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News & events of the Kaurareg homeland of Kaiwalagal, the Torres Strait homeland, and Cape York homelands of the Anggamuthi, Atambaya, Wuthathi, Yadhaykenu and Gudang Peoples

24 - 30 March 2014 • Thursday Island • • • Edition No. 1108 • $2.00 inc. GST

Firies awarded for long-standing service

Fire Chef David Prain (left) with Captain Richard Mohumad, Torres Shire Mayor Pedro Stephen, Lieutenant Robert Tapim and Inspector Gavin Holden, at Richard and Robert’s Diligent and Ethical Service medal presentation, recognising their contribution to the community for over 10 years. More on Page 2.>>


It’s another rushed job by the Government, where they are implementing something at the blink of an eye.


They can’t expect community to be willingly involved with something they do not own or support in the first instance.


. . . Tell us what are the five things that keep them awake at night from a health point of view.

Mayors opposed to proposed Hospital Board

‘Gov’t throws baby out with bathwater’ By AARON SMITH TSIRC Mayor Fred Gela and Torres Shire Mayor Pedro Stephens are united in their stand against the

proposed amalgamated Health Board being imposed upon the region by the Queensland Government on July 1. It will see the Torres Strait and

NPA joined with the rest of the Cape, and community leaders fear it will further erode medical services to the area. “It’s another rushed job by the

Government, where they are implementing something at the blink of an eye,” Mayor Gela said. While Mayor Stephen said: “They can’t expect community to be

willingly involved with something they do not own or support in the first instance.” Continued Page 3. >>


Firies awarded for service to the community By AARON SMITH THURSDAY Island’s longestserving firies were awarded last week for their service to the community. Captain Richard Muhamad, with almost 15 years service, and Lieutenant Robert Tapim, with 12 years service, were both awarded the Diligent and Ethical Service Medals on Wednesday March 19. The award was presented by Torres Shire Mayor Pedro Stephen and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) Inspector Gavin Holden, the Area Commander for Far North Queensland. This medal has been instituted by the QFRS Commissioner to recognise staff and volunteers who have distinguished themselves over a prolonged period (at least ten years) and who have been committed to ethical standards, diligence and integrity. QFRS Chief David Prain said in perhaps a Freudian slip: “I’d like to welcome you all, ladies, gentlemen and extinguished guests. I’m very happy for these two blokes on this happy occasion. What these guys do is offer commitment to their families and

communities 24/7.” All the firies’ beepers then went in unison, but luckily it was just a routine drill and not an example of how they are always on call. Mayor Pedro Stephen said: “The work these guys do is of the highest order in the community. “Thanks to these men we have a safe environment and they are often out there keeping it safe while most of us are sleeping. “What they represent is that voluntary spirit that is quite honestly wearing a bit thin in this country, but still when the chips are down men like these show us that spirit. “I would also like to thank David Prain for his many years of leadership.” QFRS Inspector Gavin Holden said: “It is so important we have local involvement in the emergency services like what Richard and Robbie have shown us and I call out to other members of the community to step forward and help their community.” Anyone interested in becoming an auxiliary firefighter should contact Thursday Island Fire station on 4069 1275, or come by the fire station Wednesdays at 6pm.

Richard and Robert with their families.

The Thursday Island Fire Crew.

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Page 2 Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014


We will be definitely pursuing it again politically.


Pedro and I will be standing collectively and submitting something to the Minister ...


I am going to stand with Fred Gela on this, as this board will not be ours.

‘Gov’t throws baby out with bathwater’ << From Page 1 The Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service (TCHHS) will replace the Cape York HHS and the Torres Strait-Northern Peninsula HHS, serendipitously or not, on the same day as the Coming of the Light Holiday. Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said they are looking for Expressions of Interest from qualified people who wish to be considered for board membership, and Bob McCarthy, Cape York HHS Chair, has been given the job of sugar coating the bitter pill. He returned for a second visit to the Torres Strait and the NPA last week. “We need to get this up and running. “We can get the experts and the academics, but what we need to know then is what the community really wants. I am sure many of the issues will be around improving preventative medicine,” Mr McCarthy said. “We are fair dinkum about this if the community is. “What I really want Mr Gela, Mr Stephen and (TSRA Chairman) Mr Joseph Elu to do, as the three key leaders in the community, plus any other key people in the community, is to tell us what are the five things that keep them awake at night from a

health point of view.” For Cr Gela and Cr Stephen it would have to be the very structure of the amalgamated board that worries them. Cr Gela said: “We are very much concerned about the composition of the board. If the board will be focussing on the strategic delivery of service, how will they really know what is going on around the community and that the grassroots voice is heard by them. “The bottom line is services in the region are falling over, so it needs to be asked who is at the top of the pecking order, it’s the CEO, and who is the CEO will control the board. So how do we get the commitment that the grassroots voice will filter up and that there will be a reasonable level of engagement between the board and the community.” Cr Gela said that these concerns were raised during a previous conversation with Minister Springborg. “The Minister’s comment to us at that time was it is still too far off to establish a board, but that he would come back and talk to us again before any decisions were made and respond to us in writing what HSS Board would actually look like, but that didn’t eventuate. “He failed to honour his commitment,” Mr Gela said. “Our concerns then, and now,

are the legislative make up of the composition of the board “What we requested then is that amendments be made that look at Torres Strait and the NPA which acknowledged that we do have the academics and that we need to ensure our representation needs are met.” Mr McCarthy acknowledged that he was not in a position to fulfil Cr Gela’s request and that Cr Gela would need to consult the Minister about those concerns. However he doubted it would sway the Minister’s position. Mr McCarthy also admitted there will only be so much the new board can do. “We will limited to a degree with what we can do as the pot is only so big; it’s not a magic pudding,” Mr McCarthy said. Cr Gela said: “This was another worry we flagged to Mr McCarthy; the methodology of distribution of the combined budget of $160 million. “Also we have concerns of federal funding allocated over a four year period for the area under treaty provision, will that be managed separately?” Mr McCarthy is determined to get the bones of the Board established by mid-May, so he can cover most of the bases of the legislation and have the first meeting on or around July 1. “I don’t want a debating society with 50 people in the room with con-

flicting views, what I need is 8-10 people I can talk to regularly that represent the interests of the community where we can have a reasonable conversation,” Mr McCarthy said. “The requirements of the legislation is the board must have a medico, a nurse, and we will be looking for someone with business skills, people involved in the community, and people with financial skills and legal skills.” Mr McCarthy said people that have already applied are welcome to re-apply. “Just because we have not contacted them does not mean we will no reconsider their application. If they were to let us know they previously applied and are still interested, there is no need to redo all the paper work,” he said. Minister Springborg said the selection and appointment process was governed by legislation and required strict adherence to set guidelines and appointments would be announced following this process. Mayor Stephen said he told Mr McCarthy that, “even if we get involved with bringing community voice to this amalgamated board they will be given authority over something that is not theirs. “I met with (Member for Cook) David Kempton recently and he said the State is looking at empowering

Cape York Aboriginal community Apunipima, and he suggested we adopt a similar structure. “I then told him that they adopted the structure from the existing Torres Strait and NPA HSS Board model, which he said he didn’t know. “The government has thrown the baby out with the bath water and will create something which is totally not community. “I will not be caught up with the time frame of the government come July 1. “I am going to stand with Fred Gela on this, as this board will not be ours,” Cr Stephen said. Cr Gela said: “Pedro and I will be standing collectively and submitting something to the Minister, just to highlight the previous commitment he promised and our formal requests that were previously submitted to him. “We will be definitely pursuing it again politically. “The TSIRC are not arguing with the composition of the board, we just wanted an amendment that would ensure that there is a representation of the two mayors and the TSRA Chair. “The mechanisms of the past had the two mayors, the TSRA Chair, NGO representatives, Queensland Government and the Health department all at the table. That was a great recipe.”

Board amalgamation an important first step: Kempton DAVID Kempton (right), Assistant Minister for Indigenous and Torres Strait Island Affairs said the amalgamation of the Peninsula and Torres health boards would reduce duplicity and provide moreefficient and cost-effective health services to the Torres Strait. “The delivery of health services will be maintained with some local

input for now. “There will be ongoing discussions between myself, the Minister, health boards and local councils to agree upon a model that will eventually see the delivery of primary health care become the responsibility of local communities. “This amalgamation is an im-

portant first step toward that goal,” Mr Kempton said. Mr Kempton was replying to the Mayors Pedro Stephen and Fred BGela. See above. He said on a number of levels, it “made sense” to provide regional communities the opportunity to take responsibility for and deliver its own health services.

“Ultimately these primary services may be delivered by a local board,” he said. “I have not suggested that Apunipima take on this role, I have simply used the organisation as an example of how the transition might be implemented. “There are added benefits of career opportunities training and

employment for local people as well as greater input to preventative Health measures and I ask the local mayors to be patient and work with me as we head toward these goals.”

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Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014 Page 3


Early eye disease diagnosis a good IDEA

By ALF WILSON EARLY diagnosis of eye diseases which will result in a decrease in blindness in Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people around Queensland people is now much easier because of the Indigenous Diabetes Eyes and Screening (IDEAS) Project’s highly successful roadshow. The IDEAS Project is funded to the tune of $5 million by Queensland Health over the next two years, via the Diamond Jubilee Partnerships Ltd. This pilot project is aimed at treating and preventing avoidable blindness in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Queensland. The IDEAS van, the true star of the roadshow, and currently travelling to nine regional Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS), will provide education, equipment, treatment and specialist support to twenty-seven

AMS throughout Queensland. The nine regional hubs the IDEAS van will be continually traveling to are, Morayfield, Hervey Bay, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns, Mount Isa, Charleville, and Toowoomba. State of the art equipment is in a van being pulled by a Volvo FH-16 truck and was in Townsville on February 12. It had travelled up from Brisbane and was going to Cairns and Mount Isa afterwards. The Torres News visited the van in Townsville and spoke to 16-year-old Townsville girl Harriet Tapim who had her eyes tested. “This really good equipment and do my eyes look good,” Harriet asked Ryan Heggie from Device Technologies which provides the equipment. Mr Heggie said that whilst her eyes looked normal he was not a

ABOVE: Harriet Tapim has her eyes tested.. LEFT: The IDEAS van. doctor. Ltd in this groundbreaking initia- its kind in the world, and we at DJPL are pleased to be involved Aboriginal 57-year-old Tom tive,” Mr Button said. Martin also had his eyes checked “A priority of ours is to improve with delivering quality eye care to on another machine and was im- access to good quality health care for Indigenous Queenslanders with this pilot project,” Ms De Marco said. pressed. Indigenous Queenslanders. “Our aim with the IDEAS project “This is awesome equipment “The IDEAS van will travel to and one of these costs more than each of the nine regional hubs around is to help reduce preventable blind$40,000. This is good for our Queensland every four to five weeks, ness from diabetes through education, people,” Mr Martin said. staying for two days, and completing equipment, and specialist clinic support. Many Torres Strait Islander ten visits annually. “The IDEAS van will enhance men, women and children are “The nine regional hubs the expected to be checked in the van in IDEAS van will be continually trave- existing services and clinic space coming months especially in highly ling to are, Morayfield, Hervey Bay, as needed by local and visiting populated Townsville and Cairns. Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, medical professionals.” Ms De Marco Selwyn Button, CEO, QAIHC, Cairns, Mount Isa, Charleville, and commented. The Roadshow will seek to engage and a major partner in the Diamond Toowoomba.” Mr Button stated. Jubilee Partnerships Ltd with this Lyndall De Marco, Executive the local community, AMS Staff, project, has welcomed the launch Director, Diamond Jubilee Partner- General Practitioners, Optometrists, of the IDEAS roadshow. ship Ltd (DJPL), is travelling with Ophthalmologists, and Diabetes “QAIHC is the peak body in the IDEAS Project roadshow, and is Educators. Potential users of the facility and Queensland for Community Con- on hand to see the first Indigenous trolled health services, and we are patients make use of this state-of- leaders of the Indigenous community, honoured to be the major partner the-art equipment and medical staff. government, business and community with Diamond Jubilee Partnership “This initiative is the first of groups will also be targeted.

Australians are the world’s biggest punters with gambling losses at $1114 per resident last year, a new report says.

Aussies world’s biggest gamblers: Report

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Senior Program Advisor

From SBS

Emergency Response Division

$96 706 - $112 783 + SUPERANNUATION (15.4%) The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is a government statutory authority. AMSA is a key regulator in the maritime industry with broader responsibilities in the areas of maritime safety, marine environment protection, and maritime and aviation search and rescue. Our vision is ‘Safe shipping, clean seas and saving lives’. We are a national organisation with offices around Australia. Our people enjoy: • a safe and friendly environment with flexible working options; • a culture enhanced by a strong sense of community; • a progressive outlook and energetic contribution to the maritime industry. The Senior Program Advisor will coordinate safety education activities in the Torres Strait, including AMSA’s ongoing contribution to the Torres Strait Marine Safety Program and Torres Strait Marine Pathways Program. In this important role to AMSA, the Senior Program Advisor will play an active role in improving maritime safety, awareness and industry involvement across the remote communities of Torres Strait and Northern Cape York Peninsula. In addition, the Senior Program Advisor will provide support to other AMSA business units by providing a regional presence and liaison point for all maritime stakeholders in the region. The Senior Program Advisor position will be based in Thursday Island and may see the successful applicant working throughout the Torres Strait, Cape York and Papua New Guinea. Please note that there will be considerable travel within the Torres Strait and some domestic travel required.

Closing date: 6 April 2014 For more information contact: Adrian Davidson, Community Liaison Officer, (07) 4090 3079. Christine Macmillian, Manager, Planning and Business Support, (02) 6279 5741.

Page 4 Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014


You will be required to hold Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal, Marine Engine Driver Grade III and Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. A demonstrated ability to work productively with Indigenous communities and coordination of a range of external stakeholders in the delivery of training and education programs is vital. High level leadership and people management skills are essential for success in this role.

AUSSIES love a punt and new research shows we wager more, and lose more, than any other country in the world. A report, published in The Economist, puts Australian gambling losses at about $1144 per resident. But we’re only the world’s biggest punters because we have the most opportunity to fritter cash away, anti-gambling campaigners say. “Gambling is just like eucalyptus oil - it’s natural,” Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce chairman Tim Costello told AAP. “But in Australia we’ve allowed gambling to proliferate more than anyone else in the world.” Monash University gambling researcher Dr Charles Livingstone says Australia has the highest concentration of poker machines in the world. The biggest clusters are in disadvantaged areas along the east coast, fuelling domestic violence, crime and mental illness, he said. The average Aussie lost about $520 on non-casino poker

machines last year, the report by British consultancy firm H2 Gambling Capital said. Independent MP Nick Xenophon says the figures are an “urgent wake-up call” for politicians. “Let’s not forget that, with pokies, 40 per cent of losses come from problem gamblers, with five to 10 people affected by each problem gambler,” he said. Senator Xenophon is renewing his push for maximum $1 bets on poker machines with hourly losses capped at $120, in line with recommendations of the 2010 Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform. There should also be more

funding to rehabilitate problem gamblers and a clamp-down on online and sports betting, he said. But Public Health Association of Australia Chief Executive Officer Michael Moore says there are significant political, economical and cultural obstacles to promoting responsible gambling. “State and territory governments in Australia derive an average 10 per cent or more of their taxation revenue from legalised gambling,” he said. Although Australia had the biggest gambling losses per resident, America had the biggest loss of any nation at $136 billion. Australians lost a total $21.5 billion, the report said.

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The Show goes on for Mau Power By AARON SMITH TORRES Strait Hip Hip artist Patrick Mau has just finished his first professionally recorded studio album, The Show Must Go On, and the first single, Island Home was released last Friday. “The idea to remake ‘My Island Home’ came from one of the producers of the album, he wanted a song that represented the theme of the album and

he suggested it. “It did really capture what we were doing, being that it is such an iconic song by the Warumpi band,” Patrick said. “We chose to sample Christine Anu’s version of the song because it was the one that resonated closer to Torres Strait.” Patrick has done seven recordings prior to this album, something he refers to now as his ‘mix-tapes’ as they were

more underground. “This is now my first professionally recorded album and it was two and a half years in the making.” Previously writing all his own music, on this project Patrick stepped away from production. “I wanted to explore different sounds, so I got different producers to create beats. “I went to Melbourne to work in the hip hop scene there as it was a great place to work with Hip Hop and is a very creative place in general,” he said. “It was in Melbourne that I found the sound that I was looking for. I also worked with producers in Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns and got a whole mixture of their sounds that I liked.” Patrick has been touring this single as the ‘The Mau Power National Island Home Tour,’ which has seen him play several gigs, including Brisbane last week, and then two shows in Melbourne this Friday. Patrick is more than a Hip Hop rapper, he has started his own record label, has developed skills not only as a sound engineer, but also an accomplished videographer and a PR machine. “I am the first artist off my label, but I have two other artists coming up which I will be working with soon.”

“Being a musician today requires you develop skills across media as a whole, across all the mediums. To be successful you need to have a working understanding of all aspects of the industry from production to PR and business,” he said. “I have been in the industry for around 15 years but I still consider myself an emerging artist. I have put two

and a half years into the production of this album and I will put two and a half years into the promotion of it. “That’s where many artists fall down, without a great team behind you or being business savvy. The business end of the music industry makes up 80 per cent and the creative 20 per cent, so you have to get savvy to survive.”

Maternity services review consultations A SECOND round of community consultations will be held in April-May as part of a review  Costumes  Themed Parties of maternity services in the Torres Strait and  All Occasions  Party Decorations Northern Peninsula regions.  Dress-up accessories Torres Strait-Northern Peninsula Hospital Phone: (07) 4051 0486 Fax: (07) 4051 0381 and Health Service Acting Executive Director Shop 20A, Showgrounds Shopping Centre, Cairns. of Nursing, David Tibby said: “Our first round of consultations hosted last year by Debra Website: Email: Nonaaand Margie Kiwat at Bamaga, as well as Our suppliers will be here so come get yourself bargain! Warraber, Saibai, Darnley, Badu and Thursday Thursday islands were well-attended and provided a lot Island of community feedback.’ Servicing the “We have listened to the community Torres Strait & Outer Islands feedback and are reflecting as many of the community requests as possible in our planning.’’ Mr Tibby said some of the community requests that had been acted on included: 1) Accommodation issues. Women have to come to Thursday Island at 37 weeks to wait to have their babies. As a result of feedback, new managers have been appointed to Meriba Mudh and meals are 91 Douglas Street • Ph: 4069 1548 now being supplied three times per day and further improvements are expected. A drop-in centre for mums and bubs currently is being developed on Thursday Island. A tender process has been released for the works, which are expected to start in the next few months. This will provide a homely and comfortable area for mothers to drop into and access an Indigenous REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING health worker and midwife. 2) Access to a chosen midwife through AND ELECTRICAL pregnancy, birth and post-birth period. The maternity services review project • SALES currently a way of achieving this and it should • INSTALLATIONS be finalised over the next two to three weeks. • REPAIRS 3) Increased availability of healthy food • MAINTENANCE and fluids while inpatients of the Maternity QBSA No 55485 Unit at Thursday Island Hospital. This request already has been implemented by the hospital’s catering services. “As the community can see, their input Permanently based on Thursday Island is important to us and will be acted upon For prompt service phone whenever possible,’’ Mr Tibby said. He said the community would be advised of the dates, times and location of the next round 24/7 Emergency Breakdown Service of consultations in April-May once they are Page 6 Torres News 24 - 30 March 2014








4090 3864

Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula women like Latoya Kebisu, of Yam Island, who gave birth to baby Josephine at Thursday Island Hospital recently, are being asked their views on the future of maternity services in the region. finalised closer to the date. “Once again, I’d like to encourage as many past, present and potential future clients of our maternity service to attend one of the new consultation sessions and have their say on shaping the future of maternity services in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula areas,’’ Mr Tibby said. “We want to ensure our service is culturally appropriate and meets the needs and expecta-

tions of all our diverse communities, both on the islands and on the Northern Peninsula. “We are also keen to involve family and support people more. It’s very important to us that we provide a maternity service that everyone can relate to and that meets everyone’s needs, so please come to the new consultation sessions. “Once we have finalised the new consultation schedule we will promote it widely.’’



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Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014 Page 7

What’s On

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have an upcoming event, please let us know by email to or phone the editor on 1300 867 737.

A break in the rain, TI sunset. Photo by Viviane Silva

Third Tuesday of the month. Torres Shire Council monthly meeting, Council Chambers TI 9am. Every Thursday: TI Bowls Club Social Games from 6pm.

MARCH Mon 24 - Tue 25. Eyedentity Optometrists visiting St Paul. Wed 26 - Thu 27. Eyedentity Optometrists visiting Kubin. Wed 26. KRL - Annual General Meeting: Election of Office Bearers, TSYRSA Office, Thursday Island. Fri 28. Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award Entries Closing. Fri 28. Kaiwalagal Juniors League Sign on (TI and Hammond). Sat 29. Torres Shire Garden Fair, Anzac Park, Thursday Island.

 OPINION / LETTERS TO ThE EdITOR Email: editor@torresnews.comau Fax: 1300 STRAIT (1300 787 248)

Don’t move Star of the Sea Abbott Gov’t ‘confirms’ they I OBJECT to Member for Leichardt Warren Entch’s idea to relocate the Star of the Sea old people’s Home. Mr Entsch has apparently spoken already about the location proposal with Torres Shire Council Mayor Pedro Stephen and TSIRC Mayor Fred Gela, who both support the plan and more importantly are members of the IBIS Board, which owns the land of the proposed site. I think the Star of the Sea’s Board of Directors should consult the government for funding to upgrade the facilities in the current location as the area is a suitable place with peace and quiet. I fully support those people who said ‘no’ in the Torres News to relocate the home to another area. All they have to do is upgrade and renovate the facilities, as the current location is now their home. They should upgrade the beach front, so the patients can go out in their wheel chairs sight seeing. They could look out to Moa Island and the Torres Strait and see those big ships going through the shipping channel day and night, which at night are light up like a Christmas tree. John James Mills, Kaurareg Tribe Senior Elder, Kirriri (Hammond Island).

Machete assault on SaibaI

A MAN on Saibai was injured when a 25 year old PNG man assaulted him with a machete in an attempted armed robbery, Friday, March 14. Known to police for previous crimes, the assailant wenT before the magistrate court last week. Also late Friday night, March 14, a man was arrested in a dinghy with a bloody alcohol level of 2.2, over four times the legal limit. In something Sgt Jamie Horn, Officer-in-Carge at Thursday Island Police Station, regarded as “an act of lunacy,” the man was travelling from Warraber to Thursday Island, when he was caught after a tip off. He had young children on board the vessel.

re-announced Labor funding A SENIOR minister in the Abbott Government has confirmed the Coalition re-announced funding in the Torres Strait that had already been provided by the former Labor government. Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion told a Senate Estimates hearing that the Coalition’s much touted funding for sea walls was a Labor-funded initiative. When questioned about the Coalition’s February ‘announcement’ of sea wall funding, Senator Scullion said a $6 million investment in the project was budgeted for by Labor Minister Jenny Macklin. Senator McLUCAS: So that is the money that Minister Macklin announced? Senator SCULLION: Yes. [Senate Estimates hearing, 28 February ,2014] The Coalition continues to mislead the Torres Strait community. Mr Entsch was in government for more than a decade and did nothing to help the Torres Strait community to build sea walls. It took a Labor Government to do the necessary work and provide the funding to make it a reality. After the 2013 election, the

Abbott Government wanted to take back the funding Labor had allocated for sea walls but after significant pressure, finally agreed to honour our investment. Now they’ve re-badged the project as their own and tried to take credit.” The Abbott Government has form when it comes to reannouncing Labor’s projects. In January, we saw Mr Entsch at it again, re-announcing the $210 million Cape York Infrastructure Package delivered by Labor in 2013. The package was announced in Cairns on June 13, 2013, by then Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese, Minister for Regional Services, Local Communities and Territories, Catherine King and me (Senator Jan McLucas). The $210 million investment includes road upgrades for Mapoon, Weipa and Aurukun communities, the redevelopment of Seisia Wharf and community drainage projects. Senator Jan McLucas, Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness, Senator for Queensland.

Some Island ingenuity

APRIL Sat 5. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Fri 7 - Sat 9. Life Giving Rally Warraber Island. Wed 16. Gab Titui Cultural Centre 10th Birthday Celebrations and Opening of the 2014 Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award. Fri 18. Good Friday. Sat 19. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Sat 19. Easter Saturday. Mon 21. Easter Monday. Fri 25. Anzac Day

A FLAT battery on the See Hop’s little yellow truck last week on Thursday Island resulted in a novel way to jumpstart, but after bunny hopping halfway down Douglas Street with no luck they had to turn around (with a forklift) and limp home.


Sat 3. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Thu 8 - 11. Touch Football Championships, TI.

CHURCH SERVICES Anglican, All Souls and Saint Bartholomew Church meets weekly at 10am at 124 Douglas St Thursday Island Independent Church Parish of the Resurrection TI, Morning Prayer Sundays 10am, Evening Service 7pm Parish of St Bethel,131 William Cr Bamaga NPA, Sundays 10am Uniting Church, 114 Douglas St Thursday Island, Sundays 10am

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24 - 30 March 2014

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Crackers’ little red boat full of donations for PNG By AARON SMITH CRACKERS or Craig Hand, as his mother named him, passed through the Torres Strait a couple of years ago in his infamous ‘little red boat’, a 15-foot dinghy, in which he explored the high seas over a 14-month Odyssey. Having just started working for Sea Swift, he told Torres News how he, thanks to the help of people of the Torres Strait and other Australians, managed to donate muchneeded supplies to some of PNG’s remote tribes. He started his voyage in Darwin on May 17, 2012. after a farewell Concert featuring one of Australia’s greatest bands, Mental as Anything, and pulled out of the water 14 months later on the July 19, 2013. in Lismore NSW, via Arnhem Land, the Gulf of Carpentaria, Cape York, Torres Strait, PNG, Great Barrier Reef and Australia’s East Coast. Spending time in the Western Province, PNG, inspired Crackers to rustle up donations for the various tribes that he lived with. The donations included first aid supplies,

hand tools, mosquito nets, clothing and educational books. The goods were put into a container in Cairns and sent to PNG by Sea Swift who sponsored the charity. Crackers also acknowledges the valuable assistance from the Torres Strait Island people whom he met on his adventures. Crackers was recently told, the last of those donations have finally reached all the tribes. “I have just received word that over 4000 remote tribespeople in eight remote tribes in the Western Province of PNG have gratefully received much-needed goods for their people and bush schools, which was kindly donated by good people in Australia,” Crackers said. “I cannot thank enough the good people from Seisia, especially Mark Paltridge from Top End Motors, David and Pat Paesch, Kellie Thompson from Thursday Island, Teresa O’Brien, Waiben Wasomo, Herbert the Ranger and almost everybody from Saibai Island, Dauan Island (Kevin and Teena) and Boigu Island, especially Roy at the Taipan Trading Shop for

his invaluable assistance. “Also a big thank you to Sea Swift for their generous support to Australia’s nearest neighbours in PNG through the charity that supports them at “I would also like to thank Graeme and Denise from Sea Swift in Seisia for their invaluable help. Graeme said to me Welcome to the mainland of Australia, Crackers, he was the first to do so when I walked up the beach at Seisia after living the tribal life and eating Tribal food for two months in the remote Western Province of PNG.”

Crackers with Kevin Russell from Sea Swift unpacking Crackers’ Little Red Boat and car to fill a Sea Swift shipping container. Crackers with the Sibidiri Tribe in the Western Province of PNG.

New portable defibrillators rolled out in Torres-Northern Peninsula PRIMARY health clinics throughout the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula have received new, portable heart defibrillation machines. Torres Strait-Northern Peninsula Hospital and Health Service (HHS) Acting Executive Director of Nursing David Tibby said 25 new portable defibrillators had been purchased by the health service at a cost of $100,000. “The new defibrillators are light and easy to carry and can be used at any community function, such as footy games or carnivals, after the operators have received some basic training,’’ Mr Tibby said. “They can be used easily to deliver potentially lifesaving first aid on the spot by health workers, local council staff or members of the Queensland police and ambulance services who normally already attend these sorts of functions.’’ Mr Tibby said nurse educators from Thursday Island would begin delivering formal

Mr Tibby said the new portable machines were an addition to the existing, less portable

David Tibby with one of the new portable defibrillators. training in the use of the and out of hospital new machines at health environments.’’ centres right across Mr Tibby said trainthe Torres Strait and ing in the use of the Northern Peninsula from new machines could be March 17. completed in a morn“You don’t need any ing or an afternoon and specialised first aid skills would be delivered to or lengthy training in health workers, police order to learn how to officers, ambulance peroperate these new ma- sonnel and local council chines,’’ Mr Tibby said. workers. “The machines can “Once the basic trainbe used in manual mode ing has been completed, by more experienced the clinical nurses in operators or in automatic charge of the various mode by the less-experi- primary health centres enced.” will be able to provide “They are designed support and continuing for use in both hospital training.’’

defibrillator machines that all island and Northern Peninsula health centres already

had available. Defibrillation consists of delivering a therapeutic dose of

electrical energy to the heart in order to return the heart’s beat to a normal rhythm.

Toll is now servicing Cairns to NPA and The Torres Strait every week. Toll Marine Logistics has the freight service to match your consignment needs. From a document or small parcel through to dangerous goods and bulk commodities, Toll has the experience, the infrastructure and the global networks to get your freight moving – across towns, across countries, across continents and delivered to your door on Thursday Island, Outer Islands, Weipa and Cairns.

Whatever you want to move, whenever you want to move it. Talk to us to see how Toll Marine Logistics can save you money and better serve all your freight requirements. Our brand new Service includes NPA & Outer Islands as of December 10, 2013.

Contact Us For all enquiries call 1800 640 079 or you can contact one of our branches directly. Cairns 07 4241 9804 Thursday Island 07 4069 1239 Cargo acceptance times: Cairns Mon – Wed, 8am – 4pm & Thurs 8am – 2pm & TI Midday Mondays

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T.I. Rotary Club on brink of closure By AARON SMITH THE Rotary Club of Thursday Island Torres Strait has been in existence since April 1, 2000, but Rotarian Ron Humphreys who has been on Thursday Island for five years says the club is dwindling and in real danger of being closed down. “Unless we get an increase in membership the club will close. “Rotary International say that 12 members is a minimum effective club, and we are currently down to nine members, and, if we lose any more, we could be in trouble and Rotary International will wipe us off their books,” Mr Humphreys said. Unfortunately Thursday Island Fire Chief, David Prain, a long-standing member of Rotary, will be receiving his mandatory retirement in July when he turns 65 years of age and will be moving on, which is yet another loss to the club’s numbers. “The problem the club faces up here is that many of the members are itinerant workers that only stay for a limited time before moving on, which constantly puts strain on the club here. It would be great if more Islander people wanted to sign up and make us a bit more stable,” Mr Humphreys said. Mr Humphreys said a couple have contacted them who are Rotary members and who will be moving to Thursday Island in the near future. “They are interested in joining us, which is good news, but we will need more people.” Mr Humphreys has been canvassing local business to find businesses to sponsor a local who cannot afford the membership fees but is interested in participating in the club’s activities. Thursday Island Rotary President Robyn Humphreys said: “The Rotary organisation itself has gone through many changes in the past century

since its inception. “Where once it was a Club for business men, it now welcomes women (since 26 years ago) and members from all walks of life. It is no longer known as “male, stale and pale”. In this financial year Thursday Island Rotary have have given away over $15,000 as well as distributed literally tonnes of clothing and household items in shipping containers up to Saibai for people who come over from PNG. The Rotary slogan is “Service Above Self.” “We now need your help to survive as a Club,” Mrs Humphreys said. Membership is $250 a year in weekly increments of $6 paid at breakfast meetings and the balance paid at the end of the financial year. (And you can claim this in your tax return.) Mrs Humphreys said there is no other service club working in this region, but unless the club gets some new members soon, there will not be a Rotary Club on Thursday Island after June this year. “The benefits to our members are personal as well as humanitarian. There is nothing that can compare with the pleasure gained from helping others less fortunate” Mrs Humpreys said.

Over the last three years Rotary have achieved many things in the community and further afield, some of which includes: Beach clean-ups: Contributed to Mercy Ships, a medical organisation that treats people in third world countries for free, Contributed financially to YWAM Medical Ships, working in the Western Province: Provided financial support for a year for an islander student studying in Cairns: Provided financial support for a kindergarten in East Timor, built by Rotary volunteers:

Flown in Single or Twin engined Aircraft Servicing the Torres Strait, including PNG (Daru) & The Cape Friendly Service 4090 3661 or 1300 136 811 4090 3662


TORRES AND CAPE HOSPITAL AND HEALTH SERVICE BOARD MEMBERSHIP As a statutory authority to be established under the Hospital and Health Board Act 2011, the Department of Health, on behalf of the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service is looking to establish a new board that will take effect as of the 1st July 2014. The Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service will be the result of the amalgamation of the Cape York Hospital and Health Service and Torres Strait-Northern Peninsula Hospital and Health Service. The new board will be appointed by the Governor-In-Council on the recommendation from the Minister for Health.

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24 - 30 March 2014


An information pack is available from Sandra Jones on telephone 07 3234 1119 or by emailing a request to To submit your expression of interest in the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service Board, please complete the required documentation and return by post or email to Sandra Jones by 11 April 2014.

Provided baby formula to a sick child in Western Province while she built up strength to have a surgical procedure in Cairns: Provided furniture and electrical items to local residents when asked to assist: Provided barbecues for many organisations and events: Provided gym equipment for organisations: Provided Shelter Boxes to various international disasters: Fundraised to support Breast Cancer Awareness Week: Fundraised to support Mental Health Week: Offered support and an opportunity to Torres Strait artists and musicians to attend the International Rotary Convention to be held in Sydney in June this year.

NPA’s Gary Wright makes body-building history


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Ron Humphreys at one of their two shipping containers for donations.

NPA’s Gary Wright has hit the big time in the bodybuilding industry and made history by becoming the first North Queenslander to ever turn professional within the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB). Gary Wright won his division at the Pro Qualifier at ‘FitX’, one of Australia’s biggest Sports and Fitness Expos in Melbourne on Saturday March 8 at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Gary convincingly beat a line-up of Mr Australia national title holders to win the Pro card that earns him the right to compete internationally against the top bodybuilders in the world for cash prizes and qualification into the top competitions within the professional circuit. “I’m just an example of someone that had a vision of who I wanted to become, surrounded myself with the right people, handled the setbacks that undoubtedly came my way and worked relentlessly hard until I saw my dream realised. I’ve never been more inspired or excited than I am right now!” said Gary Wright, IFBB Pro. Gary attributes his success to a dedicated mindset. “Anybody can do it in any vocation, mine just happened to be bodybuilding. My first love is personal development and I believe that if you can develop your mind and empower yourself with positive self beliefs, block out negativity and stay true to your vision you can achieve anything. “Nothing outside of yourself is stronger than the power that resides within you,” said Gary Wright. Gary who grew up in the indigenous community of Bamaga on Cape York plans to use his new status of professional athlete to do motivational talks and seminars in towns and cities across Australia, speaking on a range of subjects and covering more than just what it takes to become a professional bodybuilder. “It’s exciting for me because it gives me a chance to now give back and travel to smaller towns and cities to educate, inspire, motivate and speak. It’s a real opportunity to change a lot of people’s lives and break free from negative habits that could be holding them back from achieving in different areas of their lives, “Turning Pro now means I have a lot of work to do to take on the top guys in the sports circuit internationally. It’s like starting at the bottom of high school after finishing primary. It’s a whole new level of competition

Gary Wright, photo by Amanda Hinwood. and an art form which will take me time to develop. But it doesn’t stop me right now from being able to engage, motivate and shed positive light into everyday people’s lives right here in Australia,” he said. Gary Wright’s sights are firmly set on the international circuit to take his bodybuilding career to the next level. One thing he says is a welcomed change is sponsors are now calling him. “Sponsors chasing me now that I’m #1 in Australia is a nice change that’s for sure!” he says laughing. Gary plans to run a muscle camp on Thursday Island in the near future.


Snake eats a crocodile in epic battle

Chester played leading role in the history of the Torres Strait By BRIAN RANDALL HENRY Majoribanks Chester is prominent in the history of the Torres Strait region by virtue of his having been one of the Police Magistrates at Somerset. Henry Chester was born in 1832 in England and immigrated to Queensland in 1864, where he worked for a time in the Union Bank of Australia. He was then appointed Commissioner of Crown Lands and Police Magistrate for the Warrego Pastoral District.

fighting at the start, so it was trying to keep its head out of water and survive,” she told ABC North W e s t Queensland Radio on Monday. “But as the morning sort of progressed, you could tell that both of them were

getting a little weaker. “Finally, the croc sort of gave in and the snake

had uncoiled for a little while and had a brief break and then actually

Shine a Light On our history

started to consume the crocodile.” Snake eating a crocodile was “unbelievable” Tiffany said it was amazing to witness. “It was just unbelievable,” she said. “We were sort of thinking that the snake had bitten off a little more than it could chew. “But it did. It actually ate the crocodile.” The aftermath showed the overstuffed

A snake battles and devours a crocodile at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa. IMAGE CREDIT: AAP Image/ Tiffany Corlis /ABC Queensland snake lying still, where presumably it stayed for some time as it digested its dinner. “When you actually looked at the snake, you could actually see the crocodile’s ridges, legs and everything inside its belly,” Tiffany said.

DOUBLE HELIX science quiz

Quiz questions

He subsequently served as Land Agent at both Gladstone and Gympie. In 1869, he was appointed Police Magistrate at Somerset, replacing Frank Jardine who had been granted leave of absence. Chester was under the impression that his appointment was permanent and was disappointed when he had to stand aside when Frank Jardine returned in August 1870. Chester stayed at Somerset until around 1872, involving himself

in various business enterprises, as well as undertaking some exploration of the area. Eventually he was re-employed to fill the vacancy brought about by the death in office of Police Magistrate Aplin, taking charge on October 20, 1875. On September 25, 1877, Chester took charge of the new settlement at Thursday Island, before moving on to serve as Police Magistrate at several other Queensland locations including Cairns, Croydon, Cooktown,

Clermont and Gladstone. One of the major highlights in Chester’s long and varied career was his sailing north in the Pearl from Thursday Island to take possession of the supposedly unoccupied eastern half of New Guinea when, under instructions from the then Premier of Queensland, Sir Thomas McIllwraith, he planted the Union Jack at Port Moresby on 4 April 1883. This act of occupation, with its complex political background, was later disowned and disavowed by the British

Entries open for Qld Regional Art Awards THE Queensland Regional Art Awards is an annual visual arts prize and exhibition for established and emerging artists living in regional and remote Queensland. The program aims to highlight the wealth of creative talent located outside the capital city and provide a platform for further professional and career development. In 2014 all participating artists will be featured in the QRAA Online Gallery and have the opportunity to win an award and be selected for the touring exhibition, to be curated by Dr Lisa Chandler (Artist, Curator, Academic). The exhibition will tour to key centres around Queensland including Brisbane. AWARDS Over $15,000 worth in cash and prizes The Wayne Kratzmann Award $10,000 acquisitive award, plus a funded residency in Brisbane

Brian Tucker Young Artist Development Award $1500 non-acquisitive The Edge Digital Art Award Fully funded residency at ‘The Edge’, State Library of Queensland Art Shed Brisbane People’s Choice Award $500 Open, $250 Youth, art supplies Gray Puksand /TAFTA Textile Award $750 plus attendance at a TAFTA forum Key Dates Entries Open: Saturday, 1 March Entries Close: Monday, 21 July Online Exhibition and People Choice Voting Opens: Monday, 11 August Winners Announced: Monday, 29 September Touring Exhibition Announced: Friday, 10 October

government. Henry Chester died in Brisbane on October 3, 1914. This image, published at the time in various newspapers and publications, shows an artist’s impression of Henry Marjoribanks Chester, at the time of the raising of the British flag at Port Moresby.

1. What is the name of the largest object in the asteroid belt? 2. What is longer – a yard or a metre? 3. What happens if you put gold into Sulfuric acid? 4. What did Jake Coppinger brand the glove he designed? 5. How much geological time is represented by the Phanerozoic Eon?

Quiz answers

A SNAKE has eaten eaten a crocodile in an epic duel that shocked onlookers at a Queensland lake. The whopper snake took on the croc at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa, on Sunday, March 2, and the contest and its surprising result was captured on film. Mount Isa mother Tiffany Corlis was having breakfast nearby when

canoeists racing on the lake alerted her about the endurance battle playing out nearby. She grabbed her camera and took a series of shots that documented the enormous snake’s assault on the much smaller croc, which was about a metre long. By the time Ms Corlis started watching, the snake had already coiled its body around the crocodile and was beginning to strangle it. “(The crocodile) was

1. Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt. 2. A metre is longer than a yard. 3. Nothing happens if you put gold into Sulfuric acid. 4. TJake Coppinger branded the glove ‘Swirlesque’. 5. The last 542 million years of geological time is represented by the Phanerozoic Eon.

From Australian Geographic

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PROPOSED PERMANENT ROAD CLOSURE Attention is directed to an application for Permanent Road Closure over part of Cook Esplanade, Thursday lsland, adjoining part of Lot 1 on SP109478, and shown as Lot A on RPS Drawing PR108271-1, in the manner specified in the Government Gazette of 14 March 2014. A copy of the notification and of the drawing in illustration may be viewed at the Torres Shire Council office, 68 Douglas Street, Thursday lsland and the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM), Cairns office, 4th Floor, 2nd Building, William McCormack Place, 5B Sheridan Street (cnr Hartley Street), Cairns Qld 4870. Objections to the application must be in writing and submitted to the DNRM Townsville Office, no later than 24 April 2014. Any objections received may be viewed by other parties interested in the proposed road closure under the provisions of the Right to lnformation Act 2009. If you lodge an objection please include in your objection letter whether you would like to be consulted if this issue becomes the subject of an access request under the Right to Information Act 2009. For further details contact the DNRM Atherton office, on (07)40957024 quoting reference number 2013/006560

Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014 Page 11

KIDS’ HOCKEY CARNIVAL ON HORN ISLAND By GLEN HUSSEY Regional Coordinator, Active After School Communities, Australian Sports Commission Photos by AARON SMITH




TAGAI T.I. TEAM 1 Page 12 Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014

HORN Island Tagai campus hosted this year’s MIGI Kokan Hockey carnival, on Friday, March 14. The carnival was a huge success, with a record-breaking 10 teams. Teams from all over Cape York and the Torres Strait, players from Badu, Kubin, Mer, Mabuaig, Bamaga, Thursday Island and Horn Island. It was the culmination of months of preparation by all those involved and from the hockey that had been played and enjoyed for all of term 1, which assured the children came prepared for the rigours of competition. The children had been honing their hockey skills through the Active After School Communities program, within their own communities throughout the school term, before putting those skills to the test at Horn Island for the carnival. The biggest winner on the day was off course hockey, community spirit and fun, but when it came to the results, the final saw the teams from Badu Island and Our Lady of Sacred Heart go to battle for the top spot, with Badu winning the final 1-0. The weather god shined down, keeping the rain at bay, but the temperatures were right up there. The community support throughout the Torres Strait for the carnival was fantastic and the carnival would have not taken part without it. Tagai College Sports Coordinator Dave Bell, coupled with all the school Principals, were fantastic when it came to organising and driving the event. Essential planning and funding bodies such as Remote and Indigenous Hockey Program, Australian Sports Commission, Torres Strait Youth Recreation and Sport Association, Kombat Chronic Diseases Program, Tagai State College, and NPA College can definitely hang their hats on the success of this carnival, and planning for the 2015 event is already in place. Julie McNeil, the Hockey Program Manager from Hockey Queensland, was very proud of the results, after the lengthy planning process she has undertaken since the completion of the 2013 carnival. “We sincerely appreciate the AASC partnership and recognise that this is an integral element that supports the regional success. Lastly, I would like to recognise Wes Ferns and the RIHP Hockey team, who provide ongoing support to the active communities within the Torres Strait Islands, “ she said


OUR LADY of SACRED HEART teams 1 & 2




TAGAI COLLEGE’S FUN IN THE SUN By VIVIANE SILVA THURSDAY Island Tagai Secondary College staff provided an interesting surprise for students on Friday, March 14. The last session of the day was not in the classroom, but was a parade called a ‘fun run’ allowing students to cool off after a week of study. A water slide, a footie training set as well as water balloons made not only the

final session of Friday amusing, but also as the aim of the event wanted, it encouraged students to practice some physical activity. Tammy Collins, teacher and sports coordinator explained the occasion in more details: “The fun run is one of the four events we hold throughout the year to try to encourage physical activity for the students. “In particular, the fun run is also a fundraising event,

for our sports department to try to get more equipment for students, so students have the chance to go out into the community and ask people to sponsor them to do this event, so give us more money to get more equipment. “But the whole idea behind it is just more physical activity and to get students out there and to have a bit of fun at the same time,” she said.

Torres News

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The YUMI WAY Our Way The Right Way The Only Way

ATTENDANCE REPORT Term 1, Week 7 90% and above Attendance

Remind your child that we read everyday, reading happens


91% 94% 95% 95%

Mabuiag Boigu Yorke

97% 95% 99%

Horn Poruma St Pauls Warraber

94% 91% 96% 95%


Simple reading exercises you can do with your child.. Make sure there are no distractions around i.e. switch off the TV, RADIO, PLAYSTATION or IPAD. Make sure your child can see the book clearly, so that you can point to any pictures and describe the pictures so you support the story as they are reading.


Also make the most of any opportunities you get to READ TO YOUR CHILD! Reading is something we do daily without even being aware of it. You can further develop your child’s literacy by reading aloud to them; YOU CAN READ ALOUD: • • • • • •


When you are at the doctors waiting for your appointments When you are shopping, read the name of the items you are putting in the shopping trolley When picking something off the menu at the café or take away shop When you are reading street signs or ferry timetables When you are choosing a show to watch off the TV guide or Austar guide When you are reading an interesting magazine or novel


Young people with sound social and emotional skills are better able to cope with everyday stressors and are less likely to experience mental health problems in the future. They tend to have better relationships with adults and peers and experience more academic success. Depression often emerges during adolescence, with longstanding research suggesting 1 in 5 adolescents experience depression by the time they reach 18 years.

Tanya Takai-Bowie has shown enormous enthusiasm and skill since she started with the Torres Strait Maritime Pathways Program (TSMPP) in November 2013. Tanya has successfully completed dual Certificate II Coxswain Grade 1 and II Marine Engine Driver Grade III with the Australian Maritime College and Workplace Task Books issued by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority for each of the two qualifications. Tanya has also recently completed her studies and has been issued with a Marine Radio Operations Certificate of Proficiency as

N E 24 - 30 March 2014


“Her qualifications are a remarkable achievement for any student her age because now she can operate as Master of passengers carrying vessels up to 12 meters in length”

Childhood and youth is a crucial time for growing healthy minds. All young people need care and support to develop and learn, while some require additional help to reach their potential.

Page 14 Torres News


well as completing the required units for Elements of Shipboard Safety. Although Tanya was the youngest and only female participant she finished in the top 5% of her class. Her qualifications are a remarkable achievement for any student her age because now she can operate as Master of a passenger carrying vessels up to 12 metres in length. Tanya has secured a place on the Torres Strait Marine Pathways Program training vessel Elizabeth E II, as a deckhand and assistant to the training staff.



Badhulgaw Ngurpay Lag 2014 Leaders

This year the Badu Campus followed a new process for the election of Student Leaders. Head of Campus Kay Ahmat, stated that prospective leaders had to: • make an oral presentation of why they would be a good leader in front of their peers • submit a written application and attend an interview with selected staff. • demonstrate promoting positive behaviour, being a proud learner who is respectful, responsible and safe at all times • have attendance rate of at least 95%.

Back Row: Tai Namaibai, Philemon Baira, Elder Mareko, Walter Nona, Danniel Gagai, Shelita Yorkston, Front Row: Ulysse D’Aietti, Maleta Warrior, Zakiyah Sellwood

lors 2014 Student Council

Narupay Ngurpay Mudh

2014 Student Councillors On Wednesday 26 February, 2014, a representative of the Australian Electoral Commission made a special visit to our school to assist in the voting process for the School and House Captains for 2014. Student Council Leaders received their badges on a special ceremony attended by parents and community members. Congratulations to LEADERS… School Captains: Jazmyn Wena and Rico Mola Papou House Captains: Mathew Miskin and Rennear Shibasaki-Lee Garagar Sport Captains: Ethan Gibuma and Sela Tomsana

Waybeni Koey Ngurpay Mudh


On Wednesday 12th March, Year 12 students from Waybeni Koey Ngurpay Mudh worked with the Tagai Executive team to explore their life choices. The students were given a picture of a coconut and asked a series of questions. The objective of the activity was for the students to consider the life journey of a coconut and how it grows and how different parts are used. Students considered how their life’s journey may be after school. Associate Principal Mrs Stephanie Savage said “it was so powerful hearing students describe what the coconut meant to them and how they illustrated their life’s journey would look like”. The session began with every student introducing themselves by Name, Totem, Colour, Wind, and telling everyone in the room which Island they come from.

Mrs Savage said that this was also very powerful to witness, when every student

was able to identify WHO THEY ARE…

Waybeni Koey Ngurpay Mudh Senior Students Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014 Page 15


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6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Payback” (M v) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Home And Away 6:30 Football: Richmond Vs Carlton 10:00 Happy Endings: “Lying Around” - When Brad hears that Jane’s old sorority sister is coming for a visit, he lies and says he has a work retreat out of town, but he’s actually on ‘staycation’ in a fancy hotel in the city. Alex meets a new guy, Liam, but his dates dates are over-the-top. 10:30 Surveillance Oz 11:30 Young, Lazy And Driving Us Crazy 12:30 Harry’s Practice 1:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Korean News 5:30 UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 8:00 Weatherwatch 8:05 World News 1:00 One Born Every Minute 2:50 Luke Lguyen’s Greater Mekong Bitesize 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village 6:00 Island Feast With Peter Kuruvita 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Mexican Fiesta With Peter Kuruvita 8:00 Gormet Farmer 8:30 Exploring China 9:35 The Escape Artist: Talented junior barrister Will Burton specialises in spiriting people out of tight legal corners, hence his nickname - the Escape Artist. 10:40 SBS World News Late 11:05 UEFA Champions League Highlights 11:35 Prophets Of Science Fiction 12:30 Liberal Rule 1:30 James May’s Toy Stories 2:00 Weatherwatch Overnight


6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Children’s Programs 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 Janet King 2:00 At The Movies 2:30 As Time Goes By 3:00 Bed Of Roses 4:00 New Tricks 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:05 Grand Designs 6:50 What’s Your Story? 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Would I Lie To You? 8:30 The Doctor Blake Mysteries - When the old parish priest is found dead, Doctor Blake needs to unravel the secrets and lies of parishioners in order to get to the truth. 9:30 Line Of Duty - With Gates on the run, the anticorruption team comes under pressure to close the case once and for all. And tensions flare between Arnott, Fleming and Hastings. 10:30 Lateline 11:10 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL 11:40 Rage

6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “The Marriage Of Figaro” (M l) 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 Football: St George Illawarra Dragons Vs Brisbane Broncos 9:30 Football: Sydney Roosters Vs Manly Sea Eagles 11:30 Movie: “The Losers” (M v,l,s) - Screwball comedy in which a madcap heiress sets her sights on an absent-minded zoologist, lumbering him with her pet leopard. 1:30 Movie: “Amusement” (AV l) - A traumatized woman is questioned by a cop and a psychiatrist about three stories involving a clown, a hotel and a convoy, that involve her and two of her female friends from childhood. 3:05 Impractical Jokers 3:30 Skippy - The Bush Kangaroo 4:00 Brand Developers 4:30 Good Morning America

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Forgotten Sins” (M a) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Better Homes And Gardens 6:30 Football: North Melbourne Vs Essendon 10:00 TBA 12:00 Desperate Housewives: “Witch’s Lament” - Halloween finds Gaby, Bree and Lynette attempting to exhume and move the body of Gaby’s stepfather, and Susan discovers that being art teacher Andre’s intern doesn’t involve art. 1:00 Up All Night 1:30 Special: The Coral Reefs Are Dying - Ben Cropp takes viewers below the surface where he finds Australia’s live coral reefs and a multitude of marine life. 2:30 Harry’s Practice 3:00 Home Shopping / 4:00 NBC Today

5:00 World News 1:00 The Food Lover’s Guide To Australia 1:30 Inspector Rex: Ice Time (Part 2) 2:30 NITV News Week In Review 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village 6:00 Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Coast: The Riddle Of The Tides 8:35 Henry Viii’s Enforcer: The Rise And Fall Of Thomas Cromwell 9:35 As It Happened 10:30 SBS World News Late 11:00 The Feed 11:30 Movie: “At A Glance” (M l,n,s,v) - In Italian. When art critic Pietro Lulli brings his significantly younger companion Gloria to an exhibition, he doesn’t realise that her admiration of the work by struggling sculptor Adrian will have such a lasting effect on her. The two immediately hit it off and Gloria soon becomes Adrian’s companion. 1:40 Movie: “Kurt Wallender: The Courier” (M n,v,l,d) 3:20 Weatherwatch Overnight


6:00 Rage 10:30 Rage Guest Programmer Michael Gudinski 11:30 Australian Story 12:00 The Next Big Thing 1:00 Would I Lie To You? 1:30 Movie: “Flying Leathernecks” (PG) 3:10 Movie: “Love And Pain And The Whole Damn Thing” (PG) 5:00 River Cottage Veg Every Day 6:00 Saturday Landline 6:30 Gardening Australia 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Death In Paradise - Tragedy hits Saint-Marie when a university reunion party that DI Richard Poole is attending is brought to an abrupt halt when one of the group is murdered. 8:30 Midsomer Murders - When the owner of Finchmere Airfield is dropped from a plane to meet a gruesome death, Barnaby and Nelson find the exciting world of stunt pilots and military heroes hides many dark secrets. 10:05 Good Cop: Police officer, Sav, is stalked by an unpredictable gang member and a catch-up with his estranged partner doesn’t turn out as planned. 11:05 Adam Hills: The Last Leg 11:35 Rage Guest Programmer Michael Gudinski 5:00 Rage

6:00 Children’s Programs 7:00 Weekend Today - Saturday 10:00 Danoz Direct 11:00 Who Do You Think You Are? 12:00 The Middle 12:30 The Block: Fans Vs Faves 4:00 The Bottom Line 4:30 South Aussi With Cosi 5:00 4WD TV 5:30 Getaway 6:00 National News Saturday 7:00 The Block: Fans Vs Faves Unlocked - Join Shelley Craft and see all the funniest behind the scenes from another week of renovating. See how the kitchens are progressing and get the inside scoop from judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren. 7:40 TBA 2:10 Movie: “Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf” (AV s,v,l,n) A young girl whose sister was murdered by werewolves helps an investigator track down a gang of the beasts through the U.S. and Europe. 4:00 Brand Developes 5:00 Skippy - The Bush Kangaroo 5:30 Wesley Impact

6:00 Saturday Disney 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 10:00 The Morning Show - Weekend 12:00 Movie: “You Again” (G) - Successful PR pro Marni heads home for her older brother’s wedding and discovers that he’s marrying her high school arch nemesis, who’s conveniently forgotten their problematic past. Then the bride’s jet- setting aunt bursts in and Marni’s not- so-jet-setting mum comes face to face with her own high school rival. 2:30 TBA 5:00 Creek To Coast 5:30 Football: St Kilda Vs Melbourne 10:00 Strike Back 2:00 Desperate Housewives: “Always In Control” (M) - Bree is shocked to learn the identity of the person who dug up the body of Gaby’s stepfather, and Lynette’s jealousy over Tom’s girlfriend leads her to tell untruths about her to her children. 1:00 Movie: “Dying On The Edge (FKA: Hearsay)” (M s,v) 3:00 World’s Strictest Parents 4:00 Home Shopping 5:00 Dr Oz: “It’s Easy! Simple Ways To Do The Right Things To Get Healthy” Get answers to your health questions from Dr Oz and other leading doctors, hospitals, associations and authors.

5:00 World News 1:00 The Emperor’s Secret Garden 2:05 Lenny Henry: Finding Shakespeare 3:00 Steve Schapiro: An Eye On American Icons 4:00 A Season At The Juillard School New York 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Mexican Fiesta With Peter Kuruvita 5:35 Treasures Decoded 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 The Great Serengeti 8:30 The Story Of The Jews 9:30 Movie: “Rampart” (MA s,l) - Sandy George presents this Australian premiere film as part of SBS’s American Indie Season: Los Angeles, 1999. Vietnam vet and Rampart Precinct cop Dave Brown is the last of the renegade law enforcers, working to take care of his family and struggling for his own survival. Brown is dedicated to doing “the people’s dirty work” and asserting his own unique brand of justice. 11:30 Movie: “Priceless” (M l) - In French. 1:25 Diary Of A Teenage Nudist 2:25 Movie: “Ricky” (M s,l,n) - In French. 4:05 Weatherwatch Overnight



6:00 Rage 8:00 Weekend Breakfast 9:00 Insiders 10:00 Offsiders 10:30 The World This Week 11:00 7.30 11:30 Songs Of Praise 12:00 Landline 1:00 Gardening Australia 1:30 Compass 2:00 Death In Paradise 3:00 Art Of Germany 4:00 Big Art Ideas 5:00 Midsomer Murders: Dark Autumn 6:30 Compass 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Ice Age Giants: Land Of The Cave Bear 8:30 Rake 9:30 Waking The Dead: Care (Part 2) 10:20 Wallander: Faceless Killers 12:00 Movie: “The Tropic Of Cancer” (MA l,s) - The sexual exploits of an American in Paris. Based on Henry Miller’s celebrated novel. 1:25 Movie: “Mary Of Scotland” (G) - The recently widowed Mary Stuart returns to Scotland to reclaim her throne but is opposed by her half-brother and her own Scottish lords. 3:30 Ice Age Giants: Land Of The Cave Bear 4:30 Catalyst 5:00 Gardening Australia / 5:30 Collectors

6:00 Children’s Programs 7:00 Weekend Today 10:00 Financial Review Sunday 10:30 Wide World Of Sports 11:30 Sunday Footy Show 1:30 Broncos Insider 2:00 2014 Intrust Supercup 4:00 Football: Newcastle Knights Vs Cronulla Sharks 6:00 National News Sunday 6:30 The Block: Fans Vs Faves 7:40 60 Minutes 8:40 Fat Tony & Co 9:40 Person Of Interest 11:40 Who Gets The Last Laugh: Who gets the last laugh? pit’s two comedians against each other in the ultimate prank challenge. Given the same situation and elements with which to work, the guest comedians must dream up the funniest and most outrageous pranks possible, then successfully unleash them on the public. 12:10 Financial Review Sunday 12:40 What Would You Do? 1:30 Spyforce 2:30 Brand Developers 4:00 Good Morning America - Sunday 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Children’s Programs 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 10:00 AFL Game Day 11:30 Footy Flashbacks 1:00 Movie: “Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer” (PG v,l) 4:00 Better Homes And Gardens 4:30 TBA 6:00 Seven News 6:30 My Kitchen Rules 8:00 Sunday Night 9:00 Downton Abbey 10:00 Castle: Close Encounters 12:00 Dr Oz: “The Controversial Pill That Could Prevent Cancer: Should You” Get answers to your health questions from Dr Oz and other leading doctors, hospitals, associations and authors. 1:00 Special: Images Of Italy - Greg Grainger takes viewers from the enchantment of the Tuscany region to the classic charm of Verona and Venice. 2:00 Home Shopping 3:00 NBC Today 4:00 NBC Meet The Press 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Al Jazeera News 1:30 Cycling Central 2:00 Speedweek 4:00 Football Asia 4:30 UEFA Champions League Magazine 5:00 Wainwright Walks 5:30 Who Do You Think You Are? 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Mexican Fiesta With Peter Kuruvita Bitesize 7:35 Lost Worlds: The Vikings 8:35 I, Human. 9:30 There’s Something About Patrick 10:30 Movie: “The Good Life” (M l,n,s) In Spanish. A thoughtprovoking depiction of life in the Chilean city of Santiago, following four characters who struggle to reach their goals, but each of them obtains something unexpected and different from what they wanted. 12:20 Movie: “A Short Stay In Switzerland” (MA a) - Just after losing her husband to a fatal neurological condition, Dr Anne Turner is diagnosed with a similar illness. So she plans to end her life herself. 2:05 Weatherwatch Overnight



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 Landline 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen 3:00 Bed Of Roses 4:10 Kingdom 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 6:55 Audrey’s Kitchen 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Australian Story 8:30 Four Corners 9:20 Media Watch 9:35 Q&A 10:35 Lateline 11:10 The Business 11:35 Monroe 12:25 Movie: “The White Tower” (PG) 2:05 Movie: “The Story Of Vernon And Irene Castle” (G) 3:40 Movie: “Swing Time” (G) 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “Every Little Step” (M l) 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 The Block: Fans Vs Faves 8:40 Love Child: Joan wrestles with the consequences of telling Annie the truth about her baby. Shirley is left with a seriously ill baby and no money when Johnny goes on the run from the police. Viv uncovers a disturbing secret about Matron. Joan promises to take special care of Martha during childbirth. 9:50 Embarrassing Fat Bodies 10:50 Inside Story: Teen Killers 11:50 Unforgettable: Man In The Woods 12:50 Extra 1:20 Nine Presents 1:30 Skippy - The Bush Kangaroo 2:00 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “United” (M a,l) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Seven News 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 My Kitchen Rules 9:00 Revenge: Exodus 10:00 How I Met Your Mother: How Your Mother Met Me 10:30 How I Met Your Mother: Karma / The Broath 11:30 Talking Footy 12:30 Parks And Recreation: Ron And Diane 1:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Sons And Daughters - After a promising start, Jill hits problems in her new relationship with Derek. 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 The Royal Jewels 2:05 Battle Castle 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5:00 The Farm Fixer 5:30 Global Village 6:00 Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam 6:30 SBS World News 7:35 Idris Elba: King Of Speed 8:35 Stephen Hawking’s Future Universe 9:30 Housos 10:30 SBS World News Late 11:00 The World Game 11:30 Clown: Casa Tua - Mia forces Frank to get his sperm count checked. Complications including a children’s DVD, a porn movie and a furious Iben ensues. Meanwhile, Casper finds a pregnancy test in the kitchen and after disbanding the idea that Frank could have placed it there, he moves on to find the guilty party. 12:00 Shorts On Screen 12:40 Derren Brown: The Heist 1:35 William Shatner’s Weird Or What? 2:40 Weatherwatch Overnight



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Four Corners 11:45 Media Watch 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 Q&A 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen 2:30 As Time Goes By 3:00 Dirt Game 4:10 Kingdom 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 6:45 Little Crackers: Tommy Tiernan 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Foregin Correspondent 8:30 New Tricks: Lost In Translation 9:30 At The Movies 10:00 The Book Club 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:30 Four Corners 12:20 Media Watch 12:35 Movie: “Sister Kenny” (G) 2:35 Grand Designs: The Lifeboat Station 3:30 Rugby Union: Shute Shield: Round: Eastern Suburbs Vs Randwick 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “Armored” (M v,l) 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 The Block: Fans Vs Faves 8:40 The Big Bang Theory: The Locomotive Manipulation 9:10 The Big Bang Theory: The Re-Entry Minimization 9:40 2 Broke Girls: And The Kilt Trip 10:10 2 Broke Girls: And The Pearl Necklace 10:40 Two And A Half Men: Slowly And In A Circular Motion 11:10 Two And A Half Men: A Possum On Chemo 11:40 Weeds: Do Her / Don’t Do Her 12:10 20/20 1:00 Extra 1:30 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Subdivision” (M l) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Seven News 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 My Kitchen Rules 8:45 TBA 11:45 Smash: The Read Through - Julia’s fears increase when Tom airs his suspicions of Peter. Jimmy and Kyle confront their own crisis of confidence as ‘Hit List’ is read for the first time. Meanwhile, Ivy realizes her triumph might not be all she hoped when she meets her new co- star, Terry Falls, and Karen wonders if she can trust Jimmy. 1:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 One Born Every Minute 2:50 Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong Bitesize 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village 6:00 Food Safari 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Queen Victoria’s Children 8:30 Insight 9:30 Dateline 10:30 SBS World News Late 11:00 The Killing: In Danish. The body of a female lawyer is found in a Copenhagen park. Shortly after, an ex-soldier who served in Afghanistan is savagely killed. Are the murders linked? Only one person can help: a stubborn, rebellious woman in her early forties, Detective Inspector Sarah Lund. Running parallel to the case, both the Minister of Justice and an escaped prisoner are also desperately searching for the murderer. 12:10 Art And Copy 1:45 My Asian Heart 2:50 Weatherwatch Overnight



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 One Plus One 11:30 Foreign Correspondent 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 12:30 National Press Club Address 1:30 Devil Island 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen 2:30 As Time Goes By 3:00 Dirt Game 4:10 Kingdom 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 6:50 The Checkout 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL 8:30 Spicks And Specks 9:00 The Agony Of Modern Manners: Work 9:30 The Kumars: Daniel Radcliffe, Chevy Chase & Olivia Colman 10:00 The Wrong Mans 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:35 Hustle 12:35 Movie: “The Little Minister” (G) 2:30 Football: VFL: Round 1 (Split Round): Williamstown Vs Box Hill 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “The Great Mint Swindle” (M v,l,a) 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 The Block: Fans Vs Faves 8:40 Inside Story 9:40 CSI: Love For Sale - A 16 year old girl with ties to a brothel dies and Nick and Greg have to investigate. 10:40 TBA 11:40 Partners: Sperm Und Drang - Ali gets a pregnancy scare, Louis decides to have a baby as well, Joe and Louis’ relationship is tested. 12:05 Extra 12:30 The Baron 1:30 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 10:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Disney TV Features 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Seven News 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 My Kitchen Rules 8:45 The Blacklist: The world’s most wanted criminal mysteriously turns himself in and offers to help them hunt down the very men he’s spent his entire life protecting. 9:45 TBA 11:45 Defiance: Brothers In Arms - Nolan welcomes an old army buddy, Eddie Braddock, who is now working as a bounty hunter. 1:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Sons And Daughters 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 5:30 UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 8:00 Weatherwatch 8:05 World News 1:00 Insight 2:00 Dateline 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village 6:00 My Family Feast 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Indian Ocean With Simon Reeve 8:35 One Born Every Minute 9:30 Lilyhammer 10:25 SBS World News Late 11:00 Movie: “Potiche” - In French. When her husband is taken hostage by his striking employees, a trophy wife takes the reins of the family business and proves to be a remarkably effective leader. However business and personal complications arrive in the form of her ex-lover, a former union leader. 12:50 Movie: “A Heart Elsewhere” (PG) - In Italian, English Subtitles. Nello is a sensitive and shy 35-year-old whose philandering father keeps encouraging him to seduce women. 2:45 Weatherwatch Overnight

Page 16 Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014


SUDOKU No. 191

Your  Lucky 



 

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th) There has been complete chaos at your house for too long. You must make a better effort to coordinate your schedule and tackle projects early. Romance. You will be very popular this week; especially with members of the opposite sex. Be careful of unforeseen jealousies, however.

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th) A meeting with a stranger will turn out to be much more entertaining than you’d expect. It’ll make you want to get out more often! Romance. When things don’t go just the way you would like, there will be trouble. If your partner is wasting your time, they will wish that they had not done so!

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st)


Before you start criticising your boss for something they have done, consider the consequences. This is not the best time to take a risk with your career. Romance. A surprising comment from your partner may shock you for a while. Try to hide your feelings about this for the moment.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st) Other people may try to slow you down don’t let them. At times this week, you will have to march ahead at your own pace. Prepare to walk alone. Romance. This would be an excellent time for a trip away from home. You need the chance to spend some time alone with your partner.

CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd) You may be a little less conscientious about your work than you are normally. This would be a good time to take a break. Romance. Someone that you know very well may be giving you the wrong kind of advice about your relationship. Be wary of what is said to you this week!

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd) You may be feeling a little cut-off from other people this week. Use this time to get ahead of things and you will have more time to spend later. Romance. You may be feeling a little insecure. If you are prepared to “stick to your guns”, you will be able to improve an upcoming difficult situation.


VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd) Don’t allow yourself to be led astray by a false promise. If possible, ask a friend for their opinion. You shouldn’t be so trusting! Romance. Try to inject some passion into your relationship. If you are not careful, you could become complacent. Or worse, your partner could become bored.

LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd) Don’t take the credit for everything: somebody who helped you recently may need more encouragement than you realise. You can have the spotlight at a later time. Romance. You’ll lose an important opportunity if you don’t decide what to do. Any decision will be better than none.

For all your printing needs –


SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd) You mustn’t allow yourself to be held back by other people’s negativity. You have plenty to do and need to overcome their scepticism. Be strong! Romance. A short day-trip with your mate will proof fruitful. It’ll give you time to catch up on things you normally don’t have time to talk about.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st) You may have become frustrated with your exercise routine. Infuse it with something new; such as a yoga or spin class. Romance. A favourable aspect between your Ruling Planet and Mars will give your love-life an extra boost of passion. You’ll be left daydreaming about this!

CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th)


People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.


You will be thinking about your wallet at the moment. The expenditures of the last month will soon be taking their toll! Be thrifty this week to save some cash. Romance. You’ll be surprised when someone you were introduced to wants to get in touch. You need to make the next move.

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th) This should be a very good week. A social event with friends will put you in touch with someone new. Be sure to take down their contact information. Romance. A gettogether will go much better than planned, thanks to your partner’s considerate and spontaneous attitude.

–Zig Ziglar

Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014 Page 17

Trades & Services Directory ACCOMMODATION



& WEED CONTROL ►CBD (Supermarkets/Post Office/Banks/Newsagent/Cellars) ►24 hour ‘Check-in’ ►Self-contained Apartments ►Queen/Twin Bedrooms ►Wireless Internet ‘hot spot’ ►All rooms with own private balcony ►Cable TV service ►BBQ / Gazebo & Pool ►Undercover & Secure Car Parking ►Tour bookings & Car Hire ►Direct on-line booking via Website

71 Lake Street, CAIRNS QLD 4870 Phone: 07 4041 2350 Fax: 07 4041 2420

Email: Web Site:



Termite Specialists

ABN 74 061 168 036 BSA 106 0874 Termites, Pre-treats, Pre-purchase & Termite Reports Reticulation & Baiting Systems Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents, Fleas etc

Servicing Cardwell to Cape York & Torres Strait 199 Newell St Bungalow Ph: 4054 2888 E:


LUXURY SUITES Opposite Myer / Cairns Central We are perfectly located for your next visit.

Call us for our Best Rates. 6 McLeod Street Cairns Ph: (07) 4051 5050 Fax: (07) 4051 5161


Attention-seeking space seeks like-minded advertiser THIS COLOUR SPACE COSTS ONLY $50 PER WEEK* Email or call 1300 867 737 *CONDITIONS APPLY – MINIMUM 6 WEEK BOOKING


Rescue Foster Adopt

An animal rescue group based in Cairns that is the only animal rescue dedicated to helping stray, unwanted and neglected animals in the Torres Straits. We provide veterinary care and rely on dedicated and passionate foster carers to provide a loving home for rescued animals until the right forever family is found. For help or further information please call Hannah on 0402 354 249 or email

Tax Help With  Salary & wage returns  Capital gains  Rental properties  Shares & Investments  Multiple year tax returns All Return Types  Personal, business and partnership We will find every possible deduction and make sure you receive your tax refund promptly. Suite 1 140 Mulgrave Road CAIRNS

Shop 21 Campus Shopping Village, SMITHFIELD

4051 6315

SMALL BUSINESS AND REMOTE AREA SPECIALISTS We take the burden out of tax for you

ROTARYCLUB CLUBMEETINGS MEETINGS TI TI ROTARY Thursday Island Thursday Island Rotary Rotary ClubClub Meets at 7am Meets at 7.00am Friday Morning Breakfast Friday Morning Breakfast Meeting Meeting at the Grand Hotel at Federal Hotel. Visitors Welcome. Visitors welcome! Inquiries 4069 1531 Inquiries 0438 747 853

MARINE TRANSPORT TORRES STRAIT (Trading as Wis Wei Boat Charters)

Horn Island

Available for day trips, camping trips, Charters to: Seisa, POW, Hammond, TI and other nearby islands.


4050 7500

Servicing the Cape & Torres Strait Communities

Page 18 Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014

1. To confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting. 2. To elect members of the committee. 3. To receive and consider the financial statement. 4. Appoint an auditor for the current financial year. The special business of the meeting will be: 1. To receive and consider the Auditor’s Report and Audited Accounts on the financial affairs of the association for the last financial year. 2. Consider the adoption of a revised constitution (model rules) and have this passed if accepted by the members. 3. To consider any other business.

Torres Strait Regional Authority Common Funding Round 2014 - 2015 The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) is calling for applications from Torres Strait lslander and Aboriginal organisations and individuals within the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area for grant funding for activities commencing 1 July, 2014, under the following Programs: Governance and Leadership Program - Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) Capacity Building Initiatives Eligible projects under this program include: • Contribution towards the administrative costs associated with establishing and maintaining a PBC Office • Initiatives that increase the capacity of elected PBC Officers to perform their duties • Initiatives that support PBCs to engage with communities on Native Title issues Governance and Leadership Program - Indigenous Broadcasting Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Operational support for Indigenous broadcasting services (including RIBS) • Regional Indigenous Media Organisation (RIMO) Support • Upgrade of broadcasting equipment Healthy Communities Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Healthy Homes initiatives (including health promotion and education) • Healthy Lifestyles initiatives and minor infrastructure

Grant Application forms and Program Guidelines specific to each program are available at www. under the ‘Grant Funding’ menu. Application kits and further information can also be obtained by contacting the TSRA on (07) 4069 0700.

Phone Vince: 0429 631 844

Phone Dave, Paul or Kym

The ordinary business of the meeting will be:

Culture Art and Heritage Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Support for the development of artist careers • Locally managed community cultural projects (festivals, exhibitions etc) • Costs associated with the revitalization and /or maintenance of endangered Torres Strait languages • Support for purchase of Arts material and Production costs to develop traditional and contemporary artforms • Production costs for projects and events as well as marketing costs for the promotion of a cultural / artistic event


10 Comport Street, Cairns

Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of the Wongai Basketball Association will be held on Wednesday, April 2, 2014, at 6pm at the Sports and Recreation Office at 79 Douglas Street.

Safe Communities Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Social services initiatives such as: • Indigenous women, men and children social development and support programs • Child and family safety programs • Safe and accessible community initiatives such as: • Safe communities infrastructure and equipment including land and sea communications systems • Community capacity building and awareness


....for SALES & SERVICE of Kubota Construction Equipment & Generators, Iseki & Massey Ferguson Tractors & Kanga Loaders

Notice of Wongai Basketball Association Annual General Meeting

Applications Close at 4 pm on Tuesday 8 April 2014 Completed applications should be marked ‘TSRA Common Funding Round’and emailed to:

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CLASSIFIEDS Hobbytex Distributor. For your supplies Phone Jenny on 0412 752 220. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

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The tombstone unveiling of the late

Mr Marwer Depoma. Mer (Murray Island) cemetery.

Contact Bishop Mabo: 0498 111 495 or Mrs Mabo: 0459 486 509

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2 X UNITS FOR SALE Thursday Island

Come along and grab a bargain!

Saturday, april 5, 2014 9.00am to 12.00pm port Kennedy Hall

For more information or to book a stall contact the Port Kennedy office on (07) 4069 2306

Unit 4A - Two bedrooms, one bathroom, unfurnished. Unit 4B - Master bedroom with ensuite, second bedroom and main bathroom, unfurnished.

Phone Simone 0427 691 994

Classifieds deadline. 10.30am Thursday

DISPOSAL BY TENDER LONG BOATS (7), OUTBOARD MOTORS (9), FUEL CADDIES (17) & EQUIPMENT (Tender Number AFMATI01/1314) Tenders are invited for the purchase of seven (7) long boats, nine (9) outboard motors, seventeen (17) fuel caddies and miscellaneous equipment forfeited to the Commonwealth of Australia under Section 52 of the Torres Strait Fisheries Act 1984. The boat hulls, motors, fuel caddies and equipment are individually offered for sale and are of varying condition and size (hulls are approximately 7 metres, motors are 7 x 40hp and 2 x 60hp). Conditions will apply to the sale and details of these items and the procedures surrounding the sale can be obtained from the Disposal by Tender documentation. Copies of the tender documentation can be obtained from AFMA’s website or from AFMA’s Thursday Island office. Questions and arrangements for inspection should be directed to: John Jones Manager Foreign Compliance Operations Torres Strait Telephone: (07) 4069 2706 Facsimile: (07) 4069 1425 E-mail: Tenders close: April 4, 2014

REQUEST FOR TENDER 01/2014 MANAGEMENT OF ALAU BEACH BUDGET LODGE AND CAMPGROUNDS INVITATION Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council (the Council) invites tenders from appropriately qualified persons for the operation of the Alau Beach Budget Lodge and Campgrounds at Umagico. The Contract for the operation of this Facility will be for a two (2) year fixed term. The Council reserves the right in its sole discretion to offer a further one (1) year term to the successful tenderer. Tenders will be assessed on the basis of the contract price offered and the benefits offered to the community by each tenderer. For further information regarding this tender, please contact Council’s Tender Manager, Ms Penny Laws on (07) 4052 0700 or tenders@nparc., or refer to the Council’s website for the Tender Documentation. Tenders close at 4pm on Monday, April 7, 2014. Tenders are to be lodged, either by hand to Level 1/59 McLeod Street, Cairns Qld 4870 or by post addressed to Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council, PO Box 707N, North Cairns Qld 4870 or emailed to tenders@ and marked “Tender 01/2014 – Contract for the Operation of the Alau Beach Budget Lodge and Campgrounds”.





17 Nazeer Street, Thursday Island. 20A Clarke Street, Thursday Island. 911sq/m flat block inc. large 593sq/m shaded block inc. building shed and plans/prior approvals to plans, approvals and most site work construct 4 x highset 4 Bed home complete. units. BUILD TODAY Currently rented at $700p/w $180,000 $470,000 Call owner for all details on 0408 744 018

Call owner for all details on 0408 744018

Thursday Island Visit Thursday 27 & Friday 28 March 2014 St Augustine’s College greatly values the relationship that it has established with the families of the Torres Strait and would like to take this opportunity to touch base, share a meal and conduct enrolment interviews for 2015 and 2016 during the visit. Representing the College will be Principal Br Darren Burge, Mr Bernard Burgess, Head of Boarding, Fr Laurie Timms, College Chaplain and Mr Czek Kersevani, Head of College Promotions. Interested parents who may consider sending their sons or daughters to boarding school at Saints are encouraged to schedule an interview by contacting:Lesley Willis, Principal’s Secretary T: (07) 4052 9120 or A Country Dinner will be held at The Grand Hotel at 7pm on Friday, March 28. All current and prospective parents are welcome as well as Old Boys of the College. IMPORTANT: If you can come to the dinner please RSVP to or telephone (07) 4051 5555.

Torres shire CounCil To lead, provide & facilitate VETERINARY SERVICES APRIL 2014 Dr Jo Squires’ (Vet) next visit to Thursday Island & Horn Island will be from the 3rd to 5th of April 2014 THURSDAY 3rd APRIL: HORN ISLAND CONSULTATIONS Wasaga Hall FRIDAY 4th APRIL: THURSDAY ISLAND SURGERY Torres Shire Depot SATURDAY 5th APRIL: THURSDAY ISLAND CONSULTATIONS Torres Shire Depot

Canvassing of any Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council staff or Councillors will disqualify tenderers from the tender process.

Appointments can be made through reception at the Torres Shire Council office by phoning 4069 1336 prior to Wednesday, 2th April, 2014.

The highest contract price or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

Full cost of any consultations or surgical procedures will be matters for exclusive and private determination between the animal owner and the veterinary surgeon.

ILARIO SABATINO Chief Executive Officer Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council 180 Adidi Street BAMAGA QLD 4876Chief Executive Officer

All costs are to be met by the animal owner. Council or the vet does not provide subsidy or credit. All accounts are to be settled on the day. DAlASSA YorkSTon Chief Executive officer

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24 - 30 March 2014 Page 19


Sea turtles will feel the heat from climate change By TIM DEMPSTER Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology at University of Melbourne ELLA KELLY Research Assistant at University of Melbourne TIM JESSOP University of Melbourne LAST year was Australia’s hottest on record and this year started with heatwaves. Animals feel the heat too - so how will they cope and adapt as the climate changes? Take, for example, sea turtles. These large reptiles have swum the oceans for more than 150 million years and survived numerous climatic changes, from warmings to ice ages. Yet human-induced climate change may lead to their downfall. Historically, turtles were everywhere. They were so abundant in the Caribbean when Columbus first sailed to the Americas, it was said his crew complained of lack of sleep due to the continuous thudding as his ship bumped into sea turtles at night. A species under threat Today, sea turtles are threatened on a number of fronts. Rapid climate change expected in

the coming century could seal their fate once and for all. Over the past century, populations of all seven species have declined dramatically, according to the IUCN Red List. Over-harvesting of turtles and eggs, accidental capture by fisheries, pollution, and nesting habitat loss through coastal development, have all played their part. Add climate change to the mix, and sea turtles’ future is not looking bright. As a reptile, sea turtles rely on their environment to regulate biology. Rising temperatures will disrupt a whole suite of different processes. Temperature impacts every stage of a sea turtle’s life - and as such, a rising global average will likely upset many important ecological and biological actions. Girls like it hot Temperature even controls the sex of sea turtle hatchlings. Instead of being set by genetic factors (such as X and Y chromosomes), the gender of a turtle is determined by the temperature that the eggs experience while in the nest. Eggs in hotter nests produce females, while cooler nests produce males. This phenomenon is called

LEFT: In 50 years, sea turtle hatchlings may be all female. ABOVEl Sea turtles and climate change are not a good mix. Photos:

temperature-dependent sex determination, and is also shown by many other reptile species. So if sex is determined by temperature, how will global warming cause a problem? Warming temperatures will heat beaches and make nests hotter. Hotter nests produce more females, to the point where there may be no males left at all. Martina Fuentes from James Cook University examined green sea turtles nesting on islands along the Great Barrier Reef. She found that these beaches were likely to produce exclusively female offspring by 2070. Similar predictions exist for loggerheads in Western Australia and from our own results on olive ridley turtles from the Northern Territory. Now we know what is happening, is there anything that can be done? Couldn’t they just dig deeper? This is the most frequent question we get asked about our research along with “couldn’t they just move beaches or lay eggs in winter?” These are important questions - much speculation has focused on whether the turtles will be able to change their behaviour to combat warming temperatures.

However, these theories are difficult to test due to the very long lifetimes of sea turtles (think Crush in Finding Nemo). Some of the possible behavioural changes also have issues associated with them: Digging deeper: smaller turtles, with shorter flippers, cannot physically dig their nests any deeper. Digging deeper also takes longer. Beaches are risky places for lumbering sea turtles, and they can physically overheat or get eaten by big crocodiles. Moving beaches: female sea turtles return to the beach they hatched from to lay their eggs. A change in beaches only occurs when a turtle makes a navigation mistake, which is unlikely to occur often enough to result in cooler beaches. Changing the time of nesting: some evidence of changes in nesting time has already been shown. We speculate that warming oceans could alter signals to turtles so that they begin breeding at different times on the year - whether this will do any good, however, is yet to be established. A Flatback nesting in Northern Australia: not always a safe activity. Considering that often mother

turtles will sometimes nest in completely inappropriate locations (like in the water) - we must take their ability to choose the perfect location with a grain of salt. What we stand to lose The loss of sea turtles would be felt by humans and the environment alike. Sea turtles are an important part of their habitat, and in particular, they play a key role in the regulation of seagrass beds (a key habitat for a multitude of organisms). Sea turtles are also important culturally. They are a significant resource for northern indigenous cultures in Australia, as well as being a highlight for many tourists visiting the Great Barrier Reef. Understanding and predicting what will happen is the first step, but now we must plan for it. Unfortunately, management is difficult due to the widespread and remote habitat of these species. Much like many other species, the survival of sea turtles now relies on humanity’s ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is the key step we must take if we want to mitigate disastrous effects on sea turtles and their habitat

CLASSIFIEDS UNIT FOR RENT 22 Clark St, Thursday Island Spacious 3 Bedroom unit available for rent in secure complex. Modern kitchen, fully air conditioned, tiled throughout with security screens. You own Car port BBQ area with shade sails and landscaped gardens. To arrange an inspection, please feel free to contact: Peter Fraser on 0428 292 362 or Allan Godfrey on 0409 789 370

Date Claimer for the Late Mr Bill Magaia, Mrs Bethel Dagum Luffman, Mrs Sania Pause Nee Kris and Derek James Bon.

9am on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Thursday Island Cemetery. Venue: Tamwoy Town Hall Feasting, 6pm followed by dancing. R.S.V.P Don P Whap: 0456 821 874 Mr Wally Bon: 0417 959 830 Mr Jimmy Luffman: 0499 893 049 Tuta Kris: 0439 065 258

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24 - 30 March 2014

Torres shire CounCil To lead, provide & facilitate Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995

Abandoned Vehicle Removal Council has placed notices on all vehicles considered to be abandoned in accordance with Section 100 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995. Residents are advised that Council will commence removing these vehicles from Council roads and footpaths on Monday 31 March 2014. Residents have until Sunday 30 March 2014 to remove an abandoned vehicle to private property. Failure to remove an abandoned vehicle to private property by 30 March 2014 will result in Council relocating the vehicle to a place of safe storage. No extension will be considered. The owner of an abandoned vehicle can contact Council on 4069 1336 if there are any questions about removal of the vehicles. Dalassa Yorkston CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER




TOMBSTONE UNVEILING Late Mr Job Uta (Jnr) and Baby Kayla Uta. September 27, 2014. Thursday Island Cemetery. Phone Mrs Katy Uta on 0455 602 351 for more information.

3 BEDROOM Highset Home on 1012m Block. 20 Nawie St, Horn Island. New Kitchen/ Shower and extras. If not sold available for Rent. Contact: Greg Kirk on 0499 191 363.

Notice of General Meeting Torres Strait Fishers Association Incorporated Date: Saturday, March 29, 2014 Time: 9am – 12pm Place: Port Kennedy Hall Enquiries phone 0455 600 205 or email



Unravelling why geography is Australia’s biggest silent killer By LESLEY BARCLAY Professor of Rural Health at University of Sydney published in MANY people think the poorer health and lower life expectancy of people living in rural or remote Australia are attributable to the under-supply of health services in those areas. But this is only one contributing factor. Far more important is the distribution of health risk factors and how they interact with the nature of rural and remote places, which results in people dying younger. Data from the National Health Performance Authority shows life expectancy at birth ranges from 83.6 years in metro areas to 81.5 in regional hubs and 78.2 in rural places. The picture is even grimmer when we look at avoidable deaths. From a population of 100,000, there are 115 avoidable deaths in metro areas compared to 171 in regional hubs and 244 in rural places. Clearly, there’s more than one factor at play here. Compared with those living in major cities, the people of rural and remote Australia have fewer years of completed education and lower incomes. And a greater proportion of them have a disability, smoke, and drink to risky degrees. They also have poorer access to the internet and mobile phones. And then there’s access to health professionals, including doctors, which is notoriously poor in rural areas. Compared with the rate at which city people access Medicare, people in rural and remote areas are at a massive disadvantage - there’s a so-called

“Medicare deficit” of around $1 billion a year. In 2012-13, for instance, there were 5.8 GP services per head funded by Medicare, compared to 5.9 in inner regional areas, 5.2 in outer regional areas, 4.1 in remote areas and 3 in very remote areas. In country areas, there’s also less access to private hospitals, even for those who are privately insured. And apart from these wellknown deficiencies in access to health services, people in rural and remote areas also Thursday Island community. have less access to healthpromoting infrastructure, such status and geography. as targeted smoking cessation activiFrom an equity standpoint, the ties, organised physical activities and important issues are why levels of emthe information contained in health ployment are low, why in a particular promotion campaigns. place there are few professionals and All in all, there’s a slanting line many labourers, why internet access is across key health measures such as low, and why are there fewer people potentially avoidable death, poten- with education above year 11 - and tially avoidable hospitalisation and life what can be done about these things. expectancy from major cities through It seems safe to assume that the to very remote areas. Cancer survival causes of health deficits include “ruralrates show the same pattern. ity” - a combination of remoteness and Social factors that impact health, town size because it’s obvious that such as income, completed years town size, not just remoteness, will of education, disability, smoking strongly influence variables, such as and risky drinking, show the same income, educational attainment, work gradient. skills and housing costs. All of these result in a higher But our current measures are incidence among the people of rural so crude that Urana, a town of 800 remote areas of various disadvantages people in the Riverina region of New relating to work, income, education South Wales, Townsville, with around and children (think of the proportion 195,000 people, and Darwin, with of families with young children in around 130,000 people are in the same poverty). category. If we are to address these disAnother data set collects measures advantages, we need to unpick the socioeconomic status. Variables used relationship between socioeconomic to calculate this index typically in-

clude income, internet connection, the percentage of people schooled to year 11 only, the proportion in the labour force who are unemployed, long-term health conditions or disability, and people paying less than $166 rent per week. All of these are almost certain to be influenced by two characteristics of place: its distance from a capital city or other large centre, and the size of the town. The remoteness and the size of a particular community influences its access to schools, jobs and high-paid employment. Other issues, such as the nature of the main local industries, or economic drivers, such as weather, are also influential. We can keep doing new analyses to expand our understanding of how various factors interact to cause the clear health disadvantage in rural and remote areas. These might even suggest the causes for the different but they will be misleading without a solid

understanding of underlying variables. While the role of income and education on health status are universal and universally accepted, it’s too early to dismiss place - especially “rurality” - as a determinant of health status. It seems likely that place is a primary determining factor in the worse health of rural and remote Australians, with socioeconomic status being an intermediary. In other words, low income might be the toxin, with place being what allows it to harm people. We know socioeconomic status is a major determinant of health, but understanding how the characteristics of a particular place impact health is critically important if we are to understand how to improve health and longevity in rural and remote Australia. Acknowledgement: Gordon Gregory and Andrew Phillips from the National Rural Health Alliance contributed to this article.

Governments can’t make people healthy; we have to do it ourselves: Tom Calma “IN some of our communities smoking rates are higher, 80 per cent plus,” says Aboriginal elder and social rights campaigner, Dr Tom Calma AO. We’ve got a target to halve the smoking rate by 2018.” “People need to make informed decisions about their own health. Governments can’t make people healthy; we have to do it ourselves.” Nearly three-quarters of Australian men and over a quarter of Australian women smoked in 1945. Today, public health initiatives have helped reduce the number of smokers to around 17 per cent of the general population. However, 47 per cent of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders are still smoking. “In some of our communities it’s higher, 80 per cent plus,” says Aboriginal elder and social rights campaigner, Dr Tom Calma AO. “We’ve got a target to halve the smoking rate by 2018.”

Calma is leading the charge as the National Co-coordinator for the Tacking Indigenous Smoking program, which he spoke about in his keynote address at the Commitment to Indigenous Health: Local and National Contributions to Meeting the Challenges conference last week. “The Commonwealth Government has devoted $106M over four years to establish a work force across the nation to go out - outside of the clinical setting and into the community - to inform people about the hazards of smoking and the benefits of not smoking.” Regional Tackling Smoking & Healthy Lifestyle Teams in 57 regions across the nation are working with smokers to help them kick the habit, and also with non-smokers to ensure they don’t start. A far cry from the campaigns of shocking images and heartbreaking stories, Calma and his teams are approaching the

Dr Tom Calma AO, withNACCHO chair at World No Tobacco Day. problem from a different angle. understand, they respond. “My teams don’t always talk “People need to make about the negative aspects of informed decisions about their smoking; they put a positive spin own health. Governments can’t make people healthy; we have to on it,” says Calma. “If you don’t smoke you are do it ourselves.” Nearly three-quarters of Ausgoing to be healthier, you’re going to save money - up to tralian men and over a quarter $6000 a year for a pack a day of Australian women smoked smoker. And with that money in 1945. you could then take your famToday, public health iniily on a holiday. The average tiatives have helped reduce the pack a day smoker smokes the number of smokers to around 17 equivalent of four return air per cent of the general populatickets to Los Angeles a year.” tion. “When we give them However, 47 per cent of information in a way that’s Indigenous and Torres Strait non-threatening and they can Islanders are still smoking.

“In some of our communities it’s higher, 80 per cent plus,” says Aboriginal elder and social rights campaigner, Dr Tom Calma AO. “We’ve got a target to halve the smoking rate by 2018.” Calma is leading the charge as the National Co-coordinator for the Tacking Indigenous Smoking program, which he will be speaking about in his keynote address at the Commitment to Indigenous Health: Local and National Contributions to Meeting the Challenges conference this Wednesday. “The Commonwealth Government has devoted $106M over four years to establish a work force across the nation to go out - outside of the clinical setting and into the community - to inform people about the hazards of smoking and the benefits of not smoking.” Regional Tackling Smoking & Healthy Lifestyle Teams in 57 regions across the nation are working with smokers to help them kick the habit, and also Torres News

with non-smokers to ensure they don’t start. A far cry from the campaigns of shocking images and heartbreaking stories, Calma and his teams are approaching the problem from a different angle. “My teams don’t always talk about the negative aspects of smoking; they put a positive spin on it,” says Calma. “If you don’t smoke you are going to be healthier, you’re going to save money - up to $6000 a year for a pack a day smoker. And with that money you could then take your family on a holiday. The average pack a day smoker smokes the equivalent of four return air tickets to Los Angeles a year.” “When we give them information in a way that’s non-threatening and they can understand, they respond. “People need to make informed decisions about their own health. Governments can’t make people healthy; we have to do it ourselves.”

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Cape York’s wildlife ignored in the rush to develop the north By NOEL PREECE Ecologist at James Cook University From THE future of Cape York mammals, frogs and reptiles Peninsula - home to many - is currently under review. of Australia’s unique birds, Prime Minister Tony Ab-


bott recently launched the first stage of a new White Paper on Northern Australia. It’s the first national policy of its kind on the north and will be finalised within the


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EA FFK Depart Thursday Island: 6:30am and 2:30pm PSEO N EASO A FE RY K Depart Thursday Island: 6:30am and 2:30pm SEARSO Depart Seisia: 8am and 4pm N O FE RRF YF Depart Seisia: essential. 8am and 4pm Bookings PEAK Depart Thursday Island: 6:30am and 2:30pm SEASO Bookings essential. Boarding 15mins prior to departure N FERRY Depart Seisia: 8am 4pm Boarding prior toand departure *Please contact us15mins or check online for changes to the ferry OFF Bookings essential. schedule around holidays asfor variations occur. *Please contact uspublic or check online changesmay to the ferry PEonly. schedule around publicFerry holidays as to variations may occur. A Boarding 15mins prior departure Monday 7thDepart Oct Public Holiday. Peddells Service will operate an afternoon service Thursday Island: 6:30am and 2:30pm SEASO K N Depart Thursday IslandHoliday. 2:30pm and Seisia 4pm. One way travel only available on this FE date. R Monday 7th Oct *Please Public Ferry Service operate service only. RY contactPeddells us Seisia: or check online forwill changes toan theafternoon ferry Depart 8am and 4pm Depart Thursday schedule Island 2:30pm and Seisiaholidays 4pm. One travelmay onlyoccur. available on this date. around public as way variations essential. “Linking theBookings Cape toprior thetowillTorres Strait” Monday 7th Oct Public Holiday. Peddells Ferry Service operate an afternoon service only. Boarding 15mins departure Depart Thursday Island 2:30pm and Seisia 4pm. travel only available on this date. “Linking the Cape to One thewayTorres Strait”


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Monday 7th Oct Public Holiday. Peddells Ferry Service will operate an afternoon service only. Depart Thursday Island 2:30pm and Seisia 4pm. One way travel only available on this date.

“Linking the Cape to the Torres Strait” RESERVATIONS ESSENTIAL

RESERVATIONS ESSENTIAL PHONE: 07 4069 1551 Book online www.peddellsferry, PHONE: 07 4069 1551


PHONE: 07 4069 1551


Book online www.peddellsferry,


PHONE: 07 4069 1551 Book online www.peddellsferry,


next year. At the same time, the Queensland government has drafted the Cape York Regional Plan, which is currently open for public comment until 25 March. Then there is the House of Representatives Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia and the review of Water Resources on Cape York. Comments on this are due also on 25 March. That water resources review is coupled with the revocation of the water-licensing moratorium on Cape York. This was initiated with the Wild Rivers declarations, which are also being revoked. New investigations into the availability of groundwater on Cape York, particularly in the Great Artesian Basin, are now planned. All of these initiatives are focused almost exclusively on economic development. Having built a northern Australian business that celebrates 25 years next year, I know the importance of a strong and viable economic base. But it must be tempered by a healthy regard for the values, opportunities and constraints of the natural environment and the unique biodiversity of the Cape. The draft Cape York Plan does not adequately address the biodiversity and environmental aspects of the Cape’s development. The draft plan has already delineated areas for development for agriculture, mining and other activities, in the ab-


McDONALD CHARTER BOATS Phone: 1300 664 875 Fax: (07) 4090 3628 Email:


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24 - 30 March 2014

A baby northern quoll. The native mammal is having a hard time across northern Australia, battling for survival against cane toads and feral predators such as cats. sence of sound knowledge are undergoing “substantial environment is seen as an and assessment of what is and pervasive decline” impediment, an obstacle to in the areas, as those studies towards extinction. be overcome. have not been done. Recent Have they been ocNone of the reviews or investigative reports on the curring across the Cape? plans currently underway potential and limitations In short: we don’t know. considers the unique bioof northern development The few recent studies diversity and environment have cautioned strongly by researchers, including as of prime importance to against development at all myself, have shown similar be considered on an equal costs without recognising very disturbing patterns on footing with “realising the the “critical gaps in knowl- Cape York, with mammal full economic potential of edge”. numbers at levels that have the north”, as the Prime caused alarm in the North- Minister’s media release A vast unknown Cape York’s unique ern Territory and Western emphasised last week. natural values have been Australia. That philosophy derives Across the entire Cape, in part from the Coalition’s recognised for a long time. Naturalists were collecting systematic but one-off policy 2030 Vision for Deplant specimens from the studies of only around 230 veloping Northern Australia early 1770s, and from the sites have been made since which is to “cut the green early 1800s many new ani- 1979, most of them since and red tape” and develop mal species were described. 2012. These sites cover one the north as a “food bowl” A third (114 species) of hectare each, so the total to help double Australia’s Australia’s mammal species area covered is tiny. No agricultural output. The are known from the Cape. long-term studies of most policy is to be developed by Despite this richness and mammals have been done September this year. more than two centuries for the Cape, despite known So what does cutting of records, the status of declines of some of the more “green tape” (that is, enbiodiversity of Cape York iconic species, such as the vironmental regulation) northern quoll. is poorly known. actually mean in practice? I Many of the surveys expect it is code for removAcross northern Australia, native mammals were done for mining ing many requirements have experienced dramatic proposals located on areas for environmental assessdeclines. Many populations which are now mined, and ment, including biological so they have no value for surveys of the land to be further study. None of the disturbed and adjacent to studies have been published the projects, whether they in peer-reviewed journals, be agricultural projects, and are difficult to find even roads, gas pipelines, dams, in technical studies and mines, subdivisions and other reports. others which will destroy Contrast this with studies landscapes, and thus kill undertaken in the tropics millions of native animals. of the Northern Territory, Certainly, the Queenswhere over 220 long-term land Government is working monitoring sites have been towards restricting public established, which have objections to many mining shown “alarming” declines projects to those directly in many mammals over affected, and no one else. the last 20 years. There Deadly consequences is no reason to think that The devastating results these declines have not of development without occurred on Cape York, proper knowledge and care given its similar climate, for natural resources and soils, pastoral history, and biodiversity can be seen in southern Australia, which original fauna. So what is being done has the worst mammal about this lack of knowl- extinction rate in the world. Over the past 200 years, edge? Not much. What cutting ‘green a third (24 of 77) of all tape’ could mean mammal extinctions around The problem for biodi- the world have occurred versity in the plans of the in Australia as a result of Australian and Queensland human impacts. There are governments for the Cape no excuses left if we wipe is that they are all about out more species by poor development, where the planning for development.


Touch season is huge on Thursday Island ing Beetroots 4 to 6. Cougars defeated TRSA 5 to 0. Triple O defeated Hubba Bubba 4 to 3. Tits defeated Black Pearl 5 to 4. Shire Council/Col Jones defeated IBIS 5 to 1. Comm Crushers tied with Shingles 5 all. In the Open mixed teams: No Yarn defeated Mixed Fruit 6 to 5. Redskins defeated Fast Six, 3 to 2.

By AARON SMITH IN it’s third week of the season this week, Touch Footy is back on Thursday Island with a vengeance. Twelve social teams and five open teams have signed up and they are playing every Tuesday evening at the Ken Brown Oval, two games are played simultaneously over seven session times. The results from last Tuesday were: OLSH defeated the Flam-

The Flaming Beetroots taking on Sacred Heart.

Under 12s head to Cairns this week WALLY Shibasaki, coach of Thursday Island Under 12’s is heading down to Cairns this Thursday, March 27, for his team to play in the ARL Development Cup on Friday, March 28. The boys will then go to Innisfail on Saturday for the Under 12’s Peninsula side try outs. Tagai Primary teacher Matt Arkell, Wally Shibasaki, some supervisors, including David Bell and some parents will also be travelling with the team. Monday week, March 31, the Outer Islands will be coming to Thursday Island to play.

From left: Matatia Dorante, Jarrod Laifoo, Kara Crouch, Kobe Ahwang, Ruth Neliman, Ngukis Fauid and Mataika Gibuma.

347-359 Mulgrave Road, Cairns Ph: (07) 4044 4111



Tide Times – Ti Harbour


BELOW: Cougars playing the TSRA.

4041 4543


293 Mulgrave Road, Cairns

4WD & Commercials

Tide speed – Hammond Rock

monday, march 24 – sunday, march 30

While the Torres News takes every care to ensure the information contained in the Tide Diary is correct, the Torres News accepts no resposibility for its accuracy. Information is provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.

monday, march 24 – sunday, march 30

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Slack Maximum Slack Maximum Slack Maximum Slack Maximum Slack Maximum Slack Maximum Slack Maximum

Ht 1.82 3.01 0.79 2.37

Time 0330 0932 1640 2311

Ht 1.67 3.18 0.63 2.36


Ht 1.53 3.30 0.56 2.35

Time 0451 1030 1750 2321

NEW MOON Sun. Mar 30. Time: 18.45


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Torres News




24 - 30 March 2014 Page 23



Phone: 1300 867 737 • Fax: 1300 787 248 • Email:

Sports reports deadline is NOON, Wednesday prior to publication

Young Torres Strait Islanders shine at AFL program. “We have lads from many communities including Aurukun, Kowanyama, Coen, Lockhart River, Wujal Wujal and Torres Strait Islands. “We don’t have any expectations other than to train and play hard and enjoy their footy,” he said.

By ALF WILSON YOUNG Australian Rules players from many Torres Strait Islands form the nucleus of the Cape York Eagles side which has entered sides in the Cairns and District under 15 junior competitions for the first time. The formation of the new club is an Australian first and their home ground is also the home of 40 young indigenous men from the Torres Strait Islander, some from the NPA and various parts of the Cape. They live at the House, attend school in Cairns and now get to play in Eagles Guernsey’s at a home ground just outside their bedroom window. The under 15 side was undefeated after the first two rounds. In their debut on March 7. The Eagles under 17 side after their first game. the Eagles beat Port Douglas Crocs 15-14-104 to 3-1-19. Cape York Eagles under 17 side The House has been operational The side backed up in round two made their debut in round one on for 12 months and its performance a week later and defeated North March 14 and lost to Hawks 10-9-69 is being monitored by the AFL Cairns Tigers. and other big institutions who see to 4-3-27.

potential in the set-up. AFL Cape York House program manager Rick Hanlon told the Torres News on March 17 it was an exciting

The Torres Strait Islander or NPA players in the 40-strong list include: Lafia Kaitap (Kubin), Timakoi Lowah-Bowie (Badu), Tui Lowah (Badu), Daryl Lui (Yam), Laurie Nona (Badu), Philemon Nona (Badu), Titapo Nona (Kubin), Cedric Pearson, Harrison Pearson, Joseph Pearson (all Coconut Island), John Pearson (Yam), McFarlane Pearson (Coconut Island), Philemon Pearson (Coconut Island), Malachi Songoro (Yam), Munro Stephens (Coconut Island), Captain Tabuai, Gerome Tabuai (Bamaga), Nathaniel Tamwoy (Badu), and Glendon Woosup (Injinoo).

Horn Island Brothers enter KRL comp. HORN Island Brothers will be the fourth side to contest the 2014 men’s KRL competition on Thursday Island. Premiers Suburbs, Roosters, Mulga and Horn Island Brothers will take part and there are also plans to have a nine-a-side women’s competition with games fortnightly. Brothers will replace a Moa Island side which was in the 2013 competition. KRL official Terry Abednego told the Torres News on March 17 that Suburbs would be going for four grand final wins in a row. “The four teams that will be involved will be Suburbs, Roosters, Mulga and Horn Island Brothers. “KRL will also be looking at fielding a strong team for the RARL representative challenge in June, as

selection will be based on form and commitment to training. “Nominations will be called for coach, trainer and manager in the near future for the KRL rep team,” Mr Abednego said. There will be a Rugby League Club Coaching course on April 2 and 3 on Thursday Island and anybody interested in participating should register their interest with Maleta Nona before close of business on Friday March 28. “The same course will also be delivered on Badu also on April 2 and 3, anyone interested please register your interest with Frank Loban and Barry Nona when they have their Junior League sign on March 28. “Badu Island will also be starting up junior league, working closely

with the Kaiwalagal juniors on Thursday Island. “Thanks to Frank Loban and Barry Nona for volunteering their time to help kickstart junior league on Badu,” Mr Abednego said. There will be a KRL Junior League sign on at the Ken Brown Oval at 5.30pm on Friday, March 28, with the season starting on April 22. A copy of a birth certificate for each child will also need to be handed in. Playing divisions will depend on player registrations, with age groups starting from under 6s, where players must be already turned five years old. Also any interested referees, coaches, canteen workers and other volunteers, for junior league please come down and register your interest at the sign on day.

The KRL has released a calendar of events for the entire 2014 season which is: MARCH 26: KRL - Annual General Meeting: Election of Office Bearers, TSYRSA Office, Thursday Island. 28: Kaiwalagal Juniors League Sign on (TI and Hammond). APRIL 2-3: Referee and Coaching Course, Thursday Island, 15: Junior League Season Commences (Kaiwalagal Juniors), Thursday Island. MAY 17: KRL Seniors (Men and Women) season commences, Thursday Island, 24: KRL Seniors - Round 2, Thursday Island, 31: KRL Seniors - Round 3, Thursday Island. Page 24 Torres News

24 - 30 March 2014

JUNE 7: KRL Seniors - Round 4, Thursday Island. 14: KRL Seniors - Round 5, Thursday Island. 21: RARL (Remote Area Rugby League) Camp, Thursday Island. 27-29: RARL (Remote Area Rugby League) Challenge, Cairns. 27: Junior League - Break, Thursday Island. JULY 3-5: Island of Origin Carnival , Badu Island. 10-13: Gorden Tallis Cup: Under 10’s , Townsville. 12: KRL Seniors - No games, Thursday Island. 15: Junior League games recommence, Thursday Island.

19: KRL Seniors - Round 6, Thursday Island. AUGUST 2: KRL Seniors - Round 7, Thursday Island. 9: KRL Seniors - Round 8, Thursday Island. 16: KRL Seniors - Round 9, Thursday Island. 23: KRL Seniors - Knock Out Semi Final, Thursday Island. 30: KRL Seniors - Preliminary Final, Thursday Island. SEPTEMBER 6: KRL Seniors - Grand Final , Thursday Island. 19: Kaiwalagal Juniors - Grand Final, Thursday Island. OCTOBER 17-19: Zenadth Kes Cup, Thursday Island.

Torres news 2014 03 24  
Torres news 2014 03 24