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Come, Let us cross the bridge And flee to find Fragrant Monet flowers, Waves of silvery grasses

Singing songs of peace and joy, The featherly touch of a butterfly -And high in the sky A lark singing Ruth Ruddy Shurilla March 7, 2007

You believe creating a connection with an individual allows him or her to understand the power of their own energy, and acknowledge the mind, spirit and body as one.


CONNECTION Creating a connection with an individual is creating a relationship with their soul.

ENERGY Energy is the life force that bonds all living things, it is the essence of life.

HEALING When we connect to our inner spiritual energy, we take our hands-on healing to a deeper level.

Vision & Brand

design elements

embrace life

feed the soul

gather in comfort

foster healing

Reiki Retreat Center Mequon, Wisconsin Brand Strategy Presentation

Charlie Burgess Dana Nicholson Emily Reidy

Bridge of Light  
Bridge of Light  

Brand Strategy Presentation for Kim Rasmussen