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Include a Facebook badge in your shop Facebook provides a facility to add a badge for your company’s Facebook page or profile – that you can then place on your webpage or online shop to generate more traffic and fans. At the moment, ePages does not have a function to create these badges automatically, but you can insert them manually with just a few simple steps. This article explains how.

Create the badge in Facebook:

1. First of all, log into your Facebook page. 2. To access Facebook’s badge section, click on the link in the column on the left side of your page ("Add a Badge to Your Site") or go to

3. In this section, you can select what kind of badge you want to include in your shop or website. We have opted for "Page Badge" because it is more appropriate for your eShop. Once you have selected it, click "Edit this badge." Select the options you require and click "Save."

4. On the next page, click "Other" to generate the HTML code we will insert into the shop. Copy it before leaving this page.

Insert the badge code into your ePages shop

1. In your shop’s administration page, go to Design> Quick Design. 2. Click the "Insert page element" link. We recommend placing the Facebook badge in the right or left column or wherever you think it can attract the most attention from your visitors.

3. Click on the last option, "User-defined page elements" and then on the "Text (HTML)" option.

4. On the next screen, paste the code for the Facebook badge and click "Apply."

Note: If your page is in multiple languages, copy and paste the code into each language page so that it will appear in all versions. You can select the language from the upper left dropdown menu.

Once saved, the badge will immediately appear in your shop’s design preview.

Note: This tutorial is based on version 6.12, but it is applicable to all versions of ePages

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