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Awards Ceremonies 2009 Worcester Cathedral 4, 5 & 6 November 2009


Dear Student

Awards Ceremonies 2009 Each year, the University organises Awards Ceremonies for the conferment of awards to students who have successfully completed their course during that academic year. This is an important occasion when University staff, students, friends and families join together to celebrate student achievements. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend the Awards Ceremonies taking place at Worcester Cathedral, and extend this invitation to your family and friends. Graduands’ tickets are free. The cost of each guest ticket will be £16.50 to cover admission to the ceremony and a programme. Graduands and guests will also be offered a glass of sparkling wine after the ceremony to celebrate the conferment of your award.

What should you do now? Ticket Order

Please confirm whether you wish to attend your ceremony and order tickets via your SOLE page. Academic Robes

Please contact our official robemakers Wm. Northam & Company Ltd. to order your academic robes to be worn at the ceremony (see page 7).

When will you next hear from the University? You will hear from us when we send you your tickets. This will be from the end of September.

Any other queries Please keep a copy of this guide, as this will be the only information sent to you about the Awards Ceremonies. If after consulting this guide you have a query, please do not hesitate to contact Registry Services on 01905 855333, or look at our website: www.worcester.ac.uk/registry I very much hope that you will be able to attend the Awards Ceremony and look forward to seeing you there.

Kevin Pickess Head of Registry Services


Contents List of Ceremonies


Frequently Asked Questions 


Academic Robes


Where to Hire Your Robe


Official Photography 


Programme of Events 


Seating Plan


Alumni Association


Message from the Careers Centre 


Graduate Internship Scheme


Postgraduate Opportunities




Useful contacts: Northams 0870 2401852 www.wmnortham.co.uk

Hannah Pipkin Exams and Awards Officer 01905 855032 graduation@worc.ac.uk www.worcester.ac.uk/registry

Students’ Union 01905 855188 www.worcsu.com

Finance Office 01905 855113

Tempest Photography 01736 752411 www.tempest-graduations.co.uk


The Ceremonies Here are the Graduation details for each Institute:

Wednesday 4th November 10.30am

Thursday 5th November 2.00pm

Postgraduate and Continuing Professional Development Awards in the Institute of Education

Institute of Health and Society (all other courses)

Wednesday 4 November 2.00pm th

Undergraduate Awards in the Institute of Education

Thursday 5th November 10.30am Institute of Humanities and Creative Arts

Friday 6th November 10.30am Institute of Science and the Environment Institute of Sport and Exercise Science

Friday 6th November 2.00pm Worcester Business School

Institute of Health and Society (Psychology, Health Studies and Social Welfare)

Where are the ceremonies being held? The ceremonies are being held in Worcester Cathedral. The Cathedral provides a splendid setting for the ceremonies, but due to the nature of the building some seats may have restricted views of proceedings. To overcome this difficulty, the University arranges for plasma screens to be placed around the Cathedral.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do now? Please read the information in this booklet thoroughly before confirming your attendance, ordering your tickets and academic robe.

How do I order tickets? Visit your SOLE page and follow the online instructions. Please note that every guest attending will need a ticket – this includes children unless they are babes in arms.

When do I need to order tickets by? You should order your tickets as soon as possible and by Friday 9th October at the latest. Please do not wait until the Board of Examiners has confirmed your award before ordering your tickets.

How much do the tickets cost? All guest tickets are charged at ÂŁ16.50 each. There is no charge for the student who is graduating.

Why does the University charge for tickets? The University incurs significant expense in the organisation of the annual Awards Ceremonies, and in order to cover these costs we charge a nominal fee for guest tickets. We do not make any profit from the sale of these tickets; nor do we charge graduands to attend their own ceremony. Please see below for details of what is included in the ticket price.

What’s included in the charge for the tickets? The ticket price includes free car parking on the University campus; coach travel between the University and the Cathedral; a contribution towards the hire of the Cathedral; the Awards Ceremony programme and the sparkling wine reception on campus after the ceremony.

How do I pay for tickets? You should follow the online instructions on your SOLE page.

How many tickets can I order? We guarantee up to 3 guest tickets. You can apply for additional tickets but it will depend on availability and Cathedral capacity.

Can I bring a child as a guest to the graduation? Children may attend the Awards Ceremonies, although we would ask you to use your judgement in deciding whether it is appropriate for small children to attend what can be a long ceremony. All children should be still and quiet throughout the ceremony, and those children who become restless or disruptive may be asked to leave the Cathedral.

What if my guests change their mind or can no longer attend the graduation? Provided that you let us know by Friday 9th October, you will be entitled to a full refund. If your circumstances change after that date, please contact the Examinations and Awards Officer directly. We cannot guarantee that a full refund will be available, but will do our best to meet your needs.

Please ensure that your tickets are ordered by 9th October 2009 at the latest.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Joint Honours student, which ceremony will I attend?

What happens if I owe the University money?

If your two subjects are based in a single Institute, you will be invited to the ceremony for your Institute. If your subjects are based across two Institutes, you will be contacted separately about the arrangements for your ceremony.

at the end of their course of study will not receive official confirmation of their result and the certificate will be withheld until the debt is settled.

What happens if I am unable to attend? If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. Your award will be made ‘in absentia’ and we will arrange to post your certificates to you after the ceremony. It is your responsibility to ensure that we hold the correct contact details for you – you can update these through your SOLE page. You will not be able to attend a later ceremony.

What happens if I don’t graduate? Should you fail to complete your course this year, please contact the Examinations and Awards Officer in writing in advance of the ceremony and we will organise a refund for your tickets. Once your award has been agreed, you will be invited to the next Award Ceremony.

When can I collect my Independent Study/ Dissertation?? Students who have a debt to the University

When will I receive my certificate? Where possible, award certificates will be presented on the day, and where applicable, transcripts of results will also be provided. If you are not attending your ceremony, your certificate will be posted to you in November after all the ceremonies have taken place.

How do I get to the Cathedral? A shuttle service is provided and coaches take both graduands and guests from campus to the Cathedral and back.

Your Independent Study/ Dissertation can be collected from 1 August from Registry Services. Alternatively, they can be collected on the day of your ceremony from room EE1104 at the following times: 11am- 2pm 3.30 – 5pm If you would like us to post your Independent Study/ Dissertation to you, this option will be available to you via your SOLE page. Please note that all Independent Studies/ Dissertations which have not been collected by 30 November 2009 will be disposed of, in a confidential manner.

What is a Graduand? A Graduand is a university student who has finished their studies, but has not yet fully graduated.

Please ensure that your tickets are ordered by 9th October 2009 at the latest.


Academic Robes All graduands wear academic robes at the ceremonies. Your robe will relate to your award and is easily hired for the day.

Do I need to wear an academic robe at Graduation? The ceremony is a formal event and you must wear the correct robe relating to your award. In order to respect the wishes of the Dean and Chapter of Worcester Cathedral you are requested to remove your mortar board whilst inside the Cathedral.

How do I hire my robe? Details about how to hire your robe can be found on the following page. The company from which you hire your robe is Northam & Company Ltd and their web address is: www.wmnortham.co.uk

When should I order my robe? You should order your robe as soon as possible and by 9th October at the latest.

What will my robe look like? You can view images of robes through the graduation pages of our website: www.worcester.ac.uk/registry

What should I wear with my robe? Men generally wear a suit underneath the robe and women wear a blouse and skirt, or trousers. This works not only because is it smart, but the shirt/blouse provides a button that the ‘hood’ of the robe can be looped through, fixing it into position.

Where do I collect my robe from on the day? All robes must be collected from the Cotswold Suite, which is located directly above reception in the main foyer. Staff will be on hand to direct you. Please allow plenty of time to collect your robe.

When do I need to hand my robe back? You can keep your robe on all day, allowing plenty of time for family photographs. You must return the robe to where you collected it by 5.30pm on the day of your ceremony.

Please ensure that your robes are ordered by 9th October 2009 at the latest.


How do I reserve my robes? Option 1 -

Please reserve your academic robes online and receive an online discount at www.wmnortham.co.uk (all major credit or debit cards accepted)

Option 2 -

Alternatively, ring our call centre on 0870 2401852. Operating hours are 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday. Calls may be recorded for staff training. You will not be entitled to the on-line discount if you order via this option.

Facilities for the deaf and hard of hearing or those with speech impairments are available using your Textphone – dial 1800101223861854 to access the RNID Typetalk system. When do I need to reserve my robes by? You need to book early to guarantee your order. Orders should be placed 21 days before your ceremony, and we cannot guarantee orders made after this point. Please check our website to see if your ceremony date option is still available, or telephone our operators at the call centre. Is there anything else I need to know? When reserving your academic robes, please remember the following:  You are requested to wear the academic dress of the degree you are being awarded, not the academic dress of a degree you may already hold.  Before you start, make sure you know your head circumference or hat size, chest and height measurements, and have your credit/debit card details available.  If hiring your robes, make sure you print out your order confirmation and bring it with you when you collect your outfit. Failure to produce your confirmation will result in a delay when collecting your outfit.  The option to ‘Buy’ your graduation outfit and possible memorabilia items is also available on-line. Where can I find more information? Our terms and conditions are available on-line or from our call centre operators. Wm Northam & Company Ltd, PO Box 367, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire CB25 9QY


Official Photography Official graduation photography is available on the day of your ceremony.

Where will the official photography take place? Tempest Photography will be located in the Conference Centre on all ceremony days. There will also be an official photograph taken of all graduates as they cross the stage in the Cathedral. Photographs can be purchased on your return to the campus, and details will be available from Tempest staff.

Can I take my own photographs in the Cathedral? Unfortunately not. The Cathedral requests that no flash photography should take place inside. However, do take every opportunity to take pictures in the Cathedral grounds after the ceremony.

How can I find out what packages are available? Leaflets will be available on the day, or you can consult the Tempest website: www.tempest-graduations.co.uk

How can I contact Tempest Photography? The website is www.tempest-graduations.co.uk alternatively you can contact Tempest by: H Tempest Ltd The Colour Laboratory St. Ives Cornwall TR26 3HU Tel: 01736 752411

Can I get a video or DVD of my ceremony? Due to the cost, we are unable to provide this service.


What happens on the day? Graduands and their guests are invited to leave their car at the University and travel to the Cathedral on our courtesy shuttle coaches. Programme of events Morning ceremonies 7.45 – 9.30am

Afternoon ceremonies 10.30am - 12.30pm

Graduands to collect robes from the Cotswold Suite.

Graduands to collect robes from the Cotswold Suite.

Visit Tempest Photographers in the Conference Centre.

Visit Tempest Photographers in the Conference Centre.

8.30 – 9.45 am

11.30am - 1.15pm

Take shuttle bus to the Cathedral.

Take shuttle bus to the Cathedral.

Graduands must register in the Chapter House at the Cathedral.

Graduands must register in the Chapter House at the Cathedral.

Why not take your own photographs in the grounds of the Cathedral?

Why not take your own photographs in the grounds of the Cathedral?

8.45 – 10.10am

12.45 – 1.45pm

Guests to take their seats in the Cathedral. Seats for guests (other than guests with special needs) will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Guests to take their seats in the Cathedral. Seats for guests (other than guests with special needs) will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

9.45 am: the last shuttle bus leaves the University. 10.00 am: all Graduands must have registered

1.15pm: the last shuttle bus leaves the University. 1.30pm: all Graduands must have registered

in the Chapter House at the Cathedral.

in the Chapter House at the Cathedral.

10.10am: all Graduands and guests

1.45pm: all Graduands and guests

10.30am: The Ceremony will last between an hour

2.00pm: The Ceremony will last between an hour

must be seated in the Cathedral.

must be seated in the Cathedral.

and a half and two hours, after which the shuttle bus will return Graduands and guests to the University.

and a half and two hours, after which the shuttle bus will return Graduands and guests to the University.

A sparkling wine reception will be provided in the Sports Hall.

A sparkling wine reception will be provided in the Sports Hall.

Graduates will be able to have their photographs taken in the Conference Centre (if not already taken earlier in the day).

Graduates will be able to have their photographs taken in the Conference Centre (if not already taken earlier in the day).

Photographs can be purchased from the Conference Centre.

Photographs can be purchased from the Conference Centre.

Independent Studies / Dissertations may be collected from MB 1.104.

Independent Studies / Dissertations may be collected from MB 1.104.

5.30 pm: Robes must be returned

5.30 pm: Robes must be returned

to the Cotswold Suite.

to the Cotswold Suite.


Seating Plan CertiďŹ cate collection point

CertiďŹ cate collection point

Where will I sit? Graduands will be allocated a seat number when they register in the Chapter House. There is no reserved seating for guests, except those who have indicated on their ticket request form that they have special requirements. Seating will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

What happens during the ceremony? A marshal will call you from your seat and direct you to point 2. Please remain in the order you were seated. When your name is read out you will cross the stage, shaking hands with the presiding officer and then your Course Leader before exiting the stage and collecting your certificate at point 3. Once you have collected your certificate, follow the arrows back to your seat. There will be marshals at various stages to direct you.

Life after Graduation:

Alumni Association The Alumni Association is here to help you keep in touch with the University and with each other. You are part of a worldwide network of over 17,000 Worcester Alumni. We’ll keep you up to date with both Alumni and University news and help you track down old friends. You can access graduate placement information through our Alumni website and we’ll send you the latest information about further study opportunities and business services. Whether through practical or advisory involvement, the support and interest of our graduates makes a real difference to the experience of current and future students. As a graduate, you are automatically a member of the Alumni Association. If you’d like to update your details, you can contact us at:

Larry Atwood Alumni Relations & Development Officer email: alumni@worc.ac.uk Tel: 01905 542019



Careers Support After Graduation

The Careers Advisory Service can continue to help you for up to three years after your graduation

Don’t forget our Graduate Opportunities Fair on Thursday 13 November, 11am-3pm

The Careers Centre will stay open between 8.30am and 4.30pm throughout the summer period, and you are welcome to come in and use the facilities. If you wish to speak to a careers adviser over the summer, you should phone first to make an appointment. New graduates may also be able to use careers services at other universities under the AGCAS Mutual Aid scheme. If you wish to use a careers service closer to home, you should check in advance what it offers to graduates of other universities. Alternatively you may wish to use the virtual careers centre at www.prospects.ac.uk which offers advice by email.

For further details contact: The Careers Advisory Services on 01905 855166 email careers@worc.ac.uk or visit our careers website at www.worc.ac.uk/careers

Graduate Internship Scheme Want to do something worthwhile with your degree? The University of Worcester’s new Graduate Internship Scheme brings an exciting new dimension to the University’s longstanding commitment to ensure its graduates make a first class contribution to the world of work. The scheme help graduates take the first step towards their chosen career, as well as giving businesses the opportunity to profit from an enthusiastic and skilled new member of staff. For All Final Year students looking for work in Herefordshire and Worcestershire Scheme for new graduates:   •  Get 12 months paid work experience plus a postgraduate qualification   •  Full time paid employment for 12 months   •  Receive a £2,400 annual bursary (paid in monthly instalments)   •  Free enrolment on Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management (and one day per week release from employment to complete the course)   •  A wide range of employers available The purpose of the scheme: This scheme has been developed by the University of Worcester to provide new opportunities for graduates in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, supporting businesses and students during the economic downturn and helping to equip them for the recovery. Internships will last 12 months Benefits to you You will gain paid work experience with your employer and a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management which will include aspects such as Leadership and Management, Entrepreneurship, Project Management and specifically designed work-based activity. You will be required to attend university for the equivalent of one day per week. This award will contribute towards an MBA after gaining management experience. It is expected that you will also be provided with a mentor in the work place. For further information, or to register your interest, please contact: Laura Doherty Business Development Office, University of Worcester email: l.doherty@worc.ac.uk or tel: 01905 855354


Not sure which direction to take?

If you’re not sure where you’d like to head in your career zoom* over in our direction and gain some valuable experience with our paid full-time and part-time student and graduate placements to help you clock some career miles. * budding Jenson Button’s need not apply.

r e re a C u c ir C s

r a Ye o u d




o g to e n av ai 6 ) lh g ’l a M 6 ) u nd 42, M ( Yo ou M r (


Please contact Dan Davies for more information on 07768 483547 or d.l.davies@graduateadvantage.co.uk











Apply now for courses starting in September 2009 Call us on 01905 855141 www.worcester.ac.uk

• Challenge your knowledge and progress your career with a postgraduate qualification from the University of Worcester. • 10% discount on Postgraduate course fees for 2009 University of Worcester graduates who enrol on a full-time Masters programme in 2009-10*. Wide range of subjects including: • MBA • MSc Management • MA Education • MA Performance Studies

• MSc Health and Social Care • MSc Nutritional Therapy • MSc Sports Management Part-time and flexible study options available. Study most courses to Certificate, Diploma or Masters level.

Visit www.worcester.ac.uk for a full list of courses and details of how to apply. * Students are entitled to one discount only, and cannot combine this discount with any other. International postgraduate students cannot receive this discount in addition to the discount for the early payment of fees.


How to find us


University of Worcester Henwick Grove Worcester WR2 6AJ Tel: 01905 855141 Fax: 01905 855144 email: study@worc.ac.uk www.worcester.ac.uk



University of Worcester Henwick Grove Worcester WR2 6AJ Main Switchboard: 01905 855000 Fax: 01905 855132 www.worcester.ac.uk The University of Worcester is an exempt charity.

Data protection: Graduands, guests and staff attending should be aware that graduation ceremonies are regarded as public events. Photographs of those attending may be taken for use in University of Worcester’s promotional materials and on the University website. We will try to ensure that attendees are aware that they have been photographed and that we obtain their consent to use the photographs. However, because of the nature of the event, this may not always be possible. Some small group photography may be taken and we will endeavour to advise all those taking part that these photographs will be used for University promotional purposes. Names of those in photographs will not be used unless permission has been sought. Disclaimer: In the event that any or all of the Award Ceremonies have to be cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to circumstances beyond the University’s control, we cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by the said cancellations, rescheduling or postponement.

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Graduation Information 2009  

Graduation Information 2009

Graduation Information 2009  

Graduation Information 2009