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News & events of the Kaurareg homeland of Kaiwalagal, the Torres Strait homeland, and Cape York homelands of the Anggamuthi, Atambaya, Wuthathi, Yadhaykenu and Gudang Peoples

9 - 15 July 2012 • Thursday Island • • • Edition No. 1022 • $2.00 inc. GST

Fans cheer Maroons to a Magnificent Seven

All the kids and their dogs came out for the Queensland Maroon Army March on Wednesday, July 4. Emma Brogon, a Year 6 student from Tagai Primary School, was one of thousands of Maroons supporters across the Torres Strait who watched their team record their seventh straight win in the State of Origin by the slenderest of margins. PHOTO: MATT GARRICK. See more Maroon maniacs on page 21.

Minister hands back hospital and health control By MARK ROY CONTROL of hospital and health services is being returned to local hands, with Health Minister Lawrence Springborg visiting Thursday Island last week to announce the new board members for 17 Health Boards across the state. While members have aready been appointed to Hospital and Health Boards in 16 other health districts, Mr Springborg said an administrator

would be put in place in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) pending assessment of suitable candidates. Dr Oscar Whitehead has replaced Paul Stephenson as acting health services chief executive of the renamed Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Hospital and Health Service. Mr Springborg said he took advice from the Torres Strait Health Partnership during a meeting on Tuesday, July 3

d e i r t u o y e v Ha the menu at the

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He said the new, local board would be invaluable in guiding the future management of local health resources, focused on patient care. “With local boards in control of local health assets, clinicians and health workers will be able to work side-by-side with decision makers ,” Mr Springborg said. “They will be accountable for the performance of the Hospital and Health Boards in providing health services to meet local priorities and

national standards. “This change is long-overdue and has been welcomed across this state. “This path requires the selection of skilled locals who can help restore community confidence in local health services.” Torres Shire Mayor Pedro Stephen welcomed the commitment to put control back into local hands, but said he was concerned about the delay. Community leaders raised con-

cerns over the lack of a board at the Torres Strait Health Partnership meeting during the minister’s visit, he said. “At the meeting, community leaders expressed concerns regarding the delayed appointment of Hospital and Health Services Board and stressed that community develops appropriate future model to suit Torres Strait and NPA, and not a one-size-fits-all,” Mr Stephen said. Continued Page 4 >>

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The secret’s out: Torres Strait is tops . . . OUR suspicion that we live and work in one of the most picturesque locations on the planet has been conďŹ rmed, says local tour operator Christine Connor of Peddells Thursday Island Tours. The Torres Strait has been listed as an island destination that stands head and shoulders above the rest, by none other than iconic travel publisher, Lonely Planet. In an editorial on the Lonely Planet website, entitled The World’s Best Secret Islands, Torres Strait sits proudly at the top of the list, with Yaeyma Island, Japan and Iles du Salut, French Guiana amongst those also recognised as destinations with special appeal. “It is not just the lure of the fabled Wongai fruit that lures residents and visitors back but the intrinsic beauty of the islands, surrounding turquoise waterways and of course fond memories of the people, close friendships and unique cultural heritage,â€? Christine says. She says visitors are dazzled by the sheer brilliance of the azure waterways in Torres Strait, mesmerized by the sweeping hilltop views and interested to learn this region is actually the conuence point for the PaciďŹ c and Indian Oceans. “Lonely Planet has recognised that Torres Strait goes beyond visitor

expectations as an island destination, and rightly takes its place alongside other pockets of paradise around the world,� Christine enthuses. “As far as destination advertising is concerned, this is as good as it gets!� The website lists the top nine islands in the category, which was released last week. According to the Lonely Planet travel gurus: “As far as you can go in Oz without falling off the map, the Torres Strait Islands are Australia as it might have been if Europeans had never arrived. Spilling north from the tip of Cape York, the 274 islands in the Torres Strait preserve a unique tribal culture that bridges the divide between Aboriginal Australia and Papua New Guinea. “The Great Barrier Reef is right on the doorstop and there are airstrips and hotels on Thursday Island and Horn Island, but access to other islands is at the discretion of local tribal councils. The next eight islands were: 2: Yaeyama Islands, Japan. 3: Iles du Salut, French Guiana. 4: Ulleungdo, South Korea. 5: San Blas Archipelago, Panama. 6: Penghu Islands, Taiwan. 7: Bay Islands and Hog Islands, Honduras. 8: Con Dao Islands, Vietnam. 9: Ssese Islands, Uganda.

BELOW: A croc in Cape York. Photo Gregory Moine

. . . Cape York: In Top 10 for ‘places no one has heard of’ CAPE York is the latest area to attract world-wide attention from the international website travel sites. is listed in the “Top 10 places no one has heard of Justin Bieber�. It says: “Cape York Peninsula is a region some deem one of the last true wilderness areas on the planet. You may not come across anyone at all here, with the exception of some very large crocodiles or dangerous snakes. “According to, the vast Peninsula is home to less than 20,000 people, the majority of which are part of aboriginal tribes. Cape York Peninsula is part of the world’s biggest intact tropical savannah, and the local government has taken steps to have the area nominated as a World Heritage site.�


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Call for more consultation on animal welfare changes THE Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) has called for more consultation on proposed changes to Queensland’s Animal Care and Protection legislation. TSRA Chairperson Toshie Kris (pictured) said the proposed changes to the Bill will extend animal welfare obligations to Torres Strait lslanders and have a significant impact on customary practices for dugong and turtle hunting. “These practices have been carried out by our ancestors for thousands of years and are vital for our cultural identity and cultural wellbeing. “For this reason it is critical that we are meaningfully consulted and that our views and recommendations are considered in a genuine way as part of this process,� Mr

Kris said. “The timeframe that has been set for the current State Government consultation, including the submission of comments , is not adequate to engage in meaningful consultation with the Traditional Owners “These are the people who are directly affected if the Bill results in changes to our traditional practices - and the state Government has not even consulted them. “Given the limited time available and the lack of consultation with Traditional Owners we have just not been able to provide the level of feedback that we think is necessary. “We would welcome a decision to extend the timeframe to engage in more meaningful consultation

with Traditional Owners to ensure the implications are rightfully considered. “Without that further consultation with experts, scientists and communities about what is already being done to address animal welfare issues, the proposed amendments

could unintentionally have negative effects on the cultural identity and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait lslander peoples. “This legislation could also damage our reputation and undermine our traditional rights.� Mr Kris said the Queensland Government appeared to be unjustly responding to recent media coverage that had not accurately depicted Traditional Owner hunting practices in the Torres Strait. “The traditional methods used to hunt dugong in the Torres Strait are supported by experts as the most humane, safe and effective way to hunt this species. “Recent public statements by the Queensland Government about the intent of the proposed changes to bring a halt to these practices are not

consistent with this advice. “The proposed amendments are also very vague about deďŹ ning cruelty and we need to know what The State government considers to be so unacceptably cruel in traditional hunting.â€? Mr Kris said another particularly disturbing proposal was to restrict Traditional Owners from consuming traditional foods outside community government or indigenous Regional Council areas. “This will deny Traditional Owners of the Torres Strait living on the Australian mainland access to a resource that is vital to their cultural identity, cultural wellbeing. “This amendment was not part of the commitments taken to the 2012 Queensland Elections and is not supported by the TSRA.â€?

Council under pressure to rein in horse hazard By MATT GARRICK

RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Michael Beatty said if owners of the horses could not DRIVERS in Bamaga need to beware of more be traced, the issue of removing the animals than just potholes, with herds of semi-feral must be handled humanely, without resorting horses wandering the municipal roads at all to the culling program in place under the former state Labor government. hours of the day and night. “We didn’t approve of this method,â€? said Residents of the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) community may be accustomed to Mr Beatty. “We will be pushing the new state governbrumbies grazing the lawns of businesses and homes around town, but in the dry season, the ment, as we did the last government, to install main road is also frequented by tourists, who a fertility program to control the numbers of feral horses.â€? are largely unaware of the hoofed hazards. Mr Beatty said the initial blueprint of the NPA Regional Council chief executive Stuart Duncan, told the Torres News most program advocated by the RSPCA, based on of the horses in the area were purchased by a scheme used in the United States aimed at community members before being left to roam dealing with feral bronco populations, would the streets, posing trafďŹ c dangers and leaving entail capturing and sedating mares before de-sexing them. their droppings all around. He also echoed the council’s opinion “People are bringing these horses into the community with no intention of feeding them that the spread of the horses was caused by individual cases of mismanagement, and the or caring for them,â€? explained Mr Duncan. “It is a community-created problem which fact they were not properly looked after by now the council is under immense pressure their original owners. Mr Beatty suggested it is a business format to deal with.â€? However, the council is not directly funded that could potentially work on Cape York to ďŹ x the problem, and there is no legislation as an alternative to culling, providing there were enough community members ready to in place to deal with the issue. So for now, the horses have free reign. adopt the broken-in horses, and not let them They are also breeding, and the herds are run rampant. “Charities [such as this] capture two or growing in numbers. “Potentially, one of the answers is to fence three of the animals at a time, then break them them somewhere outside of the community,â€? in and then adopt them out to a property,â€? he said. Mr Duncan said. Emergency services in Bamaga have said “The council is looking at some options.â€? Animal welfare group RSPCA Queensland while no serious equine-related car accidents said wild or semi-wild brumbies were a liabil- had been reported of late, tourists and locals ity over a large portion of rural Queensland, alike should remain vigilant when travelling and solving the problem would take time, through the area. Apprenticeship Services Bamaga Police Station ofďŹ cer-in-charge extra funding, and government cooperation.

ABOVE: Horses on the roadside in Bamaga last week. PHOTO: MATT GARRICK INSET: Two brumbies running onto the main road in Bamaga. Jason Chetham said if a vehicle or a bicycle hit a horse it could have signiďŹ cant consequences. “Motorists do show them a fairly wide berth if they are on the road,â€? Snr Sgt Chetham said. “They use common sense, and slow down a bit. The horses seem to be fairly accustomed to the vehicles, but they are animals and they are unpredictable, so you need to be careful of them. “Anyone who sees an animal of that size on verge of the road needs to exercise caution.â€? He also said Bamaga police will be on alert for tourists speeding through the township, which has limits of 40kmh, to try and curtail any future incidents relating to the animals. Last week the Torres News witnessed large four-wheel-drive vehicles speeding past the 40kmh signs at nearly twice the speed limit as up to a dozen brumbies grazed on the roadside nearby.

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Drivers warned: Stay alert on the dirt

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POLICE in Bamaga are warning tourists to drive carefully when heading in and out of the area, after a four-wheel-drive rolled over on the Peninsula Development Road, 8km south of Injinoo, midmorning on Thursday, June 28. The two female occupants of the vehicle, both from South Australia Bamaga Police Station officer-in-charge Snr Sgt Jason Chetham with the and aged in their 70s, were wreckage of a four-wheel-drive that rolled on the Peninsula Development Road transported to Bamaga on Thursday, June 29. He said two elderly women in the vehicle were lucky to Hospital from the crash escape with minor injuries. scene. He said initial investigations to increase their speed and divert their Emergency services staff said the suggested that after after drifting onto attention to sightseeing, they must pair sustained slight injuries from the soft edges of the road, the driver remain alert on the dirt. the crash, which crushed the roof of lost control and fishtailed before the “You can get a dust plume for the vehicle. car flipped. up to a kilometre behind you, when The patients were later flown by The airbags of the vehicle did not you’re driving along, so people helicopter from Bamaga to Thursday inflate during the rollover. coming up behind you can’t see.� Island hospital for further examinaNorthern Peninsula Area Regional Sealing the road into Bamaga tion. Council Chief Executive Stuart could potentially lower accident Officer-in-Charge at Bamaga Duncan said visitors to Cape York risk, he said, and also bring more Police Station Jason Chetham said needed to exercise caution and obey competitive rates on freight. considering the extent of damage the same road rules as everywhere However, recent estimates have to their late-model Toyota Prado, else in Australia. shown the cost of the job is enorthe occupants were lucky to escape “People lose concentration. A lot mous. serious injury. of tourists do their sight-seeing from “At this stage, we mainly want “You wonder how they got out the driver’s seat,� Mr Duncan said. to see more signage on the roads alive,� Senior Sergeant Chetham He warned that while the long south of Bamaga, which are all state said. roads of the Cape could invite drivers roads,� he said.

Tropical Amusements Fun Show TSRA rangers target six Torres Strait coming to a town near you islands for biodiversity profiling

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VOLUNTEER GRANTS 2012 Invitation to Apply for Funding The Australian Government’s Volunteer Grants initiative recognises the valuable work of volunteers. Volunteer Grants 2012 is part of the Australian Government’s ongoing commitment to supporting volunteers, assisting disadvantaged communities and encouraging social inclusion to assist vulnerable people within our society. The Volunteer Grants 2012 Application Form and Application Guidelines are available at or by telephoning the Volunteer Grants 2012 Hotline on 1800 183 374. A TTY service is available for persons who have a hearing or speech impairment on 1800 555 677. Applications close on Wednesday 25 July 2012 at 5pm AEST.


Page 4 Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012

THE Torres Strait Regional Authority’s Land and Sea Management Unit will conduct vegetation and wildlife monitoring on six Torres Strait islands as part of a major biodiversity profile project. Rangers will survey the plants and animals of Dauan, Saibai, Masig, Warraber, Poruma and Ugar islands over the next six months in collaboration with environmental consultants 3D, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and James Cook University. The survey data will be used in the development of island biodiversity profiles which will underpin management plans. The 2012 surveys follow on from the biodiversity profiling of Mabuiag, Badu, Iama, Boigu, Moa, Erub and Mer in 2010 and 2011. TSRA Chairperson Toshie Kris said biodiversity profiling was a critical part of developing island management plans. “This important work, began in 2010 and is expected to be completed at the end of the year. “It provides us with vital data including terrestrial biodiversity inventories, ecological condition assessments and threat identification. “This information, supported by traditional knowledge, underpins the development of specific issues for our community based management plans and management actions.� “The project will provide Traditional Owners, island managers, Rangers, government agencies and others with information, skills and resources to assist them in land management decisions. “The work includes training, participation and capacity building for Rangers and other community members and will help them gain confidence and familiarity with surveying and monitoring techniques. Mr Kris said since the project began the Rangers have trained in fire management and terrestrial

fauna surveying, researched the endangered Bramble Cay melomys, monitored mangroves and conducted weed control activities and ecological burning on Moa, Badu and Erub islands. “They have also taken part in visits to collate terrestrial biodiversity information and make management assessments of some of the Torres Strait’s uninhabited islands, cays and islets.� “Their input and effort has been invaluable in creating the existing and upcoming Biodiversity Profiles and the Rangers are learning skills which they can use in their regular land and sea monitoring work,� Mr Kris said.

Senior ranger on Moa Jon Wigness participating in a recent survey.


Minister hands back hospital and health control << From page 1 “The minister did give a commitment for the Health Partnership to put forward nominations for the HHS Board.” The Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Health Partnership was established in 1997, with representatives from Queensland Health (state), the Department of Health and Ageing (federal), the Queensland Ambulance Service, non-government organisations, as well as elected members and members of the community, he said. “The minister has welcomed advice from the Health Partnership for the TS & NPA Hospital and Health Service membership, and interim CEO with a specific skills set,” Minister for Health Lawrence Springborg meets with acting health services chief executive Dr Oscar Whitehead at Thursday Island Hospital Mr Stephen said. “The government has shown it is willing to devolve last Tuesday, July 3.

Crean plans sea walls visit By MARK ROY THE Federal Government is calling on the state to match $12 million promised to help rebuild seawalls in the Torres Strait. Speaking on Thursday, July 5, prior to a planned visit to Saibai and Boigu on Saturday, Regional Australia Minister Simon Crean said state and federal governments needed to cooperate to get the job done. “The islands are threatened - urgent action is needed,” Mr Crean said. “It requires a partnership from Commonwealth and state governments. “We’re putting in $12 million which is at least half of the cost.” Mr Crean said the State Government should put up its share of funding to protect the islands. “We can’t do it if we simply keep buck-passing but if we work together we can do it,” he said. “This will allow the commencement of work on key islands but if we are to complete the job, the State Government has to stump up its share.” Torres Strait Island Regional Council Mayor Fred Gela said at least six low-lying islands in the Torres Strait - Poruma, Warraber, Iama, Masig, Boigu and Saibai - were in need of urgent repair to sea walls and

infrastructure to protect them against rising sea levels. “The sea walls are so degraded they no longer protect several islands from tidal flooding,” Mr Gela said. The Commonwealth funding will go towards repairs in high-priority areas on Boigu and Saibai. “Islands such as Saibai regularly flood, causing damage to homes, infrastructure and sacred sites,” Mr Gela said. The council says more than $22.4 million is needed to meet the repair bill to prevent inundation during king tides. At the time of going to press, Mr Crean had plans to visit the outer islands of Saibai and Boigu on Saturday, July 7, where he aims to get an on-ground perspective of the problems of caused by rising sea levels. A spokesperson for Mr Crean’s office said the Minister wanted to see first hand what the RDAF funding will go toward. “He’s looking forward to visiting the islands. He’ll be talking to the (Torres Strait Island Regional) Council, who will be on the visit with him.” At the time of going to press, Mr Gela said the council was in consultation with communities and councillors on Dauan and Boigu Island to gain permission for the ministerial visit, which coincided with a funeral on Dauan.

the centralised model and have local control over decision making. “For me, and I have been involved with the health council for nearly 20 years, this will complement the region’s journey towards self-determination in health service delivery, which has been our desire since the Torres Shire Health Strategy was launched in 1993.” Mr Springborg said the appointments would result from a transparent public recruitment process endorsed by the Governor in Council. “In many cases, representation on these boards will be increased once the start-up phase is complete,” he said. “Full devolution will enable communities to have a direct say in their local health services and it is vital that boards give full effect to that process.”

Islanders continue fight for their stolen wages By ALF WILSON ELDERLY Torres Strait Islanders were amongst a deputation of elders who met with State Member for Townsville John Hathaway to discuss the ongoing battle to have outstanding Stolen Wages paid. The June 29 meeting was organised by Townsville Branch president of the Queensland Council of Unions (QCU) Les Moffitt, who said the new member who was elected at the April 28 State election needed to be briefed on Stolen Wages. Stolen Wages is a campaign conducted by QCU to seek the full payment of the promised reparations of $55.4m for wages withheld from Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander workers for many decades during the last century. “We sought this meeting with the new Member for Townsville to bring these Indigenous elders before him to share their side of the story. “We believe Mr Hathaway is keen to build bridges with the local Indigenous community and hope to better familiarise him with some of the issues of most importance, like stolen wages,” Mr Moffitt said. The Torres News spoke to Torres Strait Islander claimants before they entered the Sturt Street offices of Mr Hathaway. Kenlock Auda, aged 73, comes from remote Boigu Island in the Torres Strait and said he was owed wages from when he worked as a diver around North Queensland. “Many of our people are dying before

worked together on a pearling lugger off Mackay, free diving to collect pearl shell and doing deckhand duties from age 13. They are both victims of the Stolen Wages, but one has been paid and the other has not. Paul received just $3000 for his years of labour. Arthur did not have sufficient documentary evidence for his application despite working alongside his brother - he has received nothing. “This has been going on for a long time and I just want my money,” Arthur said. Paul was to attend the meeting but suffered a heart attack. “Paul has been very sick but his thoughts are with everybody,” Arthur said. Arthur said it had been demanding and dangerous work. “Sometimes the waves were as high as a lamp post. If we misbehaved we were often sent below deck to bed without dinner,” he said.

Kenlock Auda from Boigu wants his Stolen Wages paid. they get paid Stolen Wages,” Mr Auda said. Genevieve Meldrum is from Thursday Island and said hundreds of Torres Strait Islanders had claims that had not been paid. “There are people owed Stolen Wages from every Torres Strait Island,” Ms Meldrum said. John Ahwang, 78, born on TI worked as a diver from pearling and trochus luggers in the Torres Strait and said he was owed wages. “The older we get the less chance we have of getting the money,” Mr Ahwang said. His twin brothers, Paul and Arthur Ahwang, John Ahwang, left, and Arthur Ahwang with Union official a year younger Les Moffitt outside the office of John Hathaway.

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Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012 Page 5


Rangers restore water catchment THE Torres Strait Regional Authorityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (TSRA) Land and Sea Management Unit, has restored a degraded gully on Thursday Island. The gully, near TIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Quetta Lane, abuts the last stand of vine forest left on the island.

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TSRA Chairperson Toshie Kris said the restoration work was an important part of the rangersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; training providing them with practical experience in dealing with the complexities of catchment restoration. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Restoring a catchment means the Rangers have to think in terms of systems because everything they do in the gully will have an impact downstream. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This kind of work increases their understanding of how catchments work, the effects of erosion and why it is important to restore these kinds of areas.â&#x20AC;?

The catchment restoration also gives the Rangers practical chemical handling experience which will help them earn their Agricultural Chemicals Distribution qualification. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Rangers will now be able to use their qualifications and experience in their home communities,â&#x20AC;? Mr Kris said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The restoration of the Quetta Lane Gully provided the Rangers with a balanced approach to land management and skills which will benefit the entire Torres Strait.â&#x20AC;?

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Ina Mills and baby Armahli enjoying a sneak preview of the Sacred Heart School display of historical photos.

Sacred Heart photos on display this month

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Masig Rangers, Loice Naawi, seated, and Edna Nai, standing, preparing to spray stumps of the highly invasive Leucaena trees removed as part of the gully clean up.

Call for scrutiny of human rights

THE co-chairs of the Human Right Social Justice Steering Committee say recent events highlight the need for ongoing public scrutiny of the human rights of Indigenous peoples in the Torres Strait. Bongo Sagigi and Mr Willie Wigness have welcomed an Australian Government initiative to coordinate the responses of the government departments to the United Nation Declaration on Indigenous People Human Rights, signed by Australia in 2009. The departmental response to issues under the declaration, which was signed by Australia in 2009, are coordinated through Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA). The co-chairs say this formally strengthens the role of the committee to focus on monitoring erroneous practices of State and Commonwealth departments operating in the Torres Strait under the 46 Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll take you far! articles of the LOCAL â&#x20AC;˘ INTERSTATE â&#x20AC;˘ INTERNATIONAL declaration. Torres Straits | Cape York | Gulf Country | BRISBANE WEEKLY â&#x20AC;&#x153;Recent issues, such youths being charged on a 30-38 Joan St Cairns QLD 4870

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Page 6 Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012

A MOST-extensive and interesting display is being prepared for the 125th Birthday Celebrations for Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Thursday Island. The display of numerous historical photos, including many class photos and photos of staff and activities of times gone by, will be available for viewing on July 21-22 on T.I. and then it will move to Hammond Island for Monday, July 23. The display also contains many photos related to the St. Josephâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s School on Hammond Island, stretching back to its beginnings in 1929. About 300 images will comprise the display and they will all be available on a CD for $10 so that anyone wishing to print any will be easily able to do so. The CD, in its own right, will be a most valuable record for the many with an association with Sacred Heart School. Everyone on T.I. is invited to view the display on the two days mentioned.

firearm offence involving a toy gun, highlight the need for public scrutiny of our human rights,â&#x20AC;? Mr Sagigi said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;A further example is the discrimination of using legislation to regulate our customary rights to hunt dugong and turtle, rights that precede colonisation, due to a handful of rogue practices. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The rogue executive who are responsible for the mismanagement of the Queensland Health district budget has resulted in the services being placed under administration, with the cost unfairly being passed onto Torres Strait and Co-chairs of the Human Right Social Justice Steering NPA (Northern Peninsula Committee in the Torres Strait, Bongo Sagigi and William Wigness. Area) clients. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is despite the fact being relocated to Cairns, while the local that the Queensland Health executive in the community suffered. Torres Strait is responsible for the overrun, â&#x20AC;&#x153;These are the main issues that should and have not been made accountable for be dealt with, that may fly under the radar their actions.â&#x20AC;? when State and Federal authorities respond Mr Sagigi said the administration of peak internally to their governments on the impleTorres Strait organisations was gradually mentation of the declaration,â&#x20AC;? he said.



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Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012 Page 7

What’s On

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have an upcoming event, please let us know by email to or phone Mark Roy on 1300 867 737.

 OPINION / LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Email: editor@torresnews.comau

Fax: 1300 STRAIT (1300 787 248)

20 years on: A tribute for the 20th anniversary of the Torres Strait flag A speech by Bernard Namok Jnr to mark the Top End NAIDOC celebrations in Larrakeyah, NT.

“Marches and parades where my family is not notified to attend. It was angry and upsetting to me and to my family. Also I don’t think that there is enough education being taught in school about the flag, the history of the people and Torres Strait Island culture in general.”

The Torres Shire Council will hold its NAIDOC Week events from July 23-27, culminating in the black tie Torres Strait NAIDOC Awards ball on Friday, July 27. Be sure to grab your tickets for this highlight of the Torres Strait cultural calendar.


Mon 9-Fri 13. Gilmore’s Tropical Show, Frog Gully TI, 6.30 - 10pm Mon 9. Hash House Harriers run, 5.50pm Mon 9. Yoga, TI Bowls Club, 6pm Mon 9. Mixed Social Volleyball, TI Sports Complex, 6pm Tue 10. Esplanade walk/Circuit classes, Seisia Hall, 5pm Tue 10. Touch Football, Ken Brown Oval, 6pm Tue 10. Zumba fitness, TI Bowls Club, gold coin entry, 7pm Wed 11. Antenatal classes, Maternity Unit TI, 6 - 7pm, 4069 0222 Wed 11. Yoga, TI Bowls Club, 6pm Wed 11. Futsal (indoor soccer) Torres Shire Sports Complex, 6 - 8pm Wed 11. Wongai Wednesday, Seaman Dan plays Wongai Hotel restaurant, Horn Island, 6.30 - 9pm Thu 12. TS Carpentaria Cadets, TI Joint Defence Facility, 5.30 - 7.30pm Thu 12. Competitive volleyball, TI Sports Complex Fri 13. Floral Fridays - wear floral clothes! Fri 13. TI Rotary Club breakfast meeting, Ilan Cafe, 7am, 0438 747 853 Fri 13. Mini-triathlon, TI Sports Complex, 5.15pm Fri 13. Yoga, OLSH School, 6pm Fri 13. Black Friday Theme Night, Sarpeye Club, Joint Defence Facility TI, 6 - 10pm Fri 13. Karaoke, Torres Hotel, 7pm Fri 13. Music by the pool, Jardine Motel, 7pm Sat 14. Mini Market, PKA Hall, 7am - 12pm Sat 14. KRL Rugby League, Ken Brown Oval, 2pm Sun 15. Uncle Seaman Dan, Torres Hotel, 12 - 3pm Sat 21 - Mon 23. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School 125th Birthday Celebrations, TI

CHURCH SERVICES Parish of St Bethel,131 William Cr Bamaga NPA, Sundays 10am Uniting Church, 114 Douglas St Thursday Island, Sundays 10am Independent Church Parish of the Resurrection TI, Morning Prayer Sundays 10am, Evening Prayer 7.30pm Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Mass, all locations: Mon-Fri 7am, Saturday Vigil 6pm, Sunday 10am Hammond, Sunday 8am Horn, Saturday 9am Bamaga, 2nd Tuesday every month, 4069 3699 Arthur Wong 7.30pm

TORRES NEWS AUSTRALIA’S TOP NEWSPAPER THURSDAY ISLAND Continuing the fine tradition of the “Torres Straits Pilot and New Guinea Gazette”

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to the traditional owners whose land we meet upon today. Thank you to the organisers for inviting me to be a part of your NAIDOC celebrations. I would also like to acknowledge Harold Thomas, a great man who stands alongside Bernard Namok Snr as a leader in recognition of a people who have gone without an identity. I thank you. My name is Bernard Namok Jnr. I am the eldest son of the designer of the Torres Strait Islander flag, the late Bernard Namok Snr. I’m here to share with you my personal view of the man that created our identity. I remember when I was in primary school, a competition was announced for all Torres Strait Islanders to design a flag to best represent our people. From that time onwards I remember my dad sitting up late doing sketches. Night after night, the dinner table would be filled with his sketches of the flag. Me and my sister were never allowed to touch any of it. I remember the announcement of the winning design; Dad was called from work to the local shire Tagai TAFE on for a morning tea and awarded the winning prize of a $200 cheque in 1992. He was not a man of many words but a man of many smiles and a quiet achiever. It was officially recognised and presented to the Torres Strait People at the 6th Torres Strait Cultural Festival on May 29, 1992. A helicopter flew over the festival grounds during that time with the flag in tow. It was a proud and emotional moment for everyone. My father sadly passed away in 1993. He was a young

Contacts & Deadlines EDITOR:

Mark Roy AD DESIGN: Becca Cottam

ADVERTISING DEADLINES – Box ad bookings: NOON, WEDNESDAYS Box ad material: NOON, WEDNESDAYS Established in 1888 Line Classifieds: 10.30am, THURSDAYS Published every Monday WEDNESDAYS Circulation numbers: 2900 EDITORIAL DEADLINES – Readership average: 11,000 General copy: by NOON TUESDAYS All material in the Torres News is (pics, stories, letters, etc) copyright protected © Regular columns: by 5pm TUESDAYS Tel: 1300 TORRES (1300 867 737) Fax: 1300 STRAIT (1300 787 248) Sports columns: by NOON TUESDAYS

Page 8 Torres News 9 - 15 July 2012

Bernard Namok Jnr with the Torres Strait flage designed by his father, the late Bernard Namok Snr.


The Torres Strait flag colours symbolise the late Bernard Namok Snr’s knowledge of the culture and love for his people. * Green represents the land; * Blue, water; * Black represents indigenous people. * The dhari (headdress) represents Torres Strait Island people, and * The five-pointed star represents the five major island groups. * The star also represents navigation, as a symbol of the seafaring culture of the Torres Strait. * White represents peace or the coming of Christianity to the Torres Strait 31-year-old, with earlier re- Torres Strait Islanders brings ports of my dad’s passing at the me great happiness. age of 15, which is incorrect. As the eldest son of the Bernard Snr has four children designer and the one that carand a loving and caring wife, ries his name, it makes me very my mother - Bakoi. proud to see my dad’s hard Dealing with the loss of work that was once sketched in a father is hard enough but pencil all over the kitchen table knowing what Dad has done flying on top of museums, and the pride that runs though embassy and parliamentary our family, our blood and building in places I’ve visited thanks to his creation now all over the world, such as runs through the veins of ALL London and Paris.

Publisher’s Details Publishers of the Torres News


regional & remote N E W S P A P E R S

Real news for real Australia

CHAIRMAN: Mark Bousen PUBLISHER: Corey Bousen MANAGING EDITOR: Mark Bousen ACCOUNTS: Meg Bousen

The publishers of the Torres News acknowledge the Kaurareg Nation, upon whose land the Torres News makes its home. We pay our sincere respects to the elders and the peoples of the Torres Strait and NPA, across whose traditional lands and seas we report. This newspaper is dedicated to recognising, preserving and promoting the traditional cultures and customs of the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal peoples of this region.

As I’ve said, there’s a great pride in my people but sometimes it feels like there is not enough recognition on Australian soil. There is a flag erected where my father was put to rest. A small anniversary where my mother and siblings were recognised in Cairns recently for the 20th anniversary, but there are small marks and milestones in the history behind the man with a simple design but a powerful meaning, which is sometimes overlooked. Marches and parades where my family is not notified to attend. It was angry and upsetting to me and to my family. Also I don’t think that there is enough education being taught in school about the flag, the history of the people and Torres Strait Island culture in general. What may seem like a simple flag to some people has given ALL Torres Strait Islanders an identity and sense of pride as Indigenous Australians. Even though my father, Bernard Namok Snr, was known for a short time as an amazing dad and a loving husband, he has left a great legacy behind. Every time you see the Torres Strait Island Flag flying proudly in the wind, let us pause for a moment. Wherever we may be, we are Torres Strait Islanders, proud and united in our identity and struggle. United we stand as one people of the Torres Strait and walk hand-in-hand, side-by-side, together we can make a difference. Both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, the oldest indigenous races in the world, should take this week to educate, celebrate and remember the struggle and triumphs we’ve come through together. Bernard Namok Jnr

Letters to the editor Letters to the Editor must be no longer than 350 words or they could be deleted or edited. The Editor reserves the right not to print any letters which may be defamatory and provoke legal action against the newspaper. The opinions expressed in Letters to the Editor are not necessarily those of the Torres News. Contributors must submit name and either street address or PO Box number for publication. Unsigned and anonymous letters or use of a nom de plume e.g. Concerned Citizen etc, are not acceptable. A telephone number must be provided for verification. All letters are subject to editing.


Soldiers show their soft side IN last week’s column (Memories of Douglas Street, Thursday Island, page 9, Torres News, 2-8 July 2012), Stella Sun from Sydney shared her memories of the the elegant old Hotel Metropole, which was lost to fire in the Second World War. Thursday Island local Bob Mills says the pub used to belong to his grandfather, James Davey Mills, and was commandeered by American forces during the war. “It burned down when the Americans had control of it, but my grandfather never received any compensation, either from the US or Australian governments,” Mr Mills said. And while the National Bank did indeed move onto the site in 1968, Father Loban called to say the site was on the opposite site of the road to where the National Bank stands today. “They were on the site where the TSRA (Torres Strait Regional Authority) Native Title office is now, and they moved to their new building later,” Fr Loban said. Stella Sun’s friend Catherine Mooney has also contacted the Torres News with the photo referred to in last week’s article, and her memories of Thursday Island. Catherine Mooney writes: “Your name was given to me by Stella Sun whose family lived on TI. I recently met up with her and showed her a lot of photos I have of the island in its early days. My husband’s grandfather, Oliver Porter Wilding (on TI electoral roll, 1913) was a soldier there - a member of the Royal Australian Artillery Regiment, NSW division. He married a local girl - one of five girls born to Patrick Keily and Mary Ann Tierney between 1886 and 1893. He married Margaret Monica Keily. I believe several of these girls were born on TI and it is through Margaret Monica that my husband acquired these photographs and postcards. I have quite a lot of TI - both photos and postcards written or acquired between about 1890 and 1915 I believe. Stella asked me to email you this one which is really priceless I think. These are soldiers - showing their “soft” side - if you look carefully they’re all holding a cat or kitten. Stella thought you might be interested. I’d love to get up to the island one day to further investigate my husband’s family connection with the island.

SHINE A LIGHT On our history I do know that at one stage Patrick Keily was a baker at the British Bakery on Victoria Parade. Hope you enjoy this and perhaps find a use for it in the Torres News.” Thank you, Catherine! If you have an old photograph from the early days in the Torres Strait, please contact Mark Roy at editor@, by mail at PO Box 436, Thursday Island QLD 4875, or drop in to the office at 25 Douglas Street, Thursday Island.

Sacred Heart School book has arrived

By BROTHER BARRY LAMB PHOTO shows John Tuimauga delivering copies of “History of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Thursday Island, 1887-2012, including the History of St. Joseph’s School, Hammond Island, 1929-1964” to the Brothers’ house beside the Catholic church. Printed in China the handsome hard-cover book of 344 pages includes photos, sketches, facsimiles of newspaper articles and book extracts, Inspectors’ Reports, interviews and memoirs. Seven chapters are completely devoted to the social and political changes on Thursday Island itself at various stages through the school’s 125 years. The book is now available for sale from Sacred Heart School during school hours at the school office, and retails for $40. Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012 Page 9

Ilan Arts & Entertainment Mabo persistence and vision inspires artwork A PORTRAIT of Torres Strait land and sea rights campaigner Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo was unveiled at the National Convention Centre in Canberra last week, marking the opening of NAIDOC celebrations around the country. Arts Minister Simon Crean the portrait of one of Australia’s most inspirational figures at the opening of the Aboriginal and Islander Inspirations exhibition. Mr Crean said the portrait, by Goulburn artist Gregory S Fergusson, was an important acknowledgement of the contribution of Eddie Mabo to the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the whole of Australia. “The High Court of Australia landmark Mabo decision rewrote the Australian common law and was a significant step in the struggle for recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ land rights,” Mr Crean said. “Eddie Mabo spent a decade fighting for official recognition of Indigenous land rights. His conviction, his persistence and his vision are an inspiration to us all. The unveiling of this portrait marks the 20th Anniversary of the Mabo decision and is a strong opening to this year’s NAIDOC celebrations being held around the country this week.” The exhibition at the National Convention Centre in Canberra comprises 15 powerful and evocative artworks that depict Indigenous pride and connection to culture. “Australia is home to the oldest continuing culture

Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo, an oil on canvas portrait by Gregory S Fergusson, unveiled in Canberra last week. PHOTO: PETER SYKES on earth, which is producing some of the most exciting new art forms on earth,” Mr Crean said. “The Australian Government continues to invest in projects to support Indigenous culture, language and arts because we understand their importance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as a great source of strength, resilience and connection to country.”

Zugubal Dancers to get CIAF jumping TI ROTARY CLUB MEETINGS Thursday Island Rotary Club Meets at 7.00am Friday Morning Breakfast Meeting at Federal Hotel. Visitors Welcome. Inquiries 4069 1531

An Invitation To New Residents

The Rotary Club of Thursday Island would like to welcome you to Thursday Island and invite you to an informal gathering to meet others who live and work in our community, to be held at The Ilan Café, at the Gab Titui Cultural Centre on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 6.30pm Light refreshments will be served. (B.Y.O alcohol) Cost: Free Due to the capacity of the venue, numbers are strictly limited. To be included, you must R.S.V.P. by July 15 to The Club President Robyn Humphreys on email: Page 10 Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012

The Zugubal Dancers performing at the opening of Alick Tipoti’s Mawa Adhaz Parul (Sorcerer Masks) at Canopy Artspace in Cairns last year. The troupe will be the headline act at the CIAF Opening Party in 2012. Image courtesy CIAF and Arts Queensland. PHOTO: KERRY TRAPNELL IF you were one of the lucky Dancers and the Mayi Wunba Adhil Markay (Legendary Spirit) people who attended the opening Dance Group. which is relative to the moon, stars of Alick Tipoti’s Mawa Adhaz The Zugubal Dancers comprise and spirits of the past. Parul (Sorcerer Masks) at Canopy four men from Badu Island in the Canberra folk have been Artspace in Cairns during last Torres Strait. lucky to see Alick Tipoti, one of year’s Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair Inspired by Alick Tipoti’s Australia’s leading Indigenous (CIAF), you would have enjoyed traditional songs, chants and artists, perform with his dancers an unique experience watching the choreography and drawing from as part of the public program Badu Island Traditional Zugubal ancient language and movements, for UnDisclosed at the second Dancers. the dancers wear intricate costumes Indigenous Art Triennial now on at The Badu Island Traditional of gabagab (clubs) skulls, masks the National Gallery of Australia. Zugubal Dancers will appear at and headdresses and through their Several of the stunning large masks CIAF 2012, as a headline dance intricate dance, call the spiritual featured in Undisclosed will be shown at CIAF 2012. acts at the CIAF opening party. ancestors of the past Zugubal . The Badu Island Traditional In this distinct CIAF They will also perform during art fair, in a dance performance performance,the dancers will Zugubal Dancers will perform line up inlcuding a including perform the Zugubal Mawa at the opening party and at 3pm the Lockhart River Kawandji- (Spiritual Mask), Zugubaw Sabil Saturday, August 18 and 2pm Wimpa Dancers, Kawanji (Zugubal Lore), Adhil Mawa Sunday, August 19 during Art Fair, Dancers, the Yarrabah Gugandi (Legendary Sorcerers Mask) and Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal.

Ilan Arts & Entertainment By MATT GARRICK COULD the creation of a new Indigenous theatre company in the Torres Strait be on the horizon? If actress and artistic director Rachael Maza has anything to do with it, the answer is yes. Though as Ms Maza presses on full-steam ahead as leader of theatre company, Ilbijerri - one of only two Indigenous theatre companies in the country - it will be hard to know where she will find the time. Daughter of revered Murray Islander actor Bob Maza, Rachael returned to the Torres Strait this month to visit family, her first time to the archipelago since performing on Thursday Island as member of the celebrated musical group, The Black Arm Band, in 2009. The Black Arm Band line-up reads like an Indigenous music hall-of-fame list, with Archie Roach, Dan Sultan and Stephen Pigram, and the band has performed in venues as prestigious as London’s Royal Festival Hall. But there’s nothing like playing to a community like on TI, Ms Maza said. “They’re the most important. Nothing beats those gigs where you just see a sea of black faces,” Ms Maza laughed. “They’re definitely the best gigs.” These days, Ms Maza is wrapped up with Ilbijerri, touring contemporary Aboriginal theatre around Australia’s capital cities. One production on tour until October is Jack Charles vs the Crown, an autographical play written by legendary actor, Koori elder, activist and former heroin addict Uncle Jack Charles. Even with such interesting subject matter and prodigious talent at her company’s disposal, Ms Maza talked of the Aboriginal performing arts industry, an industry her father helped put on the map, as one amid a long struggle for fund-

Treading the boards to T.I. ing and proper recognition. “It’s only been 40 years since the birth of black theatre. And even now, it’s a really struggling industry. For me, it’s about getting a much healthier industry. At the moment it’s very hard to sustain a career as a black artist in this country,” she said. “As a performer you’re only ever offered black roles, which are few and far between. And it’s really hard to cut it in the other areas, like being a black

designer, costume designer, lighting designer. As far as I know there are no Indigenous lighting designers working professionally in this country.” She advised up-and-coming Torres Strait Islanders looking towards working in the performing arts to consider careers across the industry, not just on stage. “There are a whole lot of exciting fields, from writing, directing, lighting, stage management and so on. Come

down to Melbourne and work in Ilbijerri, I need a general manager,” she joked. And how about plans for a theatre company in the Torres Strait? “We’ve been talking for years about getting a theatre company going here. “Really, that would be the bomb. I’d be moving up here in a second. In fact, as soon as I’m finished with this job, I’m going to seriously think about Actress and artistic director Rachael Maza it,” Ms Maza said. outside the Gab Titui Cultural Centre last week.

Billy Missi on world stage at Expo 2012

TORRES Strait artist Billy Missi (above) and Indigenous didgeridoo shaper and artist Kristian Benton took centre stage last week at the Australian Pavilion NAIDOC week celebrations at the Expo 2012, Yeosu, Korea. Held from May 12 - August 12, Yeosu Expo 2012, which has a focus on balancing the preservation of ocean and coastal areas with economic development, is expected to attract eight million visitors from all over the world. Participation in the Expo will highlight Australia’s leadership in protecting the ocean and coastal areas. To celebrate NAIDOC week and raise awareness of the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the Australian Pavilion invited Billy Missi, whose artwork features heavily within the Australian Pavilion exhibition space, and Kristian Benton, to Yeosu to conduct workshops and perform at the Expo. With the theme “In Harmony with the Ocean,” the Australian Pavilion has already welcomed thousands of visitors, who have been exposed to striking, indigenous artwork and a contemporary art sculpture, representing Australia’s ocean currents. Visitors are also able to jump aboard an Aussie surfboat and have their photo taken with three caricature kangaroos. Kristian Benton and Billy Missi were at the Yeosu Expo 2012 from July 5-8. Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012 Page 11

COMING OF THE LIGHT celebrations, thursday island

Jessie Sailor with Tony and Ann Peters.

Ella Bani and Suie Bani from the Boigu Community Dance Group.


Father Dalton Bon and wife Veda Bon after the church service. Reina, Kevin and Dalla.

(Left to right) Oliphanu Jackonia from Badu, David Nona (front), Tangis Reagan from TI, Pastor David Nona from Kubin holding San Nona, and Ranetta Nawakie from Badu and Evelyn Nona from Badu with youngster Denna Nona (front)

Lydicia Ikeda, Maleta Nona (back) with Janet Magala and Margo Mills (front).

Ari Maza, Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Zarke Maza, Rachel Maza and Lama Ghee.

Janelle Akee, May Morseu and Linda Nelliman.

Rubyann Sailor, Brianna Fauid and Tyrell Bon play in the church grounds. Jonah and Hezekiah.

Bishop Saibo Mabo with the procession to Anzac Park.

The procession makes its way along Douglas Street, Thursday Island, from the Quetta All Souls Memorial Cathedral to Anzac Park. Coming Celebrating the Coming of the Light at the Quetta All Souls Memorial Namick Pabai gets the drum. of the Light celebrations, Thursday Island, Sunday July 1, 2012. Cathedral on Sunday morning, July 1, 2012. Page 12 Torres News 9 - 15 July 2012

COMING OF THE LIGHT celebrations, thursday island

Dancers from the Boigu Community Dancers performs at a re-enactment of the events surrounding the Coming of the Light. On Boigu, this day is celebrated on July 8, marking Two generations of the Boigu Community Dance Group. the date that members of the London Missionary Society arrived on that island in 1871.


Michael Marama and Nelson Gibuma Jnr from Boigu looking impressive in warrior garb.

Boigu Island dancer.

Emma Bani and her three daughters Satera, Irene and Ellen Bani, and Timena Bani, her sister in-law, enjoying the morning Anglican Church service on Thursday Island.

ABOVE: A member of the Boigu Community Dance Group at the Coming of the Light re-enactment at Anzac Park. RIGHT: Members of the AOG Church, Thursday Island. BELOW LEFT: Members of the Mackay Christian College Outreach Team, on a short-term mission trip to Thursday Island. BELOW:SECOND and THIRD FROM LEFT: Performers from the Boigu Community Dancers.

Boigu dancers. Torres News 9 - 15 July 2012 Page 13

adidas School Fun-Run Waybeni Buway Ngurpay Mudh



Thank you to the hard working house captains who were excellent helpers ůĞĂĚŝŶŐƵƉƚŽƚŚĞĞǀĞŶƚĂŶĚŽŶƚŚĞ ĚĂLJŽĨƚŚĞĞǀĞŶƚ͘ ƐŽƚŽƚŚĞƚĞĂĐŚŝŶŐƐƚĂīĂŶĚƚŚĞ ƉĂƌĞŶƚƐĂŶĚĐŽŵŵƵŶŝƚLJŵĞŵďĞƌƐ ǁŚŽĂƩĞŶĚĞĚĂŶĚŚĞůƉĞĚŝŶŵĂŬŝŶŐ ŝƚĂƐƵĐĐĞƐƐĨƵůĂŶĚĨƵŶĞǀĞŶƚĨŽƌ ĞǀĞƌLJŽŶĞŝŶǀŽůǀĞĚ͘

Page 14 Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012

ĞŚĂǀŝŽƵƌĞůĞďƌĂƟŽŶ͊ Badhulgaw Ngurpay Lag


Term 3: 9th July - 21st September 2012 tĞůĐŽŵĞďĂĐŬƚŽ^ƚĂīĂŶĚ^ƚƵĚĞŶƚƐŽĨdĂŐĂŝ^ƚĂƚĞŽůůĞŐĞ͘ Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012 Page 15


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6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Their Eyes Were Watching God” (M) - Janie Starks is a coloured woman who is on a quest for love and personal fulfilment in 1920’s America. 2:30 Dr Oz 3:30 All For Kids 4:00 Match It 4:30 Seven News at 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 2012 AFL Premiership Season Round 16: North Melbourne vs Carlton 11:00 Movie: “88 Minutes” (AV v) - An FBI forensic psychologist who teaches at a University receives a death threat warning him that he only has 88 minutes to live. Who wants him dead? An ex-lover, a student or perhaps a serial killer on death row who was convicted by his testimony? 1:15 Movie: “Mama’s Gone A Hunting” (M) - A psychotic prison escapee and his young partner, decide to kidnap a wealthy couple’s baby and hold it for ransom. Little do they know that the babysitter wants the baby for herself. 3:00 Infomercials 4:00 NBC Today

5:00 Weatherwatch and Music 5:05 World News 1:30 The Virtual Revolution: The Cost Of Free 2:30 Here Comes The Neighbourhood 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Belize: Jungle and Coral 6:00 Tour De France 2012 Daily Hightlights 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 South American Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby: Colombia and Venezuela - Jonathan travels to Colombia, a place long synonymous with drug wars. There he searches for stories that define a country emerging from decades of violence, and finds himself cycling around the streets of Bogotá with a visionary mayor. 8:30 Building the Great Cathedrals - Nothing so awe-inspiring had ever been seen in Europe. Gothic cathedrals towered above the horizon with stone spires that seemed to reach heaven. But now some of these cathedrals teeter on the brink of catastrophic collapse. 9:30 World News Australia 10.00 Tour De France 2012 Live: Stage 12 - - Saint-Jean-deMaurienne to Annonay/Davézieux (220 km medium-mountain stage). 2:00 Weatherwatch Overnight


4:00 Rage (MA) 5:00 Rage (PG) 6:00 Rage (G) 10:00 Rage Guest Programmer (PG) 11:00 Spicks And Specks 11:30 7.30 QLD 12:00 Race To London 12:30 Australian Story 1:00 Collectors: Scissors 1:30 Eggheads 2:00 Penn And Teller: Fool Us 2:45 At The Movies: Short Cuts 3:00 Movie: “Impact” (PG) 5:00 The Wonder Years: Pottery Will Get You Nowhere 5:25 Walk On The Wild Side 5:55 Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking: Sugar And Spice 6:23 Audrey’s Kitchen: Ultimate Breakfast Omelette 6:30 Gardening Australia 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Death In Paradise 8:30 Kidnap And Ransom 9:20 Hustle: When Eddie’s niece gets scammed by a ruthless modelling agent, the team jump to action. Modelling shoots, lifestyle coaches and even a meeting at the American embassy, could this be their toughest con yet? 10:20 United States Of Tara: Dept. Pf F.....d Up Family Services 10:45 Whites - Roland finally gets a chance in the spotlight when he is invited to do a spot on TV show, Sunday Chefs. It’s just a pity he’s chosen to do it on a day where they have a function for 300 people. 11:15 Rage Guest Programmer (MA a,l,d,h,n,s,v.)

6:00 Team Umizoomi 6:30 Dora The Explorer 7:00 Weekend Today Saturday 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 David Attenborough’s Gorilla 11:00 Children’s Programs 3:00 Crusoe 4:00 Getaway’s European Tour 4:30 Discover Downunder 5:00 National News - First At Five 5:30 4WD TV 6:00 National News Saturday 6:30 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos 7:40 Movie: “Aliens In The Attic” (PG) 9:25 Movie: “Spiderman 3” (M v) - Peter Parker has finally managed to strike a balance between his devotion to MJ and his duties as a superhero. However, when his suit starts to change, Peter changes with it, bringing out his dark, vengeful side. 12:25 Movie: “Frances”(M v,l,a) -Based on the life of Frances Farmer, this film depicts the turbulent years of inner conflicts, battles with Hollywood hierachy, run-ins with police, horrific years in a mental institution all culminating with unnecessary lobotomy. 3:00 Avengers - From Venue With Love 4:00 Danoz Direct 5:30 Wesley Impact

6:00 Stitch! 6:30 Handy Manny 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show - Weekends 10:00 Dr Oz 11:00 The Woodlies 11:30 Cast Away 12:00 V8 Xtra 12:30 Australia Smashes Guinness World Records 1:00 That 70s’ Show 1:30 Dinner Date 2:30 Outsourced 3:00 2012 AFL Premiership Season: Rnd 16: Port Adelaide vs Essendon 6:00 Seven News 6:30 The Amazing Race Australia 7:30 2012 AFL Premiership Season: Rnd 16: Brisbane vs St Kilda 10:30 The Hit Rater.Com 11:00 Movie: “Snake Eyes” (M) - Shady police detective Rick Santoro is happy with life. While on duty at a prize-fight, a member of the government is killed, and while investigating finds several leads. But as he finds himself embroiled in the middle of a murder conspiracy, he realises he has to make a choice. 1:00 Movie: “Project Alf” (G) - The military is engaged in a secret analysis of a strange, hairy, bright orange creature. While Major Hill and Captain Mulligan both consider Alf to be a friendly life-form, Colonel Milfoil disagrees and wants him extinguished. 3:00 Room For Improvement 3:30 It Is Written Oceania 4:00 Home Shopping 5:00 Beyond Tomorrow

5:00 Weatherwatch & Music 5:05 World News 7:30 Tour De France 2012 Daily Update 8:05 World News 1:00 New Year’s Day Concert 2012 3:40 The Chopin Etudes 3:45 One Thousand Pictures: R.F.K’s Last Journey 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Kill Arman: Okinawa/Karate 6:00 Tour De France 2012 Highlights 6:30 World News Australia 7:35 Massive Moves: Pacific Palace - In this episode, a family in Vancouver calls in a crew of house truckers to haul a beautiful two-storey house across land and water so they can have a bigger home. 8:00 Massive Moves: Harbour House - a couple in Vancouver call in a crew of marine engineers to build and sail a beautiful floating house down the Fraser River and out to sea, to get to their moorings. 8:30 RocKwiz - This week’s special guest is former Cockney Rebel singer/songwriter, Steve Harley. 9:30 RocKwiz - Tonight, Bridezilla’s fabulous lead singer Holiday Sidewinder tries her rock trivia best to outsmart Wolfmother singer and guitarist, Andrew Stockdale. 10:00 Tour De France 2012 Live: Stage 13 - Saint-Paul-TroisChâteaux to Cap d’Agde (215 km flat stage). 4:00 Weatherwatch Overnight



4:00 Rage (MA) 5:00 Rage (PG) 6:00 Rage (G) 6:30 Children’s Programs 9:00 Insiders 10:00 Inside Business 10:30 Offsiders 11:00 Asia Pacific Focus 11:30 Songs Of Praise: Cornwall 12:00 Landline 1:00 Gardening Australia 1:30 Walk On The Wild Side 2:00 Death In Paradise 3:05 Art And Soul: Bitter And Sweet 4:00 Nothing Rhymes With Ngapartji 5:00 Birds Of Paradise 5:55 Antiques Master 6:25 Audrey’s Kitchen: Cinese Calamari Stir Fry 6:30 Compass: Bishop Undercover: Part 1 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Ian Thorpe: The Swimmer 8:30 Wallander: The Man Who Smiled 10:00 Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell - Kate and Quentin decide to spice up their marriage with some fantasy role playing but there are red faces all around when they turn up at their rendezvous both dressed as Michelle Grattan. 10:30 Race To London 11:00 Movie: “Five Easy Pieces” (MA l,s) - After rejecting his wealthy and cultured upbringing, a young man returns home when his father has a stroke, with his waitress girlfriend in tow. 12:35 Movie: “None But The Lonely Heart” (PG) - A murky drama of broken dreams, thwarted hopes and petty crime in the slums of London in the late 1930s. 2:30 The Living Artist 3:30 Rage

6:00 GIO Schoolboy Cup 7:00 Weekend Today 10:00 Wide World Of Sports 11:00 Sunday Footy Show 1:00 Gold Coast Marathon 1:30 Broncos Insider 2:00 2012 Intrust Super Cup: Round 17: Easts Tigers v Burleigh Bears 4:00 Sunday Football: St George Illawarra vs Cronulla Sharks 6:00 National News Sunday 6:30 TBA 7:30 60 Minutes - 60 Minutes is Australia’s leading current affairs programme, with a proven record of excellence over three decades. Television’s top reporters - Liz Hayes, Liam Bartlett, Michael Usher, Allison Langdon and Charles Wooley - investigate, analyse and uncover the issues affecting all Australians. 8:30 TBA 9:30 TBA 10:30 TBA 11:30 The Road To London 11:35 Antiques Roadshow 12:00 What Would You Do? 1:00 Spyforce 2:00 Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo 2:30 Danoz Direct 3:30 Newstyle Direct 4:00 Goodmorning America - Sunday 5:00 National Early Morning News

6:00 Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil 6:30 Jake and The Never Land Pirates 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 10:00 AFL Game Day 11:30 Footy Flashbacks 1:00 2012 AFL Premiership Season: Round 16: GWS vs Adelaide 4:00 Better Homes And Gardens 5:30 Great South East 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Sunday Night 7:30 Billy Connolly’s Route 66 8:30 Downton Abbey - With the wedding approaching there’s excitement in the air but will Branson’s plans rattle everyone? Spanish Flu reaches Downton and a desperate Thomas looks for a way to re-establish himself. 10:00 Castle: Little Girl Lost - When a two-year-old girl is discovered missing, Beckett is called in to assist with the investigation only to discover that the FBI agent in charge is her ex. 11:00 Serial Killers: Bodies In The Barrel 12:00 Movie: “The Tattooist” - A young artist unknowingly plays a role in releasing a deadly spirit as he attempts to learn the Samoan tradition of tattooing. 2:00 Home Shopping 3:00 NBC Today 4:00 NBC Meet The Press 5:00 Sunrise Extra 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 5:05 World News 7:30 Tour De France 2012 Daily Update 8:00 Maltese News 8:30 PopAsia10:30 Football Asia 11:00 Les Murray’s Football Feature 12:00 FIFA Futbol Mundial 12:30 Speedweek 2:30 Al Jazeera News 3:30 When the Egyptians Sailed On the Red Sea 4:30 Salam Cafe 5:00 Cycling Central 6:00 Tour De France 2012 Daily Highlights 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Lost Worlds: Death of the Megabeasts - Scientific detectives crack one of the world’s great mysteries: what killed Australia’s megabeasts? Long after the extinction of the dinosaurs, extraordinary species of giant beasts roamed the Earth, ruling the animal kingdom for hundreds of thousands of years. But suddenly they vanished. 8.30 Inside Nature’s Giants: Big Cats 9.30 Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger: Toaster - In this episode, James and Greg come up with solutions for a turbo toaster. Greg utilises the power of halogen and James’s creation draws inspiration from the world of firearms. 10:00 Tour De France 2012 Live: Stage 14 - Limoux to Foix (192 km mountain stage). 2:00 Weatherwatch Overnight



4:00 The New Inventors 4:30 Collectors 5:00 Gardening Australia 5:30 Catalyst 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Landline 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Rivers And Life 1:30 The New Inventors 2:00 Antiques Master 2:30 Jennfier Byrne Presents 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 As Time Goes By 6:00 Grand Designs: Oxford 6:50 Miniscule: Thirsty 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Australian Story 8:30 Four Corners 9:20 Media Watch 9:35 Q & A 10:35 Lateline 11:10 The Business 11:35 Wire In The Blood: From The Defeated 1:10 Movie: “The Phantom Of The Opera” (PG) - From the novel by Gaston Leroux, a crazed man without a face, who lives in the catacombs beneath the Paris Opera, falls in love with the voice of a young opera singer. 2:25 Rage 3:30 Rugby Union: Shute Shield

6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1:00 Danoz 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 3:00 Extra 3:30 Hi-5 4:00 Pyramid 4:30 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Psychic Vortex 7:30 The Big Bang Theory: The Bozeman Reaction 8:00 Tricky Business - Matt is hired to investigate doping in the greyhound racing industry. Rick and Kate risk losing their reputations and their biggest client, when they are accused of wrecking a school formal. Jim’s focus on the family business takes its toll on Claire & Lily’s relationship with Marcus taking a surprising turn. 9:00 CSI: Miami: At Risk 10:00 CSI: Miami: Killer Regrets 11:00 Two And A Half Men: Fish In A Drawer 11:30 Super Rugby Extra Time 12:30 The Whole Truth: The State Calls Kathryn Peale 1:30 Extra 2:00 Danoz Direct 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Concrete Canyons” (M) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Border Patrol 3:30 All For Kids 4:00 Match It 4:30 Seven News At 4:30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 The Amazing Race Australia 8:30 Revenge: Grief - A painful loss forges a stronger bond between Emily and Jack, bringing them closer than ever before. Will they give in to their true feelings for one another? Victoria forms a new alliance that could seal Conrad’s fate, and Charlotte sets out on a vendetta of her own with Declan as her target. 9:30 Body Of Proof 11:30 30 Rock 12:00 Sons And Daughters 12:30 Sons And Daughters 1:00 Infomercials 3:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch and Music 5:05 World News 7:30 Tour De France 2012 Daily Update 8:05 World News 1:30 Costa’s Garden Odyssey 2:00 Law And Disorder: Allan Keesing - The Reluctant Whistleblower 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5:00 PopAsia 5:30 Global Village: Kabuki, the Path of the Flowers 6:00 Tour De France 2012 Daily Highlights 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Mythbusters: Bubble Pack Plunge - Adam and Jamie investigate whether a person covered in bubble wrap can jump off an 11 metre tall building and survive the impact without injury. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant, and Tory experiment with a James Bond ejector seat. 8:30 Man vs Wild: Fan vs. Wild - Bear Grylls takes two fans into the Canadian wilderness on a life-changing adventure. Their journey begins with a fast rope from a helicopter onto a 3,000 metre high mountain peak. Their only way out is to rappel down a sheer granite rock face. Afterwards they build a shelter and cook bushman style. 9:30 World News Australia 10:00 Tour De France 2012 Live: Stage 15 - Samatan to Pau (160 km flat stage). 2:00 Weatherwatch Overnight



5:30 Eggheads 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Meerkat Manor 10:25 Miniscule 10:30 Sleek Geeks 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Q&A 1:30 Can We Help? 2:00 Grand Designs 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 As Time Goes By 6:00 Time Team 6:50 Miniscule: Some Weird Fly 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Race To London 8:30 Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey: Final - Joanna Lumley climbs up Mount Olympus, visits a fortune telling festival, meets with the radical mayor of Thessaloniki, and explores the strange landscape of Meteora, where monks still inhabit the monasteries in the sky. 9:20 Gordon’s Great Escape: Thailand - Gordon learns the secrets to a spicy sausage recipe, goes diving for oysters in Krabi, and competes against Thai celebrity chef, McDang, on national television. 10:05 Artscape: Dr Sarmast’s Music School: Part 2 10:35 Lateline 11:10 The Business 11:35 Four Corners 12:20 Media Watch 12:35 Britain From Above: 24 Hour Britain 1:30 Gordon’s Great Escape: Thailand 2:30 Football: VFL

6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Danoz Direct 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 3:00 Extra 3:30 Hi-5 4:00 Pyramid 4:30 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Einstein Approximation 7:30 TBA 8:30 Episodes - Sean and Beverly have to retrieve Matt from a seedy bar in the outskirts of LA so that the paparazzo waiting outside won’t see him driving home drunk. What follows is an all-night road trip which takes the trio from a run-in with the paparazzo to Matt’s ex-wife’s house and finally to his sons’ bedroom where Matt is forced to confront the mess he’s made of his life. 9:00 Episodes 9:30 Episodes 10:00 Episodes 10:30 Survivor: One World 12:30 Survivor: One World 1:30 Danoz Direct 2:30 Extra 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Good Morning America / 5:00 National Early Morning News

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “What If God Were The Sun” (M) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Border Patrol 3:30 All For Kids 4.00 Match It 4:30 Seven News At 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away - Jett and Richard meet for the first time. Bianca learns Heath lied to her 7:30 Once Upon A Time: 7:15 am 8:30 Winners And Losers: Juggling’s Not Just A Party Trick Sophie is keen to take her mind off her upcoming hearing with the hospital board but in doing so, makes a bad situation worse and must face some uncomfortable truths about her own behaviour. 9:30 TBA 11:30 Police Under Fire: In The Line Of Duty 12:30 Sons And Daughters 1:00 Infomercials 3:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch & Music 5:05 World News 7:30 Tour De France 2012 Daily Update 8:05 World News 1:30 Costa’s Garden Odyssey 2:00 Are You My Mother? 3:00 Letters and Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Kabuki, the Path of the Flowers 6:00 Tour De France 2012 Daily Highlights 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Who Do You Think You Are?: Kate Humble 8:30 Usain Bolt: The Fastest - At 25 years old, Usain Bolt is the quickest man on the planet. In 2012, he will try to become the first man to win the 100 metres gold medal on the track in two consecutive Olympic Games. But how can a man 1.95 metres tall and built like a rugby player be so fast? 9:30 World News Australia 10:00 Tour De France 2012: Review 12:00 The Lost Room: The Comb and the Box - Follows Detective Joe Miller as he investigates a mysterious motel room, which acts as a portal to an alternate universe. Having lost his daughter during a reset of the room, Joe begins to search for the prime object, which can supposedly bring her back. 1:35 Weatherwatch Overnight



5:30 Eggheads 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Meerkat Manor 10:25 Miniscule 10:30 Sleek Geeks 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Q&A 1:30 Can We Help? 2:00 Grand Designs 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 As Time Goes By 6:00 Country House Rescue: Garston Manor 6:50 Miniscule: Ants 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Myf Warhurst’s Nice: And Classy - Myf chats with everyone from Pete Smith - face of Copperart, to host of Bargain Hunt, Tim Wonnacott in a bid to understand why we collect the stuff we do. 8:30 Randling 9:00 Life’s Too Short - Warwick meets up with estranged wife Sue, her solicitor, and her new partner Ian to finalise their divorce settlement. 9:30 QI: Greeks 10:00 At The Movies Bryan Brown In Conversation 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:35 The Librarians 12:05 Life’s Too Short 12:35 Hannah Gadsby Goes Domestic 1:00 Movie: “Hell Is For Heroes” (M) 2:30 Football: SANFL: Round 16 Central District vs Sturt

6:30 Today 9:00 Mornings 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Danoz Direct 2:00 Days Of Our lives 3:00 Extra 3:30 Hi-5 4:00 Pyramid 4:30 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Large Hadron Collision - It’s Valentine’s Day, and Leonard can only bring one guest on a trip to see CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (the world’s largest and highest energy particle accelerator) in Switzerland. Will it be Sheldon or Penny? 7:30 The Big Bang Theory: The Excelsior Acquisition 8:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Precious Fragmentation 8:30 The Mentalist: Strawberries And Cream Part 2 9:30 RPA 10:30 Embarrassing Bodies 11:30 Weeds 12:00 Eclipse 12:30 20/20 1:30 Danoz Direct 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “The Girl Next Door” 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Border Patrol 3:30 All For Kids 4:00 Match It 4:30 Seven News at 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 Australia’s Got Talent: Grand Final 9:00 Mrs Brown’s Boys: Mammy Of The Groom - Dermot and Maria’s wedding is just days away and tensions are running high in the Brown household. 9:40 Smugglers 11:20 Happy Endings 10:40 Mystery 360: Ghosts 11:40 Parks And Recreation: End Of The World 12:10 Sons And Daughters 1:00 Infomercials 3:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Room For Improvement 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch and Music 5:05 World News 7:30 Tour De France 2012 Daily Update 8:05 World News 1:30 Costa’s Garden Odyssey 2:00 Once Bitten: Conflict and Complications 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: The Tumba Francesca 6:00 Tour De France 2012 Daily Highlights 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Wildest Africa: Namibia: Sands of Time - Namibia - in the south-west of Africa is an arid, rough land. Its landscape is unique, with mammoth sand dunes and rocky mountains. The place has been inhabited for hundreds of years by the Himba people, who demonstrate their strong connections to their ancestors through time tested rituals, along with stone and cave paintings. 8:35 Bear Grylls’ Wild Weekend: Bear’s Wild Weekend with Miranda - Adventurer Bear Grylls takes comedy writer and actress Miranda Hart on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition to the spectacular Swiss Alps. 9:30 World News Australia 10:00 Tour De France 2012 Live: Stage 16 - Pau to Bagnères-deLuchon (197 km mountain stage). 2:00 Weatherwatch Overnight

Page 16 Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012


SUDOKU No. 106

Your  Lucky 


Stars  

CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd) Memories of your childhood will be hard to put out of your mind. One incident keeps on coming back to you. Admitting this to a trusted friend will provide some needed relief. Romance. A social gaffe made by one of your friends could prove embarrassing. You will soon be able to have a good laugh, however.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd)

You may need to find a new outlet for your excess energy. Your talents are not being appreciated properly by the people around you. You have a lot to offer: try to find someone who values your unique skills. Romance. Your partner may be on your mind a lot this week. Something which they said recently will cheer you up. Be sure to thank them for their compliment.

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd)


A friend who is behaving a little strangely may need a while to settle down. Don’t be too quick to pass judgement on their recent actions. Understanding will be the key to helping them at the moment. Romance. You may need to sort out a conflict between two of your best friends. One side will have to give in much more than the other.

LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd)

You may find that your partner is a little apathetic. You will need to provide some encouragement to get them out of a rut. Romance. Your feelings will be running much more strongly than usual, thanks to the Moon/Pluto Midpoint which is presently moving through your sign.

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd)

Don’t let yourself be influenced by other people’s negative moods. You may be better off avoiding them this week. Romance. Both Venus and Mars are in good aspect at the moment, so you could have a very romantic evening in store. Be ready for anything!

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st) Be careful before getting involved with someone whom you see every day at work. Things could end up getting very complicated. Romance. Both Venus and Mars are in good aspect at the moment, so you could have a very romantic evening in store.


CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th) A surprise gesture of support from a friend will change your opinion of this person for the better. There may be more to come! Romance. You may be more concerned about the way you look than about other, more important things. Now is the time for some deep self-examination.

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th) If the people around you can’t stand the pace you will have to carry on by yourself. Don’t let their low energy hold you back from accomplishing great things this week! Romance. A phone call during the day will be quite uninteresting at first. After a while, the mood will become warmer.

For all your printing needs –


PISCES (February 20th - March 20th) You may need to give in a little more than you would like. Don’t allow yourself to be too stubborn. Compromise on an important issue will be productive for both parties. Romance. Your love-life will be in top gear at the moment. A recent meeting will suddenly make sense.

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th) Don’t be too hard on yourself - recent events were not your fault, and you couldn’t have done anything to prevent them. Instead, work to repair broken relationships. Romance. You have been working extremely hard recently. Try to spend some time doing things which you normally don’t have the time for.

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st)


Your friend is the man who knows all about you and still likes you.

– Elbert Hubbard


Don’t put all your energy into a project which may not come to fruition. It might be more sensible to spread your risk by trying more than one option. Romance. You will be completely in touch with your partner’s emotions. This could be both a positive and negative thing: there could be some ups and downs this week!

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st) Don’t worry too much about what other people think. Their perceptions will not make a big difference on your future. If you manage to forget about some recent comments, your self-confidence will improve enormously. Romance. Unexpected attention from a friend will surprise you. This person may need your advice about a personal matter.

Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012 Page 17

Port Kennedy Association


Spacious 3 bedroom U/F duplex with air conditioning, great breezy balcony, carport under, outdoor entertaining area and fabulous central location. $800pw Phone Agent on 0431 861 071

Come along and grab a bargain!


For more information or to book a stall contact the Port Kennedy ofďŹ ce on (07) 4069 2306

TWILIGHT MARKETS Victoria Parade Foreshore 6 - 9pm, Saturday, July 21

Entertainment, arts and crafts, food, music, family fun and more. Free return ferry for Horn Island residents, bookings essential. If interested in a stall or need further information, call Mura Kosker Sorority Inc on 4069 1663. This is a drug and alcohol free event

Kamelia Elma Binjuda

Saturday, September 29, 2012 Tombstone Unveiling For the late


199 Bunda St Cairns Phone 4041 5022

Mr Archie Wapau Mrs Senmilia Nawakie Mr Jerry Miah Yusia Mr Olsen Cedric Wapau Miss Veronica Margaret Mudu

Date Claimer

Tombstone Unveiling for the late

Cars and Station Wagons with Rego and RWC from $3140.


4WDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s from $5500 with Rego and RWC. 199 Bunda St Cairns Phone 4041 5022

Tombstone Unveiling of the late: Ms Baker Jacob Mr Tom Jacob Mrs Rene Tabuai Ms Merkere Ibuai Mrs Malu Agie Mr Archiebold Jacob Mr Mia Jacob

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School

125th Birthday Celebrations on Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd, and Monday 23rd of July 2012.

Tombstone Unveiling of the late:

Contact: Mrs Patricia Yusia â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 0408 693 163 Ms Janet Wapau â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 0429 678 345

Friday, 28 September, 2012



Saturday, October 27, 2012 BAMAGA


(Thursday Island)


Douglas Street

TORRES SHIRE COUNCIL To lead, provide & facilitate

MANAGER CORPORATE SERVICES This newly created position requires a career oriented professional with a breadth of technical skill and the capacity to take on a shared responsibility for shaping the future of a close community that embraces a unique culture and is located in a pristine environment. This is an identified (development) position under Councils Indigenous Employment Policy and prospective local candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Torres Shire Council invites applications for this full time position. Reporting to the Director of Corporate & Community Services, the person we are looking for will be technically qualified and have the drive, resilience and savvy to be effective in a beautiful but remote location. A track record of building innovative and highly collaborative alliances will be paramount and negotiation and problem-solving skills will also be highly regarded. The successful applicant will be an integral part of a small but highly versatile management team. Responsibilities will primarily involve supporting the Chief Executive, via the Director, in the areas of Governance (including local laws), policy, risk, WH&S, Native Title, economic and community development, annual report preparation and Disaster Management. The salary and benefits package will be negotiated with the successful applicant and will take into account a competitive base salary plus relocation expenses, motor vehicle, a negotiable housing benefit and tax concessions so as to provide an attractive incentive to someone who identifies with our vision and values.

Saturday, November 3, 2012 Bamaga Contact Person: Mrs Marjorie Isua â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 0487 242 136 Ms Carol Williams â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 0457 579 647

An application kit for this position can be obtained from the Council Office, 68 Douglas Street, Thursday Island or by contacting the Human Resources Officer, Don Benjamin on phone: (07) 4069 1336, email or Council website Applications close 4pm Friday, July 13, 2012 Dalassa Yorkston CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

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â&#x20AC;˘ Authorised Evinrude and Suzuki outboard dealers â&#x20AC;˘ Best prices on Thursday Island â&#x20AC;˘ The only ORIGINAL Croc Shop on T.I. â&#x20AC;˘ 18 years proven service 6)3)4ÂŹ/52ÂŹ3(/0STACKEDÂŹWITHÂŹ!,,ÂŹ9/52ÂŹBOATINGÂŹNEEDS

7!)"%.ÂŹ,)'(4ÂŹ-!2).%ÂŹ3%26)#%3ÂŹ 83 Waiben Esplanade, Thursday Island Open Mon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fri 8am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5.30pm, Sat 9am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2pm

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....for SALES & SERVICE of Kubota Construction Equipment & Generators, Iseki & Massey Ferguson Tractors & Kanga Loaders

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Available for day trips, camping trips, Charters to: Seisa, POW, Hammond, TI and other nearby islands.

Phone Vince: 0429 631 844 Page 18 Torres News

9 - 15 July 2012

CARPET, VINYL & BLINDS Servicing Far North Qld and all Islands Supply and lay * Gov approved products * Supply and lay * Domestice & commercial * Sand & polish * Repairs * Call Neil and deal direct with layer

â&#x2013;şCBD (Supermarkets/Post OfďŹ ce/Banks/Newsagent/Cellars) â&#x2013;ş24 hour â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Check-inâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x2013;şSelf-contained Apartments â&#x2013;şDaily Room Servicing â&#x2013;şQueen/Twin Bedrooms â&#x2013;şAll rooms with own private balcony â&#x2013;şWireless Internet â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;hot spotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x2013;şCable TV service â&#x2013;şBBQ / Gazebo & Pool â&#x2013;şUndercover & Secure Car Parking â&#x2013;şTour bookings & Car Hire â&#x2013;şDirect on-line booking via Web site



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TO PEDDELLS FERRY SERVICE for supporting us in business with your tourist support on our cray pie’s. It’s a pleasure. Thank You & Mina Big Esso - Keith & Bernie

REPENT be baptised name of Jesus Messiah forgiveness of sins so receive Holy Spirit. Awgadh guyithwiar adakawai wati markai kedaamai uurpupagal ngukiuu nu pasinu Yesun Masiak nel. Yesun kanakan garwalgaik adaka sirsiri ngulaiga kedaamai Balbayzig Ngana Sibuwanaar Yesun panipan. Apostle Percy.

FOR SALE 8000M2 [2 ACRES] leasehold land at POW[Longbeach]. All the hard work has been done. Shed and Water Tanks established. Enquiries call 0499 191 363.

DATE CLAIMER WONGAI Ball, Saturday, August 25, 2012. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School fundraiser. CLASSIFIED DEADLINE: 10.30AM THURSDAY


POSTPONEMENT OF DATE CLAIMED ‘Saturday, October 20, 2012.’ Due to unforseen circumstances, the Tombstone Unveiling of Late Mrs Sarah Valevou (nee Nona) has been postponed in Cairns to Saturday, September 21, 2013 Contact: Lizzy Bond on 0427 069 343 or 4069 3343

WANTED A C C O M M O D AT I O N Wanted on TI. Will pay $500 p/w. Employed and excellent references. We will do all maintenance and care for your place as if it is our own. Phone 0409 040 280


On Horn Island ● Highset ● 4 Bedrooms ● 2 Toilets ● Large Yard ● Fully Fenced ● Security Screened ● $800 per week ● Bond $1,600 Available September 1, 2012 Contact Owners on 0437 549 001 or 0429 479 773


24 Hour Service for DV CONNECT Telephone 1800 811 811 – Lena Passi Women’s Shelter NPA WOMEN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HELP 24 Hour Crisis Shelter Ph: 4069 3020

POSITION VACANT PROPERTY MANAGER (P/T) We are looking for a Permanent Part-Time (25 hrs p/w) Property Manager to look after a small rent roll of 44 properties. The right person must be able to work unsupervised in a small busy office, have great people and mediation skills, have knowledge of Microsoft Office systems and be very reliable. Knowledge of Property Management procedures will be an advantage (but some training will be provided). The position requires the Property Manager to collect and receipt rent, issue notices, upkeep rental and maintenance records and liaise with maintenance staff and trades-people. Interested? Please email or fax your resume with a cover letter stating your interest to: Fax: (07) 3036 6876 or email:


our current job opportunities include: ���,��� - ���,���� (prorata for Part-time)

Biosecurity Officers, Non-Ongoing (� Positions) DAFF Biosecurity Northern Region (formerly known as AQIS), Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy, Saibai Island Contact George Nona on �� ���� ���� or Joseph Wigness on �� ���� ����, Job No. N��-���� Closes Thursday, �� July ���� ƒ•‡†ƒ–ƒ‹„ƒ‹ •Žƒ†ǡ–Š‡•—……‡••ˆ—Žƒ’’Ž‹…ƒ–• ™‹ŽŽ—†‡”Ž‹‹–‡††‹”‡…–‹‘ǡƒ†ƒ•’ƒ”–‘ˆƒ ˆ—…–‹‘ƒŽ–‡ƒǡ’‡”ˆ‘”“—ƒ”ƒ–‹‡ˆ—…–‹‘•ƒ† —†‡”–ƒ‡ϐ‹‡Ž†™‘”‹…Ž—†‹‰ƒ••‹•–‹‰•…‹‡–‹ϐ‹… •–ƒˆˆƒ•”‡“—‹”‡†ǤŠ‹•‹•ƒ‹†‡–‹ϐ‹‡†’‘•‹–‹‘ ƒ†„‘”‹‰‹ƒŽƒ†‘””‡•–”ƒ‹– •Žƒ†‡”•ƒ”‡ •–”‘‰Ž›‡…‘—”ƒ‰‡†–‘ƒ’’Ž›ˆ‘”–Š‹•’‘•‹–‹‘Ǥ


To the Property Owner/Occupier in the following area/s:

COXSWAIN Australian Reef Pilots is a progressive company providing pilotage services within the Torres Strait Region. We currently have a vacancy for a full time Coxswain to command our Pilot Transfer Vessels in this Thursday Island based position. Current formal marine qualifications required: • Master Class 5 • MED 2 (with mechanical knowledge) • First Aid Certificate All applicants must be prepared to work a one week on, one week off roster consisting of day and night shifts. If you are energetic, reliable and are looking to advance your career in the maritime industry then apply now to: The Manager Fax: (07) 4069 1812 Email:

An important message about your power supply Ergon Energy will be working on powerlines and the Power Station in the Horn Island Community to improve reliability of supply. To safely complete this upgrading work, interruptions to the power supply will be necessary as follows: Saturday 23 June Saturday 30 June Saturday 7 July Saturday 14 July

– – – –

8.00 am to 12.00 pm 8.00 am to 12.00 pm 8.00 am to 12.00 pm 8.00 am to 12.00 pm

Every house and business on Horn Island will be without power while work is carried out at the Wassaga Power Station. This will include Sea Swift, Store and take away, Gateway Motel, Wongi Hotel, school, Medical Aid Centre, Airport and airport fuel depot. Any enquiries should be directed to Field Operations Officer, Mr Ed English on 0438 174 105.


Š‡•‡’‘•‹–‹‘•ƒ”‡‘Ǧ‘‰‘‹‰ˆ‘”ƒ’‡”‹‘†‘ˆ •‹šȋ͸Ȍ‘–Š•ǤŠ‡•‡’‘•‹–‹‘•Šƒ˜‡–Š‡’‘–‡–‹ƒŽ ‘ˆ„‡…‘‹‰‘‰‘‹‰ǡ’ƒ”–Ǧ–‹‡’‘•‹–‹‘•Ǥ ‘ƒ’’Ž›’Ž‡ƒ•‡˜‹•‹–

Ergon Energy has contracted Utility Asset Management to carry out inspections of powerlines located in these area/s, and in some cases on your property, in the near future. Your feeder is identified on your Ergon Energy bill. Feeder Code


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End Date


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If you have any special needs, access preferences, any special farming activities or are not always present on your property, please phone our office on 07 4755 0311.

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9 - 15 July 2012 Page 19


Crocs that go bump in the night A close escape on Escape River By MARK ROY A COUPLE of yachties anchored in Escape River had a close encounter of the crocodile kind when they were awoken by a large crashing sound in the middle of the night. Canadians Marian and David Paul woke with a fright at 1am on Thursday, June 28, thinking they had been run into by a large boat. “We went straight up in the air from the shock,” David recalls. “This is not what we ever want to hear when asleep on the boat. “We hit all our outside lights and to our relief there was no other boat around but we did not know what the heck hit us.” The pair, who were en route to Darwin to take part in a cruising rally to Indonesia, had anchored their catamaran Kilkea II overnight in Escape River, near the junction of Riflebird Creek, on the east side of the Tip south of Bamaga. And in the dark of night, their minds started ticking over, wondering just what had caused the crash. “At that point we started to wake up and thought that maybe it was a crocodile,” David said. The pair were not prepared to take any chances. “Just in case, we shut up the companion way and the aft window,” he said.

“We were not going to look over the side just in case it was a croc and he was interested in another bash at us. “After first light we were up on deck and very happy to find everything in good order. Then Marian looked at our Canadian flag. “Two thirds of it were still attached to the flagpole, but the outer red panel was torn right off!” The pair say they now believe the flapping movement of their flag attracted a saltwater crocodile. “The salty probably jumped up at the flag and then hit the boat,” David said. But it was when they saw the teeth marks on the transom that they realised what a good idea it was to batten down the hatches. “We looked at the stern of Kilkea II and saw that the port corner was bashed, with bits of gel coat and fibreglass on the swim steps,” David said. “Checking this out we found that there was a quarter-of-an-inch deep cut about the size of a loonie (a Canadian dollar coin) on the corner of the hull, with cuts under the hull where the monster mouth tried to eat the boat.” Rusty and Bronwyn Tully, who run Torres Pearls on Turtlehead Island in Escape River, said the incident was a warning to other boaties in the area

Marian and David Paul on board their racing yacht with their Canadian flag, which was attacked by a crocodile in Escape River. PHOTO: RUSTY TULLY about crocs jumping in the rivers along the Cape. Rusty said he first heard of the croc attack when the visitors came ashore to look at pearls. “This is obviously very concerning for us as pearl farmers with lines in the area, but also concerning for the many local fishermen who enjoy fishing the area in their tinnies,” Rusty said. “We have not had reports of this kind from our river before, although

people have mentioned that a croc has bumped the bottom of their boat during the night and they could see a large shape underneath them on their sounder.” If Marian and David had been looking on the sounder at the time, they might have spotted a very “large shape” too. “Their flag flies about three metres above the water,” Rusty said. “They figure the croc jumped up

All roads lead to relaxation Melinda Tupling brings you a taste of luxury from Thala Beach Lodge, Port Douglas. LESS than two hours from Thursday Mother Nature has outdone herself Island, the eco-retreat at Thala Beach here, lavishing wonder and mystery on Lodge beckons. everything in sight. Prehistoric giant palms Upon your arrival at the lodge, 16km lean out, emerging gracefully from the rest north of Port Douglas, the friendly staff of the forest. will have you relaxing and unwinding in As an eco-lodge, Thala is connected with no time, complimentary fruit cocktail in nature through sustainable practices and an hand. ethic of environmental sustainability. The Your eyes will wander and wonder friendly staff are always on hand to offer at the magnificent open-plan, timber assistance, be it room or dining service, or centrepiece that forms an umbrella over a well-informed nature tour. the reception area, lounge, and sumptuous Choose from bird-watching, starOspreys Restaurant. gazing - even a coconut odyssey - as As you glide across polished wooden well as organised tours to the spectacular floorboards, you soon realise all paths at attractions of the nearby Mossman Gorge Thala lead to relaxation. and Daintree River. I follow a trail signposted simply As the sun sets on a perfect day, I head “The Beach” meandering through the back to the the cocktail bar, as little lamps surrounding 145 acres of woodland with along the path transform the rainforest into their magnificent views from rainforest an enchanted wonderland. to sea. A couple on a romantic getaway are This forest path leads from secluded splashing around in a secluded pool, a pool timber bungalows to the pristine sands which runs into another and another, all of Oak Beach. With its coconut trees connected by waterfalls. and wooden layabouts - and not a soul The peace of the lush, tropical setting in sight - the beach makes for the perfect is pure romance. romantic tropical getaway. Heading back to my bungalow, nestled And at this time of year you can swim high on stilts within the forest canopy, I in the safe, stinger-free, crystal-clear waters freshen up for dinner. of the Coral Sea. I pour a glass from the classic Margaret The surrounding rainforest is lush with River red I spied on the side table upon native plants, many labelled with their local entry. and Latin names. It washes down easily as I gaze out from Page 20 Torres News 9 - 15 July 2012

my balcony at the forest that rolls down the valley to meet the ocean. Strolling up to Ospreys Restaurant for dinner, I am seated in front of breathtaking views showing the full grandeur of the rainforest plunging into the Coral Sea. A world-class fine food menu and wine list vie for attention with the magnificent scene set before me, its dishes reflecting the rich tastes of tropical soils, a bountiful climate and sparkling ocean waters. The chef indulges his diners with simple, tempting and exciting combinations of delicious local produce and ingredients harvested fresh from Thala’s gardens. I choose Pacific oysters a la natural with citrus foam, and the house-made ricotta gnocchi pan-seared in a burnt sage and thyme butter with wild mushrooms, golden shallots, baby spinach and toasted pine nuts, but the local wild barramundi looks equally tempting, basted in hot and sour paste, served with tempura soft-shell crab, pillow of stiryfry vegetables and tom yum foam. Happy and relaxed I retire to my bungalow, where the sounds of the nearby waves lapping at the shore lull me into a luxurious state of dreaming. I bid farewell to a perfect autumn day in paradise. For bookings contact Thala Beach Lodge on 4098 5700 or visit thalabeach.

at the flag, then had a bite at the boat as well. “We have reported the incident to the Rangers on the Cape and will continue to monitor and warn people as they come into the river.” And what have Marian and Paul learned from their close escape on Escape River? “Now we know why Aussies rarely fly a flag - or a least not a big one - on their boats!” David said.

MAROON army MARCH, thursday island


Let’s go for eight straight

Kacheyah See Kee waves the flag for the Maroons.

ABOVE: Maroons supporters Loud’n’Proud on their way to an Origin victory.

MORE than 100 dedicated Queensland supporters attended the Queensland Maroon Army March this year, along with a few blues supporters to get us stirred up a little. The march was a great success, with even Mayor Pedro Stephen proudly attending again making it seven years in a row. This will now be a community annual event which will be recognised in the Torres Shire calendar. We had lots of opinion from both side of the teams wanting to make it bigger and even better. Next year we will have an organising committee formed for the march and will plan a night to remember and make it a real family event. I would like to thank Thursday Island Police for the escort and permit, Torres Shire Council for the supporting letter, Ashlea Titsey, Sasah Busch, Yen Loban, Sundown Sirens WKRL, Torres News, TSIMA - and not forgetting you, who attended the march, both young and old. Without any of you nothing would of been possible. Let’s don’t break the curse and do it all again 2013 and go for eight straight! A true dedicated Queenslander Elsie Seriat

Michael Bon.

Elsie Maher and Chenille Nona Yelle.

Nadine Tarrant scootin’ off to watch the match. BELOW: Queensland kids cheering for kick-off.

Cane Toad Pride March headed by Kacheyah See Kee.

Nora, Gemma, CJ and and Rachine. Brave NSW fans flex their muscle in the parade.

Baiti Sagigi, Kali McKeown.

Leo Akee and Gelum Banu.

Wah Wah gets his Ya-Yas out. Torres News 9 - 15 July 2012 Page 21


Boigu’s role in Ben Barba’s rise to stardom By ALF WILSON BOIGU Island in the Torres Strait can claim some of the credit for the success of star NRL Canterbury Bulldogs back Ben Barba. Barba has been in devastating form this season for the Bulldogs which after round 17 were sitting second on the table with 24 points with only the Melbourne Storm in front of them. A week before when the Bulldogs rolled the Storm in his hometown of Mackay, Barba assisted in arguably the try of the season when he gathered the ball inches from the dead ball line and ran more than half the field before chip kicking ahead for a teammate to score. Boigu Island Councillor Dimas Toby said the whole island is proud of Ben Barba who has descendants from there on one side of his bloodline. At the last Zenadth Kes (Torres Cup) carnival on TI, Ben Barba starred for Malu Kiai which took out the grand final. “If I could say that Malu Kiai is the correct spelling and the name was given by our elders to use it on our rugby league team, to be proud Boigulaig playing together with blood brothers representing our Island and its people where ever they maybe. “The Boigu community was very

excited and proud to hear that Ben Barba and his other three brothers were going to play for our team at the last Torres Strait Cup. “Ben’s father, Bala Kenny Barba, always wanted his boys to play for their island and the Barba brothers was also very keen that they would one day play for their island. It only become reality when they finally got to play with their blood brothers last year and hope to see many more games to come in the future,” Cr Toby (pictured below) said.

Cr Toby said it was an even better and bigger celebration when the side won. “It was pride, passion, belief, and respect which was the mortar we used when we played in the Torres Cup and when you look at Malu Kiai playing at its best it would be described in these words.” Cr Toby is not sure if Malu Kiai will be back to defend their title at the 2012 Torres Cup scheduled for October.

“I know that one of our goals is to win every major carnival throughout the region and this would leave the benchmark for the future Malu Kiai talents to challenge. “Malu Kiai team and Boigugal will always remember in it’s rugby league history that Ben Barba NRL super star proud Boigulag with his other brothers Aaron, Marmin, Jeremy, playing with pride, passion, belief and respect for their motherland Boigu,” Cr Toby said. Cr Toby paid tribute to team manager Richard Matthew who organised for the Barba boys to compete last year. After round 17, Barba was the equal fourth highest try scorer in the competition with 10 as Cowboys winger Boigu’s and Bulldogs’ Ben Barba country. Ashley Graham led the tally In the 2009 Bindal All Blacks with 15. Last season dynamic Barba grand final in Townsville, Barba finished the NRL season as equal scored three tries and booted two top try scorer with 23 equalling goals for a personal tally of 16 points Rabbitohs Nathan Merritt, another when his Mackay Stallions beat Bindal Sharks United 30-22. Indigenous star. Barba was not surprisingly named Before his NRL career started, Barba had a distinguished careers player-of-the-carnival. Born in June 1989 in Darwin, in north Queensland All Blacks carnivals, considered amongst Barba joined the Bulldogs in 2008 the toughest rugby league in the and have never looked back.

His rapid development as a genuine NRL star had not surprised North Queenslanders. Barba has entertained crowds at numerous All Blacks carnivals over the years and even when he didn’t play, was always happy to have his picture snapped with Aboriginal footballers from remote communities. Like at the 2010 Cairns All Blacks carnival when he arrived too late to play, Barba had his photo taken with delighted Kowanyama footballers. At the 2008 Frank and Vern Daisy carnival in Townsville, Barba and his brothers Marmin and Aaron shone when Mackay Stallions scored a big 56-4 win over Western Warriors in the grand final. Ben scored three tries and for good measure chipped in with seven goals as the Barba brothers scored an amazing 44 points between them. His proud father, Ken Barba. told me at one carnival that the North Queensland Cowboys didn’t show any interest in his promising son. “We can see him enjoying his football all he has to do is keep plugging away and keep doing what he’s doing, listen to the coaching staff at the Bulldogs and they will reap the rewards in years to come. “He must keep a level head,” Kenny said.

Turtles saved from toppling to their deaths ABOUT 50 green turtles have been saved at remote Raine Island, off the tip of Cape York, as part of an initiative to improve survival rates of this vulnerable species in the face of climate change. Rock ledges and eroded areas at the island, which is the world’s largest aggregation site for nesting green turtles, have been fenced off to stop turtles falling over the edge

4042 7500


 Skid Steer Loaders  Track Loaders  Compact Excavators  Telescopic Handlers  Attachments



and dying in the sun as they attempt to return to the ocean after nesting. Raine Island supports the largest gathering of green turtles in the world, with in excess of 100,000 turtles recorded in waters around the island and in excess of 14,000 recorded on the beach in one night. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Chairman Russell Reichelt said protecting nesting green turtles was vital to maintain future turtle populations on the Reef and within the Indo-Pacific region. “Climate change threatens to dramatically influence the future ratio of male and female turtles, which can impact on their population. The sex of green turtles is determined during incubation by environmental conditions particularly the temperature of their nest, with warmer temperatures producing more female hatchlings. “Based on predictions of warming over the coming 50 years, it’s predicted that we’ll have far more female than male hatchlings, and this may have a long-term impact on

NRL Tipping Competition

Proudly sponsored by

1st Place - A return trip for two on Sea Swift’s Trinity Bay to Cairns (value $1850)

2nd Place - A $500 IBIS voucher

LEADERS AFTER ROUND 17 Name Westiemum12 BJ Danger Lax Kamiel Simon Leathers34 theflyingfalafel Princess Grace Rayns Ghost

TERMS & CONDITIONS: The Torres News NRL footy tipping competition is free – there is no joining fee and no charges whatsoever are associated with it. The Torres News footy tipping competition is

Page 22 Torres News

Work on the rock ledges to save the lives of green turtles on Raine Island. the population. two deaths recorded this nesting season “We’re focusing on protecting the adult since these sections of the ledges were turtles to reduce the risk of the species’ fenced. decline. Field staff recorded in excess of “While this is only the first time fencing 50 turtles that died last year by falling over has been installed, the success of this initiaone section of the island’s rock ledges and tive will mean hundreds of green turtles will be saved over the coming years, and fencing eroded areas. “In comparison, there have only been of other ledges is planned this year.”

9 - 15 July 2012

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DRAW ROUND 19 (July 13 – 16, home team first) Friday, July 13 Saturday, July 14

Sunday, July 15 Monday, July 16








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By ALF WILSON A SURPRISE kiss from Cowboys rugby league superstar Johnathan Thurston is what Badu Island 16-year-old Aggie Nona hopes will inspire Indigenous students from around the Torres Strait and Cape York to regularly attend school. Aggie was one of 10 students, six of TSI descent from Weipa’s Western Cape College to win a four day trip to Townsville through strong attendances and grades at school as part of the Cowboys Learn Earn legend! program. The Year 11 and 12 students all participate in the federally funded program supporting Indigenous students in Years 11 and 12 to complete their secondary education and move into further study, training or employment. The committed team in Community Relations at the North Queensland Cowboys work with more than 220 Indigenous students from 35 schools across North Queensland, from as far north as Weipa and Cairns, Townsville, south down through the Burdekin, the Whitsundays, Bowen and Mackay, and west to Charters Towers. Joe Bond (Badu), Kailep Parker (Mapoon), Lumbee Pablo (Injinoo), Sheldon Gilbert (Napranum), Pelina Schuh (Mer), Shy-Anne Budby (Napranum), Kayla Schuh (Murray), Sabrina Ase (Saibai) and Lillian Woolla (Aurukun) were the other Western Cape students to earn the trip. Their hard work and commitment at school was rewarded with each winning prime seats at the June 23 game at Dairy Farmers Stadium between the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys and the Canberra Raiders. Before that though there was a huge surprise for the students who were accompanied by College Student Support Officer Dacko Mosby and teacher Emma-Lee Bradford. Mosby is of Yorke Island descent and is a former Torres Strait Islander radio identity who nationally called the 2010 Island of Origin Series on Badu for NITV. The students went to Cowboys headquarters at 8am the day before the game where they had no idea they would meet the club’s stars Thurston and Matty Bowen. Aggie was excited and emotional when Thurston and Bowen entered the room and had told some of the fellow students she would “love to steal a kiss from JT’’. When JT heard about it he was happy to oblige and Aggie kissed him on the cheek. “This proves if you go to school you get to meet good people and this has been a dream come true. I idolise the Cowboys players,” she said. Johnathan Thurston congratulated the group on their efforts, saying the motivated senior students obviously understood the value of education and the

ABOVE: Aggie Nona kisses Johnathan Thurston. BELOW: From left at back with students are teacher Emma-Lee Bradford, QantasLink area manager Matt Trevett-Lyall, Matty Bowen and Dacko Mosby.


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SALE ON NOW importance of doing their best. “These students were issued a challenge by their teachers to attend school every day and strive to get the best marks they could,’’ he said. “Obviously they met that challenge, and understand how important it is to stay in school and do well, so they can get good jobs once they finish Year 12.’’

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Selectors to scan top Torres talent By MATT GARRICK THE stakes are high for KRL players selected for the Arthur Beetson Queensland Murri Rugby League Carnival this September 27 to 30, with the chance to play for the Queensland Indigenous All-Stars team in the United States on the prize table. Both a men’s and a women’s team will be heading to Ipswich to represent the Torres Strait and challenge for the cup this year. Exposure is up for grabs, along with a splash of prize money, and for the men’s team, the chance to head over and play in the US. Selectors for the Indigenous All-Stars rugby league teams at the carnival will have their eyes peeled, scanning for top Torres talent. Twemty-five players from the KRL women’s competition were chosen on June 30 to don the Beetson Cup jerseys, while the men’s selection process is currently underway. Women’s delegate for KRL Sasha Busch said the girls have

been putting in the hard yards with off-season training, and will be a formidable side down in Ipswich. “I reckon the girl’s games are getting as exciting to watch as the males,” said Ms Busch. “We definitely have a bunch with the ability to be selected [for the All-Stars team].” As the teams of the KRL women’s league battled it out at Ken Brown Oval on June 30, the talent in both the ladies teams - the Sundown Sirens from TI and Moa Island exports, the Dedeyal Gammas- was on fine display. Featuring a gutsy forward pack, the Sundown Sirens used clever footwork and bruising force to cut through the Gammas defence and score a number of worthy tries, to win with an end score of 28 to 4. Evelyn Nona, front-rower for the Sirens, was particularly on fire, labouring through the sturdy Dedeyal side on two occasions to score between the posts. A training camp to ready the girls for Ipswich will be running

on Thursday Island on July 15, the day after the next women’s league match. “We’ll be mainly focused on getting them to play well together, as they’re usually going against each other as two teams. But the skill level is high, so we’ll be alright,” said Ms Busch. It’s not the first time players from the women’s league have been snatched up by selectors due to their performance down south. Last year at the Queensland Murri Carnival, two players were picked for the female national Indigenous All-Stars side- Rohina Nona from the Sirens and Stephanie Mooka from the Gammas. Unfortunately, Ms Nona was unable to play last year due to personal reasons, but she is hoping for another look-in this time around. “I got selected from the Torres team, but it was pretty hard,” said Ms Nona. “I would love to get down for a second experience, and hopefully go even further.”

She recommended the girls this year would have to “play hard and at their best” if they were serious about winning the cup, or being selected for an All-Stars team. Gaining exposure for the women’s league is a primary reason for shipping the team down to Ipswich, as the prize money on offer is just $8000, while the costs of travelling the team there runs to around $40,000. KRL club treasurer LJ Shibasaki said the men’s team wanted first and foremost to be champions at their debut outing at the carnival, with any prizes an added bonus. “There will be selectors at the cup, and they will be picking a Queensland Indigenous team to tour the United States. “I’ve got big hopes for all our players, because we’ve got heaps of talent in the district here, so they all should do well. The selection process at the moment is really difficult, as all the men, as well as the ladies, are really good,” said Ms Shibasaki.

ABOVE: Ethel Mosby from the Sundown Sirens, crashes through Dedeyal Gammas forward pack. BELOW: Matilda Gowa from the Dedeyal Gammas (with ball) and Patricia Gagai from Sirens (defending).

Evelyn Nona from the Sundown Sirens (scoring). Ms Gowa, Ms Mosby and Ms Nona have all been selected to play in the women’s team at the Arthur Beetson Queensland Murri Rugby League Carnival.

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9 - 15 July 2012

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