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Area's of work CSR is meaningful marketing, in other words it’s “marketing that counts�. When organizations engage in CSR activities the company builds a strong bond with the customer, increases its customer life time value, stakeholder value and profitability. We're able to initiate projects in areas such as -

Leadership and skills development Educational and awareness programs

Infrastructure development

Promoting diplomacy

Health and safety projects

Identification of strategic investments Community engagement activities

Wild life conservation and bio diversity Disaster management and post conflict recovery programs

Religious upbringing

Water management and sanitation projects

Policy development and research

Creating job opportunities through green jobs and new business development

Promoting a multi linguistic culture

Waste management and cleaning projects Projects associated with environmental activism and awareness building.

Social integrity and cultural cohesion

Emission reduction and carbon crediting

Projects for marginalized communities and differently able people

Animal health care.

Projects associated with arts and cultural heritage Early childhood development

Awareness programs for initiatives such as family planning, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, smoking, substance abuse and other social and environmental problems.

Area's of work  
Area's of work