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Down Memory Lane

‘Good things come to those who wait’

Just what does it take for a in the accessible rooms in couple of seniors to take off the parks, so it was necesfor a few, hopefully, pleassary to make reservations in ant weeks together touring May of 2012 for our August our great country? First, you 2013 trip. Four days in a get that voice in your head cabin in Yellowstone.  Two that says, “Let’s go.” Then it days in two different lodges settles down on a distention in Glacier.  After Glacier we and won’t let go. It doesn’t travel to our annual Labor matter if you are old and Day visit to Mt. View, Ark. gray, kind of slow in stride to enjoy the music jams and have to have some spe- Doris Butt around the square. cial attention to get going.   It takes a lot of confiWhen Ray hears it too, I dence that life is going to know I can make the plans. treat you well during the over the year That destination was Yellowstone wait.  A couple major health problems Park and Glacier Park.  I wanted to stay did come. Ray had three more stents put

Ray and Doris on the road again.

in and I had knee surgery, but we had long recuperated by the time we left. Yes, the old folks felt confident they could make it. And what does it take to allow me such a trip. First, running boards on our van where I anchor my feet so I can get in, back side first. Chrysler gave us a little money toward them if I had a prescription. Writing it was a new experience for my doctor.   Long walks and standing for some time are long gone, so I need my electric scooter. We have Bruno that lifts it into the back of the van.  It saves Ray’s

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Senior Source

There is help for the caregiver Dear Senior Source,

LifeTime Resources at 812432-6200. Q. I am a caregiver for Alzheimer’s resources my 86 year old mother who are plentiful if you know has Alzheimer’s disease. where to look. One great She lives with my website is www. family, and I quit, the Almy job to take care Jennifer zheimer’s Associof her full-time. ation website. The While I wouldn’t McClellan website has infortrade caring for mation about not mom for anything only the disease in the world, I am getting itself, but also clinical trial tired and a little worn out. It information, caregiver inis hard to care for a person formation, and information with this disease, especially about the different stages of when she doesn’t remember the disease. me anymore. I really need Care giving has become a break, a night out with prevalent in today’s society, my husband or a couple of and there are a lot of onhours to get my hair done line resources that cater to or to run errands, without that demographic. One such having to worry about her. resource is www.caregiver. I have heard of Respite, com, which is the Today’s but I don’t know what it Caregiver Magazine webis or how to go about get- site. The magazine offers ting this service. How does great articles about different one access respite services, types of care giving. From and are there other resourc- these articles, caregivers es available to learn more can gain insight and see that about Alzheimer’s and care they are not alone. giving? On a related note, November is both National A. Alzheimer’s disease Family Caregiver Awareis an awful affliction that ness Month and Alzheimtakes away the memories er’s Awareness Month. and independence of those These causes are linked who suffer from it. You hand in hand, because so should be applauded for many family caregivers are taking such great care of taking care of a loved one your mother; not everyone with Alzheimer’s disease. can do that. It is only natu- Be sure to look in on loved ral that after a while you ones with memory issues, start feeling the effects of and give some assistance care giving and need a little or respite to the caregivers break from your duties. who selflessly sacrifice to Respite services gives provide adequate care. caregivers a chance to take I hope this information a break from caregiver du- has been helpful to you, and ties, so they can tend to as always “May the Source other responsibilities. be with you!” Someone who provides reThe Source is written spite stays with the care by Jennifer R. McClellan, recipient and manages care Community Relations Assiswhile you are away. It can tant of LifeTime Resources, be another family member, Inc. 13091 Benedict Drive, a friend, a hired helper or Dillsboro, IN 47018. If you a home health care worker. would like to ask her a quesSometimes there are special tion, feel free to write in or funding sources to help pay call. E-mail:jmcclellan@ for respite services. If you, would like to know more phone (812) 432-5215. about Respite services, Sources:; please call the ADRC at

ean Fall Festival parade. val parade will take place day, Oct. 12 at 10:30 a.m. l Slack was born in SwitCounty and attended a one de school the first 8 years l. He attended Vevay High nd graduated in 1950. Dory Slack was born, raised and d her entire life in Rising graduated in 1953 from un High School. The coumarried on June 2, 1956, been married for fifty-seven hey raised their five chilRising Sun: Stan Slack, Brown, Steve Slack and oons who all still reside in un and Yvonne Baker, who n Cincinnati, Ohio. The as 11 grandchildren and 2 ndchildren. graduation, Russell worked napolis for two years. He he United States Navy and our years with the Sixth the Mediterranean during an War. He returned home n his career as a machinist Ward & Manufacturing on rove Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Manufacturing, Rising Sun and retired in 1996 from Setco Industries, Salyer Park, Ohio. After retiring, Russell began working at the Rising Sun New Cemetery and still works there part time as needed in the spring and fall. His son, Steve Slack, is the Cemetery Superintendent. Dory Slack graduated from Bethesda North School of Nursing in 1956 and began her nursing career at Bethesda Hospital. She worked parttime at Dearborn County Hospital from 1959 to 1962. In 1962, she left the hospital to work for Dr. Amado Mauricio, MD, at his Main Street office in Rising Sun. In 1963, she began working as the

of those years as the School Health Nurse for Rising Sun and Ohio County schools. “Ohio County students remember Mrs. Slack for her kind smile, kind words and how she always made them feel better,” stated Stephanie Scott, Navy Bean Fall Festival, President. The couple has been active in the community. Russell served two terms on the Rising Sun Ohio County School Board from 1982 to 1990. He has enjoyed singing throughout his life in churches and during public gatherings. He currently sings with his son, Stan, as part of the worship team and during specials at the Rising Sun Church


tection Adult Protection Counsel, Rising Sun Medical Center and Services from the Heart. “Since retirement, I have enjoyed a slower pace allowing more time to spend with my husband, family and friends”, stated Dory. “I enjoy hobbies such as crocheting, knitting, dabbling in a little art and reading. I appreciate our new library. On my seventieth birthday, our grandchildren presented me with a wet nosed, big, beautiful eyed, black and white adorable schnauzer puppy. I named her Jossie and she is a real joy to my husband and me. She’s a bit spoiled and sassy but makes us laugh with her funny antics and is my closest companion. Sometimes I think she’s our child of our old age. It is indeed an honor for Russ and me to be part of the 2013 Navy Bean Fall Festival Parade and festivities.” The Rising Sun Navy Bean Fall Festival would like to recognize and honor Russell and Dory Slack as the Grand Marshalls of the festival parade and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their


Dorrell named Government Official of the Year


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shoulders and back. We will plan to stay in accessible rooms, but in case we can’t find one Dill has testified before the Indiana SenBy Tim Hillman along the way. We pack a potty riser. ate and Indiana House many times any new I always have my canes nearby. I kind legislation that concerns local county govof wander around without them.            On Sept. 25, 2013 Ohio County CounRuss and Dory Slack such as Local Government Reform, Needless to say, we had our pill boxes cilman Dill Dorrell received the Arthur R. at ernment County Nurse the Ohio County See SLACKS, page 10 Health DepartmentProperty until her retireTaxes, Gaming, County Governin order. Himsel award from the Indiana Association ment Budget/FinancAll totaled, we were gone three weeks of Counties (AlC) (which ing, Housing of Jail and a day.  Ray drove some 6,177 miles includes all 92 Indiana Inmates, and County and we shared some 130 hours riding Counties with over 1800 Road Funding issues. time. I like the togetherness of travelelected officials) annual He was acknowling with Ray.  I have learned a long conference held at the edged for his many time ago as long as I look at Ray when Belterra Casino in Swityears of community I speak it goes a lot better. The same Sept. or against zerland County. Thiseach is BY CHANDRA L. task diana centuries ago, said their of him. Of course, I am 3 Ohio Tim Hillman new proposed service on boards, can be the highest/top award MATTINGLY prime food source the pasCoun- Recorder-News bill when for the Editor Staff RepoRteR senger pigeon, said to Redspeak about some admirable forces, study commitDill Indiana General inclined all of elected Assembly countymeets ofWolf Sanctuary co-owner eceived tees such as new/addisiteButwhile passenger looking at it through my ur R. Himsel fice award holders in January in that the wouldState affect Despite its name, the Red Paul Strasser. early Indiana Association county government and local Wolf Sanctuary Rap- pigeons became tional schoolandbuilding side extinct window. That definitely calls for of inIndiana. ies (AlC) (which taxpayers. tor Rehabilitation Center in the 20th century, and their loss, combined with loss of ll 92 Indiana CounDill has testified before the projects, their school has never housed pure red a repeat. DillIndiana has served the habitat, hunting and traph over 1800 elected Senate andon Indiana wolves. endowment board, So how did I keep from getting bored ping, led to fewer and fewer annual conference House many timesfor any new But in late September, county council 39 red wolves. Eventually, the he Belterra Casino in legislation that concerns local the private zoo underwent local Economic Deduring those 130 hours of riding? Well, remaining animals began inand County. This is county government as years and has gone such to Inthe first major step in that terbreeding with coyotes. est/top award for all Local Government Reform, direction. It was inspected velopment projects, I can reduce that with some snoozing dianapolis countless numIn 1980, the red wolf d county office hold- Property Taxes, Gaming, Wednesday, Sept. 25, by was declared “biologically and county building hours.  Our music of choice on the radio e State of Indiana. County Government Budget/ volunteers from the Red ber of times to make sure has served on the Financing, Housing of Jail Wolf Species Survival Plan. extinct” in the wild. Seven and expansion projwas Willie’s Roadhouse on satellite years later, the species was council for 39Ohio years County Inmates, and County Road concerns are Once their report is finished in northeastern gone to Indianapolis Funding issues. and submitted, it will be re- reintroduced ects. radio. I had my time of singing along protected. North Carolina, where the s number of times to He was acknowledged for viewed by a steering comhas grown but re Ohio County con- his many years of commuDillwhichhaswill been a with the country music of the 60’s and mittee decide population He said the award protected. nity service on boards, task whether or not the sanctuary still fluctuates. The freeleader in many county 70’s. include 70 id the award caught caught forces, just outside Rising Sun is ranging wolves him study by committees surprise said Wadurprise but was hon- such as new/additional school suitable for red wolves,issues said with radio collars, government I noted all the flowers along the way dell. but was honored. building projects, their school Will Waddell, Red Wolf Spe“That'sand sort was of a minihad served several endowment board, local Ecowith a determined cies Survival Plan coordinathrilled that fields of sunflowDill had served sevthe SE District Presi- nomic Development projects, tor for the Association of mum,” he said. The zoo popgoal toAquariums. use the county ulation ranges around blooming 190, ers were in Montana. Vice President. He years and county building and exZoos and eral as the SE Disincluding just under 60 at n a member of the pansion projects. If the Red Wolfdollars Sanctuary in taxpayer’s I took a survey of how many motoregislative committee Dill has been a leader in trict President and Vice does become a red wolf site, the captive breeding facility and Pointcyclists Defiance Zoo, Taast seven years (two many county government isit willmost be the first in Indiana,and the efficient wore helmets.  Of the 12 states President. He has been coma, Wash., where Waddell chairman). This is sues with a determined goal he said. effective t important commit- to use the county taxpayer's we travel through only Missouri and Red wolvesmanner. roamed In-His a member of the (AlC) See RED WOLF, page 10 n the AlC. They are dollars in the most efficient TIM HILLMAN goal is to provide the Nebraska have a law that all cyclists tch dog” committee and effective manner. His Ohio County Councilman Dill Dorrell was named the top legislative committee TIMofHILLMAN iews, discusses and government official at the 2013 Association Indiana best county governmust wear helmets. forfortheSeepast sevenpage years ecommendations DORRELL, 10 Counties held at Belterra Casino. Ohio County Councilman Dill Dorrell ment required servicI looked for herds of Hereford cattle, (two years as chairman). was named the top government official es with the least exa rare find among the Angus scene. This is the most important FARMER’S FAIR ROYALTY NIGHT at the 2013 Association of Indiana Coun- pense to the taxpayer. I enjoyed trains on tracks that often committee within the AlC. ties held at Belterra Casino. The cause of the power outage, ran which beside went fromour road. I wondered where The guidelines for Tim Hillman They are the “watch dog” 3:30 a.m. to around 11:30 Recorder-News Editor this award include their empty a.m., was a downed tree on a car carriers were going or committee that reviews, power line in Aurora. Rising Sun Municipal programs, activities, coming from and if they ever carried The line was a feed from discusses and make recommendations for participation in the AlCUtility customers were withand marked substanany of Greensburg’s Hondas. out power for nearly eight Duke Energy or against each new proposed bill when the and for /committees Demonstrated at least the third time this hours on Sunday, Oct. 6. tial and consistent leadership with the AlC I checked the semis seeing just how year Ohio County residents Indiana General Assembly meets in January A heavy rain storm empand businesses were without tied from threeservice to four inches Provide exceptional leadership to in power beyond the control of that would affect county government and of rain throughout southeastlocal municipal utility county government. ern Indiana which forced the local taxpayers. company. flooding in many areas.

Dorrell named Government ficial of the Year

Red Wolf could house namesake come 2014

Power outage again part of Duke problem

Angel Tree needs volunteers WEATHER

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LifeTime Resources announces their For more information on how you can be annual Angel Tree project. The Angel an Angel this Christmas season, please con- 130th Year, No. 41 Tree enables tact Diana LYDIA MORATH un king candidate (standing second from left) and queen candidate Amber Sporleder (seated third the Jake Scott comDavis at t) enjoy taking part in the annual Aurora Farmer’s Fair contest on Wednesday, Oct. 2. munity to 812-432help spread 6213 or Christmas via email cheer to at ddavis@ older adults lifetimeand persons resources. with disabiliorg. ties that may For over not otherwise 37 years, receive gifts we have during the been servholiday seaing resison. dents of There are Dearborn, two ways to Jefferson, participate Ohio, Riin the Angel pley and Tree project. SwitzerYou may call land Counor stop by the ties. Our LifeTime ofprograms fice to select are dea client and signed to be given gift meet the ideas for that growing client or you needs of may donate the people a gift card, in our comwhich will be munity. used to proAll servide gifts. vices proTo ensure vided by timely deL i f e Ti m e livery, gifts Resources and/or gift are providcards must ed without be dropped regard to off or mailed to LifeTime Resources by race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, Monday, Dec. 2,. Our office is located at national origin or ancestry and are avail13091 Benedict Drive on US 50 in Dills- able to individuals of all incomes. Lifeboro. Time Resources is a United Way member.

many brush guards on the front, not a common site here in Indiana. I pondered why a truck carried snow chains. It was in the 90s most of our travel days. I noticed many trailers had Maine license plates. I’m still researching why.  While the subject of Wisconsin, I did not see a single dairy on our route through The Dairy State.  Corn and soy bean fields nudged right up to the often neglected barn. They must be somewhere, but not on our route. I wondered where Montana was going to use all the baled hay we saw across the state. I learned they feed it to their cattle or sell it. Wyoming offered miles and miles of pitiful pastures. We had one whole day of traveling through corn in the Corn Husk State.    And I know you are curious as to how my navigating went. Well, there was that one time we headed to the “other east” to see the prairie dog town for 20 miles before realizing we were heading the wrong direction. We were always lucky, Ray and I thought we were lost, we somehow arrived where we wanted to go. We always seemed to find a good parking place. We ate at lots of little restaurants.  Most of which served better food than our meal in Old Faithful Inn. We didn’t carry any food, the opposite of one trip several years ago where we made it a goal to stop and picnic lunch at scenic places. Ray was a very good driver. We were proud that he had not received one impatient blow the horn...until we arrived at Madison. Some fellow did not like the speed Ray pulled into a driveway. Next month, I will write our first stop at Montana’s Cowboy Poetry Gathering where Roy Rogers Jr. and his son Dusty were the main attraction. So dust off all your Roy Roger’s memories and share them with me at I might include them in the column.



Ron Spurlock and Dean Carrigan take pride in Carrigan’s work at the Mt. Pleasant Cemtery.



The new sign at the Marsh/Lampkin Cemetery

Ohio Co. cemeteries see spiffy new signs until he died. It was never not big hurry but then a couple hours later he’d ask it I was done yet.” Some of the signs were just old and needed replaced while one (at the Marsh Lampkin Cemetery) had been shot up. Spurlock wanted to thank Carrigan and highway superintendent Ron York for their efforts. “It’s nice to see the cemeteries not being neglected,” added Carrigan. There’s a lot of history

By Tim Hillman Rising Sun Recorder Editor

Drive through Cass Township and you will see several cemeteries that are well marked, thanks to new signs made by Rising Sun’s Dean Carrigan. The work, according to county councilman Ron Spurlock, was done with the help of a grant from the Ohio County Community Foundation. Signs were made and the Ohio County Highway Department addressed a drainage problem at the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery on Ind. 262. Carrigan’s concern to keep the cemeteries looking good dates back to his late uncle Jimmy Dorrell (long time county historian and author of cemetery books in Ohio County). “When he called you, Carrigan remembers. “ You knew he had a job for you. He gave me assignments up

including revolutionary soldiers at the Marsh Cemetery and the Gillespie Cemetery

(whose family were gun makers).

See SIGNS, Page 12


The old sign replaced at the Murray Cemetery.


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125 Walnut Street • Lawrenceburg, IN The raised lettering work of Dean Carrigan is shown closeup in this sign at the Gillispie Cemetery.






The 2013 Women of Distinction are back row, from left: Brenda Konradi, Guinevere Emery, Marjorie Waldon. Seated are Barbara Lyness and Barbara Koch.

Meet the 2013 Women of Distinction

Five more women were By Denise Freitag Burdette Konradi, Marjorie Waldon honored this year as the and Barbara Lyness. The latest to be recognized speaker this year was Dearas Women of Distinction born Superior Court No. 2 during a lunch held Thursday, Oct. 10, at Judge Sally Blankenship, a 2006 Women of the Dearborn Country Club, Aurora. Distinction. This is the eighth year for the DearOther women nominated for the honor born County Chamber of Commerce event for 2013 were Sara Chipman, Christine that honors the impact women have on Craig, Mary Helen Crook, Debra Fehling, the community. It is sponsored by UCB Marsha Ford, Sharon Hunger, Monica McBank and Register Publications. McCabe’s Cory, Judy Reese , and Patricia Ritzman. Greenhouse and Floral and Century Link Blankenship said she was honored to be a are supporting sponsors for the event. part of the positive event, which celebrates “We’ve gathered here today to honor five excellence in the community. The women exceptional women whose passion, drive chosen for the honor through the years have and leadership abilities are an inspiration to touched the lives of many people in many us all,” said Mark Neff, interim president/ ways. CEO of the Dearborn County Chamber of As a shy young girl, she never thought she Commerce. would one day be a judge. She just wanted The women honored this year were her life to be “normal.” But she remembered Guinevere Emery, Barbara Koch, Brenda her mother telling her that “normal is just a

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setting on the clothes dryer,” said Blankenship. You cannot let fear stop you from being who you are meant to be, she said. She started her career as a nurse, but went to law school, while raising a family, after her sister was murdered, she said. Each day she sees the adversity people

struggle with in their lives, said Blankenship, who thanked the women being honored for the positive impact they have on others. Quoting Helen Keller, Blankenship added, “No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.”

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                                                          


   

                                                       


                                                    




                                               

                              


                                     

 





                                     


                                

 

   

           

            

        

 

     


                


  

   


        

    

  

  

  

 

 

    

    

    

    

 

 

 

  

 

     




 


                                                        

    






 








  

                                                 

                                                

                                               


        

   


     

        

     

  

 




Red Wolf could house namesake come 2014


By Chandra L. Mattingly

Despite its name, the Red Wolf Sanctuary and Raptor Rehabilitation Center has never housed pure red wolves. But in late September, the private zoo underwent the first major step in that direction. It was inspected Wednesday, Sept. 25, by volunteers from the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan. Once their report is finished and submitted, it will be reviewed by a steering committee which will decide whether or not the sanctuary just outside Rising Sun is suitable for red wolves, said Will Waddell, Red Wolf Species Survival Plan coordinator for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. If the Red Wolf Sanctuary does become a red wolf site, it will be the first in Indiana, he said. Red wolves roamed Indiana centuries ago, their prime food source the passenger pigeon, said Red Wolf Sanctuary co-owner Paul Strasser. But passenger pigeons became extinct early in the 20th century, and their loss, combined with loss of habitat, hunting and trapping, led to fewer and fewer red wolves. Eventually, the remaining animals began interbreeding with coyotes. In 1980, the red wolf was declared “biologically extinct” in the wild. Seven years later, the species was reintroduced in northeastern North Carolina, where the population has grown but still fluctuates. The freeranging wolves include 70 with radio collars, said Waddell. “That’s sort of a minimum,” he said. The zoo population ranges around 190, including just under 60 at the captive breeding facility and Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma, Wash., where Waddell is located. The Red Wolf Sanctuary recently received a $5,000 grant from the Ohio County Community Foundation to build a three-acre wolf site as a future red wolf pen, said Strasser. Mike Robinson has done some excavating to prepare the site, as well as a fox pen site. The latter must include wire fencing underground to keep its occupants from digging out, said Strasser.

Wolf inspection

The sanctuary, just outside Rising Sun, was inspected Wednesday, Sept. 25, by RWSSP volunteers Jackie Peeler, assistant director of the Henson Robinson Zoo,


Yuma the Puma relaxes in her new outdoor enclosure, its construction funded by a $5,000 grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. Pumas are known by a variety of names: cougar, catamount, panther, and mountain lion. and Talon Thornton, former director of the zoo, located inn Springfield, Ill. Peeler said they planned to submit their report to Waddell this week. Sanctuary owner Paul Strasser said he believes the red wolf evolved in conjunction with the chestnut forest which once covered much of Indiana. Evolving from a foxlike animal that came north from South America, the red wolf is the only wolf to have evolved in North America. Red wolves weight perhaps 50 lb. tops, he said, but with captive breeding now average 57 lb., he said. That compares to coyotes at 30 to 40 lb., which historically were not native to Indiana, and timber wolves at around 80 lb. “We’ve destroyed the chestnut forest, we’ve wiped out the passenger pigeon, and then we destroyed the

red wolf,” said Strasser. Historically, neither coyotes nor the huge white tail deer population were here, though some deer ranged in the river bottoms. Coyotes moved in along the expressways, which essentially are big prairies, he said. In addition to red wolves, Strasser hopes to acquire some timber wolf puppies next year. The nine timber wolves resident at the Red Wolf Sanctuary range in age from 13 to 15, he said. “They’re all getting pretty old,” said Strasser.

Happy cat?

In other activities at the sanctuary, J. C. Boyken is working on an Eagle Scout project building a fox pen, and the sanctuary recently completed a large enclosure for the resident cougar, Yuma the Puma. Construction of the mountain lion enclosure was funded with a $5,000 grant from the

Greater Cincinnati Foundation, said Strasser. “She’s out on rocks and logs,” he said. The sanctuary is located

about a mile outside Rising Sun at and is open for tours by appointment. Call 812438-2306 to schedule a visit. Donations for the non-profit

may be sent to the Red Wolf Sanctuary, 3027 Ind. 262, Rising Sun, IN 47040. “We’re still existing off donations,” said Strasser.

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ting opiate D E A R addiction; EC volleyb B O R N all wins to C O U N urney T Y

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Get up off that couch and volunteer! Community Events

Volunteers are needed to hand out flyers announcing special community events to downtown businesses in Lawrenceburg and Aurora.

Lawrenceburg Library

Volunteers are needed to sort and shelve books at the library. Choose your time and day. Volunteers are also needed to hang door hangers with locations and dates for the L’burg Library Bookmobile. Choose from 4 local apt. buildings.

Shady Nook Care Center is in need of quilters to share their quilts in progress with the residents. By doing some of the hand work as the residents watch. They would also like crafters who would come and help residents do simple projects. The staff would assist the volunteer and the facility would pay for the supplies. The time involved would be 1 1/2 hours each month or every other month.

Volunteers !!!

Are you 55 years or older? Are you bored? Do you need something to occupy your time? Volunteers are always needed for many different types of volunteer work.

Spend about an hour every other Wed. socializing with the male residents. Volunteers are also needed to help with arts & crafts and call bingo for the residents. The facility is flexible with day and time.


Share your wisdom

Music and Friendly visiting

Pull Tabs, Canceled Postage Stamps, Baby Yarn, Box Tops for Education and Used Eye Glasses. Drop off any item’s listed above at 98 E. High Street in Lawrenceburg.

Help others and collect these items: Campbell Soup Labels, Pop & Soup

Home Sewing Projects

R.S.V.P is in need of volunteers to make walker caddies, catheter bag covers, body monitor bags, and lap quilts (45x36) for nursing home residents. Chemo hats for the Oncology Dept. at D.C.H are also needed. Material for these projects can be picked up at the R.S.V.P office.

Quilters and Crafters Needed

Musical entertainment and spiritual programs are needed at The Waters of Dillsboro, Pine Knoll, and Shady Nook. Friendly visits with the residents are always needed and appreciated. The facilities are flexible with scheduling.

SIILC offers assistance Southeastern Indiana Independent Living Center is pleased to announce a new program offering services in this area. SIILC’s newest program provides services designed to help individuals remain living at home for as long as they can. SIILC’s Home Care program offers assistance with daily living tasks such as: cleaning, meal preparation, grocery shopping, transportation to doctors’ appointments and running errands, medication reminders, laundry, bathing, grooming, and many other personal care needs. Most in-home service recipients qualify for services little to no outof-pocket cost to them. Taking care of your loved ones can be difficult when life keeps you busy. No one wants to feel like a burden. Sometimes knowing a friend will be there regularly to check in can give you peace of mind. SIILC Home

Care retains local, trained Personal Care Attendants to make regular visits to meet the needs of clients. Every client’s service plan is tailored to meet their specific needs. SIILC Home Care employ’s neighbors, family members, friends, and familiar faces to provide services to recipients wishing to remain living at home and could use help around the house and throughout the community. SIILC Home Care Services is State licensed,

Medicaid approved, also receives Medicare, private insurances, and clients wishing to pay privately for services. SIILC conducts background and TB screenings on Home Care staff members and provides oneon-one training to continue the commitment to helping people wishing to maintain their independence safely. If you or someone you know can benefit from SIILC’s services, please contact the Center today at 812-689-0800 or Toll Free at 866-689-3753.

Will's Restaurant

Yelton Repair Service Lunch Only 11-2 • Mon-Fri

I-275 & US50, Greendale • Bill & Judi Owners

812-537-1074 • 513-218-5406

George Ammerman Kathy Dils Aaron Rolf David Rolf Farm Insurance • Commercial Sample Ins. Agency Homeowners • Auto Insurance Bright Ins. Services Est. 1878

The facility is in need of a man to run a men’s club for the residents.

RSVP P.O. Box 4194 / 98 East High Street Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Ph. (812) 5394005 Fx. (812) 539-2362

Chateau of Batesville

Love Life! Come see for yourself what we have to offer you!

• An upscale, home-like Assisted Living setting • Medication Management • Assistance with dressing, bathing, and grooming available • Aid and attendance funding for Wartime Veterans and/or surviving spouses may be available • We accept a limited number of Medicaid Waiver residents

Tours available at your convenience

Patrons’ Mutual Fire Ins. Co. & Patrons’ Insurance Agency 415 Walnut Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Phone: 812-537-2859 or 812-537-2852

Ripley Crossing

Seniors needed to share their wisdom and lifetime experiences with 3rd & 4th grade students. Brighten a students life with approximately one letter a month during the school year. The teacher will keep you informed on classroom activities through an attached letter. The program is brought to a close with a picnic at the end of the year. Where you and your pen pal will get to meet, have lunch and play games. Help enhance a students life through your knowledge. Don’t wait sign up today!!!

Call or Email Us Today! 812-623-3504 812-926-0027 812-689-4219 812-663-6967 812-376-6070 812-346-2282

44 Chateau Blvd. • Batesville, IN 47006 812-932-8888 • A Capital Senior Living Community • License #006489




TIM HILLMAN PHOTODean Carrigan looks at gravesites at the Murray Cemetery on Cass Union Road in Aberdeen. Carrigan made the new raised lettered signs for this and other

Cass Township cemeteries.

SIGNS, From Page 3

Carrigan has done cabinets for the city of Rising Sun and continues to work in his shop. The signs weren’t too time consuming with the raised lettering taking the biggest part of the time. Some of the signs were just old and needed replaced while one (at the Marsh Lampkin Cemetery) had been shot up. Spurlock wanted to thank Carrigan and

highway superintendent Ron York for their efforts. “It’s nice to see the cemeteries not being neglected,” added Carrigan. There’s a lot of history including revolutionary soldiers at the Marsh Cemetery and the Gillespie Cemetery (whose family were gun makers). Carrigan has done cabinets for the city of Rising Sun and continues to work in his shop. The signs weren’t too time consuming with the raised lettering taking the biggest part of the time.

Back to the Fifties

Remember when people were ‘valiant’? November 1953 Emanuel Lutheran Church had been gutted by fire. *** Sunman residents were raising funds to start a fire department. *** Frank Hoffmeier and O W Vaughn had traveled all the way to Wyoming to hunt deer. Chris *** Aurora: A strike at the Indianapolis Chair factory was in its third McHenry week. *** Greendale: No action had been taken on a proposal to establish a Post Office. *** Students at Greendale school would be provided with dog tags similar to those worn by service men. *** Dillsboro: A proposal had been made to build a gym and three additional classrooms at the high school. *** At the Popular Auto Theater on US 50 between Lawrenceburg and Aurora: Gregory Peck in “Only the Valiant”.

Over fifty nov 2013  
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