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UpHill Residential Compound Mokatam 2017-2018

Graduation Project 2016 Grade : Very Good Pixels Push-Pull Skyscrapers

Hany Saad Innovations #HSI Collab 18 One of the top 15 designers

Remodeling of minimalist bedroom

Off Grid Retirement Home in Eastern Ontario

Master Bedroom Design

Modern home on hilltop , United States

Revival of Fouad Street 2015

Street Furniture 2015

Urban Bench 2015

Zero Waste Resort 2016

Master Bedroom Design

Design large Livingroom with GIGANTIC AQUARIUM

Luxury Suites & Kitchen in Beachside Victorian Boutique Hotel

A bedroom in a box

(the ultimate in multipurpose spaces)

Dressing Room Design

To Be Continued ...

Rehab Mahmoud  
Rehab Mahmoud