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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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“No one speaks for us, but us”

Cape York stakeholders, together with Senate, Federal, State and Local Government representatives gathered at Musgrave Roadhouse last Saturday to discuss possible World Heritage listing for Cape York. Photo: Stretch Noonan. By Giembra Busmer

MORE than 150 Cape York stakeholders gathered at Musgrave last Saturday to discuss the Federal Government’s plan to rush Cape York World Heritage nomination through by February 2012. Residents, graziers, businesspeople, tourism operators, Traditional Owners, and representatives from Senate, Federal, State and Local Government attended the three-hour forum, and comprehensively rejected the Federal Government’s plan to

consult only with Traditional Owners on a possible World Heritage listing. The meeting was chaired by former Cape York Sustainable Futures president, Bob Sullivan who introduced the many speakers who presented information and opinion on both the ramifications of World Heritage listing and the flawed process of consultation so far. Traditional Owner (Kalinga and Mary Valley) Conrad Yeatman provided a “Welcome to Country”, and stressed the necessity for unity among all Cape York stakeholders.

“I have experienced two examples of dodgy decision making in my lifetime already. Today is important because we need unity in finding a balance for the future of Cape York. United we stand strong, divided we are weak. “With doubtful decision making, and flawed consultation to lock this country up and not provide the potential to the younger generation will be a very sad story, and the third piece of dodgy decision making I have seen in my time,” Mr Yeatman  continued page 2 said.

 Management changes at RTAW: P 9  Records smashed at Weipa swim meet: P 21

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World Heritage listing consultation rejected by Cape York stakeholders  from page 1

Guy Chester, a consultant with extensive knowledge of the pluses and minuses of World Heritage listing worldwide, presented information to the forum on the World Heritage Convention and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Operational Guidelines for implementation. Mr Chester also spoke in detail about other World Heritage sites in Australia, and what can and can’t happen in them. He also drew attention to the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities document “A World Heritage Nomination for Cape York Peninsula” (available on line at heritage/about/world/capeyork/nomination.html) posted on-line on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 which lists potential areas for nomination (in summary) as: • Diverse ecosystems • Coastal dune fields • Steep escarpments and rainforests • Natural river catchments • Hundreds of kilometres of undisturbed coastal scenery • Flood and marine plains • Western slopes and plains • Shelburne Bay, Cape Bedford, Cape Flattery, tropical dune fields • Chenier dune formations stretch for hundreds of kilometres • Globally rare tropical savannah • West-flowing river systems, extensive coastal wetlands • Tropical monsoon savannah, rainforests, grasslands “As you can see there are natural values in all of these areas, and some would meet the requirements for World

Heritage property, without any capacity for development,” he said. The current consultation process was discussed at length and was declared a “sham” as • Only selective people are being consulted • It is being rushed • It does not present a proposal with the boundaries, the values and management arrangements in place. Representing Cook Shire Council, Deputy Mayor, Penny Johnson said she was “bitterly disappointed” that the Federal Government has not consulted with elected leaders of Cape York.

“Their views as elected representatives, and their positions as elected leaders, along with those of Traditional Owners and custodians, and well-respected community members have been disregarded and diminished,” Ms Johnson said. At the conclusion of the meeting Traditional Owner Andrew Yeatman proposed a motion that the government immediately cease proceedings until it was prepared to engage with the whole of the community. With the exception of one Lakeland grazier, the motion was unanimously approved.  continued page 3

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World Heritage consultant Guy Chester addresses the Cape York forum.

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Heritage listing as they have ‘outstanding universal value’ under the natural values criteria,” Mr Chester said. Mr Chester also spoke about a series of questions CYSF had put forward to Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke regarding World Heritage listing and consultation which had received unsatisfactory answers. “For example, we specifically asked whether Cape York leaseholders (pastoralists) would be consulted and we have not had a response to the question,” he said. Watson River Station pastoralist lease-holder Cameron Quartermaine said he believed pastoralists were being ignored in the consultation process. “We’ve dedicated our lives to working on, and looking after the land and we are being left out of this completely,” Mr Quartermaine said. “We should be entitled to a say too.” Neil Hewett from Cooper Creek Wilderness and Daintree Tourism addressed the forum and spoke about his first-hand experiences living and working in the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics area. “Australia has a very interesting interpretation of World Heritage which is complicated by dishonesty on a multitude of different levels,” Mr Hewett said. “When you look at the demographics of this country, with 85 per cent of the population living in cities, demanding their recreational playgrounds be protected, but in a particular way – they want to visit when it suits them, but they don’t really want to part with any money in the process.” “The people like me, living in the middle of the Daintree rainforest, are expected to cover the cost of managing this World

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Page 2 Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012


Request for consultation to cease immediately Preamble: It should be noted that Cape York is not as sparsely populated as it is led to believe, nor should Cape York be the conscience of the rest of Australia. The Cape York Community is deeply concerned that the Commonwealth is going to nominate area(s) of Cape York for World Heritage without engaging with us. The Community understands the Government is selectively consulting with Traditional Owners. The people of Cape York have had enough of a nonrepresentative body undertaking consultation on Cape York. We have no confidence in Balkanu or any of the Pearson organisations running any consultation on our behalf. Motion: The people of Cape York demand that both tiers of government cease the present World Heritage listing consultation process until they formally commit to a more suitable process involving all residents and stakeholders. Further, the people demand ownership over the engagement process and the people demand that in the event of consideration for any declaration, the government provides evidence of the commitment of budget and resources to manage the plan and to ensure economic and social benefits to mitigate long term impacts. Moved: Andrew Yeatman Seconded: Alan Wilson November 3, 2012, Musgrave Roadhouse

Biodiversity funding opens ENVIRONMENT Minister Tony Burke announced on Monday, November 5, new funding to help protect and manage the unique biodiversity values of northern Australia. Mr Burke said the Northern Australia Targeted Investment, the latest round of the Biodiversity Fund, would help Indigenous communities, farmers, environmental groups and land managers protect the unique biodiversity of northern Australia. The Biodiversity Fund seeks to protect and sustainably manage high value ecosystems in Northern Australia including places which support significant natural and indigenous heritage values, for example through projects located in and adjacent to current or potential national and World Heritage areas. “Providing long-term support to land managers leads to enduring results for our environment and for the community,” Mr Burke said. “Across Australia, farmers

Peninsula People’s Forum quotes

“The very recognition of the value that allows for a country like Australia to say ‘this is something so special that it deserves to be protected for the benefit of humankind as a whole’ is a testament to the custodial excellence of the Indigenous occupants in that landscape since time immemorial.” – Neil Hewett, Daintree Tourism (above).

“One of the first questions I asked the World Heritage officers was ‘what are the economical development opportunities we have for future generations?’ The response I received was ‘you can do weed management and spraying’. I didn’t put my kids through 16 years of schooling for them to walk around with a spray pack on their back.” – Kalinga and Mary Valley Tradition Owner, Andrew Yeatman (below right) with his father Conrad.

“I can look after my country” – Coen Traditional Owner, Victor Lawrence Thursday Island

Weipa Aurukun Pompuraaw Kowanyama



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and other land managers already do a great job through Landcare work and the Biodiversity Fund will build on this work. “Northern Australia contains magnificent sites that are like no other place on earth. This round is intended to acknowledge and preserve those irreplaceable values. “Through this round we are seeking to support projects that help protect and manage high value ecosystems in Northern Australia, including places which support significant natural and Indigenous heritage values.” The Biodiversity Fund: Northern Australia Targeted Investment provides funding to build connectivity and resilience in the landscape by promoting biodiverse carbon plantings and revegetation, management of existing biodiverse carbon stores and managing pests in a connected landscape. The application round is now open and will close 5pm AEST December 4, 2012. “You have to think outside the box. I want you to think here, not of accepting this, fighting it, because you can fight it, and you can win. We the people are ultimately in charge here.” – Les Hiddens, Kalpowar Station (below).

“The people of Cape York want to look forward to an economically diverse future and break away from welfare dependency. “If we take away the constraints, give tenure security to the people in this area and assist them to become financially independent, they won’t need government funding to survive. “But World Heritage will be another spike in the economic coffin of Cape York – we have to say absolutely, unequivocally no.” – Leichhardt MP Warren Entsch (above).

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“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from Cape York.” – WTA Chairman, Peter McCulkin (below).

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Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012 Page 3

NEWS WCC students join in song

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We s t e r n C a p e C o l l e g e students joined half a million others from around the country last Thursday to participate in the Music Count Us In event. The event highlighted the importance of music education in Government schools. The song performed this year by students from all grades, teachers, staff and parents was “Different People”, and was written specifically for the event.


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Page 4 Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012

Deadly canisters wash up on beaches Canisters containing deadly chemicals have been found washed ashore in Cairns, and as far north as the Torres Strait Islands. Silver canisters containing Aluminium Phosphide, a chemical used for fumigating shops, has been discovered on beaches between Ayr and Ingham. “We now have confirmation that canisters have been found in Mission Beach, Bingal Bay, Cairns, Archer Point near Cooktown and an island in the Torres Straits,” said Heidi Taylor of marine conservation group Tangaroa Blue. “We would like to let volunteers (and beachgoers) know along the entire Queensland East coast to be aware

that they may find these canisters and not to touch or open them, call the police and stay well clear,” she said. The Queensland Police Service is urging north Queensland beachgoers to avoid handling the canisters washed up on beaches and to immediately call Triple Zero (000) to report them to Queensland Fire Rescue Service.

Queensland public holidays amended Workers in the Cook electorate will have a well-earned break in the second half of the year with the Labour Day holiday to move to the first Monday in October from 2013. The amendments to the Holidays Act 1983 were passed in Parliament on October 30. A review of the 2011 amendment to the Holiday Act 1983 showed strong community support to move Labour Day as opposed to the Queen’s Birthday public holiday. 2013 Queensland Public Holidays: • Tuesday January 1 – New Year’s Day • Monday January 28 - Australia Day Public Holiday • Friday March 29 – Good Friday • Saturday March 30 – Easter Saturday • Monday April 1 – Easter Monday • Thursday April 25 – ANZAC Day • Monday June 10 – Queen’s Birthday • Monday October 7 – Labour Day Public Holiday • Wednesday December 25 – Christmas Day • Thursday December 26 – Boxing Day


Safety at Home book launched Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa launched their new Safety at Home book this week to residents through presentations to the students at the Western Cape College. This new book provides families with simple tips for safety at home, and has a handy family reference page at the front to record important medical information and contact details. The presentations included an introduction to the book and its purpose, and also a showing of the second “Come Home Safely” video starring employees and their families. Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa general manager operations JoAnne Scarini said that achieving zero harm and the safety of our employees is one of the core values across site. “We want all our employees to go home safely at the end of each shift, and as a part of our “Come Home Safely” campaign we are supporting our local community through initiatives like this Safety at Home book to ensure this extends to safety in the home,” Ms Scarini said. “We hope families can use this book, and especially the

front reference page, as a communication tool so that all of your important information is kept in a central and handy place in case of an emergency.” A copy of the book was distributed to each family who has a child attending the Western Cape College. Those who would like a copy of the book are encouraged to attend Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa’s final quarterly community forum for the year, where copies will be available and Fire and Rescue officers will be on hand to provide First Aid advice and handy tips straight from the book. Parents who already have a copy of the book can also bring them down on this date. The RTAW final quarterly community forum will be held on Saturday, November 17 and will include free mine tours departing from the Western Cape Cultural Centre, Evans Landing at 9.30am. Because spaces are limited, register your attendance by calling the freecall community hotline 1800 707 633 or email RTAweipafeedback@riotinto. com

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VISIT HERITAGE RESTAURANT TO VIEW Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa community relations and town manager, Ben Laidlaw presented the Safety at Home books to the Western Cape College at their school assembly on November 5.

Breakthrough for Indigenous town planning For the first time Indigenous councils in Queensland will have local planning schemes to guide the development of their communities. Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney recently announced the first three draft planning schemes for Wujal Wujal, Cherbourg and Kowanyama had been approved for display and public comment. Mr Seeney and Local Government Minister David Crisafulli welcomed the plans. “People living in these areas know what they want and need and this will let them take control of planning decisions for their communities,” Mr Seeney said. “In many communities, isolation during the wet season and lack of access to professional services have triggered the need for a more practical approach to planning. “They will now have a clear, considered, user-friendly framework to guide how they develop their communities.” Planning schemes provide a detailed direction for the area focusing on community aspirations like land use, development, infrastructure and valuable features of the area, whilst ensuring the needs of the state and the regional community are incorporated. Mr Seeney said for the first time the State Government was working with Indigenous communities to ensure development considers local and cultural matters. “In the past there was a lack of consultation between state agencies


leading to haphazard development and conflicting outcomes.” Mr Seeney said the Indigenous council planning schemes were essentially simplified versions of those for bigger councils. “The Wujal Wujal planning scheme was the first to pioneer this process and in many respects has paved the way for other schemes,” he said. “The Kowanyama planning scheme has captured the community’s views and is recognised as the benchmark in the Indigenous council planning schemes to date. “It’s been written for people who aren’t professional planners – something people will want to look at rather than something they have to look at.” Mr Seeney noted the establishment of Indigenous planning schemes was the result of collaboration across a number of government departments. “Department of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs’ involvement was an integral part in the developing these planning schemes and I thank them for their efforts.” Local Government Minister David Crisafulli said much had been made about the Government’s decision to review alcohol management plans but responsible use of alcohol was only one part of the puzzle. “So is home ownership, so is better planning,” Mr Crisafulli said. “In effect we are acknowledging that there will be challenges along the way but failure to empower these indigenous communities will guarantee generations of hopelessness.”

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Town Office wishes to advise residents of Weipa that the annual clean-up will be conducted from November 12 – 23, 2012. All items to be collected must be placed tidily on the front footpath of the property – please separate gardens waste from other materials. Pickup dates for your street are listed below. All items to be collected must be put out for collection by 5am of the morning your street is scheduled to be collected. Items placed out after the scheduled pick-up times, not placed in the correct location or is more than 6m3 will not be collected. TYPES OF MATERIALS THAT WILL BE COLLECTED: Old roof sheeting, empty drums, small vehicle body parts, plastics, small tree branches and garden waste or any materials that is likely to become a missile. A maximum of 6m3 per residence will be collected.

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED: Tyres, batteries, household furniture, fridges, washing machines, dryers, large tree limbs & large bulky items that cannot be safely lifted by one person. NOTE: Batteries can be dropped off to the SES @ the Ports Corp at Evans Landing Wharf free of charge. The SES recycle batteries as a part of their fundraising efforts. Car bodies can be removed for a fee. Please notify Town Office for use of this service prior to Friday 16/11/12. NB- BUILDING, INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL SITES WILL NOT BE SERVICED

The removal of these items from your household will ensure a safe & healthy environment COLLECTION TIMETABLE Monday, noveMber 12 Circular Way (1-17 and 2-18), Cypress Road, Arthur Court, Embley Street, Casuarina Crescent, Flinders Street

Monday, noveMber 19 Cumrumja Close, Annandi Avenue, Chillei Nhee, Allowgu Walk, Tecoma Court, Tonkin Drive, Dalpura Court, Tonkin Road, Deplanchea Terrace

TUeSday, noveMber 13 Bauhinia Avenue, Wattle Terrace, Hibiscus Ave, Pine Road, Merluna Place, Circular Way (19-31 and 18-30)

TUeSday, noveMber 20 Kunduck Gardens, Munding Road, Mankina Court, Taree Court, Transmission Street, Noola Court, Yileen Court, Colong Court, Carcoola Court

WedneSday, noveMber 14 Grevillea Street, Bougainvillea Crescent, Melaleuca Court, Mahogany Avenue, Circular Way (32 to 66 and 33 to 61)

WedneSday, noveMber 21 Damson Court, Delonix Court, Clarke Close, Acacia Court, Pinaroo Court, Wallana Court, Karingal Court, Killara Place

THUrSday, noveMber 15 C Alstonia Drive, Pandanus Parade, Nonda Close, Bombax Court, Christie Avenue, Tecoma Crt

THUrSday, noveMber 22 Kanthin Road, Awurpa Court, Alakanum Court, Ayam Court, Euodia Court

FrIday, noveMber 16 Ina Court, Lydia Court, Kooloo Court, Nimrod Court, Pera Court, River Drive, Awonga Court, Myka Court, Wenlock Court, Tarquin Court

FrIday, noveMber 23 Anzac Avenue, Fairway Avenue, Caddy Close, Sunbird Court, Kookaburra Court

For further information regarding the clean-up please contact Weipa Town Office on 4030 9400 or refer to “The Bulletin Board” at Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012 Page 5

uarding your health...naturally

Milk Thistle the liver cleanser With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner (along with the excesses that this season can cause!), I thought I might share some advice on keeping our bodies healthy during the party season. The liver is the main detoxifying organ in the body, and performs many functions vital to our health - It produces and stores bile (which breaks down fats from the food we eat), cleanses drugs, hormones and toxins, distributes certain nutrients including iron, copper, vitamin D and E, regulates blood glucose and metabolism, removes old blood cells from circulation, and manages cholesterol release. Plus, blood from the digestive system must first filter through the liver before it travels anywhere else in the body. And the list goes on! So it’s fair to say that considering the lifestyle and diets most of us have, perhaps the liver could do with a bit of a break?

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WorkStart team hold Career Expo This week the participants of the Indigenous PathWays Solutions ( I P S ) Wo r k S t a r t Program staged their Career Expo. This event is planned, prepared, funded and catered by the participants. The participants a c h i e v e d s u ff i c i e n t sponsorship to hold the event at the Weipa Town Authority Council Chambers, where they displayed the work they have been involved in over the past seven weeks, with their goal ‘to introduce themselves’ to local employers and

to senior figures in Rio Tinto Alcan. The day proved very successful with many key figures from Weipa attending, and the level of professionalism shown by the participants was admired by the guests. During the event the participants sold raffle tickets and made a donation to the PAL Group (Parents And Learners). The winners of the raffle were: 1st prize Steve Hall, Napranum - a Whipper Snipper from Weipa Hardware; 2nd prize Karina Batty, Weipa - $100 voucher

for Weipa Bowls Club Restaurant. IPS are grateful to the following loyal and supportive sponsors: Weipa Town Authority, Sodexo, Woolworths, Weipa Gourmet Meats, Weipa Bakery, Weipa Hardware, Weipa Bowls Club, and The Western Cape Bulletin. Next week is the most important of all for the team when they attend the assessment centre. – Colleen Holmes for IPS Weipa

Stuart Argent, superintendent East Weipa Mine, Rio Tinto Alcan with Anson Gebadi and Kanne Egan, IPS trainees.

VPG Western Cape co-ordinator Karen Savage, with Telena Waia IPS trainee.

IPS trainees Kevin Mairu and Philip Doolah, with Bill Bush pre-work development at Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa.

IPS trainee Ronald Clermont with RTAW crew leader Garry Squires.

RTAW human resources officers put IPS trainees Pearl Matthew and Silas Sabasio through their paces.

Alex Norrie Superintendent Rio Tinto Marine with IPS trainee, Ina Billy.


Heritage Shopping Centre, Weipa

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Anti-smoking ads target Indigenous pregnant women 07 4053 0300

07 4044 9000

07 4046 0300

Page 6 Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012

The Federal Government has commissioned a new advertising campaign it hopes can reduce rates of smoking among pregnant Indigenous women. Around one in every seven pregnant women smoke but that figure rises to half for pregnant Indigenous women. The campaign will run for four weeks with television and print ads promoting the benefits of quitting for both the mother and baby, and offering support via a helpline and a smart phone app. Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek says there is a separate ad targeted at Indigenous women and their partners. “The Breaking the chain ads show both Indigenous men and women talking about how they want to be alive to look after their kids, that they want to be strong and healthy and around when their kids grow up,” she said. “Those ads have worked very effectively in Indigenous communities and had good responses from the

people that they’re targeted to.” Ms Plibersek says the campaign promotes the benefits of quitting, rather than the negative impacts of smoking. “If the message is too negative, sometimes people can completely switch off,” she said. The Cancer Council’s Ian Olver has welcomed the tone of the campaign. “The best way of encouraging pregnant women to stop smoking is to support them rather than condemn them,” he said. He says he expects pregnant smokers will respond well to the gentler message. “You do find every so often there’s a group that really don’t respond and I think the Government have been clever in doing the proper testing and discovering the best way of encouraging pregnant women to stop smoking,” he said. The campaign comes as plain packaged cigarettes hit store shelves from next month.


Gearing-up for the Eclipse festival By Corey Bousen

The sm ng dreadocked secur y guard a he fron ga e w h h s d embe bongo drum nearby s an ear y nd caon of wha o expec a he Ec pse 2012 Fes va a Pa mer R ver wh ch w see 10 000 peop e f ock o Sou hern Cape York o ce ebra e he o a so ar ec pse on November 14 Trave down he dus y 6km rack from he fron ga e oppos e he Pa mer R ver Roadhouse o he hear of he 70 000 hec are Ma and Downs ca e s a on and here s a eam of 400 s aff and vo un eers work ng n he grue ng hea o cons ruc he s e for he Ec pse fes va Opera ons manager Jeff Moss ook Wes ern Cape Bu e n for a our of he s e on November 6 w h us four days o go before he h pp e hordes s ar arr v ng “There w be 2 200

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NOTICE OF AUTHORISATION MEETING FOR KOWANYAMA PEOPLE (QUD6119/98) The Kowanyama People Native Title Determination Application (QUD6119/98) claim group is invited to an Authorisation Meeting in Kowanyama this month. Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 Time: 9.30am – 3pm Location: PBC office  NATIVE TITLE DETERMINATION APPLICATION

QUD6119/98 Kowanyama People (QC97/9) (Amended) Map 1

(Lunch and refreshments provided)


QUD6119/98 (QC97/9) Kowanyama People (Amended)

Non Projection

© Commonwealth of Australia 2011 The Registrar, the National Native Title Tribunal and its staff, members and agents and the Commonwealth (collectively the Commonwealth) accept no liability and give no undertakings guarantees or warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness or fitness for purpose of the information provided. In return for you receiving this information you agree to release and indemnify the Commonwealth and third party data suppliers in respect of all claims, expenses, losses, damages and costs arising directly or indirectly from your use of the information and the use of the information you obtained by any third party.

Map created by: Geospatial Services, National Native Title Tribunal   (07/02/2011)

Location Diagram

142° 142° 142° 00' 00' E E 142° 142° 142°00' 00' 00' 00'E E E

15° 15° 15°00' 00' 00'S SSS S 00' 15° 15° 15° 00' Mount Mount Isa Isa Isa Mount Isa Mount Mount Isa

Strathgordon Strathgordon

The Strathgordon Strathgordon Claim Claim The Determination Determination

15° 15° 15°00' 00' 00'S SSS S 00' 15° 15° 15° 00'

Area 1

Rockhampton Rockhampton Rockhampton Rockhampton Rockhampton Rockhampton



4695PH1656 4695PH1656 4695PH1656 4695PH1656 4695PH1656 BALURGA BALURGA BALURGA

(Part (Part B) B)


1KO20 1KO20 1KO20 1KO20 1KO20 1KO20

NonFreehold Tenure Convertible Lease Other Lease Pastoral Lease Reserve/Park Unallocated Land


Kowanyama People People Kowanyama Determination Determination Determination Determination


19DB16 19DB16 Kowanyama Kowanyama DOGIT DOGIT

Road Aboriginal Freehold

29CTH804427 29CTH804427 29CTH804427 29CTH804427 29CTH804427 29CTH804427 SEFTON SEFTON SEFTON




See See Map Map 22


Topsy Cr eek

15° 15° 15°30' 30' 30'S SSS S 30' 15° 15° 15° 30'

Strathmay Strathmay

Commencement Commencement Point Point


5LK2 5LK2 Pormpuraaw Pormpuraaw DOGIT DOGIT

Townsville Townsville Townsville Townsville Townsville Townsville

4343SP201120 4343SP201120 4343SP201120 4343SP201120 4343SP201120 4343SP201120 MINKA MINKA MINKA

Island Yard Yard Plain Plain Island


PORMPURAAW PORMPURAAW Cairns Cairns Cairns Cairns Cairns Cairns


Area 3

(Part (Part C) C)




Commencement Commencement Point Point RIV ER


12CTH804427 12CTH804427 12CTH804427 12CTH804427 12CTH804427 12CTH804427 HELMSLEY HELMSLEY HELMSLEY

Rutland Plains Plains Rutland


Lochnagar Lochnagar Outstation Outstation


1796PH1651 1796PH1651 1796PH1651 1796PH1651 1796PH1651 1796PH1651 RUTLAND RUTLAND PLAINS RUTLAND PLAINS PLAINS

Ko w

an ya m



Area 2 (Part (Part B) B)





2DB31 2DB31 2DB31 2DB31 2DB31


2480PH2046 2480PH2046 KUPAREE KUPAREE 16° 16° 16°00' 00' 00'S SSS S 00' 16° 16° 16° 00'



1MM1 1MM1 1MM1 1MM1 1MM1 1MM1

16° 00' S S 1 00' 16°

elop men tal



2485PH2048 2485PH2048 2485PH2048 2485PH2048 2485PH2048 2485PH2048 WYNOLA WYNOLA WYNOLA

5174PH892 5174PH892 5174PH892 5174PH892 5174PH892 WONGAL WONGAL WONGAL WONGAL

Inkerman Inkerman 2322PH2031 2322PH2031 ALMA ALMA h Br




Bur ke

The area of the Native Title Application covers land and waters in the south west coast of Cape York Peninsula from the Coleman River in the north to the Staaten River in the south, from the eastern boundary of Dunbar, Kulata and Harkness Pastoral Leases and west to the Gulf of Carpentaria. The area subject to the determination includes the Kowanyama Township and Pastoral Properties.



Latitude and Longitude based on Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994

NOTE: To determine areas subject to claim within the external boundary, reference to the application description is necessary.

Application boundary data compiled by the NNTT. Application boundary data compiled by the NNTT. Cadastral data sourced from Department of Environment & Resource Management, Qld (November 2010). Cadastral data sourced from Department of Environment & Resource Management, Qld (November 2010).

The purposes of this meeting are to provide information and authorise: 1.The terms of the proposed Kowanyama Native Title Consent Determination for the township and Pastoral Leases, (but not including the Errk Oykangand National Park or the area previously determined by the Federal Court); 2.The Indigenous Land Use Agreement for Pastoral Properties; 3.The Indigenous Land Use Agreement for Ergon Energy; 4.The Indigenous Land Use Agreement for Carpentaria Shire Council; 5. Nomination of the Abm Elgoring Ambung Aboriginal Corporation as the Prescribed Body Corporate to hold Native Title rights to the Determination area on behalf of the Kowanyama People; and 6. Other matters relating to the Native Title Application. If you wish to attend the meeting or would like more information or assistance please call Vanda Ines or Coby Foster at Cape York Land Council on (07) 4053 9222 or Free Call 1800 623 548.

600. There are currently about 470 Centre manager Mat Rogers people accommodated at the centre. addressed the annual meeting of This follows the announcement by the the WeipaforChamber of and Commerce Minister Immigration Citizenship, inChris October. Issues discussed Bowen, that the Scherger operations will continue 30 June 2012. included the until impact of regional offshore processing on operations The Department of Immigration and atCitizenship Scherger.(DIAC), Minister Immigration the for detention services provider Serco and health services and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, has provider International Health and Medical indicated that Scherger Immigration Services (IHMS) continue to effectively Detention Centre (SIDC) will operate manage the client caseload. Serco also until the end of June 2014. continues to recruit people from the area The meeting was well attended and to meet its staffing needs, which has risen to include indigenous locals. we would like to14thank the chamber for the opportunity.

Visit from the minister’s

Client activities advisory group

A visit from members of the Minister for The planting of 680 native trees and Immigration and Citizenship’s advisory bushes was recently finalised at group, Council for Immigration Services SIDC. Clients participated voluntarily and Status Resolution (CISSR), is inscheduled the planting process and were for August 3–5. They will also attend next community taught aboutthe the various species and reference group in the Weipa their history andmeeting native uses. Town Authority rooms on August 5. Fishing and swimming and other

recreational activities are continuing.


Visits An expression of interest process for accommodation in Weipa hasMatheson recently Regional manager Scott been finalised and those who responded visited Weipa recently and staged have been informed of the outcome. The meetings with local stakeholders. In accommodation bookings are needed to mid-November, the Red provider Cross will house departmental service staff. conduct a site inspection. remains The new hotel redevelopment on course and additional rooms are Centretonumbers expected become available in early September. As at November 1, there were 347

people accommodated at SIDC. The old hospital reconstruction has been completed with some 90 rooms now Transfers available for Serco and subcontractor staff. Transfers fromtothe centre havewith all DIAC continues consult closely relevant stakeholders in Weipa to ensure continued, which have included the best possible outcome for all bridging visa grants to clientsparties. at The department is very conscious Scherger. It is anticipated that of the potential impact its staffing additional transfers into themay centre accommodation requirements have on and other accommodation in willtourist also occur. Weipa and it continues to take steps to address this issue. Comments? If you would like to get in touch Comments?

department directly, please Ifwith youthe would like to get in touch with the department directly, please don’t hesitate don't hesitate to send an email to: to send an email to



7pm Saturday, November 24 $ 25 per head Tickets available at the Club now or at the door on the night

Weipa Bowls Club Inc. Y��� ����, ��� c�m���i��!

Members, guests & bona fide visitors welcome PO BOX 181 WEIPA QLD 4874 PH: 074069 7300 FAX 07 4069 7616 Takeaway alcohol sales to members only

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Western Cape Indigenous rangers lead the way in protecting shorebirds

Mapoon Land & Sea Rangers out in the field with Birdlife Australia.

Every year, thousands of migratory shorebirds stop over on the Western Cape on their 10,000 km journey from Arctic breeding areas to non-breeding grounds in Southern Australia and New Zealand. A further three shorebird species find an important breeding refuge on our beaches, including the globally red-listed Beach Stone Curlew. Whether they are migratory or

The Mapoon Land & Sea Rangers successfully completed training in shorebird identification, conservation and data collection last month.

resident species, most of us would not even notice these little miracles of endurance and ingenuity during our trips to the beach. Their small size and near-perfect camouflage makes them hard to spot and tricky to identify. It may also be the main reason why we find it hard to give them the space they need to rest or breed on Australian beaches. Enter the Mapoon and Napranum

Land & Sea Rangers. With the help of BirdLife Australia and the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Limited (NAILSMA) the rangers successfully completed training in shorebird identification, conservation and data collection early in October. The rangers are using cuttinged g e tech n o lo g y to cap tu r e information and GPS locations for

shorebirds and other important species by participating in I-Tracker, a project run through NAILSMA which supports Indigenous land and sea managers across north Australia to collect information locally about their land and sea country. This training means the Rangers can join the global survey and conservation effort for migratory shorebirds, and helps them to inform visitors about sensitive beach areas and responsi-

ble behaviour on Sea Country. You can help shorebirds by following this simple rule: when on the beach let big flocks of birds rest and recover from their journey to the Cape, and avoid driving above the high tide mark. For further information contact Napranum Land & Sea Rangers (4069 7138) or Jane Blackwood, Mapoon Land & Sea co-ordinator (4090 9054).

Pathways explored at PPTS barbecue

Damien John, Jenni Champion (ILC), Rondell Mark, Anita Woodley, and Stephen McCarthy (ILC) at the informative barbecue held at Positive Pathways to Success last week.

Free mine tour Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa will run free mine tours as part of their final quarterly community forum for 2012. When

Saturday, 17 November




Western Cape Cultural Centre, Evans Landing

A BBQ lunch will also be provided. There are limited spaces on the tour, so please register your attendance by phoning 1800 707 633 or emailing

Page 8 Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012

O n We d n e s d a y, October 24, students and staff of the Positive Pathways to Success Program (PPTS) and volunteer chefs, J B a n d L i n d s a y, hosted a barbecue for community, families and Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) visitors, Jenni Champion and Stephen McCarthy. Jenni and Stephen spoke about the employment and learning opportunities in agriculture and tourism offered by the ILC. Of particular interest to the boys was the pathway to employment via training in the Certificate ll Agriculture Beef, on ILC-owned

cattle properties in the Cape, and the prospect of employment on properties in other Australian states. Damien John, who has lodged an application to become a trainee at Crocodile Station near Lakeland, spoke with both Jenni and Stephen about his work experience at Springvale Sation, and his keen interest to pursue this career path. When asked why he was so keen Damien replied, “my grandather and uncles worked on stations�. Many of the boys attending the PPTS Program have family connections to the pastoral industry in the Cape.

Walking in the footsteps of their grandfathers, and creating their own stories for the future, is a tradition they are keen to continue. Jenni spoke to the girls about opportunities for employment at Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, an ILC training and employment facility. Rondell Mark and A n i t a Wo o d l e y a r e close to completing their Certificate lll in Business, and both were keen to hear about jobs that offered the prospect of travel. Family members who attended were impressed with the range of tranining and employment pathways available for their children.


Management changes at Weipa operations RIO Tinto Alcan has announced management changes to the Weipa operations with general manager, Jo-Anne Scarini accepting a secondment to a role supporting Rio Tinto Australia’s managing director, David Peever. While this is a secondment, Jo-Anne will not be returning to the role of general manager, Weipa. Further to Jo-Anne’s departure, Rio Tinto Alcan confirmed that as of November 6, Gareth Manderson will commence in the general manager, Weipa operations role. “I have enjoyed my six years in Weipa, with four of those as general manager, and I would like to thank you all for the support you have given me during my time with the operation,” Ms Scarini said. “During my time I have been fortunate to be involved in the Chamber of Commerce, Weipa Town Authority, Western Cape College Forum, Regional Partnership Agreement, and the coordinating committees for the Ely Bauxite Mining Project Agreement and the Western Cape


Breakfast 6.30am to 9am Lunch 12pm to 2pm Dinner 6pm to 8.30pm

Farewell Weipa: Former RTAW general manager operations Jo-Anne Scarini.

Communities Coexistence Agreement. “Weipa is a beautiful place with a strong community spirit which I will truly miss. It will continue to have a special place in my heart and I will look forward

to watching your progress from a distance. “I know that you will provide my successor with as much support as I have received. I wish every one of you much success in the future,” she concluded.

OPEN 7 DAYS For bookings phone: 4090 6666




No take-away meals for daily specials. Specials not available on public holidays.



Roast $1250

T-bone $1550



Fish & chips $ 50 12

Schnitzel, chips & salad $1250

Melbourne Cup Book Now Buffett Lunch only $28 including glass of champagne

Seafood, Roast & Curry Buffett

Function Centre now open For enquiries call: 4090 6900


Thursday nights from 7pm

Be safe this holiday season with our new ‘Safety at Home’ book

Public Notice Area of lease closed due to active mining activity For your safety please do not enter the area located north of the Mission River as marked in the map below. Our Safety at Home book was launched this week in the lead up to the school holidays, with Western Cape College students receiving their copy.

This area will be closed for the entire month of November.

Copies will also be available at our final quarterly community forum for the year where Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa Fire and Rescue officers will be on hand to provide First Aid advice and handy tips straight from the book. Parents who already have a copy of the book can also bring them down on this date. Our final quarterly community forum will be held on Saturday 17 November and will include free mine tours departing from the Western Cape Cultural Centre, Evans Landing at 9.30am. Because spaces are limited, please register your attendance by calling our freecall community hotline 1800 707 633 or email

For further information about this notice please contact us on our freecall community feedback hotline 1800 707 633.

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OPINION / HEALTH From the Chairman Peter McCulkin, Weipa Town Authority Chairman

Marine Logistics

No joy for Rocky Point residents

Queensland Depots: Humbug Wharf, Weipa 24 Tingara Street, Portsmith

I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Weipa Town Authority (WTA) acknowledged the receipt of a community petition supporting the installation of kerb and channelling in the courts of eastern Rocky Point. A total of seven hundred and nineteen (719) people signed the petition, with widespread support from across, and even outside (7%) the community. No doubt the information provided to a small ‘action group’ from Rocky Point at a meeting with WTA and RTA earlier last week has been communicated by them more broadly. I can now confirm that RTA have prioritised its allocated capital funding for 2013 to the town’s water upgrade, underpinning the development approval for Golf Links Stage 2. RTA Capital funding to the WTA for the kerb and channelling project will not be available until 2014 at the earliest. The project still remains a critical priority for WTA.

Customer Service: 1800 640 079 Weipa: 07 4069 7309 Cairns: 07 4038 7777

Come in and see us

The water upgrade, once completed, will improve water pressure and hydrant flow compliance right throughout the town by late 2013, at no cost to the rate payer. The petition has posed a number of questions for the WTA and we have undertaken serious analysis of the data. Given the massive costs of the project (in the order of $9-13 million dependent on mobilisation and rollout schedules) there is an apparent need to both identify and then address the short, and long-term needs of all residents in the eastern areas of Rocky Point, as only 55% supported the petition. If not funded by RTA the WTA will need to roll-out the project through ratepayer funded initiatives. No doubt the signatories to the petition understood the potential impacts on all ratepayers when they signed. As would be the case for mainstream Councils, projects of this significance are rolled-out in one of three ways: through external funding including loans, increases to revenue base

Good Life with Jeany Schall

The facts about deydration

Located behind the Weipa Bowls Club Opening times: Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm Do you want to ask us a question Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa Fire and or give us feedback? Rescue Service Free call 1800 707 633

Emergency calls

Contact your power supplier

• when at home 000 • when working on site 4069 8444

Free call 1800 707 633

Power outages / bridge works Free call 1800 820 711

Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa main switch 4069 8432

Employee Assistance Programme

on our operations, recruitment, or our upcoming events or projects?

Come in anytime

during business hours to speak to a Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa representative.


Free call 1800 808 374

Want more information

Page 10 Western Cape Bulletin Novembner 7, 2012

As the days are getting hotter and the wet season still a way off, we experience a dry heat which can lead to dehydration if you do not supply your body with sufficient fluid intake. When I talk fluid intake it is important you understand that I am talking about water intake, as some drinks will dehydrate you further. Alcoholic beverages at night, coffee in the morning, soft drinks, some teas and even some sports drinks may contribute to dehydration. If your drinks contain a lot of sugar, caffeine or alcohol they act as diuretics. That means that your body will eliminate more fluid than it is taking in as the sugar or caffeine can extract the sugar from the cells. For example - 200ml of beer will cause your body to eliminate 300ml. That will certainly dehydrate you if you choose not to drink any water in between your alcoholic beverages. And what about sports drinks? A good balanced sports drink should supply your body with lost nutrients in a fast and effective way, so that the cells can communicate and work the way they were intended to. It is a chemical process which requires calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, along with the right combination of carbohydrates. Some of the sports and energy drinks you can buy do not supply this, despite the claims that they make. So be aware of

or re-evaluation of current service levels. The mathematics are simple, a Council cannot fund projects it has no ability to fund. In the past two years, aside from the latest electrical upgrades, the rate payers have expended over half a million dollars in roads and drainage works in the Rocky Point area; appreciably more than any other area in town. These works have resulted in both compliments and ‘brick bats’ from the residents being directed our way, sending us significant mixed messages. The WTA needs to address the concerns of all the residents in these courts, there is no doubt. The petition started a process for us to collect more specific data. For instance the data collected from the WTA complaints register since 2008 depicts a completely different perspective of the issues. We would appreciate assistance from the residents through this next brief period of data collection. Again I must point out that the massive costs associated with the project demand our considered response, with the potential impacts to ratepayers foremost in the minds of the WTA Members.

putting your well-being in the hands of a marketing strategist. Although salt is needed to replenish the sweating worker you will be surprised to hear that salt is also a diuretic. If you eat extreme salty foods, like chips or processed foods with lots of “flavour”, your kidneys will have to work harder to excrete the excess salt from the body to keep a natural balance by  excreting more fluids to transport the salt out. In a nutshell, water is your best choice when hydrating. You should get enough nutrients through healthy food choices so there should be no need to supplement with salty, sugary or electrolyte enriched drinks. Make sure that you drink three to five litres of water when working outside and sweating a lot. If you experience cramps in your muscles or feel fatigued make sure you take some rest. If the cramps are persistent over a longer period of time it may be beneficial to look at supplementing with magnesium, as it is proven to help relieve muscular cramping. However, do not waste your money with some cheap magnesium pills as your body needs certain nutrients along with magnesium to absorb it – if you do you will find yourself having only expensive urine. Talk to a nutritionist or naturopath about the best food sources of magnesium, and if you decide to supplement with it make sure you choose a supplement that your naturopath or chemist recommends. Other great ideas to hydrate are fresh coconut water, water with freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice. Don’t let the heat get you down and turn your cells from a healthy grape into a prune - keep hydrated.

 Letters to the editor

WCCA Day for Daniel


Thank you for Oktoberfest success ON Saturday, October 20 the community of Weipa came out to celebrate Oktoberfest and raise much needed funds for Weipa’s own charity, Weipa Community Care Association Inc. Weipa Community Care, in conjunction with Weipa Bowls Club, hosted our annual Oktoberfest celebration, and now with the event moving into its third year it has become Weipa Community Care’s major fundraiser, and this year was no exception. Thanks to your support we raised over $3,500 for your community. These funds will be used to help us continue to provide the local community with much needed services. This year it will enable us to place $1,750 into crisis food parcels for those that are doing it tough, and $1,750 towards improvements at the

Western Cape Women’s Crisis Shelter. The night was a success due to the extraordinary efforts of Kylie de Waard, Tegen White, Piriti Dargaville, Jenny Bellinger and Kym-Maree Prentice. Nick and the team at the Weipa Bowls Club really got into the spirit of supporting the community in hosting this event, and Jarrod Stockman kindly DJ’ed the night at a much-reduced fee, so thank you Jarrod. We would like to thank our sponsors who kindly donated their goods and services to help make the night a success, and we look forward to working with you all in the future. In no particular order they are: Weipa Bowls Club, Kowari Motors, Mitre 10, Weipa 4WD Shop, Weipa Servicentre, Weipa Gifts and Music, Fitzroy Island Ferries and Beach Hire, Paronella Park, Kym-Maree’s Beauty Room, Susanne Gane at Oasis Homewares, Video 2000, Tracey Ireland, NRL North Queensland Cowboys, and Rydges Esplanade Hotel. Most of all, thank you to all

those who attended the event, especially to those who got into the spirit of fundraising and left a much larger donation at the door than the ticket price. See you next year, Tamara Freeman, CEO, Weipa Community Care Association Inc.

On Friday, October 26, Weipa Community Care Association participated in the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s “Day for Daniel.” The annual awareness day is held to promote the Foundation’s aims of making the world a safer place of our children. A variety of red treats were available at the local Community Centre and pictured above are Thurston, Michelle, Gemma, Raechal, Aaliyah, Talei, Joan and Lisa enjoying morning tea. The WCCA made a donation to the Foundation from funds raised at the event.

Thinking of moving?

Think A&R... We’ll take you far!


Torres Straits | Cape York | Gulf Country | BRISBANE WEEKLY Weipa Community Care Association Inc’s Tegen White and Kylie de Waard at the recently held Oktoberfest celebrations.

WCC 2013 student scholarships offered

4034 5656

30-38 Joan St Cairns QLD 4870

Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa’s Bird Watch event Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa and BirdLife International invite you and your family to participate in our annual Bird Watch event Come along for a guided tour, a free BBQ and help count Weipa’s bird species When: Where:

WESTERN Cape College is pleased to announce that it will commence offering scholarships in 2013. Principal of Western Cape College, Leon Proud said “As part of our on-going commitment to excellence in student achievement, Western Cape College is pleased to offer annual scholarships to students. “Western Cape College prides itself on promoting excellence in students across the academic, cultural and sporting domains. “The scholarship program aims to encourage and support students who already demonstrate excellence and out-standing achievements to further develop their talents”, Mr Proud said. Western Cape College scholarships are available to responsible young people prepared to strive for their personal best, who will

become a credit to their families, and the College. Scholarships are awarded following receipt of an application, review of supporting documentation, and an interview. Students may apply for more than one type of scholarship, and are not required to sit for an entry exam. All scholarship applications need to be accompanied by a personal resume, which may also include sample of school work, copies of certificates, references from teachers, coaches, community members. Scholarships for 2013 close on Friday, November 16. Further information and applications for Western Cape College scholarships can be obtained from the WCC Weipa Campus administration office or the College website au


Saturday, 24 November Lake Patricia & surrounding area Meeting at the Lakes BBQ area 6:00am, for the tour beginning at 6:30am

Please bring: A hat, sunglasses, water bottle, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, binoculars (if you have them), a pen and a sense of adventure

For more information please contact Tim Ryan on 4069 8991 or Ursula Dauth on 4069 8374.

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T-bone steak special $15


VMR raffles 5-7pm, members draw ($1500) 7pm


Live music from 7pm


Social bowls from 10am

ELVIS show LIVe November 24 $25 per head

Young people from opposite ends of the country connect and achieve Six young people from Mapoon and Napranum have just returned from the cold climes of Tasmania where they have continued the relationship started 3 years ago with Scotch Oakburn College, a Uniting Church school in Launceston. Youthworker James Hughes accompanied the young Cape York representatives... DURING the time the Cape York young people spent in Tasmania they played in snow on Mt Wellington, flew across 400 metres of flying fox cable, swam in the ocean in 10 degrees Celcius water, walked around Dove Lake at the foot of Cradle Mountain and braved the Mersey River rapids in white water rafts. Aged between 13 and 23 years, these young Cape representatives were not only engaged in the exciting action activities listed above, but also more esoteric pursuits such as joining in the school chapel services, and speaking eloquently about themselves and their culture in front of 700 young people and teachers. It was great to re-connect with friends from the school made earlier and also make new friends as young people from both the north of Australia and the south found much in common with each other. The young people from up north also spoke to Tasmanian Traditional Owners, who welcomed them, and they listened as they were shown aspects of Aboriginal culture by the custodians of the ancient culture of Tasmania. One of the skills they were taught was how to make rope by twisting and weaving the leaves from a certain bush plant. Everyone was surprised by how strong the rope that was created was, and how useful it had become. The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre gave the young people permission to camp at Larapuna, near the beautiful ‘Bay of Fires’ beach on the north-east coast of the island. Throughout this trip the stories of Indigenous young people from Cape York were woven together with the stories of the Aboriginal people of Tasmania to make strong bonds of friendship. There were quite a few moments during the trip to Tasmania where the young people were forced to confront their fears and overcome

their shame through the nature of the activity. However, they had the support of trained guides and also their friends, who also were facing the same thing. Commenting on the young Cape Yorker’s experiences James Hughes said: “This is the beauty of these activities – they take the kids outside their comfort zone and there is no going back, or stopping and not going any further. It is impossible. “So the young people find that they can achieve far more than they imagined through finding inner strength and resolve and completing the activity. “And then what a sense of ac-

Rothana Wasiu on the flying fox. complishment do they experience; went to Tasmania, Rothana Wasiu how strong do they feel?”, he said. wrote about her experience: “What The group were supported by I liked about this trip was … their friends from Scotch Oakburn, everything! And what I mean by the local Uniting Churches and everything – I mean like meeting the Aboriginal Traditional owners new people, experiencing snow for of Tasmania. They experienced a the first time which was the coldest great deal, learnt a lot, and their sensation I have ever experienced, eyes were opened to possibilities swimming in 10 degrees water, and dreams which they had not white water rafting, the Treetops Flying Fox (especially for someone thought of before. They were able to conquer the afraid of heights like me), seeing challenges in their path and achieve Tasmanian Devils, walking around things they had not thought pos- the beautiful Dove Lake and Cradle sible through their own strength of Mountain and seeing Alpacas for the- first character, the support they received 12 FORESIGHT ADtime. 2 “ I really enjoyed this Tasmaand the opportunities that were open CATEGORY: nian trip – it was a once in a lifetime to them. One of the young people who opportunity.”

Departs Monday arrives Wed Dry gooDs Accepted Monday to Friday 7am – 4pm Chiller/Freezer Only accepted on Monday 12pm - 2pm (departure day)


Bobcat Hire


(Includes Laura, Hann River Roadhouse, Musgrave Roadhouse, Coen & Archer River Roadhouse)

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Page 12 Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012

Excavator Hire

• 4-in-1 Bucket • 3.5 ton • Chain trencher • Buckets 300, 450, • Post-hole augers 600 150, 300, 450 & 600 • Mud bucket • Road sweeper

Cairns to Weipa & return service with extra stops


Members, guests & bona fide visitors welcome PO BOX 181 WEIPA QLD 4874 PH: 074069 7300 FAX 07 4069 7616 Takeaway alcohol sales to members only

Monica Sigai entertains 700 school kids.


Evergreen Restaurant

Your club, our community!

James Hughes and the gang enjoy the cool Tasmanian weather.

Playing in the snow on Mt Wellington.

Cairns to Aurukun & return service

Open 7 days a week for lunch & dinner Take-away menu & pizzas available Restaurant 4069 7300 Take-away 4069 7537 (from 5pm)

Weipa Bowls Club

Joyce Waia and her new friends, ready for rafting.

• Body truck – Tipper, tiltslide, vehicle loading crane (Hiab) • Semi – Tipper, sideloader, low loader, water cart


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weipa town authority

New local business to assist employers A NEW business in the region has good news for local job seekers and for local businesses. The Australian Federal Government has recently contracted MEGT (Australia) Ltd to set up a new office in Weipa in order to help employers with their apprentices and trainees. Jan Griffin, general manager of MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre says it is part of her strategy to ensure the Weipa office, located in Memorial Square, is staffed by Rikki Cooper who has a detailed knowledge of the local industry conditions as well as all the benefits (both State and Federal) that local businesses can tap into when they employ their apprentices or trainees. This includes government money for increasing the skills of their current staff. “We provide a free service,” explains Ms Griffin. “The Federal Government has contracted us to assess the eligibility of businesses

for government funding, to promote apprenticeships and traineeships in the region and to make it as easy as possible for businesses to employ and train staff through an apprenticeship or traineeship arrangement. “It’s also an important part of my strategy to ensure the new office is supported by a considerable infrastructure. This ensures the information they receive about government benefits and local training providers is always up to date and ensures benefits are processed promptly.” Mrs Cooper’s support infrastructure includes the 900 other Australian Apprenticeships Centre staff, providing the administration side of processing the paperwork and the significant IT, marketing, HR and administration MEGT provides. This support structure allows Mrs Cooper to visit businesses and their apprentices and trainees at their worksite. This is essential in the Weipa region because of the long distances between

Community forum

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 6.30pm start Council chambers

To Discuss • WTA/RTA roles and responsibilities • Animal management working group update • Town projects - includimg Andoom Oval and Rocky Point precinct, Community Plan, Rocky Point Kerb and Chanelling Thursday Island

The Western Cape Bulletin

Weipa Aurukun Pompuraaw Kowanyama

News - Phone 07 4069 7722 ::

businesses. “The training support our new staff receive is important in terms of the quality of service they provide the region. We act as consultants on a wide range of industry career development options and businesses use us for bipartisan workforce planning advice,” continued Ms Griffin.

“It’s important that we get it right as it will affect the futures not only of the businesses we consult to, but also of the wealth of the community.” The MEGT Weipa office is located at shop 1, Memorial Square, Weipa and Rikki Cooper can be contacted on 0409 885 288.

We have moved office and changed phone numbers! Advertising - Phone 07 4069 7788

the local aged care, child care or enrolled nurses sectors and importantly, the school-based trainees that are being given a head start to their career with the help of the Western Cape College and local employers,” she said. Mrs Cooper explained that there is a slight change to funding to help people over 25 years of age change careers and skills through an apprenticeship with the eligible employer receiving a lump sum amount of $4,000 at the end of the first year of the apprenticeship. “That will definitely make it a lot easier for small and mediumsized businesses to track when they are going to receive that funding.” Another change is a reduction in one of the government incentives for existing workers who recommence in an Australian Apprenticeship that does not lead to an occupation on the National Skills Needs List (at the Certificate III or IV level). The good news for small and medium-sized builders, plumbers and electricians (industries on the National Skills Needs list) is that a Kickstart Bonus payment will come into effect if their apprentice commences between December 1, 2012 and February 28, 2013. According to Mrs Cooper this Kickstart Bonus will effectively increase the incentive paid to them from $4,000 to $7,350. “I’m expecting a lot of phone calls from now and over the next few weeks to help explain what

impact these changes will have on local businesses,’ continued Mrs Cooper. “There will be a lot of tradespeople who will want to take advantage of the additional funding in the Kickstart Bonus, and it’s a sensible time to put someone on as an apprentice – when we are going into a slower building and construction period. “It means they can take time with school leavers to settle them into their business and spend more time training them before the big rush of work starts again early next year. “The Western Cape College will need to identify those students interested in going into a trade while they are still in year 10, not just the school leavers after they finish their exams. The very best students will be targeted by local businesses wanting to take advantage of the Kickstart Bonus,” Mrs Cooper said. “It’s just as well we started our 13 MEGT backup service of a 24-hour hotline last week!”

National Skills Needs List Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber, Bricklayer, Cabinetmaker, Carpenter, Carpenter and Joiner, Drainer, Electrician (General), Fibrous Plasterer, Floor Finisher, Gasfitter, Glazier, Joiner, Landscape Gardener, Painting Trades Worker, Plumber (General), Roof Plumber, Roof Tiler, Sheetmetal Trades Worker, Signwriter, Solid Plasterer, Stonemason, Wall and Floor Tiler, Welder (First Class).

Hann Laura

Fax 07 4069 7022 :: Email: ::

Office: 34 Alstonia Dve, Nanum Ph: 1300 4874 00 Fax: 1300 7872 48 Giembra mobile: 0428 589 515 Stretch mobile: 0439 996 930

Email NEWS: Email ADS: Please phone to make an appointment as we are often out covering stories.

Funding reforms affect local businesses and school leavers ON October 19 the Federal Government announced reforms to Australian Government financial incentives in order to better target incentives to employers, and put a greater emphasis on full-time jobs in skills that the economy urgently needs. “There are five reforms,” explained Rikki Cooper from the Weipa MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre. “The first one to take effect is that from October 23, 2012, except for three sectors, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Australian Apprenticeships will no longer be eligible to attract certain employer incentives. “The three sectors not affected are in aged care, child care and enrolled nurses.” Mrs Cooper explained that from October 23, there will also be reductions in the amount of employer financial incentives for part-time Certificate III and IV Australian Apprenticeships. “There will still be a payment made – but it will be $1,500 and paid upon completion. This change will mainly affect our local retail businesses that employ part-time staff under a traineeship, but there may be other businesses in the region that will also be affected.” “There are exceptions to this however, and they are for industries that are on the National Skills Needs List (at right), such as building and construction,

Portland Lockh



Your voice in the Cape

MGET Weipa’s Rikki Cooper is ready to assist local employers with their apprentices and trainees.

Mapoon Archer River Coen

r you or y r f t als l c o l ea a d

Proud to support Blair Penton a Weipa local motorcyclist

We are now the CFMoto Dealer and have the CF500 4x4 for only $6790 Value with reliability

Largest range of accessories and spare parts Wayne Leonard Motorcycles and Harley Magic 32 - 34 Water Street, Cairns Ph: 4051 2741

Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012 Page 13


Remembrance Day Sunday, November 11, 2012 What is the significance of Remembrance Day? Remembrance Day, celebrated on November 11 every year, is one of Australia’s most important national commemorations. The day marks the anniversary of the armistice, on November 11, 1918, which led to the end of World War I, the Great War. The day was originally referred to as Armistice Day. What happens on Remembrance Day? On Remembrance Day, one minute’s silence is observed by allied nations at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month in honour of those who have died or been wounded in duty since World War I. The original idea of five minutes’ silence was mooted by Melbourne journalist and World War I veteran Edward George Honey. He suggested this act of public commemoration in a letter published in London’s Evening Standard in 1919. South African Percy

Patrick suggested two minutes silence. At the end of World War II, the Australian and British governments extended the commemoration to those who have served and suffered in all military conflicts, renaming Armistice Day, Remembrance Day. Since 1997, one minute’s silence has been observed for all injured and fallen soldiers. What is the difference between Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day? While both ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day have similar aims today, their origins were very different: Remembrance Day, marks the anniversary of armistice between the Germans and the allied forces, on November 11, 1918, which led to the end of World War I. The nation is asked to pause for one minute to commemorate and pay respect to those who have served and suffered for Australia’s cause in all military conflicts since World War I. Allied

nations also pay their respects for their respective country through a minute’s silence on Remembrance Day. ANZAC Day commemorates the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces in Gallipoli, in 1915, during World War I. The date, April 25, was officially named ANZAC Day in 1916. Every year commemorative services are held, during which Australians and New Zealanders pay their respects to and acknowledge those who have served and died for our respective countries in war, conflicts and peace operations. What is the significance of the red poppy? The Flanders poppy, the emblem of Remembrance Day, was among the first plants to bloom on the ravaged battlefields of northern France and Belgium during World War I. It gained its symbolic resonance through Colonel John McCrae’s poignant poem In Flanders Fields (1915). In response to McCrae’s

Cablegram notifying the Australian Governor General of the signing of the Armistice with Germany in November, 1918. The text reads: “Governor General Melbourne Most urgent armistice signed 5 AM this morning Long”.

poem, Moina Michael from the American YMCA wrote We Shall Keep the Faith (1918), imploring people to wear a poppy in memory of those who served on the battlefields. The French YMCA sug-

gested selling Armistice Day poppies to raise funds for the benefit of war widows, orphans and veterans in need in 1918 – a tradition that continues to this day. Originally, these silk poppies were made by World War

I orphans in the devastated regions of France. The poppies were first brought from France and sold in Australia in 1921. The poppies are now made locally by RSL members, and proceeds continue to support veteran’s welfare.

Wireless signal sent by 2nd Australian Division regarding the ceasefire 1918. Text reads: “Message from General Foch to Commander in Chief BEF reads Hostilities will cease on the whole front on the 11th November French Time 11 Oclock AAA. The Allied troops will not cross until further orders the line reached on that date at that time AAA. Signed Foch 6.35 am”.

REMEMBRANCE DAY Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day commemorates the suspension of hostilities and the initiation of peace talks by countries that participated in the First World War. Since that day Australians observe that significant event each year with “two minutes silence” in remembrance of those who fought and died in wars in which Australian has been involved.

COMMEMORATIVE SERVICE Welcome – Neil Dickinson (President, Weipa RSL) MC – Ian Pressley OAM Service – Padre Ron Watson Laying of Wreaths Last Post Two Minutes Silence Ode Rouse WHERE: Town Memorial TIME: Commence at 10.45am Page 14 Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012


Australia’s first commemorative $2 coin honours the fallen In the lead-up to Remembrance Day, it is only fitting that Australia’s first ever $2 commemorative circulating coin features the poppy flower, a symbol synonymous with this important day of reflection. To further honour the sacrifice of all Australians involved in war and armed conflict, the Royal Australian Mint wanted the first ever $2 commemorative coin to count for something more and has also produced a special colour printed version of the $2 coin with a red poppy to be distributed through the national RSL Red Poppy Appeal. Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, the Hon Bernie Ripoll MP, acknowledged the significance of this day and the partnership with the Royal Australian Mint and RSL. “Remembrance Day is a time when Australia stops and remembers the courageous men and women that made sacrifices for their country, and this coin will carry on that message, a special reminder for when people receive this coin in their change,” Mr Ripoll said.

“As we know red poppies are sold around the country in the leadup to Remembrance Day through the RSL Red Poppy Appeal and this year it seemed only fitting that a special version of the $2 coin be a part of that national appeal.” The coloured coin, of which there will be half a million, will be circulated nationally through the RSL Red Poppy Appeal. The non-coloured poppy coin, to be produced in a minimum run of five million, will be distributed through the normal channels via banks and retail outlets over the coming months. Mr Ripoll said this was an historical moment in Australia’s coining history. “The $2 coin has had the same design on it since it was introduced back in 1988 and the Royal Australian Mint has chosen a simple yet effective design to carry the message of Remembrance Day,” Mr Ripoll said. “This coin highlights the world class innovation and skill of the Royal Australian Mint and the entire team there is to be congratulated for the quality of the finished product.”

B Coy prepares Members of B Coy 51FNQR spent last weekend preparing their boats and vehicles for the cyclone season (pictured at right). When the Army is called out to aid the civil community it is referred to as DACC (Defence Aid Civil Community). Training was also conducted in readiness for Remembrance Day as the soldiers of B Coy will be providing a catafalque party for the Remembrance Day Service at the War Memorial at Rocky Point.

Left: Special coloured version of $2 Remembrance Day Coin distributed through RSL Red Poppy Appeal. Above: Weipa Sub-Branch RSL president Neil Dickinson, with fellow members Shirley Russell, Ruth Harris and Ian Pressley. Photo: Meaghan Corne.

Both coins feature a poppy design surrounded by the words ‘Lest we forget’ and ‘Remembrance Day’ in repetitive micro-lettering. Royal Australian Mint Chief Executive Officer Mr Ross MacDiarmid said this release is one that the Royal Australian Mint team have been working very hard towards and will not go unnoticed around the world.

“Only one other country, Canada, has released coloured coins into circulation and the fact that we have added micro-lettering into the design showcases our world class innovative capabilities,” Mr MacDiarmid said. A collectible coin product is also available for $12.95 from the Royal Australian Mint. For more information visit

au or the Mint’s Facebook page. The Weipa Sub-Branch RSL has 100 commemorative $2 coins available at $10 each. Contact Joanne Jacobson (4030 9400) to place an order. Members of the Weipa SubBranch RSL will also be selling Remembrance Day memorabilia at the shopping centre this Saturday morning.

Inaugural Remembrance Golf Day this Saturday THE Carpentaria Golf Club, in conjunction with the Weipa Sub-Branch of the RSL will be holding the inaugural Remembrance Golf Day this Saturday, November 10. To recognise those who have served in all our wars, Golf Australia, Legacy and the Australian Defence Force have partnered to initiate the annual Remembrance Golf Day Australia-wide. The Carpentaria Golf Club event will be a nine-hole, two-ball ambrose with a $10 nomination fee. Golfers are asked to be at the clubhouse by 10am as there will be an auction of golf carts starting at 10.30am. Proceeds of the auction will be donated to Legacy. Raffles will also be held at the clubhouse following the ambrose.

Saturday, November 10, 2012 Nine-hole, two-ball Ambrose


$10 nomination fee Be at the club by 10am Golf carts to be auctioned at 10.30am ~ proceeds donated to Legacy Raffles to follow

– FOR LEGACY – Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012 Page 15

SNAPSHOTS @ Rikki Cooper's Girls Night In

COMMUNITY CALENDAR Pink girls have a night in Got an event coming up?

Send us an email detailing the event name, date, time and location to: and we’ll include it in the Community Calendar at no charge! NOVEMBER

Wednesday 7

Red Hatters (over and under 50’s by a tad or two or maybe a few). Meet - Weipa Bowls Club 7.30pm phone Queenie 4069 9866 for more information.

Thursday 8

Weipa RSL Sub Branch montly meeting 7pm at Shop 1 Memorial Square. Guests and new members welcome contact Neil Dickinson 0428 985 108.

Friday 9

Weipa Lightning Swimming Club club-night @ town pool. 5.30pm for 6 pm start.

Saturday 10

Rememberance Golf Day at the Carpentaria Golf Club. 9 hole 2 ball ambrose. Be at the club at 10am. Auction of golf carts from 10.30am - proceeds of auction to be donated to Legacy. Raffles to follow.

Sunday 11

Rememberance Day service 10.45am at the Town Memorial, Memorial Square, Rocky Point.

Friday 16

WTA monthly meeting at Council Chambers 8.30am

Friday 23

Weipa Lightning Swimming Club club-night @ town pool. 5.30pm for 6 pm start.

Saturday 24

Weipa Community Markets opposite the Squash Courts 7am-2pm.

Thursday 29

WTA monthly optional additional meeting at Council Chambers 8am

Friday 30

Weipa Lightning Swimming Club club-night @ town pool. 5.30pm for 6 pm start.

Each year the Cancer Council calls on Queensland women to get the girls together in the month of October for a Girls’ Night In. The idea behind the Girls Night In is to simply spend a night in with the girls and donate what you would have spent on a night out to help Cancer Council beat women’s cancers. Whether it’s a DVD marathon, a casual dinner party, a pamper evening, a book club, a movie or games night or even just inviting the girls over for a catch up, simply do what you enjoy in support of those you love most. Girls Night In events raise money to fund women’s cancer research, prevention and education programs and support services. Every dollar donated in support of Girls’ Night In helps Cancer Council to support the one in two Queensland women who will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. This year I had decided on getting a couple of girlfriends together and that I would host a small Girls Night In. From what started as a small get together, the event grew and grew with 32 women attending and a huge $1240 raised. The night was filled with lots of laughs, many raffles and we finished

Liz and Kaysie enjoyed the fundraiser at Rikki’s.

the night with Magic Mike on the ‘big screen’. From the feedback that I have been getting everyone had a great night and everyone really went all out in their costumes in our pink theme. I have been overwhelmed by the support from local businesses with their very kind donations, I would personally like to thank: Michelle Minter Hairdressing, Tupperware – Tammy Clegg, Weipa Gourmet Meats, Weipa Gifts & Music, Heritage Hair & Beauty, Cape York Guardian Pharmacy, Weipa Traders, Avon, BodyShop – Melissa Nolan, Effigy Hair Studio – Cairns, Kym-Maree Beauty Room, Oasis Homewares, Woolworths, Community Relations – Rio Tinto, Weipa Hampers – Kelly Rogers, Tropicano. And finally a very special thank you to Bec Hutley and Nicole Pritchard who helped out with hosting on the night. Remember to ‘save the date’ for next year as I am sure it will be bigger and better... For more information on how to reduce your cancer risk and detect cancer early, visit or call the Cancer Council Helpline on 13 11 20.

– Rikki Cooper

Princess Nicole helped with the hosting on the night.

Tracy with Rikki the hostess with the mostess.

All smiles were Kacey and Julie at the ‘Girls Night In’

Kylie and Kym glammed up for the night in.


Wednesday 5

Red Hatters (over and under 50’s by a tad or two or maybe a few). Meet - Weipa Bowls Club 7.30pm phone Queenie 4069 9866 for more information.

Saturday 8

Weipa Community Markets opposite the Squash Courts 7am-2pm.

Thursday 13

Weipa RSL Sub Branch montly meeting 7pm at Shop 1 Memorial Square. Guests and new members welcome contact Neil Dickinson 0428 985 108.

Friday 14

WTA monthly meeting at Council Chambers 8.30am

Saturday 15

Weipa Community Markets opposite the Squash Courts 7am-2pm.

Saturday 22

Weipa Community Markets opposite the Squash Courts 7am-2pm.

Tuesday 25

Christmas Day

Ange, Emma and Gina got their best hairstyles out to raise money for the Cancer council.

Hayley with Rikki were happy with the night.

Page 16 Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012

At the ‘Girls Night In’ were Joanne, Sharmie, Haley and Cherie.

Kellie, Piri and Lisa enjoyed Rikki’s ‘Girls Night In’.

Amy and Madina all in pink for the fundraiser.

real estate

A fresh approach to real estate in Weipa

House of the week prime location

all the hard work has already been done

$452,000 NEG.

3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Highset on a massive 1242m2 block. Freshly painted inside and out, new flooring throughout, Low maintenance gardens, double gate access to backyard, large lockable storage area downstairs, 2 bay undercover parking. Available as a vacant possession.

Make an offer today $480,000 negotiable

Situated on 1198m , with plenty of room. BIW, kitchen, combined lounge/ dining area, A/C, new paint throughout, private outdoor area surrounded by gardens and a large fenced backyard. 2

Phone Geoff Bryant – 0408 772 592

Want your property sold or managed? Contact the team at Western Cape Real Estate A fresh approach to real estate in Weipa

Glenn 0419 714 929 Sandy 0488 185 611 Office (07) 4069 7520


$285,000 neg. $440,000



 21

Vacant possession!! Ultra modern spacious standalone unit. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, BIW, A/C, internal laundry, undercover tiled patio areas, double carport, lockable storage and fully fenced yard. MUST SEE!

$495,000 neg.




Large lounge, dining & extended living area. A/C & ceiling fans throughout. BIW. situated on a 999m2 corner block, with shed & fenced yard.

$410,000 neg.




Well presented brick and tile split level townhouse. Two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs, dining and living room downstairs with a separate laundry. A/C and ceiling fans. Large covered rear patio and private backyard.


$285,000 neg. $300,000’s




 1

Low-maintenance lowset stand-alone unit. Walking distance to McNamara Shopping Centre. Two bedrooms, lounge/dining area, A/C, ceiling fans, BIW, neat kitchen, bathroom, internal laundry, timber deck and fenced backyard. VACANT POSSESSION!

$1,170,000 neg.



Complex of three lowset stand-alone units for sale on the one title (no body corporate fees.) These well presented units offer; lounge/dining area, A/C, ceiling fans, BIW, neat kitchen, bathrooms, internal laundry & fenced backyard. Rented to corporation for 4 years + 2 x 3 years further options. $2,100 p/w + Annual CPI.

$315,000 neg.




Well presented two storey unit. New floor coverings, freshly painted interior, A/C & ceiling fans. Private backyard with timber fencing, garden & lock up storage room. This is a great investment property drawing in rent of $500 per week.

$500,000 neg.





Four bedroom pop top home with separate parents retreat with ensuite bathroom and WIR. Downstairs there is a large living, dining and kitchen area, three bedrooms and second bathroom. Outside, a large entertainment area and separate laundry and store room. Fully fenced rear yard 1396m2.

$420,000 neg.



Standalone unit complete with modern fixtures. Split A/C, BIW, ceiling fans, open plan living areas, undercover entertainment area, tiled flooring and fully fenced. Great location, walking distance to school.

$530,000 neg.




Modern home situated in Nanum. Tiled flooring, security screens, kitchen with pantry & dishwasher space. A/C, ceiling fans, BIW, fenced with garden shed, undercover patio area & double carport. Great Investment, tenanted to corporation until 31/12/2013.

$380,000 neg.





Lowset home. Upgraded kitchen. A/C. Tiled flooring, ceiling fans, no louvers, BIW. Large entertainment area, garden shed, fully fenced rear yard, single carport & laundry. Rented to corporation for 5 years.

$665,000 neg.



Vacant possession. This home is one of a kind! Solid mahogany timber kitchen, iron wood stair case, indulgent master bedroom with sea views. Split system A/C throughout, 9 m x 5 m outdoor under cover BBQ area, established gardens with watering system and 6 m x 9 m shed. This property is a must see!!

$500,000 neg.




Modern low maintenance home in Nanum. Tiled flooring throughout, spacious lounge/dining & kitchen. A/C. BIW. Fully fenced with side access. Undercover patio area at rear & double carport.

SALES – GEOFF BRYANT – 0408 772 592 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – MELISA P: 07 4069 9921 F: 07 4069 9721 Email:

Web: Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012 Page 17



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6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Danoz Direct 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 3:00 Extra 3:30 Surprises 4:00 Kitchen Whiz 4:30 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Big Bang Theory 7:30 TBA 8:30 TBA 9:30 CSI: Miami: At Risk - Calleigh discovers a personal connection to a case in which a beloved tennis coach is nearly killed. 10:30 Australian Families Of Crime: The Killer Couple 11:30 Are You There, Chelsea? Gynecologist - Sloane plans a social get-together for her church group at the bar. This gives Chelsea a prime opportunity to romance the church band’s sightly lead singer, yet his pure and virtuous manner proves to be a major stumbling block. 12:00 20/20 1:00 Extra 1:30 Danoz Direct 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Alive And Cooking 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:00 The 2012 Melbourne Cup Carnival 4:30 Seven News At 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home & Away 7:30 Brynne: My Bedazzled Life 8:00 Beauty And The Geek Australia - It’s makeover time! The geeks are given an image overhaul with the help of an all-star makeover team. 9:30 The Unbelievable Truth 10:15 Family Guy - The Griffins decide to climb Mount Everest after their competitive family friends announce their ambitious plans to hike the legendary mountain. 10:45 Celebrity Juice 11:30 Cougar Town 12:00 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelpia 12:30 Keeping Up With The Kardashians 1:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch And Music 5:05 World News 5:30 UEFA Champions League 8:05 World News 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Visions of Greece 5:45 Countdown 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita 8:00 Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 2 - In this episode, Luke stays in Luang Prabang to join the biggest New Year’s celebrations in the country. To get in the festive spirit, he helps out at a local street stall selling coconut cakes. Luke then heads to Quang Si waterfalls, where he makes a refreshing Luang Prabang salad. 8:30 Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket: Sausages 9:35 One Born Every Minute 10:30 World News Australia 11:00 Uefa Champions League Hour 12:05 Movie: “Izzat” - (MAV v) The three young Pakistani immigrants are struggling to fit in with their peers in Oslo in the 1980s. They find school extremely boring and become attracted to the hard boiled gang, East Side Crew, which is run by the brothers Sadiq and Khalid. Petty theft soon develops into drug dealing, violence and murder. In Norwegian 1:55 Weatherwatch Overnight


3:25 Movie: “The Bells Of St Mary’s” 5:30 Eggheads 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Children’s Programs 10:40 Conversations With Australia’s Artists 11:00 Catalyst 11:30 One Plus One 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Movie: “The Bliss Of Mrs Blossom” (PG) 2:00 Waterloo Road 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking 6:00 Lost Gardens: Warwick 6:50 Miniscule 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 QLD 8:00 Moone Boy: Martin’s birthday takes a bad turn when his new bicycle gets trashed by the Bonner brothers. Seeking protection from another bully, Martin is forced to play Cupid to set him up with his sister. 8:30 New Tricks: When the body of missing computer expert Martin Longthorn turns up in the morgue of a teaching hospital under a false name UCOS look into the case 9:30 Waking The Dead: Skin Part 2 10:25 Lateline 11:00 My Family: Wheelie Ben - The local council insists that Ben is disabled, and what can he do but play along with it until the wheels start coming off? 11:30 Rage (MA l,d,h,n,s,v)

6:00 Today 8:00 Mornings 9:00 Surprises 9:30 First Test - Australia vs South Africa 12:00 The Cricket Show 12:30 Frist Test - Australia vs South Africa Day 1 - PM Session 5:00 Alive And Cooking 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Wiggly Finger Catalyst - Raj meets a woman with whom he’s able to talk. 7:30 The Big Bang Theory: The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation Sheldon flees back to Texas in disgrace when he learns that the guys tampered with his arctic expedition data, threatening Leonard’s hopes for a romantic encounter with Penny. 8:00 TBA 8:30 TBA 12:30 Movie: “Excalibur” (M) - Tracing the history of King Arthur, from his conception and birth, through to the rise and fall of Camelot and the last days of the Round Table Knights and their search for the Holy Grail. 3:10 Skippy The Bush Kangaroo 3:35 Danoz 4:30 Good Morning America

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Bird On A Wire” (M) 2:30 Dr Oz 3:30 Toybox 4:00 It’s Academic 4:30 Seven News at 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away - Sid sets Lisa up in a hotel, Sid accepts Sasha and Casey, and Tamara arrives in Summer Bay after Kyle revealed that she’s real. 7:30 Better Homes And Gardens 9:00 TBA 11:15 I Shouldn’t Be Alive: Alone In The Amazon - A young man loses his canoe in the Amazon and has to survive extreme conditions. 12:20 Keeping Up With The Kardashians: You Are So Pregnant Dude - The girls travel to Vegas and Kourtney gets the results of a pregnancy test. 12:50 Movie: “Time Served” (AV) - A woman makes the ultimate sacrifice for her son, when she covers his crime and goes to gaol in his place. 3:00 Infomercials 4:00 NBC Today

5:00 Weatherwatch and Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Food Lovers Guide To Australia 1:30 About Men: The Mating Game 2:30 Living Black 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Michel Siffre, Troglodyte Man 5:45 Countdown 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Coast: Galway to Arranmore Island - As the team explores Ireland’s Atlantic coast, Neil Oliver meets a photographer who covered John F Kennedy’s visit to Galway in June 1963, and learns about pirate queen Grace O’Malley 8:30 America Revealed: Food Machine 9:35 As It Happened: Maritime Mysteries: Martyred Ships 10:35 World News Australia 11:05 Movie: “Untold Scandal ” (M s,a,n) - A pair of scheming, immoral cousins vie with each other to seduce sexual innocents. Based on the novel ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’ and set in aristocratic 18th century Korea at the end of the Chosun Dynasty. In Korean. 1:20 Kurt Wallander: “Village Idiot” (M l,v,s) - Goran, the village idiot, robs a bank then blows himself up. When investigations get under way, more sinister activities are revealed involving a doctor who works in the Ystad Hospital In Swedish. 3:05 Weatherwatch Overnight


4:00 Rage (MA) 5:00 Rage (PG) 6:00 Rage (G) 10:30 Rage Guest Programmer: Lanie Lane (PG)11:30 7.30 QLD 12:00 Foreign Correspondent 12:30 Australian Story 1:00 Eggheads 1:30 Movie: “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (PG) 4:00 Basketball: WNBL: Logan v West Coast 5:00 Football: W League: Adelaide v Brisbane 6:00 Saturday Landline 6:30 Gardening Australia 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Doc Martin - Doc Martin has a patient catastrophe on his train journey back home from London and Aunt Joan is being sued by parents of a schoolboy who became ill after a visit to her farm. 8:20 Kingdom - Judge Harding visits Peter’s office; he’s being blackmailed and suspects Beatrice. Lyle is called upon to resolve a conflict centred upon some local druids and golfers. 9:05 Sinbad - The crew are hired to transport a professor and her mysterious giant egg which hatches a snake-demon. Escaping its attack, the gang decide to kill it. 9:55 Silent Witness: Intent Part 1 10:50 TBA 11:15 Rage Guest Programmer: Lanie Lane (MA a,l,d,h,n,s,v) 4:00 Rage

6:00 Weekend Today - Saturday 9:00 Gilligans Island 9:30 First Test - Australia vs South Africa: Day 2 12:00 The Cricket Show 12:30 First Test - Australia vs South Africa: Day 2 5:00 Getaway - Jason visits the amazing Galapagos Islands while Natalie spends the night in one of the world’s most unusual hotels where the rooms are designed like a hamster cage. Meanwhile, Kelly joins a cave, canoe and bush tour in WA’s beautiful Margaret River Giaan road tests a camper van that turns into a boat. 5:30 4WD TV 6:00 Nine News Saturday 6:30 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos 7:40 TBA 9:40 TBA 12:00 Movie: “Cross Of Iron” (AV) - A contest of wills develops between the courageous Steiner and his new commander, Capt. Stransky, a pompous aristocrat. Stransky has his sights set on earning the Iron Cross but he’s a poltroon at heart, which soon leads him to take desperate measures. 2:30 The Baron 3:30 Skippy The Bush Kangaroo 4:00 Danoz Direct 5:30 Wesley Impact

6:00 Saturday Disney 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 10:00 The 2012 Melbourne Cup Carnival 5:00 Creek To Coast 5:30 Queensland Weekender 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Family Movie Special: TBA 8:45 The Saturday Movie: TBA 11:45 I Shouldn’t Be Alive: Shipwrecked Family - A family sailing trip turns deadly when the boat hits a rocky reef. 12:50 Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Helping Hand - The family gives back to the community when they take in a homeless man. 1:20 Special: Australia’s Endangered Species - Part 1- Documenting the demise of Australia’s rarest plants and animals, all at risk of extinction. 2:20 Special: Australia’s Endangered Species - Part 2 2:35 House Calls To The Rescue 3:30 It Is Written Oceania 4:00 Home Shopping 5:00 Beyond Tomorrow

5:00 Weatherwatch & Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Luisa Fernanda 2:50 The Chopin Etudes 2:55 Produced By George Martin 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Rex in Rome: All in One Night 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 James May’s Toy Stories: Scalextric 8:30 Blackout - When council official Daniel Demoys wakes from an alcoholic blackout to find he has beaten a man to within an inch of his life, he begins a dramatic quest for redemption. After an act of public bravery, Daniel is elected mayor, but is quickly drawn into a web of deception in which no-one can be trusted 9:30 Movie: “The Red Riding Trilogy: 1974” (MA a,v,l) - Set in Yorkshire against the backdrop of the Yorkshire Ripper murders - but more a tale of the time and the rampant police corruption that marred it, this is the first part of a trilogy of films adapted from a series of novels by David Pearce. 10:50 Movie: “20th Century Boys” (MA s,v) - Based on a popular Japanese manga series, this is the first chapter in an epic three-part sci-fi fantasy series. The story begins in 1969 when young Kenji and his friends spend their holidays recording their apocalyptic fantasies in their ‘Book of Prophecies’. 1:55 Drawn Together 2:20 Weatherwatch Overnight



4:00 Rage (MA) 5:00 Rage (PG) 6:00 Rage (G) 6:30 Children’s Programs 9:00 Insiders 10:00 Inside Business 10:30 Offsiders 11:00 Remembrance Day 11:30 Songs Of Praise: Salisbury Cathedral Close 12:00 Landline 1:00 Gardening Australia 1:30 Travel Oz 2:00 Sinbad 2:45 At The Movies: Short Cuts 3:00 Kids With Cameras 4:00 Not A Willing Participant 4:30 First Tuesday Book Club With Jennifer Byrne 5:00 An African Journey With Jonathan Dibley 6:00 Auction Room 6:30 Compass: Divine Women - Part 4 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Michael Palin’s Brazil 8:30 Devil’s Dust - An intensely personal drama about the James Hardie asbestos saga; a tragedy that becomes a high-stakes battle through the corridors of corporate, political and media power. 10:00 The Slap: Rosie - Rosie receives notification of the court date. Finally Harry will be punished for what he did. But her relief is short lived when she realises she is alone in her crusade. 10:55 Strike Back 11:40 Movie: “The Virgin Soldiers” (M v,s) - On a British army base in Singapore in 1950, the daughter of a sergeant major must juggle the advances of a young private and a more mature sergeant. 1:15 Movie: “Shall We Dance” (G) - Dancing partners pretend to be married. Gershwin numbers include ‘They Can’t Take That Away From Me’ and ‘Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off’ on roller-skates! 3:05 Rage

6:00 Weekend Today 9:00 Gilligan’s Island 9:30 First Test - Australia vs South Africa: Day 3 12:00 The Cricket Show 12:30 First Test Australia vs South Africa: Day 2 5:00 Alive & Cooking 5:30 Getaway 6:00 National News Sunday 6:30 TBA 7:30 60 Minutes 8:30 TBA 9:30 The Mentalist: His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts - In the wake of an anticult activist’s homicide, the CBI question a cult leader who is Jane’s old adversary. 10:30 Person Of Interest: Many Happy Returns - It’s Reese’s birthday, and Finch gifts him with a day off - especially when he realises that The Machine’s latest number is sure to revive painful memories. 11:30 Southland: Community 12:20 What Would You Do? 1:05 Spyforce 2:05 Skippy The Bush Kangaroo 2:35 Danoz 3:30 Newstyle Direct 4:00 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Today

6:00 Handy Manny 6:30 Jake And The Never Land Pirates 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 10:00 The Morning Show Weekend 11:00 Kochie’s Business Builders 11:30 Minute To Win It 12:30 No Ordinary Family 1:30 Movie: “Serendipity” 3:30 Better Homes And Gardens 5:00 The Great Outdoors 5:30 Great South East 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Sunday Night 7:30 Border Security 8:00 Airways 8:30 Bones: The Tiger In The Tale 9:30 Killing Time - Detective Strawhorn is intent on bringing Fraser to justice and when an illicit conversation between Fraser and a drug associate is recorded, Fraser’s world comes crashing down. 11:30 Strike Back - As Section 20’s hunt for Latif moves from Kosovo to Chechnya, Stonebridge faces the domestic consequences of staying with the team, while Scott chafes upon learning Grant set him up to test his allegiance. 12:30 Special: France: Soaring With The Senses - Part 2 1:30 Room For Improvement 2:00 Home Shopping 3:00 NBC Today 4:00 NBC Meet The Press 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch and Music 5:30 World News 8:30 PopAsia 10:30 Football Asia 11:00 UEFA Champions League Magazine 11:30 Speedweek 1:30 Al Jazeera News 2:30 Iceland’s Killer Volcano 3:30 Inside Nature’s Giants: The Crocodile 4:30 Living Black 5:00 Cycling Central 6:00 Thalassa: Salvador de Bahia 6:30 World News Australia 7:35 Lost Worlds: Medieval Fightbook 8.30 Finding Life Beyond Earth: Moons 9.30 Into the Abyss: A Tale of Death, a Tale of Life 11:25 Movie: “Fugitive Pieces” (M a,v) - Young Jakob sees his parents murdered by Nazis in Poland during the war and his sister dragged away to an unknown fate. Rescued by a kindly Greek archaeologist working nearby, Jakob eventually winds up in Canada after the war. As an adult he becomes a successful writer, but his obsession with the past leaves him with an inability to cope with others who cannot feel the same pain 1:20 Movie: “The Red Cockatoo” (M s,v,n) - A powerful coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of a repressive 1960s East Berlin. Young Siggi finds himself caught up in a love triangle when he falls for the beautiful Luise, but a tightening political climate will ultimately force him to make a fateful decision. In German 3:35 Weatherwatch Overnight



4:00 The New Inventors 4:30 Art Nation 5:00 Gardening Australia 5:30 Catalyst 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Landline 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Egypt Unwrapped 1:30 Meerkat Manor 2:00 Auction Room 2:30 Jennifer Byrne Presents 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking 6:00 Restoration Man: Windmill 6:50 Miniscule 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Australian Story 8:30 Devil’s Dust 10:00 QI: Dictionaries 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:30 The Kennedys 12:15 Breaking The Mould: The Story Of Penicillin - History books say that Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, but that’s not the whole story. This program uncovers the forgotten team involved in the development and manufacture of the drug that transformed medicine. 1:35 Movie: “Bedlam” (PG) - In 18th century London, the sadistic master of the Bedlam Insane Asylum captures an actress. 3:00 Rage

6:00 Today 8:00 Mornings 9:00 Surprises 9:30 First Test - Australia vs South Africa: Day 4 12:00 The Cricket Show 12:30 First Test - Australia vs South Africa: Day 4 5:00 Alive & Cooking 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Russian Rocket Reaction 7:30 TBA 8:30 The Mentalist: Cherry Picked - A kidnapping investigation reveals that a couple’s abduction may stem from a case of mistaken identity. Meanwhile, Jane continues his search for a missing Lorelei. 9:30 Person Of Interest: The High Road 10:30 CSI: NY: Crushed - A dead body is found in the remains of a collapsed porch from a high school party, and the team discovers that she was strangled before the accident. Meanwhile, a serial rapist from one of Jo’s past cases strikes in New York City. 11:30 Nikita: Knightfall 12:30 The Avengers 1:30 Extra 2:00 Danoz 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Alive & Cooking 4:00 National Early Morning News / 4:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Going Underground” (M) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Medical Emergency 3:30 Toybox 4:00 It’s Academic 4:30 Seven News At 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away - Tamara shows up in Summer Bay, but refuses to testify. Leah is even more suspicious about Jamie. Meanwhile, April doesn’t give up on her sister. 7:30 The X Factor 9:00 Castle: Secret’s Safe With Me - On Beckett’s first day back from her suspension, she and Castle are thrown into the salacious world of local TV news when a veteran weather girl is found dead. 10:00 Scandal: Crash And Burn 11:00 The Amazing Race 12:00 Keeping Up With The Kardashians 12:30 Keeping Up With The Kardashians 1:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Room For Improvement 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch and Music 5:05 World News 1:00 The Man Who Jumped 2:00 My Asian Heart 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5:00 The Crew 5:30 Global Village: Visions Of Ireland 5:45 Countdown 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Mythbusters: Bottle Bash 8:30 Derren Brown: The Heist 9:30 This is England ‘86 - Shaun, having rejected his mum, is living rough. But everyone else is living rougher. Lol’s world is falling apart and she’s doing everything she can to fall apart with it. 10:30 World News Australia 11:00 The World Game 12:00 SOS: Paths Of Hate - A short tale about the demons that slumber deep in the human soul and have the power to push people into the abyss of blind hate, fury and rage. Audition - Inspired by Auschwitz prisoners, the film tells the story of a father and son imprisoned in a death camp. The son is auditioning for the camp’s orchestra to improve his chances for survival. A firing squad will decide whether he is admitted. 1:05 Living Black 1:35 Pizza World Record 2:05 Wilfred: Bite Club 2:35 Weatherwatch Overnight



4:05 Movie: “The Adventurers” (PG) 5:30 Eggheads 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Behind The News 10:25 The Prime Ministers’ National Treasures 10:30 Australia’s Prime Ministers 10:35 My Place 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Katsura Rikyu: Imperial Villa Of The Moon 1:30 Compass 2:00 Waterloo Road 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 The Good Cook 6:00 Time Team 6:50 Miniscule 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Foreign Correspondent Presents 8:30 A Jubilee Tribute To The Queen By The Prince Of Wales 9:00 QI: Antidotes and Answers 10:00 Artscape: The Making Of The Reef 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:30 The Gathering Storm - A powerful story about the daring lengths Winston Churchill went to warn the British people of the Nazi threat, at a time when the country wanted nothing more than peace. 1:05 A Jubilee Tribute To The Queen By The Prince Of Wales 12:30 Movie: “The Last Detail” (M s) 2:15 Basketball: WNBL: Logan v West Coast 3:05 Rage

6:00 Today 8:00 Mornings 9:00 Surpises 9:30 First Test - Australia vs South Africa: Day 5 12:00 The Cricket Show 12:30 First Test - Australia vs South Africa: Day 5 5:00 Alive & Cooking 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Rhinitis Revelation - Sheldon’s mum visits and he competes for her attention, which seems more focused on his friends. 7:30 TBA 8:30 The Big Bang Theory: The Habitation Configuration - The new Mrs. Wolowitz wants her husband to move out of old Mrs. Wolowitz’s house, while Amy and Wil Wheaton get into a dispute, and Sheldon gets caught smack dab in the middle. 9:00 2 Broke Girls: And The Three Boys With Wood 9:30 Two And A Half Men: Avoid The Chinese Mustard 10:00 Mike And Molly: Molly Needs a Number 10:30 Survivor: Phillipines 11:30 Weeds 12:00 Harry’s Law 1:00 Extra 1:30 Danoz 3:30 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “The Man Next Door” (M) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Medical Emergency 4:00 It’s Academic 4:30 Seven News at 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 The X Factor 8:40 Winners & Losers: Perfect Match - As Jenny renews contact with Callum, Bec and Matt fight for their dream block of land. Bridget is growing increasingly suspicious of Dot’s cagey behaviour, especially regarding the bar girl, Sam. 9:40 TBA 10:40 Smash: Previews - Bombshell’ faces its first audience just as a major crisis hits Rebecca Duvall. The team of Tom and Julia scramble to fix the show when the first preview falls short, and Frank must adjust the unwelcome return of Michael Swift to his life. 11:40 I Just Want My Pants Back 12:10 Sons And Daughters 1:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch & Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Celtic Thunder: Voyage 2:00 Yanni Live at El Morro 3:00 Letters and Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Visions of Ireland 5:45 Countdown 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 56 Up 8:30 America in Primetime: Man of the House 9:35 Clinton: The Comeback Kid - This four-part series explores the private peccadilloes and the public battles of one of the most fascinating, contradictory and complex figures ever to occupy the White House: William Jefferson Clinton. 10:35 World News Australia 11:10 Movie: “Requiem” (M a) - Michaela, who suffers from epilepsy, undergoes a breakdown during her first year at university and decides to seek help from a priest. It soon becomes evident that Michaela is either mentally ill or possessed by demons. In German. 12:50 Mad Men: The New Girl 1:45 Mad Men: Maidenform - Don and Duck try to bury the hatchet, and Peggy attempts to join in on the execs’ after-hours meetings. Also, Duck receives a family visit at the office. 2:40 Weatherwatch Overnight



4:10 Movie: “Let’s Live A Little” (G) 5:30 Eggheads 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Children’s Programmes 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 National Press Club Address 1:30 Can We Help? 2:00 Waterloo Road 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 The Good Cook 6:00 The Restaurant Inspector 6:45 Dream Build: Porsche House 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 QI: Danger 8:30 A Moody Christmas: Decapod Crustaceans 9:00 The Chaser: Hamster Wheel 9:30 Red Dwarf 10:00 At The Movies 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:35 Very Small Business: Export Fluctuations 12:00 Herod’s Lost Tomb 12:50 Movie: “British Intelligence” (PG) - A woman who is spying for two countries discovers the complications when she is pitted against a butler, and almost discovered. 1:55 Football: W-League 2:55 Rage

6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Danoz Direct 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 3:00 Extra 3:30 Surprises 4:00 Kitchen Whiz 4:30 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Good Guy Fluctuation - Leonard feels threatened when a charming comic-book artist comes between him and Priya; and Sheldon is determined to scare his friends on Halloween. 7:30 TBA 8:30 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings 9:30 Embarrassing Bodies 10:30 Who Do You Think You Are? Reba McEntire 11:30 House Husbands: Final 12:00 Eclipse 12:30 Extra 1:00 Skippy The Bush Kangaroo 1:30 Danoz 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Touched By Evil” (M) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Toybox 3:30 Toybox 4:00 It’s Academic 4:30 Seven News At 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home & Away - Tamara and Kyle testify for Casey, the Braxton’s await the results of the trial and Neil aggressively approaches Indi. Meanwhile, Harvey doesn’t have a Best Man. 7:30 TBA 8:30 TBA 9:00 TBA 9:30 World’s Wildest Police Videos - Female protestors steal the spotlight with a topless demonstration, a gangland murder trial turns to chaos when the victim’s friends attack the accused in court, and a Motor City car chase ends in a ball of fire! 10:30 TBA 11:30 Parks And Recreation 12:00 Sons And Daughters 1:00 Home Shopping 3:30 10 Years Younger 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch And Music 5:05 World News 1:00 The Choir 2:45 Three Of Us 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 All Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Visions of Ireland 5:45 Countdown 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Monster Bug Wars: Death at Midnight 8:30 Toughest Place to be a... Miner 9:30 Cutting Edge: The Anthrax Files - In the fall of 2001, envelopes carrying deadly anthrax were delivered to US Senate offices, network news divisions, and a tabloid newspaper. Five people were killed, many more infected and the nation was terrorised. Seven years later the largest criminal investigation since 9/11 ended when the prime suspect, Army scientist Bruce Ivins, committed suicide. 10:30 World News Australia 11:00 Movie: “Lorna’s Silence” (M a,n,s,l) - Albanian immigrant Lorna falls under the thumb of a gangster when she participates in a sham marriage to a heroin addict in order to gain permanent residency and a job in Belgium. In French And Albanian 12:50 Iron Chef: Jumbo Mushroom 1:40 Iron Chef: Foie Gras 2:30 Weatherwatch Overnight

Page 18 Western Cape Bulletin november 7, 2012



SUDOKU No. 123

Your  Lucky 


Stars  

Monday, November 5 to Sunday, November 11, 2012

   

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd)

The Moon/Uranus Midpoint is presently in your sign. This could lead to an impulsive move which will be difficult to rectify later. Avoid binding contracts. Romance. This is not a good time to try to make any changes in your relationship. Be content with your current status and leave change for another week.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st)

You will come across something unexpected this week. Tell a friend about this surprise and it may bring you closer. Romance. Try to get your partner to share the household chores. You may even enjoy doing them together! Cleaning may become something of a meditative art for you both.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th)

A person that you see every day at work may be more interesting than you realise. They may be talented at a certain sport or hobby. Maybe you can learn this trade as well. Romance. You may find it difficult to feel very romantic at the moment. Don’t be too tough on yourself.


AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)

Try to be as easy-going as possible. This would not be a good time to touch on any sore points. Surround yourself with free-spirited people. Romance. You’ll have a lot of energy at the moment. Make sure you use this energy constructively. Find a new project to invest your time in.

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th)

If your colleague feels as emotionally charged as you do, this will be an excellent week. Tackle major projects as a duo and you’ll be sure to have a great start to the weekend. Romance. Don’t be too demanding with your partner. They will go through a difficult time later on this week.


ARIES (March 21st - April 20th)

You may find it a little harder than usual to express your feelings. It may help to write them down. Romance. Your partner will be much more helpful than they usually are. Don’t be too suspicious and instead take advantage!


TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st)

Your morals may be different from those of your friends. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced too strongly. Follow your own guidance. Romance. Your relationship will soon be in very good shape. A meeting of minds will help you to sort out a lingering disagreement.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st)

For all your printing needs –


Don’t be too demanding of yourself. You have been pushing yourself very hard recently. Look closely at your accomplishments. Romance. Relationship changes will be coming into your life faster than you think. It may be a while before you realise the full consequences of everything.

CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd)

An expression of your feelings may create more tension than is really necessary. Don’t hesitate to apologise if you think that you have gone too far. Romance. Don’t lose momentum. A step in the right direction may be harder to follow up than you realise. Get your partner on board to make the trip smoother.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd)

Make sure that you think things through. You may be a little rash at the moment and poorly made decisions are not easy to correct. Romance. A romantic dinner will go well, so long as you allow yourself to relax a little. Choose a restaurant or recipe you are familiar with too ease the situation.


Children are our most valuable resource.

– Herbert Hoover


VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd)

You will be the centre of attention at the moment. Don’t forget that other people deserve special praise as well. Romance. A few words from your partner could have a powerful effect on your feelings. You should see the same in yourself.

LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd)

An unexpected jealousy may disturb the peace. You will be the one who has to sort out the warring parties. Don’t choose sides. Romance. Your partner will be carried along by your enthusiasm and will want to spend as much time as possible with you. Remind them that you need space as well.

Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012 Page 19

CLASSIFIED DEADLINE: Close of business Friday prior to publication position vacant


Heritage HAIR & BEAUTY

A casual position is currently available in our busy, friendly salon. Flexible hours and above-award wages is on offer for the right applicant. The position requires a quAliFied senior sTylisT who is energetic and well presented. Most importantly, the person must have a good eye for detail. Please phone Jane or Claire 4069 9579 PUBLIC NOTICES ELY BAUXITE MINE BENEFICIARIES CORPORATION PTY LTD ABN 30 748 141 934 Registered Office Level 15, Cairns Corporate Tower 15 Lake Street CAIRNS QLD 4870 NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Ely Bauxite Mine Beneficiaries Corporation Pty Ltd will be held on Thursday, 22 November 2012 at the Western Cape Centre meeting room, Weipa at 0900. AGENDA • Opening • Apologies • Minutes of previous meeting • Correspondence BUSINESS 1. Financial Statements and Reports To receive and consider the Financial Statements and the Reports of the Directors and Auditors for the financial year ended 30 June 2012 and results for the year. 2. Custodian Trustee Report 3. Appointment of auditors 4. Officeholders of the Company 5. Policy for Distribution Approval 6. Meeting schedule going forward Other Business In accordance with the Corporations Act, a reasonable opportunity will be given to Shareholders, as a whole, to ask questions or make comments at the meeting on the management of the Company. General Members may vote at the AGM by proxy which must be returned to the Registered Office, Level 15, Cairns Corporate Tower, 15 Lake Street, Cairns Qld 4870 Fax: 07-4041 5011 (clearly marked ELY Trust Proxy) 24 hours before the meeting.

ILKUTJ LIMITED ATF ILKUTJ TRUST ABN 90 106 152 630 Registered Office Level 15, Cairns Corporate Tower 15 Lake Street CAIRNS QLD 4870 NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Ilkutj Limited ATF Ilkutj Trust will be held on Tuesday, 27 November 2012 at 9.00am at Cairns Colonial Club, 18-26 Cannon Street, Cairns Qld 4870 AGENDA • Opening • Apologies • Minutes of previous meeting • Correspondence BUSINESS 1. Financial Statements and Reports To receive and consider the Financial Statements and the Reports of the Directors and Auditors for the financial year ended 30 June 2012 and results for the year. 2. Appointment of auditors 3. Officeholders of the Company 4. Meeting schedule going forward Other Business In accordance with the Corporations Act, a reasonable opportunity will be given to Shareholders, as a whole, to ask questions or make comments at the meeting on the management of the Company. General Members may vote at the AGM by proxy which must be returned to the Registered Office, Level 15, Cairns Corporate Tower, 15 Lake Street, Cairns Qld 4870 Fax: 07-4041 5011 (clearly marked ILKUTJ TRUST PROXY) 24 hours before the meeting. Sasha Parker Company Secretary

PHONE: 1300 4874 00 FAX: 1300 7872 48 EMAIL:



Private Sale: Large block of land in a secure gated estate at Kewarra Beach (Cairns). Safety and security for your family, in the best street in Paradise Palms Estate.

Petina Olsen After hours, on-call and 58 Circular Way in-home repairs 0418 767 427 AFFORDABLE, PROFESSIONAL, COMPUTER AND NETWORK SERVICES

invitation to supply

860 Square metre block of land with a 7 metre by 7 metre rendered block double garage with electric door, paved driveway, fenced on three sides, no rear neighbours, landscaped, with established trees, flat block ready for building.

Please call Paul on 0415 830 500 for details and inspection. For photos or more info, email

PUBLIC NOTICES InvItatIon to Supply Western Cape College is seeking applications from interested and experienced person/s or organisations to facilitate the development of the Western Cape College Strategic Plan in conjunction with the Western Cape College Council. Interested applicants should contact Michele Elms ( to obtain a copy of the offer documentation. Offers must be received by 3pm Monday, November 19, 2012. Michele Elms, Manager Corporate Services (07) 40906410


Invitation to Cape York Natural Resource Management Community Conservation Sector Meeting October 20, 2012 Moreton Telegraph Station The Cape York Natural Resource Management Board would like to invite you to the second of two forums to identify conservation issues within the region and establish a Community Based Conservation Advisory Panel. The Panel will provide an ideal opportunity for the people of Cape York to identify priorities that inform the portfolio of the Conservation Director seat within the Cape York NRM Board. An adjunct to the forum will be a meeting of all interested stakeholders along the Wenlock River to form a catchment group. A barbecue on the night of November 19 and the meeting will start at 8:00 am on November 20, with breakfast and lunch provided. Attendees will need to bring swags/tents and eating utensils. Cape York NRM will also cover camping fees for attendees. Attendees are invited to give a short presentation regarding what your organisation or group is currently undertaking in this area and what you see as important priorities/issues for conservation in Cape York. The collated results will be forwarded to government and used for helping direct funding across the Cape to identified key issues. A survey form is available for those unable to attend. Please RSVP by Friday, November 16, 2012 to Luke Preece, Program Support Officer Mob: 0407 173 882 E: or Janet Greenwood on Mob: 0400 289 596 E: We look forward to your participation at this meeting. Barry Lyon, Conservation Board Director Cape York NRM Board

Page 20 Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012

Weipa Lions Club christmas cakes and puddings at the shopping centre most Saturdays until christmas or phone Brett 0427 746 009 or Bill 0437 342 922 Public notice Restricted public access Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa is conducting site survey work on the mine lease located south of the Embley river (see hatched area below). There will be heavy machinery operating at various locations on the mine lease from 1 October to 31 December 2012.

For your safety, there will be no access for the general public into the area during this period. This includes closures to Amban, Boyds Point, and Pera Head access tracks. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this closure.

For more information on the site survey activities please contact us on our freecall community feedback hotline 1800 308 938.

Public Notice Mission River bridge maintenance

Mission River bridge will have maintenance conducted on it from August to December 2012. For your safety please keep clear from fenced area and other construction material set up around the bridge. Boat users are asked to keep clear of the dive barge and its buoys as there are mooring lines floating in the water that may cause damage if struck. The bridge maintenance will not cause any major road closures to the Mission River bridge. There will be minor 20 to 40 minute closures to service the dive barge i.e. fuel and sewage pump. Confirmation of these bridge closures, will be available on the freecall hotline 1800 820 711. There will be signs either side of the bridge showing the time and date, and notices displayed around the Weipa and Mapoon area. For instant bridge closure updates you can request to be placed on our email or SMS list. For information or to register for instant update please contact us on the Community Feedback freecall hotline 1800 707 633.


Send us your baby pics and we will gladly show off your little bundle of joy ... and it won’t cost you a cent!

Records smashed at Weipa swim meet The first club night for the Weipa Lightening Swimming Club 2012-13 season was held on Friday October 19 and with 55 swimmers attending, including 24 new members. A huge 93 Personal Bests (PBs) were swum and two records were also broken. Swimmers of the week were Rachel Brooker, Ruby Coulta, Ethan King, Katelyn McCahon, Tom McCahon, Ashley Moon and Alex-Adel Tyson. All these swimmers managed PBs in every one of their races. Six PBs were swum by Rachel Brooker, Ethan King and Katelyn McCahon; five PBs were swum by Ruby Coulta, Kirra Koina, Sabrina Koina, Tom McCahon and Ashley Moon; and four PBs from Alex McInnes and

Alex-Adel Tyson. Three PBs from Amber Fay, Kyle Hunter, Morgan McCulkin, Tiffany McDougall, Lizzy McInnes, Lisl Mohr, John Prentice, Moara Sam, Dane Tyson and Donald Tyson. Two PBs were swum by Sophie Mohr, Kristyn Pilkington and Courtney Proud, and one PB was swum by Tara Crossley, Rebecca Hunter, Alissa Koina, Savannah Proud, Raezahn Sam and Talia Wallin. Sabrina Koina broke her own club record in the girls 11-year old 50m butterfly, with a time of 38.44. New member Natalia Walsh also set a new club record in the girl’s eight-year old 100m freestyle, with a time of 1:40.31. For any enquiries, call Wade on 4069 7376.

Got a new arrival?

Phone 1300 4874 00 or email ACCOMMODATION

THE place to stay in Cairns!

CBD...CBD...CBD A close one in the backstroke at the Weipa Lightening Swimming Club meet.

►Self-Catering 1BR Apartments - with balconies ►Opp. Supermarkets/PO and in the hub of CBD ►24/7 ‘Check-In’ ►Pool/BBQ/Gazebo ►Secure undercover Car Parking ►Wireless Internet

71 Lake Street, CAIRNS Phone: 07 4041 2350 Fax: 07 4041 2420



BLUEDON MOBILE FLOOR COVERINGS Range of domestic and commercial • Carpet • Vinyl • Marine carpet • Ceramic tiles • Vinyl planks (timber) • Floating timber floor

FREE QUOTES Rachel Brooker swam six PBs in the first Weipa swim meet for the 2012-13 season.

Building a new house? Come in and have a look! SHOWROOM TIMES: Tues and Thurs, noon – 2pm

Ph/Fax: 4069 9600 or Ph/Fax: 4069 7005 Mobile: 0427 296 367

Books With No Borders... WEIPA’S OWN CHARITY!

Katelyn McCahon recorded PBs in every one of her races.

Shaun Darvell competing in the breastroke event at the Weipa swim meet.

Intergalactic battle looms in squash finals Semi-finals were played at Weipa Squash Club last week and in an epic battle, Luke Skywalker grasped victory from the lightsabre of Darth Vader. Han Solo proved to be too fast in his Millennium Falcon and out-paced the skills of the old Jedi, Obi Wan Kenobi. In a nutshell, Darth Vader are out and Han Solo are straight through to the grand final. Team Han Solo began their onslaught of Team Obi-Wan Kenobi when A5 Joe Buckley licked Otis Drum (as sub for Ben Braun) (3-0). A4 Wendy Long put up a brave fight against Cole Dalton but to no avail (0-3). A3 Jarrod Stockman (as sub for Glen Egan) on the other hand put up a shield and only let Steve Lugsdin penetrate in the last “long” game (3-0). A2 Nick Brookes defeated Tom Murray by only one point in this five game marathon, despite Nick taking the first “long” game, then they alternated victory (3-2). A1 Grant Foster won the

first two games against Rod Wawryzniak, but Rod picked up the pace and took the next three (2-3). Team Darth Vader went down to Team Luke Skywalker, beginning with A5 Jimmy Baira being defeated by Adam Blocksidge (who subbed for Michael Cridland) (0-3). A4 Jay Murray was on fire against Justin Hyytinen albeit that Justin upped the anti and forced the second game to “long”. A3 Jay Dumbleton lasted the distance but could not get the points against Shane Spagnol after the first “long” game. A2 Rod Bielby suffered defeat at the hands of Ross Hyytinnen in three games (0-3) A 1 Dave Edward narrowly defeated Luke Dorsett (by five points!) but alas for Team Darth Vader, it was too late (3-2). B grade had their own epic battle when Princess Leia managed to defeat the Jedi Master Yoda (was it her diplomacy or his wisdom, knowing he still has a chance to duel his way back into the final?).

Meanwhile, the mighty Chewbacca must have used superior agility (or shaved in preparation for Movember, or was it Jabba’s lack of agility?), which sees Jabba the Hutt roll out of the competition, and Princess Leia go straight to the top. Nevertheless, Team Princess Leia did it with style, when B6 Lucy Boxall drew the competitiveness out of Jess Hall which saw her actually surpass Lucy’s points but not games (3-2). B5 Renee Williams looks like she won easily against Cicely Baira, but scores can be deceiving as Cicely is a formidable opponent (3-0). B4 Tim Manning played well to defeat Andrew Glenn in three games as Andrew was warming up in the third, forcing it to long (3-0). Nicole Dearling (as sub for B2 Josh Donnelly after winning her own game on forfeit) only lost by four points against Kerry Scales in a five-game marathon which would have been great to watch (2-3). B1 Chris Bienvenu played a hard four-game match

against Otis Drum, only going down four points (1-3). Team Chewbacca easily defeated Team Jabba the Hut, on what must have been a bad night for the latter team, when B6 Ruth Harris defeated Brandon Waretini (who just quietly I do not believe gave it his all) (3-0). B5 Dean Eastgauffe defeated Kristie Moran in what would have been an excellent match to watch (3-1), and B4 Ben Ghee played as best he could against a tougher opponent Ian Newsome (0-3). B3 Melissa Ghee however met with much resistance in the second and third games, but powered on to take the match (3-1), and Emma Thomas (as sub for B2 Tom Bellinger) certainly showed no mercy against Patrick Lightart (3-0). As I am pre-playing my game Tuesday afternoon, I am looking forward to being able to attend to photographing the rest of my team kicking Team Yoda’s short ass! Yours squashfully, Ruth Harris

Books With No Borders is a 100% non-profit charity organisation started in Weipa. Our aim is to assist children in Cambodia by providing them with an education that empowers them to break the poverty cycle they and their families are trapped in. We have established orphanages in Cambodia and funds raised through donations to Books With No Borders pay for underprivileged children and young adults to attend private schools and universities where they receive an education that will ensure a brighter future for them. We thank you all for your continued support of this charity!

CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE: Cambodian Goverment-approved non-goverment organisation. Approval no 1258SCN

WEIPA SMASH REPAIRS  Panel beating  Spray painting  Rustproofing  All insurance and private repairs  D/Cab conversions

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4069 7933

Fax 4069 7193

We’ll get you back on the road!

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Cowboys to play Dragons in Cairns

The Toyota Cowboys will play both of their major pre-season NRL trials for 2013 in North Queensland after last week announcing a return to Cairns for a clash with the St George Illawarra Dragons. The match at Barlow Park on Saturday night, February 16 will be the second of three hitouts for the Cowboys prior to the start of the Telstra Premiership. North Queensland has also confirmed it will play the Gold Coast Titans on Saturday night, February 23 at Virgin Australia Stadium in Mackay, while a venue for their opening trial, on the same weekend of the NRL All Stars Game at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, has yet to be locked in. The Cowboys will go into camp in Cairns for three days prior to the Dragons trial and will undertake a number of community visits during their stay. General manager – football Peter Parr and NRL squad members Ashley Graham and Glenn Hall were in Cairns last week to announce details of the Cowboys’ involvement in the match to be staged in conjunction with the Northern Pride and Cairns District Rugby League. “Since our inception, the Cairns region has always been a Cowboys stronghold,” Parr said. “It has some of our most passionate North Queensland members and supporters so we’re very happy that we’re able to bring our NRL squad back to the city in February. “This will be our 10th visit to Cairns in 11 years for a pre-season game to go along with the junior rugby league and community work we undertake in the region each year. “With the Dragons being one of the NRL’s iconic brands and most popular clubs, I’m sure we’ll get a full house at Barlow Park and it will be a night for local league fans to remember.” The Pride’s Intrust Super Cup team, under new coach Jason Demetriou, will also play a match on the February 16 program against the Cowboys’ Toyota Cup team.

Junior golfers tee-off in second round of club championships A WARM Sunday morning saw the Carpentaria Golf Club juniors tee-off for their second round of the championships. It was a tough one for some this week and the winners will be announced next Sunday at the pool when we have our presentation. This Sunday will be the parents verses kids match, with tee-off at 8am (we have to beat them this year), followed by our presentation at the Weipa swimming pool from 3pm to 6pm with a barbecue. Cost is $10 for adults or extras and the junior golfers eat free. On behalf of all the juniors we

would like to say a big thank you to Duane and Mary Singleton for all their hard work with the juniors over the years. In 2013 we will need new junior co-ordinators to run the new season and any parents interested in taking on this role should see Duane or Mary. Thank you also to all the parents who come down and support their children’s game every Sunday and help run the juniors. So don’t forget your hats, sunscreen, water bottles and parents and see you on the tee.

– Lisa Francisco

Pictured below are C3 and B grade players.

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4042 7500


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bottom fish, only bait. Ryan Phillip, trolling a Gold Laser Pro up off Duyfken landed a huge 1440cm Spanish Mackerel. This was the biggest Mackerel they got, along with some good Tuskies caught on Squid. If you put the time in you will get a feed. In the rivers the fishing hasn’t improved from last week and some anglers are finding fish, while others missing out. The Mission River bridge has still been giving up a few fish, mainly Queenfish and some small Bream. Red Beach has had some Grunter, Queenfish and the odd Salmon. The tides play a big part on how the fish bite, and the tides last weekend weren’t the greatest. A lot of anglers are waiting for the Grunter to turn up in big numbers. Evans Landing has slowed down a bit but is still worth a throw for Grunter, Trevally and the ever-present Queenfish. Further down south the Archer River has some nice Sooties for the taking, and even Stretch (with the help of Scoop The Newshound) managed to get amongst them while he and Gee were on holidays. Until next week, slight breezes, smooth seas and tight lines. – Cheers, China



Well, this week’s report may give you a feeling of deja vu, but the current weather would drive a man to drink. The wind just won’t stop, but when it does fishing can be good as some readers have been getting some great fish. I got to have a fish with Darren Lee, chasing Billfish, last Saturday and the bait even proved to be hard to catch, and what normally takes 10 minutes ended up taking over half an hour, and even then it was the bare minimum we needed. Heading out we were looking for tell-tale signs of hovering birds that are looking for bait fish driven to the surface by the predatory fish feeding on them, but today they were very few and far between them. While we were looking, Weipa Billfish club member Bill, fishing aboard his 6.8 metre Haines, hooked-up and landed a 200-pound Black Marlin on the Nine Mile. We unfortunately searched all day to find one small bait ball and caught two small Mack Tuna, and then they were gone. We only had one small Sailfish and a couple of baits taken by some large Barracudas. The leads had plenty of showings of fish on the sounder but we weren’t after


Winner – Mick Hoffman Runner Up – Wayne Hohns Hoffmans – Mick Hoffman N.T.P. – Dave Newman Longest Drive (mens) – Jim Hoffman Longest Drive (womens) – Pung Tierney

More than just a night out... Come in & enjoy a relaxed family environment! What’s happening at the Carpentaria Golf Club? FRIDAY

Jag the Joker

Jackpot $160 H Raffles H

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Golf & coaching

Two-ball ambrose Competition MONDAY from Golf CHEAP PIZZA golfProceeds cart auction to (Please ring Club DEAL NIGHT! Legacy for tee-off times) WEDNESDAY TUESDAY WACKERS Social Golf CHEAP PIZZA DEAL NIGHT! Kids eat free at The 10th Hole Restaurant Fully air-conditioned, great venue for any special occasion

The 10Th hole ResTauRanT 9-hole golf course

Open Sunday to Thursday 6pm to 8.30pm beginners welcome Friday & Saturday 6pm to 9pm Phone: 4069 7322 Lunch Friday to Sunday noon to 2pm E: PHONE 4069 7850

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Thu 08

Fri 09

Sat 10

Time Ht Time Ht Time Ht Time 0457 0.94 0540 1.03 0626 1.14 0000 2005 2.27 1534 2.23 1451 2.27 0714 1940 2.11 2029 1.91 1438 2138 2.13 2114

Ht 2.02 1.27 2.36 1.67

Sun 11 Time 0145 0802 1446 2201

Ht 1.99 1.41 2.47 1.40

Mon 12 Time 0302 0847 1508 2250

Tue 13

Ht 2.01 1.57 2.59 1.12

Time 0419 0926 1537 2340

Ht 2.05 1.72 2.71 0.84

Wed 14 Time Ht 0546 2.10 1000 1.85 1610 2.82

MOON PHASES: • Full Moon - Nov 29 • Last Quarter - Nov 7 • New Moon - Nov 14 • First Quarter - Nov 21

Weipa 5-day Weather forecast


Mostly Sunny 8 - 9 knots, E - ESE winds. Chance of rain 30% Min 22°C.



Showers Increasing 8 knots, ESE - E winds. Chance of rain 70% Min 22°C.

5spd Manual, Aircon, Black Duco, Logbook #28010 and History


Weipa Weather

Weipa tide chart Wed 07

honda crV 4x4 WaGon $17,900 driVeaWay



Clearing Shower 9 knots, ESE winds. Chance of rain 50% Min 23°C.



Late Shower 9 knots, ESE winds. Chance of rain 50% Min 23°C.



Showers 9 - 11 knots, ENE - ESE winds. Chance of rain 80% Min 23°C.





RAiN mm Airport Weipa

Tues, Oct 30





Wed, Oct 31





Thur, Nov 1





Fri, Nov 2





Sat, Nov 3





Sun, Nov 4





Mon, Nov 5





While the Western Cape Bulletin takes every care to ensure the information contained in the Tide and Weather information is correct, the Western Cape Bulletin accepts no responsibility for it’s accuracy. Information is provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012 Page 23


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Records smashed in the pool

The first meet for the 2012-2013 Weipa season saw 93 personal best times and two club records broken.


Cape York Crusaders rock Cairns AFL championships

Ph: 07 4069 7486 TRADING HOURS: Mon – Fri: 7am – 5.00pm Fax: 07 4069 8240 Sat: 8am – 2pm 2 Iraci Cres, Weipa Qld 4874 Sun: 9am – 1pm Public hols: closed

The under 17 Cape York Crusaders side finished a solid third in the AFL championships held in Cairns recently. Photo supplied by AFL Cape York.

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Alf Wilson story

Cape York Crusaders finished a fantastic third at the Queensland under 17 youth girls Australian Rules championships held in Cairns. Six teams contested the championships held at Watson’s Oval from October 26 to 28. The Crusaders team consisted of players from around Cape York and was selected from the recent Chris Johnson Cup in Bamaga. The youngest member of the team was 14-year-old Teannu Fujii. Brisbane Flames went through five rounds undefeated to win the championships with 20 points, followed by Southern

MOVING ANYTHING, ANYWHERE If you need something shipped, have confidence with Sea Swift. Freight deliveries to 41 – 45 Tingira Street, Cairns Fax: 07 4035 1249 Email:

Page 24 Western Cape Bulletin November 7, 2012

Stars on 16, Crusaders 12, Suncoast Storm 4, Central Coast Cobras 4 and North Queensland Lions. In round one, the Qantaslink-sponsored Crusaders 2-7-19 narrowly defeated North Queensland Lions, a team made up of Cairns and Townsville players, 2-5-17. Vera Gibuma and Andrina Lui booted the goals for Crusaders whose best players were Vera, Latoya Billy and Lititia Tabua. Elisha King and Rachel Broad kicked the goals for the Lions and best players were Elisha, Rachel and Luana Healy. Crusaders scored a hand-

some win in round two beating Central Coast Cobras 5-7-37 to 2-1-13. Best players for Crusaders were Kathy Loban, Vera Gibuma and Renea Guligo. Brisbane Flames were too good for the Crusaders winning 10-4-64 to 1-0-6 in round three. Best Crusaders were Latoya Billy, Kathy Loban and Tanya Jobi whilst the goalkicker was Moesha Soki. Round four saw Crusaders 5-0-30 defeat Suncoast Storm 0-0-3. Goals were shared between Gwen Dau, Renae Guligo and Zita Mueller. Their last game was in round five and Crusaders lost by three

points to Southern Stars 2-3-15 to 2-0-12. Crusaders best were Renea Guligo, Latoya Billy and Shandel Sam. The Crusaders girls impressed everybody with their sportsmanship and high quality football. The girls off-field singing and dancing also kept the atmosphere up at Watson’s Oval, culminating in a six team dance-off in the middle of the field following the final siren of the final game. Career development was as much a part of their visit to Cairns as was AFL and the Crusaders players met tourism operators and businesses between games to further their job prospects.

WCB 12-11-07  
WCB 12-11-07  

WCB 12-11-07