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►The Bimonthly Newsletter of the Dorchester County Democratic Party◄ February/March 2010 Volume 2, Issue 1

New Election Year, New Precincts, New Opportunities! It’s that time again! New Precinct Reorganization Meetings will take place on Saturday, Feb 20th, and new officers from each precinct will then be elected.

IN THIS ISSUE        

   And thanks to the new redistricting done by the State Elec-  tion Commission, we have many more precincts, too, ris- 

ing from 46 to 74 throughout Dorchester County. (To learn where your Precinct Reorganization Meeting will be held, see page 2.)

More precincts mean more opportunities for participation, too. From each of the 74 precincts, we will elect an executive committee member and alternate, a president, vice president, 2nd vice president, 3rd vice president, secretary and treasurer. You can see a description of the recommended duties of each position on page 3. On that same page, you can read about other ways you can get involved on a precinct level even if you’re not on your precinct’s board. Our state party guidelines ensure that our precincts have equal representation in gender, ethnicity and even age. Because of this growth as well these guidelines, we hope that everyone with any interest will be present at our Precinct Organization Meetings. The precincts from the lower half of the county will meet at the County Council building in Summerville (500 N. Main St.), while the upper half of the county’s precincts will gather at the Waggoner County Services Center in St. George (201 Johnston St.), and all at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Feb 20th.

 

Precinct Reorganization Meetings—pages 2 & 3 County Convention—page 4 Message from Outgoing Chairman Yeomans—page 4 Petition Updates: Democrats in Action—page 4 New Election Poll—page 5 State Republicans Don’t Want Us to Vote—page 5 Henry Brown Steps Down—page 6 McMaster: A Lawsuit a Day Keeps Health Reform Away—page 7 Updates GOP Candidates for Governor—page 8 Jim DeMint: Constitutional Advocate—page 9 We Want Security, NOT Slavery—page 10 Census 2010—page 11 State Unemployment Funds Go Bust Thanks to Republicans—page 11 Liar of the Month Club—page 14 Calendar of Events—page 15

(If you live in the Delemars precinct of Ridgeville, though, your meeting will be held at that the same time and date at the Sand Hill U.M. Church Family Life Center at 1961 Summers Dr. in Ridgeville.) We will also elect county delegates from each precinct, and who will get to vote for the next DCDP Chairperson and State Executive Committee Members and Alternates at our County Convention in March. And the very next Saturday after these upcoming Precinct Organization Meetings, we can gather together for a social event, too! We’re having a party for the new precinct officials on Saturday, Feb 27th (see the ad on page 2). Anyone else interested in our county’s Democratic Party can attend, too. Many Democratic candidates have already confirmed that they’ll be coming to our party, so you’ll also have a chance to meet, mix and mingle with our contenders. Come be a part of the Democratic Party! We sure could use your help, and we’d love to have you aboard.

Get in on the action!

The DCDP invites you to an evening of

Precinct Reorganization Meetings All Dorchester County precincts meet at one of the following locations at 10 a.m. on Saturday, February 20th.

(A Democratic Blue kind of blues, that is)

Lower Dorchester County County Council Chambers 500 N Main St in Summerville The precincts to meet here are:

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Saturday, Feb 27th 6 p.m. ‘til 9 p.m. At the White Gables Clubhouse (Take Central Ave from Downtown Summerville toward Orangeburg Rd; turn left onto White Gables just before the Publix Shopping Center; drive straight ahead and park on either side of the clubhouse)

Mix and mingle with your fellow Dorchester Democrats! Meet many Democratic candidates! And chow down and blues it up, while you’re at it, too! For more information, contact Pamela Ward at 224.4133 or

PLEASE RSVP!! ARE YOU IN A NEW PRECINCT? There’s a good chance of that, you know. After all, our county just grew from 46 to 74 precincts. These new precincts were formed by dividing up ones that had grown to very large sizes. For example, the Clemson precinct is now divided up as Clemson, Clemson 2 and Clemson 3. Many of you will be receiving new voter registration cards in the mail, but only if you are in a new precinct. Using that same Clemson example, if you are now in Clemson 2 or Clemson 3, you’ll receive a new card. If you’re in the precinct that retained the original “Clemson” name, though, you won’t be getting a new voter registration card. It shouldn’t affect your voting location, either, although at least one precinct in our county will be using new facilities this year. If you’re at all unsure about which precinct you belong to, you can call the Dorchester County Election Commission at 563-0187 or 832-0187.

Archdale Archdale 2 Ashborough East Ashborough East 2 Ashborough West Ashborough West 2 Ashley River Bacons Bridge Beech Hill Beech Hill 2 Brandymill Brandymill 2 Briarwood Briarwood 2 Briarwood 3 Butternut Carolina Central Central 2 Clemson Clemson 2 Clemson 3 Coastal Coastal 2 Coastal 3 Coosaw Coosaw 2 Cypress Dorchester Dorchester 2 Flowertown Flowertown 2 Germantown Givhans Givhans 2 Greenhurst Greenwave Irongate Irongate 2 Irongate 3 Kings Grant Kings Grant 2 Knightsville Lincoln Miles/Jamison Newington Newington 2 North Summerville North Summerville 2 Oakbrook Patriot Saul Dam Sawmill Branch Spann Stallsville Tranquil Tranquil 2 Trolley Tupperway Windsor

Upper Dorchester County Waggoner County Services Building 201 Johnston St in St. George The precincts to meet here are: Four Hole Grover Harleyville Indian Field Indian Field 2 Reevesville Ridgeville Ridgeville 2 Rosinville Rosses St. George 1 St. George 2

Delemars Precinct Only 10 a.m. on Saturday, February 20th Sand Hill U.M. Church Family Life Center 1961 Summers Drive in Ridgeville

Elections at the Precinct Reorganization Meetings At the meetings on Saturday, February 20th, each precinct will elect it own officers. But what exactly is a precinct to our party? And what exactly are the responsibilities of these officers? The precinct is the foundation of the Democratic Party. A wellorganized precinct ensures that Democratic candidates will have a firm base of support. Precinct officers should understand that their offices are assigned specific responsibilities. Executive Committeeperson The Executive Committeeperson represents the precinct in which he or she resides on the Dorchester County Democratic Party Executive Committee. The Executive Committeeperson should be prepared to attend the party’s regularly scheduled meetings and special Executive Committee meetings. The Executive Committeeperson should keep his or her precinct informed of Dorchester County Democratic Party business and how such transactions might affect the precinct. President The president of the precinct is the organizer of the precinct. He or she presides at the meetings, assists the precinct members and directs actions to be taken. The President should be familiar with the mood of the community and aware of its needs. He or she must work to encourage participation of the Democrats who live in the precinct. He or she should keep in regular contact with the people living in the precinct. The President should schedule meetings on a regular basis, as a lack of activity results in stagna-

tion and disinterest. Vice Presidents The first Vice President must be of a race other than the President. The Second Vice President must be of opposite sex from the President. The Third Vice President must be under 30 years of age. They have such duties as are assigned to them by the President. Secretary The Secretary is responsible for recording notes of meetings and activities, as well as recording and submitting the precinct reorganization form to the County Party. Treasurer The treasurer of the precinct is responsible for the budget and disbursement of all precinct funds. Alternate Executive Committeepersons Each precinct may elect one or more Alternate Executive Committeepersons to represent the precinct in the absence of the Executive Committeeperson. Should the Executive Committeeperson be unable to fill the duties of office, the Alternate Executive Committeeperson assumes the office.

Help Wanted: Precinct What is a Precinct? The precinct is the smallest political unit in the country; each precinct responds to one polling place. A precinct is where elections are won or lost. Most importantly, it is your neighborhood. You know the people, the schools and the community centers. You have your hand on the pulse of the precinct. You understand the assets and needs of your neighborhood and have a desire to improve it. Never underestimate the power of the precinct-based leader! It is the persons who actively participate in the Democratic Party at the precinct level who win elections and promote Democratic values and ideals at the local, state and national levels.


4) Canvass the precinct using the walking list or call list. Keep track of changes in voter data on your lists (change of address or phone, candidate preferences, etc.) and update the Voter File with the new data (through the Chair of our county Democratic Party). 5) Register new Democratic voters, either at their door or online. 6) Canvass Democratic households and make sure all eligible voters in the house are registered. 7) Check your local paper for home sales in your precinct to welcome new neighbors and register them to vote as Democrats. 8) Contact members of groups you belong to and register them to vote as Democrats in person or online.

they are part of the party. 3) Give people information on issues the Democrats are supporting or opposing. If you help people become knowledgeable about the issues and they will become more involved. 4) Always thank the people who have helped in the past. Small Jobs You Can Have People Do If They Want To Get Involved:

1) Be a block, apartment, or building chair in their precinct. 2) Attend and contribute to fundraising events or candidates. 3) Help with Get-Out-The-Vote Campaigns by phoning or canvassing their areas, or by What Can You Do to Help the Democratic giving rides to the polls. Party in Your Precinct? 4) Put up a yard sign. How to Cultivate Potential Party Work5) Write letters to the editor to support 1) Obtain the precinct map and walking ers: Democratic issues and candidates list for your precinct, and familiarize your6) Secretarial/clerical work (help with self with your neighbors and the geogra1) Have a precinct social in your home, mailings, recordkeeping, etc.). phy of your neighborhood. such as a Saturday morning coffee or an 7) Distribute leaflets door to door for the 2) Get to know your Democratic and Indeafter-work get-together. Invite your party or candidates. pendent neighbors. neighborhood Democrats to get to know 8) Put a bumper sticker on their cars for 3) Host a house party and invite your the other Democrats in the neighborhood. Democratic candidates. neighbors to talk about politics and issues 2) Take people to Democratic meetings 9) Be an election board worker. concerning your precinct. and/or fundraisers. Make them feel that

County Convention Our County Democratic Party Convention starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 20th at Ridgeville Town Hall. Everyone who is elected to be a county delegate or alternate delegate is asked to attend the event. Attendees are invited to come a little early that morning as the DCDP will have a continental breakfast available for purchase beginning at 9:15 a.m., and right outside the Town Hall building. David Pascoe, solicitor for our part of the state, will be the guest speaker at the convention. We will also have elections for the following offices, all of which have a two-year term (only delegates may vote):  County Party Chairperson The chairperson oversees activities of our county party.  1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice Chairs The 1st vice chairperson must be of a different race to that of the elected chairperson, the 2nd must be of the opposite gender to the elected chairperson, and the 3rd vice chair must be under 30 years of age.  State Executive Committee Members We elect two persons (one male and one female) to this title. Alternate state executive committee persons, also of each gender, are also selected. If you’d like to run for any of these offices, you just have to notify our current chairperson, Steve Yeomans ( The county party can give you a mailing list of county delegates, too, if you’d like to campaign for one of these positions. Traditionally, each candidate is formally nominated by a sponsor, and a direct vote follows thereafter.

A parting message from outgoing party chairman, Steve Yeomans Someone once told me that anyone who holds the Chair position within our party “picks up the stone that’s been rubbed smooth, rubs it a little smoother, and puts it down for the next Chairperson to pick up and rub even smoother.” In a nutshell, the work we do should build upon the work we’ve done. I believe that anyone who runs for an elected position should first have a clear vision of what they would like to achieve should the voters give them the chance. After being approached, but before I committed to running for the Chair position within our party in 2008, I decided that I wanted to work toward a few specific goals: 1) Create a committee framework to handle fundraising, new issues and initiatives, public relations, voter registration and candidate recruitment within the county. This would take pressure off of any one person to get things done, as well as get more people involved in party activities. 2) Work to include both the upper and lower section of the county in party activities. The geography and population distribution of Dorchester County separates north and south, and makes this a challenge. 3) Get our voice heard in the mainstream media, and in general let people know we’re here. A large part of this would be achieved by the creation of the Advertising and PR Committee, but also by the other committees as well. This would get more democratic voters to the polls which would increase our voting percentage, thereby greatly supporting democratic candidates on the county level. I believe that a number of these goals were achieved, not by me, but by many people within our party. We now have a very active committee structure with leaders that schedule their own meetings, report to the Party Executive Committee, and take progressive action. During the last election cycle we opened our headquarters office near the central part of the county, and had many active members from both the northern and southern part of the county work for our local, state and national candidates. We were very proactive in getting our voices heard for the 2008 election, with advertisements, articles and letters to the editor in the Post & Courier, The Eagle Record and the Summerville Journal Scene. We utilized billboard advertising, our redesigned interactive website, radio spots, roadside signs, traditional phone banking and our new autodialer system to reach out to the voting public. We had poll watchers in 80 percent of the county precincts, and had drivers taking voters to the polls - not only on election day, but to absentee voting during the two weeks prior as well. To say that I am proud to be a Democrat in Dorchester County and to work with some of the finest progressives I have had the honor to meet would be an understatement. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to hold the Chair position within our county party, and look forward to working with whoever is elected to replace me in March to “rub the stone even smoother.”

By Marty “just sign right here” Turney

construction, a request was made to lower the speed limits from 45 mph to 35 mph on both Central Ave, from the Food Lion to Old Orangeburg Rd, and on Butternut Rd, from Central Ave to Mallard Rd.

Signalization at Central and Butternut—Follow-up On September 2, 2009, the Summerville Journal Scene noted the above intersection was getting a safety makeover. A petition with nearly 1,400 signatures had been presented to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) in July 2008. SCDOT has stated that they have received federal funding for the intersection signalization and the project is slated to go out for bid in April 2010, with construction to follow in early summer. The SCDOT Commission approved the funding.

On January 6, 2010, a letter was received from SCDOT advising they had completed the study for lowering the speed limits in the requested areas. They agreed to lower the speed limit on Central from White St (across from Food Lion) to Butternut Rd to 40 mph. The remaining portion of Central Ave from Butternut Rd to Old Orangeburg Rd will remain at 45 mph as will Butternut Rd from Central Ave to Mallard Rd.

Petition Updates

Speed Limit Reduction—Follow-up In late fall 2009, in light of assumed resumption of housing

Involvement does bring results for your community. Get involved—be an active member of the Dorchester County Democratic Party!

Lowcountry Poll on the Democratic Primaries The Dorchester County Democratic Party is joining the Berkeley and Charleston Democrats in conducting a primary election poll, and you’re invited to participate. In this poll, you’ll be asked to select which candidate you favor in each democratic primary for the statewide and national elections. If you haven’t made up your mind, or don’t know much about the candidates yet (and you’re not alone, if that’s the case), you’ll find a link to each candidates’ website where you can learn more about them. We also want to know which issues are most important to you. We can provide the results on those subjects directly to the candidates, too, in order to let them know where we stand. Please know that this survey is set for only one response per person, and will not accept multiple responses from the same computer. The link to this survey is:

SC Republicans Don’t Want Us to Vote! The SC GOP is once again interfering with our right to vote. Beginning January 2, 2012, all voters will have to provide a state-issued picture ID when they show up at the polls.

restrictive portion of the same bill that would cut the absentee voting period to only 16 days instead of the current 30day period.

The problem with such a requirement is that State Election Commission records show that 178,175 registered voters in South Carolina do not have a current picture ID. That’s about 7 percent of all voters in our state.

What seem to be the true goals of the bill, though, may remain intact: the Republicans want to reduce the number of voters. “It means fewer lines for the voting public in the 2012 cycle,” said Chip Campsen, a Republican state senator from Isle of Palms. And fewer voters means fewer votes against the Republican incumbents.

Most of those voters without current identification from the state have valid personal reasons, too. They are elderly, and/ or live in rural areas, and/or have no regular transportation that would allow them to easily have their state-issued ID updated when needed. Some Democratic state senators stated they believe the bill to be racist in intentions, too. Our Democratic state senators did all they could to block this discriminatory bill, including a filibuster on January 27th. They came prepared with six full boxes of paperwork to describe the 1,000 amendments they wanted to make to the issue, and kept the Republican senators there until 10:30 p.m. that night.

Currently, South Carolinians need only provide their voter registration card or a utility bill that has their name and registered address. (Persons who did not provide a copy of their state-issued ID when first registering to vote, however, still need to bring their ID with them when they vote.) One of the Republicans arguing in favor of this un-American act was Summerville’s Mike Rose, who argued that South Carolina should pass this discriminatory bill because the state of Indiana has a similar law. Rose was quickly reminded by Democratic senators, though, that South Carolina is NOT Indiana, which is one of only three states that have any such law requiring a photo ID to vote. There are lawsuits against those requirements in those states, too.

Our Democratic state senators are outnumbered 27 to 19, though. The next day, the Republicans forced the bill to the floor for a vote after an additional five hours of debate. Some concessions were given, such as allowing voters to cast This bill will now be sent to the state House, which passed a similar bill last year by a 67-44 vote—that was all Republicans their vote in a 15-day window before state primaries and general elections, and the Republicans also removed another voting for, and all Democratic representatives voting against.

BROWN STEPS DOWN “It’s my ball, and I’m going home!” On the first working day of new year 2010, our District 1 congressman Henry Brown announced his retirement. That’s right—Brown won’t be running for re-election. And just why is Brown stepping down? Because he’s frustrated that Republicans aren’t in charge anymore. That’s right—Brown said he won’t seek re-election because he’s upset that his Republican party is now the Congressional minority.

gressional careers in the past few months. There could be another reason behind Brown’s decision, though. After all, he was facing early opposition from his own party. That’s right—other South Carolina Republicans already announced they would go against incumbent Brown in this year’s primary election.

And some think Brown stepped down not only because he knew he would lose that primary election, but to create difficulties for He’s not helping that situation, though, bethe Republicans who already announced they Current Republican cause other GOP Congressmen are doing the were running against him, as well. That’s same. That’s right—Brown is the 14th Repub- right—in less than 24 hours after Brown Candidates for District 1 lican member of the House of Representastated he wouldn’t run again, a few other  Carroll “Tumpy” Campbell III (son of tives to announce retirement of their conRepublicans announced their interest in the former Gov. Carroll Campbell Jr.) District 1 Congressional seat. Included in  Ryan Buckhannon (city councilman in Brown’s Congressional Contributions that group was Tommy Hartnett, who actuIsle of Palms) During His 10 years in Office ally held that same office over 20 years ago.  Katherine Jenerette (former congres-

Number of Bills Sponsored: 108 Number that made it out of committee: 5 Number accepted by Congress: 1 Some bills recently sponsored by Brown  H.Con.Res. 187: to direct the House to remember the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo  H.Res. 951: to protect the symbols and traditions of Christmas  H.R. 3885: to direct the Secretary of Veteran Affairs to carry out a pilot program on dog training therapy  H. Res. 465: to recognize the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association on its 10th anniversary  H.R. 1454: to provide for a Multinational Species Conservation Funding postage stamp

Brown’s retirement may have inspired some Democrats, as well. That’s right—we have three confirmed candidates at the moment (see page 8 for a listing).

sional aide to Brown)

 Stovall Witte (vice president of CSU)

That’s right—it’s our turn, now. It’s our opportunity. It’s an ideal time for Democratic victory.

But no candidate will be able to do it alone. That’s right—we don’t need just your vote, but your assistance and active participation. That’s right—we need you!

 

Other Possible Republican Candidates Tommy Hartnett (former Dist. 1 Representative, 1981 to 1987) Chip Campsen (state senator from Isle of Palms) Jim Merrill (state rep. from Charleston) Paul Thurmond (son of former Sen. Strom Thurmond)

Is Lindsey Graham Next? “debasing” Republican beliefs. Well, Republicans in South Carolina sure are complaining about him, ain’t they?

Record Held by Brown 1st in Franking—no congressperson ever spent more taxpayer money on meaningless (and self-promoting) mailings to constituents. In 2007 alone, he spent $177,705 for 1,257,972 pieces of mail.

On January 4, the executive committee of the Lexington County Republican Party voted 13-7 to censure Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Best thing we can say about Brown Throughout his career in Congress, Brown was absent for only about 2.5% of all votes. (That’s still a higher rate of absence than our state’s Democratic Reps. Jim Clyburn and John Spratt.)

The basis of this censure was that Graham voted for a “Cap and Trade” bill sponsored by a Democrat in the last session, leading Lexington’s GOP to believe that the senator was

“The 13 people who supported this resolution are Ron Paul supporters,” Graham said the very next day at a S.C. Wildlife Federation meeting. “The man who authored the resolution (Talbert Black, a software engineer at Dixie-Narco in Columbia) has never voted for a Republican nominee for president In 2008, the Greenville Republi- in the history of his life.” can Party censured Graham because he supported immigra- Graham added that he thought the Lexington County GOP had tion reform. “misplaced priorities.” Graham was quick to reply that these censures are indicative of Could this division and squabcontinuous separation in the SC bling mean an end to the Republican party in our state? GOP. Please recall that the Charleston County Republican Party did the same to Graham last November, and not only for his vote on the “Cap and Trade” bill, but for also voting on a bill sponsored by Republican Sen. John McCain.

McMaster: A Lawsuit a Day Keeps Health Reform Away By Katharine Eastvold, McEnemy of McMaster

never terribly clear on what grounds.

Last week, the saga of the federal health care bill took a turn that surely disappointed Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Henry McMaster. On Tuesday, Rep. Bob Andrews (D-NJ), revealed that the infamous “Nebraska Compromise,” which would have guaranteed free Medicaid for the state of Nebraska, had been taken off the table in House and Senate negotiations. But all is not lost for our attention-seeking Attorney General; now, Sen. Jim DeMint has conveniently asked him and his counterparts in other states to investigate yet another supposedly unconstitutional provision of the proposed health care legislation.

Meanwhile, Democratic Congressman and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn kept his head and remarked that perhaps instead of “sitting here and carping about what Nelson got for Nebraska, I would say to my friends on the other side of the aisle: Let’s get together and see what we can get for South Carolina.”

But McMaster would not be deterred. Lawsuits get headlines; calls to reform Medicaid aren’t so exciting. According to the McClatchy News Service, the candidate even sent out fundraising letters ask- Henry McMaster: state attorney general, republican candidate for governor, opponent to ing conservatives to fill his campaign cofany national healthcare plan, and starved for fers so he could more effectively fight press attention health care reform. After a phone converThe help for Nebraska allegedly found its sation with Sen. Nelson, he boasted that of Florida; it is with the disparate treatway into the bill in the first place as part of the senator had pleaded with him to “call ment that enrollees in other states will an effort to appease one of the Cornreceive in relation to enrollees in Florida.” off the dogs.” husker State’s lawmakers, Senator Ben And this is coming from at least one senaNelson, a pro-life Democrat who had tor (DeMint) who rarely has seen a beneUnfortunately for McMaster, his ride raised objections to the health care bill on came to an abrupt end when the offendfits cut he didn’t like. The Tea Party set the grounds that, according to him and ing provision was removed from the pend- may not rally around this cause. some other pro-life critics, it could open ing legislation. As it turns out, CongresThe fact is that many conservative Repubthe door to the federal funding of aborsional Democrats are capable of policing licans believe the whole basis of health tions. Somebody apparently thought ofthemselves and avoiding the appearance care reform – that the federal government fering to pay Nebraska’s Medicaid tab for of evil – not to mention defending their can and should take responsibility for the foreseeable future might prove an own states against favoritism. That realimaking sure all Americans have affordable offer Sen. Nelson couldn’t refuse. For his zation must have come as a cruel blow to health insurance and access to the care part, Sen. Nelson claims he never asked McMaster, who was, no doubt, hoping to they need – is unconstitutional, and that for the privilege, wasn’t told about it seride this train all the way to the Goverhealth care policy decisions should be left cretly in some back room, and never made nor’s Mansion. to the states, some of which would cera quid pro quo arrangement. He did agree tainly step up to the plate and others of to support the bill after all, but as far as Still, the train could chug a little farther which (including, I fear, my own beloved anyone knows, he hasn’t rescinded his along the tracks, thanks to a new plan state) wouldn’t. At this point in our nasupport now that the deal isn’t as sweet cooked up by our own senators, Lindsey tion’s history, though, it’s unlikely that a for his home state. Graham and Jim DeMint. They, along with federal court would buy this argument, so Sen. McCain of Arizona and Senators people like McMaster are stuck suing over What does this have to do with Henry Chambliss and Isakson of Georgia, just bits and pieces of legislation, hoping at McMaster and the South Carolina goversent a letter to McMaster and his wouldleast to delay reform and score some ponor’s race? When news of the Nebraska be fellow plaintiffs, asking them to look arrangement broke, McMaster, like many into a provision they say would allow sen- litical points in the process. an SC Attorney General before him ior citizens in Florida to be grandfathered Here’s hoping South Carolinians see this (anyone remember Charlie Condon?), saw into the Medicare Advantage program, lawsuit for what it is: a distraction from an opportunity to make some political while seniors elsewhere see a reduction in our Attorney General’s real responsibilihay. Mustering his deepest outrage, he benefits through the program. It’s a desties to his state, and one more circus trick threatened to sue to stop the deal from perate move; the allegedly unfair provifor the conservative, anti-administration becoming law; eventually fourteen other sion benefitting Florida hasn’t gotten the voters he thinks will carry him to victory in state Attorneys General (twelve of them publicity (and isn’t likely to stoke the the governor’s race. Republicans) jumped on the bandwagon. widespread outrage) of the “Cornhusker See page 8 for a listing of For several weeks, McMaster played host Kickback.” Additionally, the senators’ let- Democratic candidates for governor to his own Tea Party, insisting the deal ter clarifies that “our problem is not with (and some dirt on other Republican was unconstitutional – though he was Medicare Advantage enrollees in the State candidates, too)!

Updates on Republican Candidates for Governor J. Gresham Barrett: “Worst Person in the World”

Andre Bauer: Helping the poor is “feeding stray animals”

U.S. Congressman J. Gresham Barrett from Westminster, SC, who is also running for governor, was named “Worst Person in the Word” for January 12th on Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC news program, Countdown.

Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, a Republican candidate for governor, recently told voters that providing free lunches in public schools was like “feeding stray animals.” Fifty-eight percent of our state’s public school students receive free or reducedcost lunches.

On January 5th, Barrett made announcement on his website that he would reintroduce a bill he first entered before Congress in 2003, the Bauer made the statement at a Town Hall meeting in FounStop Terrorist Entry Program, or STEP Act.

tain Inn, SC on January 22nd.

Barrett’s STEP Act would update and amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to block persons from countries regarded to be sponsors of terrorism from entering the United States. The newer version of the bill, he said, would also deport non-immigrant visa holders legally residing in the US that are citizens of those countries.

“My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. Barrett said he wanted to reintroduce the bill and with those specific They will reproduce, especially ones that don’t think too much farther than that. And so what you’ve got to do is changes because his STEP Act would have prevented the failed bombing attempt on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 this past Decem- you’ve got to curtail that type of behavior. They don’t know ber, and even would have prevented the shootings that occurred at any better,” Bauer said. Fort Hood in Texas last November. Problem is, the person arrested for the attempted flight bombing is from Nigeria, which is not regarded to be a terrorism sponsor. And the shooter at Fort Hood was actually a U.S. citizen—born in Virginia, in fact, and was even a member of the U.S. Army. Since having his ignorance made known nationwide, Barrett changed the wording on his website regarding his STEP Act.


Not only is that statement discriminatory, but it’s boldly hypocritical coming from Bauer. He himself was a recipient of the free lunch program while a student in South Carolina. Maybe he should use that fact as an argument against the program. “Give those kids free school lunches and they’ll grow up to be just like me!” That’s the only way he’ll get anyone to agree with him on the subject.










Jim “Dimwit” DeMint Constitutional Advocate By Nancy “Sharp Wit” Seufert Like all other educated Dorchester County residents, I am always horrified to learn of the antics of Mr. Dimwit. Recently, Dimwit has been attempting to block Healthcare for all with his stance that requiring all American’s to purchase Health Care Insurance is unconstitutional. He states on his website that by having this “We’re forcing Americans to buy insurance under penalty of law and then Washington bureaucrats will then dictate what these companies can sell to Americans. This is not liberty; it is tyranny of good intentions by elites in Washington who think they can plan our lives better than we can.” I guess like everything else that Dimwit says, he forgets a whole lot. I guess he has forgotten that he has received $135,317 this year from Club for Growth. Club for Growth advocates limited government, lower taxes, less government spending, free trade, and economic freedom. Its PAC endorses and raises money for progrowth candidates. The Club was founded by Stephen Moore, who served as the Grover M. Hermann Fellow in Budgetary Affairs at the Heritage Foundation. If you carefully examine Dimwit’s response, he cites the Heritage Foundation study as a legal study by scholars at the nonpartisan Heritage Foundation. We all know how “nonpartisan” the Heritage Foundation really is. Further according to Dimwit, “Americans who fail to buy health insurance, according to the Democrats’ bill, would be subject to financial penalties. The senators believe the bill is unconstitutional because the insurance mandate is not authorized by any of

the limited enumerated powers granted to the federal government. The individual mandate also likely violates the ‘takings’ clause of the 5th Amendment.” I guess he forgets about other mandated insurance policies that he agrees with, like car insurance – although he claims you can always choose not to drive, or home owners insurance – although he claims you don’t have to buy a home. Let’s examine what the US Constitution states on this matter: “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.” I am not a constitution expert or an attorney, but if one examines the court case, Gonzales v. Raich (2005), its most recent extended consideration of the scope of the Commerce Clause, upheld the authority of Congress to prohibit the cultivation of marijuana “for personal medical purposes on the advice of a physician.” The Court distinguished two earlier cases, Lopez and Morrison, in which former Justice Rhenquist, writing for a 5-4 Court, had held that the Commerce Clause does not authorize Congress to pass noneconomic criminal laws. The Court noted that those cases had involved “brief, singlesubject” criminal statutes rather than a complex, reticulate scheme to regulate “the production, distribution, and consumption of commodities,” like illicit drugs, at issue in Raich. The Supreme Court has recognized for over a half century that insurance is economic activity. The health insurance reform legislation Congress is contemplating is at

least as complex as the drug regulation scheme upheld in Raich, and the components of the reform legislation are at least as mutually dependent. The individual mandate is a key component of the reform scheme, as underwriting reform is not possible if healthy individuals can opt out of the risk pool at will. So why is Dimwit really attempting to thwart the President and the will of the people about Health Insurance? Could it possibly be that Health Professionals gave $229,879 to his campaign? Or how about the political agenda; health care reform is Obama's battle cry, and if they can trip him up on it and cause him to fail to reform health care you can bet the farm that they'll be coming back in 2010 running on a platform of "Obama failed to deliver his biggest promise - health care reform.” They need to do this so badly that they are willing to throw us "the people" under the bus. Forget the fact that we are finally on the verge of actually doing something about the health care system problem we've been complaining about (and dying over) for decades. With the 2010 election coming up soon and Dimwit running, I really hope the people of Dorchester County stand up and tell Dimwit to go back home and stop stabbing us in the back to fill his own “special interest.”

Our Candidates for U.S. Senate Chad McGowan 1539 Health Care Way Rock Hill, SC 29732 803-984-5464 803-984-8866

Mike Ruckes P.O Box 367 Summerville, SC 29484-0367

A Message from the

Dorchester County Democratic Women Happy New Year, fellow Democrats!!! We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work as we prepare for the Precinct Reorganization, County Convention and the "2010" Governor's Race. Our meetings are held in the County Council Chambers, 7:00 p.m., at 500 North Main Street in Summerville. The 2010 meeting dates are as follows:      

January 19 March 16 May 18 July 20 September 21 November 16

(Please Note: We do not meet in the month of December.) We look forward to seeing everyone! Dorchester County Democratic Women Margaret Goodwine, President Mary Haynes, Secretary

By Clayton Seufert, Proud Union Member from the Ashley River Precinct

“Our” Senator DeMint has been getting more press lately than he ever deserves - spreading a load of $#!+ - like usual. The story this time is built around his often stated anti-worker and anti-union opinions and his claim that allowing collective bargaining for the workers at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) - "would be a homeland security disaster" (per the Senator's own press release). Like most of Senator DeMint's opinions, this one is not based on any facts or reality. As a member of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), I'd like to provide a few facts and some common sense to throw some light on the concept of unions vs. security. Facts like how union firefighters and police with collective bargaining didn't stop and check the contract before they ran into the World Trade Center and gave their own lives saving others. Facts like how union members with collective bargaining put their lives on the line securing this country every day - like Bureau of Prisons guards keeping murderers and terrorists locked up, Customs and Border Protection officers guarding our borders, and security officers like the one that shot the assailant in Fort Hood TX last November - despite being shot herself. Facts like how unionized Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine civilian workers somehow manage to repair the aircraft, tanks, and ships our military uses to find and fight our enemies - even with collective bargaining. The mission of TSA is to protect the Nation’s transportation systems. The men and women that do the work are called Transportation Security Officers (TSOs). The TSOs are fighting to have a seat at the table and fair treatment through collective bargaining. A seat at the table that will make them more invested, engaged, and involved in the job and mission. More engaged and involved in doing the job right and having the training do so. For example, as the unions have worked to get TSOs the right of collective bargaining - they also worked with TSA to make sure the needed training is provided. Those same unions have pushed for TSA whistle-blower protections - so TSOs would feel safe in bringing problems that threaten our security to light. Perhaps Senator DeMint would prefer to go back to the days before TSOs when contractors did the job - like in 2002 when over 450 nonunion contractor employees were arrested at airports across the country for falsifying documents. I guess he's impressed by the non-union contractor employees with Blackwater and KBR that have managed to kill innocent civilians, electrocute our own troops, and rape their own coworkers. It's really not that tough to figure out. If people work under good conditions, have the pay and benefits they need to live a decent life, and are involved in determining them - they can do a better job at work, and have incentives to do so. Overworked, underpaid, and abused employees have little incentive to do a good job. Which type of worker would you rather have looking out for your security? No, Senator DeMint. Unionized employees aren't the security problem.

We're the cure.

Census 2010:

knows that could put her out of Congress.

Other republicans are complaining that the census is too expensive to conduct. They didn’t complain when the Bush Administration blew $3 billion on problematic computer equipment for the Census Bureau to use, though. And This is the year of yet another national census, The Republican Party has attempted to change some media think that Bush did that on purand that could mean quite a lot for the state of the format in which the survey is conducted to pose— to set up difficulties for the 2010 census South Carolina. make it take longer and cost more, thus makso that President Obama would have to take ing it appear less desirable. They’ve threatened the blame. After all, the collected information is used in its funding. They’ve stood in the U.S Senate many ways, including to plan public school and said they want to use the census data to To be sure that the Census Bureau overcomes projects, develop rural areas, plan public trans- attack immigrants. those difficulties and conducts the 2010 survey portation services, attract new businesses to properly and in full, we need to participate, particular areas, and to distribute over $300 They’ve gone out of their way to block Presiand encourage others to do so, too. It’s only billion in federal funding (and even more in dent Obama’s nominees for director of the done once every 10 years, after all. state funding). Census Bureau, too. They delayed current

Stand Up and Be Counted!

The collected data is also used to determine local, state and federal legislative districts, and to determine if each district has adequate representation in government.

Census Bureau director Robert Groves’ nomination because they said he would over-count minorities.

Actually, it seems that the Republican Party wants to under-count minorities. That’s what the Government Accountability Office thinks, too. The GAO said early last year that, under the Bush Administration, the Census Bureau did not undergo proper planning for the 2010 And with this current trend of the republican census, and that it was at risk for undercountparty slipping down the slope, that could mean ing minorities. that we get another Democratic representative at the federal level from our state. Republican Rep. Michelle Bachman of MinneThat may be why the Republican party is trying sota is even appearing on FOX News telling people that they shouldn’t participate in the to make things difficult for the 2010 census, census. And why is that? Because her state is though. The GOP is actually going out of its at risk of losing a congressional seat, and she way to interfere with it. In fact, our state is predicted to get another congressional district, taking us to seven representatives in the U.S. House instead of our current number of six.


 The information you provide is completely confidential.

 You cannot be personally identified in any way from the information you provide.

 The Census Bureau cannot share any information about you with anyone.

 Even information about illegal aliens (and who must be counted to ensure funding for relevant projects) is completely confidential.  The census will help us get needed funding for needed projects.  We could gain another congressional seat for our state.

Complete the census form when you get it!

State Unemployment Funds Go Bust Due to Republican Policies In 2000, South Carolina’s unemployment trust fund held a balance of $800 million. Shortly after, the republicans in our state congress strongly reduced the taxes that

provided money to this trust fund.

was frequently rated “unsustainable,” a status it has held since July 2008.

The unemployment trust fund quickly fell in assets, though, and due to lack of funding In December 2008, South Carolina became the second state to borrow from the federal government to provide funding for its unemployment benefits, and even though its weekly benefits are very low in comparison to the rest of the country, and even though very few unemployed South CaroChart source: Propublica linians actually get any benefits. Despite this circumstance, state republicans who hold majority in our state congress have refused to address the problem, and South Carolina continues to fall deeper in debt. If it continues at the same rate, South Carolina be $1 billion in the hole by mid2011, and just for unemployment benefits alone. South Carolina reached a new high in unemployment for December (12.6 percent) and now ranks fourth highest in the country.

1605 Central Avenue Summerville, SC 29483

843-821-3003 Monday—Thursday: 11 am—10 pm Friday & Saturday: 11 am—11 pm Sunday: 12 pm—10 pm

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Roosters Win DCDP Fantasy League Championship Rob Groce: “Fantasy Football be veddy veddy good to me!”

REGULAR SEASON RESULTS DIVISION ONE Team W-L-T Rob’s Roosters 9-4-0 Turney’s Tornados 8-5-0 Grace’s Ziggies 7-6-0 Team Rison 7-6-0 Mort’s Killer Kats 5-8-0

PLAYOFFS Weeks 14 & 15 1) Rob’s Roosters 222 4) Turney’s Tornados 181 2) Team Urig 200 3) Team Yeomans 135

You wind up watching every football game on television and not caring which team wins or loses. You don’t even keep an eye on the scores, but you pay very close attention to all the statistics. This is fantasy football, after all. And the DCDP hosted its own league this year.

Consolation Matches Grace’s Ziggies 187 Team Rison 124 Mort’s Killer Kats 173 Keuka Giants 155

Ten active party members signed up to join the league and battled it out for 17 weeks straight. It was ugly at times, but competitive all the way throughout. But a 10-game winning streak by Rob’s Roosters was Nancy’s Naggers 188 Team Edwards 143 too much for any other team to overcome. After 13 weeks of regular season play, the top four teams competed for the championship over the final four weeks of the NFL season. Rob Groce’s Roosters was the top-ranked team entering the playoffs, and finished the regular season with the league’s best 9-4 record, even though the team was only 1-4 to start the season. Diane Urig was ranked second, leading her Division Two. Steve Yeomans and Marty Turney entered as the playoff wildcards with Yeomans ranked third over the fourth-place Tornados, and because he scored more points in the regular season than Turney did. The first round of the playoffs took place over Weeks 14 and 15 in the regular NFL season, and those games were decided by the total points scored by the starting lineups of each team in that two-week period. The Roosters were lagging behind the Tornados after the first week, but overwhelmed Turney in Week 15; the total points Groce scored over those two weeks gave him the first round win. Urig easily beat Team Yeomans to advance to the “Super Bowl.” For the championship game, Team Urig and Rob’s Roosters were very close in Week 16, having only a three point difference, but Groce maintained the lead in Week 17 to win the DCDP Fantasy Football League Championship. Special awards should be noted to a few other participants, too, like Nancy Seufert, who scoured the waivers listing on a weekly basis. She scored very high almost every week, but too often fell to other teams that had high-scoring flukes. Diane Urig and Steve Yeomans should also be credited for doing so well this year, too, and even though they slept through most of the season!

DIVISION TWO Team W-L-T Team Urig 8-4-1 Team Yeomans 7-4-2 Keuka Giants 5-8-0 Nancy’s Naggers 4-8-1 Team Edwards 3-10-0

Weeks 15 & 16

Championship Game Rob’s Roosters 220 Team Urig 154 Consolation Matches Turney’s Tornados 147 Team Yeomans 92 Grace’s Ziggies 152 Mort’s Killer Kats 128 Nancy’s Naggers 208 Team Rison 154 Team Edwards 171 Keuka Giants 163

The “Liar of the Month” Club By Nancy Seufert, Party Secretary and Official Truth Hound In the last issue of The Blue Note, we had the annual Liar-Liar Awards. I thought we could start off the New Year right by highlighting these liars in action as their lies occur. For Broadcasting Lows – Mr. Glenn Beck - causing a panic to fill my pockets. As you probably can tell, Glenn Beck is one of my favorites since he cannot help but LIE anytime he gets the chance. Well, he has hit an all-new, all-time low. Beck is a paid spokesman of Goldline International. Goldline International is a precious metals vendor. A little known fact is that, when Americans fear their economic future, they tend to invest in precious metals such as gold. Well, on a recent show “honest” Beck stated the following: “When the system eventually collapses, and the government comes with guns and confiscates, you know, everything in your home and all your possessions, and then you fight off the raving mad cannibalistic crowds that Ted Turner talked about, don't come crying to me. I told you: get gold.” What does Fixed News – you know the (un) Fair and (un) Balanced Company that we report (lie) and you decide (Yeah – right) have to say about this conflict of interest? Well, Fox News senior vice-president for development Joel Cheatwood said the network "makes an exception for its commentators who are also radio hosts," adding that they knew upfront that hiring Beck came with the understanding that he was also a radio host and that they had to be accepting of certain elements of that.” Glenn answers the allegations by saying, "So I shouldn't make money?" Just for fun, Google “Goldline International Scam.” Just one of the items that comes up is about a case in 2006 where Goldline scammed a 78-year-old couple out of over $200,000 ( I guess it’s true – birds of a feather flock together.

Tired of seeing FOX Fraudcasting News on every television you see at every restaurant, store and office? Then lets start doing something about it! Make sure they know that if they want your business, they’ll have to change the channel. We can slow down the brainwashing that FAUX News does throughout our community, too. Print this page, clip the included coupons, and distribute them to the businesses in our area that have their televisions tuned in to FOX. (You can get more of these and other cards at

Calendar of Events February February 6th Executive Committee *and* Precinct Reorganization Committee Meetings 10:00 a.m., County Council Chambers 500 N Main St in Summerville February 12th—14th Camp Wellstone Training Seminar USC Campus in Columbia “provides hands-on, practical training in grassroots politics for citizen activists, campaign workers, and people interested in running for office.” For more information, contact Jen Haut at 651.414.6037 or February 19th Summerville Chamber of Commerce Meeting 8 a.m. at County Council Chambers 500 N Main St in Summerville *Mike Shealy, Budget Director of the SC Senate Finance Committee, will give an overview of our state’s budget.* February 20th Precinct Reorganization Meetings (see page 2 for listing of which precincts meet at which locations)

Watch Those Election E-Mails! By “Dear Marty” Turney, advice columnist Prior to election time, you’ll probably get numerous emails making negative claims about candidates, purported to be facts. Don’t fall for any gossip, though. You should verify the information in that email before you forward it to others, and certainly before you cast your vote. The following websites can help you in this verification process: Many supposed “facts” that you receive in an email can be checked at one of these sites. If you cannot verify something that is stated as “fact,” do not pass it on to others.

Lower Dorchester County 10 a.m. at County Council Chambers 500 N Main St in Summerville Upper Dorchester County 10 a.m. at Waggoner County Services Building 201 Johnston St in St. George Delemars Precinct 10 a.m. Sand Hill U.M. Church 1967 Summers Dr in Ridgeville February 27th BBQ & Blues! 6 p.m. at White Gables Clubhouse in Summerville $10 for great food and great music! **Many Candidates Will Attend** (see ad on page 2 for more information)

March March 16th Dorchester County Democratic Women 7 p.m., County Council Chambers 500 N Main St in Summerville March 20th County Democratic Party Convention 10 a.m. at Ridgeville Town Hall 105 School St in Ridgeville March 27th Monthly Breakfast Meeting 9 a.m., Shoney’s on N Main St in Summerville

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The Blue Note: 2, 1  

The newest edition of the Dorchester County Democratic Party's bimonthly newsetter.

The Blue Note: 2, 1  

The newest edition of the Dorchester County Democratic Party's bimonthly newsetter.