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SUmmer 2018

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Blessings Upon Blessings


his spring, Rehoboth Christian School was blessed with three grants all offering different ways to broaden our educational capabilities. The first grant we received was from The State of New Mexico PreK for a Three Year Old PreK Program. This new program will partner with our existing PreK for 4 years olds. Our current program was formed almost a decade ago through generous gifts made in memory of Chief Warrant Officer, former Green Beret Special Forces soldier, Chris Johnson. In our Rehoboth PreK program, each child learns and grows through a play-based learning style. Our goal is for our children to gain the educational and social tools needed to transition to grade school. Our new program will encourage families to participate in as many activities throughout the year as possible such as volunteering their time, presenting their hobbies and careers to the class, and discussing ethnic and cultural backgrounds and languages.

will be ready for the new families who are eager to join! Director, Eryn Hannink says, “We are really excited to have the opportunity to serve the community and to have new families of three year old students.” We also received $2,000 from Walmart for graphing calculators. Our high school was desperately in need of graphing calculators for the math students, so teacher Braden Homan made the Walmart Community Grant request. As our local Gallup Walmart was celebrating their grand re-opening, Rehoboth Christian School was asked to bring a representative to accept the check. The calculators will be used most often by Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus students as well as Algebra II students. High School Principal, Chris Van Slooten stated with deep gratitude, “We are excited about the opportunity that Walmart has helped us create in having a classroom set of graphing calculators. They are a vital piece of technology in the learning process of our highest level math courses, and our students have to learn how to use them just as much as the upper level math curriculum itself. Yet, these calculators are quite expensive, and our families do not always have the means to purchase them. Having a classroom set available for our students is a huge blessing!”

The Early Childhood Center here at Rehoboth is expanding with more possibilities for childcare and early education.

We were blessed to receive this grant and couldn’t have done it without PreK Director, Eryn Hannink. Eryn and the staff here at Rehoboth requested the grant with the community in mind. Eryn was able to set the grant request into motion and it was approved by The State of New Mexico PreK Program in late May. The Rehoboth Early Childhood Center is expanding with more possibilities for childcare and early education. One thing is for certain, the new three year old PreK Program

Another important grant that we received was the Riding for Focus grant provided by The Specialized Foundation. The Specialized Foundation has provided schools with a unique program that uses cycling as a tool to promote a healthier lifestyle and help individuals cope with the challenges of ADHD. The Specialized Foundation has been around for 40+ years and is one of the major bike producers in the United States. We were fortunate enough to

receive this grant with the help of high school counselor, Chris Huizinga. The 20 - 25 bikes will become part of the physical education program in grades 6 through 9. Students will spend time learning: how to ride, biking etiquette, and how to ride safely on trails and roads. The primary focus of this program is to provide students with opportunities to increase their physical activity and see if it helps them maintain attention and engagement within the classroom. The physical education teachers Myron Postma and Adrian Pete are working on incorporating this into the PE curriculum. The Specialized Foundation will also be providing some of the maintenance equipment and tools. Maintenance will be provided by Rehoboth parent and local business owner, (Silver Stallion Bikes and Coffee) Scott Nydam. Rehoboth’s campus is situated on 700 beautiful acres of land hosting amazing trails. Chris Huizinga comments, “This is the first step in helping our youth stay active and connect with their community through the use of the bike.” With the Riding for Focus grant and help from The Specialized Foundation, we are proud to provide students a unique opportunity to overcome challenges and succeed.

What is Commitment? By Bob Ippel, Executive Director


ugene Peterson has described faithfulness or discipleship as “long obedience in the same direction.” To me this also seems like a great description of commitment. What does commitment look like? Look at the many years of service of Lois Harvey and Mike and Gail De Young (see below)- that is commitment. Look at the hours and hours of time the first year teacher puts into his or her lessons- that is commitment. Look at the student who says no to the opportunities offered by a larger school so he/she can experience a Christian education- that is commitment. Look at the faithful donor who sends $10.00 to Rehoboth month after month with a handwritten note of encouragement- that is commitment. Look at the large donor who makes Rehoboth a priority year after year no matter how the economy is doing- that is commitment. Look at the parent who says yes to

Christian education and no to a new truck- that is commitment. Look at the parent who sells snow cones at the flea market to pay tuitionthat is commitment. Look at God’s provision of the right volunteers or volunteer groups at the right time to step into a need at Rehoboththat is commitment. During the 2017-18 school year we explored the theme “Building on the Promises.” Promises are only as good as the commitment on which they stand. Rehoboth has been blessed by a Triune God whose commitment is secure. Rehoboth has been blessed by staff, parents, students, donors and volunteers who understand commitment. For those who exhibit “long obedience in the same direction,” we give God praise!

Honoring our Retirees On May 30th, we held a retirement celebration in honor of Lois Harvey, Gail DeYoung, and Mike DeYoung. We praise God for their faithful commitment to our school and ministry. Lois (Ottens) Harvey has taught at Rehoboth for 21 years. Lois began her teaching career at Rehoboth as a student teacher in the third grade in the spring of 1975. She met her husband and our high school Navajo language teacher Johnny Harvey in 1978, and they were married in 1979. Her teaching career included not only her 20 years at Rehoboth but stints at Grace Community School in Arizona, and then locally at Twin Lakes, Smith Lake, and Stage Coach. She has taught every grade in the elementary school except for 2nd. Lois planned the first 4th grade field trip to Santa Fe back in 2000 and has since been on the trip 19 times.

In 1976 Gail (Vander Ploeg) DeYoung student taught social studies at Rehoboth under Stan Pikaart and Ron Polinder. By 1977 she and her husband Mike DeYoung were working at Rehoboth and spent their entire working careers here. Gail has spent much of that time in the middle school as a counselor and choir director, but she also did a lot of teaching. She has taught Futures and Pathways in the middle school, as well as social studies and home economics in the high school. As a student council advisor for many years she organized dozens of homecomings in the Keith Kuipers gym. She also coached softball and volleyball. Gail has spent a lot of time with students outside of the school day through leading summer trips to Camp Dunamis and by planning over 25 choir tours throughout the United States and even to Germany. Mike has worn many hats at Rehoboth. He began his career at Rehoboth in 1977 and over the years taught high school earth science, health and physiology, and middle school math and science. He coached volleyball, cross country,


and track. From 1986-1999 he was the Rehoboth Christian High School principal and the earth science teacher. In fact in 1995, Mike was named the Outstanding Earth Science Teacher in the Southwest Region by the National Association of Geology Teachers. Mike’s latest contribution to Rehoboth since 2000 has been bringing Rehoboth into the computer age as our Network Administrator. We praise God for Lois, Gail, and Mike and for their faithful commitment to Rehoboth Christian School.

V ig o ro us l y Acad em i c · B eau t i fu l l y D i v ers e · T horoughly C hr istian

Gold medalist Mills brings his ‘Unity through diversity’ message to Rehoboth This article was originally published in the Gallup Independent on May 3, 2018. . It is being reprinted with permission. Written By Shaquana Desiderio

REHOBOTH — Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills – who stunned the world when he won the 10,000-meter race for the United States in Tokyo in 1964 – gave a simple message to students at

when racial tensions were high and the odds were against him. He explained to students that the road to his success was never easy.

Complications “I had people tell me that I couldn’t do something because I was an Indian,” said Mills. “I was told to go back to my country during the Olympic games. I was never prepared for this type of racism.” “Unity through diversity is not something that I experienced as a young boy,” he added. “It wasn’t something that I experienced throughout high school, or in college or as an officer in the Marine Corps. It was something that I learned.” Mills explained to students that throughout his life he was often the victim of racism. It began as early as childhood and followed him as he ran the race of his life in Tokyo in 1964.

Rehoboth Christian School Wednesday: “Unity through diversity.”

But, at the event, he told students that the cure to racism is “unity through diversity.” Since then, he has made it his lifelong goal to unite communities – particularly tribal communities – together throughout the world.

In a crowded room – at the Rehoboth Christian Reformed Church – Mills began his speech by remembering the feeling he had when he crossed the finish line at the 1964 Olympic race in Tokyo.

‘Mentally trained’

“That moment was magical to me,” said Mills. “I truly felt that I had wings on my feet.”

hat as a minority, he has often experienced “racial tension” but that was not enough to deter him from winning gold in his category.

“I laid my footprints on mother earth and that is something that forever altered my life,” he added, “and to this day, it continues to challenge me.” Mills is the first – and is still the only – Native American athlete to receive the gold medal in the 10,000-meter Olympic race. He is originally from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and identifies as an Oglala Lakota (Sioux). In 1964, he set a world record of 28 minutes and 24.4 seconds in the 10,000-meter race during a time

One student asked if Mills ever experienced “racial tensions” as he raced in Tokyo. Mills explained

he practices the culture and values of Oglala Lakota. This knowledge of culture prepared him both spiritually and mentally for the race, he said. Another student asked, “were you ever told that you couldn’t make it?” To which Mills replied, “always.” “I was always told that I couldn’t do it,” said Mills. “But in my mind, I just asked for strength. It wasn’t just that I won the race at Tokyo. I think mentally, I won that race too. I asked myself to perform the greatest level of strength that I could perform at that race. So, I judged victory a lot more differently than others.” “So, I really didn’t care about what others said I couldn’t do,” he added. “I mentally trained myself for that race and it helped me all the way through.”

Helping communities Today, Mills travels throughout the U.S. visiting tribal communities and speaks to youth about healthy lifestyles and taking pride in their heritage. He is the co-founder of Running Strong, a non-profit organization that helps American Indian people live a healthy lifestyle by providing food, water, and shelter to tribal communities throughout the country. “We need to become warriors in unity through diversity,” said Mills. “Let’s make America great for everyone of all cultures, race, and religions. Let’s make the world a better place.”

“Because of my skin, it was assumed that I couldn’t do anything that others could do,” he said. “But the core of my training was taking my culture, value and spirituality to form my training. It helped me deal with all those obstacles and helped me to win ‘the big race.’” Mills identifies as a Christian, yet

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Tour of Hope: Choir Tour Recap T he name of this year’s tour was taken from a previous tour a decade ago when the choir traveled to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina relief work. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas this past fall, God made it clear to co-directors, Bob Ippel and Gail DeYoung, that they were to travel to Texas for their second Tour of Hope. The 50+ voices of the Rehoboth Choir left on April 7 for a week of worship and service.

April 8 The choir participated in two morning services in the beautiful sanctuary of St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Brenham, Texas. Brenham has sent groups to volunteer at Rehoboth and Rehoboth’s Cantabile choir has visited Brenham in the past. Rehoboth treasures this relationship with Brenham. In the evening the choir performed at New Life CRC in Spring, Texas. The choir had the privilege


of hearing testimonies of God’s work in the lives of parishioners who had been effected by the flooding in Houston. The service ended with the choir surrounding those who had been impacted and singing a blessing to them. April 9 - 12 Unlike most tours, the choir spent a long time in one city. The choir stayed in the city of Port Arthur, Texas where they were able to work with the Navajo Nation Christian Response team in working on churches and homes in the area that had been devastated by the hurricane. The choir was able to raise $5,000 for Peaceful Rest Baptist Church, an African American church, that was destroyed by the hurricane and had received no help. The choir also ministered to these communities by bringing songs of hope. The choir sang at a fire station for the first responders who

faced amazing hardships during the days after the hurricane, to elementary and high school students who almost all had been impacted by the hurricane, and for an African American congregation whose members were still living in hotels. While singing songs of hope for those who had experienced the storm of Harvey, students were able to experience God’s hope in the midst of their own personal storms. The students also came home amazed at the sincere joy of those who had lost so much. A shift in perspective occured in many of the choir students. April 13 The choir tour ended in Stephenville, Texas. The choir shared their songs with a school and the church family at Stephenville CRC. The evening ended with a gentleman kneeling before the choir with his hands raised stating that he had seen the “face of God.” A beautiful way to end a tour of hope!

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Snapshots from Spring 2018

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High School S.A.C. Week

gives students the opportunity to explore alternative curriculum classes such as coding, book making, self defense, cooking, and many more! A group of students also visited local national parks, monuments, and hiking trails in our area.

Rehoboth Color Run! On April

This year’s Mid School Choir performed HMS Pinfore. Well done, students! A special thank you to student teacher, Rachael Hoekwater for all her work in this production.

27, Rehoboth Christian School held its third annual all-school color run to raise money for new elementary playground equipment and a coffee cart program for our new high school.

During the one-hour run students made their way around the hiking trails behind Rehoboth’s campus to be showered with brightly-colored, powdered paint at various color stations. It was a beautiful day and we praise God for blessing our school with over $20,000 in donations from this event!

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Advancement announcements Tuition Assistance Needs:


We are thankful for the faithful support we have received throughout this school year, and for the generous gifts that have provided for tuition assistance to over 75% of our students. Please consider a tuition assistance gift to help us begin the 2018 -19 school year. As we shared in our recent mailing, one of our summer projects here at Rehoboth is to upgrade many of our buildings to provide a safer environment for all of our students. Through June 8th, we have received $29,500 towards our need of $134,250 for these projects. Please go to currentgivingopportunity.cfm to learn more about how these funds will be used. Ken Zylstra Dave Sytsma Director of Advancement Advancement Officer 505-488-3900 616-283-4495



Save the Date

Dedication Ceremony of the new Rehoboth Christian High School

28 2018


The new Rehoboth Christian High School

Rehoboth, NM



This summer we are saying goodbye to Joy Burmeister, our Advancement Assistant and Sponsorship Coordinator. Joy is moving to Zuni Christian Mission to be a part of their Advancement and Administration team.

Thank you, Volunteers!



Our high school students left on the last day of school in May knowing that in August they will be learning in our brand new high school building. Staff and students are excited to see the finished product completed during the summer months. Many thanks to the team from LAM/Rockford Construction for keeping the project on schedule and under budget! We look forward to having volunteer groups on campus this summer to help with installing the landscape materials around the new school building.



Short-term Volunteers

Long-term Volunteers Cont.

Paul and Trudi Ippel Ken and Vera IntVeld Ray and Betty Kerkstra Evan and Susan Roelofs Jim and Suki Brasser Steve and Joyce Eggebeen Andrew and Barbara Dozeman Jim, Tamela, Verlare, Sierra, and Amberly Verlare William Dekryger Charles and Melanie Dekryger Bert and Hendricia Schouten Meindert Prins Jerry and Sherri VanGroningen James and Mary Hale Clifford and Joanne Soodsma Uko and Jane Zylstra

Norma Tsosie Carrie Ruthven Tara DeYoung Scott and Jennifer Nydam Rachael Kass

Long-term Volunteers Jack and Cindy Ippel Liz Wilson Ruth and Denny Van Andel Linda Hekman

Destination Rehoboth Volunteer Groups: Lutheran Church of Hope (DesMoine, IA) Lancaster Bible College (Lancaster, PA) Hope College (Holland, MI) Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI) Tabernacle of Praise International Academy (McDonough GA ) Hillcrest CRC (Hudsonville, MI) Denver Christian School (Denver, CO) Stephenville CRC (Stephenville, TX) New Life CRC (Houston, TX) Brookfield CRC (Brookfield, WI) 2nd Reformed (Zeeland, MI) Sioux Falls Christian School (Sioux Falls, SD Princeton CRC (Grand Rapids, MI)

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Gifts in Memory of: In Memory of Edwin Boeve

Mr. and Mrs. Phyllip and Marcia Hamming In Memory of Sidney Boonstra

Ms. Lee S. Schouw Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Lisa Nelson Ms Roseann Dykstra

Mr. and Mrs. Dayton and Julie Norrgard Ms. Esther M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. R and C Loomis Mr. and Mrs. John and Wilma Feeley Ms. Michelle M. Hunter Ms. Lisa M. Novak Mr. Dennis Drake and Janice Frederickson Ms. Mary P. Clary

In Memory of Ann K. Boyd

Mrs. Elizabeth Lankheet

In Memory of Clarence Dykhouse

Mr. and Mrs. Harris and Jean Bosma

In Memory of Elizabeth DeHaan

Ms. Beth Rudolph Mr. Paul Dybala Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Sarah Volkers Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Janice Burgers Dr. and Mrs. Leroy and Anjean Stegink Mrs. Verna DeHaan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Joanne Rozema Mr. Henry Ritsema Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius and Wilma Bykerk Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Carolyn Weeda Mrs. Laura W. Post Mrs. Helen P. DeHaan Mr. John H. DeHaan Mr. and Mrs. David and Ellen VantHof Mr. and Mrs. Warren and Angelika DeHaan Ms. Kristin K. Bergh Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Virginia DeHaan Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Marion DeHaan Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood and Mary VandenBosch Mr. and Mrs. Gordon and Sylvia Bordewyk Mrs. Marilyn L. Grant Russ’ Restaurants Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Phyllis DeVries Mr. and Mrs. David and Barbara Huyser Mrs. Carol Peters Mrs. Shirley Vanderson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Mary Ippel Mr. Franklin J. DeHaan Northeastern American Legion Auxiliary #459 Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Jan Malek In Memory of David Diener

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Karen Slootmaker Ms. Karen Van De Wege Mr. and Mrs. James and Deeann Vink Mr. and Mrs. Daryl and Carolyn Dekkers Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Susan Kieft Mr. Tristin L. Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Kathryn Moddelmog Mr. and Mrs. Marvin and Karen Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Christie Pals Mr. and Mrs. Calvin and Nancy Erickson Mrs. Carol Dey-Diener Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Donna Diener Mr. and Mrs. Del and Jo Fredin Mr. and Mrs. James and Dayton Norrgard Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Dee Bordewyk Mr. and Mrs. R. and M. Mccleery Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Dixie Loyd

In Memory of Revena Gritters

Ms. Kathleen DeHaan Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Gail DeYoung Mr. and Mrs. John and Lois Lanser Mr. and Mrs. Jerome and Hilma Schakel Mr. and Mrs. Vance and Laurie Brower Mr. and Mrs. Lonn and Robin Abeltins Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Lois Branderhorst Ms. Marilyn DeJong Mr. and Mrs. George and Margaret Duren Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Ruby Hoekstra Mrs. Ruth Huyser Mr. and Mrs. Lilburn and Geneva Jansen Mr. and Mrs. Klyn Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Dorothy Monsma Mr. and Mrs. James and Laura Nieboer Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Mary Pothoven Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Carol Ribbens Mr. and Mrs. Edwin and Rosetta Roose Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Katherine Roozeboom Mr. and Mrs. Brent and Phyllis Stam Ms. Cheryl K. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Danny and Diane Massick Ms. Susan Larvick Mr. and Mrs. Melvin and Shirley Uitermarkt Mr. Richard T. VanderLaan Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn and Dorothy Vanderleest Ms. Nancy and Ms. Laurel Vanderpol Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Marcia VanEe Mr. and Mrs. Evan and Krista VanGelder Mr. and Mrs. Arvin and Brenda Van Hal Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Andrea VanKooten Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Deanne Vanwyk Mr. and Mrs. Leon and Margaret Zondervan Mr. and Mrs. John and Barbara VanGorp

Mrs. Lois M. Hannink Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Rhonda Berg Mr. Anthony Burrola and Mrs. Elizabeth HardinBurrola Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Ruth VanAndel Ms. Amy J. North Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Elaine Hannink Mr. and Mrs. Kendall and Laura Kamps Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Esther Koops Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Carolyn Weeda Mrs. Kathryn R. Noble-Schlamm Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Sian Zylstra Mrs. Ruth L. Klein Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Gail DeYoung Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Janet Weeda Mrs. Elsie Naranjo Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Marie Huizenga Rehoboth CRC Dr. and Mrs. John and Delianne Koops In Memory of William and Helen Posthuma

Mr. Mark W. Posthuma Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Susan King Mr. and Mrs. Alvin and Regina DeKuiper Mr. and Mrs. Pete and Deborah Posthuma Mr. Mark W. Posthuma In Memory of John Ruiter

Mrs. Lois Ruiter In Memory of Stanley Schickel Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Ellen Schickel Mr. and Mrs. Ross and Gerda Glass In Memory of Howard Tazelaar

Mrs. Sharon K. Tazelaar In Memory of Rolf and Nella Veenstra

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Vivian Talsma

Gifts in Honor of: In honor of Dr. Kenneth Kobes’ 90th Birthday

Ms. Linda M. Miller

In honor of My Little Sister Lois Ottens Har

Dr. and Mrs. Henry and Sharon Ottens

In honor of Henry and Maureen Loerop’s 50th In Memory of Marie Hogan

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford and Helen VanKooten Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Roxie Dewitt Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Mindy Koehler Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Rozema

Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Maureen Loerop In honor of Bob Ippel

Mrs. Michaela Lesser

In Memory of Adrian In’t Veld

In honor of Paul and Lynn Larsen’s

Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Vera In’tVeld

Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Lambert and Kathryn Van Poolen In Memory of Roland Kamps

Mr. and Mrs. John and JoAnne Van’tLand Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Cindy Ippel

In honor of Gary and Marcia VanEe

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Kimberly VanEe

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Dedication Ceremony of the new Rehoboth Christian High School





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