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AURORA HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION (AHPC) Minutes August 20, 2013 CALL TO ORDER: In the absence of Chair Cynthia Bean, Brett Fehrman opened the meeting and noted the presence of a quorum. ROLL CALL Present: Brett Fehrman Chris Powell Jo Ann Ruehl Cindy Rottinghaus Seth Elder – Staff Rick Grubbs - Code Enforcement Officer Absent: Cynthia Bean Kevin Bean Press was represented by Chandra Mattingly. Upon motion by Ruehl, seconded by Powell, the July 17 minutes were approved. COA REVIEW: There were no COAs for review. HEARING OF VISITORS: There were no visitors. OLD BUSINESS: Grubbs advised that there has been no action on the letter to the owners of the property at 206 and 208 4th St. (replacement of original windows and doors without contacting AHPC) due to the City Attorney being quite busy the past couple of weeks. Grubbs also reported that Richard Ullrich’s carriage house was certified for tax sale June 1; no demolition action taken due to the City Attorney being quite busy the past couple of weeks. All agreed that the Vineyard Church looks really good. Elder advised that the Weininger property at 509 4th Street has a note against it which makes donation/acceptance of the property to Indiana Landmarks unlikely. NEW BUSINESS: There was no New Business.



OTHER BUSINESS There was no Other Business. ANNOUNCEMENTS There were no announcements. ADJOURNMENT There being no further business, the August 20, 2013, meeting of the Aurora Historic Preservation Commission was adjourned. The next meeting will be September 17, 2013. Minutes respectfully prepared and submitted by Cindy Rottinghaus, Secretary


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