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What is good for your kids is good for our environment. OUR VIEW ON RESPONSIBILITY

Reima is all about the joy of movement that lasts over time Since 1944, we have focused on active kids’ needs and we are committed to continue. It has never been more important than today.

A healthy start to life We design and create products that are a renewable source of inspiration, from newborns up to 12 years old, helping kids to discover the joy of movement during the years that affect the rest of their lives.

The ReimaGO activity sensor for kids helps parents to know how much their kids move, and to motivate the kids to keep active.

Safety and protection Everything we design is non-toxic and safe for our kids, from materials to attention to functional details. With over 70 years of cumulated experience and expertise, we focus solely on kids’ needs.

F U NCTIO NAL OUTE RWE AR Our weatherproof outdoor apparel is 100% fluorocarbon free, and all our functional outerwear fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

Visibility throughout our value chain We cooperate and cross boundaries to keep our promise and maintain our high level of ethics at every stage of the product value chain. Since 2010 we have been a member of BSCI.

We know who sews our clothes and where our fabrics come from. We operate directly with the factories - there are no middlemen between our suppliers and us.

A clean planet to play on RESEARCH FOR R E CYC L I N G Reima is participating in the EU project Trash2Cash, with the aim of closing the loop on synthetic fibres.

The value of our products proves itself in everyday life. Their lifecycle lasts from one kid to another, and they are easy-care and durable, which saves energy, water and detergent.

W E A R E D E D I CAT E D T O B U I L D A B E T T E R C H I L D H O O D F O R YO U R K I D S A N D T H E I R K I D S . Follow our progress at

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Our view on responsibility  

Our view on responsibility  

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