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MAHIKU Activewear - founded on Oahu in 2012, Mahiku is a premium activewear and lifestyle brand committed to style, comfort and quality. Mahiku was born when the founder, Ehiku Rademacher drew on her 20 years of experience as a native Hawaiian water woman, with other competitive athletes to craft the perfect workout pant in the kini capri. A precision low to mid-rise cut, created from Mahiku's exclusive quick dry materials and infused with eye catching bright prints, the kini prototype was a standout in a sea of cotton workout gear and unique in its ability to be worn both in the water and on land. Mahiku is bringing their unprecedented sensibilities to an expanded line of their trademark two-tone hybrid pant, women's tops, bikini bottoms, accessories and menswear. *Official product sponsor Samata Retreats/Camps 2017

At NUU-MUU, we believe that women's exercise apparel can be functional and flattering, and should make a girl feel like a million bucks. With the goal of empowering women to love themselves into action, they design high-quality, lighthearted exercise dresses that look and feel amazing. They believe in strong girls & women. They believe in real bodies & real friends. They believe in trying really hard. They believe in having fun along the way. They believe that you can too. Every single Nuu-Muu product is sewn right here in the USA so you can feel as good about your Nuu-Muu as it feels on you. Nuu-Muu is a proud member of 1% for the planet and the conservation alliance we directly. Support the preservation of the places they love to play. *Official product sponsor of Samata Retreats/Camps 2017

BLUESMITHS - we're a group of friends based on Maui, Hawaii who basically live for the ocean. They spend every spare moment they can in the water. Over the years, they've all become obsessed with making great gear for their different passions; gear that works in the water, as well as on the beach, on the bike or even in the gym. They really want the stuff they make to be hard working, hard-wearing and great-fitting stuff that they can really be proud of. Bluesmiths is a small company and deliberately so, they work closely as a tight knit team. This allows them to take their time with the best fabrics they can find, testing and perfecting everything until they have exactly what they want. Simply put, they’re about building better gear for what they live for.





Calling all water women, wetsuits & activewear! XCEL'S reputation for exceptional product quality is a clear result of an unwavering dedication to research, development, and design innovation. With tropical to cold-water products for women the brand stresses performance: maximum stretch and durability, sealed-seam construction, and a fit that feels custom-made every time. *Official product sponsor of Samata Retreats/Camps 2017

Special underwear and swimwear, outstanding fit, uncompromising comfort and high quality these have been the key characteristics of Anita Dr. Helbig for over 130 years! They are represented around the world through two of their brands: ANITA Since 1886 and Rosa Faia. They develop, produce and sell lingerie and swimwear under these two brands for all shapes and sizes, also for large cup and under bust sizes. All of their products are developed specifically with the various figures and requirements of their customers in mind: for fuller figures or large busts, for breastfeeding mums or sporty, active women - their underwear collections offer something for everyone, also for women who have undergone breast surgery. *Official product sponsor of Samata Retreat /Camps 2017

SLIPINS are fun, colorful active wear for both water and land activities, in the water. Surfskins, diveskins and zippered minis, are designed for all water sport activities surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, wave running, waterskiing, scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, boating, fishing, etc. All have 60+ SPF sun protection and dry quickly. Slipins are bold, beautifully designed, sexy creations that will enhance your active lifestyle in fun and functional ways. They protect you from sun "over exposure" with a 60+ SPF rating. Slipins support your musculature for more successful and effective exercise sessions. Not to mention Slipins help women get into that pesky, troublesome wetsuit with ease and fluidity. No more human sausage experiences! Life is a wonderful adventure. It's meant to be fun. So, be bold, be beautiful, and have fun wearing your Slipins knowing you look great. We love making what you love to do look and feel great! *Official product sponsor of Samata Retreats/Camps 2017







OLUKAUI believes that everybody, no matter where they are, can live Aloha. It started as a different approach to a footwear company. We wanted to create footwear that combines durability for the waterman, ocean lifestyle, and a brand that has strong values and roots with style, comfort, and craftsmanship. We view our approach today as part of a path; a journey that started with our ancestors that have passed down stories, values, and spirit. We believe that sustainability and positive living is less about an ethos and more about the choices that you make everyday. It's about your actions, and inspiring the actions of others. We produce products we believe in. Products we can stand behind. We believe in quality of product and material, craftsmanship in construction and finding quality in life by the choices we make everyday.

SHELTA — Performance Driven Sunhats for Outdoor Athletes & Adventurers. Shelta was born from necessity. Being in or on the water everyday, they started developing a sun hat specifically built & designed for stand-up paddleboarding. They believe they can impact the lives and health of outdoor athletes and adventurers by reducing their long-term exposure to harmful UV rays. Shelta is Visionary Sun Protection with a no flop brim and floating technology. *Official product sponsor of Samata Retreats/Camps 2017

In the walk of life, COBIAN believes that “Every Step Matters”. For over 20 years their customers have enjoyed Cobian’s signature comfort and value, but their main mission is to serve as a platform to support others who seek to: care for the needy, steward our planet, overcome personal challenges, provide hope and inspiration to others and much more. You too can support others who choose to make a difference every time you select Cobian footwear. Together, we can make Every Step Matter. *Official product sponsor of Samata Retreats/Camps 2017






ALL GOOD is a lifestyle brand with a clear vision: To live and inspire others to live in balance with nature. They make organic body care products because they want you to feel amazing from the soothing natural benefits of botanical ingredients. Samata’s favorites are their reef friendly sunscreens and All Good Lips - Coconut and their All Good Lip Tint (we like the Pacific Mist and Maroon Creek- just the perfect hint of colour!)

TAPAREEF believes in live big, look good and provides you skin & hair care for the active life! Sunscreen remover wipes - you did the right thing and slathered on that sunscreen before you had your fun in the sun. Now how do you get it off? TAPAREEF facial wipes are especially formulated using natural ingredients to quickly and gently remove most waterproof and zinc based sunscreens. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients provide soothing after-sun care w e enjoyed these so much. We even used them removing makeup in the evenings before bedtime! TAPAREEF'S pre and post swim hair care natural ingredients protect and restore your hair both before and after swimming the hair mask is applied before swimming to seal and protect the hair from the elements. The baobab oil enriched shampoo and conditioner leave postswim hair soft and rejuvenated.

SCENTERED has the perfect solution for whenever or whatever life throws at you they have your ultimate survival kit — these little portable aromatherapy balms come in six scents to choose from; you'll be sure to find something to keep you balanced and their candles sets the mood for any room or office. Scentered has a unique range of 100% natural portable aromatherapy balms, to help you stay centered, wherever, whenever recognizing the unique and varied pressures facing women today, and the daily juggling acts that so many of us face. Scentered encourages you to stop and take a moment for yourself breathing renewed positivity into a busy lifestyle. *Official relaxation assistant for Samata Retreats/Camps 2017




EAVARA Organics - born from the idea that perfect harmony is achieved when both nature and science work together, Eavara was created by a husband and wife team, Samara and Tom Mitchell, to bring you the purest and most effective organic and natural skincare from paradise. Botanical Facial Cleanser is vegan - paraben free cruelty free - chemical free nourish, replenish and rep air your skin - not only during the moisturizing phase of your daily routine - but during the cleansing process itself! You will bathe and purify your face, neck and décolletage with this gentle, non-chemical anti-aging cleanser to renew and detoxify your complexion. Reach deep into your pores with a rich collection of organic and carefully selected natural botanicals ... to leave your skin free of impurities while feeling soft, silky, and squeaky clean!

MELATI Bath & Body is the outcome of Leah Adhihusada's quest for a vegan alternative to commercial soap and skincare products. Unhappy to learn the unpleasant truth that many of these products are made with animal fat, Leah embarked on a journey of discovery that led her back to her homeland. In Jakarta Leah’s Grandpa Fa, an industry expert with firsthand experience in soap manufacturing was her guiding light. With his knowledge, her own painstaking research and the loving support of family and friends, Leah started production. With her grandfather's knowledge, who owned a soap manufacture comp any in 1960s, and her research, she started production with a mission to create natural vegan organic bath and body products for people to enjoy while traveling or at home today, her line includes soaps, body butters, perfumes and body scrubs. Leah is offering to our reader’s l0%off with this code when you order - SAMATA2017. AV JORDEN - Wendy owner and creator of AV JORDEN shares a little bit about herself and her product: Like many people, I have some health issues. I had tried several different things to see if any of it would give me some sort of relief. While I found removing gluten from my diet helped, I still would have difficult days. The only area of my life I had yet to "clean up" was the skincare products I used on my body. So began the quest to find items that were completely natural. Our personal favorites: Ultra Hydrating Lotion, though All her Body Creams are fantastic! And her Red Hot Vixen Lip Balm will add some spice to your life. Her rich and creamy lip balms will leave the lips feeling soft and moisturizing she combines coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, raw honey and essential & natural fragrance oils to create her balms.







BRONWEN LODATO has been making jewelry for as long as she can remember. Her Inspiration stems from a life lived in motion. BRONWEN JEWELRY embodies the spirit of adventure and lifestyle of travel. Bronwen Jewelry has integrity, is durable, Innovative and gorgeous - a direct reflection of its very loyal collectors. Their business represents more than just making beautiful jewelry. Their work is a labor of love in the truest sense; what a gift it is to be able to make your passion your work and we are reminded of this gift daily. Use the code Samata20 & you'll get 20% off your order. Click the link to find you something that will last a lifetime! Don't forget her jewelry has the best warranty you will ever find on jewelry! *Official jewelry sponsor of Samata Retreats/Camps 2017

Join HYDROFLASK on their mission to save the world from lukewarm. They'll keep water icy cold on a hot sunny beach. And serve up a hot coffee on the chairlift ride, they'll sit patiently by your camp chair with frosty cold beer while you gather wood for the fire or keep you hydrated on a hike: ice, water, go and five hours later, after driving to the trailhead and climbing 2,000 feet, you'll still have ice and water while you enjoy the view. They'll bring you hot tea on misty riverside mornings when the steelhead are running, hot cocoa to coax your kids along a snowy trail, and a refreshing sip of " all about - you " during Saturday afternoon yoga, they're not just along for the ride. They’re along to help make the ride awesome. *Official hydration sponsor of Samata Retreats/Camps 2017

SEA TO SUMMIT is a business that could mad use of their knowledge of the outdoors to create truly ingenious, well-made but affordable outdoor equipment Samata Mag and Standup Paddle Magazine has continually used their dry bags for every paddle adventure we've ever embarked on. We are confident that you will find something for your next adventure to make it easier and drier - whether it's by land or sea! Sea to Summit continues to provide innovative gear and serves a growing band of outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. *Official gear bag for Samata Retreats/Camps 2017









WEST MARINE - everything for your water life - from PFD'S (Personal Floatation Devise) to stand-up paddleboards and paddles and everything in between. They also have a complete online section on "advice & how to's" The West Advisor has been a trusted source for all water technical information; you'll find it to be helpful, frequently opinionated and always entertaining! *Official water safety PFD provider for all Samata Retreats/Camps 2017

BUG PROTECTOR - non-toxic, plant-based goodness! Their Deet-free products provide effective protection for adults, kids and dogs. Made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients. Made without chemicals, preservatives, synthetics, petroleum, parabens, alcohol, phthalates and dyes. Mosquito repellent: active ingredients: lemongrass oil (0.50%), geranium oil (015% ), peppermint oil (010% ), cinnamon oil (0 05%) inert ingredients water, glycerin, castor oil, soy lecithin, sorbitol, vanillin, gum arabic, vitamin e, citric acid (totaling 99.2%) Tick repellent: active ingredients geraniol (0.90%) and cedarwood (060%) inert ingredients water, glycerin, castor oil, soy lecithin, sorbitol, vanillin, acacia gum, xanthan gum, vitamin e, citric acid (totaling 98.5%) *Official product sponsor of Samata Retreats/Camps 2017

Do you ever want to listen to some tunes while you're on the water? Born from the deep depth of the sea, the SPEAQUA's Barnacle+ is a premiere waterproof bluetooth speaker. It s built to accompany the adventurer, withstand the elements, and enhance your stoke; in addition to its shock resistant durability, the Barnacle+ is fully dust/sand proof. Dunk this speaker under a wave, toss it in the sand, or float it down the river- the Barnacle+ — can hang. Not only that but it can store up to 1,000 songs it is one of the best functional waterproof speakers we've tested it makes a great gift for your favorite water person!








PUMELI curated gift boxes - earlier this year we did a review on Pumeli's matcha set (which we love and have become devoted matcha drinkers) however if matcha isn't your cup of tea – pun. Intended be sure to look at what else they offer. They ha ve the most beautiful gift sets for giving which takes aw a y the hassle of trying to figure it out yourself and if you want you can custom design your gift set. It doesn't get much easier than this - all your gift shopping done in one place and delivered in the most delightful boxes!

LOO HOO WOOL DRYER BALLS - Peacefelt Collection: Sometimes all you need is sweet and simple add calming lavender oil and you have transformed your room into a calm, restorative space. For mindful living it’s ideal to use while meditating, creating intentions, taking a walk or simply sitting. Lightly rub the smooth surface of the wool stones through your fingertips to help reduce stress. Check out their Peacefelt Collection for your comfort zone.

KAENON's proprietary SR-91® lens is the only lens material that offers 100% broad spectrum UV protection and combines the superior optical quality of the finest glass and the lightweight, strength and impact resistance of polycarbonate. Frames live and die by the material from which they're made. Our injection-molded TR-90 is designed to fit an active lifestyle spent outdoors. It's strong, flexible and extremely lightweight. Our frames remember their shape, even in extreme climates. And with our Variflex™ nose pads, every style we make stays in place while you're in motion. All of our frames are designed in California, and then built with the handcrafting and attention to detail you can only find in Italy. Lucy is wearing the DRIVER - This aviator never goes out of style. Midsize and lightweight, the Driver delivers Kaenon performance in a classic metal alloy frame. *Official Eyewear Sponsor for Samata Retreats/Camps 2017

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Samata Holiday Product Guide 2017  

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