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►The Bimonthly Newsletter of the Dorchester County Democratic Party◄ August/September 2012 Volume 4, Issue 4

A Dream Come True! By Richard Hayes, party chairman

We had a vision, and it was to have a visible Election Headquarters for the 2012 elections. On July 7th, we formally opened our headquarters at 116 West Second North Street, at the opening to the Carolina Precinct, a block from Main Street Summerville, and next to the most popular barber shop in the area! All members of our Party have worked tirelessly fundraising the past two years so we could afford our dream, especially fundraising committee chair Deb Mortellaro and her sidekick Marty Turney. Marty and David Rison looked for months for the best location, and with Councilman Aaron Brown’s help they found the perfect location. Our Second Vice Chair Dot Brown headed up the team that got the new office ready, and on July 7 th we formally opened up our Headquarters to great fanfare – with the help of such notables as Councilman Willie Davis, Councilman Aaron Brown, State Representative Patsy Knight, Kayla Mallett from Bobbie Rose’s campaign, and the head of the Obama for America campaign in South Carolina Alex Papadopoulos. Dot Brown is making sure that the Headquarters will be manned most days between 10 am and 2 pm. The Headquarters will be the hub of our activity – meetings, telephone calling, emailing, and rallies – all to ensure that our strong candidates – including Miriam Birdsong, Patsy Knight, Bobbie Rose, and President Obama get elected. With your hard work, victory will be ours in November! Call Dot at our new office (879-9073) and volunteer today!

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IN THIS ISSUE Edisto River Stump on Aug 18—page 2 Annual Cicenia Dinner scheduled—page 3 Birdsong’s Back on the Ballot—page 4 Obamacare clears Supreme Court—page 5 Fantasy Football Season starting soon—page 5 Meet the Ladies event—page 7 “Blogging 101” class on Aug 11—page 8 Calendar of Events—page 9

DCDP’s new office at 116 W 2nd N St in Summerville

Dorchester Democrats have

98 Days Until Election Day! Can you make 98 phone calls? Knock on 98 doors? Register 98 new voters? Donate 98 dollars?

Join us at the

Every Democratic candidate from here to Texarkana is welcome to take the stump that day!

The Dorchester County Democratic Party is holding the “Edisto River Stump” at Givhans Ferry State Park on Saturday, August 18, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We have reserved the Community Building for the entire day. This event is free to attend so please bring your family and friends. Candidates and elected officials have been invited to attend and give their stump speeches. Fellow Democrats from our neighboring counties are also invited, so we anticipate a good crowd. This is the perfect opportunity to meet our candidates oneon-one. It is also a great time to get out and have some fun. We are planning a full day of events for the Edisto River Stump. Since this will be a family affair, we will have activities for the children. Other activities will include an on-site bake sale, sales of other merchandise, and the DCDP “flea market.” Those who want to show off their baking skills can enter their favorite homemade pie or cake in our “baking contest.” We will have a table set up for on-site voter registration and we’ll have lots of candidate literature.

While the event is free to attend, we could use your help. The DCDP is providing fried chicken and hot dogs, but we are requesting donations of side dishes, buns, condiments, drinks, plates, napkins and utensils. Monetary donations are very much welcomed and will help defray the cost of the event. We also need volunteers to help with set-up and clean-up, serving food, working at our various tables and directing attendees to our various activities inside and outside of the Community Building. We need volunteers to bake items for our bake sale. Contact Debbie Mortellaro (, 843-4866577 or 843-475-5059) for questions about the event, to make a donation of food, baked goods, enter the baking contest, volunteer to help at the event, or donate items to the flea market. All candidates, candidates’ staffs and media contact Rob Groce (, 843-475-5070). So, mark your calendars for the “Edisto River Stump” on Saturday, August 18 at Givhans Ferry State Park. We will keep you updated about the event as the date gets closer.

Alice J. Cicenia Dinner

team of Groce and Yeomans, who will emcee the live auction.

A Night to Remember By Deborah Mortellaro Well, it’s just around the corner. Our key fundraising event of the year – the annual Alice J. Cicenia Dinner – will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2012. Our annual dinner is held each year not only to raise money, but to honor the memory of Alice J. Cicenia, who worked tirelessly in the pursuit of Democratic values. Our keynote speaker for this year’s event is Rep. David J. Mack, III, whose District 109 will include part of our Dorchester County as result of this year’s redistricting. No stranger to Dorchester County, Rep. Mack has become a familiar face with the DCDP, attending many of our functions and being an inspiration to all Democrats. With this being an election year, we have

invited all local candidates and elected officials to attend the dinner. And because this is an election year, it is vitally important that you attend and support the Dorchester County Democratic Party. The money we raise will be used to help support our candidates, pay for our beautiful, fully functional new office in downtown Summerville, and pay for other costs we will incur in our pursuit to turn Dorchester County blue! Those of you who attended last year’s dinner will recall what a financial success our auction was, bringing in a lot much needed money! So we are happy to announce the return of the auction, and also back by popular demand will be the tag

"Going once …. Going twice"

As you have already read, our Alice J. Cicenia Dinner is Saturday, September 29th, and we absolutely are looking forward to your attending along with everyone else you know, but we need your collaborating skills as well. It is not enough to just attend. We really tossed if we should have an auction or not, and yes, we are going to have one simply because it is a real fundraiser (with your help) for the DCDP! We will still have a live as well as silent auction, and it will be going on all evening. Penny, Rob and I are still going door-to-door asking businesses to donate goods, gift certificates, or services. BUT—this is where we need you—and you can win.

In addition, the business will receive a special write up in the next Blue Note (thank you, Rob). This gives the business FREE advertising and gives you notoriety. No, that is not the prize you could win, but we promise it will be special. By the way, your individual personal donations to the Dorchester County Democratic Party’s Annual Alice J. Cicenia Dinner are welcomed as well as the businesses you solicit. Contact me regarding all donations from businesses at and I will arrange for the items to be picked up and taken to our dinner.

So mark your calendars now for the year’s most anticipated event – the annual Alice J. Cicenia Dinner, Saturday, September 29, 2012, 6 p.m., at the Holiday-Inn Express in Summerville (exit 199 off I-26). With our keynote speaker, Rep. David Mack, our candidates and elected officials, our silent and live auction – and most of all, you – this will be a night to remember. See you there!

Getting to know our new representative in Dorchester County and Keynote Speaker at this year’s Alice J. Cicenia Dinner  

We are asking you to solicit donations also. Whoever brings in the biggest value donation will get a special prize awarded the night of the dinner. One of the statements  you can use when soliciting donations is "Your support for our annual dinner could generate a terrific amount of support for your business!"  This is the truth, and if your solicited donation is chosen as the best donation, we’ll ask that both the selected business name and your name be featured (for three months) on the DCDP web site

As with all of our events, volunteers are needed! Please contact Debbie Mortellaro at or call 843486-6577 to volunteer.

Rep. David J. Mack, III

Auction at the Cicenia Dinner! By Marty Turney and Penny Brandenburg, partners in crime

For this year’s catered dinner, pre-paid tickets will be $30, with tickets purchased at the door being $35. Invitations for the dinner will be mailed to you during the first week in September.

        

House of Representatives, 1997 – Present Serves on the Labor, Commerce and Industry Committees Businessman/Radio Talk Show Host/President, Sunrise Communications of Charleston Lay speaker, Old Bethel United Methodist Church COBRA Board of Directors North Charleston branch of NAACP Board of Directors of South Carolina Coalition for Black Voter Participation Co-Chair of the Progressive Network Member, Charleston Chapter of Rainbow PUSH Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Board of Directors of the Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC), 1977-81 Carolina Youth Development Center, 1977-82 Editorial writer with The Chronicle, 1986-88 South Carolina Substance Abuse Commission, 1980-84

Birdsong’s Back on the Ballot! After all kinds of confusion and the ton of work it took to clear things up, Miriam Birdsong is probably a master of the yo-yo. I mean, her campaign has been up and down, up and down... Certified, then decertified. Then recertified, then re-decertified. But now, finally, clearly, certainly, truly, 100percent and absolutely for sure, Miriam’s back on the ballot as a candidate for County Council!

Birdsong says, “so their signatures might not count because they’re not currently registered in this district.” As a result, she increased her goal to exceed the minimum by at least onethird.

On July 13 (three days early!), she submitted Team Birdsong submits the petition to the county Voter Registration office her petition of 807 signatures from voters in th the 6 District. Less than a week later, Miriam The 807 total signatures received were still Her petition revealed a new project for our got the a-okay from the county election com- relatively easy to acquire, says Birdsong. party, though. Ninety of the folks who signed mission. “While we did reach out to all 13 precincts in her petition weren’t actually registered votDist. 6, we focused on two in particular – Cy- ers, and another 87 didn’t count because they On November 6, you’ll see her name on the press and Clemson. didn’t change their voter registration after ballot as an independent candidate. moving to the district. “Cypress consists mostly of newer developIt wasn’t easy, though. It took a dozen people ments in concentrated neighborhoods; they That could affect these same voters in Noabout 100 hours, going door-to-door in very were quicker to go through door-to-door,” vember, too, if they don’t notify the county at high heat and even in the rain, and one even she explains, “so that’s why we targeted that least 30 days before the election. Such voters wound up attacked by a very large dog, too. one. would have to use their former precinct’s But that didn’t stop the campaign team! polling location, or only be able to cast a pro“As for Clemson? Well, that’s where the invisional ballot. Required to get a minimum of 604 signatures cumbent lives, but it seems to be Hearn’s of registered voters in the district, Birdsong weakest area,” Birdsong says. “We couldn’t “I hope everyone who has recently moved will originally set 750 as a goal. “The county Board pass that up.” notify their county Voter Registration office,” of Elections recommended we shoot for 20 to Birdsong says, “and be able to participate in 25 percent more than the minimum to accom- Hearn won the Republican primary in June, the General Election later this year.” modate invalid signatures and the like,” Bird- but lost his own Clemson precinct to chalsong says. lenger John Goodman. That’s something we should all pay attention to, as well. Double-check your voter registraShortly after she began the petition drive, “We did very well in his Pine Forest area, too,” tion. (Click HERE to verify your voter registrathough, she saw need to aim for even more. she notes, getting 159 signatures – about 20 tion with the state election commission.) “This district has many who were last regispercent of all on the petition – from that one Alert your friends to do the same. And help us tered to vote in another part of the county,” subdivision where Hearn resides. register new voters!

Obamacare Clears SCOTUS By Dr. David Rison By a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court ruled the Affordable Care Act constitutional. The court held that although the law could not be upheld under the Commerce Clause, it could be upheld as a tax, thus validating the individual mandate, which is the heart of the Act. All persons must buy health insurance or pay a tax. Starting in 2016, the amount you would owe for not having health insurance is the greater of 2.5 percent of your income or $695. The Affordable Care Act is a major step toward providing health insurance to all Americans. In 1965, Congress passed Medicare at the urging of President Lyndon Johnson. Medicare provided compulsory health insurance for nearly all persons over 65, financed by contributions to the Social Security system. Congress also approved a new program called Medicaid to help the poor. States electing to participate would receive matching grants to help welfare recipients pay for medical care. Not many states signed up for Medicaid at first, but as time went by, all states eventually signed up. President Johnson signed the bill providing for Medicare and Medicaid in the presence of Harry Truman, who had proposed a national health insurance bill 20 years before.

Democratic presidents since Johnson have tried to expand federally-guaranteed health care to all Americans, not just the elderly and indigent, but to no avail until President Obama got Congress to pass the Affordable Care Act. The Act has many facets. It provides that young people can stay on their parent’s health plan until age 26. It also provides that persons can not be denied medical insurance because of preexisting medical conditions. The healthcare law expanded Medicaid to cover all non-elderly people with an income below 133 percent of the poverty line. The part of the law that gave the government the power to force states to accept the Medicaid expansion was found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. However, the federal government pays for all of the Medicaid expansion for the first three years. States will pay 5 percent starting in 2017, and then 10 percent starting in 2020. As the law now stands, states will never pay more than 10 percent of the cost for the expanded Medicaid. Governor Haley has said that South Carolina will not join the Medicaid expansion, but that decision is really up to the legislature and is a very good deal for the states.

Fantasy Football! Another year, another season, and another DCDP Fantasy Football League! This year, we’re doing it on Easy to use, and adjustable in number of teams (as long as it’s an even number, that is). The league’s draft is scheduled for Sunday, August 26 at 6 p.m. (If you’d like to be in the league but can’t make that day or time, you can still participate in auto-draft format.) If you have your own laptop, join us at the DCDP Headquarters that evening, so we can participate in the draft together. If you’re interested in joining, send an email to Rob Groce (; we’ll send you the website link and the password to join our league. If you’ve never registered with the NFL’s website before, you’ll have to do so after signing in with the password for our league. Don’t wait! We need all interested parties to sign up NOW in order to get our league set up correctly.

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“Meet the Ladies” event is met with great turnout! By Richard Hayes On July 15 the Dorchester County Democratic Party had a highly successful Meet and Greet the Candidates and Fundraiser at Pine Forest Country Club. South Carolina has the smallest contingent of elected woman officials in the United States, and we have the answers: Miriam Birdsong for County Council, Patsy Knight for SC House, and Bobbie Rose for US Congresswoman. Even the rain could not keep supporters away, as we had a full house to hear keynote speaker Linda Ketner present the case that we need these three great women as our elected officials. We know that Linda is an outstanding speaker, and she did not disappoint the audience, urging all of us to give our time and money to ensure Miriam, Patsy, and Bobbie get elected in November!

(L-R) Patsy Knight, Linda Ketner, Bobbie Rose, Miriam Birdsong and Carol Tempel

District 97. Miriam Birdsong came into the fundraiser on a strong positive note, as she had just been told she will be on the ballot in November as a petition candidate. Miriam, her family, and supporters like Rob Groce, Marty Turney, Debbie Lodge, Jeni Atchley, and Deb Mortellaro logged many hours talking to the voters of District 6 and getting them to sign a petition for Miriam. She is now a petition candidate with strong grassroots support from Democrats, Independents and common-sense Republicans. Next came our own Patsy Knight, running hard for re-election in a newly redistricted House District 97. She gave a rousing speech, and all pledged to make sure she will return to the House next January to continue her excellent representation of all voters in

Last, and maybe most important, Bobbie Rose gave an impassioned speech on fairness – a concept that our present congressman Tim Scott knows nothing about. We need Bobbie Rose as our Congresswoman not only to better represent the voters of District 1, but to support President Obama’s initiatives. Everybody left well fed – both their stomachs and their souls. All pledged to work tirelessly for all three candidates. If you have any free time – just let Dot Brown know (call 879-9073) and she can put you to good work at our Election Headquarters. On to Victory in November!

Tinkler falls short by only 14 votes—but still has another chance in November! See how important your vote is? In a special election on July 17, our own Paul Tinkler fell short by a mere 14 – only 0.2 percent of the total 6,281 votes cast.

The special election was only to fill the listing ). seat for the rest of the year, though, after its former senator Glen McCon- This November, we need to do our nell took the Lt. Governor’s office part to help our party! when Ken Ard resigned.

This office is still open for the NovemIt took three days to get that calcula- ber election. And Tinkler will be on tion finalized, too. Long after the polls the ballot for that race, too. closed, the final results of the special election for state senate Dist. 41 reWith more voters turning out for the mained unknown. presidential race, he’s very likely to take that spot in the election that matIt wasn’t until the following Friday, ters most. when provisional votes were verified and counted, that final results were Our Dorchester County Democratic tallied. Party can help out quite a bit in that race, too, because 13 precincts from Tinkler took 3,098 votes to Republican our county will be included in that nominee Walter Hundley’s 3,112. State Senate District 41 (see precinct

Dorchester County Precincts in Senate District 41 (November election) Archdale Archdale 2 Ashborough West Ashborough West 2 Ashley River Bacons Bridge Cypress Delemars Kings Grant Kings Grant 2 Patriot Saul Dam Windsor

Blogging Class on August 11 Learn how to create your own website blog for free! Starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 11 Dorchester Democrats Headquarters (116 W 2nd N Street in Summerville) Should last 90 minutes to 2 hours Yes, boys and girls, there is a Freedom of the Press guaranteed in our country’s Bill of Rights. There just isn’t very much press ‘round here anymore, though. Sure, we have many television channels and radio stations and newspapers in the Lowcountry, but they’re owned by a handful of very large corporations. They mostly give us the same information in each edition, each channel and each station, too. That’s not giving us very much perspective in the news, now is it? There’s still an avenue, though, and even though our founding fathers probably never envisioned a World Wide Web when they first thought of Freedom of the Press. Through the Internet, you can tell your own interpretation of the news. In your own words. In your own personal opinion. And right on your very own website, too. That might sound difficult to do, but we’d be glad to help you out and show you how easy it is. We can help you start your very own free website, give you some lessons on how to easily operate that site, and even tell you how to promote that site so that others can find it and read it. Best of all, it won’t cost you a single cent! Come to our Headquarters office in Summerville at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 11. (We’ll only have a couple of computers, so please bring your own!)

Top Blog Trends

What we’ll do that day:  Set up your own free site—you can pick an address and a free site design  Show you how to operate your site—post articles and add pictures/images  Tell you how to fine-tune your articles—using hyperlinks and tag words  Teach you how to promote your site—get your articles listed on other sites We’ll also go over how you can occasionally receive articles and press releases, which you can then write up in your own style or simply post as-is.

1) Informative Blogs—local and national news that only get little (if any) coverage by regular media 2) Creative Rants—venting frustrations on particular topics with a humorous tone 3) Personal Accounts of News—the latest news in a first-person format, telling personal opinion at the same time

Until our August 11 seminar, think about the particular angle you’d like your blog to take. You can look at the free blog designs you can use, too, and from both Weebly and WordPress.

Brother, can you spare a click? It’s a simple request, people. Next time you’re on Facebook, give us and our candidates a “like.” It’s really simple, too! Just use the links below to see their pages, and click on the “like” option you’ll find there. When we show support in numbers, we lend a lot of credibility to our party and its candidates! Here’s one for the campaign for our own Miriam Birdsong:

Our national party:

Bobbie Rose’s campaign page on Facebook:

Our state party:

Rep. Jim Clyburn:

And our very own county Democratic Party, too:

President Obama:

Get clicking, everybody!

Calendar of Events AUGUST August 11 Blog “How To” Seminar We’ll help you create your own free website, and show you how to promote that site, too! 10 a.m. at DCDP Headquarters (116 W 2nd N St in Summerville) See Page 8 for details. August 12 Fundraising Committee Meeting 4 p.m. DCDP Headquarters

Rison to be Democratic Elector for District 1 Every presidential election year, we hear about those “electoral votes” that decide the contests. While many of us may never quite figure out exactly what those electoral votes are, at least we can now say we know who they are—one of our own Dorchester Democrats will be an official “elector” this year! At the July 31 SCDP executive committee meeting, Dr. David Rison was selected to be the Democratic Party’s elector from the 1st District of the state, and will be one of its nine total electoral votes. If President Obama wins South Carolina this year, Rison gets to cast the official electoral vote for our part of the state.

August 13 DCDP Executive Committee Meeting 7 p.m. DCDP Headquarters

Rison was chair of the county party from 1988 to 1994. In 2000, he was elected to be National Delegate representing Al Gore at the Democratic National Convention.

August 18 Edisto River Stump Event Givhans Ferry State Park Community Building 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Free to Attend, See Page 2 for details

He is currently DCDP’s male representative to the state Democratic Party, and is District 1’s executive council representative.

August 26 DCDP Fantasy Football League Live Draft 6 p.m. DCDP Headquarters SEPTEMBER September 10 DCDP Executive Committee Meeting 7 p.m. DCDP Headquarters September 15 Monthly Breakfast 9 a.m. DCDP Headquarters Speaker to be Announced

Check out our website:

September 18 Dorchester County Democratic Women’s Meeting 7 p.m. DCDP Headquarters September 29 Annual Alice J. Cicenia Dinner 6 p.m. Cocktails, 7 p.m. Holiday-Inn Express Summerville Keynote Speaker Rep. David Mack See Page 3 for details

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