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September 17 - September 19, 2013

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No trespassing, soliciting , or visitation from strangers, family, or friends without written consent by Billie R. Powell on my properties located on North Hogan Rd.Billie R. Powell 10514 North Hogan Rd. Aurora, IN 47001. 3/13

No trespassing. No fishing, no swimming, no hunting or four wheelers. Not responsible for accidents or injury of any kind on my property. Barb Hornberger and family 9758 E. Co. Rd. 1350 N, Sunman, IN 47041 07-14

No trespassing. Not re sponsible for accidents or injury. We will prosecute trespassers on property owned by: Robert & Deborah Schroeder, Gary & Pam Schroeder, Ridge Drive, Lake Tambo & Knopf Roads, Man chester Township. 10-13

No trespassing. Not re sponsible for personal or property injury on the property of: Rita Bennett, 170 and 172 Conwell Street, Aurora, IN 47001 05-14

Not responsible for accidents. No hunting, fishing, woodcutting, swimming, recreational 4x4 riding, or trespassing on the property of: Hassel W. and Pamela M. Brashears Possum Ridge Road Aurora, IN 10-12

Positively no trespassing on the property of 10391 Huesman Rd. without owners presence. Danger on property. Not responsible for accidents. Robert and Darlene Meyer, 8642 Martin Rd., Dillsboro, IN 47018. 03-14

Private property. Abso lutely no trespassing of any kind on all properties belonging to Dana and Phyllis Weisickle. No exceptions. Not responsible for any injuries, accidents, or fatalities. No vehicles of any kind allowed to drive through or park without written permission. Dana & Phyllis Weisickle 12904 Probst Rd, Aurora, IN 47001 4-14

Oxbow Inc. and Oxbow of Indiana, Inc. (”Oxbow”) are the owners of property located in the area com monly known as Horse shoe Bottoms, Lawrenceburg Township, Dearborn County, Indiana. Most of Oxbowʼs land is located between I-275 to US 50 exit ramp, the CSX tracks, and the levee along US 50 and the Argosy entrance road. Oxbow also owns land immediately west of I-275 between the CSX tracks and the Ohio River, as well as land east of I-275 between the CSX tracks, the Ohio River, and the state line. Maps of Oxbowʼs properties are available on our website at Oxbow,Ind. land is a wildlife sanctuary. Hunting, trapping, discharge of firearms, and the shooting of arrows is prohibited except in certain designated areas and only with the written permission of Oxbow. ATVʼs may not be operated on Oxbow property at any time. Operating other motorized vehicles (except for the purpose of ap proved farming and land management operations) off clearly established roads or on a road in any manner contributing to the need to repair the road is prohibited. Those who operate a motor vehicle on Oxbow property do so at their own risk, and are advised that the dirt roads may be impassable when wet. Under no circum stances will Oxbow be responsible for damage to a vehicle or injury to its occupants. Bank fishing only with appropriate license is al lowed and is monitored by conservation officers. Camping, bonfires, and overnight parking are prohibited. Swimming in streams, lakes and other watercourses is strictly prohibited, as are motorized watercraft of any sort. Removing, destroying or disturbing wildlife and plants, or farm crops with out express written consent of Oxbow is prohibited. Oxbow property is regularly patrolled by law enforcement officers who have been instructed to prosecute all violators. Activities such as bird watching, hiking and the activities not expressly prohibited by these rules or state law may be done at ones own risk. Oxbow is not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property for those wishing to visit. Those in doubt of the lawfulness of their activity on Oxbow properties are encouraged to first contact: Oxbow, 854 Ligoria Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45218 04-14

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As part * nity out-re of its ongoing com ach mu born Comm effort, the South De School Co unity School Comm arunity rporation wil ing its nex l not be hol * t dnormal loc few board meetings at its ation on the school’s ma in Superintend ent Dr. John said he and Mehrle working tow the school board of commu ard increasing channeare nic South Dearb ation with the gre ls ater and building orn School Comm unity school-comm unity partt Rotating few school the location of the next of this effort board meetings are par . So t uth Dearborn’s meetings are boa Monday of generally held the rd firs each month , beginning t at The charre Due to La d tember me bor Day week, the cle at 11:09 remains of a car an * In County Prices Only. Call for details. Subscriptions must be pre-paid. Sepeting will be at 7:30 ments put a.m. on U.S. 50 at Syd semitractor are ho p.m. out the fir isted away camore Es e, Managem The Monda ent were bu and Aurora police tates Drive in front Wednesday afternoon y, Oct. 1, PHOTO BY take place and life squ vid meeting wil sy with tra , Au Taco Bell, ed an arr CHUCK FO g. 29. Th 126 W.ofHigh Street • P.O. Box at l 1020 Green e sem4128 LOP/ Monday, No Moores Hill with i caugh gating the ow board to help dirffic injuries, and mo ad as well as Dearb Blvd. Th the orn wreck. v. 5, meetin nitoring run ect traffic Aurora an t fire after striking , which wa Sheriff’s depe47025 g at Man-off into sto County Lawrenceburg, Indiana d Lawrenc av s stil rm uti eburg fire l snarled at es and De drains. Th Mehrle env dep arb e 2 Ind p.m orn ian . isio Co AP a un ns even D Sgt. Mi some of the ke Prudent Department of Tran ty Emerge hav sportation i and Offic buildings fro meetings in city or ing pr er tow Bil m time-to-t l Halbig are ime for comn inves Mehrle doe is posted on s a monthly podcas t that the school’s website.


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The ohio county news: the rising sun recorder 9 19 13