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Going the whole hog for John

ALTHOUGH they might have looked tough, a big group of hog riders who poured through the streets of Nhulunbuy had hearts of gold. They were riding together for a parade through the township last Saturday, April 14, in tribute to their mate suffering from cancer; local legend John Keogh. The much-loved Mr Keogh is renowned for a stack of contributions to the community during his 35 years in the region; one such being founding the rag-tag musical venue, the Hog Shed, in Nhulunbuy’s industrial estate; which is where the Hog Parade ended up. More inside, pages 2, 10 and 11.

Wheels in motion for hospital upgrade By MATT GARRICK GOVE District Hospital’s “inadequate” emergency department may soon be the beneficiary of a $13 million makeover. THE multi-million dollar upgrade was announced by the Federal Government two years ago, but had not yet come to fruition. NT Health Minister Robyn Lambley said last week the new Country Liberal Party would be following through with the plans. Ms Lambley visited Gove on Tues-

day, April 9, to meet and greet with the region’s health workers. During her trip, Ms Lambley discussed drawing-board plans to build the new emergency department, set to be completed by early 2015. “The new emergency department will mean better access to quality emergency care for Nhulunbuy and the East Arnhem region and vastly improved working conditions for staff,” Ms Lambley said. “Back in the 1960s, the current emergency department was the original Gove Hospital building, so a new facility

is long overdue.” Labor Member for Nhulunbuy Lynne Walker said the government jumping into action with this project could be a sign of the new Chief Minister Adam Giles cracking his whip in cabinet. “I suspect he’s telling his ministers that they need to get out of their offices, get out into the regions and get familiar with their portfolios and areas of responsibility. “That’s the message I’m getting here; and that’s got to be a good thing.” Ms Walker said she was pleased

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the new government was committed to seeing the emergency department project through. “The entire layout of the building is inadequate for a contemporary accident and emergency (A and E) department service.” She said the $13 million was dedicated to the project by the Federal Government two years ago. “The former NT Labor government had originally scheduled the project to be up for tender by early 2013, with construction planned to be completed

by mid-2014. “Clearly those time-frames have changed with the change of government, and that’s because the CLP have been too busy fighting amongst themselves. “But now we’ve got a second health minister onboard, so hopefully she will drive this forward.” Construction of this significantly sized project could open up dozens of local jobs to the region; if a local company scores the tender, the East Arnhem Chamber of Commerce has said. Continued Page 5 >>



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A party for a local legend THE musical venue the Hog Shed, in Nhulunbuy’s industrial estate, is as unique, down-to-earth and special to the community as one of its founders; John Keogh. The Hog Shed was a sea of familiar faces last Sunday, April 14, when a huge chunk of the township got together to enjoy a big musical extravaganza, have a drink with Mr

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Lynne Walker Member for Nhulunbuy Electorate Office: Arnhem House Endeavour Square, Nhulunbuy, NT 0880 Office hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 1pm • 2pm – 4.30pm Appointments outside these hours by arrangement Postal Address: PO Box 1021, Nhulunbuy, NT 0881 Email: Phone: 08 8987 0125 Fax: 08 8987 2388

Keogh, and celebrate the wonderful things he has done for the town. A vast and colourful circle of family, friends, and newcomers interested in the tales of the Hog Shed’s creator, came down to enjoy the party and the line-up of great bands that performed live. Mr Keogh, who is currently suffering from cancer, managed to be there himself, and was from all reports in good spirits, surrounded by the people closest to him including his wife, mother, siblings and children. His brother, Dan, said the huge turnout to the party was a testament to John, and to everything he’s done for the town. “Everyone’s come out for him.” His sister, Jenny Ferguson, added; “It’s just fantastic”. “He’s obviously done so much for Gove - we all love him.” His mother, Patricia Keogh, had travelled to Gove last week, to visit her ailing son. “It’s been overwhelming, but at the same time very humbling; all these people have come for John. “It appears that everybody genuinely cares. “It’s so heartbreaking, but thanks be to God that we’re all still here,” she said. His old colleagues and friends spoke about a couple of his traits that makes Mr Keogh such a remarkable character. Old friend Lawrence Walker said Mr Keogh always cared about social justice. “He’s about sticking up for your mates. “And he’s always been a mentor for the young guys growing up.” Former colleague from Mr Keogh’s union days and close mate Rick Mooney said some gave him the nickname, the “monument”. “I guess it was a name we gave him in recognition of his amazing memory and intellect. “He could sit in a room and appear to be disinterested or disengaged, while the rest of us would waffle on, then at the end, John would have the ability to look up over his glasses and summarise the whole hour’s discussion in one phrase.” Laughter, music and the wafts of crayfish cooking on the barbecue lasted long into the night, as the Hog Shed party toasted a man this town will always hold dear.

Working for you

Dr N. Lewis | Dr W.L. Wong | Dr D. Gordon | Dr K. Babu

2 – Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013

Photo of Hog Shed founder John Keogh, who has been in Gove for 35 years, taken earlier this year.

Officials chip in to fix dentist issue PACIFIC Aluminium and the Northern Territory Government have both confirmed they will continue to do everything in their power to maintain a private dental practice in Gove. Last week, the Arafura Times reported that Nhulunbuy could soon be without a private dentist, after fly-in fly-out dentist Dr Anand Patel announced he planned to leave in May. Pacific Aluminium, who supply Dr Anand (as he prefers to be called) with meals and accommodation, said they will continue this arrangement into the future, whether with Dr Anand or a new dentist. “The company has worked closely with Dr Anand and the government to be able to support a private dentist in town, with the provision of subsidised accommodation,” a company spokesperson said. The spokesperson said that, if further suggestions to help keep a dentist here were put on the table by the government, the company

would be open to discussion. “We would be very open to discussion, but we have not been approached by the government with a different suggestion at this stage. “We are committed to continuing our existing arrangement.” Both the mining company and Labor Member for Nhulunbuy Lynne Walker have said they attempted to contact the Northern Territory Health Minister, who at the time was David Tollner, in regards to this issue earlier in the year, but heard no response. Mr Tollner was replaced in a Northern Territory cabinet reshuffle last month by former Deputy Chief Minister Robyn Lambley, who visited Gove on Tuesday, April 9. While in the region, Ms Lambley said the government was committed to keeping a dentist in Gove. “We’re trying to convince Dr Anand to stay on, but obviously he has his own personal and professional considerations to take into account. “If he moves on, which seems likely at this stage, as it is certainly

what he’s indicated, then we will be doing whatever we can to replace him.” Ms Lambley said talking with local hospital staff, she was made aware how it has also often been very difficult to attract physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists to Nhulunbuy. “Those sort of recruitment and retention issues are ongoing in places like Nhulunbuy. “You’ve got to supply what is reasonable from a public health perspective, but at the end of the day, it’s up to these private practitioners to make their decisions, and we have to live with that.” Dr Anand told the Arafura Times last week that he planned to finish up all existing appointments at his Nhulunbuy dental practice, then would probably be leaving due to personal reasons. What happens after May remains up in the air; but during this period of unknowing, a government dentist, who will handle necessary emergency dental work, will continue to operate in the region.


West Papua quake ripple rumbles the region GOVE locals who thought they felt the earth rumble last week weren’t imagining things. A tremor hit the town on Saturday, April 6, believed to be the remote aftershock of a magnitude 7 earthquake that hit the central region of West Papua around 2pm on the same day. Local doctor Anna Gough said she was lunching with a mate at a Nhulunbuy cafe when she

experienced a slight shaking of the ground underneath her. “It was odd; I didn’t feel as if I were in danger, but it definitely felt as if the world was shaking. “I was sitting with my friend, and we both kind of looked at each other and went, ‘what on earth was that?’” Seismologist from Geoscience Australia Jonathan Bathgate said a few reports had come in from

Nhulunbuy residents who had felt the shudder. “What they reported feeling was some light shaking which lasted up to a few seconds. “It wasn’t too dramatic, but certainly enough to be reported.” Mr Bathgate said Gove lay inside what Geoscience calls the “felt radius” of the West Papua earthquake - within a distance of 1200km from the quake’s epicentre.

This meant it was not abnormal for locals to have felt the earth give a shudder. “It’s quite likely it was felt in parts of north NT as well across in Queensland on Cape York.” The earthquake occurred in a remote and mountainous section of West Papua, and due to the strong magnitude of it, Mr Bathgate said some “violent shaking” would have likely rocked the region.

Forced rehabilitation for the region’s ‘problem drinkers’ Three strikes and into rehab. policy

will be consulting in Nhulunbuy on

Tuesday & Wednesday, May 7 & 8, 2013 at the Nhulunbuy Training Centre • Comprehensive Eye examinations • Reading and learning difficulties • Assessments in visual perception • Pre and post laser assessment • Developmental & perception assessments Now a Preferred Medibank Supplier All consultations are bulk billed to Medicare Phone 8981 1399 for appointment

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TOUGH new alcohol laws were announced last week which will see some of East Arnhem Land’s problem drinkers forced to do a stint of up to 12 weeks of mandatory rehab in Nhulunbuy. The new Northern Territory government initiative will mean repeat problem drinkers Territory-wide will have a three strikes system, where if they fail their third strike they could be required to undertake the forced rehabilitation. Although some are heralding the announcement by the Country Liberal Party as a step in the right direction for tackling the region’s alcohol problems, others aren’t completely satisfied that it will work. Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory Chief Executive Officer John Paterson said Nhulunbuy’s rehabilitation facilities could become overstretched. “Then voluntary clients attending these facilities will disappear.” Although he was sceptical of the new legislation set to be passed at the next NT Government parliamentary sittings, Mr Paterson also said that AMSANT welcomed government recognition of the tragic effects alcohol consumption has on the Northern Territory. “It is now time to wait and see if the scheme can provide good evidence of it working. And let’s hope that the government, as it evaluates what works and what doesn’t, is open to change.” The reform will require the problem drinkers to undergo a clinical assessment and referral to an Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Tribunal for recommendation as to the appropriate mandatory treatment. The rehabilitation centres where this program

Helen Summers – Optometrist

Group Training Dates for June: 3rd June 2013: MS Excel — Level 1 17th June 2013: MS Word — Level 2

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ABOVE: The 16-bed rehabilitation facility in Nhulunbuy, set to house problem drinkers under the Northern Territory Government’s new alcohol law. RIGHT: Northern Territory Health Minister Robyn Lambley visited the region last Tuesday, April 9, where she met with a range of health workers, including from Nhulunbuy Drug and Alcohol Services and East Arnhem Mental Health. She’s pictured here (centre) with East Arnhem Mental Health staff Ali Thorn and Georgie Wood. will take place - as well as at the 16-bed rehab. centre in Nhulunbuy - will be located in Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine. Alcohol Rehabilitation Minister Robyn Lambley last week visited the facilities in Gove and met with staff from Nhulunbuy Alcohol and Other Drugs Rehabilitation Service as well as from East Arnhem Mental Health services. She said mandatory rehabilitation was a key plank in the government’s commitment to reducing the impact of alcohol on East Arnhem communities. “Services like the Nhulunbuy Centre have an important role to play in the future,” she said. Ms Lambley has said the measures targeted problem drunks NT-wide who were disrupting businesses, affecting local neighbourhoods and harm-

ing themselves. Nhulunbuy Police Senior Sergeant Brendan Muldoon said alcohol -related offences equated to around 70 or 80 per cent of all crimes local officers dealt with. “The more resources we can throw at alcohol and alcoholism in the Northern Territory the better.” A CLP media release stated that every year, thousands of problem drinkers were picked up by police only to be placed in police protective custody and then released back out on the street to continue drinking and anti-social behaviour. Ms Lambley said the CLP Mandatory Rehabilitation measures would ensure serial habitual drunks were off the streets and receiving meaningful treatment.

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Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013 – 3


From pouring beer to Logie glory SHARI Sebbens has come along way since busting tables at the Arnhem Club. The Sapphires actress can now stick the words ‘Logie Winner’ in front of her name, after taking away the peer-voted Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent at the annual television awards night last week. She won the award for her work in ABC indigenousbased television drama Redfern Now, which also picked

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up a silver statue for Most Outstanding Drama Series. The panel of judges singled out Ms Sebbens for her performance in the show as Julie; a pretty, intelligent yet fragile teenager who was in her first year of university, but had to move to Sydney to look after her ailing grandmother. “This is the first time I have ever received anything with my name on it,” Ms Sebbens said of the award. “I’ll give it to my mum.” Ms Sebbens has said she has a few projects on the horizon which includes a movie. However she is still battling unemployment as an actress. “Other than that I’ll go back to my part-time job at JB Hi Fi,” Ms Sebbens said. The actress lived in Gove in 2003, where she took on other jobs away from the entertainment industry including working at Westpac and serving patrons as a waitress at The Arnhem Club and Walkabout Lodge and Tavern. She also spent time growing up in Darwin and Western Australia. “Born and bred in Darwin, my heart beats there, Broome, Nhulunbuy and Perth,” she once said. Redfern Now also features actress Rarriwuy Hick, a Yolngu woman from Dhalinybuy; a small community here North-East Arnhem Land.

Big boy Baru at home in the USA WHEN Yirrkala Arts Centre coordinator Will Stubbs got a call from a man with an American accent asking about crocodiles, it might have all seemed a bit fishy. But as it turned out, the voice on the other end of the phone was the director of a museum in the USA, asking Mr Stubbs if they could use the Yolngu word for saltwater crocodile, Baru, to name their new acquisition; a four-metre Territorian croc. Toledo Museum of Art director Brian Kennedy contacted Mr Stubbs about using the name, and it was approved by a local elder.

Nhulunbuy Scout Group

Taking enrolments now

Joey Scouts 6 - 8 years old

Joey Scouts is the first Section of Scouts, for boys and girls aged 6 – 8. The emphasis is on fun and friendship and a gentle introduction to a world of challenges and adventure. When: Commencing Thursday 18 April From: 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Cub Scouts 7½ - 11 years old Cub Scouts have a lot of fun doing a lot of interesting things! There are games to play, codes and skills to learn, places to see and new friends to meet. Cub Scouts includes girls and boys. When: Commencing Tuesday 23 April From: 5.00pm - 6.30pm

Where: All sections meet at Nhulunbuy Scout Hall,

Lot 1229 Enalu Rd, South Nhulunbuy (next to ALERT)

For more information please contact Faye Brooks Jones • email: • phone: 8987 1997 or mob. 0429940041 • or find us on Facebook (Nhulunbuy Scouts) and send a message 4 – Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013

One-time Gove girl Shari Sebbens won the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent at the Logie awards last week. Photo courtesy of

HOLY TOLEDO! Baru, the Territory croc named after the Yolngu word for saltwater crocodile, now calls Toledo, USA his home. The 4m croc, formerly dile in North America “Crocs are one of my the Toledo Blade. known as Big Guy and and quite possibly in the favorite animals, along “This is a once-in-anow named Baru, was Western Hemisphere. with rhinoceros,” he told lifetime experience.” transported on a 30-hour plane trip from Darwin to Dallas, Texas on Qantas. He arrived at the Toledo Express Airport last Friday, the Toledo Blade newspaper reported. Baru had to clear inspection by the US Fish and Wildlife Service before being taken on a three-hour charter flight to Toledo. He was accompanied by Territory croc expert Adam Britton. The wooden crate hold- ABOVE: A box containing a giant saltwater crocodile sits on the tarmac at Toledo ing the croc had air holes airport. and the word “tail” marked BELOW: Toledo Zoo staff remove the bindings and check on the zoo’s new 17 footon one end to make people long crocodile, Baru, after it arrived from a series of flights originating in Darwin. aware which was the sharp Staff members worked together to get the crocodile ready and settled into its new end. exhibit. Photos courtesy: The Blade, Toledo, Ohio, USA. Baru had to be lifted by a borrowed forklift at the Toledo airport because he was so big. He will be part of the new Wild Walkabout exhibit which will also include wallabies, dingoes and other Australian animals. Toledo Zoological Society executive director Jeff Sailer said Baru was the largest saltwater croco-


National day for the Diggers NEXT Thursday, April 25 is Anzac Day; a time to remember our brave soldiers who have fallen in the field of battle. But it’s also a time to think of those still living; soldiers out fighting on the battlefield, and servicemen who have returned to civilian life, such as Gove local Grant ‘Barney’ Barnett. Mr Barnett, now working for Pacific Aluminium as a tug skipper, served just under 23 years in the Royal Australian Navy.

ANZAC Day programme 5.45am: Dawn Service at Gove Boat Club; Followed by traditional Anzac Day activities, until 9am. 10.15am: Anzac Day Parade will gather at the Primary School Auditorium before marching to the town Cenotaph. 11am: Anzac Day Memorial Service at the Cenotaph. From 11am: Traditional Anzac Day activities happening at the Arnhem Club. For more information, contact Mo McKay (0417 853 321).

During this period he was a part of two unarmed peacekeeping tours - one in Papua New Guinea and another in Egypt. “You notice how being there really makes a difference to people. “It changes their lives; in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea; we were there to disarm fighting warlords. “To do this, and be able to see kids running around and laughing, you know we’re helping improve their quality of life; things we take for granted back here.” Mr Barnett, who left the forces in 2003, remains a keen member of the reserves. He said Anzac Day is a day that binds us as a nation. “It’s heartening to see younger generations coming through and learning about it in school. Hopefully it continues to be important for many generations to come.” Anzac Day will be celebrated in Gove with events happening throughout the day.

Ex-serviceman Grant Barnett says Anzac Day is a day of national importance.

Two vehicles stolen TWO cars were On The stolen and dumped and properties were Beat broken into during a spate of crime in with the early hours of NT Monday, April 15. Miwatj Health clinic was broken Police into at around 1.30am, where the keys to two vehicles were stolen from the premises. It is believed the offenders drove one of the cars to the Gove Boat Club, which was also reported to have been broken into. One of the vehicles was later recovered outside the Boat Club, and the other outside Miwatj. Police said they believed they had identified three offenders, and time of publication were working to press charges. NEARLY FOUR TIMES THE LIMIT A GOVE woman had her licence immediately suspended after blowing nearly four times over the legal limit, outside Nhulunbuy Primary School on April 11. The woman, aged 50, blew a high range alcohol reading of 0.18 while driving at 1.30am. She has been charged and bailed to appear in court in Nhulunbuy on May 7.

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<< From Page 1 Chamber President David Suter said it was important for local businesses to try and think outside the box when it came to winning the construction tender, as jobs of this size don’t come around too often. “We have to try and maximise benefits to the region. “Local building companies should be thinking about the possibilities of partnering with like-minded local businesses in town; maybe try and combine to win a big tender such as this.” Mr Suter said if the tender was awarded to an company from outside of the region, the local economy may not feel much of a boom. “If it was awarded to an out-of-town contractor there would be a boost for the accommodation sector, but sadly I think that would be the only industry that would benefit.” Ms Lambley said while designs for the new department were still to be bedded down, the new purpose-built facility would be a huge improvement on the current building; with a modern design and bigger capacity. “Patient flow will be more efficient and staff will be better able to deal with peak periods. It will be designed to cope with increased demand in the future.” As well as the 5000-strong Nhulunbuy population, Gove District Hospital also services about 9000 people across 40,000 q km, including Ramingining to the west and Numbulwar in the south.


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Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013 – 5


Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Various times between 0830 – 1730 Areas affected: Sub 2, 3, 20 & 69 Banyan Road 9 to 13 odds, 12 evens Casuarina Avenue 9 to 15 odds, 8 to 16 evens Chesterfield Circuit 7 to 13, 19 to 23 odds, 2 to14, 20 & 22 evens Disease Control Unit Garnet Close Henning Madsen House on the Hill

CDU Arts Award winner Lionel Garawirrtja and The Chooky Dancers troupe at the Adelaide Festival 2010.

10 to 16 evens Myall Close Pandora Circuit 13 to 33 odds, 6 to 12 evens Quandong Avenue 3 to 14 Singing Rocks Road 7 & 11 Wuyal Road 1 to 35 odds, 2 to 30 evens

Brenden Marchesi High Voltage Supervisor - Town Ph 8987 5242


Award-winning Lionel a lucky Chooky

Mimosa Avenue 11 to 15 odds,

Pacific Aluminium will be carrying out essential maintenance to the electricity network during this planned outage. The power may be restored earlier if possible so always treat it as being live. Due to unforeseen circumstances the power outage may be cancelled without notice.



Sunday, April 21, 2013

THE choreographer and artistic associate of the world-renowned Chooky Dancers has won this year’s Charles Darwin University Arts Award at the NT Young Achiever Awards. Lionel Garawirrtja and The Chooky Dancers troupe are originally from Elcho Island, and combine traditional Indigenous and contemporary dance with comedy and impressive acrobatic skill. Now based in Melbourne, the Indigenous dance company has

performed for audiences at major festivals and events throughout Australia, China and Taiwan. One of Lionel’s biggest achievements was performing as part of the Beijing Television Lunar New Year Spring Festival celebrations in 2010, with an average viewing audience of around five million. CDU Vice-Chancellor Professor Barney Glover congratulated Lionel saying he was a great Territory ambassador and role model. “He has achieved a high level

of professional recognition both nationally and internationally,” Professor Glover said. “He is also an advocate in promoting healthy living and healthy decisions for young Indigenous people throughout the NT.” As the winner of the Charles Darwin University Arts Award, Lionel was presented with $2000 and a trophy. The winners of the Young Achiever Awards were announced at a Presentation Dinner on Saturday April 6 at SKYCITY Darwin.

Scout Hall given a backyard blitz

0830 – 1230

Areas affected: Sub 37 & 38 Buchanon Road Durack close John Flynn Drive Miller close Traeger Close Pacific Aluminium will be carrying out essential maintenance to the electricity network during this planned outage. The power may be restored earlier if possible so always treat it as being live. Due to unforeseen circumstances the power outage may be cancelled without notice.

Current Ralpa program trainees preparing to give the Scout Hall yard a makeover.

THEN . . .

Brenden Marchesi High Voltage Supervisor - Town Ph 8987 5242

Community Benefit Fund

BEFORE: The scout hall yard was a jungle of weeds and leaf litter.

Applications now open for funding

AFTER: A neat, tidy environment for the region’s scouts to utilise.

The Community Benefit Fund Grant Program has been established to manage and distribute contributions from the operation of electronic gaming machines in licensed venues throughout the Territory. Gambling Amelioration Grants Grants are available to support interventions that reduce problem gambling or minimise the harms that result from gambling. Eligibility criteria for funding apply. For more information email, phone 8935 7447 or 1300 650 153 or visit Applications close on Friday 17 May 2013. 6 – Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013

NOW . . .

OVER three days from April 2 till 4, current Ralpa program trainees undertook an adventurous project to return the Scout Hall yard to its former glory. This project provided the trainees with the opportunity to put the their theory training into practice, by following Pacific Aluminium Health Safety and Environment (HSE) processes, such as Job Safety Environment Analysis (JSEA) and the Take Fives. This meant they could undertake constructive tasks at the Scout Hall site, in Nhulunbuy’s south side, including whipper snipping, lawn mowing, tree pruning, weeding, raking, stacking fire wood and weed spraying. The trainees were pleased with the outcome, and the opportunity to do the community a good service. Scout leader Lesley Bullemor, or Brolga, as she is better known to her scout troop, said she was thrilled with the Ralpa trainee’s ability to carry out the yard works under the direction of the ALERT team. “The clean yard and neat fire pit area will now allow the scouts to conduct activities in a safer, more constructive manner.” The Ralpa program is known as a leading employment pathway for the region’s young Yolngu people to gain meaningful employment with local businesses including the Gumatj Corporation. A Ralpa Program celebration day will be held on Wednesday, April 24, at the ALERT facility on Enalu Road. For more info, contact Sandy Daff (8987 5463).

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Smells like team spirit THE Gove branch of an international company has been awarded for its important presence in the local community. Sodexo, a global corporation with 413,000 staff worldwide, operates food, hospitality and facility services here in Gove for the hundreds of Pacific Aluminium workers and the public. At a recent company awards ceremony for Northern Territory and Queensland, Sodexo’s Gove Operations picked up two gongs. They won second place for the Corporate Responsibility Award, which was won as a team, and Senior Projects Manager Craig Adams won an individual award for Team Spirit. Mr Adams said he believed he received the award due to his ability to get on well with his staff and clients, for promoting Sodexo and flying their flag high in the community. “And I make sure we operate with honesty and transparency.” The team also do a lot of work with the region’s indigenous communities; initiatives such as donating food and running a healthy eating program in Yirrkala. Gove Operations edged above around 30 other Sodexo sites from across northern Australia to win the awards.

Nhulunbuy Corporation Limited

The Community Assistance Programme is developed within a philosophy of partnership whereby the Nhulunbuy Corporation Limited (NCL) recognises the vital role that individuals, community groups and organisations play in contributing to the creation of a vibrant and sustainable township. The NCL will be providing a range of assistance programs to encourage and support individuals and groups in the community to engage in activities that advance the quality of life in Nhulunbuy. The following Assistance Programme will be open as of Monday, April 15, 2013.

1. Community Support Programme

Senior Projects Manager at Sodexo’s Gove Operations Craig Adams with his award for Team Spirit.

them wrong and there ends up being problems when there doesn’t need to be,” Mr Marika said. “For example, under the kinship system some family members can’t be in the same space. “Time and time again people are forced to work together and break our sacred law.” The two men have teamed up with Yolngu Radio presenter and language consultant Dianne Gondarra to create a seminar aimed at improving understanding, dispelling myths and

Ernie Dingo spotted in Gove YOU never know who you’re going to run into up the street in Nhulunbuy. Last weekend Arnhem Club bartender Kelly Rathjen managed to meet much-loved Australian actor and television presenter Ernie Dingo. Ms Rathjen said Mr Dingo, known for his role as Uncle Tadpole in Bran Nue Dae, was just as laid back and genuine as he comes across in that film. “He was so nice, taking the time to have a photo with me on what was obviously his day off . . . my mum’ll be so happy.” Mr Dingo was in the region working on a documentary about indigenous language.

PO Box 345, Nhulunbuy NT 0881 Phone: (08) 8939 2200 Fax: (08) 8987 2451 Email:

Community Assistance Programme

Greater effort ‘needed to bridge the cultural divide’ THE author of acclaimed book “Why Warriors Lie Down and Die” says a systemic lack of knowledge about Aboriginal culture is at the core of decades of failed government policies and programs aimed at improving the lives of Indigenous people. Author Richard Trudgen (pictured) has lived in East Arnhem Land and the Northern Territory for more than 30 years. He said government, business and non-profit organisations operating in remote Aboriginal communities continue to misunderstand the interplay between Aboriginal and mainstream cultures and make mistakes that impact on the efficacy of their work. “The Federal and Territory governments have poured billions of dollars into closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage but we’re not seeing the improvement we should - often because there are continual breakdowns in communication,” Mr Trudgen said. Yolngu elder and founding member of Yothu Yindi, Witiyana Marika, has agreed. He said people with the best intentions come into communities and make simple mistakes. “They get us wrong and we get

Arafura Times

building skills. “Many people come to work in the community but find it too hard or believe they are not making progress,” Ms Gondarra said. “We want to overcome such problems and help to bridge the gap between Aboriginal people and other Australians.” The group is concerned there’s a growing lack of interest from the private and public sector in understanding an Aboriginal perspective on what’s needed to build strong people and productive communities. “A decade ago there was a lot of enthusiasm and support for workshops like ours, but interest has dwindled despite the rolling out of major programs such as the Federal Intervention, Stronger Futures and Working Futures,” Mr Trudgen said. “We’re worried governments and other organisations don’t want to engage in learning what’s needed to be effective,” Mr Marika says. “We want Balanda (non-Indigenous people) to understand the issues and how we do things differently - so we can all make a difference and improve the situation for our people.” For more info, visit http://www.

The programme aims to support groups for amounts of up to $1,250 for one-off activities or projects that benefit the Nhulunbuy community. These may include (but are not limited to) events, community projects or purchasing of equipment for community groups.

2. Partnership Programme This programme aims to invest in the development of the Nhulunbuy community by offering amounts of up to $2,500. Applicants applying for a Partnership Programme must match the funding amount requested. The Partnership Grants supports projects that align closely with the Corporation’s identified plans and endorsed activities, and have the potential to build community capacity. Applicants in this category must be incorporated bodies, and must be based in Nhulunbuy. Application Forms can be requested / collected from the Nhulunbuy Corporation Limited office on Level 1 Endeavour House, Endeavour Square, or via email - . Applications close at 4.30pm on Friday, May 17, 2013. For more information on the Community Assistance Program, please visit our website on or contact Ace Rabukawaqa on (08) 8939 2200 / 0439 849 943, or on email, .

Interested in starting a business or just started in business? The Business Enterprise Centre is keen to make contact with anyone interested in attending a free Introduction to Small Business Workshops in Nhulunbuy. The workshops consist of the following three-hour modules delivered over two days:     

Starting Business Business Structure & Tax Marketing Introduction to Bookkeeping Business Planning

The workshops are specifically targeted at those who may be interested in starting their own business or have just commenced in business and depending on demand will be conducted towards the middle of 2013.

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17 - 23 April 2013 – 7

What’s On

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have an upcoming event, please let us know by email to or phone Matt Garrick on 1300 088 000.

Sunset over the Gove Refinery. PHOTO MATT GARRICK

April Wed 17. Bridging the Gap seminars in Darwin, hosted by Elcho Island author Richard Trudgen, info: http:// Wed 17. Business of the Year Awards, The Arnhem Club, 6.30pm, info: 0427 616 145. Thu 18. Briefing night NRSFC Airnorth Ladies Fishing Classic at NRSFC club room commencing 6pm. Fri 19. Glitz and Glam Disco; Transition to Grade 3, 4.30 - 6pm, Nhulunbuy Primary School. Fri 19. Glitz and Glam Disco; Grade 4 to Grade 6, 6.30 - 8.30pm, Nhulunbuy Primary School. Sat 20. NRSFC Airnorth Ladies Fishing Classic Day One - 7am to 5pm. Sat 20. Nearly Neil (Neil Diamond tribute show), The Arnhem Club, $50 for the show, $80 for meal and show. Sun 21. NRSFC Airnorth Ladies Fishing Classic Day Two - 7am to 5pm. Thu 21. Junior Golf Season/Sign-On: 9am at the Golf Club, Info: 89897 1905 or email: jonniesta@bigpond. com. Wed 24. Battle of Kap-yong Commemorative service, Town Cenotaph, 11am. Thu 25. Anzac Day Dawn Service, Gove Boat Club, Thu 25. Anzac Day Main town service begin 10.15am, assemble at Nhulunbuy Primary. Thu 25. Anzac Day Nine-hole Ambrose, Gove Country Golf Club, shotgun start, info: 8987 3191. Thu 25. Traditional Anzac Day activities, Arnhem Club, 11.45am onwards. Sat 27. NCL Art and Craft Market, 9am-12pm, Town Hall hosted by NPS Year 6 Canberra Excursion. Sat 27. Presentation night NRSFC Airnorth Ladies Fishing Classic at NRSFC club room commencing 6pm.

May Sat 11. Nhulunbuy Christian College (NCC) Mother's Day Markets, Nhulunbuy Christian College Ground, 9am-12pm. Sat 25. NCL Art and Craft Market, 9am-12pm, Town Hall hosted by Gove Squash. Sat 25. BASSINTHEGRASS Festival featuring Matt Corby, Flume and 360. Darwin.

Can club secretaries please send in a list of their events planned for the year to so they can be included in the What's On section.


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17 - 23 April 2013

 letters to the editor/comment Gov’t must reverse decision to remove two rangers THE CLP government must reverse their decision to remove two NT Parks and Wildlife Rangers embedded with ranger groups on the Gove Peninsula; one with Dhimurru, the other with Laynhapuy Homelands’ Yirralka Rangers. In a short-sighted, cost-saving measure, both positions will go on June 30, leaving many locals concerned about crocodile management. However, there are also concerns about the removal of the vital support provided through ongoing mentoring and training to Indigenous rangers. I have written to the responsible minister, Matt Conlan, from Alice Springs who has yet to make a visit to north east Arnhemland. I have raised with him the fact that there appears to have been no

consultation with the Rangers. There are five local community or non-Indigenous staff, the traditional ownincluding the Parks and ers and stressed the importance and value Wildlife Ranger. these two rangers deSimilarly, Dhimurru’s growth over 20 years liver not only through sees them now employ conservation land management, but the Electoral News 12 Yolngu Rangers and contribution they make by NT Member for Nhulunbuy seven non-Indigenous LYNNE WALKER to regional and ecostaff, including the Parks nomic development and Wildlife Ranger. through the generation of Indigenous The ongoing and long-term sustainability of these local oremployment. Six years ago, Yirralka Rangers ganisations is contingent upon the had one Yolngu staff position and continued support of NT Parks and 18 CDEP Rangers. Wildlife, and a government which Today, Yirralka have 46 Yolngu claims to be listening to the bush and staff positions federally funded supporting regions. The rhetoric does not match the through the “Working on Country Program” along with 18 CDEP reality.

Of similar concern is the loss of the region’s only Indigenous Economic Development officer; a government position which exists to support the development of local business and employment. These positions have also disappeared from Katherine and Tennant Creek in what can only be described as a backwards move at a time when boosting employment opportunities and growing regional economies should be the focus. ON a final note; what a marvellous celebration last Sunday afternoon at the Hog Shed to welcome home John Keogh. Thanks to John’s family and vast network of friends and colleagues for organising such a great and very memorable gig.

Coalition ‘doing what’s right for the Territory’ THE Coalition is focused on doing what’s right for the Territory and will deliver NBN (National Broadband Network) to the region for cheaper. Local residents and businesses will be better off under the Coalition’s NBN Policy. Our plan will see real improvements in the broadband speeds of regional areas which have suffered under Labor’s neglect, and we’ll do it in a way that’s more affordable for local families and businesses. We’re all fed up with the wait for faster broadband. Kevin Rudd promised in 2007 he’d deliver an NBN by 2013 that only cost $4.7 billion. Instead, under Labor, and the Gillard/Snowdon team, NBN has connected less than one per cent of what they promised and its projected costs have blown out to over $90

billion. No wonder Labor wants to sink their fangs into superannuation - it is like leaving Dracula in charge of the blood bank. The Coalition’s Plan for Fast Broadband and an Affordable NBN will provide Lingiari households and businesses with a better deal by: • Ensuring households and businesses can get access to fast broadband by the end of 2016 - with download speeds five times today’s average. • Prioritising regional areas with substandard internet services for priority rollout. • Building a broadband network two-thirds the cost of Labor’s network - that means a less expensive NBN for regional consumers who will save about $300 a year. • Ensuring prices are kept afford-

able by requiring NBNCo to set a wholesale price cap for NBN services across Australia. This plan will get the NBN back on track. We will get fast broadband to the regional areas of Lingiari and throughout Australia - and do it in a way that’s affordable to families and businesses as well as to taxpayers. Our plan will provide average broadband speeds five times what we have now - and it will be more affordable for regional residents and businesses than the Gillard/Snowden NBN. One of the reasons regional residents are disappointed with Labor’s record on the NBN is that they know Labor has been prioritising NBN rollout on the basis of politics, not need. We will change that.

Wild About Frogs

NOT since Kermit sung Somewhere Over the Rainbow has a little green frog been caught so firmly in the spotlight. The recent wet weather has brought some of our amphibious friends out of hiding, and this one was snapped masterfully by local health worker, Ali Thorn. Ali’s photo puts her in the running to win April’s Photo of the Month. At the end of 2013, the monthly winners from throughout the year will be announced and displayed at an exhibition (location yet to be named). So to be in with a grin, keep those snaps coming in to editor@

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Our Shadow Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull was one of our country’s great internet pioneers and he will ensure our local and regional communities get the fast, affordable broadband that is so needed in the 21st century. I looking forward to speaking to Lingiari residents and businesses about our Real Solutions Plan to deliver them fast and more affordable broadband, much sooner than Labor’s NBN. Tina Macfarlane, CLP candidate for Lingiari.

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Try telling this guy not to play with his food THE mining town of Weipa, on the Queensland side of the Gulf of Carpentaria, shares more with Gove than wild weather and a penchant for mining bauxite. They also host home to some of the big reptilians with a bad reputation; here known as Baru, or estuarine crocodile. Last week, Weipa rag the Western Cape Bulletin (a sister newspaper of the Arafura Times) received these cracker snaps of a giant salty feasting on what appears to be a seagull near the town’s container wharf. These amazing photos were taken by Western Cape Bulletin reader Aaron Howard. A logistics officer with Toll Marine, Aaron spotted the unusual sight from Humbug Wharf, Weipa, while at work last Thursday afternoon. He dashed home to grab his camera and returned to get these shots of something rarely witnessed in the wild. The photos stand as a reminder for Gove residents to remain dutiful and BE CROCWISE when out on or around the region’s waterways. A large salty has recently been repeatedly spotted in the waters off Nhulunbuy’s Town Beach, outside the Gove Peninsula Surf Club, and also near the Toll Perkins cargo wharf opposite the Pacific Aluminium refinery. If you do sight a croc around Gove, contact Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation (8939 2700).

Croc around the clock


IS it just me, or are there more croc stories around at the moment? It seems An irreverent, satirical (and totally fictional) comment every day upon the issues of life, by our faceless correspondent. brings another. Even this local paper has got in on the act. Did you see the story about a croc towing a tinny away near Cairns? The people were still in the boat, so perhaps the croc was thinking ‘Oh good! A fisherman’s basket!’ It’s not going to be long before another foolish tourist (or foolish local fisherman) features on the menu again. What a tragedy, we will say, as we rub our hands together at the prospect of more tourists being drawn up here. They want to stand on the river bank where it happened, and shiver at the thought. Don’t you feel ashamed of us for playing along? I suppose there is an optimum number of tourist dinners per year. If we have a peaceful year, with no-one getting eaten, visitors numbers decline. On the other hand, if we throw too many to the crocs, they might decide to go to Brisbane or Sydney instead. I bet there is a room full of expensive experts and statisticians in the bowels of Parliament trying to come up with the magic number right now. It has to be time for another approach. We have to search for a better way. The only answer is to sit all interested parties around a table, and talk these issues through. No - that won’t work, now I think about it. Crocodiles are not the right shape to sit at tables. Let’s do it in the park, where we can all sit on the grass together and talk in a civilised fashion. I’m sure the Town Administrator won’t mind stumping up for the sausages, but we’d better make it BYO grog. The auditors get all shirty about spending Government money on alcohol (except in and around Parliament). I’m sure, with a little goodwill on all sides, we can find a way around the alcohol restrictions in the park, and everyone will have fun.

Eye f the

o Cyclone

Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013 – 9


HOG PARADE FOR JOHN KEOGH, APRIL 14 TEEMS of the region’s hog riders came together for a parade through Nhulunbuy last Saturday, April 14, in tribute to their mate suffering from cancer - local legend John Keogh. The crew lined up in the heat of the afternoon outside the Walkabout Tavern, from where they revved their engines and took off up the town’s main street, and onwards out to the Hog Shed jam venue in Nhulunbuy’s industrial estate. John Keogh has been in Gove for 35 years, and is one of the Hog Shed’s founders.

Monique and Jean-Paul Gilmore.

Elvi and Naiara Castineira.

ABOVE: John’s daughter-in-law Shauna Keogh with Shona Elliott. BELOW: Mary Sinclair and Michelle Evans.

LEFT: Members of the Hog Parade in tribute to local legend John Keogh. ABOVE: THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: Phil Gurney, Fred Evans, Keith Cantle and Dan Wagg.

ABOVE: Shaun and Tara Canobie, Gecko, Amee and Therese Peck. LEFT: The Hog Parade wound its way through Nhulunbuy. BELOW: Nathan and Fatima Elliott. BELOW LEFT: Riley McVeigh with John Keogh’s grandchildren Jimmy and Roxy Keogh, and Blake McVeigh.

ABOVE: Lincoln Teagle and Toss. BELOW: Alan and Tallis Naughton.

10 – Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013



FAMILY and friends of Hog Shed founder John Keogh came from all over to be a part of the big musical bash to celebrate his colourful life. Mr Keogh was able to be there himself, to meet with old mates and watch bands like East Journey play on the stage which he created. Filled with old friends, plenty of good food, conversation and company, the Hoggie played host to a unique evening that locals will no doubt always remember. John’s mother Patricia Keogh and wife Gonnie Keogh.

Cliff and Jo Kimball.

Old friends and former colleagues of John (the ‘High Voltage Crew’); Rob, Scott, Don, Trevor, Greg and Simon.

Lawrence Walker, Dan Keogh, Jenny Ferguson, Greg Keogh and Harry Walker.

LEFT: Monika O’Hanlon, Amy Rudolph, Jackie Hutchinson and Brinkley Dennerley. RIGHT: Hannah Seaniger, Sue Haddock and Rachel Blundell.

ABOVE LEFT: Ian Constantine and Jimmy Pizzuto (aka Conno and Gypsy). ABOVE: Trish Gilchrist, Stuart Porteous and Judith Scott. ABOVE RIGHT: Rob Whitham and Will Herridge. LEFT: Steve Smith and Steve Memis. RIGHT: One of the great bands from the Hoggie’s musical extravaganza.

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5:30 Sunrise 8:30 The Morning Show 11:00 Seven Morning News 11:30 TBA 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 The Amazing Race 4:00 Seven News 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Seven News 6:00 Today Tonight 6:30 Better Homes And Gardens 7:00 2013 AFL Premiership Season Rnd 4: Sydney Vs Geelong 10:30 Dual Suspects: Burning Betrayal - When a pretty and popular college student disappears after a night out, her wealthy father files a missing persons report. Two days later, her charred remains are found in the basement of an abandoned home. 11:30 Desperate Housewives: Nice Is Different Than Good - With wedding plans, unplanned babies and illicit affairs, our Housewives have no idea of the danger that’s moving into Wisteria Lane. 12:30 True Beauty - Face Of Vegas: The Stealing Challenge/ The Secret - Six stunning females and four handsome males take part in a one of a kind beauty competition. 2:30 Home Shopping 3:30 NBC Today

5:00 World News 1:00 The Food Lovers’ Guide to Australia 1:30 Don Matteo: A Debt For Life 2:30 Living Black 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Belize: Jungle And Coral 6:00 German Wanderlust: Ruegen 6:30 World News Australia 7:35 Urban Secrets: London 8:30 Turn Back Time: The Family: Second World War 9:35 As It Happened: The Dark Charisma Of Adolf Hitler 10:40 World News Australia 11:15 Movie: “Lie” (M n,l,s) - In Spanish. This psychological thriller revolves around Henry, an introverted young artist who, seeking to escape the banality and violence of urban life, begins to blur the distinction between fantasy and reality. When Henry meets sexy and mysterious punk photographer Paula, their mutual attraction soon ensures his hitherto contained existence will soon be torn asunder. 12:50 Movie: “Anna M” (M s,a,n) In French. In the grips of delirious illusion, Anna, a shy young woman convinces herself that her doctor is fervently in love with her. 2:45 Weatherwatch Overnight


6:00 Rage 10:30 Rage: Guest Programmer 11:30 7.30 NT 12:00 Australian Story 12:30 The Checkout 1:00 At The Movies 1:30 Eggheads: The John Bull 2:00 Football: SANFL: Round 4: Sturt Vs South Adelaide 4:55 Midsomer Murders: The Green Man 6:30 Gardening Australia 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Last Tango In Halifax: With their parents missing overnight, Gillian and Caroline bond over their life stories; while brotherin-law Dean joins in the search. 8:30 Inspector George Gently: The Lost Child 10:00 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL - There’s a vampire loose in Las Vegas. No one believes or wants to believe it’s true. The police can’t stop him, people are dying, no one’s safe. How do you kill what’s already dead? 10:30 Laid: In her quest to get Marcus to heal her, Roo resorts to extreme and unconventional means involving banana icecream and chicken soup. She enlists the help of EJ, but her attempts are ultimately thwarted. 11:00 Rage: Guest Programmer 5:00 Rage

5:30 Bubble Guppies 6:00 Dora The Explorer 6:30 Weekend Today Saturday 9:30 Mornings - Saturday 11:30 Danoz 12:30 Movie: “Flash Of Genius” (PG l) 3:00 Anthony Bourdian: No Reservations 4:00 Garden Gurus 4:30 4WD TV 5:00 Getaway: It’s all aboard the Queen Mary as Kate Ceberano takes you on a fascinating tour of the grand old ocean liner in L.A. Catriona Rowntree tries her hand at creative culinary at a Tuscan cooking school in Italy. 5:30 National News Saturday 6:00 TBA 12:00 Movie: “The Gumball Rally” (M v,s) - A rich young man, two housewives, two Englishmen, one Italian Lothario, a bug-eyed motorcyclist, a couple of Texans, a “girly-magazine” model and other assorted types participate in a hilarious nonstop car race from New York to Long Beach, California, with nothing to win but a gumball machine. 2:00 The Baron 3:00 Skippy - The Bush Kangaroo 3:30 Home Shopping 4:30 Life Today With James Robinson 5:00 Wesley Impact

5:30 Saturday Disney 6:30 Weekend Sunrise 9:30 The Morning Show - Weekend 11:30 Dr Oz 12:30 V8 Extra 1:00 Fat Family Diet 1:30 That ‘70s Show 2:30 2013 AFL Premiership Season Rnd 4: Hawthorn Vs Fremantle 5:30 Seven News 6:00 Beauty And The Geek 7:00 2013 AFL Premiership Season Rnd 4: Gold Cost Vs Port Adelaide 10:00 TBA 1:15 Desperate Housewives: Being Alive - A shadow is cast over Wisteria Lane in the wake of a brutal attack and Angie is determined to protect her son and her family’s past. 2:10 Auction Squad 3:00 It Is Written Oceania 3:30 Home Shopping 4:30 That ‘70s Show: Over The Hils And Far Away / Hot Dog - When Bob insists that Donna check out a different University to Eric, Eric worries that it will ruin their relationship. Red brings Kitty a present - a puppy to distract her from her menopausal mood swings.

5:00 World News 1:00 Acis And Galatea 2:45 Piano Notes 2:55 Road Movie: John Adams 3:55 Up To The Sky: Turning Torso 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Who Do You Think You Are?: Martin Freeman 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 James May’s Man Lab 8:35 Lilyhammer: The Midwife 9:30 Movie: “Four Lions” (M s,a,l) - Tells the story of a group of British jihadists who push their abstract dreams of glory to the breaking point. As the wheels fly off, and their competing ideologies clash, what emerges is an emotionally engaging (and entirely plausible) farce. 11:25 Movie: “Shifty” (M d,l) Shifty, a young crack cocaine dealer in London, sees his life quickly spiral out of control when his best friend returns home. Stalked by a customer desperate to score at all costs, and with his family about to turn their back on him for good, Shifty must out-run and out-smart a rival drug dealer, intent on setting him up for a big fall. 1:00 South Park 2:25 Weatherwatch Overnight



6:00 Rage 6:30 Children’s Programs 9:00 Insiders 10:00 Inside Business 10:30 Offsiders 11:00 Asia Pacific Focus 11:30 Songs Of Praise: School Choirs Final 12:00 Landline 1:00 Gardening Australia 1:30 Cheese Slices: Cheeses Of The Netherlands 2:00 How The Earth Was Made: Tsunami 3:00 Ben Quilty And The Maggots 3:30 Edinburgh Military Tattoo 5:00 Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life 5:30 Deadly 60: On A Mission: British Columbia 6:00 Antiques Master 6:30 Compass: My Kidney And Me 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Dr Who 8:15 The Boffin, The Builder, The Bombardier 8:30 Call The Midwife 9:30 Miranda: Je Regret Nothing 10:00 Parkinson: Masterclass: Jamie Cullum 10:55 Blur: No Distance Left To Run 12:40 Movie: “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” (PG) 2:15 Movie: “Gay Divorcee” (G) 4:00 The New Inventors: Grand Final 4:30 Catalyst 5:00 Gardening Australia / 5:30 Antiques Master

5:30 Children’s Programs 6:30 Weekend Today 9:30 Wide World Of Sports 10:30 Sunday Footy Show 12:30 Getaway 1:00 The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air 1:30 2013 Intrust Super Cup 3:30 Imparja’s Sunday Football: City Vs Country 5:30 National News Sunday 6:00 TBA 7:30 60 Minutes 8:00 The Mentalist: Behind The Red Curtain 9:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Exile 10:30 CSI: Miami: Paint It Black - A college girl’s throat is slashed while she sits alone in a hot tub late at night. The investigation centres on the victim’s roommate, who was the last one to see her alive and may possess a dual personality. 11:00 Flashpoint: Aisle 13 12:00 What Would You Do? 1:00 Spyforce 2:00 Danoz 2:30 Home Shopping 3:30 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News 5:00 Today

5:30 Fish Hooks 6:00 Handy Manny 6:30 Weekend Sunrise 9:30 AFL Game Day 11:00 Wild Boys 1:00 Footy Flashbacks 2:30 2013 AFL Premiership Season Rnd 4: Adelaide Vs Western Bulldogs 5:30 Seven News 6:00 TBA 7:00 TBA 8:00 Downton Abbey - The Crawleys head to the Scottish highlands for Christmas to enjoy the hospitality of Rose’s family. Amid the hunting, fishing, and fine dining, tensions bubble over and a new crisis unfolds. 9:10 TBA 10:00 Castle: After The Storm 11:00 Dual Suspects: Seven In The Cooler 12:00 Fat Family Diet 1:00 Harry’s Practice 1:30 Home Shopping 2:30 NBC Today 3:30 NBC Meet The Press 4:30 Sunrise Extra 5:00 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Al Jazeera News 1:30 Living Black 2:00 Speedweek 4:00 2013 Superbike World Championship 4:30 UEFA Champions League Magazine 5:00 Netball: ANZ Championship Highlights 5:35 Inspector Rex: Hetzjagd 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Lost Worlds: Treasures Decoded: The Viking Map - Discover the remarkable secrets of five of the world’s greatest treasures. Using state-of-the art forensics, experts will unlock their hidden truths for the first time ever. An ancient Viking map could prove that the Vikings sailed to North America 500 years before Columbus. 8:30 The Fabric Of The Cosmos: Quantum Leap - In this four-part series, renowned physicist Brian Greene reveals a mind-boggling reality beneath the surface of our everyday world. Brian is going to let you in on a secret: We’ve all been deceived. Our perceptions of time and space have led us astray. 9:30 The Confessions 11:00 Cycling: Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2013 1:35 Weatherwatch Overnight



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Architects Of Change 11:00 Landline 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Travel Oz 1:00 Parkinson: Masterclass 2:00 Remembering Timor 2:30 Windows Of War 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Australian Story 8:30 Four Corners 9:20 Media Watch 9:35 Q&A 10:35 Lateline 11:10 The Business 11:35 TBA 12:15 A Story Of The Salvos 12:45 Grand Designs 1:40 Movie: “Follow The Fleet” (PG) 3:30 Rugby Union: Shute Shield: Round 3: Eastern Suburbs Vs Sydney University 5:30 Eggheads

5:30 Today 8:30 Mornings 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Danoz 1:30 Days Of Our Lives 2:30 National News Now 3:30 Extra 4:00 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:00 A Current Affair 6:30 TBA 8:00 House Husbands 9:00 Person Of Interest: Trojan Horse 10:00 Person Of Interest: Prisoner’s Dilemma 11:00 Worst Case Senario: Car Brakes Fail / Physical Attack 11:30 Extra - Co-hosts Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos reporting in front of a live audience from the shows hot location at The Grove in Los Angeles. 12:00 The Avengers 1:00 Skippy - The Bush Kangaroo 1:30 Danoz Direct 2:00 Home Shopping 3:00 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News

5:30 Sunrise 8:30 The Morning Show 11:00 Seven Morning News 11:30 Movie: “Because I Said So” (M s) 1:30 Dr Oz 2:30 New Zealand On A Plate 3:00 The Amazing Race 4:00 Seven News 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Seven News 6:00 Today Tonight 6:30 Home And Away 7:00 TBA 8:00 Revenge: Union - Emotions run deep when Jack and Amanda’s wedding reminds Emily of what could have been. Meanwhile, things for Daniel get complicated at Grayson Global, and Conrad begins a new chapter. 9:00 TBA 11:15 Private Pactice: Im Fine - During a dark moment in his life, Sheldon finds happiness with a new woman. Meanwhile, he becomes increasingly suspicious about his patient Nick’s involvement in Sarah’s disappearance. 12:30 Home Shopping 3:00 Sons And Daughters 3:30 NBC Today 4:30 Sunrise Extra 5:00 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Movie: “Me, You, Them” (PG) 2:50 The Cat Piano 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5:00 Massive Moves: Harbour House 5:30 Global Village: Masai Businessmen 6:00 German Wanderlust: Saxon Switzerland 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Mythbusters: Titanic Survival 8:30 Eat, Fast And Live Longer 9:30 Mad Men: The Rejected 10:30 World News Australia 11:00 The World Game: A-League Finals Special 11:30 The World Game: Global Edition 12:00 Shorts On Screen: DIY Encouragement 12:35 The Family UK: Happy Days Again 1:30 Movie: “Torrente 3: The Protector” (MA a,v,s) - The hilarious third instalment of the adventures of overweight, politically incorrect detective José Luis Torrente. Torrente is hired as the bodyguard to pro-green Euro MP Giannina, after the head of an eco-unfriendly company employs a government official to find the most useless bodyguard he can. 3:15 Weatherwatch Overnight



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Architects Of Change 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Q&A 1:30 Compass: My Kidney And Me 2:00 Lost In Flanders 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Foreign Correspondent 8:30 New Tricks: Congratulations 9:30 At The Movies 10:00 Artscape: Love And Fury: Judith Wright & ‘Nugget’ Coombs - The clandestine relationship between Judith Wright and ‘Nugget’ Coombs has been one of the best-kept secrets in Australian public life. Their passions, activism and insights remain relevant and inspirational to this day. 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:30 Four Corners 12:15 Media Watch 12:30 Cronulla To Kokoda 1:40 Grand Designs 2:30 Football: VFL: Round 3: Geelong Vs Box Hill Hawks 5:30 Eggheads

5:30 Today 8:30 Mornings 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Danoz 1:30 Days Of Our Lives 2:30 National News Now 3:30 Extra 4:00 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:00 A Current Affair 6:30 TBA 8:00 Two And A Half Men: Big Episode, Someone Stole A Spoon 9:30 Anger Management: Charlie Is An Expert Witness 10:00 Anger Management: Charlie & Cee Lo - Charlie runs into problems after Cee Lo Green hires him as his personal therapist, and things unexpectedly heat up when Lacey hires Nolan to be her photographer. 10:30 TBA 11:30 Survivors 12:30 Extra 1:00 Danoz Direct 1:30 Home Shopping 3:00 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News / 5:00 Today

5:30 Sunrise 8:30 The Morning Show 11:00 Seven Morning News 11:30 Movie: “Romance: Cloud Waltzer” (PG a,s) 1:30 Dr Oz 2:30 New Zealand On A Plate 3:00 The Amazing Race 4:00 Seven News 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Seven News 6:00 Today Tonight 6:30 Home And Away 7:00 TBA 8:00 Packed To The Rafters: High Hopes - Julie has high hopes as she prepares for Nathan’s homecoming - but Ted’s worsening condition threatens to burst her bubble. Dave has high hopes for his new employee - Buzz - who despite running late, quickly proves himself a capable sparky and an easy-going guy. 9:00 TBA 11:15 Against The Wall: We Protect Our Own 12:00 Harry’s Practice 12:30 Home Shopping 3:30 NBC Today 4:30 Sunrise Extra / 5:00 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Victorian Pharmacy 2:00 Barbados At The Races 2:30 The Biggest Chinese Restaurant In The World: Family Duties 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Tasmania 6:00 South Africa Walks: The Garden Route 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Who Do You Think You Are? Michael Caton 8:30 Insight 9:30 Dateline 10:30 World News Australia 11:00 Movie: “Outbound” (MA l) In Romanian. Matilda is halfway through a five year sentence for a crime she didn’t commit. With day release to attend her mother’s funeral, she has a 24 hour window to try and get help from her family, persuade her former lover to cough up the money he owes her and locate her abandoned son. With a ticking clock keeping tensions high, she must make it to the coast to the boat that is waiting to help her escape. 12:40 Anna Pihl 1:30 Weatherwatch Overnight



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Architects Of Change 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 National Press Club Address 1:30 At The Movies 2:00 Monash: The Forgotten Anzac 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL 8:30 Tractor Monkeys: Lawrence Mooney, Kayne Tremills, Celia Pacquola & Ed Kavalee 9:00 The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide To Knife Fighting 9:30 Would I Lie To You? 10:00 The Thick Of It 10:30 Lateline 11:00 The Business 11:30 Identity 12:20 Agatha Christie’s Partners In Crime: Finessing the King Tommy and Tuppence attempt to find the answer to a riddle found in a newspaper and unwittingly become involved in a murder case. 1:15 Football: SANFL: Round 4: Sturt Vs South Adelaide 4:15 ABC Breakfast: ANZAC Dawn Service From Sydney 5:25 ANZAC Dawn Service from the Australian War Memorial

5:30 Today 8:30 Mornings 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Danoz 1:30 Days Of Our Lives 2:30 National News Now 3:30 Extra 4:00 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:00 A Current Affair 6:30 TBA 9:00 What’s Your Emergency? 10:00 Embarrassing Bodies 11:00 Weeds: Viking Pride - Trying to get her family out of the country, Nancy is visited by several faces from her past, while Silas deals with the possibility that Lars might be his father, Warren becomes unhinged, and Doug must find his own means of obtaining a fake passport. 11:30 20/20 12:30 Extra 1:00 Danoz Direct 1:30 Home Shopping 3:00 Good Morning America 3:45 National News Special: ANZAC Dawn Service 4:30 National Early Morning News / 5:00 Today

5:30 Sunrise 8:30 The Morning Show 11:00 Seven Morning News 11:30 Movie: “After The Rain” (M v,l) 1:30 Dr Oz 2:30 New Zealand On A Plate 3:00 The Amazing Race 4:00 Seven News 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Seven News 6:00 Today Tonight 6:30 Home And Away 7:00 TBA 11:15 Man Up!: Acceptance - As a rite of passage, Will decides to buy Nathan a cell phone, which in turn gives Brenda the idea to also purchase one for Grant to upgrade his old brick phone. Kenny is nervous about meeting his new girlfriend’s parents, and as expected, when he finds out her parents are lesbians and also therapists, the situation goes from bad to worse. 11:45 Harry’s Practice 12:30 Home Shopping 3:00 Sons And Daughters 3:30 NBC Today 4:30 Sunrise Extra 5:00 Seven Early News

4:00 UEFA Champions League 6:30 World News 1:00 Insight 2:00 Dateline 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Tahiti Grafiti 6:00 South African Walks: The Drakensberg 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Wildest India: Himalayas: Surviving The Summits 8:30 World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Nepal 9:35 Borgen: Decency In The Middle 10:40 World News Australia 11:15 Movie: “The Girl On The Train” (M s,a,l,v) In French. Directed by André Téchiné, this film was inspired by an infamous case in 2004, when a young woman told police she had been the victim of a vicious anti-Semitic attack by six African men on a train outside Paris, then later recanted and admitted she had made the whole thing up. 1:05 Movie: “Hell” (M a,n,s) In French. The second instalment in Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Heaven, Hell and Purgatory trilogy. Three estranged sisters, who share a connection to a violent incident from their childhood, reunite for the chance to come to terms with their past. 3:00 Weatherwatch Overnight

12 – Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013


SUDOKU No. 144

Your  Lucky 


Stars  

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th) You may be tempted to do something that is quite dangerous. Unfortunately, you may not realise all the risks involved. Romance. An insight into your partner’s thinking will make it much easier to deal with them. Use this knowledge to your advantage in the near future.

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st) You may fee tension within your family this week. Quickly get to the source of it so that you can move on with things. Romance. You will be extremely sensitive to changes in your partner’s emotional state. Remember, you need to remain strong so they have someone to lean on.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st)


A friend who is much older than you may put you in a bit of a dilemma as their point of view will be difficult to reconcile with your own values. Romance. If you use your time efficiently, you will be amazed at what you can achieve this week. Encourage your partner to pick up their pace.

CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd) You may have more work to do than you realise. You cannot do it all by yourself and must find a way to get more support from your colleagues. Romance. It may be a while before you can see the benefit of some recent relationship changes. Don’t be quick to judge circumstances.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd)

A family secret may finally be revealed. This will help you to understand some recent history. You may feel a sense of closure. Romance. You will be very grateful for your partner’s support. It’ll be provided just when you need it. They will make time for you in their busy schedule this week.

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd) This will be a week when you should avoid stress as much as possible. Delegate responsibilities to colleagues where possible. Romance. A friend could have views of your relationship which seem a little old-fashioned. Don’t ignore everything that this person says, however.


LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd) There are a number of jobs which need doing around the house. Try to get a relative to help you complete some of these tasks. Romance. Try not to be too critical of your partner. Your standards may be much higher than theirs. Judging them will only hamper your relationship.

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd)

For all your printing needs –


This is not the best time to get into a dispute. Stay away from topics which you know might cause an argument with colleagues. Romance. If you make the effort this week to create an eventful moment for your partner, you won’t be disappointed. Be creative with what you choose!

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st) You may need a little extra reassurance this week. Try not to “fish for compliments”, however. They will come to you if you wait a bit longer. Romance. Your partner will be with you all the way this week. You will be surprised how much you can do together without disagreeing.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th) You will be trying to get your career goals into better focus. It is important that you develop a clear plan of how you expect to achieve your ambitions. Romance. You might be feeling a little pent-up this week. You need an outlet for your emotional energy. Meet new people!

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)


Good products can be sold by honest advertising. If you don’t think the product is good, you have no business to be advertising it.

– David Ogilvy


Try to be as easy-going as possible this week. This would not be a good time to touch on any sore points. Romance. If you are past the “honeymoon stage” in your relationship, try to do small things to bring you back to that point. Call each other just to chat or leave them cute notes.

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th) You may feel left out this week. Do your best to call friends and set some times to meet up with one another. You’ll feel better if you do! Romance. Your own needs are important, as well as those of your partner. You’ll need to sit down together and discuss your wishes.

Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013 – 13




Trades & Services

Box ad booking deadline............................... Noon, Fridays before publication Box ad material deadline................................ 5pm, Fridays before publication Line classifieds placement deadline.......... 10am, Monday before publication


PH: 1300 0880 00 • FAX: 1300 787 248 • EmAil:

* * * * * * * * *

All mechanical and marine Authorised mercury dealer Air-con servicing and repairs Latest E.F.I. scan tools 4 Mechanics, 3 Hoists Disc brake machining Approved R.W.C. inspections Reliable and efficient Full equipped workshop 1 Buchanon Rd. Industrial Ph: 8987 2280 Fax: 8987 8434


Permanent/Fulltime/Part time/Casual Positions with Accredited Training Available

Attention-seeking space seeks like-minded advertiser

Morningside Electrical Specialists in: Electrical and Airconditioning • Installation, • Maintenance and • Service 5 Miller Close Ph: 8987 3666 Fax: 8987 3341

Crisis Accommodation Gove provides a safe environment for Women and Children experiencing family violence.


We are seeking value based, energetic, hands on women to be part of our team. As the ideal applicant your will have a commitment to empower women and children and respect cultural diversity. Desirable Attributes:

Call 1300 088 000 or email

ECL: C2266 RTA: AU19805

• • • • •


Crisis Accommodation Gove (Inc.) 8987 1166 / 0412 317 925


* Woman and Children Family Violence Shelter. * Staff onsite 24 hours-7 days a week. * Children’s worker available Mon-Fri. * Short term and limited offsite accommodation for individuals or families experiencing homelessness. * Emergency Relief Funding Available.

Rates as per Enterprise Agreement. Applicants must have a current NT driver’s licence. Must have (or willingness to undergo) National Police Clearance and Ochre Card. Available hours are: Monday to Sunday 4pm – 11pm with sleepover. Saturday and Sunday 8am – 4.30pm Can support spouse roster. Have a certificate III or IV in Community Services or willingness to undertake. For queries phone Karen or Jodi on 8987 1166.


Please provide a resume to with CAG – Resume in subject line. OR Send to PO Box 1007, Nhulunbuy, NT, 0881 by 5pm Friday, April 26, 2013.

Health Careers & Opportunities in the Northern Territory

Casual Position Vacant ALERT Leading Hand The Gumatj Corporation represents the Gumatj peoples of North east Arnhem Land with a key focus to develop sustainable industry.

If you want your career to go places then join Department of Health in the Northern Territory. The challenges and opportunities in health and community care in the Territory are like no other in Australia, from remote Aboriginal health to tropical health and urban tertiary care. Continued investments in Aboriginal health, remote health, acute care and community services offer many opportunities for health professionals who want to be part of making a difference.

The successful candidate will undertake a proactive hand’s on role of supervising and mentoring the “Ralpa Work Readiness Trainee” team/s to undertake routine refinery, ALERT Facility and community projects. Provide daily mentoring and support to the trainees to ensure expected targets are met within time frames and that all activities are conducted according to Pacific Aluminium (Pac Al) Health Safety and Environment (HSE) work practices.

TOP END HOSPITAL NETWORK PHARMACY TECHNICIAN Technical 2 Remuneration Package Range $58 793 - $66 651 (comprising salary $51 039 - $57 861, superannuation, leave loading and the value of 2 weeks extra recreation leave)

Reports to Pac/Al ALERT Supervisor – Gary Barnes.

Potential total Remuneration Package in the vicinity of $79 000 which includes the above Package Range and in addition; salary sacrifice

Responsibilities • Plan and oversee daily tasks of trainees. • Ensure trainees comply with work instructions and procedures applicable to all tasks. • Report any incident or accident to supervisor as soon as practicable. • Ensure hazards and risks are considered and controls put in place through compliance with Job Safety Environment Analysis (JSEA) and Take 5 real time hazard assessment. • Conduct daily “tool box” meetings with trainees prior to commencement. • Daily transportation of trainees to workplaces and to and from residence. • Undertake administrative duties as required. • 26 hours per week – Monday to Thursday, 0830 – 1500.

Pharmacy Department – Gove District Hospital Ongoing vacancy available Come and work as part of our dynamic and vibrant team, based in our 30-bed hospital in East Arnhem Land. You will help with the distribution of pharmacy stock to East Arnhem, answer questions about stock and supply, assist in the dispensing of pharmacy items and have the opportunity to be mentored through further studies in this area. The team has an evidence-based focus and you will have opportunities to liaise with, and provide services to, remote Aboriginal communities. The successful applicant will have good arithmetic skills and be able to demonstrate good oral and written communication skills. Relevant and informative orientation program provided with 2 airfares to Darwin per year for staff members and their dependants. There is no provision for accommodation to be provided for this position. Quote vacancy number: 2526

Essential • “C” class drivers licence – (“LR” desirable). • Good Literacy skills with the ability to communicate Work Instructions, JSEA’s, Manufacturer instructions and Take 5’s. • Good interpersonal and multi cultural communication skills. • Demonstration of strong HSE values. • Commitment to instruct, train and work with Yolngu. • Demonstrated quality workmanship. • Proficient at Microsoft programs - Excel, Word, Power Point and Outlook. • Equipment maintenance experience or ability to learn.

For further information please contact Dr Peter Chilcott on 08 8987 0266 or email Closing date: 28 April 2013

APPLICATION INFORMATION Applicants should address the selection criteria and provide a current CV and contact details for 2 referees (preferably an email address). For a copy of the Job Description and to apply online please visit Further information about these positions can be obtained by phoning

TOLLFREE 1300 659 247

Information on the Northern Territory and its great lifestyle is available at

Department of Health is a Smoke Free Workplace

14 – Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013

Please note accommodation is not offered with this position. Remuneration package based on skills and experience. NT13275 adcorp

Note: The preferred or recommended applicant will be required to hold a current Working with Children Clearance notice / Ochre Card (application forms available from SAFE NT @ www.workingwithchildren. and undergo a criminal history check. A criminal history will not exclude an applicant from this position unless it is a relevant criminal history.

Good personal presentation. Professional communication skills. Able to maintain a cleaning routine. Support women and children in day to day living. Work with minimal supervision as part of a team.

Please forward a brief covering letter outlining skills and experience and a current resume to . Applications close Monday, April 22, 2013. For further details please contact Gary Barnes 0467 817 446.


A man is not a camel (but he sure can ride ‘em) IT’S a long ride from Gove to the Alice . . . especially if that ride happens to be on a camel. Arnhem Land residents are being urged to get down and put a punt on one of the Territory’s most-unique sporting events; the Lasseters Camel Cup for 2013. Chairman of the Apex Club Camel Cup Committee Steven Langdon said the 2013 Lasseters Camel Cup will be fantastic - with more camels on the start line than ever. “It is an iconic event that has raised over $1 million in the last 43 years for the community of Alice Springs. “The event also attracts lots of visitors to Central Australia every year,” he said. Nine unique races are scheduled around the dusty outback

track throughout the day. Prizes for eight of the races will be $1000 for first place, $600 for second and $400 for third. For the main race, the coveted “Camel Cup”, the price money will be $1700 for first, $800 for second and $500 for third. First held in the dry bed of the Todd River in 1970, the race - regarded as Australia’s premier camel race - has grown rapidly in popularity since its inception. It is now held at a dedicated 400-metre camel race track at Blatherskite Park, and attracts around 5000 visitors from all over the world every year to Alice Springs. This years’s Lasseters Camel Cup will be held on Saturday,

July 13. The family and fundraiser event is well known for its unpredictable and very entertaining camels as well as the brave and crazy riders. While camels may have a reputation as dedicated ‘ships of the desert’, these magnificent beasts are certainly not short on personality. Racing them can prove a nightmare for riders and handlers but fantastic viewing for spectators. Entertainment is assured - There will be lots of action between races, too. Belly dancers, rickshaw races, Kids Corner with free activities, Mr and Miss Camel Cup challenges, food stalls and bars add to the carnival atmosphere.

Start of the 2012 Lasseters Camel Cup.

CLASSIFIEDS WANTED Wanted: Sqaush Opponent. Days until 2pm. Russell Phone: 0439 815 996.

GARAGE SALE ADVERTISE YOUR GARAGE SALE HERE! Email your line classified through to ads@ or call 1300 0880 00.

NOTICE OF AGM OASIS Christian Assembly Sunday, April 21 at 12 noon Welcome all members

Gove Peninsula Motel Position Vacant: Casual Houseperson 3–4 hours daily, some Saturdays. No experience necessary.

Please call 8987 0700




Storage Shed · 102m/sq shed · 2 bay shed with roller doors · Separate toilet · 4m x 4m walk in freezer 1 Bedroom Caretakers with office/ showroom · Repainted and fully tiled throughout · Large open plan lounge, dining and kitchen area · New split A/C’s for bedroom, office/ showroom and main living area · New garden with irrigation · Combined bathroom, toilet, laundry


FOR INSPECTION PLEASE PHONE GOVE STORAGE SOLUTIONS ON 0407 137 934 Long term company lease preferred

Two or three bedroom house or unit. Long term. Local company. Phone: 8987 2056. Three bedroom, open-plan block home, excellent condition, garden shed, large patio, large block, private location, established lawns and garden, fully fenced.

Price on application.

Ph: 0467 543 283 or 08 8987 2940 Walkabout Cats Football Club


Thursday, April 18, 2013

7.30pm @ 15 Sandalwood Avenue All positions will be declared vacant and must be filled for season to commence. Have your say and be a part of your association! For further information regarding WCFC please email or contact Josh Hutchinson WCFC President on 0448 374 021

East Arnhem Shire Council



F0010 - 2005 Isuzu FRR Tip Truck $18,000 BC Autos F0151 - 2006 Isuzu 300 Tip Truck $13,000 BIG Carpentry


Buffalo and Pig Aerial Culling Operation Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation wishes to advise all residents and visitors that an aerial buffalo and pig culling operation is to be carried out within the Laynhapuy Indigenous Protected area, between

7am, Monday, April 15 – 6pm, Friday, April 26, 2013 All residents and visitors are advised to remain on designated roads and not to deviate from community areas during this period. This cull has been requested by Traditional Owners of the area to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all residents and visitors of the Laynhapuy IPA. Laynhapuy apologies for any inconvenience this operation may cause. If you require further information please contact Yirralka Laynhapuy Indigenous Protected Area Rangers office on 8939 1850.

Committee Members Required Crisis Accommodation Gove (CAG Inc is seeking expressions of interest from suitable members of the public for positions of Committee Members. CAG is a not for profit organisation with sound management and staff and needs to appoint a new committee to ensure the ongoing provision of essential services to Gove and surrounding communities. The position requires only a small amount of your time to attend structured and organised committee meetings. For more information or to express your interest please email or phone either: Belinda Howie 0418 835 265 Jodi Walker 0432 571 554 Women + Children Domestic Violence 24/hr Shelter Crisis + Short Term Accommodation for Individuals/Families experiencing homelessness Emergency Relief Funding, Counselling + Referral Network

Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013 – 15


Dhimurru to extend Indigenous Protected Area LAST Wednesday, April 10, members of our community gathered to commemorate and celebrate the remarkable life of Mr Dj Yunupingu, who passed away in late February after a long and fruitful life. Among his many achievements, Mr Yunupingu was a key senior Yolngu leader instrumental in establishing Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation. His vision and commitment helped us all to better understand Yolngu attachment to and responsibilities for country. In honour of Mr Yunupingu’s memory, and in recognition of his leadership and many contributions, Dhimurru’s Board decided to make a significant and historic announcement during the memorial ceremony. Dhimurru’s Directors, on behalf of the wanga watangu (traditional owners), dedicated their sea county for inclusion in the Dhimurru Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). An IPA is an area voluntarily dedicated by the wanga watangu to be managed in accordance with guidelines set by the International Union for Nature promoting sustainable use and thereby qualifying as a protected area by international standards. An IPA is not of itself a legal construct, but rather it is a mechanism which seeks to enable effective con-

servation management by legal and other means. By developing partnerships with other agencies such as Parks and Wildlife Commission and Fisheries, an indigenous resource management organisation, in this case Dhimurru, can lead the way in implementing protected area management objectives. The Dhimurru IPA has always included sea country encompassing sites of significance in the gapu (sea) and adjacent to the mainland and nearby Islands. In 2006 through Dhimurru, Yolngu launched the Yolnguwu Monuk Gapu Wanga Sea Country Plan explaining Yolngu interests, rights, and responsibilities in sea country. This initiative started a conversation with Government and other stakeholders talking about how we can look after sea country together and what is needed to make that happen. Since then, there has been ongoing consultation and discussion amongst wanga watangu and between Dhimurru and other stakeholders. The wanga watangu have decided to dedicate all the sea country extending 40km out to sea from Dhimurru to be included now in the Dhimurru Indigenous Protected Area. There is strong support from other stakeholders as well, who agree with

this dedication and want to work together to look after this sea country. A new plan of management is being developed and bukmak (together) we will be asking Government to show their support for this dedication at a ceremony in Darwin. This will happen at the World Indigenous Network Conference on May 26. At the memorial service, Dhimurru’s Managing Director Mandaka Marika, together with Dhimurru’s Directors, said “we have great pleasure in honouring our old friend, mentor, leader, and founding member Mr Yunupingu. “On this important and solemn occasion we are dedicating our manbuynga ga rulyapa, our sea country, as part of the Dhimurru Indigenous Protected Area.” This announcement honours the old man’s vision of a unified land and sea protected area. It is hoped that ultimately these initiatives will help all of us to look after sea country sustainably. Dhimurru’s founders vision is to ensure that the IPA will be managed such that Yolngu and Ngapaki will be able to enjoy and use their country in the future just as they do today. For further info call Dhimurru Office (8939 2700) or email scf@

Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation made a historic announcement last week that they will be extending their Indigenous Protected Area.

If you have a change of contact details for your organisation or group, can you please email thru to

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17 - 23 April 2013

Nhulunbuy Baptist Church Sundays 9.30am at Town Hall – Ph: 8987 1256 Uniting Church: Sunday Service 9.30am Hazel Trudgen – Ph: 8987 3545 Mobile 0413 536 877 Forward in Faith Ministries Sunday: 10am – 12.30pm. Library at the Nhulunbuy Christian College. Ph: 0434 059611 or 8987 8268.



W/E Apr 07 W/E Apr 07 Variance Actual Usage Target Usage


Total Per head Total Per head Total Per head Kilolitres of Pop: Lt Kilolitres of Pop: Lt Kilolitres of Pop: Lt







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7701 25500




T.S. Melville Naval Cadet Training P: 8987 2562

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Ht 1.40 2.55 1.06 2.61

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16 – Arafura Times

Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga Hala Tupou – Ph: 8987 3553

Monday 01/04

Tide times – Gove Harbour (Melville Bay) Wed 17

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Sacred Heart Catholic Church Father Barry Hanson – Ph: 8987 1533 Vigil Saturday 6.00pm, Sunday Service 8.30am



Brisbane 270 • Darwin 1100 • Perth 340

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Temperature ( C) Max Min Rainfall Monday 8 31.8 26.2 TCE Tuesday 9 29.4 25.3 7.4 Wednesday 10 29.4 22.5 97.0 Thursday 11 31.3 22.4 7.2 Friday 12 30.5 19.8 TCE Saturday 13 32.3 19.2 NIL Sunday 14 31.0 22.7 TCE Monthly total rainfall to date: 132.4 mm

Weather details supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology – Gove Airport from Monday, Apr. 8 to Sunday, Apr. 14

Mean sea level pressure Max: 1011.6 hPa on Tuesday Min: 1005.2 hPa on Thursday Averages for the month of April Max temp: 30.9 Min temp: 23.2 Rainfall: 229.7 mm


Local talent KickStart their footy careers in Qld By ALF WILSON EAST Arnhem Land players performed strongly for the Northern Territory side which exceeded expectations at the National under 15 KickStart Australian Rules championships in Townsville from April 8 to 12. The East Arnhem players were: Andrew Gondarra (Elcho Island), Ronnie Dirdi, Aiden Gamarawa (Gunbalunya), Tyrone Dhagapan (Gapuwiyaki), Royce Naborlh (Gunbalunya), Elijah Dhamarrandji (Milingimbi), Sebbo Garawirrtja (Elcho Island) and Mabo Munungguritji (Gove). The championships were held at Tony Ireland Stadium where the recent NAB Cup game between North Melbourne and the Gold Coast Suns was played. Supported by the Coles AFL Indigenous Program, each team selected the best 25 Indigenous players from their state KickStart Camps, with Victoria/ Tasmania combined as well as NSW/ ACT and sides from Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory all involved. In Day One’s morning games, NT went into the match against South Australia as complete underdogs, but ended up winning 7-5-47 to 5-1-31. NT’s leading goals kickers were Jordan Jeffery with three, Sebbo Garawirrtja with two and Ronne Dirdi with one. Best players were Ezy Frank, Mabo

East Arnhem Land players in NT side from left: Andrew Gondarra, Ronnie Dirdi, Aiden Gamarawa, Tyrone Dhagapan, Royce Naborlh, Elijah, Sebbo Garawirrtja and Mabo Munungguritji. Munungguritji and Gavin Greenoff. NSW/ACT 0-1-1 and Western Australia 4-10-34 and Queensland 4-7-31 rolled Victoria/Tasmania 9-8-62 beat 10-11-71 defeated SA 4-1-25. NSW/ACT 2-1-13. Queensland 2-0-12, and reigning At the completion of round one, On Day Three on April 10, Northern champions Western Australia 13-4-82 Victoria/Tasmania was first on the ladder Territory 5-6-36 d NSW/ACT 2-2-14. hammered a combined NSW/ACT followed by Western Australia, Northern NT goalkickers were Sebbo Ga0-0-0. Territory, South Australia, Queensland rawirrtja, Tyrone Dhagapan, Royce Then, in the afternoon matches on and NSW/ACT. Naborlh, Jamie Hampton and Jordan Day One, Northern Territory 5-6-36 In Day Two on April 9, NT came up Jeffery, whilst best players were Jamie rolled Queensland 2-2-14. against reigning champions WA which Hampton, Ezy Frank and Ronnie Dirdi. Sebbo Garawirrtja continued his good had a much taller side on average. In the other games, Victoria/Tasmania form for NT with two goals. Western Australia 5-6-36 beat NT 4-5-29 beat the strong WA 0-0-8 and Wasali Morgan-Thompson and 2-2-14 with Jamie Hampton and Ronnie Queensland 2-7-19 narrowly defeated Jordan Jeffery also booted six pointers. Dirdi kicking a goal each. SA 2-6-18. Best players for NT were Rodney Best NT Players were Liam McDonIn their final game on April 11, Baird, Jamie Hampton and Wasali ald, Jamie Hampton and Exy Frank. Victoria/Tasmania 6-3-39 beat NT Morgan-Thompson. In other round two games, Victoria/ 3-4-22 in slippery conditions after rain. Victoria/Tasmania 17-4-106 thrashed Tasmania 5-5-35 d South Australia NT ended in third position, which was

a wonderful effort. NT Coach Josh Johnny from Alice Springs told the Arafura Times that the East Arnhem players had performed magnificently. “They were very good and these types of games suited their style of play, and our captain Ezy Frank from Darwin also went well,” he said. The Under 15 KickStart Championships structure has been developed to provide a talented player pathway that compliments the National Under 16 Championships, and exposes Indigenous coaches, doctors, physiotherapists and trainers to an elite AFL Program environment. AFL National Community Engagement manager Jason Mifsud said the carnival was the first stage for players to be involved in such a high performance environment. “The KickStart Championships will provide players with an opportunity to test themselves against the best emerging Indigenous players from across the country. “Twenty-five of the best performing players will be selected for the Indigenous Flying Boomerangs squad.” Mr Mifsud also said that in addition to supporting talent, the KickStart program uses Australian rules football as a vehicle for education, employment, health and participation outcomes for Indigenous people.

LEFT: NT coach Josh Johnny and captain Ezy Frank. LEFT BELOW: NT Player tackles a Victoria/ Tasmania opponent in last round on April 11. RIGHT: NT Players arrived for their last game against Victoria/ Tasmania on April 11.

Elcho Island player Andrew Gondarra, right, contests a ball against SA.

NT players embroiled in mid-game action against SA.

Tipping Competition


Arafura Times

*PLEASE NOTE: Where there is a Monday night game, results will be given up to and including Sunday games and Tipster Leader board will also reflect these results.


ROUND 3 RESULTS (Home team listed first) Fremantle 9.14.68




Nth Melb





WC Eagles



GWS Giants St Kilda







GC Suns















Name Duggie waggy pleb Darren Nunn hayden4x Forbesy VanDam reverend Joseph Benn crackers • Password: NewsNorthAT TERMS & CONDITIONS: The Arafura Times AFL footy tipping competition is free – there is no joining fee and no charges whatsoever are associated with it. The Arafura Times footy tipping competition

Total Score Total Margin 21 45 20 47 20 81 20 108 19 60 19 67 19 91 18 29 18 59 18 68

AFL LADDER AFTER ROUND 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Essendon Port Sydney Richmond Geelong Hawthorn Fremantle C’wood St Kilda

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

DRAW ROUND 4 (April 19 – 21, home team first) WC Eagles Adelaide Bulldogs GC Suns Brisbane Carlton Nth Melb GWS Giants Melbourne

is computer generated, with all selections being lodged to an independent, national footy tipping website. Neither the Arafura Times or sponsors can access the website, and all results are generated by the website operators. The results will be provided in the Arafura Times, the Arafura Times website and the

Friday, April 19 Saturday, April 20

Sunday, April 21

Sydney Hawthorn Richmond St Kilda WC Eagles GC Suns Melbourne Adelaide Nth Melb

Geelong Fremantle Collingwood Essendon Carlton Port GWS Giants Bulldogs Brisbane

competition operator’s website after each round. Staff from the Arafura Times and sponsors are ineligible to enter. In the event of a tie, the prize value will be divided among the joint winners. No substitution of prizes for cash. Residents with local postcode and subscribers only eligible to enter and win prizes.

Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013 – 17


Arafura Times

Three lead in NRL tipping Duggie clings to lead on the AFL ladder

THERE is now a three-way tie for the lead after round six of the Arafura Times/Arnhem Club NRL tipping competition on th weekend. Last week’s leader Malkzok1 has been joined on top by marlinman and Andrew Hoffman on 37, while Tanya Hoffman sits on 36 and is in hot pursuit. Bunched on 35 are Shaun Dennis, Kaffir, Wayno and Van Dam, with waggy, Duggie amd doodlesuckernobagchc on 34. KaRon1 and Luke Cole sit on 33, one in front of Jez, KaDavo82 and Halwes. Five tipped all eight winners – indicative the teams are starting to hit top form. The Arafura Times/Arnhem Club NRL and AFL footy tipping competitions are free - there is no joining fee and no charges whatsoever are associated with it. The tipping competitions on both FORMER AFL player and Yirrkala local Nathan Djerrkura has been selected to be part of the 12 member Indigenous Marathon Project squad to train for the 2013 New York Marathon. Mr Djerrkura, who played for the Geelong Cats from 2006 and the Western Bulldogs in 2012, is currently working in Yirrkala as Youth, Sport and Recreation worker for the East

With a perfect score were Shaun Dennis, Andres Hoffman, marlinman, Jez and Tanya Hoffman. Joint leader Malkzok1 had seven from seven, but thought the Eels would down the Titans, and so missed the eight. Joining Malkzok1 on seven were Morgstar, Luke Cole, Kaffir, Duggie, Graham Hughes, Halwes, KaRon1, Rose Becker and doodlesuckernobagchc. The winner of the NRL competition will recaive $500 in cash, sponsored by The Arnhem Club and the Arafura Times.

the NRL and AFL are run indepently of each other with separate prizes for both. The competitions are computer generated, with all selections being lodged to an independent, national

footy tipping website. Neither the Arafura Times nor the sponsors can access the website, and all results are generated by the website operators. The results will be provided in

Arnhem Shire Council. Mr Djerrkura, 24, was selected alongside four other men from across the country, following the recent try outs held in Yirrkala. A Galiwinku woman, Evelyna Dhamarrandji, has also been picked to to be a part of the Indigenous Marathon Project team for 2013.

The Project, that saw in excess of 100 applications from every corner of the country, annually selects, trains, educates and takes a group of outstanding Indigenous Australians to compete alongside 47,000 other competitors at the world’s biggest marathon. IMP is now in its fourth year and has seen 20 In-

weekend when Port down the Crows. They all missed that one and remained on eight for the weekend. Eleven correctly forecast seven wins – Rose Becker, Van Dam, Forbesy, Dion Forbes, Kaffir, Phobic, waggy, Tanya Hoffman, marlinman, Argon and Spudly, with another 18 on six winners. Two games caused significant problems in selections, with Port's stunning win against the Crows obviously the major one to upset tipsters, while the Bombers' win against the Dockers also caught the majority off guard. The AFL winner will walk away with $750 in cash, also sponsored by The Arnhem Club and the Arafura Times.

the Arafura Times, the Arafura Times facebook page and the competition operator’s website after each round. Staff from the Arafura Times and sponsors are ineligible to enter.

The race is on for Djerrkura

Nathan Djerrkura, Evelyna Dhamarrandji (also selected in IMP squad), Anthony Gaykamangu and Nadine Hunt (IMP staff) at try outs in Yirrkala.

Proudly sponsored by...

DUGGIE has clung to his/her twopoint lead after round three of the Arafura Times/Arnhem Club AFL tipping competition, although only getting six of the nine winners correct. Duggie heads the tipsters with 21, but there is an ever-increasing group hot on his/her tail. Six sit on 19 – waggy, hayden4x, Forbesy, pleb, VanDam and Darren Nunn, with a further four on 18 – Andres Hoffman, Dion Forbes, Agron and Kaffir. Eleven are a further one back on 17. No one again tipped all nine winners, although Jez, hayden4x, Morgstar and Tracey xxxx has tipped eight from eight until the last game of the

digenous athletes cross the finish line of a number of major international marathons, including New York, Boston and Tokyo. Project Director and former World Champion marathon runner Rob de Castella said to see the high standard of applicants this year not only made it hard to select a squad, but highlighted the powerful message that was being sent to Indigenous Australia. “The word is starting to get out about how important exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle is, and that’s what we have wanted to achieve right from day one,” he said. “So far, we have seen 20 inspirational runners finish a marathon through IMP, and they have gone on to achieve some truly amazing things. “ De Castella said the 2013 squad represented an amazing cross-section of Indigenous Australia, including Abo-

In the event of a tie, the prize value will be divided among the joint winners. Only residents with local postcodes and subscribers to the Arafura Times are eligible to enter.

riginal and Torres Strait Island athletes from major cities, regional centres and remote communities. “We have athletes of different ages, different backgrounds and who have had a range of different life experiences.” The squad will meet for the first time when they come together in Canberra in May for their first training camp, which will not only include a number of training sessions, but will see athletes start units of their Certificate IV in Health and Leisure, that will assist with employment in health related fields. The final team to travel to New York in November will be announced following a 30km time trial in Alice Springs in September. Mr Djerrkura’s running prowess has previously been showcased when he participated in the 2008 AFL Grand Final sprint, coming 1st in his heat, and going on to come Nathan at the IMP tryouts in Yirrkala last Month. 3rd overall.

NRL Tipping Competition Password: NewsNorthATNRL *PLEASE NOTE: Where there is a Monday night game, results will be given up to and including Sunday games and Tipster Leader board will also reflect these results. NR = no results available at time of going to press.

Arafura Times

$500 for the WINNER






















Sea Eagles Sharks



W Tigers







Name marlinman Andres Hoffman Malkzok1 Tanya Hoffman Shaun Dennis KAFFIR Wayno VanDam waggy Duggie

TERMS & CONDITIONS: The Arafura Times NRL footy tipping competition is free – there is no joining fee and no charges whatsoever are associated with it. The Arafura Times footy competition is computer generated, with

18 – Arafura Times

17 - 23 April 2013



ROUND 6 RESULTS (home team first)

NRL LADDER Total Score Total Margin AFTER ROUND 6 37 37 37 36 35 35 35 35 34 34

46 58 65 54 46 50 58 66 54 66

1 Storm



2 Sea Eagles

10 Sharks

3 Rabbitohs

11 Cowboys

4 Roosters

12 Eels

5 Knights

13 W Tigers

6 Titans

14 Panthers

7 Broncos

15 Warriors

8 Dragons

16 Bulldogs

all selections being lodged to an independent, national footy tipping website. Neither the Arafura Times nor sponsors can access the website, and all results are generated by the website operators. The results will be provided in the Arafura Times, the Arafura Times website and the competition

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2013

Kangaroos vs Kiwis @ Canberra Stadium televised on Nine at 7.45pm.


Country v City @ Coffs Harbour televised on Nine at 3pm.

operator’s website after each round. Staff from the Arafura Times and sponsors are ineligible to enter. In the event of a tie, the prize value will be divided among the joint winners. No substitution of prizes for cash. Residents with local postcode and subscribers only eligible to enter and win prizes.

Sport Arafura Times


Phone: 1300 0880 00 • Fax: 1300 787 248 • Email:

Sports reports deadline is 10.30am, Monday prior to publication

All cool in the pool at NCC carnival seeing the Middle School students in the pool helping and encouraging MORE students participated in the younger students was incredibly this year’s Nhulunbuy Christian rewarding. “I’m continually impressed with College Swimming Carnival than ever before, with Abednego House the sportsmanship displayed, with showing their dominance in the everyone trying to do their best water by taking out the House and the genuine encouragement Championship for the fourth year and support for other children particularly those that find swimin a row. A brief sunshower in the after- ming more challenging. “We are thankful for the expertise noon just added to the excitement for the students, with everyone of Rachael Verdel and the instuctors taking to the pool from Transition at GAC - not only did they improve the children’s skills but they gave to Middle School Year 10. One of the highlights of the day them even more confidence to enter was the annual piggyback race, as many events as possible and to where older students carried the really enjoy the day.” The College have said they younger ones on their backs in a House relay that had everyone would also like to thank the staff and parents for their help - in particular involved. NCC Principal Mr Steve Venour Bethan Davies and Anne Fourie said it was wonderful to see the as well as Ian Darlington from NT enthusiasm from all students, and Sport. ABOVE RIGHT: Patrick O’Brien from Transition frolics in the short sun shower between races. BELOW: Hannah Fourie and Madalyn Aarts from Year 5 cheering on their house, Meshach. RIGHT: Samuel Nyamazana from Year 8 competes in the breast-stroke race. Photos: SALLIANNE VENOUR

ABOVE: Tayla Miegel from Year 8 surges through the water with Shelbie Francis from Year 2 in the House Piggyback relay race. BELOW: Katelyn Rika and Kira Whyte from Year 5/6 relax just before they take to the blocks for an event.

East Arnhem Aust. rules umpire calls it like it is By ALF WILSON UMPIRES of Australian Rules football or rugby league referees invariably cop plenty of criticism during games they officiate over. But Australian Rules umpire Johnny Garawirrtja, from Elcho Island, was an exception when he handled numerous matches during the National Under 15s KickStart Australian Rules championships in Townsville. On April 8, which was Day One of the week long carnival, Johnny was the chief umpire and every player the Arafura Times spoke to sung his praises. Johnny let play flow, but also wasn’t afraid to blow his whistle if players infringed the rules. Sides were Victoria/TasTop umpire Johnny Garawirrtja at the Under 15s mania combined, as well as KickStart championships.

NSW/ACT and teams from Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. This year’s carnival also included sides from PNG, Oceania and New Zealand. The Arafura Times spoke to Johnny during the carnival and he said he was delighted to be umpiring. “I have never been to Townsville before, but have umpired in Darwin and also sometimes in Brisbane. “I used to play for St Mary’s in Darwin,” he said. Officials were also glowing in their praise of the efforts of Johnny, who played a major part in the success of the championships. Johnny caught up with many friends whilst at the carnival and said there were lots of potential AFL senior stars from East Arnhem Land on show during the football.

ABOVE: Johnny Garawirrtja umpiring a game between NT and South Australia. RIGHT: Johnny Garawirrtja with Warrant Officer Class ADF Senior Indigenous Recruitment Adviser Don Bowie.

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