric Explosive)

requirements, the new

Reineveld conveyor is much safer alternative than our previous conveyors.

Reineveld Europe B.V. specializes in the manufacture, inspection and maintenance of original Reineveld centrifuges, the most efficient and reliable mechanical dewatering, peeler-type centrifuge used in the global starch industry. Reineveld Europe B.V. is located in Oldenzaal, The Nederlands.

You may contact Reineveld Europe at: Reineveld Europe B.V. M端nsterstraat 10 7575 ED Oldenzaal The Netherlands +31 (0)541-571040 +31 (0)541-571041


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