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Meshach Rhoades, RC ’01 She’s not yet 40 but already Meshach Rhoades, is an equity partner in the Denver law firm Armstrong Teasdale – and the first Latina to rise to such internal leadership ranks. The recipient of an Outstanding Women in Business award from the Denver Business Journal this year, Rhoades makes achievement work for her. Rhoades, who is married with two small children, holds a law degree from the University of Colorado but credits Regis with setting her up to succeed.

How did you get to where you are?

“There aren’t a lot of people who look like me in positions of power. I have had to blaze my own trail. I have to work harder and more strategically than some of my peers. I know that. I’m OK with that. I know that at the end of the day, it makes me a better person.

How did Regis play a part in that?

It made me a whole thinker. I learned to think globally about service. It taught me to show up for others, to be present in my community, and to not disengage. I’ve learned how to do (law) in a way in which I take into consideration what others are doing and thinking and feeling, and that’s what sets me apart from other lawyers.

You played basketball

while at Regis. How did you balance that?

“I learned pretty quickly that the people (at Regis) were committed to my education. They were committed to me as a person. It gave me confidence to step into any classroom, onto the court – and now, into any courtroom and any board room – and know I have the skills to be there.”



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Regis University Magazine - Fall/Winter 2018  

Regis University Magazine - Fall/Winter 2018