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Council decision puts school one step closer

ABOVE: Cook Shire Mayor Peter Scott discussing the potential of the Cairns Catholic Eduction Services Special Learning Centre with Councillor Kaz Price. The site of the proposed new construction is close to the Cooktown State School, the Events Centre and the Skate Park. Photo: GARY HUTCHISON. INSET: Cairns Catholic Education Services Manager for Executive Services Andrew McKenzie is delighted with the recent Cook Shire Council decision to offer his orgnisation a 20-year lease forthe purpose of establishing a residential flexible learning facility. Photo submitted. COOKTOWN is just one step away the construction of the school,” he said. some programs towards the end of the provide for the needs of young people from the establishment of a Special “It’s money dedicated specifically year,” he said. who have disengaged from mainstream Mr McKenzie gave credit to the schooling or who have a problematic Assistance School (Flexible Learning for a project like ours and, at this stage, Centre) with the Cook Shire Council’s there doesn’t appear to be much demand Cook Shire Council, government relationship with mainstream schooling, recent offer of a 20-year lease to Cairns for it from other areas. agencies, Cooktown State School and which includes such issues as truancy, “Hopefully, we will soon receive the Cooktown community, in general, poor results and behavioural problems. Catholic Eduction Services. CCES Manager for Executive notification that our application has been for their support in establishing the Cook Shire Mayor Peter Scott said school. the establishment of the school provided Services Andrew McKenzie said the successful.” establishment of the school was dependMr McKenzie said once funding “We’re very appreciative of support potential social and economic benefits approval was given, machinations we’ve received from Mayor Peter Scott, for the region. ent on three stages. “This is something we’ve been “First stage was receiving accredita- could be put in place to see the school his councillors and his consulting and tion for the facility, which we achieved constructed by the end of 2014. specialist staff, who have been very working on with CCES for some time However, he said he hoped that by encouraging of us getting this project now, and I’m personally delighted we’re last year (2012),” Mr McKenzie said. “Second was the granting of the the end of this year, some of the or- up and running,” he said. one step closer to the project getting lease from Cook Shire Council, which ganisation’s programs could be already The proposed site of the school is on started,” he said. running with the aid of a partnership Council-owned land on Burkitt Street But not only should we be looking we now have. “All we’re waiting for now is fund- they hoped they can establish with between Hope and Amos Streets. at the social and economic benefits the Gungarde Aboriginal Community ing approval.” The school is expected to have up to the school offers, let’s look at the fact And he said he was “quietly confi- Corporation. 38 students (aged between 12 and 17) of that more than 30 kids will have the dent” of the application being approved. “With a partnership with Gungarde, whom up to 32 will be weekly boarders opportunity of getting a better education “We have applied to the Queensland we’re hoping we might be able to use and the remainder day students. and a better start to their working lives Catholic Commission for funding for some of their facilities in establishing The philosophy of the school is to as a result.”

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NEXT week’s edition of Cooktown Local News will include a free copy of the P&C’s 2013 Cooktown Business and Community Directory. This is the first time that the phone book, which costs more than $6.50 each to print, is available freeof-charge with your weekly copy of the Cooktown Local News (local Cook Shire distribution only). When you buy your copy of the Cooktown Local News next week, please ensure that the retailer has given you a copy of the directory. Readers who want more than one copy of the directory can purchase additional copies of the phone book for $2 each from the Cooktown Newsagency from 17 January or the Cooktown Local News office from 18 January. (Please don’t buy multiple copies of the newspaper to get multiple copies of the phone book, as this will mean other readers will miss out on getting their copy of the Cooktown Local News next week). The local phone book is published by the Cooktown State School P&C Association and compiled by Cooktown Local News. The 2013 phone book will again be the largest single fund-raiser for the P&C, with a guaranteed $10,000 to be donated from Cooktown Local News to the P&C. The price of the directory will rise to its usual $10 a copy from 1 March, and will continue to be available from Cooktown Newsagency or the Cooktown Local News office.

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Sat 12. The Cooktown Discovery Festival needs a formal

committee for the event to run this year. A meeting is being held from 2pm at the Cooktown Cafe to form a committee. Those interested, but who cannot attend can contact Bronwyn Sieverding on either 0467 058 731 or by email: Sat 12. Cape York SSAA Pistol Shoot from 1pm. Contact your discipline captain. Sun 13. Cape York SSAA Rifle Shoot from 9am. Contact your discipline captain. Sun 13. Cooktown Alcoholics Anonymous meeting from 1.30pm in the CWA Hall in Charlotte Street. Call 4069 5626 for details. Tues 15. Lions Club meeting in the Lions Hall in Amos Street. Contact Tony Lickiss (0409 062 065) for information and for starting times. Tue 15. Cooktown Alcoholics Anonymous meeting from 8pm in the CWA Hall in Charlotte Street. Call 4069 5626 for details. Wed 16. Three Rivers Rugby League AGM at the Cooktown RSL Memorial Club from 6pm. Sat 19. Cape York SSAA Working bee at 9am. Sun 20. Cape York SSAA Black Powder Shoot from 9am. Sun 20. Cooktown Alcoholics Anonymous meeting from 1.30pm in the CWA Hall in Charlotte Street. Call 4069 5626 for details. Tue 22. Cooktown Alcoholics Anonymous meeting from 8pm in the CWA Hall in Charlotte Street. Call 4069 5626 for details. Sat 26. Cape York SSAA Rifle Shoot from 9am. Sun 27. Cooktown Alcoholics Anonymous meeting from 1.30pm in the CWA Hall in Charlotte Street. Call 4069 5626 for details. Mon 28. Cooktown Netball tips off with the Juniors at 5.30pm and the Seniors at 6.45pm. Venues still to be decided. Tue 29. Cooktown Swimming Club starts training at the Cooktown Pool. Times to be announced. Tue 29. Cooktown Alcoholics Anonymous meeting from 8pm in the CWA Hall in Charlotte Street. Call 4069 5626 for details.

 letters to the editor Council decision ‘a slap in the face’ for ratepayers ONCE again Cook Shire Council has shown complete contempt for the wishes of the people in the Poison Creek District. I’m referring to their decision to start charging for garbage collection, a service that is impractical, unnecessary and unwanted by the community. But what is most upsetting is the disgraceful timing and the manner in which they arrived at their decision. Firstly, they announce their decision just prior to Christmas. “Merry Christmas you now have an 11 per cent rate rise to pay for a service you do not want.” Secondly, my understanding of the situation is that some of the information provided to councillors is misleading which has undoubtedly affected the way they have voted. I am led to believe a petition

was signed by 75 residents of the community clearly stating our objection to this disservice, but Council claims many of the signatories did not live along the route. This includes myself and several others in Railway Avenue. They claim only 28 per cent of property owners in the collection area were against the service. Our own assessment of the figures shows 61 per cent of owners against the scheme. The shire engineer claims the roads are equivalent to the Peninsular Development Road, but, in the other slap in the face for Poison Creek residents, namely the Rehab. Centre debacle, he claimed the roads were only rated to take medium-rigid vehicles, i.e. 8 tonnes gvm. The garbage truck is a heavyrigid vehicle. I would also remind him that the PDR is closed to all

but local traffic for much of the wet season to prevent unnecessary road damage. So are you going to postpone garbage collection during the wet? Or just cause unnecessary damage to our roads? Something the general ratepayer is going to have to pay for and a serious negative impact on local residents. There are very few residents in the collection area with less than 200m access roads making wheelie bins impractical. If council wished to do something about the rubbish situation, then open a land fill facility. Yes, encourage recycling, but there is still a desperate need for a land fill facility. There is community concern that certain elements of council, some of them unelected, who are trying to push this through

to facilitate rubbish collection at the yet-to-be-built Rehab. Centre. I would remind council that the community, and council by a vote of 5-1, do not agree with the site of this facility (rubbish collection during the wet season being one of the very pertinent problems) and council’s failure to even comment after the minister’s disgraceful decision last Christmas to allow the development is yet another kick in the teeth for the Poison Creek community. I ask that council re-examine the rubbish issue with a view to rescinding the motion. I would also hope that councillors would view very seriously the provision of misinformation before a decision is made, and that those that provide that information are held to account. Steve Weise, Wilton Access Road.

Residents rebel over ‘unwanted’ rubbish service


Sat. 2. Kids Art Society at the Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery from 10am to noon.

Sun 3. Cooktown Alcoholics Anonymous meeting from

1.30pm in the CWA Hall in Charlotte Street. Call 4069 5626 for details. Can club secretaries please send in a list of their events planned for the year to au so they can be included in the What's On section.

CHURCH SERVICES Baptist: Hogg Street, near IGA, 9.30am Sun. Phone 4069 5155. Assembly of God: Gungarde, 9.30am Sun; Home group 7.30pm Tue; young adults 7pm Thu. Phone 4069 5070. Catholic: 6pm Sat and 8.30am Sun, St Mary's, Cooktown. Phone 4069 5730. Anglican: Christ Church Chapel, Sun 8.30am. Phone 4069 6778, 0428 696 493. Lutheran: Hope Vale at 9am on Sunday, Cooktown. Phone either 4060 9197 or 0419 023 114.

BOXED: Poison Creek resident Cass Sorensen is a mere speck in the distance as she begins the long trek up her driveway to her gate with her wheelie bin. Photos: GARY HUTCHISON. INSET: Cass Sorensen, Joy Girle, Christine Brady, D’Arcy Gallop and Peter Shields are vehemently opposed to the recent Cook Shire Council decision to implement a formal waste collection service in their areas. The photo was taken outside Ms Sorensen’s driveway, which shows the sort of distance residents will be forced to push wheelie bins to the roadway ready for collection. COOK Shire Council is facing a ratepayer rebellion over its recent decision to establish a fortnightly kerbside waste collection service, despite a petition struck saying affected residents do not want the service. Residents affected live in Oakey Creek, Poison Creek and

on part of the Endeavour Valley Road. In the November 15 edition of the Cooktown Local News, 80-year-old Joy Girle, the Poison Creek resident responsible for starting the petition, described the decision to begin kerbside trash collection in their local-

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2 – Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013

ity in January as “rude” and “stupid”. “We want to stop this. We are rural out here, we are not in town,” Ms Girle told the Cooktown Local News. “I can’t drag a wheelie bin down a kilometre to the road; I’m 80-odd years old, and many

 Letters to the editor

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of the people out here are elderly and in a similar situation.” Ms Girle presented the petition to Council with more than 70 names on it and addressed residents’ concerns to the Councillors at their December council meeting. Continued Page 3 >>

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COOKTOWN Police have advised there will be no driver’s licence testing conducted at the station between January 14 and January 30, 2012 because of staff absent on leave. In keeping with the Queensland Police Service’s annual campaign to reduce the Christmas and New Year road toll, Cooktown Police performed 736 random breath tests, issued 34 Traffic Infringement Notices, charged three people with driving without a licence and one for drink driving. The drink driver was a 34-year-old Cooktown man charged with driving whilst under the influence with a blood alcohol concentration of .161 per cent on Saturday, January 5. Police are still conducting inquiries into a single vehicle crash which occurred about 3.1km north of the Palmer River Roadhouse on the Mulligan Highway during the early hours of Friday, December 21. It is alleged the driver and sole occupant, a 24-year-old Innisfail man, fell asleep at the wheel before his vehicle left the road and rolled. The man managed to flag down a passing motorist and was conveyed to the Cooktown Hospital before being flown to Cairns for further medical treatment after he sustained

non-life-threatening head injuries, a broken wrist, cuts, abrasions and bruising to his body in the incident. Investigations are ongoing in relation to two break and enters committed on Charlotte Street business houses during the early hours of Sunday, December 30. Property was stolen from both premises. And on the same date, police attended the Cooktown State School in relation to reports of glass breaking. Upon arrival officers established that 19 windows to various blocks had been smashed. Rocks were identified within the rooms with the broken windows. Police are also investigating the arson of a 4WD vehicle which was left parked on the Battle Camp Road between January 1 and January 3, 2012. The vehicle was totally destroyed. In the most-recent police action, a 20-yearold Cooktown man was charged with breaching a Domestic Violence Order. Anyone with information which will in any way assist police in their inquiries into any of the matters contained within this report is urged to contact Cooktown Police (4069 5668) or Crime Stoppers (1800 333 000).

Residents rebel over Council’s ‘unwanted’ rubbish service << From Page 2 However, despite her representations, Council resolved to: • Provide a fortnightly kerbside collection in the defined Poison Creek and Oakey Creek kerbside collection area; • Give residents of the Poison Creek, Oakey Creek, Rossville and Helenvale kerbside collection areas option of a 120L or 240L wheelie bin; and • Allow residents of the new kerbside collection area the option to pay-off their new 120L wheelie bins by six-monthly instalments of $10/month. Cr Allan Wilson requested that his vote against the motion be recorded. But residents are claiming information provided to them in a Council report about the petition was flawed, and are demanding they attend a public meeting to be advised of the correct information. “Then we want them to re-examine our information and reconsider it with a view to rescinding the motion at their meeting,” said Cass Sorensen who is emphatic she is vehemently opposed to the introduction of the service. In the record of the Cook Shire Council meeting’s minutes, the following is recorded as the information Councillors received in relation to the petition. “Signatories were from 50 individual properties. It was determined that only 21 out of the 50 properties listed in the petition were included in the proposed service expansion where the other 29 properties are classified as vacant or having uses that do not qualify for kerbside collection under Council’s current rate schedule. Conclusions from the petition: 72% of property owners from the kerbside collection area in question did not sign the petition; and 58% of those who signed the petition are not property owners of this area.” Ms Sorensen said since the decision had been handed down, she had written to Cook Shire Mayor Peter Scott and each of the Councillors, providing data highlighting the information which she described as “erroneous”. “73 signatories were presented, not 70,” Ms Sorensen said.

“The council report said there were signatories from 50 individual properties, but there were only 14 properties represented on the petition. “It said ‘21 out of the 50 properties listed in the petition were included in the proposed expansion’, but my research shows 45 out of the 50 properties were included in the expansion area.” She said that in her letter she provided other evidence of misleading information being supplied to the Councillors, with the most damning relating to the percentage of property owners who signed the petition. “ Council’s report said ‘58 per cent of the people who signed the petition do not own property in the proposed kerbside collection area’ but I can demonstrate clearly that 88 per cent of the people who signed the petition do own property in the proposed kerbside collection area.” Endeavour Valley Road resident D’Arcy Gallop said he had bought his property in 1947, but did not move on to the block until 1998 where he has since lived without a waste collection service. “All this time, we have bagged putrescible and domestic waste and transported it to the local dump on our occasional visits into town, while all recyclables have been disposed of at council’s recycling bin at our convenience,” Mr Gallop said. Mr Gallop said council’s impost would require him to transport a wheelie bin two kilometres from his homestead to the kerbside. “We have no need to transport wheelie bins 2km from our homestead to our front gate so that council can charge us a fee for a service we don’t need and don’t want,” he said. Mayor Peter Scott said council’s decision was made in the interests of doing “the right thing” by ratepayers and would be open to reviewing its decision. He said it actually cost council to provide services to ratepayers. “It’s not a matter of us trying to rip off the ratepayers, but we’re constantly trying to improve services,” he said. A public meeting is being held at the Poison Creek Rural Fire Brigade shed in Minke Road from 4pm, this Sunday, January 13. All are welcome. Mayor Scott will chair the meeting.

Photo competition best on display

Nature’s PowerHouse Visitor Information Centre officer Sarah Henderson puts the finishing touches to the “There’s Nothing Like the Magic of Cape York” photo exhibition, which opened on Wednesday, January 2 and will be on display until, Thursday, January 31. Photo: GARY HUTCHISON. PHOTO and art enthusiasts are reminded that the exhibition titled, There’s Nothing Like the Magic of Cape York, opened at Nature’s PowerHouse on Wednesday, January 2. On display are not only the winners of the various categories, but also about 80 commended pieces which were entered into the Cook Shire Council’s competition of the same name last year. In all, there were 480 entries from which one winner was chosen in each of the five categories. Winner in the Aboriginal category was Hope Vale’s Karen Gordon for her entry titled, Jo and Willie on Elim, which featured Karen’s brother Willie as one of the subjects. Winner of the Landscapes of Cape York category was former local photographer Vanessa Gillen with her entry, Mt Mulligan Station, Mt Mulligan, while

Victorian visitor Donna Abbenante took out first prize in the Fauna and Flora of Cape York section with an image of a Cannonball Tree flower taken on the deck at the Lion’s Den Hotel. Locals featured in Melissa Thomason’s prize winning entry, Canoeing Wallaby Creek, which took out first place in the Adventure category. The People’s Choice award, judged on the most number of votes received on Facebook was the category which attracted the controversial decision of the judges to bypass the entry that had attracted the most votes. Kristin Barns from El Arish was deemed the winner in this category, with her photo, Imagine ending a great days fishing to this sunset at Archers Point, which had been entered into the Landscapes category. The exhibition will close on Thursday, January 31.

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Licence testing takes a fortnight’s leave

Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013 – 3



IGA meat shortage: It won’t happen again pledge

Solicitors and Notary


4092 2522

Level 1, 85 Byrnes Street, Mareeba 4880 Fax 4092 2138 Email

SMALL GRANTS FOR CAPE YORK Funding of up to $15,000 per property is available through the Cape York NRM small grants program delivered in partnership with Cape York Weeds and Feral Animal program. Funds are available to eligible grazing and farming land managers to implement on-ground projects that improve natural resource management outcomes. Project examples include: • implementing fire management • improved grazing and agricultural land management including protecting water assets; and • support to existing weed and feral animal management. Call us soon to discuss your ideas and develop your application. Please contact: Luke Preece (Cape York NRM), Program Support Officer,, 1300 132 262, or Caleb Zaicz (CYWAFAP), Project Officer,, 4069 5020

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• Relax, enjoy a cold beer in airconditioned comfort • Friday Night Courtesy Bus • Bar Snacks, 5pm • Pokies • Plus… Members Draw (you must be here to win)

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THE inability of Cornetts IGA Cooktown to supply red meat for about four or five days during the Christmas break “will not occur again” - a promise made by manager Paul Scott. “It won’t happen again; I can guarantee that,” Mr Scott stated. He said the meat fridges were full on Christmas Eve, and that was when the problem started.

“We were suddenly told by a transport company we use they were going on holidays for Christmas and wouldn’t be delivering until they came back,” he said. “And to be fair, we had underestimated what the demand would be over Christmas. “We just got hammered - we were so busy.”

Mr Scott said panic buying did not help the situation. “Once the customers got word there was a problem, there was a bit of panic buying, which certainly did not help the situation,” he said. Desperate efforts were made to rectify the situation, with red meat returned to the fridges as soon as possible.

“As you can imagine, getting a delivery at short notice at that time of the year proved very difficult,” he said. “But we did our best under trying circumstances.” He described it as a case of “Murphy’s Law”. “What could go wrong, did go wrong,” he said. “But I’ll repeat, it won’t happen again.”

No new leads on toxic gas flotsam: Renewed warnings AUTHORITIES say they may never determine who’s responsible for canisters of a deadly chemical washing up on beaches in Queensland and NSW. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is investigating the source of more than 20 silver canisters of aluminium phosphide. And Police are renewing warnings urging Queensland beachgoers to avoid handling silver canisters washed up on beaches and to immediately call Triple Zero (000) to report them. Since February last year, a number of canisters similar to that pictured have washed up on Queensland beaches along the coastline between Lady Elliot Island in the south to Mabuiag Island in the north, with the most recent being discovered at Zilzie near Rockhampton. Two of the potentially deadly canisters were found washed up onto an Archer Point beach last year and were disposed by the local “firies”. The canisters are described as being approximately 30cm high and 15cm in di-

Tribunal gives C’cl pay rise COOK Shire Council resolved that, as of January 1, it will adopt the increases in salaries of elected councillors recently set by the Local Government Remuneration and Discipline Tribunal. Remuneration is based on a percentage of the salary of a state Member of the Legislative Assembly. A council spokeswoman said, while the percentages have not increased, the rate payable to an MLA has increased from $137,149 in 2012 to $140,578 in 2013. From January 1, 2013: • Mayor Peter Scott’s salary, which is 65 per cent of an MLA’s will be $91,376 per annum; •Deputy Mayor Penny Johnson’s salary, which is 37.5per cent of an MLA’s, will be $52,717 per annum; and • Councillors’ salaries, which are 32.5 per cent of an MLA’s, will be $45,688 per annum.

ameter and contain Aluminium Phosphide, which could be fatal if inhaled or ingested. Aluminium Phosphide is a colorless, flammable and toxic gas. Mild exposure by inhalation causes indefinite feeling of sickness, ringing in the ears, fatigue, nausea and pressure in the chest which is relieved by getting away from the gas and getting fresh air. It is a a highly restricted toxic substance used in the eradication of vermin on vessels. “It may not be possible to ultimately confirm the original source of the canisters due to the apparently long time lapse between when they may have entered the water and when they have been found,” AMSA said. AMSA has already checked incident reports of cargo losses but has not come up with any leads. It is currently working with drift modelling experts to determine if the canisters may have originated from recent ship groundings or accidents in the Pacific region.

The Discovery Festival needs you! THE Cooktown Discovery Festival needs you! Last year’s organiser Bronwyn Sieverding said that for the Festival to proceed this year, a formal committee must be formed to obtain insurances and funding. “Without a formal committee, we’re just not going to get insurances and funding,” Mrs Sieverding said. “It’s the way it is and there is no alternative.” In that vein, Mrs Sieverding is holding a meeting at the Cooktown Cafe, this Saturday, January 12 from 2pmwith a view of forming a committee. She said she was inviting anyone interested in keeping the Festival going, along with making it the best

Your connection between Cairns, Cooktown and Coen Hinterland Aviation provides a reliable, regular transport service each week between Cairns and the Cooktown and Coen communities. That’s 26 scheduled flights between Cairns and Cooktown from Monday through to Saturday. As well as direct flights to Coen now every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For a reliable service, you can count on Hinterland Aviation to get you to where you need to be.

AMSA is also working with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to work out if the canisters originated in Australia. The Queensland Police Service is warning members of the public that if they see a canister on the beach, that they must not inspect, open or transport it and ensure they stand well away from it.If anyone sees any canister remotely similar to that pictured, they must call 0-0-immediately. Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24 hours a day.

ever, to attend. “The Festival is one of Cooktown’s icons, so it’s important we can get some people along to form a committee to keep it going,” she said. “And it would be great to have some positive input and help. “While it is a lot of work, there is a lot of fun and satisfaction to be had in putting it on.” Mrs Sieverding said everyone was welcome to attend, and that included interested persons of all ages. An afternoon tea will be provided. For those interested, but who cannot attend, they can can contact Bronwyn Sieverding on either 0467 058 731 or by email: info@

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4 – Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013


West Coast 100 Club makes Local frog: Going . . . going . . . almost gone another valuable donation

West Coast Hotel Manager Chris Hatton presents Friends of the Foundation Cooktown Branch Treasurer Kaye Clarke with a $500 donation from their 100 Club. PhotoL GARY HUTCHISON. THE Friends of the Foundation, Cook- organisation or charity. town Branch, has become the latest “But in the interests of making organisation to benefit from the West bigger, single donations, we wait until it grows to $500,” he said. Coast Hotel’s 100 Club. West Coast Hotel manager Chris Ms Clarke said the donation was Hatton presented the Foundation’s most welcome, with it destined to going Treasurer Kaye Clarke with $500 in towards the purchase of a machine to cash on Wednesday, December 19, detect the presence of Glaucoma in peoples’ eyes. 2012. “This money is very well received,” Chris said each month a 100 numbers were put up on a board, which patrons she said. buy for $2 each. “It certainly is a big help.” “When all those numbers are sold, Previous organisations to benefit we draw a winner who receives $100, from the Club are the Cooktown Volwhile we keep the other $100, which unteer Coast Guard and the Full Boar goes towards a local club, community Muay Thai Boxing Club.

A FROG found only near Cooktown is named among 96 critically endangered animal species, listed this month by Sharp-snouted Day Frog Taudactylus acutirostris is a frog from the mountains near Cooktown. Author of the article, Jane Rawson, Editor, Energy and Environment, The Conversation, writes: “critically endangered” is the highest threat level that can be assigned to a wild species (lower levels are “endangered” and “vulnerable”). These species are either facing an extremely high risk of extinction, or have numbers which decreased (or will) by 80% within three generations. Some of these species may already be extinct. Some of the species common to northern ABOVE: Sharp-snouted day frog. BELOW: Leatherback turtle Australia include: Bramble Cay Melomys Melomys rubicola Limited to a small cay in the Torres Strait, this rodent has one of the most-restricted distributions of any mammal species. Leatherback Turtle Dermochelys coriacea While this turtle has a world-wide range, its Pacific Ocean population has declined drastically in the last decade. Hawksbill Turtle Eretmochelys imbricata The largest breeding populations of these ornate sea turtles are found along the northern coast of Australia. Mountain Mistfrog Litoria nyakalensis This frog from the wet tropics COURTESY BUS was last recorded in 1990. Northern River operates Shark Glyphis garricki 7 DAYS A WEEK A shark found in the tidal Ph 4069 5308 rivers and estuaries of for pick-up northern Australia and New Guinea. Queensland Sawfish Pristis clavata (and Green Sawfish P. zijsron) Two sawfish from northern Australia, these shark relatives have declined – Come and try your luck! due to bycatch.


Keno at the Top Pub

New weekly photo competition starts today STARTING today, Thursday, January 10, Cornetts IGA Cooktown will conduct a weekly photo competition in conjunction with the Cooktown Local News. Each weekly winner will receive an IGA voucher to the value of $25 (not valid for the purchase of tobacco and some other store products - conditions apply), with each weekly winner eligible for the grand prize at the end of 2013 of a $500 IGA voucher (similar conditions apply). Just send your weekly entries by email to: as a full resolution (don’t reduce them in size) jpeg attachment by 5pm each Thursday. If you don’t have email facilities,

bring them on a flash drive to the office at 65 Hope Street, Cooktown, but remember to ring the office first on 4069 5773 to be sure someone will be in attendance. Entries will be accepted in any photographic category. While there will be no limit placed on the number of entries a photographer can submit each week, once a photo has been submitted, it cannot be resubmitted in another week.

Photographers can enter each and every week of the competition, but each image must be a fresh entry. As independent judges will be engaged in the decision process, IGA staff and their families are not restricted from entering. Weekluy winners will be published in each edition of the Cooktown Local News, and also announced on the Cooktown Local News facebook page. So if you want to follow the progress of the competition, like the CLN page. The first winner will be announced on Friday, January 18. The judge’s decision will be final, with no correspondence entered into regarding the results. Enter your best photo in the new IGA and Cooktown Local News weekly photo competition for a chance at winning a $25 IGA voucher as the weekly winner, with a chance of being the winner of a $500 voucher for being the best photo in 2013. Email your entries to editor@ au by 5pm each Thursday or bring them on a flash drive to the office at 65 Hope Street, Cooktown. Remember to call 4069 5773 first to be sure someone will be in the office.

Saturday, January 26

Australia Day Come and party at the Toppy with live band


And the Toppy just gets better and better!

 Pick the Joker @ $300 – played every Tuesday & Thursday at 5pm.  Winner of Christmas Wheelbarrow Gwen Kitchin. Winner of Bundy Summer Pack – Karen Matthews.

 Best pizzas in town – BUY 2 & GET 1 FREE Monday to Saturday, takeaway only!  Pool comps Wednesday and Thursday nights and Saturday midday

 Restaurant open 7 days, Lunch & Dinner

COOKTOWN HOTEL - THE TOP PUB CHARLOTTE STREET, COOKTOWN • PHONE 4069 5308 Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013 – 5


News Cooktown Local

     

Skip Bins from 2.5m3 to 6m3 4m3 Trailer Bin for Hire Garden Waste Bags Rubbish Removal and Yard Clean-ups ◆ If you can’t handle it, we will! ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆


Call the Waste Professionals Mobile: 0427 092 311 Phone: 4069 6869

A westerly view of the Great Barrier Reef margin offshore Cairns, showing submarine canyons and landslide scarps. Inset shows the approx. 1 cubic km perched block in 340 to 470 metres water depth. Image: Dr Robin Beaman, James Cook University. Source: News Limited.

Barrier Reef Childcare 9 Charles Street, Cooktown (Opposite School) Open Monday – Friday excluding Public Holidays Phone: 4069 6440 • Fax: 4069 6448 Email:

Enrolments are now being taken for 2013

COOKTOWN could be in the path of a possible tsunami should a huge slab of sea floor near the Great Barrier Reef collapse and break off, AFP reports. The 1 cu km section of the reef is in the early stages of collapse and

 What’s on at the Sov!

7.30am to 5.30pm • Ages 15 months - 6 years Barrier Reef Childcare provides Quality Educational Programs centered around both The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines to ensure all children are ready to enter Prep.

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Cooktown could be in path of tsunami if part of reef collapses

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The Sovereign Resort Hotel wishes everyone a Happy New Year! This Saturday arvo, January 12…

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Every Sunday in the Café Bar, $15 per head or 2 for $25!



Cnr Charlotte & Green Streets, Cooktown • Phone: 4043 0500 •

6 – Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013

could generate a tsunami when it finally breaks off, researchers have warned. Marine geologists from Australia’s James Cook University have been using advanced 3D mapping techniques on the deepest parts of the reef - below diving depth - since 2007 and have discovered dozens of sub-marine canyons. On a recent trip, they came across the one cubic kilometre slab of sea floor, the remains of an ancient underwater landslide, which is perched on the continental shelf. “Undersea landslides are a well understood geological process but we didn’t know there were any on the Barrier Reef,”

geologist Robin Beaman told AFP. “We found this one large block that stood out. It is sitting on top of a sub-marine canyon, cutting into the slopes and it is in the preliminary stage of collapse.” He stressed that no one knew when a collapse may occur, “whether tomorrow or even in our lifetime”, but that people should be aware that it was there. “It is slowly giving way although it remains stable under current conditions,” he said. “But it is absolutely going to collapse and when it does fall it will fall one kilometre into the adjacent basin. “This will generate

a localised tsunami that will affect the Queensland coastline, which is around 70 km away. “We’re not trying to alarm people, but we need to know it is there and what could happen when it falls,” he added. The geologists who made the discovery, which was published in the journal Natural Hazards, were travelling on the Southern Surveyor, an Australian maritime research vessel. This is the same ship on which scientist Maria Seton late last year discovered that a South Pacific landmass identified on Google Earth and world maps as Sandy Island does not exist.

Cannabis still most commonly used drug in FNQ: New threat CANNABIS remains the most commonly used drug in Far North Queensland, and continues to be a concern within Indigenous communities in the region, according to a report by the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC). The report said the drug has a strong demand and supply, with the potential for new users of synthetic cannabis (cannabimimetics) to be introduced to the cannabis market. Cannabis remains an entrenched market in Queensland. By quantity it is the state’s largest illicit drug market, with cannabis increasing and is higher than the national average. The 16-page report, Illicit drug markets in Queensland, was issued “to alert the public to the threat of increased organised crime activity around rapidly evolving shifts in some of Queensland’s illicit drug markets” “There is significant involvement of organised crime in the cannabis market. Unlike the situation in some southern states, specific organised crime groups do not control the cannabis market in Queensland.

Instead, it continues to attract a large and diverse range of participants from varying backgrounds, with the primary attractions being the profitability and strength of the market.” The starting age for cannabis use is reportedly getting younger. Use at a young age not only affects mental and physical health but also leads to many social and educational problems, including increasing the likelihood ofbcriminality and further drug use. There are also greater concerns about cannabis use by children in remote communities because of the limited access to education and treatment services in these areas. The report said catalysts behind this expansion of organised crime in drug markets are two-fold: • Persistent demand for ‘traditional’ drugs (amphetamine-type stimulants, cannabis, heroin and cocaine); and • A parallel explosion of non-traditional substances, most notably drug analogues, that are often pedalled as “legal highs”.


Help needed to find missing man Bloomfield Falls among State’s best POLICE are appealing for public assistance to locate a missing West Australian man believed to be in Queensland. Martin Frodsham, 44, came to Brisbane from Western Australia in June before heading north with the intention of seeking work in the Gladstone area. Information suggests he travelled to Cairns and may have been travelling in the Cooktown and Mareeba areas in July and August. Police and family hold concerns for his welfare as he has not been in contact with family since July which is out of character. Mr Frodsham is described as being of Caucasian appearance, 169cm tall, tanned complexion with brown hair and green eyes. Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or au 24 hours a day.

Martin Frodsham, 44, who is reported missing by Police and could be in the Cooktown-Mareeba area.

Council news in brief . . . COMMUNITY GRANTS PROGRAM, ROUND 2 2012/2013: Cook Shire Council operates a community grants program to provide assistance to organisations, groups or individuals who make a positive contribution to the quality of life of the community or offer benefit to the Shire as a whole. The following applications for assistance from the Community Grants Program - Round 2, 2012/2013 were approved: • Cooktown Amateur Turf Club $900; • Cooktown District Community Centre - $2000; • Queensland Police Citizens Youth Welfare Association (auspice for Integrated Health & Wellness Expo) - $2000; • Cooktown Horse Sports Association Inc. - $1271.90; • Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association Inc. Cooktown Flotilla - $2000; • Cooktown Bluewater Club Inc. - $2000; • Cooktown Re-enactment Association Inc. - $1740; James Cook Museum - $2000; • Endeavour Family Day Care $349; • Cooktown and District Youth Association Inc. - $648; • Laura Amateur Turf Club (Laura Races) - $1550; • Multicultural Rainbow Dance Group (Multicultural Harmony Day celebrations) - $2000; • Queensland Police Citizens Youth Welfare Association (Moonlight movies) - $2000; and • Quinkan Regional Cultural Centre (Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival) $4000. GRANTS - Applications successful: Department of Local Government LGGSP - $19,348 (40% of total project value) to construct Cooktown library extension; and $25,400 (40% total project value) to install soft-fall and upgrades at Lakeland playground. At the December meeting, Council endorsed the Lakeland playground upgrade and Cooktown library extension and stated that both projects are ready to proceed. GRANTS - Applications pending: Regional Development Australia Round 3 - John Street Oval development; and Regional Development Australia Round 4 - Cooktown Foreshore Activity Precinct. COOKTOWN POOL LIGHTS AND COOKTOWN SKATE PARK OFFICIAL OPENING: Representing the Minister for Sport and Recreation David Kempton MP along with Cook Shire Mayor Peter Scott attended both official opening functions on

Saturday, December 8. The addition of a Skate Park and the increased functionality of the Cooktown Pool will provide more options for physical activity and promote healthy lifestyles of children and adults in our community. BUILDING APPROVALS: Total value of approvals this period (November 2012): $5,081,138.40 Total value of approvals to date (this financial year): $10,497,282.03. Total value of approvals to date (last financial year): $2,974,818. 2 0 1 3 A U S T R A L I A D AY AWARDS: Cook Shire Council celebrates Australia Day each year with an Australia Day Awards ceremony in Cooktown. The request for Australia Day nominations was promoted through Council’s website, Facebook pages, email databases and articles and advertising in the Cooktown Local News. Nominations were received in the following six categories: • Citizen of the Year; • Young Citizen of the Year; • Sports Achievement Award; • Junior Sports Achievement Award; • Cultural / Arts Achievement Award; and • Service to the Community Award. Councillors were provided with the nomination information on each nominee and jointly agreed on the Award winners for each category. Results will be revealed at the official Awards presentation on Saturday, January 26, 2013. DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS - Approvals: “Artemis Station”, Cape York; Haggerstone Island, Cape York; 928 Endeavour Valley Road, Cooktown; 146 Charlotte Street, Cooktown; Packers Bay Esplanade, Portland Roads; 1 Armbrust Street, Coen; 44 Garden Street, Cooktown; Peninsula Development Road, Lakeland. DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS - Pending: Mulligan Highway, Cooktown; 41 Mt Amos Road, Cooktown; Rossville-Bloomfield Road, Rossville; 25 Jensens Crossing Road, Cooktown; Mt Amos Road, Rossville; 142B Hope Street, Cooktown; Terminus Street, Laura; Portland Roads Road, Lockhart; 417 Percy Road, Cooktown; Peninsula Development Road, Lakeland; Peninsula Development Road, Lakeland; 14 Walker Street, Cooktown; Archer Point Road, Cooktown; 27 Hope Street, Cooktown; 27 Helen Street, Cooktown. For full details refer to December 2012 Council Minutes or Council Agenda on council’s website or by phoning Council’s Customer Service team.

The Bloomfield or Wujal Wujal Falls, near Cape Tribulation, are especially spectacular after the wet season. BLOOMFIELD Falls at Wujal Wujal has been listed as one of the top 10 waterfalls in the state. When it comes to waterfalls, Queensland doesn’t do things by halves.

The Sunshine State is home to Australia’s tallest waterfall, the widest single-drop waterfall, and plenty of other beauties in between. And now Tourism Queensland has compiled a list of Queensland’s

best 10 waterfalls. Wallaman Falls in the Girringun National Park is Australia’s highest, permanent single-drop waterfall, while Millstream Falls are Australia’s widest single-drop waterfall.

Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013 – 7


A new beginning Scrap the cheer: It’s an election year IMAGINE becoming a king at eight years old. Some 1500 years ago Josiah became king of God’s people. Read the story in 2 Kings 23:1-25. Prior to Josiah becoming king, the kingdom had “gone to the dogs” From the Pulpit - with all manner of evil and Godless practices occurring. (Sounds like many nations today?) “The Book of the Law” (all they had of the Bible in those days) was found in a hidden corner. As it was opened and read to the king, Josiah realised how wayward his people had become and he encouraged them to do four things:i) To renew their promise to be God’s people (in effect, saying: “we haven’t lived up to our end of the bargain, but from this point forward, with God’s help we’re going to act like the people of God.”); ii) To remember God’s providence (how they were rescued from slavery) Remember how you called out to God in your circumstances and he “carried you through”?; iii) To reform their practices - they dispensed with Godless worship of idols and Godless lifestyles. Maybe it’s time to consider what your idols are - work? Making money? Jesus said, “Put God’s work first and do what he wants. Then the other things will be yours as well.” Matt 6:33; and iv) To rekindle their passion for God and right living. Note the following comment about the king -”Neither before nor after Josiah was there a king like him who turned to the LORD as he did - with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his strength” (Could anyone say that about you?) The story of Josiah challenges us to review our own Christian lifestyles by working though these four steps. Maybe it’s time to make a new beginning - to renew your commitment to putting God first and following him. God bless you as you prayerfully consider these issues and may you have a great 2013! Blessings! Pastor Peter, Cooktown Baptist Church.

SO - here we are again. After far too much good cheer and good will to all men, we can stop pretending and get back to being our normal cranky selves. We won’t have to be polite to anyone for the rest of the year. We don’t have to be optimistic, because things will undoubtedly turn out worse than ever. We can stop worrying about seeing the other bloke’s point of view, because he never had anything worth saying anyway. He was lying whenever he opened his mouth.

Yes, that’s right. It’s a federal election year, and we are plunging straight back into the manure pile. The two sides are convinced that they can sling as much mud as they like at their enemies, but come out of the pig sty looking sparkling clean themselves. Perhaps we’d better take a good look at the opponents before they get so covered in muck that we can’t tell one from the other. In the red corner is our current leader Julia. I can’t say I know much about her. We’ve never had the chance of a chat. She has managed

New Year: New adventure A NEW year equals a new adventure. In this equation there will always be an X for the unknown factor, but this is what gives the adventure its “zing” and the power to teach life’s lessons. Our Writers’ Group wishes you all a “Happy and satisfying New Year”. Don’t forget to email your writings for our column to: or post them to: P O Box 645, Cooktown, 4895. Dianne Keller, Cooktown Writers’ Group.

The Blank Page


Corner On New Year’s Day we each receive a blank page On which to write our script for the nascent year. Paragraphs of pain and paragraphs of joy; Some will raise a laugh while others draw a tear. Muster your mettle! Pick up your trusty pen. Make a list of your dreams and sign it with hope. Some resolutions will fail; some plod along. Only timid vision will limit their scope. January the first heralds a new score; To be performed with yourself on centre stage; A fresh piece of music where you write the notes. Grasp your quill and ink and welcome the blank page! By DIANNE KELLER

to keep a bunch of rabid socialists in minority government for a couple of years, so she must be pretty smart. On the other hand, she has attracted an extraordinary amount of vitriol from the opposition, the media and disgruntled Labor factions. If she is even half as wicked as they say, she should have horns, hooves and a tail. On the other side, the official opposition is led by Tony Ears, who is probably basking in the dream of celebrating next Christmas as Australia’s Prime Minister. Tony is a man of principle, and that principle

is - anything goes View if it makes me from Prime Minister. His enthusiasm the Hill for the mud-pit is becoming an embarrassment to the patrician class that runs his party, and he is due to be dumped. Let me make a prediction; this year’s election fight will star Julia and a coldly polite gentleman in a suit. I am not betting on Julia. Another prediction - whichever one wins, we up north will remain as far from their hearts as ever.

Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme doubled MEMBER for Cook, David Kempton has said that rural and regional Queenslanders will receive better access to healthcare with the Newman Government’s pledge to double the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme now active. The PTSS mileage subsidy rate has doubled to 30 cents per kilometre while the accommodation subsidy rate has also doubled to $60 per person per night for patients staying in commercial accommodation. Mr Kempton said the government had doubled the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme to help ease the gap in access to healthcare for rural and regional Queenslanders. “The scheme now provides greater support for patients to access specialist health

services that are more than 50km away from their closest public hospital,” he said. “This much needed boost will help ease the financial burden and stress of travelling to access health services.” He said doubling the PTSS meant patients and in some cases, their carers, now have more assistance than ever to help them travel to receive the healthcare they require. PTSS is available to Queensland residents only residents of another state or territory will need to apply to the relevant jurisdiction for assistance. For more information or to find out if you are eligible call 13 HEALTH on 13 43 25 84 or visit




2 15 16 18 21 - 23 26 31

Learn 2 Swim registrations open Swim 4 Your Life resumes Aqua aerobics resumes RADF, Round 2 2012/13 closes Ordinary Meeting of Cook Shire Council, 9:00am in Council Chambers Australia Day Cruise ship ‘Voyager’ in Cooktown


2 Learn 2 Swim, Program 2 commences 18 – 20 Ordinary Meeting of Cook Shire Council, 9:00am in Council Chambers

MARCH 4 – 6 Defence Force Recruiting in Cooktown

For information about more activities in our shire check out the 12 month Festivals and Events calendar on

Stay in touch with Council P  07 4069 5444 F  07 4069 5423 A  10 Furneaux St (PO Box 3), Cooktown, 4895 E  W   Shire libraries  Community notice boards Cook Shire Connect, Cooktown Tropical North Queensland, Natures Powerhouse


The 2013 Australia Day Awards for Cook Shire will be presented at the Cooktown PCYC Events Centre. The function commences at 5pm and includes BBQ, citizenship ceremonies, the Australia Day Awards presentation, drinks and entertainment for all. Cook Shire Council is proud to announce that the 2013 Cook Shire Australia Day Ambassador is Mr John Coutis. Born with a severe disability that rendered his legs useless, John defied medical opinion by refusing to die. Today he gives inspirational and motivational speeches all around the world.


Work to replace the sand at the children’s playground with a new soft fall surface has been completed. A small area of sand has been retained as a sand pit. The new surface will be cleaner and safer for children and reduce drain blockages. The Lakeland playground surface upgrade is a joint initiative of Cook Shire Council and the Queensland Government.


LEARN 2 SWIM, Program 2 Registrations for the Learn 2 Swim program are now open. Classes will commence on Saturday 2nd February 2013. Forms are available from Council’s administration building and any enquiries can be made directly to Pool Coordinator, Roz Smith on 4069 6928.

8 – Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013

AQUA AEROBICS & SWIM 4 YOUR LIFE Aqua aerobics will resume on Wednesday 16th January 2013 and Swim 4 Your Life will resume on Tuesday 15th January 2013.

RADF – ROUND 2, 2012/2013

Round 2, 2012/13 of Council’s Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) will close on Friday 18th January 2013. Application forms and guidelines are available from Council’s website or for more information please contact Council’s RADF Liaison Officer, Beverley Grant on 4069 5444 or email


December 2012 Council meeting the following resolutions were made: 1. Provide a fortnightly kerbside collection in the previously defined Poison Creek and Oakey Creek kerbside collection area. 2. Give residents of the Poison Creek, Oakey Creek, Rossville and Helenvale kerbside collection areas option of a 120L or 240L wheelie bin. 3. Allow residents of the new kerbside collection area the option to pay-off their new 120L wheelie bins by 6 monthly instalments of $10/mth. Residents of Poison Creek and Oakey Creek kerbside collection area can exchange their existing 240 l wheelie bins for 120 l bins free of charge at Cooktown Waste Transfer Station. Please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 40695444 if you would like more information.


During the 2012/13 wet season, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) will use load limits to manage heavy vehicle movements on unsealed sections of the Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR). Unless road closures are required for specific safety reasons, the PDR will remain open for high-clearance vehicles under 5 tonne throughout the wet season. TMR will provide up-to-date information about road conditions on the PDR via: 13 19 40 telephone hotline Cook Shire Council will also follow the above guidelines for Shire roads. Notifications of closures will be posted on the website as they occur and ROAD CLOSED signs will be erected as required. Remember: Drive according to prevailing conditions and slow down where roads have deteriorated, become slippery, or have pot holes and corrugations. Do not disobey ROAD CLOSED signs as you void all insurances in the event of an accident. You can also be fined by Queensland Police Service and lose points from your license.

COOK SHIRE ROAD CLOSURES Lakefield National Park Road Mt Webb – Wakooka Road- No access to Starke boat ramp.


Cooktown - Cairns rivalry a hundred years on


O mark the milestone of 10 years of historical columns for the Cooktown Local News, and also the 140th year of European settlement in Cooktown, I thought it would be interesting to look back 100 years to 1913 to see how we have changed. So, over the year, I will be pouring through Trove and other research, to come up with interesting stories about Cooktown in 1913. I know you will enjoy them. I have already found a few surprises. We know from our records there were flooded with a population from all parts 15 marriages, 35 deaths registered and 20 of the State.” burials at Cooktown cemetery in 1913, Which is in stark contrast to a report however the population is not known at later in the year - Cairns Post, Friday, this stage, but it can be presumed to be October 31, 1913: about 2000, similar to today. World War 1 “The Cairns folk, says the Cooktown was another year away, and the furtherest paper, leave no stone unturned in their thing from the minds of Cooktown endeavour to build up their district. people. Five years had passed since the The motto of Cairns is, ‘Ask and you 1907 cyclone and everything was back shall receive.’, while that of Cooktown to normal. The tinfield at Rossville was is, ‘Wait,and all things shall come unto flourishing and there was talk of gold you.’ Cairns deserves all it gets because mines being opened up again at the the people there are alive to their own Palmer. interests. It would take the whole One thing has never changed and Australian fleet to move some of the that is the influx of Cairns people at Cooktown people to activity.” Christmas. The only means of travel was I wonder what Cooktown did? I by steamer from Cairns, and once here wonder if it had anything to do with everyone stayed until the next boat - a Cooktown getting a wireless station and week later. Cairns missing out? From the Cairns Post, Friday, January The Townsville Daily Bulletin, on 10 1913, comes this snippet: Monday, January 13, 1913, reports “VISITING COOKTOWN - A large that: “Mr McDonald, the officer who number of visitors from the hinterland has charge of the construction of the and the Cairns district were in town wireless stations at Cooktown and during the Christmas holidays, says the Townsville, arrived from North by Cooktown Independent. Those from our the Kuranda last week. Mr McDonald neighbouring towns speak in praise of on Saturday morning, stated that he the hospitality accorded them by the local expected the work at Cooktown station townsfolk, and the good time they have would be finished in about three weeks, had in the prettiest and healthiest little and he hoped to get the Townsville work seaport town in Queensland. If business well on by the middle of February.” was brisk, Cooktown would soon be While The Brisbane Courier on

Step Back

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with Cooktown Historial Society

Ph: 4035 2345 Mob: 0403 060 414

Fax: 4035 2666

Unit 1-4/16 Tingira St (off Cook St), Portsmith, Cairns, Q 4870 E m a i l : to m @ c l e a n i n g s u p p l i e s. c o m . a u We b : w w w. c l e a n i n g s u p p l i e s. c o m . a u

C a l l To m

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Cooktown’s wireless station aerial being erected in 1913. Photo submitted.

Friday, January 10, 1913, quietly reported that: “The mast for the local radio-telegraph station was satisfactorily hauled into position on Wednesday.” For the rest of the year, Cairns cried loud and long to deaf ears, I might add, that they needed a wireless station also, as they had a bigger population than Cooktown. Well, story one for the year and it is noted that the rivalry between Cairns and Cooktown is alive and well after 100 years. Look out later this year for the celebrations around the centenary of the wireless station in Cooktown. Bev Shay Cooktown History Centre

Suzanne Hadley (Partner & Accredited Specialist) Deanne Drummond (Associate & Senior Practitioner)


ph (07) 4051 4766 • fax (07) 4051 9631 email:

Telephone: 1300 4895 00 Fax: 1300 7872 48 Phones attended 8.30am to 5pm - Monday to Friday

Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013 – 9


FEATURE:2012 2012 IN Feature: in REVIEW REVIEW

y r a u n Ja


Callous thieves target invalid pensioner

LOW-LIFE scum is just one of the labels being used to describe the callous thieves who robbed severely-handicapped pensioner George Theobold of about $250 and ruined his start to 2012. Fiercely independent, George refuses to allow his medical conditions to defeat him, but with the theft on January 2, he admitted he did feel “flattened” for a while.

ry a u r b Fe


Shot in the arm for local builders

A THREE-WAY partnership between the Gungarde Community Aboriginal Corporation and the state and federal governments to upgrade Indigenous housing in Cooktown will be a huge boost for the local building sector.

Australia Day Awards DOUGAL Nivison was the recipient of this year’s Cook Shire Australia Day award as Citizen of the Year, presented during

h Marc


Crocs ‘waiting for a feed’

HUMAN lives are still being put at risk by the deliberate feeding of a crocodile on the Annan River, despite signs in the area being erected by National Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers in November, 2011.


Arsonist caught within hours

A COOKTOWN man believed to be a disgruntled tenant has been charged with



$50M black-hole rumour ‘false’

COOK Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Stephen Wilton has reacted quickly to squash rumours of a $50M “black hole” in the Council’s budget.

HOPE Vale can now start work on a multi-purpose cyclone shelter and indoor sporting facility with yesterday’s Queensland government announcement of a $4.45M grant for the project. The state funds top up a $770,000 contribution already received from the federal government.

celebrations held at the Events Centre.


Landcruiser no match for bulls

CAROL Gavin thought she was dead when she saw the headlights of an airborne vehicle careering towards her tiny Daewoo sedan on the Mulligan Highway last week. But quick reflexes from an alert Ben Kruger whose Toyota Landcruiser 4WD had just collided with two straying bulls saved himself, his passenger Ronnie Mead and Mrs Gavin from what could have been a horrendous fate. an alleged arson attempt on Rainforest Real Estate’s Charlotte Street office.


Pigs not welcome at Botanic Gardens

COOKTOWN’S iconic, Heritage Listed Botanical Gardens will soon be protected from the ravages of feral pigs with Tuesday’s announcement that funding has been approved for the construction of a fence to keep the menace out.


IGA addresses local quality questions

shutting down five Cornett and three Waters stores across Australia.


Judge awards former employee $400,000 payout


Council in damage control to save jobs

A RECENT federal government decision to strip the Cook Shire of disaster relief and recovery funding will have more catastrophic effects on the region’s economy than that which could be delivered by any natural disaster.


Facebook robber attracts community wrath

COOKTOWN is set to become a hub for government services with Monday’s announcement the state had signed a lease agreement for the construction and fit-out of a new office building worth $2.3M.

A LOCAL youth “enjoyed” nine seconds of infamy last week, when his image was displayed on a page of the social networking site, Facebook, allegedly in the middle of committing a break and enter offence.


$2.3M Services hub for CBD

COMMUNITY concerns about fresh food standards at the local IGA supermarket were addressed at a public meeting last Thursday. IGA Cornett Area Manager for North Queensland Christian Pattinson spoke to a group of 17 residents at the meeting, which was called by Big 4 Caravan Park Proprietor Ken Nicolay. Julie Bochow, the Cooktown store’s new manager was also in attendance.

resounding State election result, with the LNP’s David Kempton the new Member.


LNP landslide


Cooktown does Anzac Day proud

THE seat of Cook has returned to the Coalition ranks for the first time since 1977 following Saturday’s

PROOF of Cooktown’s commitment to Anzac Day was never more evident than with the increase in yesterday’s attendance figure’s on last year’s Dawn Service in Anzac Memorial Park.


AFTER almost four years since he injured his back swinging a sledgehammer on the job, former Cook Shire Council worker Darryl John Hosmer was awarded more than $400,000 in damages in the Cairns Supreme Court on Friday, April 13.


“We’ll hit the ground running”

Cooktown to go on to achieve a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

organiser Bronwyn Sieverding hopes to include in this year’s program.

be made to a world-wide fund raising web site:




COOK Shire Mayor elect Peter Scott has described his new team of Councillors as possessing a good balance of local government experience and a broad shire knowledge.


Is Lachlan’s PhD a Cooktown first?

WEIPA’S Ian and Carol McKinna, proud parents of Lachlan, believe their son could be the first student fully-educated in


Cyclone shelter for Hope Vale

IGA will stay open

CORNETT’S IGA Supermarket Cooktown is in no danger of closing, despite last week’s media reports that parent company Metcash intends




Hydro-electricity plant at Annan River proposal

EARLY feasibility studies into the installation of a hydro-electric power plant at the Annan Weir have encouraged the Cook Shire Council to investigate the possibilities further.


Festival triumph: Now for date debate

10 – Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013

Festival waits on green light to host world record

HOW many bananas can you stuff down your gullet in a minute? If it is seven, then you could be the next World Champion Banana Eater, but that all depends on whether the Guinness Book of World Records recognises and sanctions a competition Cooktown Discovery Festival

AFTER the roaring success of the Discovery Festival held over the June long weekend, there is no doubt about its future, but the questions currently being asked are when and how will it be held.


A special man is honoured

TRIBUTES flowed for Australia’s first Indigenous state politician Eric Deeral in Hope Vale on Monday, when his permission was sought to name Queensland’s Indigenous Youth Parliament in his honour.

$1600 needed to help our young artists

FOR the sake of $1600, Cooktown kids with an interest in art could miss out on free art programs for the next year. That’s the amount the Cooktown School of Arts Society needs to raise from pledges to complete their target of $2000 that can


Bowen overcomes his injury demons for Maroons Origin recall

HOPE Vale’s favourite son Matt Bowen has scored a resounding victory over career-threatening injuries to be selected in a preliminary 20-man Queensland State of Origin squad, but he will not know until tomorrow whether he is to wear the Number 1 jersey in next week’s decider.

Volunteer army cleans up beaches

AN army of more than 100 volunteers was assembled on local beaches on Sunday to scour for rubbish as part of the annual Beach Clean-Up Day.

FEATURE:2012 2012 IN Feature: in REVIEW Review




COOKTOWN Police added stealth to their armoury in their fight against crime in the central business district and its surrounds on Monday, when they introduced push bike patrols of the area.


st u g u A

r e b m Septe

Pedal power added to fight against crime


Suspended sentence, 5 drink-drive, licence offences Manhunt ends in footchase

A SHORT foot chase at a Mt Amos property on Monday ended a police manhunt started last Wednesday, July 25 when a raid at a nearby Mt Amos location discovered 2900 cannabis plants with an estimated street value of about $4M under cultivation.

r e b m Nove


Local builder wins prestigious construction award


Entsch demands answers on Rehab. Centre

THAT’S the strong message Denise and Bruce Morcombe instilled into about 100 Cooktown State School students who attended their child safety lecture at the Events Centre yesterday.


STOP! My body belongs to me! Bloomfield crossing assurances

CAIRNS Regional Council has assured Wujal Wujal residents and business owners, along with tour operators that action will be taken should the Bloomfield River temporary crossing be washed away during the impending wet season.


Save the flying foxes from cruelty

A WOMAN facing the prospect of infection with the deadly Lyssavirus after being bitten by a red flying fox, is calling on the Cook Shire Council to take measures to protect the flying mammals from a horrific


Ambo’s dedication recognised


Arson suspected: Firefighters fear catastrophe


Couple charged with murder

American pop-rocker Pink on November 6 was greeted by stunned locals and screams of a hundred kids.

PALMERVILLE Station owners Steve Struber and Dianne Wilson faced Cairns Magistrates Court yesterday charged with the alleged murder of gold prospector Bruce Schuler.

Crowds tickled pink


Brazen burglar teaches security lesson

BRUCE Jenkins learned a lesson in home security on Friday morning he wishes he never had to learn. His Charlotte Street home was burgled between 3.30am and 5.30am by a brazen thief who plied his evil trade just feet from where he lay sleeping.

abound 13 Rumours over human bones

Roads regarding concerns he expressed to them about delays in the construction of a promised new bridge across the Bloomfield River at Wujal Wujal.


Who will carry the baton to keep kids running?

COOKTOWN’S Little Athletics Association is in serious danger of folding unless new blood is infused into it at its next annual general meeting.

local crew for a Master Builders Award he won on Saturday night for a house built in Newman Street.


Turn up for Shyloh


Unanimous objection to road closures

WHEN little Shyloh Morrell learned chemotherapy would cause her hip-length brown to fall out, she cried for a couple of weeks.

A UNANIMOUS resolution to object to the proposed closure of two gazetted, but unconstructed Bloomfield roads was made at a public meeting attended by about 80 people at the Bloomfield Wharf on Monday night.

death on barbed wire around the airport.


Scott honoured by NRL for services

NATIONAL recognition of the efforts of those involved with the development of rugby league in the district was given to the area on Monday night, when Cook Shire Mayor and President of the Cooktown and District Junior and Senior Rugby League Clubs, Peter Scott was presented with the AAMI Service to Community Award.

LOCAL rural firefighters are fearful it is only a matter of time before the work of arsonists responsible for lighting fires in the district will soon have catastrophic consequences.

THIRTY years of dedication and distinguished service to the Queensland Ambulance Service were recognised last Wednesday, when Cooktown’s Phil Axsentieff was presented with the Ambulance Service Medal.

IT’S not often an international megastar graces Cooktown with their presence, so it’s no surprise a visit to the bay by


POLICE seek help on a case investigating the disappearance of former Cooktown man Bruce Gavin Schuler are appealing for anyone with information on the incident or any suspicious or dangerous behaviours in the area in the past to come forward.

Missing man “suspicious”


r e b m ece

4WD TOUR operator Mike D’Arcy has been left frustrated and angry by a response he received from the Department of Main





Concerns bridge won’t be built before wet

MATTHEW Carey gave credit to his excellent training as an apprentice and the skill and attention to fine detail of his

FEDERAL Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch is demanding answers to the Congress Community Development and Education Unit’s financial conduct in relation to the Cape York Family Centre at Poison Creek.

r ctobe

A COOKTOWN woman convicted of three drink driving offences and two disqualified driving offences, all committed during the month of April, will not see jail time after her appearance in the Cooktown Magistrates Court on Tuesday, July 3, 2012.


Star of the show

AT 6.38am on Wednesday, November 14, an eerie silence and a dull, subterranean light flooded the air as thousands of spectators around Far North Queensland stood in awe gaping at the majesty of a total eclipse of the sun.


5 hurt in night of terror in Idress Drive

CONJECTURE is running rife in the Cooktown community about the origins of a human skeleton discovered on what is known locally as the North Shore last Wednesday. When the Cooktown Local News first learned of the discovery on Thursday morning, police were unable to confirm whether the bones were of human or animal origins. A scenes of crime unit and a forensics team were dispatched from Cairns to the site to recover the remains and anything else which might prove to be of evidentiary significance in their inquiries.

Sustain25 York able Futures FORMER Cape

President Bob Sullivan has labelled as clandestine, the

federal government’s rush to secure a World Heritage nomination of the majority of Cape York by February 2013.

A GUNSHOT wound and a number of knife wounds saw five people receive hospital treatment in the aftermath of a chain of terrifying events in Idress Drive on Monday night.


Sinking feeling over dredging

AFTER being promised a state government grant to dredge the Cooktown Harbour, Cook Shire Council has met with a change of rules and is faced with slow process in achieving an optimum long term result.


Kids ignore warnings: Risk croc attack

WITH more than one recent sighting of crocodiles around the Wharf and the vicinity of the boat ramp, Anne Williams is dreading she will bear witness to an horrific attack on a child because they continue to ignore the threat by cast netting in waist deep water. “For the last week we have had a serious ongoing issue with one particular young person entering the water to waist deep level behind our pontoon where a crocodile has been sighted recently,” Mrs Williams said.

Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013 – 11


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6:00 Weekend Today 9:00 Surfsport 10:00 Australian Fishing Championships 10:30 Discover Downunder Summer Series 11:00 The Wildlife Man Featuring David Ireland 12:00 Jack Newton Celebrity Classic 1:00 One Day Series - Australia vs Sri Lanka 5:00 National News Sunday 5:30 One Day Series - Australia vs Sri Lanka 9:00 The Middle: Brick gets Mike to teach him football terminology so he can be conversant by Super Bowl Sunday, which irks Axl, who loves being Mike’s football buddy. 9:30 Customs 10:00 Movie: “Rush Hour 3” (M) Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker team up again and this time head to Paris to protect a French woman who has information about an assassination plot. Along the way, Chan holds secret meetings with the United Nations and discovers a personal connection with a member of the underworld. 12:00 Nikita 1:00 Spyforce 2:05 Skippy The Bush Kangaroo 2:35 Danoz Direct 3:30 Your 4x4 4:00 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Today 6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 10:30 The New Adventures Of Old Christine 4:30 Art Nation 5:00 Gardening Australia 5:30 Catalyst 6:00 ABC 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 News Breakfast 10:00 Planet Science 11:00 Best Of Landline 12:00 Danoz 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 3:00 Extra 3:30 TBA 4:30 National Midday Report 12:30 Restoration Home 1:30 Meerkat Manor 2:00 Waterloo Road 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 Poh’s Afternoon News 5:00 Antiques Roadshow 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News Kitchen 6:00 TBA 6:50 Minuscule 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 ABC News 7:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Financial Permeability 7:30 7.30 7:30 RBT 8:00 QI: Beavers 8:30 The Mentalist: Jolly Red Elf - A Santa is murdered, and the 8:30 Country House Rescue: Trereife House team investigates a Santa society, while Jane goes undercover 9:15 Dream Build: Drew House in an A.A. group. 9:30 Coniston 9:30 CSI: Miami: Reality Kills - The CSIs investigate the murder of 10:20 ABC News a reality star. The probe centers on the cast’s hidden pasts and 10:40 Bomb Squad the victim’s obsessed fans. 11:35 TBA 10:30 CSI: Miami: On The Hook 12:35 Movie: “Night Of The Living Dead” (M) - A group of strangers 11:30 Nikita are held up in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse battling constant attacks from dead locals who have been brought back to 12:30 The Avengers 1:30 Extra life by mysterious radiation. 2:00 Danoz 2:10 The Return Of The Exorcists 3:00 4WD TV 3:10 Rage 3:30 Good Morning America 4:00 Movie: “Star Of Midnight” (PG) 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Eggheads 5:30 Today

6:00 ABC News Breakfast 10:00 Planet Science 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 National Press Club Address 1:30 Can We Help? 2:00 Waterloo Road 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 Poh’s Kitchen 6:00 The People’s Supermarket 6:45 Dream Build 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 QI: Bees 8:30 Queen: Days of Our Lives 10:30 ABC News: Late Edition 10:40 Spooks 11:40 Blue Murder: Inside - Unbeknown to Janine and the rest of the team, Richard is sent into a prison to investigate the murder of a prisoner. If Richard’s cover is blown, he could be a dead man walking. 12:30 Durham County 1:20 Stress Buster: Express Link 1:45 Big Ideas Sampler 2:00 Football: W-League 4:00 Catalyst Bytes: Co-Sleeping With Baby 4:15 Movie: “Return Of The Scarlet Pimpernel” (G) 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 Seven Morning News 9:30 2013 Australian Open 6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings 10:30 The New Adventures Of Old Chris6:00 Seven News tine 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Danoz Direct 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 3:00 Extra 3:30 TBA 4:00 6:30 Today Tonight TBA 4:30 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 2013 Australian Open 6:30 A Current Affair 11:30 That ‘70s Show: The Velvet Rope - Eric, Donna, Hyde and 7:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Work Song Nanocluster Fez go to a club in Chicago, and Eric finds himself alone and 7:30 The Big Bang Theory: The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition - Penny on the wrong side of the velvet rope while all his friends are develops a rivalry when a sexy female neighbour moves into the building and threatens to become the ‘new Penny’. inside having a great time. Also, inspired by a photo of a 8:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Hofstadter Isotope glammed-up Bowie, Kelso lets Jackie put make up on him and 8:30 Movie: “Entrapment” (M) - When a priceless Rembrandt dresses him in one of her mother’s dresses. is stolen in New York, the evidence points to Mac, a solitary 12:00 Auction Squad - Watch the sparks fly in Fitzroy as a run down master thief. His world is soon turned upside-down when he house and garden get a one-day make over. meets insurance investigator Gin. And so, the stage is set for the largest heist and the biggest police sting in history. 1:00 Home Shopping 10:50 TBA 3:30 The Real Seachange - Things heat up in Canada at the grand 11:30 I Hate My Teenage Daughter opening of the Boardwalk Restaurant. Will Ian and Catherine’s 12:00 Take The Money And Run first day be a success? 1:00 Extra 4:00 NBC Today 1:30 Danoz Direct 5:00 Sunrise Extra 3:00 4WD TV 3:30 Good Morning America 5:30 Seven Early News 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

5:00 Weatherwatch And Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Planet Egypt: Birth of An Empire 2:00 Oz and Hugh Raise the Bar 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Dakar Rally 2013 Highlights: Stage 10: Córdoba to La Rioja 6:00 Italian Food Safari 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Secrets of Our Living Planet: The Secret of the Savannah 8:30 Venice 24/7 9:35 Welcome to India 10:40 World News Australia 11:15 Movie: “Wild Grass” In French. The lives of Marguerite, a striking single middle-aged dentist, and happily married older man Georges become inextricably intertwined after he finds her stolen wallet. An examination of her photo identity sparks an obsessive curiosity and determination to meet her. 1:10 Movie: “First Light” (M l,a) In English. Thrown into the crucible of the most violent air war ever seen, a young man is determined to fight for survival. At the age of nineteen, Geoffrey ‘Boy’ Wellum was the youngest Spitfire pilot in the Battle of Britain. This is the dramatic story of the teenager who went to war against the Nazis and with the fear that threatened to engulf him. 2:40 Weatherwatch Overnight









6:00 ABC News Breakfast 10:00 Planet Science 11:00 The People’s Supermarket 11:45 Big Ideas Sampler 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 A Ripple Of Hope 1:30 Whatever! The Science Of Teens 2:00 Waterloo Road 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 Poh’s Kitchen 6:00 Wild Life At The Zoo 6:25 Good Morning Kalimantan 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 QI: Bats 8:30 Nigellissima 9:00 The Hour - Hector’s behaviour deteriorates as Bel and Freddie try to find out what happened to Kiki. 10:00 Angry Boys 10:35 ABC News: Late Edition 10:45 TBA 11:40 The Botany Of Desire 12:40 The Clinic 1:25 Cleopatra: Portrait Of A Killer - The groundbreaking discovery of the tomb and skeleton of Cleopatra’s sister sheds light on an incredible tale of intrigue, incest, female rivalry and murder in the last days of Ancient Egypt. 2:30 NTAFL: Waratah vs Tiwi Bombers 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Today 9:00 Mornings Summer Series 10:30 The New Adven6:00 Sunrise 9:00 Seven Morning News 9:30 2013 Australian Open tures Of Old Christine 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen 6:00 Seven News - Kay McGrath, Rod Young, Shane Webcke and Degeneres Show 1:00 Danoz Direct 2:00 Days Of Our Lives 3:00 John Schluter present the latest news, sport and weather Extra 3:30 TBA 4:00 TBA 4:30 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:30 Today Tonight 6:00 National News 7:00 2013 Australian Open 6:30 A Current Affair 11:30 That ‘70s Show: Laurie And The Professor - Donna’s frus7:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Vegas Renormalization 7:30 Getaway trated because her parents are fighting constantly, and she’s in 8:30 Person Of Interest: Bad Code the middle. Laurie’s psychology professor shows up, claiming 9:30 CSI: NY: Slainte to want to help Laurie get back into college, and Red and Kitty 10:30 True CSI: Cold Blood: Murder By Numbers - The slaying of are overjoyed, but Eric is really overjoyed when he discovers Keith Slater, a driving instructor who was knifed in the throat, Laurie and the professor kissing in the garage. leads investigators into the realm of numerology and the 12:00 Auction Squad - Monica works seven days a week to save occult. stray dogs from the pound and now must sell her home to 11:30 I Hate My Teenage Daughter: Teenage Ski Trip continue her mission. 12:00 20/20 1:00 Extra 1:00 Home Shopping 1:30 Danoz Direct 4:00 NBC Today 3:00 4WD TV 5:00 Sunrise Extra - Bringing you the best moments of your morn3:30 Good Morning America ings with the Sunrise team 5:00 National Early Morning News\ 5:30 Seven Early News 5:30 Today

5:00 Weatherwatch And Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Food Lovers’ Guide to Australia 1:30 William Shatner’s Weird or What? 2:30 Parent Rescue: Reaching Out 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Dakar Rally 2013 Highlights: Stage 11: La Rioja to Fiambalá 6:00 Italian Food Safari 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 How to Cook Like Heston: Chocolate 8:00 Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita 8:30 Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure 9:35 24 Hours in Emergency: Rush Hour 10:30 World News Australia 11:05 The Perfect Vagina - In an age where liposuction, tummy tucks and botox are now commonplace it would seem that women have found a new part of the body to worry about their vaginas. 12:05 Movie: “Curandero” (MAV v,h) In Spanish. When Castaneda, a notorious Mexican drug lord known for his ritualistic murders, escapes from prison, the police seek the help of Carlos, a village curandero, or faith healer. But as he gets closer to Castaneda, Carlos begins to experience disturbing and violent visions. 1:50 Weatherwatch Overnight

12 – Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013


SUDOKU No. 130

Your  Lucky 



 

CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th) You don’t normally like people telling you what to do. However, when there’s work to be done, you have to buckle down. Concentrate on the goal, not the means. Romance. A slight disruption to your plans this week could cause you to lose heart for a while. This may simply be fate leading you down a better path.

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th) You may be getting a little frustrated with your work this week. Don’t let your mind wander too far, however - it will be a while before you have a chance to get away. Concentrate! Romance. This promises to be an exciting week. Make the most of a chance encounter which will not come again in the near future.

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th)


A meeting with friends will help to get your mind off your work. You will be intrigued by something that one of your friends has to say. Try to apply this thought to your own life. Romance. You will be glad that your partner is such a forgiving person. Now you must learn to excuse yourself as well.

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th) You will be surprised how easily you can motivate other people. Don’t be so concerned that you forget about your own needs, however. Find someone who can motivate you as well. Romance. Your partner may be hiding something from you. Remain optimistic and you will be pleasantly surprised.

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st) You may be tempted to boss people around a little. You are frustrated by the lack of progress. While you may be the trailblazer at the moment, be sure that you’re leading in the right direction. Romance. A comment from a stranger could lead somewhere interesting if you are ready to take the next step.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st) Worries about your appearance may have much less basis in reality than you think. Don’t allow yourself to be put off by someone who is jealous. Remain true to yourself. Romance. A slight misunderstanding could have serious consequences if you are not careful. Don’t forget that words often have more than one meaning.


CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd) A change to your daily routine may help to reduce the amount of stress. You will manage to adapt, but it may be a while before you are completely settled. Embrace this time! Romance. A chance meeting could bring a person back into your life after a long period apart. Reflect on how much you’ve changed since then.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd) A slightly unkind comment about your appearance may get you down for a while. Remember your self-worth. Romance. Time spent keeping connected with your partner will be well spent. A forgotten, but found letter they wrote long ago will leave you reminiscing about your past together.

For all your printing needs –


VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd) Don’t be put off by a letter which seems to be more important than it really is. Read it carefully before you make any rash decisions. Put it aside and come back to it when you’re calm. Romance. You will need to focus very clearly on your emotional needs today. Opening up to a stranger may bring great outcomes.

LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd) A friend who has recently written to you will be disappointed if they don’t receive a reply soon. Jot down your thoughts! Romance. It will be hard to understand a recent decision by your partner. They may have reasons that you are not aware of, however. You’ll need to pry this information from them.

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd)


Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend.

– Albert Camus


You will finally get some good results from a project which you started a couple of weeks ago. Your friends will be impressed by what you have achieved. Romance. Don’t wait for your partner to make all the decisions. You must take the initiative. Allow them to follow your lead for a change!

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st) You will be glad to get a boost to your confidence, just when you need it most. Take this delightful feeling and run with it! Romance. A dream which you had recently may soon become a reality. How your partner fits into this new reality may be hard to define. Don’t be quick to put the pieces together.

Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013 – 13


Trades and Services

Antenna & Satellite





Telephone: 1300 4895 00 Fax: 1300 7872 48 Editor’s email: editor@ cooktown localnews. Advertising email: ads@ cooktown localnews. Office Hours: 8.30am – Midday. OPEN all day WEDNESDAY.

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Digital and satellite TV  Extra TV outlets  Sound system set-up  Authorised satellite technician

UHF and VHF radio technicians  Servicing the Cape  Pensioner discount  Local, friendly, reliable service

Call Steve:

0407 805 966



NATHAN ZERK M 0400 049 238 PO Box 166 Cooktown 4895

ARC Licensed & Approved

• Over 20 years experience • Re-gassing • All repairs • Installations • Conversions • All work guaranteed


EARTHMOVING • Building Pads – Subdivisions – Driveways – Trenches – Post Holes – Clearing – Drainage – Demolition • Plumbing & Pool Preparation – Landscaping – Raw Materials & Cartage – Rock & Tree Removal • Small & Large Excavators & Attachments – Bobcats – Tip Trucks – Water Carts – Rollers – Tag & Dog Trailers Local multi-skilled operators providing you a competant, reliable & hassle-free service in Earthmoving & Civil Works

Nadine & Steve Scholz • PO Box 964 Cooktown Q 4895 cooktowncivilgroup

Cooktown Blinds & Awnings All aspects of earthmoving – Experienced and professional operators

 Blinds  Awnings  Shade Sails 

Specialising in roadworks, subdivisions, clearing, driveways, dams and rockwalls. • 8, 12, 21, 23 and 26 Tonne Excavators • Grader, Backhoes, Rollers, Dozer • Float, Roadtrain Sidetippers and Water Trucks

for a FREE measure and quote Phone: 4069 6625 or 0439 393 546

Contact us on 0408 181 894 or 4069 6407




Bloomfield - Rossville Cooktown - Lakeland Phone: 4060 8219 Mobile: 0401 882 650 Fax: 07 4027 9615 Email: Web:




Timber – pine or hardwood Glass  Gates  Aluminium Security  Retaining walls Gramline / Colourbond New house lots a speciality PHONE GREG

Licensed Contractor QBSA 1093073

0428 128 044

Got products to sell, or services you need to let the community know about? ADVERTISE HERE Great value for your advertising $

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BSA: 12141087

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COLOUR! $45/wk Colour • $30/wk Mono for a 6-month booking (GST inclusive)

14 – Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013

ph: 4031 1222 mob: 0417 708 814

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The other local painter…


• All aspects of concreting and civil work • Houses, sheds and driveways • Decorative and exposed concrete • Spraycrete and concrete grinding Nick Prendergast Phone: 0429 923 400

4098 1866


Electrical Contractors Licence: 72639


BSA 1112207

Open 8am – 5pm, Mon to Fri

Endeavour Painting and Property Maintenance

Phone Dave or Silke anytime 0417 074 946 or 4069 6464


Trades and Services PAINTERS



   

      

 

   


PEST CONTROL ABN: 37 495 170 374 Mitigation Permit: WIMP01346103


SNAKES Removed/Identified

• Annual Inspections • Domestic and Commercial • Pre-purchase Inspection • Pre and Post Construction • Physical & Chemical Barrier

SOIL TESTING Fully accredited, guaranteed rapid results

Soil Testing Contact Eric George, your local technician 4069 5854 • 0409 686 032 Cairns 4047 8600



GENERAL TOWING – Special local & Cooktown to Cairns rates TYRES – Cars, Utes, 4x4’s and Trucks – most sizes MECHANICAL REPAIRS & SERVICING – All makes & models, 2WD & 4WD

Cooktown Towing, Tyres & Mechanical Ferrari Street (behind Mobil S/S) Cooktown

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Advertise your business Call 1300 4895 00

Attention: Trades & Services Advertisers To ensure that consumers locating contractors through advertisements published are protected, and that licensed contractors are not being disadvantaged, the Building Services Authority requires that all advertisers • state their name and BSA licence number on their advertisement or • state words to the effect “cannot perform building work valued at more than $3,300”. Non-compliance with these requirements may result in the advertiser receiving a warning or a fine from the BSA. If you do not meet the above requirements in your present advertisement, please contact us as soon as possible with your details.

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Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013 – 15

MONTHLY MEETING The next meeting will be held at 9am

this Sunday, January 13 at the Sub Branch Office, 132 Charlotte Street Office: 4069 6353 Mobile: 0413 322 625

Jimmy Fay, Secretary



Optometrist visiting Servicing Cooktown since 1997

Visiting regularly     

Ocular health Eyesight testing Glaucoma assessment Diabetic sight analysis Contact Lens Consultations

Steel and Aluminium supplies • Welding Fabrication: steel, alloy, stainless, site work • Guillotine, Bender, Roller: pipe threading and bending • Machining: lathe, milling • Hydraulics: hose repairs • Bolts, welding equipment • Metroll products, perlins, iron by order • Marine: boat, trailer, outboard repairs, parts and oils

Eyedentity Optical phone: (07) 4033 7575

QUBE Logistics DEPOT SUPERVISOR QUBE Logistics invite applications for the above position at our Cooktown Depot. Applicants must be willing to live in the Cooktown area, and have the following criteria; min HC & F/Lift License, be able to work unsupervised and be self motivated. Customer focused, passionate, with good communication skills, have general freight knowledge, and take pride in our depot. For further information please contact Steven Marras on 4035 3360 or email to Applications close: Thursday, January 17, 2013.


Cooktown District Community Centre


1800 352 352

11 Charles Street, PO Box 763, Cooktown 4895 T: 4069 6098 • F: 4069 6934 E:

To apply, request a copy in person at Cooktown District Community Centre or by phone on (07) 4069 6098.

CAIRNS Rainbow Inn. 3½ star, all facilities including cable TV. Close to the city, from $65 per night. Ph 4051 1022.

PUBLIC NOTICE STANDBY Response Service. Support and information for people bereaved by suicide. Ph 0439 722 266. 24 hours – 7 days per week.


Cooktown Skip Bins Rubbish removal and disposal Ph: 4069 5545 or 0408 772 361

LOST on 23/12/12 near Cooktown. One large grey wolfhound male dog and one large black/white great dane/wolfhound cross male dog with one blue eye and one brown eye. $1000 reward for any information leading to the return of these much loved family pets. Phone Kerry 0400 167 260 or Andy 0457 256 783.

Carols by Candlelight Sunday, December 16, 2012 Thank you… The Christian churches of Cooktown wish to thank the entire community of Cooktown for a wonderful night of Carols by Candlelight, December 16 last year! The weather was kind to us and we were able to conduct Carols on the waterfront again. It was a beautiful evening, beginning with a free sausage sizzle, cooked and prepared by willing Endeavour Lions Club members. Thank you to those faithful workers. The park was in excellent condition thanks to Cook Shire Council’s Parks and Gardens crew. The beautiful setting of the sun was crowned by the arrival of the Wise Men bearing gifts for baby Jesus. These gifts were gladly received by the many children who lined up eagerly to receive their bag of lollies and a glow candle each. Leftovers were distributed around among the adults, who also eagerly received them. The Nativity play with some children and young people playing in it was a visual reminder of what Christmas is all about: the birth of Christ Jesus. The carols singing was excellent, and participation by the folks gathered around the hill top was filled with gusto and enjoyment. Overall, we believe nearly everyone went away pleased with the evening: looking forward with expectation of Carols 2013. COOK SHIRE COUNCIL: A special thank you goes to Cook Shire Council for the preparation of and use of the Park. Cook Shire Council has been our major sponsor over the years. Without the practical and financial support we receive from the Council, we would have difficulty holding the quality of event that we do. COOKTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND TOURISM: A special thank you also to ‘The Chamber’ for their ongoing financial support with their contribution toward the glow sticks. COOKTOWN LOCAL NEWS: A special thank you also goes to Cooktown Local News, for their support during advertising for Carols. Gr8 stuff! Ta. ENDEAVOUR LIONS CLUB: Mentioned above: thank you! To all other businesses, organisations and volunteers who helped on the night and in preparation for the night: THANK YOU! May God bless you abundantly, and have a wonderful 2013!

16 – Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013

CONTAINERS for sale or hire. Ph Cooktown Towing, Tyres & Mechanical 4069 5545.


Ph Phil 4069 5224 or Mob 0417 776 524

Cooktown Community District Centre (CDCC) is funded for The Youth Support Coordinator Initiative (YSCI) is a joint collaboration between Department of Communities and Department of Education. It is a state-wide program aimed at supporting young people, aged 14 to 17 years who are at risk of disengaging, or have recently disengaged from education, to move into and through the Senior Phase of Learning. Youth Support Coordinator undertake a vital role in helping at-risk students to re-engage with their schooling, transition to further education, training or employment and reach their full potential. We are seeking enthusiastic and suitably qualified applicants for this opportunity to work with young people in the Cooktown and district. This position is permanent full time QCSACAA level 4/5 with salary sacrificing offered. Applications close Friday, February 15, 2013.

COOKTOWN Skip Bins. Commercial and domestic rubbish removal and disposal. Ph 4069 5545 or 0408 772 361.

AAA CBD CBD CBD – Inn Cairns Boutique Apartments, 71 Lake Street, Cairns. Self catering, secure car parking, pool/gazebo, opp PO and Woolworths. Ph 07 4041 2350.

MacMillan St, Cooktown

Youth Support Coordinator – Youth Support Coordinator Initiative (YSCI)







Photo: Michael Amendolia

Returned and Services League of Australia Cooktown Sub Branch

CIVIL CELEBRANT Kathleen Roberts. Naming Ceremonies, Marriages, Funeral Co-ordination. 4069 5004 or 0427 695 004 ADVERTISE your classified here! Email ads@

MAGNA 1999 four door sedan, automatic, air conditioned, power steering, very clean, drives really well. $2980. Phone 0407 753 570 FOR SALE COMMODORE 1995 vs sedan, automatic, air conditioned, power steering, drives very well, clean car, $2150. Phone 0407 753 570

PETS & LIVESTOCK FARRIER. Ron Searle will be in Cooktown and Lakeland on JANUARY 19, 20 & 21. Trims $30, shoes $70. Ph 0427 846 336. FOR RENT TWO BEDROOM unit for rent. Recently renovated high set unit with lots of undercover space. Quiet cul-de-sac at the bottom of Grassy Hill. Lovely garden and bush surroundings. Two minutes walk to Post Office. Reasonable Rental. Phone 0415 369 874 FOUND YOUNG FEMALE FOXIE PUP. Contact Bird, 4069 6064.

Cooktown District Community Centre 11 Charles Street, PO Box 763, Cooktown 4895 T: 4069 6098 • F: 4069 6934 E:

POSITION VACANT Centre Manager Cooktown Community District Centre (CDCC) is seeking enthusiastic and suitably qualified applicants for this opportunity to lead and work with our team in the Cooktown and district. This position is responsible for the day to day management and administration of the centre, its programs, staff and budget. This is an attractive position for a highly motivated applicant with experience in managing community-based, human services delivery organisation. The position is permanent full time. Qld Community Services & Crisis Assistance Award 2008 Level 7. $71,000 - $74,000 per annum. Attractive salary sacrificing package is also offered. Applications close Friday, February 15, 2013. To apply, request a copy in person at Cooktown District Community Centre or by phone on (07) 4069 6098.

Cooktown District Community Centre 11 Charles Street, PO Box 763, Cooktown 4895 T: 4069 6098 • F: 4069 6934 E:

POSITION VACANT Perpetrator Domestic Violence Counsellor The Perpetrator Domestic Violence Counsellor will provide specialised counselling to perpetrators of domestic and family violence. The provision of counselling is a significant early intervention and prevention strategy aimed at stopping the cycle of violence. This counselling service for perpetrators of domestic and family violence will be based in Cooktown, with outreach services to Hopevale, Wujal Wujal and Laura. This service will provide community members with an opportunity to deal with the significant trauma that is associated with being a victim of domestic and family violence. This position is managed by the Cooktown District Community Centre (CDCC) and funded by the Department of Communities until January 2015. This position is permanent full time - QLD Community Services & Crisis Assistance Award Division 2B - State 2008 - Level 6. Applications close Friday, February 15, 2013. To apply, request a copy in person at Cooktown District Community Centre or by phone on (07) 4069 6098.


Living Well


It’s time for some magnificent corn fritters originally comes from Bill Granger which I had the good fortune to taste in his Sydney café years ago before he zipped off to the UK. If you love the burstingly sweet, creamy flavour of fresh sweet corn, you’ll love these fritters. Bill suggests coriander as the herb, but thyme, our long leaf coriander, mint or finely chopped turmeric leaves all work as well. If using thyme, strip the leaves from the stems and use about 2 tablespoons as it is a strong herb. Or, as I suggest, you can also try adding some curry powder for an earthier flavour. When there is good corn around, why not try all variations and find your favourite? Corn fritters 3 cups (525g/3 large cobs) fresh

I HAVE just enjoyed a big feast of the freshest corn, so thought it timely to share some corn recipes. I’ve added the fresh shaved kernels to green salads, mixed them with equal quantities of cucumber, tomato and capsicum diced the same size, with a generous amount of fresh chopped herbs and a drizzle of good olive oil, lime juice and some chilli if you want, pulled out the silks and roasted the cobs whole on the BBQ grill in their husks until the husks were slightly charred on each side, and served with butter and/or chilli and a bit of salt. Then served them in a big pile on top of drop scones flavoured with a tablespoon of my curry powder with a dollop of sour cream or Greek yoghurt. Here’s another great recipe that

corn kernels 1 small - ½ large red onion 2 eggs ¼ - 1/3 cup finely chopped fresh herbs OR 2 teaspoons curry powder ½ cup (125g) plain flour 1 teaspoon baking powder Pinch of salt Fresh ground black pepper to taste 1 tablespoon oil for frying Keep aside 1 cup of corn kernels, the oil and the herbs (if using) and process all other ingredients in a food processor (add the curry powder in this stage if using). Stir through the whole kernels and herbs if using. Heat oil in a fry pan over mediumhigh heat and drop 2 tablespoons per fritter into the pan. Cook in batches

for 1 - 2 minutes each side until slightly golden. Once cooked place on a few layers of paper towel with foil or tea towel over the top to keep warm, until all are cooked and ready

Scholarship winners share their new skills with the FNQ body TWO far northern women who share a passion for the future development of the region have won prestigious scholarships with the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Regional Development Australia Far North Queensland and Torres Strait (RDA FNQ-TS) CEO Sonja Johnson (left) and committee member Dr Geraldine McGuire (right) were among a group of 70 high-performing women selected from 1600 nominations to be announced as winners of the coveted Board Diversity Scholarship by the Institute and Federal Minister for the Status of Women Julie Collins recently. “To say I am excited is an understatement,” Ms Johnson said. “To have two women from the same organisation selected for such a coveted scholarship is unbelievable.” Ms Johnson joined RDA FNQ-TS in March, 2012. As CEO, and, in collaboration with regional leaders, she is responsible for the direction, strategy and


to serve. Great to serve with avocado, home-made chutneys or chilli sauce, and some home grown tomato. Makes about 12 fritters.

Turtles coming ashore on Raine Island.

implementation of regional development initiatives with an economic, social, environmental and cultural focus. “The scholarship aims to increase the number of women on boards by giving them the skills needed to be active and successful members, as well as opening up career opportunities and encouraging female participation,” she said. Ms Johnson and Dr McGuire will participate in the Australian Institute of Company Directors course and will also receive a 12-month membership to the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Dr McGuire, who is committed to the empowerment of women, said the scholarship would give her increased credibility and authorisation in her traditionally male dominated field of agriculture and mining. As well as volunteering as a committee member of the RDA FNQ-TS, Dr McGuire is the Managing Director of Sustainable Solutions Global Pty Ltd, a










































consulting company established in North Queensland that specialises in challenging projects which seek to balance sustainable economic, environmental and social solutions. She is also a partner is the business Rainforest Bounty, a company which manufactures gourmet condiments from Australian native rainforest fruit. Australian Institute of Company Directors Chief Executive and Managing Director John Calvin said Ms Johnson and Dr McGuire were both able to demonstrate their significant experience and a high degree of leadership potential and capacity. “Nationally, the 70 recipients represent a diverse range of qualifications and experience ranging from the more traditional directorships pathways of banking, finance, accounting and law to the less traditional pathways of communications, human resources, small business, marketing, science and academia,” Mr Colvin said.

Floods put sea turtles off breeding: Study ENDANGERED marine turtles in Queensland still haven’t recovered from the extreme weather of early 2011, scientists say. AAP reports numbers of nesting green turtles near Cape York have fallen to the lowest level in almost four decades, nearly two years after floods and cyclones hit Queensland. Dr Col Limpus, the chief scientist of threatened species with Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage says something similar happened after floods hit the state during 1974, causing green turtle breeding to drop off for four years. “We expect one of the lowest green turtle seasons in the last four decades, since detailed monitoring started in Queensland, but we are not concerned,” he said. “This dip in turtle breeding is now a well-known natural consequence of weather.” Dr Limpus said the size of a green turtle breeding population was determined by climate events about 18 months before breeding season. This December, researchers have observed just 200 to 300 turtles at Raine Island off Cape York. Usually, more than 6000 are spotted.

Jack’s back, Ruby stays on top in name game JACK has toppled Cooper after a three-year reign as the most popular boy’s name registered for 2012 in Queensland. For girls, Ruby has once again returned as the state’s number one name after Sophie overtook her in 2011. Charlotte was pipped at the post for the second time since 2007. Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Jarrod Bleijie said while names helped distinguish us from each other, they were also important in establishing our identity. “Naming a child is one of the most important things a parent has to do,” Mr Bleijie said.

“The names we choose for our children can define them for the rest of their lives, through all the highs and lows. “It can at times be challenging to find the right name for a child - a dilemma the young royals will no doubt be going through over the next few months. “With these results maybe a Princess Ruby or Prince Jack could be joining the Royal Family soon.” Other names that made the 2012 top 10 list included traditional names such as Chloe, Amelia and Emily along with William, Thomas and James - a trend highlighting that generational names are often carried on through the decades.

Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013 – 17


Marlin Coast Veterinary Surgery Will be visiting Cooktown WedneSday, JanUaRy 16 from 2pm and ThURSday, JanUaRy 17 until 12 noon Clinic is at the CWA rooms FOR APPOINTMENTS PLEASE PHONE

Sylvia Geraghty 4069 5337 or Clinic 4057 6033 Appointments are essential

Country Road Coachlines CAIRNS TO COOKTOWN ~ Passenger and freight ~


Bus Services DEPARTS CAIRNS Inland Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun at 7am Coastal Mon, Wed and Fri at 7am DEPARTS COOKTOWN Inland Mon, Tues, Thu, Sat at 12.30pm Wed, Fri, Sun at 1.30pm Coastal Tues, Thurs and Sat at 7.30am INLAND SERVICE – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun Departs Cairns 7am. Arrives CTN 11.45am. Departs Cooktown Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat 12.30pm, arrives CNS 5pm. Departs Cooktown Wed, Fri, Sun 1.30pm, arrives CNS 6pm. AGENTS

ABOVE LEFT: Mara, Janardhan, Franics Walker and Morgan McIntosh at Wujal Falls. Photos: MIKE D’ARCY. ABOVE CENTRE: Ancient cassowary looking for a resting place. ABOVE RIGHT: New fungi growth in the Daintree. RIGHT: Gabe plays musical ship while mum Denise and sister Maya Lash enjoy.

A Maori Princess meets a Bama Traditional Owner at Wujal Falls WUJAL Wujal Falls has to be the most wonderful place to visit in Queensland right now. The amount and shape of water gushing over it are tremendous. Clear, crystal water filtered by sand, gravel and vegetation - all of this cascading over a 45 metre drop into the Bloomfield River amphitheatre creates a wonderful mixed feeling of power and restfulness. What a Christmas present? The best news for the New Year is the rain. It’s finally come to the Daintree. No longer is the Bloomfield Track chokingly dusty. The daily (or nightly to be precise) rain has completely refreshed the rainforest. The choking dust on the vegetation has disappeared, and new leaf growth is already obvious. The creeks are flowing clear and fresh, with traces of algae and tannins almost gone. The area was privileged to have a visiting Maori Princess, Morgan McIntosh, visit the area and rub noses with Francis Walker at the Wujal Falls - metaphorically speaking. Actually, Morgan modestly denies being a princess, but her uncle Janardhan, from the Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Cooper Creek reckons she has the right

Maori Princess pedigree. Hmmm. Anyway, Morgan thoroughly enjoyed her first encounter with a Kuku Yalanji person and was an attentive student soaking up lots of very different culture from her special rainforest ambassador. The rain also means much more insect life and, following them, insect-eating birds and insects. Fungi of different colours are everywhere. In fact, the whole web of life is on display and will be for a few months right through the wet season. At Cooper Creek, Morgan, Mara and Janardhan saw a newly independent cassowary, with a colourless crop and still sporting his/ her juvenile brown colours. It was prowling around the edge of the rising water at Cooper Creek and suddenly strike up at a roosting bird, which rose to the challenge and struck back before beating off. The bird was big, but the cassowary was bigger. Why the encounter? Was the cassowary after food, or was it a territory threat? Perhaps when you’ve been kicked out of home while dad cassowary takes care of a clutch of eggs, you’d probably get very nervous and defensive. It was a rare sight, but too quick for our cameras. Later that day we saw a sadder sight, but showing the renewal and reality of life in

the rainforest. An elderly seemingly lost or bewildered, perhaps injured cassowary was wandering slowly around near the Tea Farm. It settled down slowly, sadly in front of us.. Maybe it was on its way out. Two contrasting performances on the same day. One sad demise compensated well by the energy and show of defiance by the younger bird. The king is dead! Long live the king! With all this rain, only 4WD vehicles should now be traversing the Track. No dodgey “Brothers rental vans”. Each day brings tree falls, so take care driving under overhangs, and remember that crawling around fallen trees into muddy ditches can be tricky or even foolhardy. Extreme care must be taken on the clay ridges at the top of Cowie Range where the Track hasn’t been stabilised with blue metal (maybe this year, Cairns Council?), and remains sloppy after fresh rain. We’ve just started some extremely high tides, so check Bloomfield River Crossing, and enjoy the low tides walking along the beaches. Happy travelling. Mike and Trish D’Arcy D’Arcy of Daintree 4WD Tours Ph: +61 7 4098 9180

Earth-like planet likely this year

COOKTOWN (Photo Shop) 4069 5446 BLOOMFIELD (Ayton Store) 4060 8125 LAKELAND (Mobil Roadhouse) 4060 2188

THE first truly Earth-like alien planet is likely to be spotted this year, an epic discovery that would cause humanity to reassess its place in the universe, reports. While astronomers have found a number of exoplanets over the last few years that share one or two key traits with our own world - such as size or inferred surface temperature - they have yet to bag a bona fide “alien Earth.” But that should change in 2013, scientists say. PHOTO: This NASA image was released last month.

Bus Service and Airport Shuttle Bus Bookings essential: 7 days 4069 5446 ‘Travel with the Local Boy’ Owned and operated by Allan Harlow

• The schedule is subject to change or to cancel without notice • Child fares • Student fares • Pensioner rates (not available on Saturdays)

LEAVE CAIRNS MONDAY TO FRIDAY Deliveries 5 days – AND DELIVER THE NEXT MORNING Meeting all freight needs from Cairns to the Cape • Port Douglas • Mossman • Cooktown • Laura • Archer River • Coen • Musgrave • Kowanyama • Weipa • Croydon • Normanton • Karumba • Pormpuraaw – from 20 grams to 20 tonnes –

Fleet includes: Body trucks, Semi trailers, Refrigerated vans, Side lifter and Fork lift hire



Down driveway at Peter Russell Windscreen Repairs Ph: 4069 5459 • Fax: 4035 4021 • Mob: 0419 759 892

25 Redden Street Ph: 4035 4022 • Fax: 4035 4021

Tuxworth & Woods Carriers 18 – Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013

Established more than 30 years


Netballers set to tip off 2013 season

Mel Pryde ready to pass during the 2012 netball competition.

Swimmers ready to make splash in 2013

CURRENT Junior and Senior netball players are reminded the season tips off on Monday, January 28 from 5.30pm. New players in both competitions are invited. While the Juniors will start the 2013 season from 5.30pm, it is yet to be decided whether it will be from the courts situated at the tennis club, or at the Events Centre. The seniors will start their season at the Events Centre from 6.45pm. Contact Caz (0407 540 378) for further information.

Fierce mossies keep Hashers gulping and running THE Hash has been very quiet recently as the Cooktown Local News has been taking a holiday along with the rest of Australia’s media, so ‘news’ has not been happening. In fact, the Hash has been busy. Hotdog set his first hash, helped by a colleague who at last did something foolish enough to justify a proper name (wearing golden bows in his hair to celebrate Christmas). He is now - of course - Goldilocks. The boys set a trail that might have been very interesting, except it ran through the edge of the swamp and the mosquitoes were fierce. They even kept the Hashers from the drink stop - it was a matter of gulp and keep running. Then we had our traditional visit to the North Shore on New Year’s Eve. Always a pleasant excursion and the chance to see Cooktown from a different direction. ‘ We examined the dunes for buried French sailors, or even buried lepers, but found nothing.

The first Hash of the New Year was hosted by Archive. He laid a trail through the patches of bush in the country on the far side of Hope Street and, unusually for Cooktown, laid FOUR checks to trap us. Now, as regular readers of this column know, a check marks a break in the trail, the pack is meant to search around to find the real trail - allowing the slower Hashers to catch up. Unfortunately, Archive is a kind old soul and totally lacks the devious spirit needed to trick old Hashers into running the wrong way. They took his checks in their stride, guessing where he was heading and running straight to the paper. Poor Archive! Back at the bash, we had two virgin runners to celebrate, and F*&t reaching 1380 runs. Stumbelina has returned for a visit, and she shares

Three Rivers League AGM to be held

COOKTOWN Swimming Club members will dive into their 2013 season from Tuesday, January 29 at the Cooktown Pool. Committee member Abi Johnson said the season traditionally started the first Tuesday of the new school term. “We’re hoping to see all our members back with us this year, enthusiastic and ready to get into their training,” she said. “It’s a new year, they’re all a little older and a little stronger, so we’re hoping they can continue the huge improvements they showed last year.” And the small club is also looking for new members. “We’ll gladly welcome anyone wanting to join us,” she said. “It’s a great way of being involved with other people and improve your fitness standards.”

Shooters make the most of the outgoing and incoming years CLUB members made good use of the final weekend of 2012 at the SSAA Cameron Creek Range. With windy conditions, the rifle team all had a great time at the Combined Services events. From a possible 150.30 points, results were as follows: Standard class: 1st Andy Gardner 140.7, 2nd Toby Graves 125.3, 3rd Greg Payne 110.3. Accurised class: 1st Andy Hill 83.3. J class (scoped); Greg Payne 124.9. 300 metre Deliberate (possible of 50.10 points) Standard class: 1st Toby Graves 39, 2nd Greg Payne 20. Accurised class: 1st Toby Graves 43.1, 2nd Andy Hill 26. Andy G and Toby tied in the 300 metre gong event, both scoring four hits from five shots. The New Year started with a DTL Shotgun shoot on January 5, with a good number of shooters participating in weather that turned favourable for the afternoon, which was most welcome. A Pistol Shoot is scheduled for this Saturday, January 12 at 1pm, and a Rifle Soot for this Sunday, January 13 at 9am. Contact your discipline captain for details. Anne Williams Secretary

a birthday with Granddad - always worth a cheer. Then we celebrated Whizz running over yet another tree (he is the worst car parker in town), Granddad getting lost and Stumbles doing strange exercises in his shower. Next week’s run is at Soggy’s. Just turn up at 5.30pm on Monday, January 14, to join the fun. Call Moses (4069 5854 or 0409 686 032) for details. On-on! Lye Bak

Hope Vale Backstreet Warriors outside back Fabian Darkan (with ball) in 20112 Three Rivers Rugby League action. File photo.

Life is shorter in the tropics

A WORLDWIDE initiative to define the challenges facing the peoples of the tropics has found life expectancy is lower in the region than in the rest of the world. The group, including James Cook University, has released an early insight of its planned State of the Tropics Report, which will be published in full next year. Professor George Magoha, Vice Chancellor of the University of Nairobi, last week issued “Life Expectancy”, the first of four early insights ahead of the State of the Tropics Report. The insight reveals life expectancy in the tropics has increased by 22.8 years to 64.4 years between 1950 and 2010 and the gap between the life expectancy of women and men has widened in favor of women over the same period. Infant mortality in the tropics fell from 161 deaths per 1000 live births to 58 over the same period.

However in the rest of the world it is 33 and the rate of improvement has been greater. As a general rule, regions that have experienced large falls in the absolute infant mortality rate also report large improvements in life expectancy. Professor Sandra Harding, the Vice Chancellor of Australia’s James Cook University, which initiated the State of the Tropics project, said that Australia had the largest tropical land mass of any developed country. “In tropical Australia life expectancy is 79.4 years compared with the rest of Australia at 82 years, and 64.4 years for the tropics generally,” Professor Harding said. She said over the past half-century the tropics has emerged as an increasingly critical region. More than 40 per cent of the world’s population now lives in the tropics, and this is likely to be close to 50 per cent by 2050.

RUGBY League players and fans are invited to attend the annual general meeting of the Three Rivers Rugby League next Wednesday, January 16, which will be held at the Cooktown RSL Memorial Club from 6pm. Current President Peter Scott said that after two stellar years, the organisation was looking to stay on a “high”, moving to achieving its long term goal of nominating a team in the Cairns competition. “Nominations will be accepted for all executive positions, as well as the general working committee,” Scott said. “We’re looking for an infusion of new blood, this League is going places and we need people to help us get it there.” Scott said it was time for more players to step up and become involved in the running of the League. “Until now, we’ve had a very small group of volunteers who have done a fantastic job in administering this competition,” he said. “But we need players to become involved too, so they can have their say and an involvement in the administration.” The Three Rivers Rugby League AGM will be held at the Cooktown RSL Memorial Club on Wednesday, January 16, from 6pm.

   PRESENTS


at the Bowls Club! Commencing 9am, Thursday, January 24

Starting Jackpot $100

Wednesdays and Fridays – Courtesy Bus – out to Marton & Keatings Lagoon – Ph

4069 5819

Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013 – 19

Sport Cooktown Local


Phone: 1300 4895 00 • Fax: 1300 787 248 • Email:

Sports reports deadline is 5pm, Monday prior to publication LEFT: Steve with a red bass. BELOW: Marco Loughlin is hooked on fishing after landing a Wallaby Creek black bream with his first cast recently. His dad Mick bought the tackle from the Lure Shop on a Friday, with sweet angling success tasted on the following Saturday. Photo: MICK LOUGHLIN.

ABOVE: Bart Johnson with a solid largemouth nanny caught on Boxing Day. BELOW: Visiting angler Nick Price with a largemouth nanny.

Year’s biggest tide set for Saturday

During the Christmas and New Year break, many visiting anglers tested their skills and techniques with many quality fish falling to soft plastics. Visitors were from the Gold Coast, Mackay, Townsville and the northern region, many of whom were visiting family and enjoying our beautifully region. Reports around the area have been excellent, with many quality fish keeping anglers entertained and many styles of fishing tested during the past weeks. In the estuaries, live prawns and live garfish have been the outstanding baits this week, with grunter showing themselves on the flood tide. Mangrove Jacks, fingermark, flathead, queenfish and trevally have also been landed in good numbers in the local river systems. On the Reef, there have only been a few opportunities for fishers AIRCONDITIONED to get out, but our anglers made the most of them. Members’ Draw & Raffles: Members Draw $550 - Members not Quality coral trout, present. FRIDAY, JANUARY 11: red emperor, large mouth OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Draw Jackpots to $600 in the early nannies and Spanish draw between 6.30 and 7pm. mackerel filled many ice Social Bowls: boxes. Wednesday register 1pm, play However, a lot of the 1.30pm. Sunday register 9am, for anglers found the sharks 9.30am. Jackpot $20. very active, finding they Barefoot Bowls: were only bringing the Cancelled for Christmas Break. heads of their catches to Pokies Lucky Seat: the surface. Unfortunately EVERY FRIDAY: Drawn between 8pm that’s a fact of life with and 8.30pm. 4 x $25 raffles for food or the warmer sea temps. fuel. Cannot be exchanged for cash. Until now, crabbing BE HERE TO WIN Bush Bingo: has been a bit slow, but Bush Bingo starts back Thursday, • Orchid Raffles and as soon as we have some January 24 – 9am prompt start. decent rain it will be on! • Pokie Lucky Seat Prizes Jackpot $100. Tight Lines, Wednesdays and Fridays – Courtesy Bus Russell Bowman, – out to Marton & Keatings Lagoon – Ph 4069 5819 The Lure Shop. THIS Saturday will see the biggest tide predicted for 2013. The high of 3.4m will occur at 9.47am, following the lowest predicted tide for the year of .06m in the dark at 2.15am. Unless an unprecedented weather event comes along to beat it, Saturday morning’s tide should give everyone a chance to see what to expect if we get heavy weather during the year. On a different note, happy New Year, I hope your New Year’s resolution was to go fishing as often as possible. Now we just need Mother Nature to play her part and provide the calm weather we expect at this time of year. While the forecast is still not looking that great, there is always hope, with a couple of small breaks in the 7-day outlook, so best be ready.

Cooktown Bowls Club Don’t miss out…





Tide times – Cooktown

WEDNESDAY Members lunch $10 THURSDAY Seniors lunch $10


                          

Fri 11 Time    

Sat 12 Ht    

 =

Time    


Ht     NEW MOON

     

Sun 13

Mon 14

Tue 15

Time    

Time    

Time    

Ht    

FIRST QUARTER     

Ht    

FULL MOON     

20 – Cooktown Local News 10 - 16 January 2013

ABOVE: Keith with a giant trevally. BELOW: Nick Price with a Spanish mackerel. Photos submitted.

Ht    

LAST QUARTER     

Wed 16

Thu 17

Fri 18

Time   

Time    

Time    

Ht   

Ht    

Ht    

Weather Watch

       



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           

PO Box 571 142 Charlotte Street Cooktown Qld 4895 Ph/Fax: 07 4069 5396 Mob: 0427 623 398 ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

          

CTLN 13-01-10  

CTLN 13-01-10