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“It’s Go Time”

Go- Kits part of larger saftey plan. (2)






Fr i d a y, A p r i l 3 1 , 2 0 1 0



RJ Prom pleases. (8-9)

W Regis Jesuit High School Boys Division • 6400 S. Lewiston Way • Aurora, CO 80016

Valedictorian – Jonathan Ryan Law • Salutatorian – Andrew James Tilley • MAGIS Award for Excellence – Adam Francis Lomas • JSEA Award– Shane Fisher • Presidents Award for Generosity of Spirit– William Alexander Holmes • Dan Nguyen • Rupert Mayer Award for Courage and Persistence – Nicholas Bryan Sommers • St. Ignatius of Loyola Award for Spiritual Life– Thomas Francis Kane • Fr. Pedro Arrupe Social Justice Award – Joseph Edmond Heasley • Robert Bellarmine Award for Academic Excellence – Andrew James Tilley • Richard Wiley Scholar Athlete Award – Alex Goetz • RJ Scholar Activity Award – Bradley Anthony Tagtow • Lou Kellogg Award for Outstanding Athleticism – Christian ‘Bud’ James Thomas • Jim Tinucci Award for Loyalty – Thomas Eugene Rouleau • History Award – Adam McClaran • Nathan Post • Science Award– Matthew Long • Nathan Carlson • Mathematics Award – Tyler Thomas • Evan Escobedo • Theology Award – Benjamin Solomon • Ryan Winters • Fine Arts Visual Arts Award – Zhang Qian •Chris Tryba • Fine Arts Performing Arts Award –Ryan Diets • Collin Jostes • English Award – Brian Clark • Alan Bolden • Classical & Modern Languages Award – Ian Stemper • Michael O’Dwyer • Michael Cruciotti • Spencer Aitken • Outstanding Leadership Award: Open to Growth – Cameron MacDonald • Alex Gnaegy • Drew Dyer • Daniel Sutherland • Nnaoma Agwu • Tim Bauer • Outstanding Leadership Award: Intellectually Competent – Evan Escobedo • Eric Rubel • Wafik Sedhom •Connor Lehr • James McGregor •Harry Schmachtenberger • Outstanding Leadership Award: Loving – Dom Pera • Ryan Winters • Brad McWilliams • Morgan Jones • Matt Budrow • Brendan Van Jacobs •Outstanding Leadership Award: Committed to Doing Justice – Thomas Stack • David McManus • Jaden Hawkinson • Case Anderson • Josh Kice • Drew Lazerri • Outstanding Leadership Award: Religious – Alex Rejvani • Mark Miller • Jordan Hansen • Cooper Cohen • Cole Blakeman • Quincy Gholston • Master of Ceremonies for 2010 Graduation – Maximilian Luke Geraci • Freshmen Class Teacher of the Year– Mr. Sajit Kabadi • Sophomore Class Teacher of the Year – Mr. Patrick Curran •Junior Class Teacher of the Year – Mrs. Jackie Maxfield • Alum Service Corps Appreciation Award –Mr. Chistopher Shaver • Mike Buckley Distinguished Faculty Award – Mr. Michael Buckley •

02 The Raider Review April 31, 2010

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It’s Go Time!

“Go-Kit” Diagnosis

“Go-Kits” part of larger safety program

1. Fluorescent Vest: Allows students

to better see instructor in the midst of great confusion. To be used during emergency evacuations.

T. Broderick 10’ As we plunge into the future, school safety is becoming an increasingly important issue. The ability to protect America’s young scholars is getting more attention due to the increase in school attacks throughout the past decade. After seeing the devastating affects of the Columbine shootings in early 1999 and other similar attacks across the United States, schools have been in search of more prominent safety programs that will better protect their students. Although a private school, Regis Jesuit has also been in pursuit of a better security policy. “Go-Kits”, which are now located in all the classrooms, were designed as a steppingstone to a larger and more in-depth safety program. Within the past year Regis Jesuit has taken its first big step toward change in student and school safety. A committee solely in

charge of implementing student safety has been meeting and discussing ideas for close to ten months now. The committee has big ideas for the fu-

evacuation procedures, video cameras throughout the school, a more

which should be put in place very soon, will allow faculty to send out mass


From text messages to emails and everything in between, this Reverse Communication Software will allow the Regis Jesuit community to know about breaking news at



7. 6.

4. 5.

ture as it plans on implementing many new safety features in the coming months. Some of the ideas being discussed to increase student safety include a change in the

multimedia messages to everyone in the Regis Jesuit community in about three minutes.

efficient visitor signin process, and the use of Reverse Communication Software. This program,

a faster pace. The evacuation procedure is also being considered and a new, safer location is soon to be in place. Instead of evacuating to the stadium, the Chinese Mann theaters across the

street look to be a better place. Mr. Rick Sullivan has played a major role in the development of Regis Jesuit’s safety procedures and continues to have a large impact in what is to come of Regis Jesuit’s more intense safety program. When asked about the intention of “Go-Kits”, Mr. Sullivan stated, “Honestly the kits are just the first step of what is to be implemented at Regis in the near future. The Go-Kits really are a good idea and should have been in place a long time ago, but we must recognize that they are intentionally designed for emergencies. On a daily basis, they are not going to have a large role on student safety.” RJ has big ideas for what must happen as we enter into a new age. Student safety can never be overlooked. It must be taken very seriously and implemented at the highest level.

2. Tape: Allows teachers to write on windows in case of emergency.

3. Megaphone: Allows teachers to better communicate to students.

4. CPR Shield: Allows instructor to

perform CPR. The CPR shield is narrow and allows air to hit the right passageway.

5. Sharpie: Allows Teacher to write on the tape or window during an emergency.

6. Safety-Kit: From band-aids and

wrist wraps, to Advil and other medicines, this kit allows teachers to help student injuries in time of crisis.

7. Wind-Resistant Blanket: During

an evacuation students not prepared for the proper elements can use the blanket to stay warm.

“Go-Kits” were created as a sort of stepping-stone for what is going to take place in the next few years.

Mr. Sullivan

Chemistry at Regis Jesuit

Seniors Win Annual Basketball Game

Morgan Jones ‘12

Michael Clark ‘11

ACS Chem Club blows stuff up for science O












Joey Springer leads victory over faculty the shoes he was bound to, and that superstar was Joey Springer. Playing like Bud Thomas out there, Springer hit a quick three to start the half, and that led to him hitting three more ‘tre’ balls that half. When Springer was asked about how he turned it up in the second half he replied, “I realized we were about to let a lot of fans down if we lost, so I started to be more aggressive” Oh yes you did Joey Springer, and with 22 points, you earned the seniors the win, and gave Regis Jesuit students something to cheer about.

The senior class was able to repeat this year in the SeniorFaculty Mission Week Game, but it did not happen easily. The first half of the game was all about the faculty, which led to a Faculty nine point lead at the break. Bud Thomas, Damian Mencini, Joey Ptasinski, and Ryan Benenati seemed to do zero coaching in the first half, besides telling subs when to go in and out, which made fans believe it was up to the players to win it. The Faculty was led by a sub-100% Mr. Katz, who pulled a Darragh O’Neil by not informing anyone if he was playing or not until game time, because of a broken back from first semester. Katz did play, Above: Joey Springer and Mr. Katz, the stars of and finished with 21 each team. Photo: Michael Clark points, although it was in a losing effort. I didn’t even wanna The tryouts for this be on the team! Every Although years team were a one sucked but Joey Bud, Damian, Joey, Springer! popularity contest! and Ryan’s coaching level did not increase Timmy Broderick ‘10 one bit in the second half, a superstar filled

By The Numbers

33 84 21 23 88 34 17 28 47 73 35 The number of 56 members 68 87 85 77 88 43 4 63 50 94 in the ACS Chem Club 49 41 81 58 100 56 15 60 19 65 53 70 12 17 39 40 2 51 9 70 73 82 The number of meetings ACS Chem Club has 52 19 87 61the22 51 10 11 19 32 per month 12 97 34 9 22 17 96 18 83 22 12 Above Mr. Dvorak mixes chemicals for the ACS Chem Club. Photo Morgan Jones ‘12

By The Numbers

33 84 21 23 88 34 17 28 47 73 88 43 4 63 50 94 56 68 87 85 77 49 41 81 60 19 65 4658 1003256 15 1(Timmy) who17 tried 39 Kids 40 who were who com53 70Kids12 51 Kid 9 70 73 82 out for the Se- cut from the plained about nior team 52 19 87 61 22team. 51 10 being 11cut19 32 12 97 34 9 22 17 96 18 83 22 12

An explosion rocks the school. Fluorescent lights flicker and go out. Computer screens turn off. The bomb squad and fire department roll in. Students are evacuated. Is it a solar flare? Could there be a gas leak? No, it’s just the Chemistry Club doing another lab. While every day may not be this exciting for the Chemistry Club, the chemistry program at Regis Jesuit has endured some excitement. For example, earlier this year an unfortunate chemistry class set off the fire alarm after burning magnesium. Just recently, the Weekly Raider covered the story of Dr. Herman’s room inexplicably filling with smoke. The American Chemical Society, otherwise known as ACS, represents professionals in all fields of chemistry and sponsors schoolrun chemistry clubs across the United States to communicate the value of

chemistry to students. Mr. Dvorak and Mr. Cook moderate the club for Regis Jesuit, meeting a couple times per month and performing a lab every time with over thirty students attending. Although the Chemistry Club presents unique opportunities for anyone interested in the science, some believe that not enough people show up for labs and that a schedule would be helpful. The Chemistry Club doesn’t blow up the school every time they meet, but their more modest pursuits have included making ice cream, creating slime, and plating copper pennies with brass. In the future, they hope to enter chemistry competitions, do explosive reactions, and learn more about the applications of chemistry. According to sophomore Nick Willenbrock, “Chemistry applies to all aspects of science.” The Chemistry Club has around 35 active members and continues to do cool stuff every month.

” ”

Above: Seniors bench rests at half. Below: Mr. Dawkins shows no hard feelings. Photos: Michael Clark ‘11

Tryouts A Sham? Coaches unfair

Tryouts for this Senior Team were another story, one filled with conspiracies and rumors. Tryouts were held the Wednesday of Mission Week, and the coaches didn’t even show up until half way through. When asked if tryouts were fair Tim Broderick shouted, “Not at all! I am a balla myself and I was cut! These ‘coaches’ picked their favorites!” Others agreed that this was the case when they found out Evan Lloyd got cut, who is a superb basketball player that astonishes all with his skills. When Damian Menicni was asked if tryouts were picked by favorites, he responded, “No comment! Quit asking me that!” Although the seniors won, we will never know what the team could have been if the tryouts were fair. (All obscenities by Tim Broderick were edited)

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April 31, 2010 The Raider Review

Service in Jamaica

Andrew Warren ‘11

Your 2010-2011 Student Council Executive Board

2010 Service trip a success 1st tha grade n M rs a ath re m u

ste d

in C


col an c i ma e Ja h t s


s get e n r Bei

pre by n do

yin gw

Service Chair: Thomas Stack and David McManus ‘11

ith f

am i

ic &

e raw s. K M n : tos nso Pho in Joh l Co

The Jamaica Service trip began with a 2:30 am wake-up call for a 5:50 connecting flight to Dallas. Dallas then kept Sophomore Cooper Cohen and Mr. Kosena for an extra twenty-four hours due to an overbooked flight. When we landed in Montego Bay, the heat and humidity slapped us in the face. While landing, we saw the cruise ships and glorious resorts that lined the shore. It was hard for me to remind myself

that we would not be immersing ourselves in the glitz of the tourism-oriented north shore. An hour long bus ride through the green hills on the east side of the island brought us to Petersfield, the community that we would be serving for the next week. Jamaica, a former colony of both Great Britain and Spain, displays aspects from many cultures. Our meals consisted of rice and peas, chicken, fruit,

Student Body Liaison: LJ Jones ‘11




Athletic Chair: Casey Young ‘11

rt spo s e n J Jo


l hoo -sc

be clim

Publications Chair: Cooper Cohen ‘12


ch mo re i nte re

fish and more chicken. Although some of the food is rather exotic, we found ourselves always hungry for more. The friendliness that Jamaicans display is worlds beyond what we could have expected. No matter who you wave to, you were always acknowledged with wave and smile in return. The service included teaching students ages three to twelve, planting trees, building a sidewalk and refurbishing


wa sa



Activities Chair: Dom Pera and Jaden Hawkinson ‘11 ht o f


chairs for an infancy school (preschool). Before constructing a 100 meter race track in a school play area, we were introduced to a class of little kids. Before we could say hello, one of them stood up and shouted, “Wow! Look! White People!”, and immediately the entire class was in awe of our ‘whiteness.’ In all, the Regis Jesuit students and teachers loved the trip. When asked what if the trip was what he was expecting,, junior Colin

Pastoral Chair: Andrew Fioretto and Mark Miller ‘11 and Sean Whitley: ‘13

trip Johnson said “No, it was better.” Mr. Kosena said that it was an easy decision to go this year and he “would love to go again next year.” The attending students included: Evan Sanderson, Joe Beirne, Ryan Millinazo, Andrew Warren, Colin Johnson, Scott Rupp, Nick Diab, Cooper Cohen and Connor Rodden.

Diversity Chair: Alan Bolden and Logan Miller ‘11

What’s with the Stuco- Shakeup? What is the plan? What prompted the change? What can we expect from next year’s

A and B Teams advance to state Brendan Courtois ‘12

The judge then turns to opposing counsel “Response?” “No, Your Honor.” He says and then sits

(Mock Trial) is a great activity that has the potential to test the bounds of an otherwise manageable academic survival. Luke Young ‘11

Above The Regis A Team Bottom The Regis B Team

Q&A With Emily Wheeler 11’ and Luke Young 11’ “What was your favorite Mock Trial Practice?

down. Mr. Young is one of many outstanding members of the Regis Jesuit Mock Trial Team, who sent two teams to the state competition in Colorado Springs this year. Both teams did incredibly well with the A Team placing 9th in State and the B Team placing 5th in State. The state of Colorado has 116 teams competing in Regionals

and 22 teams moved onto States. The RJ A Team placed 1st in the Arapahoe Regional and the B team placed 4th. During the State Competition both teams faced the former state champions, Lewis Palmer, and both teams did an amazing job. Two attorneys from Regis Jesuit, Emily Wheeler and Luke Young, received outstanding at-

torney awards at the State level. Outstanding attorney awards are given to attorneys who score the most points during the competition. These awards are handed out to a very select group of people who display the qualities and abilities of a real lawyer. Both Wheeler and Young are Juniors, so the team for next year looks just as good, if not better, than last year’s team.


Full, two- page ‘Stuco Revolution’ spread coming in the next Raider Review

Mock Trial States

“Objection, Your Honor, This is Hearsay”. The Courtroom is silent as Junior Luke Young is conducting a direct examination of his witness Sophomore Savannah Rodriguez when opposing counsel objects. The judge turns and asks, “Response, Mr. Young?” “Yes, your honor, this is hearsay; but it falls under three exceptions to the hearsay rule. First 803(2), Excited Utterance, the Declarant was under the stress of excitement during the time of the statement. Second the statement falls under 803(3), Then Existing Mental, Emotional, or Physical Conditions of the Declarant. Third it is 804b(2), A Statement made under the belief of impending death, the Declarant believed he was dying at the time of the statement”.


One sat. morning practice we waited for a half an hour for Payton to show up, until we realized he was sitting downstairs the entire time because he had snuck in really creepily. we bothered him about that the rest of the year.” - Emily Wheeler 11’ “The one where I said that the defense witnesses (Lamb and Seastress) didn’t have “their poop in a group” with regards to the email incident.” - Luke Young 11’ How many hours of Mock Trial do you do a day? “Including practice with the team probably about five, maybe more when it’s almost competition.” - Emily Wheeler 11’ What is your favorite part of Mock Trial? “Where in Model UN you sometimes have to sound articulate without knowing anything about the subject, in Mock Trial you have to bring the improvisation to a new level.” - Luke Young 11’

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04 The Raider Review April 31, 2010

[ Features ]

To Make a Rowdy

The Future of Regis Radio

Jacob Zaemes ‘10

Ryan Garbrecht ‘12

Who’s the next voice of RJ ?

Got what it takes?

Regis Radio is one of the most known clubs at Regis and Zach Kachmer of the Sophomore class says “I listen to the show every time I’m not at the game.” Many don’t know, however, that Thomas Harpole did not in fact start Regis Radio. But, he was the one who gave it the legs it needed to take off. He has taken it to new levels as the Regis Radio program just finished announcing back to back state titles for the basketball team. But as Thomas Harpole finishes his senior year and plans to go off to either Boston College or Syracuse, the future of Regis Radio is not yet certain. The future of Regis Radio has been in the hands of the Harpoles, and it is still going to be in their hands even after

Take eleven guys. Tell them that they can wear whatever they want, be it an entire Spider Man costume or tights that leave little to the imagination, so long as it’s outrageous. Release them on the crowd, via tank if need be, to shout, amuse, and generally rile up the crowd without stopping and by any means necessary. Most schools don’t see this as a winning formula, but the boys of Regis Jesuit wouldn’t trade anything for their Rowdies. With tryouts soon arriving, many Juniors are wondering what to expect. Having no doubt heard some rumors about the confidential nature of the tryouts, some potential Rowdies may be apprehensive about the process. But Ms, Reardon wants to put their minds at ease. “First and foremost,

it’s supposed to be fun. We try to make it fun so that you can have fun with it in turn.” What does it take to be a Rowdy? When Fouad Sekrieh was asked what helped him most in becoming a Rowdy, he laughed and said, “Chest hair. If you have chest hair, you can do anything.” Ms. Reardon may have explained this seemingly cryptic answer when she said, “You need to be excited and have school spirit, but most importantly you can’t be afraid to look like a goofball. We want guys who can laugh at themselves, and don’t mind if the crowd laughs along.” More important than anything else is a dedication to keeping the crowd happy, even when the scoreboard can’t. If you are a Junior and you like to cheer, care about your school, and think you

Above Fouad Sekrieh showing what it means to be a Rowdy can pull off a barrel as an outfit, talk to Ms. Reardon by the end of April to sign up for Rowdy tryouts. Be warned, though, that things are liable to get rowdy.

Yo u a bu nd nee ca t m hav d t n’t os e o be t im sch be e af p oo x a g raid ort l sp cited oo to ant iri M fb lo ly t, s. a Re ok yo ar ll. lik u do e n

Q&A Thomas graduates. His younger brother, Michael, plans to take over announcing duties, moving up from the position he had last basketball season as stats keeper. When asked how he has the experience to announce he said that he “occasionally turns down the volume on his madden game to announce.” Michael has announced a few JV and Sophomore games along with the Varsity game at Gateway. He plans to coannounce with Matt Alley and wants Michael Brown to keep statistics for him. Changes are on the way for Regis Radio as Michael plans on expanding the program to include different sports, and become more connected with the Raider Re-

Michael Harpole

Q: Do you plan on changing anything about Regis radio? A: Yes, I want to expand it a little more and maybe do stuff with the Raider Review Q: Who is better at announcing you or your brother? A: Well he’s probably reading this so… Q: What makes you want to take over announcing duties? A: Announcing interests me, and I would like to carry on the Harpole name Q: Do you think you will get all the ladies now that you are announcing? A: Do you mean more than usual? view. Even though Thomas is leaving we can expect Regis Radio to remain on the air.

The Future Michael Harpole (Above) & Matt Alley

AP Tests

The ultimate test of knowledge


Mr. Bostdorff is the Academic Assistant Principal at Regis. He is a part of all things academic: Class registration/ scheduling, report cards, and AP tests...

ing their GPA. However, there is an even bigger upside. AP classes are weighted, which means that an A is a ‘5’ for your GPA. Also, there is a standardized AP test offered for all AP classes. These tests are graded on a scale of ‘1’ to’5’. Most colleges will accept a ‘3’ or better on an AP test for college credit. For example, the University of Colorado will give a student 6 college credit hours for math

if they can attain a ‘3’ or higher on the AP Calculus test. Six credit hours can and will save you thousands of dollars, because 6 hours equates to one semester of a college class. This year at Regis Jesuit there are 224 guys attempting at least one AP test. There are 420 exams total being administered. That means that there are a good number of students taking more than one test. One student

is even taking seven AP tests this year. An unknowing student may think that taking several tests isn’t that bad. This student would be totally wrong. An AP test is a three hour test over an entire year’s worth of college level material. This is extremely difficult, but Regis Jesuit students continue to do well on these exams.

U.S History


Calculus AB

Spanish Language


draws to a close”, said Jaden Hawkinson. An AP class is a college level class, taught at a college level pace, with college level expectations. They are the ultimate academic test for any and all high school students. These classes, like many other things in life, offer both risk and reward. The risk that a student takes when they register for an AP class is not being able to handle the workload, and hurt-

2 students...7 A.P tests

After a long year of hard work, AP test are approaching. All Regis students have put in countless hours of hard work in and outside the classroom over the last eight months. Students who have taken AP classes this year know all about hours of hard work “This year was very difficult with four AP tests. However, all those sleepless nights are paying off as the year

omas Stac Th

en Hawkin n so


Andrew Bainbridge ‘11

U.S History

Studio Art

French Language

Q & A with Mr. Bostdorff

Q. How many students are taking an AP test at Regis this year? A. There are 224 students taking at least one exam. However, there are 420 exams being given. That means that quite a few guys are taking more than one exam.

Q. What AP exam has the most students taking it? A. Every year it is U.S History by the Juniors. This year there are 85 U.S. History exams being given. Q. In your opinion, what is/are the most difficult AP exam(s)? A. Foreign language and Studio Art. Q. What is the most exams being taken by a single student this year? A. Every year one or two students take 6 to 8 exams. This year someone is taking 7 exams. Last year someone took 8 exams.

[ Features ]

April 31, 2010 The Raider Review

Spotlight: Coach Messina


Is Twitter the Next are on the web, Facebook? counts but only a select few

One of the greatest to ever walk into RJ Michael Harpole ‘12

Some call him one of the greatest people to ever walk into Regis Jesuit, but most call him “Coach.” Mike Messina has worked at Regis Jesuit for almost ten years and is known and loved by students, faculty, and alumni. “Coach” as he is called, is a very interesting man and has a very special story about him that most people don’t know. Messina is the youngest of three and grew up right here in Colorado. He had trouble in high school and graduated with a 1.6 cumulative GPA. Messina then decided that it was time for him to grow up and entered into UNC with a strong will to learn. After fo-ur years of college he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Education. Immediately upon graduation he received a job as an elementary PE teacher in Adams County. He went back to school at the University of

Northern Colorado and received a Graduate degree in Physical Education. Messina then became

Messina started at Regis in 2001 and has loved every second of

the weekends and attending Regis sporting events. Messina

I’ll tell you what Coach, you just gotta have faith in God. Mike Messina

a Graduate Assistant baseball coach at CU where he warmed up pitchers in the bullpen. Messina entered back into the education field and taught at a school in Vail, Colorado for three years. In 1986, Messina went to CSU and received a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology and worked in the field for eight years. He then went back to school in 1996 at the Denver Technical College and received a Bachelors in Network Administration.

it. He has had many positions from teaching computer literacy to coaching freshman baseball. He enjoys skiing on

considers himself very successful and says that God has helped him through his entire life.

Coach Is... “ ” Coach Messina is the greatest man ever.

-Chad Merten

Coacher is a Mega-Stud. Enough Said.

-Ryan Garbrecht

Coach presents himself at a high standard and is truly a beautiful man - Tim Broderick

Did you fan that group? Facebook Groups and fanpages

Austin Lee ‘10

come from Regis students. Teenagers have yet to catch onto the trend, as a majority of Twitter users are over 21 years old. A select few, mostly from the senior class, enjoy tweeting about their every move. Senior Charlie Gliwa explains his avid Twitter lifestyle, “I enjoy tweeting whatever is on mind, and keeping in contact with old Regis grads via Twitter.” Gliwa created his Twitter account in 2009 in order to follow Chad Ochocinco, his role model in life. Ochocinco is known to tweet excessively throughout the day, updating his followers on the thoughts of a humble NFL star.

A new era of communication was born in 2006, as Twitter was introduced to the World Wide Web. Jack Dorsey, a graduate of NYU, created the internet sensation in 2006 which revolutionized mobile messaging throughout the world. Nearly every celebrity takes advantage of Twitter, building their popularity by gaining thousands of followers throughout the globe. This innovative technology allows the average joe to see what is on the mind of their favorite sports stars, celebrities, politicians, and even moms. With easy access Above Charlie Gliwa tweeting about to all these Rockies baseball. perks, the Ron Griebel, another past four years have Regis senior, explains seen an exponential his reasons for joinincrease of accounts ing Twitter, “I joined being created. because Charlie Roughly 75 (Gliwa) convinced million Twitter ac-

Twernacular: The Twitter Dictionary Tweet- a post on Twitter, limited to 140 characters Twerd- twitter nerd Tweeps- People on twitter Twits- another reference to twitter nerds Twit- Short Version of twitter Twagger- Swagger…twitter style #______- a way to put words together to add to your twagger. For example, Regis is the best highschool #justsayin. RT - re-tweet. Pass along your friends’ twagger to everyone following you @______- a way to holla at a bro on twitter. @NGreebz what up Ron? #FOLLOW FRIDAY – a day to shout out your bros twitter names so other people can follow them Ex. #FOLLOWFRIDAY @Jmoyer10 #THROWBACK THURSDAY – a day to shout out all the cool things from the past. #THROWBACK THURSDAY yall remember when Larry Walker was a rock? Twit Pic- a way to tweet pictures Bruh- a bro on twitter me to, now I love following Lauren Conrad because of her intellectual tweets and Obama because of his inspiring thoughts.” They both hope the Twitter trend will spread throughout Regis, and eventually gain popularity at the level of Facebook. While the celebrity usage of Twitter was prevalent from the beginning, it has become com-

beyond the cleric

larger and larger. If the group grows large enough it will be noticed by the Facebook staff and they will be able to apply the ideas to the website. The growing website is hooking everyone

and is the number one social network in world.

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Who out there is considering the priesthood today? How many? And For what reasons? These are questions which have occupied a reserved space in the minds of many lay and religious for the better part of thirty years. Since Vatican II in 1963, the Catholic Church has experienced a rapid decline in the amount of people called to diocesan and religious life abroad; Even in the aftermath of the destructive sex scandals of recent years, people still yearn for new generations to respond to the call that once inspired Cardinals Francis George and Theodore McCarrick, Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput, and the Jesuits of Regis Jesuit alike. So how do you get young Americans to respond? Contrary to many widespread beliefs and intuitions, a call

against our nature as to the priesthood and humans.” one’s desire to pursue Schroth it often arises very states further that gradually. “If they are going to “The Lord work, each vow has to does not speak to support and depend people or reveal His on the other two.” will for their lives in As somea lightning bolt or one who has considsome other theophany,” articulates 2007 ered the call for years, I do not “want” to alum and St. John become a priest so Vianney seminarian much as I “have felt Matt Magee. called” to become a “I firmly priest. believe that God is Many today leading me along speak of “resurgence” and will give me the in the number of strength to continupeople who have felt ally move closer to this call and are eager Him.” to respond. Regard As Matt’s less of the ministry to assertion adduces, which one is called the sacrifices priestly and responds, I find life mandates can take time for a priest tremendous hope in the fact that at the of any background to end of the day there grasp and embrace. are people both in Indeed, in the opinion of Father clerics and plainclothes who strive Ray Schroth of St. to bring people to a Peter’s College: greater awareness of “No young God’s grace in their adult- especially in lives. Thus, if this today’s exceptionally resurgence refers to materialistic culturea renewed desire to intuitively yearns to take vows of poverty, instill this awareness and this grace, then chastity, and obedithat’s great. For there ence. Such vows go

God does not reveal his will for their lives in a lightning bolt or some other theophany.” Matt Magee ‘07

are many ways to serve God- priesthood is just one among many.

Thinking about the Jesuit Order? Contact Fr. Chris Pinne, SJ at

friends, and meet people in general. One of the ways you meet people with similar interests as you is through the group aspect of Facebook. Facebook has many groups such as: ‘TO ALL OF THE TROOPS OUT THERE, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!’, to ‘World’s Hardest Riddle II’. By clicking the different fan groups on Facebook you can connect with people that you might not know. This is one the many aspects of Facebook that helps to apply to people worldwide. Even now, years after it creation. When a Facebook user wants something, they simply make a group and send invitations to all their friends. If others agree then soon the group grows

monplace for anyone and everyone who wants to advertise their thoughts, to have a Twitter account. Computer users and users of mobile devices are capable of following news sources, public figures, celebrities, businesses and organizations through the service. Even the Vatican has launched a Twitter channel this year in order to inform Catholics about

Call to Priesthood: Frank Kane ‘10

Andrew Adams 13

Facebook is a social network that was created in September 2006. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. At first it was just open to use by any Harvard University student, but after a while they opened it to students from all collages in the Boston area. Then it was expanded for all University students, and finally to anyone over the age of 13 that had an e-mail address. Facebook now has over 400 million users worldwide. There are many interesting things you can do on Facebook. You can reconnect with old friends, talk to new


06 The Raider Review March 5, 2010


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March 5, 2010 The Raider Review


Denver Auto Show Revs Interest an insider’s look at the world of auto shows Dominic Fante ‘11

Among car buyers, there are many preferences. Some like sports cars and muscle cars, while some want fuel-sipping Japanese compacts, while others prefer exotics and/ or luxury cars. (And of course, some have the truly American preference of SUVs and trucks.) So where could a buyer or an enthusiast go where they could stare and admire new cars to their hearts content? An auto show, of course. From April 7th to the 11th, Denver hosted their 108th annual automotive show at the Denver Convention Center. The show consisted of the brand new 2011 models of each domestic or foreign car company. Mitsubishi and Lamborghini were not at the show. According to automotive industry writer Bud Wells, the show emphasized “green” cars. “We’ve all gathered here today to look over the newest technology in hybrids and clean diesels... but

there’s so much more.” The line to get in even stretched all the way to the light rail station. The event primarily allowed participants the chance to learn about the innovations, specifications, and features of the different cars. Some dealers even allowed customers over 21 to test drive select models in a parking lot cone course across from the center. As with previous years, the event contained a market, an accessories area, and an area for classic cars and hot rods. One extremely attentioncatching feature was a driving simulator video game for a Ford racing pickup truck. After signing the insurance waiver involved, people could do things in the game like slide sideways into the wall of a cliff at 60 mph, without

sustaining injury. The show featured cars like the 2011 Buick LaCrosse, the 2011 Volvo XC60, the 2011 Ford Fusion (Motor Trend’s Car of the Year) and the 2011 Dodge Ram 3500, (Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year). But the cars that seemed to be the stars of the show were the 2010 Ferrari 612 Scagliettti, the new 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, the Chevrolet Volt, (due in December 2010) and the Corvette Stingray Concept car (pictured left). Most of the cars featured were for sale at the show on a first come first serve basis. Some unsalable show cars collected much admiration, such as the “Bumblebee” Camaro SS from Transformers, an original 1981 DeLorean with trademark gull

Above the concept Corvette Below The new Mustang, The old Mustang, Chevy HHR

wing doors, and a fully loaded blue and white striped 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500. (All of these cars were an absolute pleasure to look at.) While the show didn’t contain as many gorgeous show cars as, say, the Portland Auto Show, it nonetheless provided the treat of getting to examine any car you wanted, without having any sort of dealer pressure. And what else could a car buyer want?

The Buried Life At Regis What’s on your list? Zach Kachmer ‘12

If you had one day left to live, what would you do? Ride a bull? Throw a legendary party? Now if you had your whole life, would you lose that drive, or would your list just keep getting longer?

Q&A with Gannon Faul, ‘12

Q: Do you like the show? A: Yeah it’s pretty good. Q: Do you think it has a good message? A: Yeah becuase it’s about how nothing is impossible. Q: What was your favorite episode? A: When they compete in a Krump competition Q: Which of the things on their list would you most want to do? A: Sneak into a party at the Playboy Mansion Q: What’s the number one thing on your list? A: Set a world record for something sweet.

list of the 100 things that they will attempt to do before they die. These are the openan unspeakable desire Although the show ing lines of The Buried after the knowledge of was filmed in 2006 and Life, a new show on our buried life.” 2007, the U.S. premier In the case MTV featuring four of the show on MTV childhood friends of these four, they aired on January 17, determined to finish desire the things that 2010. It was a success, a journey that they they feel they must do and is now a part of call their “Buried Life.” before they die. The reMTV’s shift to more The name comes from sult is a collaboration socially conscious a poem written by of ideas, goals, and shows. This is because British poet Matthew dreams, written down the four friends have Arnold : “there rises in the form of a list: a chosen to help someone else do something on their list Our List whenever the team attempts something Jimmy Graham, ‘12 of their own. Dunk Over LeBron For example, Jimmy Canny ‘11 the team has Survive 2012 reunited families, Tyler Roxby, ‘13 raised money, Play for the St. Louis and help aspiring Cardinals artists achieve Eric Brunts, ‘12 Go heli- skiing their dreams. The combiNick Flaig, ‘12 Dream in Swahili nation of their humor and kindHunter Salem, ‘11 ness has inspired Travel The World some of the students at Regis Mark Lesner, ‘11 Fence in the Olympics jesuit to reflect upon some of Go to the tallest building in the their own aspiraShane Broderick, ‘12 world tions which are listed to the left.

Right The characters of the MTV show. From left: Duncan Penn, Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood, and Jonnie Penn

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Raider Review Staff Editor-in-Chief of Copy Matt Welchert ‘10 Editor-in-Chief of Design Morgan Jones ‘12 Assistant Editor of Design Michael Harpole ‘12 Advanced Journalism Staff Zach “Teddy Bear” Cornell ‘10, Matthew Krause ‘10 Austin Lee ‘10, Chad Merten, ‘10, Michael Petko ‘10, Mitchell Robinson ‘11, Alex Sager, ‘10 Journalism Staff Andrew Adams ’13, Andrew Brianbridge ‘11, John Breitenback ‘10, Timothy Broderick ‘10, Michael Clark ‘11, Brendan Courtois ‘12, Drew Dyer ‘10, Ryan Garbrecht, ‘12, Alec Jenkins ‘11, Chris Job ‘10, Lance Jungers ‘10, Zachary Kachmer ‘12, Fouad Sekrieh ‘10, Colin Smith ‘11, Spencer Sullivan ‘10, Dexter Turner ‘10, Andrew Warren ‘11, Jacob Zaemes ‘10 Freelancers Dominic Fante ‘11

In Promadise

A Night Jimmy Buffet Would Be Proud Of

Can You Dig It?

(Above) Displaying thePerfect After Prom Serve from R to L: Mitch Robinson, Fouad Sekrieh, Drew Dyer, and Michael Clark photos by: M. Petko ‘10

PROM PRE-GAME dining and dancing C. Job’10 T. Broderick ‘10

The night of prom is a very special night for juniors and seniors. For juniors it is their first night of an all upperclassmen dance. For seniors it is their final farewell. It will be one of their last memories of Regis Jesuit.


Colorado Convention Center hosted the 2010 RJ dinner and prom. According to senior Dominic D’Costa, “the food was delicious and the dance was spectacular. I was very pleased how prom turned out this year and am glad it

is one of my fi- upperclassnal memories men did not at Regis.” care too much about for Like theme. Dom, many other seniors Senior, and juniors Logan Clark feel the same says, “I wish way. The the prom prom theme theme was this year was more relevant ‘Cheeseburger to 2010.” and PromadNot too ise’, and unlike many upperthe food and classmen listen dance, the to Jimmy Buf-

fet, and would have preferred other names such as, Promdora, a theme mirroring the wonderfully renowned ‘Avatar’. Although the theme was disliked, the stage was rockin’ and so was the music. Senior Fouad Sekrieh

said, “The Facultones are a very well composed band, they sounded great and they know how to entertain, I was impressed.” April 10, 2010 was certainly a night to remember for all. When the senior class

R Top o t L m Fro Ernst r e n n a Row: T Alex te, with da z and Co., Goet okas looks back Brian S oys, b at this event s i h d an many years hoistw a L n Joh from now, we e bros m o s believe it will y b ed : be regarded as om Row t t o B a very positive lliams i W c M one. Overall, Brad e lovely m it was a very o s d n a fun night. A ordie G , s e i d la night Jimmy illin’ in h c a t o i Buffet would c Pis tos via o h p most definitely o the lim enjoy. k Faceboo


n via

Number of people that did not have an absolute blast at prom 2010!

Bump, Set, Spike...and whatver else you like

The Prom after party this year was held at the Island, a warehouse with beach volleyball courts. The Regis Jesuit student body really enjoyed playing competitive beach volleyball against each other.

Number of people wearing bow-ties.



J. Breitenbach ‘10 C. Merten ‘10

ballers’, but in the end people were having a good time in paradise. Some kids even chose to play some poker on the tables that were set up, or enjoy themselves and relax in the senior lounge. Karaoke was also a big hit as many students belted

blow up obstacle courses didn’t seem to be a huge hit but some kids did enjoy them. The real sticks at the after prom were all about challenging their bros to a ‘mano y mano’ grudge match in the inflatable arena to get the respect from their dates,

it be diggin’ into the soft sand on the courts, chillin’ at the lounge, or getting serious in the arena, the attendees of after prom

Luke Suchomel, Michael O’Dwyer, and Nick Morales pose with their beautiful dates (Lindsay Pera ‘11, Catie Mulhern ‘11, and Maggie Rogan ‘11) at group pictures. Photo via Facebook


Number of dudes wearing white tuxedos.


Number of students going stag to prom.


Number of students attending after-prom at The Island. Students enjoyed volleyball, Ping Pong, Poker and Obstacle courses.


Number of students attending Cheese Burger in Promadise.

Making The Grade: Prom Night!


Things got real heated, the competitiveness of a testosterone ridden school was evident on the courts. Cuts and bruises were visible on the I kind majority of five y of felt like ears o I was the volleyld w blo

wu ith but it p toys an the d was s till a all, time. good Mitch Robin son


e s i d a m Pro it up d e v r e s J R

out songs from all decades, “Party in the USA” by musical bv Miley Cyrus was the song of choice, but the relaxing vocals of Jimmy Buffet did seem to be popular too. The

but others just goofed around. “I kind of felt like I was five years old with the blow up toys and all, but it was still a good time,” said Junior Mitch Robinson.


left nothing less than impressed.

Rockies Outlook Could they win it all? Alec Jenkins ‘11

Tulo is going to have a great season and play better defensively than ever before. Michael Clark ‘11

After losing to the Phillies in the post season, the Colorado Rockies hope to make up their loss. The Rockies have a lot of talent this season that many think they can capitalize on. Junior Chris Lesnansky said “We have a lot of talent in the line up so a successful year and possibly a trip to the World Series to come.” The Rockies have a very good bull pen (one of the best last season). Once Jeff Francis and Houston Street recover from their shoulder injuries they will have one of the deepest pitching rotations in the league. Already this year, Ubaldo Jimeniz has completed a historic feat by pitching this first no-hitter in Rockies history. The Rockies also have a superb bating line up with Dexter Fowler, Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, and Todd Helton the Rockies starting lineup is almost unstoppable. Last year the Rockies had five players that had a bating percentage over .250. The Rockies also have one of the deepest rosters in the league. Guys like Jason Giambi, Rya Spilbourghs, and Melvin

We have a lot of talent in the line up so a successful year and possibly a trip to the World Series to come. Chris Lesnansky‘11

Save our Youth

corrupt role models in America M. Petko ‘10

Growing up as a boy in America, there are certain characteristics to your life that are essential to your wellbeing, one of

those being a sports fanatic endowed to famed individuals who emphatically dispossess their opponents on their way to glory. You cherish these people, almost to the level of a god on Earth, until, of course, they screw up. Being in the spotlight that shines so brightly upon their athletic and private

lives, it is easy to fall into the trend of fame meeting misfortune. One incredible athlete who had been shredded by the grip of PETA activists, Michael Vick, is a man who had been on top, only to be slamdunked to the bottom……the slammer. His athletic ability gained him the fortune to generate the finances of a scheme that put him under. “He is definitely a hero of mine. Growing up in a gang-infested environment and makin’ it in the big leagues…that’s a huge deal.” Lance Jungers ’10 implied about his faith towards his role model. His resurrection has been passionate but it’s uncertain whether he will once again rise or fall. Another proclaimed athlete

accusation that has taken over celebrity bashing, cut-throat internet hot spots, is Tiger Woods. Woods, a once prolific man has recently fallen. Despite Mr. Woods’ wrongdoings, his golf game is most profound in comparison to other competitors. Golf is a game described as 10% physical and 90% mental. “Last year the guy won the FedEx with all that guilt and anxiety hovering in his mind?!?! I can’t wait to hear Tiger’s roar this season.” Justin Stoeckle ‘10 invoked. America is a nation of triumph and empowerment, which is driven by the authenticity of its youth. The youngsters look up to individuals on many different playing surfaces and pave their lives according to the paths their heroes lead. Aside from the loyal disposition

Mora are players that will make big plays this season to come. The leadership on the team is also another benifit that other teams lack. Veteran Todd Helton always makes great plays in close games. He made his 15,500 put-out at first base against Milwaukie on April 6, 2010. Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki has just started to take on the leadership role. This is important for the team to have another good athlete that they can rely on. Tulo is the youngest player in MLB history to make an unassisted triple play and hit a full cycle. Hopefully , Tulo will produce more great plays this season. The Rockies will have many important games this year. Juniors Dalton Ponterlli and Brad McWilliams agree that the Dodgers and the Giants are key games that the Rockies will need to win. The Rockies are sure to have a great season and will be contenders for the World Series. Left Todd Helton getting ready to crush it taken by Wikapedia Commons

of a great man and the gambling lifestyle of another, the youth seems to always support the comeback character in any story of resurgence. So for America’s sake, men like Michael Vick and Tiger Woods need to put their lives in order so that young America can keep looking to them as examples of great athletes,

Left Michael Vick drops back in the pocket during his reign of dominance before the dogfighting days. Photo Illustration By: M. Petko Below The famed TigerWoods “fist-pump” so emphatically performed after a hard fought victory by the man himself.Photo Illustration by: M. Petko

[ Sports ] Avs Turnaround

From last place to playoffs Colin Smith ‘11

The Avalanche were remarkably bad last year. It was the worst season in Avalanche history as they went 32 - 45 -5 only producing 69 points. The Avs’ struggled to fill the seats and fans were getting restless. During the offseason the Avs’ drafted two of the top rookies in Matt Duchene and Ryan O’ Riely. “I love Matt Duchene, he is just the best” says RJ student and Avalanche critic Chris Lesnansky. The rookies bring young legs to a team that was too old to compete with the rest of the league. The Avalanche also made a huge acquisition in goalie Craig Anderson. He has brought swager to a team that was in desperate need of it. “Craig Anderson is just an outstanding goalie ya know, what a trooper that goalkeeper is” says hockey phenom Ben Carey. (Carey is probably going to be drafted

33 84 21 23 88 34 17 28 69 88 43 4 63 50 94 56 68 8 49 41 81 58 100 56 15 6 53 70 12 17 39 94 40 51 9 7 52 19 87 61 22 51 10 11 12 97 34 9 22 17 96 18 8 by the Avs next year and he will lead us to the Stanley Cup). The Avs improved defensively by acquiring Kyle Cumiskey and Kyle Quincey. Kyle Cumiskey is a

Above Milan Hejduk gets ready to attack the defense taken by French Kheldar young defenseman that brings a much needed speed to an extremely slow defensive line. Some say he is the fastest player in the NHL. Kyle Quincey is a calm and collective defensive juggernaut. He is powerful and rarely turns the puck over.

By The Numbers

10 The Raider Review April 31, 2010

The amount of points that the Avalanche finished with last season

The amount of points the Avalanche have this season with two games remaining

The Avs also fired coach Tony Granato and hired Joe Sacco who has coached the Avs team into the playoffs. At the trade deadline I lo ve the Avs were M is j att D trying to ust u trade the chen b away Ch est e, he . ris many players Le s na including Wojtek nsk Wolski. Wolski’s y inconsistent play and locker room problems resulted in the trade for Peter Muller, who helped the Avs aquire the final playoff spot. The Avs lost to San Jose in six games, but the way they fought against the number one seed suggests promise for next season.

Will the Nuggets Prevail?

Quest to be the best difficult without leader Mitch Robinson ‘11

For the Past couple of years as Denver Nugget fans here at Regis Jesuit have watched the Nuggets slowly climb the ladder in the playoffs. At the beginning of last season when the Nuggets solidified the trade between the Detroit Pistons for Chauncey Billups it brought new energy to the Nuggets fan base. After losing to the Lakers in the Western Conference finals last year, the Nuggets popularity has grown significantly. As the Lakers still dominate the west, sports analysts agree that the Nuggets will be a team that will be able to compete with the Lakers if they learn to play as a team. As the 20092010, season comes to a conclusion the Nuggets failed to uphold the third seed in the west, losing home court advantage in the playoffs. “The Nuggets struggle without Kenyon Martin” says Tanner Ernst “He is the heart of our defense and a solid contributor on offense. ” Without Kenyon Martin and head Coach George Karl the Nuggets have struggled

Q & A Chad Merten Q: How do you think the Nuggets will do in the Playoffs? A: I Really don’t know they have been playing terrible of late. Q: Who will be the hardest opponent in the playoffs? A: themselves. Q: who is your favorite team in the NBA? A: Nuggy Bears. Q: Who is your favorite player on the nuggets? A: Chauncey Billups. Q: Who do you think will win it all? A: Im not quite sure I’m thinking the Lakers. Q: Who is the biggest Thug on the Nuggets? A: Kenyon Martin because he has lips on his neck. to finish the season strong. Tanner Ernst believes “George Karl is the powerful voice of the Denver Nuggets and sets the tempo that his players play at… I will be doubtful of the Nuggets success in the playoffs without Coach Karl on the bench.” Looks like Ernst predictions are coming true. The lack of defense and lack of assists (the Nuggets really don’t pass the ball) have left them down 3-1 in the best of 7 series against the injury - plagued but hard- working Utah Jazz. Hopefully by the time this paper is

Above: Chauncey Billups layin it up.

printed, the Nuggets will have fought back to have a chance in the series, but without Coach Karl the Nuggets seem illprepared and completely lost.

Power Rankings Marc Stein Mitch Robinson 1. Cavaliers 2. Magic 3.Lakers 4.Suns 5.Jazz 6.Spurs 7.Thunder

1. Cavaliers 2.Lakers 3.Magic 4.Jazz 5. Celtics 6.Nuggets 7.Suns

[ Sports ]

April 31, 2010 The Raider Review

Ultimate at it’s finest

Raiders Spike Competition

Raider Ultimate motivated to win state

RJ varsity volleyball 18-0


Chris Job ‘10

Alex Sager ‘10 during practice and on the court will make a difference to what this season will look like.” Being on the team, it’s a team effort and it will take all of us to finish this season strong. What surprises me about the sport of volleyball is how popular this sport is. Believe it or not. Volleyball is the second most

History and Hopes Regis Jesuit have won 3 state championships. One in 2003, 2005 and the last state championship was in 2006. Coach Laura Dunston, head coach of the Regis varsity Volleyball team says “I can feel it, my team has been working very hard this season and I can tell that their effort

Bump, set spike! The 2010 spring volleyball season is here at Regis. With an undefeated recorded of 8-0, our Raiders are seeking out the 5A state championship. Both J.V and Varsity teams are performing at their best to excel and maybe take home a state championship for the 3A J.V team, and in the 5A Varsity League.

Its very popular on the west coast. I was shocked to hear this due to the lack of people in the stands at games. The RJ Volleyball team will play its last home game Thursday April 29th. They will finish 18-0 with a win and capture the number one seed in the state tournament on May 15th.

popular sport in the world, behind soccer.

The Triple Threat


I saw the varisty team play at the last home game, and they are the real deal. Every game before they play they do some call of duty grenade throw that obviously gets them pumped up. if you seen them play before then you know what I mean.

Andrew Adams ‘13

Ryan Bennenati says “the sun and wind don’t phase me.”

Michael Courtois ‘12

Q&A with Tom Kaiser

Volleyball Facts First net ever was 6’6 Ave r 300 age pl tim ayer es a j gam umps e

r ve e e th am uly 7 g j rst Fi as on w 96 n t in 18 e a or am ic sp n c llio be mp mi loly 64 00 ay vo 8 19 over le pl p p eo ball ley

Sophmore John Antencioworking with the assistant Coach Simona Speed for a game plan.

f ll o n ha ed i l l t a a y b oc lle is l Vo me ke fa olyo H

David Vs. Goliath The end to the greatest tournament we’ve ever seen their big three Schyer, Singler, and Smith. The National Championship came down to one final half court heave if Gordon Hayward had released the ball with half a mile an hour on his velocity and only three inches to the left Butler wins the game.

Robert Morris 15



Villanova 2 20-Mar

Villanova (73-70 OT) © 2010 National Collegiate Athletic Association. No commercial use without the NCAA's written permission. The NCAA opposes all sports wagering. This bracket should not be used for sweepstakes, contests, office pools or other gambling activities.

Baylor (72-49)


Duke (78-71)

Kansas St. (84-72)

4/7/2010 10:58

North Texas


Kansas St. (82-62)

20-Mar 2 Kansas St.


BYU (99-92 2OT)

Pittsburgh (89-66) 7







3 19-Mar








Xavier (65-54)


Xavier (71-68)


Kansas St. (101-96 2OT)

Butler (63-56)

West Regional Salt Lake City Murray St. (66-65) 13 18-Mar

Murray St.

Q: How old where you when you first started playing ultimate? A: I started when i was 6. Q: Who is your greatest inspiration? A: Former Regis Senior, Hayden Fitzpatrick. He really challenged me last year. Q: Are you going to play in college? A: I am getting recruited by CU. Q: How far do you see the team going this year? A: Honestly I think we are going to win state. Q: What position do you play? A: I am a handler. Q: What’s your favorite part of ultimate? A: I enjoy how it is a really fast paced game. Q: Who is your greatest competitor? A: I would say Creek is our greatest competition.

Photos by: Chris Job ‘10

What exactly is Ultimate Frisbee? Ultimate is a transition, non-contact, sport in which 7 players from each team are on the field at once. Once you catch the Frisbee you cannot move. The main position is the handler. Typically this is the most skilled player on the team. There are sometimes multiple handlers for each team. The games are played based on a point system, where the first team to score 13 points wins. There may be up to as many subs as a team may wish and each player is expected to call his own foul. The game is quite simple once

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St. Mary's (Cal.) (75-68)


St. Mary's (Cal.)

Sam Houston St.

Richmond 7


14 Baylor (68-59)

St. Mary's (Cal.) (80-71) 26-Mar




Old Dominion

Notre Dame 6




Old Dominion (51-50) Baylor (76-68)




Utah St.


13 Purdue (72-64)

South Regional Houston

Texas A&M

Louisville 9





Texas A&M (69-53) 26-Mar

Purdue (63-61 OT)

Duke (70-57) Butler (63-59)

20-Mar 4





Florida St.


Butler (77-59)

Gonzaga (67-60)


Butler (54-52)

Syracuse (87-65) 8

21-Mar 16 Vermont



Syracuse (79-56) 1 Syracuse


15 UC Santa Barb.






Ark.-Pine Bluff


Indianapolis April 3

Tennessee (76-73)


21-Mar 2

Ohio St. (68-51)

Georgia Tech (64-59)



Ohio St.


Oklahoma St.

Georgia Tech


Tennessee (83-68)

20-Mar 3

Ohio (97-83)

Tennessee (62-59)





San Diego St.


St. Louis 28-Mar


Midwest Regional

Michigan St. (85-83)

Maryland (89-77)








New Mexico St.



Michigan St. (70-67)



Michigan St.


UNI (69-66)







Michigan St. (59-52)


UNI (69-67)

Kansas (90-74)



16 Duke (68-53)


Indianapolis April 5

Butler (52-50)

National Semifinal





Indianapolis April 3

West Virginia (73-66)

National Championship



California (77-62)

1 Duke (73-44)



Morgan St. 15


West Virginia 2




Missouri (86-78)

West Virginia (77-50)

West Virginia (69-56)


West Virginia (68-59)





New Mexico 3




Washington (80-78)

New Mexico (62-57)

Washington (82-64)





Marquette 6



13 Wisconsin (53-49)

Cornell (87-69)


Syracuse 27-Mar

Kentucky (62-45)


East Regional



Temple 5

Cornell (78-65)




Wake Forest

East Tenn. St.


8 20-Mar

Wake Forest (81-80 OT)

First Round*


16 Kentucky (100-71)

Second Round*

Kentucky (90-60)

Regionals National Semifinal

2010 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship

Michigan St. (70-69)

Milw waukee

Second Round*

Ohio St. (75-66)




San Jose

New Orleans


Oklahoma City

First Round*

Duke (78-57)


San Jose

Out of 12 ESPN Senior Analysts picked Kansas to go to the final 4

Oklahoma City

Bu uffalo


7 34 17 28 47 73 21 23 88 4 63 50 94 56 68 87 85 77 81 58 100 56 15 60 19 65 12 40 51 9 70 73 82 12 17 39 87 61 22 51 10 11 19 32 34 9 22 17 96 18 83 22 12 Overtmes in this year’s tournament


to go to the final four, seven of the twelve picked Syracuse in the final four, four picked West Virginia and only three of the analysts picked duke to go to the final four. Butler came into the tournament with the longest win streak in the nation with 29 wins in a row and was looking to go into the tournament and win the whole thing. Duke came in ready to take the championship with

New Orleans

Who could have foretold the end of this amazing year of College Basketball? The talent in this year’s class is hands down second to best; you had the player of the year a six foot seven inch point guard from Ohio State in Evan Turner. The freshman class was hands down the best that there’s been in the last five years. This year’s freshman class included future first round NBA draft picks such as Kentucky’s John Wall and Demarcus cousins, Kansas Xavier Henry, Georgia Tech’s Derrick Favors, and among others Cincinnati’s Lance Stephenson.

This year’s incredible field of players led to one of the best tournaments that we could have asked for. In last years NCAA tournament there were only two overtimes in the entire tournament. In this years first round alone there was double that. There were seven overtimes in the entire tournament. The battle between David and Goliath was forged on the first day when Murray state went on to upset Vandy when Danero Thomas hit an 18 foot jump shot at the buzzer and later that same day when Ohio knocked off favorite Georgetown. As the story goes David prevailed against the mighty Goliaths of this tournament there were a whopping number of 20 upsets in a year when the higher seeds were supposed to dominate. This year in the NCAA March Madness tournament all twelve of the ESPN college basketball senior analysts picked Kansas


Spencer Sullivan ‘10

I feel we have a very strong team that is capable of winning state. Taylor Steel ‘10

The RJ Boys 5A Boys Volleyball Team

Jounior J.D Gile taking a huge dig from a spike!

Fearless Taylor Steel is looking to go ultimate pro.

Tom Kaiser shows how to rep

you get the hang of it. If you still have trouble picturing it, think of a mixture of between soccer and football. The Regis team is looking strong this year. Head coach Tom Kaiser has been making his team work hard since October. “I have been getting the team running sprints and pumping iron since the fall, it will be the reason why we win it all.” The team has shots for winning state for multiple reasons. One reason is the dedicated players. Each player has yet to miss one practice or work out session all year. Coach Kaiser allows zero tolerance for unexcused absences. Another reason is highly motivated captain Taylor Steel. Taylor is being recruited by all the top ultimate colleges in the nation. He is a very skilled handler that is not afraid to the disc through the needle. The third and final reason is the other captain is Spencer Sullivan, a.k.a. Sully. Sully has the ability to run and jump faster and higher than most other ultimate players. “Sullivan is under other team’s radar, so he will be a secret weapon throughout the year,” Coach Kaiser said. If the team can compose all of these aspects this year they will surely win the title and go down forever in history.

Letters, Editorials, News, Features, Entertainment, Sports ... It is up to you.

2009Awards C Valedictorian: Jon Law

Left: Freshmen Teacher of the Year, Mr. Sajit Kabadi; Sophomore Teacher of the Year, Mr. Patrick Curran; Junior Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Jakie Maxfield. 45 Years of Sevice: Mr. Ralph Taylor.

Right: Mr. Mike Buckley excepts the first annual Mike Buckley Distinguished Faculty Award from friend and longtime colleague Mr. Charlie Saulino. Mr. Rod Card, Mr. Ray Rosenbaugh (pictured back in the day here) along with Mr. Buckley, will retire this year. All three are Regis Jesuit legends.

Salutatorian: Andrew Tilley

Photos by: Matt Welchert & Zach Cornell ‘10 & Andrew Warren ‘11

Fine Arts: :Zhang Qian

St. Ignatius Award: Frank Kane

Presidents Award: Dan Nguyen

Rich Wiley Award: Alex Goetz MAGIS Award for Excellence: Adam Lomas

Jim Tinucc Tom Ro

-2010 Ceremony

cci Award: Rouleau

English Award: Brian Clark

Mathematics Award: Tyler Thomas

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14 The Raider Review April 31, 2010 Students and Shoes

Into The Wild

Students from each class share their love for shoes

Drew Dyer ‘11

Ever since the dawn of time students have been attracted to shoes. It does not matter whether what grade you are; freshman, sophomore, juniors, and seniors students in every class have found a burning passion for the art of shoes. The love for shoes varies: Vans, Jordan’s, Nikes, Adidas, New Balance, Timerland... the list goes on and

Noah and Neilan Johnson ‘13 “We love shoes because there is tons of different types and we can collect as many as we want.” “Our favorites are by far the Jordans, any number.”

on. You even might find a fan of the new Five Finger Shoes. I know I am. The point is no matter where you go, or where you look you can find people who have a burning passion in their soul for shoes. Here at Regis Jesuit it was not a hard task to find shoe lovers. We at Raider Review have found four individuals from different grades who show a true love and desire for shoes. They each gave us some very inspiring quotes.

[ Features ] Chris Mccandless story Jack Breitenbach ‘10

Chris could be regarded as one of the huge spirtual hero’s in my life

Will Breitenbach

“I love shoes like they are a part of my family!” Bud Thomas ‘10 Junior Caey Young shows off his awesome track shoes. Photo by Drew Dyer

Tanner Samson ‘12

Evan Frank ‘11

Lance Jungers ‘10

“Personally I think that shoes are the best invention ever, they protect your feet and their fashionable.” “What more could you ask for?”

““If I could, I would really try to collect every shoe, I would build a house made of shoes if I could.” “I want my next shoe to be the Skecher Shape Ups.”

““To me me colcol““To lecting shoes shoes is is lecting like aa art. art. Shoes Shoes like are carefully carefully are designed and and desinged put together, together, just just put like paitings. paintings.I I like love the the Jordans Jordans love series and and the the series Lebrons.”” Lebrons.

Into The wild, is a novel by Jon Krakauer about a young man by the name of Chris Mccandless. It entails adventures of Mccandless throughout his odyssey to find himself, and kill the false being within. Chris Mccandless had a great passion for the outdoors and the thought of not being owned by the corporeal. Mccandless believed that having a career was a 21st century invention and he didn’t want any part of that. He wanted to live a simple life off the land and truly understand the idea of surrendering himself to some higher power. That power would be nature for him. He fled into the Alaskan bush with enough supplies to last a couple of weeks, penniless,

and at times struggling to live. Chris believed that new experiences were at the core of a man’s spirit and in order to truly live you have to put yourself out there. The story has been inspiring for so many and if you have not heard of it yet you should definitely check it out. Many people that I have talked to experienced mixed reactions while reading the book. Many thought of him as a mentally unstable human being who was just upset because he had a rough relationship with his parents. While others like myself admire the heck out of Chris and the things that he accomplished in his life. A man willing to break conventional society and step “outside the box” to look at the world in a

Above Is a self portrait taken by Chris in the Alaskan wilderness different light. That is someone that I admire greatly. Chris stepped up and followed through with his ideals and beliefs. Many people have changed the way they live their lives after hearing Chris’s story. He has had a positive influence

on a lot of people and for that God bless him. Christopher Mccandless (February 12, 1968 – mid-August, 1992).

Spotlight: Mitch Robinson

A closer look at this perfectly tuned athlete Chad Merten ‘10

Mitch Robinson was born on October 9, 1992 in Denver, Colorado to Patty and Gordon Robinson. He attended Ave Maria for his Elementary and Middle School years. He applied to Regis Jesuit his eighth grade year and was very happy when he found out he had been accepted. His freshman year Mitch Robinson went out for freshman football in the fall and earned a spot as the punter on the team. He had fun playing football and

meeting new friends but he now turned his full attention towards his favorite sport, baseball. In the spring of his freshman year Mitch tried out for the baseball team, he bypassed the freshman and sophomore teams to play for the Junior Varsity. He played short stop under coach Alkorn and kept developing his skills all spring and summer. Mitch Robinson’s sophomore year he made the varsity team’s suitup roster, and got to dress for varsity games while still starting on JV. He even got some

varsity time which fueled his desire to work hard in the offseason and come out ready to earn a starting Varsity spot the following year. This year (Robinson’s junior year) he is the starting third baseman and has indeed proved himself worthy of a starting spot. When I asked Robinson about this seasons opponents and which games were the biggest for him personally he replied, “The biggest game for me personally this year is for sure Ponderosa. I know a lot of the kids on that team and that will make beating them

even sweeter. Mitch and the rest of the baseball team are looking toward an impressive season and look forward to being one of the top contenders in the state this year.

Thinking about the Jesuit Order? Contact Fr. Chris Pinne, SJ at

Drew Merten’10


with Mitch Robinson Q: Whats favorite part of baseball season? A: Going to Arizona, its tons of fun to hang out with my friends and play baseball on spring break. Q: What is the biggest game for you this year? A: Ponderosa for sure, i know a lot of the kids on the other team Q: Who is your favorite coach? A: Coach Weiss, he is a big stud.

Mitch is my best friend I really like the quality bond that we have developed over the last three years, we just have so much fun together.

Mitch and I hang out a lot, he is a really cool kid and a lot of fun to hang out with. I really enjoy watching him play baseball when I/m not laxin it up.

Connor Friemuth ‘10

[ The Last Laugh ]

April 31, 2010 The Raider Review


The Daily Welchert

An in-depth look into the life of the Editor-In-Chief

Matt In A Box

On a daily basis, you may see him walking down the hall clad in a shirt from J. Crew and a pair of cords, more than likely brown. In fact, I can usually spot him because we’re dressed in almost the identical outfit. These facts are given, however, who is the man behind this visual? What goes into the life and legacy that is Matt Welchert? On June 23, 1991, Matt Welchert entered this world at Rose Medical Center in Denver. Being proud of his roots, Matt boasts, “I’m a Denverite!” Since his beginnings, Matt has

taken interest in several different topics, most prominently in the arenas of sports, politics, and journalism. As a child, Matt participated in hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and basketball, with his favorite being hockey. “I’ve been playing since I was four,” he fondly recalls. Playing for such teams as the Front Range Panthers, DU Jr. Pioneers, and a brief stint with the Littleton Hawks, Matt grew to love the sport while traveling throughout the state of Colorado. Not included in the list was Matt’s month long participation in

youth soccer. “When I was four, I remember picking a kid up and throwing him down in the middle of a soccer game,” Welchert recalls, “it

When I was four, I remember picking a kid up and throwing him down in the middle of a soccer game.”

Matt Welchert ‘10 was apparent to me at that time that hockey was the right sport for me.” Also, a major part of his life

Sean Connery

One of Matt Welchert’s best known impressions is that of Sean Connery. It is perfectly normal to hear the sound of a thick Scottish accent beaconing you from across the room. “

Modeling Could a guy with the reputation of being the “most mellow guy in the room” break out of his shell? I’m no Annie Leibovitz, but I think Matt has a future in modeling.

Google, Kansas

Kansas desperate for attention Brendan Courtois ‘12 Google has all of Kansas’s history mentioned on their servers. According to Google, Kansas was found in March of the year 2009 by Bill Bunten and then Mr. Bunten invivted Google to ude this land to continue their good work. Since no one besides Mayor Bunten remebers the state’s actual history, everyone completly belives Google’s story of the state’s founding. Kansas is now the most popular Google search topic besides a dollar sign + Kesha.

Above Google is always willing to point you in the right direction. Bottom Yes, it really exsists.

of pride. Last summer, Matt traveled to Washington, D.C. for to work on the Presidential campaign for then junior senator

from Illinois, Barack Obama. “I grew a lot during this time. Being able to venture the nation’s capitol by myself on a daily basis is something that I know will carry with me for the rest of my life.” More visibly in the Regis Jesuit community, Matt Welchert serves as the copy editor in chief of the Raider Review. In reflection of his journalistic career, Welchert commented, “I’ve always had a knack for writing, so I jumped at the opportunity to parlay that into an academic activity.” As the school year comes to


The presence of Matt Welchert is easily felt. . Just as you’re about to escape, he grabs onto you and tickles you mercilessly. Matt is considered quite the “softy” around the newsroom.

a close, it is evident that as Matt Welchert embarks on his future, Regis Jesuit will not only be missing an editor in chief next year, but also the true embodiment of the ideal “Raider Man.”

Did you know?

Did you know that Matt is choosing between American University, Trinity College, and College of the Holy Cross for his college education?

Behind the Burns Did you know? I had the opportunity to be Matt’s roommate. In doing so, I discovered the electric razor he uses to groom himself each morning. He taught me some tricks of the trade.

Did you know that Matt’s job as the Raider Reviews Editor-In-Chief is a position that requires hours of diligent work after school?

Your 2010-2011 Student 2010-2011 Student Council Executive Board Publications Chair: Cooper Cohen ‘12 Athletic Chair: Casey Young ‘11 Student Body Liaison: LJ Jones ‘11 Service Chair: Thomas Stack and David McManus ‘11 Activities Chair: Dom Pera and Jaden Hawkinson ‘11 Pastoral Chair: Andrew Fioretto and Mark Miller ‘11 and Sean Whitley: ‘13 Diversity Chair: Alan Bolden and Logan Miller ‘11

What’s with the Stuco- Shakeup? What is the plan? What prompted the change? What can we expect from next year’s Stuco?

Full, two- page ‘Stuco Revolution’ spread coming in the next Raider Review

Keep your eyes on the news stands... Exciting Final issue coming Mid- May. Want to be a part of The Raider Review? Stop by room 172 anytime!

Topeka, Kansas- On March 2nd, 2010 Topeka’s Mayor Bill Bunten announced that starting April 1st his city formerly called Topeka would change its name to Google. The 79 year-old said the name change was due to a horrific problem Kansas has; it doesn’t exist on Google. The baffled Mayor discovered this when he asked his secretary to search for information on Kansas on the internet, because he had forgotten what the most interesting thing about Kansas was. His secretary came back and told him that Google came back with “did you mean boring?” That drove Bunten to call Google, He demanded to talk to CEO Eric Schmidt under the basis that Kansas wasn’t on Google. The Google rep responded, “What isn’t on Google?” Bunten replied, “Kansas, the state, you know…uhhh…with the flatlands and grain”. The Google rep then said, “Sir, stop trying to waste my time, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” And then the rep hung up on Mayor Bunten. Bill Bunten spent a long considering what his home state had become, then

he came up with an idea; Topeka, Kansas must become as popular as Google. “The only way to do that is to become part of Google” said Mayor Bunten. Therefore on March 2nd, 2010 Mayor Bill Bunten changed the name of the city and contacted Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt. Google had no idea it shared a name with a city, Bunten then threatened to sue unless the state of Kansas was fully documented on Google. Google then bought the enterity of the state of Kansas to avoid the lawsuit. Now

is Matt’s political ties. Being the son of two Democrats, Matt carries on the political association of his parents and does so with the utmost amount

Zack Cornell ‘10

“Mudslinging” The President

The Future of History

Fouad Sekrieh ‘10

Matt Krause ‘10

Who is Fouad Sekrieh, really?

Above: a rare picture of Fouad. Here he is in Mexico, most likely finishing up an illegal drug deal with one of the Mariachi singers.

Above is a picture that barely made it. The photographer did not. Here Fouad is pictured at the March for Life, moments before attacking the photographer.

After an interview with Mr. Wolf about Fouad’s behavior in class, I was not surprised by the things I heard. “Yeah. Unfortunately I had him his freshman year. All he did was sleep and play with Graham Glass’ hair. He was a constant disruption.” There are also rumors that Fouad is one of the largest illegal substance dealers in the country. The real question is: How did such a person become president of our school? And I have found the answer from Mr. Wolf, who was hesitant to respond, but after several weeks he finally built the strength to respond. “Stuffing

guy. Never assume. After interviewing a “friend” of his, one of his past teachers, and researching his Facebook; I have concluded that Fouad Sekrieh is not who we thought he was. Matthew Krause from the Senior class says that he became president because “It was a sympathy vote. He doesn’t have very many friends and plus the whole Obama theme really took the cake.” Fouad barely goes to class, but when he does it is mayhem. Teachers prefer that he doesn’t show up. When

Fouad does actually go to class, students and teachers scream, run, and cry- in that order. And the week before grades come home, he bribes teachers and faculty with cakes. His father owns Vollmer’s Bakery, and ever since Fouad was of age he used cakes to get what he wanted. His father can barely keep up with all of the bribes and unjust use of his delicious cakes. If Fouad takes advantage of his own father, nothing will stop him from taking advantage of our school, and possibly the world.

If one thing is known about the future, it is that it is a dark and dangerous place, and all beings must adapt to their new environments. History is no exception. Sure, it has been written down since the dawn of man. From random events in the lives of our dinosaur-hunting ancestors written on the walls of caves to the forefathers of our country writing the Declaration of Independence, history has been around forever. Now in this world of change, especially during the Technological Revolution, how is history changing around us? To answer the question, we must take into account everything that now uses history to function. TV, primarily the History Channel, uses history to function. The internet undoubtedly uses history to function. Google and YouTube, two of the most-used

Above Sekrieh’s secret weapon. Vollmer’s Bakery’s delicious cheesecakes.

He enslaved my family and is using them to distrubute large quantities of drugs accross the world. Please help me. I don’t know why I haven’t told anyone sooner. I thought that the truth would eventually find a way.

Matthew Krause ‘10



the ballot box, riding Tilley’s coat tail, fear and hate mongering. As well as cakes. Lots of cakes.” Mr. Wolf has asked to remain anonymous. So if you see Fouad and confront him about this, please don’t tell him you heard it from Mr. Wolf.


The 6 W’s

websites on the internet, have a “history” of their own. They allow one to observe whatever said person just searched on Google and/or YouTube. This type of history can be referred to as “Instant History,” or Insta-History. Andrew Tilley, Executive Vice-Principal to the bilingual behemoth Foaud Sekrieh, was asked, “How do you feel history is changing?” His response, “Not at all.”

They’re expensive. I got them at LensCrafters. They’re Versace. Zack Cornell ‘10

have followed the example that Zack Cornell set, and have bought glasses for themselves and their loved ones. One such person is senior Mike Andrew McConnell, a man Tilley is a nonbeliever. who wears his glasses Instead of taking like a fiend. When the path of Tilley, an questioned about his alternative would be glasses, Mike replies, taking the route that “Yes.” Zack Cornell, teddy bear extraordinaire, So friends takes. He chooses to and foes alike, let’s wear glasses. When I take a stand to the asked him to tell me Andrew Tilley’s of the about his glasses, he world, the nonbelievresponded by saying, ers. Mayhaps they “They’re expensive. I will be left behind got them at Lenwhen the world sCrafters. They’re adapts to itself. MayVersace.” See now, haps… Zack Cornell knows how the world is Editor’s changing. To survive Note: Andrew Tilley in this ever-changing wears glasses. Even world, one needs though he is a nonbeglasses. Many people

liever, he only chooses to be a nonbeliever because he doesn’t like classic cinema. Liking classic cinema is also key to join in the Historical Revolution. Also, one must wear corduroy pants while they are sleeping, and must partake in physically laborious activities, such as bear hunting and playing dress up. Andrew Tilley is one of the most respected students at Regis Jesuit High School, and deserves the respect and admiration of the students who walk the halls. So... Yikes... Next time you see him, give him a hello.

Google com Youtube

History com

Google is the most visited site on all of the internet. It uses a “History” feature, where it allows you to search things that you have previously searched.

Youtube is almost exactly like Google in it’s use of history. If you have previously searched for a video or have a video you really like, Youtube “History” lets you instantly find that video again. is the absolute best place to go for your up to date history. Every new discovery in the field of history is posted here, and it is the dream of anyone who wants a history major.


Wikipedia org


33 84 21 23 88 34 17 28 47 73 Is shockingly the Fouad Sekrieh 2009-2010 president. 88 43 4 63 50 94 56 68 87 85 77 49 41 81 58 100 56 15 60 19 65 Where? Why? White? 53 70Regis 12 17 39 40 51 9 70 73 82 Because he is a Jesuit High thief, a liar, and a School 52 19 87 61 22 51 10 11 19 32 cheater. 12 97 34 9 22 17 96 18 83 22 12 No. Never judge a book by its cover. Fouad Sekrieh may look white, but his name says otherwise. He is Syrian.

Above The Youtube logo, in all of it’s wonder and glory.

Left Picture of Zack Cornell with Versace eyeware.

Historic Websites

Who is Fouad Sekrieh? Some know him as the guy that does the announcements. Or the president of our school. However, he is most commonly known as that jerk that table tops freshman by himself. If you don’t know Fouad, you would assume his a nice

A Short History of the Future





Facebook doesn’t reWikipedia is all about ally have a history feature, history. It has informaapart from the searching tion about any subject of friends through the use you could possibly want of a friend box. There are to know anything about. also a multitude of wonAlthough some see Wikiderful applications that pedia as not being credible, utilize how many people the facts on Wikipedia are look at your profile. the truth.

What is I’ve never even heard of this site... I think this is where you can make a blog about your day, or about your dog, or about your Call of Duty experiences online. There’s a lot you can talk about on

April 2010 Raider Review  

The April 2010 issue of The Raider Review. Regis Jesui High School Boys Division student newspaper. All rights reserved.

April 2010 Raider Review  

The April 2010 issue of The Raider Review. Regis Jesui High School Boys Division student newspaper. All rights reserved.