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REGION Q1 Newsletter



Fast Start was a new concept for all of us and something we would need to learn to make our new normal. With new equipment and new product, this was a challenge in itself and added to this we visited Kiosk and stores that hadn’t had visits for sometime. However, we as a team faced this head on. With preparation, support, competition and constructive feedback we were able to take to the streets educating retailers on our new format getting Bottle, Five and Skittles Confused into some really high footfall, high impact areas, hitting distribution numbers of over 80% in our first five weeks. Region 5 - Fast Start Championship We decided to come up with a way of making fast start a little more exciting as well as having a support system as well as competition:• Team was split into 4 teams. • Each team was made up with a longer serving rep and a newer rep. • This allowed for support, encouragement a point of contact as well as competition throughout the team. • Points were made up from call rate and distribution and were reported and shared out on a daily a basis • Each week additional competitions were thrown in for individual performance. A team night was organised for the last Friday of the 5 weeks to give awards, celebrate achievements .reward the region 5 champions as well as having a goal to aim for. The winning team were Mark Watt and Sam Domah.


A collection of Region 5’s fast start pictures showcasing the work we carried out

REgion Key Grocery

Q1 has seen some phenomenal work by Region 5. If we continue to think outside, as London regions require, we should continue to wins with a few of these highlighted below:Mark Watt / JS Apsley • JS Apsley have had an incredible start to the year, leading their cluster in sales and performing +11% YTD. However due to some shrink issues had threatened to remove all 6 Aisle End Units for no reason at the beginning of the visit. (They had emptied all the stock from these). Through great negotiating skills, Mark persuaded them to keep 4 AEUs and created 1 AEU substitute and maintain them above target! • With the residual bottle stock, Mark created an off-shelf display to resulting in more facings. Tim Hales / Tesco Hayes • In a notoriously difficult store, who have previously not worked to Wrigley guidelines, Tim managed to increase space by installing 2 WHS units, an ASIA unit, a CAE and a 9 Brand AMU in this quarter. • This has resulted in a uplift of sales for the store and upturn versus last year. Bev Morrow / JS Calcot • A highly visible store to the company, Bev has managed to gain great exposure to the NAM by placing 2 more AEUs in-store which have been further helped by the appointment of 2 CHEWING GUM CHAMPIONS in-store!


What Region 5 achieved in KG in Quarter 1


Whilst the chains coverages have seen great results throughout the country, the big highlight have actually been through the team behaviours including some of the key actions below:• Team ethic - we work as one with everyone pulling together to help each other out when needed. There have been several instances where Team members have covered off calls for one another to achieve 100% call file completion. • Pre-coverage regional conference call to discuss what needs to be done within each group so everyone is ready from the start. • Major focus given to ensure all CTA priorities are covered to a high standard. • Improved recordings on WERA to highlight correct equipment in place/facings on entry and exit/answering flexible questions. • All team members writing notes on WERA highlighting what’s been in call and what needs to covered off on next visit and when time allows, associates revisiting stores to cover off missing equipment needs. • Regular feedback from everyone on in store successes/issues to both the team and NAM’s with improved post coverage feedback from all team members. • Extra training given to all new team members to help understand this channel of the business better. • Regular regional meeting chains presentation to go over what worked/what didn’t work/what could be done better within next coverages.


Region 5’s chain coverages pictures

REGION Team Vision and update

Region 5 – Vision

Inspire, Grow & Set the standards




2 Mutuality







for all the Other FF Regions

3 Freedom

Peter Kroth

Fiona Craig

Richard Hobday

Ross Baker

Michelle Morphew

Bev Morrow

Tim Hales

Sam Domah

Region 5 set out it’s vision at the beginning of the year on how it was looking to perform throughout 2013. The numbers above indicate our targets for each pillar. Therefore we are looking to achieve a 5% growth in KG vs 2012. With Engagement being a big factor for the region, we are aiming to reaching a score of 4.69 by the end of the year and in the same timescale we how to innovate 2 ideas that will be implement on a national level. As far as heightening profile was concerned, we would like to ask 3 unbiased key stakeholders whether Region 5 had raised their profile in the FF since the turn of the year.

REGION Get to know us An opportunity to get to know a member of Region 5 a little more in detail and there is no better way than to start with General Jon Price himself...

Name: Jon Price Role: Region 5 RSM Favourite Wrigley Product: Extra Ice White Interests: Family, Playing Sport, Stock Market Football Team Supported: Liverpool FC Interesting Fact: I’ve worked in 12 countries If I wasn’t working for Wrigley, I would be: Financial advisor for wealthy sports men, conducting business from my holiday home in Barbados! We have also had the pleasure of welcoming Julien Franceschi, Ashley Cosgrove and Ashley Scott to the team this quarter. We look forward to them adding value to the region and rest of the field force. This takes the head count of region 5 to 12 with 7 of the team members having been with the team for 8 months or less. Fresh.


Edited by Sam Domah Independent/Fast Start Champion: Fiona Craig Key Grocery Champion: Peter Kroth Chains Champion: Mark Watt Further Region 5 members: Bev Morrow, TIm Hales, Richard Hobday, Michelle Morphew, Ross Baker, Julien Francheschi, Ashley Scott and Ashley Cosgrove

Q1 Newsletter  

An insight into the work of Region 5 in Q1.

Q1 Newsletter  

An insight into the work of Region 5 in Q1.