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Aurora has gas, sewer issues

ATTENTION! Ridge Ave. paving 4-16/17

A contractor in Greendale will be paving Ridge Avenue between Probaso and the city limit at the distillery Wednesday, April 16, and Thursday, April 17, weather permitting. All cars must be moved from Ridge Avenue by 7 a.m. Parking will not be allowed on Ridge Avenue between the distillery and Probasco between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. Greendale City Manager Steve Lampert apologizes for the inconvenience, but the condition of the road has deteriorated following utility installation last fall, and must be repaired as soon as possible.

Utility sorts out billing errors, will fix broken main

By Chandra L. Mattingly Staff Reporter

Other G’dale news By Chris McHenry Contributor Greendale officials are moving ahead with plans to demolish a dilapidated building in the South Schenley area despite threats from Bob Greer that he plans to appeal a court decision allowing the demolition. Greer appeared at the Wednesday, April 9, meeting of the Greendale Unsafe Building Commission, and in a sharp exchange accused the city of breaking off negotiations to solve the problem. Greer was reminded by city councilman Al Abdon that negotiations ceased when Western Minerals, owners of record of the building, filed suit against the process. Greer said he plans to turn the bottom floor of the building into a truck repair facility, but Abdon replied it’s too late to make plans, since city attorney Richard Butler had advised officials that it can legally proceed with demolition. The first step will be an assessment of asbestos issues. Controversy over the condition of the building has been ongoing for eight years. Meanwhile, another long standing problem has been resolved with demolition of the former Homestead School, owned by Dr. Harbanz Gill. Dr. Gill proposed that he move ahead with demolition of the structure, and would then sell the land to the city. The building has been removed and work on landscaping the lot is proceeding. Two appraisals will be made in order to set the purchase price. The commission also affirmed a previous ruling ordering an abandoned house at 13 Kansas St. be demolished. At the city council meeting, members approved a “re-TIF” of an area near I-275 and U.S. 50 to extend the length of TIF status.

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When many people hear ‘extension’ service or educator they think 4-H, but the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service is far more than that in Indiana.

Centennial of Service

Extension offices mark federal 100-year mark, some offices older, some younger, others ... By Erika Schmidt Russell Editor

It’s been around for more than 100 years, although technically speaking as part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture it is celebrating the centennial milestone this year, but Dearborn County’s... Well. Dearborn County Commissioners issued a proclamation earlier this month marking the anniversary with help from Purdue University-Dearborn County Cooperative Extension Educator Mike Hornbach. The extension service in Indiana dates to the early 1900s, officially coming into being in 1906, with Dearborn County’s first extension agent arriving in about 1917, said Hornbach, referring to copies of Purdue and county extention histories. Purdue University is one of the nation’s Land-Grant Act universities, and as such it’s mission was and is to teach agriculture, mechanical arts and industrial classes. Although the names and courses have changed in the nearly 150 years since it founding, the core principles remain the same.

What makes Indiana’s Land-Grant university unique is it is the only one not named after its home state, instead being named after the man, John Purdue, who donated 100 acres and $150,000 toward the university in 1869. When President Woodrow Wilson signed the Smith-Lever Act in 1914 creating extension agents as an arm of the USDA, there were already 42 states with similar programs, including Indiana. Hornbach remembers beginning his career at the Dearborn County Extension Office when the national program marked its 75th anniversary. He remembers hearing stories from older extension agents and retired agents about their time with the Purdue service. Now he is one of the “older” agents, looking around at the younger agents in the room at statewide gatherings, he said. Sitting in his office on Aurora’s Main Street, Hornbach notes the office is one of the few in the state that is not in the county seat. The county’s first extension agent, C.C. Madison, was interviewed in 1974 by Dearborn County native Lynn Busse. That interview was transcribed, and it details the early years of the service in the county, and explains why the office is in Aurora. According to the interview from 1974, Madison recalled a county was supposed to raise $1,500 toward the extension service.

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Salute to Service

We owe our veterans and troops a big thank you for all their service, sacrifice and strength. We will salute them in a special section to be published Wednesday, May 21, in The Harrison Press and Thursday, May 22, in The Dearborn County Register and The Rising Sun Recorder. If you have a soldier, sailor, or other military service person in your life whom you would like featured in the special section,


send us some information about him or her along with a photo. Tell us a little about that special person and his or her service. There is no cost. The information or any questions may be emailed to Denise at newsroom@registerpublications. com or dropped off at one of our newspaper offices. The deadline is Tuesday, May 13.

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Some Aurora natural gas customers may find themselves owing Aurora Utilities more than originally billed for this winter. At its April meeting, the Aurora Utilities Department Board discussed under billing of natural gas usage caused this winter by an employee's mistakes. The individual responsible was fired by the board of works, but the utility department now has two problems: handling customers whose previous bills did not reflect their actual usage; and deciding how to handle future meter reading with only one meter reader left. “We're still finding … errors,” Aurora Utilities Superintendent Randy Turner said Monday, April 14, a week after the meeting. The threeyear employee couldn't explain it which ultimately led to his dismissal, said Turner, who also is Aurora clerktreasurer. Of 100 customers known to be affected, most have paid the amount needed to catch up, said Turner. About a dozen are continuing to do so. But the department also has received complaints about the former employee's readings costing customers money, said Turner. “Some of his (readings) were being turned in late,” Turner said. That affected folks whose usage usually was under the minimum each month: if the meter was read late one month, they ended up being billed more than minimum usage; then if it was read early the month after or before, their usage was way under the minimum. Had the meter been read at the same time each month, they would have been charged the minimum consistently, he explained. “When we have episodes like this, $600,000 doesn't sound so bad,” said Turner, referring to the cost of converting to all drive-by meters. But he has resisted going to drive-by as that would eliminate a job in an economy where jobs are so needed. The utility board, which consists of city council members, discussed that, as well as whether to contract out the city's meter reading or to hire another employee to read meters. Turner said one private company charges about $1.35 per meter; Aurora's cost is about $1.37 per meter for 1,900 natural gas and 2,500 water meters. Doing the math, city attorney Jeff Stratman said that's about $45,000 per year per employee, including reimbursement for fuel and ve-


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hicle. The wage savings would pay for drive-by meters in about six or seven years, said Aurora Mayor Donnie Hastings. “A lot of our meters are to the point where they need changing out,” said Turner. And about 700 of the 2,500 meters are touch-read, which can be converted to drive-by meters cheaper than replacing with new meters. But the batteries on drive-by meters must be changed every 10 years, and the city would need to budget money for the batteries and someone to install them. City police could do the drive bys, said Stratman, but Turner said there would be a drawback to that. “If you want somebody to go out and read the meters, you want them to drive the whole route at one time,” he said. Police might start the route then be called to an emergency. Councilman Joe Milish asked Turner to get bids for a private company to read meters. Another option would be having the remaining meter reader read all the natural gas meters every month but read the water meters every other month, said Turner. On the off month, water usage would be estimated. Or, if the board decides to contract out meter reading, she will be assigned other tasks in the utility department as she's a good worker, he said. Turner noted he was able to compare natural gas customers' usage from the previous two years with this winter because records had been kept in the books. With all billing now done through a computer system, the department will not be able to make such year-to-year comparisons in the future, he said.

Sewer main broken

Meanwhile, a broken sanitary sewer under the CSX Railroad track at George Street has been declared an emergency by Aurora's Board of Works, Turner told the utility board Monday, April 7. Because the sewer line is so far underground, and reaching it would entail excavating an area just redone by the state highway department, Turner said it should be bypassed. The new section would be installed farther east, tying into the sewer main along U.S. 50 that carries Aurora wastewater to the treatment plant at Lawrenceburg. “We've currently got discharge going into the Ohio River. … It's our main line taking everything from downtown up to the sewer district,” he said. The city intends to replace that main with a new, larger force main to be constructed along the Aurora-Lawrenceburg portion of Dearborn Trails.

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From Page 1 Despite those plans, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management wants the discharge into the river stopped; hence the old line must be fixed even if its usage will be limited to a year and a half or so. The main that is broken was installed in 1972, said Turner. A natural gas line installed in 1975 lays overtop the sewer main. It's one of two 8” mains running along and under U.S. 50 to the treatment plant, but the other of those two lines is blocked. Turner was hoping to receive bids for the bypass sewer by the end of the week to be opened at the Aurora City Council meeting at


7 p.m. Monday, April 21. He said an estimate ranged from $85,000 to $100,000. Meanwhile, several Aurora business sites on U.S. 50 East have their sewers tied into the second, blocked main, he said. GRW engineers estimated a cost of $58,500 to tie those together and run a line across the road to tie into the gravity sewer, said Turner. But he thinks the city, working with local contractors, could do the work for $22,500, he said. “This should be done right now while that line is out of service,” said Turner. The utility board agreed with the idea. “That's a $28,000 savings. We'd be a fool not to do that,” said councilman Mike Crider. In related business, Turner said archeological studies of the route proposed for the new main are continuing.

Willard Vogelgesang Willard F. Vogelgesang, 84, of Lawrenceburg, Ind., passed away Thursday, April 3, 2014. He was born Sept. 3, 1929, in Dearborn County, Ind., son of the late Albert and Helen (Gutzwiller) Vogelgesang. Willard was a United States veteran. He retired from Monsanto. He is survived by his wife, Julene Vogelgesang of Lawrenceburg, Ind.; son, Nick Vogelgesang of Lawrenceburg, Ind.; two daughters, Vicki (Mark) C l a r k of Lawrenceb u r g , Ind., and Amanda (Ted) Cox of Aurora, Ind.; two sisters, Millie Simmermeyer of Brookville, Ind., and Ruth McCool of Brookville, Ind.; nine grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren He was preceded in death by his father, Albert Vogelgesang, and mother, Helen Vogelgesang. Family and friends were received Sunday, April 6, 2014, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Fitch-Denney Funeral Home, Greendale. Funeral services were at All Saints St. Martin Campus, Monday, April 7, 2014, at 11 a.m. Interment followed in the St. Martin Cemetery, Yorkville, Ind. Contributions may be made to the charity of donor’s choice.


The county’s 4-H educator Marcia Parcell said 4-H is more than critters. The 4-H program has offered scholarFrom Page 1 ships almost from the beginning, and “And the people of Aurora went over and Madison recalled early scholarship recipigot all of that money. And they got the office ents, several with familiar names. instead of Lawrenceburg.” One of those early recipients recalled by Madison also noted in the interview he was Madison was Albert Probst, uncle of Dearone of the few people with an automobile in born County’s current Clerk of Courts the county at the time, and would take the Rick Probst. In the 1974 interview Madicounty superintendent of schools to visit vari- son recalled Probst’s recent retirement as ous schools and township trustees throughout a researcher at Purdue. the county. It has developed programs and new Dearborn County also had the distinc- projects to fit with the times. Among tion of becoming the first bovine tubercuthose are science losis-free county in technology and math the state, thanks to or STEM projects, the foresight of the including robotics, county council apsaid Parcell, adding propriating money those programs are to pay a veterinarTony Carrell, 4-H Program Specialist very popular. ian and testing of the from the State 4-H Office, will be the The organizacounty’s cattle, said featured speaker at the Purdue Extension tion also has started Madison, adding the Annual Meeting in Dearborn County. The outreach programs vet would inject the meeting is at Agner Hall in areas where 4-H TB test on cattle, in the Lawrenceburg participation and/or then return to the Fairgrounds at 7 p.m. interest has fallen farm to check if it off or been tradiThursday, April 24. was positive. Carrell began his tionally low. Moores If the TB test was career as a 4-H Youth Hill Elementary and positive, then the sick Development Extension Central Elementary cattle would be sent Educator for Purdue in Lawrenceburg are off to be killed. Ohio University in 1996 after the most recent adCounty was the secteaching high school ag- ditions, and a Cloond to be bovine TBriculture for 12 years. ver Bud program has Tony Carrell free, said Madison in Tony was 4-H Youth been set up at Law1974. Development Extension Educator in Boone renceburg Primary County until 2012 where he oversaw the School, she said. Another sign 4-H program of over 1,300 youth particiof the times is the pants and more than 300 adult volunteers. As a county educator, Tony served on new Girl Talk proMeanwhile, some of what the Purdue a variety of community boards as well as gram for mothers Cooperative Exten- state and national leadership positions, and daughters, and sion Office does has most recently completing a two-year term a 4-H wide emphachanged through the as national officer for the National Asso- sis on healthy living and fitness. Parcell is years. Other tasks ciation of Extension 4-H Agents. In 2012, Carrell accepted a position as using technology to remain the same, and the most basic a campus-based 4-H Youth Development reach youngsters by of those is educa- Specialist where he provides educational posting a daily tip on programs and services to county Extension Facebook, and using tion. it to spread the word The office now Educators. He provides oversight to non-animal for other events. offers more services During the fair and education for 4-H subject matter areas, coordinates nahomeowners, gar- tional trips for state delegates, manages the there will be “fair deners, and so forth, 4-H scholarship program, and some of the fitness,” added Parsaid Hornbach, add- 4-H and FFA career development events. cell. Additionally, Carrell coordinates 4-H ing those programs The Dearborn include the safe use Round-Up, band, and chorus. County 4-H & ComTo RSVP for the meeting, contact the of pesticides and fermunity Fair in June tilizer with varitions Extension Office at 1-812-926-1189. also will have a spefor the people taking cial opening ceremothe class or requestny program Monday, ing information. June 16, and reception afterward to recogAs a whole, classes and services vary nize the centennial. Some previous extenbased on a county’s location and population needs, said Hornbach, who is a born sion educators will be at the reception after and raised Dearborn County resident who the ceremony, however several popular was lucky enough to land in his home prior educators including John Ewart and county as an extension agent. Cathy Armstrong have passed away in reDearborn County has offered the Master cent years, said Hornbach. Gardener class for many years, and the This year the fair is Monday, June 16, extension also serves as administrators for through Saturday, June 21. Look for more community garden plots in Aurora. information in The Journal-Press & The Under the extension office’s umbrella Dearborn County Register starting in May. is perhaps the best known program - 4-H.

Extension service annual meeting April 24

Changing times

Dexter Roush

Alvin Bittner, 79, of New Alsace, passed away. He is survived by wife, Mary. M. (Werle) Bittner; children, Joan M. Bittner, of SF, and Mark (Amy) Bittner, Denver; grandson, Andrew Bittner; sister, Martena (Russell) Kuebel, At Lutz Auction Center Yorkville, and Irvin (Joyce) Bittner, St. Leon. He was Take I-74 to St. Leon-Lawrenceburg exit, then south on SR 1 for 3 miles to Dover, IN. East on N. Dearborn Rd for 1.4 miles to Auction Ln. From preceded in death by son, Lawrenceburg, take SR 1 North to Dover, right on N. Dearborn Rd to Auction Ln. Wayne A. Bittner. Saturday April 19, 2014 at 9 a.m. Visitation was 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday, April 14, Doors open at 8 a.m. 2014, at St. Paul Church, 1999 Honda CR-V utility vehicle; Cud Cadet 1042 lawn mower; New Alsace. Funeral Mass antiques; collectibles; furniture and household items. AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is not a complete listing. Check was at 11 a.m. for details, pictures, and late additions. Andres-Wuestefeld is in Estate of Raymond “Bud” Roessler and Various Consignors – Owners charge of arrangements. Dale & Randy Lutz – Auctioneers AU01030327, AU10100126, AH29900027


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Cemetery, Aurora, Ind. Rullman Hunger Funeral Home, Aurora, is in charge of arrangements. George D. “Kitchen Contributions may be George” Feustel, 59, of Au- made to the Aurora Lions rora, Ind., passed away Fri- Club for Relay for Life or day, April 11, 2014. Gideon’s International. He was born Tuesday, Oct. 26, 1954, in Milan, Ind., son of the late Jerry Feustel and the late Evelyn Dexter L. Roush, 55, of (Scholle) Feustel. Addyston, Ohio, passed George worked as a floor- away Sunday, April 13, 2014. ing specialist for Lowes He was born Jan. 7, 1959, Hardware since December son of the late Floyd and of 2010. He was the owner/ Betty (Brookbank) Roush. operator of Ohio Valley Dexter worked at INEOS Kitchens for 36-37 years, ABS formerly Monsanto and earning him the nickname of Bayer. “Kitchen George.” He is survived by his He was a member of Ris- daughter, Aimee (Jason) ing Sun Church of Christ Mullis of New Albany, Ind.; and a former member of the son, Evan (Sarah) Roush of First Baptist Church of Au- Hope Mills, N.C.; five sisrora. George was an Aurora ters, Barbara Edington, Terry Lions Club member since Kelly, Tina Jensen, Bonnie 1987, member of Farmers Armbruster, and Sue Ann Fair Board since 1988 and a Hayden, and three grandchilformer member of the Gide- dren, Madison, Brody, and on’s International. George Lilah. He was preceded in was very active in the com- death by his father, Floyd munity and will be missed Roush, mother, Betty Roush, by family and friends. and brother, Dennis Roush. Surviving are his wife, Family and friends will be Carol Feustel of Aurora; received Wednesday, April children, Michele Richard of 16, 2014 from 5 p.m. to 8 Aurora, and Michael Feus- p.m. at Fitch-Denney Futel (Judy Joseph) of Hebron, neral Home, Greendale. FuKy.; grandsons, Logan and neral services will be held Luke Richard, Aurora; sis- at Greendale First Church of ters, Carolyn (Carel) Titke- Christ, Thursday, April 17, meyer of Rising Sun, Ind., 2014, at 10:30 a.m. with PasMarilyn Reading of Sun City tor Tim Russell officiating. West, Ariz., Alberta (Bob) Interment will follow in the Dunning of Liberty, Ind., Greendale Cemetery, GreenRoberta Watts of Chicago, dale, Ind. Ill., Janet (late Donny) BowContributions may be man of Rising Sun, Ind., and made to the family. several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by DEATH NOTICES his parents. Friends will be received GALLAGHER, NEVAEH GALE- in4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, fant, died Wednesday April April 17, 2014 at the Rising 9, 2014. Laws-Carr-Moore Sun Church of Christ, 430 Funeral, Milan, is in charge Fifth Street, Rising Sun, IN of arrangements. 47040. Services will be held at the church, Friday, April ASHCRAFT, MARY LOU- 74, 18, 2014 at 11:00 am with Milan, died Saturday April the Rev. McDonald Jackson 12, 2014. Laws-Carr-Moore officiating. Interment will Funeral Home, Milan, is in follow in the River View charge of arrangements.

Sat. April 19

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Alvin Bittner

George Feustel

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NEWS BRIEFS Give the gift of life HARRISON- Harrison Knights of Columbus has partnered with Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati to host a Community Blood Drive Thursday, May 1, 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. The drive will take place at Harrison Knights of Columbus Hall, located at 10490 N. State St. in Harrison. To schedule an appointment, call Carl Koors at 1-513-3679380. Hoxworth recognizes that blood donors’ time is valuable. Priority will be given to donors who have scheduled an appointment. Walk-in donors are welcome and will be seen as soon as possible. Donating blood is safe and easy. Donors must be at least 17 years old, or 16 with a signed parental consent, and in good health. Individuals must weigh at least 110 pounds and bring identification to donate. It is recommended that donors eat a good meal and drink plenty of water within four hours before donating.

More than 140 attend state flood conference INDIANAPOLIS- More than 140 individuals from across Indiana attended a biennial flood conference March 13 in Indianapolis, including emergency managers, floodplain managers, engineers, planners, and environmental managers. The conference, called Operation Stay Afloat, was organized by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Flooding is one of the most common disasters that Indiana and the United States face each year. Session topics included dam safety, the National Flood Insurance Program, flood mitigation, and floodplain mapping. Speakers at the conference included hydrologists from the U.S. Geological Survey Water Science Center, a filmmaker and science writer, an Indianapolis engineer, and individuals from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. This was the sixth time the biennial Operation Stay Afloat conference was held. Those attending the conference from Dearborn County were Nicole Daily, zoning administrator/planner, Dearborn County Planning and Zoning, and Troy Frasier, assistant planner, Dearborn County Planning and Zoning.

Longaberger, Vera Bradley bingo benefits FCCLA ST. LEON- The East Central/Sunman Dearborn Family, Career and Community Leaders of America will be holding the 14th annual Longaberger/ Vera Bradley Bingo Fundraiser Wednesday, May 7 in the East Central High School Cafeteria at 6 p.m. Many Vera Bradley purses and accessories along with Longaberger baskets, pottery and much, much more will be given away that evening. Refreshments are included. A donation of $10 to help raise money for community service projects, leadership conferences and chapter activities. Currently, the East Central FCCLA /Sunman Dearborn Middle School chapter has over 300 members. Students in this organization plan and complete projects that emphasize planning, goal setting, career preparation, and community service which are skills needed in the home, workplace, and community. The East Central/Sunman



Dearborn Middle School FCCLA sponsored or participated in several community service projects including sponsoring the Special Olympics Snowflake Dance, holding a Winter Formal for residence of the North Dearborn Village, making blankets for Project Linus, raking leaves for the elderly, preparing meals for the Ronald McDonald House, and collecting can food for our local food pantry and many more community projects. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a dynamic and effective national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education. FCCLA is unique among youth organizations because its programs are planned and run by members. It is the only national in-school organization with the family as its central focus. Participation in national programs and chapter activities helps members become strong leaders in their families, careers, and communities. If you would like more information about the event call Brenda Osman at East Central High School 1-812-576-4811 ext. 11302.

Musical drama deals with serious teen issues LAWRENCEBURG- Non-profit Mishpachah Inc. will present the musical drama Dead Serious About Life at 6 p.m. Saturday, May 3, and 3 p.m. Sunday, May 4, at Lawrenceburg High School. The production will deal with teenage suicide, bullying, cutting, drugs, self esteem alchohol and religion. For more information go to or call 1-800-459-7268.

Walmart seeks to support nonprofits INDIANAPOLIS- The Walmart Foundation State Giving Council Program opened the application period for its second funding cycle April 13. Indiana nonprofit organizations can apply for funding to support programs within the scope of the “focused giving” areas that include hunger relief, healthy eating or career opportunity. The deadline to submit grant requests is Saturday, April 26. Grant requests for programs that would fall under “community engagement giving,” i.e. education, health care access and other human services programs will be accepted during the fourth cycle in September. Walmart Foundation’s State Giving Program will award grants to Indiana organizations during its second and fourth cycles to support organizations that address areas of need among underserved populations. Launched in 2008, associateled State Advisory Councils work with the Walmart Foundation to help identify needs within their state, review

grant requests and make funding recommendations to the Foundation. Eligible applicants must have a current 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in order to meet the program’s minimum funding criteria. Grant submissions are only accepted online at www.

Signs up for I-74 resurfacing GREENSBURG- Construction signs are going up along Interstate 74 in Decatur County in advance of a $3,840,755 Indiana Department of Transportation project to repair and resurface 8.87 miles of roadway between Ind. 3 at Greensburg and the Shelby County line. Milestone, the state’s contractor, plans to start filling potholes Tuesday, April 15. The following Monday, April 28, repair operations will begin in full force. Crews have been scheduled to work at numerous sites along the westbound lanes of I-74 placing full-depth asphalt patches. At the same time, other crews will be in the eastbound lanes saw-cutting the pavement and pouring concrete patches. Motorists will encounter orange construction barrels in westbound lanes at worksites. Concrete barrier wall will restrict traffic to a single lane where concrete patches are being made on the eastbound side of I-74. This HMA Overlay W/Concrete Pavement Restoration project requires extensive patching before milling and paving operations can begin. Once patching operations have concluded, two inches of the I-74 pavement surface will be milled away and replaced with a fresh, smooth lift of asphalt. Work is expected to continue through July. For area highway information, go to and Twitter @ INDOTSoutheast. Verify travel plans at gov.

Create child care provider emergency plan AURORA- First responders in child care programs, need to proactively prepare for emergencies. An interactive session of sharing ideas, creating a plan for emergencies strategies, and networking will be held 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Friday, May 2. Bring a lunch and listen to tips for implementing a plan for emergencies. Disaster Preparedness is sponsored by Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation. Call Marcia Rehage, Education Coordinator at 1-800-7558558 ext.232 or 812-9261585 with questions. Register and pay two business days before the training. Trainings fill up quickly so register early. The cost is $5. Payment should be mailed to: SIEOCCCR&R, P.O. Box 240, Aurora, IN 47001. Indicate disaster training with payment.

ader of the Week e R ROnAld Wise lawrenceburg


DCH recognized for outstanding performance in patient care, safety pital has been involved in the Partnership for A renewed focus on pa- Patients since its initial tient care and safety by the roll-out in April of 2012. staff of Dearborn County During that time they Hospital has led to excel- have actively worked to reduce harm and lent scores for the readmissions,” hospital in numerstated Katherous key areas as ine J. Wallace, measured by the RHIA, Director of federal Partnership Performance Imfor Patients initiaprovement at the tive in conjunction Indiana Hospital with the Indiana Association. Hospital Associa“In December tion. Partnership for Angie Scudder of 2013, IHA recognized Dearborn Patients was esCounty Hospital tablished to reduce for meeting and/or preventable hospiexceeding goals tal-acquired condiin reducing blood tions and reduce all clots, early elechospital readmistive births, falls, sions. surgical site infec“Using a team tions and readmisapproach, Dearsions.  DCH was born County Hosalso recognized pital began a series for achievement of patient-centered Katherine in preventing venmeasures and safeWallace tilator associated ty processes to enpneumonia, cenhance the care and overall well-being of our tral line-associated blood patients,” explained An- stream infections, and gela Scudder, RN, MSN, hospital acquired pressure DCH Vice President of ulcers. IHA is proud of Patient Care Services. Dearborn County Hospi“Through our work with tal’s efforts and their comthe Partnership, we have mitment to continually implemented new prac- improve the care provided tices to help improve and to their patients,” she conthen maintain a high level tinued. “We, as with all hosof patient care and safety.” “Dearborn County Hos- pitals, strive to reach the Submitted

benchmarks set for eliminating complications of treatment and for applying best practices protocols for patient care,” added Nancy Kennedy, M.D., DCH Chief of Staff and Quality Advisor. “The recent confirmation by the IHA of the high quality of care provided at Dearborn County Hospital is the result of many professionals working together for the patient. Even though there are still opportunities to get better, these results show the commitment of DCH to be a leader in this area.” “Our team has achieved outstanding results and met or exceeded state and national goals for patient care and safety.” In addition, staff have been encouraged to share successful processes with other hospitals in the state, she said. “At DCH we want the community to know that we are constantly evaluating our quality of care and implementing ways to improve or enhance the patient experience, as well as our overall level of patient and visitor satisfaction,” said Scudder. “Each day we strive to meet our ultimate goal which is to provide exceptional care in all areas.”

County comprehensive plan being updated The Dearborn County Plan Commission and the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee will hold a meeting on at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 16, at in the Dearborn County

Administration Building, 3rd Floor Commissioner’s Room. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss updating some of the elements, goals, and strate-

gies of the Dearborn County comprehensive plan. Dearborn County commissioners, county council, and board of zoning appeals may be in attendance for this meeting.

Community garden plots available soon

The Purdue Extension Service of Dearborn County, along with the City of Aurora and the Dearborn County Master Gardeners, will once again offer the Aurora Community Garden Program to the residents of Aurora and the surrounding areas. The community garden is located in the Aurora City Park, in the area behind the city pool. Plots in the community garden are available for individuals, families, and community groups who do not have their own garden space. Individual plots are approximately 10 by 15 feet but larger plots may be available. Free gardening information and advice will be available. For more information or to reserve a plot, call extension office at 1-812-926-1189. Plots will be available toward the end of May so call soon to reserve your space.

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Dearborn County register

theJOURNALpress Erika Schmidt Russell, Editor Gene McCann and Dale McCann, Publishers Emeritus CONTACT REGISTER PUBLICATIONS: Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 / P.O. Box 4128 / (812) 537-0063 USPS 037-880


Goddess is trapped in in a land of confusion Once there was a goddess and death struggle with the who had forgotten what she wolf?” said the ninja warwas goddess of. rior. “Fire?” she mused. “How did that work out “Don’t muse,” said a for you?” said the goddess. passing muse. “That’s our “Well,” said the fairy gig.” godmother, “we can rule “Water? Sky? Olives? out the goddess of passing Bunions?” intelligence tests.” Alas, she could not re“Oh, I won,” said the member so she sat down ninja warrior, “but then on a rock by a little stream came the messy part. I had and cried. to cut open the wolf to let “How come you’re so whatever he had eaten essad?” someone asked. cape, and now I have someThe goddess looked one’s grandmother on my around but the only living hands. Say, would you like thing in sight was a frog. to be her fairy ...” “Can’t be,” she said. The fairy godmother “The Goddess of Frogs?” shook her head, clicked her “Really?” said the frog. heels together, and became “Pleased to meet you.” a pig. “That was my voice of “Damn,” said the pig, “I incredulity,” said the god- can never get that right. dess. Now I’ve got to jog off “Oh,” said the frog. “I enough weight to be able guess I’m better at faces to click my heels together than voices.” again. Don’t do anything I The goddess stuck out wouldn’t do, guys.” her tongue at him. “And we’ll try “Really?” said C.G. not to do anything the frog. “This is you would,” said SCAVOLA the goddess as the wonderful!” “Hold on here,” pig jogged off. said the goddess. “In the “Oooh, you’re a disgusting goddess book of faces that ninja.” means, ‘Don’t slam the lily “Well you try disembowpad on your way out, you eling ...” disgusting amphibian,’ no “Hey! You two just matter what it means in gonna let me sit here by frog faces.” the side of this cesspool “Oh,” said the frog. “And you call a stream?” said the I was thinking of a honey- grandmother. “It’s time for moon in Tahiti.” my tea and Jack Daniels, The goddess brightened, and don’t get too heavy then said, “What am I on the tea this time. When doing?” is the toenail clipper dude “You’re sitting on a rock coming?” talking to a frog,” said “Just had to win, didn’t a lady with wings and a you?” the goddess asked wand. the ninja. “Oh jeez, is Rumples“You’d rather have been tiltskin next?” said the god- devoured by the wolf?” dess?” “I’d have liked a choice. “Nope,” said a wolf who That’s it! I’m the Goddess looked up from lapping at of Choices.” the stream. “I just ate him.” “Then I’ll have chocolate Just then a ninja warrior ice cream when you tuck leaped on the wolf’s back me in after the potty,” said and the two began to roll the grandmother. in the rushes by the stream, “She’s the one who broke locked in a life and death my bed!” struggle. Three bears were standThe frog said, “Come ing on the far side of the with me to Tahiti.” stream. “How will we get there?” “Shut up, you spoiled said the goddess. brat,” said the grandmother. “I’m a magic frog,” said “Bears ought to sleep in the frog. “Kiss me and I’ll caves and your bed was become a prince and ...” lumpy. It felt like there was Just then a huge fish a pea under the mattress.” leaped from the water and Just then a handsome swallowed the frog. prince rode up and said to “I must be the goddess the goddess, “Let me take of bad luck,” said the god- you away from all this condess. Then she brightened fusion.” and looked at the woman “That’s it!” cried the with the wings and wand goddess. “I’m the Goddess and said, “Are you my fairy of Confusion. Thank you, godmother?” handsome prince.” “I’m the frog’s fairy godWith that, she kissed the mother,” said the woman. prince and he turned into “But it looks like I’ve just a frog. found myself between jobs, “Or the Goddess of Erso if you would like ...” rors,” said the ninja. “Thanks, I’ll pass,” said “Two scoops with a the goddess. “That’s it! I’m cherry on top,” said the the Goddess of Passing. grandmother. “Try to get it But passing what? Passing right.” lanes? Passing tests?” “Could you pass me that roll of paper towels Copyright 2014, Robert I dropped during my life A. Markwalter.


Calling All Candidates! In opposed primary races, that is. Once again, election season is upon us. If you are a candidate (or know/work with) with opposition in the Tuesday, May 6, primary please take a few moments to respond to our candidate profile below. The profiles will run in The Dearborn County Register Thursday, May 1. Please note the re-

quested format of a Word document attached to an email. The profiles are for primary races only. We will print general election profiles in late October. Photos of candidates are welcome, and should be sent as a jpeg attachement, or a non-returnable photo of good quality (not print-

ed on regular paper etc.) can be brought to Register Publications’ Lawrenceburg office, 126 W. High St., accross from the Lawrenceburg Library. Thank you for your consideration, Erika Schmidt Russell Editor

Please fill out the following candidate profile. Note: it does not have to be completed on this sheet, however, all information should be filled out and returned to us no later than 5 p.m. Monday, April 28. E-mail is preferred,, and if not e-mailed as a Word attachment, must be typed. Handwritten profiles will not be accepted. Name: Age: Address: Political Party: Office Sought: Incumbent: Yes or No Employment: Education: Family Status: Public Office Experience: Public Service Experience: Awards/Achievements: Interests/Hobbies: Comments: 1. Why are you running for office?

2. Why are you the best person for the office?

3. What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking?


Remembering those who defend our freedom

When we send out our lion, and lifting the cap will pre-session surveys each ensure those funds are availyear, they generally show able to support Hoosiers vetthat Hoosiers are concerned erans and their families who with issues such as jobs and may need help with food, education, and rightfully so. housing, utilities, medical While veteran’s issues may services, transportation and not immediately come to other essential family exmind as a pressing concern, penses. This extends more many people would help to military probably agree that as families, while still state legislators, we retaining Indiana’s should also be cognistrong fiscal integzant of the treatment rity. and well-being of our I also supported veterans. legislation to esThis session, I tablish the Hoosier supported legislation Women Veterans which would proProgram. Indiana vide much-deserved RANDY is currently one of help to veterans and just a few states their families. Sen- FRYE that do not have ate Enrolled Act 352 a women veterans removes the limit of three program. As more and more years that families of vet- women join the military, erans are eligible to receive I believe this initiative is support from the Military needed here in Indiana. Family Relief Fund (MFRF). In December, I had the Those who have never privilege of honoring Vevay received support from the native, Private Kassandra fund will be given prefer- Woodward for being one of ence, and the Indiana Veter- 13 women to ever graduans’ Affairs Commission is ate from the Marine Corps’ required to set a maximum Infantry Program. While amount that can be given women such as Kassandra each year. The MFRF has a make the same personal sacbalance of more than $7 mil- rifices to defend our free-

dom, women veterans have unique needs that often differ greatly from their male counterparts. Many of these women do not know the programs and benefits that they are entitled to after returning home, and this new program, created specifically for them, will help them get access to those programs and benefits. While I believe these are excellent ways for the state of Indiana to say thank you to our veterans, we must not underestimate the power of the words “thank you” as well. If you are not familiar, there is currently a letter writing campaign for veterans participating in Indy Honor Flight. This is a program created solely to honor America’s veterans and allows them to fly to Washington D.C. to see those memorials dedicated to their service. If you are interested in participating, you can send store-bought cards, handwritten letters or pictures drawn by children. The salutation on each item should be “Dear Veteran”

and should not be dated. Once completed, you can mail these special letters to: Indy Honor Flight ATTN: Mail Call 9093 S. SR 39 Mooresville, IN 46158 All letters must be received by May 2 in order for veterans to receive them in time for the May 10 Honor Flight. Over the next couple of weeks, I plan to share this message across the district and also with my friends and family. I know the happiness it brings me to see a handmade drawing from one of my grandchildren, but I cannot imagine the immense joy it would bring to our veterans to receive hundreds of thank you cards from Hoosiers of all ages. I encourage everyone to participate, and thank you in advance for honoring our hometown Hoosier heroes. Rep. Randy Frye (RGreensburg) represents Ohio and Switzerland counties, as well as portions of Ripley, Decatur, Jennings, Jefferson and Dearborn counties.

Submit a guest column ■ As another means of enabling our readers to express themselves, we invite you to submit materials for guest columns. ■ Personal experiences, in the first person, are particularly sought. Topics of personal interest or about another person are of interest to our readers. ■ Guest columns can be submitted to Register Publications, 126 W. High St., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025; or via e-mail at



Ongoing events Breast Cancer Support Group meets third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Dearborn Room, second floor, at Dearborn County Hospital in Lawrenceburg. Everyone is welcome. Contact: Jan Tyler, 812-926-3927, or Terri Jones, 812-376-6781. Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the Milan Public Library and the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at Dearborn County Hospital, Ohio Room – 2nd Floor, in Lawrenceburg. For more information: 888-422-2691 or www. Eating Disorder Support Group Sponsored by “Living in Truth Ministries,” this group is for women with anorexia or bulimia or who compulsively overeat. For more information, contact Rae Lynn DeAngelis at 513-505-7386. Eating Disorder Support Group of Southeastern Indiana meets every Friday at 6 p.m. at Lawrenceburg Community Center. Contact info: Lara Komon at 859-496-1206 or Overeater’s Anonymous meets every Monday evening 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Lawrenceburg Community Center 431 Walnut St. Lawrenceburg, Ind. Parkinson’s Disease Support Group meets from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month March - November. For more information please call Sandy Wuest at 812-537-4974. The Stroke Support Group meets the first Thursday (2nd Thursday in July) of each month at 6 p.m. The meetings are informal with occasional guest speakers. Participants will have time to socialize, express concerns, share coping strategies and celebrate milestones. For more information please call DCH Speech Pathologist, Angie Knoop at 513-367-1519.

“Girl Talk”

Classes are sponsored by Purdue Extension-Dearborn County. Classes will be held on Tuesday nights in from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in April and May from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. for the spring session. The first spring session will be April 22 and the remaining classes will be April 29, May 6, and May 13. Only moms will attend the first session. To pre-register or for more information about “Girl Talk,” call Marcia Parcell, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development at 812-926-1189.

Kindergarten Registration

Lawrenceburg Primary School Tuesday, April 15, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Bring your child, your child’s birth certificate, social security card and immunization records, and court or custodial documentation. All incoming students are required to register. Children must be 5 years old on or before Aug. 1, 2014. If you have questions call LPS at 812-537-7239. South Dearborn Community School Corporation Manchester Elementary Tuesday, April 15, 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Moores Hill Elementary Tuesday, April 15, 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Aurora Elementary Wednesday, April 16, 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

directions, please call 812-537-1642 or visit the church website: Contact us if you need a ride to services.

Tuesdays, April 15, 22, 29

Senior Care/Aging Wisely Educational Series Join us for a weekly educational series focused on senior care Tuesdays, April 15, April 22, April 29 at 11 a.m. at RidgeWood Health Campus, 181 Campus Drive, Lawrenceburg. Different topic will be discussed each Tuesday. Refreshments will be served. For more information: 812-537-5700,

Thursday, April 17

Art exhibit tribute to Native Americans- Ivy Tech Community College is offering a free, educational and cultural art show for the whole community from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, April 17, at the riverfront campus, 50 Walnut St., Lawrenceburg. This exhibit will feature works, such as paintings, photography, artifacts, and replicas created by members of the Indiana Art Guild. Light Refreshments will be served. Better Breathers COPD medications topic of next Better Breathers Thursday, April 17, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. in the hospital’s Dearborn Room. Advance registration is not required but is appreciated. To register, please call the DCH Education Department at 812-5378431 or 800-676-5572, ext. 8431.

Maundy Thursday First Baptist Church, 45 Tebbs Avenue, Greendale/Lawrenceburg on Maundy Thursday, April 17 at 7 p.m. for an open Holy Communion service and choir presentation of “The Seven Last Days”. Join us as the beautiful lyrics and music bring to life the events of Holy Week from Palm Sunday through Good Friday. For more information or directions, please call 812-537-1642 or visit the church website:

Sunday, April 20

Easter celebrations First Baptist Church, 45 Tebbs Avenue, Greendale/Lawrenceburg on Sunday, April 20 for the following Easter celebrations: 7 a.m. – Sunrise Service 8 a.m. – free “all you can eat” breakfast 9 a.m. – Traditional Worship 10 a.m. – Sunday School 11:15 a.m. – Contemporary Worship. Easter Egg Hunt for children during 9 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. services. Infant and toddler care available. For more information or

The month of April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Friday, April 18, Saturday, April 19

Rummage Sale Team Heroes for Hope Rummage Sale Friday, April 18 and Saturday, April 19 for the 2014 Relay for Life of Dearborn/Ohio Counties. The rummage sale will be held at the Aurora Firehouse on Dutch Hollow Road off US 50. If you have “stuff” that you would like to get rid of we will be accepting donations for the rummage sale. Feel free to tell your friends and family. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. If you need items picked up or have any questions please contact Mindy Bruce, 812-655-1458, or Cassie McAllister, 812-584-5612.

Saturday, April 19

THE REAL DEAL AT AES Mr. Sykes is teaching his students how to play on real instruments in his general music class, K-6. Students are learning to play guitar, drum set, marimba and piano.


Willhite Dentistry, 303 Industrial Access Road, Rising Sun, is offering free oral cancer screenings the entire month of April. Call 812-438-2500 for an appointment.

Piano: Alyson King and Jacob Kirby.

tact Linda Johnson at 812-637-3898.

Friday, April 25

Spring Festival Join in the family fun at the annual LPS/CES Spring Festival 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, April 25, at Lawrenceburg Primary School. There will be lots of kid-friendly activities. Try your hand at some carnival games for a chance to win some great prizes donated by local businesses. Plenty of food and refreshments will be available. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Admission to the event is free. Tickets for the games and activities are available for pre-sale at a discounted rate through Lawrenceburg Primary School or Central Elementary or can be purchased at the door at regular price. All proceeds benefit the LPS/ CES PTO. Healthy Kids Day Friday, April 18 The Southeastern Indiana YMCA will Cardio for a Cure with non-stop Ex- be hosting their annual Healthy Kids ercise! Relay fundraiser at the Day, Friday, April 25 from 5:30 to 7 ARCC, old Aurora High School, A p.m. It’s FREE to everyone in the variety of workout sessions: Zumba, community and FUN for all. A special Cardio, Kickbox, Strength Training! night of fun activities meant to help Friday, April 18, 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. build on the incredible potential inFree will donation, all proceeds ben- side each and every child. Learn to efit “Relay for Life”. Refreshments make balloon animals, jump in the and door prizes. bounce house, play minute to win it Two piece chicken /fish dinner will games, and run obstacle course. be served from 6 to 7:30 p.m. FriVisit or call 812day, April 18 at American Legion 934-6006 for more information. The Post #231. Open to the public. Southeastern Indiana YMCA is located at 30 Ind. 129 South, Batesville.

City of Refuge’s annual Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19. The breakfast will be served at 10 a.m. and the egg hunt will begin at 11 a.m. The breakfast and egg hunt are FREE to all, but we ask that you call or email and let us know if you will be attending so we Lenten Fish Frys know how many people to expect. St. Lawrence Church Fish Fry Fish Fry Friday, April 18, 4:30 to 7:30 We can be reached at 513-353-5552 or We are located at p.m. in the St. Lawrence Gym, 542 the old Hooven Elementary building Walnut, Lawrenceburg. St. Mary’s School/Church, Meals will at 4317 Chidlaw Ave, Hooven, Ohio. be served in the Activity Center locat- Easter Egg Hunt Sponsored by OA Alumni Association Saturday, April ed on 5th Street in Aurora, Friday, April 18 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Pric- 19. Hunt begins at 10 a.m. on the grounds of the Sisters of St. Francis. es: Adults $10, Senior Citizens (60 yrs +) $9, Kids 10 - 6 yrs old $5 and Come and celebrate the season! Get your picture taken with the Easter kids 5 and under are free. Carry-out Bunny and visit with old and new is available. Any questions, call 812friends! The hunt will be divided into 926-1558. Menu: Fish: breaded, hand-dipped, or baked (while supplies three age groups (3 and Under, 4-6, and 7-10) with 1600 eggs up for last), grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, green beans and/or corn, cole grabs. After the hunt, refreshments slaw, french fries, apple sauce, pasta will be served in the Twister Cafe in salad, home made desserts including ICA Hall. Everyone is welcome. our famous apple crisp, lemonade, Monday, April 21 coffee, tea or water. Bright Farmers Market Lenten Fellowship Dinner The Bright Providence Presbyterian Church will host the 7th annul farmThe Aurora First United Methodist Church will again this year host the ers market. The church is located at Christian Men’s Lenten Fellowship the intersection of Stateline Rd. and Salt Fork Road. It will be held Fridays Dinners. Every Wednesday evening 6 to 7 p.m. until April 16. The cost of from 3 to 6:30 p.m. weather permitthe meal is $8. Contact Dennis Elder ting. A vendors meeting will be held on Monday, April 21 at 6 p.m. at the at 744-7072 or Mike Page at 926church. All vendors and interested 3124 for more information or to make a reservation. The Aurora First persons may attend. We will offer in season produce, baked goods, jams United Methodist Church is located and jellies, plants, soaps, and a variat 304 3rd Street, Aurora. ety of other local grown or produced Women’s Fellowship Dinners items. For further information conThe 2014 Women’s Lenten Fellowship every Thursday during Lent, at 6 p.m. at the Aurora Lions Club, Second and Main Streets. The cost of the meal is $8.75 and will be catered by Doug and Linda Rum. Call your reservations into Gwen Miller, 812-539-2116, by 8 p.m. each Sunday evening. Ladies from all area churches are invited to participate.

Easter Services Thursday, April 17



Friday-Sunday, April 25-27 8th Annual Women’s Shoot For women, run by women. Activities for non-shooters as well. National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, Ind. 62, Friendship. Contact NMLRA, 812-667-5131,

Saturday April 26

Craft Show-Book Sale Saturday April 26, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Dillsboro Civic Center, 9824 Central Ave. Dillsboro, Ind. Books, wreaths, jewelry, art work, leather goods, doll dresses, crocheted items, purses, gifts, scarves, interior decor, floral, wood products, soap, painted mason jars, slogans/signs, collectibles, glassware, candles, needle work, candies, pies, concession food and more. The Prayer Walkers, an American Cancer Society Relay for Life team for Dearborn and Ohio Counties would like to thank you for supporting the American Cancer Society. For questions call one of the chairwomen: Cherie Rump 812-4325648; Sallie Vilardo 812-907-0167; Tami Shelton 812-290-5486. SIEOC will host their annual child abuse prevention conference: ”Sticks and Stones, The Power of our Words” on Saturday, April 26 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Ivy Tech Community College/Riverfront campus. For more information call 1-812-926-1585. Pork Tenderloin Dinner Saturday, April 26, at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Hubbells Corner, 12523 North Dearborn Road, Sunman. A buffet dinner featuring pork tenderloin, au gratin potatoes, vegetable blend, hot slaw, applesauce, rolls and dessert served from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Freewill offering. Carry outs available. Watkins dealer will have products for sale.

Saturday, April 26, Sunday, April 27

Rivertown Players Auditions for Brigadoon Saturday, April 26 at 10 a.m. and Sunday, April 27 at 2 p.m. at Hamline Chapel United Methodist Church, Vine and High Streets, Lawrenceburg. Be prepared to sing a short song showcasing your talent. Read from the script and dance as well. Need large chorus, age 10 -100, and dancers! Questions:

AUDITIONS Lerner & Loewe’s

Drum: Austyn Tibbs.

Guitar: Walker Whitaker.

Marimba: Macy Evans, Abigal Lane, Haley Heim.

Farm Service Agency officially announces sign-up date for disaster assistance programs Enrollment begins for livestock, honeybee, farm-raised fish programs

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) State Executive Director Julia A. Wickard announced today that farmers can sign-up for disaster assistance programs, reestablished and strengthened by the 2014 Farm Bill, beginning Tuesday, April 15, 2014. “President Obama and Secretary Vilsack made it a priority to begin enrollment for these programs,” said FSA’s Administrator Juan M. Garcia. “For farmers who have been awaiting disaster assistance, help is on the way.” The Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) and the Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP) will provide payments to eligible producers for livestock deaths and grazing losses that have occurred since the expiration of the livestock disaster assistance programs in 2011, and respectively, including calendar years 2012, 2013, and 2014. Enrollment also began on April 15 for producers with losses covered by the Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees, and FarmRaised Fish Program (ELAP) and the Tree Assistance Program (TAP) in 2011, when the programs expired, through 2014. “Indiana farmers have been waiting for new federal agricultural policy for about 7 months, since the 2008 Farm Bill expired,” said Wickard. The launch of these disaster programs signals the start of new policy to assist American Agriculture.” ELAP provides emergency

assistance to eligible producers of livestock, honeybees and farm-raised fish that have losses due to disease, adverse weather, or other conditions, such as wildfires. TAP provides financial assistance to qualifying orchardists and nursery tree growers to replant or rehabilitate eligible trees, bushes and vines damaged by natural disasters. LIP provides compensation to eligible livestock producers that have suffered livestock death losses in excess of normal mortality due to adverse weather and attacks by animals reintroduced into the wild by the federal government or protected by federal law. LFP provides compensation to eligible livestock

producers that have suffered grazing losses due to drought or fire. “To expedite applications, all producers who experienced losses are encouraged to bring records documenting those losses to their local FSA county office,” said Wickard. Producers also are encouraged to contact their county office ahead of time to schedule an appointment. To locate your local county office click here. For more information, producers are encouraged to review the 2014 Farm Bill Fact Sheet, check out the LIP, LFP, ELAP and TAP fact sheets online or visit any USDA Service Center.


SE Indiana Shrine Club STEAK DINNER

SE Indiana Shrine Club SE Indiana Shrine Club STEAK DINNER LAST DINNER STEAK DINNER 3rd Friday of every month through November! LAST DINNER FOR 2011 Friday, April 25TH FOR 2011

Friday, November 11th LAST DINNER Friday,5-8PM November 5-8 pm 11th FOR5-8 pm 2011 T-Bone Steak, Smoked Pork Chops,

8oz Steak Burger, 6oz Chicken Breast, 16oz steak, Moores Hill Fries, 16ozMoores steak, Moores Hillor Fries, Hill Fries Soup Dessert & & Drink Drink Soup Dessert Baked Potato, Soup, Dessert & Drink. Kids KidsDinners Dinners Available Available 8oz8oz Steak Burger •• 6oz ChickenBreast Breast Steak Burger 6oz Chicken Carry Out Available

Friday, November 11th 5-8 pm 812-432-5753 SoutheasternIndiana Indiana Shrine Southeastern ShrineClub Club US 50 Dillsboro 16oz steak, Hill Fries, US 50Moores Dillsboro

Soup Dessert & Drink Kids Dinners Available 8oz Steak Burger • 6oz Chicken Breast

Southeastern Indiana Shrine Club US 50 Dillsboro

Memorial Day

Salute to Veterans & Troops

Saturday, April 26 • 10am Sunday, April 27 • 2pm Hamline Chapel United Methodist Church Vine & High Streets, Lawrenceburg, IN Be prepared to sing a short song showcasing your talent. Read from the script and dance as well. Need large chorus (ages 10-100) and dancers.


We owe our veterans and troops a big thank you for all their service, sacrifice and strength. This salute is a special supplement filled with stories from local soldiers who are currently fighting for our freedom. This Salute will be inserted into the Harrison Press, Dearborn County Register and Rising Sun Recorder on May 21st & 22nd.

Advertising Deadline: May 9th Call to reserve your space!




812-537-0063 513-367-4582


Zeller basketball camp coming to ARCC April 25-27 AURORA – Aurora's Recreation Community Center, 404 Green Boulevard, will host the Zeller family's basketball Camp of DistinXion the weekend of April 25-26-27. Luke Zeller, former Indiana All-Star at Washington High School and Notre Dame and Phoenix Suns player – currently with the Austin (Texas) Toros of the NBA-Development League – will be the special guest instructor. Brothers Tyler and Cody Zeller, of course, played college basketball at North Carolina and IU, respectively. Both currently play in the NBA, Tyler with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Cody with the Charlotte Bobcats. A life-changing camp aimed at shifting youngsters' perspective on sports and life, the Zeller camps strive to inspire youth to be their best in mind, body and heart every day. DistinXion basketball camps focus on elite basketball and character training. Youngsters entering grades 2-8 next year can register in advance by April 10 to secure an official camp t-shirt. Family Night tipoff runs from 5-8 p.m. Friday, April 25. Saturday camp sessions are from 12 noon-2:30 p.m. for grades 2-4 campers, 2:15-4;45 p.m. for grades 5-6 and 4:30-7:15 p.m. for grades 7-8. Sunday sessions are 12-2:45 p.m., 2:15-5 p.m. and 4:30-7:15 p.m. Registration is limited to the first 50 campers per age group. Full and partial scholarships are available. Get more information here. For more information go to:

Trojan softball opens (finally) with 21-9 win Staff Report CONNERSVILLE – After seeing its first three scheduled games postponed due to rain, East Central softball got started with a 21-9, sixinning EIAC win at Connersville Tuesday, April 8. New coach Shannon Wullenweber's Lady Trojans rapped out 20 hits and took advantage of Spartan miscues to get the easy win for hurler Hannah Sprague. Connersville, however, put up an early 5-0 lead before EC came roaring back, rallying for nine runs in the top of the second inning, never to trail again. East Central's six-run outburst in the sixth inning put away the victory. Destiny Ruch started on the mound and took the loss for the hosts, striking out two batters. Ashley Coker came on in relief for the Spartans. “We played in a drizzle, but we really were ready to play,” Wullenweber said. “We hit very well and defensively played good. “Connersville, with a new coach, is much stronger than they have been in a long time. They are a team to be very careful with. Sprague pitched well, considering the conditions both pitchers were facing. “It was good to get playing. If I would have had to tell the players we were rained out again they would have killed me.” Savannah Sturgill was 3-4 with a pair of home runs for EC, driving home a total of six runs. Senior Karrie Decker went 4-5

See TROJAN, Page 7



Tough day for SD catchers Lady Knights softball wins 10-9 at Shelby

Two frames later, backup catcher Chandler Hoskins took a foul tip square in the facemask, stunning the senior redhead momentarily. Although the on-site trainer's tests cleared a wobbly BY JIM BUCHBERGER Hoskins, she was replaced Sports Editor as a precaution, with classmate Morgan Wolfer comSHELBYVILLE – You ing in behind the plate from just knew it was going to be centerfield. a rough day for South Dear“Delaney's hand was born softball in Saturday's bruised,” reported SD coach single-game trip to Class 4A Tim Barrett. “We could see Shelbyville. her back Tuesday night vs. Now 4-0, including Fri- Lawrenceburg. Chandler day's 10-0 EIAC romp at was OK Sunday, and they Batesville, Lady Knights are checking her for concuseked out a 10-9 win over sion (Monday). She should the host Golden Bears (1-2), be back Monday (at Milan) is surviving a messy outing in she tests OK.” which the two teams comReturning to Saturday's bined to commit 10 errors. performance, he added: Long before the win was “Probably the best way to in the books, however, SD describe it is that we survived catcher Delaney Murphy took some poor play. It's always a foul tip off the knuckle of good to win the ugly ones. JIM BUCHBERGER/Journal Press her right index finger in the We made five errors, had two first inning, which saw the passed balls and gave up too South Dearborn senior Ashleigh Largent is all smiles as she's mobbed by teammates folpesky Bears take a 2-1 ad- many 0-2 and 1-2 count hits. lowing her two-run home run in the fourth inning of Saturday's 10-9 squeaker win at vantage. We just were not sharp in the Shelbyville. field and stayed in second first three games – includgear too much. ing a pair Friday – came to “Give credit to Shelbyville, an end, although she keyed because they did not roll over a four-run SD fourth inning when they were down 10-4. with a line drive over the They kept coming at us. centerfielder's heads, into the One positive is that we did teeth of a stiff wind. a really good job at the plate. Wolfer and and winning Shelbyville's pitcher (talented pitcher Kooper Vertz confreshman Hannah File) did a tributed two and three hits, good job working the outside respectively. Senior Ashleigh corner. But we adjusted early Largent's first homer of the and used the right side and spring, a two-run shot over middle part of the field well. the left field fence, started SD sophomore Tara Bailey SD's fourth-inning rally, after had a big day at the dish Sat- which it never trailed. urday, going 3-for-5 with two Right-hander Vertz coldoubles. lected her fourth win, despite Senior Ellen Barrett was allowing seven earned runs JIM BUCHBERGER/Journal Press 2-4 with a two-RBI double. on 12 hits, striking out six SD's Heavenlee Wilson (21, left) is ruled safe on a close play at home plate in SaturBarrett's torrid streak of four day's 10-9 non-conference softball win at Shelbyville. See TOUGH, Page 7 home runs in the Knights'

Grant back-to-back winner at Speedway Staff Report LAWRENCEBURG - Justin Grant opened Lawrenceburg Speedway's 2014 season with a USAC sprint car feature win April 5. Saturday night, the Ione, Calif., driver came back and did it again, winning the track's Lawrenceburg Chevrolet Sprint Series season opener. When the green flag flew, defending track champion CJ Leary, of Greenfield, started from the pole and led the first lap. Grant moved around Leary on the high side and never looked back. The 25-lap feature didn’t come without a few tense moments, as the leaders worked through lapped traffic. Columbus driver Logan Hupp was reeling in the leaders when a caution came out with four laps to go, clearing the track of lapped traffic. On the restart, Grant held off Leary and Hupp for the win, his eighth overall at Lawrenceburg Speedway. Joss Moffatt and Scotty Weir rounded out the top five. Heat race winners were Leary, Simon and Westerfeld. Lawrenceburg Chevrolet sprint cars return to the track this Saturday, April 19.

First-time winner

Rob Starkey has driven late models for 10 years, always searching for that elusive first win. Saturday night at Lawrenceburg, his second time in a UMP Dirt Modified, Starkey finally found victory lane. But it wouldn’t come easy for the Greenfield native. Batavia, Ohio’s Adam Stricker, just 15 years old, started from the pole and led for the first six laps - without much pressure. Waldron's Tony McVey, also seeking his first feature win, took the lead on the outside of Stricker, and looked to be the man to beat. McVey and Starkey began an intense battle for the top spot, racing side by side for several laps. With six laps to go, Starkey was able to pull away from McVey and take the checkered flag for his first career feature win. The rest of the top five included McVey, Broc Burton, Adam Stricker and Weasel Rhoades. Mods heat race winners were Stricker and Starkey. Budweiser UMP Modifieds are back this

TIM THOMAS/L'burg Speedway

California's Justin Grant got a little excited after winning Lawrenceburg Speedway's sprint car feature for the second consecutive week Saturday night. Saturday, April 19.

Hensley wins again

Two-time and back-to-back defending track champion Scott Hensley has dominated Lawrenceburg's Impact Sports Pure Stocks division for the past two years. The Aurora native has picked up right where 2013 left off, winning the first two features win of the 2014 season. The green flag flew with the father/son front row of Madison's Corebin McRoberts on the pole, alongside his father, Will, on the outside. They raced side by side for the first three laps, until Will's No. 55 car spun in turn one, sending him to the tail. This turned the lead over to Corebin McRoberts. who led until Matt Wheeler

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LHS junior Turner no-hits Oldenburg for 1-0 victory Staff Report BATESVILLE – Lawrenceburg's Michael Turner made his first varsity baseball pitching decision a memorable one, no-hitting Oldenburg Academy to take a 1-0 mound duel Thursday night at Liberty Park. Turner, a junior right-hander and the No. 2 starter in the LHS rotation, struck out two and walked none in retiring 21 consecutive Twisters batters. Primarily a jayvee pitcher last spring, Turner threw 64 strikes of a total 104 pitches in his mound gem, dealing 13 first-pitch strikes. He charted 11 ground ball outs and six fly outs – including the game-ending pop out behind third base by losing hurler Josh Kinker (five innings, one unearned run, four strikeouts, two walks). “A 64 pitch no-hitter is about as efficient as you can get on the mound,” Tremain said. “Obviously, we want to score more runs. But pitching and defense will always give you a chance to win games. Defensively, we are night and day from where we were a week ago.” Tigers, who committed two errors to the Twisters' four, needed every pitch in Turner's no-no to eke out the one-run victory, held to just two hits of their own Thursday. Logan Scudder's double to lead off the top of the second inning stood as Lawrenceburg's lone hit until the visitors plated the game's only run – on sophomore Adam Lang's double-play grounder to short with bases loaded – in the fifth. Turner led off the LHS fifth frame by walking on a 3-1 pitch. Junior Tommy Lovins followed with a bunt single and freshman Clay Woeste fouled off a 3-2 pitch before grounding into an error on the third base line, jamming the

sacks. Lang's DP ball to shortstop forced Woeste at second, as pinch-runner Brady Gordon crossed home with the only run Lang needed to win it. Jesse Mess fouled off four pitches before striking out to strand Lovins at third base. Tigers left baserunners aboard in five of the seven innings, stranding a total of seven Thursday. Oldenburg, however, left no one all afternoon against Turner. Twisters' only two baserunners reached on isolated LHS errors to lead off both the second and fourth frames. Both of those, off the bat of Cory Schuman, were erased on double-play grounders by Jacob Kessens, a standard 6-4-3 job in the second and a quick 1-6-3 comebacker to the mound, played by Turner, in the fifth. Turner retired eight consecutive Academy batters to close out the contest after the latter DP. In the home seventh, he got Matty Hurm on a fly ball to left field and Nick Bischoff and Kinker on pop flies behind third. Tyler Hogg relieved Kinker on the hill for the hosts after five innings, tossing a scoreless final two frames that included one strikeout and two walks. Senior right-hander Ben Ohlhaut pitched a five-hit shutout while Adam Lang and Jesse Mess combined to drive in five runs in Wednesday's 7-0 home win over Rising Sun. Pushed back two days because of Monday's rainout, coach Nick Tremain's Tigers evened their season mark at 1-1, outhitting the Shiners 9-5. LHS took a 1-0 lead off RS starter Austin Armstrong in the home half of the first inning, then knocked the Shiners' ace out of the box with a six-run second frame.

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Stocks, Bessler’s U Pull & Save Hornets From Page 6 From Page 6 26 – Service Men & Women Q: Bubba Watson won his secNight at The Races - Lawrenceand walking two Saturday. Losing hurler File found the high side to his liking and went ond Masters Tournament golf burg Chevrolet Sprints, Budcarded eight earned runs on 14 SD hits, fan- around McRoberts for the lead. championship in three years weiser UMP Modifieds, Impact ning seven with one walk. Hensley stalked Wheeler for several laps Sunday with an eight-under Tigers 1, Sports Pure Stocks, Bessler’s U Bears battled back from deficits of 9-2 and before taking the lead on lap nine and leadpar score of 280, joining the Twisters 0 Pull & Save Hornets  10-4 to score seven times in their final three ing the final six circuits for the feature win.   list of eight other two-time MAY 3 – Health Care Services at-bats. South Dearborn couldn't relax until Wheeler finished second followed by Thursday, April 10 winners of the prestigious Workers Night/King of the Midthe final out, when File's two-out single was Corebin McRoberts, Scott Beeler, and Joel At Liberty Park, event. Name as many of those west - Lawrenceburg Chevrolet followed by Katie Nuthak's ground out on a Andrews. Heat race winners were Will Batesville other eight as you can. Sprints, Budweiser UMP Modi  bunt attempt. McRoberts, and Tony Roland. fieds, Impact Sports Pure LAWRENCEBURG AB R H BI Friday night at Batesville, Barrett homered Impact Pure Stocks return to the track Stocks Woeste, ss 4 0 0 0 twice for three RBI, and Wolfer hit a grand- this Saturday, April 19. 10 – Budweiser Fan AppreciaLang, 2b 4 0 0 0 slam bomb to propel the 10-run rout in five tion Night - Lawrenceburg Gordon, pr 0 1 0 0 innings. Chevrolet Sprints, Budweiser Mess, c 3 0 0 0 South Dearborn's offense produced nine A turn away from the Hornets class feaUMP Modifieds, Impact Sports Scudder, 1b 3 0 1 0 hits, while Vertz got the win for four innings ture win in Lawrenceburg's April 5 season Pure Stocks, Bessler’s U Pull & Fette, lf 3 0 0 0 of two-hit work, striking out nine. Sopho- opener, Dupont's Dalton Roark was beaten Save Hornets Dunaway, 3b 3 0 0 0 more Megan Meyers, who subbed ably a back to the line by Justin Patterson 17 – KISS Sprint Race - LawOhlhaut, rf 3 0 0 0 year ago while Vertz was injured, pitched a Disappointed in that outcome, Roark renceburg Chevrolet Sprints, Turner, p 1 0 0 0 spotless fifth frame, striking out one batter. not be denied Saturday. He started from Budweiser UMP Modifieds, ImLovins, cf 1 0 1 0 Neither Knights hurler issued a walk. the pole and led all 12 laps on his way to pact Sports Pure Stocks TOTALS 25 1 2 0 SD plated four runs in the third inning, the feature win.   26 – WORLD OF OUTLAWS two in the fourth and four in the fifth. Wolfer No other driver could challenge. Bran1994– The California Angels OLDENBURG AC. AB R H BI SPRINT CAR SERIES – With added a double and single in going 3-4. Bai- don Alexander finished second, followed stage an improbable rally, Hurm, ss 3 0 0 0 Budweiser UMP Modifieds ley was 2-4 in the leadoff spot, with an RBI by Gage Clark, Tim Schumacher and Dave scoring seven runs in the Bischoff, 1b 3 0 0 0 JUNE 7 – Family Night at The double. Cooper. ninth innings and one in the Kinker, p-of 3 0 0 0 Races - Lawrenceburg Chevro“Kooper did a good job pitching,” Coach Hornets heat race winners were Dalton 10th to stun the Blue Jays, Schuman, 3b 2 0 0 0 let Sprints/BOSS Sprint Car SeBarrett said. “She was very aggressive and Roark and Gage Clark. The Bessler’s U Hogg, 2b-p 2 0 0 0 ries, Budweiser UMP Modifieds, 14-13, at Anaheim Stadium. did not waste a lot of pitches. Morgan Wolfer Pull N Save Hornets return to the track on The Halos lead 6-3 before Kessens, lf 2 0 0 0 Impact Sports Pure Stocks, and Ellen Barrett provided some power. Saturday April 19th. Hesselbrock, lf 1 0 0 0 Bessler’s U Pull & Save Hornets Toronto plates five runs in the Overall, we did a good job putting Batesville Scout Night at the Races will take eighth inning and five in the Potterschmidt, pr 1 0 0 0 14 – USAC INDIANA MIDGET away once we got the lead.” place this coming Saturday. Any scout in ninth for a 13-6 advantage. Alley, rf 2 0 0 0 WEEK – Plus Budweiser UMP Knight reserves won 11-0 Friday, outhituniform will receive free general admisJim Edmonds drives in the Ahaus, cf 2 0 0 0 Modifieds ting the Bulldogs 13-4. sion. Racing will feature Lawrenceburg Angels’ first run in the ninth TOTALS 21 0 0 0 JULY 5 – MERRILL DOWNEY Last Wednesday at home, Vertz struck out Chevrolet Sprints, Budweiser UMP Modiwith a one-out, bases-loaded   MEMORIAL Plus Budweiser a season-high nine in a two-hit shutout vic- fieds, Impact Sports Pure Stocks, and the single. Tim Salmon walks to Lawrenceburg 0 0 0 0 1 0 0- 1-2-2 UMP Modifieds, Late Models tory over Greensburg, 3-0. Bessler’s U Pull & Save Hornets. force in a run and singles by Oldenburg Ac. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0- 0-0-4 13 – USAC INDIANA SPRINT Vertz walked one batter and allowed just World of Outlaws tickets are going fast   Chili Davis and Damion Easthree Pirate baserunners, while Ellen Bar- for the Memorial Day Spectacular, Mon2B – Scudder. 3B – None. HR – WEEK - Plus Budweiser UMP ley, plus a sacrifice by EduarModifieds rett homered for the second time in as many day, May 26th. Get your reserved seating None. SB – Fette, Lovins. CS – do Perez, bring home three games to boost the Lady Knights to their first tickets at www.lawrenceburgspeedway. None. E – Lang, Woeste, Hogg, 19 – Night of Destruction – more. Still trailing 13-11 with School Bus Races, Monster Eastern Indiana Athletic Conference win. com. Alley 3. DP – LB 2, OA 1.  two out, California’s Bo JackTruck Freestyle, Mini-Van Demo WP – Turner (1-0) 7 IP, 0 R, 0 son walks to reload the bases. Derby, much more H, 2 K, 0 BB Harold Reynolds hits a LP – Kinker 5 IP, 1 R 0 ER, 2 H, 26 – Budweiser Fan Appreciaground rule double to tie the From Page 6 tion Night - Lawrenceburg From Page 6 score at 13-13. In the 10th, 4 K, 2 BB Chevrolet Sprints, Budweiser    A total of 14 Lawrenceburg batters came the first two Angels are rewith a triple and two RBI. Sophomore UMP Modifieds, Impact Sports to the plate in the six-run second. tired before Salmon singles, Tayler Wullenweber knocked in five runs Pure Stocks, Bessler’s U Pull & Scudder spearheaded Lawrenceburg's Davis walks and Easley delivwith a double and single in a 2-4 day. Sami   Save Hornets ers a game-ending single for nine-hit offense with a 2-for-4 day at the Turner and Katelyn White each carded two LAWRENCEBURG AUGUST 2 – Family Night at The the 14-13 thriller. plate, including one of three LHS two-base hits, as well. SPEEDWAY Race 2 - Lawrenceburg ChevroWhite, Paige Reinshagen and Amanda hits and a run batted in. Saturday, April 12 let Sprints/BOSS Sprint Car SeMess went 1-for-3, driving in three runs, Richter drove in two runs apiece. Michelle   ries, Budweiser UMP Modifieds, Reds catcher Ed Bailey, while Lang, 2-for-3, drove in a pair. Fette Grimes scored three runs to Richter's four. Lawrenceburg Chevrolet Impact Sports Pure Stocks, born 1931. Expos pitcher East Central was charged with three er- and Gordon both finished 1-for-3 with RBI SPRINTS Bessler’s U Pull & Save Hornets doubles. Woeste, 1-for-4, scored two runs.  Woodie Fryman, born 1940. rors while the Spartans committed four. FEATURE (25 laps) – 1. Justin 16 – DICK GAINES MEMORIAL/ Grant (Car No. 40), 2. CJ Leary Dog Daze of Summer - Law(30), 3. Logan Hupp (94), 4. renceburg Chevrolet Sprints, Joss Moffatt (5J), 5. Scotty Weir Budweiser UMP Modifieds, Im(18), 6. Shawn Westerfeld (9), pact Sports Pure Stocks, TUESDAY, APRIL 15 (Hidden Valley Lake GC), 5 ■■East Central at South Dear FRIDAY, APRIL 18 7. Jordan Kinser (9T), 8. MiBessler’s U Pull & Save Hornets H.S. Softball p.m. born (Aurora) (Varsity & ReH.S. Baseball chael Fischesser (4), 9. Landon 23 – LUCAS OIL LATE MODEL ■■South Dearborn at Lawrence- WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16 serve), 5 p.m. ■■Jac-Cen-Del at Lawrenceburg Simon (24), 10. Cody Gardner SERIES - Plus Budweiser UMP burg (Varsity), 5 p.m. H.S. Boys Golf ■■Lawrenceburg at Madison (Varsity), 5 p.m. (46), 11. Derek Hastings (32M), Modifieds H.S. Baseball ■■Oldenburg Academy at South Shawe (Varsity & Reserve), ■■South Ripley at East Central 12. Travis Hery (21H), 13. Jarett 30 – Racing In All Classes ■■Conner (Ky.) at LawrenceDearborn (Dearborn CC, Auro- 4:30 p.m. (St. Leon) (Varsity), 5 p.m. Andretti (18A), 14. Garrett burg (Varsity), 5 p.m. ra), 5 p.m. H.S. Boys Golf H.S. Softball Lawrenceburg Chevrolet Abrams (32), 15. David Apple■■Lawrenceburg at North Deca- ■■Lawrenceburg at South RipSprints, Budweiser UMP Modi- ■■South Dearborn at Lawrence- H.S. Softball gate (11), 16. Eric Semple (25), fieds, Impact Sports Pure burg (Reserve), 5 p.m. ■■East Central at Connersville tur (Greensburg CC), 4:30 p.m. ley (Versailles) (Varsity), 5 p.m. 17. TJ Heil (13E), 18. Adam (Reserve), 5 p.m. Stocks, Bessler’s U Pull & Save ■■East Central at Rising Sun Cruea (83) (Reserve), 5 p.m. H.S. Track & Field Hornets  1ST HEAT – 1. CJ Leary (30) ■ ■ East Central at Franklin ■■East Central at Harrison SEPTEMBER 6 – RODEO – Full2ND HEAT – 1. Landon Simon (Ohio) Jayvee Invitational (Boys blown professional rodeo, barrel County (Brookville) (Freshman), 5 p.m. & Girls Reserve), 5 p.m.  (83) racing, bullriding, calf roping, H.S. Track & Field THURSDAY, APRIL 17 3rd HEAT – 1. Shawn Westerfeld tie-down roping, much more ■■Greensburg, Jennings Co. at H.S. Baseball (89)  13 – NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS/ South Dearborn (Aurora) (Boys ■■East Central at South DearBudweiser UMP Final Points Race - Lawrence& Girls Varsity), 5 p.m. born (Aurora) (Varsity & ReMODIFIEDS burg Chevrolet Sprints, Bud■ ■ Lawrenceburg, South Ripley serve), 5:30 p.m. FEATURE (20 laps) – 1. Rob weiser UMP Modifieds, Impact at Milan (Boys & Girls Varsity), H.S. Softball Starkey (Car No. 45), 2. Tony Sports Pure Stocks, Bessler’s U 5 p.m. ■■East Central at South DearMcVey (7), 3. Broc Burton (2*), Pull & Save Hornets H.S. Girls Tennis born (Aurora) (Varsity & Re4. Adam Stricker (68), 5. Weasel 27 – FALL NATIONALS/Pretty In ■ ■ Batesville at East Central (St. serve), 5 p.m. Rhoades (59), 6. Scotty Kincaid Pink – USAC Sprint Cars, BudLeon) (Varsity & Reserve), 4 H.S. Track & Field (K12), 7. Jim Fliehman (70F), 8. weiser UMP Modifieds p.m. ■■Batesville at Lawrenceburg Austin Mills (1AM), 9. Mike Pit Gates Open: 4 p.m. ■■Connersville at South Dear(Boys & Girls Varsity), 5 p.m. Weber (22W), 10. Bobby Rose ■■East Central at Harrison General Admission Gates Open: born (Aurora) (Varsity & Re(89) serve), 5 p.m. (Ohio) Varsity Invitational (Boys 5 p.m. 1ST HEAT – 1. Adam Stricker H.S. Boys Golf & Girls Varsity), 5 p.m. Hot Laps: 6 p.m. (68) ■■Greensburg at Lawrenceburg H.S. Girls Tennis Racing: 7 p.m. 2ND HEAT – 1. Rob Starkey (45) ! ATTENTION CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS ! Impact Sports Bidderʼs List PURE STOCKS The Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning ComFEATURE (15 laps) – 1. Scott mission is now accepting Statements of Qualifications (SOQʼs) from contractors for the purpose of Hensley (Car No. 92), 2. Matt establishing a Bidderʼs List for the City of Aurora, NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS Wheeler (39), 3. Corebin Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of the City of Ohio and Ripley Counties Owner-Occupied RehaMcRoberts (5C), 4. Scott Beeler Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana that the bilitation Program. Funds have been awarded from (12), 5. Joel Andrews (56), 6. proper legal officers will consider the following ad- the Indiana Housing and Community Development ditional appropriations in excess of the budget for Authority (IHCDA) and USDA Rural Development Mark Ziepfel (21Z), 7. Chris the current year at their regular meeting place at Housing Preservation Grant program for the Rehab Combs (14), 8. Rocky Standish 230 Walnut Street, City Council Chambers at 6:45 program which will assist fifteen (15) low-to-moder4.Insist upon ate income families. The funds will be used towards (08), 9. Ed Reynolds (72), 10. oʼclock P.M. on the 5 th day of May, 2014. 5.Influences minor rehabilitation work to their homes. Fund Name: GENERAL Don Grace (D7), 11. Jim Wag6.Pea’s envelope If you are interested in being placed on the bidderʼs ner (86), 12. Will McRoberts list, so as you may bid on the upcoming rehab Major Budget Classification: Amount 7.Sang a Swiss 10000 Personal Services $ 21,848.00 work, you must submit the following information: (55), 13. Billey Moore (53), 14. song 20000 Supplies 0.00 description of experience, copy of financial stateHouston Roark (8R), 15. Dalton 8.Hero’s tale 30000 Other 0.00 ment or two (2) years most recent tax return, proof Baird (3D), 16. Chris Zaenkert 40000 Capital Outlays 0.00 of insurance, copy of lead safe work practices train9.Urge on (2Z), 17. Zack Stout (4), 18. RW 50000 Other Capital Outlays 0.00 ing certificate and references. 10.Skin woe SOQʼs should be submitted at the office of the $ 21,848.00 Spillman (55S), 19. Tony Roland Total for GENERAL Fund 11.Remove Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning CommisTaxpayers appearing at the meeting shall have a sion, P.O. Box 765, 405 West U.S. 50, Versailles, IN (28), 20. Brian Litchfield (44) 19.Esteem right to be heard. The Additional Appropriations as 1ST HEAT – 1. Will McRoberts 47042, no later than 9:00 a.m. (local time) on Friday, 21.Old soldier finally made will be referred to the Department of May 1st, 2014 in an opaque envelope with “City of (55) Local Government Finance ("DLGF"). The DLGF will Aurora Rehab” on the envelope along with the con23.Identical pairs make a written determination as to the sufficiency tractorʼs name and address. 2ND HEAT – 1. Tony Roland 24.Also of funds to support the appropriations made within All contractorʼs must take or have taken the “Lead (28)  25.Pigeon’s cry fifteen (15) days of receipt of a Certified Copy of the Safe Work Practices” training. All contractors will Bessler’s U Pull N Save action taken. 26.Fierce rage be checked that they are not currently considered a 36.Long period ACROSS HORNETS Dated: April 10, 2014 28.Fade away debarred contractor with the Indiana Housing and Jackie Stutz, Clerk-Treasurer 37.Dressed 1.Nourishment FEATURE (12 laps) – 1. Dalton Communiy Development Authority. 29.Deli loaf City of Lawrenceburg 39.Fellow leading per5.Undercover man The bidderʼs attention is called to the Notice of ReRoark (Car No. 02D), 2. Brandon C-4-15-JP-1t 30.Like a beet quirements for Affirmative Action to insure Equal former 8.Health spots Alexander (94), 3. Gage Clark 46892 C-4-17-R-1t hspaxlp 33.Perched Opportunity (Executive Order 11246), which sets 41.Modifies 12.Fringe (49), 4. Tim Schumacher (51), forth goals and timetables for the employment of 38.Powerful speaker 45.Nail polish 13.Court amorously women and minorities in the project area. The City 5. Dave Cooper (39), 6. Mike LEGAL NOTICE 40.Plains tent 49.Penalty 14.Building curve Ackman (21C), 7. Pat Tully (44), The Dearborn County Plan Commission will hold a of Aurora and the Southeastern Indiana Regional 41.Yonder meeting on Monday, April 28, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. in Planning Commission strive to attain a 10% 50.Hint 15.“Cheers” role 8. Tim Martini (6), 9. Tyler Mc42.Game cubes the Dearborn County Administration Building, yd MBE/WBE participation. The City of Aurora and the 52.Car for hire 16.Not subtract Ghee (9T), 10. Ronnie WinFloor Commissioner's Room, Lawrenceburg, Indi- Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commis43.Picnic crashers sion are Equal Opportunity Employers and abide 53.Bible book 17.Left chester (52), 11. Cordell Moore ana 47025 on the following: 44.Bother the Fair Housing Act. Review of the Preliminary Plat for an 8-Lot major 54.Night before 18.Dismal (15C), 12. Joe Smith (51M) 46.Skirt style subdivision, Soap Hill Meadows. The proposed Contractorʼs who have been accepted to the bid55.Yoked animals 20.Dodged 1ST HEAT – 1. Dalton Roark Subdivision property, which contains 29.142 acres, derʼs list will be contacted when homes are ready to 47.Former spouses be bid out for construction. 56.Relaxation 22.Cuddle is located in Section 13 of Manchester Township. (02D) 48.Stripe The Plan Commission will also discuss and con- If you have any questions, please contact, Patty 24.Corrosive substances 57.Coloring 2ND HEAT – 1. Gage Clark (49) sider 51.College vine potential changes to the Dearborn County Jackson or Kerry McConnell at the Southeastern In58.Increase 27.Damp    Zoning Ordinance related to animal allowances in diana Regional Planning Commission at (812) 28.Foul up residential districts, definitions of large and small 689-5505. LAWRENCEBURG C-4-15-JP-1t animals, and storage of certain types of vehicular DOWN 31.Follower of neither SPEEDWAY 46893 C-4-24-R-1t hspaxlp units. 1.Resist 32.Vanity 2014 Event Schedule Interested persons are requested to appear and LEGAL NOTICE 2.Fragrance 34.Quick farewell  APRIL 19 – Scout Night at The voice their opinion with respect to these and other The following will be sold for charges: 3.Folklore giant 35.Forest female   102 HILLTOP DR AURORA Races - Lawrenceburg Chevrolet issues. Mark McCormack At 5/2/2014 @ 12:00 PM Sprints, Budweiser UMP ModiDirector of Planning 1998 SAT  1G8ZE1285WZ179698 $2,630.70 fieds, Impact Sports Pure 46619 C-4-15-JP-1t hspaxlp 46622 C-4-15-JP-1t hspaxlp


H.S. baseball

A: Horton Smith (USA, 1934, 1936), Byron Nelson (USA, 1937, 1942), Ben Hogan (USA, 1951, 1953), Tom Watson (USA, 1977, 1981), Seve Ballesteros (Spain, 1980, 1983), Bernhard Langer (Germany, 1985, 1993), Ben Crenshaw (USA, 1984, 1995) and Jose Maria Olazabal (Spain, 1994, 1999).

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Community Center

423 Walnut St. • 532-3535

Group Fitness schedule MONDAYS

Yoga Body Toning Stretch & Tone Silver Sneakers Mix It Up Mondays Zumba

8:00am 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 4:45pm 6:00pm

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While the Aurora Fire Department’s fish fry is usually a popular community event, this year more folks than ever turned out. While the turn out was in response to the tragic drownings of 2-year-old twin girls, Shaylyn and Jocelyn Spurlock, about half a mile from three days earlier, it also provided an opportunity for the community to show its support of the fire department and the Spurlock family. The fire department donated $1,000 to the family, while raising another $2,500 in free-will donations from the public Friday, April 11. Aurora Fire Chief Jeff Lane thanked the public for its support of the department and Spurlock family.

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They also approved on first reading an ordinance that could provide up to $2.5 million in bonds to Maxwell Construction. The bonds would be repaid through TIF taxes. The ordinance must be voted on for a second reading before it takes effect. The bond sale will only happen if Maxwell moves ahead with development of the area. In other business, council approved donations of $500 for the Lawrenceburg High School After Prom event; $250 for Dale Rinehart to participate in a bicycle ride to raise money to raise money for diabetes research; $500 for a “Dukes of Hazard” event to benefit Madison Kremer, who has a rare disorder, CHARGE syndrome. The Dukes of Hazard even will bring several stars of the 1980s television show to Dearborn County in August. City manager Steve Lampert reported although the former city landfill is expected to win official permission to close, the city has renewed its license to compost yard wastes there.

He said Greendale annually deposits about 500 tons of yard waste in the former landfill off Georgetown Road, all of which is ground up and turned into compost. Police Chief DeWayne Uhlman said the department received 21 applications for a police officer job opening, and

that his department has begun its seasonal “blitz” against speeding in hopes of keeping speeds down over the summer. Donnie McCool has been elected president of the Greendale Life Squad, replacing Chad Nanz, who has moved out of the city.

8:00am 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 6:00pm

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• All-Inclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty • Financing Available

Yoga Body Toning Stretch & Tone Silver Sneakers

8:00am 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am

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Zumba is $3 per class. All other classes are $2 per class. You may purchase a monthly pass for the morning classes Monday-Friday for $35 per month.

We make being green easier than you could ever imagine!

photoGrAphY clAsses

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Beginner - april 24th - May 22nd

(513) 921-4189 • (859) 594-4189

Color Palette CMYK: 0, 100, 36, 37

CMYK: 0, 8, 22, 56

RGB: 147, 22, 56



Independently Owned and Operated Window World Franchise

Hex #: 931638

RGB: 140, 127, 112


Warm Grey 9 C

Hex #: 8C7F70

“Not only do we stand behind our windows, we stand on them!” John Oslica


THURSDaYS, MaY 29, anD JUnE 5, 12, & 19 10aM To noon

BeGinninG two THURSDaYS, aPRIL 24, anD MaY 1, 8, & 15 10aM To noon

excel one $48

WEDnESDaYS, aPRIL 23, 30 anD MaY 7, 14 6-8PM

excel two



America’s Largest Replacement Window & Remodeling Company

BeGinninG one



Yoga Body Toning Stretch & Tone Silver Sneakers Zumba

coMputer clAsses

6:00PM-7:30PM ages 17 and over $30 for 5 week session

Walk in registration required. Must take beginner to enroll in advanced.


WEDnESDaYS, MaY 28 anD JUnE 4, 11, 18 6-8PM

lAptops & teA series $15 per session

LaST THURSDaY of THE MonTH aPRIL 24 & MaY 29 3:30-5:30 PM

selF deFense clAsses intro to hapkido BEgInS aPRIL 16TH 6:00PM - 7:00PM • $40 6 WEEKS • agES 8 - aDULT women’s self defense BEgInS JUnE 4TH 6:00PM - 7:00PM • $40 6 WEEKS • agES 10 - aDULT tiny tigers self defense BEgInS JUnE 5TH 2:00PM - 2:30PM • $20 4 WEEKS • agES 3 - 5

Celebrate 10 Years at the

Dearborn County Recycling Center

Saturday, May 10 9am-1pm


April 15 - April 17, 2014 The Journal Press


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Condo, Green Township Must see, remodeled 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath. SS appliances, crown molding, granite tops, new maple cabinets, new carpeting, paint, flooring. (513)662-0569.


The Harrison Press


Hidden Valley Lake (Par Drive- on golf course) 82ʼx160ʼ Asking $24,900 Ph. 513-265-8460.

2 Bedroom-Greendale; large, completely remodeled apartment, w/new eat-in kitchen; quiet, mature living in great neighborhood; deck; off-street parking; central-air; laundry; no pets; deposit & references required $645/mo. 812-537-3368

Logan township- one level acre, 140x313 feet, by Lutz & Sawdon Ridge, Sunman-Dearborn schools, great location, utilities at road, $32,500 2BR $650.00, Harrison OBO, 513-518-7189 OH-Tippecanoe Apartments. Spacious remodeled, diswasher, bal cony, very clean & great location. No pets. Prof. bldg in Downtown 812-637-1787, Lawrenceburg for lease. 513-574-4400


Completely renovated and just 1.5 blocks from the new Event Center/Hotel. 3,527sf. on 3 levels. Plenty of space, 4 offices, conf. room, reception area and more! Lease at $12/sf, triple net. Call Kathy for more information. K4383 812-537-9669

Prof. bldg. in center of Bright, for Sale or Lease. 1,000sf available up stairs for professional offices w/elevator ac cess. Main floor is currently under long term lease. Call Kathy for more info regarding lease or purchase. KDC3759 Lease for $10/sf, triple net. For sale at $675,000. 812-537-9669



0 steps! Large 1 or 2 bedroom at Village Square Apartments in downtown Harrison. Free heat! $425 and up. (513)367-6366.



20.2 acres (Ripley County) Versailles, Indiana located on Main Street. Close to everything. Asking $104,900. Ph 513-265-8460.

1BR, Aurora, $375/mo. We furnish sewer/water. Call 812-584-6404

2 1/2 Room newly fur nished Apt. including washer & dryer. No pets, no smoking. Renter pays all utilities. $350/mo + deposit. Walker St. 812-926-1028

AuroraLarge 3 bedroom/2 bath apartment with all appliances including washer & dryer. Deck. $725.00 per month plus utilities. No smoking & no pets. Call 812-926-1677.

Country Hills Apartments, 1BR $475, Studio $380, Carports, Laundry On-site, Across from Ludlow Hill Park. 812-539-4339 Dillsboro - 1 & 2 bed rooms; Stove, refrigerator, air conditioner, washer/dryer hook-up, water, sewage, trash pickup furnished. Nice location, recently remodeled build2BR Apt. for Rent in Dills- ing. No pets. HUD ac boro. $500/mo. + deposit cepted. (812)498-3389. & utilities. Appliances furnished with W/D hookup. Dillsboro Maple Glen Apartments- 1 and 2 bed812-667-5072 room apartments avail 513-532-0708 able. Call 812-432-5697 Aurora- Downtown, 2nd For rent downtown Lawfloor, 2 bedroom. Water renceburg, One bedroom and sewage included, Tenapt. nicely furnished. You ant pays electric. Laundry pay electric & cable. Deroom available. No pets. $575/month and $575 posit/references required. $650 to $700 mo. deposit 1yr lease. 812-655-1565 812-577-5334 For rent when available, Aurora – 3 Bedroom, 2 and 3 room furnished Large LR, DR, 1 bath, apartments, utilities in2-story, Hardwood & Tile cluded, AC, no pets. DeFloors, Kitchen appli - posit required. Call w a s h e r / d r y e r (812)537-5796, ances, hookup, Yard, Clean & (812)432-9605, or quiet. NO PETS. $750 (812)584-3822. month w/750 deposit + utilities. 510 Manchester For Rent: Efficiencies $165.00 per week utilities ST. Cell (513)317-1050 included. Deposit required. Aurora - 3 large bedroom, Also 1 & 2 bedrooms in 1 bath, large open living Lawrenceburg. Deposit room & kitchen, newer car- required. 859-512-3899 pet & paint, W/D hook-up Greendale 5 rooms, 2 bedNo pets. $600 per month. rooms, 1 bath, large 812-744-5675. kitchen, W/D H/U, gas heat, AC, off-street parkAurora - Aspen Ridge, 4 ing. $575.00/month + util + BR/2BA, garage, equipped sec. dep.Call for informakitchen, C/A, gas heat, tion about special offer. $895 per month & deposit. 812-537-2846 513-532-8933 Greendale-2BR, wall to Aurora- Second Street, wall carpet. Appliances fur1BR, furnished, 2nd nished. Storage unit, basefloor. No pets/smoking. ment, garage. Near park Utilities paid by tenant. and pool. $595 plus same deposit. Available immediFree laundry room. Leave message ately. 812-577-3092 leave (812)926-1083 message. No pets.

0 steps! Miamitown, large 1 or 2 bedroom at Via Manor Apts. Private patio, lovely grounds. $395 and Abandoned Doublewide u p . Free heat! Aurora and Lawrenceburgwith land, PLEASE TAKE (513)353-0398. Great location. 1 & 2 bedOVER $3500 deposit. 888-221-4503 1 & 2 Bedroom apartments room apartments starting for rent in Aurora, $475 & at $425. No pets. or Owner Finance - 3 bed- $500/month. References 8 1 2 - 2 1 6 - 8 4 7 7 703-973-4681. rooms, 2 full baths. No in- r e q u i r e d . Call terest. $15,000 $3,000 812-926-0256 Aurora Opera House down, $250/month. 10031 Flora Rd., Harrison. Ohio. 1 bedroom in downtown Apartments- three to choose from. New York (513)505-2978. Harrison, $455 per month style loft, 2 bedroom, 2 plus deposit, all utilities inbath, $850 to $1050 plus Used Singlewide 3BR/2BA c l u d e d , no p e t s . deposit. All utilities in Set up $ 4 5 0 0 (812)221-0204. cluded. 513-218-7404. 859-371-3386

The Rising Sun Recorder & Ohio County News


The Dearborn County Register


Estate Liquidation, Must Sell. Aurora: Nice Home with 3BR/1BA, partial basement, outbuilding, large deck. Make Offer 812-926-0522 M-F 9-4:30 Milan- 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2.5 car attached garage, pole barn, block building; on 3 acres; quiet country setting on dead end road; high end cabinets, doors, etc.; $180,000; 812-654-3135


Greendale: Duplex 1BR, upstairs, $450/mo + deposit. Call 513-266-1383 Harrison - One bedroom apartment. Heat/water included. $420 per month, plus deposit. Very quiet home like atmosphere. 301 S. Hill Street. No pets. Call (513)984-0035.

Harrison, 1-2 bedroom. Paragon West Apts. Private patio with breathtaking view of the valley. Free Aurora- 1 bedroom apt heat! $460 and up. No with all appliances includ- pets. (513)845-4222. ing washer & dryer. Senior Harrison- 1 and 2 bedroom building with elevator. Seapartments available, curity door. No smoking or pets. $525.00 per month $450-$600 per month. Call plus utilities. C a l l for details, and move in 812-926-1677. 120 1/2 specials. (513)515-2569. Mechanic St. Harrison-660+ Quality 2 Aurora- 2 bedroom apt bedroom in amenity-rich with all appliances includ- community. Available ing washer & dryer. Huge w/vaulted ceilings and living room with hardwood electric fireplace. With or floors. 2nd floor. No smok- w/out W/D hook ups. Call ing or pets. $700.00 per to set up a tour, month plus utilities. Call (513)367-4999.  812-926-1677. 505 Sec- ond St.

Lawrenceburg Apt. 2BR/1BA, with balcony. $650 plus deposit. 513-265-8460 or 812-577-6781 Lawrenceburg Efficiency Unit- $540/month with all utilities included. Laundry facilities on site. Ph 513-265-8460 or 812-577-6781

Aurora- in shopping plaza with Subway, 1770 sq. ft. for lease, high traffic. 513-532-8933.

Aurora-Retail Space for lease. 1100 Sq. Ft. $700.00 per month plus utilities. Off Street parking. Call 812-926-1677

Furnished office space, Bright, Ind. 1,000 sq. ft. Lawrenceburg- 2 bed - $575/month. Great locaroom (Deluxe) w/ ce - tion. (513)353-2754. ramic tile, stove, dishwasher, fridge, stack Office / warehouse / retail washer/dryer. No pets. space for lease in Law $700/month w/ $700 de- renceburg, 1500 sqft to posit. Ph 513-265-8460 5000 sqft. 812-537-1100. or 812-577-6781. Milan downstairs 2 bedroom apartment. Washer/dryer hookup. Stove, fridge furnished. Service animals only. No smoking. $450/month plus deposit plus utilities. All calls returned. 812-374-7706



3 bedroom house, large rooms, big garage. Lo cated in New Trenton Ind. minutes from Harrison. $850/month $850 deposit + utilities. Call (513)668-3775 3 Bedrooms/1 bathroom upstairs plus finished basement & detached 1 car garage in Milan. All appliances included. $795/mo. plus $895 deposit minimum & utilities. 812-926-6025 ext. 222

DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED NOW at Stevens Transport! New drivers earn $750 per week! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! CDL & Job ready in 15 Office/medical space for days! 1-877-649-3156. lease or sale. 3200 sq.ft. with 6 exam rooms/ 2 Drivers Wanted doctorʼs offices/ 4 bath- Are you looking for a suprooms/ 1 X-ray room/ plemental or Retirement conference room/ lo cated @ 465 Bielby Road Income? Drivers needed in area. Must have 8 Lawrenceburg. For addi- your year driving history. Call tional information and f o r an interview showings c a l l 1-812-663-9990 513-265-8460




Check out the Spring Outdoors page inside!

Drivers Wanted. Class A CDL. Clean Driving Re cord. Experience a Plus. Hourly Pay. Koppʼs Turkey Sales 513-367-4133 Drivers. Tango offers up to $.42 cpm to start plus home most weekends. Family Medical/Dental, 401k, Paid vacation, CDL-A w/1yr OTR reqʼd. 877-826-4605.


Bischoff Realty (513) 367-2171



BRIGHT: PRICE REDUCED! Charming home w/ hardwood flrs & 2 WBFP’s. Newer Air-Tite windows, 20x40 detached garage, on 6 acres. $184,900 GUILFORD: Old 3 bed farmhouse on almost 3 ac, partially log, needs some cosmetics but electric & windows have been updated. $49,900 GUILFORD: Nice home with 3 large bedrooms, 2.5 bath, bonus rm on upper level, finished LL w/walk-out. $219,900 BROOKVILLE: Lovely log home close to the lake. 3 bed, 2 bath, part finished LL, 20x20 Trex deck w/pool, 28x44 barn, & 30x64 pole barn on 4.5 acres. $159,900 WEISBURG: Former country store w/ residence. Rough condition, sold as is. $39,900 HARRISON: Nice 2nd level 2 bed, 2 bath condo in the Legacy Community. With home office & 1 car attached garage. Immediate occupancy. $132,500 BRIGHT: Well maintained 4 bed, 2.5 bath 2 story home w/1st flr laundry, 2 car attached garage, & 30x40 detached heated workshop. $239,900 NEW ALSACE: 21.4 acres. Nice laying piece of land, mostly tillable! $139,900 SUNMAN: 33 acres w/driveway, water, & electric. $99,900

Drive-away across the USA even if you donʼt own a car. 22 Pickup Loca tions. Call 866-764-1601 or m

$1,000 Weekly Pay Guarantee. $500 Sign On Bonus. Weekly home time. Dedicated run for Class A CDL drivers living in Indiana. Hirschbach Drivers: DEDICATED. 3 BR, 1 BA farmhouse. 888-474-0729 REGIONAL. HOME Quiet surroundings. Lg WEEKLY/BI-WEEKLY yard. SD schools. No pets. $750/mon plus $750 de- 40c All MILES! MACHIN- GUARANTEED. Start up $.44 cpm. Great Beneposit plus 1 yr lease. Ref- E R Y H A U L E R S . to fits + Bonuses. 90% No erences, deposit, & lease Flatbed,Stepdeck, & RGN Touch Freight/70% Drop & required. Tenant pays all , $. 34 all miles! Van divi- Hook. 877-704-3773 utilities. (812)560-9175. sion! Practical miles paid Appliances furnished. weekly! $1000 sign-on boDrivers: Need Contract 3BR Brick Ranch, full nus. Paid health insur - Drivers, CDL A or B to ance!Class A CDL. Call basement , Lawrenceburg, transfer commercial vehi$750/mo + deposit and ref- Dawn at 309-946-3230 or cles from local body plants apply online at www.tenerences. C a l l Owner to various locations 812-584-6404 throughout U.S. - No Operators welcom! forced dispatch - OTR and Aurora – 3 Bedroom Regional work available. House. Large LR, DR, 1 Aurora hairstylists wanted: Apply online at bath, 2-story, Hardwood & Booth rent referred but will www.mamotransportation. Tile Floors, Kitchen appli- consider commission. com under Careers or call Dena at ances, washer/dryer C o n t a c t 1-800-501-3783 to speak hookup, Yard, Clean & 812-926-2341. with a recruiter. quiet, NO PETS. $750 month w/750 deposit + Career opportunity for loutilities. 510 Manchester cally owned landscaping Drivers:  Now hiring! Recompany. Experienced gional & OTR drivers. Our ST. Cell (513)317-1050 preferred but will train. Pay freight gets you home! Top GREAT RIVERVIEW! depends on experience. pay, Benefits and Trucks. 2 BEDROOMS, 2 BALCO- Must have valid drivers li- Call:  1-888-711-4150 NIES, 1 1/2 BATH, DECK, cense and clean record. Drivers:Pam Transport! GARAGE, VERY CLEAN Email resume Company Drivers & Owner TOWNHOUSE I N AURORA. $800 RENT, Operators Wanted! No $800 DEPOSIT. REFER- CAREER OPPORTUNITY Touch Freight, 90% Drop SALES CONSULTANT ENCES REQUIRED. DIS& Hook, dedicated opporWANTED tunities available. Call OFFERED COUNT We are looking for a (877)698-4760 Also seek812-432-5305 dynamic person to fill a ing Recent Grads. Call LaHarrison- two family house full time/part time vonna (877)440-7890 Apfor rent, 4 bedroom, 2 outside sales position. ply Online: www.driveforbath, single garage, To be considered, fenced yard, unfinished candidates must have a basement, $1200/month good driving record. For Experienced Class A CDL plus deposit, one year consideration, e-mail Drivers Wanted! $1500 lease, pets allowed, resumes to: Sign On Bonus, $60-$70K 513-984-0035. publisher@register Annually! Dedicated or mail tomer, Home Weekly, and Rising Sun- nice 3 bed - to: Register Publications Excellent Benefits. Call room, 2 bath ranch on 2 126 W. High Street, 888-409-6033 or apply onacres; 2 car garage; Lawrenceburg, IN 47025. line washer and dryer; no EOE smoking; $1000/month; deposit s a m e ; CDL Class A driver, 25 Flatbed Drivers- Starting 812-926-1311 years old with 3 years Mileage Pay up to .41cpm. OTR. Family oriented com- Health Ins., 401K, $59 Super Clean Home! 3 bed- pany, good pay, home daily Per Diem pay, Home room, 1 bath, $725/month e v e r y w e e k e n d . Weekends. 800-648-9915 or plus utilities, $400 deposit, 812-432-3107 812-571-2235 Dental Assistant: Harri- For Up Coming Season, son. Must be dedicated to Post Framed Bldgs. Physiexcellent patient care.  Ex- cal work , general skills a perience and Ohio radiol- must, drug test a must, ogy license a plus.  Fax re- work pending weather conNewer 3BR/2BA, no pets, sume (513)367-2346 or ditions. Ref. required. Pay based on Skill. Mike White $600/mo. plus $600 de- e-mail resume Construction posit. Between Aurora and artofsmilesdentistry@ 812-623-4488 Rising Sun. 812-438-3651


Do you want to earn $9-$17 an hour? Train to be a CNA or QMA today. Tri-State Health Care Training Center can train you in three to six weeks. Now offering full-time. Located at 116 Front Street in the Durbin Plaza, Lawrenceburg. Call 812-577-0055

‘04 Manufactured home, 1400 sq ft, 3 br, 2 ba, located in beautiful park-like setting on the water in West Harrison. Deck and shed plus many more upgrades in a 55+ community. Call Niki Campbell • 513.888.0387

Fred Clark Ohio/Indiana



Cathy WassOn Ohio/Indiana


Lawrenceburg - Contemporary style home on 5 acres. 3BR, 2 ½ BA, 2 car att gar, 1 car det gar. Private setting! $199,900. Price Reduced! W. Harrison- 125 acre farm. Farmhouse, large barn, and several outbuildings. County water, Cinti phones. $750,000. Ready to buy or sell? Call us for all your real estate needs!

Frazier Transportation Experienced flatbed driver, steel coil/pipe loads. Regional, Ohio, Ky., Ind., Tenn. Permit loads/non permit. Home every weekend. Good pay and benefits. (513)967-9750.

31 HELP WANTED Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor; Li censed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Mental Heath Counselor Graduate from an accredited university with a Masterʼs Degree in Psychology, Counseling, or Social Work with five years or more experience in alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs or related experience in substance abuse counseling required. Send cover letter and resume to: Counseling Center Associates 15 Mary ST. Law renceburg, IN 47025 Local company currently accepting resumes for labor employees. Blacktop experience a plus. Part & full-time positions avail able. Requires travel to job sites. Email resumes to or call 812-926-3205. Local Sand & Gravel facility Looking for a haul truck operator. Apply in person at Hanson Aggregates 7000 Dry Fork Rd. Cleves, Ohio, 45002. M-F, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Midwest Cylinder and Kaplan Industries are now accepting applications for full-time General Laborers. Applications are available M-F 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., 6001 Dry Fork Rd., Cleves, Ohio 45002 (513)367-6227. Mortgage Protection Insurance Leads Leads Leads Professional Sales People, Part time/Full time. Prior Business success 513-655-2000 option 1 for interview New Pay-For-Experience program pays up to $.41/mile. Class A Professional Drivers Call 877-968-7986 for more details or visit Now hiring part-time maintenance person for Harrison apartment complex. Ideal candidate will have experience in plumbing, drywall, electrical, painting, general repairs, and own tools. 513-205-5555.


Happy Ads

Heavy Equipment Operator Career! High demand for Certified Bulldozer, Backhoe and Trackhoe Operators. Hands on training provided. Fantastic earning potential, Veterans with benefits encouraged to apply. 1-866-362-6497

Make that “special someone” smile with a special birthday or anniversary message. Call 537-0063 and ask for a “Happy Ad”.

Hiring Drivers - Need 2 Class A or B CDL, roll-off experience preferred, but not necessary; benefits after 90 days; E-Town Recycling, 10978 US 50, Elizabethtown OH; 513-353-1200


Call for an appointment * Foreclosure Special * Equipped kitchens * Laundry facilities * Heat included * 24 hour emergency maintenance * Minutes from I-275

* Ask about Deposit Special * Lots of closet space * Children play area * Walk to Ludlow Hill Park * Extra Storage * Pets Welcome

NOW LEASING 1 & 2 bedroom apartments


The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register


Omni Technologies, Inc. is a problem-solving com pany. We design and manufacture solutions for our customers typically using engineered plastics. Omni Technologies is growing and expanding its capabilities and is looking for motivated, high-energy, employees who possess good critical thinking skills. As a successful team member you will learn to process a variety of materials and develop your mechanical skills. Four positions are cur rently open: 1st Shift Molder, 1st Shift Finishing (Full and Part-time positions available), 1st Shift Material Handler, 2nd Shift Open Cast (Second shift is M-R 10 hrs/shift and receives a pay differential) Omni Technologies offers competitive compensation, health care benefits, 401(k) plan and a great work environment. If you want to join our team and have an opportunity to develop, both personally and professionally, please send your resume to: dbrown@ or apply in person @ 779 Rudolph Way, Greendale, IN 47025. If called for an interview you must wear leather work boots. “EEOMinorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans"

Part-time radiology technologist. Requirements: associateʼs degree majoring in radiology, registered as radiologic technologist by ARRT, registered through the Indiana Department of Health. Email resume: m “Partners in Excellence” OTR Drivers APU Equipped Pre-Pass EZ-pass passenger policy. 2012 & Newer equipment. 100% NO touch. Butler Transport 1-800-528-7825

R.G. Transport is now hiring over the road company drivers. $875.00 Weekly Pay Guarantee! Base Pay, Stop Pay, Layover Pay, .03 cent per Mile Safety Bonus, Fuel Bonus, Paid Vacation, Holiday Pay, 401K Retirement, EZ Pass, Qualcomm, One of the best benefitpackages in the trucking industry including health, dental and vision from $12.00 per weekly single non-smoker, free basic medical clinic visits & generic prescriptions, great home time,all late model trucks and trailers, lease purchase plan available. Be treated with the respect you deserve! Apply online at: Call 866-275-1454 Small construction company looking for concrete finishers and laborers. Must have drivers license and transportation. Call Bill at (513)630-7314.

Looking for

Summer work? we are currently accepting applications for part-time positions in our mail room. must have a valid drivers license. Apply at 126 w. High Street, Lawrenceburg, indiana. No phone calls please

Screw Machine Set Up Operator A growing S.E. Indiana job shop is looking for several Davenport Acme set-up operators. The ideal candidate will have: •Own tools •5-7 years verifiable set-up experience •Job shop experience •Desire to excel in a fast paced environment

Only qualified candidates need apply. Excellent wages and benefits for the right person.

E-mail resumes to:

South Dearborn Community School Corporation is seeking full time custodial help and individuals interested in both substitute custodial and substitute bus driving positions.  Applications can be found at   and submitted to Mark Morris-Transportation, Buildings, and Grounds Director .us Please call  812-926-2090  with any questions.

Lawn Mowing Residential or Commercial Reasonable Rates Call 812-577-7603



AIRLINE CAREERS begin here- Get FAA approved Aviation Tech training. Delta, Southwest, Boeing and many other hire AIM grads! Job placement assistance. CALL AIM 877-523-5807 AC0901


Southwest Local Schools: Bus Drivers needed for the 2014-2015 School year. Full time with benefits and part time afternoon positions available. Will Train. Please apply in person 230 S. Elm Street, Harri- ADOPT Caring, nuturing home awaits your precious son, Ohio 45030. baby. Beautiful life for your baby, secure future. Expenses paid. Legal, confidential. Married couple, Southwest Local Schools: Walt/Gina: Cafeteria positions able immediately. Part 1-800-315-6957. time hours 10:15 AM-1:15 PM. Will Train. Please apply in person 230 S. Elm Street, Harrison, Ohio 45030. Needed by 06/09 dependable, responsible sitter through summer then before/after school. Harrison Stone Belt Freight Lines elementary area. Call Needs Owner Operators (513)646-5141 leave Now! Run 48 & Canada. name and number for rePercentage Plus 100% turn call. Fuel Surcharge. Plate Program & Insurance Available. Call Kelsy 1-800-489-2332.





The Greentree Door Company, a wood door manufacturer, seeks person with mill shop or related wood working experience. Functions include sizing, boring, hinge prep and pre-hanging and other shop duties. Need to be familiar with basic wood working tools and machinery. Some heavy lifting. Also seeking general door shop help for sanding, glazing and crating. Apply in person at 891 Rudolph Way Greendale, IN.



ARTS MOWING Free estimates, Hanyman services, residental and commerical 812-926-2726 Leave a message Bowman Tree Service. Trimming, topping, tree removal, lot clearing, storm damage, fully insured and free estimates. Call (812)537-4677.


Monroe Excavating, Hauling, LLC Limestone, Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Mulch, Sand, Gravel, Driveways Demolition, Digging, Basements, Dump Truck, Bobcat, Track Hoe Work Call (812)926-1995 or (513)310-0835 Greendale Self - Storage Indoor storage available 24 hour access. Call (812)537-3131 or (812)637-1787. Harrison Treeworx Lawn and Landscape. Senior and local discounts. Grass cutting, landscaping, mulching, tree re moval, trimming. Dis counts on tree, land scape service for lawn customers. Chris OʼHarra, (513)490-8102.


WERNER NEEDS DRIVER TRAINEES Drivers are IN DEMAND, and we need YOU! No CDL? No problem! 16-Day CDL training avail w/ Roadmaster! Opportunity Awaits CALL TODAY! 1-866-205-1569 Whitewater Processing is now accepting applications for male/female full time work. 513-367-4133

required. Excellent benefits & competitive salary. Apply online!

DUMP TRUCK DRIVERS Now taking applications for Class A and Class B drivers with at least 5 years experience. Must be familiar with the Greater Cincinnati area. Asphalt experience a plus. Must be willing to work 6 days a week and be able to pass a drug test. Please call 513-367-0379.



Part time days in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. Certified Surgical Tech - Full time, Day/Evening shift in the O.R. Includes Night, weekend, and holiday call Nurse Practitioner - Full time position supporting local skilled nursing facility in collaboration with Dearborn County Hospital.

CLINICAL suPPORT Occupational Therapist - Part time day shift. Indiana license required. Physical Therapist - full time in-patient opening. Indiana license required.

suPPORT sERVICEs Pharmacy Tech - Part time opening. Day/Evening shift including some weekends.

PHYsICIAN OFFICEs LPN - Full time Day shift position in new physician practice in Lawrenceburg. Plastic surgeon physician office experience preferred.

ADMINIsTRATIVE suPPORT Coder Out-Patient - Full time opening. RHIA, RHIT or CCS required. AVAILABLE FOR FuLL & PART TIME EMPLOYEEs 403(b) Program • Health & Dental Insurance Tuition Reimbursement • Competitive salary 3 Weeks Vacation after 1 Year Full Time • EOE

Full Time, Benefit Eligible Positions Available! 12 Hour Shifts

Swiss Villa Nursing and Rehab Center You bring your caring and compassionate service. We provide the resources to make a positive difference in our resident’s lives. Indiana Certification required, experience preferred. Apply online at or at 1023 W. Main Street, Vevay, IN EOE

Hiring Drivers Crum Trucking is a family-owned and operated company that wants to help you succeed! On average a Crum Driver makes $54,000 a year plus benefits! 75% of freight is dedicated. Drivers are eligible for 1 week of vacation after 6 months, and 2 weeks after a year. $2,000 Loyalty Bonus* for new Crum Drivers. Don’t have 2 years OTR experience? Ask us about our Finishing Program! Must be 23 years of age with a Class A CDL. *Terms and Conditions apply

For more information, visit If interested, call Alisha at 888-542-4197 x 91.

600 Wilson Creek Rd. • Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 (812) 537-8120 • (800) 676-5572 ext 8120 For an up-to-date listing of job opportunities at DCH, visit our website at

Absolutely no trespassing of any kind for any reason. No exceptions. Not re sponsible for accidents, injuries or personal property. Violators will be prose cuted at their own ex pense. Property located at 8692 Willey Rd., Harrison, OH. Molly Jansen, Cathy Maher, Mary Ison.


L.M. Improvements Fully insured, free esti mates, light construction, driveways, patios, stamped concrete side walks, garage floors, retaining walls. Call (812)290-3981.

April 15 - April 17, 2014


Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, fishing, swim ming, trapping, horseback riding, woodcutting, motorized bikes, quad runners, or 4-wheelers allowed for any reason. Not responsible for accidents or injury to anyone, Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the full extent of the law on the property of G.E. Stacy, 27357 Stacy Lane, 1905 Pinhook Hers & His Services Rd., West Harrison, Ind., Grass Cutting, Trash Re- 47060. movel, Free Estimates, Partners in Life and in Business. Bonnie & Diggers- 1920 and older Steve Telinda Aurora IN. houses, picnics, camp sites, jewelry recovery for 513-703-4416, metal detecting. Please 513-309-9460 call 513-218-6623 Jim Jones Painting Int/Ext. Pressure washing. Got faded, ugly alu- Wanted Standing Timber. minum siding metal Highest Prices Paid. Li buildings? Our spray fin- censed, bonded, and inish will make your home sured. Free estimates. look like new again with Christman Logging, Madiour bright satin finish. son IN. Buyer Keith ChristAll colors available. man 812-599-0134 Also, spray finish log homes, cedar siding, cathedral ceilings, ect. Refs. 25 years exp. HVL, Harrison/Dearborn. HVL resident. 812-539-4929 513-379-4204, Insured. See our ad on Angieʼs List.

Residential Cleaning. You make the mess, weʼll do the rest. Insured/bonded. Specializing in commercial or residential, office and Busse Excavating, Bush home. Assist in moving Hogging and Lawn Serv- in/out. 812-290-4490. ice. Dozer Work, Ponds, Robertʼs Lawn Care Driveways, Clearing, Fin- Have 3 openings for 2014, ish Grade, Building Prep, Free est. Senior Dis Demolition, Bush Hogging, counts, Best Rates, In Lawn Mowing. 30 years Veterinary hospital looking Business 16 yrs. Call experience 812-926-0823 812-655-0831 for a part-time evening and weekend front desk cus- D & J Handyman, very in- Thinking of You - Cleaning tomer service representa- expensive. No job to big or services and more. Resitive. Strong communica- s m a l l . E x p e r i e n c e d , dential and business tion and multitasking skills HVAC, plumbing, carpen- cleaning. Call for more inare required. Our desired t r y , yard work. formation. Kathy candidate will enjoy help- (513)379-0684 . (812)637-0083. ing pets AND people in a fast-paced environment. Experience preferred. Please respond with resume and cover letter and include any prior veteri n a r y w o r k experience/skills. ATTN: FT/PT/PRN (All shifts) • RN’s for transitional rehab unit. Hospital Manager, 24505 Fast paced environment. Must possess strong clinical, State Line Road Law customer service & organizational skills. Experience renceburg, IN 47025 Walkerʼs Truck and Trailer Service, Inc. Tow truck driver wanted for Greendale, Lawrenceburg, Aurora, IN area. Clean MVR record, preferred experience but will train. 812-584-1979.


Custom seed starting. Greenhouse space available. Will start your vegetable seeds to garden sets. Early and late season. Call Skip (513)367-2266. Hay for Sale-Timothy, square & round bales. Clean, barn kept, never wet. Also 4x5 Brome & orchard grass. Randy 812-926-3623 or Bob 812-537-3327 leave message.

!!!-A-A-A YARD SALE DEADLINE BEFORE 10 A.M. FRIDAYS Please Call for Early Holiday Dealines $15 four papers 25 words or less Call Harrison Press (513)367-4582 or Lawrenceburg (812)537-0063. 930 Heck, Greendale 4/18/14, 9-3 rain/shine. Moving Sale, wii/games, PS2/games, trumpet/case, Harley womenʼs riding jacket, patio furniture, computer desk, boys/womens cloths, many misc. items. Household items, small appliances, clothes, shoes, snow boots, ladies scrubs, Barbie Jeep, misc furniture, toolbox for full size pickup, Nerf bars for Chevy 07-13; 10510 Texas Gas Road Aurora; Saturday, April 19th; 7am-?

FURNITURE/APPL 54 HOUSEHOLD Cherry chest of drawers, piano, cherry china cabinet, couch, mahogany table, walnut table, walnut dining table, 6 cherry chair, Dept. 56 Collecti bles. (513)367-9454.

ENJOY 100 percent guaranteed, delivered to the door Omaha Steaks! SAVE 74 percent PLUS 4 FREE Burgers- The Family Value Combo- ONLY $39.99. ORDER Today 1-800-635-0975 Use code 49381JXL or REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL! Get a whole-home Satellite system installed at NO COST and programming starting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/DVR Upgrade to new callers, SO CALL NOW 1-800-914-5307




Want to buy your OLD TOY TRAINS. O, O27, S, HO gauges, any age or condition, the more the better. Ask for Ron at 317.371.2449.



We buy and haul junk cars & trucks with titles. Call 812-621-0961 or email ATTENTION HOMEOWN- davesautosalvage1@gmai ERS!!! Kayak Pools is looking for demo homesites to display our maintenance-free pools. Save thousands of $$$ with this unique opportunity. CALL 2007 Legend 5th Wheel NOW! 800-315-2925 Heated tanks, Blueboy curity keyed, lace curtains, Discount code: 607L314 fireplace, stained glass Bad teeth? Extractions door, slide supports, wheel and Dentures using oral chocks stabilizer, plus sedations. Free Consulta- m o r e items. Rita tions. Dr. McCall info and (513)519-2234. before/after photos at Bass Master 154 Bass m 317-596-9700 Boat. Mercury Classic 50 motor.Runs strong, over 2500 new equipment. $3900 812-654-3872 or 812-621-3478




GRILL COOKS Full & Part Time Apply in person: 615 Ring Rd Harrison, Ohio


ISBDC/PURDUE seeking trained professional to cover Lawrenceburg/Batesville area. BA required. MBA preferred. To Apply: – Employment Purdue University is an equal opportunity/equal access/ affirmative action employer fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce.

NOW TAKING APPLICATIONs fOr DIeTAry AIDe/ COOK sHADy NOOK CAre CeNTer 36 Valley Drive Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

DISH TV Retailer- Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-800-283-0560

ROOFING- Half Priced: Economy Dimensional Shingles $54 per sq, Interior Doors $5 & up, Close Out Windows $25 each. www.CardwellHomeCenHUGE GARAGE SALE, 3205 Madison Thurs. April 24 9-5, Fri. Avenue, Indianapolis April 25 9-3. NO early (317)788-0008 birds. 9740 Meadowlake Drive, Harrison (off Edge- Whispering Pines Paylake wood Road) BIG selection Grand Opening Friday of household items, estate April 11th. Itʼs Fishing items, jewelry, size 8-10 Time! Call 812-756-0378, womenʼs new brand name East on US 50. clothing, accessories, furniture, lamps, art, décor, bedding, dishes, appli ances, etc. All from a clean, non-smoking household – NO JUNK.  Priced Always Buying ,antiques, to sell – CHEAP.  estates or partial estates, old military items, guns, Huge Tag Sale, combo of swords, old advertising several estates. April signs, and clocks, toys, 18th-19th, 9a-4p. 9639 jewelry, pottery, etc. Call State Rd. 62, Dillsboro, IN. Bob 812-637-5369

Mountain Meadows Annual Subdivision Sale, Bright, Indiana 5/2-5/3 from 8:30-? Stateline to Saltfork to One Mile Road. End of One Mile. Hidden It.s thyme! Chanʼs Plant Treasures for Everyone. Sale-Perennial flowers, Two neighbors, one HUGE herbs, wildflowers. Great MOVING SALE! April 18th Prices! $.50 & up. 9-5 May & 19th, 8am-3pm. Baby 8,9,10 & 24. 109 N. High clothes, toys, furniture, St. (Ind. 56) Rising Sun. womenʼs and menʼs cloth812-438-3182 ing, kitchen accessories and more! Items priced to Small squares, mixed sell. Located at 113 & 114 grassed $2 to $3; Timothy Billups Ave. in Greendale. or orchard $4.50; 4x5 Rain cancels. grass $20 to $30 stored inside; Call 513-417-1185 or 812-438-3757 Wanted to buy cattle and horses. Crippled or sound. Also buying wild cattle. Will pay cash. (859)620-5860.

DirectTV- 2 Year Savings Event! Over 140 channels only $29.99 a month. Only DirectTV gives you 2 YEARS of savings and a FREE Genie upgrade! Call 1-800-246-2073



2006 Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer Edition) 81,000 miles, 4 wheel drive, loaded with all the options, Price Reduced $13,400 Ph 513-265-8460 Will Buy & Haul Scrap Cars & Trucks (812)716-0781.

70 Posted Column

Absolutely no dogs, hunting, trapping, fishing, swimming, trash dumping of any kind, wire fence cutting/breaking, horse riding, woodcutting, motorized vehicles, firearms, or tres passing for any reason, unless written permission. Violators will be prose cuted. Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property. Dennis and Gail Connelly, 6651 Stimson Road, Aurora, IN 47001 12-14 Absolutely no fishing, no swimming, no hunting, or trespassing permitted. Not responsible for any injuries or accidents on the property belonging to: Mark & Eva Roll, End of Diefenbach Road, Bright IN 47025 09-4-14 Absolutely no fishing, no swimming, no hunting, or trespassing permitted. Not responsible for any injuries or accidents on the property belonging to : Rod and Brenda Cafouras, 12476 Gordon lane, Dillsboro, IN 47018 3/19/15 Absolutely no hunting or trespassing. No dirt bikes or motorized vehicles of any kind. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities on the property of Helen Amm & Teresa Stone, 18060 Union Ridge, Aurora, In 47001. 9/18/14 Absolutely no hunting, fishing, or trespassing. Not responsible for accidents on the property of: Richard Noggler, 7334 St. Rd. 48, 6521 St Rd. 48 Aurora, IN 47001 1-1-15

April 15 - April 17, 2014

The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register


70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column

Absolutely no hunting, fishing or trespassing for any reason w/o written permission on the properties owned or leased by us. No excuses. Violators will be arrested and prosecuted. Harry and John Hud dleston, 8731 SR 56N, Aurora, IN or 5311 Yorkridge Road, Guil ford, IN 10/23/14

ABSOLUTELY no hunting/trapping, no fishing, no riding motorized vehicles or animals, and NO trespassing of any kind for any reason on the properties owned by: Nolte Farms, LLC – Nolte & Bells Branch Rds, Caesar Creek Twp, Dearborn County, Dillsboro, IN and Floyd P & Teresa Martini – North Hogan & Holt Rds, Manchester Twp, Dearborn County, Milan, IN. NO exceptions! Not responsible for any accidents or injuries of any kind. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. 11/13/14 Absolutely no swimming, fishing, hunting or tres passing permitted, not responsible for any injuries or accidents on any property or lakes belonging to: Ralph Eugene Clark, Jr. and Mary Clark, 1505 Water Street, Hardin town, Lawrenceburg, IN Anyone caught in the auto salvage yard or above property will be prose cuted. 09-2-14

Absolutely no hunting, fishing, dog running, woodcutting, dumping, animal abandonment, motorized vehicles, bikes, trapping, firearms, swimming, tree cutting, snowmobiling, creek rock hunting, turning around in private circle drive or trespassing of any kind for any reason . Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities to persons or personal property. Activities of any kind will not be tolerated. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the fullest extent of the law on the properties of:John Niehaus, 16827 St. Rt. 148, Aurora, Ind., 47001. 08/28/14 Absolutely no trespassing - of any kind - for any reason. It is illegal to tres Absolutely no hunting, pass. No hunting, trapping, trapping, fishing, swim - trash dumping, wood cutming, trash dumping, ting, swimming, dischargwoodcutting, motorized ve- ing firearms or explosives hicles, firearms, or tres - of any kind, riding animals passing for any reason. or bicycles, or any motorViolators will be prose - ized vehicles including cuted. Beware of dog. Not ATVʼs, quad runners, moresponsible for accidents torcycles, motor bikes, etc. or injuries on the property Not responsible for propof: Perry & Tracy Boone, erty damage, accidents. 18002 Lost Creek Lane, Injuries or fatalities. ViolaLawrenceburg, IN 4-2-15 tors will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This is a 44 acre tract Absolutely no hunting, bounded on the south by trapping, woodcutting, mo- Lutz Road and on the torized bikes, or trespass- north by Harley Springs ing for any reason or pur- Subdivision. Welbourne pose. These activities are G. Williams, 4738 Lutz strictly forbidden and will Rd., Guilford, Indiana. not be tolerated. Violators 4-22-14 will be prosecuted at their own expense. Also not re- Absolutely no trespassing sponsible for accidents on for any reason; no fishing, the property of: Rodney & no hunting, trapping, swimArlene Miller 8824 North ming, no motorized vehiHogan Rd., Aurora, IN cles, firearms, trash dumping, open fires, wood cut47001 ting, horseback riding, 4 08-12-14 wheelers, bikes. Violators will be prosecuted at their Absolutely no hunting, own expense. Not respontrapping, fishing, swim - sible for any injuries, acciming, trash dumping, dents, fatalities. No treswoodcutting, motorized ve- passing, soliciting, or visihicles, firearms, or tres - tation from strangers, fampassing for any reason. ily, or friends without writViolators will be prose - ten consent from Ron and cuted. Not responsible for Debbie Seaver, 23718 accidents or injuries on the James Lake Road, Guilproperty of: John Ste- ford, IN 47022 04-24-14 gemiller, 24569 Hiltz Rd., Guilford, IN 47022. ABSOLUTELY NO TRES9-11-14 PASSING OF ANY KIND, FOR ANY REASON OWNER NOT RESPONSIAbsolutely no trespassing BLE FOR ANY ACCI for any reason, not respon- DENTS, INJURIES, OR sible for accidents or inju- FATALITIES. VIOLATORS ries. Violators will prose- WILL BE PROSECUTED cuted at their own ex - AT THEIR EXPENSE. penses.: The Beverly J. SHELIA BLOCK Neihardt Trust, 14950 9163 OLD S.R. 350 Old State Road 350, AURORA, IN 47001 Moores Hill, IN 8-28-14 9-25-14

Nurse Aides

FT/PT (Eves & Nights) • Energetic STNA’s needed! Competitive hourly rates and shift differential. Looking for candidates that possess strong customer service skills. Ask about our $250 sign on bonus! Apply online!

The Waters of Dillsboro Now accepting applications for

ALL Shifts CNA’s

No phone calls Apply online or in person. 12803 Lenover Street Dillsboro, IN 47018 EOE

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the properties of Hidden Valley Lake, Inc, Hidden Valley Golf Club, Rupel Development Corp., Country Acreage, Inc., Jacob Properties, bor dered by Georgetown Road, Fairway Drive, Alpine Drive and Oberting Road, Miller Township and City of Greendale. 03-19-15 ABSOLUTELY NO TRESPASSING FOR ANY REASON. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. 7152 KAISER DR. LAWRENCEBURG, IN 47025 09/11/14 ABSOLUTELY NO TRESPASSING FOR ANY REASON. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. 19150 COLLIER RIDGE GUILFORD, IN 47022. 09/11/14 Absolutely No Trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the properties of: The Bowlins, Bordering on Lipscomb Dr., Mud Lick Creek and Rainbow Road, Manchester Township and 7327 Kaiser Drive, 2-5-15

Absolutely No Trespassing for any reason, no fishing, hunting, trapping, dumping, wood cutting, or swimming, no motorized bikes, 4-wheelers or other motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense, not responsible for any accidents on the property of: Gale Banta, 4304 State Road 48, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 4-2-15

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents of injuries on the property of: Tom & Kathy Klump Tower Rd., Lawrence burg Trojan Rd., Extending to Beneker Rd., St. Leon Kildeer Ln., Guilford Mosmeier Rd., Sunman,St rd 46 property, North Dearborn property 4-9-15 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the properties of James, Wilma, Samuel Goff and Carolyn Goff/Brown, 13337 Goff Lane, Moores Hill,In 09-25-14 Absolutely No Trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted at there own expense. No vehicles including ATVʼs, Motorcycles etc. Not responsible for any accidents or injuries on the property of P.A.W.S. Humane Center, 200 Charles A. Liddle DR. Lawrenceburg, IN. 47025 01-15-15

Absolutely No trespassing for any reason. Not re sponsible for any acci dents or injuries on the properties of Robert & Deborah Lischkge, 9794 Alans Branch, Moores Absolutely no trespassing Hill, IN 47032 2-19-15 for any reason. No fishing, hunting, trapping, dumpAbsolutely no trespassing ing, woodcutting, or swimfor any reason. Will not be ming. No motorized vehiresponsible for any acci- cles of any kind or 3 dents or fatalities. Viola- wheelers. Violators will be tors will be fined and prosecuted at their own prosecuted on the property expense. Not responsible of: Mark & Bonnie Pen- for any accidents or injunington, 12947 N. Hogan ries on the property be Rd., Aurora, In 47001 longing to: Patricia 4-17-14 Stewart, 13409 Wynnʼs Way, Moores Hill, IN Absolutely no trespassing 47032. 10-9-14 for any reason including motorized vehicles - hunt- Absolutely No Trespassing ing of any kind (bow or of any kind, for any reason gun - nor trapping) or sled- at any time. No Excep ding. Not responsible for tions! Owner not responsiaccidents, injuries or per- ble for any accidents, injusonal property. Violators ries or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted at their will be prosecuted at their expenses to the fullest ex- own expense. Tresa Mantent of the law on the prop- ford 11510 North Hogan erty of Irvin J. Hartman & Road Aurora, IN 47001 Frances M. Hartman, 221 5-7-15 Locust St., Greendale, IN Absolutely no trespassing 47025 1-15-15 of any kind allowed on all Absolutely no trespassing properties belonging to for any reason; no fishing, Ola & Julie Miller. No exhunting, trapping, swim- ceptions. Not responsible ming or open fires. No mo- for injuries, accidents or fatorized bikes, 4-wheelers talities. No vehicles of any or other motorized vehi- kind, horseback riding, etc, cles. Violators will be unless written permission prosecuted at their own is given. Ola & Julie expense. We are not re- Miller, 11302 N. Hogan sponsible for any acci - Rd., Aurora, IN 47001 dents or injuries on the 3-19-15 property. Ryan Stroud No trespassing, hunting, Heartland, Homestead fishing, wood cutting, four wheeling or tree cutting. Land Trust 3/26/15 Not responsible for accidents, injuries, or fatalities No trespassing, hunting or of any persons or personal fishing. The Browning property. Violators will be Farm, 9516 & 9321 Texas prosecuted at their own Gas Rd., Aurora, IN expense. Cindy & Mi47001 12-14 chael McAndrew, 19446 Anderson Rd., Law No trespassing, hunting, 4 renceburg, IN 47025. wheeling etc. on property 4-9-15 owned by Ken and Kathy Scherzinger or other No trespassing, hunting, owned entities on North fishing, trapping or dumpHogan Rd. between SR ing of any kind. Absolutely 48 and Holt Rd., Dear - no motorized vehicles, born County Indiana. Not bikes, quadrunners or responsible for any acci- 4-wheelers allowed on my property. Not responsible dents of any kind. 5-14 for accidents, injuries or fatalities. Beware of dogs. No trespassing, hunting, Violators will be prose 4-wheeling or motor vehi- cuted at their expense to cles of any kind. Not re- the fullest extent of the sponsible for accidents or law. Jeffrey Long, 9027 injuries of any kind on the Old St. Rd 350 & 13385 property of: Mark & Rob- Dean Rd., Aurora, In erta Klem, Seldom Seen 47001. 9-14 Estates, Lot #1,#2, #3, 22505 State Line Rd., No trespassing, hunting, fishing, wood cutting, four Bright, IN 06-14 wheeling or tree cutting. No trespassing, hunting, Not responsible for accidents, injuries, or fatalities 4-wheeling or motorcycles. of any persons or personal Not responsible for acci- property. Violators will be dents or injury of any kind prosecuted at their own on the property of: John expense. Debi & Stephan Kemme, 24464 State 7233 Bonnell, Line Rd., Lawrenceburg, Kraeling Guilford, Indiana 47022 IN 9-4-14 05-1-14

Absolutely no trespassing, for any reason. No hunting or trapping. No motorized v vehicles, 4-wheelers etc. without written permission from owner. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Grimsley Farm on Grimsley Rd. Moores Hill IN 47032 04/02/15

Absolutely no trespassing, no hunting, no woodcutting, no walking, no sightseeing, no motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their ex penses. Not responsible for accidents or injury on the property of: Patrick Holland 14130 Brown Rd. Absolutely no trespassing, Moores Hill, IN 8-28-14 hunting, fishing, swim ming, trapping, horseback I-275 Enterprises, Inc., is riding, woodcutting, motor- the owner of property loized bikes, quad runners cated in the Horseshoe or 4-wheelers allowed for Bottoms, Lawrenceburg any reason. Not responsi- T o w n s h i p , Dearborn ble for accidents or injury County, Indiana, bounded to anyone. Violators will be on the West and North by prosecuted at their own the right-of-way of interexpense to the full extent state Highway 275 and on of the law on the property the South by the Chessie of: Darrell & Susan Sex- Railroad right-of-way and ton, 17537 Hillcrest Dr., on the eastern edge of the Lawrenceburg, I N I-275 Lagoon (hereinafter 470205. 3-12-15 called “the property”). trapping, dis Absolutely no trespassing, Hunting, charging firearms, shoothunting, fishing, boating, ing arrows, fishing, turtle swimming, trapping, mo- hunting, dog running, tree torized bikes, 4 wheelers, cutting, woodcutting, RVʼs, woodcutting, horse- dumping, animal abandonback riding, firearms. Vio- ment, hiking, bicycling, lators will be prosecuted at motor biking, operating their own expense. Not re- quads or after ATV vehisponsible for accidents or cles, horseback riding, injuries on the property of: sledding, ice skating, Robert & Carolyn K. Hol- snowmobiling, bird watchtegel, 12466 Rullman Dr. ing, camping, operation of Dillsboro, IN 47018 aircraft, swimming, row 03-15 boating, motor boating, sailing, creek rock hunting, Absolutely no trespassing, turning around or trespasshunting, trapping, trash ing of any kind on the dumping, tree cutting, tree property for any reason is damaging in any way, tree absolutely forbidden withstands, firearms, bows, out written and signed perknives, or loitering. Not re- mission of a duly authorsponsible for accidents, ized agent of I-275 Enterpersonal injuries, property prises, Inc., I-275 Campdamage, or fatalities. Vio- grounds, Inc., and-or lators will be prosecuted to H o r s e s h o e Camp the fullest extent of the law grounds. I-275 Enter at their expense of the prises, Inc. 10860 In properties of Gerald deco Drive, Cincinnati Conn, Cove Circle East O H 45241 lots 2534 and 2535, Hid- 09-4-14 den Valley Lake. 08-14-14 No bikes, skateboards, Absolutely no trespassing, roller blades. No trespasshunting, firearms, wood- ing for any reason; not recutting, trapping. No mo- sponsible for injuries or actorized vehicles of any cidents on property of: kind. Violators will be Dillsboro Civic Club, prosecuted at their own 9824 Central Ave. and expense. Also not respon- 12930 North St., Dills sible for any injuries, acci- boro, IN (formerly Bldg .) dents or fatalities on the D o c t o r s property of: James Chris- 8-28-14 man, Yorkridge Road, No fishing, swimming, Guilford, IN 5-29-14 hunting, four wheelers, or Absolutely no trespassing, trespassing on the Hoshunting, fishing, swim - tetler Farms, 13450 Chesming, woodcutting, quad terville Rd., Moores Hill. or cycle riding. Not respon- They will be prosecuted. sible for accidents or inju- Harry Hostetler, 13450 ries on the property of: Chesterville Rd., Moores Jim & Larry Gabbard, Hill, IN 12-4-14 Lattire Farm, Gregory Bier (The Land) Union No hunting or shooting, no Ridge Road, Aurora, IN woodcutting,, littering or 47001 5-22-14 dumping, no motorized vehicles, machinery or tresAbsolutely no trespassing, passing. Not liable or rehunting, fishing, swim - sponsible for injuries or acming, trapping, horseback cidents. Violators will be riding, woodcutting, motor- prosecuted if found on ized bikes, quadrunners or property of: Dennis G. 4-wheelers allowed on my and Ann J. Elder, 17800 property for any reason. Duncan Lane, Aurora, IN Not responsible for acci- 7-14-14 dents or injury to anyone. Violators will b e prose - No hunting, fishing or trescuted at their own expense to the full extent of the law passing of any kind. Not on the property of: The responsible for property or Gary Steinmetz Farm, personal injury on the of: Maria Teresa 9783 Wesseler Road, property Sunman, IN 05-14 Maturana, 21940 Lake Tambo Rd., Manchester, 01/22/15 Absolutely no trespassing, IN hunting, quads, dirt bikes, or wood cutting. Not re - No hunting, fishing or tressponsible for any injuries passing and not responsior accidents. Property con- ble for accidents or injuries sists of 10 acres. Richard on the property of: Jerome and Melanie Wiedeman, & Ruth Martini, York 18554 Collier Ridge, Ridge Rd., Leatherwood Guilford, IN 47022 Rd., York Township. 4-9-15 05-22-14

post frame buildings Winter speCial

20x24 • $3,995 w/ 2 doors 24x40 • $5,495 w/ 2 doors 40x60 • $11,900 w/ 2 doors Built on your lot! 50 Years Experience

Large selection of colors & sizes Material packages available

gosman inC. 812-265-5290

Be a Direct Support Professional! Great pay for weekend shifts!

• We are one of the leading human service agencies • We live the mission every day in all that we do • We are committed to providing quality services

Applicants must provide valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance, and high school diploma/ GED. Thorough background history check will be completed and must pass a drug screen.

apply online at under Southern Indiana Region, Call 812-376-3906, extension 301 or fax your resume to 812-376-7158 Attn: HR Dept. EEO/AAP

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No Trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Not responsible for any injuries or acci dents. 20042 Stateline RD. Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 10-2-14

No Trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities to persons or property. The Kremer Family 28483 Barber Rd. West Harrison, IN 47060 9-11-14 No trespassing of any kind for any reason on the properties of the Tri-Township Water Corporation. Violators will be prose cuted at their own ex pense. Also not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or fatalities. Tri-Town Water Corporation 75 Jamison Rd., 24192 State Line Rd., 1813 Morgan Rd., 25333 Henderson Rd., 6483 Gaynor Ridge, 902 Justis Rd. 4-9-15 No trespassing of any kind on the properties & private drive of Marvin Zimmer 28817 Evergreen Lane, West Harrison, IN 47060 08-14-14 No trespassing of any kind on property of : All Rite Ready Mix Of Indiana, LLC, 10513 Morgans Branch Road, Aurora, IN 4-9-15 No trespassing without written permission and not responsible for accidents or injury on the property of Jim and Beth Marting, 6960 Nelson Road, Aurora, IN 47001 - in Ohi County. 9-25-14 No trespassing! Absolutely no hunting, trapping, trash dumping, woodcutting, discharging firearms or fireworks or explosives of any kind, riding motorized vehicles or animals. Not re sponsible for property damage, accidents, injuries or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the fullest extent of the law on the property of: David L. Shuter & Deborah L. Shuter, Church Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 01-15 No Trespassing! Abso lutely no hunting, trapping, trash dumping, woodcutting, discharging firearms or fireworks or explosives of any kind, riding motorized vehicles or animals. Not responsible for property damage, accidents, injuries or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the fullest extent of the law on the property of: Joseph F. Bayer, Jr. & Donna S. Bayer, 17365 Church Rd., Lawrenceburg, In 47025 1-15 No trespassing! No hunting, tree stands, firearms, bows, trapping, fireworks, motorcycles or quads. Not responsible for accidents. Violators will be prose cuted at their expense. Lowell & Donna Hollins, 10625 St. Rt. 262, Dillsboro, IN. 10/23/14 No trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for any accidents, Injuries, fatalities or personal property. This applies to all property owned by us.Beware of dog. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expence. Randy & Mary Lynn Hayes, 3382 Sneakville Rd., Law renceburg IN, Also Goose Run, Aurora, IN 1/29/15 NO TRESPASSING for any reason. Not responsible for any accidents, injuries or any fatalities on property of Betty J. Weber, Bloom Road Moores Hill, Indiana 47032. Violators will be prosecuted at their expense. 7-22-14

No trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for injuries or accidents. Violators will be prose cuted at their own expense on the properties of: Wm. G. Rudicil, Barber Rd., Gobblerʼs Knob Rd., W. Harrison, IN 2-12-2015

CoMe ViSit oUr newly expanded Store! 24'x36'x8' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 40'x64'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-9'x7' Garage Door 1-20' Split Slider Truss on 4½' Center Truss on 4' Center

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No hunting, fishing or trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property owned by: Stonegate Property Owners, Bordering on Stonegate Dr. & Essex Lane. 05-29-14 No hunting, fishing, or trespassing without written permission on the Chipman farm. 7442 White Road, Rising Sun, Indiana . Violators will be prosecuted. 4-29-14 No hunting, fishing, or trespassing for any reason and not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property owned by: Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Associa tion, Bordering on Stateline Road and Georgetown Road, Lawrenceburg, In 04/09/15 No hunting, fishing, swimming or trespassing and not responsible for accidents on the property of: Robert & Beth Baylor, 6155 St. Rd. 48, Law renceburg, IN 04-09-15 No hunting, fishing, trapping or trespassing or ATVʼs. Violators will be prosecuted at own ex pense, Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of, Dennis and Cindy Meyung, 10998 County Farm Rd, Aurora, IN, 47001, 01-15 No hunting, four wheeling, hiking, gardening, or trespassing of any kind. Joan Fidler will not be held liable for any injuries ac quired on the property on both sides of 10419 Chesterville Road, next to 10095 Chesterville Road, and across from 10386 Chesterville Road. Violators will be prosecuted. 4-2-15 No hunting, no ATV/bike riding, no wood cutting without written permission. Not responsible for per sonal or property injury on property owned by: Michael and Roberta Hankins, 27106 Cranes Run Road, W. Harrison IN 47060 1/15/15 No hunting, no fishing, no bike riding, absolutely no trespassing on the property of: Irene Beckett Estate, 1005 Nowlin Avenue, Property on west side of Tanners Creek 08-21-14 No hunting, no motorized bikes or vehicles, no trespassing of any kind and not responsible for accidents, violators will be prosecuted on the property of: Stanley Harmeyer & Sondra Lewis 22643, 22747, 22915 Jackson Ridge, Lawrenceburg, IN 09-4-14 No hunting, no motorized bikes or vehicles, no trespassing of any kind and not responsible for accidents on the property of: John McKay 11307 N. Dearborn Rd. Sunman, IN 47041 12-14 No hunting, trespassing, quad or dirt bike riding on the property of Bill and Donna J. Fisher located at 6919 E. Laughery Creek Road, Aurora. 9-25-14 No hunting, woodcutting or trespassing and not re sponsible for accidents on the property of: Joseph and Edna Imholt, 8289 Leatherwood Road, Yorkville, Guilford, IN 4-14 No trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for accidents or injuries. Marshall Alford 15778 W. County Line Rd. Moores Hill, IN 10-9-14

24'x45'x8' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 50'x80'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-9'x7' Garage Door 2- 24' Split Slider Truss on 4½' Center Truss on 4' Center 32'x40'x12' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 60'x80'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-16' Split Slider 2- 24' Split Slider Truss on 4' Center Truss on 4' Center

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hoMeMade baked goodS. freSh loCal prodUCe in SeaSon. handCrafted lawn fUrnitUre. hoMeMade jaMS & jellieS. large SeleCtion of deli MeatS and CheeSeS. SpeCialty iteM - hiCkory SMoked Slab baCon - SliCed to order!

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open: M-f 8-6, Sat. 8-4, CloSed SUn. Advantage Home Care 800-807-6839 or 812-537-0325 406 Ridge Avenue Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 EOE

Metal Roofing & Trim Subscribe

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may be impassable when wet. Under no circum stances will Oxbow be reClassifieds-4 The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News The Dearborn County Register sponsible for •damage to a vehicle or injury to its occupants. Bank fishing only with appropriate license is al lowed and is monitored by No trespassing, hunting, or No trespassing, no hunt- No trespassing. Not re - Oxbow Inc. and Oxbow of Legal Notice conservation officers. fishing for any reason on ing, violators will be prose- sponsible for personal or Indiana, Inc. (”Oxbow”) are Camping, bonfires, and the properties of Knigga cuted. Not responsible for property injury on the prop- the owners of property loovernight parking are pro- The Crosby Township Properties LLC, and accidents on the property erty of: Rita Bennett, 170 cated in the area com - hibited. Swimming in Knigga Holdings LLC, of: Glen & LaVerne Burk- and 172 Conwell Street, monly known as Horse - streams, lakes and other Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing owned by Tim, Nancy, and hardt, Corner of Keller A u r o r a , IN 4 7 0 0 1 shoe Bottoms, Lawrence- watercourses is strictly on Tuesday, April 29, Casey Knigga. These in- Rd., & SR 48, Lawrence- 05-15-14 burg Township, Dearborn prohibited, as are motorclude properties bordering burg, In County, Indiana. Most of ized watercraft of any sort. 2014, beginning at 7 p.m., at the Crosby Township South Fork, Kirkpatrick, 1-8-15 Oxbowʼs land is located No trespassing. Not re - between I-275 to US 50 Removing, destroying or Senior/Community Center, Goodner and Aberdeen disturbing wildlife and Roads. Also not responsi - No trespassing, not re - sponsible for accidents or exit ramp, the CSX tracks, 8910 Willey Road, New plants, or farm crops with ble for any accidents, inju- sponsible for personal or injury. We will prosecute and the levee along US 50 Haven, to consider the apout express written conries, or fatalities. Violators property injury on the prop- trespassers on property and the Argosy entrance plication of Mr. Ken sent of Oxbow is prohibwill be prosecuted at their erty of: Midwest Data owned by: Robert & road. Oxbow also owns ited. Scherzinger of own expense. 3-19-15 Inc., 326 Walnut St., Law- Deborah Schroeder, land immediately west of Oxbow property is regu- Scherzinger Drilling, re Gary & Pam Schroeder, I-275 between the CSX renceburg, IN 47025 questing a variance to perRidge Drive, Lake Tambo tracks and the Ohio River, larly patrolled by law en4-9-15 mit the construction of an & Knopf Roads, Man - as well as land east of forcement officers who have been instructed to 80ʼx70ʼ metal building for No trespassing, motorized No trespassing, or hunting, chester Township. 10-13 I-275 between the CSX prosecute all violators. Ac- storage of contractors tracks, the Ohio River, and tivities such as bird watch- equipment on his property vehicles, hunting, trapping, on the farm of : Barry & fireworks or explosives of Judy Pruss, Rt. 50 Mt. Not responsible for acci- the state line. Maps of Ox- ing, hiking and the activi- at 9629 State Route 128, any kind, discharge of fire- Tabor Rd., Aurora, IN dents. No hunting, fishing, bowʼs properties are avail- ties not expressly prohibHarrison, Ohio. arms or shooting of arrows 4-2-15 woodcutting, swimming, able on our website at ited by these rules or state A copy of the appeal is on on or onto the approximate recreational 4x4 riding, or law may be done at ones 23 acres of Lot #8 in Miller No trespassing, soliciting , trespassing on the prop- Oxbow,Ind. land is a wild- own risk. Oxbow is not re- file with the Zoning Board Ridge Estates. Also not re- or visitation from strang- erty of: Hassel W. and life sanctuary. Hunting, sponsible for any injuries of Appeals and is available trapping, discharge of fire- occurring on the property for inspection and copying sponsible for any acci - ers, family, or friends with- Pamela M. Brashears arms, and the shooting of for those wishing to visit. upon request to the Secredents or injuries occurring out written consent by Bil- Possum Ridge Road arrows is prohibited except Those in doubt of the law- tary at (513)738-1592. on this same property. lie R. Powell on my proper- Aurora, IN 03-5-15 in certain designated ar- fulness of their activity on All persons have a right to Mike and C o n n i e ties located on North Hoeas and only with the writ- Oxbow properties are en- appear in person or by Crossley, Lot #8 Miller gan Rd.Billie R. Powell Ridge, 22102 Hickory 10514 North Hogan Rd. Positively no trespassing ten permission of Oxbow. couraged to first contact: representative to question on the property of 10391 ATVʼs may not be operView Lane, Guilford, IN Aurora, IN 47001. 3-23-15 Huesman Rd. without own- ated on Oxbow property at Oxbow, 854 Ligoria Ave- the owner or give testi 47022 12-11-14 nue, Cincinnati, Ohio mony. ers presence. Danger on any time. Operating other No Trespassing. Not re- property. Not responsible motorized vehicles (except 45218 04-22-14 By order of sponsible for accidents or for accidents. Robert and for the purpose of ap Board of Zoning injury on the property of: Darlene Meyer, 8642 Mar- proved farming and land No trespassing, no fishing, Larry and Kim Jackson, tin Rd., Dillsboro, IN Appeals of 03-15 management operations) no hunting or artifact hunt- 6720 Lipscomb Rd., Law- 47018. Crosby Township off clearly established ing. Nick Domaschko, renceburg, IN 47025. Marjorie J. Meyers, Public Hearing roads or on a road in any Ohio County, 9748 St. Private property. Abso - manner contributing to the Secretary Rd. 56 N., Aurora, In 9/18/14 lutely no trespassing of need to repair the road is The City of Harrison Plan47001 any kind on all properties prohibited. Those who op16-1tc ning Commission will hold 6-12-14 belonging to Dana and erate a motor vehicle on a public hearing on May Phyllis Weisickle. No ex- Oxbow property do so at ceptions. Not responsible their own risk, and are ad- 13, 2014 at 7:15p.m. to No trespassing. No fishing, for any injuries, accidents, vised that the dirt roads discuss a proposed zone No trespassing, no hunting no swimming, no hunting or fatalities. No vehicles of may be impassable when change from OA to R-4 or fishing. Absolutely no 4 or four wheelers. Not re- any kind allowed to drive wet. Under no circum - Multi-Family at 10630 wheelers or motorized ve- sponsible for accidents or through or park without stances will Oxbow be re- Campbell Road. Said hicles of any kind. Not re- injury of any kind on my written permission. Dana sponsible for damage to a hearing will be held at the sponsible for accidents or property. Barb Horn- & Phyllis Weisickle vehicle or injury to its oc- Harrison Community Ceninjuries on the property of: berger and family 9758 12904 Probst Rd, Aurora, cupants. ter, 300 George St., HarriEarl & Thomas Sullivan, E. Co. Rd. 1350 N, Sun- IN 47001 Bank fishing only with ap- son, Ohio. 18253 & 18350 Keller man, IN 47041 propriate license is al Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 07-14 4-14 lowed and is monitored by 16-1tc 5-8-14 conservation officers. Camping, bonfires, and overnight parking are prohibited. Swimming in streams, lakes and other watercourses is strictly prohibited, as are motorized watercraft of any sort. Removing, destroying or disturbing wildlife and plants, or farm crops with out express written consent of Oxbow is prohibited. Oxbow property is regu...We’ve got your comfort. larly patrolled by law en•Air conditioning forcement officers who Stop in and see our unique have been instructed to installation/repair prosecute all violators. Ac•Heating systems homelike atmosphere tivities such as bird watch24/7 ing, hiking and the activi15 years EMERGENCY 114 Concord Square Drive ties not expressly prohibSERVICE experience ited by these rules or state (off Pribble Road) law may be done at ones •Guaranteed work! own risk. Oxbow is not reLawrenceburg, IN sponsible for any injuries 812-363-0425 or 812-623-4983 occurring on the property Dobson Comfort Solutions for those wishing to visit. Those in doubt of the lawfulness of their activity on Oxbow properties are encouraged to first contact: Oxbow, 854 Ligoria Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45218 04-22-14

70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column

Legal Notice

April 15 - April 17, 2014

Legal Notice Legal Notice The Crosby Township Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, April 29, 2014, beginning at 7:30 p.m., at the Crosby Township Senior/Community Center, 8910 Willey Road, New Haven, to consider the application of Mr. Ken Scherzinger of Scherzinger Drilling, re questing a variance to permit open storage of contractors equipment (drilling equipment and tools) on his property at 9771 Crosby Road, Harrison, Ohio. A copy of the appeal is on file with the Zoning Board of Appeals and is available for inspection and copying upon request to the Secretary at (513)738-1592. All persons have a right to appear in person or by representative to question the owner or give testi mony. By order of Board of Zoning Appeals of Crosby Township Marjorie J. Meyers, Secretary

Legal Notice


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THINGS TO BRING ALONG ON YOUR NEXT FISHING TRIP Fishing is a beloved pas- If your fishing hole is known for

time for many people. Fans of fishing are often passionate about the sport, and that passion has inspired many novices to try their hand at becoming anglers. Though there is no way to guarantee you will catch a fish the first time out, you are likely to have some fun, especially if you head out to the nearest fishing hole with a fully stocked tackle box. While even first-timers know to bring a fishing pole and some bait along on their trips, there are some additional items to add to a tackle box that might not seem so practical until after your trip. The extras When planning a fishing trip, it never hurts to bring along some extra supplies. Many a maiden fishing trip has been cut short when fishermen realize they did not pack enough line or hooks. Fishing line has a tendency to break, even if you aren’t expecting to reel in many fish. Fishing line can break in the mouth of a fish or on items in the water, so you will almost certainly need some extra line.

difficult conditions, pack some heavier and more durable line that’s less likely to snap. When conditions are more serene, a thin, less visible line should suffice. You should also expect to lose a few hooks on your trip, so pack extra hooks of various sizes. Hooks come in many sizes because fish come in many varieties. You’ll want to have various hooks in your tackle box to handle whichever fish seem to be biting on the day Of your trip. When buying your hooks, speak with a store representative and let them know which area you plan to visit. They’re likely to know which fish you’re likely to encounter, and they can help you choose the appropriate hooks. Just remember to bring extras to account for the ones you’re likely to lose. Bobbers Few things are as exciting when fishing as that first bite from a fish. That’s especially the case for first-timers, many of whom are hooked the moment that first fish begins to tug on their lines.

Bobbers are the items you attach to your fishing line that let you know when fish are taking a bite on your line. Bobbers come in various shapes, but many people are familiar with the red and white round bobbers, which can be easily attached to your line. Round bobbers limit how deep you can cast your line. If you’re looking to cast a line deep, slip bobbers allow you to do just that because they can be slid up and down your line. However, slip bobbers are more difficult to attach to your line than round bobbers, something first-timers might want to keep in mind.

Certain features available at marinas will help dictate which places will make for a good match. • Size and type of boat First and foremost, your marina options will be narrowed down by the type of boat that you own. Certain boatyards are simply not able to accommodate larger ships, while others are customized to certain vessels, like pontoon boats or sailboats. Knowing the limitations of the marina beforehand can help narrow down your options. • Electricity and water supply - Many boat owners would like a steady supply of electricity and fresh water available at their slip to charge components and also to make cleanup easier after a day on the water. Some marinas offer electrical hookups as part of the monthly fee. Others may have it avail-

Lures Lures come in many varieties, and these are intended to attract fish on those days when nothing seems to be biting. Lures may help first-timers get their feet wet and catch their first fish. That’s especially true when using lures that look like minnows, a popular snack for many fish. Pliers Unexpected issues often arise

able as pay-per-use. It is important to have a list of amenities available so you can narrow down your options. • Is the area safe? A boat is not a cheap investment. Because you spend quite a lot on the initial purchase and maintenance, you want to ensure your boat will be safe while it’s docked. Find out how easy it is to get inside of the marina and if there are security personnel patrolling. Safety is not restricted to whether the boat can be vandalized or the marina can be accessed. It also involves how the vessel is protected from the weather. Make sure that the marina is in a wind and wave protected area. Check out the actual slip you can rent and ask about tide variations. Verify how water levels vary based on the time of day and year so you’re ensured your boat will not get

grounded. • Location- Most boat owners would like a marina that is close to home or a rental property. After all, traveling hours to arrive at the shore may negate the benefits of having a boat. How often the boat is in use and the availability of marinas nearby will dictate your decision, as will how easily you will have access to the routes you want to explore on your boat. • Noise level - Many people take to their boats to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while. Others prefer the sense of camaraderie they share with fellow boaters. Find out whether social gatherings or parties are allowed within the marina to judge if a marina will offer peace and quiet or the social hot spot you desire. • Dry docking - When the season is over, boat owners prefer to take their boats out of water. Does the marina

Indiana’s Premier Marina, Golf, & Resort Complex on Beautiful Brookville Lake

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when fishing for the first time, and one such issue is what to do when you have caught your first fish. Many first-timers do not expect to catch a fish their first time out, but don’t be so hard on yourself. Expect to catch a fish and bring along a pair of pliers in anticipation of that first catch. Pliers take the hook out of the fish once it’s been caught, so bring along a pair and expect to use

What do you use for bait?

Fake worms First-timers might be a little skittish using live bait, so some fake plastic worms might be the best fit when embarking on a first fishing trip. Plastic worms come in various sizes and shapes, and after your initial trip you might decide you want to move on to live bait. But fake bait on the first time is nothing to be ashamed of, and many items mimic the look and even the movement patterns of live bait. If you

HOw TO cHOOSE A mARINA FOR YOUR BOAT Taking to the seas on a boat is a recreational activity enjoyed by thousands of people. Boat owners who are not able to keep their vessels on their properties due to proximity to water or space constraints must seek out a marina in which to moor their boats for the duration of the season. There are hundreds of marinas from which to choose, and in coastal cities and towns you may be facing some difficult decisions. However, keep in mind that not all marinas will be able to offer the same level of services and amenities. Boat owners must also consider cost when choosing a marina. It is important to weigh your marina options carefully because once the decision has been made you often have to commit to a certain term of housing your boat there.

catch a few fish, you might just swear by plastic bait for the rest of your fishing career.

◦ Sagamore Resort Overnight Waterfront Condo Lodging • Private Balconies • Outdoor Pool • Stay & Play Packages

◦ Harbor Links Golf Club • 18 Hole P.B. Dye Design • PGA Instructor • Lakefront Holes • Outings Welcome • Driving Range • Pro Shop / Snack Bar

◦ Ainsley’s Café & Harbor Bar 15179 OLD STATE ROAD 101 LIBERTY, INDIANA 47353 WWW.KENTSHARBOR.COM WWW.HARBORLINKSGC.COM (765) 458-7431 (765) 458-9999

offer facilities to overwinter vessels on the same property? Are there maintenance facilities also available to ready the boat for the season? These are other questions to consider. • Other facilities - Some marinas have everything from a fueling station to a club house. The marina may offer a snack bar or cafe with a WiFi signal. Each of these amenities will affect the price, so it is best to know what you absolutely need and what is merely a luxury. Having a safe place to store your boat is a necessity, but marinas are not all one and the same.


The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register

September 11 - September 13, 2012


SigN it & DRivE it EvENt gEt CASH FOR YOUR tRADE! Equity in trade may be applied to lease or returned to customer


All lEAsEs ArE 10,000 milEs pEr yEAr, 15¢ pEr milE ovErAgE, plus tAx, titlE, licEnsE And documEntAry fEE. With ApprovEd crEdit subAru motor finAncE, 700 minimum bEAcon scorE, $300 disposition fEE At lEAsE End in Addition to Any chArgEs for ExcEss WEAr And tEAr. option to purchAsE At lEAsE End for An Amount to bE dEtErminEd At lEAsE signing. With ApprovEd crEdit thru subAru finAncE, 700 bEAcon scorE or highEr, not EvEryonE Will quAlify. *this stAtEmEnt is bAsEd on subAru cEntrAl rEports 2012. offErs good thru 4/30/14.

KY: 859-525-2500 OHiO: 513-351-5400 7600 IndustrIal rd., Florence, KY

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8,500 oFF MSRP


inCLuDeS $3,000 RebATe

**Bring in a written offer from a non-Wyler dealership and we’ll beat it by $500. On an identically equipped vehicle in stock. Excludes all employee purchase plans. All base consumer rebates deducted to achieve sale prices, additional incentives may be available. All pricing subject to any dealer add ons. In stock units only, subject to prior sale. Vehicle/equipment may vary from photo. Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram are registered trademarks of Chrysler GROUP, LLC. EPA estimates based on manufacturers testing. All offers plus tax, license and fees. Expires 4/22/14.

The journal press 4 16 14  
The journal press 4 16 14