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Down Memory Lane


No trash pile for them!


Army veteran J.P. Menese makes a rubbing of a name on theVietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Saturday, June 1, in Washington, D.C. Behind him is wife, Anne, a Vevay High School graduate, who was married to Georgia native Steve Lassiter when he was killed during the Vietnam War. They were part of a group of Southeastern Indiana veterans who took a bus trip to Washington, D.C., Friday, May 31, through, Sunday, June 2.

Southeastern Indiana veterans lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery.

JULY 2013

Veterans Steve Thompson, Moores Hill, and June Whitney, Hidden Valley Lake, take a moment to talk during the Washington, D.C. trip.

Most of us were shocked at how quickly Alice decided to leave our park and go to live in Oregon, so she would be near her daughters. She lived here over twenty-five years. Most of that time she was our unofficial mayor. She knew everything that was going on. One reason was that Doris she would not hesitate to questions, often perButt ask sonal ones. Some folks thought she was nosey. I will agree she was but for a good reason. It was Alice’s way of knowing who needed help. She loved the park and all the residents in it. Before she had to care for her ailing husband, she took care of anyone and anything she saw that needed help. For instance, she gave financial assistance, took food to the sick and even paid for doctor’s appointments of any resident who couldn’t afford it. When someone’s mobile needed pressure washing she paid for it. She cleaned yards too. She would tackle anything to keep our park in order After her husband passed away her health problems, heart and diabetes, slowed her down. This spring she let both get ahead of her and it almost cost her life. Then she decided she would move to Oregon and she did it with her usual positive attitude. After her time in the hospital, she went to rehab to build up her strength for the air plane flight. (She was my kind roommate in rehab the last two weeks of my stay there when my knee was replaced.) Alice did not come back to her mobile. While she was in rehab, shall I say her strong willed daughters, came in from Oregon and California and took over. They sorted through what would be taken to Oregon. They put her mobile up for sale and had a yard sale. Alice had little say, but she never complained and kept a positive attitude about the change. We all miss her, but were pleased when she wrote that she is very happy living in the senior apartments in Oregon and that she has made friends there. That really was no surprise. She was good to be around. No matter what the subject she could put a positive spin on it. Now there is another story. The second part involves what was left behind, fourteen albums of pictures of Alice’s daily life. It made us sad to see them and to hesitantly place them in the garbage. I thought of the stacks of albums I once had tucked away in my bedroom closet and how I wondered what was going to happen to them when Ray and I are gone. I want you to know that will no longer be a concern. That won’t happen with my pictures. Three summers ago I scanned 2,993 pictures into my computer. Those stacks of albums

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LifeTime Resources



July 2013


JULY 2013

SNAC MENU Phone: 432-6200 or 1-877-234-3641 Monday 07/01 Tuesday 07/02

Wednesday 07/03

Thursday 07/04

Friday 07/05 Apple Glazed Pork or Fish Amandine Mixed Beans Glazed Carrots Cornbread and Fresh Fruit Spice Cake Diet - Cake

Swiss Steak or Savory Chicken Whipped Potatoes Mixed Vegetables Wheat Bread Peaches Diet - Same

Oven Fried Chicken or Dijon Pork Patty Country Potatoes Green Beans Dinner Roll Fresh Fruit Diet - Same

Sausage w/Onions & Peppers

or BBQ Rib Patty Hawaiian Baked Beans Potato Salad Wheat Roll Peach Cobbler Diet - Hot Peaches

Closed for Holiday

Monday 07/08

Tuesday 07/09

Wednesday 07/10

Thursday 07/11

Friday 07/12

Beef Italiano or Chicken Primavera Rotini & Tomatoes Italian Vegetables Pineapple Tidbits Diet - Same

Chicken Breast Chicken Gravy or Beef w/Mushroom Gravy Ranch Potatoes Zucchini & Tomatoes Peaches Dinner Roll Diet - Same

Glazed Turkey Ham or Pork Patty w/Gravy Baked Sweet Potato Cauliflower & Peas Wheat Bread Apple Pie Diet - Apple Pie

BBQ Pork or Hamburger Patty Oven Roasted Potatoes Hamburger Bun Hot Cinnamon Applesauce Diet - Same

Beef Fiesta Macaroni or Spanish Rice & Chicken Corn O'Brien Cornbread Muffin Fresh Fruit Diet - Same

Monday 07/15

Tuesday 07/16

Wednesday 07/17

Thursday 07/18

Friday 07/19

Pork Rib Patty or Hamburger Patty Cheesy Whipped Potatoes Hamburger Bun Hot Diced Pears Coconut Pie Diet - Chocolate Pie

Egg Salad or Turkey Salad Cucumber Salad Fruit Salad Wheat Bread Diet - Same

Beef Enchilada Pie or Broccoli Country Tomatoes Wheat Bread Glazed Fruit Diet - Same

Oven Fried Chicken or Potato Crusted Fish Macaroni & Cheese California Vegetables Wheat Bread Peaches/Pears/Pineapple Diet - Same

Roast Beef w/Gravy or Grilled Pork w/Mushrooms Buttermilk Potatoes

Pesto Chicken & Rice Bake

Spinach and Cornbread Muffin

Birthday Cake Fresh Banana Diet - Cake

Monday 07/22

Tuesday 07/23

Wednesday 07/24

Thursday 07/25

Friday 07/26

Turkey Ham & White Beans

or Savory Beef Casserole Sliced Carrots Cornbread Muffin Fresh Orange Diet - Same

Lemon Pepper Chicken or Parslied Fish Rice Florentine Whole Kernel Corn Diced Pears Diet - Same

Meatloaf w/Tomato Gravy or Dijon Pork Patty Lyonnaise Potatoes Green Beans w/Onions Wheat Bread Cranberry Juice Diet - Same

Turkey Oriental or Sweet & Sour Pork Patty Brown Rice Ginger Carrots Fortune Cookie Peach Pie Diet - Peach Pie

Hamburger Patty or Breaded Chicken Patty Lettuce/Tomato Crispy Cubed Potatoes Hamburger Bun Mixed Fruit Crisp Diet - Hot Mixed Fruit

Monday 07/29

Tuesday 07/30

Wednesday 07/31

Meatloaf w/Brown Gravy or Onion Sage Chicken Whipped Potatoes Green Beans Wheat Bread Strawberry Cake Fresh Fruit Diet - Cake

Sausage w/Onions & Peppers

Mushroom Chicken or Lemon Pepper Fish Macaroni & Cheese Country Tomatoes Diced Pears Diet - Same

or Pork Rib Patty Hawaiian Baked Beans Coleslaw Hamburger Bun Hot Rosy Applesauce Diet - Same

*Alternate Dessert-Lower in calories, fat and simple (refined) carbohydrates.

LifeTime Resources, Inc. invites adults ages 60 and over to visit the Senior Nutrition Activity Center in their community. The Senior Nutrition Activity Centers and their contact numbers are: North Dearborn Village Apartments at 6568804; Moores Hill Senior Center at 7448657; Dearborn Adult Center at 539-2102; Buckeye Village Apartments at 6894234; Rising Sun Senior Citizen Building at 438-2468; Switzerland Co. Senior Center at 427-3626. Reservations should be made a day in advance. Donations are expected. Alternate entrée choices and box lunches are available. Let the SNAC Director when you are choosing an alternate entrée or box lunch when calling for reservations.

All meals served with 2% milk

Each day's meal is planned to contain a weekly average of 533-733 Kcals/meal; a weekly average of meals that limit total fat to no less that 20% and no more than 35% of total calories/meal; fiber must meet a weekly average of 7-10 g/meal; calcium a weekly average that meets a minimum of 400 mg/meal and sodium that meets weekly average not to exceed 1000mg/meal. For those participants following a physician prescribed diet, it is the participant's responsibility to confer with their physician prior to starting meals to ensure offered meal meets dietary restrictions. Remembering LifeTime in Your Will and Memorials is a Lasting and Loving Gift

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JULY 2013




Pictured in the front row are Betty Bourquein, Foundation Chair, and Roy Johnson, 2013 Grant/Award winner. Jim Pierce, Etta Bostwick, Mary Bradley, Shirley Bocock, Janet Hornbach, Denise Kaffenberger, Dennis Bourquein, and Jim Hamill are Foundation members in the back row.

Johnson grant/award winner

Roy Johnson, Agricultural Science Instructor at East Central High School, is the 2013 Educator Grant/Award winner of the newlycreated Dearborn County Retired Teachers Foundation, Inc. An instructor of Agricultural Science at East Central High School, Johnson has already helped his students construct raised garden beds made of 2” x 10” non-pressure treated pine lumber. Summer crops have been planted and will be harvested when school resumes in August. Future plans will

include FFA students in the maintaining of the garden plots. Speaking to the retired teachers at the Dearborn County Retired Teachers Association get-together in June, Johnson spoke of the need to teach students and their families where and how they get the food which they so often take for granted. He commented that it only takes a small plot of land to reap very big rewards in terms of taste and nutrition. The project is exciting for Johnson as it gets students outside. Some of his students



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have never really done any type of physical labor. He said, “We live in a nation where a majority of the citizenry no longer knows how to feed itself. Students will be learning to grow their own food. This is a concept that has been lost in our nation of mass-produced ‘non-local’ food. Over 90 percent of the food consumed in Indiana is imported from other states.” The project does not stop here. In addition to building the garden beds and planting the crops, other students will be involved in his

landscape design classes. Culinary Arts students of fellow teacher Brenda Osman will be utilizing the food produced in their cooking classes. A native from Dearborn County, Johnson graduated from East Central High School where he is now employed. He has a passion for the work that he does with his students. This is the type of quality education which the Dearborn County Foundation seeks to recognize with its awarding of its annual Grant/Award.



JULY 2013



Members of the Dearborn County Hospital Auxiliary recently attended the 2013 Southeast Spring Conference of the Indiana Hospital Auxiliaries Association (IHAA) in Connersville. The conference, which was hosted by the Fayette Regional Hospital Auxiliary, was held at the John H. Miller Community Center. Those attending from DCH are (left to right): Bruce Plashko; Wilma Holden; Anita Benning; DCH Director of Community Relations, Leatha Tudor; Emily Beckman; Phyllis Johnson; Betty Fulton; Sylvia Plashko; DCH Auxiliary President, Marita Cizek; DCH Auxiliary Second Vice President and IHAA Southeast Area Secretary, Cathy Droege; Geneva Calendar; Leona Adams and Barbara Rice.

Remember safety tips when visiting county fairs The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS), Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) and Indiana State Police (ISP) remind all Hoosiers to remember basic safety tips to ensure that everyone enjoys their time at the county fair and other local festivals and carnivals that are part of Indiana’s summertime tradition. General Safety Tips ■■Pay attention to weather forecasts and prepare appropriately. ■■Be aware of your surroundings and know where you will go if you need to seek shelter from an unexpected thunderstorm. ■■Be sure to use sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Remember, even on overcast days UV rays are still powerful enough to burn skin so use sunscreen. ■■On hot days, make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. ■■Wear closed toe shoes like tennis shoes, not flip-flops or sandals, to protect your feet. ■■Remember “If you see something, say something.” If you see people or activities that seem suspicious, report your observations to the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center at 877-226-1026. If you believe danger is imminent, contact local security or call 911. Safety tips for kids and caregivers ■■Teach kids to stay calm and stay put if they become separated from parents or other caregivers. Knowing what to do in this scary situation will help prevent a lost child from panicking, and help safety officials locate them faster. ■■Keep a watchful eye on children. It’s easy for children and caregivers to become separated in large crowds. ■■ Have an established family meeting location where you will reconnect if separated. ■■Check with county fair organizers and ask for ‘missing parent’ contact tags your children can wear with your name and cell phone number in case your child becomes separated. ■■If you do become separated from your child, notify local

security immediately. Animal Safety Tips ■■Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after touching animals, and don’t consume any food inside of the barns. ■■Watch out for animal feces on barn floors and aisle ways when walking or using strollers. ■■Animals at the fair are in a noisy, crowded and unfamiliar environment, and may easily become dangerous if they are spooked or scared. ■■Avoid running, yelling, talking loudly or making loud noises while in the animal barns. ■■Never attempt to pet any animal at the fair without receiving explicit permission from the animal’s owner. Fire Safety Tips ■■Make sure all fires are extinguished and dispose of cigarettes properly. ■■Ensure all wires being used for fair exhibits are away from flammable materials such as cloth or hay. ■■If parking on grass lots while attending the fair, avoid parking on tall dry grass. Park on mowed grass whenever possible. ■■Use caution refilling generators. Exhaust can be very hot. Make sure the exhaust vent is pointing up in the air and not down at the ground, where it could catch dry grass or other flammables on fire. Amusement Ride Safety Tips ■■Don’t board a ride if you see broken parts, signs of improper maintenance, or an inattentive operator. Report your observations to the ride operator or call IDHS amusement ride hotline at 1-888-203-5020. ■■Every ride should have a prominently displayed, current permit issued by IDHS. If the ride has no such permit, call the amusement ride hotline at 1-888-203-5020. ■■Read all posted rules and listen to instructions given by ride operators. ■■Watch the ride with your child before boarding. Point out the operator and the entrance and exit locations prior to riding. Make sure they understand the instructions and warnings fully. ■■Obey minimum height, age, and weight restrictions.

Riverbend Senior Apartments 501 Washington St. #7 • Vevay, IN 47043

The Quiet Place “You’ll Love to Call Home” 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartment Homes Single Story w/ Private Entrances Pet Friendly, On Site Laundry Facilities Community Room & 25 Hour Emergency Maintenance Rental Assistance Available

Never sneak children onto rides if they are too small or too young. A smaller/younger child may not be physically or developmentally able to stay safely seated. ■■If you can’t count on your child to stay seated with hands and feet inside, don’t let them ride. ■■Keep all body parts (hands, arms, legs, long hair, etc.) inside the ride at all times. If you have long hair, keep it pulled up with a hat or hair tie. ■■Always use the safety equipment provided (seat belt, shoulder harness, lap bar, etc.). ■■Remain in the ride until it comes to a complete stop at the unloading point. If a ride stops temporarily due to mechanical failure or other reasons, stay seated and wait for an operator to give you further instructions.

■■Know your physical conditions and limitations. If you suspect that your health could be at risk for any reason, or that you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind, do not ride. Additional ride safety tips are available at IDHS coordinates the certification of all emergency medical services personnel in Indiana, and oversees the regular inspection of emergency medical transports and the required medical equipment. The Indiana State Building Commissioner’s Office, charged with permitting and inspecting amusement rides in Indiana, is also a division of IDHS.



FAIR July 13 through

July 20 2013

Commercial Building Hours: M-F • 5-9P - Sat • Noon-9P 4H Exhibit Hall Hours: M-F • 4-9P - Sat • 2-6:30P

Grandstand Events

Tuesday, July 16

Monday, July 15

Center Square Baptist Church Lasagna Dinner 5:30pm Swine Show 6:30pm

Wednesday, July 17

Wednesday, July 17

Greased Pig Contest 6:30pm Truck & ATV Drags 7pm

Thursday, July 18

Cornhole Tournament 6pm

Friday, July 19 Sanctioned Truck & Tractor Pull 7pm

Saturday, July 20 Mud Run 7pm

Fair Schedule Saturday, July 13

For those 62 years and older or disabled regardless of age

Fashion Revue 7:30pm

For More Information Call 812-427-3676 / TDD (800) 743-3333 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

4-H Horse & Pony Show 3pm

Sunday, July 14

Monday, July 15

Tractor Driving Contest 9am Rabbit Show 5:30pm Little Miss/Mister Contest 7pm

Dog Show 9am Poultry Show 6pm Baby Contest 6:30pm Johnny Andew Memorial Pedal Pull 6:30pm

Thursday, July 18

Cat Show 10am Pocket Pet Show 1pm Beef Show 4pm Meat Goat & Dairy Goat Show 7pm Silly Safari 7:30pm

Friday, July 19

FROGGY FRIDAY AT THE FAIR (All Day Event) Shooting Sports 9am Dairy Show 1pm Sheep Show 2:30pm

Saturday, July 20

Round Robin Showmanship 10am Auction Barbeque 3pm 4-H Livestock Auction 4pm

JULY 2013



     


   

                                                                     

 

  




                                                                                                                                                                             

 


                        

    


JULY 2013


                             

                            

                           

                              

                           

               

 

JULY 2013



                               

                             

            

                              

                             

                          

 




                    


                    


       



   


JULY 2013

                

                                         

                                            

     

                     

 

JULY 2013



How about walking to help end Alzheimer’s? The Alzheimer’s Support memorable and fun event. Please Groups of Southeast Indiana, Inc. come walk with us. This will invites you to our 2013 be our only fundraising Walk to End Alzheimevent of the year alkaren er’s, a 5K Walk Saturthough gifts and memoday, Sept. 14 at the Dearrial donations are welbrandt born Trail in downtown come anytime. Lawrenceburg at 10 Since 1994, Alzheima.m., registration begins er’s Support Groups of at 9 a.m. in the Ivy Tech Lobby Southeast Indiana, Inc has orgaLast year was our first “Walk” nized and conducted family supand we want to continue this port group meetings in our area

and provided educational opportunities and materials to community groups and individuals. Our organization consists entirely of volunteers. The funds that we raise are used for operating expenses including a toll free help line, 888-422-2691. We donate money for research into the cause and possible treatments for the disease. We work with family and professional caregivers

Rocking retirement Generations ago, retirement was thought Aretha Franklin is 71. Carlos Santana of as a time to take it easy — a time of rock- is 65. Carly Simon is 67. Mick Jagger and ing on porch chairs and reminiscing about Keith Richards are both 69, as is Joni Mitchthe good old days. But that’s not the case ell. Leonard Cohen is 78. B.B. King is 87. with the current generation of retirees. In They’re all still performing their music. fact, many older people today Of course, some of these wellcontinue to rock on. Just look at known musicians may not be elisome of the superstars touring Barbara gible to receive Social Security benand performing concerts this year efits. But all of them are of retirewho are old enough to collect Crecelius ment age. So where are their rocking Social Security retirement paychairs and knitting needles? ments. They’re still rocking, but It’s hard to believe, looking at all not in chairs. of these mature stars, that retirement used to Bob Dylan is on tour, as he usually is dur- be associated with bridge and shuffleboard. ing summer months. Dylan is 71 years old. It’s not just musicians. In fact, many people But with a recent album and new tour dates, decide to put off applying for retirement you’d never know he was of retirement age. benefits. And even after they do begin colNeil Young is touring with Crazy Horse lecting benefits, many “retirees” prefer to to support their new album. The “godfather keep working — or at least moving and of grunge” is 67 years young. He’s become shaking. the “Old Man” he sang about in his Harvest Most people know that you can begin coldays. lecting early Social Security benefits at age Paul McCartney’s current “Out There” 62, with a reduction in the monthly amount. tour may more appropriately be called his The full retirement age is gradually going “Up There” tour. The former Beatle is now up from 66 for people born between 1943 age 70. and 1954, to 67 for people born in 1960 Willie Nelson is “On the Road Again.” and later. You can delay retirement even The music icon is 79 years old and seems to further and receive a higher payment when be on nonstop tour. you retire, up until you reach age 70. And

Medical Equipment & Oxygen Family Owned, FULL SERVICE Medical Equipment Provider 10122 US 50 • Aurora, IN • 812-926-4706

with the goal of enhancing the quality of life of everyone who is touched by Alzheimer’s disease. We need sponsors. Businesses and individuals can be a sponsor. Gold Sponsor with a donation of $1000, Silver Sponsor with a donation of $500, Bronze Sponsor with a donation of $250 All sponsors will have a placard on the trail, gold and silver sponsors will be listed on the

another thing that has changed since the past generation: you can continue to work and still receive retirement benefits. Learn more about Social Security retirement benefits by reading our publication on the subject at When you’re ready to retire, the best place to apply is from the comfort of your

back of the T-shirts. Registrations by 8/20 $10 includes a T-shirt, after 8/20 $15. If you cannot walk donations of any amount are welcome and can be mailed to: Alzheimer’s Support Groups of Southeast Indiana, Inc. PO Box 3962 Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Please call us on our toll free number 1-888-422-2691 or email if you have any questions.

home computer, with some of your favorite music blaring in the background. Begin the process with our Retirement Planner at Crank up the tunes, and start planning before you head out to your next concert. Barbara Crecelius is Social Security District Manager in Madison.

Are you concerned or caring for an aging parent? If you’re not alone. Many people throughout the area have the same concerns that you have about caring for their aging parents. Take our simple test to find out if assisted living is right for your family

Yes No (Check one) • Is your older relative forgetting to take medications or over medicating? • Is getting out for errands, appointments and shopping increasingly difficult? • Is making new friends all but impossible? • Is preparing healthy, nutritional meals and snacks a burdensome chore? • Is being home alone less desirable than it used to be, but a nursing home is not an option either? • Would being part of a social environment make life more meaningful for your older relative? If you answered “Yes” to 2 or more of the descriptions above, call Chateau of Batesville at 812-932-8888 to join us for lunch and a tour.

Your Family’s Hometown Pharmacy Family owned & operated - No corporate office Get a person when you call, not a recording Superior customer service • Competitive pricing Ask about our delivery services 12836 North Street • Dillsboro, IN


223 Main Street • Rising Sun, IN


44 Chateau Blvd • Batesville, IN 47006

812-932-8888 A Capital Senior Living Community • License #006489



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Danette Volpenhein, Danette Agent




451 451 Biebly Biebly Road Road Lawrenceburg, IN Lawrenceburg, 47025 47025 812-577-0765 812-577-0765

We will match any competitor’s price!

219 Mechanic Street Aurora, Indiana 47001 more at®. Learn more at®.

OPEN 24 HOURS 812-926-4322

Fax 812-926-4421



Free estimates

CANDLEWOOD PLACE APTS. Quite Residential Street - Ground Floor Garden Apts. With Patio and Storage Unit For Qualified Seniors. Handicapped or Disabled Individuals. •Section 8 Vouchers and/or Certificates Welcome •Rent Based On Income •Office Hours - Tuesday 7:30-4:30 Linda Sellers, Property Manager Small Pets Allowed. 1115 Burgess Ave., Rising Sun, IN, 812-438-2133 TDD#1-800-743-3333.

WANTED: MILITARY ITEMS. Top $ Paid For Guns, Swords, Helmets, Uniforms Etc. Civil War thru Vietnam with particular interest in WWII. Call 513-680-6638.


WANTED: USED GUNS. Will pay top dollar. 812-926-2219. Jacobsen sporting goods, 509 Second Street, Aurora, IN.

Discount Prices! (all makes & moDels)

• #1 Rated embRoideRy machs • new & used sewing machines • household & commeRcial • seRvice on singer & otheRs • discount school seRvice

Luke's aMeLIa, oh 513-753-4500 35 w. Main Street

eLSMere, ky


FOR RENT MOBILE HOME MOBILE HOME FOR RENT Quiet, wooded setting, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Appliances, nice lawn. Near 350 & 129. $425 month. No pets. 513-828-8799.


812-537-0555 125 walnut Street

FAIRBROOK MANOR APARTMENTS 1301 Fairfield Avenue Brookville, IN 47012 765-647-3713 Studio / 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom Apts. For Seniors, Disabled & Handicapped All Utilities Included (phone and cable excluded) Stove and Refrigerator NO STAIRS Community Room --&-- Laundry On Site Basic Rent Starting at @299.00 mo.

Water/sewage included in rent. Office hours M & W 9-4, Appl. accepted M & W 9 to 12. 745 Ash- K & G SEAMLESS GUTTERS & ROOFING. 24 colors available (6 inch) 35 years experience. Box wood Drive, Versailles 812-689-7205. Equal gutters relined, removed or repaired. Reasonable Housing Opportunity. Rates. Free Estimates. Call 812-427-9933 or 1-800682-7503. LUTHERAN COMMUNITY Studios & 1 Bedroom Apts. Rent based on income. Includes utiliManford’s Watch Repair & Fine Jewelry Sales ties. Laundry facilities on premises. Small pets & Service. Ring sizing & watch batteries. Moved to: allowed. Serving those 62 and over or 425 Third Street, #101 Aurora, IN 47001. 812-926mobility impaired. 812-537-1305 8055. Your Local Authorized Pulsar Dealer. Free Estimates. Open Mon.-Fri. 10am-5pm, Sat. 10 am-1pm. Closed Wed. & Sun. Raintree Terrace Apartments- Sunman Studios and 1 Bedroom Apts. Available. Rent based on FARM/PRODUCE income. Includes utilities. Laundry facilities on premises. Small pets allowed. Serving LOCAL HONEY those 62 and over or mobility impaired. From Rising Sun bees. Call Shawn, 812-438812-623-4805. 3182, leave message. RISING SUN INDIANA Taking applications for one & two bedroom apartments. Available April 1st. Quality living on the Ohio River with park like setting and grand View! Three on-site laundry rooms for your convenience. No subsidized housing! Call for availability, appointments, and further details. 1-812-438-2300 or 1-812-584-6266.

Lawrenceburg, In

859-342-6600 4005 dixie hwy.

ANTIQUE CLOCK REPAIR & RESTORATION. Free Estimates. Over 20 years experience. COUNTRY WOOD APARTMENTS currently taking applications for low-income apartments. Member of AWi, NAWCC, & Howard Miller Co. Rent subsidy available. Appliances furnished. Rep. Call Will 812-744-8784.

LoveLand, oh

513-583-9420 (near Jo ann Fabrics) 541 Loveland - Madeira rd.

Greendale Village Apartments 489 Ludlow Greendale, IN NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS 1 & 2 Bedroom apartments for the elderly and disabled



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ting opiate D E A R addiction; EC volleyb B O R N all wins to C O U N urney T Y

THE REGI STER IncumSubscribe Today bents face challenger THURSDAY , AUGUST


it’s so easy to do as for as littleonth m $6.00 per


Get FULL coverage of Dearborn County.


board race

Local News•Local Sports•Money Saving Coupons

South Dea rbo board slates rn BIG CLEHave ANUP the news delivered in your mailbox twice a meetings in schools; firs week and online 24/7. t D’boro Sep in t. 10 6 Months $25* S

Call your Over 50 advertising representative to find out more: 812-537-0063 or 513-367-4582 Check us out on the web at


And Save! 30, 2012

s in school

Road ■ Patrick My With the No ers (Incum ing, the fina vember general elec Drive bent), 17232 District 2 Scenic Manchester been filled. l slates up for the elec tion near- ■ Gregory ships, two and Sparta Dean Weldo The tion ele town deadline for hav candidates n Jr., 713 Bie ■ Arlis J. Bog cted: school boa e District 2 - City of to file was lby Road rd ■ Stepha Greendale noon Friday Several inc Moores Hill gs, 12302 Chesterville , one nie , Au Cro um ele g. mer, 1353 bents cted: 24. Road, South De ■ Shirley Sei ■ Billy R. Lan Gleneagles arborn and in Lawrenceburg tz (Inc PIa ce umbent), 104 , ■ Donna school cor Moores Hill e Jr., 14728 Ewing Roa porations are Sunman-Dearbor Tha Cat cke alpa r, rd, 323 Diehl Ave.■■ ■ Kar n facing cha Running for Running for la Scott-Raab llenges. Lawrenceb South Dea Drive are (Incum urg School rborn School Spa Board Dis Board ■ rta Pike, Moores Hill bent), 12563 District 1 trict 1 - Cea Steven K. City of Law renceburg elected: Road, Sun Williamson, 22416 Lak Washington, sar Creek, Clay, Hog , two ma e an, n one Tam bo elected: Kelly Mollau ■ Daryl L. District 3 Cutter (Inc n (Incumben Center Tow umbent), 893 Dillsboro ■ R. Brett t), 17881 Prib Fehrman, 407nship, one elected: 7 Ind. 62 ble ■ Jeffery Alle rora Mancheste n Lane, 108 r St., Au ra ■ Patricia 98 Locust A. Rahe (Inc St. AuroDrive, Aurora umbent), 204 Hillview Running for Sunma n-Dearbor n School



1 Year 2 Years

$40 $65

As part * nity out-rea of its ongoing com mu ch born Comm effort, the South Dea rSchool Co unity School Comm unity rporation wil ing its nex * t few board l not be holdnormal loc ation on the meetings at its school’s ma in Superinten den t Dr. Joh said he and n Mehrle working tow the school board of commu ard increasing channeare nic South Dea ation with the gre ls rborn Sch ater ool and buildin g school-co Community mmunity par t tRotating few school the location of the next of this effo board meetings are rt. par meetings are South Dearborn’s boa t Monday of generally held the rd firs each month , beginning t at The charre Due to Lab d or Day wee tember me cle at 11:09 remains of a car and k, the Sep * In County Prices Only. Call for details. Subscriptions must be pre-paid. eting will be at 7:30 Sept. 10, in ments put a.m. on U.S. 50 at Syc semitractor are hoi p.m. Dil out the fire sted away amore Est Managem The Monda lsboro. Wednesda ates Drive ent were bus, and Aurora police y afterno y, Oct. 1, in PHOTO BY nt of Taco take place and life squ vid me y ed wit etin CHUCK g. 29. Box 4128 an h g will BelStreeton, tra arr 126froW. High •AuP.O. at Monday, No Moores Hill with gating the ow board to help dirffic injuries, and mo ad as well as Dearbo l, 1020 Green Blvd. The semi caught fire FOLOP/ the The Auror wreck. v. 5, meetin nit ng run rn ect traffic y She a and Lawreafter striking a veh , which wa ori g at Man-off into sto CountIndiana Lawrenceburg, 47025 i s still snarled nceburg fire rm drains riff ’s deputies and Mehrle env . The Indian Dearborn at depart 2 p.m . APD Sgt isions eve some of the . Mike Pru a Department of County Emergency meetings in n having Tra denti and buildings from city Officer Bil nsportation pro l Halbig are time-to-tim or town e for cominvesti Mehrle doe is posted on s a monthly podcas t that the school’s website.


6 Months for only $20*

812-537-0063 Man vs. H orse: watch a whispere r

Unbroken ho rse needed

JULY 2013


Back to the Fifties

Hospital looking for a home July 1953 Bob Hannan had been named the new pastor at the Christian Church. Dearborn Circuit Court had closed its term June 30. The next term would not begin until September 14. County Commissioners had failed to approve a site in Aurora for the proposed Dearborn County Hospital. Lawrenceburg Terminal Elevator had set a new record, acceptChris ing 329 truck loads of wheat in two days. State Road 101 was widened through Sunman. McHenry Aurora was planning a swimming pool estimated to cost $65,000. Harold Stephenson was president of the planning group. Greendale’s new “earth filled dump” had won praise from the Indiana Board of Health. Lawrenceburg had the lowest civil city tax rate in the state.

Hey, check this out! Have you checked out the new Milan ’54 Hoosiers Museum, located in the former State Bank of Milan, 201 W. Carr St.? The museum has more space than ever to showcase the memorabilia that has been collected over the

years representing the 1954 Milan team that won over the much larger Muncie Central in the state basketball championship. Information about the museum is available at www.milan54. org or 812-6542772.

TRASH, From Page 1

were reduced to a handful of prized photos that were sent on to our daughter to put in my Mom’s cedar chest with other family pass downs. The photos were put in around 25 different files. For instance, I had one for myself with that first toddler photo until my graduation photo. I did the same for Ray. I took the photos of our life together and made quite a large one. Each of our children and grandchildren had one. There were those of the farmstead that began with a childhood time photo featuring a tomato patch where the plants are staked. I appreciated that because of one of my earliest farm memories is of Dad taking me to the market in Cincinnati where he sold the tomatoes. I put all the travel together. I had around 25 files of pictures. The next summer I made booklets from my files. I am most proud of the photo booklets I created for each of our children. One thing great about pictures filed on the computer you can make as many copies as you want, so single photos can go to different albums. I began with Ray and my grandparents and moved on with the last

pictures being of their graduation. With each photo I wrote what I remembered for each child. Since I am keeper of my parent’s photos I made booklets for my sister and her children. Since I had all my parent’s photos I put them together and wrote what I could remember for my sister and her children. I hope they appreciate my efforts heirlooms that might be of interest to them and wrote their story. I only directed three things. Our son, who has children, is to get Dad’s father’s pie safe. I was directed by Dad that it must be passed down. I noted our oldest daughter was to get Mom’s dresser and the youngest daughter was to get the blue glass basket that was my folk’s wedding gift and she was to get first choice from then on. I added all the geneology findings that came my way. Needless to say they were greatly appreciated. Since we have traveled in all fifty states, we had heaps of travel photos. I decided to choose the best and put in locations. For instance, I put them with stops like the Grand Canyon, Key West or the Badlands. Our pictures with their story have been passed on. No trash pile for them!


Senior Source

There is help to ease the pain of loss Dear Senior Source,

for those who may not have physical support group meetings to attend in their comQ. My wife of 45 years just passed away munity. offers support through after a long battle with a chronic illness. e-mail messages. According to the website, I miss her so much, and sometimes it is when one member of a group sends an hard for me to get through the day without e-mail, every other member of the group getting emotional. I don’t feel like there is receives a copy of it so they are able to reanyone in my circle of friends I can talk spond at any time of day. The website does to, because no one has experienced a loss ask for a $10 donation per month from its like mine. We had no children, so subscribers, but claims that no I am alone in this. Is there a grief one will be turned away from support group that meets locally, Jennifer support due to financial difficulor an online resource, so I can try ties. For more information please to talk out my feelings without McClellan visit feeling alone? is another online support group that may A. Losing a loved one is always hard. be worth checking out. This website offers It is even harder if you have a limited net- not only bereavement chat rooms and fowork of friends and family. Talking about rums, but support systems for other health your loss will help you heal. There are a related issues. Chat rooms and forums are few grief support groups in the area that available 24 hours a day. The website is may be helpful to you. free to users, but donations of any size A New Day is a grief support group that are welcomed to help pay for operations. is organized by Dearborn County Home For more information, please visit www. Health and Hospice. The group meets once a month and is open to anyone who is copI hope this information has been helpful ing with grief. For more information or to to you, and as always, “May the Source be register, contact Tim Heller, Hospice Be- with You!” reavement Coordinator, at 812-537-8192 or 800-676-5428. The Source is written by Jennifer R. McMargaret Mary Community Health hosts Clellan, Community Relations Assistant of Close Connections. Those individuals who LifeTime Resources, Inc. 13091 Benedict have lost a loved one to a chronic illness Drive, Dillsboro, IN 47018. If you would are encouraged to attend meetings to make like to ask her a question, feel free to write connections and find support. Please call in or call. E-mail:jmcclellan@lifetime-re812-933-3741 for more information, in-, phone (812) 432-5215. cluding dates and times. Sources:; Google, www. Online grief resources are also available,

University Nephrology Associates a division of University Internal Medicine Associates Providing a broad range of services in all aspects of kidney disease:

• Hypertension • Kidney Stones • Dialysis • Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Work-Up Now accepting patients at the following location:

Short Stay Program Designed to help you get out of the hospital and back home safely


State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation Inpatient & Outpatient Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy

of Dillsboro-Ross Manor Recuperate • Rejuvenate • Rehabilitate

12803 Lenover Street • Dillsboro, Indiana 47018


Skilled Nursing Care 24 Hours a day Respiratory Care Anodyne Treatment Social Services Community Activities Respite Care Insurance Claim Assistance

The Doctor’s Clinic Dearborn County Hospital Professional Office Building Suite #310 • 606 Bielby Road Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

For appointments call





JULY 2013

A Continuum of Care to MeetYour Family’s Needs

607 Wilson Creek Rd • Lawrenceburg • (812) 537-4422

Pine Knoll Assisted Living Center is committed to offering our residents the right blend of comfort, security and independence.

Adult Day Services can provide a necessary and well-deserved break from the natural stress involved in being a full-time care-giver. Contact Denise or Juanita for information regarding enrollment. (812) 577-0483

Above, left: St. Joseph American Legion Post No. 464, St. Leon, members dedicated three new flag poles during a ceremony held on Flag Day Friday, June 14. Above, right:American Legion Department of Indiana State Commander prepares to present the American Legion flag during the dedication.


Your Neighborhood Consulant

Connie Bonham

(765) 2010-OIL

36 Valley Drive • Lawrenceburg • (812) 537-0930

Shady Nook Care Center is committed to excellent nursing care at any level, including our quality therapy program.

Three Generations of Health-Care Providers

Dan and Cheryl McMullen Owners

Getting To The Heart of Health A FREE Community Health Fair Rising Star Casino Resort Theatre

Wednesday, August 7th • 9am - 3pm Hoxworth Blood Center will be located outside of the theatre for those interested in donating blood. Please call 812-438-5124. No Cost Mammograms will be provided by St. Elizabeth Mobile Mammography Unity. Appointment is required. Call 859-655-7400.

Free Health Screenings:

Blood Glucose • Blood Pressure • BMI Cholesterol • Nutrition • Sleep Disorder

Free Information On:

Diabetes • Smoking • Prevenative Health Weight Management • Chronic Disease Massage Therapy PARTICIPATE TO WIN PRIZES!

Elliptical Machine • Anytime Fitness Membership Aurora Recreation & Community Center Membership Plus Other Health Related Items For more information call (812) 438-2555 Sponsored by Rising Sun Medical Center and Rising Star Casino with a grant from Ohio County Community Foundation

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