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►The Bimonthly Newsletter of the Dorchester County Democratic Party◄ April/May 2010

Volume 2, Issue 2

Election Season Officially Underway! We’ve been a very busy party in the last few months, that’s for sure. We completed our Precinct Reorganizations, hosted our County Party Convention, elected new delegates and officers, and brought in many people—even major candidates—to all these events and even more in between. But the fun has only just begun. The official campaign season didn’t officially start until just the other day on Mar. 30, which was the deadline for Democratic candidates to file for office. And we got many! Our Democratic Party is graced with many viable candidates, who you can see on Pages 10 and 11. And the work has just begun, too, folks. Our party has a lot to do over the next several months in support of our candidates. We have more work to do, more events to host and attend, and many more voters to reach. Can we count on you?

A Message from New Party Chairman Richard Hayes I want to thank you for the confidence and trust you have placed in me to lead the Dorchester County Democratic Party as your Chair. It will be an honor and privilege to be part of a team that will make the Democratic Party the majority party in Dorchester County! Remember – we are the party of the people, supporting public education, jobs and planned growth! I believe that, in the last two years, outgoing chairman Steve Yeomans did a superb job in organizing our County Party, expanding the leadership and starting the process of rebuilding the county precincts, which the Obama Campaign proved is the key to winning elections. My goal in the next two years is to build strong county precinct-level organizations, and to provide them with the ability to get our primary jobs accomplished. I believe that, as the County Party, we have three primary jobs:

 Get Democratic Party voters out to vote – often!  Run top candidates for local office  Support those candidates so they can win So, if you are a Precinct President, get organized – and if you need help, just ask your County Party Chair! I hope every Precinct President/Executive Committee member has at least one precinct get-together by June 15! As you know by now, the South Carolina Democratic Party has an impressive slate of candidates, and will have some great primary races. I am a strong supporter of Primary races; the competition is good, the publicity is free, and it energizes the party regulars. (By the way, anybody who would like to help on Primary Election day in June, just let me know – Democracy in action!) Thank you again for your confidence. The time is NOW for you to personally get involved in your County Democratic Party – please contact me anytime at (843-225-1882, -Richard Hayes

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Inside this Edition County Convention—Pages 1 and 2 New Party Officers—Page 3 State Party Convention—Page 4 Healthcare Bill Becomes Law— Page 5 Meet & Greet our Candidates on April 10—Page 6 BBQ & Blues Bash—Page 7 New Green Industry Jobs—Page 9 Earth Day Turns 40—Page 9 Our Candidates—Pages 10 and 11 Dear President Obama—Page 12 Liar, Liar—Page 13 Calendar—Page 14

Another successful County Convention! By Nancy Seufert, one un-conventional lady On March 20, the DCDP had its County Convention, and boy, was it a success. Volunteers began arriving at 8 a.m. to start setting up. Convention-goers were greeted at the front door by members of the Fundraising Committee with fresh coffee and muffins for sale. Everyone should thank Pamela Ward (our fundraising chair), Deb Mortellaro, Charles Ward, Beverly Lucas-Waggoner, Marty Turney, and Rob Groce for all of their hard work. There were 94 delegates and alternates who came to the convention. The convention started on time and with a rallying start. The delegates voted outgoing Chair Steve Yeomans as the Convention President, Nancy Seufert was voted in as the Convention Secretary, and Mike Linehan was voted in as the Convention Treasurer. After discussing the rules of the Convention, Dorchester Democrats were “FIRED UP AND READY TO GO!” After the DCDP officer elections, the keynote speaker was David Pascoe, solicitor for our state’s 1st Circuit region. Pascoe’s name was bandied about as a possible state Attorney General candidate. (continued on Page 2)

Another successful County Democratic Party Convention (Continued from Page 1) However, Pascoe recently decided that he enjoyed being our solicitor. Pascoe discussed the progress of Dorchester County Democrats over the years. He also discussed the Youth Mentoring Program led by former DCDP Chair, AJ Glover. Candidates for the Youth Mentor Program are recommended by the Family Court officials and the Program Coordinator. Time in the program (usually six months to one year) is based on several factors, including the severity of the crime, family support, academic compliance, and other factors. Local religious and community organizations provide volunteer mentors who monitor the fulfillment of the program requirements. Dr. Jim Rex, state Superintendent of Education and candidate for governor, spoke about the educational needs of our youth. He stated his goals would lead to “a government committed to accountability and living within its means, a state committed to improving schools, and leadership that accurately reflects our values.” In the race for Congressional District 1, currently held by Henry “Smokey the Bear says only you can prevent forest fires” Brown, Patrick Labbe, South Carolina’s state coordinator for the Progressive Democrats of America and chair of the local Dorchester County PDA, spoke on behalf of Robert Dobbs. He spoke of Dobbs PDA endorsement, and he extolled the values of education, health care, and Dobbs’ beliefs on ending the war. Also running in CD-1, Col. Robert Burton (USAFretired) spoke. Burton talked about how our representatives do not represent us. He stated that he “has been fortunate enough to have had great mentors in my military career who have taught me to sometimes step back from the day to day challenges of life and contemplate the big picture in order to visualize a path to get to where you need to be twenty years from now.”

positive influence in the state. She has worked hard to represent all of the people of her district. Christine Jackson, candidate for district 98 (Annette Young’s district), spoke next. Jackson supports local businesses, improvements to our educational system and budget reform as her primary goals, as well as environmental conservation. Jackson believes that the state should only do business with small companies located in South Carolina, “not large corporations or out-of-state businesses.” Amongst our County Council Officers, Kenny Waggoner spoke first. He talked about how proud he was of Dorchester County and the need of continuing support. Councilman Willie Davis also spoke of the progress of Dorchester County. He praised the work of dedicated Democrats such as Rep. James Clyburn. Finally, we heard from candidate for District 2 School Board, Judy Fell. She talked about our need to incorporate technology into today’s educational world. As the convention came to a close, two resolutions were passed. The first one from Dr. David Rison was to thank Steve Yeomans, outgoing chair, for his hard work and dedication to the DCDP. This was overwhelmingly passed. The second was offered by Kenny Waggoner, thanking Susen Shapiro for her past four years of service as our former State Executive Committee Women. This, too, was passed. As the convention closed, outgoing Chair Steve Yeomans thanked his family and party members for their hard work during his term.

(Editorial Comment Coming) Steve, as the person who ran against you for the County Chair position two years ago, I personally want to thank you for the work you have done. Like I’ve stated to you before, I don’t believe I could have done a better job than you have done with the DCDP. I personally want to thank you Speaking from the category of state house for the time and effort you have given to the candidates was incumbent Rep. Patsy Knight of DCDP. The best man won, and I for one will district 97. She also talked about education for miss the conversations we have had. our students in South Carolina. Knight’s been a -Nancy

New DCDP Officers elected at County Convention By Nancy Seufert, Gossip Columnist

Party Chairman At the recent Dorchester County Democratic Convention, outgoing chairman Steve Yeomans nominated Col. Richard Hayes as our new County Chair. Hayes has been an active member of the DCDP for the last nine years. Hayes served in the U.S. Air Force for 28 years after graduating from the Air Force Academy in 1973. In 2008 he served as the Veteran’s Affairs Advisor in the Linda Ketner and Barack Obama-South Carolina campaigns. Hayes has two children—Megan, a 2005 Clemson graduate, and Scott, a sophomore at Clemson majoring in Civil Engineering. And he’s married to his wonderful wife of 37 years, Connie. His goal for the next two years is to build strong County Precinct-Level Organizations. Running unopposed, Hayes was elected by acclamation. First Vice Chair For the position of 1st Vice Chair, Col. Hayes gave a resounding, passionate speech for Margaret Goodwine. Goodwine recently served as the DCDP 2nd Vice Chair. She is also the current president for the Dorchester County Democratic Women’s group. She’s been active in Democratic politics for a number of years. Also worth noting, Ms. Goodwine’s precinct of Delemars is the best organized precinct in Dorchester County. Goodwine graciously accepted the nomination and was elected by acclamation. As the 1st Vice Chair, Goodwine plans to support new chairman Hayes and the DCDP. She will be a shining example as to how to organize your precinct. 2nd Vice Chair For the position of 2nd Vice Chair, Deborah Mortellaro was elected.

her husband, Rob Groce, Deborah became active with the DCDP in 2006.

elected to his position by acclamation. Rison has worked with the DCDP for almost 30 years, and is a life-long Democrat. He Since joining, she has volunteered to work holds a Ph.D. in American history from on various projects including the DCDP UCLA. In 1972, he helped organize the BapOpen House for the Ridgeville headquartist College Young Democrats. Dr. Rison ters, Adopt-A-Highway, the annual Alice was elected DCDP chair in 1986 and then Cicenia dinner, the BBQ & Blues event and succeeded Alice Cicenia as Executive Commany bake sales. She also serves on the mittee Person in 1996. He has served in PR/Advertising, Issues & Initiates and Fund- that capacity since then. He has been raising committees, and is a regular conelected several times to Executive Council, tributor to our bi-monthly newsletter, The which is the executive body of the state Blue Note. Anyone who has had the oppor- party’s Executive Committee, and contintunity to eat over at Deb’s knows it is a real ues to do so. David is also the Chair of the treat to have her in our party. As 2nd Vice- Precinct Reorganization Committee, and Chair for the DCDP, Mortellaro plans to his goal is to get each of our 74 precincts support new party chair Richard Hayes in organized. growing the county party by increasing the level of interest to potential members so State Executive Committeewoman that they will become active, focusing on For the position of State Executive Commitcommunity awareness of the party through tee Woman, Marty Turney was elected. its activities, and maintaining a positive She’s been an active member of the DCDP image of the Democratic Party in general for a number of years. She has held many both locally and statewide. offices such as former President of the DCDW, 2nd Vice Chair of the DCDP, and 3rd Vice Chair Executive Committee representative for For the position of 3rd Vice Chair, Marcus the Clemson Precinct. Turney has also been Bryant was elected. a Poll Manager for the Clemson precinct for many years. Bryant is currently a student at Charleston Southern University studying for his major She vowed to attend the meetings and in Political Science and minor in Criminal actively participate in the subcommittees. Justice. He has been the recipient of Not only will she provide regular updates, many distinguished awards, including SRO she will also actively find out what the Student of the Year South Carolina 2006, DCDP wants from the State Party and work National Humanitarian Award, Air Force to get it. Association Award, and American Veterans Award. He is also engaged to Brittany Gold- Alternates to State Executive Committee smith, a student at the University of South For the positions of Alternate State Executive Committee persons, both Rob Groce Carolina. and Nancy Seufert were elected. Groce has been active in the DCDP since moving here “It has been said that I am highly intelligent, extremely personable and not easily in 2005. He is currently serving as the Chair of the PR & Advertising Committee, and is manipulated,” Bryant says. Executive Committee person for the Clemson 2 precinct. He is an advocate for positive change, life skill development, and accountability.

He is honored to serve with the DCDP, and he also intends to learn, grow, and make a difference locally, statewide, nationally, Deb was born and raised in New Orleans. and globally. Bryant was also elected by In 1998, she graduated from the University acclamation. of New Orleans, earning dual-major deState Executive Committeeman grees in both Communications and SpanFor the position of the State Executive ish, with a minor in Journalism. After moving to Summerville in 2005 with Committee Man, Dr. David Rison was re-

Nancy Seufert (OK, me) has been also active in the DCDP since 2005. I currently serve as the Executive Committee person of the Ashley River Precinct and Secretary of the DCDP. I am most proud of my husband (Clayton Seufert) and my “LIAR LIAR” series in The Blue Note. Both Rob and I vow to ensure that Dr. Rison and Ms. Turney stay healthy. If need be, we both will play backup quarterbacks.

Jackson-Jefferson Dinner, Clyburn’s Fish Fry and the next

State Democratic Party Convention By Dr. David ―are you gonna eat that?‖ Rison On Friday, April 23 the South Carolina Democratic Party will hold its annual Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in Columbia. The dinner is named for the two presidents who are considered to be the founders of the Democratic Party, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. The dinner is always held on the Friday preceding the state convention on Saturday. Delegates and alternates can buy tickets for the JJ Dinner at reduced rates. The dinner is a fundraiser for the state party, but after the dinner many Democrats attend the free fish fry given by Jim Clyburn. The fish fry is a highlight of the Democratic weekend for many. In 2007, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other nationally known Democrats attended the fish fry prior to the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary. Congressman Clyburn, who has become a leader in the House of Representa-

tives, represents Congressional District Six, which includes upper Dorchester County. On Saturday, April 24 Democrats will meet at 10:00 AM at the Columbia Visitors Center to handle some party housekeeping measures, such as resolutions. No party officers will be elected this year. At noon, delegates will gather for a barbecue lunch and hear short speeches from our congressional candidates and statewide candidates, other than the candidates for governor. There will be a free televised debate between the Democratic candidates starting at 3:00 p.m. The 2010 convention will end at 4:00. The delegates elected to the 2010 convention will also be delegates to the state convention in 2011. If you have any questions about the convention please contact Richard Hayes at 225-1882 or David Rison at 873-6928.

Candidates, Elected officials, Vendors and other Democrats: Are you well known by Democrats in your county, but not necessarily others around the state? Do you want to introduce yourself to more South Carolina Democrats, but don't have time? Would you like everyone to know you're running for office, thank your constituents or advertise your business at the South Carolina State Democratic Convention? If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, then the South Carolina Democratic Party has the perfect opportunity for you. The SCDP is currently selling ad space in the Dem Weekend 2010 program book. Advertising in the Dem Weekend program book will give you visibility with Jefferson-Jackson Dinner guests and convention attendees. Ad sizes and rates are as follows: ½ Page - $175 Full Page- $325 For more information or to purchase an ad, contact Keiana Page at (803) 7997798 or at . ALL ADS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY APRIL 9, 2010. Need something larger than an ad? The South Carolina Democratic Party is currently accepting applications for vendors for the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner and SC State Democratic Convention. All candidates, local activist groups and vendor groups are encouraged to rent a booth or table. Rental space is available for one event or the entire Dem Weekend. For more information or to reserve a space, contact Lindsey Maxwell at (803) 799-7798 or at

Attention Party Members If you are a State Delegate, please consider it your party obligation to attend the 2010 State Democratic Party Convention. In 2009, we stood out as the one of the few counties that had all of its delegates attend that year’s state convention. We need to keep our good reputation! If you cannot attend, please be sure to notify an alternate state delegate who can take your place, or inform the DCDP so that we can recruit an alternate. (All alternate delegates are welcome to attend regardless, of course.) If you have any questions, contact us!

Healthcare Bill Becomes Law (and without a single Republican vote) By Katharine “is there a Democrat in the House?” Eastvold Congressional Democrats finally accomplished one of the major aspirations of Barack Obama’s campaign and presidency when they succeeded in passing a health care reform bill on Sunday, March 21. The debate went on for hours in the House, which had to approve, by only a simple majority under “reconciliation” rules, the bill passed earlier by the Senate. Finally, at almost midnight, the vote was taken and the legislation was passed, 219 to 212. The President signed the bill at a ceremony on the following Tuesday.

ness of originating student loans (and receiving fees for their services while the government backed up the loans so that the banks assumed no risk); the savings will be used in part to pay for health care reform but mostly to increase the number of grants available to college students. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the plan will decrease the deficit by $143 billion over the first ten years and $1.2 trillion in the second ten years in which the law is in effect.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

haus: “He may be a dead man. He can’t go home to the west side of Cincinnati.”

Perhaps the biggest loser (and the biggest unsung hero) of the health care fight has been Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak. Vilified by pro-choice Democrats when he added the Stupak Amendment, which would have exFew think the new law is perfect, but most plicitly barred all use of federal funds for Democrats agree it’s at least a step in the abortion under the new law, to the bill in the right direction. Unfortunately, in the final House, he briefly enjoyed a stint as the darvote, House Republicans unanimously opling of the pro-life movement – until he and posed the bill, while thirty-four Democrats his Congressional allies accepted a deal also voted against it, many of them afraid of wherein the President would sign an execubacklashes in their home districts. Although tive order doing the same thing as his Barack Obama won the presidency in Noamendment so as to ensure the bill’s passage vember 2008 by a comfortable margin, while since some Democrats found an executive making health care reform a major part of his order more acceptable than an addition to Under the law Pres. Obama signed, health campaign, large numbers of conservatives the language of the bill. Pro-choice Democinsurance companies will no longer be alare now crying foul and insisting that health rats still look on Stupak with suspicion lowed to reject would-be customers with care reform (even as watered-down as the (Michael Moore, for instance, credits his preexisting conditions (this will apply imme- final legislation turned out to be) is a governfollowers’ middle-of-the-night phone calls to diately to children; by 2014 no one of any ment takeover, or even a socialist plot, Stupak’s home for the change and is still age may be denied coverage) or drop paying foisted on an unsuspecting country by conthreatening to support any liberal challenger customers when they are diagnosed with niving liberal politicians. he might have in this year’s election), and expensive-to-treat illnesses. Insurance propro-life groups have angrily dumped him. viders must also allow dependents to stay on In the days since the bill’s passage, some (The Susan B. Anthony list, for instance, was their parents’ insurance until age twenty-six. Congressional Democrats have experienced planning on honoring Stupak with its DeAmericans who have trouble paying their vandalism at their home offices or even refender of Life award the Wednesday after premiums but are ineligible for Medicaid or ceived death threats. (New York Congressthe vote but rescinded the offer.) Medicare will receive subsidies. By 2014, all man Anthony Weiner even found a packet Americans will be required to purchase containing white powder – and a note telling Democrats who supported health care rehealth insurance. Like the requirement that him to “drop dead” – in his mail.) As House form now face the challenge of selling the drivers carry car insurance, this mandate will members were going into the Capitol to deAmerican public on the new law, convincing lower health care costs for everyone by wid- bate the bill, protestors spat on some and them that the sky is not falling and the ening the insurance pool, bringing more shouted racist or anti-homosexual epithets American way of life is not threatened, and healthy people into the pool so that people against others. Some Republican leaders presenting an alternative of compassion, who need expensive treatments don’t bank- have denounced the violence and threats, commonsense, and unity to the rising tide of rupt the system, and curtailing the use of but others have encouraged them; Michele hateful rhetoric and violence. It’s a big job, emergency rooms for routine health care. Bachmann, for instance, said on a Minnesota but we’re up to the task, and failure is not an Small businesses will be able to purchase radio program that she wants voters “armed option. insurance for their employees more afforda- and dangerous” when it comes to health bly through the use of insurance exchanges. care and that she considers herself a “foreign For a good summary of what the new health The bill expanded Medicaid eligibility and correspondent” when she goes to Washingcare reform law does, see http:// closed the Medicare “donut hole” while also ton. “*H+aving a revolution every now and prescription costs for seniors. Addithen is a good thing,” she said. Rep. John 20000846-503544.html. tionally, Congress cut banks out of the busi- Boehner singled out Democrat Steve DrieMany voters who supported Obama in 2008 were not happy with the resulting health care reform. The need to work with Republican and conservative Democratic members of Congress to get any sort of reform passed led to significant compromise: the final bill constituted neither single-payer health care (a la Great Britain) nor even an array of insurance choices that included a public option. Even so, this is the biggest step forward in national health care reform since the issue was first brought up by a president (Teddy Roosevelt) early in the last century.

DCDP and county Democratic Women host Meet & Greet on April 10 By Pamela “I am woman, hear me type” Ward

Please plan to attend this event at Pine The Dorchester Democrats will be hosting a very special Forest Country Club. event at Pine Forest Country Club (1000 Congressional Dr This event is free in Summerville) on Saturday, April 10th at 6 pm. The event and hors d’oeuvres is a joint effort with the Dorchester Democratic Women. will be served. There Although we have invited all the candidates to come and will be a cash bar. say a few words, our keynote speaker will be Marjorie L. The clubhouse is Johnson. lovely and should provide a pleasant Not only is Marjorie running for South Carolina Secretary of evening for everyone State, but she’s also President of the Richland County De- to hear Marjorie. mocratic Women. Other candidates for office will speak to us Johnson is the only woman running for state office in South that night, too. Carolina. According to her website, “eligible women voters make up 51% of the voter population. Women are repreThe Dorchester Desented by 0% at the statewide elected office level. That is mocrats have invited not representative of our capabilities and/or intelliDemocratic Women gence. Women deserve to be represented, deserve a seat from surrounding at the table of decision-making in this state, and I want to counties to join us in be that chosen person.” support of Marjorie L. Johnson for state Secretary of State. We hope to see you Because Democratic women believe that we need to have on April 10th. a voice in South Carolina, we want to give Democrats a chance to meet and hear about Marjorie Johnson and her See You There!! (After you participate in our “Adopt-Acampaign for state office. Highway” earlier that same day, that is.)

DCDP “Adopt-A-Highway” clean-up on morning of April 10 By Marty Turney, who won’t stay out of the trash our name in print or rather on a SCDOT sign

April 10th is a busy day for Dorchester County Democrats. (We are also known as “Dor. Cnty. Democrats”; that’s what our highway sign says, anyway.) We start the morning off by picking up trash along Dorchester Road from the intersection of Dorchester and Bacon’s Bridge Roads to the intersection of Dorchester and the second Tupelo.

This was the original agreement—ninetenths of a mile on both sides which together nearly equal the two-mile requirement of SCDOT. Our reward is that we get

“Dor. Cnty. Democrats.” The “Dor. Cnty. Democrats” always need help. We are required to perform Adopt-AHighway duties three times a year. Because this is a busy section of Dorchester Road, many years we are often out on the roadway, or in the trenches (ditches), four times a year.

The SCDOT provides these big orange bags, but they are not big enough for tires, so they go on top. They provide us with bright orange vests with “VOLUNTEER” on the back. Someone suggested they put “DCDP” on the back, but that would get too much attention. (I think it was a Republican who made the suggestion.)

We meet at CVS at Dorchester and Bacon’s Bridge at 9 a.m. on the appointed date. Again, this time it is April 10. It takes about 1 Despite some misgivings by some volunteers, no, we do not pick up cigarette butts. ½ to 2 hours, then it is off for coffee, chatHowever, speaking of that, who would have ting and lots of laughs. thought we would be picking up the bottom Since our nearby coffee shop is now closed, of a toilet seat? (Guess that ends the arguwe will gather at Biggby’s Coffee on Trolley ment about should the seat be left up or to celebrate our accomplishment of a clean down.) section of the road. Of course, we’ll look like Now and then, we find money. The greatest bums walking in from our volunteer job but, then again, we are VOLUNTEERS. take so far is a quarter. Oh, a Republican’s tattered campaign sign was in a ditch, and of course we picked it up. After taking pictures of the battered sign, we rolled it up and put it in a big orange bag. It would end up in the dump or where ever the orange bags are taken. No, we were not trying to do him in or “trash him,” if you will, but …

If you haven’t seen our sign, check it out before April 10, and then come and join our illustrious crew lead by Connie and Richard Hayes. Don’t forget: no flip flops; you must wear shoes.

BBQ & Blues was quite a Blast! By Pamela “brother, can you spare a donation?” Ward, Fundraising Chair

greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Grace Zagami and Charlotte Yeomans for manning the ticket sales and keeping up with our 50/50 raffle.

On February 27th, the Dorchester Democrats hosted a BBQ & Blues bash. The event was held at the White Gables Clubhouse, and everyone enjoyed a great night for just $10 a person. It was a fantastic evening of good food and conversation. There were about 120 Democrats in attendance and, included in those 120, we hosted 16 candidates who are running for office. All the candidates came to meet and greet the Democrats of Dorchester County. Everyone had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with candidates and to ask questions about their camAs Fundraising Chair, I would like paigns. Undecided voters were able to get to personally thank so many for their time to know more about the and talents. Without these candidates to make a people we would not have more informed decision had the success we did at when the time comes to our BBQ. The pulled pork vote. Those candidates barbecue was delicious and who came to our BBQ all the thanks goes & Blues raved about the to Herman Goff. He volunevent and our great teered his time and his outfood. door cooker to slow smoke the pork for us. (Some folks We were privileged to told us it was the best pulled have practically every pork they ever had!) All the Democratic candidate fixings were homemade, and for office at the event, I want to thank my sister Kelli too: state Sen. Robert Painter and Deb Mortellaro Ford, state Sen. Vinfor helping me with all the cent Sheheen, Supt. of preparation. Education Jim Rex and Dwight Drake (running for governor); Robert Burton and Robert Dobbs (for 1st Congressional District); Frank Holleman and Tom Thompson (for state Supt. of Education); Marjorie Johnson (for state Sec. of State); Mike Ruckes and Vic Rawl (for U.S. Senate); and our local folks—state Rep. Patsy Knight and County Councilmen Willie Davis and Kenny Waggoner, all up for reelection—joined us, too. We also had two school board candidates (Judy Fell and incumbent Fran Townsend). In fact, only one declared Democratic candidate at that time didn’t make it that night! Special thanks also goes to Kelli Painter, Deb Mortellaro, Margaret Goodwine, Beverly Waggoner-Lucas, Tyler Lucas, Marvis Drayton and Mary Haynes for their help in setting up and running the buffet all evening. Thanks to Charles Ward, Rob Groce, Deb Mortellaro, and Marty Turney for helping set up and decorate. The great desserts everyone enjoyed were donated by so many that I simply cannot name everyone! Just know they were wonderful and

Congratulations to Nancy Seufert for winning the 50/50. Nancy donated the winnings back to our funds, and also gave a wonderful donation to help offset the cost of our pork barbecue. Congratulations to Kathy Sizemore, too, for winning our door prize (and she also helped us clean up at the end of the night!).

Rob Groce put together some great blues music for us, and it should be noted that Patsy Knight ruled the dance floor. She was a great help in getting all our candidates on the dance floor together for introductions and for a great photo shoot. Rob was instrumental in getting out the word and bringing us a record number of candidates to our fundraising event. Thanks to him, we had some great local coverage on television and in the local papers. We are fortunate to have Rob as our public relations chair. The candidates thanked me personally over and over for inviting them, for the great food, and for the chance to get out their message to each of you. This was the last big event under our past Chairman Steve Yeomans. I would like to personally thank him for his support, encouragement, and faith in me. Thanks again to everyone who made the Dorchester Democratic BBQ & Blues event such a great success. We were able to add almost $800 to our coffers. You can see many more pictures of the event on our facebook page: Dorchester-County-Democratic-Party/78199089345? v=photos&ref=sgm#!/pages/Summerville-SC/ Dorchester-County-Democratic-Party/78199089345?

1605 Central Avenue Summerville, SC 29483

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New Jobs in Green Industry Come to Dorchester County The German company IMO recently opened a facility in Dorchester County that demonstrates the success of Democratic principles in two different ways: not only will IMO produce alternate energy devices, but it will bring in 190 new jobs to our community, too. “That announcement was another great day for the citizens of Dorchester County,” said Willie Davis, our Democratic County Councilman from District 1. “This was a result of regional alliance and local economic development working together. We are looking forward to seeing more of this throughout Dorchester County and the region.” IMO will use McQueen Industrial Park in Jedburg, right off Jedburg Rd. near Hwy. 78, for its production of parts for wind turbines, which can convert wind energy into usable kinetic energy. Before deciding on Dorchester County, IMO looked at facilities all across the southeastern United States. This venture is predicted to result in a $47 million impact on Dorchester County.

Earth Day Turns 40! By Debbie ―Tree Hugger‖ Mortellaro

It is hard to believe that the celebration of the first Earth Day was 40 years ago. Observed annually on April 22, the first Earth Day held in 1970 was the beginning of the modern environmental movement, and was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (DWisconsin). The idea was conceived in 1969 to call national attention to the deterioration of the environment. On that first Earth Day, approximately 20 million people participated nationwide. Twenty years later in 1990, over 200 million people participated in Earth Day celebrations in 141 countries. For Earth Day 2000, the Internet helped link activist

In observance of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, EDN has created multiple global initiatives focusing on environmental awareness. Promoting solutions to climate change, developing green economies and making green investments in communities are included in these initiatives. Participants will include mayors from cities groups around the world. Over 5,000 worldwide, athletes, artists and indisuch groups coordinated their efforts viduals. EDN expects at least 1.5 bilreaching millions of people in 184 lion people to participate in these countries. global events and programs. Earth Day Network (EDN) was founded by Denis Hayes (the principal organizer of the first Earth Day nationwide) along with other organizers of the first Earth Day to promote environmental activism year-round both nationally and internationally. EDN members include governments, businesses, organizations, activists and others across the world. The international network reaches over 19,000 organizations in 192 countries.

In his Proclamation on Earth Day 2009, President Barack Obama offered many practical suggestions that we can all easily do to help our environment. Some of these include planting trees, using energy-efficient light bulbs, driving fuel-efficient cars, walking or riding a bike instead of driving, recycling more, turning lights off, unplugging appliances, and cutting back on our use of heating and air-conditioning. If we all do just some of these, we can make a difference.

Our Local Candidates Below are our Democratic candidates for local offices (county council and state house). Willie Davis

Matthew Creel

Kenny Waggoner

County Council, District 1 (incumbent)

County Council, District 3

County Council, District 3 (incumbent)

Patsy Knight

Christine “Chrissy� Jackson

Steve Yeomans

State Representative, District 97 (incumbent)

State Representative, District 98

State Representative, District 98

Our State Candidates The following are Democratic candidates for state-wide offices (continued on next page). Robert Barber

Matthew Richardson

Tom E. Eliot

Marjorie Johnson

Commissioner of Agriculture (NO PHOTO AVAILABLE)

Comptroller General

Attorney General

Secretary of State

Our State & Federal Candidates (continued) GOVERNOR


Robert Ford

Jim Rex

Vincent Sheheen

Ashley Cooper


Frank S. Holleman III

Tom Thompson


Robert Burton

Ben Frasier


Alvin M. Greene


Gregory Brown

James “Jim” Clyburn


You can learn more about each of these candidates at their websites, at our party website ( and from the state party website ( With so many candidates, and in many in the same race, we’ll have a big slate for the June 8 primary this year. Please remember, though, that voters must be registered by May 7 to participate in that primary election. Please spread the word around, and make sure that your friends, neighbors and coworkers are registered to vote by that date!

―Dear President Obama‖ Five active Democratic women in our county composed a letter to the president, encouraging him to remain strong in his work despite all the efforts of the Republican Party to block his progress. The following is the letter they submitted to the White House in February:

been allowed to happen. But we said at the beginning that our purpose was to be positive and encouraging, so we want to commend you for continuing to push for health care reform. We do respectfully suggest, however, that you speak out more forcefully and clearly about the link between health reform and a strong overDear President Obama: all economy. People need to stop worrying about a “government takeover” and instead We are five women in South Carolina who are focus on the fact that health insurers are not writing to give you a pep talk. We thought you their friends. These commercial giants already might appreciate some positive feedback on get in the way of medical decisions, and they the job you’ve been doing after months of raise premiums at will. If costs are not reigned hearing your positions being misrepresented, in, we’ll eventually have many more thousands maltreated, mangled, and maligned. So we of citizens who can’t afford health insurance or hope you will accept this letter of encouragemedical treatment. This is not a prescription ment and support from five ordinary citizens for a vibrant economy. who know that you are doing your best to deal with the mess you inherited. We’re going a little long on this subject, and we apologize. But before we leave it, we’d like to Well, we’re not really ordinary, in the sense add a little anecdotal information. One of us that white Democrats in South Carolina are has two grown children, both self-employed, scarcer than hen’s teeth. But we want you to who can’t afford private health insurance. One know that even in the land of Jim DeMint, of these adult children did receive excellent Henry Brown, and Mark Sanford pockets of health care and cheap prescription drugs after rational thought do exist. We worked in your an accident and an illness by virtue of the fact campaign, and are prepared to do it again in that he lives in Thailand. Thailand is, by stan2012. That‘s how hopeful we remain. dard definition, a “third world country.” Had he been living in the United States, one can Having said that, we don’t want to get ahead of only imagine the emergency room horrors and ourselves. We mostly want you to get through costs he would have faced. One of us currently your first term undeterred and undaunted by has health care insurance but faces losing it all the partisan histrionics, name-calling, and when her husband retires from his teaching mudslinging that obfuscate the fact that this job. She has been furiously searching for afcountry needs your progressive policies to get fordable coverage for months, with no success. out of the yawning hole that eight years of The question now is whether to retire and ideology and incompetence got us into. leave the country for Costa Rica, where cheap universal coverage is available after 6 months Although we all have notable independent of residency, or whether to forget about retirestreaks and, on occasion, have had problems ment. No American should have to confront with you, we know that no ordinary citizen, no this dilemma. so-called “expert,” and certainly no pundit has the foggiest window into your daily world. We Moving on, we applaud you for your stance on are not pandering when we say we are awed financial reform, especially your latest strong by your ability to handle an incredible number statements about tighter regulation of the “too of serious problems with equanimity, patience, big to fail” banks. Don’t even get us started on reason, and, most amazingly, good will toward our experiences with Bank of America. We the undeserving on the right. know you face relentless obstructionism from the Republicans on this front (and all others, Although we are all fairly secure financially, for that matter), but we, and most of the pubfour of us are mothers who are very concerned lic, are with you. We also applaud your promabout the future of our children and grandchil- ise to end “don’t ask, don’t tell”, your stance dren. We are very disappointed in the diddling on “no child left behind”, your focus on science and squabbling over health care reform. We and technology, your concentration on clean are angry at Democrats in Congress, particuenergy and the environment, your cooperative larly in the dysfunctional Senate, for letting the but tough foreign policy, and, in general, your public option disappear. And now it seems determination to work things out in a bithat any kind of reform may be slipping away. partisan manner. Although we consider ourselves intelligent, we can’t for the life of us understand why this has But we believe it is clear by now that you will

not achieve bi-partisanship. The Republican members of Congress can no longer pretend that they are driven by anything other than a desire to undermine you and your administration. And frankly, their success in striking fear and confusion in the minds of a large share of the American electorate is both alarming and depressing. The vulnerability of the American public to their lies, distortions, and fearmongering on everything from health care to terrorism will ultimately put the Republicans, with their regressive, unenlightened policies, back in charge unless you start getting tougher on them (if you’ll pardon us for saying so). Their hypocrisy needs to be exposed in no uncertain terms. They oppose everything you do, they try to scuttle your nominations based on nothing, they fulminate and filibuster, and they call you “soft on terror” for espousing the same policies and practices that existed under the Bush administration. All this toxic obstructionism can suggest only one thing: the GOP would dearly love to go back to the same policies that have worked out so well for all of us over the past 10 years. We know you’ll never convince the 25 percent of the electorate that think Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are straight shooters, believe Fox News is actually news, and think the so-called Tea Party has something to do with the Constitution. But there is hope that the increasing number of independents will listen to reason. And we hope you will give them forceful reasons to listen in the coming months. One last thing: we want to express our admiration for Mrs. Obama for her initiatives to help veterans and their families, to promote healthy eating, and to combat childhood obesity. You are indeed a lucky man, and we are a lucky country to have her as First Lady. We would be pleasantly surprised if this letter made it into your hands, but even if it makes it no further than the White House mailroom, it’s done us all a world of good to let you know how we feel. Stay true. Sincerest best wishes, Barbara Butch Sue Montgomery Marion Scott Martha Kline Linda Gray Editor’s note: the ladies’ letter might have been some inspiration to the president. After all, six weeks after they sent this note, Obama signed a long overdue healthcare bill into law.

“Liar, Liar” By Nancy Seufert, host of “To Tell the Truth” PROUD TO BE A LIAR: SENATOR ORRIN HATCH On March 2, Senator Hatch wrote an oped piece for the Washington Post. The (less-than) esteemed Senator wrote, ―To impose the will of some Democrats and to circumvent bipartisan opposition, President Obama seems to be encouraging Congress to use the "reconciliation" process, an arcane budget procedure, to ram through the Senate a multitrillion-dollar health-care bill that raises taxes, increases costs and cuts Medicare to fund a new entitlement we can't afford.”

JUST PLAIN STUPID LIARS: SARAH PALIN AND RUSH LIMBAUGH Okay, this section is more about hypocrisy, rather than an outright lie – but trust me, it still counts. In early March, Ms. Liar told a soldout crowd, ―We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn't that ironic?‖ This statement comes despite her having demonized such government-run programs as socialized medicine that will lead to death-panel-like rationing.

He further wrote, ―This use of reconciliation to jam through this Let’s not forget one of my favorite Liars, Rush Limbaugh, who legislation, against the will of the American people, would be said he would leave the United unprecedented in scope.” States if Health Care Reform What is interesting to note is that the Senator has voted for recon- passed. He stated on his nut-job ciliation no less than 11 times in his 33-year career as a senator. show, ―I don't know. I'll just Also, his argument about budgets is totally farcical. One instance tell you this, if this passes and of reconciliation he voted for was in 2003, and to get the Bush it's five years from now and all tax cuts passed (note that this bill increased our country’s deficit). that stuff gets implemented -- I am leaving the country. I'll go Also worth noting is that the vote for this reconciliation bill was to Costa Rica.‖ Guess he will 50-50, with Tricky Dick Cheney having to come in to give them be able to get his Viagra pretty the vote. I guess Cheney is considered too liberal by the Conser- cheap over there since Costa vatism Elitist like Sarah ―I can see Russia‖ Palin. Rica has universal health care, one of the best health systems When Rachel Maddow called him out on her show’s segment, in Latin America. And Rush ―They’re Not Embarrassed,‖ Sen. Hatch tweeted that Rachel hasn't kept his promise, eiMaddow ―ran me down on her show last night over my views on ther—the bill passed, and he’s health care reform. Wonderful badge of honor.‖ He never once still here. disputed it. Guess that is one proud Liar.

Young Democrat Announces Candidacy for Cherokee County Council Jonathon Blanton will turn 18 years of age on June 7, just one day before the primary elections in his Cherokee County. And the very first vote he’ll ever cast will be for himself.

county is facing, I want to be the advocate for the voices of all the citizens of our rural district.”

The incumbent Republican councilman, Bailey Humphries, On Feb 27th, Blanton declared himself to be a Democratic faces four opponents in his party’s primary; Blanton is uncandidate for Cherokee County Council District 2 at an anopposed for the Democratic Party nomination. nouncement rally in his hometown of Gaffney. Blanton attends Spartanburg Methodist college, where he “I've been interested and involved in the political system majors in political science. for several years and I am hoping to be able to make a difference in our community,” Blanton posted on his faceTo learn more about Blanton, visit his website: book page. “With the many pressing issues that our

Calendar of Events April April 10th “Adopt-a-Highway” Cleanup 9:00 a.m. CVS parking lot Corner of Bacons Bridge and Dorchester Rd. “Meet & Greet” featuring Marjorie Johnson 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Pine Forest Country Club 1000 Congressional Blvd in Summerville (Co-sponsored by the Dorchester County Democratic Women) Other candidates will be present, too! Free hors d’oeuvres (with cash bar). April 17th Monthly Breakfast Meeting 9 a.m., Shoney’s on N Main St in Summerville $11 for full breakfast buffet with coffee Ashley Cooper, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, will be our speaker. April 23rd Annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner 7 p.m. at the Columbia Convention Center (Call the SCDP to buy tickets or to get more information: 803-799-7798) Jim Clyburn’s World Famous Fish Fry 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Municipal Garage 1411 Gervais St. in Columbia April 24th SCDP State Convention Starting at 10 a.m. at the Columbia Convention Center (state delegates and alternates to attend)

May May 7th Last day to register to vote in order to participate in the June Primary! May 15th Monthly Breakfast Meeting 9 a.m., Shoney’s on N Main St in Summerville $11 for full breakfast buffet with coffee Speaker to be announced. May 18th Dorchester County Democratic Women 7 p.m., County Council Chambers 500 N Main St in Summerville May 20th County Executive Committee Meeting 7 p.m., County Council Chambers 500 N Main St in Summerville

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