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New graduates – 180 of them - laugh and shout as they throw their caps into the air at the end of commencement Friday, May 31, at South Dearborn High School. Look for photos from East Central High School’s graduation in The Dearborn County Register, Thursday, June 6.

Above: From left, Logan Berry, Isaac Bowers and Charles Walter, all from Aurora, chill out in the South Dearborn High School cafeteria just before graduation Friday evening. Left: South Dearborn High School Class of 2013 valedictorian Morgan Mosley shares some memories and wishes her classmates well during graduation.

In response to the recent scrutiny of the City of Lawrenceburg’s grant program by the Indianapolis Star, there is growing concern among some in our community that the General Assembly may take action to limit MIKE the money LAWRENCE the City receives from & Hollywood JANE Casino. We POPE share that concern. Rather than sit in our arm chairs and blame each other in case that does happen, however, we offer a strategy to prevent that from happening. If we don’t want the General Assembly to take our money, we ought to do two things: first, we ought to stop giving the General Assembly reasons to take our money; and second, we ought to show the General Assembly we can police ourselves - that we’re not corrupt and that we can be trusted with the people’s money. Unfortunately, to date we refuse to do either of these things. We refuse to stop giving the General Assembly reasons to take our money; instead, we keep giving the General Assembly more and more reasons to come take our money. The City’s recent decision to give $600,000 - more than a half a million dollars of the people’s money - to State Rep. Jud McMillin’s mother, among others, while obscuring the fact that McMillin’s mother would benefit is just one example. We and former Councilman Doug Taylor stopped the grant. Nevertheless, we’ve been informed by the Mayor’s Assistant and

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World War II vet’s history at depot he left to serve By Chandra L. Mattingly Staff Reporter

When Dearborn County Veterans Service Officer Michael Burgess came across the Purple Heart certificate of World War II veteran Terrance Smith, he decided to find out more about the dead soldier. “It bothered me because this kid went off and did his duty,” dying in the process, said Burgess. So over the past year Burgess researched Census records and local newspapers to learn more about Smith. Then Burgess turned over the information and framed certificates to the Aurora Public Library District, to be kept at its Local History at the Depot. Terrance Smith was one of the first three men in Dearborn County to be drafted in WW II, Burgess

learned. The three were the county's A. (Christman) Smith before his Delbert and Clair had no chilfirst draft contingent, with Smith, own death in 1986. dren, said Burgess. Aurora, and John Nor did Terrance, Bieker, Lawrenceburg, whom Burgess learned going as volunteers. was born Sept. 28, Floyd Stamper, Har1916, in Indiana, and rison, was inducted. died Dec. 23, 1944, in They left for Fort BenBelgium. He, his sister jamin Harrison Nov. Jeanne L. Smith Hayes, 19, 1940. born in 1918 in Indiana, Smith, 28, at the and their parents Frank time of his death, left L. and Lula Smith, all no descendants, said are buried at Riverview Burgess. The certifiCemetery, Aurora. The cates were given to the brothers' older two sisservice office by Greg ters Frances and GerEngler, whose aunt aldine Smith, born in Clair Engler Smith had 1904 and 1914, respecthem. She had married tively, never married. Terry Smith's brother Terrance Smith was CHANDRA L. MATTINGLY/The Journal-Press Delbert J. Smith, born Dearborn County Veterans Service Officer Michael Burgess in the 4th Armored Diin 1915, who probably shows materials he donated to the Aurora Public Library vision, which served in received the papers District regarding the military service of Master Sgt. Terrance the European Theater from his mother Lula Smith. Smith, 28, Aurora, was killed in the Battle of the Bulge. and was nicknamed

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Breakthrough, said Burgess. According to a story in the Jan. 25, 1945, Dearborn County Register, Smith was trained with the First Armored at Ft. Knox, then put into personnel in the Fourth Armored at Pine Camp. He left for England Dec. 26, 1943, and was sent to France shortly after July 4, 1944, said the article. His parents received word he was reported missing in action Tuesday, Jan. 16, 1945, according to the Jan. 18, 1945, Dearborn County Register. His death later was confirmed to have occurred during the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium. By that time he had become a master sergeant and received a Bronze Star for capturing a German officer and 23 enlisted men, according to information Burgess located.

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Ind. 62 to Friendship open again Good news for folks in and around Friendship. Ind 62 was reopened by the Indiana Department of Transportation Friday afternoon, May 31. HIS Contractors of Indianapolis, working under a $1.6 million contract to stabilize two landslide areas along Ind. 62, removed more than 10 feet of soil and loose stone to establish a foundation for the roadway on solid rock. Water was sealed away and

corrective drainage put in place. Embankments have been secured with large stone (rip rap). And the highway has been rebuilt with several lifts of asphalt. The re-opening comes a week before the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association’s spring shoot is to begin Saturday, June 8. Friendship also is home to a large flea market during the NMLRA shoot.




First Financial donates paintings of Aurora scenes By Chandra L. Mattingly Staff Reporter

Seven paintings of local scenes have been donated to the Aurora Public Library by First Financial Bank. The paintings, all created by local artists, were painted in 1982 for American State Bank in its then-new building on Importing Street near U.S. 50. The building now houses the Aurora branch of First Financial Bank. “We have a brand look. These didn't go with it,” said Jason Hughes, First Financial

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Bank Aurora Branch manager. He delivered the paintings to the old Aurora train depot, now owned by the Aurora Public Library District and used to house its genealogy and local history collection. “We're going to display them at different times depending on what we're highlighting,” said Aurora Public Library District Director Mary Alice Horton after the paintings were delivered Tuesday, May 28, to the Local History at the Depot, U.S. 50 and Second Street. The depot also is the site of Talk About Aurora, held at 6 p.m. the fourth Tuesday monthly through October: June 25; July 23, Aug. 27, Sept. 24 and Oct. 22. The paintings include: ■■ the distillery and warehouses of T & JW Gaff and Company, Aurora, Ind., by M.A. Schwegman; ■■ the former grocery story located at Third and Judiciary streets, most recently known as the Aurora Borealis, by the late Mary Jane Bell; ■■ the former Ullrich's Drug Store at the corner of Second and Main streets, whose


Aurora Public Library District Director Mary Alice Horton and First Financial Bank Aurora Branch Manager Jason Hughes show the seven paintings the bank recently donated to the library. They will be kept at the History at the Depot building. painter's name is unread- thrilled to have the paintings enjoy them. where people can see and “They've been in storable; ■■ The First Automobile in Aurora, Ind., by Sharon Grove; ■■ Hillforest, by Mary Jane Bell; ■■ Wilmington Courthouse by Jennifer Ripley; and ■■ Aylor & Meyer Feed Store, Third and Exporting streets, by Mary Jane Bell. Horton said she was

age for two years,” added Hughes.




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Cruise-in Car show every Thursday MasTer of CereMonies JiM helMs This painting of Wilmington Courthouse, painted by Jennifer Ripley, was commissioned by the American State Bank when it opened its Aurora office in 1982.

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Thursdays are a dinner ritual on deck

Good days ahead for walleye anglers INDIANAPOLIS- Walleye production at Indiana’s state fish hatcheries has rebounded after suffering a weather-related setback last year. Every spring, Indiana Department of Natural Resourcesworkers net adult walleyes at Brookville Lake, where eggs are collected from the fish and fertilized. The fish are released back into the lake, and the eggs are transported to Cikana State Fish Hatchery near Martinsville for incubation. Fish incubated in the spring are then stocked in Indiana lakes throughout the same year. According to Cikana manager Dan Jessup, unseasonably warm temperatures last spring resulted in one of the worst walleye egg collections on record, and the state was unable to meet some of its 2012 stocking goals. This year, however, the annual collection of walleye eggs was a success. That’s welcome news for anglers and fisheries biologists. “By 2016, the walleyes we stock this year will be well above the 14-inch size limit and providing some great walleye action,” said Jessup. The DNR’s fish stocking program enhances fishing opportunities where natural limitations prevent certain fish from reproducing or surviving. The walleye is Indiana’s most popular stocked fish. Although native to Indiana, walleye distribution and abundance was limited until annual stockings were developed in the 1970s. According to DNR biologists, natural reproduction of walleyes is insufficient to maintain populations in most of Indiana. Hatchery production offsets the shortfall. Indiana typically stocks about 22 million walleye fry that are 4 days old. An additional 1 million walleye fingerlings are stocked in June after being raised to 1 to 2 inches. Six- to 8-inch walleyes are produced for stocking in the fall at lakes where fry or June fingerlings fail to establish a fishery. “While 2013 did not produce the highest number of adult walleyes we’ve ever collected, nor the most eggs, fish size and egg quality were excellent,” said Jessup. “All lakes that receive newly hatched fry have been stocked and we are on target to grow enough 1-2 inch and 6-8 inch fingerlings to meet those stocking needs as well.” A list of lakes stocked with

“Forty-five minutes? But tioned that,” said the waiter. we had a reservation for A clatter began at the top seven o’clock, on the deck. I of the stair and grew louder called last week.” until an elk burst into the The waiter looked over his room. It stopped, snorted, glasses at Phil and said, “It’s and bounded for the nearThursday. Didn’t they men- est exit. tion Thursday?” “Oh! They WILL do A piercing scream came that,” said the waiter. “And down the narrow stair that led the health department is so to the deck. picky.” “Thursday on the deck is A small brownish thing Ritual Sacrifice Night,” said scuttled out of the stairwell the waiter. and across the floor. “No, they didn’t mention “Is that a beaver?” said ...” Elaine. The waiter sighed, raised “Either that or Donald his hands, shrugged, and Trump’s hair,” said the said, “On Thursdays, Chez waiter. Expainsive de Outre allows “I didn’t know elk and religious groups who beaver had a sympractice ritual sac- C.G. biotic relationrifice to slaughter SCAVOLA ship,” said Phil. animals on our deck. “That would Most of our reservabe in our Grotto tions for the deck are for the Room,” said the waiter. members of those religious A loud squealing erupted groups, which is why we are from the deck, then dimin... usually, at any rate ... care- ished into silence. ful to mention it when people “They killed a poor little call.” piggy?” Phil looked at Elaine, who “That was supposed to be was beginning to get green. a large rat,” said the waiter, He said, “So, that scream ...” frowning. “Henri! No more “Porcupine night,” said the suckling pig tonight! The waiter. anaconda worshippers got “They killed a helpless it mixed up.” porcupine?” said Elaine. A loud slap came from “Not yet,” said the waiter. the deck. Then more slaps, “That was the priest. Part of a random, continuous bomthe ritual porcupine sacrifice bardment of slaps. involves the priest clutch“The people who sacriing the porcupine to his bare fice flies,” said the waiter. chest.” Elaine was now very Another scream came green. from the deck. “They are somewhat “And then the quills are strange,” said the waiter. picked out.” “But, after everyone else The scream came again. finishes, the flies, you “One by one. Would you know, begin to gather belike to sit somewhere else? fore our crew can finish We don’t do sacrifice in the cleaning - oh, the health Chuck Wagon Flank Room.” department is so picky - and Murmurs and a smattering the fly people are really of applause came from the rather harmless. Oh! I made deck. The waiter raised his a joke. Harmless? Flies?” eyes and silently moved his Elaine fainted. The waitlips. Elaine became greener. er looked down at her and “The porcupine?” said said, “Our split pea soup is Phil. delicious. And if you find a “They will now do melon fly in it, I can most certainly balls served on its quills,” offer one to everyone else. said the waiter. Hah! I should be famous.” Another scream pierced down from the deck. Copyright 2013, Robert A. “Sadists!” said Elaine. Markwalter. For more from “Leave the porcupines C.G. Scavola and Bob Markalone.” walter, visit www.straylake. “No no, that was the ele- com, home of the Stray Lake phant trainer,” said the waiter. Signal-Gazette “Why they use the man, I’m sure I wouldn’t know. He’s is always letting the elephants step on his feet.” A thud shook the ceiling above Phil and Elaine and the waiter, resounded around the room, then through the rest of the building, lifting everyone about six inches off For the convenience of all Dearborn County dog the ground before it faded and cat owners, and in order to comply with away in a distant rumble. The Indiana law, a series of RABIES CLINICS to ceiling creaked, sagged, and administer 1 year rabies vaccination is being rebounded. held throughout Dearborn County. “The elephant?” said Phil. “Oh look,” said the waiter. “Pachyderm stir fry just went These clinics will be held up on the nightly specials in the following towns: board. I can suggest a lovely DILLSBORO Firehouse West Side....................June 6 red wine with that.” The bugle call to the post NEW ALSACE St. Paul's School......................June 19 came from the deck. YORKVILLE St. Martin’s Church Yard........June 19 “They’re not going to slaughter a horse, are they?” MOORES HILL Firehouse...............................June 21 said Elaine. “Well, only one who alMANCHESTER Firehouse...............................June 25 ways runs last,’ said the waiter. “Hah! Kidding! It’s the elk 5:30 p.m. - 6:30p.m. sacrificers. Get it? Bugling? Elks? Oh, and sometimes (EXCEPT NEW ALSACE - 6:30p.m. - 7:30p.m.) they wear hats with funny Fee - $10.00 tassels.” ANNUAL VACCINATION REQUIRED “You’re a very sick man,” INDIANA STATE LAW said Elaine. “Several of my wives men-

Notice of RABIES CLINIC 2013




walleye by the DNR is at dnr.

Nesting success continues for peregrine falcons INDIANAPOLIS- The success of the peregrine falcon in Indiana continues with another spring of encouraging nesting numbers. DNR biologists have documented 16 peregrine falcon nests this year. Eggs or chicks were observed at 14. The remaining nests were inaccessible for observation, although biologists suspect those nests also contain eggs or hatchlings. The total of 16 nests is down from 18 in 2012, but up from 12 in 2011. No new nesting sites were discovered this year, although falcons nested at an existing nest box on Fort Wayne’s One Summit Center for the first time since 2007. Chicks have already hatched at eight sites, including Fort Wayne, according to Indiana Department of Natural Resources non-game bird biologist John Castrale. Peregrine falcons were reintroduced to Indiana from 1991 to 1994. Before reintroduction projects began in Midwestern states, the species had not been recorded in the state since 1906. The bird is on Indiana’s endangered species list, although that could change this summer. The 14 nesting sites where biologists confirmed eggs or hatching include one at the Madison, Ind./Milton, Ky. Bridge where at least one egg observed.

Game bird habitat development funds available for landowners

INDIANAPOLIS- Private landowners looking to improve wildlife habitat on their property may qualify for financial assistance through the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife, particularly if they want to benefit bobwhite quail and ring-neck pheas-

ants. Bobwhite quail and ring-neck pheasant are prized game birds. However, populations of both have suffered from permanent habitat loss or lack of maintenance on existing habitat. “It used to be that farming practices created and maintained a lot of the habitat that quail and pheasants needed,” said Gary Langell, private lands program manager for DNR Fish & Wildlife. “More ground was typically disturbed each year than what was planted and harvested. Many of those disturbed areas would remain idle for two or three years in a row before being disked up again and provided ideal nesting and winter cover. It is this type of habitat that we are lacking today, but it requires landowners to create and maintain it.” The DNR Fish & Wildlife’s Private Lands Unit works with landowners to restore quail and pheasant habitat. A district wildlife biologist will meet with the landowner, inspect the property and prepare a detailed management plan. The biologist will also discuss financial assistance programs that are available through the DNR Fish & Wildlife to help offset the cost of habitat restoration or maintenance. Qualified landowners are reimbursed for finished work in the amount agreed to by DNR Fish & Wildlife. Enhanced cost-share assistance is available to landowners in any of

the Division’s quail or pheasant priority areas. “Each district wildlife biologist has a quail or pheasant priority area,” said Josh Griffin, south region private lands supervisor for DFW. “The more pheasant and quail habitat we can create or restore in these areas, the greater the potential for these birds to disburse into other areas of good habitat and maintain sustainable populations.“ To determine if your land is in a quail or pheasant priority area, see wild/2352.htm. For more information on quail or pheasant priority areas, or for information on developing wildlife habitat on your property, contact your local district wildlife biologist. A directory is at htm.

WWW. DEARBORN COUNTY CHAMBER. ORG Online Member Directory Combs


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Ivy Schmeltzer’s third grade students at Aurora Elementary School have been hard at work preparing for their Social Studies presentations. In the photograph, Emily Metcalfe, Jada Perez, Teagan Murray, Dalton McMurray, Luke Pierce, and Trentan Vernon, team up to share ideas and notes. The students collaborated to create posters and give an oral presentation of their unit. Mrs. Schmeltzer’s third graders have learned many interesting facts about communities and their cultures, diversity, different explorers and their accomplishments, and how communities become colonized into cities.

Character Counts at Aurora Elementary - The staff at Aurora Elementary School works diligently to help promote a positive learning environment for students. The entire school focuses on six traits of good character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Each week the students discuss the six traits of good character in class. Students that demonstrated these character traits for the second nine weeks of school were rewarded with a trip to the Skatin’ Place to go roller skating. The students had a great time skating and playing arcade games. Pictured are students from Sheri Detmer’s first grade enjoying their morning skating! Kachina-Hopi Indian Spirit Dolls - Aurora Elementary fifth grade students created Kachina inspired drawings after learning about the Hopi Indians and their legendary Kachina spirit dolls. These spirit dolls were made to bring good harvest, success at hunting, and health to a tribe. The results were all very individual and quite unique. Pictured, front row: Jami Mathews, Kylee Sebastian, Lillian Hammann; back row: Bryce Valdez, Brentson Caudill, Brian Bailey, Dalton Dunlap. Students in Mrs. Uhlmansiek’s sixth grade science classes have been learning about the solar system. Many industrious students decided to make their own solar systems. Students who chose to participate earned extra credit for this nine week period. The projects were original and diverse as students used a variety of materials to create their projects. Pictured are: Bryston Cotton, Dylan George and Danielle Chivelle.


Math and Art Together - In Mrs. Downard’s eighth grade Pre-Algebra at South Dearborn Middle School math and art are integrated in a project to learn about integers. Students are excited about the hands on aspect of drawing these concepts of math functions. At South Dearborn Middle School Mrs. Powell’s and Mr. Wynn’s seventh and eighth grade health classes hosted Ivy Tech nursing students. The nursing students gave a presentation about texting while driving. The presentation told students how long their eyes are off the Matt Bruner spelled “convention,” corroad while checking or rectly to be the winner of the South Dearsending a text. When they born Middle School Spelling Bee on Dec. finished the presentation 15, beating 26 other students who competed. He finished as runner-up in the 2011 students went through a texting while driving spelling bee. At the end of January, Matt competed in an online test to qualify for the simulation. Pictured: Seventh grader Jacob Gainor Scripps Regional Bee held in February at receiving instruction from the National Underground Railroad FreeIvy Tech nursing students dom Center in Cincinnati. Runner-up was Carrie Hobbs and Debbie Macie Brightwell and she will serve as the Dresselhaus. alternate in case Matt cannot compete in the next round at Cincinnati.

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CASH, From Page 1

Economic Development Director Grant Hughes that he’s still working on the grant. Councilman Bill Bill Bruner and Councilman Cook voted against stopping the grant. This action is what focused the Indianapolis Star’s attention upon Lawrenceburg’s grant program. See “A Lawmaker, a Grant, an Ethics Lapse” in the Indianapolis Star, March 17, 2013. We gave the Indianapolis Star and the General Assembly reason to look at us. That looking, in and of itself, shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, however, it is but only because we haven’t been responsible. The irresponsibility the Indianapolis Star and the General Assembly see when they look at our grant program is embarrassing and we have only ourselves to blame. The City’s more recent decision to grant $358,102.00 - more than a third of a million dollars of the people’s money - to CSX Corporation, a rail transportation company, to improve a private track crossings is another example. While many of our citizens struggle to make ends meet, we’re giving their money away to CSX. CSX had revenue of nearly $3 billion and profits of $459 million in just the first three

HISTORY, From Page 1

Before receiving the telegram about their son, Terrance Smith's parents had gotten a letter from him written Dec. 8, 1944, when he had been moved from being in charge of personnel in an office, into the infantry, where the need was “desperate,” according to the Jan. 18, 1845, article. Terrance Smith had had no infantry training, said the story. Meanwhile, his brother was serving with a signal air warning unit in Italy, and his sister



months of 2013. Just last year, CSX Corporation had revenue of nearly $12 billion and profits of $1.859 billion. This private track crossing will only serve Hollywood Casino’s employees; it will enable them to access an employee parking lot. Penn National Gaming, Inc., the Wyomissing, Penn., based corporation that owns Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg as well as 28 other gambling facilities in 19 jurisdictions had profits of $65.271 million in just the first three months of 2013. Our elected officials have forgotten who they are elected to serve. We proposed a solution to the City’s grant and loan program woes last year well before the McMillin and CSX debacles but neither the Mayor, the Mayor’s Assistant and Economic Development Director, the other Councilors, the Clerk/Treasurer, nor the City Attorney, were interested. On October 22, 2012, we issued a press release opposing the Mayor’s grant and loan program, charging it is business as usual. A copy of that press release is online under Eeditions at Therein, we identified four problems with the Mayor’s grant program and proposed solutions. First, we recommended leaving the decision to give grants or loans to City Council, the very people you elected to take care of your

money, rather than to a committee of the Mayor’s friends. Second, we recommended putting qualified people in charge of the programs, i.e., people who know economic development, not just a bunch of the Mayor’s friends. Third, we recommended putting some teeth in the grant and loan agreements to make sure we actually get some economic development in return for our grants and loans. Fourth, we recommended establishing written objective criteria for evaluating applications and determining who should be awarded a grant or a loan. Grants and loans should be given based upon the merit of the request, i.e., who is offering the most economic development bang for your buck, rather than given based upon who you know. Again, however, nobody was interested. The result was business as usual, a bad decision that sparked an Indianapolis Star investigation, multiple Indianapolis Star articles that highlighted our money on the General Assembly’s radar, and another bad decision on the heels of it all. We can ill afford the next mistake that business as usual will surely bring us. To make matters worse much worse - we compound this problem by also refusing to police ourselves. When our elected officials break the law and squander your money,

local law enforcement refuses to lift a finger to investigate or to prosecute preferring instead to turn a blind eye. For our government to work properly for us, our elected officials have to operate our government in accordance with the law and when our elected officials fail to do so local law enforcement must hold them accountable. If local law enforcement fails to do so, we show the Indianapolis Star and the General Assembly that we can’t police ourselves - that we can’t be trusted with the people’s money - and we’re just asking the General Assembly to take our money. Although local law enforcement might once have hoped that if it just kept quiet nobody would notice, we can ill afford this approach any longer. To be sure, the General Assembly has noticed. The Indianapolis Star has made that certain. But again, we have only ourselves to blame. Our local law enforcement can choose now to continue to look the other way in order to protect a few but it does so at great peril to all the rest of us. This is too high a price for local law enforcement to ask all the rest of us to bear in order to protect those few that have broken the law and squandered our money. It’s too high a price too for those few who have broken the law and squandered our

Frances Smith was teaching at Central Junior High School in Lawrenceburg, said the article. Another article later that January reported Terrance Smith had been killed in action. He had served all four years in the mechanized units. And, in February, 1945, the Register reported his parents received personal letters from two of their son's commanding officers relating the facts about his death and burial. “The letters revealed that Terrance was killed Dec. 23 at the village of Louftemount, near Bastogne, Belgium. His body was taken to an American cemetery in eastern France

for burial, and a Catholic chaplain held services,” said the Feb. 22, 1945, article. It also said his parents had received Terrance's Christmas presents the week before, sent from overseas before his death. In addition to the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, Terrance Smith should have received the American Defense Service Medal, the American Campaign Medal, The European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal and the WW II Victory Medal, said Burgess. He presented a framed depiction of the medals to the library with a bound book containing the information he'd found.

The 1940 Census especially was helpful in tracking Smith's family, said Burgess as he delivered the materials to the library's depot building. Musing, he noted Rullman's Funeral Home picked up the bodies of fallen soldiers right there, at the Aurora train depot, during and after WW II. Smith's body, buried in France through 1949, was retrieved by his brother and interred at Riverview Cemetery the same year. “His coffin was unloaded at this depot in 1949 and he probably got on a train here when he left,” said Burgess.



JUNE 2 - JUNE 8 ARIES • March 21 - April 19

There is plenty of shopping to do. Don’t be shy to haggle over prices. You find some advantageous conditions for reimbursing a loan.

TAURUS • April 20 - May 20

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CANCER • June 21 - July 22

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LEO • July 23 - August 22

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VIRGO • August 23 - September 22

It’s high time that you plan your next vacation. It wouldn’t be surprising if you have lots of details to take care of, especially if you’re travelling with a group.

LIBRA • September 23 - October 22

There’s a lot of emotion in the air! This might be due to some fairly drastic changes, such as moving house. You will have to rebuild certain elements in order to have a solid base for support.

SCORPIO • October 23 - November 21

Your love life takes up a lot of your attention this week. You spend some quality time with your loved one, and you both enjoy planning a beautiful future together.

SAGITTARIUS • November 22 - December 21

You’re a real foodie, and you might clue in that you’ve been getting a bit chubbier. As you become aware of this, you will start a strict but effective diet.

CAPRICORN • December 22 - January 19

You distinguish yourself in a significant way within a group or the business where you work. You are really proud of this rather daring exploit.

AQUARIUS • January 20 - February 18

You may decide to sell or buy a property on the spur of the moment. You’ll find a place that is perfect for the whole family.

PISCES • February 19 - March 20

ACROSS 1. Pang 5. CNN’s Turner 8. Scots’ caps 12.Roe source 13.____, you! 14.Burn balm 15.Reimbursed 16.Tusked mammal

32.Bandleader Brown 33.Be in debt 34.Chop 35.Fewer 37.Carbonated drink 39.Lamb’s parent 40.Shade

OBITUARIES DEATH NOTICES ROBINSON, JOSEPH ALLEN47, Cleves, died Saturday, June 1, 2013. Jackman Kercheval Meyers Funeral Home, Harrison, is in charge of arrangements.

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of Charles W. Fletcher Jr. March 28, 1921 – June 2, 2004

As time unfolds another year Memories keep you ever near. Silent thoughts of times together, Hold memories that will last forever. Gone from earth but never from our hearts, Your loving family

42.Woman’s undergarment 44.Form of jazz 47.Inhale and exhale 51.Winter footwear 53.Droplet 54.Peeve 55.“____ the King’s Men” 56.Ship’s jail 57.Annexes 58.Sneaky 59.Florida Key, e.g. DOWN 1. European snakes 2. Talk 3. Bald 4. Rabbitt or Van Halen 5. Biblical

pronoun 6. Morays 7. Color fabric 8. Pacific territory 9. Arkin or Alda 10.Friar 11.Places 17.Edgar Allan ____ 19.Black-eyed vegetable 22.Necessity 23.Unwell 24.Letter before dee 26.Snout 27.Tango number 29.Cinemas 30.Do needlework 31.Fearful reverence

36.Beaches 38.Mr. Vigoda 41.Raises 43.Synagogue figure 44.Tiresome person 45.Diabolic 46.Chime 47.____ weevil 48.Put faith in 49.Signal a cab 50.Rim 52.Contains



This past week I have been living in my very own “A Bug’s Life” movie. My house has been taken over by ants. These aren’t just regular ants either, they are GIANT! While I think any Pixar movie about ants or bugs is super cute I have had enough of the real ants living in my house. The only good thing to come out of this is that my husband suddenly figured out how to put the dishes in the dishwasher. I always like to find some sort of positive in any situation but even this one just isn’t worth it. Even with his miraculous discovery the ants keep marching one by one all over the kitchen. If any of you have any suggestions that are natural, because of our cats, please let me know! I am ready to send these ants packing for good.

You don’t always express yourself decisively, but everything you say is thoughtful and will make a big difference for several people.

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18.Zebra’s features 20.Pig calls 21.Robert E. ____ 22.Fishing device 23.Decorate a cake 25.Before: pref. 28.____ girl!

money to ask all the rest of us to pay. Let’s cease all grants and loans, let’s repeal the existing grant program ordinance that has put us in this embarrassing and perilous position, let’s pass a new grant and loan program ordinance that puts our people first by doing the things we’ve proposed, and let’s insist that local law enforcement do its duty and hold those who have broken the law and put us in this position accountable. Let’s show the Indianapolis Star and the General Assembly we can handle the people’s money responsibly. Jane Pope and Mike Lawrence are on Lawrenceburg City Council. They were elected in November 2011.

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That’s all this Babbling Brooke has to say, until next week anyway! email:

  Call 812-537-0063 or 513-367-4582




Little bit of


By Erika Schmidt Russell Editor

The Old West is alive and well. It’s living on outside of Milan and being tended by a retired Indiana State Police officer currently working as a crime scene investigator for the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department. Ed Lewis always loved tales of the old west. He was raised around cattle, but those cattle were a bit different than the ones he raises now. His current herd brings people to a stop on a stretch of Ind. 101 where there is not easy place to pull off the road. Lewis and his wife Darlene, or Dar as he calls her, raise Texas Longhorns. He has a small herd of certified Longhorns at his home on Ind. 101 between Milan and U.S. 50. Three heifers and their calves. He has nearly 50 more on the old family farm on the other side of Milan toward Sunman. That herd of 50 started with five Longhorns in 2004. He called the operation, Ropin the Wind, and runs it along with his son James and daughter-in-law Mary. He had been raised with dairy cattle, so raising beef cattle wasn’t too much of a stretch. Falling in love with the Longhorns during his vacations out west, Lewis did some research. Longhorns’ meat is low in cholesterol, something important since both he and his wife have cholesterol problems, he said. Their looks belie a fierce disposition, but Longhorns are quite docile. Longhorns also prefer grass to grain, and even when supplementing their pasture with hay are easier and sometimes cheaper to raise than grain-fed cattle, said Lewis. “I know they’re destined to be

freezer beef, but I baby them. Even as I load them in the trailer for the slaughterhouse I never mistreat them. There’s no slapping, no electric prods,” said Lewis, who also has names for most of the 50-head. No hormones or excessiveanitbiotics are used either, said Lewis. His Longhorns aren’t organic but they’re darn close. Take Wonder Woman for example of Ed’s and Dar’s devotion. At a bit over two month old in mid-May, Worder Woman was bawling a bit in the barn and butting her head against a the fence betting to be petted and loved. “Longhorns are very private. They mate in private and they give birth in private. They also like to hide their babies, and one heifer will babysit for other babies,” said Lewis. Being private creatures, Lewis found a lifeless Wonder Woman at the old family farm. Apparently the birth had been difficult, and the mom was lying nearby quite winded. The calf wasn’t breathing, and Lewis, knowing how private Longhorns are almost left the mom to grieve her baby, which he’s also seen. “But I just couldn’t give up on her. So, I picked her up and my nephew, John Lewis, and I managed to lift her over the fence. We got her in the back of the truck and I started rubbing her with a blanket. She started breathing, and we brought her here,” said Lewis. From there Dar willingly took over feeding the calf from a bottle, including getting up at 3 a.m. or so for feedings. For Ed and Dar it was a matter of not giving up, even though they know where she might head one day. Although, Lewis does breed most of the females, he has been trying to thin down his herd


Above: Longhorns frequently hide their calves in tall grass or briar patches, with one momma babysitting her calf and others. Right: Ed Lewis rubs Wonder Woman’s muzzle. The calf is being bottle fed by Lewis’s wife, Dar.

recently. Wonder Woman and the other calves also have something most other cattle don’t have right after they’re born. Horns. Nubbins are visible on caves right at birth, and Longhorns are raised now almost as much for their horns as for meat. Lest anyone think Lewis is alone in Indiana raising these symbols of Western cattle drives, he is one of several in the state and there are even more throughout the Midwest. Lewis is in charge of the Midwest Texas Longhorn Association’s show, which will be in Lawrenceburg for the second year. Lewis found himself roped into being vice president of the group and show chairman. “I told them if I was going to be chairman, then It was going to be in my neck of the woods,” said Lewis.

Get up close ... ■■What: The Midwest Texas Longhorn Association Show ■■When: 9 a.m. Saturday, June 8. ■■Where: Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds, U.S. 50 across from Hollywood Casino Entrance ■■Cost: FREE ■■Why: Because the impressive animals are docile, friendly and just darn interesting. Also the U.S. flag will be brought in by a woman riding a Longhorn, and South Dearborn HIgh School student Brittany Burns will be singing the National Anthem. ■■Other interesting bits: besides the various show classes, there also are raffles, and one lucky person can go home with the iconic western symbol: a bleached Longhorn skull.

WHAT’S GOING ON Ongoing events Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the Milan Public Library and the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at Dearborn County Hospital, Ohio Room – 2nd Floor, in Lawrenceburg. For more information: 888-422-2691 or www. “Singin’ Time in Indiana” The second Saturday evening of each month, the Highlights Quartet will be hosting a free gospel sing called “Singin’ Time in Indiana, at Dearborn Adult Center, 311 W. Tate St., Lawrenceburg. It’s not sponsored by any one church but is open to all who would like to enjoy an evening of gospel music and fellowship. Aurora’s Afternoon Social Featuring Kenny Jackson Band Wednesday afternoons 1 to 3 p.m. at the Aurora Lions Club building, Main St., Aurora June 5, June 19. Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #71 will provide snacks and drinks. Bingo Every Monday night at Sunman Legion Post 337 beginning at 6:30 p.m. For information: 812623-2972. Fish, Chicken Dinners The New Alsace American Legion Post #452 located on Legion Road in New Alsace will be having fish and chicken dinners every Friday evening till the end of October, 2013. Serving will be from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Hamburgers and cheeseburgers are also available. Open to the public. Any questions, call Paul at 812576-4186. Bright Farmers Market is held each Friday, weather permitting, at the Providence Presbyterian Church, corner of State Line and Salt Fork Roads, from 3 to 6:30 p.m. We offer in season produce, eggs, jams and jellies, plants, baked goods, soaps and more. For further information please contact Linda Johnson at 812637-3898 or Judy Greer at 812637-3015. Also on June 7 and July 19 Molly from the Dearborn recycling center will join us to teach us how to recycle and compost. City of Spires Museum, 111




Fifth Street, Aurora, will be open from 1 to 4 p.m. on the first and third Sundays of June through September. This year’s display features artwork by students in grades five through twelve. Guests are also treated to the history and beauty of the former church building No charge! Call 812-926-0944.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, through July 30

Growing Stronger Free Strength Training program for women over the age of 50 who are interested in strengthening their bodies and overall wellbeing Tuesdays and Thursdays, May 14-July 30, 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Evening Class: 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Rising Sun Ohio County Senior Center. Weights are provided. Presented by Purdue Extension- Dearborn County/Ohio County. For more information contact Shannon Franklin, Purdue Cooperative Extension Health and Human Sciences Educator at 812-438-3656 or at

Wednesday June 5

Identity Theft: It could happen to you workshop, presented by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Presenter, Woody Mueller. Complimentary dinner starts at 5:45 p.m. at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, for reservations call 859414-6218.

Friday, June 7, Saturday, June 8

NU 2 U Rummage Sale The First Presbyterian Church, Fourth and Main Streets, Aurora, will be holding a rummage sale Friday, June 7, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday, June 8, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be children’s and adult clothes, dishes, books, tapes, furniture and much more on the lower level of the white church with the town clock. Easy access.

Friday, June 7, Saturday, June 15

Book Sale The Aurora Public Library District is having a Book Sale. Located at The Dillsboro Public Library, 10151 Library Lane, Dillsboro, Ind. Weekdays: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Closed Sunday’s. For more information: 812-432-5200. Maybe you are looking for a cookbook, biography or DVD. Find your fancy - hardbacks, paperbacks, and magazines - all waiting for eager readers. The much needed funds from the book sale purchase new books and help with programming. Great prices and admission is free; come support your library and stock up for rainy days or traveling!

Saturday, June 8

Indoor Community Yard Sale Dillsboro Civic Center Saturday, June 8, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Venders set up Friday, June 7, 9 a.m. to 12 noon. One table–free; $5 for each additional table. Call 812Thursday, June 6 926-1819. Old Friends And Bright BeginBuddy Riley Memorial Poker nings’ last luncheon for this Run and Party will take place season will be Thursday, June 6, Saturday, June 8. Proceeds help at Dearborn Hills United Method- send children with emotional or ist Church at 11:30 a.m. Lunch behavioral challenges to summer will be catered by B&P Grubbs. camp. Run sign-up from noon to For more information: Lois Gel2 p.m. at Kopp Cycles, Batesville. lert 812-487-2026 or Thelma *Party at Batesville Eagles from 5 Stutz 812-637-5569. p.m. to 11 p.m. *Poker Hands Drawn- 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Sharp Friday, June 7 *Food served 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Cody Lutz will be playing Acous- Cost is $20 per person/$35 per tic Christian music on couple for ride. Party only is $5. Friday, June 7 at 7 p.m. at T-shirts available prior to event. Wise Acres Market & Cafe, 339 50/50 drawings/raffles Everyone Second St., Aurora, Ind. Food, is welcome. desserts, and coffee drinks available. For more information: 812 Saturday, June 8 through 655-9365. Sunday, June 16 The National Muzzle Loading

Rifle Association in Friendship, Ind., will hold its celebration of all things relating to the sport and history of muzzleloading June 8-16. Handicap parking is available. No pets are allowed except assistance animals. Gate hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is charged for visitors 18 and up, and a portion of the parking fee benefits the local American Legion. For more information on the Spring National Shoot and the living arts programming, contact the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association at 1-800-745-493, www.nmlra. org. Flea Market activities are ongoing throughout the Spring National Shoot and hours vary. For directions to the site and information about hotel lodging, Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants, and other area attractions, contact the Ripley County Tourism Bureau offices, 1-888-747-5394,

Sunday, June 9

Homecoming Sunday-First Baptist Church, Greendale/L’burg Come celebrate the ministry history of First Baptist Church – Greendale/Lawrenceburg on Homecoming Sunday, June 9, at 45 Tebbs Avenue in Greendale. Join as we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the original building, which is now known as the “Martin Chapel”. Schedule: 10:30 a.m. combined traditional/ contemporary service followed by a potluck lunch provided by the congregation (please be our

Friendship Friendship, Indiana

June 8 - 16 Daily 9AM

Rt #62, 1 mi. east of town


guests); 1:30 p.m. service in the Martin Chapel followed by dedication of new stone marquee in front of the building. Long-time Minister of Music, Mark Tanner, is coordinating this event. All former pastors have been invited. We urge those with memorabilia, photos, or memories they would like to share to bring them to this event. For more information, contact the church office at 812537-1642/email: ; or, view the website at

The Marble Corner Cemetery Association will have its annual meeting on Sunday, June 9, at 2 p.m., held at the Tyson UMC Temple, 324 W. Tyson, Versailles, Ind. Family and friends interested in the cemetery are invited.

Monday, June 10

The June meeting of the Dearborn County Democrats will take place on Monday, June 10, at 6 p.m. at the Moores Hill Senior Center, 16610 N. Broadway St., Moores Hill, Ind.

Patience-Hughes Wedding Danielle Patience and Alex Hughes of Laguna Niguel, California, were married on July 28, 2012. The ceremony was held in Lantern Bay Park in Dana Point, California, overlooking the ocean. Danielle and Alex’s 6 year old daughter, Madison, was their flower girl. Alex is the son of Brenda and James Conley of Aurora, and Tim and Donna Hughes of Dana Point, CA. He is the grandson of John and Marlene Steuver of Dillsboro, Mary Lou Hughes of Dillsboro, and Gary Manford of Aurora. Alex attended high school at South Dearborn High School before moving to Sunnyvale, CA, to finish his last three years of high school. Alex and Danielle graduated high school together at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, CA. Alex is a graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, FL. He is a Harley Davidson technician and manages a motorcycle dealership. Danielle is a native of California. She is the daughter of Ted and Catherine Patience of Laguna Niguel, CA. Danielle is a graduate of Heald College in Salinas, CA. She is an office manager for a neurologist. Local family that traveled to the wedding were: James, Brenda, Megan and John Conley; John and Marlene Steuver; and Daniel and David Hughes.

It’s time to be the talk of the cookout! Arrive with a delicious dish this summer from the 2013 Taste of Home Most Requested Recipes Cookbook! Only


Stop in to pick one up today!

126 W. High Street •Lawrenceburg • 812-537-0063 307 Harrison Ave • Harrison • 513-367-4582

LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE Notice is hereby given to the taxpayers of Dearborn County, Indiana, that the County Council of Dearborn County will meet on June 11, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the Dearborn County Alternate Commissioners Room (3rd Floor), 215-B West High Street, Law renceburg, IN to consider the following Additional Appropriations in excess of the budget for the current year: RIVER BOAT Commissioners Shumway/Votaw Lot Paving $40,000.00 Assessor Vehicle Maintenance $5,000.00 Taxpayers appearing at such meeting shall have a right to be heard thereon. The Additional Appropriation as finally made will be referred to the State Board of Tax Commissioners, which Board, will make written determination within 15 days of re ceipt of Certified Copy of action taken. Gayle L. Pennington Dearborn County Auditor C-5-28-JP-2t 36181 C-5-30-R-2t hspaxlp

NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF HEARING ON PROPOSED RATE RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CUMULATIVE PARK AND RECREATION BUILDING FUND Notice is hereby given to the taxpayers of the City of Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana, that the City Council will consider at City Hall, 235 Main Street, Aurora, Indiana, at 7:00 p.m. on June 17, 2013, the re-establishment of the rate on the Cumulative Park and Recreation Building Fund under the provisions of Indiana Code 36-10-3-21 for the purposes as follows: For all uses as set out in Indiana Code 36-10-3-21 The tax will be levied on all taxable real and per sonal property within the taxing district and will not exceed $.0167 per $100 of assessed valuation payable in 2014, and thereafter, continuing until re duced or rescinded. Taxpayers appearing at such hearing shall have the right to be heard thereon. The proposal for establishment of the Cumulative Fire Fighting and Police Equipment Fund is subject to approval by the Department of Local Government Finance, who will require a Notice of Submission to be given to the taxpayers by publication. Upon publication of the Notice of Submission, fifty (50) or more taxpayers in the taxing district may file a petition with the County Auditor not later than thirty (30) days after publication, setting forth their objections to the proposed levy. Dated this 23rd day of May, 2013. Adopting Body: Aurora City Council C-5-28-JP-2t 36196 C-5-30-R-2t hspaxlp

LEGAL NOTICE The annual meeting of the Corporators of the Greendale Cemetery Association will be held at 7:00 NOTICE TO BIDDERS "INVITATION TO BID" p.m. (E.D.S.T.) Tuesday, June 4, 2013, at the Greendale Cemetery Association Office, 886 Nowlin AveThe City of Lawrenceburg South Tanners Creek nue, for the annual election of the officers and the Drive Turning Lane Improvement transaction of any other business that might come Notice is hereby given that the City of Lawrencebefore them. burg. Indiana. will receive sealed bids for the South C-5-30-R-1t Tanners Creek Drive Turning Lane Improvement 36247 C-6-4-JP-1t hspaxlp Project at the Lawrenceburg Clerk-Treasurer's Office. 212 Walnut Street, until 4:00 PM (local time) on Monday, July 1, 2013. The Bids will be opened and read aloud and Public Notice The following anandoned vehicle is to be sold for awarded at approximately 6:00 PM (local time) on charges due on June 8, 2013 at 9:00 am at 12137 St Monday, July 1, 2013 at the Lawrenceburg AdminRd 46, Sunman IN 47041:2001 Ford F-150 2WD istration Building, 230 Walnut Street at the regularly scheduled Board of Works Meeting. pickup, VIN 1FTRW07W51KD98327. 812-623-2157 This project is being bid as a Lump Sum Project. 36303 C-6-4-JP-1t hspaxlp The scope of work shall include but not limited to street demo. excavation, street construction (gravel. asphalt paving and painted striping) utility relocations. concrete curbing. traffic control and restoration per the plans and specifications pre Aurora Public Library, Dearborn County, pared by BayerIndiana Becker Engineering. The City will provideStatement the Geotechnical Cash & Investments Combined - 2012 testing required. Beg. Cash Cash QuesBids shall include the completed End Standard tionnaire Form No. 96, including the non-collusion & Inv. Bal Receipts Disbursements & Inv. Bal company's comLocal Fund Name Jan. 1, 2012 affidavit, project schedule, and the Dec. 31, 2012 Governmental Activities plete financial statement. Each bid shall also in the completed $873,661.79 Conflict of Interest I Nepotism 1 General $675,417.45clude $1,062,270.15 $864,025.81 and the E-Verity forms provided. Each bid 10 Gift $662,732.99affidavit $10,804.09 $2,158.45 $671,378.63 21 State Technology Fund Grant $11,050.33shall be accompanied $0.00 $10,530.00 $520.33 by an acceptable bidders certified check or a nonrevocable letter of Bond And Interest Redemption $9,490.76bond, $109,967.50 $107,110.00 $12,348.26 30 and $1,889,600.96 in form satisfac40 Library Improvement Reserve $1,889,600.96credit prepared $0.00 in substance $0.00 41 Rainy Day $1,542,685.44tory to the $0.00 $0.00 in $1,542,685.44 City of Lawrenceburg, the amount of percent ora lump-sum amount. 60 Grants General $352.32five (5) $2,200.36 $2,552.68 $0.00 90 Postage $353.77 Wage rates $104.95 $168.68 for this project shall not be$290.04 less than current prescribed scale of wages as deter Total All Funds $4,791,684.02the$1,185,347.05 $996,181.60 $4,980,849.47 mined and provided in the project bid package. C-6-4-JP-1t 36302 C-5-30-R-1t hspaxlp The contractor receiving the award shall furnish an approved Performance Bond and a Payment Bond. each for one hundred (100) percent of the lump-sum


NOTICE TO BIDDERS "INVITATION TO BID" The City of Lawrenceburg South Tanners Creek Drive Turning Lane Improvement Notice is hereby given that the City of Lawrenceburg. Indiana. will receive sealed bids for the South Tanners Creek Drive Turning Lane Improvement Project at the Lawrenceburg Clerk-Treasurer's Office. 212 Walnut Street, until 4:00 PM (local time) on Monday, July 1, 2013. The Bids will be opened and read aloud and awarded at approximately 6:00 PM (local time) on Monday, July 1, 2013 at the Lawrenceburg Administration Building, 230 Walnut Street at the regularly scheduled Board of Works Meeting. This project is being bid as a Lump Sum Project. The scope of work shall include but not limited to street demo. excavation, street construction (gravel. asphalt paving and painted striping) utility relocations. concrete curbing. traffic control and restoration per the plans and specifications pre pared by Bayer Becker Engineering. The City will provide the Geotechnical testing required. Bids shall include the completed Standard Questionnaire Form No. 96, including the non-collusion affidavit, project schedule, and the company's complete financial statement. Each bid shall also in clude the completed Conflict of Interest I Nepotism affidavit and the E-Verity forms provided. Each bid shall be accompanied by an acceptable bidders bond, certified check or a nonrevocable letter of credit prepared in substance and in form satisfactory to the City of Lawrenceburg, in the amount of five (5) percent ora lump-sum amount. Wage rates for this project shall not be less than the current prescribed scale of wages as deter mined and provided in the project bid package. The contractor receiving the award shall furnish an approved Performance Bond and a Payment Bond. each for one hundred (100) percent of the lump-sum amount. along with written proof of insurance before receiving the Notice to Proceed. Packets with detailed specifications and the re quired forms, may be picked up at the office of the Lawrenceburg Clerk-Treasurer during normal working hours up to the mandatory Pre Bid Meeting. The mandatory Pre Bid Meeting will be held at I :00 PM (local time) on Tuesday, June 18. 2013 at the Lawrenceburg Administration Building, 230 Walnut Street. Any questions shall be directed to Mark Rosenberger of Bayer Becker Engineering @ (859) 261-1113. The City of Lawrenceburg is an Equal Opportunity / A.D.A. Comp!iant Employer. Leslie Votaw. Attorney City of Lawrenceburg Jackie Stutz. Clerk-Treasurer City of Lawrenceburg C-6-4-JP-2t 36327 C-6-6-R-2t hspaxlp NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the municipal electric utility of the City of Greendale, Indiana, under and pursuant to the Public Service Commission Act, as amended, and Commission Order in Cause No. 36835-S3, has determined the following incremental changes in the Rate Ad,justment factors by Rate Schedules: Residential - Increase $0.000300 per KWH Commercial - Decrease $0.001182 per KWH General Service - Increase $0.002975 per KWH Industrial - Increase $0.002986 per KWH Flat Rates - Increase $0.009212 per KWH Rate Adjustments applicable to the Rate Schedules are as follows: Residential - $0.032756 per KWH Commercial - $0.030849 per KWH General Service - $0.037878 per KWH Industrial - $0.030149 per KWH Flat Rates - $0.024366 per KWH The accompanying changes in schedules of rates arc based solely upon the changes in the cost of purchases power and energy, purchased by this utility computed in accordance with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission order in Cause No. 36835-S3, dated December 13,1989. This change of rate shall take effect beginning with the July 2013, billing cycle. C-6-4-JP-2t 36301 C-6-6-R-2t hspaxlp

NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF HEARING ON PROPOSED RATE RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CUMULATIVE CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT FUND Notice is hereby given to the taxpayers of the City of Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana, that the City Council will consider at City Hall, 235 Main Street, Aurora, Indiana, at 7:00 p.m. on June 17, 2013, the re-establishment of the rate on the Cumulative Capital Development Fund under the provisions of Indiana Code 36-9-15.5 for the purposes as follows: For all uses as set out in Indiana Code 36-9-15.5 The tax will be levied on all taxable real and per sonal property within the taxing district and will not exceed $.0500 per $100 of assessed valuation payable in 2014, and thereafter, continuing until re duced or rescinded. Taxpayers appearing at such hearing shall have the right to be heard thereon. The proposal for establishment of the Cumulative Capital Development Fund is subject to approval by the Department of Local Government Finance, who will require a Notice of Submission to be given to the taxpayers by publication. Upon publication of the Notice of Submission, fifty (50) or more taxpayers in the taxing district may file a petition with the County Auditor not later than thirty (30) days after publication, setting forth their objections to the proposed levy. Dated this 23rd day of May, 2013. Adopting Body: Aurora City Council C-5-28-JP-2t 36194 C-5-30-R-2t hspaxlp

NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF HEARING ON PROPOSED RATE RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CUMULATIVE FIRE FIGHTING AND POLICE EQUIPMENT FUND Notice is hereby given to the taxpayers of the City of Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana, that the City Council will consider at City Hall, 235 Main Street, Aurora, Indiana, at 7:00 p.m. on June 17, 2013, the re-establishment of the rate on the Cumulative Fire Fighting and Police Equipment Fund under the provisions of Indiana Code 36-8-14 for the purposes as follows: For all uses as set out in Indiana Code 36-8-14 The tax will be levied on all taxable real and per sonal property within the taxing district and will not exceed $.0333 per $100 of assessed valuation payable in 2014, and thereafter, continuing until re duced or rescinded. Taxpayers appearing at such hearing shall have the right to be heard thereon. The proposal for establishment of the Cumulative Fire Fighting and Police Equipment Fund is subject to approval by the Department of Local Government Finance, who will require a Notice of Submission to be given to the taxpayers by publication. Upon publication of the Notice of Submission, fifty (50) or more taxpayers in the taxing district may file a petition with the County Auditor not later than thirty (30) days after publication, setting forth their objections to the proposed levy. Dated this 23rd day of May, 2013. Adopting Body: Aurora City Council C-5-28-JP-2t 36195 C-5-30-R-2t hspaxlp




Mak third in state shot put finals


Makenzie Wheat (second from right) of South Dearborn smiles on the awards podium after getting her third-place medal in shot put at the IHSAA girls track and field state Saturday in Bloomington. State champ Liz Iversen of Martinsville (46’10-1/2”) takes the top spot to Wheat’s left.

SD senior Wheat improves on 8ths the last 2 years Staff Report

BLOOMINGTON – South Dearborn senior Makenzie Wheat made her third trip to the IHSAA girls track and field state finals a memorable one Saturday. Wheat, eighth-place finisher in shot put each of the past two springs, surpassed herself with a third-place finish at a BETH WHEAT distance of 43 feet, 5-1/2 inchSouth Dearborn senior Makenzie Wheat unleashes the shot es in the final heat at Indiana put en route to her third-place state meet finish in the event University’s Robert C. Haugh Saturday at Indiana University. Wheat’s throw of 43’5-1/2” Track and Field Complex. topped her two previous eighth-place state performances. Wheat’s top throw of the

kNeon kNight 5K road race slated June 29 AURORA – Hosted by South Dearborn High School volleyball, the first annual kNEON kNIGHT 5K Run/Walk is slated for Saturday evening, June 29. The nighttime road race,

See kNEON, Page 9


Q: Last weekend’s storm front that blanketed the nation’s mid-section resulted in two rain-delayed major league baseball games (Royals at Cardinals, Rays at Cleveland) that ended around 3 a.m. What is the longest MLB rain delay on record?

A: Although MLB does not keep official rain delay records, the longest known for a game completed in one day was Reds vs. Brewers on Oct. 3, 1999 in Milwaukee. A 5:45 delay, pushed back the start of the 3:05 p.m. game to 8:50 p.m. It finished at 11:26 p.m. Only about 200 of 55,000 fans saw the end.

Today in

1943–Cardinals pticher Mort Cooper pitches his second consecutive one-hitter for a 5-0 defeat of the Phillies at Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis. The no-hit bid ends in the eighth inning when left-fielder Jimmy Wasdell lashes a single. On May 31, Cooper had one-hit the Dodgers to win 7-0 in the first game of a doubleheader in St. Louis. The lone Brooklyn hit was second baseman Billy Herman’s single in the fifth inning. During the two starts, Cooper pitched 11 consecutive hitless innings. Over a three-year period from 1942-44, he posted a record of 65-23 with an earned run average of 2.17, recording 23 shutouts.


Reds shortsstop Kurt Stillwell, born 1965. Reds manager John McNamara, born 1932.

day came on her second of three final-round heaves. She had fouled on her first finals throw, after qualifying for the finals with a best qualifying effort of 41’8”, on her last of three preliminary attempts. Martinsville junior Liz Iversen won the state shot put title with a throw of 46’101/2” after qualifying first with a heave of 46’8-1/4”. Briana Radford, a senior from Indianapolis North Central, placed second in shot put at 44’7-3/4”. Earlier Friday, Wheat – regional champion in both shot put and discus at the Shelbyville regional site a week earlier – placed 17th among 27 competitors in discus (123’4”).

Top-ranked Carmel takes tennis Staff Report INDIANAPOLIS – Topranked Carmel capped an unbeaten girls tennis season, winning all three singles matches and one doubles position for a 4-1 state championship victory over No. 6 Floyd Central Saturday. Due to rainy conditions over the two days of the IHSAA girls tennis team state finals, all three rounds were contested indoors at the Indianapolis Racquet Club. Carmel’s Greyhounds (160) marked their second state title in three years and third in five season. It was the first for the team under head coach

Mike Bostic, who also has led Carmel’s boys to five state titles, including the last threestraight. Five of seven Carmel starters are underclassmen, including all three singles players. Bailey Padgett (No. 1 singles), Lauryn Padgett (No. 2 singles), Molly Fletchall (No. 3 singles) and the second doubles pair of Emma Love and Mary Voigt generated a combined 82-2 mark this season. Bailey Padgett and Fletchall both completed perfect 22-0 seasons. Padgett also will compete for the state singles crown next weekend. Greyhounds won all four points in straight-sets matches

that lasted no more than 1:20. Floyd Central (22-5), making its first state championship match appearance, got its lone point from the first doubles team of Whitney Batliner and Dana Frank, 6-2, 6-3 winners over Amy Brentlinger and Linnea Peters. The Highlanders’ No. 1 doubles team, unbeaten in the postseason, will advance to this Friday’s doubles state finals. Evansville Memorial No. 1 singles player Macie Elliott was named winner of the IHSAA Mental Attitude Award after Saturday’s championship.

Top seed Adriana Brown, a junior from Lawrence Central, heaved the disc 168’6” to win the event and break the state meet record of 165’4”, set by Edgewood’s Stacy Martin in 1999. South Dearborn sophomore Ariel Biggs charted a 13thplace finish in her first state finals appearance in high jump (5’3”) out of 26 state meet qualifiers. Oak Hill sophomore Janae Moffitt won the high jump crown at 5’10”. Madison’s Emily Holland came in eighth, while Batesville sophomore Kimberly Tidman tied for 12th, both at heights of 5’4”. East Central junior Hannah Patton finished 26th in the 200-meter dash trials Saturday

with a time of 26.90 seconds. Brionna Thomas, a Ft. Wayne Wayne junior, won the event in 24.30. EC’s 4 X 100-meter relay team of Patton, junior Kelli Cartuyvelles, freshman Kendall Gindling and sophomore Olivia Fette placed 23rd in trials with a time of 50.62 seconds. Indianapolis Ben Davis clocked a 47.22 to capture the 4 X 100-meter relay state title. Ft. Wayne Northop captured the team championship for the second time in three years and a record 10th time in state history Saturday, outpointing secondplace Lawrence Central 60-51, with Bellmont third at 41.

See MAK, Page 9

Homecoming 5K draws 126 runners, 70 walkers Staff Report

DILLSBORO – Despite rain that lasted right up to race time, the 2013 Dillsboro Homecoming 5K Run/Walk drew a record 196 registrations Saturday, May 18. A field of 126 runners and 70 walkers braved the elements to enjoy the annual 3.1-mile tour of Dillsboro. Overall 5K Run winner was Brad Fortuna, the former South Dearborn High School and Eastern Kentucky University runner, with the top time of 17:24. Current South Dearborn junior runner Crystal Nichols, 17, was the top female 5K finisher, posting a time of 21 minutes flat. Dillsboro's own Steve Black, 64, repeated as 5K Walk champion with a fast time of 28:33. Daniley Elder, 50, also a Dillsboro resident, was the top women's 5K Walk finisher, third overall in the event with a time of 35:36. For complete results for the Dillsboro Homecoming 5K Run/Walk to to

Shiners’ Martin 8th in state high jump finals 3A softball Staff Report BLOOMINGTON – Rising Sun junior Austin Martin finished eighth in the IHSAA boys track and field high jump state finals to top all area athletes Friday. Martin surpassed his seed height of 6’3” to clear 6’4”, good for eighth among a field of 28 qualifiers at Indiana University’s Robert C. Haugh Track and Field Complex. Evansville Harrison senior Eric Blackman won the high jump title at a height of 6’8” after coming into the finals with a top effort of 6’9.5” in state tournament competition. East Central junior sprinter Cade Knueven placed 27th among 30 entrants in the 100-meter dash trials in time of 11.51, down from his season best 10.90 at the Connersville regional the previous week. Knueven came in 21st of 27 qualifiers in the 200-meter dash trials (23.15), just shy of his tournament-best 22.55. Lafayette Jefferson junior Matthew Johnson, top qualifier at 10.97 seconds, won the 100 dash state title with 10.74 in the finals, contested under a wind factor of 2.3 mph. Carl McQuay, senior teammate at Lafayette Jeff. won the 200 dash state title in 21.73, also having posted the top trials time of 22.02. Hamilton Southeastern claimed its first boys track and field state title Friday, outscoring runnerup Lafayette Jefferson 65-49. Royals senior Ryan Davis was the individual state champion in 400-meter dash (47.25), while HSE classmate Troy Reeder took the 1,600-meter run crown in 4:07.26. Ft. Wayne Carroll’s 4 X 800-meter relay team of JIM BUCHBERGER seniors Eric Claxton, Kyle Gater, Alexander Hess East Central junior Cade Knueven placed 21st in Friday’s IHSAA and Jonathan Harper successfully defended their boys track and field 200-meter dash preliminaries and was 27th in 2012 state title with a first-place finish in 7:40.14. 100-meter dash at Indiana University.

semistate to Monday

JASPER – Saturday’s Class 3A softball semistate, scheduled to open with South Dearborn vs. TriWest at 11 a.m., never got under way to to thunderstorms and heavy rain that blanketed the southwestern quarter of the state. The four-team semistate was pushed back to Monday, with SD (19-5) vs. Tri-West (22-4) slated for another 11 a.m. start, followed by Boonville (17-12) vs. Lebanon (26-2) at approximately 1 p.m. Championship was set for 7 p.m. Monday. Likewise, Rising Sun’s Class A softball semistate at North Daviess, as well as the Shiners’ baseball regional matchup with Indianapolis University at Morristown, also were postponed to Monday. All games took place past deadline for this week’s Journal-Press. For up to date results go to Print results will appear in Thursday’s Dearborn County Register.


H.S. track & field

IHSAA GIRLS STATE FINALS Saturday, June 1 At Indiana University, Bloomington   TEAM SCORES – Ft. Wayne Northrop 60, Lawrence Central 51, Bellmont 41, Eastern (Greentown) 37, Carroll (Ft. Wayne) 29, Terre Haute North 26, Hamilton SE 25, Noblesville 22, Columbus North 21, Ft. Wayne Wayne 20, Indpls. Pike 20, Ft. Wayne Concordia 17, Carmel 16, Indpls. Ben Davis 16, Center Grove 16, Martinsville 16, Bloomington South 16, West Lafayette 15, Homestead 15, Edgewood 12, Warren Central 11, Mishawaka 11, Hamilton Hts. 10, Lake Central 10, Oak Hill 10, Indpls. North Central 10, Plainfield 9, Greencastle 8, Angola 8, South Ben Riley 8, Rensselaer Central 8, Kokomo 8, Linton-Stockton 8, Franklin Central 8, Fairfield 8, South Dearborn 7, Lawrence North 6, Greenfield-Central 6, McCutcheon 6, Ft. Wayne North 6, South Bend Clay 6, Culver Academies 5, Fishers 5, Avon 5, Heritage Christian 5, Columbia City 5, Evansville Memorial 4, Anderson 4, Churubusco 4, Portage 4, Mt. Vernon 4, Pendleton Hts. 3, Merrillville 3, Huntington North 3, Concord 3, Leo 2, Kankakee Valley 2, Mishawaka Marian 2, Madison 2, Ft. Wayne Snider 2, Westfield 2, Jennings Co. 1, Mooresville 1, Griffith 1, Hanover Central 1   State champions (plus area placers): 100m DASH – 1. Brionna Thomas (FW Wayne) 11.99, 23. Virginia Westerfeld (Batesville) 12.76 200m DASH – 1. Brionna Thomas (FW Wayne) 24.30, 26. Hannah Patton (East Central) 26.90 400m DASH – 1. Dejah Arnold (FW Northrop) 55.40, 22. Rylee Goldsmith (Batesville) 1:00.75 800m RUN – 1. Brittany Neeley (Eastern-Greentown) 2:07.91 *, 19. Meredith Maier (Oldenburg Academy) 2:19.64 1,600m RUN – 1. Bethany Neeley (Eastern-Greentown) 4:53.37 3,200m RUN – 1. Anna Rohrer (Mishawaka) 10:20.68, 14. Sarah Billingsley (Oldenburg Academy) 11:10.85 100m HURDLES – 1. Sierra Brown (Hamilton Hts.) 14.53 300m HURDLES – 1. Symone Black (FW Concordia) 43.10, 10. Emily Bantz (Union Co.) 45.03 4 X 100m RELAY – 1. Ben Davis (Caudle, Jones, Woodson, Marrero) 47.22, 23. East Central (Cartuyvelles, Gindling, Patton, Fette) 50.62 4 X 400m RELAY – 1. Ft. Wayne Northrop (Arnold, McCuiston, Skelton, McGee) 3:51.53 4 X 800m RELAY – 1. Eastern (Greentown±) (Sprinkles, Wagner, Br.Neeley, Beth.Neeley) 8:53.74 * HIGH JUMP – 1. Janae Moffitt (Oak Hill) 5’10”, 8. Emily Holland (Madison) 5’4”, 12. Kimberly Tidman (Batesville) 5’4”, 13. Ariel Biggs (South Dearborn) 5’3” POLE VAULT – 1. Sara McKeeman (Carroll) 12’3” LONG JUMP – 1. Ari Nelson (Homestead) 19’1.25” SHOT PUT – 1. Liz Iverson (Martinsville) 46’10.5”, 3. Makenzie Wheat (South Dearborn) 43’5.5” DISCUS – 1. Adriana Brown (Lawrence Central) 168’6”*, 17. Makenzie Wheat (South Dearborn) 123’4”  * - New state meet record    IHSAA BOYS STATE FINALS Friday, May 31 At Indiana University, Bloomington   TEAM SCORES (top 10) – Hamilton SE 65, Lafayette Jefferson 49, Center Grove 34, Lawrence Central 32, Warsaw 29, Indpls. Ben Davis 28, Fishers 27, Avon 24, Evansville Harrison 22, Ft. Wayne Dwenger 19   State champions (plus area placers): 100m DASH – 1. Matthew Johnson (Lafayette Jeff) 10.74, 27. Cade Knueven (East Central) 11.51 200m DASH – 1. Carl McQuay (Lafayette Jeff) 21.73, 21. Cade Knueven (East Central) 22.55 400m DASH – 1. Ryan Davis (Hamilton SE) 47.25 800m RUN – 1. Matt Dorsey (Lawrence Central) 1:52.74 1,600m RUN – 1. Troy Reeder (Hamilton SE) 4:07.26, 25. Matt Hill (Connersville) 4:35.24 3,200m RUN – 1. Clayton Bowie (Southport) 9:01.36 110m HURDLES – 1. Marsalis Gibson (Bowman Academy) 14.19 300m HURDLES – 1. Conner Stapleton (Center Grove) 37.26 4 X 100m RELAY – 1. Lafayette



Jefferson (McQuay, Johnson, Green, Wallace) 41.41 4 X 400m RELAY – 1. Hamilton SE± (Reitzug, Christy, Davis, Wright) 3:14.74 4 X 800m RELAY – 1. Carroll (Ft. Wayne) (Claxton, Gater, Hess, Harper) 7:40.14 HIGH JUMP – 1. Eric Blackman (Evansville Harrison) 6’8”, 8. Austin Martin (Rising Sun) 6’4” POLE VAULT – 1. Jared Schipper (FW Dwenger) 16’3” LONG JUMP – 1. Grant Cole (Eastern-Greentown) 23’5.25”, 10. Jordan Partee (Madison) 22’.75” SHOT PUT – 1. Lukayus McNeil (Decatur Central) 61’6” DISCUS – 1. Codie Hamsley (Floyd Central) 194’, 25. Joseph Garland (Rushville) 129’3”  

H.S. softball

IHSAA REGIONALS Tuesday, May 28 CLASS 3A SOUTH DEARBORN 4, Charlestown 0, final CLASS A RISING SUN 11, Edinburgh 0 (6 in.), final CLASS 4A Franklin Central 4, Bloomington South 2, final CLASS 2A Providence 14, Switzerland Co. 4 (6 in.), final   IHSAA SEMISTATES Saturday, June 1  CLASS 3A At Jasper SOUTH DEARBORN (19-5) vs. Tri-West Hendricks (22-4), ppd. to Monday (late) Boonville (17-12) vs. Lebanon (26-2), ppd. to Monday (late) Championship, ppd. to Monday (late) CLASS A At North Daviess Indpls. Lutheran (15-12) vs. Lanesville (16-10), ppd. to Monday (late) No. 2 RISING SUN (24-6) vs. No. 3 Tecumseh (19-7), ppd. to Monday (late) Championship, ppd. to Monday (late)    Class 3A Regional Championship Tuesday, May 28 At Charlestown   Knights 4 Pirates 0   SO.DEARBORN AB R H BI Bailey, ss 4 1 2 1 Wolfer, cf 4 1 1 0 Barrett, 3b 3 1 1 1 Largent, lf 2 0 0 0 Vertz, p 3 0 0 0 Bell, pr 0 0 0 0 McClurg, dh 3 0 0 0 Slayback, 2b 0 0 0 0 Murphy, c 3 0 0 0 Brindley, 1b 3 1 1 0 Rose, rf 3 0 1 0 TOTALS 28 4 6 2   CHARLESTOWN AB R H BI Price, 3b 1 0 0 0 Jennings, pr 0 0 0 0 Webster, p 4 0 0 0 Price, 1b 4 0 0 0 Hall, c 1 0 0 0 Adams, pr 0 0 0 0 Goeckler, rf 3 0 1 0 Ashby, dh 2 0 0 0 Martin, lf 0 0 0 0 Logsdon, 2b 3 0 0 0 Henning, ss 3 0 0 0 Sherrill, cf 3 0 1 0 TOTALS 23 0 2 1   So.Dearborn 0 0 0 0 0 4 0-4-6-3 Charlestown 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0-2-1 2B- Barrett, Brindley. 3B – None. HR – None. SAC – Gockeler. E – Murphy 2, Brindley, Price. LOB – SD 4, CH 9. PB – Hall. Wild Pitch – Vertz.  WP – Vertz (10-3) 7 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 12 K, 6 BB LP – Webster 7 IP, 4 R, 2 ER, 12 K, 1 BB   Class 3A Sectional Championship Thursday, May 23 At Greensburg   Knights 5 Lions 1

SO.DEARBORN AB R H BI Bailey, ss 4 1 2 0 Wolfer, cf 3 1 0 0 Barrett, 3b 3 2 2 0 Largent, lf 3 1 1 0 Vertz, p 3 0 1 1 McClurg, dh 3 0 1 1 Slayback, 2b 0 0 0 0 Murphy, c 3 0 0 0 Brindley, 1b 3 0 0 0 Rose, rf 3 0 0 0 TOTALS 28 5 8 4   RUSHVILLE AB R H BI Liggett, ss 3 0 1 0 Niehoff, cf 3 0 0 0 Brown, dh 3 0 0 0 Wilson, lf 0 0 0 0 Lanham, c 3 0 1 0 Woods, 1b 3 1 1 0 N.Hoeing, rf 2 0 0 0 T.Hoeing, p 2 0 0 0 Colestock, 3b 2 0 0 0 Snow, ph 1 0 0 0 Martindale, 2b 2 0 0 0 TOTALS 24 1 3 0   So.Dearborn 0 0 0 1 0 4 0-5-8-1 Rushville 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-1-3-1  2B- McClurg, Bailey, Barrett. 3B – Bailey, Vertz, Woods. HR – None. SAC – Wolfer. SB – Craft. E – Bailey, T.Hoeing. LOB – SD 3, RV 4. Wild Pitch – T.Hoeing. WP – Vertz (9-3) 7 IP, 1 R, 0 ER, 3 H, 12 K, 2 BB. LP – T.Hoeing 7 IP, 5 R, 2 ER, 8 H, 6 K, 0 BB  

H.S. baseball

IHSAA REGIONALS Saturday, June 1 CLASS 3A At Jasper Silver Creek vs. Jasper, ppd. to Monday (late) Evansville Bosse Winner vs. Franklin Co., ppd. to Monday (late) Championship, ppd. to Monday (late)  CLASS A At Morristown Shakamak Winner vs. Indpls. Lutheran, ppd. to Monday (late) Rising Sun (20-3) vs. Indpls. University (10-9), ppd. to Monday (late) Championship, ppd. to Monday (late)     Class 4A Sectional Championship Monday, May 27 At Shelbyville   Cougars 10 Trojans 1   BLOOMINGTON N. AB R H BI Cornwell, p 4 1 2 0 Richardson, 3b 4 1 1 0 Pepper, pr 0 0 0 0 Ryan, lf 4 1 1 3 Aldridge, c 3 1 1 0 Campbell, pr 0 1 0 0 Stratten, ss 3 2 1 1 Williams, 2b 4 1 1 0 Cleaver, cf 3 2 2 1 Tiller, dh 4 1 0 0 Wicker, 1b 0 0 0 0 Smith, rf 4 0 3 2 TOTALS 33 10 12 7   EAST CENTRAL AB R H BI Werner, cf 3 0 1 0 Stonefield, lf 3 0 1 0 Schomber, ss-p 3 1 1 0 Holloway, c 3 0 1 0 DeZarn, p-2b 2 0 0 0 Kramer, rf-p 3 0 0 0 Schuman, 3b 3 0 1 1 Gruen, dh 2 0 0 0 Broughton, 2b-ss 0 0 0 0 Dudley, rf 0 0 0 0 Tallon, 1b 2 0 0 0 Gutapfel, ph 1 0 0 0 TOTALS 25 1 5 1   Bloomington N. 5 0 0 0 0 2 3-10-12-0 East Central 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-1-5-1  2B – Aldridge, Schomber. 3B – None. HR – Ryan. SB – Williams, Cleaver 2. CS – Cornwell, Smith. SAC – None. HB – Cleaver (by DeZarn). Wild Pitch – Schomber, Kramer 2. BK – DeZarn, Schomber.  WP – Cornwell 7 IP, 1 R, 1 ER, 5 H, 8 K, 2 BB LP – DeZarn (5-1) 2/3 IP, 5 R, 3 ER, 4 H, 0 K, 0 BB EC – Schomber 4 IP, 2 R, 2 ER, 5 H, 3 K, 1 BB EC – Kramer 2-1/3 IP, 3 R, 3 ER, 3 H, 3 K, 2 BB


South Dearborn girls track and field state finalists Makenzie Wheat (left) and Ariel Biggs pose back-to-back after the competition Saturday in Bloomington. Senior Wheat finished third in her third-straight year in the shot put finals, while sophomore Biggs came in 13th in high jump (5’3”) in her first state meet trip. state meet record with her 800-meter win in 2:07.91. From Page 8 Ft. Wayne Wayne’s Thomas won both the 100-meter dash (11.99) and 200 titles, sucBruins’ junior Dejah Arnold won the 400cessfully defending both her 2012 crowns. meter dash crown, then combined with Victoria McCuiston, Makelle Skelton and Amber She became only the fourth individual to win both sprint events in consecutive years, joinMcGee for the 4 X 400-meter relay title. Eastern (Greentown) 4 X 800-meter relay ing the elite company of Maicel Malone of Inshattered the state meet record with a win in dianapolis North Central (1986-87), LaShanda 8:53.74 Saturday, knocking off the previous Harper of Ft. Wayne Harding (1994-95-96) standard of 9:03.77 by Chesterton in 2006. It and Candyce McGrone of Warren Central also ranks as the all-time eighth-best 4 X 800, (2007-08). Mishawaka sophomore Anna Rohrer according to Twins Bethany and Brittany Neeley of crossed the finish line first in 3,200-meter run Greentown led their team to a fourth-place fin- (10:20.68), just .02 off the state meet record, ish. Bethany won her second-straight 1,600- to add to her individual cross country state meter run state title, while Brittany broke the championship from last fall.


kNEON, From Page 8

a 3.1-mile fund-raiser for the Lady Knights spikers, will start at 9:30 p.m. and follow a course around the SDHS, middle school and elementary campuses. The wearing of neon colors and attachment of glow sticks by runners and spectators are encouraged. Neon and glow-in-the-dark merchandise will be available the purchase on the evening of the race. Pre-race registration, due by Saturday, June 15, is $15, including an official race t-shirt. Late registration is $20, not including a t-shirt. Registration forms are available at the SDHS main office. For more information like us on the South Dearborn High School Volley-

ball Facebook page or e-mail Coach Michelle Standriff at:

michellestandriff@yahoo. com.

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0 steps! Miamitown, large 1 or 2 bedroom at Via Manor Apts. Private patio, lovely grounds. $395 and up. Free heat! (513)353-0398. 1 & 2 BR apartments in Dillsboro and Greendale. 2 & 3 BR duplex in Ver sailles. 3 BR home in Versailles & Rising Sun. Contact Quality Property Management 812-432-3230 or visit


20 acres in East Enter prise/Switzerland County, Indiana. Water and sewage available. All flat. Zoned for business or residential. Reduced for health reasons. $60,000 812-571-4667

1 bedroom newly remodeled. Large yard and porch. Service pets only. 1st and last months rent. New carpet throughout. 812-623-4454 or 859-240-0126 1 bedroom, $450, 1 bedroom $550 Harrison, 1st month deposit. (513)919-3810. 2 bedroom apartment in Dillsboro. Appliances and utilities furnished. $350 deposit $350 bi-weekly. No pets. 812-667-5072 1&2 Bedroom duplexes for rent in Aurora, $475 & $500/month. References required. Call 812-926-0256 A-1 Apartments available on 212 and 218 Short Street and 545 St. Clair in Lawrenceburg. Call for applications. (812)290-9588 or (812)290-1520. Apartment for rent in Harrison. 1 bedroom, 1st floor, heat & water included, $475 a month plus de posit. No pets. Non smoking. (513)367-2605.




FULL SERVICE JEWELER Jewelry Repairs • Custom Castings Watch Batteries • Jewelry Cleaning


1083 Eads Parkway, Lawrenceburg, IN • US 50 in JTS Plaza next to Pirate’s Den 812-537-0901 • Open M-F 10a-6p • Sat. 10a-3p - *Must be 18 with proper ID.

Summer GUIDE



Hickory House Downtown Rising Sun, Indiana 812-551-5227

House Specialties

Slow smoked over a hickory fire until they melt in your mouth

Buy 1 Dinner at Regular Price, Get 2nd Dinner

1/2 OFF


Open 7 Days A Week!

Monday - Thursday. Not to exceed $5.50. Dine-In Only. 1 coupon per check.

Annie's Classics Cafe

Dine al fresco in our beautiful courtyard!

Like us on Facebook 812-537-3113

Join us every Thursday before and after Music on the River!

1 E. High Street • Lawrenceburg, IN • 812-539-4600

$5 OFF

Any Food Purchase of

*Not valid for alcohol or gratuities.

$25 Or More!

Hog Rock Cafe

Located inside Lawrenceburg Public Library

Gourmet Salads, Sandwiches, Soups. Homemade Baked Goods.

Monday - Friday $5.95 Lunch Specials!

Where the BBQ Rocks! 101 East Carr Street Milan, IN

812-654-2221 $

24486 Stateline Road • Bright, IN 812-747-7262


Excludes steaks and seafood. Expires June 30, 2013. Not valid on Fri. or Sat. Not valid with daily specials.


Patio & Tiki Bar are open!

* 3M.9arg9artitas

20oz DAY ALL ay! M*oLinmedOnly

Buy 1 Lunch or 1 Dinner, Get 1


$5 OFF

ON PURCHASE OF $30 Expires June 30, 2013. Not valid on Fri. or Sat. Not valid with daily specials.

We accept competitors coupons! $5 maximum discount.

WE ARE NOW OPEN! Grand Opening • June 21, 2013 Family Dining & Sports Bar Daily Food & Beverage Specials Delivery & Carry Out Available

We have something for everyone!

(812) 637-0905

1940 Jamison Dr • Bright


The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register


Aurora 1BR, furnished, 2nd floor. No pets/smoking. Utilities paid by tenant. Free laundry room. Prime location office or retail space also. Leave message (812)926-1083

Aurora and Lawrenceburg1 Large Bedroom Aurora. N o p e t s . $350-$625/month. Utilities Included. 812-216-8477. Aurora- Efficiency apartment available $85-$100/week. Deposit required. Electric, water, phone, wi-fi, satellite in cluded. Call (812)926-3641

Bright- nice 4 room apartment with garage in pri vate residence. Appli ances, water, garbage included. You pay electric. Must have references. $600/month. $600 deposit. 513-200-0058

Dillsboro- 2 bedroom; Stove, refrigerator, air conditioner, washer/dryer hook-up, water, sewage, trash pickup furnished. Nice location, recently remodeled building. No pets. HUD accepted. (812)498-3389. Dillsboro Maple Glen Apartments- 1 and 2 bedroom apartments avail able. Call 812-432-5697 Downtown Lawrenceburg apartment. 1 bedroom. Furnished nicely. References and deposit re quired. Call 812-655-1565. E-Town- 3BR, 2nd floor, all utilities included. Rent application and deposit a must, $725.00/month. 513-367-6834. For rent when available, 2 and 3 room furnished apartments, utilities included, AC, no pets. Deposit required. Call (812)537-5796, (812)432-9605, or (812)584-3822.

Bischoff Realty (513) 367-2171

INDIANA HOMES: Milan-New Listing! Hard to find 3 bdrm home with full bsmt on almost half acre lot with fenced backyard overlooking the adjacent fields. Updated bathrooms, attached 1 car garage & det. 2+ car garage. Priced to sell at $109,900. Call Angel Beck 812-621-2855. B1143I. Milan-Immaculate 4 bdrm, 2 bath home loaded with updates including windows, interior doors, flooring and more! Nestled on 3.73 this property offers a 30x40 pole barn, patio, & above ground pool w/lg deck. A must see at $129,500. Call Angel Beck 812-621-2855. B1136I. OHIO HOMES: Harrison-New Listing! Recently updated and move in ready 4 bdrm home! Offering new kitchen w/tile floor and backsplash, appliances and a beautiful bay window, as well as a nice fenced backyard and much much more! $119,900. Call Todd Bischoff 513-616-0655. B1651H. Harrison-New Listing! Great home that is ready to move into offering fresh paint, new carpet, new kitchen w/ appliances, 3 seasons room and fenced backyard! Call Todd Bischoff 513-616-0655. B1649H.



812.637.2220 CSTONEREALTY.COM LOGAN: Remodeled farmhouse w/4 bed, 2 full bath newly updated & 2 half bath. Bonus rm above 3 car attached garage, kitchen has new countertops & flrs. $174,900 BRIGHT: Beautiful open floor plan ranch w/country setting. Sunroom w/fireplace & fantastic views, additional 30x40 insulated, heated garage. $274,900 NEW ALSACE: 3 bed home on 1.22 ac w/covered front porch overlooking vineyard, two 28x26 detached garages connected by breezeway, finished LL, in ground pool, & rear deck. $189,900 BRIGHT: 3 bed, 2.5 bath home on nearly 38 acres with exceptional views of Tanner Valley, pond, covered rear deck, wrap around porch, 30x36x12 insulated pole building $369,900 LOGAN: 2.89 acre wooded country lot with all utilities available. $59,900 LOGAN: Lots 3 & 4 of Morgan’s Ridge Subdivision. Large lake, 6.78 acres, all city utilities available. $149,900 LOGAN: Lot 5 of Morgan’s Ridge Subdivision, all city utilities available, .76 acres. $29,900 36361

Lawrenceburg- 1-bed room apts (all ceramic tile floors) handicap access (if needed) No pets$535/month with $535 deposit. Water and sewer included. Tenant Greendale- 1 bedroom p a y s electric. Ph apartment $425/month 5 1 3 - 2 6 5 - 8 4 6 0 or plus deposit. 1 year lease. 812-577-6781 No pets. You pay all utilities. Call 812-623-4130 Milan- Hoosier Country Harrison - 1 bedroom, Square Apts. 2BR with $430 and up. 2 bedroom dining room, fridge, dishwasher, $535 and up. C/A, pool, s t o v e , balcony/patios, park like on-site laundry facilities, patio area, $550/month setting. (513)202-0715. $550 deposit. No pets. Harrison, 1 and 2 bedroom 812-577-6781 apt., Leasing special, $495, $595/month incl. wa- New Haven - Near Harriter, sewer, garbage. Laun- son. Efficiency apartment, dry on site. Security de- with full bath and kitchen. posit r e q u i r e d . Very nice condition. (513)205-5555. Ground floor entry. $400/month. Harrison, 1-2 bedroom. (812)623-2524. Paragon West Apts. Private patio with breathtak- One bedroom apartment ing view of the valley. Free $425.00 a month, $400.00 heat! $460 and up. No deposit. Country setting. pets. (513)845-4141. Call 812-584-5195 Harrison, OH- Tippecanoe Apartments. Spa - Spacious 2 bedroom ducious remodeled 2BR plex in Greendale, large $610-$640 dishwasher, kitchen, shed, stove, refrigbalcony, very, very erator, washer/dryer all furclean. No p e t s . nished. $675 month + utilities, no pets. Call Regina 812-637-1787, at 812-584-4218. 513-574-4400 For Rent: Efficiencies $160.00 per week utilities included. Deposit required. Also 1 & 2 bedrooms in Lawrenceburg. Deposit required. 859-512-3899

Lawrenceburg (2-bed room apt with all appliances and washer/dryer hook-up in apt. Each apt has front porch or balcony. $650/month w/$650 deposit required. Small pets only (addi tional deposit required for pet) Ph 513-265-8460 or 812-577-6781 Lawrenceburg 2-bed room (deluxe) w/ ce ramic tile, stove, dishwasher, fridge, stack washer/dryer. No pets $700/month w/ $700 deposit. Ph 513-265-8460 or 812-577-6781 Lawrenceburg Downtown, 2 bedroom Condo, new construction, water and sewage included. Rent $925/mo. 513-532-8933. Lawrenceburg Downtown, 2 bedroom Condo, new construction, water and sewage included. Rent $925/mo. 513-532-8933.

Lawrenceburg Efficiency Unit- $540/month with all utilities included. Laundry facilities on site. Ph 513-265-8460 or 812-577-6781



Aurora - 2 bedroom, washer/dryer, includes stove & refrigerator, full basement, off-street parking, newly remodeled, No pets. $550/month + de posit. Call (812)926-3204. Aurora, Moores Hill- two bedroom, oak flooring, A.C., Ceiling fans, garage full basement 1+car twin porches. Extra lot. Shade trees, some appliances. Beautiful setting. $715-775 812-926-3202. Hidden Valley area-3 br, 2 ba, duplex, 1-car garage w/opener. A/C, Laundry room, all appliances in cluded Pets O.K. $895/month. Sunman Dearborn Schools. Email Large 3 bedroom 3 bath. Newly remodeled. Full basement. 2 car garage. 13526 Allensville Road, Bennington, Indiana. $900 per month plus utilities. 812-427-3853. 36362

Aurora - 2 bedroom, stove/frig, off street parking, 2nd floor, A/C in cludes water, sewage, trash and heat $540/month plus deposit. Call (812)926-3204.

FRED CLARK Ohio/Indiana





New Listing! Cleves- Ranch home w/ 3BR, 2BA, wooded lot. Wraparound rear deck. 1 car gar w/workshop. $89,900. Guilford- 2 story on 1.3 acre. 3BR, 2 ½ BA, 3 or 4 season room, 2 car att gar, 20X40 storage bldg w/loft. $219,900. Harrison- Building lots in upscale development. Minutes from 1-74 in Harrison. Only a few remaining! Call Fred

812-537-9669 1230 Belleview Dr. Greendale, IN OPEN SUNDAY • June 9 • 3:30-5:30pm



RISING SUN 401 S. Walnut St, 2br house w/garage, Full basement, Fully refurbished, No Pets, $250 deposit $700 mo, Tenant pays utilities 926-2258

Two senior citizens wanting to rent house, two-family, condo, or mobile home in or around Harrison. No children, no pets, non-smokers, responsible. Call 513-655-0823.



Aurora (Double Wide Home for Rent) 1-extra large master bedroom; 1-standard bedroom; 2-bathroom w/ all stainless steel appliances $1000 Sign On Bonus! (nice location) Ph Class A CDL Drivers, Run 513-265-8460 Regionally, Be home weekly. Exceptional Pay ($60-$70k annually) and Aurora Pine Run mobile Benefit Package. Call home park 3-bedroom, 2 888-409-6033 or visit us bath. Newer mobile online home in nice park setting $700/month w/$700 Are you looking to earn exdeposit required. Ph tra money? Do you like to 513-265-8460 meet new people? Do you want a job that is fun and If your answer Haven Park West Mobile rewarding? is yes, we have a job for Home Park - 2 beautiful you! Catch-A-Ride is looklots, in mobile home vil - ing for part-time and occalage near Miami Whitewa- sional drivers, up to 24 ter Park. One lot overlooks per week. Must be Dry Fork Creek. Park has hours at least 23, possess excellots of mature trees, quiet lent customer service neighborhood. Lot rent in- skills, ability to read maps cludes garbage and water. and drive a variety of Please call manager for handicapped accessible details at (513)367-2473 vehicles. Duties include between 8-6. First monthʼs daily paperwork and two rent FREE upon approved way radio communication. credit application! Clean driving record and Public Passengers Chauffeurs license (which can Moores Hill- 3 bedroom 2 be acquired during hiring bath home for rent or sale. process) are required. $495 per month including Starting salary $9 per lot rent. 812-785-0502 hour. EOE. Send resume to LifeTime Resources, HR-CAR, 13091 Benedict Dr., Dillsboro, IN 47018. Aurora- Business space for rent. Previously a restaurant. Great location. Downtown Aurora at 210 Baldwin Cleaning Service Main Street. $900/month. Residential and business Call 812-216-8477 cleaning. Non-janitorial. Location: Bright, Ind. Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Beautiful Retail space for M-F Part-time $7.50 per lease in Aurora. 1100 sq.ft. hour. Call (812)637-5861. Off street parking. Wood floors. Storage room and CLASS A CDL DRIVERS two dressing rooms. NEEDED Midwest Re $800.00 per month plus gional. Home weekends. utilities. Please call Kim 38CPM, Paid Orientation. 812-926-1677. Full Benefits. $1500 SIGNING BONUS 877-997-8999 Economic location in Lawrenceburg. $350 per month. Approx. 300 sq. ft. with CLASS A CDL Flatbed Large window on Walnut Drivers Needed. Excellent Street. Available now. Call Pay & Benefits. 6 month before 9 p.m. exp., Min 23 yrs of age. 812-584-4853. 877-261-2101.



West Harrison - Commercial business/retail/warehouse space for lease. State Street, great location, sprinkler system, 480 electric. $5,000/month. (513)919-3810.


Greendale, 30x40 Garage For Rent, 12x12 garage door, heat, water electric, $550.00/month. Call Tom 513-460-2660.

Do you want to earn $9-$15 an hour? Train to be a CNA today. Here at Tri-State Health Care Training Center we can train you in three weeks. Now offering full-time and part-time classes. Located in Greendale. Call 812-577-0055

June 4 - June 6, 2013


Drivers Wanted. Class A CDL. Clean Driving Re cord. Experience a Plus. Hourly Pay. Koppʼs Turkey Sales 513-367-4133

Drivers- CDL-A DRIVERS NEEDED! Solos up to 38cents/mile, 50cents/mile for Hazmat Teams. New Trucks Arriving Daily! 800-942-2104 Ext 7308 or 7307

Looking for experienced steel erectors. Must be responsible, hardworking, self-motivated with knowledge of steel erection.  This is for work in the OH, IN &KY area.  No weekend work.  All per diem and travel expenses paid. Locally owned family business.  Competitive pay and room for advance ment.  Seeking the right individuals to work on our crew and an individual looking to advance to run a crew.Immediate opening.  Mandatory drug test. Fax Resume to 513-851-1657 or call 513-851-1655

Drivers: Training, Class A-CDL. Train and work for us! Professional and focused training for your Class A-CDL. You choose between Company Driver, Owner Operator, Lease Operator or Lease Trainer. (877)369-7203

Looking for someone to work 25-40 hours a week at a busy office. Highly motivated, friendly, and can multitask a must. Evenings & Saturdays. Serious applicants ONLY. Please fax re sume to: 812-537-1804 or email them to:

DRIVERS! Stone Belt Freight puts drivers first! Competitive pay! Home weekends! Excellent benefits! Pre-loaded trailers. Call Kelsy, 888-272-0961.

Experienced. Janitorial and housekeeping company looking for part-time, help. Must have experi ence, transportation, valid driver license and cell phone. Background checks. Call(513)354-2338email m. Flatbed Drivers. New Pay Scale - Start @ .37 cpm. Up to .04 cpm Mileage bonus. Home weekends. Insurance & 401K. Apply @ 800-648-9915

DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED NOW at Stevens Transport! New drivers earn $750 per week. No CDL? No Problem! CDL& Job Ready in 15 days. 1-877-649-3156.

812-537-9669 1230 Belleview Dr. Greendale, IN OPEN SUNDAY • June 9 • 1-3pm

7688 Yorkridge Rd • Lawrenceburg, IN

Family Intervention Specialist-Madison, IN

At Youth Villages helping families find long term success is what drives us. We are looking to hire a Family Intervention Specialist who provides therapy to the families & youth in our program. Interventions focus on the family, child, school, community & peer groups. The position is Master’s or Bachelor’s level in social services field w/experience. Individuals not only have the opportunity to sharpen their clinical skills, but can advance their career after only 6 mos. Children’s lives are waiting to be impacted by you today. Apply online www.

Lots of possibilities in this well-built older home! Great condition, in need of updating. Oak & cherry trim, arched openings, hardwood flrs under carpet, full basement w/ WBFP & walkout, plus 2+car det. garage. 3 BR/1.5 BA, 2600 finished sq ft! Call Kathy or text 973157 to 79564. $209,900 Directions: US 50 to Stateline Rd to Bright, L on Salt Fork Rd. Prop. On R. Sign on.

BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SETTING! Well kept ranch w/lg kitchen /DR combo! Nice FR made from enclosed breezeway w/woodstove! Full basement w/bathroom & one finished room. Lg detached 24x50 outbuilding. Call Kathy or text 389796 to 79564. $154,900 Directions: US 50 to Rt 1 N, to L on Yorkridge Rd. Prop. On R. Sign on

Kathy Patterson • 513-535-2877

Kathy Patterson • 513-535-2877



B Buying uyingor orSS elling elling ?? Buying or Selling?

We’re We’re

Giving Giving Giving We’re

Back! Back!

Tothe theCommunity Community To To the Community withevery everyhome home with with every home purchased or sold! purchased or purchased or sold! sold! Callfor forDetails! Details! Call Call for Details! 812.537.HOME 812.537.HOME 812.537.HOME

Moores Hill (L274418) Great Brick ranch with 2F baths,Lg yard, patio & shed for storage. $ 79,900 Carol Hofmann

L’burg (L277983) 3br, ranch, WBFP, 2C att gar + pole barn, Great backyard w/patio. 1.5 acres. $169,900 Patrick Martini

Sunman (L275616) Well maintained 2br home -3mi to I-74! Newer furnace & windows. Wkshp & outbldgs. $ 89,900 Patrick Martini

Aurora (L277988) Cute 3br cape cod on 1 acre. New paint, carpet, shower & more! Refinished Hdwd. $149,900 Ken Maddin

Sunman (L276831) 7.5 mi to I-74! Completely remodeled 3br with barn/gar, summer kit w/2 fin rms. 5 acs! $189,900 Patrick Martini

Manchester (L277993) 28+ acres w/brick ranch, pole barn/gar, 1ac stocked pond & more! $189,900 Patrick Martini

HVL (L276930) 3br, 3bth Stone home w/Hdwd flrs, 2 FP’s, Walk-out deck & FR w/wet bar! $243,000 Sandy Hirsch

Sunman (L277995) Multifaceted brick bldg, 6000 sqft, 1mi from I-74, 1 acre. $299,900 Patrick Martini

Sunman (L277719) 3br, 3bth home, 2 bonus rms, Country kit,Lg Grt rm, FR, game rm, 2 cvr’d porches. Geothermal heat. $159,900 Debi Hornsby

Sunman (L278015) Custom 3br, 3F bth ranch,w/o bsmt, Brick WBFP, 3C att gar. $249,900 Patrick Martini

Aurora (L277831) 3br, 2bath historic home in Downtown. Currently a multi-family- Easily changed back! $135,000 Ken Maddin

Aurora (L278033) Completely remodeled 4br, 2bth home on over 1/2 ac. Original Hdwd flrs,spacious kitchen. $129,000 Patrick Schwing

Now Hiring- CNA and Dietary Aid. Pine Knoll As sisted Living. Please call 812-537-4422. “Partners in Excellence” OTR Drivers APU Equipped Pre-Pass EZ-pass passenger policy. 2012 & Newer equipment. 100% NO touch. Butler Transport 1-800-528-7825

PT/FT Driver Support. Seeking an organized, team player for Driver Mgt support position. Experience with DOT, CSA, Recruiting, Insurance, and HR. www.huffcontractorsHeavy Equipment Opera-, jobs@huffcon tor Career! 3 Week Hands t r a c t o r s i n c . c o m , call On Training School. Bull- 812-637-5193 dozers, Backhoes, Excavators, National Certifications. Lifetime Job Place- RECENTLY LAID OFF? IN RUT? WERNER ment Assistance. VA A Benefits E l i g i b l e NEEDS DRIVERS! Train to be a professional truck 1-866-362-6497 AC1213 driver in ONLY 16 DAYS! The avg. truck driver earns Live-in Companion/Care- $700+/wk*! Get CDL giver; light housekeeping, Training w/ Roadmaster! cooking, Montgomery Approved for Veterans area. References, back- Training. Donʼt Delay, Call ground check, and valid Today! 1-866-205-1569 drivers license a must, *DOL/BLS 2012 AC-0205 $1,200.00/month. Call 610-470-0113. SERVER/COOK Private golf club now hiring exLocal company needs perienced server/cook. Class A (preferred) or B Good pay. Full-time or driver. Local work and Cin- part-time. Great working cinnati area. Must have conditions. Call Rick at good driving record. 513-353-9888 for interPart-time and Full-time. view. Experienced. Call 812-438-4578 Woodland Hills Care Center is running a class to Looking for early childhood Certify Nurse Aides. 8 teacher with associates or seats available. This class bachelor degree. Competi- will fill up quickly. Applicative pay. Childcare bene- tions will not be accepted fits. Please c a l l after May 30th. Apply 513-353-0209 or drop off within at 403 Bielby Road, Lawrenceburg. resume. 812-537-1132


23447 Salt Fork Rd • Lawrenceburg, IN


407 Ridge Avenue • Greendale • • 812.537.4663 407 Ridge Avenue ••Greendale •• ••812.537.4663 407 Ridge Avenue Greendale 812.537.4663

Woodland Hills is hiring RNʼs and LPNʼs. 12 hour shifts. Part time and full time available. Apply within at 403 Bielby Road, Lawrenceburg. 812-537-1132.

Baldwin Cleaning Service


Needed to manage/assist residential cleaning crew of 6 to 8 personnel. Ensure residences are cleaned according to predetermined schedule. Transport crew to each residence via company vehicle. Days: Mon-Fri. Associate degree or management exp, and valid drivers license required. Contact Leesa Baldwin, 812.637.5861

Register Publications is seeking a part time creative graphic artist. Applicants must have excellent computer skills, communication skills and working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is preferred. Knowledge of Adobe InDesign required. Must be able to work well under pressure and meet specific deadlines. Applicants must also be willing to learn and perform other composition department tasks, such as editing photos,class flow and legal preparation. Please send resume to No phone calls please.


YOUR NEW DRIVING A.B.C. Lawn Service. JOB IS ONE PHONE Mowing, lawncare, CALL AWAY! Experienced seeding work CDL-A Drivers and Recent (513)738-4410. Grads- Excellent Benefits, Weekly Hometime. Paid Training. 888-362-8608 Achs Services - Heating Equal and Air conditioning. All types and models, hot waOpportunity Employer ter heaters, light electrical and plumbing. Licensed and insured. (513)668-3775 (765)647-0439. HENSLEY PAINTING, FREE ESTIMATES, INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR. ARTS LAWN SERVICEALSO SPECIALIZING IN Mowing, Trimming, MulchDRYWALL, STAINING, ing. FREE estimates. PRESSURE WASHING 812-926-2726. AND TEXTURES CEILINGS. CALL JAMES @ Bowman Painting and gen812-907-0014. eral contractor. Interior /exterior painting, commercial and residential. Roofing and remodeling, custom staining, high pressure AIRLINE CAREERS begin washing. Free estimates. here- Become an Aviation Call (812)689-6771 or Maintenance Tech. FAA (812)537-4677. approved training. FinanBowman Tree Service. cial aid if qualified. Housing available. Job place- Trimming, topping, tree rement assistance. AC0901 moval, lot clearing, storm Call Aviation Institute of damage, fully insured and free estimates. Call Maintenance. (812)537-4677. 888-242-3197. Monroe Excavating, Hauling, LLC Limestone, Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Mulch, Sand, Gravel, Driveways Demolition, Digging, Basements, Dump Truck, Bobcat, Track Hoe Work Call (812)926-1995 or (513)310-0835





Connie Fox is back. In Sunman at Miladyʼs. Formerly “That Hair & Tan Place.” Call 812-623-1925 Grow your own! Herbs for seasoning & teas, black raspberry plants, lots more @ good prices! Chanʼs Plant Sale, 109 N. High St. (S.R. 56) Rising Sun. For info, call 812-438-3182. Thank you for the gift of life. We will delight in loving your newborn in our happy, secure home. Expenses paid. Kelly and Michael 888-930-5815.



Paigesʼ Child Care in Harrison - Immediate opening for toddlers and newborns. Lots of TLC. Snacks and lunch provided and fun activities. Call Paige, (513)266-4133. Drivers



2,300-2,500 MILES/WK .40¢ - .42¢/MILES





Rickʼs Construction, Free estimates, Fully insured, Electric, Plumbing, Room additions, Decks, Roofing, Remodeling and Siding. 812-667-5457 or 812-871-4793






Absolutely no trespassing of any kind for any reason. No exceptions. Not re sponsible for accidents, injuries or personal property. Violators will be prose cuted at their own ex pense. Property located at 8692 Willey Rd., Harrison, OH. Molly Jansen, Cathy Maher, Mary Ison.

GARAGE & GARAGE & GARAGE & 61 AUTOS WANTED 70 Posted Column 55 55 55 YARD SALES YARD SALES YARD SALES !!!-A-A-A YARD SALE DEADLINE BEFORE 10 A.M. FRIDAYS Holiday deadlines Thursday before 10 a.m. $15 four papers 25 words or less Call Harrison Press (513)367-4582 or Lawrenceburg (812)537-0063.



9-6, Sat. 9-4, Sun 10-3. You may call ahead for pre-picked berries. Call 812-623-1433

Wanted to buy cattle and horses. Crippled or sound. Also buying wild cattle. Will pay cash. (859)620-5860.



Lookout Wildcat Country Skyline is moving to a new location

…and we need another GM to help out Joanne! Bustling Harrison Skyline Chili is looking for someone active in the Harrison community that “looks” a little something like this: • At least 2 years of management experience • Great track record of success preferably in food service operations • Hospitality-minded/friendly people skills • Has a deep love for the Harrison community PLUS


Itʼs back! Slumber Party Girls Tag Sale! June 7th & 8th 9:00-4:00. 208 Donna Drive Aurora. Vintage, primitive, new household and baby items!

Lawrenceburg- Huge multi-family 18473 Keller Road off 48. 9:00-5:00 June 7-8. Refrigerators, clothes (adult & children), household, building supplies, tools, toys, bikes, & much more.

4 PAPERS 25 WORDS $15 DEADLINE BEFORE 10 AM FRIDAY Holiday deadlines are Thursday before 10 a.m. CALL (513)367-4582 or (812)537-0063

Stop by the Skyline Harrison location for more info or go online at



Highspeed Internet EVERYWHERE By Satellite! Speeds up to 12mbps! (200x faster than dial-up). Starting at $49.95/mo. CALL NOW & GO FAST! 1-866-414-1820 John Deer Dozer/Loader 450BA, good track and splines, 3-way bucket, $8200.00 OBO. 812-744-9062.



Always Buying , Paying Cash for Estates-Antiques, Old Military items- Guns, Advertising Signs, Old Toys, Crocks or old Christmas or Halloween Items Call Bob 812-637-5369


RNs - Openings in the Emergency Department and the Birthing Center.


MEDICAL ASSISTANTS - Full time openings in physician

practices. Certified Medical Assistant preferred and suitable medical office experience required.


• Vacation at 6 months • 403(b) program • Health & dental insurance • Tuition reimbursement • Competitive Salary


600 Wilson Creek Rd. Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

(812) 537-8120 (513) 564-8000 ext. 8120 FAX (812) 537-1977

For an up-to-date listing of job opportunities at DCH, visit our website at or call our JOB HOTLINE at 537-8121 or 1-800-676-5572, 24 hours a day.

$16,475 Erected

24'x45'x8' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 50'x80'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-9'x7' Garage Door 2- 24' Split Slider Truss on 4½' Center Truss on 4' Center

$6,295 Erected

$22,995 Erected

32'x40'x12' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 60'x80'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-16' Split Slider 2- 24' Split Slider Truss on 4' Center Truss on 4' Center

$9,975 Erected

$25,950 Erected

Check our prices on garage doors!

METAL ROOFING - 40 YEAR Warranty - choice of 16 colors • Lumber • Hardware • Plumbing Supplies • Paint & Supplies Vinyl siding •Windows & Doors • Ammunition Laminated Floor • Greenhouse & Garden Supplies 5123 W. Co. Rd 550 South - Holton, IN 47023 (812) 689-6276 (or leave a message) From Versailles, take US 421 S. Turn right onto Co. Rd. 550 S. (watch for sign). Located approx. 3 miles on the left. Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am - 5:00 pm • Sat. 8:00 am - 4 pm



Will Buy & Haul Scrap Cars & Trucks (812)716-0781.

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Absolutely no fishing, no swimming, no hunting, or trespassing permitted. Not responsible for any injuries or accidents on the property belonging to : Rod and Brenda Cafouras, 12476 Gordon lane, Dillsboro, IN 47018 2-13 Absolutely no fishing, no swimming, no hunting, or trespassing permitted. Not responsible for any injuries or accidents on the property belonging to: Mark & Eva Roll, End of Diefenbach Road, Bright IN 47025 6-12 Absolutely no hunting or trespassing. No dirt bikes or motorized vehicles of any kind. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities on the property of Helen Amm & Teresa Stone, 18060 Union Ridge, Aurora, In 47001. Absolutely no hunting, dog running, wood cutting, dumping, animal abandonment, motorized vehicles, bikes, trapping, firearms, or swimming. No trespassing of any kind for any reason. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities, to any person or personal property. Activities of any kind will not be tolerated. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the fullest extent of the law on the property of L.J. Backman, 6422 East Laughery Creek Rd., Aurora, IN 10-13

Absolutely no hunting, fishing or trespassing for any reason w/o written permission on the properties owned or leased by us. No excuses. Violators will be arrested and prosecuted. Harry and John Hud dleston, 8731 SR 56N, Aurora, IN or 5311 Yorkridge Road, Guilford, IN Absolutely no hunting, fishing, or trespassing of any kind for any reason. Not responsible for any accidents or injuries on the property of Arlie Boggs on Brushfork Rd. in Guilford. Violators will be prose cuted at their own ex pense.

VIC’S AUTO BODY Complete auto repairing & refinishing on all foreign and domestic models.

Vic Mortashed, Owner 812-637-1611

77 N. State

(Across from K of C Hall)

W. Harrison, IN

Absolutely no hunting, fishing, dog running, woodcutting, dumping, animal abandonment, motorized vehicles, bikes, trapping, firearms, swimming, tree cutting, snowmobiling, creek rock hunting, turning around in private circle drive or trespassing of any kind for any reason . Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities to persons or personal property. Activities of any kind will not be tolerated. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the fullest extent of the law on the properties of:John Niehaus, 16827 St. Rt. 148, Aurora, Ind., 47001. Absolutely no hunting, fishing, or trespassing. Not responsible for accidents on the property of: Richard Noggler, 7334 St. Rd. 48, 6521 St Rd. 48 Aurora, IN 47001 7-12 Absolutely no hunting, trapping, fishing, swim ming, trash dumping, woodcutting, motorized vehicles, firearms, or tres passing for any reason. Violators will be prose cuted. Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of: John Stegemiller, 24569 Hiltz Rd., Guilford, IN 47022. 11-12 Absolutely no hunting, trapping, woodcutting, motorized bikes, or trespassing for any reason or purpose. These activities are strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Also not responsible for accidents on the property of: Rodney & Arlene Miller 8824 North Hogan Rd., Aurora, IN 47001 1-12 Absolutely no hunting, trapping, woodcutting, motorized bikes, 4 wheelers, or trespassing for any reason or purpose. These activities are strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Also not responsible for accidents on the properties of: Antionette Hiltz, Legion Road, St. Leon, IN 9-12 Absolutely no hunting, trapping, fishing, swim ming, trash dumping, woodcutting, motorized vehicles, firearms, or tres passing for any reason. Violators will be prose cuted. Beware of dog. Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of: Perry & Tracy Boone, 18002 Lost Creek Lane, Lawrenceburg, IN 1-13 Absolutely no swimming, fishing, hunting or tres passing permitted, not responsible for any injuries or accidents on any property or lakes belonging to: Ralph Eugene Clark, Jr. and Mary Clark, 1505 Water Street, Hardin town, Lawrenceburg, IN Anyone caught in the auto salvage yard or above property will be prose cuted. 7-12 Absolutely no trespassing - of any kind - for any reason. It is illegal to tres pass. No hunting, trapping, trash dumping, wood cutting, swimming, discharging firearms or explosives of any kind, riding animals or bicycles, or any motorized vehicles including ATVʼs, quad runners, motorcycles, motor bikes, etc. Not responsible for property damage, accidents. Injuries or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This is a 44 acre tract bounded on the south by Lutz Road and on the north by Harley Springs Subdivision. Welbourne G. Williams, 4738 Lutz Rd., Guilford, Indiana. 1-13 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the James, properties of Wilma, Samuel Goff and Carolyn Goff/Brown, 13337 Goff Lane, Moores Hill, In 9-12 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Will not be responsible for any accidents. Violators will be prosecuted. Private Drive. Dean A. Ransom-11625 Simple Pleasure Ln. Dillsboro, IN 47018. Absolutely no trespassing for any reason, not responsible for accidents or injuries. Violators will prosecuted at their own ex penses.: The Beverly J. Neihardt Trust, 14950 Old State Road 350, Moores Hill, IN 8-13 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason, including motorized vehicles, bikes, four wheelers, hunting or dumping. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or personal property. Violators will be prosecuted at their expense to the fullest extent of the law on the property of : Norma Rudolph Chaney and Bill Chaney, 12356 Lauman Rd., Moores Hill, IN 47032 6-12

Metal Roofing & Trim

12 Colors • Custom Trim Available • Delivery Available Next Day Service • Buy Factory Direct & Save $1.89 Lin Ft #1 • $1.49 Lin Ft #2 • $.99 Lin Ft Scratch & Dent MADISON METALS 812-273-5214 •


$5,325 Erected

ROOFING- Half Priced: Economy Dimensional Shingles $54 per sq, Interior Doors $5 & up, Wood Interior Trim 50% off., 3205 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis Absolutely no hunting, fish(317)788-0008 ing or trespassing of any WANTED: LIFE AGENTS; kind. Not responsible for Earn $500 a day; Great property or personal injury Agent Benefits; Commis- on the property of: George sions Paid Daily; Complete Hockl, Norkus & White Training; Leads, leads, Plains Rd., Manchester leads. NO LICENSE NEC- Township, Aurora, IN ESSARY TO APPLY. Call 4-14 1-888-713-6020

Cash Paid for Diabetic Test Strips. Up to $10 Per Box. Most Brands. Call Tom Anytime toll-free 1-888-885-3996


A 12ft. V-front John boat, with trailer, lifejackets, electric tolling motor, paddles, and new seats. Call: 812-537-5926


GUN SHOW!! Lafayette, IN - June 8th&9th, Tippecanoe County Fair grounds, 1401 Teal Rd. Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-3. For information call 765-993-8942 Buy! Sell! Trade!

24'x36'x8' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 40'x64'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-9'x7' Garage Door 1-20' Split Slider Truss on 4½' Center Truss on 4' Center


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Has a great sense of humor and is loyal, committed, passionate, energetic

$499 SCOOTERS 50CC. $399 Dirt Bikes. $599 150 Scooters. All 4 stroke. All new! $89 shipping to your H&H Firearms - handguns, door! Indiana only! shotguns, rifles, muzzle- 812-654-2827. Cash price! loaders, some ammo. Call Dave or C o n n i e , 2003 BUICK REGAL LS 812-926-1711. 186,500 MILES. SUN ROOF, AMFM, CAS SETTE/CD. $2900, EXCELLENT CONDITION. PHONE: 513-519-9645 CKC Registered Jack Russell puppies 7 weeks old, Buick Rendevaus CXL ʻ05 very adorable, must see, Gray/Gray 6-cyl. auto, Sharon S a w y e r 130k Hwy. Tint windows, 812-667-5077. cruise, lots of extras. Sharp! $8,000 OBO. RisCKC Registered Jack Rus- ing Sun. 812-290-3758. sell, 7 years old, proven stud dog. Sharon Sawyer CHEAP CARS priced un812-667-5077. der $2,000. Good, reliable Free- Two orange and cars! Cash or Credit Card. white & one buff colored S o m e low miles. male kittens to a good 812-654-2525 Lots of cars to choose from. Worth the home. Cute, playful, affectionate. 11 weeks old. drive! Please call: 812-438-4440.

Prices you canʼt beat on herbs, perennial flowers, some shrubs, grasses & wild flowers. Chanʼs Plant Sale, 109 N. High St. (S.R. 56) Rising Sun. For info, Camping package- tent, canopy, air bed, cooler, call 812-438-3182. port-a-potty $200. King size bed, pillows, linen $800. 9-drawer Retired-Elementarywith Teachersʼ and Multi d r e s s e r / m i r r o r Families Yard-Sale Lots 4-drawer chest & rocker of accumulated treas - $200. Call 812-537-3977. ures to pass on! Chil drenʼs books, copy - DirectTV- Over 140 channels only $29.99 a month. books/bulletin-boards, stickers & more. Open to Call Now! Triple Savings! everyone. College Stu- $636.00 in Savings, Free dents in Education, Upgrade to Genie & 2013 teachers, p a r e n t s , NFL Sunday ticket free!! homeschoolers, etc will Start saving today! find worthwhile teaching 1-800-246-2073 tools! Multi families will also be there to sell their DISH Network. Starting at things. June 13th-June $19.99/month (for 12 mos) 14th 8am-3:30pm Te - & High Speed Internet descoʼs Hair Place Rt. starting at $14.95/month 350 In Moores Hill, IN. (where available). SAVE! Phone: 812-537-5915 or Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 812-744-3633. 1-877-825-9465

Yard Sale. June 7-8, 8:00-5:00, 541 Hayes Greendale. Boys clothes, toys, craft stuff, fabric, books, swing, flower pots.

We buy and haul junk cars & trucks with titles. Call 812-621-0961 or email


Harrison- June 7th & 8th, 9a - ?, 332 N. Jefferson St., front and storm door, clothes, lots of miscellaneous,

Rising Sun- 809 Burgess Ave. Huge 2 Family Yard Sale June 6th, 7th, 8th 9am-4pm. Household items, bar stools, clothes, day June 8-9, 8am-?. 9221 knicknacks, lamps, and Harrison Ave. 45002. Sec- much much more. ond driveway past Morgan Rd. on your right. West Harrison, In- Rummage Sale, Chappelow Community yard sale June Ridge Pentecostal Church, 7-8. Rocky Mountain Es4710 Chappelow Ridge tates, Bright, IN. 8a-2p. Off Rd, June 7-8, 9a-2p. The Georgetown Road by building in the back of the Stateline church is full of what you need!! Dover-6988 N. Dearborn Rd. (behind The Horse shoe Inn), Saturday, 6/8, Yard Sale - June 7 & 8, 9a-4p. Rain or Shine! Fur- 9-? 5994 Dry Fork Rd., niture, baby items, tread- Cleves. Old tools, precimill, total body gym, sion tools, clothing, an ventless natural gas FP, tiques and much more! snowplow blade, lots of jade ornamental pieces and much more. Yard Sale June 8th 9a-3p. 9639 Old State Rd. 350, Garage Sale - Sat.-Sun. Aurora, IN. Two Family. June 8 & 9, 9-2. No Early Household items, clothes, Birds. 10309 New Haven shoes, 16ʼ Hobie Sailboat. Road, Harrison. Lots of Questions call 926-1230. good stuff!, Lots of clothes. Greendale- 1179 Ridge Ave. Saturday June 8th 8am-?. Kids items, household items, name brand clothing and collectibles.


Harrison- 103 Lellan Ave., Friday, 6/7, 9a-?; Girlʼs 20” bike, daybed, framed pictures, 3-shelf wicker stand and much more. Rain date 6/22.

2 family yard sale. 18060 June 7th & 8th 8am-2pm. Union Ridge Manchester. Plus size clothes, tools, kitchen table, lots of misc. June 6, 7, 8. 8:00-5:00. Rider Lane off Ennis 3-Family Yard Sale - Sat., Ridge, off North Dearborn Rd., Follow signs. June 8 8-3. 1081 Cox Rd. (Off Carolina Trace) West Harrison. New tools, Large Sale! 17881 Pribble household items, Wilton Road. June 7&8 Bikes, cake pans & accessories, Acer Netbook, Womenʼs kitchen items, Tupper Golf Clubs, Dishes, ware, lighting fixtures, curPots/pans, Toys, Baby/todtains, clothing, electric dler Boy Clothes, Junior stove, refrigerator, Clothes, Household, washer/dryer (2 sets), A/C MUCH More!! unit.

Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, fishing, swim ming, trapping, horseback riding, woodcutting, motorized bikes, quad runners, or 4-wheelers allowed for any reason. Not responsible for accidents or injury to anyone, Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the full extent of the law on the property of G.E. Stacy, 27357 Stacy Lane, 1905 Pinhook Rd., West Harrison, Ind., 3-family yard sale. Furniture, houseware, antiques, 47060. Jeep soft top, small refrigerator, building supplies, lots of unique finds. 9a.m. June 15 20096 Longview Grayʼs Excavation & LandDrive, Hidden Valley. scaping. Lawn grading, bobcat work, clearing, 4-family. June 6th, 7th, & driveways, bush hogging, 8th. 9:00-4:00 217 Joseph garden tilling, demolition seed & straw. Lane, Aurora. Antiques, 812-654-2562 baby & womenʼs 3x clothing, golf clubs, bike, rugs, Adopt-A-Plant Garden Greendale Self - Storage baby items. Across from Center Indoor storage available 10856 Oxford Rd. Crosby Country Club Route 48 to 24 hour access. Call Trailside. Left on Joseph Twp, 513-738-0040, (812)537-3131 or Lane. (812)637-1787. Great plants weekly spe9479 Stitts Hill, corner of Handyman, very inexpen- cials!! Chesterville Road. Thurssive. No job to big or Black raspberry plants day & Friday, June 6th & small. E x p e r i e n c e d , $2.50, herbs 50 cents & up 7th, 8:00-6:00. Thousands HVAC, plumbing, carpen- to $4, lots of hard-to-find of items. Something for try, yard w o r k . plants including white everyone. (513)379-0684 o r sage, Fenugreek, lemon (513)746-1748. verbena, & toothache Aurora-Saturday, June herb, plus perennial flow- 8th, 8a-4p, 148 to Soap Hers & His Professional ers & more! Chanʼs plant Hill to Goose Run. Watch Services. Grass cutting, sale on porch, in yard at for signs! Garden tools, home/business clean- 109 N. High St., Rising and riding mowers, ing, trash removal. Sun- right on Ind. 56! For push furniture, sleeper sofa, and Partners in life and info, call 812-438-3182. vintage. business. Aurora, Ind. ! ! Pick Your Own Bonnie & Steve Telinda, Christ Centered Preschool Strawberries. ! ! (513)703-4416 or will hold its Annual Inside Hobbs - $2.00 quart. (513)309-9460. Yard Sale on Saturday, 3845 S. Base Rd., July 13th.  Rent space for Versailles. L.M. Improvements Call 812-621-1034 or this day by calling Fully insured, free esti (513)367-4564 or 812-621-1067. mates, light construction, No children under 12. driveways, patios, (513)658-3284. Closed Sundays. stamped concrete side walks, garage floors, re- Phillips Berry Patch- Blue taining walls. C a l l Berries, you pick or Cleves- Huge 3-family (812)290-3981. pre-picked. Hours Mon-Fri. yard sale, Saturday-SunResidential Cleaning. Tri-state. You make the mess, we'll do the rest. Insured/Bonded. Specializing in construction, commercial and residential 812-290-4490 or 812-577-0666. Joe on the 777.




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June 4 - June 6, 2013


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Roof trusses for houses, barn, garages & commercial

(812) 273-5482


The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register

June 4 - June 6, 2013

70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the property of: Valley Rural Utility Company, Water Tower located at Alpine Drive and State Line Road, Water Tower located off Whispering Woods Drive in Valley Woods. Utility Office and Maintenance property located at 19435 Alpine Drive. 6-13

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Owner not responsible for any accidents, injuries or death. Violators will be prose cuted at their own ex pense. David or Mimi Martin, 13051 Cold Springs Rd., Moores Hill, IN 7-12 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Will not be responsible for any accidents or fatalities. Violators will be fined and prosecuted on the property of James and Rhonda Huff, 5448 Bischoff Hill Rd., West Harrison, Ind., 47060. Absolutely no trespassing for any reason; no fishing, no hunting, trapping, swimming, no motorized vehicles, firearms, trash dumping, open fires, wood cutting, horseback riding, 4 wheelers, bikes. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Not responsible for any injuries, accidents, fatalities. No trespassing, soliciting, or visitation from strangers, family, or friends without written consent from Ron and Debbie Seaver, 23718 James Lake Road, Guilford, IN 47022 04-14 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Will not be responsible for any accidents or fatalities. Violators will be fined and prosecuted on the property of: Mark & Bonnie Pennington, 12947 N. Hogan Rd., Aurora, In 47001 5-13 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Not re sponsible for any injuries or accidents. Town of Moores Hill Properties, Moores Hill, IN 47032 4-14 Absolutely No Trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted at there own expense. No vehicles including ATVʼs, Motorcycles etc. Not responsible for any accidents or injuries on the property of P.A.W.S. Humane Center, 200 Charles A. Liddle DR. Lawrenceburg, IN. 47025 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason including motorized vehicles - hunting of any kind (bow or gun - nor trapping) or sledding. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or personal property. Violators will be prosecuted at their expenses to the fullest extent of the law on the property of Irvin J. Hartman & Frances M. Hartman, 221 Locust St., Greendale, IN 47025 1-14 Absolutely No Trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the The properties of: Bowlins, Bordering on Lipscomb Dr., Mud Lick Creek and Rainbow Road, Manchester Township and 7327 Kaiser Drive, 2-15 Absolutely No trespassing for any reason. Not re sponsible for any acci dents or injuries on the properties of Robert & Deborah Lischkge, 9794 Alans Branch, Moores Hill, IN 47032 2-14 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason; no fishing, hunting, trapping, swimming or open fires. No motorized bikes, 4-wheelers or other motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. We are not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the property. Ryan Stroud Heartland, Homestead Land Trust 4-13

k c e t! h C Ou It

Absolutely No Trespassing for any reason, no fishing, hunting, trapping, dumping, wood cutting, or swimming, no motorized bikes, 4-wheelers or other motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense, not responsible for any accidents on the property of: Gale Banta, 4304 State Road 48, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 10-11

Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, fishing, swim ming, woodcutting, quad or cycle riding. Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of: Jim & Larry Gabbard, Lattire Farm, Gregory Bier (The Land) Union Ridge Road, Aurora, IN 47001 6-14

Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, fishing, swim ming, trapping, horseback riding, woodcutting, motorized bikes, quadrunners or 4-wheelers allowed on my property for any reason. Not responsible for accidents or injury to anyone. Violators will b e prose cuted at their own expense to the full extent of the law on the property of: The Gary Steinmetz Farm, 9783 Wesseler Road, Sunman, IN 05-14

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents of injuries on the property of: Tom & Kathy Klump Tower Rd., Lawrence burg Trojan Rd., Extending to Beneker Rd., St. Leon Kildeer Ln., Guilford Mosmeier Rd., Sunman 1-13 Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, firearms, woodAbsolutely no trespassing cutting, trapping. No mofor any reason: no fishing, torized vehicles of any hunting, trapping, or swim- kind. Violators will be ming; no motorized bikes, prosecuted at their own 4-wheelers or other motor- expense. Also not responized vehicles. Violators will sible for any injuries, accibe prosecuted at their own dents or fatalities on the expense; also we are not property of: James Chrisresponsible for any acci- man, Yorkridge Road, dents on the property of: Guilford, IN 06-14 Bieliauskas Family, 1230 Justis Rd., Lawrence - Absolutely no trespassing, no hunting, no woodcutburg, IN 47025 4-14 ting, no 4-wheeling, no quad running. Violators will Absolutely No Trespassing be prosecuted at their own of any kind, for any reason expense. Not responsible at any time. No Excep - for any accidents on the tions! Owner not responsi- property of: Ronald W. ble for any accidents, inju- Fields, 2488 Sneakville ries or fatalities. Violators Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN will be prosecuted at their 47025. 11-13 own expense. Tresa Manford 11510 North Hogan Absolutely no trespassing, Road Aurora, IN 47001 no hunting, no woodcut5-14 ting, no 4 wheeler or motorized bike or littering on Absolutely no trespassing the property of Charlene & of any kind allowed on all Patrick Holland on Chesproperties belonging to terville Road and Brown Ola & Julie Miller. No ex- Road. Violators will be ceptions. Not responsible prosecuted at their own for injuries, accidents or fa- expense. Walking and talities. No vehicles of any sightseeing w-written perkind, horseback riding, etc, mission only. Not responsiunless written permission ble for accidents or injury. is given. Ola & Julie Charlene & Patrick HolMiller, 11302 N. Hogan land, 14175 Brown Road, Rd., Aurora, IN 47001 Moores Hill, IN 6-12 2-12 Absolutely no trespassing, no hunting, no woodcutAbsolutely no trespassing ting, no walking, no sightof any kind or for any rea- seeing, no motor vehicles. son. Not responsible for in- Violators will be prose juries or accidents on all cuted at their expenses. property of Lischkge Mo- Not responsible for accitors, Inc. 10200 U.S 50 dents or injury on the propWest, Aurora, IN 2-14 erty of Don and Linda Turner, 3250 East 200 Absolutely no trespassing South, Dillsboro, IN the property consists of 69 acres extending from the 47018. creek of the top of the hill including the gas-line easement plus a trailer & a Absolutely no trespassing, barn. Violators will be no hunting, no woodcutprosecuted. ting, no walking, no sightJohn & Judy Wayne seeing, no motorized vehi6998 E. Laughery Creek cles. Violators will be Road prosecuted at their ex Aurora, IN 47025 10-12 penses. Not responsible for accidents or injury on Absolutely no trespassing, the property of: hunting, quads, dirt bikes, Patrick Holland or wood cutting. Not re - 14130 Brown Rd. sponsible for any injuries Moores Hill, IN 9-11 or accidents. Property consists of 10 acres. Richard Absolutely no trespassing, and Melanie Wiedeman, not responsible for acci18554 Collier Ridge, dents, violators will be David Guilford, IN 47022 p r o s e c u t e d . Bracey, 15556 Terrill 05-14 Road, Moores Hill, IN Absolutely no trespassing, 47032. 7-13 hunting, firearms, woodI-275 Enterprises, Inc., is cutting, trapping. No mothe owner of property lotorized vehicles of any cated in the Horseshoe kind. Violators will be prosecuted at their own Bottoms, Lawrenceburg Dearborn expense. Also not respon- T o w n s h i p , County, Indiana, bounded sible for any injuries, accion the West and North by dents or fatalities on the the right-of-way of interproperty of: James Chrisman, Yorkridge Road, state Highway 275 and on the South by the Chessie Guilford, IN 06-14 Railroad right-of-way and on the eastern edge of the Absolutely no trespassing, I-275 Lagoon (hereinafter hunting, fishing, swim - called “the property”). ming, trapping, horseback Hunting, trapping, dis riding, woodcutting, motor- charging firearms, shootized bikes, quad runners ing arrows, fishing, turtle or 4-wheelers allowed for hunting, dog running, tree any reason. Not responsi- cutting, woodcutting, ble for accidents or injury dumping, animal abandonto anyone. Violators will be ment, hiking, bicycling, prosecuted at their own motor biking, operating expense to the full extent quads or after ATV vehiof the law on the property cles, horseback riding, of: Darrell & Susan Sex- sledding, ice skating, ton, 17537 Hillcrest Dr., snowmobiling, bird watchLawrenceburg, I N ing, camping, operation of 470205. 5-12 aircraft, swimming, row boating, motor boating, Absolutely no trespassing, sailing, creek rock hunting, hunting, boating, swim - turning around or trespassming, trapping, motorized ing of any kind on the bikes, 4 wheelers, RVʼs, property for any reason is woodcutting, horseback absolutely forbidden withriding, firearms. Violators out written and signed perwill be prosecuted at their mission of a duly authorown expense. Not respon- ized agent of I-275 Entersible for accidents or inju- prises, Inc., I-275 Campgrounds, Inc., and-or ries on the property of: Robert & Carolyn K. Hol- H o r s e s h o e Camp grounds. I-275 Enter tegel prises, Inc. 119 Walnut 12466 Rullman Dr. Dillsboro, IN 47018 St., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 5-11 10-12

No bikes, skateboards, roller blades. No trespassing for any reason; not responsible for injuries or accidents on property of: Dillsboro Civic Club, 9824 Central Ave. and 12930 North St., Dills boro, IN (formerly Doctors Bldg.) 7-12 No fishing, swimming, hunting, four wheelers, or trespassing on the Hostetler Farms, 13450 Chesterville Rd., Moores Hill. They will be prosecuted. Harry Hostetler, 13450 Chesterville Rd., Moores Hill, IN 1-13 No hunting or shooting, no woodcutting,, littering or dumping, no motorized vehicles, machinery or trespassing. Not liable or responsible for injuries or accidents. Violators will be prosecuted if found on property of: Dennis G. and Ann J. Elder, 17800 Duncan Lane, Aurora, IN 7-12 No hunting or trespassing, no ATVʼs. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Not responsible for injuries or accidents on the Grimsley property at 13607 Grimsley Road, Moores Hill. No hunting, fishing or trespassing of any kind. Not responsible for property or personal injury on the property of: Maria Teresa Maturana, 2194 Lake Tambo Rd., Manchester, IN No hunting, fishing or trespassing and not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of: Jerome & Ruth Martini, York Ridge Rd., Leatherwood Rd., York Township. No hunting, fishing or trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property owned by: Stonegate Property Owners, Bordering on Stonegate Dr. & Essex Lane. 05-14 No hunting, fishing or trespassing. Not responsible for any accidents or injury on our property. Leonard & Virginia Bonomini, 22354 Salt Fork Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025. 6-13 No hunting, fishing, four wheeling, hiking, or gardening of any kind. Joan Fidler will not be held liable for any injuries ac quired on the property on both sides of 10419 Chesterville Road, next to 10095 Chesterville Road, and across from 10386 Chesterville Road. Violators will be prosecuted.

4-14 No hunting, fishing, or trespassing for any reason and not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property owned by: Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Associa tion, Bordering on Stateline Road and Georgetown Road, Lawrenceburg, In 1-13 No hunting, fishing, or trespassing without written permission on the Chipman farm. 7442 White Road, Rising Sun, Indiana . Violators will be prosecuted. 05-15 No hunting, Fishing, Quad/Horse Riding or Trespassing of any kind on the properties of: Mike & Terry Hall/ Hueseman Rd., Aurora. Nick & Jan Hartman/ Hueseman Rd., Aurora. Bud Cornelius/ Hueseman Rd., Aurora. Dave Jeffery/ Hueseman Rd., Aurora. Tim & Chrissy Powell/ Hueseman Rd., Aurora. Mike & Terry Hall/ SR 1 & Brush Fork Rd., Guilford-Hueseman Rd., Dillsboro. No hunting, fishing, swimming or trespassing and not responsible for accidents on the property of: Robert & Beth Baylor, 6223 St. Rd. 48, Law renceburg, IN 1 -13 No hunting, fishing, trapping or trespassing or ATVʼs. Violators will be prosecuted at own ex pense, Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of, Dennis and Cindy Meyung, 10998 County Farm Rd, Aurora, IN, 47001, 12-13 No hunting, no ATV/bike riding, no wood cutting without written permission. Not responsible for per sonal or property injury on property owned by: Michael and Roberta Hankins, Cranes Run Road, Logan Township 1-13

No hunting, no fishing, no bike riding, absolutely no trespassing on the property of: Irene Beckett Estate, 1005 Nowlin Avenue, Property on west side of Tanners Creek 5-12

No trespassing, hunting, 4-wheeling or motorcycles. Not responsible for accidents or injury of any kind on the property of: John Kemme, 24464 State Line Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 7-13

No hunting, no motorized bikes or vehicles, no trespassing of any kind and not responsible for accidents on the property of: John McKay 11307 N. Dearborn Rd. Sunman, IN 47041 10-12

No trespassing, hunting, 4-wheeling or motor vehicles of any kind. Not responsible for accidents or injuries of any kind on the property of: Mark & Roberta Klem, Seldom Seen Estates, Lot #1,#2, #3, 22505 State Line Rd., No hunting, trespassing, Bright, IN 06-14 quad or dirt bike riding on the property of Bill and No trespassing, hunting, Donna J. Fisher located fishing, wood cutting, four at 6919 E. Laughery wheeling or tree cutting. Creek Road, Aurora. Not responsible for accidents, injuries, or fatalities No hunting, woodcutting or of any persons or personal trespassing and not re - property. Violators will be sponsible for accidents on prosecuted at their own the property of: Joseph expense. Cindy & Miand Edna Imholt, 8289 chael McAndrew, 19446 Leatherwood R o a d , Anderson Rd., Law Yorkville, Guilford, IN renceburg, IN 47025. 4-14 No trespassing, hunting, No trespassing for any fishing, trapping or dumpreason on property of: ing of any kind. Absolutely Malloryʼs, 12354 Foreign- no motorized vehicles, erʼs Lane, Moores Hill, IN bikes, quadrunners or 47032 6-13 4-wheelers allowed on my No trespassing for any property. Not responsible reason. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fafor accidents or injuries. talities. Beware of dogs. Violators will be prose Marshall Alford 15778 W. County Line cuted at their expense to the fullest extent of the Rd. law. Jeffrey Long, 9027 Moores Hill, IN 10-12 Old St. Rd 350 & 13385 No Trespassing for any Dean Rd., Aurora, In reason. Not responsible 47001. 09-12 for accidents, injuries or fatalities to persons or prop- No trespassing, hunting, fishing, wood cutting, four erty. The Kremer Family wheeling or tree cutting. 28483 Barber Rd. West Harrison, IN 47060 Not responsible for accidents, injuries, or fatalities 9-12 of any persons or personal No trespassing for any property. Violators will be reason. Not responsible prosecuted at their own for any accidents, Injuries, expense. Debi & Stephan fatalities or personal prop- Kraeling 7233 Bonnell, erty. This applies to all Guilford, Indiana 47022 property owned by us.Be05-14 ware of dog. Violators will be prosecuted at their own No trespassing, hunting, expence. Randy & Mary fishing, wood cutting, four Lynn Hayes, 3 3 8 2 wheeling or tree cutting. Sneakville Rd., Law - Not responsible for accirenceburg IN, Also dents, injuries or fatalities Goose Run, Aurora, IN to any persons or personal property. David & Mi2-14 chelle Fluegeman, South No trespassing for any Hogan Road, Dillsboro, reason. Not responsible In 47018 1-13 for injuries or accidents. Violators will be prose - No trespassing, hunting, cuted at their own expense four-wheeling or motor veon the properties of: Wm. hicles of any kind. Not reG. Rudicil, Barber Rd., sponsible for accidents or Gobblerʼs Knob Rd., W. injuries of any kind on the properties of Mike & Sylvia Harrison, IN 1-14 Heninger or Heniger PropNo trespassing of any kind erties LLC on Woods Rd. for any reason on the Lawrencburg, IN 47025 properties of the Tri-Township Water Corporation. No trespassing, hunting, Violators will be prose - hiking, tree cutting or reccuted at their own ex - reational vehicle riding of pense. Also not responsi- any kind on this property. ble for any accidents, inju- Not responsible for acciries, or fatalities. Tri-Town dents, injuries or death. Violators will be prose Water Corporation cuted. 1398 Oberting Rd., No trespassing of any kind Lawrenceburg, IN 47025. on property of : All Rite Gregory Fields, 1398 ObReady Mix Of Indiana, erting Rd., Lawrence LLC, 10513 Morgans burg, IN 5-12 Branch Road, Aurora, IN No trespassing, hunting, 2-13 motorized vehicles, wood No trespassing! Absolutely cutting, trapping, fishing. no hunting, trapping, trash Not responsible for any acdumping, woodcutting, dis- cidents or injuries on the charging firearms or fire- properties of: Mike & Tim works or explosives of any Brooks (formerly propkind, riding motorized vehi- erty of Joseph C. cles or animals. Not re - Brooks) 9257 SR 48, sponsible for property Aurora, corner of Cole damage, accidents, inju- Lane and SR 50. 10-12 ries or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted at their No trespassing, motorized own expense to the fullest vehicles, hunting, trapping, extent of the law on the fireworks or explosives of property of: David L. any kind, discharge of fireShuter & Deborah L. arms or shooting of arrows Shuter, Church Rd., Law- on or onto the approximate renceburg, IN 47025 23 acres of Lot #8 in Miller Ridge Estates. Also not re11-13 sponsible for any acci No Trespassing! Abso - dents or injuries occurring lutely no hunting, trapping, on this same property. trash dumping, woodcut- M i k e and Connie ting, discharging firearms Crossley, Lot #8 Miller or fireworks or explosives Ridge, 22102 Hickory of any kind, riding motor- View Lane, Guilford, IN ized vehicles or animals. 47022 Not responsible for property damage, accidents, in- No trespassing, no hunting juries or fatalities. Violators or fishing. Absolutely no 4 will be prosecuted at their wheelers or motorized veown expense to the fullest hicles of any kind. Not reextent of the law on the sponsible for accidents or property of: Joseph F. injuries on the property of: Bayer, Jr. & Donna S. Earl & Thomas Sullivan, Bayer, 17365 Church 18253 & 18350 Keller Rd., Lawrenceburg, In Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 5-13 47025 1-13

No trespassing, no hunting, violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for accidents on the property of: Glen & LaVerne Burkhardt, Corner of Keller No trespassing, hunting, 4 Rd., & SR 48, Lawrencewheeling etc. on property burg, In 1-14 owned by Ken and Kathy Scherzinger or other No trespassing, no huntowned entities on North ing. Violators will be proseHogan Rd. between SR cuted. Not responsible for 48 and Holt Rd., Dear - personal injury on property born County Indiana. Not or property damage. Diana responsible for any acci- & Lowell T. Hollins. 10625 St. Route 262 Dillsboro, IN dents of any kind. 5-14 47018. No trespassing, hunting or fishing. The Browning Farm, 9516 & 9321 Texas Gas Rd., Aurora, IN 47001 10-11

No trespassing, not re sponsible for personal or property injury on the property of: Midwest Data Inc., 326 Walnut St., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 4-14

No trespassing, not re sponsible for accidents, injuries or property damage. Andrew Kroeger, 10424 Hogan Creek Rd., Aurora, IN 5-12 No trespassing, or hunting, on the farm of : Barry & Judy Pruss, Rt. 50 Mt. Tabor Rd., Aurora, IN 3-13 No trespassing, soliciting , or visitation from strangers, family, or friends without written consent by Billie R. Powell on my properties located on North Hogan Rd.Billie R. Powell 10514 North Hogan Rd. Aurora, IN 47001. 3/13

Positively no trespassing on the property of 10391 Huesman Rd. without owners presence. Danger on property. Not responsible for accidents. Robert and Darlene Meyer, 8642 Martin Rd., Dillsboro, IN 47018. Private property. Abso lutely no trespassing of any kind on all properties belonging to Dana and Phyllis Weisickle. No exceptions. Not responsible for any injuries, accidents, or fatalities. No vehicles of any kind allowed to drive through or park without written permission. Dana & Phyllis Weisickle 12904 Probst Rd, Aurora, IN 47001 4-14


No trespassing. Not re sponsible for accidents or Hamilton County injury. We will prosecute Soil and Water trespassers on property Conservation District owned by: Robert & Board Meeting Deborah Schroeder, Gary & Pam Schroeder, The Hamilton County Soil Ridge Drive, Lake Tambo and Water Conservation & Knopf Roads, Man Districtʼs Board Meeting chester Township. 10-13 scheduled for June 11, No trespassing. Not re - 2013, will start at 2 p.m. sponsible for personal or The meeting will be held at property injury on the prop- the Districtʼs office, 22 Trierty of: Rita Bennett, 170 angle Park Dr., Cincinnati, and 172 Conwell Street, Ohio 45246. Call for more Aurora, IN 47001 information, 05-14 (513)772-7645. Not responsible for acci23-1tc dents. No hunting, fishing, woodcutting, swimming, recreational 4x4 riding, or Notice of Meeting trespassing on the property of: Hassel W. and The Crosby Township Pamela M. Brashears Zoning Commission will Possum Ridge Road hold a meeting on TuesAurora, IN 10-12 day, June 18, 2013, at Oxbow Inc. and Oxbow of 7:30 p.m., at the Crosby Indiana, Inc. (”Oxbow”) are Township Senior/Commuthe owners of property lo- nity Center, 8910 Willey cated in the area com - Road, Harrison, Ohio, to monly known as Horse - consider the revision of the shoe Bottoms, Lawrence- parking plan for the Ft. burg Township, Dearborn Scott Clubhouse. County, Indiana. Most of Oxbowʼs land is located Crosby Township between I-275 to US 50 Zoning Commission exit ramp, the CSX tracks, Marjorie Meyers, and the levee along US 50 Secretary and the Argosy entrance road. Oxbow also owns 23-1tc land immediately west of I-275 between the CSX tracks and the Ohio River, as well as land east of I-275 between the CSX tracks, the Ohio River, and the state line. Maps of Oxbowʼs properties are available on our website at Oxbow,Ind. land is a wildlife sanctuary. Hunting, trapping, discharge of firearms, and the shooting of arrows is prohibited except in certain designated areas and only with the written permission of Oxbow. ATVʼs may not be operated on Oxbow property at any time. Operating other motorized vehicles (except for the purpose of ap proved farming and land management operations) off clearly established roads or on a road in any manner contributing to the need to repair the road is prohibited. Those who operate a motor vehicle on Oxbow property do so at their own risk, and are advised that the dirt roads may be impassable when wet. Under no circum stances will Oxbow be responsible for damage to a vehicle or injury to its occupants. Bank fishing only with appropriate license is al lowed and is monitored by conservation officers. Camping, bonfires, and overnight parking are prohibited. Swimming in streams, lakes and other watercourses is strictly prohibited, as are motorized watercraft of any sort. Removing, destroying or disturbing wildlife and plants, or farm crops with out express written consent of Oxbow is prohibited. Oxbow property is regularly patrolled by law enforcement officers who have been instructed to prosecute all violators. Activities such as bird watching, hiking and the activities not expressly prohibited by these rules or state law may be done at ones own risk. Oxbow is not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property for those wishing to visit. Those in doubt of the lawfulness of their activity on Oxbow properties are encouraged to first contact: Oxbow, 854 Ligoria Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45218 04-14

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Road ■■Patrick■M With the No yers■(Incum vember ge ing, the fin Drive■ bent),■1723 ne District 2 ra l ele al cti 2■Scenic■ Mancheste been filled slates up for the ele on near- ■■Gregory■D r and Spar ships, two . The dead cti ean■Weldon on ta townelected: have Dist candidates line for sc ■Jr .,■ ■ 71 ric ■Arlis 3■ t 2 - Ci Bielby■Roa to fil hool board d■ Moo ■J.■Boggs,■12302■Che ■■Stephanie ty of Greendale, on Several in e was noon Friday, re ste s■H Au e cu ■C rv ill el ille ro g. m ec m be 24. ■Road,■ ted: er,■1353■Gl nts in La South De ■■Shirley■S ■■Billy■R.■L enea wr ar ane■Jr.,■14 school corp born and Sunman enceburg, ■■Donna■T eitz■(Incumbent),■10 gles■PIace 728■Ewing Moore 4■Catalpa■A orati -D hacker,■323 ■Roard,■ ve.■■ ■■Ka s■Hill ■Diehl■Driv Running fo ons are facing chall earborn Ru nn in rla g e ■Scotten for South De r Lawrence are are burg Scho ges. arborn Scho Sparta■Pike Raab■(Incumbent),■ ol Board 12563■ ol Board ,■Moores■H District 1 District 1 ill ■■Steven■K City of Lawr Ceasar Cree .■Willi enceburg, elected: Ro k, Washington ad,■Sunman amson,■22416■Lake Clay, Hoga two , ■Tambo■ on n, e electe ■■Kelly■Moll ■■Daryl■L.■C District 3 aun■(Incum utter■(Incum d: Center Town bent),■1788 Dillsboro■ ■■R.■Brett■ bent),■8937 ship, one el 1■Pribble■ Fe ■In hr ec d.■ m an,■407■Man te 62■ ■■Jeffery■A rora■ chester■St., d: llen■Lane,■1 ■Aura 0898■Locus ■■Patricia■A t■St.■Auro.■R Drive,■Auror ahe■(Incumbent),■20 a■ 4■Hillview■ Running for Sunm an-Dearbor n School

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8,000 30,000

other readers.



board are District 2 Harrison ■■Brandon■ “D 25536■Carr■ usty”■Bu Ro ■■Clifford■Gi ad,■■We Lawrencebu ltner,■2311 rg■ District 3 Ja ■■David■E.■A ckson To nd Batta■Road,■ erson■(In ■■John■R.■MSunman■ Road,■Sun ckay,■11307 man District 7 Yo ■■Joseph■E rk Townsh .■Graf,■9201 Guilford ■L ■■Michael■R .■May,■215 ford 69■

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South Dea rbo board slate rn BIG CLEHave ANUP the news delivered s in your mailbox twice a meetings in schools; fir week and online 24/7. st in D’boro Sep t. 10 6 Months $25* S

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As part * nity out-rea of its ongoing com much eff born™ Community ort, the South DearSchool Co School Co mmun rp ing its next oration will not be ho ity * normal loca few board meetings ldat its tion on the YOUR TRUSTED SOURCE FOR HOMETOWN NEWS campus. school’s m ain Superinten said he an dent Dr. John M ehrle d the scho working to ol board wa of commun rd increasing chan are ne ica tio n wi South Dear th the grea ls bo and buildin rn School Comm ter unity g school-c om nerships. munity partRotating few school the location of the next bo ar d meetings of this effor are pa t. meetings ar South Dearborn’s bo rt e generally ard Monday of each month held the first 7:30 p.m. , beginning at The charre Due to La d remains tember mee bor Day week, the cle at 11:0 of a car an * In County Prices Only. Call for details. Subscriptions must be pre-paid. Septing will be 9 Sept. 10, in ments put a.m. on U.S. 50 at Syd semitractor are ho at 7: 30 p.m Di out the fir isted away . e, and Auro camore Estates Dr Managem The Monda llsboro. ive in front Wednesday aftern en ra y, t we Oc po PHOTO BY re lic t. 1, meeting e and life busy with take place oon, Aug. vided an ar ofHigh Taco Be Street CHUC squa 29 Box 4128 traf wi 126 W. • P.O. at d as we Monday, No Moores Hill with ll ll as Dearboll, 1020 Green Blvd . The semi caught fir K FOLOP/GeneRal gating the row board to help di fic injuries, and m . on th Th wr v. re rn e ito ct e ec 5, Co Au rin k. tr m un af rora and La e after striking a g eeting at chester. fic, which run-off in ty Sheriff ’s de 47025 Indiana Manto was stiLawrenceburg, wrence sto putie rm ll snarled Mehrle en at 2 p.m. AP drains. The Indian s and Dearborn Co burg fire de visions a De un D Sgt. Mik some of th e Prudenti partment of Transp ty Emerg e meetings even having and Office or buildings fro in city or to r Bill Halbi tation p g are inve munity inpu m time-to-time for wn comt, he Mehrle does said. a monthly is posted on podcast that th He is als e school’s website. school’s we o working with ducing th b site vend th eir brew, the school or to enha e with the eating – an ’s nce chili cook d voting – information web site, provide -off to begin at Smith. more , and mak Music at 11 a.m., sa e friendly to the event, id p.m., Folks atten the public. it more userwhich goes will be pr di ng “We’ll be BY till 2: the fundra ovided by CHANDR to sample in pl di ise ac vidual singe Four Seas r in A wi th g L. MATTI e various ba ll be asked isfaction; ons a rs. NG fo surveys on ‘customer sattch r Staff RepoR LY their favorit es of chili First prize obtaining co site geared an e teR in wi d vote sig the raffle is th monetary chili cook ned by Th a fiddle wi donations. (s) getting that will be mmunity/parent feed to e th Gr Sa Th a cas tu as ba th e us rd ca wh ck e ed in discus ay, Sept. ls; second m ich will be and third programm 15, prize in $1 sing scho prize is $7 nefit Stables ost money – all of a chance in ceiv 00 5. to see a “h local folks will ha will offer ment effor g and school impr ol ve ea e a plaque declaring: of Hope – will reafghans, pa An Auction of Ho orse whisp unbroken ts. Board m ovep st Indiana.” “Best Chili erer” take in horse and donated ite being plac inutes are an in Southconvince ms still ac tings and more, wi accept brid ed no it to willi th ce Ch sa le, saddle, pt id ili said Mehrle on the website as we w ed and ap Smith. cook-off en ngly and rider. preciated, . ll,” They'll als try forms, fee, must o be able Th Mehrle an wi e th be au a $5 entry ction also received by made chili to eat and Se wi pt “T scheduled d the school board , enjoy liv ju Sm ll . 10. 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ShirSmith, co-o scussion. wner of St U.S. 50, Di ables of Ho lls pe, 11144 that qualifie boro, said folks who I N S ID E have a horse s may call TO D AY She will pu her at 812t all 43 the names OBITUARIES for Paul Da in a hat and 2-3217. ............... ily, founde draw on ....... 2 A r of WHM The horse OPINION ...... , to work wi e owner has ............... th. La to wr br ing the horse enceburg ...... 5 A SPORTS ...... Fa to the irg roun expects the ............ 1animal will ds, however, so sh 4, 9- 10 B e be Freewill do halter-bro WEATHER Pen demon nations to Daily at ke. stration wi forecast the Round ll do nations an go to WHM Today: Hig d proceeds ; other h: 94 Low Hope. The : 64 nonprofit or will go to Stables of Fri: High: and adults ganization 96 Low: 71 of special th needs uses for children those spec Sat: High: horses to he ial-needs fo 84 Low: 69 lp lks. In the Ro und Pen of CONTACT REGIS green horse Life, Daily TER PUBLICATIO through 10 takes a News ............... 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Sh nonprofit therapeutic ro, recently designe d and pain SUBMITTE irley Smith riding cent D create the te “beautiful , executive director er for the emotiona d a new sign for St PHOTO , right, than ab piece of ar lly t.” ks Davis fo and physically ha les nd r voluntee ring her ta ilent to BRAND 2012 CHEVRO LET 2013 CHEV ROLET

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Hidden Valley Lake 2012-2013

So many times kids and parents are told “You’re the ‘spitting image’ of your father.” This Father’s Day, do something special for the guy that gave you your good looks! Send us a photo of you and your Dad and we will publish it in the Dearborn County Register, The Harrison Press, & The Rising Sun Recorder/ Ohio County News the week of June 10 , 2013.



Property Owners’ Association PHONE DIRECTORY




E RDEADLINE LL NEW SOFOR HURRY! INCLUSION IS: NIC NAEW • S W. Harriso *24 month leas n I-74 Exit e, $ 1,929 due 169 • Pre at signing, 12K mil New

800-964-83 36 es per year, 20 Owned Har Cents per mil rison I-74 e overage. Qua lified buyers onl Exit 3 y with 800+ bea con score.

Register Publications, c/o Brooke Thies 126 W. High Street • Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 • 812-537-0063 or e-mail Photos must be received by May 30th.



MAY 30 FOR 4,995 JUNE 7TH 1REGULAR 12PAGES ,995 Not everyone

Send Photos to:

The 2013 - 2014 Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Association Endorsed Telephone Directory is in production now for the 2,000+ Hidden Valley Lake Homes!




will qualify. Plu s tax, title, and


license fees. Offe r ends 9/4/12 . See dealer for


complete details .

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SALES HOURS: M-TH • 8A-8P FRI • 8A-6P Scan wi th yo SAT • 8A-4P smart phon ur e!



1 INSIDE TOD AY: Makin g an IMPA CT; treatin g opiate a The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County 6, 2013 DRegister ddictiJune E A R B on; E4C- vJune olleyball w O R N ins C O

126 W. High Street • Lawrenceburg


307 Harrison Avenue • Harrison


DEADLINE IS EVERY FRIDAY AT 10AM FOR THE NEXT ISSUE Call or bring in your ad to one of our offices: 126 W. High Street, Lawrenceburg, IN 235 Main Street, Rising Sun, IN • 307 Harrison Avenue, Harrison, OH No refunds or credit given if your items/ads are sold or rented or cancelled after ad or ads are submitted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Autos Wanted Auto Service & Parts Motorcycles For Sale Rec. Vehicles For Sale Autos For Sale Card Of Thanks In Memoriam



$20.50 for 25 words for 1 week. $0.80 each additional word. Garage/Yard Sales $15. For a multiple week run, call our office for assistance at 812-537-0063. PLEASE PRINT • AD WILL NOT APPEAR WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION • PHONE #S COUNT AS ONE WORD

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