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King’s Coronation in Hailsham.

It’s an event we should make sure is recorded so that future generations can look back and see how we celebrated the event. This has become apparent as when we organised the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last year, there was a distinct lack of photographs of previous jubilees in the town. Now, with almost every person having a camera in their pocket, we need to make sure we have something to look back on.

Hailsham News will be out and about throughout the whole weekend to do just this, so do let me know if you’re holding a street party or event, so that we can come along with the camera. We will also have a stand at the Family Fun Day at the Western Road rec on Sunday 7th May. Do come along and say hello.

There’s been a lot of conversation about the state of the roads in Hailsham and the recent works on the South Road Bridge. We cover this topic on page 8. We were just as disappointed as our readers were after workers just filled in some potholes. This simply wasn’t good enough considering the state of the road.

After we highlighted residents’ concerns, Highways have now PROMISED that a full resurface of the bridge area will happen this year! However, we must remember this is a national problem — not just in Hailsham or indeed Sussex.

I hope you all enjoy some time off this month and we look forward to being out there in the community this month during the Coronation weekend.


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Hailsham-based musician and composer, Dr Tony Biggin, will be heading to the Netherlands, later this month to attend the premiere of his Requiem.

The performance will be in the city of Leiden, home of one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious international research universities and, particularly at this time of year, a centre of the flower-bulb region.

Tony, who also composed the music for Hailsham Festival’s Musical, String (set in Hailsham and produced at Hailsham Pavilion last year), is no stranger to the Netherlands where his work has been performed on a number of occasions.

His choral pieces, Cry of the Earth and The Gates of Greenham have received a number

of performances in Leiden following their premieres at London’s Royal Festival Hall and his Sussex Overture, commissioned by the East Sussex Youth Orchestra was performed in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Sections of the Requiem have already received performances including a movement entitled If Only, sung beautifully by Abbie Marsden at a recent Mayor’s Concert during the 2019 Hailsham Festival, but this will be the first time that the work will have been produced in its entirety. The performance of Tony Biggin’s Requiem will be at 8.00pm on Saturday, May 13th at the Marekerk in Leiden. The British premiere of will take place at the Grove Theatre, Eastbourne, on October 7th 2023, with the Baroque Collective conducted by John Hancorn.


Police on patrol came across two suspects in a vehicle fleeing the scene of a shoplifting incident at a store in South Road at around 8.40pm, 20th April.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle and, after a short pursuit, found the Peugeot 206 had crashed and was on its side. A 44-year-old from Bexhill and a 41-year-old from Eastbourne were taken to hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

The 44-year-old was arrested on suspicion of theft, dangerous driving, driving without a licence, driving under the influence of drugs and failing to comply with an order to stop a moving vehicle.


STAFF at Prezzo in Hailsham have been told today the restaurant will be closing due to a ‘company overhaul’.

The Italian chain which is located in the Old School building on the High Street, announced a strategic review of its business to focus on ‘better performing’ restaurants to ensure long-term, sustainable growth, according to the company.

The review will see the closure of 46 loss-making sites across the country, affecting around 810 team members.

The Eastbourne branch will also be closing. Dean Challenger, chief executive of Prezzo, said: “The last three years have been some of the hardest times I have ever seen for the high street and I’m extremely proud of the way our colleagues have retained Prezzo’s position as an appealing, trusted, great value food and drink experience.”

“But the reality is that the cost-of-living crisis, the changing face of the high street and soaring inflation has made it impossible to keep all our restaurants operating profitably. That is why we have made the difficult decision to close 46 sites where the

post-Covid recovery has proved harder than we had “We will work to find suitable alternative roles in other Prezzo restaurants for all those hard-working colleagues impacted by the announcement and support those who cannot be accommodated in finding new opportunities.”

“We believe the tough decisions we are making today will ensure Prezzo can continue serving communities with high-quality, accessible Italianinspired meals for many more years to come.”

Prezzo has seen key costs rise in the past year including more than doubling of utility bills which now represent 9% of total revenues as well continued inflationary pressures on core ingredients (Dough Balls +15%, pizza sauce +28%, diced mozzarella +18%, Spaghetti +40%) and double-digit wage inflation.

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Photo Credit: Peter Mould


Ayoung Hailsham couple have spoken of their shock when they found a dead Goose which fell victim to a horrific ordeal.

Cassie and George Ellwood were spending time at the Common Pond recently taking photographs when they came across the goose which they say had been shot at close range.

They say it was still warm indicating it had been killed in broad daylight during the Easter school holidays when kids were playing at the landmark.

The couple reported the killing to Police as they had feared the offender could still be in the area with a weapon — they were apparently told by Police it would not be investigated further.

There’s been two reported attacks on Geese at the pond in just a matter of weeks — the most recent was captured on video by a resident who saw a group of youths running from the scene. It has been passed onto Sussex Police for investigation. In this particular attack, the informer said no weapon was used, but it was beaten to death by the group.

Cassie Ellwood, who found the dead Goose in the first attack last month, told Hailsham News: “It looked like it had happened literally minutes before we arrived as the poor goose was still warm and there was a lot of fresh blood around. It was on the grass, which would normally seep into the ground or the grass, but this was fresh.

“We removed the bird from the area due to the fact we didn’t want any more damage done to the poor thing. It was such a beautiful day and there were kids all playing around. So we just decided to pick up the goose as I wouldn’t want my child seeing that. She added: “Whoever did this is pretty sick, sick in their heads. I think they have no remorse. Just to leave the poor thing there is just terrible.”

A spokesperson from Hailsham Town Council told us: “We were notified of the incident by a resident who removed the dead bird from the Common Pond site, which was subsequently collected by our Environment Warden and disposed of safely.

Although this is an isolated incident, we are concerned that someone armed with an air gun was taking shots at wildlife in the area, which is used by families, joggers and dog walkers alike. We would encourage people to be vigilant when visiting the

There are now fears for residents’ safety as the Common Pond is a popular place to visit for families at weekends and evenings. Cassie continued: “We have to walk past that pond every day. But now, I’m walking past wondering if I am going to be safe? Is it going to be me next? Will it be someone’s child that is going to walk past at the wrong time? It’s so dangerous to know that someone is out there with such a weapon and such a powerful weapon.”

Despite comments online pointing the attack to opportunists with catapults, Cassie’s partner, George, says it’s very worrying as the wound suggests otherwise.

He said: “We took it back here and it was looked at by someone

obliterated whatever it touches.

The RSPCA told us: “Sadly, the RSPCA receives hundreds of calls to investigate air gun shootings every year, with cats and wild birds being the most common victims.

“All wild birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) and it is an offence to kill, injure or take wild birds except under licence. The maximum penalty, if found guilty, is six months in prison and/or an unlimited fine.

“We are calling for tighter controls on air weapons. This, along with better education, and explanation of the law when buying an air gun, and basic safety training could help relieve the problem.”

your comments to letters@hailsham.news
you think? Send

What do you think?


Structures, fences, buildings and even vehicles across Hailsham have been tagged in a series of disgusting Graffiti attacks. Bored yobs have been targeting popular spots, especially in the Western Road area, where even the new Youth Shelter has been sprayed on numerous times over the past few weeks.

Both the Hailsham Cricket Pavlion and Football Club premises in the Western Road Recreation Ground were also vandalised recently — youths were caught on CCTV which has been passed on to Sussex Police for investigation.

Other areas such as post boxes, telephone exchanges and fence panels are now displaying the pointless ‘tags’ which are now causing parts

offence — but who will catch them?

That’s a question Cabinet Minister Michael Gove also wants answered. He was appointed by Sunak as his anti-social tsar — Gove said he wanted to see a greater 'visible uniformed presence' of police in UK hotspots.

Graffiti, in its professional form, is recognised as an art and even Hailsham’s Youth Service held a workshop last year which welcomed an artist who demonstrated his work within the confines of the building in Market Square.

It was part of the Know Knives project, which supports young people to make more positive choices when it comes to youth violence, knife crime and the carrying of weapons.

However, these ugly tags which are appearing around town hardly classify as ‘art’ as they are just simple forms of vandalism which could result in anything from a conditional discharge from the magistrates' court for minor damage, to up to 10 years imprisonment by the Crown Court where the damage caused is more than £10,000. Alternatively, offenders may be given a fine or a community service order which is often the case in relation to young offenders.

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Searching for quality furniture in Sussex at competitive prices? Looking for a bed in Sussex backed by true customer service?

Then look no further than Hailsham’s premier furniture and beds store.

Your local independent retailer, with a massive display of quality fabric or leather suites, dining and bedroom furniture, beds, sofabeds and recliner chairs.

Holiday opening times: 10am-4pm
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Lits future plans.

Workers closed the road on Tuesday night in what residents hoped would be major improvements to the road surface on and around the bridge. The next day revealed some minor repairs to some potholes.

The disappointment has caused local East Sussex County Councillor to reassure residents major works will happen this year.

Councillor Gerard Fox, East Sussex County Council member for Hailsham New Town told us: “I’ve been working with the Highways and County

“In a leaflet delivered to residents at the end of January I indicated that a significant intervention to improve the condition of South Road bridge would follow later this year.

“That remains the case, and I will not rest until it is delivered.

“The current patching work is an interim carriageway solution until ongoing utility and other works taking place in the vicinity are


Local AltNet Lightning Fibre has confirmed headline sponsorship of the Hailsham Festival for a second year, including financial support once again for Hailsham Artists Network.

Hailsham Festival is a celebration of talent, creativity and imagination which will be held from September. Hailsham Artists’ Network organises an annual Arts Trail as part of the Hailsham Festival.

Festival Chair, Tony Biggin, commented, “The arts represent a vital component of our culture, enriching our community and creating a vibrant landscape from which we all benefit. We are very grateful to Lightning Fibre for their support again this year; it makes a huge difference to what we can achieve.”

New for 2023, the Eastwell Place Bridge Project, and is in response to anti-graffiti efforts by the council on the well-used footpath which spans the Cuckoo Trail. The project now forms part of the 2023 Hailsham Festival, and organisers are inviting businesses to sponsor each one of the 64 panels, which will feature works of art created by the community, including local school children.

The bridge is part of the public footpath that connects Western Road, via the MI Club, to the Grenadier Public House in the town.

Lightning Fibre have sponsored a panel, and donated £2,000 to the festival this year, with a package of support totalling £2,700. Panels have been sponsored by local sign-writers Signtek and Children with Cancer Fund Polegate, who support families in and around Hailsham.

Rob Reaks, Lightning Fibre Sales and Marketing Director, recently joined Hailsham Festival Chair Tony Biggin and festival volunteers at the bridge, and added, “We know how important it is to events and projects like this that local companies like ours support in whatever way they can - be it with their time, their money, or both! The great

Central government has given additional winter support to East Sussex to fill potholes (£2.36m) which was announced in the recent budget and was increased by £200m from what is normally spent on the issue.

The cost of bringing local roads in England and Wales up to scratch has been estimated at £12.6 billion, according to the Asphalt Industry Alliance.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation,

the additional £200 million is going to be thinly spread.

“We mustn’t forget that road maintenance extends beyond the road surface to things like bridges.

“Councils also need the money to shore up the thousands of sub-standard crossings our research has shown are out there.

“Ultimately, whether it is potholes or bridges,

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 8 NEWS
Hailsham Festival receives the donation from Rob Reaks from Lightning Fibre Hailsham Festival receives the donation from Rob Reaks from Lightning Fibre Some of the patching work carried out South Road Bridge
F I N D O U R N E W S T O R E I N H A I L S H A M - N E X T T O B O O T S £10 £19 £15 £20 £5 £9 Was £15 Was £11.50 ALL WRENDALE
P L U S 2 5 % O F F A L L S C A R V E S * DEALS SAVE Was £17 Was £24 ALL WRENDALE BOTTLES £3 SAVE Was £35





Every First Thursday of the month, 7.30am

B12 Bar & Kitchen, Hight Street, Hailsham

Members £12, Non-Members/Guests £15. Register and pay at: hailshamchamberofcommcerce.co.uk/next-meeting. Become a member for £90pa per business.


Every Third Thursday of the month, 10am-12 noon

B12 Bar & Kitchen, High Street, Hailsham

A networking group for women in the East Sussex area. Coffee, chat, advice, growth. Support, help and more! Meet like-minded women in business. £10 pre-booking via Paypal to jane@bizzybirds.co.uk



Every Saturday – 9am-1pm, Vicarage Field, Hailsham

Hailsham’s only weekly market! Visit and select local quality food, gifts, crafts, confectionery and more. And when you’re done you can pop into one of the town’s popular establishments for some brunch, lunch or just a drink. Make a day of it!


Every Second Saturday of the month – 9am-12.30pm

Cattle Market, Market Street, Hailsham

Pop by to visit and select local quality traceable produce and crafts, including fresh and cured meats, vegetables, plants, freshly laid eggs, freshly made bread, honey, chutneys, candles, beeswax body lotion and hand-made cards, plus lots more. Free on-site parking.




A range of recreational activities and events are organised at venues including Knockhatch Adventure Park, Knockhatch Ski Centre, Freedom Leisure and the James West Community Centre, for young people in Hailsham aged 11-17 (school years 7-11) and are invited to attend activities and take advantage of the opportunities available through the Friday Night Project (FNP). For more details: www.hailshamyouthservice.org/


The Drive, Hellingly, BN27 4EP

Helli-hubs — Free Parent & Baby/Toddler Group — Every Monday: 8.30am-10am.

Young at Heart — Over 60’s Club — Every Monday: 10.30am-12.30pm

Ukraine Support & Social Group — Chat, support and advice. Every Monday: 12.30pm-3pm.


NOTE NEW LOCATION: Kings Head, Cacklebury, South Road, Hailsham. Thursday 4th & 18th May 10.30am-12noon

For people who live alone or care for someone. We have many activities like walks, holidays, day trips, lunches and it’s a good way to make friends. Drop-in to pick up a print of our events, have a chat and a cup of tea/coffee. The Kings Head is half way down South Road and has free parking. Tel: 01323 893340 / Email: ken@hailsham-friends.club / Web: www.hailshamfriends.club


Every Second Thursday of the Month, 2pm-4pm St Wilfrid’s Church, South Road, Hailsham, BN27 3JG

A FREE service with entertainment, activities, and refreshments for local people. The monthly class consists of dementia-friendly entertainment such as craft sessions, music and sing-alongs and activity times, followed by refreshments and time to stand and socialise. Provided in partnership with Home Instead Eastbourne & Hailsham and Wealden Dementia Action Alliance. Our ‘Hailsham Community Café’ is held every second Thursday of every month 2-4pm at St. Please call to book your place — 01323 819191


Wednesday afternoons 4.15-5.45pm

Summerheath Hall, Summerheath Road, BN27 3DR

With over 100kg of Lego to build with, including a selection of sets with instructions to build. Whether you would rather free build with the piles of Lego available, take part in the weekly build challenge or, dare we say it, build a kit model with instructions, the choice is yours. As long as you love Lego we’re here for you. Booking essential: www.instructionsnotrequired.co.uk/booking

The Coronation of King Charles III

Hailsham Parish Church Coronation Weekend

All welcome!

Friday 5th May 5pm - Special Service for Hailsham Community to join together to mark the occasion of the Coronation of King Charles III Refreshments served following the service

Saturday 6th May 11am - Coronation Service from Westminster Abbey, shown on the big screen livestreamed @Hailsham Parish Church. All welcome.

Sunday 7th May 10.30am - All Age Morning Service

A service of celebration and thanksgiving suitable for all the family - everyone very welcome

visit: www.hailshamchurch.org or contact the church office: 01323 442410 office@hailshamchurch.org


Every Thursday at 7.30pm

Hellingly Community Hub, The Drive, Hellingly, BN27 4EP

The Society meets every Thursday from September to May. There are still a limited number of membership vacancies available. If you are interested in considering membership, please get in touch via the website or in person. Website www.hailshamphotographicsociety.co.uk


10K, 5K, 3K & 1M runs starting from 9.30am, Hailsham HIgh Street

Sunday 21 May 2023

Four different distances depending on age and ability. There will be toilets on site, including a disabled Mobiloo, baggage storage, car parking, and refreshment from local cafes. Organisers Hailsham Active have partnered with the Town Council (which has provided funding for the event) and Sport Systems to welcome participants in the Hailsham Active Run. FULL DETAILS: hailshamactiverun.co.uk.


Seven Days A Week, Old Forge, High Street, Hailsham (behind Ella’s Boutique), 10am-1pm

Open to the whole community. No forms to fill in and no referrals. We collect good food wasted by supermarkets 7 evenings a week for our community fridge. Everyone is welcome. We ask that you only bring one bag per family and be mindful of others when taking food. There is plenty every day. New department opened for pre-owned clothing. See our article on page 11.




Each Wednesday (during Term Time), commencing 3 May, 10am-11am Rhymetimes and Storytimes are for babies, toddlers, and their families. These sessions will include sharing and performing rhymes and stories for everyone to enjoy.


Tuesdays: 9, 16 & 23 May, 10am-11am

Nature hunts, Planting. Crafts, Time to play and explore outside. Volunteer-led session, free to attend for children aged 1-4 years.


Wednesdays: 3, 10, 17, 24 May, 7.30pm-8.30pm Via ZOOM. (Zoom login details will be provided after enrolment). For more information or to reserve your place on this free course, please email: EHFamilyCourses@eastsussex.gov.uk

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 10 EVENTS
ARE YOU HOLDING A CHARITY OR NON-PROFIT EVENT? For a FREE LISTING, email your details to: events@hailsham.news




Dear Editor, Very interested in your paper! It’s great to have a local newspaper, in an increasingly social media world!

I am a retired P.E. Teacher, very interested in local provision for sport. I was interested in your article about the sports hub at the Boship roundabout. It’s very good news for Hailsham and Polegate that Wealden council are providing a sport Hub, its much needed in an increasing population of both

Due to the overwhelming success of the Pass it On Community Fridge in Hailsham, the project has now reopened the service in a prime central location.

The service had previously been available at the Vega Close and James West Community Centres at various times during the week and weekends.

However, due to its popularity, it has relocated to the Old Forge building just off the High Street, behind Ella’s Boutique.

Due to the larger, more permanent location, there is much more on offer to residents to pick

has grown out of them — so that more residents benefit from the service.

The Pass It On Community Fridge is a vital support for residents who cannot afford, or simply wants to stop food from going to waste.

Produce is collected from local supermarkets and is available to anyone to collect seven days a week from 10am until 1pm.


Dear Editor, Could anyone of your readers explain how it is possible, after the Council Planning Department turned down an application for 30 houses twice because of the unsuitability of the area, that the Government Planning Inspector, can come in and overturn the Council who actually know the area?

This new development is being built on a narrow one vehicle at a time lane, which is having some work carried out at some time in the future, for passing areas to the north of the site, but nothing to the right of the site, which as its narrowest is less than 10 foot wide.

The Inspectorate said drivers wouldn’t attempt to go right because of the improvements to the Ersham Road — really how naive can you be? Ersham Road is already gridlocked without all the new housing in the area being completed.

However, has Wealden council missed a penalty here? Why when they owned land at Brighton Universities Hindland Polegate, did they not consider this site? In fact, they still could build it there, I believe the land is still for sale?

You would save the taxpayer money, as Hindland is a purpose-built land with a golf course, Athletics track Hockey pitches, football pitches, cricket nets etc already there!

Wealden please reconsider.


for experience

Earn up to £26,075

Based in Mayfield, E Sussex. per annum

4-day working week (full-time).

Driving licence required.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 11 NEWS
W E ' R E O N A M I S S I O N T O M A K E C A R E I N C R E D I B L E . . . C O M E A N D J O I N U S ! V I S I T W W W . P J L H E A L T H C A R E . C O . U K
FIND OUT MORE: C A L L 0 1 4 3 5 8 7 2 2 0 1 E M A I L J O I N U S @ P J L H E A L T H C A R E . C O . U K
Being a Residential Childcare practitioner is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity to transform the lives of children while releasing your own potential and embarking on an exciting career.
- we're looking for the right personal qualities to make a difference.
LETTERS Do you have a local issue you wish to raise? Write to the editor at letters@hailsham.news.
Fresh offerings available daily New department opened for pre-owned clothing Range of vegetables always on offer


WORK has started to upgrade and improve three play areas in Hailsham thanks to Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money.

Play areas in Battle Road, Stroma Gardens and next to the Maurice Thornton Playing Field will see the replacement of some play equipment, due to reaching the end of its serviceable life or as a result of corrosion over the years.

Following the upgraded play area in Western Road, the project is being funded by using the CIL money and will future-proof the play areas for the next 10-15 years. CIL money is collected from developers who build new homes in the area, and is spent on local community projects.

The Council has already agreed a budget of over £40K for the overlaying of the wet pour surface at the sites and further agreed to invest between £100K to £120K for upgrades and improvements to play areas.

The first phase of the project, a significant upgrade to the play area located next to the Maurice Thornton Playing Field, started recently and will involve the installation of a 30-metre aerial zip line, replacement of the broken inclusive roundabout and complete overlaying of the wet-pour in this area. Work on this particular play area is due to be completed within the next two weeks.

The second phase of the project, which will


is the first Coronation of a British monarch since the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6th May 2023 with all the long-standing traditions and pageantry that best

commence directly after completion of the first, will see the replacement of swings at the Battle Road play area, in addition to the replacement of the Whirly Bird roundabout with an inclusive one and complete overlaying of the wet-pour surface. Work will then be carried out on the play area situated in Stroma Gardens and will see installation of new pieces of toddler equipment and removal of the large slide and replacement with a toddler multi-play unit, together with the installation of a 4-person springy seesaw and inclusive toddler springy.

A Coronation ceremony can be traced back more than 1,000 years and today, the United Kingdom is the only European monarchy to retain such a ceremony. The special Bank Holiday weekend will include an extensive programme of events across the nation, for families and communities to come together and celebrate this unique moment for our country.

On Sunday 7th May 2023, The Coronation Big Lunch will provide an opportunity to share food and fun in a nationwide act of celebration and friendship. A special Coronation Concert will also take place on this day at Windsor Castle. The centrepiece of the Coronation Concert, ‘Lighting up the Nation’, will see the country join in the

displays and illuminations.

On Monday 8th May 2023, members of the public will be invited to take part in The Big Help Out, which will encourage people to try volunteering for themselves and join the work being undertaken to support their local areas.

For more details, resources, ways to get involved and a map of community events across the country, please visit the Government’s interactive website coronation.gov.uk.

I know that Wealden will be no exception and communities across the constituency have been working hard to ensure that this historic occasion is marked fittingly. Further details about the various family days, picnics and street parties organised in Hailsham and other Wealden towns and villages can be found at www.wealden.gov.uk/ kings-coronation. I am very much looking forward to the celebrations in Wealden, and I hope to see you there!

God Save The King!

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 12 NEWS
This month, people from across the country
HAILSHAM! SAY GOODBYE TO RUBBISH BROADBAND 01323 380 260 | www.LightningFibre.co.uk We’re a local business, building a brand new hyper fast and hyper reliable broadband network in Hailsham. We are working to provide the whole town with 100% Full Fibre broadband. Call us or register your interest online. Switch Today!



eepers at Drusillas Zoo Park have reopened their lorikeet feeding attraction to visitors, after a five-month bird housing measure caused the popular visitor experience to suddenly close amid an outbreak of Avian Influenza across the UK.

On 7th November 2022, Animal & Plant Health Agency placed a housing measure on all poultry and captive birds, creating an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone to limit the spread of the virus. APHA last week confirmed the measures would be lifted across England and Wales from Tuesday 18th April following a latest assessment of the risk

He suffered a knee injury early on but the four stuck together, enabling him to raise a massive sum for Chailey Heritage Foundation. Matt, from Bodle Street, Hailsham, said: “I was

“Thank you very much from everyone here at Chailey Heritage Foundation.”

Find out more about Aquamovers by visiting www.chf.org.uk/aquamovers

Head Keeper Gemma Romanis said: “Our lorikeets have really missed interacting with the public, and as well as being a lovely experience for our visitors, it forms a really important part of their daily enrichment, keeping them happy, healthy, and

“Since the announcement, we have been refamiliarising the flock with our nectar pots and they’ve been extra curious and inquisitive spending lots of time perched on our heads — it’s going to be lovely to see them meeting the families in the Park again.”

According to the gov.uk website, the UK has faced its largest ever outbreak of bird flu with over 330 cases confirmed across the country since late October 2021.

Dr Christine Middlemiss, the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer, said: “Whilst the lifting of the mandatory housing measures will be welcome news to bird keepers, scrupulous biosecurity remains the most critical form of defence to help keep your birds safe.”

“It is thanks to the hard work of all bird keepers and vets who have played their part in keeping flocks safe this winter that we are in a position to take this action.”

Enhanced biosecurity measures will remain in place at the Sussex Zoo, with visitors required to use disinfectant foot dips on both entrance and exit when visiting Lory Landing. The attraction is open daily from 11am-4pm.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 13 NEWS
Continuum (Financial Services) LLP Falcon House Eagle Road Langage Plymouth PL7 5JY T: +44 (0)345 643 0770 E: info@mycontinuum.co.uk www mycontinuum.co.uk Continuum is a trading name of Continuum (Financial Services) LLP Falcon House, Eagle Road, Langage, Plymouth, PL7 5JY which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. UUU Ma k e Yo
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u r


Chicken Rescue UK, a volunteer-run Community Interest Company (CIC) has successfully found new homes for hundreds of chickens which needed a new place to roost.

In a recent event, more than 250 hens found new homes in the Hailsham and Hastings areas. It is a little-known fact that chickens that produce the eggs we enjoy for breakfast, for baking and cooking are no longer commercially viable at only 72 weeks of age. Chicken Rescue UK work with farmers across the UK to try and give them a new home to enjoy for the remainder of their lives.

It’s around then that their egg production naturally starts to slow down and farmers look to replace them with newer, younger chickens who will keep egg production rates up. These


used in a range of products including human and pet foods despite a potential for them to live for five to ten years.

A spokesperson who organised the recent rehoming session said: “These girls were in a lovely condition and enjoyed having a good sunbathe whist waiting for their new families to arrive. A big thank you to everyone who gave these gorgeous girls a new start and please let us know how they settle in.”

Rescue chickens find their way to smallholdings, allotments, schools, homes in towns, cities and the countryside. If you’d like to give some rescued chickens



Full servicing or part repairs

Watch resealing & pressure testing

Watch batteries and straps fitted

Watch bracelet alterations

Watch bracelet cleaning

Quartz conversions

Glass replacement

Free estimates

36 High Street, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1BB 01323 841898


Drop Dead Films, the awardwinning Eastbourne-based independent film production company has announced the cast for its latest feature-length horror film ‘Charlie Shaw’s Revenge’ which includes stars from Coronation Street, Shakespeare & Hathaway and Captain America: The First Avenger. Filmed entirely on location in Hailsham, the independent horror will utilise Knockhatch Adventure Park and East Sussex School of Circus Arts (ESSCA) as locations.

The film will see a mixture of seasoned film and television professionals share the screen with trained circus talent from the East Sussex School of Circus Arts as well as new faces from the Sussex area.

Director John Langridge said: “I’m delighted that we’ve been able to bring in some real stars of film and television to work alongside some fresh and exciting new talent who we’ve been able to cast in some fabulous and challenging roles. It’s great to be able to work with such a

diverse range of actors and we can’t wait to get started.”

Producer Renato Pires, The East Sussex School of Circus Arts (ESSCA)’s Principal and actor in the film, said: “Having Drop Dead Films here will provide a great showcase for the School and its talented teachers and students. It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase the awe-inspiring acrobatic skills that our circustrained professionals have, so it’s going to be great.”

The film will go into production for approximately a month. Alongside a professional production team, Drop Dead Films is also working with local colleges and university students to provide on-the-job training and experience to help train the next generation of film makers.

Local businesses including the Best Western Lansdowne Hotel, Weald Packaging Supplies, Beer Me and Eastbourne Motoring Centre, as well as the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce and the Sussex Film Office, are supporting the production in various ways.


Woodside Hall Nursing Home is a luxury nursing home set in four acres of secluded gardens and woodland. We are an independently-owned nursing home nestled between the two small towns of Hailsham and Polegate, East Sussex.

During this current climate we are offering, a caring & relaxing environment for pre and post respite care.

We have garden rooms with stunning scenery, over our extensive landscaped grounds.


Polegate Road, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 3PQ. 01323 841670

info@woodsidehall.co.uk woodsidehall-nh.co.uk

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 14 NEWS
Untitled-1 1 17/02/2023 11:13
Woodside Hall QP 0323 Proof.indd 1 18/02/2023 13:23


So time is flying by and we are already into May with that old adage “Hey, hey we are into May, so outdoor love can have its sway”, or something like that?

Certainly, the days are longer and lighter after the clocks were put forward at the end of March and “maybe” some folks are still adjusting sleep patterns to that too.

To fit in with May Madness I have a very popular (particularly at my gigs) romance poem for you from my 3rd book “Reviews of Life in Verse” and entitled Feeling Special and I hope May, and all the year in fact, is special for you all.


When we’re together I am somewhere But lost and nowhere when I’m alone, For with you I can skip and cartwheel Though if apart my heart’s a stone.

So secretly I’ll be your personal ghost

All around, watching with my stare, I am the out breath, when in you breathe And


Released in 1979 and made for a budget of $11,000,000 (estimated), this is the film that made Sigourney Weaver a star.

A Sci Fi / Horror movie that takes place on a grimy, gritty functional spaceship in a far distant future on the outer edges of everywhere and nowhere. The crew sweat and smoke and swear and … scream.



Though if apart my heart’s a stone! Should you feel sensation at your blouse Or some finite movement at your skirt, And heartbeats move to unfelt rhythm It’s just me protecting you from hurt. Be not afraid when you see a shadow Or feel a touch, moth like at the ear, It’s just my presence come to love you And ensure safe passages you steer.

So have no fear of the world around you Even lightning strikes from above, Because you’re safe within an armour Fashioned by my spirits love.



This is a film of shadows, steam and spotlights and it’s very scary. The Alien itself is the stuff of nightmares, all teeth and tentacles, at least what you see of it. Disney has it rated at 16+.

At the beginning of the film the crew of a commercial oar processing ship respond to a distress call because that’s what the protocols say they have to do … The trouble is, it isn’t a distress call, it’s a warning. No more spoilers because this film is all about the unexpected shocks, which are many, when you will jump in your seats, or even out of your seats in the right company.

Even the actors were taken by surprise when “the thing emerges”. To the extent that, reputedly, one of them actually fainted because Director Ridley Scott hadn’t told them what was going to happen.

The ship is called the ‘Nostromo’, which is also the title of a Joseph Conrad novel, and in both the common theme is about crew members who are expendable…

Alien deservedly won an Oscar and a BAFTA for Visual Effects and Design, and another BAFTA for the soundtrack and you can experience it in good company at the Pavilion on May 2nd.

A new, crisp, clean animation from Warner Brothers aimed firmly at the under 12’s. There are two complete voice casts, one in Spanish and the other in English. In the English cast the animated mummy of the Pharaoh is voiced by Sean Bean, so here we have a film in which he has died before it has even started, which must be his personal best! I was convinced that the central character, the mummy of Thut the Charioteer, was voiced by Jack Whitehall, but it’s actually Joe Thomas from The Inbetweeners. Hugh Bonneville and Celia Imrie have great fun as the Crazed Archaeologist whose phone rings his Mum (Imrie) every time he says “Mummy”, which is a lot.

The story proper begins in a Secret Underground Egyptian City where all the Mummies have gone to “live”, having of course already died, to be safe from collectors / grave robbers who want to put them on display. They are having a lovely time doing all the things that “Livings” do until Lord Carnaby (Bonneville) and his hapless henchmen find a way in!

Anyway, Thut, The Princess Nefer and Thut’s little brother Sekhem (voiced by Santiago Winder who younger viewers might recognise as the voice of Noddy in Noddy, Toyland Detective) complete with boomerang and cute crocodile, end up in London where they have a series of adventures and experiences at a breakneck pace. It turns out that the Princess has a fabulous singing voice just right for a new single…

Good fun for a holiday matinee. I watched it in the Pavilion packed with families and everyone was having a great time. It returns for more performances in May.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 15 ARTS
haulaway-newspaper-quarter-page-ad.indd 1 15/04/2022 11:36 HIRING HOUSEHOLD SUPPORT AND INDEPENDENT CARERS CONTACT US NOW
the wind that blows your hair. Thus note the trembling at your sleeve And feel the itch you cannot scratch, Because I’m the warm light that shines Like darkness lit by a match!
For with you I can skip
we’re together I am somewhere But lost and nowhere when I’m alone,
and cartwheel


Get ready to hit the pavement! Hailsham’s Active Run will be making its debut this month — after a 30-year hiatus — mark your calendars for Sunday 21 May and dust off your running shoes to join in this classic event.

With huge support from Hailsham Town Council, there are four exciting distances to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Share the thrill of taking part with your family and make memories at this festive running event.

Soak up the buzzing atmosphere at the start line on the high street and medals awarded to all finishers.

Ready, set, go! The exciting race begins at 9.30am in Hailsham’s

High Street as runners wind their way through the parish boundary of Hailsham before finally sprinting to finish line back on Hailsham’s High Street.

Get ready for an extraordinary experience that awaits all participants!

The available runs are: 10k, 5k, 3k and 1-mile runs. Whilst there is no age restriction for the 3k and 1-mile runs, entrants are required to be over the age of 15 to enter the 10k run and 11 for the 5k run (by 21 May 2023).

Hailsham Active has joined forces with Sport Systems, renowned for its professional organisation of races across the UK on behalf of

running clubs, charities and local authorities.

“Hailsham Active is delighted to be co-organising the event with Sport Systems, complementing our mission to create a healthier Hailsham community,” said joint project lead Mary Laxton. “Yes, it’s true, we were inspired by Team GB’s success in the Olympics last year and are bringing back the ‘Run’ to our great town of Hailsham!”

“In the mid-90s we hosted various fun runs but now, running is a growing community activity, beneficial to participants’ mental health, well-being and helping to combat isolation and stress into the bargain.


The team at Hallmark Glazed Extensions are very proud to support the Hailsham Run, as one of the local business sponsors. It is going to be a wonderful event for the town and local community. We particularly appreciate the tireless work that the organisers, Hailsham Active, do to promote a healthier lifestyle for the residents of the town through their campaigning for improved accessible facilities for all, whether that be supporting local sports clubs, building an all weather path around the recreation field or organising free fitness classes. The Hailsham Run is yet another example and it would be great to see it become a regular date on the Towns annual events calendar.

From a personal perspective, I remember watching the Fun Runs held in the Town back in the 80’s and what an occasion it was for everyone. It’s great to see it return and the same positive atmosphere again experienced by both those running and watching. Running has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past 5 — 10 years. No longer is it considered to be an activity for a select few. It doesn’t have to be about time or distance, it’s simply about getting out and taking it one step at a time, in doing so the benefits both from a

physical fitness, and, importantly, mental health, perspective become apparent. I only started running a few years ago, in my early forties, and have found it to be a great way to declutter my headspace, within the world of distractions that we currently live in. Especially, as we are so lucky as a Town to have beautiful countryside on our doorstep to explore.

It’s also a great way to meet others, with the established Hailsham Harriers or local 6am Runners & Thursdays Running Groups, found on Facebook, a great place to start.

No matter your age, or running experience, the Hailsham Run will provide a great opportunity for those wanting to a PB or simply get up and running for the first time, with a selection of runs to suit all and take part in. Ultimately, though it’s about enjoying yourself and having fun!

So, sign up now and get those trainers on. If running simply isn’t for you, then put the date in the diary and be part of a supportive crowd creating an atmosphere to be remembered by all!

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 16 HAILSHAM ACTIVE RUN
� . �� .•• HailshamW 10K SK 3K & 1MILE INCLUSIVE TOWN COUNCIL g
Marcus Fitzgerald from Hallmark Glazed Extensions

applications are open! Let’s do this together and help put Hailsham on the sporting map.”

“It was a shame that we had to postpone the original date scheduled for May of last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are pleased that we have now launched the event and are accepting applications now!”

Steve Wennington, chairman of Hailsham Active commented: “Getting people active is our objective, and we are sure the Hailsham Active Run will be a spur for many to start gentle exercise, working towards another wonderful fun day with the whole community. We are very grateful for the unanimous support with this project from race organisers Sport Systems and of course, the Town Council, which is a major sponsor of the event.”

The prices and start times for each race differ. This all-inclusive event is the perfect opportunity for people with disabilities to get involved.

Plus, it doesn’t stop there — those who wish to attend can also register their Carers too! 9:30am: 3k Race: £4.00 • 10:00am: 1 Mile Race: £5.00 10:30am: 5k Race: £13.0015.00 • 10:30am: 10k Race: £16.50-£18.50.

You will need to attend a registration ahead of your race, please factor this into your arrival time.

Age Requirements • The 1 Mile race is open to all ages • The 3k is aimed at primary school children, but all are welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the race. • The 5k is open to everyone over the age of 11 • The 10k is open to everyone over the age of 15

Facilities: There will be toilets and a bag drop provided by the event organisers. Don’t miss out — register now for the upcoming race! With a limited capacity of 400 runners, this event is expected to fill up quickly. Act fast and secure your spot today! Even if you can’t join in the party, don’t miss out on what’s sure to be a memorable day. Come and cheer on our runners and show your support — plus take advantage of local amenities as they open their doors for everyone to enjoy!

It will create unforgettable energy with every racer crossing the finish line.

5K & 10K

MAY 2023 HAILSHAM ACTIVE RUN Hailsham Active 5k 4 3 1 2 300 m 500 ft Map Data © OpenStreetMap Contributors _28 m 1 1 50 m 200 ft Map Data © OpenStreetMap Contributors Hailsham Active 3k 3 2 1 300 m 500 ft Map Data © OpenStreetMap Contributors
Race Sponsors: • Hailsham Town Council • Crown Wealth Management • Alinka UK • Colston • Hallmark Glazed Extensions Ltd • Hailsham & District Chamber of Commerce • Stevens & Carter Estate Agents • Media Partner: Hailsham News. For more information and register to take part, head over to: https://register.enthuse.com/ps/event/ HailshamRun2023 1 MILE 3K MORE INFORMATION, ROUTES, PRICING & REGISTRATION AT: WWW.HAILSHAMACTIVERUN.CO.UK facebook.com/HailshamActive info@HailshamActiveRun.co.uk


May is a magical month indeed and one that we gardeners eagerly await. We awake to the glorious sound of birdsong and can now garden for longer periods in the evening.

Which is just as well, as there is a lot to do!

Rather than making you feel overwhelmed, I thought that I would mention a couple of tasks that we should NOT do.

Firstly lock up your mower, liberate your lawn and join the brilliant “No Mow May” campaign which is run by the wild plant conservation charity Plantlife. www.plantlife.org.uk

The idea is, that if we all commit to leaving all or at least a part of our lawn alone at least for this month then that will result in a huge impact on the biodiversity of our gardens. It really doesn’t matter if you have a tiny lawn or a vast space, the effect nationally will be immense. The early wildflowers such as dandelions and clover are such an important source of pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies and so often their flowers are chopped off every week by a zealous mower. Leave them be and enjoy the sights and sounds that Nature has to offer.

Here at Bates Green, we are fortunate to have a six-acre Wildflower Meadow which has been managed under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme for many years. It is a feast for all the senses, although we do prefer our visitors not to actually eat the plants!

We are keen to use this meadow as an educational resource in order to promote conservation and a more ‘natural’ way of gardening. With this in mind, on Thursday 25th May we have invited Colin Reader as our guest speaker for the inaugural Bates Green Study Morning. Colin is the owner of Wild Flower Lawns and Meadows Ltd and he plans to show our attendees how to create spectacular wildflower areas using seeds, plants and wildflower turf. There will also be the opportunity to visit the Bates Green Garden Wildflower Meadow and identify some of the various wildflower species we have growing in our heavy Wealden clay soil.

Bates Green Garden, an RHS Partner Garden, is open every Wednesday until 25th October 2023. For details please go to the website www.batesgreengarden.co.uk and follow the garden on Instagram @batesgreengarden

Please find the details on our website www.batesgreengarden.co.uk and follow the link to Study Mornings.

My second ‘Not To Do’ task refers to hedges. These are veritable havens for a myriad of flora and fauna. Their presence, particularly in urban gardens, is vital to create corridors for wildlife and they are to be recommended over rigid fences both visually and environmentally.

At the moment they are growing away at speed but they are also highly likely to contain active birds nests, most of which cannot be spotted. The RSPB advises us to avoid any hedge cutting between March to August in order to protect the eggs.

So, be proud of your wayward boundaries and take full advantage of the voracious appetites that garden birds such as blue tits have for aphids and caterpillars. It is said that the hatching of their chicks is perfectly timed with the emergence of aphids, which are the most common pest to be found in our UK hedges. Relax and take advantage of the natural balance of pest and predator.

Millennium Avenue in Beatons Wood is a joy to behold in the spring, when the native daffodil, Narcissus pseudonarcissus in in full flower.

The late Carolyn McCutchan sowed this large swathe over many years and now they make a spectacular show. If you have had any

groups of daffodils that have not flowered then this is the time to lift and divide them.

Use a sharp border spade, lift the whole clump and then replant in smaller groups of 3-5 bulbs. Harriet and Alex bravely carried out this task in the rain last week, providing extra entertainment for the Arlington Bluebell Walk visitors.

A useful May activity is the “Chelsea Chop’ which is a useful and straightforward technique to increase the flowering period of your perennials, it also prevents them from growing too tall and floppy. Take a late summer flowering perennial such as Helenium or Phlox and cut the current growth back by one third to a half, if you have several groups then try cutting back a few but leaving others. Once you have mastered this, you can do the “Hampton Hack” in July. This involves cutting back early summer flowering perennials such as Alchemilla and Geranium to just above ground level after flowering. This will produce a new flush of fresh foliage and often a second flowering too. Both jobs are easy to remember if you are a fan of the respective RHS Flower Shows.

Enjoy your gardens or outdoor spaces and remember, “all things seem possible in May” (Edwin Way Teal).

Hailsham House is proud to announce the opening of Beech House – a newly refurbished 32bed care facility situated in the grounds of the home. Beech House boasts the latest automated care/ call-system for people with dementia and nursing care needs.

The beautifully designed rooms, which are all en-suite, are decorated to the personal taste of each resident before they arrive. Beech House is also home to an on-site hair and beauty salon, a deluxe spa bathroom,relaxing communal areas and beautiful landscaped gardens.

The on-site wellbeing services, kitchenettes and laundry facilities provide the perfect blend of independent living with 24-hour support – an ideal way to transition if a little extra care is required. Hailsham House has always been highly regarded for its friendly, effective care.

A beautifully appointed café called ‘Daphne’s’ is situated in the main communal area of Beech House creating a warm and friendly community atmosphere. Residents

can relax, dine and socialise with friends, family and staff throughout the day. The café was named after Daphne Marchant, a former resident of Hailsham House and the mother-in-law to John Godden, Director of Salutem senior Living – the home’s new management company.

Although separate to the main home, Beech House is set within the grounds of Hailsham House providing easy access between both homes. This allows the home to cater for couples with varying needs, allowing them to remain together and find the right package to suit them both.

Beech House is surrounded by the most beautiful gardens which can be enjoyed all year round. The site also has an allotment where many residents enjoy spending time helping to grow and produce fresh fruit and vegetables which are donated to the local food banks. If you would like to find out more about Beech House, or if you would like a guided tour of the home, please get in touch.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 18 GARDENING
Harriet dividing daffodils Meadow sheep New smart hedge
BEECH HOUSE HAS ARRIVED! Contact Hailsham House Tel: 01323 442 050 Email: contact.hailshamhouse@aurem-care.com Web: salutemseniorliving.com/hailsham-house Nestled away in a quiet and rural setting on the outskirts of Hailsham, East Sussex, is Hailsham House, a 90-bed care home providing residential, nursing and specialist dementia care.


EVER since I started in journalism in South Africa more than 40 years ago, I have always fervently believed in the freedom of the Press.

During the Apartheid era, South African newspapers were heavily monitored and censored. If you criticised the government you could expect a knock on the door from the security police and warned there would be ‘repercussions’ if you persisted in a similar vein.

There certainly were. My flat was raided while I was out, all my possessions were piled up in the backyard and burnt. It was a warning shot, followed weeks later with a letter informing me that, as a British citizen, I had precisely one month to leave the country for good.

Hence, I returned to Britain, the land of freedom and democracy. That was back in 1981, so why bring it up now?

The reason is quite simple, press freedom in this country is also under threat due to so-called snowflakes who seem hell-bent on being offended by practically everything, no matter how mundane.

First and foremost, the British Press is quite rightly monitored by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) to ensure there are no major transgressions of its code of conduct. In theory, this is a good thing but it is vitally important that newspapers and other media are not subjected to

Of course, it was right that the phone hacking scandal was exposed which ultimately led to the News of the World being closed down. It was a dreadful abuse of media power.

But ever since the advent of social media platforms such as Twitter, newspapers and journalists are now subjected to torrents of abuse, much of it unjustified. This is the new era of cancel culture.

That brings us neatly to two giants of the British media; namely Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan.



Both are combustible characters whose outspoken views inevitably provoke a Twitter frenzy regardless of the topics involved.

Despite the fact they were once involved in a bout of fisticuffs at an awards ceremony and have also indulged in various bouts of verbal jousting, they are in fact remarkably similar.

Both outspoken and unafraid to voice their views vociferously. But they have been cancelled in certain sectors of social media for daring to criticise a certain Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry.

Now, admittedly, what Clarkson wrote about Meghan Markle in is column for The Sun newspaper was ill-advised and misogynistic. He subsequently realised the error of his ways and apologised profusely, but clearly, that wasn’t enough.

His detractors wanted his head on a silver platter and Morgan’s too after he had called Meghan Markle a liar on Good Morning Britain before storming off set following a row with the programme’s weather presenter Alex Beresford.

Clarkson and Morgan are in fact cut from very similar cloth. But they are like Marmite. You either love them or hate them and that is your democratic choice.

For a while, the storm abated until the second series of the quite excellent Clarkson’s Farm aired on Amazon Prime and we were confronted by the presence of, er, cuddly and loveable Jeremy who even saved one of his cows from slaughter after it had been unable to conceive.

As he tearfully explained to his partner, “Lisa, we have now got a pet cow.” You would need a heart of stone not to be moved by that.

But even that touching scene was not enough to deter the Twitter brigade from calling for his dismissal from our television screens. Fortunately, common sense prevailed in the end.

Remember, at the end of the day, snowflakes always melt away.

THE KITCHEN DOCTOR Covering Eastbourne to Hastings

no further - we can renew your doors and worktops to make it look like a new kitchen at the fraction of the cost of a new one.

Hundreds of doors, handles and worktops to choose from.







For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 19 NEWS
Bingo Fresh Water Fishing Section Wheel of Chance Entertainment Themed Evenings Darts Drinks Raffle Fundraisers Snooker Tables Meat Raffle Poker Snooker League Shove Halfpenny Quiz Night Sea Fishing Section Whist
43 Vicarage Field, Hailsham, BN27 1BG 01323 842468 hailshamclub@live.co.uk


to take part in the meeting were rewarded with an insight into our last year’s activities and a series of votes which continued all officers, including myself, in their roles for a further year. Personally, I would thank the committee and our members for their support during the year and will endeavour to repay your confidence during the coming year.

With regret, I heard of the death of Councillor Rupert Simmons, Conservative county councillor for Heathfield and Mayfield and Sussex County Council’s lead member for economy, on April 17th, aged 70. Rupert will be greatly missed both personally and for his tireless work for businesses in Wealden and the county.

I was privileged to have known Rupert and worked with him both at County and at SELEP. Rupert was committed to supporting businesses in East Sussex and Wealden and will be sorely missed for his knowledge and enthusiasm. I would like to send my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

If you follow this column you will know that one of the recurring items that I cover is the Hailsham BID, (Business Improvement District) development. The AGM is a good marker of the progress of the BID since last year. Firstly, we are pleased to have welcomed aboard Lightning Fibre Full Fibre Broadband as a main sponsor, their support and assistance has already been appreciated and I look forward to working with them as the BID develops and starts to benefit both the business community and the community at large. Next month I will report in more detail as we move into the next phase of development but, in the meantime, the BID prospectus is now available to see, or download in pdf format on our website https://hailshamchamberofcommerce.co.uk.

This month’s breakfast networking meeting was very well supported, indeed there were virtually no spaces left so, going forward I would strongly advise early booking to avoid disappointment. Our next breakfast meeting is on Thursday 4th May at B12 Bar and Kitchen in the High Street Hailsham from 7-30 to 9-30.

This month our lunch meeting was held at Bucklers in St Marys Walk Hailsham where we enjoyed a delicious meal specially prepared by their chef for our meeting, many thanks to Melvyn and his happy team for their hospitality. Next month we look forward to visiting the Rajdoot in Hailsham High Street where we will experience their exquisite Indian cuisine, to book head to our website.

It is always a pleasure to welcome new members to the Chamber and this month is no exception as it’s my pleasure to welcome Potter Raper Limited, an established and highly respected

whole of the regulated market and not tied to one lender. Historically, this time of year has been when our member’s fees fall due but recently this has started to change with members joining throughout the year but, we still have a greater number renewing at this time of year.

There has never been a better time to join Chamber, members and new members can join Lightning Fibre Full Fibre High-Speed Broadband for six months free, (terms apply). This offer is worth several hundred pounds and makes joining Hailsham and District Chamber of Commerce fantastic value for money. Additionally, members now get a FREE Hailsham Card giving preferential terms at many Hailsham and local businesses. Details of these offers are on our web site. Hopefully, we will experience some better weather soon but, if it’s dull and cold outside there’s certainly a warm welcome for members old and new in Hailsham Chamber of Commerce.


Potter Raper is an esteemed construction consultancy that delivers exceptional service to its clients. With expertise in all areas of construction, they offer a broad range of services, including Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Employer’s Agent, Building Surveying, Joint Venture Management, Sustainability Services, Health, Safety and Environment, Fund/Bank Monitoring Services, Clerk of Works, and Laser Scanning and CAD Services. Potter Raper is dedicated to providing quality service, investing in their staff, and maintaining their innovative approach to ownership. As a result, the company is a trusted and respected business that will continue to grow in the future.

0208 658 3538




We’re thrilled to introduce Tracy Ellis-Fuller from The Equity Release Experts to our Chamber. Tracy provides impartial advice on equity release, and can source lending options from the entire regulated market — not just one lender. Whether you’re planning for your later years or simply curious about your options, Tracy can help guide you towards the right choice. Welcome aboard, Tracy!

07710 494423


1993, their team of legal experts have been providing top-notch services to Hastings, Hailsham and beyond. They specialise in individual services such as residential conveyancing and private client services. Their dedication to personal service at an affordable price sets them apart from the rest. Although they have advanced IT systems, their team’s personal knowledge and expertise are what they take pride in. They are committed to working with you every step of the way. Choose Janet Sinden & Co Solicitors for exceptional legal services.

01323 449150




Welcoming Kerry Knight — Holistic Well-being! Kerry is a Reiki Master & Holistic Therapist providing Traditional Reiki and Reiki massage in Hailsham. We want to highlight her recent amazing feat — she participated in the ‘5 days of sunrise walks for Shawn’ to support St Wilfrid’s Hospice, which provided vital care for her husband during his fight with kidney cancer. The Lansdowne Hotel generously sponsored a room for Kerry for the 5 days and she set off every morning from there at 5:55am. The final day was a special celebration brunch to raise additional funds for the Hospice and also coincided with Kerry’s birthday! A big congratulations and thank you to Kerry for her hard work and dedication to supporting such an important cause.




Welcome to Knockhatch Adventure Park, Hailsham’s favourite family destination rain or shine! Animal lovers will adore our Children’s Farm and Owl Sanctuary, complete with Owl Displays and Animal Encounters. For those seeking adventure, we have outdoor playgrounds, a boating lake, and indoor play areas like Froggies Soft Play, the Lost World Playbarn, and Cannon Arena. Come learn and play in a fun, safe environment that the whole family can enjoy!

With new attractions popping up all the time, there’s always something exciting to explore. Come make lifelong memories and experience the never-ending fun at Knockhatch Adventure Park.

01323 442051



For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 20 COMMERCE UPDATE


A brand-new feature where we send anonymous members of the team to check out local pubs, cafes and restaurants to give you an honest review. These visits are not pre-arranged, and the venues do not know they are reviewing the food and drink!




It feels like the clothing world is against me sometimes as I subconsciously slip into middle age, even though my head still thinks I’m in my youth.

I’m not a dedicated follower of fashion, but I am concerned about the new trend of sizing that seems prevalent in the clothing industry.

I will admit to gaining a bit of timber over the last few years which has put shirt buttons, trouser waistbands and other clothing under a little more pressure than before, although I am in shape because round is a shape but exactly when did most of the world become thinner than the Wealden District Council Social Media policy?

I’m not really sure what Slim Fit is and less sure how the heck you achieve this mythical clothing size, it seems that everyone I’ve seen wearing these clothes, look like they have been dressed in the reduced section of the local charity shop in a town inhabited by leprechauns…it doesn’t fit and nothing does up!

go perfectly with my ‘Dynamic Waistband’ (Google it) trousers which I lovingly refer to as my eating trousers because they allow me to partake in significant amounts of food, wine and beer without the need for trouser belt adjustments, as recently worn in Rajdoot and followed up by the cocktail test in B12, no-one even realised my trouser waistband was gently expanding with the intake of Jholpuri Lamb and Long Island Iced Tea.

With summer a few weeks away, I am also thinking of launching my new brand of clothing aimed at those who insist on wearing clothes they think fit and look good, in reality they are garments that hark back to a holiday over a decade ago. Keep your eye out for the new Dobber Clobber range and remember you heard it in Hailsham News first.

Thands since so we decided to give them a visit.

I remember some four or five years ago, when it first changed hands, it had undergone quite extensive renovation to get it to how it is now. It spent some long months shrouded in plastic as the secrets of the building works was, quite literally, kept under wraps.

From a modest café to a modern Americanstyle ranch which always attracted motorists — especially motorcyclists — in their droves, there’s now a lot more to get excited about when visiting the Custom Café, which is located on the Marsh Road between Pevensey and Cooden, With a classic American car as part of the exterior memorabilia, it’s a real treat to look at. But that’s just the beginning. There’s a generous amount of subtly-lit outside seating for the upcoming long summer nights.

From the moment you step inside, you’re transported to a world of rustic charm and hidden gems. The wooden-clad interior of the restaurant is divided into two distinct areas. At the front, a dynamic setup with a small stage and presentation area dominates, perfect for hosting events. The main bar is the centrepiece, surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere that’s sure to excite. Meanwhile, at the back of the restaurant, a more intimate dining area offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle. No matter where you look, there’s always something interesting to see - the walls are covered in lively American memorabilia that sparks conversation and adds to the restaurant’s unique character.

The menu was interesting. Typically American, as you would expect given that it was an Americastyle diner. Reading the menu is always a refreshing insight into the type of produce they

offer. It’s heartening to see that they’re committed to using locally sourced produce.

From all the usual suspects to something a little different, larger portions or light bites, there’s bound to be something that suits your appetite.

We went for the Lamb Stew on the Specials Board and the ‘Trailer Trash Pie’ — Beef (or veggie) chilli, topped with mac & cheese with a crunchy smoked cheese topping. At first, the idea of chilli con carne with pasta on the top sounded very strange (hence the name Trailer Trash), however, the taste test came back extremely positively — so much so that it’s a recipe we’ve decided to include in our own repertoire at home. It was served in quite a small tin plate, but it was really deep and extremely filling!

The Lamb Stew was excellent. I would’ve liked a few more pieces of meat, as I think I only had three; however, the gravy was so thick and tasty it included all the usual root vegetables and served with mashed swede and spinach.

Overall, it was a very reasonably priced meal out. The total bill coming to just over £50 for two alcoholic drinks, two mains and a shared desert.

Shortly after finishing our meal, the jammin’ was ramping up on the other side of the restaurant and it was starting to fill up.

We left the restaurant in such a buzz with all the music and positivity, satisfied with a belly-full of great tucker and wonderful customer service — we

They have even launched Super Slim Fit sizing which I can only assume is made for people who can hide behind lampposts or car aerials, the hangers seem to be more substantial that the intended wearers of this inane size clothing.

In keeping with this trend, I suggest that clothing retailers launch a ‘Chub Fit’ which would suit me perfectly, slightly oversized and maybe made from some form of elasticated material. This would

To add a further sales opportunity to my Dobber Clobber range, I will be including reinforced flip-flops, these will be particularly suited to the fashionista that insists they are suitable footwear for all occasions.

They are subtlety reinforced as my market research indicates they are normally worn by those who have feet like a Griffin and talons that can destroy a standard pair of flip-flops with one mistimed stumble, they will NOT be available in slim fit or super slim fit sizing.

Brad Monks: www.verymagic.co.uk

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 21 NEWS
The Trailer Trash Beef Chilli topped with Mac & Cheese An incredible Chocolate Brownie desert — enough for two to share Lamb Stew with root veg mash


I’ve been visiting The Bluebell Walk and Bates Green Gardens in Arlington for a few years now and been lucky enough to work with owner, John McCutchan, on a number of promotional films and spend a great deal of precious time in woods.

In the preparations to open the woods for this season, John happened to tell me a Kingfisher had been spotted at the Lower Lake, so as a keen photographer, I couldn’t let the opportunity go to photograph this stunning bird, which in fact, has always been a dream of mine to even see a Kingfisher!

With the mission set, I had just ten days to capture my dream image, so I didn’t waste any time in getting down to the lake to firstly see if the residents were active, if they live and hunt there and to see if they had a routine.

Kingfishers are notoriously shy and difficult to spot. If you’re walking near a lake, you may be lucky enough to see a bright blue and red flash as they find their next perch to hunt from. Seeing them perched up is an incredibly rare sight.

So, with a flask of tea and a bag of food, I set up camp on one of the beautiful seating areas at the lake. It didn’t take long for the Kingfisher to show itself. On the first day of monitoring, it was difficult to see a pattern, or where it hunts from, although, I did see it land on a ladder that John had laid across to the Island, so at least I knew, it was interested in the lake.

On the second day I went there, I took along my camera equipment which comprised of a Canon 5D DSLR camera, tripod and long 600mm lens, specifically designed for wildlife photography.

Without confirming a regular perching spot, it’s almost impossible to get a photograph of a Kingfisher, as you can’t simply just swing the lens around wherever you see the bird. The key is to

set the camera on the exact spot you know it will land. However, on this visit, I captured a photo of a male Kingfisher sitting in the bushes on the other side of the lake, but it wasn’t an image I was happy with.

It was time to get serious. I decided to hire one of the best wildlife photography lenses on the market to make sure I made the most of this opportunity. I got hold of a Canon 800mm lens from HireaCamera based in Mayfield. So, with the best equipment available, all I needed was a bit of luck and more skill to get what I needed.

By the forth day of going to the lake, I was confident we had a pair after seeing a female Kingfisher on the ladder looking to hunt. The female is recognisable by a lower red flash on her bill. On this day, I had a total of nine encounters with the bird, but I simply wasn’t quick enough to photograph it, as they only spend a second or two in one place. It’s so difficult when waiting still and silent for it to arrive, not to be distracted by the Red Kites and Buzzards souring above the tree line and other birds that visit the lake. I had a mission, and I had to stay as focused as physically possible on the task in hand — although I couldn’t resist in swinging the camera round to capture some other wildlife shots.

Little did I know, but my fifth visit was going to be the day I walk away with the photograph I dreamed of. I actually started the day with not much hope, the sky was patchy, the lake felt very quiet with not much action from anything.

I almost felt time was running out and because the Kingfisher had not had a successful hunt from the ladder perch, I started to feel it wasn’t returning, as they easily give up on spots that don’t provide much food.

I was literally about to give up for the day after not one sighting and was minutes from packing up and leaving. Suddenly, the iconic red and blue flash appeared to my left and landed on part of the ladder it hadn’t done before — almost like an invitation to stay longer.

As I slowly moved the camera towards this position, the Kingfisher flew to a higher branch where it sat for a total of two seconds. But, thanks to a fast finger, excellent light and superb camera equipment, I got the shot!

I’m delighted with this photograph of the male Kingfisher in all his glory and share it with the visitors of The Bluebell Walk. Do keep your eyes very peeled if you want to get a glimpse of these beautiful birds — you will need to be very patient indeed!

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 22 NEWS
The Canon 800mm lens with £15,000 new from HireaCamera Buzzard soars high above Bluebell Wood. Long Tailed Tit inspects a nearby tree for food. Wren collecting for next at Lower Lake. The hero shot of a male Kingfisher at Lower Lake

Your local independent property experts...

Residential Lettings Land New Homes

available three/four bedroom detached bungalow. Some key benefits include; gas central heating, spacious lounge, versatile extended accommodation and a driveway leading to garage.

The property is arranged thus; entrance lobby, hallway, cupboard, sizeable kitchen, utility/ side porch area, spacious lounge with double doors leading to bedroom four/ dining room fit for multi purpose, three further bedrooms, bathroom and separate WC. Externally, the property affords a wrap around sunny aspect garden with a driveway for at least two cars and a separate garage.

well regarded ‘Bell and Pearson’ built house complete with a southerly aspect mature corner plot garden, garage and driveway. Inside it is arranged with an entrance porch, inner hall, 25ft lounge-dining room, kitchen, conservatory, stairs to the first floor landing, three bedrooms and a family bathroom. At the rear of the garage is a utility and gardeners loo and a further large Workshop with power (TBV) hidden towards the end of the garden amongst the mature shrubbery. The property has been well cared for under its current ownership and boasts uPVC double glazing and gas central heating. All within walking distance is Hawks Town Academy Primary School, a convenience store, access to the Cuckoo Trail and bus routes.



3D Virtual Tour | Extended Chalet Bungalow | Three Ensuite Bedrooms | Utility Garage | Sunny Aspect Garden | Large Outbuilding | Ample Off Road Parking | Study | Kitchen-Diner | Well Presented | Gas Central Heating | Favoured Location.

What a lovely surprise this property was to see, situated in Amberstone View is this immaculately presented and versatile three double ensuite bedroomed chalet bungalow with ample off road parking, a sunny aspect garden and large outbuilding.

Inside it is arranged with an entrance hall, lounge, kitchen-conservatory, utility room come garage, study, downstairs bedroom with dressing area and ensuite shower room. Upstairs are two further generously sized bedrooms also with ensuite shower rooms.

CALL 01323 840444 or visit

Presented in very good order throughout is this extended detached family home occupying a generous corner plot within small cul-de-sac in the favoured Anglesey area.

Inside it is arranged with an entrance porch, dual aspect lounge, dining room, further reception room, kitchen, rear lobby and loo. Upstairs there are four double bedrooms with the main boasting ensuite shower room and also a family bathroom. To the front is a large block paved driveway providing off road parking for several cars and an integral garage while to the rear is a generous and mature corner plot garden.

BN27 1AN
For Sale For Sale LUXURY LUXURY PARK HOMES PARK HOMES No Stamp Duty 2 & 3 Bedrooms Private Gardens Allocated Parking Part Exchange Welcome Secure Gated Parks PROPERTY FEATURES 01892 280435 sales@mackenziesampson.com Full Full Residential Residential £ 160,000 £ 160,000 PRICES FROM 3 Locations Across East Sussex 3 Locations Across East Sussex


Almost six years ago I handed in my notice, writes Angela Marden. I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew after 30 plus years in estate agency. I was tired of operating under regimes where moving home was a mere transaction and the primary focus was money.

Fortunately, I have a very supportive Husband and Family. They knew I loved my work just not the politics that came with it and encouraged me to set up by myself. After shed loads of self-doubt, we agreed I would start up from home and that way I could concentrate on just a few people and their properties. For me this was ideal. No pressure. No targets just listening, talking and caring.

Unfortunately, the compromise was I use my own name because I was working behind closed doors, with no office frontage or marketing campaign. That way anyone who had dealt with me over the years could find me if they wanted to.

My difference is that it has never been about the properties. Yes, I have seen some amazing and some not-sogreat properties over the years but to me it’s always been about the people and their lives. How can I help them achieve what they want or need to achieve?

Likewise, I’m happy to be an impartial sounding board when someone is unsure of what to do for the best. If moving is not right for them that’s perfectly fine with me. That’s probably why I have one of the lowest fall through rates in the industry.

It didn’t take long for ‘I’ to become ’we.’ It took a while to find the absolutely right people to make up our team but definitely worth it. As such I am extremely proud to introduce our team. Please see the right-hand pictures.

We would love you to pop in to meet us in person and the kettle is always warm.


I speak not as an agent when describing this property below, but as a mother and from my heart.

I recall the very first time I visited this property. The sun was shining although the weather was cold. I pulled up at the five-bar gate, climbed out of the car and stood still in awe of the scene before me and the tranquillity surrounding me.

The effect it had on me was so great I took out my phone and took a couple of pictures. For most of us music can take us to a place or a time and the memories come flooding back but this was a feeling that I had only ever experienced once before and under some very sad and tragic circumstances. (I will keep it brief)

In 1985 our little boy was diagnosed with a rare syndrome. It affected his growth, mobility, eyesight and eventually his brain. The prognosis was he wouldn’t see his first birthday. We had three older children. One was just 12 months and 1 day older, the others 4 ½ and 6 ½. As any family will know having a child with special needs can make it very difficult to make plans and enjoy quality time as a family, especially holidays.

Gary surprised everyone especially the medics and he lived until he was a month away from his third birthday. It was sudden and he was at home. It was exactly two weeks to Christmas.

Understandably the loss of their brother was really hard for our other children and although you try your hardest, you’re all living a life of pretence because nothing will ever be the same again. We were lost.

Trying to give life some sort of normality my husband booked a caravan holiday in the New Forest. It was a place called Sandy Balls. This is not an advert for this holiday park but for nature.

We walked by the river, took part in the site activities of

nature trails, pottery, had bicycle rides through the forest and did ‘normal’ things.

The children laughed and played as children should and apparently it was the first time I smiled since we lost our boy. My husband said it was the first time he actually felt ‘hope’ for the future.

I tell you this personal story because when I saw Foxy Hollow Farm it took me back all of those years. I remembered being in the New Forest and experiencing that inner peace. Knowing that life still went on despite the heart ache and our children could still be children. It was being as one with nature. It was healing.

I just wished there was somewhere like Sandy Balls where families could holiday and all members of the family were catered for. Somewhere our little boy could have been pushed in his chair as we walked beside his siblings down by the river or out in the forest. He could have sat in his chair perhaps listening to the others taking part in their activities. Maybe a sensory room that he too could share with them but most of all the facility for a qualified nurse to stay on site and give any emergency care that may be required.

Foxy Hollow Farm is that place. Alpacas could be taken for a walk. Sheep could be fed and looked after. Goats could keep the grass down. Chickens for the morning eggs. A whole host of animals could be kept here and children could learn about and from nature. They could have nature walks, tree rubbing, collect conkers and different types of leaves. Maybe a local stable could bring down some ponies for a spot of horse riding. Indoor games for evenings.

The layout of this property offers privacy, space and plenty of light. It is environmentally very friendly and economic to run with the ground source heat pump. Please do get in touch for more details.


A Holistic Retreat? A Holiday Home for Children with Life Limiting Conditions? An Eco Friendly Home!

Picture this: you travel to the end of a country lane and there is an immediate sense of peace and tranquility as you overlook the pond with geese, ducks and moorhens playing or lazing about and across from the pond are a family of Alpacas and views across open countryside. This property represents the FEELING of WELL-BEING with every conceivable extra included in the design. Its ALL in the detail.

Telephone: 01323 818000 Email: angela@angelamarden.co.uk Visit: www.angelamardenestateagent.co.uk UNIT 3, NORTH STREET, HAILSHAM (NEXT TO TESCO), BN27 1DN
PRICE GUIDE £1,000,000


James Bond-style cars, ex-American police vehicles, a Mini restored on the television programme Car SOS and show winning scooters will all be taking pride of place at this year’s Magnificent Motors on Eastbourne seafront.

The motoring spectacular returns to the Western Lawns on Saturday and Sunday 29 and 30 April complete with live music, funfair attractions and a fully licensed bar.

Renowned as the largest free motoring extravaganza along the south coast, Magnificent Motors is organised by Eastbourne Borough Council and features members of motoring and vehicle enthusiasts’ clubs.

The show runs from 10am-5pm each day and visitors will also be able take a ride on the Eastbourne Wheel, the UK’s largest transportable ferris wheel, also located on the Western Lawns.

An Eastbourne Borough Council spokesperson said “For many years now Magnificent Motors has been the ultimate must see free motoring extravaganza in the south east and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever.

“It’s a great opportunity for visitors to view a unique selection of vintage and classic cars, motorbikes and more and have the chance to look under the bonnets and chat to the owners too.

“As always, Magnificent Motors acts as a springboard for a packed schedule of events and is a great start to the summer.”

A returning star of the show is The Gatsby, an open two-seater Chevrolet sports car built by the owner some 34 years ago, which will be accompanied by a miniature version built for the owner’s grandson.

Also taking part in the show will be members from the Jaguar Drivers Club in Sussex and vehicles on show include a 1936 Lanchester, and a limited edition Daimler open tourer, as well as E-type Jaguars.

Sussex Scooter Club members will also be at the event with members displaying scooters which have been used in films and others fully restored by their owners. Many of them are extremely rare and some have won awards at motoring shows.

A 1972 Stag Triumph four-seater vehicle, the make and model famously driven by James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever, will also be on display alongside members of South Coast Cop Cars showing off retired ex-American police service vehicles.

The Gay Classic Car Club will be celebrating 35 years of supporting LGBTQ+ classic car owners, and other exhibits will include one of only 3,500 British-made Panthers, pre-1990 vehicles and Austin vehicles all aged between 86 and 96 years old.

In the Electric Cars zone, Group 1 Hailsham BMW will be showcasing the new BMW iX, i4, iX1 and a MINI Electric three door hatchback. Birchwood Group will be exhibiting the Ford Mustang Mach E, E-Transit, Kia EV6 GT and Skoda Enyaq Coupe VRS. Eastbourne MG, Rivervale Cars Ltd and Caffyns Volkswagen will also be exhibiting a selection of e-cars and vans including the new Volkswagen ID. Buzz.

Visit Magnificent Motors: www.magnificentmotors.co.uk.


WHAT a cruel disappointment for the thousands of Brighton and Hove

Albion fans who packed into Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup Semi-Final against Manchester United.

Ultimately, Albion was beaten 7-6 on penalties by Manchester United after 120 minutes of pulsating football. It was cruel too for Hailsham’s Solly March who missed the vital spot-kick in sudden death.

In truth, Albion was the better team and created the better chances to score but they failed to convert any of them, leading to extra time and then the dreaded lottery of a shoot-out.

Brighton, who have been enjoying a stellar season in the Premier League, were so close to reaching their first FA Cup final in 40 years.

Early on World Cup winner Alex Mac Allister sent a free-kick just wide of Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea’s post and the signs continued to look promising as Albion were clearly the better side in the opening 45 minutes.

However, United started the second half with a bang and the Sussex club was indebted to goalkeeper Robert Sanchez for a spectacular onehanded save to keep the match goalless.

Still, Albion pressed and good chances presented themselves for Japanese international Kaoru Mitoma and Danny Welbeck, who sent a header over the crossbar when he probably

should have scored.

Substitute Deniz Undav also spurned a glorious chance while Mitoma, a firm favourite with the Albion fans, lost control of the ball when he seemed certain to score.

The Albion fans remained in magnificent voice as the match entered extra-time, often out

singing the opposition supporters from the red half of Manchester.

If nerves were jangling during the extra 30 minutes, they were practically shredded when t he whistle sounded to bring to an end an enthralling match.

But of course, there was still so much more to

come in the penalty shoot-out itself.

The 81,000 fans packed into Wembley could only wait with bated death for the outcome.

Of course penalty shoot-outs are a cruel way to settle a match for the simple reason that ultimately one team has to lose, but it couldn’t have been much closer than this one.

Brighton stepped up first with Mac Allister taking responsibility. Cool as a cucumber he scored to put the Sussex club 1-0 up. As Casemiro prepared to take the first one for United, the tension was palpable but he also scored with ease to make it 1-1.

Pascal Groß then converted his penalty to put Albion back in the driving seat only for Diego Dalot to level things up once more.

And so it went on with Undav, Estupinan and skipper Lewis Dunk scoring for Albion with United replying each time via Sancho, Rashford and Sabitzer.

Cue sudden death. Adam Webster put Albion 6-5 ahead but Weghorst once again levelled. Then it was March’s turn. He stepped up and blazed the ball over the crossbar. United knew they would win if Lindelof scored. He did. The dream was over.

However, March and his team-mates must hold their heads high despite defeat. What an effort but in the end it was a case of so close and yet so far.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 26 NEWS
Solly March in a foot race with Diogo Dalot. Photo Paul Hazlewood



Laura Robinson, Medical Herbalist. Furnacebook, Cowbeech, Hailsham, East Sussex, Tel: 07985 923707


Part-time Opportunity

Regional Media Group Ltd is the publisher of both Bexhill and Hailsham News and is rapidly expanding across East and West Sussex. We’re looking for a skilled professional advertisement sales representative to develop our current publications as well as our new opportunities in other towns locally.

This is initially a part-time role and would suit a freelance / self-employed person. The role would be working with local businesses over the phone and face-to-face to introduce them to print advertising and working to monthly targets. Applicants must be organised, polite, have access to a computer and email and be able to work on their own initiative to tight deadlines.

To apply, please send your CV, details of your availability and covering letter via email to: paul@regionalmediagroup.co.uk.

Deadline for entries 1st June 2023

Regional Media Group is a company registered in England and Wales, No: 13746177.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 27 CLASSIFIEDS HailshamClassifieds SERVICES ACTIVE DAYS MOBILITY SALES - SERVICE - REPAIR. ALL LEADING BRANDS STOCKED. SCOOTERS, LIVING AIDS, WALKING AIDS AND MUCH MORE. 22 SACKVILLE ROAD, BEXHILL 01424 532620 HEALTH & LIFESTYLE YOUR BUSINESS HERE JOB OPPORTUNITIES Book your listing by visiting: https://hailsham.news/classifieds HIGH QUALITY ROOFING SERVICES, FROM ROOF REPAIRS TO NEW ROOF INSTALLATIONS WITH 10 YEAR GUARANTEE FREE NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATES 0800 917 5558 or 07769 206702 RELIVE YOUR SLIDES AND NEGATIVES TO CD OR USB STICK FOR YOU TO ENJOY ONCE AGAIN PHOTO SCANNING ALSO AVAILABLE - DOOR-TO-DOOR SERVICECall 07970 245934 slide scanning advert.indd 1 19/02/2023 17:52 NIC GRAY PA - Award-Winning Virtual Assistant. Supporting businesses with their social media, email marketing, proofreading and transcribing. Saving you time on the tasks in your business you can’t, won’t or don’t want to do. Contact: 07495043408, nic@nicgraypa.com ALL WORK IS CONDUCTED BY EXPERIENCE AND SKILL PROFESSIONALS. EAST SINCE 1997. BEXHILL GARDENING & MAINTENANCE ALL YEAR ROUND GARDENING & GROUNDS SERVICES WEEDING, PRUNING, HEDGES & LAWNS, PARKLAND, FORMAL GARDENS, PRIVATE ESTATES, HOLIDAY LETS, LANDLORDS, DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL 07932 318414 enquire@bexhillgardening.co.uk www.bexhillgardening.co.uk TOO MUCH ADMIN, NOT ENOUGH DAY? HIRING A VA CAN GIVE YOU TIME FREEDOM TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS. GET MORE DONE IN LESS TIME! Viktoria@PaYourWay.co.uk 07900 973599
ONLY £19.95 PER MONTH PLUS VAT. 01323 33 70 70
Email: Herbalscienceltd@gmail.com www.herbalscience.co.uk


seen a 10 kW (14 PS) increase, taking its total output to 90 kW, and engine has gained 7 kW to now produce a maximum of 79 kW. New Jazz retains class-leading levels of interior space that have steering support from 0 km/h, reduces the burden on the driver when driving in traffic and heightens its already impressive crash standard ten airbags, including front occupant knee and front Also, 2023 will welcome the e:Ny1 which is the all-electric version That car I expected to use 53.6 kWh or 68.8kWh battery packs batteried model comfortably beat rivals such as the Hyundai Kona

The team at Yeomans Honda understand the distance can be an issue for some customers, so they’re happy to arrange collection and delivery for both servicing and parts. They’re also happy to

Customers visiting the dealership can enjoy relaxing waiting areas with soft chairs, bean-to-cup coffee machine and magazines. There’s more than 40 pre-owned vehicles for a greater selection and the whole range of demonstrators to help you decide on your


Local electric vehicle supplier, JLC EV’s Limited, has loaned the Hailsham Foodbank one of their electric vehicles to help with stock collections and deliveries, whilst their usual vehicle is out of action.

The EV in question is a fully electric Orca van, which you will see nipping around the local area. The van will be used to collect donations from various sources, including local businesses and supermarkets, and is a vital part of their day-to-day operations.

The Orca van is capable of up to 125-mile range, carries a 1 tonne payload, and does a top speed of 52mph. It is a perfect zero emissions solution for tradespeople and commercial environments such as airports, seaports, local authorities, distribution centres and warehouses.

Nathalie Hayes, Director of JLC EV’s said: “As a Company, we are committed to supporting the local community, and this is one way we can help to make a difference. This is an important partnership that will help to ensure that those in need have access to the food and supplies that they need”.

The Foodbank is a local project founded by the Crosslink Trust, churches together in Hailsham, and is working towards stopping hunger in our local area. On average the foodbank is giving out more than 600 emergency food parcels each month. They have three members of staff, over 50 volunteers and a funded Debt Advisor and Citizens Advice Advisor who can support people using the foodbank. Did you know, they give out almost 5000kg of food and toiletries etc. each month!

The foodbank is not funded, meaning all food and donations come in from members of the local community and grants that they are able to access. The need has increased dramatically over the last year, and particularly the last 6 months or so, with the increase in utility bills and general cost of living.

Julie Coates, Manager of the Hailsham Foodbank said: “The van is vital for our work, collecting food from supermarkets and bringing from our warehouse to our distribution centre. We are incredibly grateful for the loan of this vehicle, which is enabling us to keep feeding local people in crisis.”

The friendly team at Yeomans Honda Julie Coates, Philip Coates from Hailsham Foodbank with Nathalie and Tony Hayes
CAN’T COME TO US? LET US COME TO YOU! We offer a collection and delivery service for sales, service and parts. Calls may be recorded for training or quality purposes. 42420 01323 306 493 yeomans.co.uk/honda YEOMANS HONDA EASTBOURNE Willingdon Drove, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN23 6QN YEOMANS HONDA EASTBOURNE NEW CAR SALES • USED CAR SALES SERVICING • MOTS PARTS AND ACCESSORIES CONTACT US TODAY ON 0 1 3 2 3 3 0 6 4 9 3



Hailsham Bowling Club’s Centenary Season was officially opened by Hailsham’s Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook last month. After a tour of the club, he bowled the first wood to officially declare the green open for our very special year. He then joined the members for afternoon tea which had been laid on by our very own social team.

Hailsham Bowling Club is opened in 1923 and the club has occupied two different sites in the town of Hailsham, with the first being in a position now occupied by Asda supermarket, and then in 1987 moved to behind the Freedom Leisure Centre, where the club currently resides.

The bowls club, which has a membership of 80, will be hosting an array of special events lined up this year.

Throughout the year, some of the members will dress in attire worn by bowlers in 1923. The ladies with long dresses and wide-brimmed hats, will contrast the men who will wear ties, waistcoat and jackets with flat caps or boaters. This was the style way back when. A Centenary match will be played in this manner next month with a 1923 team playing in their outfits and the 2023 side in upto-date whites, including a brand-new club shirt which has been specially designed for the centenary year and sponsored by Abbots Wood Care Home in London Road.

It will hold two recruitment days during the early part of the season, where it will invite the public to come and have a go at the art of bowling a wood towards a jack.

The club has also announced a special visit from the Royal Chelsea Hospital Bowls Club — The Chelsea Pensioners with their wonderful uniforms will be gracing the green in a match on Wednesday 14th June.

There will be a Centenary Cup competition during the season in the form of a mixed tripples league. All the teams will be named

Finally, in October, their centenary year will conclude with a Gala celebrate 100 years of bowling in Hailsham. For more information, contact the chairperson, Bobby Bennett on chair.hailshambc@gmail.com

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MAY 2023 30 SPORT

Wednesday 17th May 2023

Bowes House care home, Hailsham Dementia friendly services information event
Join us for a free networking lunch as part of national dementia awareness week. You will have the opportunity to engage with local dementia friendly services and businesses, who will be showcasing the services they offer, and providing information on the support available. For this event we will be serving a complementary buffet lunch. Trusted to care. Join us for our next event To book please call 01323 315137 or email karen.milligan@careuk.com
12 noon - 2pm




Hailsham Town’s 48-year stay in senior football ended recently in a pulsating game at The Beaconsfield. Visitors Seaford Town, who had secured their own safety on Tuesday, came into the match off the back of a fine run of form, but it was Hailsham who created the first chance of the evening when Jack Edge shot over in the 2nd minute.

After a shot wide from the visitors in the sixth minute, Hailsham then saw a half chance for Jack Barlow, just beaten to a through ball, before, on 17, a fine Seaford break was neatly finished with a deflected strike from Tyler Capon to make it 1-0.

Hailsham was showing plenty of endeavour, with great work from Ryley Tate on 31 to win the ball back in midfield and cross before halfhearted penalty shouts for a handball came to nothing.

The woodwork though saved the Stringers on 34 - a rapid break down the right-hand side from

Seaford ending with a shot that smashed against the inside of the post and somehow rebounded to a grateful Elhadoui.

After falling away after the goal, Hailsham finished the first half strongly - Barlow’s shot deflected wide for a corner, with Will Ridgeway then having another penalty shout waved away, and Dodge Westwood shooting over after good work from Dean Hunter-Stewart.

It was the Stringers skipper who was involved in one of the games several talking points — three minutes into the second half, Hunter-Stewart was clattered by Seaford’s Ollie Lee, who received a straight red card for the challenge, forcing a change for the Stringers, with Hunter-Stewart helped off the pitch after some delay which saw the first aiders of both sides give medical attention.

A string of Hailsham corners were then dealt with before, on 59, a Seaford free kick on halfway was sent deep into the area and turned in at the far post by George Davis for the visitor’s second. The visitors were now content to sit deep, with Hailsham enjoying plenty of possession but little

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Hailsham Cricket Cub is always looking for new members to join in a variety of capacities: players of all ages and abilities, junior boys and girls aged 4-16, officials to help the game take place, volunteers on the bar and to assist with square work.

If any of these positions sound of interest to you please contact Hailshamcc@ outlook.com or 07980146841.

in the way of chances — Harry Mills heading over from a free kick, and Barlow unable to turn in a cross after great work by Luca Bish.

With around ten to play — the second half disrupted by the lengthy injury delay — hope came for the home side in the shape of a penalty, awarded for handball, which sub Connor Martin powered just over the top.

Hailsham again came forward, and on 88, was handed another lifeline, when a Seaford hand again made contact with the ball. After a corner was initially awarded, a conversation between the assistant and referee saw a spot-kick awarded, with Connor Townsend making no mistake.

As chances went, it was as good as Hailsham would get — both sides battling hard, but to no avail, with the visitors 2-1 victory enough to end Hailsham hopes.

The Stringers finish the first team season on Saturday, at home to playoff hopefuls Selsey, whilst the Under 23’s and Under 18’s still have games remaining.

Stringers: Elhadoui, Hunter-Stewart, McAndrew, Ridgeway, Mills, Edge, Townsend,

Davis, Bish, C Martin,

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Westwood, Tate, Barlow, Tate, Caicedo Subs All Used; Kirkpatrick, Cooper. Jack Barlow rises highest for Hailsham Connor Townsend looks to break away for the Stringers Eric Caicedo battling for possession