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Why Serviced Apartments Are Ideal For Business Travellers The London economy continues to thrive despite a poor economic outlook in many other parts of the UK. London seems to operate in a bubble of it’s own most of the time. The city is one of the major global financial centres and because of this there is always demand for expertise from numerous financial companies operating in London. Immigrants move to the area because of the economic prosperity that the city has attracted, and despite an inevitable slowdown since 2008 the city has continued to grow globally. Workers from all over the country and other parts of the world come to London for temporary assignments only needing to stay for short periods of time. This in turn fuels the cities accommodation market as there is always demand for hotel rooms and short stay apartments. The rise of serviced apartments Serviced apartments have taken the business accommodation market by storm in London in recent years as they offer an alternative to the usual hotel stay. Size On average serviced apartments offer more than twice the space a normal central London hotel room would offer which makes them far more liveable if travellers are staying for extended periods. The amount of space is even very favourable for short stays. Number of bedrooms If business travellers are staying long term and need to bring family with them then the apartments offer the ability to have more than one bedroom. For an assignment in London that is less than six months but more than a couple of months, a serviced apartment really can be useful because there are no long term contracts and family can be moved in almost as if the apartment is being rented long term. Flexibility If the accommodation is needed to be extended then it is usually very easy to extend for a longer period of time without any difficulty. The same set up in a hotel is likely to be far more expensive, less comfortable and offer less space. Locations London has serviced apartments that are in very central locations. Most apartments are used as a go between from the office to the apartment so being located close to the office is a must. Many of the multinational businesses in London are located centrally, whether that be in the West End or the City Of London. The fact that apartments are often found very centrally helps with this. London also has some of the best transport infrastructure that can be found in any major city and so even if an apartment is not located right next to an office there is the option of taking a tube, bus or

train from just about anywhere. All serviced apartments are usually located near to tube or train stations to make the commute that bit easier. Leisure Travellers don’t have to be business people to use serviced apartments. People looking to travel to London for an extended stay over 7 days will find that serviced apartments offer a cost effective and comfortable way of staying in the city. In this instance a hotel might be too expensive but a serviced apartment could offer just the right services for a leisure traveller. Click here for a look at some of the serviced apartments you can find in London

Serviced Apartments For Business Travellers  

Serviced apartments are on the rise for business travellers who are staying in London for extended stays. Find out why they are growing in...

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