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Winter 2014

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I Will Rise


his Spring our desert kids of the sunny Southwest are making their way to the Pacific Northwest on their 10th choir tour. Rehoboth’s 50-student high school choir will be touring the area for several days of intense concerts, while also taking time to sightsee and explore the beauty of rural Montana and the dazzle of urban Seattle. The theme of this tour is “I Will Rise,” based on the Chris Tomlin song which celebrates the hearthealing power of Christ’s resurrection. “Christ’s resurrection is a promise that our broken world needs to hear. Whether it’s a student whose loved one died in a car accident or a student who goes home to a house plagued by alcohol abuse, we cry for new beginnings in both this world and the next,” remarks Gail DeYoung, one of the Choir Directors. “Our prayer too is that our students will experience the joy of the resurrection by spending time with each other and the body of Christ,” adds Choir Director, Bob Ippel.

one of the choir’s CDs, please visit our website, The concert program will feature our STOMP group. If you’re in the area, please come listen, learn, worship and support to our students.

Tour Schedule: Friday, March 21

2:35 p.m. · Manhattan Christian School (Manhattan, MT)

Sunday, March 23

10:00 a.m. · Bethel CRC (Manhattan, MT) 3:00 p.m. · The Churchill Retirement Home 6:00 p.m. · Manhattan CRC (Manhattan, MT)

Monday, March 24

Northwest Christian School (Spokane, WA) 7:00 p.m. · Crossover Church (Spokane, WA)

Tuesday, March 25

The choir will be singing at a Montana retirement home, and will also sing at local Christian schools, working together with their peers on songs for the joint concerts in the evenings.

2:00 p.m. · Sunnyside Christian School (Sunnyside, WA) 7:00 p.m. · Sunnyside CRC (Sunnyside, WA)

The choir recently completed recording their seventh album, “I Will Rise.” Songs from the album will be included in the tour program. For more information on the public concerts, or to purchase

11:30 a.m. · Shoreline Christian School (Seattle, WA)

Wednesday, March 26 Thursday, March 27

9:20 a.m. Lynden Christian High School (Lynden, WA) Lynden Christian Elementary School (Lynden, WA) 7:30 p.m. · Third CRC (Lynden, WA)

Sharing the Gift of Song


s Eileen O’Brien Denner introduced David Brunner’s “I am in Need of Music” to Rehoboth Cantabile Choir in the fall of 2013, she asked the students to reflect on those who have a need for song, for hope, for healing, or for rest. And so began a moving rehearsal with a volunteer from Des Moines, Iowa, who helped the students musically express the important message of Elizabeth Bishop’s poem set to music: “I am in need of music that would flow Over my fretful, feeling finger-tips, Over my bitter-tainted, trembling lips With melody, deep, clear and liquid-slow. Oh, for the healing swaying, old and low, Of some song, sung to rest the tired dead. A song to fall like water on my head, And over quivering limbs, dream flushed to glow…”

Eileen, a professional singer and vocal teacher for over 20 years, was introduced to the Rehoboth Choir when she hosted one of the directors during a tour in Iowa in 2010. Throughout the visit, Eileen’s passion for music in ministry became extremely evident. She shared how she often uses her music with hospice patients. Within a year of that first encounter, Eileen was at Rehoboth working with our choirs, coaching students for All State, and singing as a featured soloist in the annual Christmas Concert. On a Monday night this past October with Eileen, students began

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The Power of One Decision


received quite the email a few weeks ago. Part of the subject heading caught my eye, “You Saved My Life.” It turned out to be a beautiful testimony of one of our alumna, who had been through some difficult times. She wanted to confess how far she had strayed in her choices and how God brought her back to her foundation and kept demonstrating a deep love for her. She could not say enough about the wonderful teachers and the way it was at Rehoboth where she really first felt the love of God. That love was demonstrated through the care of Rehoboth teachers. “My education at Rehoboth started from a simple decision of allowing me to attend Rehoboth Middle School. I still remember to this day when my [family] stepped into your office and pleaded that I go to your school. I can understand the hesitation on your part. I came in from a bad situation of violence and drugs from my previous school and was on the verge of being expelled. I was a little rough around the edges and kept to myself. However, after some consideration, you allowed me to be admitted into the middle school. It was that decision on your part that started me on a wonderful journey that I have barely begun to appreciate. I “came out of my shell” and began to learn the love and awesomeness of God. Through the feeling of community, and feeling that I was a part of something bigger than myself, I began to feel loved by God. That is what changed my heart to serve God and to live according to His laws. That is where I built my foundation.” What she said in her email did not surprise me. Every day I get to see and hear the love of the teachers for each child at Rehoboth. Especially when the children are making poor choices, the love and concern increases, and so does the heartache. But the joy is as great as a father’s delight when a child turns from those choices and becomes the person that God intended. This hope, that each child will know how much their heavenly Father

loves them and is calling them to serve Him, is what fuels our teachers’ passion. It is the heart of our ministry. So, what she said in her email did not surprise me. That she said it did. This alumnae wrote that she is studying the Bible about how to be a woman of God and that has led her to realize that she is called to have a humble and grateful heart. A number of years ago, I was a Carol Bremer-Bennett keynote speaker at the Christian Superintendent Schools International Leadership Conference hosted here at Rehoboth. In my address, I thanked a list of educators and mentors who had shaped me. I neglected to personally seek each of them out and let each know what impact he/she had on my life. My 8th grade social studies teacher was on my list and I never told him. A year or so after my speech, his wife was told of it and found it online. She wrote to me and told me how much my words of tribute meant to her – and that he had passed away that year. I wish that I had acted more like this alumnae and told him how his care for me in middle school made all the difference. How often do we forget to let someone know how much they have impacted our life for the good? Each one of you, friends and supporters of Rehoboth Christian School, are to be thanked. You have impacted so many lives and have made all the difference. Thank you.

Experience New Mexico September 11 - 18 Would you like to join an eight day southwestern tour of the Rehoboth and Zuni missions? The tour includes a summary of these vibrant missions, including worship with local congregations, an experience of their past, participation in current mission/school activities, and a vision of the future. At their own expense, participants are to arrive in Albuquerque as early as possible on September 11. From there all trip costs, including lodging, meals, and a tour of Canyon de Chelly, are included in the $950 double occupancy (or $1,150 single occupancy) tour cost. The tour concludes in Albuquerque on September 18. If interested, please call Gary Nederveld at 303-868-3731.


Vi go ro u s ly A c ad em i c · Beaut i ful l y Di verse · Tho ro ug hly Chris tian

Staff Profile: Angela Barker A

s Angela Barker continues to serve at Rehoboth Christian School, the greater purpose for which God has called her here comes into focus. Looking back upon her life provides a glimpse at the providence of God unfolding over generations. It is not merely the story of her life, but the lives of those before her that influenced why she is now here. What she is doing today at Rehoboth represents something much larger that God is doing through one family that He has claimed as His own. It was not by coincidence that, in addition to serving as Rehoboth’s Elementary/ Middle school librarian, she was offered the position to teach Navajo, and now Bible. Since arriving in 2012, Angela has challenged herself and her students in many ways--not only academically, but spiritually. But it is more than her 30 years of experience teaching in public school, dedication to hard work, and high standards that make her such an effective teacher and mentor. As a Navajo woman who was able to witness the transition of her family from traditional Navajo beliefs and practices to becoming followers of Christ, Angela is able to understand and address the questions and confusion her students have when it comes to reconciling their culture and Christian faith. Because of her background, Angela has a valuable perspective that the students can relate to. As a very young girl, Angela remembers being exposed to the traditional Navajo beliefs of her grandparents, and to an extent, her parents as well. Being too young to comprehend the meaning behind the ceremonies and gatherings, she recalls it as a time for family unity and fellowship. To Angela, these childhood memories evoke feelings of unity and fellowship. Although both her mother and father were raised following Navajo religious beliefs, her father began to view them with increasing skepticism. Having also served in World War II, he continued to question, seeking answers not only in his Navajo beliefs, but also through Catholicism. The family attended church, which led Angela’s father to more questions about the Bible, questions that he was told he shouldn’t be asking. By the time she was 7 year’s old, the family left the Catholic church and attended Grace Bible Church, planted by missionaries from Michigan in a community near their home on the reservation.

Seeds of truth were already being planted in the hearts of her parents, and the deception was gradually being brought to light. Having entered into an apprenticeship to be a medicine man, Angela’s father was seeing more and more that much of the practice was false--simple scams or tricks. Her mother still wanted to believe in what she had been taught, but there was a greater power at work in her

God, and that trying to follow Him while still following their traditional beliefs will not work. She does not shy away from confronting the questions, fear, superstition, and doubt to teach them how to apply their faith boldly, challenging them to be a light to their families and communities. Because of the classes she is teaching, she is able to infuse a Christian worldview into many of the cultural materials they study, testing it against the truth of the Bible. When Angela teaches Bible she is able to integrate culturally relevant examples, many of which come from her own experience. “I appreciate the culture, I’m a part of it. It is important for them to understand and preserve it, but the religious aspects that some people try to mesh I don’t believe. My students must have the opportunity to see, as I did, that God is the only Way.”

“God put me here for a reason. This is a Christian School and God put me here to let them know that there is false teaching and there is the true Word of God, the teaching of the Bible.” life. One memory stands out as a turning point in their journey. While performing a ceremony for Angela’s mother, a medicine man attempted to diagnose her, using traditional methods such as hand-trembling and stargazing in which the seer enters an alternative state of consciousness and interprets images which indicate the ailment and the necessary treatment. In the midst of this process, the medicine man became angry and frustrated, placing his tools back in his bag. Confused and surprised, Angela’s mother and father asked him “What are you doing?” He replied to her mother, saying “You don’t believe in this anymore. It’s not going to work for you.” When she questioned him further about this, he told her that he had seen an image of her hogan. Upon her house and everything around it, there shone a light from the sky. He saw her flock of sheep, and wherever they went, the light followed them. After that point, her father threw away his medicine bag, ended his apprenticeship, and told Angela and her siblings that it was false. Their faith in God continued to grow, and they found true power and healing in Jesus Christ. “My dad taught us about the Lord and that He is the only One.” Angela says. She now shares the conviction to teach her students the truth.

In response to a question she asked her students in Bible class, several wrote about “being torn apart.” Many students are faced with this clash of understanding how to reconcile their cultural identity with their inherited identity as children of the One true God. While their diversity and culture is celebrated and encouraged, they must know that God is the Creator of all diversity, and therefore every part of their cultural identity must be taken under the authority of Christ. Many end up trying to follow both, not understanding where the lines need to be drawn, and that they cannot serve two masters. They must learn to let go of any belief or practice that does not align with their identity as followers of Christ, an already difficult process, which can become more confusing with conflicting beliefs amongst loved ones and family members. Angela and her family are a testament to God’s power. God has transformed and drawn their family to Himself over the years, and had a plan to make them His own and use them for His glory--evident in the work Angela is now doing. We pray the same for every student and family at Rehoboth. Who is to say what God will do in future generations if we are willing to plant the seeds of Christ’s hope and truth, and to help them grow without compromise?

“God put me here for a reason. This is a Christian School and God put me here to let them know that there is false teaching and there is the true Word of God, the teaching of the Bible.” Angela is helping the kids to understand that our God is a jealous

PO B o x 4 1 · Rehobot h, NM 87 3 22 · 50 5.863 .4 4 1 2 · www. rcs nm. o rg


Homecoming 2014


n February 7 and 8, Rehoboth Christian School welcomed back alumni to our annual homecoming festivities. Large crowds turned out for JV and Varsity Girls’ and Boys’ basketball games vs. Tohatchi. By the end of the night, it was standing room only! Alumni enjoyed the chance to reconnect with friends at the Alumni Mingle held in the band room during the JV Boys and Varsity Girls games. There were also exciting 3-point shootouts during halftimes. After the basketball games ended, the Homecoming Court was announced, featuring freshmen representatives Gabrielle Barton and Mattieu Begay, sophomores Raven

Pinto and Dane Henry, juniors Shannon Begay and Chad Valdez, and seniors Liberty Kinsel, Jonathan Heinz, Hayley Garrett, and Marcus Martza. Destiny Laughlin and Chase McNeil were crowned Homecoming Queen and King. We finished the weekend out with a pancake breakfast at the Fellowship Hall. Guests enjoyed a delicious breakfast while visiting with friends and family. Be on the lookout for Homecoming 2015 events!

Who’s Who? Recognize any faces? Here is a photo from the 1985 New Mexico Choral Festival. Correctly Identify the most alumni, and you’ll receive a Rehoboth Sweatshirt! Send answers to mmusket@ by April 1, 2014.


Vi go ro u s ly A c ad em i c · Beaut i ful l y Di verse · Tho ro ug hly Chris tian

Raising the Bar National Honors Society Demands Excellence & Accountability


ehoboth Christian High School’s academic emphasis is shaped around three core ideas: rigor, relevance, and relationship. These three ingredients are essential to the educational and personal growth of our students. Together they create a school environment that prepares students for the highest levels of contribution, service, and performance. Over the past two years, we have attempted to challenge our National Honors Society members in these three core areas. Many students have jumped on board and are becoming more visible community members, as well as blessing their teachers, fellow student body and greater community. Students become eligible for the program based upon their academic status in their sophomore year. At Rehoboth, students who have a GPA of 3.3 or higher qualify for consideration. Students then fill out an activity form and give examples of their leadership, service, and character. Those forms are then evaluated by a 5 member faculty council to determine if they meet the standards. If students meet the standard for all of the

conducting regular meetings in January 2013. “I have seen the students in NHS become more visible leaders at Rehoboth. I have also seen Getting in is the easy part. Staying in is more them take greater pride in difficult as students their school and have a new are challenged to keep appreciation for the people their GPAs high while who work here other than just participating in the required their teachers. I have also seen amount of volunteer hours. them challenge their classmates The NHS students have been volunteering at Rehoboth to strive for excellence instead of mediocrity. The school all year, blessing our has benefited from their acts community. Highlights from of service and the increase in the year include serving at rigor that they bring to the the Screamer mountain bike classroom” Zwiers remarks. race in Gallup, hosting a “It is a joy to work with these teacher appreciation dinner NHS students have been in October, serving at the motivated young people. They Tse Yaaniichii banquet, volunteering at Rehoboth challenge me to set the bar higher and expect more from organizing a high school all year, blessing our young people.” service day, serving at the community Homecoming pancake We are thankful to have highly breakfast, and babysitting for motivated students who embody the words of 1 teaching staff on Valentine’s Day. Timothy 4:12, “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example National Honors Society Advisor Kevin Zwiers for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in took over the program last year and started faith and in purity.” categories they are inducted into the NHS.

First Annual Tse Yaaniichii Banquet Raises Thousands


ehoboth Christian School celebrated our 111th anniversary with a special fundraising event where national speaker and author Dan Seaborn, president of Winning At Home, was the keynote speaker. The banquet took place on Thursday, November 21, with over 270 Rehoboth supporters in attendance. The evening included entertainment by the Rehoboth High School Cantabile as well as a silent auction. All proceeds

from the event are being used to provide tuition assistance for the students and families of Rehoboth Christian School. This year, after meeting Rehoboth’s admissions requirements and demonstrating financial need, 74% of Rehoboth students require this tuition assistance. While an ambitious and demanding goal, Rehoboth pursues it so that every child accepted to RCS can experience an academically rigorous, culturally relevant, and spiritually enriching education. Thanks to generous donors and sponsors we were able to raise $16,100 for the tuition assistance program this year. Highlights from the evening include: testimony from alumna, Melvina Musket; a

delicious meal provided by Jonathan Tanner Catering (alumnus), cupcakes by Green Street Treats Natalie Tamminga (alumna), and musical performances by local band, Winginit. Stay tuned for information on the next Tse Yaaniichii Banquet in Spring 2015.

This Year’s Tse Yaaniichii Banquet Sponsors: LAM Corporation Zhon Home Care Corporation Pinnacle Bank Cash Cow Furniture Bob Rosebrough Law Sandia Oil Law Office of Walter Wolf Perry Null Trading Company Chee’s Indian Store DePauli Engineers-Surveyors, LLC Glyph Engine Newberry & Associates, LTD

PO B o x 4 1 · Rehobot h, NM 87 3 22 · 50 5.863 .4 4 1 2 · www. rcs nm. o rg


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Miss Becky L. Dekorte Brian and Barbara DeKraker William and Nancy DeKryger Lenore DeLaine Eugene and Miriam DeLange Cherie A. Delger Clarence and Bette Dellinger Harvey J. DeMaagd, M.D. Robert and Carol DeMann Richard J. DeMol Karen A. DeMol Henry and M. DeMots David L. DenBleyker Helen L. Denboer Robert and Carole DenBraber Nellie B. DenDulk Marvin and Edith DenDulk Linda Denetdale William and Carolyn DeNeut Ralph and Elanie DenHartigh Gerrit and Lynne DenHartog Keith and Eileen Denner Robert and Marianne DeNooyer Gordon and Cynthia DenOuden Marc and Kristy DePauli Lawrence and Karen DePender Daniel and Marilyn Derks Yolanda DeRomero Rick and Marlys DeRuiter Lawrence and Nancy DeRuiter Frederick and Joanna DeRuiter Leonard E. Deruiter William and Linda DeRuiter Robert and Rebecca DeSmith Sandra L. DeStrempes Virginia M. Deters Paul and Lola Deters Nancy Deters Randall and Bonnie Deur Eric Deur Robert and Wendy Deurloo Richard and Kay DeVoogd Mark and Joyce DeVries Larry and Rosemary DeVries James and Karen Devries Richard and Laura DeVries M. Richard and Janet Devries Leslie and Donna DeVries Raymond and Crystal DeVries Rimmer and Ruth DeVries Doris J. DeVries Richard and Phyllis DeVries Betty J. DeVries Kurt and Kay DeVries Calvin DeVries Dale Devries Al and Loureen DeVries Jeffrey and Lora DeVries Jeffery and Kathryn DeVries Thomas DeVries Steven and Karin DeVries Charles and Ruth DeVries Jeanette DeVries Cornelius and Louise DeVries David and Karen DeVries John and Adelaide DeVries John and Marilyn DeVries Betty A. DeVries Anne DeVroome Jeanne DeWaard Howard DeWeerd Brian and Sheryl DeWeerd Laverne and Linda DeWeerd Al and Jeanette DeWinkle John and Sylvia DeWinter John and Irene DeWit Bernard and Katherine DeWit Geneva M. DeWitt Jeffrey DeWitt Phyllis C. Deyo Harold and Edna DeYoung William and Elaine DeYoung Harry and Vivian DeYoung Michael and Gail DeYoung Ronald and Ruth DeYoung Marlo and Carol DeYoung Dale and Sandra DeYoung Alvin and Geraldine DeYoung Leona DeYoung Kevin and Janelle DeYoung Gerald and Mary DeZwaan Jose and Michelle Diaz James and Mary Dice Jeanette Dick Alma A. Diehl Douglas and Susan Diekema Gerald and Sherlene Diekevers Everett and Linda Diemer David and Carol Diener Adrian and Willy Diepersloot Thomas and Pearl Diephouse David and Evelyn Diephouse Bill and Karen Diephuis Judy P. Dietrich Donna Quist Dik Goldie Dingeman Fredric and Connie Dinnsen Miss Mary F. Dirkse James and Sarah Dirksen Glen and Barbara Dobben Cornelius and Marie Doelman Frank and Kerrie Doezema Willard and Carol Doezema Melvin and Margaret Dokter Edwin D. Dokter Corwin Dolieslager Betty J. Dome Ron and Mary Lou Donkersloot Mary E. Dood Michael and Debra Door Gregory and Kathy Door Garret and Martena Doorlag Henry and Karen Doorn Richard and Mary Doornbos Larry and Linda Doornbos Clifford and Helengene Doornbos Reuben and Dorothy Doornink Richard and Annette Dorff Nicolaas and Arletta Dorhout Patricia Dorn Oliver and Candace Dorn James and Nancy Dornbush William and Thelene Dotinga Caroline Douma Conrad M. Douma Dean and Gail Douma David and Lois Dozeman Chester and Hazel Dozeman Michael and Susan Dozeman Calvin and Charlene Dozeman Gayle M. Dracht Hazel Dragt Harold and Jeanette Dragt Alexander and Lavonne Dragt Donald and Sue Drenth Thelma Drenth Cornelia Drost Daniel and Dawn Drost Dan L. Dubois Dave and Marjorie Dubois Anthony and Betty Dubois Dennis and Judith Duimstra Elaine M. Duimstra Harris and Connie Duininck Sandy Duininck David and Marvella Duistermars John D. Dulaney John and Linda Duncan Carlene Duncan Carolyn Dunn George and Margaret Duren Sherwood and Kathleen Dusterwinkle Bruce and Sheryll Duthler Dorothy M. Duthler Albert and Jeanette Duyst Calvin and Frances Dyk Clair and Pearl Dyk Larry and Grace Dyk Dorothy Dyk Jeanette M. Dyk John F. Dyk Jim J. Dykehouse Alfred and Lois Dykema John and Joan Dykema Bernice Dykema Michael and Janet Dykema Chuck and Ruth Dykema Jerry and Elsa Dykema Peter and Mae Dykema Henry and Cori Dykema Richard and Carla Dykema David and Barbara Dykhouse Alvin and Jacquelyn Dykhuizen Percy and Carol Dykshorn Robert J. Dykstra Betty Ann Dykstra Marjorie A. Dykstra Ben and Ange Dykstra Carolyn Dykstra Beatrice Dykstra Dick and Dorothy Dykstra Richard and Marion Dykstra Marilyn A. Dykstra Ronald and Darlene Dykstra Mark and Virginia Dykstra Darin and Linda Dykstra Alden and Beth Ann Dykstra David and Brenda Dykstra Samuel and Nancylee Dykstra Daniel and Jodi Dykstra Brent and Michele Dykstra John and Marilyn Dykstra

Robert and Eleanor Dykstra Thomas and Lois Dykstra Peter and Donna Dykstra Robert and Judith Dykstra Jane A. Dykstra Hendrik and Elizabeth Dykstra Jim and Lynell Dykstra Gilbert and Donna Dykstra Robert and Marilyn Dykstra Sylvia J. Dykstra Donald and Jackie Dykstra Donald and Eileen Dykstra Robert and Susan Dykstra Richard and Joellen Dykstra Joyce Dykstra Curtis J. Dykstra Jack and Sandra Dykstra Charles and June Dykstra Arlene M. Dykstra Kimberly Dykstra Roseann Dykstra Joel and Kelly Dykstra Erin and Christopher Easley Leo and Gladys Eason Dave and Sybil Eberhart Betty Eberlein David and Shirlene Eberlein Russell and Melody Ebert Efren and Fe Echipare Robert and Ruth Eckhardt Laverne and Carol Edewaard Dale Eding and Carol DeKorte Robert and Marion Edwards Sandra K. Edwards Richard and Paula Edwards Steven G. Eelkema Robert and Marianne Eeningenburg Gerrit and Arlene Egedy David and Linda Eggebeen Thomas and Jane Eggebeen Steven and Joyce Eggebeen Ann E. Eggebeen Donald and Julia Eggebeen Clarence and Alice Eggink Vernon and Johanna Ehlers Brian Ehlers Frank Einfeld John and Greta Einfeld Deann Eis Henry and Janice Eisses Georgia C. Eizenga Clarence E. Eizenga Carl and Judith Eizenga Henry and Judy Eizenga Adrian and Irene Ekdom Alfred and Lucille Elders Duane and Linda Elders Patricia Elders Paul and Carmen Eldersveld Dennis and Darlene Elenbaas Bernard and Viola Elgersma Ronald and Karen Ellens Serenus and Janice Ellens Harlan and Kathy Elshuis Andrew and Charlotte Elzinga Ken and Ardene Emmelkamp Zelda Engbers Russel and Janet Engbers Lt. Col. and Stephen and Janice Engbers Michael and Karla Engbers Niecia Engbers Jake and Frances Engel David and Rita Engels Jack and Nancy Englesman Garry R. Englishman Jeffery and Valerie Enlow Norma R. Eppinga Gerald and Carol Erffmeyer Antoinette Erffmeyer Philip and Trudy Erffmeyer Edward and Janice Ericson Cornelius and Ruth Eriks Adam and Rachel Eriks Jack and Sharon Eriks Richard and Cornelia Eskes James and Sharlene Eskew Leonard and Kimberly Esparza Arnold and Marilyn Essenburg Elsie Essenburg Martin and Barbara Jean Essenburg Douglas and Lynn Eury David and Karla Evans Elden and Carmen Evans Kenneth and Ruth Evenhouse Ronald and Ruth Evenhouse James and Carol EvenHouse John and Jana Evenhouse John and Joann Everett Mark and Linda Everett and Rebecca and Eric Everman Douglas E. Evilsizor Angela Evilsizor Duane Evink Jake Evink Audrey A. Evink Bradley and Karen Exoo Nancy B. Faber Jack and Shirley Faber Sandra Faber Kenneth and Pieternella Faber John and Cynthia Faber Richard and Margaret Falb Evelyn H. Falk Gloria Fauble Richard and Lara Faucher Wesley and Mary Febus Grace Feddema Vern and Mary Fedders “ Laurence H. Feenstra, M.D.” Esther Feikema Brent and Wanetta Feikema Alvin Feikema Wesley and Verna Feikema Roger and Evelyn Feikema Willemina Feikema David Feist and Angela Arviso Walter and Cynthia Feldman and Cynthia and Walter Feldman George and Bertha Jean Fellows Irma L. Fennema Mary A. Fennema Richard and Nancy Feria James and Kathy Feringa Rozella Fern Mickey and Katherine Fernandes Vera F. Fessler William and Patricia Feyen James and Starlyn Fikkert Alyce K. Finch Bill R. Finley William and Janice Fischer Robert and Jeanette Fischer Norbert and Carolyn Fisher Robert and Sue Fleet Bruce and Ruth Fletcher Kenneth and Judith Fletcher Jason and Pat Flier Craig and Kathleen Flietstra E. and Carol Flietstra Richard and Delores Flikkema Henry and Marilyn Flikkema Lloyd and Wilma Flikkema Rindert and Fae Flisyn Rudy and Shirley Folkerts Waltressa Fopma Richard and Minnie Fox Allen and Brenda Fox Melody Franje Marion and Vera Franje Brad and Rachel Franken Herman and Joan Fransen Clarence and Dorothy Fransman Robert L. Frazho and Andrea Nederveld Michael and Anita Frederiksen Franklin R. Freeland Susan J. Fridsma Jan and Lydia Friend Leland Fynaardt Lester and Rachel Fynaardt John and Patricia Fynewever Richard and Barabra Gabriel Cornelia Gabrielse Gerald and Ellen Gabrielse Geoffrey and Carole Gaiser Luella W. Gaiser William and Theresa Garris Bill and Susan Garrison Randal A. Gartman Gregory and Betsy Gathercole Ellen K. Geels Randall and Norma Geels Gregory and Starla Geels Ann Geenen David and Ann Geenen Charles and Julie Geenen Gordon and Sandra Geerdes Brian and Marlys Geerlings Barton and Mary Jane Geers Abel and Carolyn Geertsema Peter and Mary Lou Geis Alvern and Janice Gelder Bernard and Marilyn Gelder Andrew and Madelon Gelder Lavonne J. Geleynse Garald and Patricia Gemmen Harvis and Eunice Gemmen Florena Genzink Larry and Mary Gerbens Robert and Barbara Gerritsen Joel and Mary Gesink

Timothy and Kristine Gezon Rosalyn M. Ghysels Richard and Harriet Giancaspro Frank and Janice Gibson Donna Gilia-Munger Sid and Leanne Gillson Philip and Teri Girard Bert and Marilyn Gjeltema Peter and Anne Gjeltema Jerry and Cheryl Glashower Jeff and Dessa Glass John and Julie Glessner Wendy Glover Glenn and Diana Goble Paul and Nancy Goebel Harry and Trudy Goettsch “F. Wayne Goforth,D.C.” Christopher Gonzaga and Flor Caballar-Gonzaga Tony D. Gonzales George and Annette Goris Vernon and Elaine Gort Raymond and Sharon Gosden Arvin and Marilyn Gossman Lisa J. Gossman Pete and Dot Goudzwaard Roy Gouwens Betty A. Gower Todd and Carol Goyt Wesley and Karin GranbergMichaelson Marian J. Grant Marilyn L. Grant Thomas M. Grant Martin and Kathy Grasmeyer Kenneth and Deanne Grasmeyer Susanne Grassmid Daniel and Kathy Graveling Harriet A. Graves Donavon and Lana Gray Wesley and Kathryn Green Charles and MaryLou Greene Alton L. Greenfield Kathryn J. Greenfield Wayne and Rachel Greenfield Norma Greenfield Miss Jacqueline A. Greenman Roger and Edna Greenway Calvin and Sharon Greenwood Nelson and Nancy Greidanus August and Lin Greidanus Ted and Donna Greidanus Torsten and Jannica Greife Samuel and Susan Greydanus Albert and Esther Griede James and Bonnie Griffioen Carol R. Griffioen Joyce M. Griglak Vera K. Grimmius Randall and Beth Grimmius William and Joan Grit Kenneth J. Gritter Robert and Ruth Gritter David and Cindy Gritters Frank and Revena Gritters Donald and Evelyn Griwac Ronald and Doris Groelsma Roger and Henrietta Groenboom Carroll and Lois Groenenboom Kenneth and Ruth Groenenboom Larry and Kathleen Groenenboom Willis and Eleanor Groenendyk Ron and Joyce Groeneweg Albert and Joanna Groeneweg Elizabeth Groenewold Brian and Angela Groenhout Gerald Groggel Kathryn Gruppen Thomas and Betsy Gschwind Lois F. Guis Marc and Kathryn Gunkel Carol L. Gunneman Ray and Wilma Gunnink Vernon and Harriet Haagsma Sandra L. Haagsma Fred and Julie Haan Dan and Pamela Haan Enno and Lois Haan Peggy L. Haas Wayne R. Haines Michael and Pat Haines Christopher and Tricia Hall Steven and Kathleen Halm Ruth E. Halma Steven and Marilyn Halstead Boyd and Joyce Halstead Mary E. Ham Mary E. Hamlin Donald and Sheryl Hammer Ike and Janet Hamming Robert and Linda Hamstra Jake and Dorothy Hamstra Charles and Karen Hand Bill and Teresa Handsaker Leon and Harriet Hanenburg Harlin and Lois Hanenburg Arny Hanenburg Kenneth W. Hanks Lt. Cm John G. Hannink Eryn J. Hannink George and Sylvia Hannink Lois M. Hannink Thomas and Donna Hanrahan Roger and Carol Hans Calvin and Kathleen Kelley Hansen Thomas and Linda Hanstra David and Joyce Hanstra Marion and Allis Hansum Joseph and Joyce Hardy Bruce Haringa Herman and Rheta Haringa Eugene and Twyla Haringa Theodore and Marie Haringa James and Dorothy Harjo John and Ruth Harkema Thomas and Lucille Harkema Jack and Laurie Harkema Michael and Sara Harless Joel and Jill Harmelink Charles and Donna Harmon Dennis and Brenda Harms Gerald and Marilyn Harms George and Elaine Harper James and Kristi Harris Chad and Jennifer Harris Mary Ann Harris Alex and Josephine Harrison Daniel and Mary Hart William and Alie Hart Paul and Manda Hart Carolyn Harthoorn Gertrude Hartkoorn William and Marilyn Hartman John and Ruth Hartog Grace Hartog Kenneth and Susan Hasseler Robert and Beverly Hassevoort Daniel and Donna Hastings Elmer and Nelva Hatting George and Betty Haun Ronald and Carol Haveman Gerald and Gertrude Haveman John and Patricia Haveman Ronald and Beth Haveman Theodore and Sandra Haveman Cynthia Haveman Dean and Janiece Haverdink Adelene Haverhals Bill and Marybeth Haverkamp Benjamin and Dolores Haynie William and Harriet Heemstra Robert and Mary Heerdt Jacob and Marian Heerema Frank Heerema Clarence and Jean Heerema John and Anna Heerema James and Linda Heeres Gerrit and Nellie Heeringa Ruth L. Heeringa Maribeth Heersink Maryanne Heidemann Paul and Willa Hekman Kenneth and Marybeth Hekman Linda M. Hekman Steven and Janice Hekman Matthew and Emily Hekman Martina Hekman H. George and Elizabeth Hekman Thomas A. Bicsak and Carla M. Hekman-Bicsak Elwin D. Helder Sidney Helder Joyce Helmus Earl and Edith Hemmeke James and Barbara Hemmingsen Glen and Tara Hendricks Marlin and Linda Hendricks Jean E. Henk Thelma J. Hennink Harrison Henry and Shirley Barton-Henry Cheryl Lynn Henry Eddie and Violet Henry Everett and Ilene Henry Jim and Corinne Hentges Hal and Judy Hermstra Kathleen J. Herrema Richard and Teresa Herrema Donald and Susan Herrema Richard A. Hertel Jerry and Kathy Hertel Larry and Martha Herweyer Gerrit and Marjorie Hesselink

Herman and Margaret Heusinkveld Sherwin and Greta Heyboer Matt and Sarah Heynen Henry and Bernice Heys Gertrude Hibma Jack and Ann Hickman Peter and Elizabeth Hiemstra George and Judy Hiemstra Russell and Helen Hiemstra Donald and Theresa Hiemstra Caroline E. Hiemstra Philip Higby Wayne and Beverly Hilbelink Phil and Jane Hilbrand Willis and Janice Hilbrands David and Jane Hilbrands Steve and Diana Hill Dale and Camie Hillegonds Stan and Karen Hillers Mark and Taryn Hinken Harold and Hester Hinken M. Ches Hipskind George and Audrey Hiskes Loren Hochhalter Curtis and Nancy Hoegh James and Beatrice Hoek David and Susan Hoekema Bruce and Lucy Hoekema Calvin and Ruth Hoekema Ronald and Bev Hoekema Steve and Jeanne Hoekman S. Kent and Janet Hoekman Norman and Jewell Hoekman Thomas and Annie Hoekman Thomas and Mary Hoeksema George and Geraldine Hoeksema Paul and Elaine Hoeksema Roger and Debra Hoeksema William and Angela Hoeksema John D. Hoeksema David and Linda Hoeksema Thomas and Stacia Hoeksema Alan and Carol Hoeksema Gary and Carlene Hoeksema Paul and Fannie Hoeksema August and Judith Hoekstra Marvin and Elizabeth Hoekstra William and Ann Hoekstra James and Joanne Hoekstra Martha Hoekstra Paul and Ellen Hoekstra Gerald and Ruby Hoekstra William and Caroline Hoekstra Don and Lisa Hoekstra Fredrick and Barbara Hoekstra James and Helen Hoekstra Jacob and Lynn Hoekstra Timothy and Darla Hoekstra Alberta R. Hoekwater Allan and Sharon Hoekzema James and Sybella Hoeve Dale and Cindy Hoeve Edward and Elizabeth Hoezee Janice M. Hoffer William Hoffman William and Janice Hoffman James and Joanne Hofland John and Bertha Hofman Kenneth and Sandra Hofman Gordon and Rachel Hofman Ronald and Heidi Hofman Marlyn and Alvina Hofman Philip and Mary Hofman Dorothy Hofman Everett Hofstee Gerrit and Jean Hofstee Elvin and Bertha Hofstra Richard and Donna Hofstra Henry and Eileen Hofstra Louise Hofstra Junella Hoksbergen Shirley Holesinger David and Anne Holkeboer James and Ruth Holkeboer Earl and Helen Holkeboer Dirk and Stacey Hollebeek Martin and Mary Hollebeek Matt and Robin Hollebeek David and Lois Hollemans John and Jane Hollenbach Frank and Patricia Holly Henry and Lois Holstege Evelyn Holtrop Philip and Marie Holtrop June H. Holtvluwer Don and Phyllis Holwerda Thomas and Janice Holwerda James and Short Holwerda Lois Holwerda Mary A. Holwerda Mark and Karen Holwerda Don Holwerda Jack and Anna Mae Holwerda Paula and Terry Homan George Hommes Douglas Honcoop Leonard and Beverly Honcoop Cynthia C. Honderd Ralph and Carol Honderd Phoebe B. Honig James and Barbara Hoogeboom Gregory and Charlotte Hoogenboom Hannah J. Hoogendam Case and Pat Hoogendoorn Andrew and Donna Hoogendoorn Garret and Radia Hoogerhyde Lavina Hoogeveen John and Ruth Hoogewerf Ann H. Hoogland Jeffrey and Shirley Hoogstra Robert and Katie Hoogwerf Charles and Janet Hook Daniel J. Hoolsema Glenn and Marga Hoort Robert and Mary Hooyer Eunice H. Hop Roger and Dee Ann Hordyk Donald L. Horney and Margo J. Voltz Scott M. Horstman James and Joan Horstman Elizabeth A. Hosmer Eugene and Nancy Hospers Herman and Carol Hostetter Ben Houseward Richard and Alyce Houskamp Edna Houtkooper George and Lorraine Houtman Darwin and Madalene Houtsma Anthony and Gloria Houtsma Bernadine Hovenga George L. Hoving Alan and Esther Howerzyl Stephen and Rhonda Howerzyl Jon and Laura Hubers Cory and Marcia Hugen Joy Hughes Richard A. Huibregtse Thomas and Darlene Huisenga Martin and Janet Huisjen Trudy Huisken Charlotte A. Huisken Eugene and Twila Huisken Gene A. Huisman Dick and Coby Huisman Alan and Sharon Huisman Jay and Betty Huitsing Peter and Heidi Huizenga Keith and Debra Huizenga Genevieve Huizenga Janice Huizenga Betty J. Huizenga Theodore Huizenga Henry and Marsha Huizenga Brian and Karen Huizenga Tim and Teresa Huizenga Nick and Joan Huizenga Evelyn Huizenga Marian Huizenga Martin and Karen Huizenga Gertrude A. Huizenga Audrey I. Huizenga Gerald and Ann Huizenga Carolyn R. Huizenga Bernard and Joann Huizenga Robert and Leanne Huizenga Cornelius and Marcia Huizinga Frederick and Florence Huizinga Timothy and Beth Huizinga Fred and Janet Huizinga Marvin H. Huizingh Allen E. Hulford Kenneth and Selma Hulst Kenneth and Julie Hulst Marvin and Carol Hulst Ronald and Lavonne Hulst Henry and Emma Hunderman Richard and Maria Hunefeld Edward A. Hunter Thomas and Sue Hutcheson Jan and Judy Huussen Ruth Huyser Richard and Faith Huyser David and Barbara Huyser Gerald and Dorothy Huyser Lou A. Hyland Steven C. Hyland Dorothy L. Ibershof Gean and Joann Ice Richard and Gerrilyn Iest Richard and Barbara Ihmels Nick and Joan In’t Hout

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Cory and Till Ingelse Stephen and Carol Ingraham Martina Ipema David and Barbara Ippel Peter and Kari Ippel and Kari and Peter Ippel Bob and Mary Ippel Charles and Sharon Ippel Paul and Trudi Ippel Jotham and Marie Ippel Lester Ippel Timothy and Linda Ippel Jack and Cindy Ippel George Irwin Jay and Sharon Iwema Robert and Janis Iwema John and Susan Izenbaard Harry and Marlene Jabaay Robert and Grace Jabaay Robert and Mary Jackson David and Mary Jacobs Rodney and Ruth Jacobs Ellen Jacobs Nelson and Joan Jacobs James and Sally Jacobs James and Bertha Jacobs Fred R. Jacobs and Betty Roon Jacobs and Grace and Peter Jacobsma John and Ruth Jacobsma Henry and Shirley Jager Ruth M. Jager Theodore and Bonnie Jager Marthea D. Jager Thomas and Margaret Jager Alvin and Barbara Jager James and Karen Jalving Mark and Janice Janke David and Joan Jansen Marie H. Jansen Edwin and Arlyn Jansen Allen and Barbara Jansen David H. Jansma Garret and Marcia Jansma Glenn and Patricia Jasperse Patrick and Carolyn Jasperse Deerrun and Marla Jea Elmer and Sharlene Jelgerhuis Alice Jellema Jeanne M. Jellema William and Louella Jellema Mary E. Jellema John and Gwen Jellema Russel and Leann Jelsema Alice Jeltema John and Eve Jeninga Cindy Jessen Allen and Arlene Jeurink Stanley and Sharon Jim Raymond Jingles Alvin and Muriel Jipping Robert and Ann Jipping Richard and Karen Jipping James and Linda Jipping Lawrence C. John Grace Johnson Linda Johnson Thelma G. Johnson Dorsey and Irma Johnson Chuck and Mary Johnson Dan and Judith Johnson Harvey and Helen Johnston David and Janice Joldersma Ronald-Dean Joling Donald and Joanna Jones Robert and Marianne Jones Don and Melissa Jongetjes LeRoy and Martha Jongetjes Michael Jongma Edward and Eleanor Jongsma Thaymer and Evelyn Jonker Norman Jonkman Phillip and Viola Jonkman David and Carol Jonkman Robert and Beverly Jonkman Robert and Bonnie Jonkman Norman and Harriet Jordan Lois R. Jordan James S. Jorritsma Henry and Carolyn Joustra Thomas and Laura Joustra Jim and Ginger Jurries Karl and Marian Jurries Betty J. Kacos John and Marthe Kalkman Paul and Linda Kalkman Henry Kalkman Preston and Jeanne Kallemeyn Todd and Rebecca Kallemeyn Dorothy J. Kallemyn Jack and Mary Kalmink Gertrude Kalmink Helen Kalsbeek Travis and Patrica Kamerick Jacoba Kamerman Carl and Jean Kammeraad Barbara Kamp David and Donna Kamp Henry and Carol Kamp Lambert and Lori Kamp Gilbert and Janice Kamps Elizabeth A. Kamps Timothy and Kristyn Kamps Howard and Audrey Kamps Jeanne M. Kamps Craig S. Kamps Philip and Betty Kamps Edwin and Wilma Kamps Roland and Ruth Kamps William Kamstra Matthew A. Kamstra Herman and Suzanne Kanis Terry and Cheryl Kapteyn Roger and Barbara Karsten Bertha Karsten Corrine E. Kass Steve and Sue Kass Sean and Rachael Kass Theodore and Ellen Kass Paul and Brenda Katerberg Edna Katje Dorothy Kats Gail and Doris Kats Jerald and Lorene Katt Richard and Lorraine Katte Philip and Heather Kay Robert and Angelyn Keegstra Josiah and Hannah Keene John and Delores Keizer Anna E. Kelderman Michael and Shareen Kelly Robert and Gloria Kelly Lila J. Kempers Douglas and Maribeth Kenbeek Ray and Betty Kerkstra Lawrence and Virginia Kerkstra John and Carolyn Keuning Dennis Kidd John and Barbara Kieft Larry L. Kieft Arnold and Margaret Kiekover Harvey A. Kiekover William Kiel Donald and Elizabeth Kiel Philip and Mary Kiemel Jason and Yvonne Kimm Harold and Dorothea Kimm Mary J. Kimm Evelyn Kimm Irene Kimm Martin and Sue Kimm Bill and Marian Kimm Dorothy M. King Betty Kingma Lyle and Betty Kingshott Anne E. Kirk Wendell and Lois Kistler Joel and Kara Kits Kenneth and Kathleen Klaasen Richard and Fredith Klamer David and Barbara Klanderman Charles and Grace Klein Ruth L. Klein Ken and Mickie Kleinheksel Kenneth and Margaret Kleis Kenneth and Donna Kline Ronald R. Kloet Don and Kathleen Klompeen Aldert and Lois Klompien Gerald and Barbara Klompien Carl and Ellen Klompien Donald and Sheri Klooster Fred and Guelda Klooster Donald and Winifred Klop Raymond Klyn Marion and Glenda Klyn Charles and Ellen Klynstra Tim and Vicki Klynstra Dennis and Pamela Knapp Jacob and Janet Knol James and Kathleen Knol Wilma I. Knoll Marguerite Knoll Kenneth and Jane Knoll Louis and Lois Knooihuizen Lois Knoor Robert and Ruth Knott Evelyn Knott Edward Knott Ken and Kelly Knox Ron and Karen Knutson Ruth Knyfd Wayne and Helen Kobes

Arnold and Carolyn K Glen and Peggy Koel Rose L. Koele Robert and Jennifer K Jason and Tami Koele Fred and Darla Koele Kenneth and Elaine K Keith and Pamela Ko Harlan and Sharon K Kerwin Koetje Jay and Evelyn Koets Craig and Melinda K James and Geraldine Clara Kogeler Joyce Kok John and Suzanna Ko Helen Kok Julius and Arlette Ko Herman and Jean Ko Peter and Evonne Ko Margaret A. Kok Chap. and Louis and Gregory and Barbara James and Eleanor Ko William and Arloa K Calvin and Carol Kol Leslie and Sandra Ko Julia Kolkman Gordon and Marcia K David and Sally Koll Douglas C. Komejan Harold and Jeanne K Effie Koning “Harvey and Mara Ko Scot and Darlene Kon Ann L. Kontz Miss Marion Konynd R. John Konynenbelt Harvey and Sandee K Stan and Jayne Konyn Fred and Dorothy Ko Ronald and Darla Ko Laverne and Ruth Ko Donald and Sheryl K Kenneth and Ruth Ko Harlan and Ellen Jean Doug and Wilma Koo Daniel J. Kooima Scott and Bonnie Koo William and Dianne Lawrence and Marlen Thomas and Joan Ko Sherwin and Karen K Simon and Delores K Larry and Rosemary Darwin and Judy Koo Bernard Koops Jeanette Koops John and Delianne K Donald and Janice Ko Richard and Katherin John and Audrey Koo Larry and Leann Koo Neola Kooyman RaeAnn Koppendray William and Carole K John and Wilma Kor Tom and Carolyn Ko Frances M. Korschot Anthone and Judith K Scott and Ellen Korth Gerben and Carole K Donald and Janet Ko John and Arla Kostel Robert and Nora Kos Stanley and Melissa K Richard and Florence Jerry and Marlene Ko Gerard and Esther Ko Steven and Mary Kos Arthur and Marilyn K David and Cynthia K Darrel and Mary Kra Ben and Maria Krabb Randall and Marla K Ted and Theresa Kram Edward and Joyce Kr Daniel and Joslyn Kr George and Margaret Miss Tena Kramer Mark and Joyce Krau Lowell and Kathy Kre Harlan and Linda Kre Sherman and Ardelle Karen Kreuze Roderick and Evonne Edwin and Sandra Kr Johan and Kathleen K James and Gale Krikk Florence Kroese Evelyn Kroeze Jack and Ruth Kroeze Jack and Mary Kroon Scott and Heidi Kros Brian and Sheila Kru Annette E. Kruis Daniel Kruis Rick H. Kruis and M James and Donna Kr Leon and Betty Kruit Harvey and Karen Kr H. C. Kruizinga Gerald J. Kruyf and S Haveman-Kruyf Jay and Clara Krygsh Martin and Berdyne Virginia L. Kuilema Gerald and Nancy Ku Dale and Esther Kuip Aldon and Janice Kui John and Elsie Kuipe Florence G. Kuipers Harold and Phyllis Ku Philip and Linda Kui John W. Kuipers Marcia A. Kuipers James and Ruth Kuip Oscar and Henny Ku Brad Kuipers Warren and Ruth Ku Garry and Maxine Ku Todd Kuipers Dan and Sandy Kuipe Michael and Joanne K Ron and Anne Kunne Cynthia G. Kuperus Albert and Nyla Kupe Trina Kuperus Anne Kuperus Myles and Glennys K Gloria R. Kurley Nellie T. Kurley Paul and Sharon Kuta Andrew Kuyvenhove Douglas Laarman Gordon and Marylou Pamela Lachniet John and Evelyn Lage Jim and Joyce Lageste Anne R. LaGrand and James and Virginia L Annette B. LaMaire Jack R. Laman Paul Lamar Harry and Adria Lam Ardene M. Lambers Mildred Lamberts Karl and Lynette Lam Allan and Clara Land William and Della La Clarence and Gertrud Larry and Marvella L Calvin Langejans Wayne and Pat Lange John and Rika Langel David and Dianne La Mark and Sally Lanin Eugene and Phyllis L John and Barbara Lan Gordon and Marilyn Fred and Carol Lanin Vernon and Anna La Elizabeth Lankheet David and Carol Lan Kevin and Deborah L Paul and Renee Lann Terry and Judith Rae John and Lois Lanser Peter and Junella Lan James and Clarine La John and Joanie Lapp Harold and Florence Dominic and Gloria L John and Jacquee Lar Thomas and Claudia James and Lavonne L Gerald and Janis Latt Clara L. Lauber Chee John and Monika Lau Thomas and Sheila La Daniel and Helen Lau Bruce Laverman Stanley and Linda La James and Beverly Le Galen and Peggy Led Arie and Olga Leder John and Emily Lee Arie and Boukje Leeg Jerry and Cora Jean L Ray and Gwen Leens Harriet Leensvaart Nicholas Leep E. Kenneth and Barb

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Roger and Carol Overweg Richard and Judy Ozinga Kenneth and Judy Ozinga Kenneth and Karen Paap John and Barbara Padmos Robert and Mary Palma Peter and Helen Pals Duane and Judy Pals Eldon and Mary Pals Arnold and Joanne Pals Kenneth and Christie Pals R Ellis and Dorothy Park Darrell and Karen Parker Steven and Joellen Parrish Charles and Sharon Pasma Kathleen Pasma Jack and Aurelia Pasma Thomas and Elaine Pasma Orville and Tilly Pasma Ruth J. Pastoor Evelyn Pastoor William and Susan Pastoor Larry and Bonnie Pastoor Daniel and Esther Pastoor and James and Mary Patten Don and Fern Patz Daniel and Margaret Paxton Gerald and Catherine Peelen Morris and La Verle Peerbolt John and Ida Peerbolte and Dennis and Lorraine Pegues Vera Rose Pel Rose A. Pels John Pena and Sharon Hunt Dale and Ruth Penning Jon and Jennifer Penning Herman H. Penninga Richard and Carol Pennings David and Wilma Persenaire Ted and Gladys Persenaire Jean Persenaire Gordon and Carol Peterman Gary and Barbara Peters David and Mary Peters Theresa A. Peters Michael and Anna Peters James L. Peterson Richard and Alyce Peterson James R. Peterson Clint and Amy Peterson Miss Lois M. Peterson Jack and Ruth Peterson Jack and Sharon Peterson Marjorie Petroelje Justin and Connie Petroelje Robin and Sally Petroelje Rena Petroelje Alida Petter Robert and Carole Pettijohn Frank and Suzanne Pettinga Lyle and Michelle Petzoldt Glenn and Ruth Peuler and John and Helen Peuse Jan and Susan Philipsen Eleanor Phillips Linda G. Philo Bonnie L. Pickett Carl and Barbara Piersma John and Candace Piersma Sanjay Choudhrie and Kris Pikaart Philip and Marilyn Pikaart Tim and Sara Pikaart Robert and Vera Pike Raymond L. Pinto Marcus Salcido and Margaret Pinto-Salcido Howard N. Pippin David and Janis Plagerman Harold and Barbara Plantinga Larry and Joan Pleima Dave and Laura Pluim George R. Pluister James Podracky and Darleen Brunger Rick H. Kruis and Mary L. Poel Norman and Lucile Poel Stuart J. Poel Harvey and Jeanne Poel Robert and Sheryll Poel Donald and Barbara Poel Jack and Sandy Pohler James and Janet Polet Ron Polinder Roger and Joan Poll Robert and Mavis Poppema Shannon E. Poppema Harold and Anna Jean Porte Sandra L. Porter Glenn and Joyce Porter John and Anne Pos Harold and Everly Post Richard L. Post Lynn and Phyllis Post Miss Mary Post Nelson and Fannie Post John and Doris Post Laura Post John and Arden Post David and Jane Post Richard and Esther Post John and Trenice Postema Richard and Carol Posthuma William and Helen Posthuma Ronald and Sally Postma Janice L. Postma Raymond and Faye Postma Fred and Lou Ann Postma Daniel and Jill Postma Jack and Marie Postma Ronald J. Postma Duane and Shelly Postma James and Ginny Postma Myron and Natalie Postmus David and Diane Potter Gordon and Doreen Potter S. Michael Potter Trust John and Della Potts Marlowe G. Pranger Sharon R. Price Anna L. Price Todd and Jodi Prideaux Craig and Sherri Prins Lorraine R. Prins Ray and Phyllis Prins Anita Prins Gerald and Pamela Pruim Jay and Beverly Pruim Dirk and Liesl Pruis C. Scott and LaDonna Pryor John and Marcia Pulscher Ruth I. Punt James and Gail Punt Yvonne Pylman James and Charlotte Pyp Rob and Linda Quarles Gordon and Martha Quist Philip and Janice Quist Gregory V. Quist Henry and Ruth Raad Shruthi Rajashekara Kyle and Tina Randall David Rasmussen and Julie A. Uken-Rasmussen Gary J. Raterink Gordon Raterink James and Lori Raterink Ron and Diane Rath John and Liliana Ratmeyer Roland and Una Ratmeyer James and Jayne Rauwerda Perry and Carol Rawson Francis and Barbara Recker Mark and Diane Recker Donald and Darlys Recker Clifford and Catherine Reddin Mark Redman and Rachel IppelRedman Esther Reed R. Edwin and Judith Reed Leonard Reedyk Gordon and Shirley Reeves Louis and Sandra Regnerus David and Ann Reiffer Steven and Alice Reimers Ronald and Sharon Reimink Andrew and Violet Reinsma Gerald and Carol Reinsma BerniceJean Reitsema Teresa F. Remein Quentin and Harriet Remein Jon and Jean Remein Glenn and Nancy Remelts Dina L. Remington Donald and Edith Remtema Laverne G. Rens James and Linda Rens Jacob and Sharon Rens Janet Rens Ronald and Mary Retsema Donald and Elizabeth Retsema Doris A. Rey Ronald Rhoda Daniel and Linda Rhodus Douglas and Henrietta Ribbens Ann L. Ricco Robert and Gail Rice Rodger and Ruth Rice James and Kimberley Rich Frances R. Richardson John and Mildred Rickers David H. Ridderhoff George S. Riemersma Harley and Ann Riemersma



Fannie Riemersma Gerry Rienstra Mary Rienstra Drs. Jonathan and Christine Rienstra-Kiracofe Leslie and Mary Ann Rientjes Marvin and Helene Rietema Robert and Renee Rietema Bernice Rietema Bernard and Lois Rietkerk Michael and Nancy Rietveld Sandra Riggs Kurtis and Jana Rigterink John and Linda Riley Miss Annabel Rillema Lula Ringerwole Joan M. Ringerwole Garry and Patricia Ringnalda Lynn E. Rinkema Mark and Annette Rip Robert and Cheryl Ritsema Jeffrey and Beth Ritsema Gerhard and Kathleen Ritsema Randall and Mary Ellen Ritsema Jane G. Ritsema John and Esther Robbert Gregg and Sharon Robbert David and Debra Robbins Tom and Shirley Roberts Gerald and Elizabeth Robertson Arthur and Mary Robyn James and Carol Rockwall Robert and Anne Rockwell Phyllis J. Rodenhouse Andrew J. Rodenhouse Marilyn J. Rodenhuis Betty Rodrigues Edward Rodriguez William and Mary Roedema James and Janice Roelofs Gary and Joyce Roelofs Peter and Marilyn Roeters Mary E. Romence Gelmer and Ruth Romeyn Janet Ronda Robert and Nancy Rondeau Arnold and Esther Rood Richard and Dana Rooda Douglas and Maria Rooks Richard Roon Agnes R. Roorda Minard and Vivian Roorda Ralph E. Roos Maurice and Nancy Roos Christine Roos Timothy and Sharon Roose John and Karen Roose Steven and Beverly Roozeboom Annette M. Rops Marcia A. Rose Bob Rosebrough Norman and Donna Rosema Shirley Rosendale Donald and Betty Rosendale John and Sharon Rosendall John and Agnes Rosier John and Marilyn Rosier Tony and Beatrice Roskam David L. Ross and Sheryl K. Essenburg Jim and Linda Rossell Gertrude Rotman Kurt and Karen Rotman Annamae Rotman Kay L. Rotman Carol J. Rottman Henry and Marilee Roukema Merlin and Marie Rowenhorst John and Linda Rozeboom Gerard and Elisabeth Rozeboom Marvin and Jean Rozenboom John and Mildred Rozeveld Eugene and Darlene Rubingh William and Joyce Rudenga Edward and Sylvia Rudenga Paul and Anita Ruimveld Matthew and Lori Ruimveld Robert and Iva Ruis Helen W. Ruiter John and Faith Ruiter Gerrit and Eileen Ruiter Lois Ruiter John and Marjorie Runia Donald and Linda Rus Kenneth and Lois Rusthoven Jennifer L. Rusthoven John C. Rutgers Carrie Ruthven Kevin and Carrie Ruthven Doris M. Rutland John and Marie Rycenga William and Diane Ryckbost Gordon and Mae Ryks Cornie and Dolores Rylaarsdam Ronald Rypkema Catharina Rypstra Bruce and Jeralyn Ryskamp Dale and Marcia Ryzenga Mike and Krista Sage Tracie Pals Sakel Frederick and Helene Sales Walter and La Rae Sales Calvin and Florence Sall Michael and Dee Sanchez James and Terry Sander Steven and Kathleen Sanders Jay and Luann Sankey John F. Sankey Glenn A. Sargent Delton and Kathryn Sas Mary A. Sasveld Scott Savery Corwin and Catherine Schaaf Bernard and Sharon Schaaf George Schaaf Philip and Rita Schaafsma Miriam J. Schaafsma Bill and Grace Schaafsma Marvin and Carol Schaap James and Barbara Schaap Ronald and Diane Schaap Luke and Pauline Schaap John and Betty Schaap Kurt and Anne Schaefer William and Elsie Schafer Harvey and Gail Schans Albert and Rika Scheenstra Ivan and Sandy Schelhaas Ernest and Mildred Scheltema Chester M. Schemper Kenneth and Barbara Schemper Tom and Diane Schemper Richard and Barbara Schemper Corwin and Ruth Schenk Ann M. Schenkel Jean Schepers Andy and Judith Schickel Henry and Dorothy Schierbeek Robert and Mary Jo Schierbeek Patti Schieringa W. Thomas and Harriet Schipper Lynn and Gloria Schipper Miss Marie B. Schipper James and Linda Schippers Carlyle Schlabach and Julia Birky Marion and Melanie Schlatter James and Marianne Schlatter Elmer and Mary Schmidt Dean A. Schmidt Gerrit and Rita Schneider Carol Schnering Alan R. Schnulle Harold Schnyders Eric and Elsie Schoenhaar Michael and Lynda Scholma Rol and Vicki Scholma Kenneth and Kristin Scholma Bernard and Nellie Scholma Calvin and Eleanor Scholma Ken and Debra Scholma Jerry L. Scholten Bernard and Anna Scholten Thomas and Nella Scholten Edward C. Scholten Arlan and Marcia Scholten Ethel Scholten Ludwig and Karen Scholten Lori Schoneveld John and Helen Schoolland John and Marlene Schoon Robert and Elizabeth SchooneJongen Miss Joyce A. Schoonejongen Arthur and Anita Schoonveld Myron and Jodi Schotanus Hilbert and Myra Schouten Bert and Hendrica Schouten Ken and Nancy Schrader Harlan and Marjorie Schram Junior and Frances Schreur Eric and Heather Schreur Miss Jane M. Schrier Gene and Joyce Schripsema Beverley Schripsema Herman and Frances Schripsema Ronald and Mary Schrotenboer Austin and Phyllis Schrotenboer Ray and Jerene Schrotenboer Delwin and Arlene Schrotenboer Clarence and Juliana Schuiling Dale W. Schuitema Virgil Schuld Gary and Ruth Schultz

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Allen and Ethel Leep Donald and Linda Miltzow Timothy and Beverly Leep Rick and Vivian Minnema Herman and Melba Leestma Neil and Gertrude Minnema Koelewyn Sanford and Marjory Leestma Theodore and Tena Minnema ewyn Gordon and Wyona Lefers Lawrence and Elizabeth Mitchell ewyn Marilyn Leisman Martha J. Mitchell Koeman Pearl W. Leistra Debra Moelker oeman Ron and Aldine Leistra Randy and Wendy Moes Koenen James H. Leistra Jack and Alice Mohr William and Susan Lemkuil Jerry and Diana Mokma Marvin and Myrtle Lemmen Benedict and Joy Mol Koetsier A. Glen Lemmenes Cornelis and Catherine Molenaar Koetsier Brent and Teresa Lenssen Leslie and Lorna Molenaar Robert and Roxanne Lenssen Kathryn Molendyk Adeline C. Leo Keith R. Molenhouse ok Burton and Michaela Lesser Harry and Judith Molling Anthony and Christy Lewis Lawrence and Cynthia Molnar ok Randel and Elizabeth Lewis Paul and Debra Monsma ok Gerben and Pauline Leyendekker Kenneth and Dorothy Monsma ok Nick and Cheryl Leyendekker Miss Hester M. Monsma Nonning and Diane Leyendekker Ruth Monsma d Frances Kok Wayne Leys John and Ann Monsma a Kok Beverly A. Lich Ralph and Sharon Monsma ok Vernon and Nellaine Lich Mark and Grace Monsma Kolean Richard and Joy Liechty Anthony and Diane Monterisi lean Fred and Patricia Ligtenberg Dwayne Montis olk Verla Ligtenberg Ted and Thelma Montsma L and Mary Ligtenberg Randall and Mavis Moon Koll Allen and Lynn Likkel Richard and Joan Morgantini Ruth N. Likkel Bruce and Jayme Morren Andrew and Joyce Lindemulder Robert and Mary Morren Koning Thomas and Debra Lindemulder Gary Morrison Katherine A. Lindgren Jayne Morrison oning, III” Martin A. Link Steven and Bonnie Mosena nings Gary and Barbara Link Judy Motman Leo and Margaret Litowich Phillip and Marilyn Mouw dyk James and Leona Littel Dirk and Christine Mouw t Kenneth and Ruth Lobbes Paul and Lynn Mudde Konynenbelt Alvin and Marilyn Lobbes Jacob and Sandra Mudde nenbelt Henry and Maureen Loerop Gregg and Patricia Muilenburg ooi Kenneth Loerop Miss Joyce A. Mulder ooienga Robert and Faustina Loftus Leslie and Marcia Mulder ooiker Dolores Logterman Daniel and Mary Mulder Kooima Craig Lohmann and Lisa Lohmann Douglas and Barbara Mulder ooima Todd and Denise Loid John and Marilyn Mulder n Kooima Raymond Lokers Richard and Trudy Mulder oima Daryl and Nellie Long William and Pamela Mulder Mary Long Kevin and Michelle Mulder oiman Harold and Orlinda Lope Paul and Joan Mulder Kooistra Miss Vivian R. Louis Robert and Michelle Mulder ne Koole Miss Catherine G. Louis Calvin and Margo Mulder oopman Robert and Dorann Louis Ben and Josie Mulder Koopmans “Major Brooks W. Lovelace, Jr.” J and Effie Mulder Koopmans Richard and Dixie Loyd James W. Mulder Koopmans Mia Lozada Robert and Ronda Mulder ops Peter and Ann Lubben Robert and Ruth Mulder Howard and Judy Lubbers Harry and Ethel Mulder Daniel and Arlene Lubbers Thomas and Cathy Mulder Koops Joyce Lubbers Carl and Mildred Mulder oops Keith and Jill Lubbers Mildred J. Mulder ne Kooy Mark and Kathleen Lucas Bruce and Cobie Muller oyenga Jacob Lucas Rodney and Carla Muller oyenga Henry and Geraldine Lucas Michael and Shari Muller Ethel J. Lucas Jerry and Debra Munk yer Philip and Carolyn Lucasse Eileen C. Munson Korfker Michael and Sandra Lueth Donna L. Murray nelis Amy Luinstra Susan J. Murvich ornoelje John and Lois Lukaart David and Michon Musick t Frederick and Barbara Lummen Melvina Musket Kort Rick and Barbara Lutke Milford Muskett huis Paul and Lois Lyman Evelyn Musselman Korthuis Matthew and Margaret Lynch Merle and Betty Mustert osmal Robert and Helen Lynema Dorothy Naerebout lyk Dale and Brenda Lynema Richard and Mary Nagel ster Theodore and Joann Lyzenga Douglas and Lois Nagel Koster Robert and Susan Lyzenga John and Evelyne Nagelkerk e Koster Ben and Norma Maarhuis Harold and Bonnie Nagelkirk oster Wilbur and Joyce Maas Preston and Shirley Nagelkirk oster Egbert and Tootie Maas Robert and Helen Nagelkirk ster Robert and Joanne Mabrey Edwin and Angie Nagelkirk Kraai and Jim and Carolyn MacConnell Thomas and Cynthia Nanninga Kraai Vernon and Delores Machiele Elsie Naranjo aayenbrink James and Patricia Madendorp Kenneth and Sharon Natelborg be James and Florence Mahaffy Wesley and Rachel Navis Kraker Tim and Cynthia Maher Cornelia Nederveld mer Terry and Linda Maier Gary and Pat Nederveld ramer Dena Malda Brett and Cindy Newberry ramer Merry Male James and Barbara Newell t Kramer James Mallekoote Lois Newhouse Peter and Joann Mans Edward B. Newhouse use Arie Mans Ted and Jean Newill ediet Hilda Manting Jonathan and Anna Newman redit and Robert and Cheryl Marckmann Archie and Marj Nibbelink e Kredit Konrad and Marilyn Marcus William and Wilma Nibbelink Anthony and Grace Marcus Thomas and Marilyn Nicholson e Kreuzer Denton and Anna Maring Christine C. Nicodem reykes Marilyn Markus Charles and Kathryn Nicodemus Kreykes Earl C. Marlink Timothy J. Nicodemus ke Steven and Ruth Marotti John and Ellen Nicodemus Laura Piersma Philip Niehof Brenda Mars Thomas and Deborah Niehof e Geraldine Marshall Bernard and Jean Niemeyer ndyk Lewis and Ruth Marshall Charles and Renee Niemeyer sschell Douglas and Ann Marsman Everett and Erika Nienhouse uis George and Rena Martens Victor and Jean Nienhuis Ralph and Ida Martin Garret Nieuwenhuis Kenneth and Alice Martin Gladys L. Nieuwsma Mary L. Poel Raymond and Julia Martin Duane and Barbara Nieuwsma ruithof William and Jessie Martin Gertrude Nieuwsma thof Thomas Martinie Ed and Lorraine Nieuwsma ruithof Lisa Martinie William and Lillian Nikkel William and Shirley Martinus Carroll L. Nikkel Susan Martin and Irene Martinus Norman and Treva Nikkel Kent and Dixie Mason Betty A. Nikkel held Larry and Mary Masselink Shirley M. Nimtz Kuiken Charles and Margaret Mast Thomas and Marcia Nobel Myra V. Matanane Kathryn R. Noble uiper Shirley Matheis Kathryn R. Noble-Schlamm per Jerry and Ruth Mather Sally C. Noe iper Margaret A. Mathison Edward and Luella Noor ers Robert and Mary Matter Robert and Barb Noordeloos Duane and Jacki Matter Byron and Andrea Noordewier Kuipers Bruce and Elizabeth Matthews Rick and Diane Noorman ipers Virginia L. Maturen Ronald and Sandra Noorman James and Kathy McCune Wesley and Mary Norden Bernice McGovern John and Dorothy Norman pers Larry and Barbara McIntosh Dale and Michelle Norquist uipers Douglas and Laura McKown Jack Northouse Marlene McLeod Jeff and Kim Noteboom uipers Anita McMahan Darrell and Kathy Noteboom uipers Francis and Mary McMillan Glen M. Noteboom Mark and Deborah McNary Douglas and Elizabeth Notman ers Roy and Yvonne McNiel Randy and Brenda Nugteren Kukol Matt McWright Leroy and Beverly Nugteren en Robert and Sharon Medema Winfred and Martha Nydam Herman and Shirlee Medema Genevieve A. Nyenhuis erus Priscilla Medema Jack and Jane Nyenhuis Kyle and Amanda Medema Ronald and Bonnie Nyenhuis William and Mary Medenblik Elmer and Leona Nyhof Kuperus Michael and Ardy Meekhof Kenneth and Shirley Nyhof Jerry and Nora Meenk Del and Diane Nykamp Muriel Meindertsma Henry and Barbara Nykamp a Norman and Gail Mejeur Bernice Nykamp en Wilbur Mellema Elmer and Florence Nymeyer Peter H. Mellema David and Linda Nysse uise Lachniet Brian and Barbara Mellema James and Janet Nysse Greg Mellema Thomas and Gertrude O’Hara estee John Memmelaar Gary and Konnie Oehler ee Margaret G. Meninga Ronald and Marlene Oele d Eric Arnoys Aaldert and Elisabeth Mennega Shirley N. Oetman LaGrand Clarence and Irene Menninga Harvey and Mary Oetman Arlan and Joann Menninga Kenneth A. Offringa Louis and Letty Mensonides Milo C. Okkema John Mensonides Matthew and Doris Okkema mbers Ilene Meppelink Bruce and Mary Okkema Cecilia H. Mereness Ronald and Nancy Oldenburger Larry and Ruth Meringa Lee and Jan Oliver mmers Maricruz Merino Jessica Ollenburg davazo Neona J. Merritt Miss Janet L. Olson andheer and Ryan and Rebeka Mesbergen Ken and Vickie Olson de Landhuis Lester Mesman Dennis and Karen Olthof Landman Helen Meulink Kenneth and Kathy Olthoff William and Catherine Meuzelaar William and Beth Olthoff eland Ronald and Jill Meyer James and Wendy Onderlinde eland James and Nancy Meyer John and Diane Oomkes angworthy Donna Meyer Ken and Judy Ooms ng Stanley and Dorothy Meyer Raymond and Carol Ooms Laninga Herman and Barbara Meyer Kevin and Marilou Ooms ninga David and Heidi Meyer Jasper and Mildred Oord n Laninga Steve and Frances Meyer Richard and Karen Oost nga Arthur and Nancy Meyer David Oostdyk aninga Gary and Joy Meyer Violet G. Oostema Thomas and Norma Meyer Gerben and Lois Oosterbaan nkheet Richard and Winifred Meyer Robert and Joyce Oosterheert Lanning John and Mildred Meyer Donald and Marlene Oosterhouse ning Gary and Joanne Meyering Kenneth and Janice Oosterhouse e Lanning Robert and Darlene Meyering Charles and Mary Oostindie r Merle and Joyce Meyerink Ronald and Florence Oosting nser Duane and Tamera Meyerink Donald and Marilyn Oosting anting Karen Meyers Dennis and Patricia Oostman penga Gerald L. Meyers Terry and Marla Opgenorth Lappinga John and Kathy Mezoff Arthur and Karen Ophoff LaRosa Charles and Ellen Michele Roger and Lois Oppenhuizen rsen Ruth A. Michielsen Judith Oppenhuizen Larson Mark and Tammy Michmerhuizen Kathleen Oppenhuizen Last Glenda K. Middleton David and Lorraine Orris tuca Arnold and Thelma Miedema Robert and Wilma Osenga e Andy Miedema Wayne Ostendorf utenbach Wayne and Faith Miedema and Warren and Marcia Otte autenbach A. Dale and Helaine Miedema Roland J. Otten utenbach John and Kathy Miedema Duane and Debra Otten James and Marie Miedema Jannette Otten averman Julie A. Mieras Walter and Kimberly Ottenhoff e Febre Paul C. Mierop Gordon and Alice Otter deboer Alvern Miersma Lowell and Carie Otter Ophelia Milford Wilbur and Sarah Oudman Paul and Marilyn Milkamp John and Nancy Oudshoorn gwater Loren and Melvina Miller James and Beverly Ouwinga Leenheer Ann Miller Phillip and Sandra Ouwinga stra Carole Miller Betty L. Overbeek Daniel and Kathleen Miller Chris and Greta Overvoorde Bill and Pat Mills Norman and Nancy Overway bara Leep Roleen C. Milton Harris and Jane Overway

David and Janice Schurman Joel and Barbara Schurman Maynard and Marilyn Schurman Peter and Shirley Schurman Gail D. Schuster David and Laura Schutt Gary and Joan Schutt Calvin C. Schutte Jay and Lucille Schutte David and Kathy Schuurman Andrew and Cathi Schuurmann Miss Marilyn Schuyleman Danny and Jane Seaborn Brian S. Seaman and Louise Sawyer Larry and Faith Segaar Mike Segard Peter and Florence Seletzky Helen M. Selles David and Carolyn Setsma Jessie M. Seven Paul and Carole Shaarda Roy and Elizabeth Shaffer Karen S. Sharda Carolyn Sharda Jon and Ellen Sharpe David and Linda Shatto Garrett and Amelia Shaw Barbara Shema Alma Sheppard Laverne and Elaine Shoemaker Maurice and Kathleen Shoger Michael J. Shooks P. John and Ann Shooks Owen and Janet Sieperda Howard and Leah Sieplinga Michael and Sherry Sietsema Anna M. Sietsema Gordon Sikkenga Robert and Jean Simmonds Doran and Bonnie Simmons Harold and Carol Simpson Robert and Sandra Simpson Carl and Cora Sinke Charles L. Sinke Arthur and Virginia Sipma Mike and Lynn Situ Marvin Sjaardema Duane and Violet Sjaardema Barbara Sjoerdsma Richard and Virginia Skow Philip and Amy Slachter Marvin and Marilyn Slachter William R. Slager John and Mentey Slager Robert and Karen Slager Nelson Slager Ira and Judith Slagter Ruth Slagter Evelyn Slagter Tim and Renae Slagter Corwin and Pamela Slagter Perry and Patci Slagter Maurice and Elizabeth Slegers Larry D. Slings Miriam H. Slings Clarence and Elsa Slomp Terence and Lois Slotemaker Dave and Mary Slotemaker Mark A. Slotsema Wayne and Judith Smalligan Thomas and Janet Smies Truda Smit Kenneth and Joanne Smit Alvin and Helen Smit Kevin and Peggy Smit Gary and Jayne Smit Ronald and Laura Smith Bonnie Smith Susan Smith John and Carolyn Smith “Theodore R. Smith, Jr.” Gary and Diane Smith James and Dawn Smith Karen A. Smith Lorretta Smith James and Deanna Smith Ross and Evelyn Smith Roland and Bernice Smith Lane and Elaine Smith Jack and Beverly Smith Priscilla A. Smith Jerome and Janice Smith Glenn and Sharlotte Smits Dave and Lois Smits Jan Snapper Carl Sneller Mark and Ann Sneller Bode and Margy Sneller Margaret L. Snieder John and Kathleen Snippe Donna M. Snoek Rick and Donna Snoeyink Daniel and Karen Snyder and David and Snyder Ronald and Barbara Soenksen Catherine Solle Benny D. Solsma Jake and Ruth Sonke Clifford and Joanne Soodsma Harold and Frances Soper Theresa Sopjes Thomas and Marilyn Sorenson Thomas and Linda Spaman Mark and Sandra Spee Robert Speelman Paul and Ingrid Speulstra James and Mary Speyer Arnold H. Spiering Miss Ruth Spikeboer Christopher and Misty Spoelhof Nicholas A. Spoolstra Robert and Kathy Sportel Lonny and Jane Staal Hugo and Thelma Staal James and Diane Staal Jim and Marilyn Staat Randall M. Stadt Craig and Kathleen Stalk Richard and Elaine Stam Greta S. Stam Stephen and Sheryl Stam Michelle Stam-Maclaren and Scott R. Maclaren Bernard and Betty Stammis Larry and Debbie Stap Calvin and Ann Stapert John and Cynthia Star Lois E. Stark John and Amy Stark Gerrit and Pam Starkenburg Stanley and Jean Starkenburg Sheldon Starkenburg Edward and Sharon Start Mike and Rebecca Stauder Ronald and Shirley Stavinga Leonard and Joann Steckley Donald and Marcia Steeby J. Eldon Steelman Miss Beth Steen Samuel and Lorraine Steen Robert and Joyce Steen Peter and Virginia Steensma Fred and Rena Steensma “Peter J. Steensma, Jr.” Grace Steensma Joanne Steenstra Richard and Deb Steenstra Timothy and Pamela Steenstra Ronald and Kathy Steenwyk Anette R. Steenwyk Robert Steenwyk Gregory and Dawn Steggerda Leroy and Anjean Stegink Jack and Betty Stegink Lawrence and Harlean Stegink Larry and Sharon Stehouwer Thomas and Joyce Stehouwer Clarence and Eileen Stehouwer Marcia Steigenga Norwin and Lois Steigenga David W. Stek and Janice Kwasteniet-Stek Delworth and Patricia Steketee Hubie and Sharon Stephens Russell and Lois Sterenberg Howard M. Sterenberg Gary and Karen Sterk Henry Sterk Courtney and Florence Sterk John and Julia Sterk Frank and Verlyn Sterk Karen J. Sterk Walter and Carol Sterkenburg Carol A. Stewart Randy and Marcia Stewart Maxine Stiemsma Ward and Myrna Stienstra Richard and Joyce Stienstra Gary and Nancy Stiglets Denise Stob Michael and Joan Stob Jeff and Jana Stob Jack and Arline Stoepker James and Dawn Stonehocker K. Alan and Sharon Stormo Michael and Laura Stoub Marvin and Barbara Stoub Bruce and Janna Stout Randall C. Stravers David and Janet Stravers Lucille Stravers Henry and Marcelyn Streekstra Edward Streelman

Ferrel and Marilyn Stremler Kenneth and Janet Stremler Jerald and Tina Streutker Richard and Susan Strikwerda Jack and Amy Strong William and Gloria Stronks John A. Stroo Gloria T. Struck Marvin and Carol Struiksma John and Annie Struyk Anne Struyk John and Pat Stuelpnagel Howard Stuit Gordon and Sylvia Stuit Bruce M. Sturing John and Erma Stursma Alexandra Sudak D. Philip and Juliann Swanson Ronald and Marilyn Swart Daniel and Ruth Ann Swart Ann Swaving Margaret Sweetman Harold and Lyla Sweetman Miss Phyllis C. Sweetman Shirley Sweetman William and Suanne Sweetman Janice L. Swenson Patricia G. Swets Jack and Jess Swets Richard and Debra Swier Patricia J. Swierenga David and Barbara Swierenga Donald and Mary Swierenga Sam and Henrietta Sybesma Terry and Lora Sytsma Jack and Janice Sytsma William and Jenny Sytsma Louis F. Sytsma Daniel and Mary Sytsma Ronald and Arlene Sytsma Lydia Tacoma Thedeous and Cindi Tah Marian R. Takens and Edward and Talen Edward and Shirley Talen Jim Talen Ronald and Vivian Talsma George and Henrietta Tamminga Philip and Shelley Tamminga Cindy L. Tamminga Marion J. Tamminga Joel Tamminga Edward and Mary Tamminga Louis and Jean Tamminga William and Beverly Tamminga Lawrence and Ileen Tanis Merwyn and Carolyn Tanis Arvin and Pearl Tap Ralph and Judith Tapp Sharon K. Tazelaar Gertude Tazelaar Thomas and Ruth Tazelaar James and Marilyn TeBos Joel and Ellen Teft Donald and Connie Teitsma David and Susan Teitsma Larry and Anne Teitsma Henry and Henrietta Tekrony Theodore and Tena Tel Dalbert and Jean Temple Philip M. and Mary TenBrink Randolph and Marie Tenbrink John and Beatrice TenCate Kelly and Joan TenHarmsel Denise Tenorio Daniel and Marian TenPas Andrew and Sylvia Tensen Ernie and Rosalee Ter Wisscha Nelle Terborg Robert and Beth Terborg Jerry and Rosemary Terborg William and Gertrude Terborg Laverne TerHaar Donald and Irene Terhaar Beatrice TerHaar Henry and Marjorie TerHorst Michael and Sharon TerHorst Richard and Helen TerMaat Sid and Sylvia Terpstra Douglas and Dawn Terpstra Geraldine L. Terpstra Emily J. Terpstra Alida A. Terpstra James and Hope Terpstra William and Vonda Terpstra Charles and Mary Terpstra Dale and Mary Terpstra Kenneth and Dawn Teune Margaret Teune James and Kathy Teusink Marvin and Dorothy Teusink Bernard and Maxine Tevelde Robert and Marcia Theule Jacob and Ruth Theule Kenneth and Barbara Thomasma Harry and Jane Thomasma Paul and Kathryn Thompson Robert and Sharon Thompson Link and Marylou Throop Harriet Tibbits Alice Tichgelaar Martha and Ronald Tiemens Harry and Marie Tiemersma John and Eunice Tiemersma Ann M. Tiemeyer Bernice Tiemeyer Marion K. Tiemeyer Jack and Linda Tiemeyer Ronald and Judy Tieri Andrew and Elaine Tiesenga Fred and Donna Tiesenga Larry and Lori Tilma Scott and Anna Tilma Harold and Rosemary Timmer Mark and Lisa Timmer Kevin and Karen Timmer Richard and Geraldine Timmer David and Mary Timmer James and Carol Timmer Larry R. Beach and Nancy Timmer-Beach Conrad and Genevieve Timmermans Steven and Barbara Timmermans David and Debra Tinklenberg Duane and Marilyn Tinklenberg Nelle Tjapkes Roger and Cynthia Tjoelker Bert and Ruth Tjoelker John and Maxine Tjoelker Rodney and Tenda Tjoelker Larry and Rena Todacheene Cornelius and Johanna Toering Rodney and Wilma Toering Clara Togtman Miss Sandra L. Togtman Otto and Jennie Tolsma Linda Top Chester Top Barbara Top Kevin and Shelley Toren Richard and Mildred Travis Jean J. Trey Terry and Sally Triemstra Laverne C. Triezenberg Douglas and Elizabeth Triezenberg Steven and Laura Triezenberg Daniel and Paula Triezenberg Harold and Phyllis Triezenberg Shirley Triezenberg Richard and Nancy Troast Carol A. Trommelen Gary and Muriel Tromp Kenneth and Deborah True Tammy Tso Bernadette Tsosie Karl and Yvonne Tubergan Roger and Marcia Tubergen Lawrence and Phyllis Tuinstra George and Ingrid Tuinstra Patrick T. Turcott Sandra Turnbull David B. Tuuk Roger J. Tuuk Carroll J. Tysen and Sylvia J. Tysen John Ubels Ruth S. Ubels Milton and Linda Uecker George B. Uihlein Edward L. Uitermarkt Jerry and Martha Uitermarkt Donald and Bertha Uittenbogaard Norman and Crystal Unema Caroline Valencia Donna M. Valente Sam and Dorothy Valkema Donald and Elaine Van Bill Van Dyk Celia Van Essen Mark Van Otterloo Theodore and Irene Van’tLand John and JoAnne Van’tLand Pierson and Lucille VanAlten Dennis and Ruth VanAndel Gerrit and Marie VanAndel Margaret J. VanAndel Joseph and Margaret VanAndel Phyllis VanAndel Nancy VanAndel Larry and Ida VanAndel Brent and Cynthia VanAndel Berdela VanAntwerpen William and Judith VanAppledorn

David and Nancy VanBaak Marlys VanBeek Jean D. VanBeek John and Gladys Van Boven Michael and Patricia VanBragt Ted VanBruggen Dean and Carol VanBruggen George and Mary VanDahm Kenneth and Lucille VanDam Harry A. VanDam Degina A. VanDam Ronald and Cynthia VanDam Margaret VanDam Maurice and Hildred VandeBerg Geraldine VanDeel Joyce VandeGriend Peter and Judith VandeGuchte Al and Frederica Vande Kamp Carol A. Vandelin Kenneth and Pearl VanDellen Evelyn VanDellen Joyce VanDellen Kenneth and Elaine VanDellen James and Alyce VandeLune Irene Vanden Akker Adrian and Wilma VandenAkker Dick and Dorothy VandenBerg Ruth VandenBerg Charles and Mary VandenBerg Gary and Cindy VandenBerg Steven and Carol VandenBerg Lillian VandenBerg Donald and Carol VandenBerge Orville and Adeline VandenBos James and Maria VandenBosch Mick and Judy VandenBosch Lois R. VandenBosch Marlin and Nancy VandenBosch Kurt VandenBosch Donald and Janet VandenBosch Harvard and Laura VandenBosch Ronald and Norma VandenBosch Alvin and Rose VandenBosch Paul and Rachel VandenBout James and Kathy VandenBrink Fred and Sandra VanDenBroek Robert and Helen Vandenburg Dennis and Angeline VandenHeuvel Ries and Anita VandenHeuvel Wayne and Jane VandenHoek Helen E. VandePolder Glen and Laurina Vanderaa Gary and Phyllis VanderArk Condon and Mary Ann VanderArk Marian VanderArk Cassondra A. VanderArk Nolan and Ethel VanderArk Peter and Judith VanderArk Gordon and Saramae VanderArk Marvin VanderBee Ryan Vanderbill and Alicia Vanderbill John and Effie VanderBilt John and Linda VanderBilt Wendy L. Vanderbrug Cornelius and Helen VandeRee William and Marcia VanderEems Rick and Joan VanderGiessen Marie VanderGriend Harlan VanderGriend David and Jane VanderHaagen Arnold and Pearl VanderHart David and Mary VanderHart Virginia L. VanderHart Allan and Virginia VanderHart Ruth T. VanderHart Iris VanderHart John and Patricia VanderHeide Roger and Susan VanderHeide Arie and Marlene VanderHeide Dave and Susan VanderHeide David L. VanderHill Thelma VanderHoven Paula K. VanderHoven William VanderHoven Daniel J. VanDeRiet Lowell and Mary VanDeRiet Steven and Lisa VanderKamp Paul and Marcia Vanderklok Thomas and Laurie VanderKodde Joel and Maria VanderKodde Joel and Jackie VanderKooi William and Lorna VanderKooi Shane and Kristi VanderKooi Lambert and Agatha VanderKooi Daryl and Maris VanderKooi Richard and Arlene VanderLaan and Robert and Carol VanderLaan Leon and Marilyn VanderLaan George and Pat Vanderlaan Jean VanderLaan Steve and Nancy VanderLaan Grace M. VanDerLaan Linda N. VanderLaan Roger and Jacquelyn VanderLaan Robert and Ann VanderLaan James and Molly VanDerLaan Scott and Gwen Vanderlee J.E. and June VanderLeest Mary VanderLinde Marion and Marilyn VanderLinden Leonard and Anne VanderLugt Thomas and Laura VanderLugt Randall and Twyla VanderLugt William and Joyce VanderMay Joe and Jane VanderMeer Phil and Henrietta VanderMeulen Sylvia A. VanderMeulen Edith VanderMeulen Ted and Jessie VanderMey Joanne VanderMey Calvin and Marjorie VanderMeyden Richard Vandermolen H. Wayne and Joan VanderMolen Annette VanderNaald Josie VanderPlaats Beth A. VanderPloeg Bruce and Sharon VanderPloeg David and Sheryl VanderPloeg Harriet C. VanderPloeg Marjorie VanderPloeg Carol VanderPloeg John and Marie VanderPloeg Mike and Donna VanderPloeg Rodger and Margy VanderPloeg Margery R. VanderPloeg Sally VanderPloeg David and Linda VanderPol Gale and Lonnie VanderPol Vernon and Mina VanderPol Irene K. VanderPol Robert and Trudy Vanderpuy Donald and Ardith VanderSchaaf Albert and Jannie VanderSchoot Terry and Jacqueline Vanderslik Jack and Joyce VanderSloot Merle and Karen VanderSluis Grace VanderStad Catherine VanderStelt Loren and Alana VanderTop Randy and Alicia VanderTuig Larry and Jane VanderVeen Helen VanderVeen Gertrude VanderVeen Roger and Doreen VanderVeen Jean VanderVeen Gordon and Jackie VanderVeen James and Marsha VanderVeen Greg and Julia VanderVeen David and Tillie VanderVeen Richard and Annamae VanderVelde Russell and Lauren VanderVelde Roger and Helen VanderVelde George and Harriet VanderVelde Verona Vanderven Curtis Vandervorst Patricia L. VanderWal Robert and Barbara VanderWal Nick and Melanie VanderWal and Helen and Douglas VanderWall Larry and Donna Vander Wall Francis and Joan VanderWall Steve J. VanderWeele Grace J. VanderWeide Patricia VanderWeide John and Joan VanderWeide Howard and Eleanor VanderWell William and Gezena VanderWerf Benjamin and Etta Vanderwerff Henry and Joyce VanderWerp Samuel and Mary VanderWiele John and Laurel VanDerWiele Tyson and Lois VanDerWilt William and Rhonda VanderWoude Anne Vanderwoude Dan and Julie VanderWoude and Kenneth and Arlene VanderZee Janice M. VanderZee Allen and Judith VanderZee Delmar and Lois VanderZee Wanda VanderZee Chester and Betty Vander Zee Larry and Mona VanderZee Nelson and Betty VanderZee Kenneth and Deloris Vanderzwaag Marion and Marjorie VandeSteeg Clifford and Arlene VandeVegte

Lewis and Caryl VandeVoort Michael and Amy VandeVoort Henry and Gertrude VandeVoort Gerald and Lynda Vandevusse Richard and Karen VanDoeselaar Brian and Wendy VanDoeselaar Paul and Ashby VanDokkenburg Wilbur and Janice VanDokkenburg Marvin and Esther VanDonselaar Ronald and Phyllis Van Donselaar Michael and Cathy VanDonselaar Harriet Vandorp Peter and Kathy VanDrunen Laverne VanDrunen Chuck and Jen Van Drunen Chad and Kathy VanDyk David and Rachel VanDyk Ralph and Mary VanDyk Nell VanDyke Duane and Gertrude VanDyke Orley and Betty Jean VanDyke Gilbert B. VanDyke Harry VanDyke Paul and Janice VanDyke Louis and Martena VanDyke Rick and Susan VanDyken Clarence and Louise VanDyken Rodney and Vonnie VanDyken John and Sandra VanDyken Simon and Lois VanDyken Gregg and Judy VanEck and William and Yvonne VanEe Gary and Marcia VanEe Fred and Debra VanEe Harold and Susan VanEerden Clarence and Luella VanEnglehoven John and Nancy VanEnk Ruth M. VanEssen Jennie VanEssen John and Helen VanEssen Clarence and Henrietta VanEssen Mel VanFarowe Craig and Barbara VanGelder Warren and Martha VanGenderen Kurt and Bev Van Genderen Bernard and Christy VanGenderen Lyle and Lois VanGoor John and Barbara VanGorp John and Patricia VanGroningen Megan VanGroningen Gertrude VanHaitsma Alan and Janice Vanhaitsma Gerrit and Shirley VanHal Thea B. VanHalsema Kim S. Vanharn Gordon and Mary VanHarn John and Elsa VanHekken Sally J. VanHemert Miss Ann VanHill Dean and Elizabeth VanHoever Mary J. VanHof Benjamin L. VanHof Robert and Judy VanHoff Jason and Mandy VanHofwegen Mark and Melissa VanHolland Marguerite VanHook Donald and Florence VanHook Mary A. VanHouten Kenneth and Deborah VanHouten Thomas and Frela VanHuis Marla VanIddekinge Kenneth and Donna Vaniddekinge Ben and Anna VanIngen Robert and Carol VanIwaarden Henry and Florence VanKlaveren Margaret VanKley Shirley B. Vankley Vern and Linda VanKlompenberg Jarvis and Judith VanKlompenberg Robert and Ilah VanKlompenberg Robert and Arenda VanKlompenberg Dennis J. VanKoevering Dan and Andrea VanKooten Marjorie VanKooten Delmer and Wilma VanKooten Steven and Susan VanKooten Coretta VanKooten Randall and Nancy VanKuiken Michael S. VanLaar Herman and Arleen VanLaar Jim and Lynda VanLaar Eloise VanLaar Louise A. VanLonkhuyzen Dean and Kimberly VanLoo James and Pamela VanLopik Richard and Sara VanMaaren Sherwin and Carolyn VanMersbergen Ronald and Elizabeth VanMersbergen Steven and Kendra VanMeter Charles W. Vannette Roger and Joan VanNoord Phillip and Betty VanNoord Ken and Natalee VanOort Raymond and Anna VanOrder Harold J. VanOtterloo Marjorie VanOverloop Sylvia VanPoolen Lambert and Kathryn VanPoolen Scott and Macia VanPopering Allan and Arlene VanPopering Jamie and Lisa VanRandwyk Leon J. Vanrees Theron and Janice VanRhee John and Margaret VanRyn Donald C. VanSchooneveld Alyda VanSchouwen Martha VanSledright Chris and Nikki VanSlooten Richard and Carol VanSlooten Lillian VanSlot Marion and Janice VanSoelen Brandon VanSoest Norman and Luanne VanSolkema Isaac and Alvina VanSomeren Richard and Carol VanSomeren Richard and Virgina VanStelle David and Ellen VantHof Steven J. Putt and Cheryl J. VanTil Rick and Barb VanTil Douglas J. VanTil Rick and Katie VanTil Samuel and Judith VanTil Edward L. VanTimmeren William L. VanTongeren Warren and Marian VanTongeren Ron and Mary VanValkenburg John and Louise VanVeen Alex and Vera VanVels Gary and Patricia VanVels Peter and Audrey VanVliet William and Lynn VanVugt Marvin and Helen VanWyck Cornelius VanWyck Alberdeen VanWyk Hattie VanWyk Kenneth and Annette VanWyk Wayne and Barb VanWylen Paul and Shirley VanZanten John and Mary VanZanten Philmore and Christine VanZytveld Shirley Veen Jeanette Veen Arie and Beth Veenje Roger and Carolyn Veenstra Charlotte Veenstra Harry and Barbara Veenstra Kenneth and Debra Veenstra Floyd and Wilma Veenstra Katherine Veenstra Timothy and Stephanie Veenstra Joann Veenstra Kenneth Veenstra Bruce Veenstra Gerald and Donna Veenstra James and Jeri Veenstra Mark and Rebecca Veenstra Christian and Robin Veenstra Maurice and Nell Veenstra Sara Veenstra Gretta Veenstra Albert and Dorothy Vegter Lawrence and Wilma Veldheer Kathryn J. Veldheer Lloyd and Audrey Veldhof James and Carla Veldink James and Barbara Veldkamp Norma Jane Veldkamp James and Mary Veldkamp Daniel and Cornelia Vellenga John and Ida Vels Stanley and Wilma Veltema Philip and Aileen Velthuis Ronald and Janet Veltkamp Marvin and Joy Veltkamp Harold and Janice Veltkamp Gerald and Valerie Veltkamp Harold and Arlene Veltkamp Jack and Diane Veltkamp Albert and Winefred Veltkamp Randall and Deb Veltkamp George Veltman Karen Velzen Jane Velzen Lois J. Venema Louis and Pamela Venema Alvin and Renae Venhuizen Frank and Christine Venhuizen Renz and Jenith VerBeek Calvin and Pauline Verbrugge

Kevin and Andrea VerBrugge Ed and Carol VerBurg Michael and Mary VerBurg John and Barbara Verdouw Donald Verhage Norman and Lynn VerHage Lloyd and Bernice VerHage Pete and Carol Verhey James and Rebecca Verhoef Andrew and Helaine Verhoeven Charlotte Verhoeven Ken J. Verhulst Thomas and Jeanne Verhulst Peter and Jacquelyn Verhulst John G. Verkade Arie and Bertha Verkaik William and Joyce Vermaas Trudy Vermaire Larry and Lois Vermaire Bernice Vermeer Donald and Donna Vermeer Nancy Vermeer Matilda Vermeer David and Suzanne Vermeulen Robert and Anna Vermeulen James and Sylvia Vermeulen William and Donna Vernooy David and Janis Versluis Philip and Joyce Versluis John and Judith Versluys Carol K. VerWoert Mark and Gail Verwys William and Mary Verwys Donovan and Janelle Vestal David and Alison Veurink Edwin and Mavis Veurink David A. Balicki and Sheryl L. Veurink-Balicki Katha Victoria J. Richard and Cynthia Viel James and Deeann Vink George and Shirley Vink Daniel and Dawn Vink Evan and Darlene Vis Anne Vis Allen and Estella Vis James and Kathy Vis Marvin and Pearl Vis Clay and Mae Vis Albert and Janet Visbeen Paul and Carolyn Viss Herman and Sadie Visscher Raymond and Shari Visscher Alan and Janice Visscher Scott A. Visser Donald Visser D.J. and Carole Visser Mervin and Sharon Visser Nancy Visser Mae L. Visser Hermina Visser John and Cheryl Visser Larry G. Visser Elmer S. Visser Jess and Gail Visser Wilma Visser Garret and Betty Visser Hollis and Donna Vlietstra Joseph and Bonita Vloedman Richard and Patricia Voetberg Drew and Jean Vogel Ted and Bethany Vogel Corneluis Vogel Steven and Jane Vogel Robert W. Vogel Jacquelyn Vogelzang Thomas and Melanie Vogelzang Steven Vogelzang Jay and Sarah Volkers Susan Volkers Gene and Brenda Volkers Gary Voogt Donald and Barbara Voorhees Eunice Voortman Gertrude Voortman Clinton and Marla Vos David and Margaret Vos Lois E. Vos Kenneth and Mildred Vos Randall and Nicole Vos James and Gail Vos Donald and Bonnie Vos Curt and Candice Vos Ruth Vos Gary Vos Erma and Elva Vos Mavis Vos Marinus and Sandra Voskuilen Pam Voss Henry and Monica Voss Andrew and Jane Voss Jaclynn A. Voss Leslie and Irma Voss Adrian and Corrine Vredeveld Tom and Jacqueline Vreeman Jerry and Cori Vreeman Harriet Vreugdenhil William J. Vreugdenhil G. E. and Eleanor Vrieland Peter and Evelyn Vroegop Howard and Cathy Vroom Henry and Phyllis Vugteveen Myra Vugteveen Anthony and Alice Vyfvinkel William and Patricia Waanders Nancy Wade Louis and Mary Anne Wagenveld James and Shirley Wagner John and Jean Wagner Glen and Ruth Wagner Jack and Lois Walburg Clint and Sara Walhof John J. Walhout John and Wyonne Walkling W Gerald and Marian Wallenburg Roger and Kimberly Walstra Robert and Dawn Walt Sidney and Helena Walters Ward and Muriel Walters John and Diane Walters Wanda J. Warne Virgil and Genevieve Warner Michael and Julie Warners Douglas and Judy Warners James and Sheila Warners Roland and Elaine Warnke Stuart and Susan Warsen Douglas and Tracy Warsen Phyllis M. Warsen James R. Wassenaar Ivan and Arlene Wassink Gertrude Wassink Leon and Delores Wassink Richard and Tena Wattez Harold and Joyce Weaver Glenn and Linda Weaver Bonita J. Wedeven Thomas and Carolyn Weeda N. David and Linda Weemhoff Robert Weersing Raymond and Myra Weesies David and Sharon Weessies Martha L. Weg Henry and Joyce Weg Peter and Betty Weg David and Marjorie Wegner Gordon and Barbara Wehrmann Jennie C. Wei Seth and Tressa Weidenaar Harry and Grace Weidenaar William and Suzanne Weidenaar Bradley and Kari Weidenaar Mary M. Welch Blair and Judith Welker Edith Welles Paul and Sondra Wells Donald and Janice Wender Edward and Brenda Wenerski Walter and Evelyn Werkhoven Herman and Marcia Werkman David and Judy Werkman Kenneth and Jeannette Wero Scott and Linda Wesseldyke Floyd and Carol Wesselink John and Norma Wessels Marilyn Westenbroek Douglas and Lisa Westenbroek Herman and Jacqueline Westerveld John Westing Harold and Jennie Westra Linda K. Westra Leonard F. Westra, Jr. Steve and Kathleen Westra John and Rachelle Westra Richard and Mary Westra Peter and Jessica Westra Clarence Westra, Jr. Helen A. Westra Harry and Dorothy Westra Roger and Bonnie Westrate Henry and Shelly Weststeyn Ellen S. Westveer Kenneth and Donna Westveer Henry and Nancy Wezeman Alvin and Willene Wezeman Howard and Stephanie Whipple Brian and Janet White Fred and Katherine White Ronald and Sharon White Catherine Whitney David A. Whittaker Brian and Patricia Whittaker Joan Wickstrand

Bud and Elaine Wiebenga Dean and Edna Wiegers Mike and Laura Wielard Darrel and Lynn Wielenga Earl and Karen Wielsma Kenneth and Marcia Wierda Donald and Elizabeth Wierda Edward and Wilma Wierenga Wendell and Pamela Wierenga Wayne and Anne Wierenga Joel and Jan Wierenga Ruth Wierenga Ruth E. Wierenga Gary and Lois Wierenga Frederick Conover and Virginia Wieringa Lorraine Wieringa Ralph and Emilie Wiersma Burnie and Elinor Wiersma Robert and Gloria Wiersma Bernard F. Wiersum John and Beverly Wigboldy Roger and Darlene Wigboldy Homer and Betty Wigboldy Homer and Eleanor Wigboldy John and April Wigboldy Betty C. Wigboldy Stanley and Judith Wildeboer Martha H. Wildeboer Molly A. Wilkens Leonard and Mary Lou Wilkins Corwin and Wendy Will Rodney and Bonnie Williams Robert T. and Betty Williams, Sr. Kenyon and Yvonne Williams Patricia G. Williams Richard and Amalia Williams Willard and Gertrude Willink Warren and Carol Wilmoth James and Elizabeth Wilson Nancy Wilson Theresa Wiltjer Richard and Marilyn Wiltjer Fred and Wilma Wind Steven and Debra Windemuller Charles and Norma Windemuller Stanley and Hazel Windemuller Ed and Josephine Windemuller Pete D. Winkle Joy D. Winkle Ruby Winter Stanley and Nancy Winters Mina C. Wise Donald and Ethel Wisse Sherman and Goldene Wissink Laurens and Marilyn Witt Don and Shirlee Witt Teunis and Phyllis Witte Ena Witte Henry and Rebecca Witte John and Rachel Witte Curtis and Ruth Witte Paul and Karen Witte John and Charlotte Witvliet John and Betty Witvliet Jay L. Wolbert Kenneth and Anna Wolbrink Geraldine M. Woldman Thelma J. Wolffis Willard and Carol Wolfswinkel Dale G. Wolters Harold and Karen Wolters Marvin and Phyllis Wolterstorff Cornelius and Leola Wolterstorff Ronald and Sherelyn Wolthuis Robert and Jacquelyn Wondergem David T. Wondergem Don Woo Phillip and Mary Ann Woodard Roger and Gaynor Woolley John and Thelma Workman Dan and Joyce Workman James and Nora Worst Matthew and Esther Woudenberg James Woudenberg Sierd and Allerdina Woudstra Dave and Beth Wright Ray and Shirley Wright Kirk and Cynthia Wright Derek and Julie Wright Daniel and Gerda Wubben Valerie S. Wunderink Sadie A. Wybenga Arthur and Joyce Wyma Janice H. Wyma Marvin and Susanne Wynalda John and Karen Wynbeek Terry and Carol Wyngarden Glenn and Marge Wyngarden Kyle and Ashley Wynia Bob and Ann Yant Sue Ann Yazzie Aneva Yazzie John and La Verne Yff Douglas and Marie Yff Gregory and Sarah Yoder Thomas and Judy Yonker Wendell and Dorothy Yonker Paul and Winifred Youlios Marie Youn Robert Young Sue L. Yurick Robert and Marybeth Zaagman Raymond and Viola Zaagman Miss Phyllis Zaagman David G. Zandee Jay L. Zandstra Bernard and Patricia Zandstra Burdette and Eileen Zandstra Judy H. Zandstra Arnold and Carol Zandstra Bartel and Beatrice Zandstra Ronald and Kemberly Zantingh Richard and Evelyn Zegers Jacob and Marilyn Zeilenga Stanley Zeinstra Lilian Zevenbergen Ronald and Christine Zigterman Tom and Alicia Zigterman James and Karen Zoetewey Evelyn L. Zoetewey Edwin Zomermaand Tiena Zondervan Marilyn L. Zoodsma Virginia M. Zuidema Thomas and Ruth Zuidema Scott and Pam Zuiderveen Marc and Sharon Zuiderveen Conroy and Joan Zuiderveen Henry and Verla Zuiderveen Mary E. Zwaanstra Henry Zwaanstra and Clare Elgersma Gerald and Mary Zwaanstra Lavina Zwak Neil and Donna Zwart John and Laurey Zwart Case and Betty Zwart Myra Zwiep Megan E. Zwier Stanley and Cornelia Zwier Randall and Pamela Zwier Rodney and Susan Zwier Ronald and Judith Zwiers Judith F. Zwiers Ronald and Debra Jean Zwiers Constance Zylman James and Martha Zylstra Reuben and Rachel Zylstra Richard and Lisa Zylstra Jim and Margaret Zylstra David and Bea Zylstra Jason and Sian Zylstra Uko and Jane Zylstra Paul and Nancy Zylstra Gerrit Zylstra Randall and Elisabeth Zylstra Roger and Connie Zylstra Donald and Sandra Zylstra Claude Zylstra Wendall L. Zylstra Kenneth and Sarah Zylstra Craig Zylstra Timothy L. Zylstra

Kids’ Corner From Sheep to Rug..

Color By Number Navajo Rug

Put the steps in order from 1-7

Washing & Stretching

The wool is washed in lukewarm water to remove any remaining dirt and stretched so that it is evenly distributed when it dries.


Thread is formed by spinning the fibers together to form one strand of yarn.


The thread is woven on a loom to create decorative or artistic designs.

Cleaning & Scouring

The dirty wool is cleaned and washed, using hot water and a detergent. This removes grease, dirt, thorns and anything else remaining from the fields.


Many colors can be made from natural sources like plants, bark, roots, and fruit. After making the dye, the wool is soaked in it to absorb the color.


Wool comes from sheep. They grow a wool coat and once a year it is sheared off the animal in one piece.

I need a haircut!


Carding combs and straigtens the wool fibers into strands. 1-Grey

Mail or email (jburmeister@rcsnm. org) a photo of this completed activity and you will receive a FREE Rehoboth CD! Everyone who returns the activity will have their name printed in the next newsletter!

2-Dark Brown 3-White


Name: ____________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________ Congrats to Shawn Begay for turning in last issue’s Kid’s Corner!

Continued from Page 1.... to share aloud the pain of those who needed to hear music. When Liberty, a current senior in the high school, shared of her grandmother facing death at a nearby rest home, Eileen suggested that she and Liberty go visit. Eileen and Liberty got to know each other when she first visited Rehoboth and bonded over their love for singing. Eileen has since sponsored Liberty through the Sponsorship Program and now emotionally by being there for her and her grandma as she transitioned to her Heavenly home. When Liberty sang for her grandmother in Navajo, tears trickled down her grandmother’s cheeks. Her grandmother has since passed away, but such precious moments surrounded her before her passing. Liberty, and all who worked with Eileen, have been reminded that there are many who need a song- and that is the calling of the singer.



Vi go ro u s ly A c ad em i c · Beaut i ful l y Di verse · Tho ro ug hly Chris tian

Mid-year Update: A Snapshot of our Support & Needs Relationships of Faithful Giving: We have been blessed by generous support this school year! Through the month of February, we have received annual fund and tuition assistance donations totaling over $1.4 million. Our budget this year for contributions is just under $1.9 million. Our current annual need through the month of June is just under $500,000.

Thanks to your faithful giving, we have already raised 1.4 million this school year! $0

$500,000 left to raise by June 2014. $1.4 mil

$1.9 mil

Churches & Schools Supporting Missions: We look forward to over 24 different missions teams that will come to Rehoboth this spring and

summer. We also have 25 individual volunteers that will be at Rehoboth for up to 6 weeks at a time! Through January, over 111 churches have blessed Rehoboth with designated missions support or support through offerings. If your church has not taken an offering for Rehoboth yet this school year, we ask you to communicate with your church council on our behalf.

Building the Foundation: This school year we have received gifts to our endowed funds of just under $70,000. These funds have come through

estate plans, endowed scholarship contributions, and gifts specifically designated for General Endowment. If you have not informed the Advancement Team about Rehoboth’s involvement in your estate plans, or if you need to know more about how to include Rehoboth in your estate, please contact Ken Zylstra, Director of Advancement, at or 505-488-3900.

Rehoboth Seeks New Director of Finance & Operations Rehoboth Christian School is seeking a faithful missionminded individual to assume the role of Director of Finance and Operations, a key role on our leadership team. The Director of Finance and Operations provides leadership to the school’s fiscal operations including oversight and supervision of the business office, budget development, and the annual audit. S/ he also has responsibility for human resources, risk management, financial aid, transportation, the physical plant, and food services. The ideal candidate will have strong business, management, and analytical skills. Preference will be given to applicants with an advanced degree and senior financial management experience as well as those with a knowledge of and/or membership in RCS constituencies. Please apply by March 15, 2014. Please send cover letter, resume & pastor’s recommendation to: Carol Bremer-Bennett, Superintendent Rehoboth Christian School PO Box 41 Rehoboth, NM 87322 or

Rehoboth promotes Ken Zylstra as New Director of Advancement This past fall, Ken Zylstra took over from Rick VanTil Sr., who retired in December 2013, as the Director of Advancement. A graduate of South Christian High School and Calvin College (2000), Ken has been with Rehoboth Christian School for four years, first serving as a Regional Representative in California and then as the Assistant Director of Advancement. Ken, his wife Sarah, and children Jacob, Kora, Alieda and Jonathan have been living in the Rehoboth community for 2-1/2 years. Ken is enjoying life in the Southwest and the opportunity to meet the incredible supporters of Rehoboth Christian School. Ken travels the country for the school and if you would like to visit with him, please contact him at 505-488-3900 or Rehoboth is also currently searching for a new Director of Finance and Operations (see left). Jeff Banaszak has faithfully filled this position for the past six years, and it is hard to see him leave. We are so thankful for Jeff ’s vision for the mission of Rehoboth and the countless ways he has served. But aging parents and an opportunity to serve a rapidly growing church have called him back to Michigan. If you are interested in this position please contact our Superintendent, Carol Bremer-Bennett by March15.

PO B o x 4 1 · Rehobot h, NM 87 3 22 · 50 5.863 .4 4 1 2 · www. rcs nm. o rg


On Site - In Focus By: Mary Speyers, Teacher at Grand Rapids Christian High School


hen I was a little girl, my Sunday school classmates and I were together, and the writing project surged ahead as the RCS kids shared life frequently encouraged to pray for our “Indian cousins”, as well as stories with their GRCHS mentoring partners. for “the missionaries on the home and foreign fields”. On our second morning together, the Rehoboth students invited the These are vague concepts for a high schoolers to join them for recess and lunch—two activities that child, but I wonder how many did much to strengthen the growing “buddy bonds”. Meanwhile, Bill adults have a clear picture had invited Jim and me to his home for dinner and conversation. We concerning for whom and learned a lot about the heart and passion of this veteran educator. We what they are praying when also came to recognize some of the particular joys and challenges that it comes to people of another are part of the calling of working at Rehoboth. cultures and Kingdom workers in far-off places. Reports and By the time that we gathered with “Listening to testimonies and working with photographs are helpful, but our third grade friends to say the third graders helped me grow in my there is nothing that can clarify farewell, the GRCHS group had faith, as did seeing all the scenery of the the picture and focus prayer learned much about the Navajo Southwest. I’d leave right now to go back better that visiting a missionary culture and had had the great fun of if I could. I’m so blessed to have had such on site. exploring fabulous mesas, canyons, a life-changing experience with such an and trails, as well as mingling with amazing group of people.” For decades our Michigan church has helped support Rehoboth many members of the Rehoboth --Hannah Overbeek, Junior at GRCHS Christian School’s 3rd grade teacher, Bill VanderHoven. In January, community. Our final experience my husband and I, along with a group of Grand Rapids Christian with our new friends was a chapel High School students, had the great privilege of visiting Bill at service, which concluded with the Rehoboth and participating in the ongoing work of his classroom. combined groups singing blessing It was a marvelous experience. songs together. It was a sweet, sweet time. The relationship which my students forged with the third graders began several weeks before our arrival with the exchange of photos and names. When we entered the classroom for the first time, all of the students, young and old, were rather shy. However, the ice was broken after the students sang several lively songs together, including a Navajo praise song that his students taught us. Soon the “study buddy “ teams were working well

You can be sure that our visit to Rehoboth has given me, my husband, and my students new focus and urgency for our prayers for Bill, for his students, and for the Rehoboth Christian School community. We are honored and humbled to have had this life-changing opportunity. If you are looking for meaningful educational and service opportunities for your high school, contact Bob Ippel at or check out

Calvin College - The New Mexico Semester THE PROGRAM: This New Mexico semester is distinctive in many ways, blending the concept of a traditional semester at college with the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in an experiential education context. The New Mexico Semester has been created to offer an alternative “hands on” path to start or stay in college; offering first and second year students an opportunity to explore new places and cultures and meet new friends, while delving into the concepts of vocation, leadership and service. This also provides while also helping students up to 14 hours of college credit. THE SETTING:

The program is uniquely situated in the Four Corners region on the campus of Rehoboth Christian School outside of Gallup, NM, offering students a great space to live and learn in a place that is vigorously academic, beautifully diverse and thoroughly Christian.


The programs will give students options for how to experience and pursue their first or second year of college. After the New Mexico Semester, students can choose to return to Calvin to continue their education or they can choose to extend your experience by participating in a four to five month internship in partnership with Christian Reformed World Missions (CRCWM).

THE COST: The New Mexico semester is priced very similarly to the cost of tuition, room, and board on campus, and all Calvin financial aid and scholarships apply to the cost of the semester. For those who choose to return to Calvin for the spring semester, billing would continue in the same way it did while studying at Rehoboth. For those who want to extend the experience for a full year, additional costs will be incurred with CRCWM, who will help explore different ways to finance this experience (e.g. fundraise). Students would need to decide by October 1 what option they would pursue in the winter and spring. FOR MORE INFORMATION:, 616-526-6225).


Contact Calvin's Off-Campus Programs Office ( or Don DeGraaf (ddegraaf@

Vi go ro u s ly A c ad em i c · Beaut i ful l y Di verse · Tho ro ug hly Chris tian

Thank you, Volunteers! Short term Volunteers

Barbara Top James, Sarah, Jimmy, Jared, Clare, Carly Dirksen Paul and Lila Clapp Gene and Phyllis Laninga Ben and Maria Krabbe Vern and Mina VanderPol Ashley Jonkman Linda Kamps Pete and Ann Lubben

Volunteer Groups

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Local and Long- term Volunteers

Fred Witteveen Owen and Marylou Aukeman Paul and Jackie Bremer Andrew Swetz Jack and Cindy Ippel Kendall Olson Liz Wilson Emily Tamminga Nikki Van Slooten John Van’t Land Denny and Ruth Van Andel

Gifts in Memory of:

Gifts in Honor of:

In memory of Jantina and Richard Baker Ms. Jennifer Baker

In honor of Jane Ronda 92nd Birthday Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Jacquellyn Bremer

In memory of L. Eugene Bos Ms. Edith Welles Mr. and Mrs. Dominic and Gloria LaRosa Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Kathleen Stalk Ms. Mary M. Welch Santini Villa Apartments LLC Ms. Donna M. Valente

In honor of Bill VanderHoven Ms. Paula K. VanderHoven

In memory of Ann K. Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Jan Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Jose and Michelle Diaz Mr. and Mrs. Merle and Karen VanderSluis In memory of Joanne Heyns De Jong Dr and Mrs James A DeJong In memory of Ryan DeArmond Mr. and Mrs. John and Heather McMullin Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Ruth Baca Mr. Fred Rector

In honor of Frank and Revena Gritter 60th wedding anniversary Mr. and Mrs. John and Barbara VanGorp Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Beverly Roozeboom In honor of Betty Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Joyce Braschler In honor of Max Jordan Mr. and Mrs. David and Carol Jonkman In honor of Voortman’s Family Christmas Mrs. Gertrude Voortman In honor of Lorraine Bossenga Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Joyce Braschler

In memory of George Walker Eddy Mr. and Mrs. Walt and Sue Eddy

In honor of Rob and Kristy Pempalski Mrs. Glenda Middleton

In memory of Leonard Goedhart Mr. and Mrs. Alvin and Geraldine DeYoung

In honor of Mrs. Glenda K. Middleton Ms. Karen Boluyt

In memory of Thomas Grant Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Christy Lewis In memory of Robert S. Grassmid Mrs. Susanne Grassmid In memory of CWO2 Chris Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Dawn Vink Mrs. Betty Weiland

Rehoboth Annexed into the City of Gallup


n November 12 the school and community of Rehoboth was officially annexed into the City of Gallup. This process started in 2007, and became more of a reality after over $1.5 million in upgrades and improvements were completed since that time. The Annexation of Rehoboth Christian School is another great step for Rehoboth as it ensures our long-term water supply and relieves us from primary responsibility for our streets, electric and other infrastructure costs. This year, we will continue to work on final water and electrical infrastructure improvements to satisfy the terms of the annexation agreement. If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, please contact Ken Zylstra, Director of Advancement, at or 505-4883900.

Friends We Will Remember: In 2013 and early 2014, the Rehoboth community lost many proud supporters, volunteers, parents, and alumni. We’d like to celebrate their lives and acknowledge them for their loyalty to Rehoboth Christian School. L. Eugene Bos (Faithful Supporter) Ryan DeArmond (Class of 2011) Dale Daverman (Volunteer & Supporter) Jim Dow (Parent) George Walker Eddy (Grandparent) Leonard Goedhart (Faithful Supporter) Thomas Grant (Faithful Supporter) Rev. Jacob Hekman (Faithful Supporter) Henry “Tim” Heemstra (Faithful Supporter) Freida Kloosterman (Former Staff & Parent) Arlene Lubbers (Faithful Supporter) Thelma Niehof (Faithful Supporter) John J Post (Faithful Supporter) Neda Raterink (Volunteer & Supporter) Bob Siebersma (Faithful Supporter) Lorraine Arkema Stoub (Faithful Supporter) Tommy Tso (Parent) Andrew VanNoord (Faithful Supporter) Thomas & Marilyn Wolma (Volunteers) We would like to continue to honor our supporters who have passed away. If you have any information on a loved one who supported Rehoboth, please pass the information along to Melvina Musket at

PO B o x 4 1 · Rehobot h, NM 87 3 22 · 50 5.863 .4 4 1 2 · www. rcs nm. o rg


I Will Rise

Non-Profit Org. US Postage Paid Greenville MI Permit #338

Tour Schedule: Friday, March 21

2:35 p.m. · Manhattan Christian School (Manhattan, MT)

PO Box 41 Rehoboth, NM 87322

Sunday, March 23

Address Service Requested

10:00 a.m. · Bethel CRC (Manhattan, MT) 3:00 p.m. · The Churchill Retirement Home 6:00 p.m. · Manhattan CRC (Manhattan, MT)

Monday, March 24

Northwest Christian School (Spokane, WA) 7:00 p.m. · Crossover Church (Spokane, WA)

Tuesday, March 25 2:00 p.m. · Sunnyside Christian School (Sunnyside, WA) 7:00 p.m. · Sunnyside CRC (Sunnyside, WA)

Wednesday, March 26

11:30 a.m. · Shoreline Christian School (Seattle, WA)

Thursday, March 27

9:20 a.m. Lynden Christian High School (Lynden, WA) Lynden Christian Elementary School (Lynden, WA) 7:30 p.m. · Third CRC (Lynden, WA)

Remember these classmates? Check out page 4!


Rehoboth Winter 2014 Newsletter  

I Will Rise - Choir Tour 2014

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