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September 26th 2012

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Fortnightly news for the Groote Eylandt community proudly produced by GEMCO

Fulton Hogan MJD Foundation PureXtreme Challenge Groote Eylandters turned out in numbers to challenge their fitness and stamina in the much anticipated PureXtreme Challenge on the 15th October raising $1630.00 for the MJD Foundation.

Cycle: Race commissaire and co-organiser Des Buckerfield got the Dawson‟s Engineering sponsored cyclists underway after a short briefing. Over 30 people checked in for the gruelling half Conner te Kloot was too strong in the cycling stage and took good advantage to use it as his training ride marathon and 10k run/walk event as well as 15 or for the up and coming Noosa Triathlon. Liz Kaurila more for the 47km cycling challenge ride between Umbakumba and Naked Pools, marking a successful who is also competing in the Noosa Triathlon rode 40km then ran the last 7kms in an impressive time. Alyangula Cycling Club event. Jock Mullen our oldest cycling competitor gave the Friends and family of the racers turned out in support younger riders a lesson or two on how to pace yourand it was great to see the strong community spirit. self in an event like this, and managed to cross the line in an impressive time. Event Co-organiser, Robbie Stephenson said this time two years ago it was a rough road with large A regular competitor to these events, Simon, and sections of heavy corrugations which made the going Frances Hartley was joined by their son Jake this year and completed the 47kms in a very good time. tough and required a lot of guts just to finish. Jake did the honours and rode over the finishing line “But thanks to one of our major sponsors Fulton Ho- to receive his souvenir tee shirt and a well-rewarded gan the newly sealed road has made this year‟s ride a finisher‟s medal. breeze. All the runners/walkers and cyclists who had The MJD Foundation entered a team on their red and entered the challenge finished and received their blue tricycles, supported by a crew including Ange, souvenir tee shirt and finisher‟s medal,” he said. Jane and Brett Mamarika. They took turns on the bikes as they made their way through the rolling Sore bums and aching limbs have no doubt been looked after during the past weeks, as riders and run- terrain to Naked Pools. ners recover from their ordeal. Special thanks go out to the Motor Cycle Club, who were on the same day were riding to Umbakumba on The half marathon, 10km and cycle leg was broken their Harley‟s. Well known identities Dave Morgan into two starting times 30 minutes apart. Runand Steve Washington plus the rest of the riders got ners/walkers started from Naked Pools while the in behind the spirit of the event and amongst them cyclists started from the Umbakumba Jetty. raised $130. It was quite an awesome sight to see Marathon: these beautiful bikes and more so when they all Stars of the day were Brin Pogson & Rachel Van throttled off towards Umbakumba. Oosten as they both pushed ahead right from the Special thanks go to support crews of Marie Buckerbeginning in the inaugural half Marathon. field, Jackey Burnett, Roger Burnett, Sue Brin took out the men‟s section while Rachel the Stephenson, Terry Crothers, Yvette Hansen women‟s. Mike Luttrell, who pulled out of the half and Dolf de Lange and his Springbok front marathon in the last minute, lined up for the 10km run and was first home in that division. Our youngest rowers. Big thanks to Fulton Hogan and runner Eryn Hansen teamed up with Sanet de Lange Dawson‟s Engineering. for the 21km run. They decided to do 10km each, By Robbie Stephenson with Eryn doing the first 10k then Sanet the second. Eryn wasn‟t about to stop and ran the last 10kms with Sanet for support.

Above: Robbie Stephenson gives a pre-start brief. Left: MJD Foundations tricycles head from Umbakumba

Far left: Josh pushes past the pain barrier and comes out smiling. Left: Andrew Wilson Above: Participants ready to run; Below: Brett cycles on

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September 26th 2012

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Greetings Eylandters, There has been lots of sports activity on Eylandt with the MJD Foundation PureXtreme Event and the AFL Grand Final giving Eylanders the chance to get fit and healthy. It’s great to see the community support for these events is strong with lots of people coming out to support players and entrants. As I will be going on maternity leave shortly, there will be only one more edition of the Echo published this year. If you have any event notices for Christmas or the coming months, please send them through. I will be back on Eylandt in the New Year and look forward to catching you all up on the news and event from the festive season. It has been a pleasure sharing the during 2012.

„Popcorn Lung‟ wins $7.2million A US man has been awarded $7.2m in damages after claiming he developed "popcorn lung" from inhaling the artificial butter in microwave popcorn. A Colorado jury agreed with Wayne Watson that a popcorn manufacturer should have had warning labels that the bag's fumes were dangerous to inhale. Defence lawyers argued that Mr Watson's problems stemmed from years of working with carpetcleaning chemicals. He developed respiratory problems in 2007, after regularly eating popcorn. "Popcorn lung" is a form of irreversible obstructive lung disease that scars the lung and makes it

Police Beat

difficult for air to flow out. The verdict is the latest in a series of successful cases, including by popcorn plant workers who became ill. The cases link diacetyl, an ingredient in the flavouring, to health problems. Jurors found Gilster-Mary Lee Corp, a privatelabelling manufacturer of popcorn, liable for 80% of the damages. Supermarket company Kroger Co was held liable for the other 20% Source: BBC World News

Groote Eylandt

Police have been disappointed with the fact a number of drink drivers have been detected within the community in recent weeks. This is a worrying trend which can have serious consequences on the general safety of the community. Police will continue to have a zero tolerance approach in combating this issue. Police participated in an all-agency response to an emergency exercise at the airport on 18 September 2012. This was a good activity for the agencies to work together on and ultimately ensures that all stakeholders are at a better state of preparedness should a serious incident occur on the Eylandt.

Happy reading.

Liquor Permit holders are reminded that these permits allow for the consumption liquor at premises only within the Alyangula Permit Area only. Failure to comply with the conditions could lead to prosecution and revocation of your permit. The permit system has not been designed to allow liquor to be taken from the Alyangula permit area which essentially covers the township area only. Anyone caught supplying liquor to a non permit holder can also be prosecuted and have their permit revoked.

Sarah Dixon

Contact us: Eylandt Echo Phone: (08) 8987 4137 Email: eylandte-

Police responded to a single vehicle (crash) rollover at Umbakumba on 18 Sep 12. Police are awaiting the results of tests to ascertain if any illicit substances may have continued to the crash. The Eylandt Echo newsletter is produced each fortnight for the benefit of everyone on Groote Eylandt. The Eylandt Echo is sponsored by GEMCO as a community service. The contributions and advertisements contained within the Eylandt Echo are not necessarily the views and opinions shared by either the Editor or GEMCO, but are presented for the community’s interest at large.

The Dog Operations Unit and the Northern Substance Abuse Intelligence Desk Officers have been operating on the Eylandt as part of the ongoing commitment to combating the movement of illicit substances onto the Eylandt. Regular operations ill continue with local Police as agreed in the Regional Partnership Agreement.(RPA) Targeted and random searches have occurred as a result of these operations.(results pending) We have responded to over 17 Domestics in the last two weeks, one of which resulted in a 43 year old male being charged + later sentenced to 6 months imprisonment. We encourage anyone suffering from domestic violence to contact Police for advice and assistance on 89876122.

NEXT DEADLINE:3rd October 2012

Township news Going away on holidays? If you are going away on holidays, even for a short period of time, we recommend that you advise the LJH office of the dates that you will be away. This will help us with emergency maintenance such as burst water pipes etc Have you arranged for your lawns to be mown while you’re away? If you‟re going to be away for more that two weeks, please arrange with friends to mow your lawns on a regular basis. This will also help you when you return; no catch up jobs.

EFTPOS facilities in the office or you can pay by Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer via Internet Banking. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes but circumstances are beyond our control. Please contact the office on 8987 6400 if you need our account details for internet banking Vacant Houses At present there are a number of vacant houses that are being upgraded, around town. We would like to take this opportunity to remind all residents that these properties are not to be entered without permission from GEMCO. These properties are in the process of having maintenance works completed and therefore are work areas, vehicles and boats are not to be parked in driveways, carports or anywhere on these properties. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact our office on 8987 6400

Plan an escape route from each room. Know and rehearse at least two ways out of the house from each room (if possible) Agree on a muster point outside of your home where the family will gather after evacuation. Practice this drill twice a year. Remove obstructions from doors and windows that may be needed in an emergency escape. Make sure the entire family can open doors and windows, even in the dark. When the alarm sounds leave the house immediately, go to the prearranged muster area and call the fire brigade (000). NEVER Return to a burning building.

No Cash Accepted

Fire Safety at Home – Plan and Practice Do to insurance and logistical reasons; the LJ Hooker LJ Hooker recommends that you ensure that all famoffice cannot accept cash as a form of payment for ily members are familiar with the sound of the detecrent, bonds, electricity, dog registrations etc. We have tor‟s alarm Eylandt Echo, 26 September = 9 October, 2012 – Page 2

September 26th 2012

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Holy smoke: Alyangula Airport training drill A recent training exercise at the Alyangula Airport had emergency services crew and health staff sweating it out to pull passengers from a burning „aircraft‟. The exercise, a joint collaboration between the Alyangula Airport, GEMCO, NT Police, NT Health Department and aviation companies, took place at the end of the airport runway, a mini bus used as a mock crashed aircraft. Simulating a real-life rescue scenario, smoke bombs filled the air as fire trucks and ambulances rushed to the scene. After dousing the „plane‟ Emergency Service Operators pulled victims suffering a variety of wounds from the aircraft and moved them to safety where they

were treated by NT Health staff and GEMCO nurses. GEMCO Health, Safety and Quality Superintendent, Ana Lobo said she was pleased with the effectiveness, teamwork and collaboration of everyone involved. “Emergency response exercises are extremely important to ensure effective preparedness of Groote Eylandt emergency response teams in case of an emergency,” she said. “These exercises are supervised activities that test, develop and assist in maintaining skills in a response scenario. They also enable interaction with local government agency functions mimicking real life situations.” Ana said a report would be compiled depicting the strengths and areas of improvement identified from the exercise, enabling GEMCO and stakeholders to continually strive forward.

Clockwise from above: A nurse and ESO attend to a crash victim, wearing mock injury apparel; Police and ESO ESOs liaise at the scene; medical staff work on a crash victim; Liam wheels a burns victim to safety; the ‘aircraft’ is hosed down to extinguish the fire.

Local hairdressing business closes its doors Next month Get Vetts Hairdressing & Beauty SerEcho: Where are you off to now? vice in Alyangula will close its doors for the last time Vett: Finnis River, Darwin. We have a property there. after seven and a half years in business on Eylandt. Echo: What are your plans after Groote EyThe Echo caught up with Vett before she leaves. landt? Echo: How long have you been on Eylandt for? Vett: Prison ministry? Hairdressing ? TutorVett: Eight years in January. ing adults? Starting another home church? Who knows where God will lead me, I will Echo: What inspired you to start hair dressing? Vett: Ministry. I am a servant of God and I want to see where he opens the doors. be used by him. Also my love for hairdressing of course!

Echo: What is next on the cards for you? Vett: I would like to adopt a child from Taiwan. Yep, back to bottles, nappies and Echo: What do you love about it? Vett: Meeting new people and building relationships. sleepless nights. Hey babe! Making people feel better. Being creative. Working Echo: What will you miss the most about the my own hours! Eylandt? Echo: What has been your biggest challenge about running a business on Groote Eylandt?

Vett: My friends. My childrens friends. My home church. My running tracks. The bush. The simple life!

Vett: Keeping up with the demand! Freight!

Echo: Is there anything you would like to say to your clients?

Echo: Who, in your opinion, had the all time worst/funniest hairdo on Groote Eylandt? Vett: My daughter Eryn. We did a fluro fringe without realizing it was school photos that week! Echo: Any memorable moments while in the hairdressing business on Eylandt? Vett: Spending 5 1/2 hours foiling, colouring and cutting my Fijian friends hair (you know who you are, you have a LOT of hair!)

Vett: Yes. I would like to say thank you for your loyalty and support over the years. I will miss you all! Echo: Anything else you would like to add? Vett: Yes, I‟ve just read a book that has changed my life forever it‟s called Kisses from Katie. By Katie Davis. It is a MUST read!

Eylandt Echo, 26 September = 9 October, 2012 – Page 3

Below: Vett and a client at her home studio

September 26th 2012

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Groote Eylandt to experience a total solar eclipse A rare and unique event will take place on Groote Eylandt on the 14th November, with part of the Eylandt to be cast into the shadow of the moon.

Left: An image of the shadow cast by the Eclipse on Groote Eylandt

At approximately 6.05am, the moon will move directly between the Earth and the Sun and cast a shadow onto the Earth, causing partial or full darkness.

Below: An image of the shadow which will be cast over the Top End Thanks to Star Safaris for the images and for more information go to or email

On average there is one Total Solar Eclipse every 1.5 years somewhere on the Earth. Since many are over oceans or the Polar caps, or happen during cloudy weather, ones that can easily be seen are much rarer. After moving across the Top End, the shadow of the Moon moves east to Queensland and will fall directly over Cairns. People can become fanatical about going all over the world to view eclipses. These people are called Umbraphiles after the Umbra, which is the dark part of the Moon’s shadow. It is very important that during the solar eclipse, you do not stare at the sun. Staring directly at the sun without the proper eye cover can cause permanent damage to the retinal cells and blindness.

This month Groote Eylandt bids farewell to Stuart Chettle and his family. Stuart has been working on Eylandt with the Land and Sea Rangers for the past two years as a trainer co-ordinator.

yland E g n i v a e L


Echo: What has been the best thing about living on Groote? Stuart: The fishing, the lifestyle, the climate and of course the friends we have made here. Echo: What has been the most challenging thing about living on Groote? Stuart: In terms of my work it has been building the Rangers workshop and setting up the first two indigenous apprentice mechanics on Groote Eylandt. Previously people have had to be sent off Eylandt to receive training, but we have found a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who is able to travel out here and we have managed to make it work. Personally, I have lived remotely for many years so find Groote Eylandt very cosmopolitan. We’ve made some great life long friends here what we will stay in touch with for a long time. Echo: If you were in charge of Groote Eylandt for just one day, what would you do? Stuart: Build a marina down on main beach. There is so much potential there in terms of tourism and I think everyone would enjoy it. Echo: What is the best job you have ever had? Stuart: I was a station mechanic at Victoria River Downs Cattle Station when I was 20. It wasn’t even really like work, I was flying choppers, shooting and spending time on country. I loved it. Echo: What about the worst job? Stuart: Service manager at Zupps in Aspley, Brisbane. Echo: What has been your biggest achievement while working with the Rangers?

Stuart: Helping to build this great workshop we have now. Also giving Rangers opportunities for greater development through what we have set up here now. It took 12 months to build and we did a lot of it ourselves and learned a lot in the process. The facility we have here now for the indigenous is just fantastic. Echo: What is next on the cards for you? Stuart: We are moving to Mulan, a community in WA, where I will take the CEO role. Its pretty remote on Canningstock Road and Tanamai Road, six hours from Carnarvon and right on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert. I’m really excited to take on the opportunity. Echo: What was the biggest fish you caught while on Eylandt? Stuart: A sailfish, probably around 25kgs. Echo: What is your signature dish in the kitchen? Stuart: Home made pies and sausage rolls. The kids love em. Echo: One job on Eylandt that you wouldn’t want to do? Stuart: Nope, can’t think of anything on Eylandt that I wouldn’t have a go at. Echo: Name three people you would like to invite to dinner. Stuart: Eddie McGuire, Greg Norman and Bill Gates. Echo: Do you have anything else you would like to add? Stuart: Just that we have had a fantastic time on Eylandt and we are sad to move on, but the opportunity has arisen, so we are going with it. We will miss everyone here on Groote. I hope the Rangers stay strong and keep growing towards more community development projects.

Eylandt Echo, 26 September = 9 October, 2012 – Page 4

September 26th 2012

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Alyangula School celebrates Literacy and Numeracy week Book Fair

Students had the opportunity to browse the books on offer and make a “wish list” of books to buy. Then the fair was open before and after school for families to purchase books. There were some fabulous books this year and hopefully children are now reading up a storm at home

The 27th - 31st August was a BIG week at Alyangula Area School. It was Literacy and Numeracy Week, Book Week and a BBQ for the dads for Fathers Day The school hosted many activities to celebrate the week...

Parent iPad Workshop

Pamela McGowan (Senior Teacher from Angurugu School) hosted an evening for parents in the Multi Purpose Room on Wednesday night. She demonstrated some of the uses of iPads to assist students with their literacy development. Pamela shared some great resources and apps with those that attended. If you would like a copy of the recommended apps, please email. with iPad as the subject.

Literacy and Numeracy Rotations

On Wednesday between Recess and Lunch students from Transition to Year 6 were mixed up into multi-aged groups and rotated around heaps of literacy and numeracy activities offered by teachers. These activities included song writing, computer maths games as well as art and sports activities using either literacy or numeracy. Students loved the activities and the opportunity to learn with other students of different ages.

Book Week Parade

Fathers Day BBQ

Dads and families were invited in for a BBQ breakfast feast on Friday morning to celebrate Fathers Day. Many Dads stayed to watch our Book Week parade and assembly.

Country Women’s Association assists local community cause The CWA, Groote Eylandt branch are very proud to have donated over $10,000, world wide, for the year of 2011-2012. Of that money donated, $5972.00 was donated to Machado Joseph Disease Foundation on Groote Eylandt. The donation provides for iPads and associated applications, including the communication software Proloquo2Go. At the recent CWA meeting, two of the recipients of CWA donated iPads showed of their skills and demonstrated how the iPad improves their ability to communicate and tell their stories. The iPad is also vital to improving social and emotional wellbeing (mental health). The iPad opens up their world to new opportunities to communicate with family and friends. Steve Wurramara also films and tells local stories using the iPad. The CWA donation will continue to provide a long lasting solution to MJD clients’ communication needs. Individuals with Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) experience significant speech loss throughout the progression of the disease (dysarthric to anarthric) over the course of the disease). This greatly reduces their ability to communicate verbally, which in turn has a large impact on social and emotional wellbeing.

       

     

Spasicity Staggering gait – sometimes mistaken for drukenness Speech difficulty Difficulty swallowing Involuntary eye movements Double vision Incontinence (bowel & bladder) Dystonia Sustained muscle contractions Repetitive movements Abnormal postures Ridigity Parkinson’s-like symptoms Twitching face Twitching tongue Bulging eyes Pain, and Depression. Clockwise from above: Kevin & Joyce on their iPad; Brett Mamarika; the hardworking ladies of the CWA working to improve the lives of MJD sufferers.

Machado Joseph Disease in incurable and some of the symptoms include:   

A submission from Alyangula Area School

Clumsiness Arm weakness Leg weakness Eylandt Echo, 26 September = 9 October, 2012 – Page 5

Students came to assembly dressed as their favourite book character. We had some amazing costumes this year, a big thanks to everyone that participated, prizes were awarded to 2 children from each class, congratulations to all our winners.

September 26th 2012

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Pure Xtreme: The lead up and the event The lead up ...

Weekly health and fitness with Rachel Van Oosten

The event ...

It has been awesome to see so many people out pounding the pavement and pushing their treadlies in preparation for this event. I know that there are many men and women who initially may have thought they weren’t up to the challenge, yet they signed up anyway to run or ride on Saturday. I wanted to do a “shout out”, to acknowledge Sharon Asplin who inspired the organisers of this event to extend it to include a half marathon for the runners on Eylandt. Sharon has been a dedicated participant of a number of Active Symmetry programs and is someone I really admire as she shows commitment to achieving goals that not only benefit her, but the broader community both near and far! Check out for yourself what Sharon has achieved and see how she has inspired you to set your stretch goals and take action today… 1. What was your goal you set for yourself? Firstly to run 10kms and with Rachel's support it turned into running a half marathon. (I've now completed 21kms (half marathon) training run.) 2. What limitations did you set aside to work towards this goal? Finding time with two children to train, initial injuries, long distance running, fitness level being low after just having my second child, never having run any more then 8kms previously and not seeing myself as a "runner" 3. How did you break this goal down so you knew what you were doing each week? I sought advice from Rachel to help with overall fitness. We also worked on goal setting strategies to define the big picture and then broke it down into smaller steps and achievable short term goals. 4. What has been your main source of inspiration/motivation to keep going? The fact that I registered and paid for the run very early on. Friends became aware of my goal and would talk to me about it and give me lots of encouragement and support. My sister was a positive role model for me because she has completed several marathons. I also joined others with the same goal and they kept me motivated by locking me into training sessions with our shared commitment. 5. What have you learned from setting health and fitness goals? That they can be achieved! I've learnt that strategically focusing on something you have always wanted to do through setting realistic, immediate, short term goals you become more accountable. By also attaching nutrition goals and generally learning more about food I have found my energy and recovery levels are enormously improved. 6. How are you keeping yourself motivated/inspired for Cambodia? The MJD charity inaugral run coming up this Saturday has been beneficial in keeping me motivated by allowing me to keep the goal in sight and to give me a practice run before the big event in Cambodia. I also like to imagine how excited I'll feel running around the Siem Reap temples and how proud I'll feel when I complete this goal that was set so long ago! 7. What has been the most valuable learning for you from this experience that you would love to share with others? That people want to see you succeed and their support and encouragement is invaluable. Also pushing myself to do something that I never thought I'd be able to do has been so rewarding. It's so easy to think, "I couldn't do that" and put it aside, but to actually see a goal come to fruition is very satisfying.

How amazing was PureXtreme! Congratulations to all of the amazing women and men who completed the PureXtreme half marathon & bike ride on Saturday. It was fantastic to see so many of you, many of whom until recently had not been runners or riders! I was inspired by the youngest participant, Eryn only 14 years, who wasn’t sure she would be able to run the whole 21km. Yet when she crossed the finish line she looked fresh and fit, ready to run it again! I had the opportunity to talk with Eryn and her class the following day about health & fitness. Eryn shared her experience with the group, and talked about how she had set her goal to run a half marathon six months earlier. One of the key steps that Eryn took, and Sharon talked about last , was to share her goal with others. Because she took this step, she committed herself 100% and gained support from those around her to keep taking action. How often have you set a goal for yourself and decided to keep it to yourself? What do you think you missed out on by keeping your goal a secret? What would it give you and those around you if instead you shared your dreams and goals? I think we often keep our goals quiet for fear that we may not achieve them, or even that we may achieve them! What would happen to those we love if we start shining above them? One of the ways we can ensure we bring our loved ones along in the journey of change is by sharing our goals, as well as our highs and lows along the way to achieving them. If you share what you are learning as you are learning, then you will deepen your own understanding and at the same time give a gift to those around you. Another way to look at it is, if you choose not to share, then you are limiting the growth and progress of those around you. Perhaps by sharing your dreams, goals and learnings you will inspire others to take action, like Eryn and Sharon who have no idea of the ripple effect they have already created by the achievements they have made. This week embrace your opportunity to learn, love, give and grow even more right now by shouting your goals and sharing your learnings. “If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got, and you'll always feel what you always felt”

Congratulations Sharon on what you have achieved so far. For those who aren’t from Groote and don’t know Sharon’s story, Sharon has achieved even more than she has shared in this “shout out”. Her goal to run the half marathon in Cambodia has inspired others to join her in her feat and jointly fundraise over $18,000 to assist sex slave victims in Cambodia. Sharon’s story is an example how one goal can create a ripple effect that will touch hundred’s of lives. I can’t wait to hear from Sharon and the Groote Eylandt crew who are off to Cambodia in November to participate in this inspiring event. If you would like to wish Sharon and other marathon runners well feel free to jump on the Active Symmetry Facebook group and share your support or how Sharon has already inspired you.

Eylandt Echo, 26 September = 9 October, 2012 – Page 6

September 26th 2012

Made with love

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Made with love

Looking for ways to stay cool as the weather gets hotter? Here are some great ideas to stay hydrated during the summer months that are way more interesting that just cold water. Iced ginger and lemongrass zinger: Peel and then chop two inches of fresh ginger into slices. Bruise the stems of three stalks of lemongrass, trimming most of the grassy part off, leaving the root end only. Add to 1ltr of water and boil for 15 minutes. Allow to seep for as long as desired depending on how strong you want your tea. Cool, add honey and refrigerate. It is a great tea for improving blood circulation, stimulating digestion and can help relieve nausea, plus it tastes delicious! Iced Peppermint Tea: Just as easy as it sounds. Boil 2-3 peppermint tea bags in 1.5 litres of water and allow to cool. If you have fresh mint growing in the garden, add several sprigs once the tea has cooled. Add honey to taste and refrigerate. Serve ice cold. Turmeric and ginger cooler: One inch of fresh turmeric root, peeled and sliced is best, otherwise use one teaspoon of the powdered variation. Add one and half inches of peeled and sliced ginger to the turmeric and boil both in 1ltr of water. Strain into a cup and add in a squeeze of lemon and a tablespoon (or two!) of maple syrup or honey. This not only tastes delicious but is a great immune booster, anti-inflammatory, liver detoxifier and helps promote sleep.

Eylandt Echo, 26 September = 9 October, 2012 – Page 7

September 26th 2012

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Milner bay times and heights of high and low waters Wednesday 26

Thursday 27

Friday 28

Saturday 29

Sunday 30

Monday 1

Tuesday 2























































Wednesday 3

Thursday 4

Friday 5

Saturday 6

Sunday 7

Monday 8

Tuesday 9























































The above information is sourced from the Bureau of Meterology and is available at It is advised to check any current National Weather Warnings at The tide heights are in metres above Prediction Datum, red for low water and blue for high water. The times stated are Australian Central Standard Time (24 hour clock). Daylight Saving Time is not observed

Tidal stream predictions for Milner Bay

Eylandt Echo, 26 September = 9 October, 2012 – Page 8

September 26th 2012

Page 9

 Fill in the blank squares so that each

row, each column and each 3x3 block contain all of the digits 1-9. Good luck! Answers next week

Last week’s answers:

Down 1. Chores (5) 2. Sincere (7) 3. Outside (8) 4. Respectful deference (6) 5. Computer memory unit (4) 6. Latin American dance (5) 7. Diplomatic (7) 12. Famished (8) 13. Surreptitious (7) 15. Brilliant musical passage (7) 16. Bee house (6) 18. Velocity (5) 20. Measured portions of medicine (5) 21. Celestial body (4)

A mother was walking with her four year old daughter one day when the daughter picked up something off the ground and started to put it into her mouth. The mother stopped her and said she shouldn't do that. "Why," asked the little girl. "Because it‟s dirty. It's been on the ground. You don't know where it's been. It probably has germs." The little girl looked up at her mom with admiration and asked, "How do you know so much?" Thinking quickly, the mother said, "All Mums know so much. We have to. It's on the Mummy Test. If you don't know it, you don't get to be a Mummy." The little girl pondered this for a few minutes, then her face brightened. "I get it!" she said. "If you Reckon you got a better one? Send it in to don't pass the test, you get to be a daddy!"

Eylandt Echo, 26 September = 9 October, 2012 – Page 9

September 26th 2012

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Australia‟s Got Talent arrives in the Top End A star of the hit TV Show, Australia‟s Got Talent (AGT), Jonny Taylor, will be appearing on Groote Eylandt next month to visit family as well as perform two live shows at the ARC, Alyangula. Tania Taylor, mother-in-law of Jonny, spoke of her excitement at seeing a member of her family on the TV show. “It felt really great having Jonny appear on AGT because I know the passion he‟s got for expressing himself through music and attracting an audience who connect means so much to him. Jonny openly admits a big driving force behind getting his music out there over the past four years has been our daughter Nicole, who‟s the one who encouraged him to audition for AGT and put himself on national TV. Nicole travels with Jonny as his wife/ tour manager, sound / lighting technician and stage hand so together they make an amazing team and put on a very professional and heart warming show for people.” Jonny was in the top three of his semi final on the TV show, as per public voting, and was only voted out when judges selected a male stripper over him to appear in the final in a decision he calls „hilarious‟. Tania says there‟s a strong musical talent that runs in Jonny‟s family with his grandparents giving him his first guitar. “Both Jonny‟s grandmothers love music with one playing piano and the other piano accordion,” she said. “Jonny‟s mum Zenia played drums and along with her sisters formed a band in their younger days so you can imagine what the family gatherings were like when Jonny was a boy.” Jonny‟s electrifying new single “Never Look Back” was released on the 21 st September and marked the start of an extensive tour spanning across the Northern Territory, Mid West, South West, Great Southern and Wheatbelt regions of WA, as well as a „radio tour‟ featuring interviews on radio stations Australia wide. “I can't wait to see some of the NT and experience the culture,” Jonny said. “I‟m also really looking forward to enjoying a couple of days off on the island.” You can catch Jonny live in action at the ARC on Saturday 6 th and Sunday 7th October. “The show will be made up of mostly original material with strong emphasis on story telling,” Jonny said. “It will be an engaging show where the songs are explained to the audience to make them feel involved with the story and the evolution of the songs.”

Jonny Taylor will appear at the ARC for two live shows music into a specific box then it means it‟s been done before and there‟d be no point trying to re-invent the wheel.” 2012 has been a year of huge success for Taylor who‟s last single recorded as the most downloaded independent track to radio libraries around Australia at the end of April, resulting in the single receiving airplay on approximately 180 radio programs made up of Commercial, ABC, Country and Community stations Australia wide. Jonny‟s radio interview schedule, tour dates and links to the Music Video and iTunes can all be found by visiting or by finding Jonny on Facebook.

Never Look Back is the follow up single to Taylor‟s „Young Man‟ release which skyrocketed to #23 on the iTunes rock charts in May this year following his success on the hit TV show Australia‟s Got Talent. The new single hits iTunes stores from the 21st September and will also feature on Taylor‟s full length album scheduled for release in April 2013. Never Look Back is a perfect representation of Taylor‟s trademark sound which can best be described as grunge flavoured contemporary country- or as Taylor calls it ; “Gruntry”. As a fresh face in the country scene, Taylor says that it is more important now than ever to maintain some of his rock and grunge roots as it‟s what sets him apart and makes his sound unique. “Until recently I felt reluctant to let too much country into my music, and was worried that my rock background might be a hindrance in the country scene. It took a little while for me to realise that this is what sets my music apart from the rest. When people ask me what style my music is I‟ve had a hard time categorising- but then I realised that‟s exactly the point. If I can fit my

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September 26th 2012

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Dear Friends, I regret to say that as of the 5th of October I will be closing the hairdressing business I have been running on Groote Eylandt for the past 7 years. Consequently, I will not be able to make any further appointments for this service. I apologize to those of you who have made appointments after the 5th of October. I wish to thank you for your patronage and support. I also hope that friendships made over these years will continue into the future.

Honda 50 cc Low km’s Registered Car licence only required

Got a notice or something to sell? Classified advertisements get results AND its free to advertise. Send in your submissions by the 3rd October 2012 to:


Sincerely, Vett

$1500.00 Ph 89876430 or 0427794366



Alyangula Area school is publishing the „2012 – 2015 Groote Eylandt Phone Book‟ This will be a fundraising initiative for the school & will be sold for $5. All residents & businesses can list their details in the book for free, by filling in the listing form attached & returning to the Alyangula Area School. Businesses wishing to advertise in the phone book, please contact Amy Hobbs for details & pricing. Closing date for listings & advertising is October 26th.

8 metres long Air conditioned Annex attached Suitable for Accommodation or Home Business $20 000.00 Ph 89876430 or 0427794366

Amy Hobbs, Administration Alyangula Area School PMB 3 ALYANGULA NT 0885 Ph: 08 8987 6366 Fax: 08 8987 6014


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Youth Services Team Leader and Mentor This newly created position will be responsible for promoting collaborative work practices between youth service providers operating on Groote archipelago. Duties will include developing a set of agreed work practices between providers, coordinating the implementation of the Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island „It‟s Our Future‟ Youth Strategy, coordinate planning of youth programs and identify joint training and funding opportunities for service providers. The successful applicant will have relevant tertiary qualifications, well developed capacity to identify and engage with stakeholders, be able to encourage and support sustainable collaborative partnerships and have the ability to consult and negotiate effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders. The successful applicant will also have excellent time management skills, including the ability to successfully manage conflicting priorities. Demonstrated abilities in mentoring and enhancing the skill set of indigenous staff are also a key requirement of this position. Applicants are required to have housing on Groote Eylandt and to hold a current C Class Northern Territory License or be able to obtain one. The position is a fixed term contract, with a possibility for extension. An attractive salary package will be offered to attract the right candidate, including Holiday Travel Assistance & Annual Leave 5 weeks + 2 weeks Leave. No Accommodation provided. For further information and selection documentation please contact HR Manager Amanda Strange, Mobile: 0400 905 050 Email Applications close: 28 September 2012

September 26th 2012

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Alyangula Swans win 2012 GEFL premiership The Alyangula Swans have taken out the 2012 GEFL Premiership, defeating the Umbakumba Lions by 99 points at the Angurugu Oval on the 8th September. The Swans claimed their second consecutive Premiership on Eylandt in a victory Captain Jeremy Barnett attributed to strong defense. “I am very excited to win because I really thought it was going to be a big challenge against Umbakumba because of their good win the week earlier against Angurugu which went into over-time. I think the difference was our defence when Umbakumba was attacking. It prevented a lot of their options when they were trying to move the football forward.”

Match Wrap ~ by Ian Brown

Although the Lions tried valiantly they couldn‟t match the run of the Swans and the second half saw more of the same with the Swans running out convincing winners when the final siren sounded. Hayden Lalara played a magLions captain Shadrack Bara called incorrectly and Jeremy Barnett had no hesinificent game for the Lions at full back and deservedly won the man of the match tation in deciding to kick with the assistance of the breeze. The Swans capitalaward despite playing in a losing team. And apart from winning back to back ized immediately and through the boot of Benny Moore had 2 quick goals on premierships the most pleasing aspect of the Swans victory would have been the the board. The Lions defense was under siege and some good midfield pressure team effort with all players contributing to the victory. limited the possible damage. At quarter time the Swans held a healthy four goal margin but the Lions were about to have their turn kicking to the scoring end. Circumstances were very similar to 2011 with a strong breeze favoring the northern end and winning the toss was going to be important.

Unfortunately for the Lions they didn‟t take advantage and the Swans buoyed by their first quarter effort continued to press home their advantage. With Benuel Mamarika running amok in the forward line, the Swans increased their lead significantly and at half time the Lions would need an almighty effort to get back into the game. SWANS Best Players Goal Kickers LIONS Best Players Goal Kickers Bara

Benuel Mamarika, Dave, Jeremy Barnett, Basil Bara, Dale Hamilton 7..Benuel Mamarika, 3..Jeremy Barnett, 2..Ben Moore, 1..Clarence Mamarika, Sebo Bara Bara, Basil Bara, Dale Hamilton, Jake McCarthy & Millsy Hayden Lalara, Shadrack Bara, Lancen Wurrawilya, Jethro Marawili, Troy Herbert 1..Gareth Mamarika, Billy Yantarrgna, Leslie Bara Bara & Joelle

Top: Swans celebrate after their victory. Above: Onlookers get into the Swans spirit.

Arnhem Team excels in NT Athletics Championships Ngakwurralangwa College was well represented at the recent NT Athletics Championships held at Darwin‟s Marrara Stadium over 4 days. Five students, Jimmy Sanarua and Jude Bradbury from Alyangula, Saralena Lalara and Jarrod Wurramarrba from Angurugu, and Byron Murrawili from Umbakumba competed having been selected from trials during the College Athletics Carnival. Jude Bradbury received a silver in the 1500m and a bronze in the 800m, Jimmy Sanarua received a bronze in the 100m

and Byron Murrawili received a gold in the javelin. The Arnhem team was the overall winner of the carnival and it was an excellent experience for our students to go and compete against the best in the NT. College Director Mark Monaghan said that the students are a shining example to the Groote Eylandt community demonstrating to the rest of the NT that coming from remote is no barrier to performing at the highest level .

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