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News & events of the Kaurareg homeland of Kaiwalagal, the Torres Strait homeland, and Cape York homelands of the Anggamuthi, Atambaya, Wuthathi, Yadhaykenu and Gudang Peoples

10 - 16 March 2014 • Thursday Island • • • Edition No. 1106 • $2.00 inc. GST

Women talking straight in the Strait

OXFAM’s regional Strait Talk summit on Thursday Island last week allowed women from various islands in the Torres Strait to sit down and talk about women’s issues and how women can be better represented in politics. Report, Page 3. >> Pictured above: Gladys Nawia, Josie Nawia, Lisa Lui, Samoa Tomsand, Isobel Ware, Josephine Gela, Millicent Aniba, Elizabeth Binjuda, Georgina Binjuda, Florence Mait, Petrine Sauders, Delizah Levi, Florie Lui, Agnes Fox, Karrina Nolan, Michelle Deshong, Mahalia Unicomb, Betty Tekahika, Mary Ward, Rita Kaitap, Eunice Baker, Margaret Cowley, Laura Wren and Darlene Fell.

Warraber Airport among the world’s most-stunning WARRABER Island Airport has been shortlisted by a panel of travel industry experts for a poll of the world’s most-stunning airport approaches. It’s the only Australian airport on the shortlist of 37, which covers airports of all types and sizes. Others on the shortlist include Los Angeles LAX; St Maarten in the Caribbean; London City Airport; Rio De Janiero and Cape Town. Votes from travel fans will now decide this year’s Top 10 global airport approaches from

this shortlist - with the airport that receives the most votes named the world’s most-stunning landing 2014, after the poll closes at the end of March. Winners in previous years include St Maarten in the Caribbean and Barra, in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. Fans of Warraber Island can find the voting page and further information at http://www.


Hostel closure due to flooding By AARON SMITH CANON Boggo Pilot Hostel, which provides boarding accommodation for secondary students to attend High School on Thursday Island, closed suddenly last month. Continued Page 2. >>


Canon Boggo Pilot Hostel closure due to flooding From Page 1 The resident students were relocated to Kawiz Meta boarding house and AHL’s Jumula Dubbins Hostel. Sources to the Torres News said that the hostel, which is operated by Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL), was not operating at satisfactory standards and hence it was closed. Joyce Wallis, AHL’s Regional Manager in Queensland, denies these allegations are true and said that the reason for the closure was due to storm damage on February 18 “There have been no complaints lodged through our National Complaints Line relating to the Canon Boggo Pilot facility in the last 12 months,” Ms Wallis said. “Residents, their families, staff or the general public are able to make complaints to the AHL National Complaints Line by telephone or email. “AHL treats all complaints and concerns as a priority and works with complainants to achieve a satisfactory resolution within 10-30 days, depending on the complexity of the complaint.” An established institution on Thursday Island, Canon Boggo

Pilot Hostel provides 36 beds for school-aged children attending high school. Severe storm flooding on February 18 meant the AHL was forced to temporarily close Canon Boggo Pilot Hostel at short notice. “ Tw e n t y - o n e s t u d e n t s i n residence were affected by the temporary closure. AHL has taken all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our students, 17 of whom have been temporarily relocated to Kawiz Meta community operated boarding facility, while four are with a Senior Houseparent at AHL’s Jumula Dubbins Hostel,” Ms Wallis. “We cannot reopen the hostel until the storm damage has been repaired and the safety of our students and staff is assured. “We have assessed the damage and have initiated a process to undertake priority repairs.” There were several safety issues after the storm damage where severe weather conditions accelerated the deterioration of windows, doors and electrical issues that were already scheduled for repair under new Australian Government funding to undertake refurbishments at nine of AHL’s hostels across Australia.

AHL will pay the boarding costs at Kawiz Meta from the Abstudy allocations received for each student. “AHL has engaged an architect who has visited the site and assessed what works need to be immediately undertaken,” Ms Wallis said. “We have reallocated our food orders for Canon Boggo to both Kawiz Meta and Jumula Dubbins

in order to cater for our students and not place additional burden on either Kawiz or Jumula. “Our staff are working closely with students to minimise the

emotional impact of the disruption to their routine.” It is expected students will be able to return to the hostel in time for Term Two commencement.

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Page 2 Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014



‘Strait’-talking women in the Torres Strait

Florie Lui.

Josie Nawia.

By AARON SMITH LAST week woman from around the Torres Strait and the NPA converged on Thursday Island to sit down for the Straight Talk Regional Gathering, presented by Oxfam, where over 27 Islander woman discussed issues they face. The women ranged in age from 19 to 76 and last time one of these meetings was held in the region was back in 2012. Karrina Nolan, the head of Oxfam Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Program, was one of the facilitators of the meeting. “Straight Talk means so many things and it is different every time

and place that we do it, but it’s really an opportunity for women to come together, communicate and learn some new tools to be effective within their communities in making positive change,” Ms Nolan said. “It’s also about learning how the political system works , how all the different levels of government work, and how to target and lobby the right people to bring about change.” One of the things the women were discussing is how to get more women represented in local government in the region, as it stands now there are only three councillors in the TSRA and none in the TSIRC or the Torres Shire Council. “We were looking at what are

Betty Tekahika. the barriers for women to enter politics in this region, as well as balancing family responsibilities. Also this meeting has seen us discuss more grassroots issues they face in their communities,” Ms Nolan said. Ms Nolan said some of the issues that all the women expressed were based around domestic violence and respect Florie Lui, from Iama Island who attended the meeting said: “I am new to this workshop, as this is my first time. “It’s been a good experience and I have learnt a lot, such as how to approach issues in my community. I would like to work on youth, getting them off the streets and providing

Florence Mait. entertainment in the community.” Josie Nawia, for Moa’s Kubin community, said: “I have gained experience as a straight talker and learnt much about how to be a leader in my community. “I have learned about how politics works and everything under that umbrella and how we can get involved in local, state and federal levels. Many islanders lack this knowledge and are being left behind. Straight Talk has inspired me that women can put their hands up. “ Betty Tekahika, from Thursday Island, said: “I hope to see better outcomes for women. I would like to see more women attend forums like this to empower us. Women

play a big role in the community and that needs to be recognized. I think that the next time Straight Talk come up here that they get out to the outer islands as they often miss out, youth, young mums and elderly ladies out there need to have this opportunity. “We are very lucky here on Thursday Island as we get access to these opportunities, but the outer islands miss out.” Florence Mait, from Horn Island, said: “I learned about how to identify problems in my community and how we can solve them and also understanding how politics works and the role politicians play in parliament . It was also great to network with the other ladies.”

DOUBLE HELIX science quiz

Urab and Zogo Tudi dancers light up festival

1. In DNA, which base does guanine pair with? 2. Which chemical element in the periodic table has the symbol, Pb? 3. Does black tea contain more caffeine than green tea? 4. Romundina is thought to be one of the first fish to develop which feature? 5. True or false – metals expand when heated?

Quiz answers

URAB and Zogo Tudi Dancers from two sister islands of Poruma and Warraber, kulkalgal nations, attended Clancestry at Brisbane’s Southbank from February19-23. Clancestry is an annual festival celebrating the arts and cultural practices of the world’s First Nations Peoples hosted by Queensland Performing Art Centre (QPAC). The Urab and Zogo Tudi Dancers joined 20 other indigenous dance teams from around the country to share and showcase and retold traditional stories and history through traditional songs and dance.

Quiz questions

1. TIn DNA, guanine pairs with cytosine. 2. Lead has the chemical symbol Pb. 3. Yes. Black tea generally contains more caffeine than green tea. But it also depends on how you brew it! 4. Romundina is thought to be one of the first fish to develop a jaw. 5. True – Most metals expand when heated. However, sometimes metals will contract when heated. For example, plutonium at 300 degrees will shrink when heated.


Nineteen community residents from Poruma and Warraber Island were joined by Poruma’s and Warraber’s five residential students undertaking further education within the Brisbane areas of Ipswich and Toowoomba and interstate of Sydney NSW and Yulara Ayers Rock at this festival. Buthu Lagau Saral Torres Strait Islander Corporation are cultural organisation on Poruma Island secured funding from the Torres Strait Island Regional Council from both division of Poruma and Warraber Island as well as from the Culture, Arts and Heritage Program of the Torres Strait Island Regional Authority. Continued Page 18. >>

Zogo Tudi Dancers.

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Urab Dancers




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Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014 Page 3


Thursday Island renal unit not ready until later in year DESPITE ‘opening’ to the public in November, 2013, the new Community Wellness Centre (CWC) at Thursday Island Hospital has yet to have an operational nurse-assisted renal unit. And it is not expected to be running until much later in the year. The reason for the delay is not as some rumours circulating suggest that the CWC has inadequate water pressure. Torres Strait-Northern Peninsula Hospital and Health Service Acting Chief Executive Philip Davies said water pressure system is more than adequate. “There is absolutely NO truth to the claim that the water pres-

sure in the new Community Wellness Centre is not adequate for the operation of the dialysis machines in the proposed new Thursday Island renal dialysis unit.” Mr Davies said the commissioning of some of the specialised equipment in the new dialysis unit - such as the reverse osmosis unit which will further clean, filter and sterilise town water before being used by the dialysis machines - is expected to be finalised this month. Finalising the details of the proposed model of care at the Thursday Island dialysis unit also needs to be done before it can be opened.

Then specialised staff will then need to be recruited. Mr Davies said at the CWC is anticipated to initially begin operations with three chairs and then build up gradually to its full capacity of nine chairs as demand grows. Eventually, as many as 12 chairs could be accommodated. “The new Thursday Island unit will ensure that many renal patients in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula who require, or choose, nurse-assisted dialysis no longer need to move to Cairns or elsewhere for regular treatment,” Mr Davies said. “They will be able to have their treatment on Thursday Island.”

Community parade at last November’s opening of the CWC at the Thursday Island Hospital.

Harry Seriat talks with David Kempton and Simone Kolaric at the opening of the CWC in November last year.

Kubin TAFE students forging a future

Foster and Kinship

Carer Week

9—15 March


0061-14 FEB2014

To Queensland’s foster and kinship carers, thank you for making room in your hearts and homes to care for children and young people in need.

For more information about being a foster carer, go to For more information about the week, and what’s happening in your community, go to

Page 4 Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014

David Bosun Snr and Moses Kaitap in the Tropical North Queensland TAFE welding workshop as part of the construction course undertaken by nine tradies from Kubin Village, Moa Island. KUBIN Villagers from Moa Island on Moa Island and begin work on are training at Tropical North houses for their own community,” Queensland TAFE (TNQT) to gain Mr Riley said skills to enable them to construct “People participating in the transportable houses back in their course are being given a sense of island homeland. pride and purpose that they are Nine students from Moa Island learning skills that will benefit have already learnt some basic themselves and fellow islanders.” carpentry, construction, plumbing Fabrication teacher at TNQT and electrical skills and now at Justin Drew said the students from TNQT they are about to learn arc Kubin Village were keen to learn more construction trades. welding. “From a teacher’s point of view The arc welding course they are participating in at TNQT will it is always a pleasure to instruct provide them with another skill students who want to learn and necessary to build transportable know they will be able to put their and Force 10 houses on Moa Island new-found skills to good use,” Mr for their employer Bryant (Qld) Drew said. “Some in the group are maturePty Ltd. TNQT Engineering and Auto- aged and obviously welcome the motive Business Manager Brad opportunity to master arc welding Riley said that working in partner- fabrication techniques specific to ship with Bryant (Qld) Pty Ltd has the site conditions they will find been very beneficial for the students on their island. in building on their existing skills, “Moa Island will soon have knowledge and experience. some very skilled construction “Once these nine students have workers who will be trained and completed their arc welding course ready to make a difference to their they will return to Kubin Village community.”


Second round of coxswain students graduate By AARON SMITH THE Torres Strait Marine Pathways Project celebrated its second round of Coxwain Grade 1 and Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 graduates with a dinner and presentations, on Saturday, March 1, at the Federal Hotel, Thursday Island. Fourteen graduates successfully completed their Certificate II Coxswains and Marine Engine Driver qualifications while another completed their Level II Coxswains certificate. It provides them with nationally accredited qualifications for operation of commercial vessels and included commercial vessel operation, development of safety management systems and a range of skills based learning activities. Adrian Davidson, from AMSA, who was the evening’s MC described this new course on offer in the region as “a unique, world-class qualification,” that has resulted from a partnership between AMSA, the Australian Maritime College, the TRSA, Queensland Police, the Queensland Government and the National Maritime Safety Authority of PNG. “The stars have aligned and allowed us to do something very special creating this program that’s been made possible by the amazing support of not just the agencies involved but also the community,” Mr Davidson

said. “Like the days of the old pearling industry, which was second to none in the world, I think with programs like this we can create a similar era for the maritime industry in the Torres Strait and my tiny part in getting this up will be the greatest milestone of my career.” Graduate Maluwap Nona spoke on behalf of all the students, mentioning how the recent High Court decision granting traditional fishers the right to native title of fishing grounds was the end of a long road to self determination, something this course also offered Torres Strait Islanders. “I will take you back in history to understand the significance of today. “Magistrate John Douglas (Stationed on Thursday Island in 1885), once said of the people of the Torres Strait, These are British subjects and we should treat them as citizens. They do not need management, they need resources.” “Then we jump to 2007 when

Students Lui Aaron Bon, Mark Pearson, Frank Loban, Joseph Des David, Maluwap Nona, Hassan Nona, Julohn Wigness, Dennis Passi, Patrick Mai, Isaac Gee, Mark David, Richard Sailor, Ted Mosby, Joey Josia Laifoo, with Course coordinator Jarrod Weaving and tutors Ruth Findlater and Paul Brown. LEFT: Maluwap Nona. RIGHT: Adrian Davidson. “The Marine Pathways Project h a v e Prime Minister Rudd p a s s e d l e g i s l a t i o n helps develop skills and the capability n o w recognizing the UN’s of Torres Strait Islander and Abo- won podeclaration of Indigenous riginal people to operate commercial s i t i o n s rights, allowing our self determination vessels in maritime industries. as TSRA rangers. “The project has already seen a to become a reality.” “These new graduates will now be TSRA Chairman Mr Joseph Elu number of employment outcomes for qualified to find similar types of work, believes this program is a fantastic past graduates such as Koeygab Pabai or even better consider establishing outcome, as the training would who is now the master of a Rebel and operating their own business in provide employment pathways for Ferry operated vessel, Tanya Takai- fisheries or tourism, a pathway that work in marine based industries, with Bowie who is a leading deckhand on would contribute to the economic outcomes already achieved from a the Elizabeth E II, and in this latest development of individuals, comclass Aaron Bon and Isaac Ghee who munities and the region.” previous course.

yumi pikinini deserves success


Tok por Djarragun College staff about their pioneering Indigenous education • Rich in culture • Accelerated learning in English and Maths • Every child’s progress individually planned • Full curriculum towards career and university • Modern boarding - home away from home • Christian values • Vocational electives: construction, automotive, hospitality • Sport and Music - a big part of Djarragun life • Caring, understanding teachers

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We offer:  Direct Instruction Programs for English and Maths Tok por Djarragun teachers at the Prapa Pathway visits:  Pathway to Workplace and/or Further Education MER - Monday 23 July • MASig - Tuesday 24 July ERub - Wednesday 25 July • PoRuMA - Thursday 26 July  Vocational Certificates Adam Piszczuk, Acting Deputy Principal - Standards, gor be there. Contact Adam on: 0488 411 231  Club and Culture Why we love Djarragun...  Sports Academy Joshua Kyle, Year 10: “I love lots of sport. It is easy to make friends at Djarragun College and the work is not too hard for me. Because I am boarding here I do not miss out on homework and on the weekends we get taken to fun places. We go fishing, camping and into town.”

 Values Education  Pastoral Care  Cultural Dance and Music  Modern Boarding Facilities

Jayde Young, Year 9: “Djarragun College is friendly and has a good sports program. The teachers are nice and it is a good atmosphere. I am learning a lot with Direct Instruction. It is an easy way to learn. More kids should come to Djarragun. It’s fun with friendly teachers, good kids and lots of opportunity.”

Caroline Sebasio, Year 10: “I like the food in the cafeteria. There are good subjects, lots of sports and the gardens are nice. We have beautiful, friendly teachers. I am doing all the hard classes and doing very well. I do Direct Instruction, drama, cooking, religious instruction and I am in the Sports Academy.”

For more information or to enrol:

Call 4043 3777 or email: Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014 Page 5

NEWS Mrs May Tabo and Mrs Kathleen Passi. INSET: Mrs Elsie Passi.

Bel Lui, Wilma Reading and Rev John singing Swing Sweet Chariot.

St John’s Anglican Church farewells minister By BEL LUI THE parishioners of St John’s Anglican Church, on the corner of Minnie and Lake Streets, Cairns, held a farewell fellowship for Rev. John and Ama Mildred Simons on

 Costumes  Themed Parties  All Occasions  Party Decorations  Dress-up accessories

Sunday, February 16 after the 9 am service. Since his appointment as the Rector of St John over six years ago the number of Indigenous people attending church has noticeably increased. Rev. John and Ama Mildred will take

up new appointment at St Luke’s Anglican Church at Sarina about 37km south of Mackay. Rev. John originally comes from Cape Town, South Africa. BELOW: The congregation.

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Of our Sister, Sister in-law Big Mama Biggie, Big Aka, Josephine Ann Bowie-Perry. Passed away on March 5, 2013. Although your work on earth is done, your life in heaven has just begun, your struggles here were hard and long, but they’re over now, your’re finally home. Life wasn’t easy by choice or fate, a decision made sometimes too late, a fight to the finish. Always strong. Rest easy, you’re finally home. Love and Miss you. Pamela and Beimop, Justin and Emma, Pedro and Toni, Taslena, Haldane, Olivia, Udiwad, Eli, Amos, Noah, Sheree, Xavier.

Of My Big Mama (Biggie) Josephine Ann BowiePerry. Passed away March 5, 2013. Hi Biggy, it’s me Justin, I really wish I was there to hold your hands through that period. With Aunty Bonnie and Lilly-Jane with you it really sadden me, that we the family wasn’t there. I know Papa Ron and your close Friends were there. I just want you to know that you are a very Special Person in my heart, and I am very greatful that you have been there for me with almost every milestone of mine. I will and always cherish the times and conversations we had. I Love and miss you Very much Big Mama. God Keep you in His Care. Leut. Beimop Justin Tapim MD. RAN.

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We are also very proud of our award-winning cadet programme. Clearly this is a considerable investment in the

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10 - 16 March 2014 Page 7

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Goods Island, beachcombing. Photo by Vivi Silva.

Third Tuesday of the month. Torres Shire Council monthly meeting, Council Chambers TI 9am. Every Thursday: TI Bowls Club Social Games from 6pm.

MARCH Tue 11. Women's Health Clinic RFDS visiting Bamaga. Sun 16. HIRRA monthly meeting at centre 2 - 4pm. Mon 17 - Wed 19. Eyedentity Optometrists visiting Badu Island. Thu 20. National Close the Gap Day. Thu 20 - Fri 21. Eyedentity Optometrists visiting Mabuiag Island. Fri 21. Harmony Day. Sat 22. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Sat 22. Harmony garden 7th Birthday and Mini Market 12noon to 4pm Horn Island Tagai Campus site. Mon 24 - Tue 25. Eyedentity Optometrists visiting St Paul. Wed 26 - Thu 27. Eyedentity Optometrists visiting Kubin.

APRIL Sat 5. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Fri 7 - Sat 9. Life Giving Rally Warraber Island. Fri 18. Good Friday. Sat 19. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Sat 19. Easter Saturday. Mon 21. Easter Monday. Fri 25. Anzac Day

CHURCH SERVICES Anglican, All Souls and Saint Bartholomew Church meets weekly at 10am at 124 Douglas St Thursday Island Independent Church Parish of the Resurrection TI, Morning Prayer Sundays 10am, Evening Service 7pm Parish of St Bethel,131 William Cr Bamaga NPA, Sundays 10am Uniting Church, 114 Douglas St Thursday Island, Sundays 10am

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What! More plans for the TSIRC region IN reference to Torres News Edition 1102 advertisement on page 6, TSIRC IS PREPARING A DRAFT PLAN on development and infrastructures in the TSIRC region. As a concerned citizen, I would like to know what has happened to the Regional Development Plan of similar nature, compiled by the TSRA, TSIRC and TSC through community consultation in 2009. The RDP was designed to address the needs of our region current, and for the next 20 years. I knew that there were over 60 recommendations from Iama from that consultation, capturing jobs, training, business venture, infrastructures, residential subdivision, vacant land, cultural sites and so forth. Why is there a need for more consultation? Why is that when we have ‘the changing of the guards’ we get to do costly repeats of what has already been done before? Our people should not be insulted in such a way, by asking them the same very questions on these same very topics

Injinoo man, son get into trouble in Coral Sea By AARON SMITH AN INJINOO man and his 13-year-old son got into trouble late on Saturday March 1, when their dinghy ran out of fuel south of Jackey Jackey River, NPA. Acting Sergeant of Thursday Island Water Police Sgt Mitchell Gray said: “They were due to return at 4pm, but they rang their family at 6pm and said the tides were a bit bit wrong, and that they would come back later. “That was the only contact until their EPIRB went off at midnight. As it was a registered EPIRB, we sent the Bamaga police to their home and that’s where it was confirmed we had an overdue dinghy.” A satellite located their position 10 nautical miles south of the Escape River in the Coral Sea. The registered EPIRB was then turned off and an unregistered EPIRB switched on. “At first we thought we had two SARs occurring, until the satellite did another pass and confirmed it was the same vessel,” Sgt Gray said. Two police vessels were tasked to the scene as well as a Dornier Aircraft, which located them early Sunday morning, March 2, the police vessel from Thursday Island, with Sgt Gray reached them by around 5:30am.

Contacts & Deadlines EDITOR:

Aaron Smith AD DESIGN: Becca Cottam ADVERTISING DEADLINES – Box ad bookings: NOON, WEDNESDAYS Box ad material: NOON, WEDNESDAYS Line Classifieds: 10.30am, THURSDAYS EDITORIAL DEADLINES – General copy: by NOON TUESDAYS (pics, stories, letters, etc) Regular columns: by 5pm TUESDAYS Sports columns: by NOON TUESDAYS

10 - 16 March 2014

year in and year out. In these sad economic times we need to be cautiously mindful of the costs involved in duplication, funds should be wisely spent on developments rather on another unnecessary report. I believe our people are being over - consulted, confused and frustrated, with hardly any progress seen on development, especially housing. In my experience, I hold no animosity towards TSIRC, but have genuine concerns on certain decisions making that could have adverse outcomes for present and future generation. If TSIRC could stop reinventing the FerrisWheel we might possibly start going forward somehow. The plan is already in place built upon that, the challenge is to make it happen now. Eso, Simeon Makie Iamalaig Email:


Jackey Jackey Creek

“The boat owner only took 20 litres of fuel and only planned to stay in the river system. He then changed his mind and went further than he ever had before, didn’t plan his fuel use and ran out,” Sgt Gray said. Due to the poor planning by the boat owner, as well as going out in bad weather, with monsoonal storms coming in, resulted in him being issued with a notice to appear for unsafe operation of a vessel. “Once again, it comes down to planning your trip, telling someone where you are going and when you are expected back home, tacking appropriate equipment and that your EPIRB is registered to yourself,” Sgt Gray said. Also last week Thursday Island Water Police issued 28 marine

Publisher’s Details Publishers of the Torres News

infringements in seven days, which were all related to vessels being unregistered and/or without safety equipment. Sgt Gray said that this should be a reminder to all boat users and considering considering the price of the the fine at $220, it’s only $80 to register a dinghy and life jackets are just $40 each. ASMA sells EPIRBs for $200 and flares are not expensive. “It seems to be a complacency issue, just because it’s never happened before, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, it’s no different from car accidents, you still put your seatbelt on, just in case you do have an accident, you carry safety gear just in case you have an accident on the water,” Sgt Gray said.


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The publishers of the Torres News acknowledge the Kaurareg Nation, upon whose land the Torres News makes its home. We pay our sincere respects to the elders and the peoples of the Torres Strait and NPA, across whose traditional lands and seas we report. This newspaper is dedicated to recognising, preserving and promoting the traditional cultures and customs of the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal peoples of this region.

Funding of the PDR IT is important when our Government makes an announcement in relation to major infrastructure spending in the electorate that it is reported for what it is and not misrepresented. The $10 million I recently announced for improvements to the Peninsula Development Road comes after many months of intense lobbying. These funds will be applied toward the sealing of about 25km of road as part of a long term strategy to upgrade it. A strategy, that never mattered to the previous Government. Premier Campbell Newman never promised $40 million funding for infrastructure in Cape York. Prior to the Federal election the ALP promised to spend $250 million in Cape York, dependent upon the State putting in $40 million which we never promised and frankly didn’t have. Warren Entsch and the coalition have now committed $210 million to Cape York infrastructure, money that is not dependent upon the State putting up funds. I am pushing for an upgrade of the McLeod River crossing and fighting hard for funds to upgrade Rifle Creek, both sadly neglected by Labor for 20 years. In the end it comes down to the availability of funding, Labor left us with a debt of $14, for every man woman and child in this State. Not everyone is happy with the intended upgrades but my commitment to my electorate is that it will look a lot better in 12 months’ time than it did, when I took this seat two years ago. Sincerely, David Kempton Member for Cook

Letters to the editor Letters to the Editor must be no longer than 350 words or they could be deleted or edited. The Editor reserves the right not to print any letters which may be defamatory and provoke legal action against the newspaper. The opinions expressed in Letters to the Editor are not necessarily those of the Torres News. Contributors must submit name and either street address or PO Box number for publication. Unsigned and anonymous letters or use of a nom de plume e.g. Concerned Citizen etc, are not acceptable. A telephone number must be provided for verification. All letters are subject to editing.


Forum told re-location for some low-lying islands Ted Nai, TSIRC member for Masig, believed the region faces unprecedented challenges, but remains optimistic. “It’s a big task, and the key is education. “We need to work smarter and think together

to make the big difference needed. We need to present one clear message and create a strategy we all work together on, all working on it from different angles. “We will never win this game unless we come

together as a team and this is a very serious game.” John Whap talked of how we need both a “discussion point and an action point. We need to be tactful,smarter and well timed like an island dance.”

AIR CHARTER Flown in Single or Twin engined Aircraft TSIRC Mayor Fred Gela addresses the group. By AARON SMITH A SMALL gathering of concerned members of the Torres Strait community gathered at the PKA Hall last Monday to discuss the problems the region will face as sea levels rise and coastal inundation continues. In an event organised by the Goodness Inc, Friends of the Earth, Brisbane and sponsored by the Australian National Commission of UNESCO, various community members voiced their very real concerns

and aspirations of how to deal with the uncertain environmental future. TSIRC Mayor Fred Gela said at the gathering that it was vital we protect now Torres Strait’s assets and people, and, that at some point, some populations on low-lying islands may have to be relocated. And despite upcoming plans for seawall construction and repair, “if a massive glacier melt does happen, then we will have to go back to the drawing board.” Mr Gela, while excited at the recent news

of Federal Government promising seawall funding, there is much more to be done. “Once a funding agreement has been executed, we will be door knocking again on both the State and Federal government for more . . . as this is only a drop in the ocean of what we need to prepare.” Tom Sebasio, who hosted the event, said: “We are human beings and we have a voice, it is vital we continue to talk about this. This is only the start of the conversation” Robert ‘Bongo’ Sagigi

said: “Here we go again. “We need to get this conversation outside of Australia, to get the word out and take it all the way to the UN. “We need to put the Australian Government on notice. I will start making some noise.” Mr Sagigi suggested the Torres Strait should form its own political party to tackle this issue and that of sovereignty, suggesting tariffs on the ocean liners that pass through the region should be given to the region for self management.

Some Thursday Island Street names Shine a Light On our history

Servicing the Torres Strait, including PNG (Daru) & The Cape Friendly Service Call: Fax: Email: Web:

4090 3661 or 1300 136 811 4090 3662

CAIRNS CENTRAL • We are providing value added and fresh chicken cuts to your door • FREE delivery to your preferred transport provider (can include transport costs if required) • Happy to support group orders to save consignment notes We look forward to making your dinners a success! PHONE: 4041 0699 • FAX 4041 0403 CAIRNS CENTRAL SHOPPING CENTRE EMAIL:

This image shows part of the main business area of Thursday Island in around 1895, with the streets as yet unsealed and the well-known Royal Hotel clearly visible in the foreground. By BRIAN RANDALL THE area now comprising the central area of Thursday Island was originally called Port Kennedy, in honour of the former Governor of Queensland, Sir Arthur Edward Kennedy. However, over time, the name Thursday Island became more commonly used as the alternative to the name Port Kennedy. The first formal land survey, with the laying out of the town and its streets, was undertaken in the late 1870s, with the approval for the first sale of town lots, being given on January 29, 1878. The actual sale auction was conducted on April 23, 1878, at which time two of the lots were purchased by the town’s first storekeepers, E.L. Brown and Robert Raff. At this first sale however, more than half the lots were to remain unsold, with the town growing quite slowly during this early period. The names given to the streets at the time of this first sale reflected the colony’s prominent or well-known politicians and civil servants. Chester Street was

named for Henry Chester, the island’s first police magistrate. Jardine Street was named for either John Jardine, the first police magistrate at Somerset or Frank, his son, who was also a Somerset police magistrate. Normanby Street was named for the Marquis of Normanby, former Governor of Queensland, with St. Johns Street named for H. St. John Wood, the surveyor who had laid out the town. Douglas Street was named in honour of Sir John Douglas, Premier of Queensland from 1877 to 1879 and Victoria Street named in honour of Queen Victoria, the then reigning monarch. Blackall Street bears the name of Colonel Samuel Wensley Blackall, Governor of Queensland, who served from 1868 to 1871. Pearl Street was appropriately named for the pearl industry, one of Thursday Island’s most important industries. Finally, Tully Street bears the name of William Adcock Tully, who was the then Under-Secretary of the Queensland Department of Lands and Surveyor-General.

Toll is now servicing Cairns to NPA and The Torres Strait every week. Toll Marine Logistics has the freight service to match your consignment needs. From a document or small parcel through to dangerous goods and bulk commodities, Toll has the experience, the infrastructure and the global networks to get your freight moving – across towns, across countries, across continents and delivered to your door on Thursday Island, Outer Islands, Weipa and Cairns.

Whatever you want to move, whenever you want to move it. Talk to us to see how Toll Marine Logistics can save you money and better serve all your freight requirements. Our brand new Service includes NPA & Outer Islands as of December 10, 2013.

Contact Us For all enquiries call 1800 640 079 or you can contact one of our branches directly. Cairns 07 4241 9804 Thursday Island 07 4069 1239 Cargo acceptance times: Cairns Mon – Wed, 8am – 4pm & Thurs 8am – 2pm & TI Midday Mondays

Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014 Page 9

CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY DESPITE the driving rain, some dedicated residents of Thursday Island braved the elements to help keep Australia beautiful on Sunday March 2.

ABOVE LEFT: Deanne Mosby, Makalya Mosby, Lashontae Mosby, Shemmy Ahmat and Cecilia Utah. ABOVE CENTRE: Snr Sgt Jamie Horn. ABOVE RIGHT: Tom Horn with Jemma and Callum McNicoll. RIGHT: The Evans Family help Shire Council load up their rubbish bags. BELOW: Dorothy Hogan.

Hubba Bubbas (QLD GOVT HUB Public Servants and Family ) onp Bach Beach, Thursday Island.

RIGHT: Tony Lynch and Daynor Tyress. LEFT: Bill Cuthbertson. BELOW LEFT: Joanne Impell and Alex Lyrell. BELOW: The ‘Friday Island beachcombers’ collected approximately 40 bags and lots of other debris. RIGHT: Sara Hillier and Anne Bani. BELOW RIGHT: Inspector David Lacey.

Page 10 Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014

our community 51 Battalion drill on dinghy emergency procedures

THURSDAY Island’s 51 Battalion got the combat boots and camo gear wet with a dip at Bayo Beach last week. They were drilling how to upturn a capsized dinghy, along with other on the water skills.

This one is unique:Nola

Move to raise Age Pension age limit is ‘ill considered’ OLDER Australians have warned Treasurer Joe Hockey off any move to raise the Age Pension age following public comments made recently. Mr Hockey has told media : “. . . the age pension, when it was introduced in the early 1900s, life expectancy was 55. Today, life expectancy is 85 and yet the pension starts at 65.” Media reports have suggested the government may be seriously considering raising the pension age above 67 years. The Age Pension age is already gradually rising from age 65 and by 2023 the Age Pension age will be 67. National Seniors Australia Chief executive Michael O’Neill said any move to raise the Age Pension age would be ill considered. “Without tackling mature age unemployment first, government will be shifting people from one form of welfare to another,” he said.

Nola Page took this photo at Hospital Point on Thursday Island, February 27: “I’ve lived here most of my life and never tire of snapping pictures of sunsets - I have hundreds. But this one is unique.”

Summer season ending George's Garden Tips THE summer season is ending with moderate rainfalls giving green life to the islands. This is a good time to fertilise plants after they have been given a good dose of nitrogen from the rain. Fertiliser bags generally have a ratio reading of N-P-K labelled on the fertiliser bag. These are scientific elements for: N - Nitrogen, is for the leaves P - Phosphorus, is for the roots K - Potassium, is for the flowers and fruit At this time of year, the place goes green from rainfall and you see leaves and grass growing well, but not the flowers or fruit. So, fertilise your plants with little or no Nitrogen (N), little or no Phosphorus (P) and plenty of Potassium (K) for flowers and fruit. An example of a fertiliser bag may read N-P-K (30-10-0) which indicates plants such as lettuce where Nitrogen is needed more than Phosphorus and no Potassium is required. ABOVE: Community Garden Day - St A complete fertiliser may have Pauls - fresh produce, a ratio of N-P-K (30-10-40) which RIGHT: Active lifestyle demonstrated by would be for fruits, vegetables and a community elder in the garden flowering plants.

There are three main fertiliser applications: (1) liquid fertiliser for quick uptake; George Saveka is Torres Strait’s Regional Landcare Facilitator with the Torres Strait (2) dry fertiliser types that Regional Authority Land and Sea Management Unit. George coordinates the Torres Strait kick in a little later; and (3) Sustainable Horticulture Program supporting communities and groups with information time release or slow release and advice for their own community gardens. healthy lifestyles initiatives across the The next TSRA Common Funding fertiliser that releases the fertiliser over a period of time and Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Round opens in March 2014 for Area region. activities commencing from 1 July conditions. Our program goal includes 2014. When buying fertilisers, practice improving the health of indigenous For further information, please reading the N-P-K ratio. This will give you an indication people living in the region through contact the TSRA office on 07 4069 of what is in the fertiliser. Also proactive healthy homes and lifestyle 0700 or visit the website, www.tsra. exercise your knowledge by reading initiatives. the whole label as it may also contain trace elements which are like key vitamins for your plants, for example, iron, calcium (helps root growth), magnesium (helps sugar formation), copper, molybdenum, zinc, boron and sulphur (helps green colour). The directions for the application rate of fertiliser are provided on the fertiliser bags by the manufacturer. If you are unable to fertilise your plants, then add compost or leaf litter after it has decomposed for the upcoming Autumn Season. Happy Gardening, George The TSRA Healthy Communities Program supports a number of Torres News 10 - 16 March 2014 Page 11

Whats happening...

TAGAI STATE COLLEGE Navigating YUMI to a successful future 31 Hargrave Street, Thursday Island,Q 4875

ATTENDANCE REPORT Term 1, Week 5 90% and above Attendance

I DO, WE DO, YOU DO. EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION Every teacher uses the explicit teaching model to design and deliver lessons through a series of supported steps – I Do, We Do, You Do.















We do – Here the students





St Pauls


work with the teacher as more examples are practiced. This gives the students further opportunity to





I do - Teachers explain, model and demonstrate what is to be learned and how to think in this step. The “students’’ job is to watch and listen to the teacher carefully.

It’s how we teach.

be supported until they demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to move the final, independent step.

You do – the final step of the model where students have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery in the skill or knowledge by working independently The teacher is always checking for understanding throughout the lesson to gauge the level of understanding of the explicitly taught concept(s).



90% + Attendance

Campuses who achieved above 90%

Tagai School Council Membership process will be advised soon..


YOU DO e 12’S

grad , 3 1 0 2 of Class

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of all students who completed Year 12 in 2013. The Next Step survey is a brief, confidential survey that gains a comprehensive picture of the employment, study and life choices made by Queensland school completers in the year after they finish Year 12. Between March and June, all our students who completed Year 12 last year can expect to receive instructions to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office to complete the survey. Please encourage them to take part. If their contact details have changed, please assist the interviewer with their updated details or forward the survey to their new address so they can participate. Thank you for your support of the Next Step survey in 2014.

For more information visit step/ or telephone toll free on 1800 068 587. Page 12 Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014

Badhulgaw Ngurpay Lag

GE Left to right Cara Peatfield, Erin Fedorniak, Lauren Dunford, Lisa Loban, Carol England

Badu Campus has gotten off to a good start for 2014. Enrolments are at 204 and 5 new staff (see photo) have joined us this year. All classrooms have been focused on getting routines and rules clear, beginning of year assessment done and getting all our groups organised for Guided Reading, Spelling Mastery, Cars and Stars and Number. All of these groups are now working well and student learning is forging ahead. Teacher aides have met and set expectations for 2014 and now have now done a self-reflection and assessment using those expectations. We have also done more professional development

Guided reading planning

on teaching reading through our Guided Reading groups. I want to congratulate all our Teacher Aides on the great job they are continuing to do this year. Thank you to all the community members and parents who have already been supporting our campus. We have had a great turn-up for the college consultation around the Independent Public School, our first P&C meeting and AGM and our leader’s parade where we had around 40 parents come and join us. We look forward to talking to every family this week about student PET plans

Reef Guardian schools project

We look forward to talking to every family this week about student “PET plans” Mer Eruer Uteb

Last week saw the induction of our new Mer Eruer Uteb leaders for 2014. Congratulations and

good luck for the year goes out to Our School captains are Jadah Aitken – Captain (Yr 7), Swana Salee – Vice Capt (yr 7) , Tagai Tapau - Captain (yr 6) and Gagee Barsa – Vice Capt (Yr 7).Our House Captains are Tyrese Sisa, Ediana Capt, and Sam-boy Passi , Adai Capt. Our new School Council is Ray Noah, April Tabo, Gedor Zaro, Maki Kubud, Norm Marou, Azaliah Salee Mr Tonon visited our school on Thursday and Friday with a special visitor, Timmy the Turtle from the Miss Sarah’s Yr1-3 class on Masig Island. They were visiting Miss Hayley’s Yr. 1-2 class and there special friend Leonardo the turtle. Photos and emails were exchanged between the classes. A very exciting adventure.

Congratulations and good luck “Leaders” & House Captains

Waybeni Buway Ngurpay Mudh Our Campus has been busy conducting “Guided Reading lessons”. Teachers’ Aides and Teachers are supporting students at our campus with reading and sight word games. Students are enjoying our listening post lessons as well.

Waybeni Campus Guided “Reading” Lesson Plans

Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014 Page 13


6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 9:30 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “Irresistable” (M l,s,a,v) - Sophie is convinced that her husband’s beautiful co-worker, Mara, is stalking her. 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 The Block: Fans Vs Faves 9:40 The NRL Footy Show - Join Fatty Vautin, Michael Slater, Erin Molan, Beau Ryan and Darryl Brohman, along with the game’s biggest names for all the fun and all things footy in the show’s 21st year 10:40 Fat Tony & Co 11:40 The AFL Footy Show 1:30 Extra 2:00 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

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Page 14 Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014


SUDOKU No. 189

Your  Lucky 



Stars  

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th) A longstanding friend could use a wardrobe update. Don’t be too critical of them. Instead, take them out for a shopping spree! Romance. You must be careful to consider your partner’s needs, even if they don’t express them directly to you. You may need to dig a little.

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th) A friend’s negative comment may be more self-reflective than anything. Ask how they are doing this week. They may be struggling. Romance. Your keen sense of style will get you noticed by a member of the opposite sex. Keep up the good work because it’s working!

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st)


You may be surprised how quickly a new friendship becomes more demanding. You may not be ready for someone with so much energy. Romance. A person whom you have not seen for many months will suddenly be back in your life. Avoidance is not an option here.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st) A colleague at work could cause problems. You will be seeing a lot of this person in the future, so try not to be too hard on them. Settle differences early to prevent trouble later. Romance. A new relationship will become more serious. You may find the pace a little daunting!

CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd) You may have more work to do than you realise. You cannot do it all by yourself and must find a way to get more support from your colleagues. Romance. Introducing your new partner to your friends could be overwhelming. Rest assured, they are going to love your mate.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd)


Don’t let new ideas go to waste. While they may not be used immediately, they may create talk about similar projects at work. Romance. If you follow other people’s ideas you will get nowhere. You need to take control of your relationship and guide it where you want.

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd) You could easily get bogged down in phone calls and red-tape at work. Make sure that you focus your energy on what is important. Romance. Life is too short to spend it in a relationship you are not happy with. You may need to do some soul-searching later this week.

LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd)

For all your printing needs –


A flexible approach will help you to get what you want. Don’t let other people’s standards prevent you from looking at this from a fresh angle. Romance. Your mate may be holding you back from making serious personal progress. Try to get them on board and you’ll both succeed.

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd) Your relationship with a person whom you depend on may be going through some ups and downs at the moment. Be there for them as much as you can. Romance. A potential mate could be waiting for you at a local shop, restaurant or market. Be on the lookout for them!

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st) This is not a good time to try to make any changes in your work life. Those with authority are too busy to sit and listen to your ideas. Save them for another week. Romance. Your criteria may be set too high when looking for qualities in a mate. Create a new list and go forward.


An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.


CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th) Make sure you can tell the difference between the things that you know are true and those that you just want to believe in. Romance. You may find yourself defining who you are by who your mate is. Avoid this pitfall and do your best to keep your own unique identity.

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th) You will probably not feel like going out anywhere. Have a quiet evening at home. In a few days you will be in a better mood. You could use a rest! Romance. Things may not be going as quick as you would like them to. Be patient and understanding of your partner.


Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014 Page 15

Trades & Services Directory ACCOMMODATION



& WEED CONTROL ►CBD (Supermarkets/Post Office/Banks/Newsagent/Cellars) ►24 hour ‘Check-in’ ►Self-contained Apartments ►Queen/Twin Bedrooms ►Wireless Internet ‘hot spot’ ►All rooms with own private balcony ►Cable TV service ►BBQ / Gazebo & Pool ►Undercover & Secure Car Parking ►Tour bookings & Car Hire ►Direct on-line booking via Website

71 Lake Street, CAIRNS QLD 4870 Phone: 07 4041 2350 Fax: 07 4041 2420

Email: Web Site:



Termite Specialists

ABN 74 061 168 036 BSA 106 0874 Termites, Pre-treats, Pre-purchase & Termite Reports Reticulation & Baiting Systems Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents, Fleas etc

Servicing Cardwell to Cape York & Torres Strait 199 Newell St Bungalow Ph: 4054 2888 E:


Call us for our Best Rates. 6 McLeod Street Cairns Ph: (07) 4051 5050 Fax: (07) 4051 5161


Attention-seeking space seeks like-minded advertiser THIS COLOUR SPACE COSTS ONLY $50 PER WEEK* Email or call 1300 867 737 *CONDITIONS APPLY – MINIMUM 6 WEEK BOOKING


Rescue Foster Adopt

An animal rescue group based in Cairns that is the only animal rescue dedicated to helping stray, unwanted and neglected animals in the Torres Straits. We provide veterinary care and rely on dedicated and passionate foster carers to provide a loving home for rescued animals until the right forever family is found. For help or further information please call Hannah on 0402 354 249 or email

Tax Help With  Salary & wage returns  Capital gains  Rental properties  Shares & Investments  Multiple year tax returns All Return Types  Personal, business and partnership We will find every possible deduction and make sure you receive your tax refund promptly. Suite 1 140 Mulgrave Road CAIRNS

Shop 21 Campus Shopping Village, SMITHFIELD

4051 6315

SMALL BUSINESS AND REMOTE AREA SPECIALISTS We take the burden out of tax for you

ROTARYCLUB CLUBMEETINGS MEETINGS TI TI ROTARY Thursday Island Thursday Island Rotary Rotary ClubClub Meets at 7am Meets at 7.00am Friday Morning Breakfast Friday Morning Breakfast Meeting Meeting at the Grand Hotel at Federal Hotel. Visitors Welcome. Visitors welcome! Inquiries 4069 1531 Inquiries 0438 747 853

MARINE TRANSPORT TORRES STRAIT (Trading as Wis Wei Boat Charters)

Horn Island

Available for day trips, camping trips, Charters to: Seisa, POW, Hammond, TI and other nearby islands.


4050 7500

Servicing the Cape & Torres Strait Communities

Page 16 Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014

Submission Application must be received on the deadline set, late applications will not be accepted.

The TSY&RSA, acting on behalf of Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA), is responsible for the allocation and administration of subsidy funds for sports and recreational activities to benefit people from within the Torres Strait Region.

Torres Strait Regional Authority Common Funding Round 2014 - 2015 The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) is calling for applications from Torres Strait lslander and Aboriginal organisations and individuals within the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area for grant funding for activities commencing 1 July, 2014, under the following Programs: Governance and Leadership Program - Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) Capacity Building Initiatives Eligible projects under this program include: • Contribution towards the administrative costs associated with establishing and maintaining a PBC Office • Initiatives that increase the capacity of elected PBC Officers to perform their duties • Initiatives that support PBCs to engage with communities on Native Title issues Governance and Leadership Program - Indigenous Broadcasting Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Operational support for Indigenous broadcasting services (including RIBS) • Regional Indigenous Media Organisation (RIMO) Support • Upgrade of broadcasting equipment Healthy Communities Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Healthy Homes initiatives (including health promotion and education) • Healthy Lifestyles initiatives and minor infrastructure

Grant Application forms and Program Guidelines specific to each program are available at www. under the ‘Grant Funding’ menu. Application kits and further information can also be obtained by contacting the TSRA on (07) 4069 0700.

Phone Vince: 0429 631 844

Phone Dave, Paul or Kym

Friday, March 21, 2014 4PM

Culture Art and Heritage Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Support for the development of artist careers • Locally managed community cultural projects (festivals, exhibitions etc) • Costs associated with the revitalization and /or maintenance of endangered Torres Strait languages • Support for purchase of Arts material and Production costs to develop traditional and contemporary artforms • Production costs for projects and events as well as marketing costs for the promotion of a cultural / artistic event


10 Comport Street, Cairns

Submission Application Closing Date: Time:

Safe Communities Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Social services initiatives such as: • Indigenous women, men and children social development and support programs • Child and family safety programs • Safe and accessible community initiatives such as: • Safe communities infrastructure and equipment including land and sea communications systems • Community capacity building and awareness


....for SALES & SERVICE of Kubota Construction Equipment & Generators, Iseki & Massey Ferguson Tractors & Kanga Loaders

Sport and Recreation Funds are available to cater for Sport and Recreation purposes from April 1, 2014 – June 30, 2014

For further information or to obtain a Submission Application Form, you can contact: Administrator: Mrs Agnes Bani on 4069 2484

LUXURY SUITES Opposite Myer / Cairns Central We are perfectly located for your next visit.


Applications Close at 4 pm on Tuesday 8 April 2014 Completed applications should be marked ‘TSRA Common Funding Round’and emailed to:

Want your Trades & Services ad to REALLY stand out? Call 1300 867 737 to discuss your COLOUR advertising TODAY!

Alternatively, applications may be posted to: The Chief Executive Officer Torres Strait Regional Authority PO Box 261 Thursday Island Qld 4875 Applications received after 4 pm on 8 April 2014 will not be considered unless prior approval for a late submission has been obtained in writing from the relevant TSRA Program Manager

CLASSIFIEDS Port Kennedy Association

FOR SALE 1954 MASSEY FERGUSON Tractor. Runs well, $4000 ono. Phone 4090 3840.

DATE CLAIMER TOMBSTONE UNVEILING Late Mr Job Uta (Jnr) and Baby Kayla Uta. September 27, 2014. Thursday Island Cemetery. Phone Mrs Katy Uta on 0455 602 351 for more information.

Hobbytex Distributor. For your supplies Phone Jenny on 0412 752 220.

MINI MARKETS Come along and grab a bargain!

Saturday, March 22, 2014 9.00am to 12.00pm port Kennedy Hall

For more information or to book a stall contact the Port Kennedy office on (07) 4069 2306

Date Claimer Tombstone Unveiling of Late Joel Nona Late Deacon Ewelu Williams Late Mrs Bethel Williams

Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Badu Island. Mrs Patricia R Nona (Phone: 0499 168 473) Mr Dick Williams (Phone: 0457 441 015)


24 Hour Service for DV CONNECT Telephone 1800 811 811 – Lena Passi Women’s Shelter NPA WOMEN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HELP 24 Hour Crisis Shelter Ph: 4069 3020


TORRES NEWS Box ad bookings:

Noon, Wednesday before publication

Box ad material:

Date Claimer Friday, October 24

The tombstone unveiling of the late

Mr Marwer Depoma. Mer (Murray Island) cemetery.

Contact Bishop Mabo: 0498 111 495 or Mrs Mabo: 0459 486 509

UNIT FOR RENT 22 Clark St, Thursday Island Spacious 3 Bedroom unit available for rent in secure complex. Modern kitchen, fully air conditioned, tiled throughout with security screens. You own Car port BBQ area with shade sails and landscaped gardens. To arrange an inspection, please feel free to contact: Peter Fraser on 0428 292 362 or Allan Godfrey on 0409 789 370

POSITION VACANT COOk / kITCheN MANAger Full TIMe Australian Reef Pilots are seeking a Full time Cook/Kitchen Manager for out Pilot house in John Street, Thursday Island. • Immediate Start • Full time • Cook for group of approx. 10 people • Must be able to manage stores and ordering • Responsible for rostering relief cook and other houskeeping staff For further information please contact Amanda Brancheau on (07) 3666 4000 or Applications close on Friday, March 14.

Noon, Wednesday before publication


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation will hold its first Healing Gathering (Iling Sidaun) for the Torres Strait and Kaurareg regions in the week of 19 to 23 May, 2014. Please look out for further details about the Gathering closer to the date. For more information please contact: Mr Frank S Cook, Project Officer – Healing Foundation, Thursday Island. Phone 0407 074 951 or email Apologies for the mis-spelling of Iling Sidaun in the previous edition of Torres News.

Line classifieds: 10.30am, Thursday before publication


Torres shire CounCil


To lead, provide & facilitate

The Seisia Fishing Association is having its AGM at 4pm on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

Torres Shire Garden Fair 2014 Date Claimer

Nominations are now open and close with the Secretary, Saturday, March 22 at 4pm. Nomination forms can be obtained from the secretary or at the club. Please note all nominators, nominees and seconders must be fully paid up members. Persons holding temporary membership are unable to participate. Please ensure that you are a financial member. Forms must be lodged with the secretary. Fax 4069 3765, email or hand delivered. Cheryl Sanders—Secretary

Date: Saturday 29 March 2014 Venue: ANZAC Park Time: 9am to 1pm Theme: Healthy Lifestyle – Getting your garden started. For further information, please contact the Events Coordinator at Torres Shire Council on (07) 4069 1336


Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014 Page 17


Urab and Zogo Tudi dancers light up Clancestry




EA FFK Depart Thursday Island: 6:30am and 2:30pm PSEO N EASO A FE RY K Depart Thursday Island: 6:30am and 2:30pm SEARSO Depart Seisia: 8am and 4pm N O FE RRF YF Depart Seisia: essential. 8am and 4pm Bookings PEAK Depart Thursday Island: 6:30am and 2:30pm SEASO Bookings essential. Boarding 15mins prior to departure N FERRY Depart Seisia: 8am 4pm Boarding prior toand departure *Please contact us15mins or check online for changes to the ferry OFF Bookings essential. schedule around holidays asfor variations occur. *Please contact uspublic or check online changesmay to the ferry PEonly. schedule around publicFerry holidays as to variations may occur. A Boarding 15mins prior departure Monday 7thDepart Oct Public Holiday. Peddells Service will operate an afternoon service Thursday Island: 6:30am and 2:30pm SEASO K N Depart Thursday IslandHoliday. 2:30pm and Seisia 4pm. One way travel only available on this FE date. R Monday 7th Oct *Please Public Ferry Service operate service only. RY contactPeddells us Seisia: or check online forwill changes toan theafternoon ferry Depart 8am and 4pm Depart Thursday schedule Island 2:30pm and Seisiaholidays 4pm. One travelmay onlyoccur. available on this date. around public as way variations essential. “Linking theBookings Cape toprior thetowillTorres Strait” Monday 7th Oct Public Holiday. Peddells Ferry Service operate an afternoon service only. Boarding 15mins departure Depart Thursday Island 2:30pm and Seisia 4pm. travel only available on this date. “Linking the Cape to One thewayTorres Strait”


ABOVE: Singing team. RIGHT: Urab and Zogo Tudi Dance teams. BELOW: Urab Dancer (Poruma Island) doing the Silk Dance.

February and March 2014: “Linking the Cape to the Torres Strait” Monday, Wednesday, Friday *Please contact us or check online for changes to the ferry schedule around public holidays as variations may occur.

Monday 7th Oct Public Holiday. Peddells Ferry Service will operate an afternoon service only. Depart Thursday Island 2:30pm and Seisia 4pm. One way travel only available on this date.

“Linking the Cape to the Torres Strait” RESERVATIONS ESSENTIAL

RESERVATIONS ESSENTIAL PHONE: 07 4069 1551 Book online www.peddellsferry, PHONE: 07 4069 1551


PHONE: 07 4069 1551


Book online www.peddellsferry,


PHONE: 07 4069 1551 Book online www.peddellsferry,



McDONALD CHARTER BOATS Phone: 1300 664 875 Fax: (07) 4090 3628 Email:


Page 18 Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014

<< From Page 3 We would also like to acknowledge and thank the festival host Queensland Performing Arts Centre for providing funding to enable both dance team the opportunity to share our culture at this festival and also to Miss Nancy Bamage Guest Gurator Community Program. Special thanks to Warraberalgal Fisherman’s Association for your support through sponsorship. I would also like to recognize two others members of the team Daniel Billy from Yulara Ayers Rock and Mark Mosby from Sydney who have always travelled at their own expense to be part of our tour and have been for the last couple of years. Our appreciation extends to Kathy Mari & Primrose Bowie from Toowoomba, Cornwell Pearson from Ipswich, Phillemon Pearson, Mr and Mrs David Fauid, Mr & Mrs Jonathon Pearson and families, Miss Edna Billy and Miss Sandra Mau. Your commitments, efforts and valuable time is an amazing testimony and example of someone who holds high regards and value for your traditional culture and practices in spite of where you are, what you doing and how long you guys have been away from your home. The 2014 Urab & Zogo Tudi Team consisted of the following members; Mrs Mary Mosby, Miss Alice Fauid, Mr David Fauid, Jeffery Pearson, Cornwell Pearson, Jenson Larry, Gibson Billy, Samuel Gaidan, Mark Fauid, Shaquille Clark, Daniel David, Daniel Billy, Mrs Laura Billy, Mrs Alang Enosa, Miss Sandra Mau, Kathy Mari, Primrose Bowie, Panai Billy, Dawson Sailor, Amanda Sailor, Mr John Bob, Edward Mari, Kabay Tamu, Johnthon Bowie, Young Billy, Dennis Harry and Robert Billy. I am truly overwhelmed, impressed and proud of both teams for their efforts, commitments and enthusiasm it clearly demonstrate are sense of pride and dignity and belonging for their culture, people, island and nation. They did exceptionally well and supported each other all the way both off and on stage. They danced and sang knowing that they represented two unique communities whom share are common history, secondly that we are nation of people who are entertainers, who love singing and dancing, we dance and sing with heavy heart and tears of joy reminiscing of former dancing grounds and those custodians whom guarded those grounds with pride and dignity especially who are our former pillars and our unsung hero’s. Their standard of performance is are true credit to their respective cultural practitioners, trainers and elders of both Poruma and Waraber Island. As the Tour Manager for 2014 Urab and Zogo Tudi dancers I would like to acknowledge and express my gratitude of thanks to both our Porumalgal and Warraberalgal Elders, Leaders and Cultural Practitioners past and present for your continuous support, leadership and commitment to ensure the preservation and maintenance of our traditional culture and Ailan Kastom and Pasin. Secondly I would like to thank all my peers, our young people, youths and children for your interest, enthusiasm and passion, always remember you are the future leaders, custodians and ambassadors of our culture and heritage. It is are privilege and are true honour to be entrusted by both elders and leaders and people of Poruma and Warraber to lead the Urab & Zogo Tudi Dancers to share and promote our culture and identity at this Clancestry 2014.


Zabberal runners-up in Rugby 7s On arrival in Cairns, the girls undertook fitness circuits and trained with Jordon Goddard from Rugby Union Australia. Team captain Elsie Seriat said: “The name Zabberal (Garfish) which is a common fish found in the Straits, perfectly identified where our team comes from. “The mat design on the jersey represented the unity of everyone coming together as one and the head dress, designed by Ashleigh Ah Boo, identified us has proud Torres Strait Islanders.” The team wishes to thank Australian Rugby Union, especially Jule Lawson and Jordon Goddard for their support and assistance, the Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development team, especially Tom Evens and Mel Howie, Cr Mario Sabatino, Hammond Island Council, Dania Ahwang, for their support and auspicing funds and sports and rec, Agnes Bani, for their support and funding. Most importantly we wish to thank our community for their

<< From Page 20

The tournament on February 22 this year has been held in Cairns for the past two years and has become a bigger each year. It is named after three Indigenous brothers: Mark, Glen, and Gary Ella who all represented the Wallabies in the 1980s. The Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team holds the event to help promote Rugby 7’s among Indigenous Women and Men. The event has been gaining popularity over recent years and is known for its fast pace and high entertainment value. Rugby 7’s will debut in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Zabberal team was: Elsie Seriat, (Captain and Manager), Anastaysa Sagigi, Ayesha Kapa, Rosie Baragud, Natasha Fujii and Tanisha Seden, joined in Cairns by Alicia Sabadi, Alisha Monkland (Qld Rep), Darusha Bullio, Kate Van Dorssen, Jamie Hisplop and coach Lasmintan Ah Boo.

support, those who bought at our cake stalls and the many kind hearted people who donated money, especially, Gaynor Byers - Health Information Manager at Thursday Island Hospital, for her personal large donation. We would also like to thank Jacob Wienert, Steve Heemi, Vimal Shankaran, and Tauvale Faleano for their assistance to help coach the girls with the rules and skills.We would like to thank Sash Kai Kai (Gregory and Sharron Wardle) and Trevor Foster for keeping the girls healthy with great meals. The girls’ are currently looking for sponsors to help them cover the costs involved in traveling to Sydney for their next trip. If you wish to help sponsor the team or can give donations to help cover costs and expenses, Anyone interested in playing, including males and females for an under 18’s team Please contact Lasmintan Ah Boo (0428 352 258).

ABOVE: Zabberal – Back row: Jamie Hislop, Kate Van Dorssen, Ayesha Kapa, Darusha Bullio, Anastasya Sagigi, Elsie Seriat, Alicia Sabadi. Front row: Natacha Fujii, Rosie Baragud, Tanisha Seden, Alisha Monkland. BELOW: The team in Alice Springs, December 2013. from left to right: Marama Wapau, Rosie Baragud, Tanisha Seden, Bo Dela Ware (Australian Rugby 7’s player), Isa Matthews, Julie Lawson, Lasmintan Ah Boo, Caroline Bon, unknown, Jordon Goddard.

LEFT: Ayesha Kapa holds up a good defence. RIGHT:Tanisha Seden goes for the tackle.

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10 - 16 March 2014 Page 19

Sport Boxing a big hit with Boigu’s Pamai TORRES NEWS


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Sports reports deadline is NOON, Wednesday prior to publication

By ALF WILSON SEVENTEEN-year-old Boigu Islander girl Pamai Dau is one of 10 Torres Strait Islander youngsters learning the skills of box-

ing. Pamai is a boarding student at Shalom Christian College in Townsville and has been taking part in boxing lessons there under the watchful eyes

Pamai Dau and her boxing gloves.

of Ramon Ey and Derek Webber from the local Fighting Fit Gym. The Torres News was invited to a training session at the college multi purpose sporting hall on February 28 and found Pamai enthusiastic. “This is good for fitness and learning about self defence and I want to have some amateur bouts soon. “It is also really good fun. I also intend to join a local boxing club,” she said. Pamai showed she packed a power punch when as she went through some drills with Derek. She looked very sharp as she fine tuned her punching skills. Derek has Torres Strait Islander heritage on one side of his family line and said he was delighted that more than 30 students

Pamai Dau doing some close glove work with trainer Derek Webber. turned out for the boxing classes. Shalom teacher Mark Burgess, who is head of the college’s Health and Physical Education and Sports Academy, said boxing was part of a diverse sporting program at the school including three weekly boxing lessons. “These include footwork drills, conditioning exercises and learning proper stances and technique, including different

boxing combinations and sparring. “The training helps students to understand they have to be disciplined if they want to succeed. Students learn that if you don’t do the things you’re supposed to do - body conditioning, your eating habits, how you take care of yourself and the decisions that you make - then you can’t participate to the best of your ability in the sporting arena.

“These lessons carry over into the classroom and everyday life. Students must sign a Code of Conduct and perform well outside the program which includes attending all of their classes and having a positive attitude,” Mr Burgess said. Mr Burgess said boxing can benefit young people because of the physical outlet, positive role modelling and character-building aspects

of being involved in an activity that requires patience, focus and grace under pressure. “They learn to think before they act (or react), and are able to let out frustration and energy (or anger) in a positive way. It brings discipline and structure to their lives at a time when teenagers typically want to test the boundaries that parents and families are trying to set for them,” he said.

Zabberal runners-up in Rugby 7s By LASMINTAN AH BOO WOMEN’S Rugby 7 team, Zabberal, from Thursday Island were runners-up in the grand final of the FNQ QAIHC Ella 7’s Rugby tournament at Barlow Park in Cairns on Saturday February 22, 2014. The girls started off well winning their first two games and continued to demonstrate their sporting skills to get into the Grand Finals, winning $500 as the runners-up being defeated by the Black Gems. This was an amazing event as the first girls’ 7’s team from the Torres Strait to compete in this competition. With little knowledge of the game when they first arrived in Cairns, the Australia Rugby Union team gave us great assistance before and during the event to help the girls achieve the knowledge and skills of the game needed to go as far as they did in the competition. All the girls showed exceptional sporting talents on the day. The interest in this event grew from when four girls from Thursday Island participated in the National Indigenous Schoolgirl Ella Sevens Championships in Alice Springs in December last year. Some 55 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Elsie Seriat scores. Page 20 Torres News

10 - 16 March 2014

Natasha Fujii makes a break in game one. school girls between the ages of 15 and 17 took part and the event also provided personal development programs including: education, employment, leadership, and mental health. When Isa Matthew, Tanisha Sedan, Rosie Baragud, and Caroline Bon returned home and shared their wonderful experience, interest in Rugby 7’s grew until a fully staffed women’s team from Thursday Island, including two of the original girls was created. << Continued Page 19.

Torres news 2014 03 10