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The National Farmers Union (NFU) has written to Wealden Planners to support the plans to move the traditional livestock market from its town centre location.

The NFU says ‘relocation, with the associated improved facilities, is essential for the long-term viability of the market’. The purpose-built market would be a sustainable development that supports rural employment and complies with the latest animal welfare regulations, according to the Union.

A planning application has been lodged by South East Marts Ltd to develop a new out-of-town market off the A22, close to the Diplocks Way roundabout.

people on the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion was marked.

It has been a traumatic 12 months for the citizens of that beleaguered country and, sadly, at present, it seems there is no end in sight as the conflict continues to rage.

Many Ukrainians who fled their country in fear of their lives have, however, been warmly welcomed in the United Kingdom with many settling in Hailsham to start a new life away from the horrors of war.

It was great to see so many Ukrainian people come together with their hosts in the town centre to show support for each other.

We received some amazing news recently, as we were informed Hailsham News has been shortlisted as ‘Community Newspaper of the Year’ in a UK wide search for ‘Excellence in Newspapers’.

The team here work so hard on producing each and every issue of this newspaper, so we are overwhelmed to be selected in the awards. We will find out later this month if we’ve won. Thank you to all readers and advertisers who have supported us, and continue to do so, for the past 18 months.

In this issue, we will bring you up-to-date with the progress with the Livestock Market’s plans to move location. There’s so many arguments on both sides of the story, with locals understandably not wanting to see the end of the iconic cattle market, but at the same time, massive investment is needed.

We will of course continue to follow the story in this publication and on our website.


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East Sussex NFU chair Peter Appleton, a dairy farmer, highlighted how Hailsham ‘mart’ sits at the heart of the food supply chain. He said: “This historic market is part of a critical infrastructure that supports rural livelihoods and traditional patterns of land management in East Sussex and the surrounding counties. Huge investment and redevelopment of the market is necessary to comply with new legislation and that cannot be delivered on the current town centre site. Redevelopment will secure Hailsham market’s long-term future, safeguarding jobs and supporting the production of climate-friendly food for local people.”

Mr Appleton added: “Minimising transport time for livestock is a priority for animal welfare as well as an important economic consideration for small farm businesses.

The proposed new market would prioritise animal welfare, while meeting high standards of hygiene, biosecurity and incorporating environmental efficiency measures such as solar panels and improved waste management.”

Colin Jaggers from Knockhatch Adventure Park which is located next to the proposed site told Hailsham News: ”I am so delighted that both Arlington Parish and Hailsham Town Councillors have objected to this application. Although there is a desire to help the market, they both acknowledge the real danger the development would cause both Knockhatch Adventure Park and Bushy Wood Activity Centre.”

He added: “A cattle market would be totally inappropriate at the entrance to an Adventure Park with a petting farm. The proposed development is flawed. They have placed it in the flood risk zone. There are also catastrophic failures in the transport report. South East Marts have not taken our traffic into consideration at all. The internal road system would collapse causing massive congestion, backing up the A22 roundabouts. There are no pedestrian crossings planned and there is potential for collisions and endangering life. Most of the official consultees have objected for these and many other reasons. For our future, I hope that Wealden refuse the application and pushes Councillor David White, the owner of South East Marts, to the much more suitable site, Knights Farm, that Wealden owns and is actively seeking employment use for.

Close to the proposed site sits Bushey Wood Activity Centre which has also objected to the plans. Centre Manager Marc Fallon put in a statement: “We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shared our campaign, signed our petition, or submitted formal objections, the

response has been overwhelming and we are so very grateful to see and hear how much Bushy Wood means to so many people. The petition has over 1,000 signatures and over 170 objections have been submitted, which is just incredible, we are confident Wealden District Council will not be able to ignore such strongly represented views, well done everyone!”

In a recent Hailsham Town Council Planning meeting, who are consultees on planning issues, David White, responded to claims the market cannot be moved because of a Royal Charter / Cattle Market Law. He stated: “I do not doubt that a Charter was granted in 1252 for markets to be held in Hailsham. However there is no evidence of the continuous holding of markets in the same location from 1272 until 1871 when the farmers then holding livestock markets on the present site applied, for and incorporated a Statutory company under the Hailsham Cattle Market Company Act 1871.”

“It is this act of parliament that gives the company the exclusive right to hold markets in the then Parish of Hailsham. What it does not do is to oblige the company to hold markets, nor prevent others from holding markets outside the Parish of Hailsham. There is therefore nothing to prevent local farmers from establishing a new market outside the Hailsham town boundary nor anything that would force the Hailsham Cattle Market Company to continue to operate a livestock market on the present site.

South East Marts Ltd says it is becoming increasingly difficult for the market operator to continue to meet the animal welfare requirements

involved in holding livestock markets on the present site. Animals to be sold or awaiting transportation should be housed under cover and provision made for their welfare if they cannot be removed from site on the day of sale. If the present market cannot relocate it will eventually close with the loss to the town of a unique feature and the damage to the local farming community and the protected local environment that they at present manage for the benefit of us all.”

Ben Pratt who represents Hailsham Farmers’ Market told the meeting if the Cattle Market moves out of Town, the Farmers’ Market will not develop a viable footfall and will deprive the people of Hailsham to purchase local produce if it then closes.

The Hailsham Town Council Planning Committee discussed the project and decided the new site ‘isn’t suitable’. Arlington Parish Council has also been consulted on the plans as the new site falls within its boundaries. It also objected to the plans.

Their views will now be filed as an official objection to Wealden District Council ahead of when the plans go before them.

The NFU says over the past 50 years, the number of livestock markets has been in decline from a peak of about 1,000 to less than 150, with just 712 remaining in England. Hailsham is the only remaining livestock market across the whole of East Sussex and West Sussex, with Ashford in Kent the next nearest, approximately 50 miles away. Residents had until February 24th to submit their views on the plans via Wealden District Council’s Planning Portal.

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Concerned residents flocked to the opening of a public consultation recently to see plans for a development on land at the Boship Roundabout.

The developer invited people to attend the event which was held

Hertfordshire Holdings Ltd was behind the consultation which is also gathering views from residents on if they feel a discount supermarket is needed on the land, which would see a reduction in homes if it was to go ahead.

A spokesperson from the company told Hailsham News: “We generally just want to understand if there’s interest and demand locally for a discount food store because there isn’t an Aldi or

price offer. With the cost of living crisis and everything else, it’s a genuine query as to whether this is an opportunity for that.”

They added: “We’ve looked at other sites close to the town centre and we can’t see anything that’s of a scale and suitability to accommodate a store of that nature - this is the next nearest. The feedback from residents during the consultation will all be considered. If we submitted a planning application, we are duty-bound to summarise the points of feedback, the weight of comments and to represent it in a fair way.”

An early application has been made to Wealden District Council with plans for the homes on the 8-hectare site, but the developers say that could reduce to sixty if the town feels it needs a discount supermarket locally.

It’s well-known locally that land all around the Boship Hotel regularly floods during bad weather events and water from the Cuckmere River, which passes through the proposed land, backs up into nearby Hellingly which has caused many issues over the past few months for residents.

People living in Hellingly have expressed their concerns on the plans saying increased development in the area will only lead to more run-off water increasing the risk of more flooding.

Hellingly resident Serena Schellenberg told Hailsham News: “I’m pretty devastated that yet another development on land that floods. To have a large supermarket and so many houses built there is just crazy and pointless -where is the water going to go?

Delia Cottingham who also lives in the village said: “We’re now absolutely swamped, literally, and most importantly, all the developments that are going on, the surface water can’t escape because there’s not adequate provision for it. There’s never any dredging done, so The Cuckmere River is getting more and more flooded as the years go by. And it’s not just an impact here. It’s an impact further down the river as well.”

Access to the site, which would have to comprise of 35% affordable homes, would be via the A271 at Lower Horsebridge. A Noise Impact Assessment has measured the levels in the area to find out the impact to residents who might live there. It concluded the site is suitable for residential use depending on ‘a good acoustic design process.’

The application can be viewed on the Wealden District Council website using reference: WD/2022/3222/MAO.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 4 NEWS
Protestors storm the consultation room
for the proposed
Boship plan land at Boship homes Boship notices

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Residents of a Park Home on the outskirts of Hailsham are calling changes to bus services a move which could see them imprisoned in their own homes.

Owners of homes at Deanland Wood Park, near Golden Cross are fearing they won’t be able to attend regular appointments or visit supermarkets when they need to, if the regular bus route into town changes from daily, to twice a week.

The 524 residents of the park currently have access to a bus service into the centre of Hailsham every two hours, Monday to Friday. New plans highlighted in the East Sussex Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) propose changes to the 143 route,

operated by Compass Travel, with the creation of a new highfrequency Hailsham to Lewes bus service.

This would mean buses will no longer travel the one-mile route from the Golden Cross junction to Deanland at regular intervals, if the new measures are implemented.

Jacky Seldis who lives on the park said: “These buses are my only transportation available to me from Deanland Wood Park. As you can imagine I am devastated. As an elderly person without a vehicle, I can only move off of Deanland Wood Park with public transport. As it is, I am unable to visit friends or family, theatres or cinema or even restaurants in the evenings or weekends.”

She added: ”Whilst I am old — I am not dead yet! I am an active and vibrant elderly person who wants to live at Deanland Wood Park. It is visually beautiful and a delightful place to live with wonderful people around me.”

Another resident who didn’t want to be named said: “Our shop is due to be closed for a long time soon for refurbishment and our Post Office will also close with it — so how are we meant to live our daily lives effectively?”

They added: “The last bus on weekdays is at 6pm, so if this is missed, we have to walk down the 1 mile, un-lit road, from Golden Cross which is a national speed limit section, to get home. Or, we have to get a taxi into Hailsham which costs more than £30.”

Although many residents argue their activities will be reduced due to the new measures, East Sussex County Council says not enough people are using the service to warrant the costs.

In a statement to Hailsham News, East Sussex County Council said: “A recent on-bus survey found that just 16 passengers were using the county council-funded service from Deanland Wood over the course of a day. Low passenger numbers, and the fact that costs to continue the current service will treble from April, mean it is not financially viable to include Deanland Wood in the new route.”

They added: “A bus service will continue to be provided for Deanland Wood through the introduction of a new community bus service which will run to Hailsham and Eastbourne two days a week, alongside a demand responsive transport (DRT) service for the area. These services would provide links to the wider conventional bus network. The DRT service would be available for residents to book Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm with comparable fares to a normal bus service.”

MP for Lewes Maria Caulfield told us: “I have urgently contacted East County council as I am very concerned about any reduction in service especially as the Government has just given the County Council £41 million to improve services.”

She added: “Deanland Wood Park is a lovely place to live but it is isolated if you can’t drive and depend on the bus service to get to the shops, GP and other services.”

The Bus Service Improvement Plan in East Sussex is part of a £41m government-funded scheme to improve services and increase the use of public transport in the county.

Woodside Hall Nursing Home is a luxury nursing home set in four acres of secluded gardens and woodland. We are an independently-owned nursing home nestled between the two small towns of Hailsham and Polegate, East Sussex.

During this current climate we are offering, a caring & relaxing environment for pre and post respite care.

We have garden rooms with stunning scenery, over our extensive landscaped grounds.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News
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Tand meet councillors — it’ll take place on 8th March.

The main part of the meeting at the Hailsham Civic Community Hall in Vicarage Lane, will start at 7.30pm and will be chaired by the Town Mayor and Chairman, Councillor Paul Holbrook.

Those who attend will be given the opportunity to discuss matters applicable to the parish of Hailsham and ask relevant questions, subject to the provisions of Schedule 12 of the Local Government Act 1972.

The subject of the questions can properly cover any issue of public concern affecting residents of the parish.

Prior to the main residents’ meeting there will be an opportunity to view information stands from local groups and talk to representatives of those organisations from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Town Clerk, John Harrison said: “It’s been another very busy year where we have been taking forward a number of projects, including improvements to existing services”

“Our Annual Town Meeting offers a great opportunity to provide a clear update on the significant community projects that we have been working on to take the town forward. Furthermore, this important meeting gives all residents an opportunity to tell us what you would like to see over the coming year and put


Almost £60,000 has been awarded to make the Western Road Recreation Ground safer to allow more activities to take place at night.

Working in partnership with Hailsham Active and grant specialist Annette Buswell, Hailsham Town Council has been awarded £58,333 from the Veolia Environmental Trust through the Landfill Communities Fund towards the cost of lighting the new perimeter footpath around the ground.

forward your views on ways to improve our town for everyone.”

Town Mayor Councillor Paul Holbrook commented: “The Town Council is the tier of local government closest to the people and consists of individual councillors who contribute to the work of the whole Council by representing their constituents and responding to the needs of the community and ensuring the delivery of costeffective quality services for residents.”

“It is the responsibility of all of us to help ensure that the town continues to be a pleasant place to live, work and visit, so I encourage you to come along to the Annual Town Electors’ Meeting and put forward your comments and suggestions. Your town councillors will be there to listen, help and answer any questions relating to our services and projects.”

The lighting scheme, which was approved by the Town Council in 2020 as a recommendation from the Assets Management Committee, involves the installation of four-metre lights and bollards (under permitted development) interspersed around the perimeter pathway to give additional light and make walking or cycling through it at dusk and the evening safer for residents.

The introduction of such lighting at the recreation ground also enables more people to access the site using the pathway all year round, and in inclement weather.

Council members agreed to allocate funding of £13,000 from its existing Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) receipts for the cost of installing the lighting, which will be completed in the coming weeks.

A public consultation took place in Hailsham in 2020 concerning the lighting of the pathway, and a final report presented to councillors indicated that 100% of respondents believed that lighting the pathway would make them feel safer when

using the recreation ground at night or early in the morning.

Councillor Trevor Powis, chairman of the Assets Management Committee said: “It’s excellent news that we secured a grant from the Veolia Environmental Trust to enable us to carry out the Western Road Recreation Ground footpath lighting project.”

He added: “The feedback we have received since we installed the new perimeter path a couple of years ago there suggested strong support for the installation of pathway lighting, and work is now underway to get the project done and make it something we can be proud of.”

Hailsham Active Chairman Steve Wennington, who partnered with the Town Council on the project commented: “The provision of suitable lighting on the recreation ground perimeter path goes beyond the needs of the local sports clubs. The recreation ground is also a walkway and cycle path from the Diplocks Industrial Estate to the town, so serves many purposes and our feedback is also that many would use a ‘safe’ well-lit path for exercise.”

“I’m delighted that our funding application was successful and, by installing sufficient lighting around the recreation ground perimeter path, we can encourage higher usage of the site and making it much safer and more accessible, particularly during the winter months and shorter days.”

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 8 NEWS
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A Council Tax increase of £6.05 a year has been approved by Wealden District Council.

The decision to increase the amount by 2.99% was approved by the council’s Cabinet Committee and ratified at a meeting of the Full Council this week.

It means households living in Band D properties will only pay an additional 12p a week for its share of the Council Tax for 2023/24, with other bands increased in line with the Council Tax formula.

Wealden council receives 9% of the Council Tax bill and that helps pay for refuse and recycling collections, planning, street cleaning, environmental protection, and free car parking.

The remainder of the Council Tax bill is shared to pay for a wide range of public services provided

Generous donations from Hailsham residents to help earthquake victims were delivered to a London depot last month, in a collection organised by a Hailsham woman.

Ceren Onal, whose family own the popular Kemer Kabab takeaway in Market Street, organised the collection soon after the earthquake hit on 6th February.

After Hailsham News published an article on the collection, residents turned-out in force to donate vital items which are needed in the countries.

The items were driven to North London two days later in the early hours of the morning by Ceren, who told us: “The first collection point I visited this morning was full, so I visited three other collection

points all of whom started in the early hours of the morning and were full by 11am.”

She added: “Then I visited a Kurdish-run community centre who were accepting, so I dropped off Hailsham’s donations to them and they are currently awaiting a lorry and volunteers to help load.”

Almost 45,000 people are now known to have died in the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and thousands more are still at risk due to freezing conditions and pressures on rescue crews.

by East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police, East Sussex Fire and Rescue and local town and parish councils.

Councillor Neil Waller, Wealden’s portfolio holder for Finance, said, “Wealden District Council has resolved to increase its share of Council Tax by 2.99% in 2023/2024 and for a band D property, this is an increase of just over £6.

“The current rate of inflation is above 10% and the Council is absorbing significant cost pressures to protect Council Tax payers during the current period of cost of living pressures.

“The Council operates a Council Tax Reduction Scheme for those facing the greatest challenges to pay their Council Tax.”

Residents have been invited to the start of a consultation to build 200 new homes on land East of Battle Road in Hailsham.

Fernham Homes are preparing an outline planning application for the homes (including affordable housing), open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure works, to be submitted to Wealden District Council in Spring 2023.

The Disasters Emergency Committee has announced a fundraising website which will help DEC charities provide vital medical care, emergency shelter, food and clean water.


feedback Keep a cool head on your conservatory

reference: WD/2022/6508/SO.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 9 NEWS
to the project team.
of the screening application can be seen on the Wealden District Council Planning Portal online using
They are invited to a public consultation event on 2 March at the Charles Hunt Centre. There will be further information about the proposed development and the opportunity to provide COUNCIL TAX INCREASE FOR WEALDEN RESIDENTS APPROVED Why not replace your existing polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof with a new tiled and insulated roof and transform your conservatory into the garden room you deserve. Call now for a free, no obligation quote on 01323 844944 33 South Street, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 4UP www.solidconroofs.co.uk info@solidconroofs.co.uk Telephone: 01323 844944 There’s more to a new roof than you can imagine





Every First Thursday of the month, 7.30am

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Every Third Thursday of the month, 10am-12 noon

B12 Bar & Kitchen, High Street, Hailsham

A networking group for women in the East Sussex area. Coffee, chat, advice, growth. Support, help and more! Meet like-minded women in business. £10 pre-booking via Paypal to jane@bizzybirds.co.uk



Every Saturday – 9am-1pm – Vicarage Field, Hailsham

Hailsham’s only weekly market! Visit and select local quality food, gifts, crafts, confectionery and more. And when you’re done you can pop into one of the town’s popular establishments for some brunch, lunch or just a drink. Make a day of it!


Every Second Saturday of the month – 9am-12.30pm

Cattle Market, Market Street, Hailsham

Pop by to visit and select local quality traceable produce and crafts, including fresh and cured meats, vegetables, plants, freshly laid eggs, freshly made bread, honey, chutneys, candles, beeswax body lotion and handmade cards, plus lots more. Free on-site parking.



The Drive, Hellingly, BN27 4EP

Helli-hubs — Free Parent & Baby/Toddler Group — Every Monday: 8.30am-10am • Young at Heart — Over 60’s Club — Every Monday: 10.30am-12.30pm • Ukraine Support & Social Group — Chat, support and advice – Every Monday: 12.30pm-3pm.



A range of recreational activities and events are organised at venues including Knockhatch Adventure Park, Knockhatch Ski Centre, Freedom Leisure and the James West Community Centre, for young people in Hailsham aged 11-17 (school years 7-11) and are invited to attend activities and take advantage of the opportunities available through the Friday Night Project (FNP). For more details: www.hailshamyouthservice.org/


Monday-Friday, Hailsham East Children’s Centre on Vega Close, Town Farm, 10am-4pm – Saturdays and Sundays James West Community Centre, Brunel Drive, 10am-12noon

Open to the whole community. No forms to fill in and no referrals. We collect good food wasted by supermarkets 7 evenings a week for our 2 community fridges. Everyone is welcome. We ask that you only bring one bag per family and be mindful of others when taking food. There is plenty every day. At Vega Close, we also have our clothes library and our affordable Community Kitchen open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday where you can enjoy lunch or a drink.


Saturday 11 March, 10am-2pm — FREE EVENT

Seven Sisters Country Park Visitor Centre, Exceat, BN25 4AD Are you aged 16-25 and want to make a difference for nature and the environment? The Seven Sisters Country Park is a preserved ancient landscape showcasing globally important habitats, unique wildlife, beautiful coastal views and heritage secrets. We invite you to join us in harnessing a traditional craft to protect and enhance the precious biodiversity that calls Seven Sisters its home. We will be using scythes’ to manage a hay meadow, a skill that goes back centuries! This action opens up grassland dominated by fast growing grasses creating light for rare and sensitive wild flower and herb species to thrive. We would love to welcome you for a day of discovery, finding your place within the landscape to make a real difference for climate action and nature recovery. Join us for day one on Saturday 11th February to explore the landscape history and character.

Details can found on EventBrite: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/south-downsyouth-action-nature-recovery-at-seven-sisters-country-park-tickets530984929217?aff=ebdssbdestsearch

POLEGATE FRI 3 MAR Puppet Show 4:30pm

ST GEORGES HALL, 110 EASTBOURNE ROAD, POLEGATE BN26 5DF Hulla Balloony Moon Time! Little children will feel the magic at this riotous, zany show. 45 mins of cakey fun, puppets and a dance.

CROWBOROUGH SAT 4 MAR 11:30am-2:30pm

The Seal Salana the seal and Marina Mudflat the marine biologist are very friendly. Just watch out for seal spit!

The Enchanted Flower Globe

Say hello to beautiful Floris in her miniature world, brimming with butterflies, flowers & spring colours.

The Wardens They have been empowered with the jurisdiction to enforce any rule or law they see fit. Watch out or you may get a ticket!

Crimplene Crusaders These twin-set clad campaigners will keep a firm eye out for any slouching, flirting, or handholding, making sure that good old fashioned values are championed!


HAILSHAM SAT 11 MAR 11:30am-2:30pm

Hodman Dodmanott & Sally Forth

Two tiny elderly backpackers set out to fathom the modern world!

The Sea Sphere Watch as she glides gracefully through crowds in her giant magical globe!


Thursday 2 & 16 February, 10.30am-12noon

St Wilfrids Church Hall, South Road, Hailsham

For people who live alone or care for someone. We have many activities like walks, holidays, singing groups, and lunches — and it’s a great way to make friends. There are no membership fees so why not give us a try?

Free parking in the church car park so join us for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat. Tel: 01323 893340, email: ken@hailsham-friends.club.

Web: www.hailsham-friends.club


Every Second Thursday of the Month, 2pm-4pm St Wilfrid’s Church, South Road, Hailsham, BN27 3JG

A FREE service with entertainment, activities, and refreshments for local people. The monthly class consists of dementia-friendly entertainment such as craft sessions, music and sing-alongs and activity times, followed by refreshments and time to stand and socialise. Provided in partnership with Home Instead Eastbourne & Hailsham and Wealden Dementia Action Alliance. Our ‘Hailsham Community Café’ is held every second Thursday of every month 2-4pm at St. Please call to book your place — 01323 819191.


Friday 3 March 7.30pm, Saturday 4 March 2.30pm and 7.30 pm

Hailsham Community Civic Hall BN27 2AX

Hailsham Photographic Society is pleased to announce the return of its popular Colour Show — a two-hour Audio Visual Extravaganza of beautiful images covering all manner of Photographic subjects from local interest and history, landscapes, natural history, travel, abstract and foreign far-flung places. Held at Hailsham’s Community Civic Hall with lots of convenient and free parking and with a raffle and refreshments available this show has something for everyone. This year the Society and Colour Show are supporting local charity, Bushy Wood Scout Activity Centre. Tickets cost £6 and are available from Club Members, Frame Works 42 High St. Hailsham, and via ‘contact us’ on our website www.hailshamphotographicsociety.co.uk

UCKFIELD SAT 18 MAR 11:30am-2:30pm

Yeshe The Yak This gentle, mysterious and curious yak is very fond of children, especially those who might carefully stoke his nose or tickle his fringe.


UK African Acrobats Watch the sizzling skills of these acrobats!

Granny Turismo The world’s first and only shopping trolley dance display team!

Dolly Delicious will be towering above us all in Crowborough Hailsham and Uckfield


HEATHFIELD FRI 17 MAR Puppet Show 4:30pm


Woodland Tales Something is happening in the woods, voices can be heard, and a strange metallic smell fills the air. But is there time to save the wood?

The Sea Sphere An enchanting mermaid glides through Uckfield in a beautfiful, bubbling, shimmering underwater world.

The Whizzers These small, unpredictable sprites perform mesmeric gliding dances.




Xena Flame Hula Hooping fun time for everyone! Zena will be performing at Hailsham and Uckfield.

The Tourists East End geezers, Terry and Derek, have won a competition in The Sun newspaper to attend this event and need help to find some pie and mash!


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This poem Relay Race is from my seventh, soon to be 12 published books. It is initially quite simple in presentation, but has a stronger, deeper message for all of us, and that we all need somebody to help at times, regular friends and family members, and that we all do much better if working together and as a team to get through life and challenges before us.


A relay race is a team event

Consisting of races split into laps, Run individually by team members

Who set off in staggered gaps,

So that all the participants, Must run to waiting team mates

And pass a baton over to them, Who then contest the race fate.

Obviously exchanging the baton

Is a crucial part of the race, Because the speedier it is done

Will ensure the teams faster pace.

So the receiving person then sets off

On the next stage of the race trip. But great care must be taken Not to let the baton fall or slip.

For now we can clearly see A relay race is not just about one Specific team member over others, For tactics may decide how it’s run.

As some runners may be faster But will still rely on the rest, As important in the team effort, When they try to be the best.

This then reminds me of our lives When sometimes we need friends, To stand by us and to help out So all our heartache mends. Thus just like the relay race It’s all a joint effort at times, To get along lifetime roads And find some happy climes.

So interactions are very important With other people met on the way, Just like the subtle baton change Human greetings can make our day. Thus be very conscious at all times How important it is to share Fellowship and courteous behaviour And so win races when we care.





This classic and often mis-quoted film won the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director (Michael Curtiz) and Best Writing, Screenplay, and was nominated for five more.

It was made in 1942 in the dark days of World War 2, before the tide began to turn and must, I think, be seen as a powerful statement by the film makers encouraging opposition to the Nazi’s in all of the occupied territories. Claude Rains, as the French Police Captain, steals pretty much every scene that he appears in.

Casablanca is also one of the great love stories. No-one can fail to be moved as the 3 characters at the centre of the action are pushed and torn by the issues, forces and impulses that surround them.

It caught my eye that the film is officially listed as being released in 1942 but won it’s Oscars in 1944. The reason is that there was a premature release party in New York on November 26th,1942, following the Allied invasion of Morocco, but its nationwide release happened in January of 1943.

There is a stream of quotes. My favourite, which is repeated by Humphrey Bogart 2 or 3 times, is “Here’s looking at you kid” as he gazes at a blurry Ingrid Bergman.

But, sadly, nobody actually says, “Play it again Sam”, although Sam (Dooley Wilson) does play it (As times goes by) several times!

Casablanca is the March offering of the Hailsham Pavilion Film Club. Only £5 to members and membership is free.


Nine reasons why you should go and see this film and no reasons why you shouldn’t. One: It’s not only directed by Steven Spielberg, it’s also written by him (with Tony Kushner who also co-wrote Lincoln and Munich). Two: It lasts two hours and thirty-one minutes and I was surprised by the credits. I actually felt a sense of loss at leaving the characters behind. Three: It’s called The Fabelmans for a reason. It is a fable. A version of Spielberg’s childhood which challenges racism and tells you to believe in yourself and to live your dream as best you can. Four: The scene with John Huston, played remarkably by David Lynch, was worth the one hundred and fiftyone minutes all by itself. Five: It’s been nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Supporting Actor for Judd Hirsh (remember him in Taxi) who is in the film for less than ten minutes. I think he’ll win. Six: Michelle Williams and Paul Dano put in marvellous performances as the parents. In fact, there isn’t a weak performance anywhere. Seven: Even if this film wasn’t about Spielberg’s childhood, it would still be a fascinating and engaging film. Eight: As Spielberg says in the introduction, films made for the Big Screen should be watched on the Big Screen in the company of other people who have also chosen to be there and enjoy it with you. Nine: It’s being screened at the Hailsham Pavilion. Check the website for details!

Always Approachable

Specialists in Personal & Business Legal Services

Hart Reade proudly provides high-quality legal services for individuals and businesses across East Sussex and beyond. We have a friendly, professional team of qualified lawyers and dedicated support staff committed to helping you with your personal and business affairs.

You can trust us to protect your interests.

Our services include Telephone: 01323 841481 info@hartreade.co.uk l www.hartreade.co.uk

Family Law l Probate l Wills l Commercial Property Property Conveyancing l Business Advice Dispute Resolution l Employment

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The million-dollar question we always get asked when telling people we work at Haulaway skips is ‘what happens to all the stuff people chuck in their skips?’

As we’re sure you all know, the days when everything was just dumped in a hole in the ground are long gone. In the last 10-15 years things have changed radically — and all for the better — which makes a nice change!

Although it’s not always easy, here at Haulaway, we have the confidence we are doing the absolute best with the rubbish we receive from our customers and the best we can for our planet and future generations.

So, in answer to our million-dollar question, here is a brief insight into a day in the life of our skip and recycling company!

Once we have collected your skip it comes straight back to our yard in Hailsham. Once here, it is tipped out and checks are carried out to make sure there is nothing dangerous or hazardous that needs to be dealt with. Once happy, our team of experts will sort through the waste by hand for it to be separated, ready for recycling. Each different waste type has its own outlet where it is taken to be recycled.

Waste from builders’ skips like concrete and soil gets separated by machines and put into piles for reuse, with concrete and hardcore being turned back into aggregate for surfacing and soil being used for landscaping. Plasterboard must be completely separated from all other waste and gets recycled into new products; this is also the case with metal.

Waste wood and carpet is converted to fuel, which produces heat and energy, ensuring that there is some use for this waste that is very difficult to recycle. Other items face a lengthier route to being recycled.

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues affecting the globe as the world is unable to deal with the overwhelming amount of plastic being used and manufactured. Currently, the percentage of plastics recycled worldwide is only 14%.

At Haulaway, we separate the plastic we receive into six different polymer types and process around 30 tonnes of plastic per day. Large plastic items such as kids’ toys, garden furniture and guttering are all segregated into piles and are then put into our baler, compressed into square bales and then sent for recycling to various manufacturers in the UK.

You may have seen specific containers at the local Council recycling sites in East Sussex that have large containers for you to put these plastics in, these are brought to our Polegate site for us to sort into different polymers, bale, and send on for recycling here in the UK.

Cardboard is also baled as well as plastic film packaging and builders’ bags if they can’t be reused. New cardboard has up to seven lives, meaning it can be recycled into a new cardboard product seven times, which we think is amazing and worth all the effort of separating, storing, baling, and dispatching back to the manufacturers!

It takes a lot of film and bags to get enough

bales to form a full lorry load, so we need lots of room to store these things once they have been segregated. This operation takes two full teams of people working extremely hard to ensure we are recycling as much as possible. This involves people working on a picking line and operating lots of machinery.

We hope this gives you a good insight into what happens to your waste when you hire a skip and gives you the confidence that you are being responsible with your waste when using Haulaway for your skip hire needs. We have been

operating for over 30 years so have the experience and knowledge required to responsibly recycle your waste.

As an added bonus, this year we will be donating £1.00 for every skip hired to ‘You Raise Me Up’ a charity based in Polegate dedicated to raising funds to support families that have suffered the loss of an adult child between the ages of 16 and 25.

MARCH 2023
Lisa Kemp from popular Hailsham skip hire firm Haulaway explains what happens after you’ve waved goodbye to the big red and yellow skips from your driveway.


Regional Media Group, the publishers of Hailsham News has announced it has been nominated for a national award.

The free community newspaper has been shortlisted as ‘Independent Community Newspaper of the Year’ — the announcement came after a strict judging process which assessed a large number of publications across the UK.

Less than eighteen months since it launched, Hailsham News will find out at the end of March at a prestigious London awards ceremony, if it’ll clinch the title to be named the best community newspaper in the country.

Editor, Paul Gibson, said: “I’m overwhelmed with excitement as we all work extremely hard every single day to publish the free newspaper for the town. We’re up against some serious competition in the category, but just to get this far is a complete honour.”

The 2023 Newspaper Awards focuses entirely on recognising excellence in the printed newspaper.


Dear Editor, I’m sending you a video I have just taken outside my house in Marshfoot Lane. As you can see it’s like I’m living on a building site. Massive lorries loading massive pieces of machinery in the road.

They are so wide, other vehicles have to drive on the pavement to get past. You can see a lady walking on the pavement, she has to step inside a driveway to avoid being run over. I am at my wit’s end!

We have to endure 20 or 30 tonne lorries banging


Last month saw two new establishments open in Hailsham bucking the national trend.

Vape Minds Superstore opened up in North Street, next to Tesco, adding to its existing stores in Canterbury, Westgate and superstore in Sturry. It hopes to achieve a total of fifty stores across the region in the future.

The company has recently launched their new IMPJAR range of Shortfills and Nic Salts. The range includes the top 25 best-selling disposable flavours, now available in 0% nicotine, 50/50, 50ml Shortfills, and in 10ml Nic Salts with 10mg and 20mg strengths.

A traditional and popular cafe also opened its doors to the public, under new management.

The Diplocks Cafe was officially opened by the Mayor Paul Holbrook and welcomed new owner Nail Kussan who has renovated the building and increased the menu to include dinner options.

Nail said: “I feel really glad that I’ve moved here form London, from a really busy, hectic lifestyle, to a welcoming community. Hopefully the business will do well for me and I look forward to meeting the local people.”

The cafe is located at 11 Diplocks Buildings, Diplocks Way, Hailsham.

and bashing up and down the lane hour after hour, day after day, week after week, and this is due to go on for years.

My health is suffering because of this. I’m concerned that the structure of my house is being affected, it shakes every time one of these lorries goes past.

I’ve complained to a Wealden Councillor for my area, but nothing is being done. If you can help, please do. Write to the Editor by emailing letters@hailsham.news.

R — Marshfoot Lane Resident.


Since December, residents have been able to take advantage of a ‘place to go’ to keep warm and meet new people.

The Warm Banks were set up at a number of locations around Hailsham to not only combat the cost of living crisis, but also give a place for people in need to keep warm, get advice and socialise.

The Town Council is concerned about the town’s residents and what cost-of-living issues many might face this winter. ‘Warm Banks’ (also referred to as ‘Warm Hubs’) have become widespread everywhere, with a lot of councils, including those at parish level, having opened them because it is necessary in many cases.

At a recent Town Council Assets Meeting, the success of the project was discussed and councillors spoke about how the hubs have been welcoming a variety of visitors over the last two months.

At the James West Centre, the hubs coincide with the Pass It On Community Fridge project which has grown in popularity since that was launched last year. It was said around 2,000 bags of food are collected every single month.

The Pass It On Community Fridge is a vital support for residents who cannot afford, or simply wants to stop food going to waste. Produce is collected from local supermarkets and is available to anyone to collect every weekend at the centre.

The Warm Bank is open from 10am to noon on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of February, where Hot drinks are available and people are encouraged to bring board games, books and other items.

Other Warm Hubs are located at the Charles Hunt Centre in Vicarage Field, operating on weekdays from 9am-3.30pm (for over 55s only), Hailsham Library in Western Road.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 13 NEWS



A few months ago, I commented how Kidlish was a language spoken by both my stepchildren, but one I didn’t really understand, when ‘my whip’ refers to my car, I wonder if I am seeing the last vestiges of the English language ebb away to be consigned to the history books which were written in a language I could understand.

I am sure Willy WobbleDagger (aka William Shakespeare) would be turning in his grave like a washing machine on its spin cycle if he could witness how this once great language has fallen destitute and abused.

Although, it is not just the younger generation that is bastardising (it’s not a rude word, Google it!) the English dialect as I witnessed whilst overhearing a conversation in B12 Bar & Kitchen a few weeks ago.

Two people out for an evening drink were heard to be discussing a humorous incident when one of them described her hearty amusement as ‘I literally died laughing’.

This isn’t an isolated incident as I have now taken to listening out for comments such as these and it isn’t unusual for people to ‘literally crease up’ or to be ‘literally freezing to death’.

What is it with the need to over-exaggerate things, when was being excited just not enough so we have to be super-excited? I thought a new taxi service had

a rocket!

Don’t even get me started on the expression that, to this day, annoys me more than any other and which I thought had evaporated away like the green fields on WDC’s housing plans. Although every so often it can be heard amongst those who are legends in their own lunchtimes and those who appear to be just a little bit of a plonker.

The concatenation of the words ‘total’ and ‘amazing’ has never been, is not nor will ever be ‘totes amaze-balls’, if you ever get the urge to say this whilst talking to me then please don’t as I will not take responsibility for my actions for the following 30 seconds after that imbecilic phrase has passed your lips.

As a magician, I often have clients comment on my magic, at a rather swanky corporate event a lady uttered the aforementioned phrase and after a few seconds of disbelief I replied with “I’m glad my maj makes you haps’.

At which she smiled and acknowledged my response with a knowing nod of the head, maybe it’s me that is behind the times!

Until next time.

Brad Monks: www.verymagic.co.uk


The hall was hired for a large meeting on 31st January and saw all 40 parking spaces at the centre filled and overflow cars parking on the road which is already problematic for two-way traffic.

Local Councillor Steve Keogh told the committee he witnessed a number of vehicles with all four wheels on the pavement driving to get round the parked cars and other traffic.

He said: “This is a serious issue on this road and it simply cannot be left to happen again. We [the council] could be questioned if there was an

Cllr Keogh is working alongside East Sussex County Councillor Gerard Fox has been working on the issue for the last two years and will be providing the council with a report after further discussions and agreements with ESCC, Road Safety Department and Highways soon. The committee agreed that all booking enquiries in the near future will be vetted to ensure number of vehicles are limited and current hirers will be informed about the changes. It is a short-term measure to allow the council to resolve the problem.

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Adecision is expected this month as to whether a multimillion pound package of transport improvements on the A22 Corridor can move to the next stage of its development.

The proposed A22 Major Road Network Outline Business Case is seeking a £46.5 million package which includes improvements to roundabouts and junctions along the road, toucan crossing facilities, a new roundabout at the A22/Hempstead Lane junction, bus priority measures and better access to the Cuckoo Trail.

Wealden District Council has committed more than £4 million towards the project alongside a further £2 million, which has also been earmarked towards a package of improvements to the Ersham Road roundabout

Subject to the approval, the scheme will move to the detailed design and Full Business Case stage of development.

The finer details are set out within the Business Case that was submitted to the Department for Transport in December last year by East Sussex County Council in partnership with Wealden District Council and Eastbourne Borough Council.

The A22 is an important transport corridor for all road users but is regarded as being of an inconsistent standard. The proposed package of improvements directly addresses the existing overcapacity junctions, improving journey time reliability on the A22 Corridor for local and longer distance journeys for all modes to and from the south Wealden and Eastbourne area.

The proposals will also help the delivery of significant planned housing growth in the south Wealden and Eastbourne area, support the local economy, ease congestion and provide enhanced sustainable transport provision for buses, walking and cycling.

The portfolio of measures proposed for the A22 Corridor will help to address the current restricted business growth and inward investment in a low productivity area, and specifically help alleviate the real current problems with traffic congestion, safety and network reliability.

Specifics of the proposals include improvements to the A22/A267/ A271 Boship Roundabout including toucan crossing facilities and bus priority measures; A22/A295 Eagles Roundabout including toucan crossing facilities between the roundabout and Arlington Road to aid east-west connectivity; A27/A22 Golden Jubilee roundabout; A22/B2247 Dittons Road junction: replacing the existing roundabout with a signalised crossroads including toucan crossing facilities and cycling and walking schemes from Polegate — Pevensey and Dittons Road — Willington Drove; better access to the Cuckoo Trail in Hailsham; a Core Walking Zone in Hailsham and finally, a new roundabout at A22/Hempstead Lane including toucan crossing facilities and a cycling and walking scheme along Hempstead Lane.

Leader of Wealden District Council Councillor Ann Newton said, “This could be such exciting news for Wealden and we are hoping for a decision in favour of the bid.

“Importantly, it provides the county council and Wealden District Council with the greatest flexibility in accommodating future housing and economic growth in South Wealden as Wealden progresses its updated Local Plan over the coming months.

“The A22 Corridor Package also incorporates enhanced facilities for pedestrians and cyclists for all journey purposes, whether that be a trip from western Hailsham to the town centre, longer cycle rides via the Cuckoo Trail or walks using the Wealdway.”

What do you think? Write to the editor by emailing: letters@hailsham.news

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 15 NEWS



A Hailsham resident is setting upon a mission to take part in a number of famous rallies across the UK and abroad to raise money for a charity close to his heart.

Gary Stedman will be taking part in three charity rallies from this month to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research UK.

The requirement to take part is to complete them in a car costing no more than £500 — so Gary has purchased a 2007 Jaguar X-Type which he’s named ‘Jessie Jaguar’ with 130,000 miles on the clock, in the hope of completing the missions.

Mr Stedman told Hailsham News: “I chose CRUK because personally, I have lost my mother and father-in-law to the disease and currently have a number of friends receiving treatment for various forms of cancer. I will be self-funding the running

costs of the vehicle and will not be taking money from donations to help fund them.”

The first rally has been booked for the 8-11 March 2023 and will be the ‘Rustbox NC 500’ (a route around the north coast of Scotland). Further rallies will be undertaken in July to Barcelona and Nice, and at the end of August or September to Venice.

In order to promote sponsors the car will be decorated with sponsor logos for the duration of the fundraising period.

A Facebook page has been set up so followers can track the team’s progress. Her adventures will be regularly documented on the page. A fundraising page has also been set up allowing supporters to give whatever they can at https:// fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/garysgiving-page-524

ealden always looks stunning with a bit of snow in the morning, but unfortunately, the end of last year exposed vulnerabilities in our infrastructure. When the icy spell hit in December, leaky or burst pipes meant that South East Water (SEW) reservoirs in the Tunbridge Wells area were drained of their necessary capacity and unfortunately, this resulted in many homes in Eridge, Crowborough, Mayfield, and Wadhurst areas losing water for several days.

Running up to Christmas, I had many angry exchanges with SEW staff including the Chief Executive every day of the outage, and I could not get any sensible response, especially with regards to when water would be returned and what additional support was being provided to vulnerable residents, who were my priority. SEW inflicted unnecessary distress on so many local residents at a time when many families were preparing for Christmas, and I recognise the strength of feeling on the failure of their service locally.

I have been campaigning for full financial compensation and for many it has been forthcoming, but I was most concerned by reports that some residents have either not received compensation or have been told that they were not eligible for it. To assess the scale of this problem, I launched a dedicated platform on my website to gather evidence, and I was shocked to receive several hundred submissions. Please know that I have secured a further

Wmeeting with SEW, where I will use this data to push for compensation for all affected customers without delay.

Further south in Wealden, residents of Hailsham and Hellingly faced the opposite problem in January, when heavy rainfall resulted in severe flooding and sewage discharges into people’s gardens. Getting a response from Southern Water and the Environment Agency has been appalling. I was regularly updated by the Parish Council that they too were unable to obtain a response, so I convened a meeting with representatives of the Parish Council, Wealden District Council, East Sussex County Council, East Sussex Highways and Southern Water directly on site in Hellingly to hold the water company and the Environment Agency to account.

I share everyone’s frustration at the lack of planning and the speed of response when such disruptive events take place in Wealden. It is clear that SEW and Southern Water just aren’t investing enough in their infrastructure and have a resilience problem. While severe weather conditions may be an explanation for the disruptions, they are not an acceptable excuse, and I am again incredibly disappointed that lessons do not appear to have been learnt. I appreciate the misery that both the water outage and the flooding have caused to many households in the constituency. Please be assured that I am pursuing both matters further and will continue to push for more funding for critical infrastructure, better performance and response rate from these companies, and for regular updates on resilience and future planning with local communities.

Nestled away in a quiet and rural setting on the outskirts of Hailsham, East Sussex, is Hailsham House, a 90-bed care home providing residential, nursing and specialist dementia care.

Hailsham House is proud to announce the opening of Beech House – a newly refurbished 32bed care facility situated in the grounds of the home. Beech House boasts the latest automated care/ call-system for people with dementia and nursing care needs.

The beautifully designed rooms, which are all en-suite, are decorated to the personal taste of each resident before they arrive. Beech House is also home to an on-site hair and beauty salon, a deluxe spa bathroom,relaxing communal areas and beautiful landscaped gardens.

The on-site wellbeing services, kitchenettes and laundry facilities provide the perfect blend of independent living with 24-hour support – an ideal way to transition if a little extra care is required.

Hailsham House has always been highly regarded for its friendly, effective care.

A beautifully appointed café called ‘Daphne’s’ is situated in the main communal area of Beech House creating a warm and friendly community atmosphere. Residents

can relax, dine and socialise with friends, family and staff throughout the day. The café was named after Daphne Marchant, a former resident of Hailsham House and the mother-in-law to John Godden, Director of Salutem senior Living – the home’s new management company.

Although separate to the main home, Beech House is set within the grounds of Hailsham House providing easy access between both homes. This allows the home to cater for couples with varying needs, allowing them to remain together and find the right package to suit them both.

Beech House is surrounded by the most beautiful gardens which can be enjoyed all year round. The site also has an allotment where many residents enjoy spending time helping to grow and produce fresh fruit and vegetables which are donated to the local food banks. If you would like to find out more about Beech House, or if you would like a guided tour of the home, please get in touch.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 16
BEECH HOUSE HAS ARRIVED! Contact Hailsham House Tel: 01323 442 050 Email: contact.hailshamhouse@aurem-care.com Web: salutemseniorliving.com/hailsham-house
Gary Stedman with his £500 Jaguar



Amoving ceremony to mark exactly a year since the war in Ukraine began was marked in Hailsham recently. The service was held at the town’s War Memorial where visitors heard an address and prayers from Ukrainian nationals, and Rory Graham from Hailsham Parish Church followed with another prayer encouraging residents to embrace people fleeing the war locally.

A minute silence was then held which was followed by an enthusiastic round of applause to support those still flighting and remain in the country.

The event was attended by Deputy Lieutenant Kathy Gore and Hailsham Mayor Paul Holbrook who both said a few words to emphasis how welcome Ukrainian people are in the town. It was organised by Councillor Steve Murphy, local member for East Sussex County Council.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023


Fresh Water Fishing Section

Wheel of Chance


Themed Evenings


Drinks Raffle


Snooker Tables

Meat Raffle


Snooker League

Shove Halfpenny

Quiz Night

Sea Fishing Section






Lighthouse fostering is a small independent organisation that was started by foster carers.

We know foster carers choose to foster with us because we’re experts in safeguarding and caring for children and young people, we provide high quality foster placements in warm and caring families for as long as they need. As well as being honest and open in our work, we strive to achieve outstanding outcomes for

our children and young people.

We offer a full support package and competitive financial allowances and rewards. Our foster carers become skilled childcare professionals through our specialist training and we use therapeutic fostering methods to underpin positive parent-child relationships.

Our commitment is to remain a small independent service where every individual is known, and where we

can provide an exclusive family feel. We value our foster carers as fellow professionals and work alongside in every aspect of the fostering role.

Interested in finding out more about fostering? Call 01227 250096 and talk to Emma today, or visit www.lighthousefostering.co.uk

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 18
43 Vicarage Field, Hailsham, BN27 1BG 01323 842468 hailshamclub@live.co.uk


BACK in 1777, Samuel Johnson stated that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. If he were in a position to visit in 2023 I imagine he would be profoundly depressed, which is how I felt after visiting our esteemed capital for less than 24 hours. I was on a day trip to meet my brother and his partner, neither of whom I had seen for a while. There was the additional lure of going to see a gig by a singer-songwriter who all three of us admire. What could possibly go wrong? Well, plenty as it transpired.

Having arrived at London Bridge station, it was time to hop aboard the Tube for a relatively short trip to Leicester Square. If you wanted a seat then forget it. We were crammed in like sardines, to such an extent that there was a real danger you would be getting more intimate with a fellow passenger than with your partner through no fault of your own. There was barely enough space to breathe. Then, finally, you arrive at your destination and your heart sinks. If you thought it couldn’t get worse after the Tube journey think again.

Central London, that Mecca for tourists who flock to it like bees around a honeypot, is the closest you will get to hell on earth. It took ten minutes to move

a hundred yards with my journey rudely interrupted when I tripped over a random street artist. I didn’t have the heart to tell him his caricatures were beyond awful after nearly knocking him over.

We had arranged to meet at a burger joint, rated one of the best in the city apparently. If it is, then God knows what its lesser competitors are like. Over-priced and over-hyped in a nutshell, much like everything else in London.

Keen to revisit the scene of much of my misspent youth, I suggested we walked to Soho. I had embraced its sleazy charm back in the day when I worked in London in the early 1980s, but was shocked by its transformation into yet another tourist trap.

You want to buy a teddy bear emblazoned with the Rolling Stones logo for 30 quid? Well, walk right this way guv’nor because this is rip-off central. Dispirited, we marched on in a desperate search for a drink to lift our spirits. Eventually, we found a pub that actually had some seats available, only to be turfed out two minutes later because the table had been reserved, even though there was no visible sign that it had been.

Then, glory be, another table became free on the other side of the pub. I went for it but had a rival who

was also eyeing up the newly-available space. It was like the start of the 100 metre sprint at an Olympic Games with the added “bonus” that you had to dodge around already-seated customers en-route.

I won… just and now I know how Usain Bolt felt when he broke the world record. Seated at last and time to order our drinks. I went for my usual glass of vino, my brother had his traditional pint and his partner had a soft drink. All fine and dandy I thought, but it wasn’t.

As I casually proffered a £20 note, the bartender looked at me agog. “I’m afraid that will be £23.50 sir,” he responded. On that basis, I suggest if you want a drink in London you need to make sure you haven’t maxed out your credit card because if you want another round you soon will do. Having already endured a day from hell, I didn’t think it could get any worse, but it did. The trip back to Bexhill on the train was marred by a group of youths whose vocabulary was seemingly limited to that famous epithet which begins with an “f” and ends with a “k” repeated endlessly throughout the journey. They thought they were cool. They weren’t. It was beyond tedious. If they weren’t uttering profanities with monotonous regularity, they were on their mobile phones, yelling at some poor sod on the

other end or texting incessantly.

English is a beautiful language with so much to offer and yet many seem happy to abuse its nuances at will by resorting to the lowest common denominator. Let’s not lessen its impact by utilising Americanisms and swearing at will.

We all curse from time to time to emphasise a point, but to use it to excess not only lessens its impact but becomes incredibly boring.

I once saw a poster which said “swearing is the crutch of conversational cripples” and couldn’t agree more.

The band Blur said that modern life is rubbish. They were being ironic but in fact, they were spot on, especially when it comes to visiting our capital.

London is not the city of dreams. It is an Orwellian nightmare and if you have ever wondered why those city-based civil servants want to work from home for the remainder of their careers, then you now know the answer.

I’m not tired of life. Far from it in fact. But I am sick to death of London and have already vowed never to return.

As a postscript, the gig was a massive disappointment too and I wasn’t remotely surprised. It just summed up the day.

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In a brand new regular monthly feature, Emma Reece, Head Gardener at Bates Green Garden in Arlington explains how you can get the most from your garden and will write about the jobs you should be doing each month.

Emma first entered the world of horticulture in 2002 when she joined The WRAGS (Work and Retrain As a Gardener) Scheme as a student at Bates Green Garden. The scheme enabled Emma to work under the guidance of Carolyn McCutchan, an acclaimed plantswoman who had designed and planted the garden since 1968.

Carolyn, sadly, died in 2019 and since then, Emma has been leading the small team restoring and developing the unique, bird and plant-

Our spirits are currently being lifted by the jewel-like colours of bulbs such as crocus, aconites and Iris reticulata. The snowdrops too have been gloriously abundant, their bell-shaped flowers standing out against the beautifully mulched earth. One of the joys of being a gardener is that the activity encourages forward thinking and a positive attitude and so, when you admire your snowdrops shining forth, you must look closely for groups that appear congested, with more leaves than

flowers. If these are lifted and divided now whilst still green and visible, the display will be even better next year. Think carpets of snowdrops, their luminosity brightened by the low winter sun.

Take a sharp border spade or a long hand trowel and gently dig around the group to ease them out of the ground. Dig deeper than you think necessary in order not to separate the leaves from the bulbs. Lift the entire clump from the ground and place it on a tarpaulin/ bench or tray. Using your hands, the best tool invented, separate them out into groups of 3-5 bulbs.

Replant these in your chosen area at the same depth as they were previously or at 10cm deep. Water them in and continue to do so if the weather conditions are dry before the leaves eventually turn yellow

recognise these desirables in their seedling form so that they are not plucked out by accident.

Traditionals such as arum, nettle and dock should come out of an ornamental border with relative ease, it is much better to remove them now than attempting to do so later on in the year when the plants will have set seed and there will be a great deal of other foliage for them to hide behind.

Seed Sowing. March is a good month to get your colourful hardy annual plants going.

Growing annuals from seed is a very economical way to get colour into your beds and borders and I am particularly fond of the tough varieties that do not require too much cossetting. Think of bees as well as colour and focus on honeywort (Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’) which has glaucous leaves and bell-shaped purple flowers, Ammi majus with its lacy white flowers and vibrant calendula, a particular favourite of mine is a cultivar called ‘Indian Prince’. The flowers are a deep rich orange, and the edible petals will impart a peppery flavour to your summer salads.

March is the month of expectation, do not ditch the thermals yet but do get out and enjoy all this month has to offer.

Weeding is a task that I personally adore. Here at Bates Green Garden, we positively encourage self-seeding plants such as Nigella, annual poppies, Calendula and honesty to name but a few. These will grow where they choose and often look charming and add to the naturalistic look we are aiming for. It is important to learn how to

Bates Green Garden, an RHS Partner Garden, is open every Wednesday until 25th October 2023. For details please go to the website www.batesgreengarden.co.uk and follow the garden on Instagram @batesgreengarden


For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 20 GARDENING Lasting Power of Attorney Financial & Health & Welfare General Power of Attorney Will Writing - Printed on Velum and Bound Legal Letter Drafting Change of Name Deeds Divorce and Financials Family Law Issues Separation Deeds Drafted Prenuptial / Cohabitation Deeds Drafted Contracts, Disputes Employment Law Issues Consumer Issues Negligence & Complaints Small Claims Help with Civil Court Procedure and Drafting Court Particulars of Claim and Defence Probate & Estate Administration Evening & Weekend Appointments Available Student Law Tuition from A Level to Degree Law A LEGAL HAND CONSULTANCY SERVICE Legal Consultant, Former Practising Solicitor and Deputy District Judge in The County Court with Over 50 Years’ Experience & Expertise OFFERS LEGAL HELP AND SUPPORT AT LOW COST Tel: 07779 187083 / 01323 840147 www.legalhelpinghand.com DIY WITH OUR LONG EXPERTISE IN LAW LOW FEES (NO VAT) FAST LEGAL SERVICE
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Emma Reece Photo: John Glover


Investing in our local community markets helps to provide vital economic support for small businesses and farmers. Viktoria Cowley takes a look at the various independent markets in the county…

When you shop at these markets, not only does it sustain them financially, but also grants access to fresher produce then that found on store shelves.

Plus, the communal atmosphere of local markets provides a platform for entrepreneurs who are looking to showcase their products or services – all while promoting valuable activity within the community! Supporting your neighbourhood’s small businesses is an impactful way of investing in future generations so they too can experience diverse and unique experiences available through shopping locally.


Local markets are an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their enterprise. From vibrant displays of goods and services to the potential connections made between vendors — local markets offer a plethora of opportunities that support small businesses in growing further than imagined.

Markets have the power to create incredible economic opportunity in communities, from providing jobs and supporting local businesses. Not only do they offer a safe way for people to purchase quality goods – but by doing so, they also generate muchneeded employment opportunities within the community. They can offer small businesses the perfect platform to kickstart their business ideas and create new opportunities. Through fruitful collaboration with local communities, entrepreneurs have a chance to go beyond expectations in terms of market potential. This also gives rise the uniqueness of the products and produce offered to the local area, as one-off goods are often created by local entrepreneurs, artists and tradespeople. This means finding individual pieces from your local market which you just cannot find in high street shops the local markets’ hidden gems!

Many local markets take both paper and plastic payments which

means in this paperless new age we’re living in, makes having to go to the cashpoint before heading to the market even less of a headache.

Local markets can significantly improve a region’s desirability, both for visitors looking to explore and investors ready to develop. By providing easier access to fresh produce and unique goods, these vibrant open-air spaces enrich the experience of any area — creating inviting destinations that are not just attractive but profitable as well.

They can provide an opportunity to protect our environment, by supporting local businesses and reducing emissions from long-distance transportation. Furthermore, they can contribute significantly to the preservation of agricultural biodiversity in a given area through growing native varieties that are adapted for regional climates. They’re also committed to promoting reusing and recycling so don’t forget to take your reusable shopping bags!

On Farmers’ Market Day, farmers love to share their secrets. First among them are tips on how to prepare fresh offerings, whether you’ve shopped at the Greengrocer stand, Butcher or Fishmonger. So, if you need to know what to do with a celeriac or how to cook your freshly bought calamari effectively or looking for something to bump up your tomato salsa, just ask.

Local markets provide an array of advantages to increase healthy eating habits, including access to fresh ingredients and the option for variety. With a greater selection than most supermarkets offer, shoppers can find everything they need and more right in their own community!

Whilst getting out in the fresh air and exercise promotes good health in itself, so why not let your kids pick out something new to try? Let them prepare a meal or choose a snack based on what caught their eye.

A great way to eat healthily is to put a spectrum of colourful fruit and vegetables on your plate. Full of great nutrients including antioxidants and phytonutrients. The more colour variety, the better!

To the right are the top local markets you should take some time to visit this Spring.


Vicarage Field, Hailsham, BN27 1BG

Every Saturday from 8.30am


Market Street, Hailsham, BN27 2AG

Every second Saturday of the month from 8.30am


Devonshire Square, Bexhill-on-Sea, TN40 1AB

Every Friday from 8.30am


The Martlets Shopping Centre

Church Walk, Burgess Hill, Church Walk, RH15 9AS

Every Friday from 8.30am

Every second Saturday of the month


Wellington Place, Hastings, TN34 1NY

Every Thursday from 9am

And every second and fourth Saturday of the month


Friars Walk Car Park, Court Road, Lewes, BN7 2SA

Every other Saturday of the month from 9am — the next one is Saturday 4th March.


Market Street, Lewes, BN7 2NB

Every Friday from 9am


Penshurst Place Car Park, Penshurst, Tonbridge, TN11 8DG

Every First Saturday of the month from 9.30am


The Cinque Ports, 26 Cinque Ports Street, Rye, TN31 7AN

Every Wednesday from 10am


Luxford Car Park, Uckfield, TN22 1AL

Every first Saturday of the month from 9am

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Emergency services were called to Decoy Drive at around 11.10pm to reports of a collision involving a silver Citroën Berlingo.

Three men from Berkshire were sadly pronounced dead at the scene. They have been identified as 21-year-old Daniel Davies from Wokingham, 32-year-old Jonny Day from Bracknell and 36-yearold Jon ‘Tommy’ Miller, from Bracknell Forest.

The investigation has identified a second vehicle which was driving in a concerning manner that may have been in a collision with the Berlingo shortly before the incident.

The second vehicle — a grey Range Rover Sport — has been located and recovered by police.

Two men from Eastbourne, aged 38 and 40, have now been arrested on suspicion of murder. They remain in custody at this time. Anybody who witnessed the collision, saw any suspicious driving


Residents across Sussex are to face an increase in their household bills yet again this year as Southern Water announces a increase in its charges. This means dual service customers can expect an increase of 9.4% on their charges, with an average annual bill rising from £401 to £439, while water only bills will go up by 9% and waste only by 9.7%. The company says this rise will also enable it to help more people in financial difficulty than ever before via a £98m support package for those in need.

Katy Taylor, Southern Water’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “We are aware that the UK’s cost-of-living crisis is a worry for many of our customers, and this is why plans to increase tariffs are never taken lightly.

of chemical, energy and wage inflation.

“We are channelling more money than ever before into supporting customers in need – particularly those who may struggle to pay their bills. This £98m will boost the support package we already offer customers including payment holidays, special tariffs, debt write-offs, bill reductions and grants for household items.

Southern Water is investing £2bn between 2020 and 2025 to improve its network, with current projects including £350m on Water For Life Hampshire’s new water supply network, a multimillion pipe installation for the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, and a £28m upgrade of wastewater treatment works in Horsham. We have not paid any dividends to shareholders


Around £500,000 worth of crack cocaine and heroin destined for the streets Sussex has been prevented from reaching its intended destination following an arrest at an address in London on last month.

Officers from Sussex Police worked collaboratively with colleagues from the Metropolitan Police to conduct the arrest in Leyton Grange, Waltham Forest.

The vast quantity of class A drugs seized in the property is one of the largest hauls found by Sussex Police officers.

Mohammed Shafick, 27, of Leyton Grange, Waltham Forest, was arrested at the address and was then transported to Crawley where he was interviewed by members of the West Sussex Community Investigation Team.

Shafick was subsequently charged with two counts of being concerned in the supply of a class A drug and two counts of possession with intent to supply a class A drug. He appeared before Crawley magistrates court on Friday, February 3, where he was remanded in custody and will appear before a crown court which is yet to be determined on March 3.

Detective Inspector Alan Pack said: “This is a significant amount of crack cocaine and heroin destined for Sussex which has been seized. Our officers and colleagues from the Metropolitan Police have stopped these class A drugs being circulated in our county and causing significant harm in our communities. These results don’t just happen by chance but through a comprehensive investigation and collaborative working with different forces.

“We will continue to work tenaciously to stop the supply of drugs coming into Sussex and disrupt criminal organisations exploiting vulnerable members of our community.

“If you have any concerns or information relating to drugs, please contact us online or by calling 101 in a non-emergency or 999 in an emergency. This information can also be reported anonymously through the independent charity Crimestoppers online or by calling 0800 555 111.”

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 22 EAST SUSSEX NEWS Continuum (Financial Services) LLP Falcon House Eagle Road Langage Plymouth PL7 5JY T: +44 (0)345 643 0770 E: info@mycontinuum.co.uk www mycontinuum.co.uk Continuum is a trading name of Continuum (Financial Services) LLP Falcon House, Eagle Road, Langage, Plymouth, PL7 5JY which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. UUU Ma k e Yo u
PENSIONS LIFE INSURANCE SAVINGS INVESTMENTS ESTATE PLANNING MORTGAGES Craig Parkinson Cert CII (MP & ER) Mortgage and Protection Consultant T: 07841 829101 ww w.mycontinuum.co.uk E: craig@mycontinuum.co.uk
r Finances Simple
CCTV, doorbell or dashcam footage, is asked to contact police online or via 101, quoting Operation Brinmore.



Historically, February is a quiet month for Chamber, but this has not been the case this year. As usual, Chamber’s month began with our traditional first Thursday breakfast meeting at B12 Bar and Kitchen. However, this month was slightly different as we featured our new BID Prospectus document, which is now available by request in hard copy, or as a downloadable document on the site.

The meeting was exceptionally well attended, with members and guests listening to the presentation and joining the lively questions and answer forum afterwards. What came over very strongly is the concern businesses generally have for the climate and the environment in which we live and their support for the BID.


There are over 330 BIDS in the UK, and more than 80% are in their second and third term. But what exactly is a BID?

A Business Improvement District is a geographical area where businesses contribute towards funding projects within the district’s boundaries. The proposed levy will be 1.5% of business rates, although small businesses may be exempt. We anticipate an income revenue of £250,000 from the levy, often the primary funding method. However, the BID can also draw on other public and private funding.

The Prospectus, kindly sponsored by Lightning Fibre, introduces the BID in detail, including the benefits and the cost. The Net Zero Carbon Proposal that will assist businesses to be Environmentally aware in the BID District covering: Hailsham, Herstmonceux, Pevensey, Polegate, Berwick, Laughton, Chidingly and Hellingly whilst benefiting from opportunities, support and potential grants was enthusiastically supported.

The BID will benefit ALL businesses. But, notably, the community within the BID district will also see the benefits resulting from the BID. Hailsham and District BID will enable businesses in the BID area to become Zero Carbon, environmentally aware, and compliant. In addition, the BID will help companies to become more efficient and profitable. The BID will create an inspiring area to live, work and play, where businesses prosper, new companies choose to locate, and our communities thrive.

I have been a part of the Chamber team developing the BID during the last couple of years, during which we have discussed

our proposals with leaders in the Zero Carbon communities. These include companies, universities, and eminent proponents of technologies such as hydrogen power, social heating networks, etc.

I do not doubt that businesses and the community in Hailsham and District adopting the principles contained within the BID prospectus will position themselves to take full benefit from the opportunities presented in the Prospectus and a future where Zero Carbon is the norm.

We have created a BID development board within Chamber to


administer and promote the BID as we form the infrastructure of the BID company, Hailsham and District BID Ltd and move forward through the various stages of this exciting project.

Every month it is my pleasure to welcome both new members to the Chamber as well as members who return, and this month is no exception as I am pleased to welcome New members this month: Keyosk Products Ltd, Abbots Wood Manor Care Home, and returning, Life Planning Solutions.

Like all groups and organisations, the Chamber suffered during the COVID crisis but has resoundingly bounced back since and is stronger than ever, providing support for businesses in Hailsham and District and a catalyst for success and business development.

The Chamber cares about our members and is passionate about their success, well-being and happiness in the community. Looking forward this year, I expect our membership increase to accelerate, particularly as the benefits of the BID become more apparent. It is always a pleasure to welcome new members joining us.

Last month’s lunch meeting, held on the third Thursday of each month, was hosted by Viv, the owner and proprietor of The Royal Indian Restaurant. We were made very welcome and enjoyed an excellent Indian meal cooked to an authentic Indian recipe using spices sent in a parcel from India every month by Viv’s Mum, containing homemade and prepared spices creating an authenticity of the food we were privileged to experience. Anyone who loves authentic Indian cuisine should experience The Royal Indian restaurant—highly recommended!

This month’s lunch venue is The Cottage Restaurant, Hailsham, located conveniently on the A22. To book this lunch, or any other event the Chamber holds, visit our website.

Also, on Wednesday, 15th March, we are holding our annual Bowling and Burger night at Freedom Leisure Hailsham and Callenders Restaurant. Members and non-members are welcome; booking is just a click away on the Chamber website.

Finally, our monthly breakfast networking meeting will be at our usual venue, B12 Bar and Kitchen, on Thursday, 2nd March, from 07:30 with Guest Speaker Shaun May of May Connections, where members, guests and non-members are always welcome to come and experience the friendly, welcoming experience that is a Hailsham Chamber Breakfast.

Until next month I’d like to close by thanking all our members for their support in making our Chamber the friendly, welcoming organisation it is.


Matthew Sellens of Crown Wealth Consultants was crowned SJP Chartered Planner of the Year 2022 at the firm’s Sixth Annual Chartered Symposium.

Matthew Sellens of Crown Wealth Consultants, a Hailsham based wealth management business, has been named St. James’s Place 2022 Chartered Planner of the Year at the 6th Annual Chartered Symposium, taking place in London.

Matthew was one of five finalists shortlisted for the award which recognises an individual who has raised professional standards and demonstrated a commitment to their profession and to their clients within their area of expertise.

Having started his career in financial planning in 1996, Matthew has more than 25 years of experience in the financial advice industry having established Crown Wealth Consultants, an SJP Partner Practice, in 2009.

Commenting on the award, Matthew Sellens

said: “I am delighted to be named this year’s St. James’s Place Chartered Planner of the Year and feel honoured to have been recognised for my commitment and service to my clients. After more than 25 years in the industry, reaching this milestone is a significant achievement and I would like to thank my dedicated team and clients for making it possible.”

Edward Grant, director responsible for professional development at St. James’s Place, commented: “These awards allow us to reflect on and celebrate the high level of service our Partners provide to their clients and showcases the range of talent within our Partnership. All four of our winners should be proud of what they have achieved in their careers to date.

“At SJP, we are committed to the ongoing development of all our Partnership. Six years on, we are delighted to be able to grow and expand our awards to showcase the breadth of expertise within

the SJP Partnership, in serving clients and improving the quality of advice available in the UK at a time where the role of advisers is more important than ever.”


As one of the UK’s leading providers of financial advice, St. James’s Place is committed to maintaining the highest professional standards across the financial advice industry and ensuring clients have access to industry leading knowledge and expertise. Demonstrating this commitment, St. James’s Place has developed an extensive programme of support to help its representatives in achieving Chartered status and has created and supported the development of new initiatives available to the Group’s Partnership and staff.

Over 25% of St. James’s Place Partners and advisers now hold a Chartered title awarded by one of the professional bodies, including Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Manager, Chartered Associate and Chartered Financial Analyst.

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 23 COMMERCE UPDATE
Matthew Sellens

Your local independent property experts...

Residential Lettings Land New Homes

Stevens and Carter are delighted to bring to market this truly superb family house presented in excellent decorative order and located within the highly sought after Anglesey Avenue residential area. Situated in this popular cul-de-sac this home provides well-proportioned accommodation arranged with a downstairs toilet, living room with doors opening into a double-glazed conservatory, a modern style kitchen. three bedrooms and a bathroom. Additionally, there is an integral garage as well as two further parking spaces, front & rear gardens, gas fired central heating and uPVC double glazing. This is one certainly not to be missed!

Situated within the village Windmill Hill is this beautifully presented detached bungalow that has undergone a high specification refurbishment throughout.

Inside it is arranged with an entrance hall, front aspect lounge with feature log burner, rear aspect kitchen with integral appliances and door into the rear garden. There are two double bedrooms, a shower room and separate WC. The rear garden has been nicely landscaped and offers a sunny aspect while to the front is another garden area and off road parking for several vehicles.



Period Cottage adjoining the grounds of the picturesque Parish Church | Rarely available |

Wealth of exposed timbers | Inglenook style fireplace | Unique and charming character property | Set in the heart of historic Hellingly Village | Chain free.

The rare opportunity arises to acquire a quite charming two double bedroom period cottage which enjoys a unique location directly adjoining and overlooking the picturesque Hellingly Parish Church. The property, besides the idyllic location, also enjoys a wealth of exposed timbers, an inglenook style open fireplace, two receptions rooms, an upstairs bathroom. There is also a small front herbaceous border and a courtyard style garden to the rear. The property is not listed. As with many period cottages there is restricted head height in one or two places but generally speaking elsewhere it is fine. There is gas central heating to radiators and mains drains sewerage. The restful feel of this tranquil location provides an ambience that suggests potential use either as main residence or as a second or holiday home or an ideal retirement retreat.


CALL 01323 840444

Inside the house is arranged with an entrance hall, front aspect kitchen, a rear aspect lounge with patio doors onto the low maintenance garden while upstairs can be found three bedrooms and the family bathroom. There is a garage nearby enbloc. Western Road is just a stones throw from recreational grounds including play areas, Hailsham football club and a social club. The town centre with an array of amenities is around a 10 minute walk away.

BN27 1AN
or visit

Mike’s February 2023 Market Comment

We may be experiencing a winter of discontent, with the cost of living crisis, strikes, and another interest rate increase, but whatever you might read in the press, we are finding the market to be remarkably resilient. We are handling a very healthy number of offers and although buyer enquiry numbers are statistically down slightly, this is compared the unrealistically high demand of the past couple of years that sent property prices through the roof.

We also need to be careful how we interpret the headlines. For example, while the Bank of England base rate rose to 4% earlier this month, the financial institutions are clearly convinced that this is a temporary situation, as evidenced by their long-term fixed mortgage rates, which are actually coming down.

Market confidence has been only slightly dented, and as interest rates have peaked so quickly, primarily to curb inflation - which they seem to be doing, so they are expected to fall in the foreseeable future. Remember that much of the inflation we are all having to cope with can be attributed to global oil prices, which are now about a third lower than they were a year ago. You can already see this in economic markers like petrol prices, where a litre of petrol sits at around £1.50 today compared to it hitting almost £2.00 a litre back then.

Of course you can never plan to buy or sell at precisely the right time but as the legendary investor Warren Buffet said, “If you can buy or sell within 10% of the bottom or the top of the market respectively, you’re doing well”.

But most people buying or selling now are less concerned about what the market is doing and are more interested in moving house for real reasons

- like schools, jobs, family, upsizing, downsizing, divorce, death and debt. These personal factors have a minimal impact on house prices but they do keep the market active. And housing market activity is good for the whole economy.

Much of the fallout from September’s mini-budget is now history and it will soon be spring, when home movers come out of hibernation once again.

With that in mind, now is a good time to put your property on the market – so that you can harness this activity slightly ahead of the rest of the market - it really could pay you significant dividends.

You’d be putting yourself in an excellent position as an ‘under-offer’ buyer, with plenty of stock to choose from in the weeks and months ahead.

As always, if you would like to chat with any of our award winning team about the current market and discuss whether or not now is the right time to put your home on the market – please do give us a call.

We’d be delighted to invite you in to our High Street office for a coffee and a chat or we can visit you at home at a convenient time.

Thinking of selling? Want to know the value of your home?


Instant online valuation

Scan the QR code, enter a few basic details and see your valuation in 60 seconds.

95% Accurate

Remote, no visit valuation

Scan the QR code, fill in our form, upload some pictures with your phone and one of our highly experienced property valuers will email you with a personalised valuation of your home within 24 hours. No visit required!

100% Accurate

In person valuation visit

Scan the QR code, enter your contact details and we will then call you to arrange your FREE valuation visit at a time convenient to you.

RIGHTMOVE’S NO.1 LOCAL ESTATE AGENT Multi award winners – 2018–2023 2 The Quintins, High Street, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 1D 01323 440678 | sales@craneandco.co.uk | craneandco.co.uk
Scan here to find out more
For Sale For Sale LUXURY LUXURY PARK HOMES PARK HOMES No Stamp Duty 2 & 3 Bedrooms Private Gardens Allocated Parking Part Exchange Welcome Secure Gated Parks PROPERTY FEATURES 01892 280435 sales@mackenziesampson.com Full Full Residential Residential £ 160,000 £ 160,000 PRICES FROM 3 Locations Across East Sussex 3 Locations Across East Sussex
Hailsham Herstmonceux Hailsham Magham Down Hailsham Impressive detached modern family home. 5 bedrooms. 2 En Suites Price guide £475,000 - £500,000 Spectacular 6 bedroom detached family home. 3 reception rooms. Popular village location Price Guide £750,000 - £800,000 Attractive Victorian Home. 4 Bedrooms. Sought after location Price guide £450,000 - £480,000 Luxurious semi-rural home. 3 bedrooms. 2 reception rooms. Garage Price guide £575,000 - £600,000 Substantial detached family home. Sought after location. Garage Price guide £460,000 - £500,000 Scan here to see full property details. Scan here to see full property details. Scan here to see full property details. Scan here to see full property details. Scan here to see full property details. Get in touch today on 01323 440678, or visit our website www.craneandco.co.uk Follow us on BEAT THE CROWD! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and get property alerts up to a week before they appear on Rightmove or Zoopa. Find us by scanning here @craneandco1


For the interior, MINI Yours sports seats in Leather Lounge design offer seat heating and adjustable thigh support, while the multifunctional sports steering wheel — finished in Nappa leather — is also heated and features the MINI Electric logo. Interior surfaces are finished in Piano Black, while ambient lighting and signature MINI Electric yellow colour accents, such as the start-stop toggle

Premium interior materials are complemented by eDrive services, providing the driver with current energy consumption, range, and tips for economical driving, all displayed on the MINI Head-Up Display. On longer journeys, the Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, and MINI Driving Assistant

The MINI Electric Convertible is powered by a compact, yet powerful 135kW/ 184hp electric motor, enabling harmonious axle load distribution, agility, and controllable handling while delivering 0-62mph in just 8.2 seconds. Offering a WLTP range of 124 miles, the dimensions, including boot space, remain unchanged and provides 160 litres.

The MINI Electric Convertible will be produced in a limited run of 999 units alongside the conventional MINI Convertible in the Netherlands. With just 150 models destined for the UK, the vehicle will be available from April 2023 and priced at £52,500 OTR.

“Three years ago, we launched the MINI Electric, and today one in five MINI models sold in Europe is an all-electric MINI. This success has spurred us to implement the small series of the MINI Electric Convertible within only a few months. I’m delighted that we can offer 999 MINI customers an extraordinary and exclusive open-air go-kart feeling,” says Stefanie Wurst, Head of the MINI Brand.


For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News
Chamber of Commerce joined forces to learn how car manufacturer Kia is embracing the future with its range of EVs. It took place at Birchwood Kia in Lottbridge Drove in Eastbourne. During the event, Business Development the Bexhill Chamber of Commerce drew a raffle and an auction was held to win a weekend hire of a Kia EV6 from Birchwood Kia. A total of £650 was raised which will be donated to St. Wilfrid’s Hospice in Eastbourne. Howard Martin with Andie Liddle with the £650 cheque for St. Wilfrid’s Hospice








STAFF REQUIRED. Waiting and kitchen staff at the Little Common Poppy Club, please call Pete on 07759 018606.

CARE ASSISTANT for days - 8.00am – 2.00pm, 2.00pm-8.00pm, 8.00am8.00pm. Have you a passion for caring for older people? When you join Woodside Hall Nursing Home we’ll give you the support and training you need to develop your skills. Competitive rates of pay, Private health top up scheme, paid breaks, on bus route and on site parking. 01323 841670 or email info@woodsidehall. co.uk.

FROM ONLY £19.95, YOU CAN PROMOTE TO 17,000 READERS EVERY MONTH ON THIS PAGE Book your listing by visiting: https://hailsham.news/classifieds



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and virtually.
surgeries both in person
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Hailsham Bowling Club is celebrating turning 100 years old this year. It opened in 1923 and the club has occupied two different sites in the town of Hailsham, with the first being in a position now occupied by Asda supermarket, and then in 1987 moved to behind the Freedom Leisure Centre, where the club currently resides. The bowls club, which has a membership of 80, is looking forward to celebrating its Centenary and has many special events lined up when the season begins on 15th April 2023. The Mayor of Hailsham will be on hand to bowl the first wood of the season. If he does it well, he will receive a special Centenary pen, which has been commissioned by the club to be distributed to every visiting bowler.

from the Royal Chelsea Hospital Bowls Club - The Chelsea Pensioners with their wonderful uniforms will be gracing the green in a match on Wednesday 14th June.

There will be a Centenary Cup competition during the season in the form of a mixed tripples league. All the teams will be named after bowling terms such as the “Jacks”, “Skips”, “Pushers”, “Ditchers” and many more.

Early in July, club member’s brain power will be tested with a Centenary quiz, one hundred questions on a wide range of subjects will be the order of the evening at the Charles Hunt Centre.

Masie Maccormack started in 2021 and has already achieved second place in the British ABPU Championships and first place in the World Championships in September last year. Powerlifting is a form of competitive weightlifting in which contestants attempt three types of lift in a set sequence, Squat, Bench and Deadlift.

Maisie said: “I have come a long way in such a short space of time and for me, this is just the

continue competing in the ABPU and to help me to get me to the next location of competitions (Limerick, southern Ireland. Manchester, UK & Louisiana, USA. Unfortunately, unlike Olympic lifting, nothing is funded so I am having to fund my travel, kit, supplements, and diet, all myself.” Any interested sponsors can email krismaccormack69@hotmail.com for more information.

Throughout the year, some of the members will dress in attire worn by bowlers in 1923. The ladies with long dresses and wide-brimmed hats, will contrast the men who will wear ties, waistcoat and jackets with flat caps or boaters. This was the style way back when. A Centenary match will be played in this manner on 4th June with a 1923 team playing in their outfits and the 2023 side in up-to-date whites, including a brand-new club shirt which has been specially designed for the centenary year and sponsored by Abbots Wood Care Home in London Road.

It will hold two recruitment days during the early part of the season, where it will invite the public to come and have a go at the art of bowling a wood towards a jack.

The club has also announced a special visit

In August, teams from other clubs around Sussex will take part in its annual mixed triples Invitation Day. This is always a very popular event that attracts the cream of Sussex bowlers to Hailsham Bowling Club.

As the end of our Centenary season approaches in September, some of its more traditional events take place. Candlelit Bowls night, where members play bowls in the dark and the Presidents Charity Fun Day which will be open to the public this year for the first time.

Finally, in October, their centenary year will conclude with a Gala dinner and Ball, where members and guests can dance the night away and perhaps reflect on the work done during the season to celebrate 100 years of bowling in Hailsham.

For more information, contact the chairperson, Bobby Bennett on chair.hailshambc@gmail.com

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 30 SPORT
Masie Maccormack Photo credit: Shots Like Sumo

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The weather is getting warmer, the nights are getting longer, this can only mean the Cricket season is fast approaching.

The Cricket Club has a busy month of pre-season

A big focus of the club in 2023 is the promotion and continued development of girl’s cricket, which has progressed hugely over the past 2-3 years under the guidance of Jim Wise.


Mwuaba causing problems, and almost carving out a chance for Connor Townsend on 24 with a cross that just fell onto his trailing foot and was hooked over from close range.

Cooper would then see a header fly wide, but on 37, the Stringers would be reduced to ten men when goalkeeper Connor Berwick was shown red after appearing to collide with an onrushing forward. The resulting free kick was a terrific effort from Dean Sherwood into the top corner that gave replacement ‘keeper Toby Burton no chance. Despite being a man down, Hailsham set about regaining the advantage, and almost did before half time, with Billy Crittenden’s mazy run ending in a superb low save, and Mwuaba earning another corner after a tenacious drive into the box.

with the visitors rarely troubling Burton, and Kane Edwards and Charlie Playford both seeing half chances go over. The visitors would see one hacked off the line on 74, with an offside flag coming to Hailsham’s aid.

Worthing United then saw a long beat Burton, only for Sammy Townsend to coolly bring the ball down and clear to safety, whilst with injury time looming, a last Hailsham push saw Martin efforts twice blocked on the edge of the box, before an injury time header was gathered by the ‘keeper.

Stringers; Berwick, S Townsend, Butler, McAndrew, Cooper (Burton 37), Kirkpatrick, C Townsend, Crittenden (Martin 58), Mwuaba (Edwards 58), Baden, Playford

Unused: Caicedo • Attendance: 67

and Norman Harris placed 2nd and 3rd within their age categories.

Many Harriers won awards for their contribution towards to the team as well as top 20 male and female runners across the set of races.

Winners on the night were Ross Brocklehurst, Gary Smith, Norman Harris, Dan Shipton, Chris Little, Mark Bassett, Men’s Captain - Carl Barton, Club Chairman - Andy Ruffell, Simon Haddon, Graham Woolley, Lianne Leakey, Hannah DeubertChapman, Sam Neame, Katie Manley, Helen O’Sullivan, Audrey Haddon, Victoria Little, Frances Delves, Wendy Quinn and Steph Bassett.

Ladies Captain, Helen O’Sullivan won the Ron Grover award for the female who completed the most races. Helen ran 11 out of the 12 races,

Men’s captain, Carl Barton said: “I feel proud to be part of a team that has achieved so much. The awards evening showed how well we have done as a club and we are all very excited to aim even higher this year”.

Hailsham Harriers has extended a thank you to the Sussex Grand Prix committee who work tirelessly every year to make this a huge success.

The 2023 Sussex Grand Prix begins on Sunday, March 26th with the Hastings Half Marathon. Hailsham Harriers train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. If you would like to find out more

please email the club secretary, secretary@ hailsham-harriers.org.uk or visit the website www.hailsham-harriers.org.uk

For the latest local news, visit: www.Hailsham.News MARCH 2023 32 SPORT
Connor Martin battles for possession as Connor Townsend (7) looks on Victoria Little: 1st V40 Award Helen O’Sullivan: Ron Grover Award Lianne Leakey: 1st V35

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