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News & events of the Kaurareg homeland of Kaiwalagal, the Torres Strait homeland, and Cape York homelands of the Anggamuthi, Atambaya, Wuthathi, Yadhaykenu and Gudang Peoples

18 - 24 April 2012 • Thursday Island • • • Edition No. 1010 • $2.00 inc. GST

Badu artists are making their mark By MELINDA TUPLING THERE is currently a bit of a buzz about the arts community in Badu. One of Australia’s most accomplished master printers, Theo Tremblay, arrived in Badu from Cairns to recently run a series of art workshops at the Badu Art Centre (Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh). Tremblay said the workshops were about introducing new skills and techniques, as well as affirming those skills already brought to the centre by senior and established artists. “Many of the younger people have learnt from their creative elders, including Laurie and Dennis Nona and Alick Tipoti, and it is impressive to see the next generation coming through,” Tremblay said. Tremblay, who hails

from Boston in the United States, moved to Australia in 1977. A pioneer of collaborative printmaking and publishing, he is mentoring the Badu artists in a range of mediums. Mr Tremblay said he would return to Badu every three months for the rest of the year to continue his workshops. “The art centre is exciting, viable and vibrant,” Mr Tremblay said. “We have about 15 local artists joining us in the workshops. “Each day the artists meet informally and discuss their work, and the types of processes they want to use. “There are discussions on screen printing, soft and hard ground etching, selection of materials, relief printing and composition.”

Weldon Matasia, Tala Gaidan, Joseph Au in a workshop on Badu with master printer Theo Tremblay. The kodal (crocodile) print was created by Joseph Au and printed at the Badu Art Centre. Tremblay said the workshops, which continued throughout the Easter break, would conclude with an informal showing of recent works to elders of the community. “We want to increase awareness of traditional art

and also make the artists aware of the different opportunities they have so they can choose which way they want to go,” he said. “I am really fortunate to be here with such gifted and energised artists.

“The centre has a great work ethic and it is exciting to see such ambitious and exciting work.” He said the arts centre had produced superb etchings from Laurie Nona and stunning relief images from Joseph Au, Tala Gaidan,

Weldon Matasia, Edmund Laza and Michael Nona. For further information on the workshops contact director of the Badu Artist Centre, Richard Butler on 0467 004 412 or email au.

Crocs face LNP firing squad A crocodile at Bach Beach, Thursday Island. PHOTO: LITEAH LUFFMAN

By ALF WILSON AND MARK ROY CROCODILES are in the crosshairs of the newly elected State Government, with LNP senators and

ministers saying the time for pandering to conservationists is over. Federal shadow spokesman on Northern and Remote Australia Ian Macdonald is urging the new State

Government to put the welfare of humans ahead of the man-eating beasts. Continued Page 2 >>


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LNP plan to remove problem crocs << From Page 1 “The time for dithering and pandering to the radical green element is over, we need urgent action before someone is killed,” Mr Macdonald said. “Right across the top of Australia, crocs are making it increasingly difficult for people to enjoy the fabulous natural resources that make living in the north so great.” Mr Macdonald said recent sightings showed crocodiles were continuing to encroach on communities with impunity. The idea that culling crocodiles could become lawful again is a controversial one in north Queensland. Culling of crocs was banned by the Queensland Government in the early 70s, and since then numbers have increased dramatically. More recently, a spate of the dangerous reptiles threatening humans has brought the issue to a head. There have been numerous sightings of crocs off Thursday Island near populated areas,

and also near the Horn Island jetty. Hinchinbrook MP Andrew Cripps, sworn in last week as Natural Resources and Mines Minister, said the Government would soon implement an revised statewide crocodile management plan. “I’m very confident that will present a more responsive framework for the removal of problem crocodiles when they create safety concerns for local communities,” Mr Cripps said. “One of the problems we’ve had is that the previous government and the previous management plans that were in place for responding were so tied up in bureaucracy and red tape that they ignored the concerns of the communities until it became a serious issue.” Mr Cripps said there had been a significant increase in crocodile numbers in North Queensland waterways. Last year Torres Shire Council truck driver Tuta Kris told the Torres News he

had to watch carefully for crocodiles while emptying wheelie bins near several beaches on Thursday Island. “If there is food near the bins I have to be very careful of crocodiles as these bins are so near the water,” Mr Kris said. “There have also been regular sightings of crocs near where bins are on the back suburbs of TI. “I don’t take any chances.” Just a week before, a Thursday Island health worker standing near a TI beach used her mobile phone to take a pic of a crocodile which left the water to grab some fish scraps left by fishermen. In February this year, TI local Marsat Ketchell reported regularly spying two fourmetre crocs in the water near Cook’s Landing in the suburb of Quarantine. He said he had seen up to six crocodiles fighting over scraps left behind by hunters.

Above: Tuta Kris says he takes no chances with crocs while emptying wheelie bins around Thursday Island. PHOTO: ALF WILSON Left: Newly elected Natural Resources Minister Andrew Cripps says he wants to remove red tape protecting crocodiles.


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Page 2 Torres News

18 - 24 April 2012


Campaign aims to protect traditional hunting REPRESENTATIVE bodies throughout the Torres Strait and Far North Queensland are being urged to support a Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) initiated campaign to protect culturally appropriate management of natural resources including fisheries. The call follows a meeting on Badu Island to consider the implications of adverse media reporting of dugong and turtle hunting in the Torres Strait and Far North. Torres Shire and Torres Strait Island Regional Councils, TSRA and Traditional Owner Prescribed Body Corporate representatives decided at the meeting to seek broader support for the sustainable management of traditional fisheries. A Torres Strait delegation will seek meetings with the member for Cook, David Kempton, the member for Leichhardt, Warren Entsch, the Minister responsible for the Queensland Animal Care and Protection Act 2001, the Cape York Land Council, Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation and other interested bodies as part of an accelerated campaign to guarantee traditional hunting rights. TSRA Chairperson, John ‘Toshie’ Kris said the campaign

was gaining momentum because of an awareness in traditional communities that activists would continue to use unethical and unauthorised means such as covert filming to pressure governments to intervene. “Very little media coverage so far has acknowledged the progress we have made and continue to make in activities that ensure our natural resource management is sustainable. “Seven community based turtle and dugong management plans were implemented for Badu, Boigu, Iama, Mabuiag, Mer, Erub, and Moa (St Pauls) Islands in June 2008. “Plans for the remaining seven communities of Saibai, Dauan, Kubin (Moa), Warraber, Poruma, Masig and Ugar have been endorsed by traditional owners and implementation started in June 2010. “Experts have acknowledged the Torres Strait has the largest dugong population in the world and we were managing that resource effectively long before the first white sails appeared on our horizons.” Mr Kris said $17 million worth of funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country Working on Country

initiative would ensure compliance with the management plans was closely monitored. “Those funds will support the employment of up to 42 rangers across the 15 island communities by 2013- an initiative that will protect our environment and provide valuable training and employment opportunities. “The Queensland Government has also made an important contribution to the ranger program with shared resourcing and policy making.” “We will continue to work closely with interested parties such as the RSPCA which has already been consulted about humane processing methods and any other agency that can contribute to sustainable natural resource management.” Mr Kris said Torres Strait community leaders believed the right to continue sustainable traditional fishing guaranteed by the Torres Strait Treaty and Native Title legislation was a non negotiable starting point for any future discussion or consultation.

The large turnout at the meeting.

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NAIDOC Indigenous Basketball Carnival ‘Bring back the game’

When: Wednesday, July 4 to Saturday, July 7, 2012 Torres Shire Councillor, John Abednego; TSIRC Badu Councillor, Wayne Guivarra, TSIRC Mayor, Fred Gela; TSRA Chairperson, John ‘Toshie’ Kris; Land and Sea Unit Manager, Damian Miley; TSIRC Warraber Councillor, Willie Lui and TSRA Fisheries Portfolio Member, Kenny Bedford, at the Badu meeting.

Man head-butts policewoman during arrest on TI A POLICEWOMAN suffered facial injuries after a man head-butted her during an arrest on Thursday Island.

Police were attending a house in Jardine Street about 1.45am on Tuesday, April 3, following a domestic dispute.

Anzac Day 2012 Wednesday, April 25

It is alleged a local man, who was being placed in the back of a police van, head-butted the police officer in the

nose, causing cuts. The senior constable was treated at Thursday Island Hospital and later released.

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Issue date: Wednesday, May 2

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18 - 24 April 2012 Page 3

Mayoral candidates – Torres Shire Council elections – Saturday, April 28, 2012

Napcia Bin Tahal

Napcia Bin Tahal born and raised in the Torres Shire area, currently a ratepayer and a long term resident of Horn island. Napcia has worked for various State and commonwealth Government Departments up until 2008, when deciding to contest the Torres Strait Regional authority Board

Abigail Harry

elections for the ward of Horn island and prince of Wales.

working with Governments for more than 40 years.

Napcia also took the opportunity to nominate to the Torres Shire council election in that same year, with the intention to have the local political levels co-operate more effectively for the benefit of the area.

abigail’s priority is to listen to the people, then educate the government.

Napcia currently is the Deputy Mayor of the Torres Shire council, the Deputy chair of the Torres Strait Regional authority (TSRa), Board Member representing Horn and pOW on TSRa, Deputy chair of Far North Queensland Torres Strait Regional Development australia and co-chair to the Queensland Justice Taskforce. communication and shared responsibility is Napcia’s stance for this local government election. One of Napcia’s goals, if elected to Mayor this election, is to re-establish a local chamber of commerce and focus on strengthening our local economy.

She believes it is very important not to lose focus on the greater needs of indigenous people, and says it is possible to work around government policies to suit cultural sensitivities.

aBiGail Harry firmly believes that vision is needed for leadership in the Torres Strait, and that vision comes first from God and not from Man. as it says in the Gospels, “With God everything is possible”. abigail was born on Thursday island to her biological parents Seriako and Basana Stephen, and raised by her traditional adoptive parents pryce and cessa Harry. She attended Thursday island High School and went on to become a leader in aborginal and Torres Strait islander affairs,

She was coordinator and supervisor for the community Justice program in Wa under the first indigenous minister Ernie Bridge. She also coordinated the first aboriginal recruitment into the Wa police academy, and acted as an advisor to the Torres Strait islander advisory Board under ATSIC, and was the first Torres Strait islander to be elected by aboriginal people as treasurer of the community-controlled aboriginal Medical Service Derberyal Yerrigan, and worked on the first published aboriginal magazine, headed by the late charles perkins.

if elected as Mayor, abigail will represent all constituents, both resident and non-resident. She believes leadership should provide a voice and lead the people. abigail is committed to working to develop six major policy directives in the Torres Shire: 1. Establish a state directorate to work with the State Housing Minister to create affordable rental housing and housing loans so first home buyers can find inclusiveness in the Torres Strait 2. create a vision and leadership with less middle management 3. Negotiate, arbitrate, advocate and create dialogue with government to influence positive housing, employment, health and education outcomes for indigenous people 4. Establish a Regional assembly to represent indigenous people 5. Work closely with the Kaurareg leadership and the wider community 6. increase transparency and accountability.

Vonda Moar-Malone Vonda’s Seven point plan: 1. professional responsible leadership, Vonda will make the shire responsive to the community by ensuring open, transparent and accountable management practices.

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2. New progressive direction for the Torres Shire council Vonda stands for finding new opportunities for the shire by attracting more industry and private enterprise into the local area to provide jobs now and into the future for our young people. VONDa Moar-Malone represents professional modern leadership that is innovative and progressive. if elected Vonda will represent the whole shire equitably working to achieve positive outcomes for all residents Vonda is a Torres Strait islander who was born and raised in the Torres Strait. She enjoys an outstanding career with the australian Government. if elected as Mayor Vonda will deliver a Seven point plan for the advancement of the shire.

Page 4 Torres News

18 - 24 April 2012

3. Sustainable environmentally friendly approach to living in the Strait -Vonda will explore and facilitate the introduction of workable, green solutions in the shire such as waste management, clean energy options and recycling. 4. Develop innovative solutions to the home ownership barriers currently facing local people of the shire. Vonda will facilitate action in her first term to expand home ownership opportunities for all local people. 5. Healthy Young people and the young at heart are a vital part of the local community. Vonda will fight for the shires fair share

of funding to enable the purchase of essential infrastructure, the development recreational facilities, and the delivery of programs for everyone to enjoy especially our young people. 6. advocating and working towards reducing the high cost of living problem that impacts every person in the shire - Vonda will get on with the job of finding solutions to make life more affordable for everyone. 7. Embraces sustainable land and sea management initiatives, Vonda will collaborate with locals to develop such initiatives as caring for country, which may include ecotourism. Vonda brings a wealth of experience and skills to the role of Mayor of the Torres Shire council, having worked on vital programs and initiatives during her career to improve the quality of life in the Torres Strait. She has a university education and has worked on indigenous human right issues with the United Nation in Switzerland. If it doesn’t benefit our community it’s not on Vonda’s agenda.

Mayoral candidates â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Torres Shire Council elections â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Saturday, April 28, 2012

Napau Pedro Stephen AFTER witnessing many changes in local government since holding the Office of the Mayor for Torres Shire from 1994, I again offer firm, established leadership for the next quadrennial term. I will continue to lead and bring stability with the ever-changing challenges faced by our community and constituents. I have personally demonstrated strong leadership traits through my involvement in various public, private and community organisations. During the last four years, the shire and our region endured an enormous review process which changed the face of local governance. New legislations and standards, such as the new Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government (Finance, Plans and Reporting) Regulation 2010, were

introduced to support these changes. It is important to continue to showcase the Torres Shire Council as a sound model of good corporate governance. This enables other local government authorities to navigate and measure their compliance standards and systems in a transparent and accountable manner, which bears both community and government scrutiny. Subsequent to the recent state election, it is essential that our shire clearly advocates its strategic vision to ensure that local priorities are not compromised. The greatest challenge for our shire is to maintain a dual role of sustaining our core business with delivering essential services and serving as a lead agency in social and economic development. When planning for change and development it is equally important

to have a balance to sustain new initiatives and programs which guarantee quality services and lifestyle. Council needs to continue to engage community dialogue through various forums and ensure that councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s policies are aligned with the voice of its constituents. Creating an open, transparent dialogue assists council to lead and guide political, social and economic development within the shire. Wh ils t lead in g a strong team I am committed to: * Firm partnerships with Regional Councils, Native Title Owners, government and non-government stakeholders. These partnerships will facilitate the completion of major capital works programs such as the upgrade of Ngurupai (Horn Island) International Airport Development (security



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systems), Horn Island Affordable Housing Development and safe access to water transport for Muralag (Prince of Wales Island). * Industry development for small business and tourism * Secure land tenure (freehold) for home ownership and small business * Promote our shireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s strategic location as a service hub (Education/Training/ Health/ Transport/Goods and Services/ Construction)

not only within our exciting boundary but to explore options for extending our services to our international neighbours (such as friend-city relationship with Kushimoto) * Constitutional recognition of Local Government and regional aspiration for Self-Government. I offer strong experienced leadership to guide continued changes and challenges during the next four year term as Mayor of Torres Shire.

Which way forward for the Torres Strait? Proverbs 29:18, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Where there is no vision, the people perish.â&#x20AC;?

By JASON BRIGGS Which way forward? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a simple and common question that contains both hope and concern.

The question itself implies that at that particular moment, you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know where youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going and you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have a plan to get there.

However, you have a desire to go somewhere and be anywhere other than where you currently are. This question is a good start in getting to a

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better place. The local government elections have been set down for April 28 and this new council of men and women are going to

help shape the regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s future. They will have to work with the new state government to achieve their aims. Continued Page 6 >>

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Torres News

18 - 24 April 2012 Page 5


Vote carefully now for the future << From Page 5 A plan for the future of the Torres Strait, given this new political state environment, is now vitally important for the community to consider. The greatest thing I have always admired about the Torres Strait Islander people, and why often many people want to work and live there from all parts of Australia, is their spirit of generosity, self-reliance and determined leadership.

regional Australia say they are â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;gonna doâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; the Torres Strait has done or is already doing socially, politically and economically. The regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rich history illustratesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; these points. From the regular observance of the Coming of the Light ceremony that started in the late 1800s, to the heroic front line defence of Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shores in WWII.

of useless legal history. Also, the growing and significant contributions of Islander professionals such as doctors, lawyers, public servants through to world-class performers like Nathan Jawai, Christine Anu and a whole regular line-up of NRL players and superstar athletes. Equally impressive is the increasing number and awareness of people toward economic activities and business building.

Through to the outstanding tenacity of Eddie Maboâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s determination to bring about The Torres Strait recognition of native title I was describing the has given much to and overturn a centuries people there as a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;can old doctrine of terra Australia. doâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; people long before I nullius (no indigenous Also worth mentioneven heard of Campbell property land rights) ing is how often in my Newman. and throwing it into travels around the world What many parts ofOur suppliers Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s people still comment on will be rubbish here so comebinget yourself a bargain!

Thursday Island

the short but unforgettable coverage of the Torres Strait Islander dancers on the world stage during the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics in 2000. There is much to be proud of, but many are saying that thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still much to be done. Where do you want the Torres Strait to be in four, five or 10 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; time? Do you want to see a thriving community composed of islanders in or working towards selfreliance in a region that has autonomous powers over local government, laws and spending?

Jason Briggs.

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The Torres Strait Veterans Remembrance Wall at ANZAC Park, Thursday Island. PHOTO: MARK ROY By MARK ROY THOSE from the Torres Strait who served in the armed forces will be doubly honoured next week. On Tuesday, April 24, the community will come together for the unveiling of new panels on the Torres Strait Veterans Remembrance Wall in ANZAC Park, Thursday Island. Then on Wednesday, April 25, the ANZAC Day Memorial Service will get underway on Thursday Island starting with the dawn service at Green Hill. On Tuesday morning at 9am, eight new granite panels will be unveiled bearing the names of those from the Page 6 Torres News

18 - 24 April 2012

Torres Strait who served in all branches of the Army, Navy and Air Force, with US Small Ships, as well as in fields of conflict in Korea, Malaya, and Vietnam, and in peacekeeping roles since World War II. Historian Vanessa Seekee AOM said â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is important within our community to acknowledge those who have served in our defence in all branches of the armed services,â&#x20AC;? Ms Seekee said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Torres Strait is very unique within Australia in that so many have volunteered from such a small community.â&#x20AC;? She said the remembrance wall had been designed to grow over the years.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is interesting to note the family members listed on the different panels,â&#x20AC;? Ms Seekee said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is not the be-all and end-all, and it will grow. For example, the names of the reservists in Charlie Company are not on the wall yet.â&#x20AC;? She said it had taken three years to research the names for the new panels. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is important to get this right, so the names were published more than once in the Torres News to be sure all the names were included and the spelling was correct,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The community has had great input into the process.â&#x20AC;?



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18 - 24 April 2012 Page 7

What’s On

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have an upcoming event, please let us know by email to or phone Mark Roy on 1300 867 737.

Gab Titui Cultural Centre celebrates its 8th birthday next Tuesday, April 24.


Mon 16. Mixed Social Volleyball, TI Sports Complex Tue 17. Esplanade walk/Circuit classes, Seisia Hall, 5pm Tue 17. Touch Football, Ken Brown Oval, 6pm Tue 17. Bingo, Bamaga Tavern, 6.30pm Tue 17. Zumba fitness, TI Bowls Club, gold coin entry, 7pm Tue 17. Horn Island Residents and Ratepayers Assc management meeting, 7pm Wed 18. Futsal (indoor soccer) Torres Shire Sports Complex, 6pm Wed 18. Wongai Wednesday, Seaman Dan plays Wongai Hotel restaurant, Horn Island, 6.30 - 9pm Thu 19. Competitive volleyball, TI Sports Complex Thu 19. TS Carpentaria Cadets, TI Joint Defence Facility, 5 - 7pm Thu 19. Naval Cadets, TS Carpentaria, 5.30 7.30pm, phone 0427 696 971 Thu 19. Karaoke, Torres Hotel, 7pm Fri 20. Continued Existence mini-triathlon, TI Sports Complex, 5.15pm Fri 20. Karaoke, Torres Hotel, 7pm Fri 20. Music by the pool, Jardine Motel, 7pm Sat 21. KRL Rugby League, Ken Brown Oval Sat 21. Mini Market, PKA Hall, 7am - 12pm Sat 21. Horn Island community clean up Sun 22. Uncle Seaman Dan, Torres Hotel, 12 - 3pm Tue 24. Gab Titui Cultural Centre 8th Birthday Celebrations Fri 27. Nominations close, NAIDOC Awards Fri 27. Pulmonary Trauma mini-triathlon, TI Sports Complex, 5.15pm


Sat 5. Mothers’ Day Mini Market, PKA Hall, 7am - noon

CHURCH SERVICES Parish of St Bethel,131 William Cr Bamaga NPA, Sundays 10am Uniting Church, 114 Douglas St Thursday Island, Sundays 10am Independent Church Parish of the Resurrection TI, Morning Prayer Sundays 10am, Evening Prayer 7.30pm Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Mass, all locations: Mon-Fri 7am, Saturday Vigil 6pm, Sunday 10am Hammond, Sunday 8am Horn, Saturday 9am Bamaga, 2nd Tuesday every month, 4069 3699 Arthur Wong 7.30pm

TORRES NEWS AUSTRALIA’S TOP NEWSPAPER THURSDAY ISLAND Continuing the fine tradition of the “Torres Straits Pilot and New Guinea Gazette”

 OPINION / LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Email: editor@torresnews.comau Fax: 1300 STRAIT (1300 787 248)

An extension of the council dump? When a friend recently came to visit us here on TI, I proudly took them for a drive all over the island explaining the different lovely islands and other beautiful views that was until we came to the abomination that has been allowed to flourish next to the sewage works opposite the power station on Aplin Road. What a complete embarrassment. I was horrified to see how much this area had spiralled out of control for no apparent reason. Not to mention it appears to be the perfect breeding ground for dengue and a variety of other mosquito-borne diseases. This disgusting area even has a large sign boldly advertising the owner is “ET Enterprises” attached to one end of the fence.

I sent a letter to you last year regarding Nola Ward Page from TI and her incredible journey across the world to us in the UK to meet long lost family members of her late father Dennis Ward. Nola’s good friend Sue, who lives in NZ, has been researching Nola’s family tree for some time and made the discovery that her late Father had two brothers. One lived in the UK (Frank) with his wife Lilian and the other brother lived in Austrailia. Frank had unfortunately passed away but Nola’s Aunt Lilian is still alive and is now nearly 90 years old. Nola travelled to Exeter in the UK last year to spend valuable time with her Aunt and she also spent time in Camborne in Cornwall and Plymouth in Devon visiting me and my sister- Nola’s distant cousins Pearl and Ruby. Nola didn’t finish her search there - she had found a closely related cousin living in Adelaide called Constance - this turned out to be the daughter of her other lost uncle. The adventure continues for Nola as she set off on Friday, March 29 from TI with her bright pink suitcase - which has now become quite famous - to meet up with family members in Adelaide. There are still a few pieces of information she needs to complete the “jigsaw” she has longed for, but it has been life-changing finding family she didn’t know existed and we now keep in touch. From her relations in the UK we wish her well and a safe journey. Ruby Collins Plymouth, UK

Contacts & Deadlines EDITOR:

Mark Roy AD DESIGN: Meaghan Corne

18 - 24 April 2012

I just read your front page report (‘Marine safeguards secretly slashed’, Torres News, April 11, 2012). How dare the Federal government secretly wind back environmental protection laws? I am a white, mainland Australian. I have spend several weeks on Murray Island and Yam Island and visited Sue Island as well. I see how many local islanders struggle to keep afloat, pardon the pun, in living life with very small incomes to feed all their growing families. The government don’t give a rat’s bum about protecting such good people. I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night as a visitor to one of the many islands in the Torres Strait and find a large tanker has hit rocks close in off the island. My time would then be spent trying to save bird life and other sea creatures from dying from being covered in oils spilled by the ship. All because the Federal government relaxed the environmental protection laws. As the Torres Strait Island Regional Council Mayor Fred Gela stated, Islanders have been “totally sold out” by the move. To allow ships to sail the narrow and hazardous channels without a local pilot on board is disgraceful and a huge environmental disaster

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personal dumping ground for what appears to be disused car bodies and unwanted builders rubble, is it possible that this could at least be shielded with something more than just a piece of hessian and a temporary wire fence? Just remember the windows on a large tour bus are much higher than the poor excuse of a fence that is currently being utilised. Words cannot express the embarrassment and anger of the majority of residents of this unmitigated disgusting situation. In the words of an infamous Queensland politician, I ask this question of Torres Shire Council: Please explain? Kerry Fry Thursday Island

Pilotage laws treat islanders ‘like dirt’

Family jigsaw falling into place for Nola

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My questions are, if residents are appalled by what appears to be a poorly disguised extension of the dump, what must visitors think of what is usually a beautiful tropical island, and how on earth could the authorities allow such an abhorrent situation to occur? It appears this area has been neglected beyond any reasonable person’s care, and being situated on a main road on the island, is impossible to ignore. What must southern visitors and those from cruise ships think of how our council seems to approve of this is and is an appropriate way to “beautify” our island? This is definitely NOT how we would choose to live if given the option. If this piece of ground has been allocated to a resident of the island for use as their


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is waiting to happen. It will be like playing Russian roulette with the many islands in the Torres Strait. Which island will get the ship crashing into an unspoiled reef around the many islands? Will it be Iama (Yam Island), Warraber (Sue Island) or even Masig (Yorke Island) that gets hit with an environmental disaster first? It is an horrific scenario. This Federal government and the stupidity of its elected politicians have let the Torres Strait people down. The islanders are Australians like me, yet the government treats them like the dirt they stand on. There is an election coming up and Mayor Fred Gela and his fellow islanders should make sure to send a message across to Canberra as soon as possible. Mayor Gela and his people should contact the opposition leader Tony Abbott and other LNP politicians to get the message across on this environment protection law issue because they will be wasting their time on the present sitting government. We must fix these environmental protection laws now or God will never forgive the Australian government, nor will the people of the Torres Strait Islands. Paul Ballantyne Rosebud, Victoria

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On the run for mental health

By MELINDA TUPLING BRADLEY Carron-Arthur is on the run - and headed this way! Brad left his hometown of Canberra on January 1 with the challenge to run all the way up the East Coast to the very top of Australia (Cape York). The Torres News spoke to Brad soon after he in arrived in Tully on Wednesday, April 4, and he was in good spirits, although he admitted to being tired, sore and exhausted. The 22-year-old has already covered 3500km in 96 days and aims reach his final destination at the tip of Cape York in midMay, before catching a ferry to Thursday Island. Brad said he wanted to do the run to raise funds for a cause close to his heart. “I’m running not only for the adventure and to challenge myself, but also to raise funds for mental health,” Brad said. Brad has chosen to donate all proceeds to AFFIRM, the Australian Foundation for Mental Health Research.

“My goal originally was to raise $4000 for running 4000km, but that was quickly reached and bypassed. “We’re up to $12,000 and I’m hoping to raise $20,000 by the time I make it to Cape York.” Brad had originally intended to cycle across Africa with his brother, but when it fell through. Brad decided to go it alone with what he loved most - running! “I was more determined than ever to get out there and make a difference. Running has always been my favourite sport,” he said. “I wanted to do my bit to help mental illness after growing up with someone in my family who suffered from depression. “Most people say jokingly, ‘You’re mad!’ when they see me running into town. But everyone supports the cause and gets behind it. “The locals in each town are really helpful, they buy me dinner and put me up with accommodation most nights.” Along the way Brad has had

people join him for couple of hours’ run. “Quite a few people have come and run with me for a section here and there. It’s great. It’s always nice to have company on the road.” So far on his adventure Brad’s favourite place has been Fraser Island. “Running on sand for the whole day was brutal but it was such an amazingly beautiful place. That day stands out in my mind.” He said with no support crew, local support and encouragement was instrumental in keeping his spirits up. “You can get quite emotional some days from pure exhaustion,” he said. “Every now and then I’ll take a rest for a day or two, though at the moment I’m pretty stable.” To follow Brad’s journey or to make a donation visit www. or simply follow the link from the Torres News facebook page. All donations of any size are appreciated.

Brad Carron-Arthur is heading for Thursday Island, running from Canberra to Cape York - 4000 kilometres, 50 kilometres per day, for 5 months - to raise money for mental health.

AIR CHARTER Flown in Single or Twin engined Aircraft Servicing the Torres Strait, including PNG (Daru) & The Cape Friendly Service Call: 4090 3661 or 1300 136 811 Fax: 4090 3662 Email:

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Cape York takes wild rivers fight to Brisbane CAPE York traditional owners who campaigned on election day in Brisbane against the wild rivers legislation and a blanket World Heritage proposal achieved a significant win for their people, according to Federal Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch. A group of traditional owners, including members of Cape York Sustainable Futures, travelled to Brisbane to ensure voters in the critical seat of Ashgrove were aware of the real risks posed by the controversial policy. Mr Entsch said their campaign efforts helped LNP leader Campbell Newman’s win his seat and also convinced many south-east Queenslanders that wild rivers would hinder efforts by

indigenous communities to pursue economic and social opportunities. “The passion showed by respected Cape York elders such as Phyllis Yunkaporta in fighting this ill-conceived policy is commendable and admirable,” Mr Entsch said. “Phyllis and her hard-working team made it clear to people in Brisbane that wild rivers is a legislation that would threaten their way of life. “They made sure their voices were heard. I absolutely applaud them. They secured a massive win for their communities.” Mr Entsch, who last month presented a speech in Federal Parliament about the disadvantages posed by wild rivers legislation, said traditional

owners deserved the right to choose how their country was managed, including the ability to decide what economic activities could occur. “Traditional owners have managed their own country for tens of thousands of years yet the Labor Government, at the behest of The Wilderness Society, decided that Cape York landholders should not have a say in their own country or their future and this was effected first through the wild rivers legislation then through the efforts to introduce blanket World Heritage listing across the whole Cape,” he said. Mr Entsch said he looked forward to working with the Cape York community and the new State Government,

particularly Member for Cook David Kempton, to reinstate security of tenure to Cape York landholders and give Cape York residents the opportunity to determine their own future.

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18 - 24 April 2012 Page 9


Attorney-General snubs Cape and Torres mayors


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A REFUSAL by the AttorneyGeneral to meet with the mayors of 19 Cape York and Torres councils over their disaster recovery arrangements is outrageous, says Leichhardt MP Warren Entsch. Kym Jerome, CEO of the Regional Organisation of Councils of Cape York and Torres Shire (ROCCY), wrote to the Hon Nicola Roxon MP on March 27 asking to schedule an urgent meeting for mid-April. The mayors have “serious concerns” with the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement policy, which does not refund them for emergency works carried out under NDRRA funding since it was moved from state to federal control. In a group submission, the mayors state that under the rules they may be forced to ‘park up’ council machinery and resources in a disaster situation while they wait for an external contractor to mobilise. The NDRRA also prevents Cape councils from directly tendering on contracts as they cannot expense day labour against the contract, and - as the largest employers in the

If you are ready for a change, then on Saturday, April 28

Vote 1

Napcia Bin Tahal for Mayor, Torres Shire Council

communities - say the rules affect their ability to reduce the number of jobless and instil pride in the local workforce. While the mayors were prepared to travel to the city most convenient for Ms Roxon, Ms Jerome said they were shocked to receive a terse response from her office stating that the Attorney-General “receives many requests from a large number of organisations and individuals”. “Unfortunately, it is simply not possible for the AttorneyGeneral to accept all of these requests, and on this occasion we regret that the AttorneyGeneral is unable to accept yours,” the email read. Appealing to Mr Entsch’s office for help, Ms Jerome said the mayors could not understand why their request had failed. “I am stunned in the knowledge that they were disregarded in this manner,” she said. Her comments were backed by Mr Entsch who said he was disgusted with the AttorneyGeneral’s response, given that a deputation was fully prepared to travel from the Cape. “Here we have a group of 19

elected Indigenous mayors who are deeply concerned about the impacts of this policy on their already-strained budgets and Ms Roxon cannot spare an hour to listen to them,” he said. “It’s a disgrace.” Mr Entsch has contacted Senator Barnaby Joyce, Shadow Attorney-General and Shadow Minister for Regional Development and Local Government, who today (TUESDAY) agreed to travel to the Far North for a meeting with the group. “Given the fragility of council funds at the moment he said there was no way he would make these mayors use council resources to travel to Melbourne or Brisbane or wherever the meeting might be,” Mr Entsch said. “He is more than happy to Cairns or the Far North to discuss the challenges that these communities are facing.” The ROCCY council will now liaise on a suitable date with Mr Joyce. Full details of the ROCCY submission are available on request.

Crackdown on PNG dole cheats AN INVESTIGATION has been launched over anecdotal evidence that Papua New Guineans living in the Torres Strait are receiving benefits through the Aboriginal work-for-the-dole program, which was created exclusively for indigenous Australians. The Torres Strait Regional Authority has funded the contracted

provider for Community Development Employment Projects in the region to do a birth certificate and 100-point identification audit across the 17 Torres Strait communities. The Torres News understands the concerns relate to about 10 PNG nationals currently in the Torres Strait.

Calling for reconciliation events that Talk Recognition

Napcia commits to:  Working together towards a positive future  Building a stronger resilient community  Improving infrastructure and services to our residents  Supporting and strengthening our local economy  Actively engaging with whole of community  Making informed decisions for the direct benefit of the community  Be open, honest and accountable for all Council decisions  Sharing responsibility with all Councillors Authorised by A.Stone 3/62 John Street Thursday Island, for N.Bin Tahal (Candidate)

Page 10 Torres News

18 - 24 April 2012

AUSTRALIANS should have a barbecue or a morning tea in honour of the National Reconciliation Week theme Let’s Talk Recognition this year, Reconciliation Australia Chief Executive Leah Armstrong said. “We’re calling on individuals, community groups, schools and businesses to register their National Reconciliation Week events at our website launched today,” Ms Armstrong said. “We want Australians to recognise the contributions, cultures and histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in their own ways. “It could be by hosting a barbecue and cooking with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander spices, playing Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander music in your workplace or classroom or something as simple as showing your respect to elders.” Preceded by National Sorry Day on May 26, which is of particular importance to the Stolen Generations, National Reconciliation Week is

framed by two key events in Australia’s history, which provide strong symbols for reconciliation: May 27 marks the 45th anniversary of the 1967 referendum that saw more than 90 per cent of Australians vote to give the Australian Government power to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and recognise them in the census. June 3 marks the 20th anniversary of the Mabo decision, which recognised that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a special relationship with the land. This paved the way for land rights known as native title. National Reconciliation Week is an ideal time for everyone to join the reconciliation conversation and reflect on our shared histories, contributions and achievements. Reconciliation Australia is encouraging as many people to register their events as possible, whether they are public or private, at the website www.

Daru to get clean water DARU Island, in the Western province of Papua New Guinea, will soon have permanent access to clean water and good sanitation after years of water problems thanks to Water PNG and the Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program. The two organisations signed a memorandum of understanding last week on a joint watersanitation project. Water PNG managing director Patrick Amini and PNGSDP chief executive officer David Sode signed the deal to cooperate on improving the water-sewerage systems on the island. The PNGSDP gave a K52 million (AU$24.8m) grant for water-sanitation systems and Water PNG will provide technical oversight. The grant will be used for water projects only. The first project will use K14 million from the fund for urgent upgrading of facilities. Work is set to start this month and will take 12 months to complete. Mr Amini said this project would help the people there.

The project will replace pumps and damaged pressure and gravity mains, filters and dosing facilities, installation of a 1.6ML raw water treatment plant, a new back-up generator, switchboards and a 480KL reservoir. Mr Amini thanked the PNGSDP for its help in contributing technical and financial support and said the effort would see significant improvements in the economic, social, health and general wellbeing of the people there. Water PNG said Daru had been facing problems of poor water quality and quantity, old water mains and pipes plus vandalism on facilities. Mr Sode said there was no treated sewerage system in Daru and the night disposal system used there was causing health risks. He said clean and safe water was fundamental to healthy living and the PNGSDP was happy to provide the support to improve lives in Daru. The PNGSDP has initiated and planned projects for Western province that focus on sustainable development for the people. - The National.


Have you seen this camera? THE Torres News is offering a $200 reward for information leading to the recovery of a camera stolen on Monday, April 2. The camera is the personal property of a Torres News staff member, and is not insured. It was being used to provide coverage of residents at local community events, including the Palm Sunday service at Thursday Island’s Anglican Quetta Memorial Church. It is the community as a whole who suffer from opportunistic thefts such as this. Camera: Olympus Pen E-P1, serial number H45508118 Lens: Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7 AF, serial number BR1JE005213 The camera also had a small round viewfinder mounted on top, marked ‘SUN TELE-WIDE FINDER’. Anyone with information on the stolen camera is encouraged to call Constable

ABOVE: With fish on the menu for Easter Friday, Betty’s street stall on Thursday Island was the place to be on Thursday, April 5. LEFT: Artist Betty Tekahika with some of her woven wares. PHOTOS: MARK ROY

JAMES Cook University’s Cairns campus is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. To help plan the celebrations JCU’s Alumni office is asking former students and staff to get in touch and update their contact details. “We’re planning a range of formal and informal events to celebrate our first quarter of a century in Cairns,” Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dr Stephen Weller said. “We’re asking past students and staff to let us know their current contact details so we can keep them informed of events through the year. “It will be a great chance to catch up with your former classmates and colleagues. “If you studied or worked at JCU Cairns, whether it was in the early days of demountable buildings on the TAFE campus, or more recently on our growing Smithfield campus, we’d really like to hear from you.” JCU began teaching in Cairns in 1987, offering eight first-year subjects to 117 students. In 1995 the University moved to its Smithfield campus, where enrolments are now 4120. Past students and staff can update their contact details online at or by calling 4042 1850.

Patricia Pedro at Thursday Island Police Station on 4069 1520 or Torres News on 4069 1561. Callers wishing to remain anonymous can call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. Thank you.

PNG commits to early elections

Fish for Friday

JCU graduates asked to get in touch

SNAP: A camera similar to this, but without the shoulder strap, was stolen on Monday, April 2 on Thursday Island.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has said the Australian Government is encouraged by PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s statement that he is committed to holding early elections. Speaking on Monday, April 9, Senator Carr said it was also encouraging that the PNG Cabinet is scheduled to meet today to review the Electoral Commission’s report on election preparations and report to the Parliament. “We hope the PNG Government will review the decision to defer elections for six months,” Senator Carr said. “We respect Papua New Guinea’s

sovereignty however, we believe the elections should be held on time and in accordance with the Constitution. “The Australian Government awaits the outcome of the PNG Cabinet’s consideration on the timing of the elections. “PNG elections have previously been held in challenging circumstances and generally held on time. “Australia has agreed to provide substantial practical support, including up to 30 Australian Civilian Corps personnel and an air support mission, to enable elections to proceed as scheduled,” Mr Carr said.

GAB TITUI CULTURAL CENTRE 8TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS Tuesday 24 April, 6pm - 8pm You are invited you to join us and celebrate Launch of new film AILAN KASTOM The living culture of the Torres Strait

Launch of Meriam Mir learner’s guide and phrasebook KARA GED A KARA MIR A project by Bua Benjamin Mabo and supported by the Torres Strait Regional Authority

Performances by BERLIBAL DANCE GROUP (Bamaga) Finger food and beverages provided Complimentary ferry available for Horn and Hammond Island Residents Departing islands: 5.40pm; Departing Thursday Island: 8.30pm RSVP by Friday 20 April 2012 Ph: 07 4069 0888 Gab Titui Cultural Centre Cnr Blackall St & Victoria Pde Thursday Island, Torres Strait

Torres News

18 - 24 April 2012 Page 11

George Ernst’s Birthday party, Thursday Island

Left: George Ernst and Maree Mosby with Karen Dulcie, Triza, Latifa, Isabella and Toshio.

Below left: Wah Wah enjoys a laugh with Leroi Getawan at George’s party. George blows out 57 candles with the help of a few piknini.

John Clarke and Cathrina Clarke from Weipa, Aken Akee, George Ernst, Maree Mosby and Clare Bin Juda celebrate George’s birthday on Sunday, April 8.

Eales-Hislop Wedding Tagai Secondary College teachers Ms Jaimee Eales and Mr Andrew ‘Sooty’ Hislop had a very special Easter holiday when they celebrated the magic of their wedding vows in front of close family and friends. The special event took place on the beautiful sunset

beach of Palm Cove, just north of Cairns. The newly-wed couple would like to take this opportunity to thank all their TI friends that made the trip and the lead up to their wedding day a memorable time. Koeyma Eso

Andrew ‘Sooty’ and Jaimee Hislop (nee Eales). Page 12 Torres News 18 - 24 April 2012

The bridal party on Palm Cove Beach.

The groom with his best men.

Tagai Teachers Tammy Collins, Jaimee and Sooty Hislop and Matilda Loban.

The bride with her family.

Kazu Pearls, Friday Island

Photos: Melinda Tupling & Mark Roy

Melinda Tupling and Kazuyoshi Takami. Sera B-Smith with six-month-old Kura Smith-Torenbeek on the trip to Friday Island.

Kurumi from Kazu Pearls serving up delicious dishes of namasu and sashimi.

Sam Ludowyk and Cassy Don on Friday Island on Friday, April 6.

IBIS crew Jack Stapleton, Warren Turner, Clare Greasley and Leanne Shaw taking a Good Friday break on Friday Island.

Megan Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Shea, Kate McLeod and Scott Aikens ready to try their hand at fishing at Kazu Pearls, Friday Island.

Master pearl technician Mr Kazuyoshi Takami explains the seeding process to visitors to Kazu Pearls.

Thursday Island teacher Daniel Tonon with his parents Glenys and Ray Tonon from Julatten on Friday Island.

Left: Ayumi shows off some jewellery at the Kazu Pearls shop. Above: Fresh nori rolls from the Japanese restaurant on Friday Island. Torres News

18 - 24 April 2012 Page 13

Harmony Day

Harmony Day on Poruma Island Saturday the 24th March, 2012

The theme:

Sport – play, engage and inspire.


Page 14 Torres News

18 - 24 April 2012

Malu Kiyay Campus

ay at Tagai

Torres News

18 - 24 April 2012 Page 15


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6:00 Children’s Programs 7:00 Weekend Today - Saturday 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Children’s Programs 1:00 Horse Racing 5:00 South Aussie With Cosi 5:30 Your 4x4 6:00 National News Saturday 6:30 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos: Join your host Shelley Craft for an hour of side-splitting laughs on Australia’s Funniest Home Videos. 7:40 The Voice 9:10 Movie: “The Bounty Hunter” (M s,v,l) 11:25 Movie: “Punch-Drunk Love” (M l,v,s) - Adam Sandler gives an amazing and unusual performance as Barry Egan, a socially impaired owner of a small novelty business, who is dominated by seven sisters and is unlikely to find love unless it finds him. 1:20 Movie: “To The Devil A Daughter” (AV h,v,n) - When a fanatical priest was defrocked and excommunicated from the Church, he sought the ways of the devil and formed a closed convent. But the lord in question was the devil-figure of Lord Astaroth, and the innocent children were reared in the ways Satan himself. 3:20 Skippy - The Bush Kangaroo 3:50 Nine Presents 4:05 Danoz Direct / 5:30 Wesley Impact

6:00 Stitch! 6:30 Handy Manny 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show - Weekends 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:30 V8 Supercars 2012 1:00 V8 Supercars 2012 3:00 TBA 4:30 2012 AFL Premiership Season Rnd 4: Adelaide Vs GWS (B&W) 7:30 2012 AFL Premiership Season Rnd 4: Brisbane Vs Gold Coast 10:30 Most Shocking: Top 20: “Jokes Gone Wild” 11:30 That ‘70s Show 12:00 ANZAC: (Documentary Series) Bud Tingwell - ANZAC Series Opener 12:05 ANZAC: “Campaign in Syria (B&W)” 12:40 ANZAC: “Commando Story (B&W)” 1:20 ANZAC: “Desert Air Force (B&W)” 2:00 The Late Movie: “Sione’s Wedding”(2006) (s,l) Four best friends nearing their 30th birthdays are given the ultimatum to find a girl and settle down. Will they be able to do it? 4:00 Home Shopping 5:00 Dr Oz: “Pain Epidemic:” - The Truth Behind Your Pain. Dr Oz reveals how to alleviate the three biggest body pains. Dr Oz looks at a woman’s brain live on set! And, how much caffeine is in your food?

5:00 Weatherwatch & Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Adriana Lecouvreur 3:45 The Chopin Preludes 3:50 Infra 4:25 The Chopin Etudes 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Cracking The Colour Code: Making Colour 6:30 World News Australia 7:35 Big, Bigger, Biggest: Tower 8:30 RocKwiz: Toni Childs & Adam Green 9:15 Movie: “Mammoth” (M) - In English and Tagalog. Bored of his web design job, Leo takes a trip to Thailand in an attempt to radically change his life. Back in New York, his wife and daughter find their relationship with their live-in Filipino maid changing around them. At the same time, in the Philippines, the maid’s family struggles to deal with her absence. 11:30 Movie: “Cold Prey” (MAV v,h) - In Norwegian. A teen slasher flick with an injection of Norwegian cool. Five friends on a snowboarding trip are forced to seek refuge in an abandoned ski lodge and soon discover they are not alone. 1:15 Movie: “The Shadowless Sword” (M v) - In Korean. A South Korean 10th century martial arts epic with mystical action sequences, an electrifying soundtrack and period costuming with modern punk touches. Sexy female assassins are sent to retrieve a prince to save the empire. 3:20 Weatherwatch Overnight



4:00 Rage Silver Jubilee 6:30 Children’s Programs 9:00 Insiders 10:00 Inside Business 10:30 Offsiders 11:00 Asia Pacific Focus 11:30 Songs Of Praise: Junior School Choir Of The Year 2011 12:00 Landline 1:00 Gardening Australia 1:30 South Side Story: Book of Feuds 2:00 New Tricks: Setting Out Your Stall 3:00 Art Of War 3:50 War Hero 4:05 The Telegram Man 4:20 Janet Laurence: The Life World 4:40 The Writer’s Room: Matt Reilly 5:00 Wonders Of The Universe: Falling 6:00 Auction Room 6:30 Compass: Hospital Chaplains: Suffer The Children 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Two on the Great Divide 8:30 Waking The Dead: Conviction 10:15 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Queen Of Flowers - Phryne ends up with more than she bargained for - including murder - when she agrees to help refine a group of delinquent flower maidens for the annual flower parade. 11:10 The Roly Poly Man 12:40 Art Of War 1:30 Waking The Dead: Conviction - A missing medical student’s DNA matches that of a corpse found tortured and drowned years before. Boyd suspects a cover-up and draws on Sarah’s counter-terrorism skills, but can she deliver? 3:15 Rage

6:00 Children’s Programs 7:00 Weekend Today 10:00 Wild World Of Sports 11:00 The Sunday Footy Show 1:00 Pyramid 1:30 The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air 2:00 2012 Intrust Super Cup: East Tigers Vs Mackay Cutters 4:00 Sunday Football: City Vs Country 6:00 National News Sunday 6:30 The Voice 7:30 TBA 8:30 Movie: “Beaconsfield” (M l) 9:30 TBA 10:30 TBA 11:30 The Apprentice: “Bread And Badda-Bing” (PG l) - The candidates race against time to invent and sell a sandwich for a sandwich-shop franchise. Both teams base their creations on a celeb’s star power, and one former contestant returns for a surprise lunch-rush appearance. 1:30 Spyforce: “The Samurai” - The Japanese Intelligence Officer, who models his life on the ferocity of the 11th Century Samurai, is marked for assassination and Spyforce operatives Erskine and Gunther get the job. 2:30 Danoz Direct 3:30 Newstyle Direct 4:00 Goodmorning America - Sunday 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Children’s Programs 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 10:00 AFL Game Day 11:30 That ‘70s Show 12:00 V8 Supercars 2012 1:00 V8 Supercars 2012 3:00 2012 AFL Premiership Season Rnd 4: Sydney Vs North Melbourne 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Dancing With The Stars 9:00 Bones - “The Prisoner In the Pipe” In an not-be-be-missed episode, the day has finally arrived for the expectant couple to meet their new baby. But their little girl is brought into the world in a very untraditional way. 10:00 Castle - “Till Death Do Us Part” When a lothario is killed, Castle and Beckett suspect that the victim’s mysterious double life holds the key to his murder. Their investigation leads to a shocking twist that threatens to disrupt Ryan’s wedding with Jenny. 11.00 Dual Suspects: “ The Murder That Divided Boston” 12:00 The Apprentice (l) 1:10 Auction Squad 2:00 Home Shopping 3:00 NBC Today 4:00 NBC Meet The Press 5:00 Sunrise Extra 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 8:30 PopAsia 10:30 UEFA Europa League Highlights 11:00 Les Murray’s Football Feature 12:00 UEFA Champions League Magazine Program 12:30 Speedweek 2:30 Al Jazeera News 3:30 ADbc 4:00 Kick: And The Singer Is... 4:30 Living Black 5:00 Cycling Central 6:00 Lyndey And Blair’s Taste Of Greece: Monemvasia & Kythira 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Lost Worlds: Lost Ships Of Rome - In English and Italian. Just off the Italian island of Ventotene, a team of marine archaeologists has discovered the wrecks of five ancient Roman ships, each in pristine condition. But why had they travelled to this remote, rocky island in the first place? With stunning underwater imagery and CGI re-creations, this documentary follows the team as they attempt to raise some of the ancient cargo and find new clues about the Roman Empire. 8:30 Prophets Of Science Fiction: Mary Shelley 9:20 What Happened Before The Big Bang? Where did everything in our universe come from? How did it all begin? For nearly a hundred years we thought we had the answer: a big bang some 14 billion years ago. But now some scientists believe that our universe may have had a life before this violent moment of creation. 10:20 Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2012 / 1:30 Weatherwatch Overnight



6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Danoz Direct 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 3:00 12:00 Movie: “Paparazzi” (M v) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Guide To The Good Life 3:30 Children’s Programs 4:30 Seven News At 4.30 5:30 Deal Entertainment Tonight 3:30 Magical Tales 4:00 Kitchen Whiz 4:30 Or No Deal National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 Seven News 6:00 National News 6:30 Today Tonight 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 Home & Away 7:00 The Block 7:30 Better Homes And Gardens 8:00 The Apprentice 9:00 Grey’s Anatomy: “Dark Was The Night” 8:30 TBA 10:00 Desperate Housewives: “Who Can Say What’s True?” 9:30 The NRL Footy Show: A mix of footy and fun as we take you 11:00 Private Practice: “Who We Are” - Amelia makes the hard inside the game with some of Rugby Leagues favourites. decision to enter a rehab facility, and finds strength in an 11:15 The AFL Footy Show: Join the Logie Award winning Footy 18 year-old girl, as they both go through the painful detox Show for its 19th season, starring Garry Lyon, James Brayprocess. shaw, Sam Newman, Billy Brownless, Shane Crawford and 12:00 My Big Friggin Wedding: “Mommie Drunkest” - Megin gets Matthew Lloyd as they go where no other show dares. cold feet about the wedding, and Alyssa’s bachelorette party 1:00 Entertainment Tonight starts as a wild romp and quickly spirals into utter chaos. 1:30 Danoz Direct 1:00 Infomercials 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Good Morning America 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:00 Sunrise Extra 5:30 Seven Early News 5:30 Today

4:00 The New Inventors 4:30 Can we Help? 5:00 Gardening Australia 5:30 Catalyst 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Landline 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Flying The Secret Sky: The Story Of The RAF Ferry Command 1:30 The New Inventors 2:00 Monarch Of The Glen 3:00 Children’s Programs 6:00 Grand Designs Revisited: Waterloo 6:50 480: ANZAC: Leonard Waters & Albert Knight 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Australian Story 8:30 Four Corners 9:20 Media Watch 9:35 Q & A 10:35 Lateline 11:10 The Business 11:35 Moses Jones: Set amongst London’s Ugandan community where nothing, and no-one, is what they seem to be, this atmospheric and vibrant crime thriller is from the pen of Hollywood scriptwriter Joe Penhall. 12:30 Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple: A Pocket Full Of Rye 2:05 More Then This... The Roxy Music Story 3:00 Rage

6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 13:00 Danoz Direct 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 3:00 Entertainment Tonight 3:30 Magical Tales 4:00 Kitchen Whiz 4:30 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Block 8:00 The Voice 8:30 TBA 9:30 The Big Bang Theory 10.00 The Big Bang theory 10.30 Alcatraz: “Tommy Madsen”(Season Final) 11:30 Super Rugby Extra Time 12:30 The Whole Truth: “Thicker Than Water”(M a) - When a man in a wheelchair is found dead in New York Harbour, Kathryn Peale brings a charge of murder against the man’s daughter while Jimmy Brogan defends the young woman. 1:30 Entertainment Tonight 2:00 Danoz Direct 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Jane Doe:How To Fire Your Boss”(2007) (v) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Guide To The Good Life 3:30 Toybox 4:00 Lab rats 4:30 Seven News at 4.30 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 TBA 8:30 Revenge: “Loyalty” Emily questions Nolan’s loyalty when she discovers a secret of his, but eventually uses it to her advantage in her battle against Tyler. Unfortunately, it sets in motion a chain of events that prove just how dangerous Tyler is. Meanwhile, Amanda makes herself more comfortable in the Hamptons as word of her presence spreads. 9:30 TBA 10:15 Happy Endings: “Full Court Dress / Grinches Be Crazy” 11:45 30 Rock 12:15 Picture This 1:00 Infomercials 3:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Stag 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch & Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Movie: “Our Father” (PG) 2:30 Here Comes The Neighbourhood 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5:00 The Crew 5:30 Living Black 6:00 Letters And Numbers 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Mythbusters: Wet And Wild 8:30 Bite Me With Dr. Mike Leahy: Queensland 9:30 Shameless 10:30 World News Australia 11:00 The World Game 12:00 SOS: Poppy - A CGI drama set behind enemy lines in World War One. Two New Zealand soldiers are trying to find their way to safety. When they find an orphaned baby on the way back, one of the men wants to save it, the other does not. 1:00 Living Black 1:30 Welcome To Legos: This three-part series explores life at the sharp end of one of the most extreme urban environments in the world: Lagos, Nigeria. It shows what life is really like in some of the toughest parts of the world’s fastest growing mega-city. This second episode takes a trip into the lives of those who choose to live and work on the waters of Lagos Lagoon. 2:30 Weatherwatch Overnight



4:00 Rugby Union: Shute Shield 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Q&A 1:30 Compass 2:00Gallipoli Submarine 3:00 Children’s Programs 6:00 Time Team: Bitterley 6:50 480: ANZAC: Charles Mene 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Country Town Rescue 8:30 Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder - Strange coincidences and troubling memories plague a bride-to-be. 10:05 Artscape: The Wonderful World Of Professor Cardoso 10:35 Lateline 11:10 The Business 11:35 Four Corners 12:20 Media Watch 12:35 Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple: Murder Is Easy 2:10 Time Team: Bitterley - The residents of the chocolate-box village of Bitterley in Shropshire believe their town was once much bigger than it currently is, so they have called in the Time Team to see if they’re right. 3:00 Football: VFL: Round 5 - Box Hill Hawks Vs Collingwood

6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Danoz Direct 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 3:00 Entertainment Tonight 3:30 Magical Tales 4:00 Kitchen Whiz 4:30 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Block 7:30 The Voice 9.00 The Big Bang Theory: “The Hawking Excitation” 9:30 Top Gear 11:00 Kitchen Nightmares U.S.A.: “Anna Vincenzo’s”(MA l) 12:00 Men Of A Certain Age: “Hold Your Finish *Series Final*” (M) - Joe tees off toward his golfing dreams when his moment in the “senior tour pre-qualifier” arrives. Elsewhere, Owen and his father have a crucial discussion about the future of the car dealership; and Terry discovers a new passion. 1:00 Entertainment Tonight 1:30 Danoz Direct 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Goodmorning America 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Lethal Vows” (1999) (M a) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Guide To The Good Life 3:30 Toybox 4.00 Lab Rats 4:30 Seven News At 4.30 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away: Casey and Henri are caught kissing. Heath takes legal action against Liam and Bianca who are leaving the Bay with his unborn baby. Leah joins an online dating site. 7:30 Australia’s Got Talent 8:30 Packed To The Rafters: “Great Expectations” 9:30 Parenthood: “Remember Me, I’m The Only One Who Loves You / My Brother’s” 11:30 Royal Pains: “My Back To The Future” 12:30 Sons And Daughters 1:00 Infomercials 3:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch & Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Movie: “Me, You, Them” (PG) 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Indian School: Cyber Genius 6:00 Letters And Numbers 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Who Do You Think You Are?: John Wood - Actor John Wood’s father, Les, spent four years as a prisoner of war in Germany during World War Two, though he rarely spoke about it. As John investigates his father’s capture and imprisonment, he uncovers a story of desolation, devotion and unexpected love. 8:30 Insight 9:30 Dateline 10:30 World News Australia 11:05 Movie: “Through Her Own Eyes” (M l,n) - This revealing and engaging look at life on both sides of the prison bars in presentday Argentina follows the development of a university student’s relationship with an inmate and his desperate mother. 12:30 Movie: “Turtles Can Fly” (M v,a) - In Kurdish. A harrowing tale about war and the survival of the human spirit. Near the Iraqi-Turkish border on the eve of the American invasion of Iraq, refugee children ponder and await their fate. 2:15 Weatherwatch Overnight



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:00 ANZAC Day Marches - Check Local Guides 12:30 Gallipoli Dawn Service 1:30 Villers-Bretonneux Memorial Service 2012 2:30 480: ANZAC 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Lone Pine Service From Gallipoli 6:00 Country House Rescue: Chesters, Scottish Borders 6:50 480: ANZAC: Oodgeroo Noonuccal 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Wild Life At The Zoo 8:30 Adam Hills In Gordon St Tonight 9:30 Agony Uncles 10:00 At The Movies 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:30 Review With Myles Barlow 12:00 The Armstrong And Miller Show 12:30 Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple: Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? - Miss Marple draws on her deep knowledge of human behaviour to solve the mystery of who, out of all the occupants of Castle Savage, is the one most likely to be a brutal killer. 2:00 Monumental Vision: USA 2:30 The Trophy Room 3:00 Football: SANFL: Round 5 - North Adelaide Vs Eagles

6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 Danoz Direct 12:30 Special Presentation: Gallipoli Dawn Service 1:40 Special Presentation: Villers Bretonnuex Dawn Service 2:35 The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air 3:00 Entertainment Tonight 3:30 Magical Tales 4:00 Kitchen Whiz 4:30 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 The Block 8:00 Celebrity Apprentice 9:30 The Mentalist 10:30 Unforgettable 11:30 Weeds: “Lady’s A Charm” - Nancy runs her first courier job for Guillermo across the border, but it doesn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Celia lives through a tough time in prison, and Andy and his father Lenny face a confrontation on their family history. 12:00 Eclipse 12:30 20/20 1:30 Danoz Direct 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Lab Rats 12:30 2012 AFL Premiership Season Rnd 5: Collingwood v Essendon 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 TBA 10:30 The Amazing Race 11:30 The Marriage Ref: *Final* Things get animated when human-cartoon Jim Breuer visits The Marriage Ref with the help of the beautiful Demi Moore and Kelly Ripa. A couple married for almost seven decades seek the celebrity advice when it comes to buying a new couch. And Demi Moore and Kelly Ripa expose a well-kept girl secret when it comes to receiving jewellery. 12:30 Sons And Daughters 1:00 Infomercials 3:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Room For Improvement 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra 5:30 Seven Early News

4:30 UEFA Champions League 6:45 World News 1:00 Insight 2:00 Dateline 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: The World Of Punans 6:00 Letters And Numbers 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Wildest Africa: Thar Desert: Sacred Sands 8:30 Dangerous Roads: Nepal 9:35 Civilisation: Is The West History? Medicine 10:30 Gallipoli: More than 120,000 soldiers lost their lives in the deadly Gallipoli campaign in 1915. This program focuses on the diaries and letters of Australian, New Zealand, British and Turkish soldiers who describe the horrors of war. These were ordinary men forced by history to do extraordinary things. While some survived, most died, and their letters to loved ones back home make a powerful and emotional statement. 12:35 Movie: “Crónicas” (MA l,s,a) - In Spanish and English. When a reporter from a sensationalistic Miami news show travels to the Ecuadorian coastal village of Babahoyo to cover the story of a serial killer who hunts children, his personal ambition gets out of hand, and his pursuit of glory carries tragic consequences. 2:20 Weatherwatch Overnight

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18 - 24 April 2012

4:30 UEFA Champions League 6:45 World News 2:30 Here Comes The Neighbourhood 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: The White City Of Tel Aviv 6:00 Letters And Numbers 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 8:00 How To Cook Like Heston: Chicken 8:30 Two Greedy Italians: Saints And Miracles - In this final episode, religious sceptic Antonio and fanatical believer Gennaro eat their way along a culinary pilgrimage through Puglia’s monasteries, holy shrines and festivals to discover whether food and religion are still as closely linked as they were in their youth. 9:30 The Family UK: Chicken and Vidka Every Day 10:30 World News Australia 11:05 UEFA Champions League Hour 12:05 Dave In The Life: Shock Jock 12:40 Movie: “Tickets” (MA l) - In Italian And English. Three interwoven stories set during a train journey from Central Europe to Rome. 2:35 Weatherwatch Overnight

Your Lucky

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th) Time spent helping out a friend at work may take up more of your energy than you expect. Your input will not go unnoticed, however. Romance. Don’t allow yourself to be ruled by your emotions. You need to make an important decision and must wait until you are more relaxed.

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st) Once you have started a new project nobody will be able to stop you! Your momentum will help you to push through a barrier which has stopped other people in their tracks. Romance. Your partner may find it hard to cope with all your excess energy! A powerful aspect to Mars later in the week could make you a little tense: do your best to use your excess energy constructively.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st) A few negative comments this week may sap your confidence for a while. You need to take the remarks in context, however, and not overreact. Romance. A person whom you have known for some time may still be interested in you. They will do their best to pretend not to be interested, but their actions will give them away.


CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd) Be careful that problems at work don’t spill over into your home-life. So long as you try hard to be patient, everything will be resolved. Romance. You may need a little extra emotional support from your partner at the moment. Communications between you will be especially strong, but be careful not to be too demanding.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd) Activities which don’t need much money will give you a chance to get back on your feet financially. Some recent extravagances have taken their toll. Romance. A favourable aspect to Venus will give your love-life a push in the right direction. A romantic get-together this week will put your relationship onto much firmer ground after a recent misunderstanding.

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd)


A surprise move later in the week may leave you wondering what is going on. Talk to a person whom you can trust – your other colleagues may not be so quick to tell you everything. Romance. A power-struggle between you and your partner will not help either of you. Do your best to settle a recent dispute in a way which satisfies both sides.

LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd) You may find it difficult to tolerate people who don’t know what they are doing. You won’t appreciate having to clear up a mess caused by someone else. Romance. If you are able to relax properly this will be an excellent week for both of you. Be especially careful not to get into arguments, especially ones involving money. You won’t be in a mood for compromise at the moment!


SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd) At times this week you will need to spend more time by yourself. You have a lot of work to get through and won’t be happy if you are constantly interrupted. Romance. A new relationship may pick up speed faster than you expect. Very soon you will have to make a decision about how quickly you want to get involved with this person.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st) A kind word will go a– long way. Your enthuFor all your printing needs siasm and energy will be appreciated by the people around you; however you must be sympathetic to people who are not so dynamic. Romance. A favourable aspect to Neptune this week will improve your powers of intuition, just when you most need them!


CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th) Your ability to spot a financial opportunity will help to bring in some money just when you need it most. Make sure you don’t take any more risks than you have to, however. Romance. Time spent with someone whom you hardly know could prove interesting. This person may be much keener on you than you realised. Don’t expect any dramatic developments for the time being, however.

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)


The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.

– Socrates

A favourable aspect to Jupiter will help to bring a little more luck into your life over the next few days. Don’t miss an opportunity just because a friend tries to put you off. Romance. Your self-confidence will be especially high at the moment. You may need to be the one who takes the initiative in a new relationship.


PISCES (February 20th - March 20th) A favourable aspect to Jupiter will give you the confidence you need to sort out a long-standing problem. You need to deal head-on with an issue which you have been trying to avoid. Romance. Your partner will appreciate a few words of encouragement. You might not realise how much they value your support.

Your  Lucky 

 


Stars  





ARIES (March 21st - April 20th) A meeting with friends may be more enjoyable than you expect. Make sure that you steer clear of a topic which has caused friction in the past, however. Romance. This is not the best time to ask for any favours. A favourable aspect to Mercury right at the end of the week will improve communication with your partner.

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st) You may be feeling as though you are everybody’s servant at the moment! Don’t let other people make you feel guilty for not helping them. Romance. This will be an excellent time for romance: however, you should be careful of vague promises which are not backed up by action.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st) You will feel that a lack of ready money is limiting your activities. Something which you have been planning will have to be postponed due to lack of funds. Romance. You may need to give in a little more in order to put a recent disagreement with your partner to rest. You won’t achieve anything by prolonging the dispute.

CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd) Your mind will be focused on your work. It is important to be clear about what you want to achieve in your career, and to make steps in the right direction. Romance. A domestic crisis will have to be sorted out before it gets out of hand. You may not be in the best of moods when you discover who was responsible!

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd) A favourable aspect to Uranus will make you especially creative this week. Time spent developing a new idea will pay off many times over. Romance. Your positive mood will help to give your love-life a boost. An evening with a new friend will work out much better than expected.

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd) You will be extremely adventurous, and will need to find an outlet for your energy. If you don’t find one, you may start to take your frustration out on other people. Romance. If you are starting a new relationship, you may want to wait a few weeks before making a major move. This relationship will take a while to build up strength.

LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd) Don’t let problems at work spill over into your social life: if you are not able to get a proper perspective on the situation it will be impossible to deal with it effectively. Romance. The next few days should be an especially good time for romance. Don’t appear to be too eager, however.

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd) A move to a different job may not solve all your problems. Before you consider such a drastic step, you should think hard about the advantages of your present work. Romance. Time spent extending your circle of friends will pay off in an unexpected way. You may need to be the one who takes the initiative, however.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st) Don’t miss an important opportunity later in the week. A favourable aspect to Jupiter will make this an especially good time for making money. Romance. You will be able to get on much better with your partner this week. You may be quite surprised when you hear their slant on a recent disagreement.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th) Some changes are coming up, and you will have to keep a clear head to decide on the best course of action. Try to avoid getting into a disagreement with your boss. Romance. Your generous mood will help you to attract a new admirer. Put this person to the test before you take their approaches seriously!

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)

A difficult aspect to Saturn could make you quite negative at times. You may feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel! A chance event later in the week will turn things around faster than you expect. Romance. A dream about your partner will help you to understand your recent behaviour towards them. A long discussion will help to iron out any problems.

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th) Your work will be getting you down at the moment. This is not the best time for a major change, however, and you must be cautious about making a major move which you might regret later. Romance. Don’t change a decision once you have made it. Your partner needs to have some clarity and direction from you at the moment.

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18 - 24 April 2012



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Make a diďŹ&#x20AC;erence to the lives of others! Study at our new rural training centre for Indigenous students in the beautiful Atherton Tablelands, Queensland at the Travellers Rest Guest House.

DATE CLAIMER Saturday, September 29, 2012 Tombstone Unveiling For the late

Good food, home-style accommodation while studying together in a friendly setting. ABSTUDY available.


CHC51708 Diploma of Counselling and CHC52008 Diploma of Community Services Case Management.


ENROL NOW Contact Crystal on or call (07) 4771 6283 for more information.


ITEC Employment

Friday, 28 September, 2012

102 Douglas Street Thursday Island, Queensland 4875


Tombstone Unveiling for the late

Kamelia Elma Binjuda (Thursday Island)

POSITION VACANT: Senior Educator

Minimum Cert III Childrens Services required. Pay and conditions in line with Federal Award. Please email your letter of interest and resume to: or fax to: (07) 3054 4425

ď&#x192;Ł General Labourers ď&#x192;Ł Assistant In Nursing ď&#x192;Ł Kitchen Hand ď&#x192;Ł Activities Officer ď&#x192;Ł Childcare â&#x20AC;&#x201C; various ď&#x192;Ł Bus Driver x 2 ď&#x192;Ł Deck hand ď&#x192;Ł Crayfish Packer x 2 ď&#x192;Ł Cleaner Outer Islands ď&#x192;Ł Environmental Health

Worker ď&#x192;Ł Community Police officer ď&#x192;Ł Healthy Lifestyle Officer ď&#x192;Ł Administration Trainee ď&#x192;Ł Solid Waste Trainee ď&#x192;Ł Animal Management Worker ď&#x192;Ł HACC Home Helper ď&#x192;Ł Multi Skilled admin ď&#x192;Ł Casual Builder's Labourer


Saturday, September 15, 2012 Late Mr. Tabitiai Joseph (TBS) and Mrs. Kalengo Joseph (nee Bani) Mabuiag Island

DATE CLAIMER Tombstone Unveiling of the late:

Mr Archie Wapau Mrs Senmilia Nawakie Mr Jerry Miah Yusia Mr Olsen Cedric Wapau Miss Veronica Margaret Mudu Saturday, October 27, 2012 BAMAGA Contact: Mrs Patricia Yusia â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 0408 693 163 Ms Janet Wapau â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 0429 678 345

Dream Photography Portrait & Event Photography ď &#x2C6; Families ď &#x2C6; Children ď &#x2C6; Pets ď &#x2C6; Pregnancies ď &#x2C6; Newborns ď &#x2C6; Singles ď &#x2C6; Weddings ď &#x2C6; Functions ď &#x2C6; Corporate Events Call Melinda on 0429 400 591

ITEC JOB SEEKERS* If there isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t a job on the board that is in your field, come in for a chat and we can ring potential employers for you

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Come and see our friendly staff, who can help you with your career goalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm week days PHONE: (07) 4090 3311 FAX: (07) 4090 3511 FREE CALL 1800 009 961

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Your happiness is our businessâ&#x20AC;?

Torres News Trades & Services Directory ACCOMMODATION


Ph: 0419 776 121 E:

71 Lake Street, CAIRNS QLD 4870 Phone: 07 4041 2350 Fax: 07 4041 2420

Email: Web Site:






â&#x20AC;˘ Authorised Evinrude and Suzuki outboard dealers â&#x20AC;˘ Best prices on Thursday Island â&#x20AC;˘ The only ORIGINAL Croc Shop on T.I. â&#x20AC;˘ 18 years proven service 6)3)4ÂŹ/52ÂŹ3(/0STACKEDÂŹWITHÂŹ!,,ÂŹ9/52ÂŹBOATINGÂŹNEEDS

7!)"%.ÂŹ,)'(4ÂŹ-!2).%ÂŹ3%26)#%3ÂŹ 83 Waiben Esplanade, Thursday Island Open Mon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fri 8am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5.30pm, Sat 9am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2pm

Ph: 07 4069 2444/Fax: 07 4069 1494 Email:


....for SALES & SERVICE of Kubota Construction Equipment & Generators, Iseki & Massey Ferguson Tractors & Kanga Loaders

(Trading as Wis Wei Boat Charters)

Horn Island

Available for day trips, camping trips, Charters to: Seisa, POW, Hammond, TI and other nearby islands.

Phone Vince: 0429 631 844

CARPET, VINYL & BLINDS Servicing Far North Qld and all Islands Supply and lay * Gov approved products * Supply and lay * Domestice & commercial * Sand & polish * Repairs * Call Neil and deal direct with layer

â&#x2013;şCBD (Supermarkets/Post OfďŹ ce/Banks/Newsagent/Cellars) â&#x2013;ş24 hour â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Check-inâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x2013;şSelf-contained Apartments â&#x2013;şDaily Room Servicing â&#x2013;şQueen/Twin Bedrooms â&#x2013;şAll rooms with own private balcony â&#x2013;şWireless Internet â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;hot spotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x2013;şCable TV service â&#x2013;şBBQ / Gazebo & Pool â&#x2013;şUndercover & Secure Car Parking â&#x2013;şTour bookings & Car Hire â&#x2013;şDirect on-line booking via Web site



10 Comport Street, Cairns Phone Dave, Paul or Kym

4050 7500

Servicing the Cape & Torres Strait Communities


ROTARYCLUB CLUBMEETINGS MEETINGS TI TI ROTARY Thursday Island Thursday Island Rotary Rotary ClubClub Meets at 7am Meets at 7.00am Friday Morning Breakfast Friday Morning Breakfast Meeting Meeting at Gab Titui at Federal Hotel. Visitors Welcome. Visitors welcome! Inquiries 4069 1531 Inquiries 4069 1531 TAX ACCOUNTANTS


ÂŞ7%%$ÂŞ#/.42/, Termite Specialists

ABN 74 061 168 036 BSA 106 0874 Termites, Pre-treats, Pre-purchase & Termite Reports Reticulation & Baiting Systems Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents, Fleas etc

Servicing Cardwell to Cape York & Torres Strait 199 Newell St Bungalow Ph: 4054 2888 E:


Maz aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s signs

Telephone Maza Kelly for all your sign requirements Phone 0458 173 070

Tax Help With ď ś Salary & wage returns ď ś Capital gains ď ś Rental properties ď ś Shares & Investments ď ś Multiple year tax returns All Return Types ď ś Personal, business and partnership We will ďŹ nd every possible deduction and make sure you receive your tax refund promptly. Suite 1 140 Mulgrave Road CAIRNS

Shop 21 Campus Shopping Village, SMITHFIELD

4051 6315

SMALL BUSINESS AND REMOTE AREA SPECIALISTS We take the burden out of tax for you

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Onyoung our history Who was scholar Alfred G Smyth? By BROTHER BARRY LAMB THE examination of Primary schoolchildren in Queensland in the 1890s was â&#x20AC;&#x153;Scholarshipâ&#x20AC;?. This entitled the recipient to some ďŹ nancial assistance in continuing on to secondary school. At this time there was a State Primary school on Thursday Island, begun in 1885, and the Convent school begun in 1887, and it is believed that TI primary students submitted for the Scholarship exam as one group, probably all sitting for the exam at the State School. The records show that an Alfred G Smyth from Thursday Island passed Scholarship. But it is not

clear whether he was a student at the Convent or at the State school. The table of scholarships reproduced here in facsimile is from the Queensland State Archives. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t matter which school Alfred attended; it is an extraordinary achievement for a child on TI in 1892! If anyone could shed any light on who this boy was and what came of him (and which school he attended), Brother Barry at Sacred Heart School would be delighted to hear.

Scholarship records from 1892 show Alfred G Smythâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name third from the bottom.

CLASSIFIEDS Port Kennedy Association

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School


Come along and grab a bargain!


125th Birthday Celebrations

For more information or to book a stall contact the Port Kennedy ofďŹ ce on (07) 4069 2306

on Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd, and Monday 23rd of July 2012.

MEETING TO DISCUSS OWNERSHIP OF CHURCH ON WAIBEN TRUST LAND The Church of Torres Strait has scheduled a meeting to discuss ownership of the Church building constructed on Waiben Trust Land on Miskin Reserve that is currently occupied by the Independent Diocese of Torres Strait and Kaiwalagal United Anglican Church. Persons with an interest in the use of the land are invited to attend the meeting with the CTS to resolve issues concerning use of the land. DATE: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 TIME: 10am start VENUE: Port Kennedy Hall For further information please call 0437 425 798.


Make a diďŹ&#x20AC;erence to the lives of others! NOW at the Atherton Tablelands in North Queenland at the Travellers Rest Guest House. Study in a friendly setting. EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST TAKEN NOW FOR JULY INTAKE. ABSTUDY and VET FEE-HELP available. Contact Crystal on or call (07) 4771 6283 for more information. Page 20 Torres News

18 - 24 April 2012




SATURDAY, 6th October 2012, for Marriage of JONATHON PEARSON to REISHMAI BIN DORAHO, which will take place in Cairns. Invitation to follow.

A L C O H O L I C S Anonymous. If you want to drink thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your business, if you want to stop thats ours. Thursday Island meeting Monday nights, 5.30 to 6.30 at Mura Kosker, Douglas St Opposite the Royal Hotel. Door will be locked, please knock. Call Lee for details 0416 926 680. au

LEAD us not into temptation. MabuyagNurapai ngalpa launga aimaik kidhakidh apau wakain thamai ubin mizi. Deliver us from the evil one. Garwidhami ngalpa adaka wati idin ngalkai n u . A p o s t l e P e r c y, Masig.

GENERATORS QUALITY European b u i l t , 3 K VA H o n d a Powered, 5KVA Honda Powered, Electric Start, 2KVA Inverters From 2KVA - 2MVA ex factory. Call during business hours Mon-Fri. CIE. Phone 4035 5002 or 0429 321 224

ADVERTISE your classiďŹ ed here! Garage Sales, Meetings, Car or Boat for Sale! Email

CLASSIFIEDS Attention-seeking space seeks like-minded advertiser. Email your line classified through to ads@torresnews. or call 1300 867 737 and ask for Bec.

You can now have your classified ads in Torres Strait Island REGIONAL COUNCIL


Tenders are sought from suitably qualified and experienced Contractors for a single construction contract. Note: all Contractors who previously submitted a tender for this project must submit a new tender to be considered. Submissions will be assessed against: t3FMFWBOUDPNQBOZBOETUBGGFYQFSJFODF t2VBMJUZBTTVSBODF FOWJSPONFOUBMNBOBHFNFOUBOEXPSLQMBDF health and safety systems t$PNQBOZSFTPVSDFTBOEDBQBDJUZ t.FUIPEPMPHZBOEQSPHSBN t*OEJHFOPVTFNQMPZNFOUBOEUSBJOJOHQSPHSBNT t2VBMJUZPGTVCNJTTJPO t1SJDF A compulsory site inspection has been scheduled for the week DPNNFODJOHSE"QSJM EFQBSUJOHGSPN)PSO*TMBOE"mOBM date will be advised early in the tender period. Details of the site inspection will be provided with the tender documents. 5FOEFS EPDVNFOUT NBZ CF PCUBJOFE GSPN UIF 1SPKFDU .BOBHFS  "&$0. "VTUSBMJB 1UZ -UE  $BJSOT GPS  (45 FYDM  OPO SFGVOEBCMF 5FOEFSTBSFUPCFMPEHFEXJUIUIF1SPKFDU.BOBHFSCZ QNPO5VFTEBZUI.BZ "&$0."6453"-*"15:-5% 10#PY -FWFM #VOEB4USFFU $"*3/42-% 5FM   'BY  

C O L O U R !


24 Hour Service for DV CONNECT Telephone 1800 811 811 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Lena Passi Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Shelter NPA WOMEN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HELP 24 Hour Crisis Shelter Ph: 4069 3020




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Ilan Arts & Entertainment

GhostNets takes Reef and marine life an creative art award inspiration for Mer artist

Moa artist Angela Torenbeek, Sue Ryan and Dennis Newie with the WWF Creative Arts Award at the Sydney Opera House on March 31. By SUE RYAN Angela Torenbeek, Dennis Newie and Sue Ryan were recently artists in residence at an environmental art exhibition at Lake Macquarie Regional Gallery in NSW. The exhibition entitled ‘Life in your Hands - Art from Solastalgia’ will travel the national Regional Gallery circuit for two years. Featured in the exhibition is a film of the Moa Island puppet performance along with several of the shadow puppets that were made in 2010 at a GhostNets Australia art workshop at St Paul’s Community. Dennis and Angela played an important role in the puppet show and it was a wonderful opportunity to have two representatives from the St Pauls community at the exhibition. Many members, young and old, from the St Pauls community worked very hard on the puppet performance and the exhibition is a chance to showcase the wonderful project to people around Australia as the show makes its way from state to state. Although we were busy with the residency we had discovered that GhostNets Australia had made the finals in the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Earth Hour Creative Arts Award and we had to rush off to the Opera House to be present for the announcements. We dashed to catch the train for Sydney and arrived in Sydney two and a half hours later with just enough time to check into the hotel, freshen up and get to the Opera

House. At the Opera House we could finally relax and took in the views across the harbour, became part of the excited crowd and indulged in champagne and hors d’oeuvres. We made a few new friends and shortly afterwards were ushered to the front by the WWF crew. When the winner of Creative Art Award was announced we heard a cheer from the crowd. It was GhostNets Australia. Down the red carpet we went to accept the trophy just before the lights went out for Earth Hour. The next day we jumped on the train and headed back to Lake Macquarie Regional Gallery for the opening of the exhibition. The WWF Earth Hour Creative Arts award is designed to highlight inspiring projects within the visual or performance arts that explore environmental concerns and offer audiences new ways of understanding and engaging with the issues. I would like to say that along with everyone involved in the Ghost Net Art Project I am thrilled that GhostNets Australia won the World Wildlife Fund Earth Hour Art Award. The whole project has truly been a team effort. A BIG ESSO to all the communities that have worked with us, as without you the Ghost Net Art Project wouldn’t be possible. So the award goes out to you all.

By ALF WILSON DISABLED artist Bai Tapau, inspired to do her excellent paintings by the reefs and marine life around her home of Mer (Murray Island), will soon also become the author of a book. Now aged 38, Bai was born in Townsville with shortened arms and only one finger on each hand but that has not stopped her becoming one of the most gifted Indigenous artists in Australia. Bai will soon have her first book entitled ‘A Little Boy and a Dolphin’ published by Townsville company Black Ink Press. “My mother said she had been prescribed thalidomide for morning sickness whilst she was pregnant carrying me and that is why this happened,” Bai said. “My four brothers and four sisters are normal and I am the eldest. The book is my latest step in the journey of my life.” When she was very young Bai and her family moved back to Mer, where she attended primary school. “At school the other kids used to stare at me but the teachers treated me well and I learnt how to do what all the others did with all their fingers,” she said. Her parents sent Bai to Townsville to go to high school and she left in grade 11 and went home to Murray. About 13 years ago Bai enrolled at TAFE to learn all about painting and drawing after doing some whilst at Murray Island Primary School. :When on Murray Island I always sat down on the beach and looked at the nearby reef which was exposed at low tide and I wanted to paint the life around there as I liked the colours,” she said. After that her art really blossomed and Bai has completed scores of paintings and many have been sold whilst being displayed at places such as the Townsville Cultural Centre. At her delightful old Queenslander home in the Townsville suburb of Mundingburra, Bai has a room where she paints. “They are acrylic paintings on canvas and it takes one day to so a small one and up to three weeks for a bigger one,” she said. One of her favourite paintings is entitled

‘Pearls of Torres Strait’. “I class all Torres Strait Islands as pearls with many hidden treasures - they are all beautiful treasures but obviously I think Murray is the best,” she said. Her tribe is the Komet people of the Torres Strait and every year Bai goes back to Murray Island to see her mother Margaret Tapau and “baby brother’’ Wilfred Tapau jnr. “My dad Wilfred snr died last year at the TI hospital and I go back to Murray every Christmas. I count the months, weeks and days as that time comes nearer,” she said. “On the bedroom wall at mum’s place I still have the original first painting I done as a child back on Murray,” she said. It is those trips which still give Bai new ideas for more paintings. “When the tide goes down I walk on the reef and get my inspiration for patterns and colours for my next paintings. I pick up shells and everybody knows me now so my art has helped that,” she said. This courageous lady is indeed an inspiration herself for others.

Bai Tapau with some artworks painted on April 11.

Acting classes with the stars in Cairns

Aaron Fa’Aoso.

BUDDING television and theatre actors have a chance to learn from the stars with the introduction of a new short course at Tropical North Queensland TAFE. The Straits actors Aaron Fa’aoso and Jimi Bani will teach the course, ‘Acting behind the scenes’, at TNQT, using their experience in the cut-throat industry to teach up-and-coming actors. Fa’aoso, who hails from the Far North, first came to prominence in 2004 with his performance as Eddie in the critically-acclaimed SBS mini-series, R.A.N. (Remote Area Nurse), for which he received a nomination for an AFI Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Televi-

sion Drama and a LOGIE Award nomination for Most Outstanding New Talent. He has since appeared in programs including Sea Patrol, East West 101 and City Homicide before taking on the roles of actor and producer in The Straits. Meanwhile, Bani, who also appeared as a lead actor in The Straits, is a graduate from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and has performed in theatrical plays including Jandamarra, Romeo and Juliet and The Sapphires for the Black Swan Theatre Company. He also recently appeared as the lead in the telepicture, Mabo. TNQT Institute Director Joann

Pyne said TAFE prided itself on providing students with opportunities to learn from industry professionals with real-world experience. “It is important that students complete their courses armed with up-to-date skills and that means the teachers themselves must have fresh and relevant industry experience,” Ms Pyne said. “You can’t get much more industry-relevant and timely than two actors who are currently appearing on our television screens.” The weekly lessons commence on April 23 and run until June 4, from 6.30pm to 9pm. For more information or to enrol Jimi Bani. telephone 1300 656 959. Torres News 18 - 24 April 2012 Page 21


NPA students tackle cross-country challenge By ROGER BARTLETT The Northern Peninsula Area State College senior cross country was held in the traditional weather conditions on Thursday, March 29, with the day starting overcast, followed by heavy late monsoonal rains and beautiful sunshine to finish. Participating students revelled in the conditions on the day, as did the half-dozen staff who completed the course, but not so much the course officials or judges waiting back in the tents. The race began with a mass start at 2pm after a series of warm-ups led by college sports master Matt Dawson. All participants were expected to complete the course inside 50 minutes. All students completing the course earned a point for their house, with the first three placegetters for each age grouping earned extra points. Overall winning house for this event was Bowie and the other two houses, Baidam and Gelam were within 30 points. A very close competition, as it is every year. Following the race the students participated in tug-o-war challenges, against the teachers and between the sexes. The girls’ teams proved to be very

strong, much to the boys’ embarrassment! Thank you to the family members who came along to watch the event and support their students. The next Interhouse event will be the College Athletics Carnival to be held early in term three. Age Champions for 2012 (First, second, and third order): Under 13 Boys: Kapua Sebasio, Quintin Gowa, Wes Agie Girls: Cherose Sailor, Shirley Bond, Trevina Lifu Under 14 Boys: Frank PoiPoi, Wilton Williams, Drey Tamwoy Girls: Raffy Lewin, Dala Sebasio, Shanice Walker Under 15 Boys: David Phineasa, Alex Wasiu, Alex Idai. Girls: Lavi Williams, Ebony Tamwoy, Rene Atu Under 16 Boys: Patrick Bryden, Bongie Bowie, Jason Mosby. Girls: Lydia Gebadi, Jess Zaro, Kenita Bamaga Opens Boys: Fieu Christian Girls: Katrina Lewin, Nadia Phineasa, Seneva Phineasa

Fieu Christian and Caleb Ober coming across the line.

George Sailor in a final sprint. PHOTOS: ROGER BARTLETT

The triumphant girls’ team in the tug-o-war.


The Phineasa family supporting Seneva.

NRL Tipping Competition

Proudly sponsored by

1st Place - A return trip for two on Sea Swift’s Trinity Bay to Cairns (value $1850)

2nd Place - A $500 IBIS voucher

LEADERS AFTER ROUND 6 Name hippiechick71 Ghost BJ Danger Pippa Daines Shuffling 's' Pack theflyingfalafel Rayns hmd esjay Prince Zuko

TERMS & CONDITIONS: The Torres News NRL footy tipping competition is free – there is no joining fee and no charges whatsoever are associated with it. The Torres News footy tipping competition is

Page 22 Torres News

The hardworking boys team with Jahma Walker in the number one position.

18 - 24 April 2012

Total Score Total Margin 32 59 32 85 30 32 30 53 30 56 30 61 30 65 29 41 29 51 29 55



VB Test Match – New Zealand v Australia – Eden Park, Auckland SATURDAY, Toyota U20’s State of APRIL 21 Origin – Centrebet Stadium, Penrith SUNDAY, APRIL 22 AAMI Country v City Origin – Mudgee, NSW

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That’s a barra load!


Philip Bray and Sue Bowler boated to the MacDonald River from Thursday Island over the Easter break, where Phil caught this beautiful barra. “We did not weigh her, just took the photo and put her back, they are the breeders,” Sue said. Caught on a small baitcaster (abu) with light line. PHOTO: SUE BOWLER

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Kelsey ready to go the extra mile


Depart Thursday Is. 6.30am & 2.30pm Depart Seisia 8.00am & 4.00pm *Boarding 15 minutes prior *Please contact us or check online for changes to the ferry schedule around Public Holidays as variations may occur.

By ALF WILSON KELSEY Youngblutt, of Masig (Yorke Island) descent, has earned herself a place in the Australian Indigenous Marathon Project team for the Boston Marathon in the USA on April 16. From Palm Island, Kelsey was one of three young runners who recently climbed over Canberra’s harsh Brindabella Mountains to secure themselves a place in the prestigious Boston Marathon, which was first run in 1897. Her proud mother Nazareth Youngblutt told the Torres News on March 31 that Kelsey wanted to inspire others on Palm and the Torres Strait Islands to run and be fit. “She turns 21 in July and hopes to get young people to start running when she comes back here after the Boston marathon. We are proud of our Yorke Island heritage,” Nazareth said. That may even include in the not too distant future organising a mini-marathon on Palm or in the Torres Strait. There is a large Torres Strait Islander community on Palm Island numbering about 200 and Nazareth said they as well as other locals were getting right behind Kelsey. Kelsey along with Yirrkala’s Jamie Wunungmurra and Derby’s Tegan Pigram have proved to themselves they are ready. Director and founder Rob de Castella, said Kelsey’s achievements were “amazing”. He said he was particularly proud of the runners’ performance in one of Canberra’s toughest running events, the Stromlo 30km. “They have highlighted their guts and determination by completing their grueling event that saw them run along fire trails, up and over mountain ranges, and even through creek crossing as high as their thigh,” he said. “This run is a great lead up and preparation for the tough Boston course which has some big hills including the famous heartbreak hill at 30km. “What Kelsey has achieved in the last nine months is just amazing and a credit to her spirit, determination and commitment to the long, hard training. “She has evolved from a speed and short distance runner into now being ready to run 42km in Boston, which is a credit to her ability. I’m excited to see her run in one of the world’s biggest marathons representing Palm Island, and she’ll do really well and return with some great stories.”

FERRY CHANGES AROUND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS APRIL & MAY 2012 • ANZAC Day - Wednesday, April 25: No Ferry • Labour Day - Monday, May 7: No Ferry • Tuesday, May 8: Morning Ferries Operating

McDONALD CHARTER BOATS Phone: 1300 664 875 Fax: (07) 4090 3628 Email:


Tues/Wed/Thurs Depart T.I.

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Time Ht 0036 2.62 0737 1.64 1154 2.06 1541 1.42

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NEW MOON Sat. Apr 21. Time: 17.18

Time 0018 0703 1141 1837

FIRST QUARTER Sun. Apr 29. Time: 19.58

Ht 2.57 1.61 2.22 1.42


EFFECTIVE MARCH 19, 2012 All QF Connections departing from Horn Island may be delayed up to 20 minutes pending actual aircraft arrival time.


Wed 18 Thur 19 Fri 20 Ht 1.57 2.40 1.25


Depart H.I.

Time 0556 1105 1817 2359

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6.10 am

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Time 0444 1011 1724 2346

Ht 1.52 2.77 0.80 2.46

Peddells Jetty Shop: Engineers Jetty, Thursday Is.


TIDE SPEED – Hammond Rock

FULL MOON Sun. May 06. Time: 13.35

LAST QUARTER Sun. May 13 . Time: 07.47

While the Torres News takes every care to ensure the information contained in the Tide Diary is correct, the Torres News accepts no resposibility for its accuracy. Information is provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.



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LEFT TO RIGHT: Kelsey along with Yirrkala’s Jamie Wunungmurra and Derby’s Tegan Pigram.


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Persistence brings results at Bootcamp WHAT a success! With two dozen participants, an angry trainer, and a “no excuse” policy, Round One of Bootcamp 2012 showed massive results in fitness and in weight loss. The Bootcamp, run on Thursday Island by personal trainer Sammy Bloxsom, had participants consistently training three days a week for eight weeks from February 7. Bloxsom said there was an awesome atmosphere between everyone involved, even at in the pouring rain at 6am when it was still dark. “It was so much fun, and so many people gave 110 per cent,” Sammy said. “I put so much pressure on everyone to perform to their best ability in every session, and I got more than I bargained for with so many consistent people

who improved more than I ever could have imagined. “In our final fitness test I was so proud at how far everyone had come, they definitely got out what they put in.” She said Bootcamp, which gets underway again on April 24, was open to all people at all levels of fitness. “You don’t have to be fit, you just need to be persistent,” Sammy said. But it also helps to have a trainer who doesn’t take excuses, and other dedicated participants around you. “When it comes to my Bootcamps I refuse to accept any whingeing, excuse making, or people who just don’t turn up,” Sammy said. “I make this very clear to people on arrival, and sometimes this pressure is just what they need.

“And in return they consistently turn up and see such amazing results. In one round I saw people go beyond what they thought they could do, and achieve amazing results. “I saw people training in the dark and in heavy rain, and coming even when they were sick, something they never would have done prior to Bootcamp.” She said Bootcamp eliminated the “crybaby” attitude, replacing it with the “just do it” approach. “The reason so many of us are so depressed and unhappy with our weight is because we are so inconsistent with exercise, and healthy eating,” she said. The secret is to stick to a training plan long enough to see results, she said. Sign on for the next

Bootcamp trainer Sammy Bloxsom with participants at Ken Brown Oval. Bootcamp is April 22, at the Ken Brown Oval. Bootcamp Round 2 training is every Tuesday, Thursday at 6am and

Sunday at 5.30pm. Bootcamp runs for eight weeks and is open to all people of all levels. Cost is $200 and places

are limited. Bootcamp Round 2 begins April 24. An Advanced Bootcamp will also

be beginning Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays, for selected participants only.

Pride fans to watch every game in live stream first NORTHERN Pride has become the first Intrust Super Cup side in history to stream all of its games live to rugby league fans across Australia and the rest of the world. The North Queenslandbased club began the ground-breaking initiative at the start of the 2012 season by providing a live feed with commentary on its website for all home games. However, Pride has now expaned this to include all away games. Pride chief executive Chris Sheppard said the

first-of-its-kind concept had already received positive feedback from fans across the Intrust Super Cup. “Pride supporters have really embraced this groundbreaking service of a live feed, and we’ve also heard really good feedback from fans of other clubs in the competition,” the former North Queensland Cowboys and St George Illawarra Dragons NRL player said. “No other Intrust Super Cup club has taken this path to provide this level of coverage to their fans,

and rugby league fans in general. “This is testament to our commitment to provide our fans, both local and from as far away as China, France, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the opportunity to see their team play. “We’ve already had highprofile guests on the live stream including Cowboys head coach Neil Henry and former NRL star Clinton Schifcofske, with a number of other celebrities planned for throughout the season.” Sheppard said the club

was now confident of delivering the live feed service at every game, including those away from the Pride’s home base at Barlow Park in Cairns. “We want to deliver the best possible service, and we ask that people be patient as we work our way through this process,” said Sheppard. “Each venue we go to has varying infrastructure - internet capability on site, power capability, space for callers beside the cameraman, and a number of other

considerations. “This is out of our hands, and with each venue being different, we are feverishly working away behind the scenes to provide the best footage and commentary available within our budget.” Sheppard said that a small charge of $5 for away games covered the costs involved in providing the feed, alongside equipment, software, and training and travel costs for the filming and commentary crew. Pride members with

packages costing more than $20 receive live streaming of all home games free of charge. “We play the Capras at Browne Park in Rockhampton tomorrow night, with the live feed crew heading down with the team to bring you all the action,” said Sheppard. “So, if you’ve got nothing to do this Thursday night at 7pm, why not tune in into our live stream and commentary - and see how we’re leading the way.”

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18 - 24 April 2012

Torres News 18 April 2012  
Torres News 18 April 2012  

Torres News 18 April 2012