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E: What made you become a music artist? KM: ?Music is a big part of my family and my relationship with my parents. I knew I wanted to be a musician at an early age and started songwriting when I was seven. I grew up going to my dad?s rock cover band?s shows. We have punk rock household. My car rides to school were to a soundtrack of Green Day and The Clash. As I got older, I developed my own voice, perspective, and love for storytelling. So I went from storytelling from using words to using words and music. ?


aE: How did the name change come about? KM: ?I used to go by CAT, my family nickname, but I have created such a character for my music and myself that I wanted to have an artist name to separate the two. It is also extremely hard to find my music with the same name as the adorable animal. Kit is the nickname my sister gave to me, and we came up with the name Kit Major after two mixed drinks at a pop show. It felt very me. Like if Debbie Harry was a Bratz Rock Angel.? E: Your latest single ?Lost In My Head?has such an early 2000s pop sound to it like early Brittney Spears. How did this new single come together? KM: ?Lost in My Head is the product of listening to the Britney Spears self-titled album on repeat and watching tons of James Bond movies. I wrote the song as a voice memo and sent it to my producer Alex Flagstad. It was a bit of a risk, I mean, would this random voice memo recorded in my closet of a half-made song make sense to someone, not in my brain? But when we got together in his at home studio, we created a nostalgia bop about crying in public. I work very visually. At the beginning stages of songs, I like to picture the music video or the aesthetics that come to mind. Lost in My Head was originally in my mind as a bright yellow song featuring / or set in a vampire castle with boyband style dancing, but as the song developed, the more it became this spy mission to save pop. ? E: What was it like on the set of the video? KM: ?It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was a set filled with love, family, and friends! My best friends

Emma Lev (makeup), Tori Catapusan (wardrobe), and Noel Dombroski (directing) all had a part of it. It was a busy two days, but I had so much fun with my dancers Irvin Herendez, Brandon Michael Kosh, Alandy Duverge, and Pierre Glory. It was a lot of dancing, acting as spies, and eating Happy Slice Pizza on set. ? E: Any advice for those fans who are maybe going through the situation in your song? KM: ?It?s okay to love yourself and be there for yourself, but it?s so important to be able to laugh at yourself too. When I was crying at Target, I spent the first moments worried about if people saw, then beating myself up for it, and then coming to a conclusion (What are you referring to? When you were in Target shopping?) that no one?s opinion of you should matter. It?s important to be kind to yourself just as much as you should be kind to others. It?s not going to happen overnight, but the moment you talk nicer to yourself, things will be looking up. It?s easy to get ~lost~!? E: Your style has such an old school aesthetic to it. It?s awesome. What made you fall in love with this style? Thank you! I think it started from getting into old tv shows and movies when I started high school and discovered my love for Saved by The Bell, Heathers, and Breakfast at Tiffany?s. That led to more movie watching and clothes scouting from the characters I was inspired by. I admire all the eras and their fashions. It?s important to play dress up. My favorite era of fashion is the 80?s! I loveee my blazers, glitter, big hair, and shoulder pads. I think I definitely explored all the clubs in the ?80s in a past life, which is why I?m over them now. E: What?s your favorite place to shop? I love love love Forever21, Zara, Buffalo Exchange, and thrift stores! My recent quest has been finding matching top and bottom sets and suits. 10. What?s the best advice for someone wanting to join the music industry right now? Believing in yourself is the first step. If you aren?t your number one fan, who will be? You?ll be surprised how much farther you will go with that mentality alone.

Rom an Christ ou Photography by Birdie Thompson Grooming by Allison Noelle Written by Ella Rae

Twelve-year-old actor, Roman Chritou was born in Denver, Colorado, USA. At the age of 7, he moved to California with his parents. "I was in a theatre camp when I was young, and I enjoyed it. My older brother is an actor, and I watched him practice for auditions, so I learned about it that way. My brother 's manager asked me if I wanted to try it and I said I would give it a shot!" He made his acting debut in 2019 horror drama movie The Curse of La Llorona starring alongside Linda Cardellini, Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen, Marisol Ramirez, and Raymond Cruz. He was picked out of a group of 15 other kids. "I read about the story of the Weeping Woman, and I worked with an acting coach for the auditions. I also got a lot of feedback on set." E: How was it on the set of such a scary movie? RC: "It wasn't scary at all, that is the misperception! Everyone was so nice on set, and the scary moments in the movie are not scary on set. What the audience sees is movie magic." E: What was your favorite moment on set? RC: "When the producers rented the ice cream truck!" E: Are you into thrillers, or do you have another favorite genre? RC: "I love comedy; that's my favorite. I do like thrillers, but I like the pace of comedy. E: How was it to

see it in theaters after it was finished? RC: "I wasn't scared on set, but that doesn't mean I wasn't scared watching it. There was so much suspense. I was at the edge of my seat even though I knew what was going to happen." E: What is your advice to other young actors or actresses nervous about their first role? RC: "Everyone has a first time; it's not unique to any of us. Just take a lot of deep breaths and go for it. "E: I read somewhere that you love Fortnite as well. Do you plan on becoming a streamer or a professional Fortnite player like Ninja? RC: "My mom says no, but I say maybe!" E: I also read that you love DC Comics. What movie would you want to be a part of? RC: "If I could be part of any movie, it would be Justice League because of all the special effects and visual effects. It would also be awesome to see how they put together all of the fight scenes. " E: Do you have any projects coming out after this one that our readers should look out for? RC: "I don't have any projects that will be coming out at the moment but stayed tuned!" You can follow Roman on social media @romanchristou for my updates.

In my spare time, I do other creative things aside from the magazine. One of those things is being the PR for a local rapper and producer named Plvxid or Placid. Over the weekend, I got the chance to experience his first listening party to promote his debut album, EAST$IDE. The album is set to be released on September 12th via all major streaming services. The listening party, also known as The EAST$IDE Workshop, was an experience like no other. The workshop, held at the legendary Radio Ready Studios in Norfolk, started off with artist apart of the album getting free studio time to apply their verses. It also allowed invitees to be apart of the album in skits, hooks and more After all the finishing touches we're placed, everyone gathered into the big room that sits in the front of the building and took in the introduction of Plvxid as a whole. As I looked around, heads were bobbing, and facial expressions told a story. I realized that this was his time and everyone knew it as well. PlvXid had been my best friend inc the 7th grade. I watched him go through many different stages as a person and a music artist. He had many to doubt him, but he never let those doubters steer I'm away from the greatness he knew he had within himself. Throughout this journey, he remained humble and focused. By the end of the

night, listeners wanted the album to drop immediately. "A month?" meany asked in sadness. "The new month is tomorrow," he said to reassure his new and old fans that were lucky enough to attend the party that the wait wasn't going to be long. I couldn't be more proud of his journey and this project then I am at this moment. I can't wait for the world to hear his voice and his creative ability. He will be great, and everyone will know it. The debut album will drop on September 12th on all digital streaming platforms. The album will also be accompanied by exclusive merch. Save your money. You'll be entering the East$ide soon.

Victoria Anthony became an internet sensation in 2018 after singing her heart out to her idol, superstar recording artist PINK, in front over 18,000 spectators at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada. It changed her life forever." I started a social media campaign with a video of me singing her song, What About Us The video included my performance at my school talent show which was the first time I had performed in front of my friends." The video gained some traction and P!nk saw it, and in the middle of her show that she had in Canada, she asked Anthony to sing." I sang her song, Perfect, to her. Anthony says while singing, she was extremely nervous of course but the way P!nk looked at her, she became relaxed and killed it." She gave me this look like "You can do this, I believe in you," and that relaxed me to just do my best and enjoy every second of it. She inspired me to start songwriting when she whispered to me, "You're amazing. Never stop." She recently released a single called "Because I'm a Girl" The single has already garnered over 180,000 streams on Spotify and 350,000 views of the lyric video on YouTube." We started writing, and I knew I wanted it to be bold and fierce with the music because this cause needs to be out there front and center. Also, I wanted the lyrics to be really upfront so that the song would tell it

and the concept for the video." E: What was your favorite moment on set? VA:" My favorite moment on set was doing my stunts. I got to fall on a mat a lot, and it was exhilarating! I loved every moment on set, though. That one was just especially fun!" E: Why is girl empowerment so important to you? VA:" Female empowerment is so important to me because I live in a house where women and men are equal and I know that it's possible to do, so I see no need for women to have fewer opportunities or respect than men." E:" Have you ever had a moment so far in your career where you didn't feel so empowered? If so, how did you get through it? VA:" No matter who you are, you'll always face hard times. Having a great support system to believe I n me when sometimes I don't has been essential to me. Make sure that you are happy with yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. It's easier said than done but maybe start with telling yourself every day, "Good job!" and stuff like that. Don't hate on yourself, because it won't help." Her debut EP will come out next year but until then keep streaming' Because I'm A Girl' and watch the official video on YouTube.


I got a chance to sit down and talk with singer,

fans would not get tired of, but something I

songwriter Taylor Jasmine, previously known

wouldn't get tired of in this lifetime. But I do

professionally as CraveTay. We talked about

think, Dear me was most definitely a spiritual

her debut album, The POP Game, fashion and

release of my soul that I just gave to the world,

more. You may remember this beauty from

if I think too deep that line being said scares

our previous issue in 2014. During that time,

me a little, so I keep creating."

she had just got from under ATL girl group,

Even though every song on the album has its

CHARM and started her solo endeavors.

challenges, according to Jasmine, Mama Don't

Jasmine previously went by only CraveTay but

Cry was the hardest. "I kept debating if that

now goes by her real name. "I felt as though I

song would even make the album." E: What

wanted a new chapter, and wanted people to

was the meaning behind the cover? TJ: "The

know me as me, and Taylor Jasmine is my real

art behind my first album was me showcasing

name." She cites her music and her name

different expressions that I was feeling in the

needed to equate, but she has no problem

music." E: You seem very vulnerable on this

with people calling her both.

album. Why did you decide to show this side

While waiting to release her debut album,

of yourself to the fans? TJ:" Besides the fact

Jasmine trolled fans with a twin rapper

this is my very first album, at this stage in the

character named 'EXTRA.' She released one

game, after being on a show that presented a

single and one visual under the character. The

misconception of who I was it was very

song and visual was later taken down." It was

important to me that people got to see a side

funny cause people actually believed I had a

of me that was very authentic and unedited."

twin somewhere out there.... maybe I do

During the release of the debut album,

maybe I don't ;) but me on the rapping subject,

Jasmine released exclusive merch called Taylor

occasionally here and there you will hear more

Jasmine Wear. The line included shirts, phone

of that from me in the future."

cases, and even household items. "I enjoy the

On March 14th, 2019, Jasmine released her

build, and the journey of all things I put my

first solo studio album entitled Dear Me. She

heart into, I don't usually speak on what I am

cites that her producer, Mike Kalombo, was

about to do, I like to move in silence, let the

one of the main people that helped make this

work speak for itself, and let the universe

process easier." He has helped me curate a

perform its magic.".

sound for Dear Me, and even picked the

In 2017 rapper and producer Timbaland

tracklist." On her debut album, Jasmine is the

created his version of Lifetime's competition

most vulnerable she's ever been. "My emotion

reality music show, The Rap Game called The

in this was just creating a sound the world

Pop Game. It lasted one season on lifetime

could connect too, and something not only my

and was not renewed due to ratings. Despite

the ratings, the show did showcase some amazing talent, including Jasmines. The prize was a contract with Timbaland's Mosley Music record label. According to Jasmine, the show did not show her authentic self but a misconception version." I have grown into a better version of myself, and my music has most def grown massively." She cites that shows like music reality competition shows aren't really needed to be successful." Stick to what you are doing, and find a great team, to be a true artist to me I really don't think a show like that is needed to get you to where you want to be in life. Sticking to your true self, and creating art consistently true to you will." E: You are a serious fashionista. Where do you mostly shop? TJ: "aw, thank you, Fashion, to me, is art. To be honest with you, I search for places that aren't the hype; they are the ones that carry the gems ." E: What is your go to outfit when you step out? TJ: "Lol, this might of been the hardest question out of this whole interview. My mood determines my outfit. I don't have a go-to outfit, cause it's different every time." E: Who influences your Fashion? TJ: "There are so many style icons, that I like to appreciate and find beauty in as if I were looking at an art piece, but I do think the true influencer in fashion is your mind." Taylor is currently working on her next project. She has released eight singles and a visual for each throughout the summer and since this conversation. You can catch Taylor's material on her website, www.taylorjasmine.com.

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Brandon Stewart is an Actor, Singer, and Producer. He is most well known for his time as a fan-favorite on American Idol Season 12. Inspired by his time on American Idol, Brandon was a celebrity judge for the second season of an online singing competition he co-produces with Awesomeness TV/Viacom called "Shine" that came out this Summer. I got to chat with this fantastic creative about his music, movies, and judging on 'Shine.' Stewert is from a small own in Kentucky. He quickly learned that starting his career wasn't going to be easy. He only could find local karaoke competitions and national anthem gigs." It was tough for me to grasp how complicated my career was going to be in the coming years. That's because nobody was doing it where I'm from. Growing up there you're pushed to pursue jobs like medical, education or engineering." He decided to move to LA to pursue his dream. "The pacing is quicker, and there are opportunities in abundance as an entertainer. I don't think my parents would have ever allowed me to pack up and move out here at 19 years old if I wasn't so persistent." He started acting in the theater scene. His first professional play was 'Greese' when he was 12. "The Grease performances were special moments for me because it was my first opportunity, to not only sing for hundreds of people every night but to have an acting role. It was my first opportunity to step in front of a crowd and see if I had what it takes.

Stewert eventually went into music. He says that his love for music started in church but didn't take off until his time on American Idol. He was on season 12. "My entire confidence level expanded to heights I never knew were possible. I didn't make it to the finale or anything, but I made a pretty great run. The challenges they put us through and the drama we had to deal with day in and day out was enough to build tough skin. I'm fortunate for all of my experiences from that and further because you learn. Thankfully after that experience, doors opened up for me. Stewert currently has two demo singles out and released a debut single in February entitled 'War Zone.' "The two singles I have of my own that are out right now are ballads. It wasn't purposeful. They were just demos for my fans to see what sticks. Warzone, my newest single that released in February, performed really well and I was trying to prove to my team that I didn't want to be like anybody else. I have my own sound that mixes afro-pop and Neo-soul vibes. My upbeat records have a little more funk mixed in, but they all are me. It's my style, and I didn't want to change who I am as an artist to fit radio play. I don't need that. " After his time on American Idol, he created his own music reality show titled 'Shine.' The second season started in early August. Since season 1 it has become the #1 most-watched online music competition show. According to Stewert, it began as a passion project." It snowballed into this success that I wasn't expecting so quickly. Shine

is about teaching undiscovered gems how to write their own music, sing their own songs, and sell them to America. That's how our voting process works, and that's how our show gained such popularity in the first season." The impressive part of the series is that instead of high profiled celebrities, the three judges, including Stewert, are three successful indie artist. It's a different approach for a show like this but its the right approach. "Our show is authentic. What you see on camera is what you get. If you were on set with us that day, there's no added drama and it's all real. E: What advice would you give singers coming on to the show? BS: "One no won't change your life forever. It's the one yes that could. One no just means it wasn't right for today. It can all be intimidating but remember you've got what it takes. If you don't, well I'll tell you, and we can end it right there. But if you believe in yourself, don't let nerves get the better of you. To practice, sing in front of family members, friends, classmates, co-workers, or whatever it may be, but get comfortable in your skin. Learn what makes you nervous and control that. Become comfortable while being uncomfortable. Everybody still gets butterflies in their stomach before a big opportunity, no matter what it is. Channel that into your music and remember a no doesn't change anything in your life prior to walking into the room. So remember life will go on regardless. Don't put so much pressure on yourself, take a deep breath, and sing. It is that simple.

During his career, he was signed by content creation corporation, Awesomeness TV. A big opportunity for any creator. "They have helped me brand, taught me all I've needed to know about the digital market and guided me in making the best possible choices for me and all of our shows coming to Brandon TV. In May 2018, he was given an amazing opportunity to showcase his acting chops again on the big screen. He was casted in the James Franco directed the film, 'Future World.' The movie was about a young boy that searched a future world wasteland for a rumored cure for his dying mother. It starred high profiled actors such as James Franco, Lucy Liu, Runner Willis, Method Man, and Snoop Dogg. "James Franco's creativity is always in motion, and it's inspiring. I'd be involved in just about anything he has going on. I first came on board as an extra, then later was given lines. That was thanks to one of the first casting directors to ever believe in me, Cynthia Huffman. We shot in the desert, and I was eating food dusted with dirt for over a week. It was worth every dusty burger if you ask me. " You can look forward to seeing Brandon a lot more towards the end of the year with all the projects he has coming. "My new film, Moondance, is set to come out this September. A post-apocalyptic thriller called, Drylands, a teen dramedy called, Crestmore, and so much more. To keep up with daily updates, follow me on my social media and check out more details on my website (www.officialbrandonstewart.com).

Xiamara Jennings knew from a young age that music was all she wanted to do. She started posting covers on social media in her spare time. She wanted this more than anything." I've never loved anything else as much as music" In 2015 she finally got her opportunity to put her vocals to use professionally when she got the chance to be apart of one Atlanta's most prominent young girl groups, CHARM. A member of the group named Payton, reached out to Jennings after the group showed interest in her vocal ability. As soon as she met the group, it was instant chemistry. She went on to release an EP and a few singles with the group along with four visuals. Her favorite moments were the pratices. "We were always so tired after practice, but it felt good once we knew we had the choreo down." Jennings started to acquire a fan-base of her own that fell in love with her original style and angelic vocals. She eventually decided after a year that it was time to explore her own artistry. She was turnin 18 at the time. "I think it was just time to do my own thing. I was turning 18 and becoming an adult and wanted to explore on my own." While apart of the group, she learned a lot of things about the music industry and how hard it can be. "I had a lot of doubtful moments. But I kept good people around me, and it made the experience way better" I then asked Jennings her advice for the next girl joining a girl group." Learn how to compromise. Make sure you get along with the girls in the group and be a team player."

and be a team player." In February 2018, Jennings released her debut single "Hold On To Me." It was a smooth Rnb masterpiece with angelic vocals fit for any late night vibe. A perfect introduction. "It was one of the first beats producer Tonye Ayeba sent to me. He's the producer of my entire first EP. I knew for this particular song I wanted it to be kind of like an interlude.. not too many words." On April 13th, 2018 she finally released her debut full-length EP, The Emotional Tomboy. "I've always been known as a tomboy, but people make it seem like just because you're a tomboy, you can't be sensitive and have feelings. The name is just showing people I'm both and so is this EP of mine. "She cites that the biggest misconception about tomboys is that they don't have feelings. "WE DO. WE HAVE LOTS OF EM! "She said. E: You seemed very emotionally open on this project. What made you decide to be so vulnerable with your fans? ?I honestly love being vulnerable. I've always been open about my feelings to people. I never have a problem expressing myself. I feel like other people feel the same way there's no way I'm the only one. So, let me give the people something they can relate to and see they aren't the only ones feeling this way." E: What was the journey like making this project? XJ: "I loved it. I met my favorite musicians while doing this project. Bass player Wesley and guitarist Tonye. I feel like through making this project; I found out who I was musically." E: What was the hardest song to record, and why? XJ: "Forever (Fade to Black) I first

recorded Forever track five a few months before Fade to Black. My engineer wanted to record again to fix a few things, but I wasn't in the same headspace as before which is why I feel Fade to Black sounds darker. I felt it needed to still be on the project because of that...it gives you another look/perspective on the song. " E: What is your advice to up and coming artist since you have some experience? XJ: "My advice is it's gonna be hard, and you're going to doubt yourself a lot, but you'll be okay.. keep pushing and finding yourself." Aside from her solo endeavors, she is also apart of a co-op band entitled FriendofaFriend. It started after she met two musicians name Wesley and Tonye. "We clicked and just thought it'd be a good idea to be a band for like live performances, but they also work on a lot of my music. "She cites that the two have also produced some music on her debut EP as well. "We have music coming very soon." Jennings isn't just known for her vocal ability but also her iconic style. Her most famous style is her hair cuts. She cites that cutting her hair makes her feel liberated. "I get it all from my mom. She's such a free spirit. She taught me to always be myself no matter what. She always has had her own style and always switches up hairstyles, so I just learned from the best." Jennings does all her own hair. Her secret is coconut oil, shea moisture, and miss Jessie's products."

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