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January 13, 2012

Awaiting Bishop Callahan’s Decision Background In November 2010, the pastors of the supporting parishes of Regis Catholic Schools made a recommendation to Bishop Callahan to consolidate RCS elementary school operations for Grades K-5 into three sections (classrooms) per grade in two buildings. Episcopal Commission In January 2011, Bishop Callahan convened an Episcopal Commission to study the recommendation and possible changes within the RCS system. Bishop Callahan stated he would then use the information and recommendations from the Episcopal Commission to determine how the RCS system will be structured beginning in 2012–13. Throughout 2011, the four committees of the Episcopal Commission visited the Catholic Schools in the RCS system, observed the schools, and talked with teachers, administrators, pastors and families. They also gathered financial, enrollment, demographic, and other information. Over the period of one year, the Episcopal Commission met on several occasions together and with Bishop Callahan to discuss their findings, conclusions, and recommendations. The final Episcopal Commission reports were due to Bishop Callahan on December 30, 2011. Awaiting Decision As of Friday, January 13, 2012, RCS continues to await Bishop Callahan’s decision. Once the Bishop informs RCS of his decision, we will work diligently to communicate the decision with you in an efficient, responsible manner. Thank you for your patience. God’s Peace,

Joe Eisenhuth RCS President Cc Father Konopa, RCS Pastoral Dean

RCS is Awaiting Bishop Callahan's Decision