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Volume 5, Issue 6

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RJ Hockey wins 2011-2012 5A state championship

Raiders earn third title in five years [7]

DeNapoli Concert « Tenth annual Ernie DeNapoli Memorial concert brings music to regis jesuit [2]

» SPRING SPORTS previews of Regis Jesuit’s spring sports & profiles of their best players [10-11] Hockey Photos: Jackson Burkholder ‘14



10th annual Ernie DeNapoli concert

Regis Jesuit music program honors the man behind the music Ciana Wilkening ‘12 The Ernie DeNapoli concert included the Canta Belles, the Choir, The Concert Band, and the String Orchestra. “This year’s Ernie DeNapoli was amazing,” senior Sarah Anderson said. “What was really great about this year’s concert was that the audience gets to hear a variety of music from different genres. And it’s always great to hear the musical groups from both Divisions in a combined effort.” “My first thought is that it will be amazing to have our whole program together in one place, from vocal, to instrumental, to theatre,” music teacher Mr. Tim Sauer said. The Canta Belles are what music teacher Bernie Sauer calls “Regis Jesuit’s scholarly choir.” This talented group of singers, in their trademark red dresses, always stuns the audience with their stellar vocals. The Ernie DeNapoli concert serves as an opportunity to highlight their year’s work.

This year, the Canta Belles sang “Libertango” and “Things That Never Die” accompanied by sophomore Gigi McWilliams on violin, and “Son-of-a-Preacher Man” with a solo by junior Saron Araya.

The Canta Belles also performed with the Boys Division Select Choir in renditions of “River In Judea” (solos by junior Emma von Tscharner and senior Nnaoma Agwu) and “Bohemian Rhapsody” (accompanied by senior Matt Cetuk on guitar and senior Case Anderson on percussions). Next up was the Choir. Their lineup included “What Hurts the Most” (solos from Sarah DelMonte and Sabrina Goodman), “Hey Jude,” and “Jump.” “We sang our best at Ernie DeNapoli,” senior Madelyn Queen said. “We had a good variety of songs too.” This year at the Ernie DeNapoli concert, the RJ Girls Concert Band played “The Blessing” from Celtic Woman and “Rondo on a Modal Theme.” “Ernie DeNapoli is our chance to show our true talent,” sophomore flutist Makayla Schmitt said.

Mr. Sauer introduces the DeNapoli Concert and the mission of Regis Jesuit music.

Canta Belles and Select Choir perform at the DeNapoli Concert. – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest


Mr. Tim Sauer and Ms. Wuertz offer their thoughts.

The boys and girls concert bands showed their combined talent when they joined together at the end of the performance and played “Prevailing Winds” and “Aztec Fire.” Next was the String Orchestra. The Girls String Orchestra played “Brandenburg Concerto, No. 4” and “Eleanor Rigby.” They were joined by the Boys String Orchestra for “Fascination” and “Yesterday.” “Our orchestra is actually really small compared to most schools. We’re only thirteen people. Since we’re such a small group, we can hear if someone messes up, and then can find that person and fix the problem. But a lot of music doesn’t sound good without a lot of players. We have to look for the right music,” said sophomore and cello player Georgia Heslop.

Members of the Jazz Band soothe the audience with their sweet tones.

As the evening neared its end, the full orhcestra came together to play “The Great Steamboat Race.” Every one of these spectacular musicians came together, and united as one school, one music department, and one family in the finale of the 2012 Ernie DeNapoli concert — the “World Anthem.” Senior Emily Hellweg speaks at the concert.

Nathaniel Washington presents to the audience.

The Boys Orchestra plays a song.

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The Raiders will have a new look Regis Jesuit decides it is time for a new logo Jack Lowery ‘12 Regis Jesuit High School started classes at the Aurora campus in 1990. At this point, the mascot was a “Raider,” or a Native American. Out of sensitivity to the Native Americans, a new Raider was to take the spot of the Indian. The mascot has since changed to a knight in shining armor. The knight hasn’t been associated with our sports teams very much, as the red RJ logo is typically used to promote Regis Jesuit’s athletic events. Why the change? “We are trying to have a single, standardized logo that everyone can recognize as Regis Jesuit,” said Mrs. Broderick-King, the Director of Communications, who is in charge of this change. Voting began a couple of weeks ago online. Polls came in last Thursday. Indeed, the voters took a 60% to 40% vote in favor of a new logo. 148 alumni voted, and 90 said yes. 167 current students voted, and 100 said yes. The next step in the process is to hold a contest for the best new Raider mascot. Mrs. Broderick-King says that the details will be coming soon, and hopes that the contest will be completed at the end of April. That leaves the summer for the school to make changes with the new mascot. The new Raider mascot has details that must be addressed. Look at the bottom corner of this page for more information on what to do to submit your own version of the new Raider mascot. One of the many old logos that incorporated an Indian: Rudy Brada’s lab coat — Jack Lowery ‘12


the raider review } 03.22.12

RAIDER MASCOT DESIGN CONTEST DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS Logo Versions Raider on horseback Full-body Raider Head/head & shoulders of Raider All three versions of the Raider logo must be synergistic (appear as if of the same ‘person’) so that the logos create a branded look for the mascot. Other ideas than those listed may be submitted, but the three detailed here must be included in the designs or ideas submitted. Representation of the Raider mascot is not limited to being a knight. Designers can explore other options. However, we will not be returning to any Native American representation of the Raider such as which pre-dated the current mascot image. Colors (Only the colors below are allowed in the design or concept) Black White Raider Red (PMS187) Grey (shade unspecified, may be chosen by the artist) Restrictions Other Regis Jesuit logos (hanging RJ, crest, etc.) may be incorporated into the design of the Raider mascot, but they must be representative of the standards-approved version. They should not be modified to accommodate the design of the mascot logo. Clip art and/or copyrighted images may not be submitted. The design must be the original artwork or idea of the person submitting it. Format Designs or ideas for the new Raider mascot can be created on a computer using a graphics or other program or they can be hand-drawn and/or painted. Designs need not be ‘finished’ artwork. Ideas that represent a good concept for the mascot can also be submitted. Designs or ideas should be submitted in electronic format (high resolution JPEG or PDF) even if they are handcrafted or conceptual. Contact the Communications Office (communications@regisjesuit. com) if assistance in converting an original drawing into an image file is needed. Dates April 20 – Designs due to Communications Office Week of April 30 - Community (alumni, students, parents ) vote to choose top 3-5 designs May 11 – Winner is announced Winners The top three finalists will win cash prizes for their entries. 1st: $300 2nd: $125 3rd: $75 Prizes are provided by the Student Councils of both Divisions and the Alumni and Communications Offices. Full contest rules can be found on (Official rules posted by Mrs. Broderick-King)

? { – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest



Marco Capraro breaks away from the pack

Capraro, a nationaly recognized cyclist shows us behind the scenes Sean Whitley ‘13 The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round, round and round. That’s what you will see as junior Marco Capraro races by you. Capraro bikes for and is also part of the Regis Jesuit cycling club. Club moderator Mr. Chris Walsweer makes work hard whenever they go for a ride. “300 miles a week makes them do better for when they race.” On top of this workout, Capraro’s coach, Marty Albe, gives him a vigorous workout that starts with a warm-up. “We have designated specific warm-ups for each type and length of race. The importance of these warm-ups are to get the specific physiological systems up and running prior to, and relative to that event. They also give Marco the chance to focus mentally on that task ahead: the race.” Capraro goes all over the country to race. His most recent race was on March 2 in Fort Collins, CO. “I have been to places from California to Washington D.C.,” Marco said. Senior Nolan Smith and Mr. Walsweer both race for Rocky Mounts/ IZZE. They often participate in events with Capraro and see him all the time at races. “Cycling is the most awesome sport known to man. It is a gentlemen’s

sport. Cycling requires incredible physical and mental strength. Real cyclists are known to be full of heart and passion, and willing to suffer. Cycling is more than just leg strength; it demands the best physical shape and health. That is why cyclists are known to be the healthiest people. The pain tolerance that comes with cycling is what sets it apart. It is also one of the most adrenaline pounding, rewarding sports,” says Nolan Smith. The thrill continues in the Regis Jesuit cycling club, “Cycling club is a very challenging, it takes discipline, and at least 300 miles a week. Very crucial for their racing and mine,” said Mr. Walsweer. Capraro got his first bike when he was 4. His parents were surprised when he got into it, even though his dad biked in the Tour de France. He was very inspired by a man named George Hincapie. “George was big for cycling, like me, and that is what I love. Most of the time you see small skinny folk, but he was bigger built and sticks out in the crowd. Most cyclists are about 150. I am 185 so I definitely stick out just as well,” Capraro said.

swimmers, or that they do it for the cool breeze. The truth is: “We shave our legs so if we crash we don’t get infections. Our hair will carry bacteria after we crash, and that bacteria will get into the cut and get it infected. Secondly, for aerodynamics. The smallest things help.” Capraro said. Albe, who has been riding for about 23 years now, has Capraro do many things for practice. All of these lead up to him getting ready for his races. But when it comes down to it, Marco has to follow his traditions so it all goes “according to plan.” His traditions are a little different every time because it all depends on the time of the race, but certain ones stay true to him. “At the starting line of every race, I get my cross and I pray the last minute before we start and in the last 10 seconds I finish it off, do sign of a cross and kiss my cross on my bike and chain/chest,” Marco said.

Capraro takes the lead after the turn — Mrs. Carmela Capraro

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There are many rumors going around that bikers shave their legs because they want to be like

Adviser: Mr. Adam Dawkins ‘98

Everybody has a story: Hayden Schwarz

Sean Whitley ‘13

This month, Everybody has a Story presents junior Hayden Schwarz. Schwarz loves to write poetry, especially while he is hanging at home to get his mind off of things. Schwarz came to Regis Jesuit from Houston, Texas. “My family moved here for my dad’s engineering job,” Schwarz said. Schwarz has a very “out of the box” mind. Schwarz commented on how he “would want to be a Ditto from Pokémon, because then I’d be able to be any animal I want. So I could be the ultimate best friend,” he said with a smile on his face.

Mr. Schwarz smiling in Theology. — Sean Whitley ‘13 – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest


He is in many activities besides academics. He plays lacrosse, chills with his friends, and works out at the gym to get better at lax.

School weeks can be long and boring for Schwarz, but all he needs to do at the end of a long hard week is to hit the slopes and have fun doing stupid things. Music helps everybody do stuff: focusing, having fun, and dancing. But for Schwarz.

After he moved from Texas, he knew he needed a good school to attend. “I came to Regis because I knew that I would be getting a huge opportunity just by attending. And, I know that it's what my parents wanted for me: a Catholic high school.”

“My favorite kind of music is chillwave (a new emerging genre mix of glo-fi and indie). It's really awesome to listen to, and it is the only music I can listen to that evokes my emotions. My favorite artist is probably Suddlenuance, and the song ‘Ominous.’”

He goes to his favorite class with Mr. Klassen, because he gets his faith and beliefs questioned by what he does in that class. “I love to experiment with my beliefs and have them challenged by the class in general.” He then takes what he is challenged with and has that help him write poetry.

Schwarz isn’t a big fan of football or professional sports in general, but he usually goes for the home team.

Schwarz has been very involved in many things throughout his years here at Regis Jesuit, but the one

he is most excited about is being involved in TEDx. “I was invited to help out with the TEDx Youth Conference this year, which is a big honor!” If you see Schwarz, chances are he is smiling, writing poetry, or chilling with his friends in front of the chapel. After interviewing Schwarz, he closed his eyes, opened the yearbook to the senior class, pointed to a person, and opened his eyes. Connor Smith, what’s your story?

{ the raider review 04 03.22.12


The value of the Raiderman award

A long tradition that has been upheld throughout decades Evan Batten ‘12 Every year, an anxious yet excited class of seniors is prepared to walk out of the doors of Regis Jesuit High School for the last time. With smiles on their faces, memories in their hearts, and friends by their sides, they can confidently leave knowing they have left their mark on the school and imprints in the lives of everyone they have met during their four years. Every year, ten individuals of the senior class are recognized for representing Regis Jesuit High School in the best possible way. Those ten are rewarded with the honor of being named a ‘Raiderman’. A tradition that goes far back into the 50s, this award is a huge credit. The voting process is unique. First, the senior class votes for ten of their classmates who they feel have best glorified the five pillars of the grad at grad as well as other qualities that make Regis Jesuit students stand out among others. Then after figuring out the top 25 students that have received the most votes, the staff then cuts the list to the top 10. Every year, those ten are honored at the Baccalaureate Dinner and with a special spread dedicated to them in the yearbook. Each Raiderman entry in the yearbook is accompanied by a statement from a teacher describing the qualities of that young man. “I think it would be a huge honor to win this award because you are not only recognized by your classmates and friends, but also your teachers as one of the leaders in the entire school.” Senior Cody Hillenbrand said. “It would be really cool to win and have a special tribute to yourself in the yearbook and in the Regis Jesuit history.” Senior Matt Cetuk said. “Raiderman suggests someone who understands that a Regis Jesuit education is special and precious. It’s not something to take for granted, but something for which someone needs to work. It should be valued. I believe the rest of the Regis Jesuit


the raider review } 03.22.12

family understands that those who get the distinction respect and, yes, even love Regis Jesuit and what it stands for,” interim principal Mr. Jeff Howard said. Mr. Howard was elected a Raiderman for the class of ’88. “Students need to possess maturity. They need to understand that they are servants of others. They need to understand that there are more important concerns in this life than what they feel they want or need,” Mr. Howard said. “I think the Raidermen bring a good heart to everything they do,” student activities director Mr. Bryan Timme said. Over the course of Regis Jesuit history, there have been numerous Raidermen who have excelled in all that they do. A few have even come back to Regis Jesuit to teach, such as Mr. Nick Fagnant ’02, Mr. Howard ’88, and Mr. John Ferraro ’82. “Receiving the award acknowledged who I was as a Regis Jesuit student and propelled me to continue living the Graduate at Graduation as a college student and beyond.” Mr. Ferraro said. When asked about the impact the Raiderman award has had on his life, Mr. Howard replied with, “Mainly I get to tease other Regis Jesuit grads who weren’t Raidermen (I am looking at you, Mr. Broderick King!)” Regardless of where the Raidermen end up later on in their lives, they can always remember the high school that gave them so much, and in return they gave so much to as well. They will always be able to live out the pillars of the grad at grad wherever they are, and give Regis Jesuit a good name. This May, when the class of 2012 prepares to walk out of the doors of Regis Jesuit High School, we will be accompanied by ten men who have one of the highest honors this school has to offer.

The Raidermen of 2008-2009 jump for joy after being honored.

RaiderMen of the past 5 years Colin Fisher Tomas Gallegos Matt Magee Chris Morgan Drake Stachler Nick Geraci Kyle Kerble Eric Ptolemy Luke Pavlakolch Sam Tesfalidet Pasha Tabatabai Alvin Logan

Michael Gordan Matt High Josh Zielinski Matt Love Sam Ryan Matt Hoffman Ian Martin Kyle Kummer Danny Kellogg Joe McManus Michael Tilghman



Shane Fisher Max Geraci Alex Goetz Will Holmes Dan Ngyuen Adam Lomas Sam Kissel Frank Kane Fouad Sekrieh Brian Sokas Bud Thomas Dexter Turner

Dominic Pera Allen Bolden Wafik Sedhom Thomas Stack Rani Hadla Dominic Doty Luke Young Michael O’Dwyer Mark Miller Evan Escobedo

Jack Lynn Zander Nowell Zach Anderson Ben Brisso Dan McGann Michael Waker Taylor Budrow RJ Demps Gabe Wedel Michael Fischer Tim Gesner

The Raiderman spread in the 2010-2011 yearbook. The theme was Superhero.

{ – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest



A Game of K ngs Chess club takes second place at state chess championship Billy Cuddy ‘12 At the state championships for chess this year, the room was near silent. There was no audience passionately cheering for their team, no waves traveling around the nonexistent stands, or Rowdies cheering on the chess club to victory. Cumulatively, Regis Jesuit’s chess club took second place out of the fifteen teams at the championship. The chess club has taken home a trophy from the state chess championship since 2004. Trophies are given for the top three positions for teams. “We have been in the top three since 2004, and we have been state champions three times. We were state champions in ‘07, ‘08, and ‘09,” moderator Mr. Billy Willson said. Prior to the state championship, the chess club participates in the Denver Chess League, where they compete against other schools. This year, the club took second place in the League. “In the Denver Chess League this year, we took second. The chess club has been champions in that 6 times in the past decade,” Mr. Willson commented. Such accomplishment does not come easily, and there have been many setbacks. Junior Sam Hunnicut won three games, lost two, and drew another. “The game that I drew, it looked like I was winning and then we drew be-

cause I was a pawn up and he ended up trading off rooks and it ended up stalemate,” Sam Hunnicut. While not as exciting as football or basketball games, chess requires mental skills as much as any other sport requires athletic skills. The exhaustion on the brain is challenging. At the state championships, the participants play six games over the course of two days. “You’re just ready to die by the end of it. It’s just more or less just being able to mentally keep yourself together so you can think about your moves,” junior Elliott Rarden commented. “The hardest part of chess for me is the mental exhaustion,” freshman Zach Nastri said. Still, those who play chess enjoy what they do, although they may have different reasons. “I think chess is interesting because there so many different moves and every game is different. Games like tic-tac-toe everyone’s found out how the game ends. Chess is always different and new,” Sam Hunnicut said.


“It’s fun.” -Zach Nastri ‘15 “I think chess is interesting because there so many different moves and every game is different.” -Sam Hunnicut ‘13 “It’s very stimulating. It really does get you thinking; you always have to be able to analyze your opponents and it teaches you about general strategy through life.” -Elliott Rarden ‘13

also meet twice a week during office hours to improve their games,” Mr. Willson said. Not everything the chess club does is oriented towards winning standard chess games. Many members of the club also enjoy playing blitz games, timed games with up to 15 minutes on each clock, and bughouse, a team-based variation of chess that allows you to place pieces captured by your teammate anywhere on the board. These variations are not limited to the chess club. At the national championship from April 13 to April 15, there are categories for blitz and bughouse.

Brian Bainbridge ‘14 sharpens his skills against Brent Martian ‘14 “I plan in participating in the regular, the blitz, and the bughouse tournaments at Nationals,” Sam Hunnicut said. The chess club has been in the top 25 at Nationals every year since 2004, and has been in the top 10 in the blitz tournament in 2006 and 2009. Whatever their reason for playing chess is, the members of chess club enjoy what they do and plan to continue doing it very well. For nation-

als, Mr. Willson said, “Our goal is to be in the top 25, as always.” “I’m looking forward to placing high, hopefully maybe in the top 20 people,” Sam Hunnicut said about his goal at Nationals. Given their dedication and enjoyment of the game, the chess club should readily be able to achieve such goals.

When asked the same question, Zach Nastri simply answered, “It’s fun.” Mr. Willson does what he can to improve the skills of the chess players. “During the season, we meet three times each week after school to simulate a tournament experience. We

The collection of trophies that the chess club has won – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest

Why do you play chess?

Sam Hunnicut ‘13 plays a casual game against his brother Owen Hunnicut ‘15

{ the raider review 06 03.22.12



RJ hockey back on top of Colorado

Raiders win three 5A state championships in five years CJ Madril ‘12 The Regis Jesuit hockey team has returned home with a 22-1 record along with their third state title in five years. Coach Dan Woodley and his Raiders proved to be the top team in the state with their 3-2 victory over Ralston Valley. During the regular season, the Ralston Valley Mustangs handed them their only loss of the season. “I think the loss motivated our team. We realized that we were not infallible and that we needed to work to acquire the success we hoped for. We went back to practice after the loss and focused on our shortcomings so that if we had the chance again, we would be successful,” Coach Woodley said. However, the Raiders won when it counted most. With many players staying consistent and playing well they were able to ensure that the state title would return to Regis Jesuit. Senior Marshall Conrad had one goal every game of the playoffs. Junior Conner Wigton was able to score the game winning goal against Ralston Valley to win the championship. Although many players were consistent and helped the Raiders with this great victory, it was the team that ultimately won. “I’m so proud of the development of our players not just in terms of their athletic skills but more importantly in their understanding of how to work as a team to accomplish a team goal. Individual

Raiders win their third state title in five years. victory is hollow when compared to a team win that is shared by a band of brothers,” Coach Woodley said.

Although 8 seniors are leaving, 14 returning players will come back for another shot at state next year.

The Raiders performed extraordinarily throughout the season and really played as a band of brothers. After having a 16-game win streak, the Raiders knew that reaching the championship was very likely. Goalkeeping by senior Matt Lechner and sophomore Sam Hardin elevated the Raiders’ chances of reaching state.

“Next year will be another great year. We have so many players returning with experience and the confidence to be another top team in the state,” junior Sean Brennan said.

Along with goalkeeper Marshall Conrad, Conner Wigton and Brian Burlage accounted for more than half of the team’s total goals.

Not only have the Raiders been successful in Colorado, but they hope to be successful at nationals. On March 21, the Raiders will travel to Salt Lake City, to take on the best teams in the country. The Raiders have played some of these teams already and are ready to compete

Ryan Wagner hurries down the ice and looks for Conor Wigton to score the game winning goal. to show others how successful they can be against the best of the best. “I feel like we will do very well at nationals. We are coming off a winning streak and are very confident,” senior defender Jacob Monk said.

This past hockey season has been the best that Regis Jesuit has ever seen. The seniors leaving have made their mark on Regis Jesuit hockey, for those returning will continue to bring Regis Jesuit success and another possible state title.

The Raiders are number one in Colorado and are out to prove they are a top team in the country. With an almost impeccable record of 22-1, the Raiders are confident in competing at nationals.


The Raiders eagerly await their Championship game against the Ralston Valley Mustangs.


the raider review } 03.22.12

Coach Woodley is calm as he gives his boys advice during the state game.

Luke Slouka clears the puck and keeps the puck out of the Mustangs’ hands.

The Raiders celebrate their 3-2 victory over the Ralston Valley Mustangs.

Ryan Wagner, Conner Wigton, and Marshall Conrad hoist the trophy.

Photos: Jackson Burkhoulder ‘14

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It's called March Madness for a reason

Who will be cutting down the nets as NCAA Basketball champions this year? Peter Bayer ‘12 One of the most exciting times of the year is back again for sports fans: March Madness. The NCAA Basketball tournament is always filled with buzzer beaters, upsets, and nailbiters, perfect for anyone who has a passion for sports. This year has been no different.

final four?

There are 4 regions in the NCAA tournament: the South, West, East, and Midwest. The top seeds in every bracket are Kentucky in the south, Michigan State in the west, Syracuse in the east, and North Carolina in the midwest. Every one of the top seeds is still alive going into the Sweet 16. Two huge first round upsets happened this year when #2 seed Missouri fell to #15 seed Norfolk State, and #2 seed Duke was beaten by #15 seed Lehigh. Both #15 seeds lost in their next games. The big question in this year’s tournament is: will there be another Cinderella story? Last year, #11 seed VCU and #8 seed Butler made it to the final four and all number one seeds fell behind. Could this happen again, or will it be like 2008 when every #1 seed made it to the

Ohio has emerged as the team that could prove that they are in fact the Cinderella story of the NCAA tournament. Ohio was seeded at #13, and won a second round game against #4 seed Michigan, and a third round game against #12 seed South Florida. Another underdog in the tournament that advanced to the Sweet 16 was #11 seeded North Carolina State. The Wolfpack won their second round game over #6 seed San Diego State, and their third round game over #3 seed Georgetown.

ets have been impossible to predict, resulting in no perfect brackets. According to ESPN, 6.75 million brackets were filled out and not one bracket is perfect through the third round. Based on that stat, if you still have your final four intact, you are doing pretty well. All of the number one seeds are still alive, but based on how this tournament is going, anything can happen.

Updated version of the NCAA tournament bracket through the 3rd round. — Peter Bayer ‘12 Images below: Wikimedia Commons

This year, the clear favorite seems to be Kentucky. According to CBS, 41 percent of all brackets filled out have the Wildcats taking the championship. However, in the last eight years, the number one overall seed has only reached the final four three out of eight times. The other favorites to win the tournament include North Carolina at 14 percent, Syracuse at 11 percent, Michigan State at 8 percent.

Thomas Robinson, Kansas.

This year’s March Madness brack-

Q&A with RJ Superfans B

I have always been a North Carolina basketball fan, and picked them to win in my bracket. I was very confident in the Tarheels to take the tournament until the event that happened in their last game with Creighton.





Kendall Marshall, their starting point guard, went down with a broken wrist, and it is still questionable whether he can play for the rest of the tournament. However, I still have confidence in North Carolina.



I asked fellow North Carolina fan, senior Michael Brown, what he thought of Marshall being out.


Trevor Albair

Eddie Scheuber

Q: How do you think your team will fare in the tournament?

Q: How do you think your team will fare in the tournament?

Q: How do you think your team will fare in the tournament?

A: Championship or bust.

A: Definitely get to the final four and hopefully win it all.

A: Win it all.

Q: Who is your sleeper team for the tournament? A: Georgetown or Vanderbilt Q: Who is your final four? A: Kentucky, Missouri, Syracuse, and North Carolina. – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest


Draymond Green, Michigan State

What Do I Think Is Going To Happen?


Josh Rademacher

Anthony Davis, Kentucky

Q: Who is your sleeper team for the tournament? A: Murray State Q: Who is your final four? A: Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio State, and North Carolina.

“I still think North Carolina can make the final four without Marshall, but it will be difficult to win it all. They still have great players like Zeller, Barnes, and Henson that could lead them to the championship,” he said.

Q: Who is your sleeper team for the tournament? A: Florida State Q: Who is your final four? A: Kentucky, Missouri, Florida State, and Kansas.

{ the raider review 08 03.22.12



Sports Managers: teams live and die by their fanny packs A closer look at how much managers do for the team that they run Matt Boselli ‘12 Regis Jesuit is known for its historic sports programs. What is behind all of the trophies and banners in the hallways? The most common answer for this question is Regis Jesuit’s elite athletes and coaching. However, the real backbone of these teams are the managers. If you look at a team that has succeeded in a season or has had a great run, most of the time you will also see the kid who has kept the team running all season long. “I am at practice before the team and am always there after everyone on the team is gone,” said junior Sean Whitley. Whitley has helped to hold the football program together for the last couple of years. Most sports teams at Regis Jesuit have these superhero

managers that put in long hours. Between getting the water and other equipment to the field before practice starts and being prepared for any equipment malfunctions, managers have more responsibilities than players may know. Having these quality managers is a tremendous help to the coaches and players that now only have to worry about their performance on the field instead of trekking water coolers onto the sidelines. The manager’s job has a simple explanation, but it comes with a lot of extra commitments. “I am expected just to do anything to help out the team and stay prepared at all times,” senior Corbin Chamberlain said. Chamberlain is co-manager with Ulysses de la Rosa of the varsity

baseball team. Managing is very much a craft that you learn and grow into. The baseball managers are very new to the slang around the ball field, but are learning on the job and are looking to have another stellar season. Chamberlain and de la Rosa have had to learn everything from the art of raking the dirt on the field to being able to chew handfuls of sunflower seeds as the big leaguers do. Junior Brad Hektor is manager of the track and field team. He has never been fond of running but is very interested in doing something productive this spring. “I really just wanted to do something this spring instead of sitting around all season,” Hektor said.

Managers are a dying breed of unique people. To get started training to become a manager, sharpen your skills of making water appear out of nowhere and being a sage of fixing helmets and all sorts of other


Regis Jesuit’s Managers Football: Sean Whitley ‘13 Soccer: Alec Weed ‘12, Matt Alley ‘12 Baseball: Corbin Chamberlain ‘12, Ulysses de la Rosa ‘13 Lacrosse: Matt Boselli ‘12, Michael Harpole ‘12 Hockey: Mohak Singh ‘12, Dugan Tighe ‘13, JT Toole ‘14 Track & Field: Brad Hektor ‘13, Geordie Bain ‘13

ON THE SIDELINES: A day in the life of a Lax manager on game day 2:50


Run up to the field house Arrive at the stadium and to grab balls, white board, transfer all equipment to locker room. Help players get taped up. water and medical kit.

Depart for the game and start mentally preparing.



Fill water bottles and and make sure the players are hydrated.

Get the balls on the field and set up the sidelines for game time.



Give speech to the players and prepare them to get a win.

Place the balls along the end line, the horn on sideline table, and gather the balls.



Gather balls, water bottles, tape, and all equipment. Load the car and head home.

Cheer on the team and keep them hydrated.


Below: Ulysses de la Rosa leaves school early to prepare for the baseball team’s home opener. — Matt Boselli ‘12

Junior Sean Whitley and his helpers quickly pause for a photo on the sidelines before game time. — Alley Petko ‘13


the raider review } 03.22.12

Senior Corbin Chamberlain pauses for a picture while hustling to baseball practice — Matt Boselli ‘12

{ – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest



Can the lacrosse team make it back to the championship for the third straight year? This is the question many people in the RJ community have been wondering ever since the Raiders won the 5A state championship last year. With multiple returning starters from last year’s championship team, they have a talented group of seniors leading through the first half of the 2012 regular season. The amount of speed and agility in the lineup is helping the Raiders dodge the target placed on them by many of the teams in the state. The first game of the season didn’t go the Raiders’ way after they fell to a game-winning goal in overtime to the Columbine Rebels. Going into their second game at East High School, the Raiders were determined to get the job done. “This is my last year to win a state championship and I don’t want to let down people like my brother Derek,” said senior Ryan Ball.

Coming into the 2012 baseball season, the Raiders expect to be back With four returning starters, seniors Peter Bayer, Daniel Sutherland ready to hit the season off. A 7-1 loss to Grandview in their opening looked to shake things off and start over on March 12 on their home The game didn’t turn out so well after a 3-2 lead in the 3rd turned in are looking to get back on track and defend the state championship t

With a mindset like this, there is no question that the Raiders are willing to do what it takes to win. A blowout victory over East by 12 points was exactly what RJ needed to put them back on track. The Raiders look to keep the engine churning and prove once again that they have what it takes to be Colorado’s 5A state champions. After the Raiders rolled over Valor Christian and pulled out another close win at home against Brighton, a team from Utah, all signs point up as the lacrosse team buckles down for their spring break trip to Arizona.

Without hitting powerhouses Connor McKay ’11 and Evan Escobedo mances from players such as sophomore Max George, who finished o Raiders get back on track and turn this season around? Can we see a Weiss is another powerful addition to the RJ baseball program. Com up against the Smoky Hill Buffs on March 22, 2012 at 4:00 pm and se baseball season!

Ryan Ball #22 Height: 6’2” Weight: 200 Position: Attack ‘11 Goals: 38


Luke Leathers #21

Peter Bayer #20

Height: 6’1” Weight: 175 Position: Defense Committed to Air Force

Height: 6’4” Weight: 185 Position: Pitcher Committed to Richmond

SPRING S Design and Writing : Michael Harpole ‘12 & Danny Pfannenstiel ‘12


In the past few years, Rugby has been gaining much more popularity among students here at Regis Jesuit. The Raiders are entering this season with head coach Brian Normile calling the shots after Dan O’Leary stepped down at the end of an incredible twenty-year coaching career. After tough losses to Colorado Springs and East, Regis Jesuit came out on top of Chaparral, Ponderosa, and Swarm. The Raiders will take on Creek after spring break to shore up their playoff seed and will then look ahead to the playoffs. After finishing third in state last year, the Raiders are looking to continue as a top contender in Colorado with all the talent on their team. The Raiders returned all of their forwards and are looking fairly frightening with seniors Eric Hamilton, Collin Pullara, and Sean Ferguson leading the bunch. As for the backfield, Pierre Kuttner, Jake Dillon, Jack Ingalls, and J.P. Giblin have stepped up to make a deep playoff run possible for the Raiders.


Winning one state championship is difficult, winning win three in a row. Head coach Laura Dunston’s miss the 3-peat is achievable. They are returning a collectio Courtois, John Atencio and sophomore Mitch Decker Gerken, Nick Flaig, and Cody Hillenbrand, the Raide with their defensive play style.

Volleyball is another Regis Jesuit sport with a target o the state are looking to upset the two time defending against Chaparral and Cherokee ship contenders, while Mead and between Regis Jesuit and the pos and support the Raiders as they g 2012 volleyball season.

Collin Pullara #8

Eric Hamilton #2

Michael Courtois #32

Height: 6’3” Weight: 215 Position: Number 8

Height: 5’10” Weight: 205 Position: Hooker Committed to Texas A&M

Height: 6’5” Weight: 170 Position: Outside Hitter Spike Speed: 59 mph


to be back full force with great hitting, base running, and fielding. utherland, Jordan Kennedy, and junior Brody Weiss, the Raiders are r opening scrimmage was a minor setback for the Raiders, but they heir home opener against heated rival Cherry Creek High School. turned into an 18-9 rout. With two games behind them, the Raiders pionship they brought to RJ last year.


n Escobedo ’11, the Raiders are going to need consistent perforo finished off the game against the Bruins with two triples. Can the n we see a “Back-to-Back” championship season? Head coach Walt ram. Come out and support your Raiders at home in their match pm and see what surprises are in store for the 2011-2012 varsity

David Peterson #23 Height: 6’6” Weight: 200 Position: Pitcher ESPN CO All State Team


After last year’s shocking 296.5-280 point victory over Cherry Creek, the Raiders are back to their reigning ways as the 5A swim champions. Coming into this year, key swimmers such as senior Ben Fry, and junior Clark Smith are ready to get the season under way. It has been a long off-season, but these swimmers have been in the pool so frequently since last year’s win, they must have permanent wrinkled fingers. The Raiders have won the state championship in swimming 17 out of the last 19 years, and they are looking to do it again this year. This year should prove to be an exciting and thrill packed ride for Raider fans as they get a chance to go head to head with teams like Cherry Creek, Highlands Ranch, and the up and coming Fossil Ridge who won the girls state championship. Regis Jesuit is stocked with seniors that have outstanding leadership and a determination to stay on top. In addition, junior Clark Smith is practically swimming his way to the Olympics. Who knows what this 2012 season will bring, but if it’s anything like the last 19 years, then there is sure to be great things in store for the Raiders. Come out and support your swimming Raiders in the bubble as they continue to keep the underwater dynasty kicking.

Ben Fry

Erik Biernat

Height: 5’9” Weight: 150 Best Event: 100 Fly

Height: 6’2” Weight: 215 Best Event: 50 Free Committed to Navy

G SPORTS “The only thing harder than winning a championship is doing it again” -Unknown



t, winning two is ever harder, and rarely ever will teams ton’s mission this year is to get the Raiders to where a collection of all-state players such as seniors Michael tch Decker. With help from solid senior net players Tim the Raiders pose a considerable threat to many teams

Track season is what spring is all about to many kids at Regis Jesuit. Here the kids get a chance to get out and do something active and have fun competing against other schools to see who runs the fastest, throws the farthest, and jumps the highest, and more.The Raiders have big shoes to fill with last years graduating class putting up significant numbers as well as a few individual state titles, such as Casey Young’s ‘11 110m High Hurdle win and JT Van Veen’s ‘11 171’4.00” Discus throw. Although the entire team was far from winning state, who is to say they don’t have a chance this year? Every year is different in track. Athletes come and go and some just don’t perform the same as they did the year before. To be the best, you have to train and train and train, and that’s exactly what head coach Ryan Taylor is doing. He is pushing his team to be the best they can be so they can get a piece of the podium action. This season is going to show a lot, and with many young athletes and a couple returning, their should be no problem for the Raiders. Come support your Raiders and help them on their journey to the 5A state track meet.

h a target on their back, and many of the other teams in defending champions. They have already scored victories Cherokee Trail, two championMead and Liberty still stand nd the post season. Come out rs as they go for the 3-peat in the

Mitch Decker #17 Height: 6’3” Weight: 160 Position: Setter

Kevin McMahan Height: 5’6” Weight: 150 Best Event: 400m Best Time: 52 s

Joe Petrow Height: 5’7” Weight: 145 Best Event: 800m Best Time: 2:03



Do you know The Knew?

Alum Tyler Breuer makes big break with band Ben Petty ‘15

Regis Jesuit can shape everybody into anybody. The Knew, an art and punk rock ‘n’ roll band, united shortly after lead guitarist Tyler Breuer ‘01 graduated from Regis Jesuit.

Although they went their separate ways when they went to different colleges, Mr. St. John to Boston College and Breuer to the University of Colorado, they still remained in touch.

The rock ‘n’ roll band has been together since meeting at the University of Colorado. Breuer wanted to create a rock band from the moment he met Jacob Hansen and Patrick Bowden.

Breuer graduated from Regis Jesuit in 2001 along with Mr. St. John.

“I was super excited to form a rock band with my buddies that wasn’t a cover band. When you start playing music with your buds, it puts your relationship onto another level. No longer are you just sharing good times, everybody is mutually invested in something that you believe in and want to share with each other, and sometimes people outside the band,” he said. Breuer has a very close relationship with his bandmates, as well as Regis Jesuit alumni director Mr. Colin St. John ‘01. Since they were sophomores, they became very close friends through their Regis Jesuit career.

“I am grateful to have gone to Regis, not because of what it taught me, but because it helped me to see that there was always something readily available to consume rather than what was conveniently presented to you,” Breuer said.

lead vocalist, “It is ridiculous... it is so interesting and epic, and it looks sweet.” The Knew is coming out with a new full-length album. They will tour to support the album, along with adding it to video games and TV shows. The album will be released this summer, and The Knew couldn’t be more amped.

Interview: Tyler Breuer ‘01 Q: What do you like the most about being in a band? A: I’ve been able to make music with and met people through music that I might not have gotten a chance to get to know otherwise. I tend


Q: What do you plan on doing next with The Knew? A: The Knew is releasing our 2nd LP this year. We are really proud of it. Its our strongest release.

Breuer had help from a number of teachers to jump start his dream of becoming a musician. These teachers listened to punk rock and what interested him, and he became attached.

Q: What’s the name of the LP? Also, any idea of when it’s going to be released and what’s to be expected from it?

The Knew also played here at Regis Jesuit. In 2010, they played at the Raiderfest. One of the most distinct features of The knew is their logo: a bear/ hawk. There is no specific reason to why this is the logo, but mainly because according to Jacob Hansen,

to gravitate towards liking a certain musician more if they are decent people. The downside to that is not being able to give a musician or their music all I got because they are lousy people. But if you are a great musician and a great person - then I want to listen to you and hi five you.

Left to right: Members of The Knew Patrick Bowden, Tyler Breuer, Jacob Hansen, and Tim Rynders. — Tyler Breuer

A: It’s untitled right now, but will be released this summer. You can expect to feel no regrets after listening to it.

RJ alumnus rocks Denver, tours the country Reed Brummer ‘04 and his band “Speedwolf” Wes Klukkert ‘12 Regis Jesuit is a preparatory school. How could a metal band survive? Alumnus Reed Bruemmer ‘04 found a way. Reed started at Regis Jesuit in 2000 and couldn’t stand it. After sophomore and junior year, Reed warmed up to the community, but not without the help of one teacher: Mr. Chris Walsweer. “Walsweer was the main reason I was able to make it through Regis. I was definitely one of those kids who wouldn’t have attended unless I was forced by my parents. Since I looked up to guys like Walsweer, I had a good experience.” Certainly, Mr. Walsweer has inspired many people, but what’s different about Reed? Mr. Walsweer tried to describe Reed from his perspective: “He definitely wasn’t the classic Regis Kid — a very nonconformist,” he said. “He got along with everyone and was never a cliquish – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest


guy.” However, that doesn’t explain his success as a lead singer for Speedwolf, one of the most popular Metal bands in Colorado. “Reed comes from a thrash, punk background, but he has a much better voice than a punk/thrash band,” he said. “A metal band needs good riffs, a guitarist that just shreds, good stage presence, and a good voice and Reed and Speedwolf have all of this,” Mr. Walsweer continued. Walsweer uses Pantera, a nationally recognized metal band, as a template for metal bands here in Denver. Speedwolf definitely fits his description. Reed started out in a band named “DDC.” He played all throughout high school and gained valuable experience for his shows to come. He later joined Speedwolf and

played numerous times in Denver, building his reputation. However, Reed, who had been playing for 10 years, never finished an album. They worked hard to perfect their songs and, finally, they had their first album. “One of the highlights from my 10 years with Speedwolf was when we completed our first album,” he said. “Just seeing the box of records on my doorstep, it was simply amazing.” Speedwolf and their new album is now on iTunes. Speedwolf is currently touring the country, playing at venues in states including New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. It’s named “One Nation under the Wolf Tour 2012” and goes from March 13 to April 8.

Top: Reed Bruemmer in Denver. Bottom: Speedwolf playing live in concert. Photos courtesy: Matt Novak

{ the raider review 12 03.22.12


A midsemester night’s performance

The Regis Jesuit Theatre club takes on one of Shakespeare’s greatest Yohana Tuquabo ‘12 Nick Gianfrancesco ‘12

Every year the Regis Jesuit Theatre club puts on two wonderful performances. This year’s first performance was “Into the Woods”. The Spring semester’s performance will be the Shakespeare classic: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is a play written by Shakespeare between 1590 and 1596. The play features three interlocking plots, which does not make this an easy play to follow.

having a quarrel about Titania’s Indian “changeling” and whether or not he may become Oberon’s servant. Again, it’s not an exactly easy play to follow.

or a sandstorm.”

Senior Katherine Hardy talks about her role behind the scenes. “As the sound person my biggest challenge is portraying things that happen, such as birds of prey

“I think the underclassmen will do a great job replacing the seniors. They’ve trained under us and are very competent.”

Hardy also believes strongly in the underclassman taking over from the outgoing seniors.

As the seniors get ready to say good bye to the theatre which they know so well, the underclassmen seem eager and ready to take it over. Sophomore Hunter Gause, who plays the role of Bottom, has been acting at Regis Jesuit for both years he’s been here. “I have done all the shows at Regis since I was a freshman. This is my fourth show. I also did plays in middle school. I have done some work in LA.”

One of these plots is the plight of two lovers who escape into the woods to avoid being killed for running away.

Our thespian troupe has earned state and national recognition every year since its inception in 2005. Sold out performances with standing room only crowds have become the norm. Student support is important to everyone who is involved. Kyle Butenhoff said,

The performances start on March 15th and run through the 17th. If you get a chance to go see it, take advantage of some quality entertainment.

The third plot is about King Oberon and Queen Titania

Danny Pfannenstiel ‘12

“It has changed me as a person and given me a sort of stress reliever because in theater, you’re not you. You’re acting like someone else and it’s nice to see what it would be like if the play or musical was your real life.”

“Student support is important because without that support none of this is possible. We love having an audience to react off, but without that support there is no way we could do what we all love.”

Meanwhile, a character named Quince attempts to come up with the greatest comedy and most cruel death of Pyramus and Thisbe.

What’s in your wallet?

The students have gained an unique experience in the club. Sophomore lead, Sabrina Goodman, says,

Wallet of Nick Fagnant ‘02

IDs Looking pretty good, Mr. Fagnant. How many RJHS IDs do you own? Cash This guy is not loaded. Guess that’s how it is when you donate so often, like this guy. Credit cards Platinum. Oooh, someone’s living large. Wallet Sporting the black leather wallet that looks like he’s had it since he was a freshman at Regis Jesuit. Fun Stuff Nice fortune, and CPR certification, but sorry to say it’s expired. Nice good luck charms!


the raider review } 03.22.12

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A call to action: we cannot support Nike sweatshop labor Individual action can make a difference in exploitation of workers Nick Diab ‘13 As the junior class concludes its study of social justice, the ethical questions surrounding sweatshops is very important to address.

However, guilt is only something to start with. As long as someone wants to do good only because they feel bad, the goodness they can do is very limited because they do it for themselves.

Regis Jesuit’s official school policy is to reject all sponsorship offers, regardless of company. But even if we did accept sponsorships, it would be hypocritical for a Christian school accept a sponsorship from Nike.

Eventually people must desire what is good for its own sake, and not because of guilt. Until such a point, one has not undergone a true conversion of heart.

There are mixed feelings about the morality of sweatshops and it is shocking that students and faculty can take such a morally lax position on the issue, even going so far as to encourage the use of companies that exploit labor. There are several things that need to be said. This is not about guilt. Guilt is not a bad thing and it can be a great help in spurring people to action. When someone feels bad about the way in which they acted, and thus wants to change, it is a good thing. Guilt and shame lead people into repentance.

Some say that Nike is merely exploiting the problem, and that true justice must come from a change at the governmental level. they are right. Nike is able to exploit labor because the government and the people do nothing to stop it. We must advocate for change on the governmental level as well. However, Nike should, in the face of temptation, have the strength to say no. Therefore, we must advocate for change in Nike as well. Nike should be strong enough to resist when faced with a choice.

Think before you speak Billy Cuddy ‘12 I have heard more than a few boys division students refer to the girls division as a “daycare”. Being a boy, I cannot testify to the accuracy of this statement, but I can point out several flaws in the accusers. I notice many of the students who label the girls division a “daycare” are not the hardest working individuals. They frequently advocate for extension of due dates on assignments and tests. Of course, no matter when the assignment is due, they will procrastinate until the night before or sometimes even office hours the day it’s due. Usually, they use their office hours to eat cookies, sleep on the floor in the hallway, or play around with their phones. Sounds like a “daycare” to me. Many of these students also advocate and try to persuade the – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest


teacher that they should watch the NCAA basketball games in class instead of trying to learn something. These are also the students that sit in the back corner and talk with their friends during class, or prop up their textbooks so they can use their phones without the teacher noticing. They check Facebook, Twitter, or sports news websites during class. All for a cost of ten thousand dollars a year. As previously stated, I cannot testify as to whether or not the girls division is an easygoing “daycare”. But some people should think twice before labeling it so.

The problem with merely advocating for change in government is that Nike would only be acting good because of an outside catalyst. The problem with merely advocating for change in Nike and other corporations is that it would be simple charity and the government would still be acting immoral. Perfect love consists in the conjunction of the two, and any course that does not work with equal zeal for both must be shunned. In regards to fighting against Nike and the other corporations some often claim that boycotting Nike will achieve nothing. However, nothing could be more false. A one man boycott may not hurt Nike, but its real power lies in the ability to awaken the conscience’s of others and turn a one man boycott into a school wide, city wide, state wide, and nation wide boycott. One pebble can start an avalanche.

To those who say this is idealistic, there are cases in which change has occured from student protests. Nike subcontractors were closing two Honduras factories and failing to pay workers the 2.2 million dollars they were legally due. Another company, Russell Athletics, fired 1200 workers who had formed a union; it later rehired them after facing student pressure. According to The New York Times, “The students had persuaded 100 universities to sever or suspend their licensing agreements with Russell. …Jack Mahoney, national organizer for United Students Against Sweatshops, said, ‘After we got over 100 universities to boycott Russell, Nike understood the university pressure would not simply go away.’” In the same way change must happen at the governmental level. The students made it clear that they would not support Nike and so the institutions were made to change. If as citizens we call for change, and we are united in this call, change will come.

Regis Jesuit must now follow this example. When students and athletes continue to purchase products produced in a sweatshop, the message sent is hypocritical. The Book of James tells us: “Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter. You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you.” (James 5: 4-6). Nike and other companies have the resources to give these people jobs that support their dignity. It is unjust to pay someone what you are not willing to receive in pay yourself. We must love our neighbor as ourselves. When people refuse to act justly because it will lessen profits, then they chose money over God. No one can serve two masters.

Peyton Manning in, Tebow should stay

Danny Pfannenstiel ‘12 Matt Boselli ‘12 Who doesn’t want Peyton Manning? After two heavy weeks of interviewing with potential prospects such as the Tennessee Titans, the San Francisco 49’ers, the Denver Broncos, and the Miami Dolphins, Peyton Manning has made up his mind. On March 19th Manning called up his agent and asked him to work out a deal with the Denver Broncos for a reported five year, $90 Million contract. Welcome big guy! Peyton is one of the most elite quarterbacks of all time, and is coming back from several neck surgeries, Peyton is about to do work for the John Elway and the Denver Broncos. With Manning in the starting position, Tim Tebow will be able to sit back and soak up the tips and tricks that Manning has to offer, unless Tebow ends up going somewhere else. The best idea would be to convert

Tebow to either fullback or tight end. He is a runner not a passer.

puzzle piece to our team the Denver Broncos are back in business.

Tebow should forget about being a quarterback and get a chance to show the world he can still help his team win by doing whatever it takes

With a team that has an incredible offensive line to protect an elite quarterback as well as an unstoppable defense there is no question that the Denver Broncos are back.

There should not be one person in the city of Denver that is unhappy with this pick up.

I am a fan of Tebow, but when it comes to acquiring one of the greats of all time, you may find me shedding a tear or two.

All of these crazy Tebow obsessed fans need to take a step back and see that there is a chance to get the entire team back to the “big dance” once again.

Manning is going to sport that Blue and Orange proudly. Welcome to Bronco Nation Peyton!

Tebow still has a lot to learn and a lot more to grow, so picking up Manning should make fans happy and excited for the Denver Broncos. People need to realize that football is a team sport not a “Tebow” sport, and that it’s a team that is going to win a championship not one person. Now that we have found that last

{ the raider review 14 03.22.12


Raiders take a break

Regis Jesuit students prepare for the approaching spring break. Ben Mohler ‘14 It’s that time of year again. Spring fever is flowing throughout the halls as students prepare for their muchneeded spring break. When students get out of school on Friday March 23rd, until Sunday the 31st, they are free from school. This week long break is known as spring break. Spring break is famous for its awesome parties and great times spent with friends. People of all ages have great memories from spring break whether they’re five years old or seventy-five years old. Popular activities include anything from staying at home and hanging out with friends, taking a day trip up to the mountains, to taking a week vacation to places like California and Florida. No matter where they travel, students are bound to have a good time with friends and family. Regis Jesuit students, accompanied by teachers and service director Mr. Nick Fagnant, also go on service projects over spring break. This year they are going to Nicaragua. Since it’s a week off of school, many students take the time to go visit colleges all over the nation. Students also spend the time practicing their spring sports with their teams, to better prepare for the season. Students are not the only ones that look forward to spring break. Teachers and staff also look forward to the break. Even though they might not spend the time partying like the students, the break is still much needed for them as well. Spring break is mostly a time to recuperate from the stress of school and catch up and prepare for the last stretch of classes before the end of the school year.

- All photos by Ben Mohler ‘14

Nick Gervasini ‘15

Matt Mauser ‘14

Where are you going for spring break?

Where are you going for spring break?

I’m going to San Diego.

I’m staying here and diving.

Why are you going there?

Why are you going there?

I have a godson there and I’m going to see him

[I am going} Because I have practice.

Who are you going with? I’m going alone Where have you gone on previous spring breaks? I’ve been to Vail, Florida, and Punta Mita, Mexico. If you could go anywhere for spring break where would you go? If I could go anywhere, I would go to Lake Como, Italy to see my family. Do you have any wild spring break stories? Nope, I don’t have any wild spring break stories.

Who are you going with? [I am going with] My dive team Where have you gone on previous spring breaks? Most previous spring breaks I’ve gone skiing. If you could go anywhere for spring break where would you go? Australia [because] it looks really cool there. Do you have any wild spring break stories? [I have] too many to count.

John Garretson ‘13

Danny Dorchuck ‘12

Where are you going for spring break?

Where are you going for spring break?

I am going to Nicaragua for spring break.

Washington D.C.; Charlottesville, Virginia; and Durham, North Carolina

Why are you going there?

Why are you going there?

[I am going there] for a service trip.

To visit college campuses and attend open houses there.

Who are you going with?

Who are you going with?

[I am going] with Ms. Etling, Mr. Fagnant, and Mr. Weber along with guys from Regis.

[I am going with] My father

Where have you gone on previous spring breaks?

Where have you gone on previous spring breaks?

Last year, I went to southern Cali which was a blast.

I have gone to Steamboat Springs, Keystone, and Breckenridge in the past couple of years. I usually do not leave the state for Spring Break.

If you could go anywhere for spring break where would you go? If I could go anywhere, I would go to Las Vegas or Mexico. Both sound like a blast, and so much warmer.

If you could go anywhere for spring break where would you go?

Do you have any wild spring break stories?

Cancun, Mexico; South Padre Island, Texas; or Panama City Beach, Panama. I hear all of those places have wonderful, educational museums open exclusively during spring break...

I don’t have any intense spring break stories.

Do you have any wild spring break stories? My brother got a concussion snowboarding in Breckenridge two years ago. Is that wild?


the raider review } 03.22.12

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Spotlight: Nathan Haas’13

Nathan started playing hockey when he was four and hasn’t stopped since.

Dugan Tighe ‘13

“Hockey has been a major part of my life for 13 years now,” he said.“It’s something that I love to do.”

Get to know the championship starting forward What a year it has been for Nathan Haas! The junior helped the Raiders hockey team to their third title in five years and was third in the state in points. “I always seemed to be in the right place at the right time,” he laughed. “I had such a good line to work with.” Nathan was part of the infamous “green line” which was made up of seniors Marshall Conrad and Brian Burlage. The line was the highest scoring line in CHSAA with a combined 126 points overall. “Marshall, Brian and I were always on the same page,” said Nathan. “They were a lot of fun to play with. Green Line forever!” The high scoring offense of the

“green line” propelled the Raiders to a state title this year. “The state championship meant the world to me, just to cap off the season we had like that was priceless,” Haas said. This was the first state title for Haas who realized how special this title was. “As a team, we just worked so hard during the season. It was awesome winning state. It was something we really wanted after last year,” he said. The Raiders lost in the state championship game last season to LewisPalmer 5-2. “It was something that really motivated us as a team and made us better and closer.”

enjoyed. “I like the comradery on our team.”

said Haas, “It’s an honor playing with these guys, it was awesome winning state with them.”

Nathan started playing for Regis freshman year and has been on varsity for three straight years. “I decided to play hockey for Regis because I am really close with all the guys on the team and I thought it would be really cool to play for my school,” he said. Nathan has used this prior expierence to become a leader on the team. “Nathan has always been a great leader on the ice, he always seems to be doing something to help the team,” said junior center Sean Brennan. Playing with his classmates is something that Nathan has always

Meet Sophomore Roper Jonathan Rivera

Photo by Jackson Burkholder ‘14

It’s Not Your Average Rodeo Alex Nemechek ‘14

It all started when he was 10 and sophomore Jonathan Rivera wanted to try a new sport. Team roping was what caught his interest. He developed a passion for roping because his father had once been a roper and he had been exposed to it throughout his life. Rivera is in the Colorado High School Rodeo Association in which he competes all over the state. He competes most weekends. They compete for the top score from the judges and try to win the top prize. When he is roping, the equipment that he uses is mostly poly or nylon ropes and gloves. Another major part of team roping is the horse. Rivera uses an American Quarter horse. This horse is mostly used for sprinting short distances. These horses are also very strong and well-muscled horses and they are also often nicknamed “The World’s Fastest Athlete.” “I have also thought of becoming a professional roper but I need to focus my time on school,” Rivera said. He usually goes to practice once a week during winters and about 2-3 – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest


times during the summer.

Typical Roping Equipment

”A typical day of practice often involves us loading up the horses up into a trailer and taking a long drive to the arena. We then have to warm up the horses and wait in line for a chance to rope. After the practice, they cool down the horses and load them back up into the trailer,” Rivera said.

Rope-made of synthetic fibers and used to steer Horn Wraps- preventive wraps that go around the horns of the steer to prevent rope burn Roping Gloves- to prevent rope burn on the hands of the riders

Not only is Rivera an amazing roper but he is also an exceptional student. He said that it is hard to balance both school and sports but he always finds time for his studies.

Bell Boots- placed on the horses for protection

“It is a really hard thing to do since I have to go to bed very late because of roping, but it is worth the sleep deprivation because I love what I do,” he said.

Western Saddle- a strong saddle with a double rigging and other specialized features, including a rubber wrap around the horn to keep the saddle from slipping

“Jonathan Rivera is an amazing roper and is also a good friend,” said fellow sophomore Eric Gardiner.

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Rivera’s next event is the Cortez Jr. High and High School Rodeo taking place on March 31-April 1, 2012. Top: Rivera and his instructor. Bottom: Rivera getting ready for practice.

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Model UN takes NAIMUN

Future diplomats excel at national conference Benton Waterous ‘12 On February 16-19th, the members of the Regis Jesuit High School Model United Nations team traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in NAIMUN, one of the largest Model U.N. Competitions in the nation. NAIMUN, or the North American Invitational Model United Nations is an event hosted by Georgetown University that averages over 3,000 participants and sponsors Model U.N. teams from 22 different countries. This year was the 49th assembly of the conference. NAIMUN always supports a national charity organization as the theme of the event. This year’s cause was “Charity Water,” a non-profit organization that works to provide African villages with sources of clean, running water. Like other Model U.N. competitions, participants broke into various committees and scenarios that represent historical United Nations decisions as well as hypothetical situations. The participants were competing in committee for a majority of the conference. “I think it was a total of 22 hours,” said senior Ashley Hatzenbihler, “We had one long session that was nine hours, and the rest were four to five hours.” The committees attended by the Regis team had a great variety. Hatzenbihler participated in a simulation of the U.S. Senate in 2002. Junior Brendan Van Jacobs played the role of Henry Kissinger in a “Builderberg Group” scenario, a gathering of the world’s most influential and affluent people.

Senior Marilis Dugas was part of a simulated conflict between Georgia and Russia that featured a terrain map through which participants maneuvered troops and engaged in battles. Although much of their time was spent in committee, students also got a chance to explore the nation’s capital. “We went sightseeing the first day. We went to the Smithsonian and we had some kids go to Georgetown,” said Van Jacobs, “It was really independent.” Students also spent time wandering the National Mall and exploring the DuPont Circle neighborhood of the city.

ness, you are going to see all-stars in every committee,” said Kosena. Even though the competition was difficult, Model UN members agree that the conference was a great success. “We were a lot closer as a team,” said Dugas. “We had a very good group of delegates, and some of the best position papers we have seen.” Even after this event, the Model UN continues to hone their debate skills in preparation for the challenges on the road ahead.

“Kids from the east coast are much more aggressive,” Van Jacobs said. “Colorado is much more laid back.” Marilis Dugas agreed that the geographic diversity adds a new dimension to the competition. “The California kids just play dirty. The D.C. kids are there for a field trip. The foreign kids are just awesome. My council had a kid from Honduras. There are always kids from Canada, and China sends a massive delegation,” said Dugas. According to faculty moderator Mr. Brian Kosena, NAIMUN is definitely a much more challenging meet than local events. “It ups the level of competitive-

The team spent their free time visiting D.C.’s landmarks. Marilis Dugas ‘12

the raider review } 03.22.12

Although the Model UN team was sucessful as a whole, special commendation must be given to Girls Division Senior Marilis Dugas, who recieved an award for honorable mention in her committee for exemplary performance as a delegate.

The size of NAIMUN as well as the widely dispersed geographical population that it draws greatly changes the dynamic of the competition. Model U.N. participants often have varying approaches based on where they are from.

Tebowing with honest Abe. Marilis Dugas ‘12

The size of the NAIMUN opening ceremony showed the large number of particpants at the event . Marilis Dugas ‘12

Letter from the editor What is your service site? One of the central focuses of student life at Regis Jesuit High School is a commitment to do justice for others. A major way in which this value is evidenced is though Regis Jesuit’s required service hours. During their high school career, Regis Jesuit students will volunteer hundreds of hours of service to the community. And for the most part, having required service hours is a very positive institution.


Honors and Awards

Although many students might not enjoy the prospect of giving up a free weekend or afternoon to work for no pay, required service allows students to see the difficulties that many people in society face daily. Many students tend to have a break-in period when they grow accustomed to service, slowly realizing its importance to the commu-

nity as they mature. There is however, also an inherent danger to the idea of required service hours. Some students might become disillusioned with the idea that service is a burden, or something just to get done quickly. Another major misconception that a portion of the student body holds is that service is limited only to the service site itself. What people could benefit from realizing is that the mission of justice and charity does not end when you when you walk out the doors of your service site. The way that we can truly foster service in our community is by blurring the line between charity and our daily lives. I challenge the students of Regis Jesuit High

School to look at service a not as something you do for hours at a specific site, but as something that you pursue at every moment of your life. Think of your whole life as a service site, and think about how you can promote justice every moment of every day. Sincerely,

~Benton Waterous ‘12

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Where are they now: Butch Lewis ‘06

ment,” said Butch Lewis.

Regis Jesuit alum makes his way to the NFL Andres Robles ‘15 Butch Lewis, a Regis Jesuit graduate of 2006, is currently an active member of the Minnesota Vikings. Any given day of the week you may see Butch Lewis preparing for the upcoming season in the Regis Jesuit weight room. While at Regis Butch Lewis was a star starting lineman for the Raiders. “One particular game Butch caused a fumble and an interception both of which he returned, and to watch this very large young man 6’5” 200 and whatever pounds running down the field with the football ready to score is a sight that I have never been able to get out of my head,” said former pricipal and current algebra teacher Mr. Saulino. Butch Lewis wasn’t the normal high school football player.”Butch was so big and was very fast and strong, which set him apart at the high school level,” said former Regis Jesuit football coach Forrest


planning major at USC.

Not only was Butch Lewis a leader on the football field, he was also a great leader in school.

The transition between high school and college can be very tough, but being a graduate from Regis Jesuit may ease that burden. “Academically it speaks for itself we have one of the best schools west of the Mississippi, and I went to a private school at USC which is also academically tough ,and just learning how to talk to people, learning how to be a man, learning the politics and the ways of life. Regis is probably the best place to get it out of any school in Colorado,” said Butch Lewis.

“Butch was a star; he was one of the most outgoing, personable young men that I have ever met in my entire career. He always had a huge smile on his face; he would be willing to help absolutely anyone whether it be a parent, student, or faculty member,” said Mr. Saulino. As we all know, the sports experience is only a small part of what being a Raider entitles. “One of my favorite things about Regis is the brotherhood, any given day if you are angry, there is always somebody that will be there to pick you up whether it’s a priest, teacher, or fellow student,” said Butch Lewis. When Butch Lewis graduated from Regis he moved on to become a public policy, management and

Not only was Butch Lewis a student at USC, he was also an offensive lineman under Coach Pete Carroll. Even as an athlete in college, Butch Lewis thrived in academics. “I would really have to break down my day every day for my studies, for the time I had to go to class, the time I had to lift, and the time I had to practice. So really it’s just a matter of consistent time manage-

Music Review: Paris Burns

Electronic Dance Music Producing Group Dreams Big

Michael Pasquarella ‘12

In a music studio there are thousands of dials, buttons, mixers, instruments, and sometimes people. Today there are three people in Fuzion Muzik’s studio in Denver. Electronic Dance Music is their topic of conversation. Electronic Dance Music has become the new fad all around the world. A local producing group called Paris Burns gave their insight on the world of Electronic Music and their experience with it. Paris Burns is comprised of two brothers, Alex and Dan Yukhanan-

ov. They work under the label of Fuzion Muzik that is based out of Colorado. Alex and Dan have been producing music in their basement studio for about three years. They always had the dream of getting signed to a record label in order to show the world their music. Their hard worked paid off when members of Fuzion Muzik asked them to join their label. “We were absolutely ecstatic when we heard the news. We were so excited and are beyond grateful for

the opportunity,” Alex said. This is when Alex and Dan’s dream really came true. “We now had credibility. We signed with a large label that had some great artists on it already, which gave us exposure to the music world,” Dan said. Alex and Dan were now able to release their new EP with Fuzion’s help. They did not expect to get such a great response from it. “When we released the Colossus EP with Fuzion we expected to get some kind of feedback but not be on Beatport’s top 100 in about two months,” Dan said. When Paris Burns made it to Beatport’s top 5 at number 2 with their song titled, “Lose Control,” they were just under a huge music producer’s name, Skrillex. “I honestly could not believe it when I first saw it and I was at a loss for words. It was an honor to – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest


After graduating from USC, Butch Lewis began his NFL career signing with the Kansas City Chiefs as an undrafted free agent at the start of 2011. He later signed with the Minnesota Vikings on October 26th, 2011. Being a professional athlete is no easy task. “It’s a little different because it’s a business now. You could be drafted in the first round and cut the next day. Not that it’s not fun anymore it’s just that you have to look at football in a whole different light. It’s more of a business than playing a game,” said Butch Lewis Butch Lewis will soon be gonig to Chicago to start Vikings training.

Butch Lewis standing in the weight room. Andres Robles ‘15

Butch Lewis Awards 2009- All-Pac-10 honorable mention 2007- The Sporting News Freshman All-American second team, Freshman All-American honorable mention and The Sporting News Pac-10 All-Freshman first team. High School- 2005 Parade All-American, Super Prep Elite 50, Prep Star Dream Team, ESPN 150, Super Prep All-American, Prep Star All-American, USA Today All-USA second team, EA Sports All-American second team, Super Prep All-Midlands, Prep Star All-Midlands, Long Beach PressTelegram Best in the West first team, Orange County Register Fab 15 first team, Tacoma News-Tribune Western 100, All-State and All-Conference selection. All-State second team.

be that close to such an amazing producer,” Dan said.

Senior, Chance Thompson, also has an ear for electronic music.

Although Paris Burns has only 197 “Likes” on Facebook and 438 followers on Soundcloud, but to them it isn’t about the fame.

“They have so much potential and interesting stuff. I really like it,” he said.

“We don’t need to be famous. We have some of the best fans ever don’t get me wrong, but it’s all about the music. Our dream was to show our music to the world. We just want people to listen,” Alex said. Fuzion Muzik offered their insight on Paris Burns as well.

What’s next for Paris Burns? Alex and Dan will always continue to make music. “We love what we do and we hope that people out there do to. Remember, we just want people to listen. Please enjoy.”

By The Numbers

“This is Alex and Dan’s way of life now. They are extremely committed to both the label and their music. What they have is special. It’s called passion,” says a Fuzion Muzik representative.

Followers on SoundCloud: 438

Students at Regis Jesuit even enjoy the upbeat, electronic, tunes of Paris Burns.

“Likes” on Facebook Fanpage: 197

“I have just recently started listening to them and i really enjoy their music because its different. They aren’t trying to follow a trend,” senior Trevor Curran said.

Plays on 5973

Songs on Beatport’s top 100: 5 Songs on Beatport’s top 5: 2

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Big Love’s poetry is a thing of beauty Spring Feelings Spring time is in the air, feelings will never be bare. Everbody’s finding women for which they care, they will never again have ordinary hair. His head used to look like a cone, now it looks so fly it might have even flown. Prom is coming so he must get in the zone, For he does not wish to be left alone. The sun is out ever so bright, To the green to mingle is his next flight. Rockies baseball starting up in Arizona, Must see more games and meet this years’ quota. Opening day and Cubs aren’t going to cut it, For he will be there for every Helton hit. Waiting around for that big white bunny, He’ll make some time to impress his honey. With lots of peeps and chocolate eggs, attention from her is all he begs. It may be his favorite time of year, but loosing her love is all he fears.


“Should I grow out the hair for the spring and summer time?” -Michael Harpole ‘12 Well, I feel like this is a silly question my man. If you knew me you would know that I always appreciate the flow coming to life under the sun. Oh wait, you don’t know who I am. I do have one saying I like to live by when it comes to hair. When in doubt, grow it out. I mean, who doesn’t love to see a guy’s full head of hair come to life? I think most of the girls at the GD could back me up on this one too. In your case, I would be a little nervous though. I am not sure if you are looking to pick your fro, or what else you could do with those curls. When in doubt grow it out!

“How am I supposed to dance at prom with the new dancing rules?” -Anonymous Here’s some food for thought. Why don’t we all just act like gentlemen for a night? Instead of planning on going out onto the dance floor, with bad intentions, you could learn how to actually dance. Back in the day, guys actually knew how to dance properly and were able to throw moves on the floor without grinding. Realistically though, I would say to just keep your ears open for the ringo call. If you hear kids yelling that, you’d better make some room for the Holy Spirit. If you really want to impress the ladies and keep your wrist band, I would suggest learning the Tango.

“How do you feel about the summertime capri pants?” -Anonymous If you are Rafael Nadal, I say go for it and rock those puppies. Besides that man, I have failed to see a man pull them off so well. It is going to take a lot of confidence from within you, but if you have what it takes, more power to you. It really does take a special kind of man to wear them around, so I must warn you of the haters. There will be those people who simply do not have the intelligence to appreciate the capris. Go out there knowing that you may have to defend yourself from time to time. One last thing, if you are wearing capris, I would try to stay away from those white see-through ones. -XOXO Dr. Big Love

On 4/14/2012, Garbanzo will be the dining choice of kings and queens. (Prom kings and queens, that is.)

On 4/14/2012, Prom Night, Garbanzo Aurora-Cornerstar will be transformed into a fine dining restaurant (minus the high prices). Make reservations early by calling (303) 912-0801 today to reserve your table for this one time only event. Aurora-Cornerstar 6750 South Cornerstar Way Aurora, CO 80016


the raider review } 03.22.12

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ARE YOU READY FOR PROM? $65.00 TUXEDO RENTAL SPECIAL (Includes shoes and basic accessories)

United Custom Tailors, Inc.

We will beat any price! 9678-A East Arapahoe Road Englewood, CO 80112 303-662-1000 (Arapahoe & Dayton) – The RJ Voice – RJ Live Girls Division – The Raiders Digest





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