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February 13, 2012 Dear Parents and Guardians, Regis Catholic Schools appreciates your patience as the tuition rates for 2012-2013 school year were being set. The pastors of the RCS supporting parishes met on Friday, February 10, 2012 and approved new tuition rates for 2012-2013. These rates were accepted by the Diocese of La Crosse. The rates include a new, three-tier structure that introduces a tier for tuition rates at the Grade 6-8 middle school level. Other fees will stay the same as the prior year.

2012-2013 Student Tuition and Fees Grades: K-5 6-8 Tuition for First/Oldest Student $ 2,690 $ 2,760 Tuition for Each Additional Student $ 2,290 $ 2,360 Book Fee $ 50 $ 50 Yearbook Fee n/a n/a th Graduation Fee (12 Grade Only) n/a n/a 2012-2013 Other Per-Family Fees For Non-members of an RCS Supporting Parish Enrollment Fee (if enrolled by May 1, 2012) Enrollment Fee (if enrolled after May 1, 2012) Fundraising Fee

9-12 $ 4,360 $ 3,660 $ 100 $ 65 $ 50

$ 1,000 $ 100 $ 150 $ 250

Over the next several weeks, the pastors will continue to meet and work with members of the Episcopal Commission, the Diocese, and the RCS System Leadership to discuss the 2012-2013 budget and any additions or further suggestions about the future configuration of Regis Catholic Schools. As a reminder, the following was announced last week regarding 2012-2013: • Immaculate Conception Elementary, St. James Elementary, and St. Mary’s Elementary will all continue to have elementary classes for 2012-2013. • The 6th grade will remain at the Regis Middle School Campus. • The RCS Central Office will remain at its current location and will not move to St. Olaf for the 2012-2013 school year. Enrollment forms will be mailed to current families on Tuesday, February 14. Enrollment opens on Wednesday, February 15. God's peace and blessings,

Joe Eisenhuth President – Regis Catholic Schools

2012-2013 Tuition Rates Set  

RCS 2012-2013 Tuition Rates are Set

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