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February 29th 2011

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Eylandt Echo

Fourtnighly news for the Groote Eylandt community proudly produced by GEMCO

Change to TEMCO operation announced

BHP Billiton last week released the following news release concerning TEMCO

input costs, including in reductants and electricity. At the same time, manganese alloy markets in Europe and North America have been weak and global prices remain low. “While measures have been taken to make the operation as cost effective as possible, BHP Billiton Manganese President, these have not been sufficient to counter Tom Schutte, said: “TEMCO is a shifts in the market, increased costs of processing business that competes globally with similar facilities in other production, or operating losses,” he said. parts of the world. Recently, there has BHP Billiton Manganese Australia Presibeen further erosion of its international dent, Bryan Quinn, said the Company will competitiveness due to the strong Aus- review the long term future of the operation over a three month period, which will tralian dollar and steady increases in include extensive stakeholder consultation BHP Billiton last week announced its intention to temporarily suspend production at TEMCO, its manganese alloy production facility located in George Town, Tasmania, by early to mid March 2012.

and review of all options. “Importantly, during this time there will be no change in the employment status of TEMCO based permanent employees. However, contracting partners will be reduced to those critical to essential activities. If any decision is made to reduce the number of permanent employees following the review, we will explore all options in order to preserve jobs, including redeployment opportunities within BHP Billiton,” he said.

Lightning strikes twice Two Groote Eylandt residents are lucky to be alive after surviving lightning strikes in Alyangula last week. Mark Cooper and Andre Duplessis were filling a boat with petrol when the strike hit. The men heard a ‘massive crack and instantaneously, a bright flash’. “I felt a really hard jolt on my shoulder and it traveled down to my hand,” Mark said. “It took a few seconds to process what had actually happened because although there was distant thunder, there had been no lightning nearby. My first thought was, ‘did that really just happen?’. It wasn't until Andre yelled to back away from the petrol bowser and boat that I really believed what had happened. Andre saw a branch of a lightning strike hit the boat antenna and then it

must have travelled down through my arm.” Mark said it wasn't until he was having his heart monitored with the ESOs later that evening that the gravity of what could have been sunk in. “The only effect was a round, white burn mark on my shoulder. It could have easily been much worse and I feel pretty lucky to have gotten away so lightly. “I’ve only just bought the boat today and haven't even named it yet,” Mark said. “I’m thinking something along the lines of Lucky Strike might be a good name for it.” In a separate incident a GEMCO employee was taken to Alyangula Medical Centre on the 21st

February after feeling a ‘tingle’ run up his arm while planting trees. There was a thunderstorm in the area at the time. Frans Jaspers, manager for Health, Safety and Environment at GEMCO said it is important to be aware of personal safety during storms. “There is a 30-30 rule which is a good rule of thumb,” Frans said. “The rule states that if there is more than 30 seconds between when you see lighting and when you hear thunder, move to a safe area like an enclosed structure or vehicle. Once you hear the last thunder clap, wait for 30 minutes and you should be safe to move back into the area. Don’t shelter under trees during a storm and make sure you are not in a open area.”

Island Imagination competition heats up A big thank you to Sarah Marsh for this weeks winning picture. Her photograph was taken at sunset at a beautiful cove near South Point. We liked the classic sunset colours and the iconic silhouette of a man with his dog and fishing rod. A great Groote Eylandt image to kick-start our competition. Sarah goes in the running for a digital camera. Thank you to everyone who sent in photographs. Keep sending them in! For competition details, check out page four and eleven. Next deadline for submissions is 8th March. Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 1

Mark Cooper and his two children

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February 29th 2011

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From the editor

Darwin Bombing anniversary commemorated

Greetings Eylandters, A big thank you to everyone who sent in photographs for the Eylandt Imagination Photography Competition. It’s fantastic to see the community sprit alive and well on Groote Eylandt! Storm safety is a serious issue this month as the wet season kicks in, so make sure you and your family know what to do in the case of a storm. Remember, this is your community newspaper, so please feel free to send in letters to the editor, stories for publication, recipes, comments and any other input you may have. Happy reading, Sarah Dixon Contact us: Eylandt Echo

A crowd of over 5000 people attended the memorial for the 70th anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin at the Esplanade in Darwin last week. The NT News reported that war veterans and politicians including Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, paid their respects to the more than 240 people killed during the bombing on February 19, 1942. The bombing, which came 10 weeks after the Pearl Harbour attack, caused the worst wartime loss of life on

Australian soil in our nation’s history. The approximately 188 Japanese aircraft were initially believed to have been American Kittyhawks. The warning sirens sounding only a few seconds before the bombs dropped. Eight ships, including the American destroyer, the USS Peary, 22 aircraft and dozens of buildings were destroyed in the bombing. (Source: NT News, BBC)

Police Beat: Groote Eylandt

Phone: (08) 8987 4137 Postal: Eylandt Echo, Alyangula NT 0885 The Eylandt Echo newsletter is produced each fortnight for the benefit of everyone on Groote Eylandt. The Eylandt Echo is sponsored by GEMCO as a community service. The contributions and advertisements contained within the Eylandt Echo are not necessarily the views and opinions shared by either the Editor or GEMCO, but are presented for the community’s interest at large.


Quote of the week: “ A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Court: Local Court was held at Alyangula 15-16th February 2012. The next Local Court sitting is 14-16th March 2012. 3 people were summonsed for traffic related offences (drive unlicensed + other offences) and will appear in Alyangula Magistrates Court on 14th March 2012. Angurugu Post Opening: Angurugu Police Post will be operational this week. Local Police will provide an on site service in line with the Regional Partnership Agreement (RPA). The tentative formal opening for the Angurugu Police Post is early March (date to be confirmed). Notices: Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) days at the Police Station are Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays between 09:30 and 3:30pm for those wishing to obtain licenses and vehicle registrations. "Alyangula Police will continue to target traffic offending and will be focussing on drink drivers this month. Pre plan your social activities and ensure that you have alternative arrangements to get home in place after drinking"

Township news Garden Refuse Collection RMS conduct fortnightly clean ups of garden waste and you can leave your green waste on the verge for collection. Please do not place your green waste on top of or next to the concrete Telstra pits, fire hydrants, power poles etc. Throughout Alyangula, there are a number of concrete boxes located in the verge (front lawn) of houses that contain Telstra cable access points. Typically, all that is visible is the concrete lid which is flush with the ground. If the garden refuse is placed near any of these obstructions, RMS cannot collect the waste with their machines, and it has to be done manually. Please assist the RMS Crews by placing your refuse in clear and accessible locations. Garden Maintenance Thank you to the vast majority of tenants who have been keeping their lawns and gardens in a neat and tidy condition. For those who have not been able to do this because they’ve been on leave etc., we remind you of your obligations under your Residential Tenancy Agreement which states: Clause 21. “The Tenant agrees: To maintain

the surrounds of the premises in a neat and tidy condition and ensure that no debris is accumulated which would constitute a cyclone hazard” Clause 31. “To maintain the garden and lawns of the property in good order at all times including regular pruning and watering during the tenancy…” LJ Hooker is contractually bound to report breaches of the terms and conditions of any Residential Tenancy Agreement to GEMCO. We’d greatly appreciate your co-operation in ensuring you comply with your obligations and please do not hesitate to contact our office on 8987-6400 if there are any reasons why you cannot comply. Swimming Pools No Fence = No Water For anyone considering erecting a pool or spa, please remember that NT legislation requires the pool / spa to be registered with the NT Water Safety Branch and fenced in accordance with the standards outlined in the NT Swimming Pool Safety Act prior to being filled with water. Full details are available at or by calling 1300 301 059. Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 2

If you see a pool, no matter how small or temporary, being erected on a GEMCO property, please advise the LJ Hooker office so we can ensure that it is fenced in accordance with NT legislation and does not pose a risk to the children of Alyangula. Recycling Facility Many tenants may not be aware of the recycling facilities that GEMCO provide to the residents of Alyangula. In the area known as the Hobby Sheds, behind the Fire Station in Alyangula, there are facilities where you can drop your waste for recycling. This includes, glass, aluminum, cooking oil, engine oil, white goods (fridges, washing machines, dryers etc.) car batteries etc. Please help eliminate unnecessary waste going to land fill and take advantage of the recycling facilities that GEMCO provide.

February 29th 2011

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New Principal at Umbakumba School

 A Swedish man has survived two months of frozen isolation in his car, after becoming trapped inside with temperatures outside reaching as low as –30C.  A gas-fuelled fire may burn on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean for months in the waters off Nigeria, Chevron reported to media this month, after an explosion at an exploration rig in January.  A new treatment for advanced skin cancer doubles survival times according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  US President, Barack Obama, has apologised to the Afghan people for the burning of Korans by American troops at a US base.  Zoologists in Botswana have been diving with wild saltwater crocodiles to study the science behind croc attacks. Little is known about crocodiles in the wild underwater because of the obvious risks associated with studying them.  Japans fishing industry is under threat from swarms of giant Echizen jellyfish which have appeared along the pacific coast, costing the industry millions of yen. (Source: BBC news)

Umbakumba School welcomed a new principal this year. Robyn Beauchamp (pictured right) said she was excited to be on Groote Eylandt and was looking forward to building on the positive changes the previous principal, Adrian, had established. Robyn moves to Groote Eylandt from New South Wales, with her husband Mark, and dog, Bella. “It’s my first time to teach in a community like Umbakumba,” Robyn said. “It’s great to see a real sense of community ownership and see kids take responsibility for themselves to come to school. I am excited for the challenges ahead.”

School children find their rhythm 20 Angurugu students facing the challenges of Machado Joseph Disease in their families, explored their emotions in a hip hop workshop in Angurugu earlier this month. Award winning hiphop artist, Nick Juan taught the students how to express themselves to the backdrop of beats. “Many hip hop MCs rap about problems they face, offering various solutions to the rhythm of their favorite break-beats,” said Nick from Elements Hiphop Workshops. “Like in other communities, the kids wrote lyrics about community life. There was some real talent up here – both making the beats and writing the raps,” he said. Three of the participants also worked with two local men, Hilroy Manggurra and Steve Wurramara, to record their film clips. Hilroy and Steve have been learning the art of film making as part of the MJD Foundation’s Our Story project and this was a great opportunity to put their skills into practice as well as learn new techniques on shooting hip hop videos from Nick. After receiving a $10,000 grant from the CocaCola Australia Foundation, the MJD Foundation worked closely with the Angurugu Campus of the Ngakwurra Langwa College and East Arnhem Shire Council’s Youth Sport and Recreation department to make it happen. The MJD Foundation’s Director of Research and Community Services, Libby Massey, said

Katriana recording her first rap at the Elements HipHop workshop..

engaging young people affected by Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) and broader youth cohort is vital. “We know that 130 Groote Eylandters alive today are at risk of having MJD, and each generation often experiences early onset and more severe symptoms, so a lot of the kids who attended, are or will be directly affected by MJD,” she said. “The Hip Hop workshops were a fun way to engage the kids and provide respite for them as carers of family members with MJD and also for their carers. For us, this was a great way to kick off 2012.” Nick is now back in his Brisbane studio mixing the tracks and they will be released in April for Youth Week. The participants will also be encouraged to enter their tracks into the 2012 Youth Week competition ‘Imagine, Create, Inspire’.

Students from schools all over Groote Eylandt have been cooking up a storm in Alyangula this month. As part of a Certificate one in hospitality, students have been learning the tricks of the hospitality trade including hygiene, food preparation and cooking. “They’re a great bunch of kids to work with. We’re having fun cooking a bit of everything,” said chef Kelly Craig. “It’s a good opportunity to learn valuable life skills too,” said senior secondary school teacher, Clare Schoeller. A trainer from Charles Darwin University will arrive on Eylandt 12th March to work with the students and assess them on what they have learned. Kelly Craig with Umbakumba student Nicholas Marawili cooking a bacon and pumpkin frittata. Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 3

February 29th 2011

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Leske Pools recreation area re-opens to visitors Leske Pools, a popular recreation spot on Groote Eylandt, has been reopened after several months of closure. The pools are considered a safe place to swim with wide, shallow areas suitable for children and no estuarine crocodiles known to be in the area. Leske Pools is accessible via 4WD by following the main road south of Angurugu. It features sandy beach and rocky areas alongside the river, low hills opposite and some interesting short walks including an upstream to shoot the rapids (bring an innertube) and some beautiful shady ‘jungle’. It is a beautiful place to enjoy what Groote Eylandt has to offer, so please respect the environment and take your rubbish home with you. You will need a land-permit if a resident and if you are a visitor to the Eylandt, make sure that you are accompanied by a landpermit holder.

Above: Waterfalls at Leske Pools. Right: Rangers out at Leske Pools checking permits. Far right: Ripcke family enjoying a swim in one of the many swimming spots.

Writers Corner with Jake Santos The Beauty of the Island… shining through! I am so glad to have been assigned to work in

Groote Eylandt, the largest island in the Gulf of Carpentaria. I was filled with excitement when I found out, knowing that I was heading to a beautiful island. And true enough, I saw the beauty of nature in this island. From the pristine waters of the sea, you could smell the fresh sea breeze. The island is likewise blessed with spectacular bush, colorful and attractive flowers, tropical wild life and various birds which sing and wake you up in the morning. I am always a witness of a truly awe-inspiring and stunning sunset at the end of the day- something that is heart-warming especially when I look for serenity and solitude. As I work in the island, I truly enjoy and appreciate the peaceful and clean environment, and friendly people- both locals and mine workers. There are lots of wonderful and lovely things which abound in the island aside from manganese (which all of us know). And no words can express my appreciation of it. 'Groote Eylandt'... indeed, a great island. ~Jake Santos Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 4

February 29th 2011

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Interview of the week:

Flying high with Pete Sumner

This week we caught up with Pete Sumner, fleet manager and pilot for Vincent Aviation. We asked Pete all those questions you’ve always wanted to know about flying ... those puffy cumulous clouds which we associate with turbulence. Those big thunderstorms are full of water and lightning. We navigate around them but they can go 45-50 000 ft high. We use a weather radar to find them as we fly. A weather radar will identify the moisture drops, precipitation, in the atmosphere picking up reflection so we can avoid those areas.. Echo: How much turbulence can a plane take? Echo: How long have you been flying? Pete: I got my commercial licence in 1990 which makes it 22 years now. Echo: How many kilometres do you think you would have flown all up? Pete: At 6kilometers a minutes, that’s 360 000 kilometers a year and around 2.5 million over my career. Echo: In your opinion which airline has the best food? Pete: Air New Zealand Echo: How does an aeroplane stay up in the sky? Pete: The magic of differential pressure and forward movement. Echo: Why is it always bumpy flying into Groote Eylandt? Pete: That’s caused by thermals, or hot air rising. The air forms moisture and makes .

Pete: More than you have ever experienced!

Echo: Could a passenger plane roll and pull it off? Pete: Not really. I have been on a plane years ago that went vertical, up 90 degrees, and if it had gone further it would have rolled, but its not something we would ever usually try. Golden rule of thumb is blue sky up.

“Golden rule of thumb is blue sky up.”

Echo: What characteristics does it take to be a pilot? Pete: A passion for flying, good judgement and self discipline. Echo: I remember reading a quote by a pilot who said “flying is hours and hours of boredom, interrupted by moments of sheer terror.” Any comment?


Echo: So if both pilots had passed out and the only person left to land the plane was me (open car licence and motor bike), would I be able to land

Pete: No, you wouldn't get past the bullet proof door between us and you. Echo: Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to chat. Pete: Thank you. It’s a pleasure flying out here to Groote Eylandt to provide this service to the community.

Pete: It comes down to passion, you really do have to be passionate about flying to do this job. There is plenty of enjoyment between those moments. Echo: Any standout scary moments during your career? Pete: I flew in and out of Wellington for a year which was extremely windy, up to 80kms an hour and very turbulent.

EVENTS: Every Friday: Chook Run (Register at the bar) Wednesday 29 February: Betapave Monthly Medal – Shiftworkers Option: Timesheet Start Saturday 3 March: Betapave Monthly Medal – Timsheet Start COURSE CLOSED ALL DAY

RESULTS FROM FEBRUARY MONTHLY MEDAL BETAPAVE – FEBRUARY MONTHLY MEDAL RESULTS Congratulations everyone Mens 0 – 16: 1st – Grant Burton (Nett: 61 & overall Mug Winner) Mens 0 – 16: 2nd – James Downes Mens 17+: 1st – Martin Crawley (Nett: 62) Mens 17+: 2nd – Greg Wiley Ladies All 1st – Natalie Peterson (Nett: 59 & overall Mug Winner) Ladies All 2nd – Susanne Cullen Best Gross – James Downes (73) Eagle 8th – Par 4 – Jake Cockle UPCOMING EVENTS: The Easter Open will be held 5th and 6th April. Thank you to all who have submitted their interest in participating in this event. Details will be advertised closer to the date. Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 5

February 29th 2011

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Leaving Eylandt rive from the UK. It came sea mail. Echo: What is next on the cards? Michael: Fly-in, fly-out for GEMCO working at the stores warehouse. It must be an urban myth that postal workers are grumpy, because if there is one place on Eylandt that you are guaranteed a smile, it’s at the Alyangula Post Office. This week we say goodbye to Michael Vasicek who has run the Post Office for the past two and a half years. We caught up with him before he leaves ... Echo: What is the strangest thing someone has ever posted? Michael: Someone sent a coconut once. I thought it was pretty funny. They sent it overseas. Echo: What is the longest someone has waited for a parcel to arrive on Groote Eylandt?

Echo: What is your favourite recreational place on the Eylandt? Michael: Does that include the pub? Echo: Any advice for newcomers to Groote Eylandt? Michael: Get out there and explore. There is so much fantastic fishing, camping and fun stuff to do on Groote Eylandt. Ohh and Express Post EVERYTHING. Echo: Anything else? Michael: I would like to say a big thank you to all my loyal customers, not that they have a choice! I have really appreciated the kindness of the community members and have loved being here.





Weekly health and fitness with Rachel Van Oosten

You may have seen this headline before: ‘Diets Don’t Work’. You may have even discovered this out for yourself, yet why is it that many of us are still out there with our ears to the ground for the magic solution to weight loss? For those of you who have been on a diet (or many diets) you may have noticed that as soon as you stopped, the kilos crept back on and along with this you may have felt your self-confidence take a dive. So why is this? Diets in essence, are about restriction. They are about with-holding foods that you no doubt love, decreasing your intake and compromising your energy levels. The end result at an unconscious level is that you associate pain or discomfort with ‘dieting’. So as soon as you are ‘off the diet’ you start to shift back to “you associ- whatever gives you pleasure – whether that is the ate pain with type of food, amount of food, or both. In addition to this, restricting your intake puts your the idea of body into starvation mode. What this means is that your body slows down its ability to burn foods dieting” (metabolise) in order to conserve energy. The body also starts storing food as fat during this starvation mode. When you combine a return to pre diet eating with a slowed metabolism as your body has kicked over to starvation mode, you put weight back on. So what do you need to do instead to see and maintain your ideal body for the long term? Stop the insanity cycle – if you have been repeating the same pattern of diet/weight loss/weight gain it is time to commit to do something different! Here are 7 keys to get you on track right now:

 Find a system and strategy that does work, ideally combining nutrition, fitness and mindset shifts for long-term results.

 Commit yourself to making the changes to improve your health and

wellbeing right now. If you are not at a 10 in your level of commitment, ask yourself what is holding you back?  Get organised & plan for your success. Everyone is time poor these Michael: Someone waited three days. To make the time for you and your health & fitness you need months once for a parcel to arto plan when and how you are going to prepare healthy meals and get active.  Eat 5-6 small meals comprised of real foods (ie. non-processed) at frequent intervals throughout the day. This will ensure your energy levels are sustained and that you are not tempted to snack on foods that are no longer working for you.  Eat breakfast, get moving and build some muscle to boost your metabolism and fat burning potential.  Hold yourself accountable. Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time-specific) goals to focus your efforts and motivate you to take consistent action.  Identify your support network. Keeping yourself accountable and on track is made a lot easier if you get your family and friends on board. Share what you are doing and introduce a new approach to healthy eating and exercise to your family so everyone can benefit. Finally, be kind to yourself during setbacks (remember there is no failure only feedback) and celebrate your successes! Contrary to popular belief, yoga is far more than just an exer- Yours in health & vitality, cise class for women. Traditionally, yoga is defined as the Rachel Van Oosten union of body & spirit, however there are many different definitions because the concept itself is very broad. Another Active Symmetry

What is yoga?

way to define yoga is as a pathway to freedom of the body and mind by using specific techniques which can be learned by anyone. The yoga poses you see in a typical yoga class are done to promote strength & flexibility of the body and mind, clear the body of toxins & to enable energy to flow through the body without obstruction. We also do yoga so that we can sit in comfort and in stillness, without the need for restless movement. For many, the lack of equipment, competition and team mates is initially a challenge. There is no punching bag to hit, no ball to slam dunk and no finishing line to run across. That simply leaves you and your yoga mat. What you learn on your mat, is up to you. Self discipline, patience, determination, truthfulness & acceptance are all qualities which yoga can develop. Physically, yoga has been shown to tone & strengthen the entire body, balance & reduce weight, improve lung capacity, increase flexibility & reduce stress levels & blood pressure. Many people practice yoga to enable them to live more peaceful balanced lives.

 Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 6

 Finding stillness in the mind & body can help free the mind of desires and improve concentration

February 29th 2011

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Alyangula Early Childhood Centre expands

Groote Eylandt Book Club Looking for a cheap and easy off-Eylandt getaway? Pick up a book and let your imagination take you there. The Groote Eylandt Book Club meets monthly on Eylandt to socialise and discuss the monthly book of choice. Over the next few months the Club are reading through the following list of books.

Due to high demand on its services, the Alyangula Early Childhood Centre is currently making arrangements to increase numbers particularly in the 0-3 age group. Plans are underway to open a third room, which will be known as the “Discoverers”, catering for children aged 0-2.

The Long Walk - Slavomir Rawicz The Paris Wife - Paula McClean Bereft - Chris Womersley Brandwashed - Martin Lindstrom All That I Am -Anna Funder Defiled on the Ayeyarwaddy - Ma Thanegi

The little room will be renamed to the “Explorers” and will cater for children aged 2-3. Of course, whilst the centre is changing the room names, the big room will also be renamed to the “Inventors” and will cater for children aged 3-4.

For more information on the Groote Eylandt Book Club and how to join contact

If you are looking for childcare, please contact the Director, Michelle, to add your child’s name to the waiting list.

Michele on 0429 967 546

Made with love This weeks recipe comes from Jackie Castrisos. We love this brown rice salad because its healthy, low GI and simple to make. Enjoy it as a main course, a healthy snack on the run or as a side dish to meat or fish.

Dud job? Ever had a job that was just plain weird, incredibly boring or really embarrassing? Write in and share it with us for a laugh. No last names please! This week’s Dud Job comes from Steve:

“I once worked for a electrical contractor who was on a tight budget. He bought loads of old second-hand bricks to save money on the job. So I had to sit down next to this pile of bricks and chip the concrete off the edges of them for a month straight. Yawn!”

Brown Rice Salad 1 cup brown rice (cooked) 60g roasted cashew nuts, roughly chopped 3 tablespoons coriander, chopped 6 spring onions, finely chopped 1 medium red capsicum, finely diced

Don’t be shy, send ‘em into

2 tablespoons roasted sunflower seeds

Soy Sauce Dressing ¼ cup sunflower oil (can interchange with canola or vegetable oil) 2 tablespoons soy sauce

Handy info on

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Groote Eylandt

1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 clove garlic, crushed

Land council office: 89874007


Rangers @ Pole 13: 89876703

Emergency services: 89874425

Combine all dressing ingredients in a screw top jar and shake well to blend, then refrigerate for about an hour (if time permits). Transfer cooked rice to a serving dish/ bowl while still warm and add all ingredients, including dressing. Serve either whilst still warm, or is very refreshing served cold, so can be made hours in advance – just add the dressing before serving. *I also usually add in a stalk of finely chopped celery, and interchange the sunflower seeds with chopped almonds or pepitos/pumpkin seeds.

Send your own much loved recipes to

Did you know that the ASEC Hall is free to hire for your group activities? There are many classes currently being run at the ASEC Hall including jujitsu, yoga and aerobics. Movies are also shown inside the hall on weekends. For more information on how to hire the hall please contact LJ Hooker on 08 8987 6400

Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 7

February 29th 2011

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2012 Barra Competition Results Announced Groote Eylandt Game & Sports Fishing Club with the generous sponsorship of Eylandt Automotive held their annual Barra Comp from the 4 – 19 February ending with the presentation of prizes at the ARC last Friday night. With the lack of rain to excite the barramundi it was always going to be a tough comp to win – but for most of us it was unbelievably tough; many anglers failing to land a fish for the two days fished. Fortunately some had secret spots which produced the goods with 67 barra being recorded for the comp along with numerous Threadfin and Blue Salmon not to mention a few catfish. In all, 73 individual entries were recorded for the comp and 38 teams working together in pairs to battle it out for the new teams section. Fortunately most anglers enjoyed reasonable weather and the even the mozzies were-

n’t too bad. For those who couldn’t get a for their best two fish from each day. fish there seemed to be lots of crab pots This new section was popular and it probeing launched which hopefully kept some vided an opportunity for people not so people happy with crab on the menu on successful in the individual sections to have a chance at winning their return. the three categories through At the end of the comp “All in all most who a joint effort. only Bomber was successfished enjoyed their ful in catching 5 fish for each day helping him to All in all most who fished fishing even though take out the Male Chamtheir fishing even the fish were few and enjoyed pion Category with 608 though the fish were few cm of fish recorded. Miand far between – the joy of far between”- Ross chelle Giddings had a fishing. For those who didMcDonald great trip, out-fishing n’t quite make it for one many of the guys landing reason or another – bad five fish with a score of luck and hopefully next 360 cms taking out the Champion Female time you will get amongst that barra Category. Unfortunately no Juniors were magic. A special mention to Alan who successful in landing a Barra but Nick has now missed two of his own comps Brown scored the Small Fry Champion hopefully you won’t make it three – with 99cm of barra despite only fishing the thanks for your sponsorship and organisone day – great effort. Three barra over ing lures and other prizes for the comp. the 90cm were landed during the comp and Jason Leggy Lergessner is now a Congratulations to all the winners in the member of the Metre Club with a massive comp and better luck next time for those 103 cm barra taking out the inaugural less successful. Thanks to those who BigFish Salty Barra metre barra trophy helped to make this a successful club shirt kindly donated by BigFish clothing event. Darwin, a great result for this new section. This comp was also the first time that a team event was organised for the barra comp with pairs from boats joining forces

Barra Comp results 2012 CHAMPION MALE ANGLER - Bomber 608cms CHAMPION FEMALE ANGLER – Michelle Giddings 360cms CHAMPION JUNIOR ANGLER - No Prize winner CHAMPION SMALL FRY ANGLER - Nick Brown 99cms LONGEST BARRAMUNDI MALE ANGLER - Leggy – 103cms LONGEST BARRAMUNDI FEMALE ANGLER - Michelle Giddings 81cms LONGEST BARRAMUNDI JUNIOR ANGLER - No Prize winner LONGEST BARRAMUNDI SMALL FRY ANGLER - Nick Brown 59cms LONGEST GOLDEN SNAPPER - Jeremy Barnett 36cms LONGEST THREDFIN SALMON - Cayley Nowell 75cms LONGEST BLUE NOSE SALMON - Andrew Caruana 61cms METRE BARRA – Leggy 103cms TEAM SCORES (MAX 2 PERSONS SAME BOAT) SENIOR AND SENIOR (best 2 fish each day each angler) Dan & Michelle Giddings 520cms SENIOR AND JUNIOR (best 2 fish each day each angler)Jake & Matt Enever 202cms SENIOR AND SMALL FRY (best 2 fish each day each angler) Jeff & Nick Brown 276cms

Above: Meter barra winner, Leggy. Left: Champion anglers, Bomber and Michelle

Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 8

February 29th 2011

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responsible for coordinating the day to day requirements of the GEBIE social program, focusing on assisting local residents and communities on Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island The successful applicant will need to engage well with community members, manage high levels of community needs and have strong organisational and administrative skills. No accommodation provided.


Head Office (6 months fixed-term)

The Body Shop is now available on Groote Eylandt! If you would like to get together with some friends and host a party or simply place an order, please feel free to contact me to browse the 2012 catalogue. Be quick to try the limited edition on Chocó mania Products!

One of the fridges at the Alyangula Early Childhood Center is on its way out. If you have a fridge in good condition that you could donate or sell at a reasonable price, please contact the centre. Whilst we are requesting donations, the centre would also appreciate a pram. Contact: director or call Reception and Administration Officer –


POSITIONS VACANT Casual staff are needed, so if you are interested please contact the centre. director @alyangulaearlychildhoodcentre.comor call


The opportunity exists for an organised person, customer service driven person to join the GEBIE Head Office. This position is responsible for the general reception and administration duties in the office and work involving the Social Program. This position will need to provide information and customer service to the community in regards to GEBIE’s functions. The successful applicant will be of a friendly manner, experienced customer service and the ability to work well with community members. No accommodation provided.

Shop Manager - Milyakburra Store, Bickerton Island We are seeking an experienced Shop Manager (ideal for a couple) to relocate to Bickerton Island. The position is responsible for the daily operational management of the Milyakburra Store and its staff. The successful person will have knowledge of remote store servicing and challenges, general financial administration,

purchasing and inventory control and the ability work autonomously. For further information and selection documentation please contact the HR Manager Amanda Strange on: Tel 89874010 Mob 0407853401 Email All positions need to be filled urgently. HELP – Cleaner Needed!!! Please call Katie 0418414404 After School Care required

I am looking for someone to look after 2 boys 9 and 8 after school until 4pm. If interested please call Katie 0418414404 We are currently seeking Casual Staff for the Bar & the Kitchen. Flexible hours weekends and nights. No Experience necessary as training is provided. The club operates 7 days a week however the kitchen only operates 5 nights a week. Interested? Contact Jenny on 8987 6060

We are now taking submissions for classifieds advertisements. It is free to post an advertisement, so send in your text and pictures by the 8th March to:

Email: PH 0404 855 518

WELCOME A warm Groote Eylandt welcome to the Milton family who will arrive on the 12th of March.

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS There have been a number of snakes around Alyangula this month. To clarify to residents, please make note of the following:  Call the GROOTE EYLANDT EMERGENCY SERVICES on 8987 4425. Call ‘000’ if someone has been bitten, injured or a person is in immediate danger from the snake – when calling ‘000’ ensure location is specified as Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory and ask for Ambulance or Fire Brigade.  A trained snake handler will be sent to assist you as soon as possible. Remember this person maybe giving up their own time to do so. The availability of personnel will determine how long it takes for a snake handler to arrive.

FOR SALE Community Support Manager – Head Office This position is a senior management role responsible for managing GEBIE’s current community support programs, coordinating with other service providers to minimize duplication and maximize effectiveness, as well as facilitating appropriate new services in keeping with future strategic direction. The successful person will require experience in developing and monitoring programs, managing staff and communicating effectively with community groups. No accommodation provided.

Kenwood Chef Major Machine KM007 $600 SS 6.7l bowl, K-beater, Dough hook, & Whisk, 1200 Motor

 Gaggia Automatic Coffee Machine $600 Contact Pam on 0417063403 ASEC Hall yoga class schedule: Monday: 5.30-6.30pm Power yoga ** Tuesday: 6-7pm Restorative yoga* Thrusday: 5.30-6.30pm Vinyasa flow*

Social Program Coordinator – Head Office (6 months fixed-term)

10 class passes & month long passes now available.

The opportunity exists for a dedicated person to join the social program team. This position is Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 9

February 29th 2011

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Snakes alive with Stuart Gay This week the Echo caught up with Stuart Gay. Stuart has a collection of unusual pets including 2 pythons, a blue tongue lizard, a bearded dragon as well as two young German Shepherds. “Most people wouldn't guess that snakes have a personality, but they definitely do. You wouldn't call her cuddly, but Olive, my two-year-old olive python, has a really good temperament,” Stuart said. “Scarlett, the jungle carpet python is a little more feisty. I feed them rats which are flown over from Darwin frozen. It definitely takes time and love to have these pets. You must do your research and make sure you have a good secure safe environment for them. Plus NT Govt and Land Council permission. I love it though. I reckon if I wasn't in IT, I’d own a zoo.” Pictures:Stuart with his Olive Python

Hello dog owners of Groote Eylandt! I am Chris de Aboitiz, aka the surfing dog man. I am a dog whisperer and train dogs across Australia. I am passionate about showing people how to really understand their dogs and how to get the very best relationship they can with them. I have met and am inspired by the concepts of Cesar Milan, the famous dog whisperer from America. We have a pack of our own consisting of three dogs, Lani, Murf and Rama. I shall share our adventures together with you all in the coming weeks to help you better understand your own pack...

Today we will talk about dogs and anxiety, which is probably one of the most common problems dog owners face and might be unaware of what is really going on. When I go for a paddle each morning, I usually take my 3 dogs along for the ride. The other morning I decided to leave my lovely, easy-going Border Collie, Murf, as he weighs in at a substantial 30kg which is a lot to carry along on a strong incoming tide. I set off which just my two lightweights, Rama and Lani. When I returned an hour later, my neighbour informed me that Murf had been barking with anxiety at being left behind. He felt it was his right to come along for a paddle each and every time I set off. Do you find when you try to leave your dog alone it starts to get anxious, upset, frustrated, excited and then in turn starts barking, winging, scratching to get out or jumping fences? These can all be signs of anxiety and what do you think the dog is saying? A lot of people interpret this as ‘my dog loves and misses me’. That’s right but let’s elaborate. The dog is saying ‘I love you but you cannot go away because I am the pack leader’. What we need to do is reverse that thought in his mind. By saying…. I’m the pack leader I’m going out, I’ll be back when I get back, your job is not to worry, not to get anxious, but to be calm and comfortable with your own company. A lot of people make the mistake of rewarding anxiety by giving love and attention to their dog when it’s in this unbalanced state of mind. It is similar to having a young child and the child says ‘mum or dad buy me that

lolly, buy me that lolly’. What happens if you buy that lolly when the child is in that state of mind? Good luck next time, because you are rewarding bad behaviour. Sometimes when we go out, due to circumstances, we have to tie up our dogs up away from us, such as at a coffee shop, restaurant, etc. and the anxiety starts. Our dog does not understand why at home, and in other places, he can be at our feet, on our lap, or in our bed. These should be our personal spaces. He then gets use to thinking it is his space and you are part of his pack so when you have to be separated he does not understand why. How many of us have a dog that follows you from room to room? They think it’s their right to be anywhere you are. One of the simplest ways to start working on the anxiety is letting him know that it’s not his right, it’s a privilege. Challenge your dog at home whilst you have the time and let him know that you’re going to another part of the house and their job is to stay in their bed. You can invite your dog over to you when it is calm and submissive. Again, only reward the dog when it is in this frame of mind. Anxiety is a form of unbalanced codependency where we are unknowingly or knowingly rewarding the unbalanced mind and behaviour. So beware of the bi product you are creating by loving the anxious mind. Until next week, Chris de Aboitiz, Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 10

Katherine Vet Care Centre


Call the Katherine Clinic on 08 8972 2752 for appointment times. e-mail:

Katherine Vet Care What are some common health issues with pet dogs on Groote Eylandt? We, at Katherine Vet Care, have been caring for the dogs of Groote for a number of years and have seen a variety of health problems in your pets. The most common issues faced by owners are: Parasites such as fleas, tick and worms Skin diseases seen often are mange, hot spots, and flea allergies Ear problems due to grass seeds entrapment and infection Dental disease Dog fight wounds All of these can be frustrating for owners and painful or irritating to their beloved pets. Fortunately, with our able assistant, Kristene, we are able to effectively treat a large number of these issues even when we are not actually on island. Many pets owe their comfort to her helping hands. We also offer over-the-phone advice for the people and pets of Groote when we are absent. Please feel free to contact us (08 8972 2752) with issues or concerns. Sometimes, animals are too sick to be treated remotely or have a problem that cannot be diagnosed adequately over the phone. We advise owners to have a plan for getting their dog off Island in place as it can be hard to think of your options in an emergency situation.

February 29th 2011


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The Puzzle Page


 Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each col-

umn and each 3x3 block contain all of the digits 1-9. Good luck! Answers next week Across 1. Garret (5) 4. Communicative interaction (7) 7. Hassle (7) 8. Smithy's block (5) 9. Tooth (5) 10. Reaches out (7) 11. Pact (6) 13. Stategy (6) 17. Time off (7) 19. Stroll (5) 21. Rough (5) 22. Eight-sided polygon (7) 23. Imagined (7) 24. Watercourse (5)

Last week’s answers:

Down 1. Try (7) 2. Supernatural creature (5) 3. Floorshow (7) 4. Mentally quick and resourceful (6) 5. Go forward (7) 6. Stories (5) 8. Pertinent (3) 12. Gourmet (7) 14. Disorderly (7) 15. Everlasting (7) 16. Unit of time (6) 17. Perspicuous (5) 18. Employ (3) 20. Start (5) Thanks to

Trivia Time … test your knowledge 1. What political system was gradually dismantled in South Africa, starting in 1989? 2. Who was the last president of the Soviet Union? 3. In which South Australian opal-mining town do many residents live underground to escape the heat? 4. What was the name of the character played by Mel Gibson

No peeking! Answers below

1.Apartheid 2. Mikail Gorbachev 3. Cooper Pedy 4. Frank Dunne 5. Greg Page 6. Billabong Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 11

Trivia answers:


in Gallipoli? 5. What is the name of the original yellow Wiggle? 6. What Aboriginal term for a waterhole is also the name of an Australian clothing company?

February 29th 2011

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Alyangula Mixed Touch Football Competition It’s time to start getting your mixed touch footy team together! You will need 12 players per team with at least one female on the field. Registration costs $120 per team ($10 per player) with the money raised going towards the end of season function. There are trophies and prizes for the winner of the Cup and Plate finals. (Dependant on sponsorship). The first round will be played on Wednesday 18th April, so make sure you register on the 30th March. More information and notices will be released closer to the date. For more information contact Andy on 0418 602 682

Swans training kicks off Pre season training for the Alyangula Swans Football Club has now commenced for the 2012 GEFL dry season competition, every Tuesday night from 6.30pm. Club President Steve Cullen said he was happy with the turn out last week and encouraged interested people to come down and give it a go. “It’s a good roll up at 22 guys and it’s a great start to pre-season training,” he said. All past, present and intending players are welcome to attend.

Get into it on Groote Time/Day



Bootcamp on the oval


sports and activities Wednesday


Bootcamp on the oval

Friday Bootcamp on the oval


Walking group

8:10 17:30 17:40

Outdoor fitness - oval Yoga ASEC Hall Outdoor fitness - oval

18:00 18:30 19:00


Jujitsu ASEC Hall

Outdoor fitness - oval

Outdoor fitness - oval

Yoga ASEC Hall Outdoor fitness - oval Kick boxing ASEC Hall AFL training Yoga ASEC Hall

Outdoor fitness- oval Aerobics/Zumba ASEC Hall

Fitness Test / Running group

Jujitsu ASEC Hall Touch footy

BMX youth club/BBQ

Please let us know your sports event and we will list it here. Send it in to

Eylandt Echo, 29 February – March 13, 2012 - 12

Eylandt Echo 29 February 2012  
Eylandt Echo 29 February 2012  

Eylandt Echo 29 February 2012