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k ar ta or 2015 i forgot

Looking at the food seller

We couldn’t find this spot instantly, it took miles and miles and miles, sweat and sweat and sweat, therefore the hunger crawl in.

The face of the face off, is the face of the face.

I take this image from google Nah, kidding. It was my capture.

I close my eyes, as the wind blow my hair out of the ear. I close my eyes, as all i breath was really good fresh air. I close my eyes, as all my friends laugh in distance. I close my eyes, as all i see was black. And i close my eyes when this picture taken.

Cheers the


Note ; have no idea, whose in the picture with me. Recognizing process fail.


robably sandals hit the baby shell or crab down there. Deep sorry.

Count the mass of our weight

by sitting in between trees, in a wood log with 20cm diameters and 250cm long and oh, we’re just done eating 3000kJ of Yogyakarta traditional foods. Also we killed a jumbo sized fast food hamburger because we’re to hungry after spending the time at 13h train trip, 2h car, and 6h playing with the sun in a sand ground.

I took science class, but i do forgot what

i learn all those years. What a waste. Numbers and science got me so so nerve and freeze. Kidding thats an exaggerated bunch of words.Well probably the main reason is i dont meant to be a scientist.

23 4 5 1


7 8 9

I forgot how many are we fo real. No, its not a tricky scoff. My small brain doesn’t tease, please trust me. Its just the matter of number of how many. Its below ten. There are 9 probabilities.


act like most people in the museum; standing straight looking at the masterpiece questioning why

Why do goood people be taken first? It matter when it comes to common life. We saw it once, then we con-

no one.

quer. No one, i tell you; Will ever be the one.

The bond felt so red i dont see any blurred lines or dots here. All i saw was warmth, and bold ink intrigued by the years we’ve spent. Well, it has been a couple year, but the feelings, laughter, and warmth, still felt up till this second. I wish i could turn back time, to everything was fine, seen there. Gone gone gone gone. Hello again. Im doin this for really good good sake. Its my future portfolio. And i hope i could own my own magazine company, and succeed on selling them to peers at that time, with it chic design, and filled up with my own style characteristics. Say amen. A-men. And i also wish for you all to be succeed and get your dreams, so it dont hanging there alone. Thanks to everyone who’ve spent time for me, and for those who did’nt. i say thankyou too. This is my first ever magazine. I hope it work, and went well lol. I probably erase all of this paragraph and make a new one that related to the picture on the left, and absolutely related for this theme; Jogjakarta Trip.

Felt so silly when one. But funny when more Not all of us getting nerve when it comes to adrenaline sport. Im included. I get challange when it come to this. Not in a cocky way, but im pretty sure can pass through this adventure. The half-faced-girl beside me, wasn’t included. Goosebumps and freckle getting high, so sit back and relax is the ultimate way.

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell them i love ‘em all.

by ; Rei na d h a Ve mita Kanah F








Jogjakarta Trip  

Our trip in 8 pages

Jogjakarta Trip  

Our trip in 8 pages