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May The Float Be With You

Decorating the Star Wars

Rose Parade Floats By Commodore Jon Lane - USS Angeles

Four o’clock in the morning, 42 degrees outside and not too much warmer in the large warehouse where dozens of float builders and hundreds of volunteers were working frantically to finish the two Star Wars floats before the nine o’clock judging. Five o’clock in the morning, still dark outside, and it was time to fire up the diesel engine of the 55-footlong float featuring the planet Naboo, covered with nearly 10,000 pounds of flowers and other organic material. The float started to move slowly toward the big door, only 18 feet high, being carefully directed by a small group of people communicating with the driver using walkie-talkies, since the driver could barely see anything. The float represented nearly a year of work and planning, months of construction, and over 7,000 volunteer man-hours to decorate over the last week and a half…most of that within the last few days working around the clock. The float inched forward as hundreds of Star Wars fans—covered in glue and flower petals—held their breath, wondering if maybe the float might be just a teensy bit to tall and get caught on the top of the garage door. As the towers of Naboo’s capitol city cleared the warehouse door entrance and emerged into the parking lot, a small group of Star Wars fans shouted in unison: “The first transport is away!” and we all cheered. But the journey of the Naboo float, and of its sister, Endor, began long before that chilly morning of December 31, 2006. Eleven and a half months earlier, the Grand Marshall for the 118th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California was named. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the first “Star Wars” film release, George Lucas would be the Grand Marshall to usher in 2007. Shortly thereafter, the theme of the 118th Rose Parade was announced: “Our Good Nature.” It was (Continued on page 26)

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Rose Parade Floats

RADM Jennifer Cole USS Angeles Commanding Officer CMDR Emmett Plant USS PeaceKeeper Chief of Computer Operations - R4 FCPT J. Unicorn Escobedo USS Angeles Chief of Communications - R4


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ADM Ed Nowlin Cascade Station Awards Director - R4

Ch^pter @nnivers^ries USS Angeles – NCC-71840 Los Angeles, CA Commissioned – 03-01-95

Cascade Station – NCC-SS003 Redding, CA Commissioned – 04-20-93

USS Onizuka – NCC-71815 Chico, CA Commissioned – 04-25-92

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Greetings 4th Fleet and Beyond, With just a few months as RC, Chrissy (p5), has been busy doing more then picking out new drapes and carpet for Starbase 4. She recently appointed Commander Emmett Plant of the USS Peacekeeper as our new Chief of Computer Operations (p7). Not only is Emm planning to maintain the R4 website, but rumor is we’ll be seeing a new site in the future. I too have moved to a office with a view and had to change my signature line as I’ve been honored with the newly minted title of Chief of Communications. Called back from retirement, Admiral Ed Nowlin is in the office of Awards Director (p8). He is now accepting nominations for the various R4 Awards, to be given at the R4 Conference (p9), with the winners being submitted to the STARFLEET International Awards for consideration. Want to learn more about R4 and meet her members, then join the R4 IRC Chat (p16) every Sunday night from 77-9 PM PST, where Chrissy and various members of the base staff are available to answer questions and have some ‘fun’ conversations. Everyone is welcome. Spring will be here soon and so will the STARFLEET International Conference (p6) taking place in Denver, CO. I recently made my hotel reservations and will be sharing with my roomie from last year. If you’ve not made your reservations yet, it’s not to late to plan some FUN this summer. After a few months absent, our neighborhood Klingon dropped us a communication (p22) and invitation to the StarFire Region of the Ring of Fire “Day of Honor 11” that takes place June 23rd at the Chabot Science Center in Oakland, CA. I highly recommend all personal to attend this event if possible and learn of other opportunities to play with our neighborhoods. We have two submissions about parades that took place at the close/ start of the year. The first being a behind the scenes look (cover) at what it takes to produce floats for an International televised event, with some great photos showing the process. Our second parade (p18) looks at participation in an event and it’s rewards. Jackie once again not only gives us a great book review (p23), but also a great story about her recent “ Visit With David R. George III” (p19) to name just a few items you will find in this issue. Till next time, live the adventure and have some FUN!!! Hailing frequencies closed, FCPT Unicorn Chief of Communications newsletter@region4.or Subspace Communicator

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Editor / Layout - J. Unicorn Escobedo Regional Coordinator- Chrissy Killian

Columnists Regional Coordinator- Chrissy Killian Vice Regional Coordinator - Jennifer Cole Chief of Computer Operations - Emmett Plant Awards Director - Ed Nowlin #SFI-R4 - Anonymous Readin’ while Trekkin’ - Jackie Bundy Empire Eavesdropping - Pete Briggs Year of Thank-you - Jonathan Connor-Foertsch Did You Know - Memory Alpha Conventions n R4 - Blair “Fanboy” Learn SFI Quartermaster - Pete Mohney Stardates - J. Unicorn Escobedo

Rose Parade Floats - Part 1 Regional Conference Requirements Commissioning of USS Silver Moon YMCA Christmas Parade A Visit with David R. George III Year of Thank You Star Trek: Prop & Wardrobe Auction STO Galaxy - Part 2 of 2

Jon Lane Chrissy Killian Johnathan Simmons Truman Temple Jackie Bundy Jonathan Conner-Foertsch J. Unicorn Escobedo Kyle Patullo

Photos Endor Before & After YMCA Christmas Parade David & Karen George Prop & Wardrobe Auction (all) Tower of Naboo Jon Lane & Laurie Michnal The Out Door Quartermaster Store (all)

Jon Lane Kimberly Temple Gary Sandridge J. Unicorn Escobedo Jon Lane Jon Lane Jon Lane Pete Mohney

Cadet Review 2005 Newsletter of the Year

Angeles at Vasquez Rocks For a Bid Find the Trekker Canadian Film Crew

Jon Lane Gary Sandridge Gary Sandridge Jon Lane

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Submissions must be in by midnight PST, the 20th of the even months (Feb., Apr., Jun., Aug., Oct., Dec.). Anything missing this deadline will be considered for future issues. Please DO NOT embed articles or photos in your e-mail, but instead send them as separate attachment files. I ask this, as I’m then able to download and save your article/photo to a submissions folder, making putting the newsletter together faster and easier. It also helps me keep track of items and hopefully not lose any. Please send all articles as MS WORD documents (.doc), plain text (.txt) or Rich Text File (rtf). Please send pictures as .jpg or gif. files and cropped the way you'd like to see them published (or you don't get to complain about how I crop them.). On occasion I need to crop photos due to size or space limitations. Please inform me of the name, rank and position/title (if applicable) for each person in photos. You may know who they are, but others do not, so lets tell them. If you would like a specific caption to appear with a photo, please include it. Please run spell and grammar check before submitting.

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RADM Chrissy Killian Greetings, I hope that everyone is staying out of trouble and being good since we last spoke here. Lots of things have been going on with Region 4. Last time, I put out a request to fill all the sector chief positions. I got three applications for the same sector and nothing for anything else. What’s up folks? In years past, the sector chiefs allowed a way for more chapters to be in touch with the Regional Coordinator. Since the internet was just starting to reach to a lot of folks, phone calls were still expensive and most everyone still communicated by post. In today’s world of 'unlimited nights and weekend' cell phones and broadband internet, I believe that Region 4 may have outgrown its need for sector chiefs. Let me hear from you about this subject. Do you still believe that we need sector chiefs? E-mail me at Speaking of email addresses, I have been asked why I don’t use as an email. The main reason is SPAM! gets about 200 pieces of spam a day, and I'd rather not wade through it to get potentially important messages from the region. As some of you may have seen, the bid requirements for the 2007 Region 4 Conference have been announced. They don’t vary much from previous years. I encourage everyone to read over the bid requirements and consider hosting a conference. The requirements are included in this newsletter; If you have any questions, please contact me! I have been doing a little staff rearranging. Unicorn Escobedo is no longer just our newsletter editor, he is also the newly-minted Region 4 Chief of Communications. He’s been doing so much more than just the newsletter these days -- Unicorn has been insuring that STARFLEET’s announcements make it to the Region 4 list and to the newsletter, as well. I have added another new staff member. Say hello to Emmett Plant. Emmett is the new Chief of Computer Operations. Emmett has lots of great ideas for helping chapters use the tools available on the internet and beyond. I encourage all chapters to contact him. Use and abuse him! One of the tools I have to get information out to all the chapters is the Region 4 List. In addition to being an online message space, it is also official communication from my office. I know that at times there is a lot of useless chatter on it, but I don’t think there is enough need to maintain a separate official list. I hope that every CO and XO are on the list. This is an open list to all members of Region 4 and STARFLEET members in general. If you are a CO or XO and don’t wish to be on the Region 4 List, let me know so that I can get the important information out to you another way. Don’t forget it’s also award time. Ed Nowlin has come out of retirement to assist with the awards this year. There are so many people here in Region 4 who need to be recognized for some outstanding work. Awards do NOT have to be submitted by the Commanding Officer. Any one can submit an award. It doesn’t have to be a member of your own chapter. Many of the award nominations in the past have come from others outside the individual’s own chapter and the chapter nominations have come from other than the members of that chapter. So look around, look at the past issues of the Subspace Communicator, ask others, but let’s get some nominations in. As always, if you have questions or concerns, I Regional Finance Report Jan/Feb 07 have an open door policy. Remember I can be found every Sunday evening from 7 – 9 pm on IRC #sfi-r4 Beginning Balance: $653.41 room. For more information about Fleet IRC chanIncome: 0.00 nels, visit Expenses: 0.00 Live Long and Prosper, Chrissy

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RADM Jennifer Cole Greetings everyone! I know everyone likes to read the cliché – “Wow, how time flies!” But, to be honest, sometimes it really does! Just when you think it can’t possibly be time to write another VRC report, that you have a whole month yet…it’s time! So, here I am, writing my report and wondering, just what in the world can I write about…? Oh, yeah… Some interesting news on the USS Angeles front – as of Stardate 070121 (Jan 21 07), the USS Angeles has a new commanding officer – me! That’s right, after 12 years as the Angeles’ CO, Comm. Janice Willcocks stepped down and I have assumed the center seat. All I can say is, Janice, you’ve left a huge seat for me to fill – you’ve done so much for the club that you started, you gave so much energy, sweat, tears and countless hours into this club, how can I possibly follow up on all that you’ve done? It will be difficult, and I cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve given to the Angeles. Janice’s reasons for stepping down were various, but not the least of which she deserves the rest! So, I wish you Great Luck in your ‘retirement’ and I know that you’ll always be a part of the Angeles, no matter where your travels may take you. THANK YOU!!! For those who don’t know this already, but, I am a part of the Star Trek: Hidden Frontier fan video series (http:// that has been going since 2000, and we are winding down our series to our 50th episode, which will also be our final HF episode. We’ve been doing HF for 7 years now, and while many of our fans are pleading for us to continue, we will be ending our show, technically, the final episode wraps in Mid-March, however, we will be filming our final scene at the end of April, with our second annual Excelsior Ball – our own mini-HF conference. If anyone is interested in attending, please visit our website above, and browse through the Forums for the “Excelsior Ball 2007!” Thread. There you will find the latest info, registration form (it’s FREE!) and hopefully, by today’s date – 2/20/07 – we’ll have our hotel info worked out. Some fun news for me also, in late January I got to go to Anchorage, AK for a week’s business trip, and while I didn’t have a lot of notice (I only had four days to prepare!) and I didn’t have a lot of time to sight see, I had a great time! I have a few photos that I took of the beautiful mountains, and one day I’ll get around to putting them in my Photobucket account! This past weekend, President’s Day weekend, I attended a Dr. Who/British Sci-Fi convention here in Los (Continued on page 25)

Subspace Communicator

CMDR Emmett Plant Greetings, Region 4! My name is Emmett Plant, and I've just recently taken over as Region 4's Chief of Computer Operations. What on Earth does this mean? I am glad you asked! Follow me into a world of bits and bytes, of packets and switches. The TARDIS is all warmed up, and we're ready to fly. Usually CompOps handles computery things, like the Region's website. While that's certainly within my realm (and we're going to be talking about the new Region 4 website next issue), it's not my only goal. My real goal as the R4 CompOps chief is to turn you on and tune you in to websites, services, programs and useful bits of information that can help your chapter. There's a lot of ground to cover, and I hope to bring you a pleasant surprise with each new issue of the R4 newsletter. Today we're going to talk about OSWD. What's OSWD? OSWD stands for 'Open Source Web Design,' and they've been online since September of 2000. Started by a young design genius named Frank Skettino, OSWD has one mission: Provide the Open Source community with quality web designs to help get people's projects on the web in a way that is both organized and good looking. While Open Source projects have definitely benefited from the presence of OSWD, you can, too! On OSWD, you can browse through over twothousand user-submitted designs, preview them in your web browser and decide if it would be a good choice for your chapter's project. Once you decide on one you like, you may download it for the staggeringly low price of absolutely nothing. Grab a template, start putting your own information into it, and before too long, you've got a great-looking website. I'm using an OSWD template for the new USS Peacekeeper site, and I'll probably use one for the new Region 4 website, as well. OSWD means that you can focus more on content and less on the hairy details of web design that aren't for the squeamish. Another bonus: On OSWD, you can search for sites that are W3C compliant. This means that by-and-large, your website will tend to look the same on all platforms, and if you need to move your website from one place to another, you don't have to have expensive whiz-bang hosting just to get your site up. These templates must be edited by hand, but it's a great way to teach yourself a little markup and keep your site portable at the same time. (Continued on page 25)

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involvement in community and/or charitable service, promotion of activities and projects that are fun for the chapter members, solid administration, and a vision for the future.

Shuttle of the Year Award

ADM. Ed Nowlin Well, so much for retirement... I am now the R4 Awards Director. Since STARFLEET requires all award nominations to be received in the month of May, so we are now accepting nominations for the 2006 Year. Nominations will close April 1st, 2007 and the winners will be forwarded onto the International Level. Now lately, we've had...well...pathetic results with getting nominations and I would like to see that change. I have firsthand knowledge of the talent we have in R4 and that deserves to be showcased. The requirements to be nominated are the same as they are on the International Level. Awards can be submitted for any STARFLEET Member in good standing by another member. This means ANY MEMBER can nominate another member. Also, you must justify why the member deserves this award, and it must be 750 words or less (And yes, I will count because when I submit them to International, Liz Woolf will count and she will hurt me if it is over). Nominations should be a description of how the nominated member has gone above and beyond the call of duty in providing service to his or her chapter, region, or STARFLEET. Nominations should not just be a listing of activities and events, but should explain why the member deserves the award. Awards and their Descriptions can be found at http:// The link to the form to send nominations can be found there as well. Make me work, people.

Region 4 Awards Chapter of the Year Award: This is awarded to the most distinguished STARFLEET chapter. This chapter best represents the ideals of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc., and, as a whole, represents the spirit and determination of SFI. Qualifications for the chapter of the year include promotion of the basic philosophy of STAR TREK,

Awarded to the most exceptional STARFLEET shuttle. The shuttle of the year best demonstrates the qualities of and the potential to become an ideal ship or station. These qualities should include a chapter newsletter, prompt and proper reporting to their RC and STARFLEET Operations/ShOC, effective chapter structure and organization, and involvement in Regional or Fleet activities when possible. This shuttle should be the one which best exemplifies the principles of the ShOC Program for developing chapters, and which best serves as a role model for other chapters-in-training.

Mothership of the Year Award Awarded to the most exceptional STARFLEET chapter that supported and launched a shuttle that commissioned. The mothership of the year best demonstrates to a chapter-in-training the best qualities of a STARFLEET chapter, and serves as a role model and mentor to its shuttles and daughter chapters. It shows chapters how to actively and effectively run their own chapter-level events, and participate in Regional or Fleet-level events when possible. This chapter should be the one which best demonstrates the principles of the ShOC Program for developing chapters, and that serves as a role model for other STARFLEET chapters.

Flag Officer of the Year Award This award is reserved for officers who hold the rank of Fleet Captain or higher. This award is given to the individual who best embodies the ideals, visions, and philosophy of Star Trek, as illustrated in the various series, as well as demonstrating consistent support for and contribution to STARFLEET. The Flag Officer of the year takes an active role in chapter, region and STARFLEET functions and demonstrates commitment to the organization through both word and action. The Flag Officer of the year also demonstrates consistent conduct in accordance with the philosophy of Star Trek, and supports the series' vision of a positive future through community service and scholastic accomplishment (where appropriate), in addition to participation in STARFLEET and chapter functions. This individual serves as a role model for all personnel.

Officer of the Year Award This award is reserved for officers who hold the rank of Ensign to Captain (inclusive). This award is given to (Continued on page 26)

To submit a Region 4 Award nomination, please go to: For information about the STARFLEET International Awards program, go to:

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STARFLEET Region 4 Regional Conference Requirements 2007 The following is what the Region 4 Staff requires from any person or group putting together a conference bid. Any questions or comments should be made to the Regional Coordinator. 1. 2.

The conference should be financially self-sufficient. Any cost incurred by the conference should be able to be absorbed via registrations. The Region WILL NOT reimburse any costs without prior arrangement. Any submitted bids should include the following information: Location of conference (A hotel is preferred)

{ { {



Date of the conference – Only submit ONE date (IE: Friday through Sunday )

A basic programming agenda including at least the following panels: A. State of the Region address, with minimum 45 minutes allocated time. B. General Session Panel, with minimum 45 minutes allocated time C. Region 4 Awards Ceremony, with minimum 45 minutes allocated time. It is Highly Recommended that the Awards Ceremony should be held in conjunction with a banquet style dinner or lunch. D. All official panels and workshops should be scheduled for Saturday. Extra Social activates should be scheduled around any official panels or workshops. Failure to do this will most likely get your bid rejected. E. Additional scheduled panels and workshops are highly encouraged. It’s good to involve various region personnel and chapters to organize panels that would benefit Region 4 as a whole. Hotel Costs The Hotel should be willing to accommodate us and provide a discount on guest rooms and conference area. A flat fee rate on the conference area is preferred because of the unpredictability of the number of actual registrations that will be received. An acceptable alternative is if they will give us the conference area for no cost based on a certain amount of Banquet Dinners/Lunches purchased. In that sense, you kill the room cost and dinner with one stone, especially if you are almost assured that you can make that much from registrations. If having the conference in a hotel is not possible, any alternate location should have relatively inexpensive hotels as well as inexpensive eating establishments in the immediate area (meaning within walking distance). Registration Cost per Person. Registration Cost per person should have 3 levels if a banquet dinner or lunch is being included with the conference. These 3 levels should be the following:


Conference Only Registration: for those who only wish to attend panels and workshops only, and not the banquet.


Conference With Banquet: for those who wish to attend both the panels/workshops and Banquet Dinner and/ or Lunch.



Banquet Only: for those who only wish to attend the Banquet and not the panels/workshops. (this is intended for children/spouses/significant others/friends) I. Typically in the past, the normal cost for registration and banquets have been a combined cost of around $25, which included a $5 cost for conference only (no banquet), and a $20 for banquet only. II. These prices are not required, but they provide a good benchmark to work with. Also take into account what conference attendee’s will be spending on travel and hotel expenses, which makes it important to keep the conference registration prices as low as possible without losing money. III. Banquet Dinner or Lunch requirements: IV. There should be at least two selections for the banquet/lunch, with one being vegetarian. Arrangements should be able to be made in advance for conference attendee’s who have special dietary needs. (e.g. Kosher, Restrictive Diet, etc.) Any other comments or suggestions will be made by the RC prior to a bid being approved or rejected. The RC will generally request input from Commanding Officers within the Region, however ultimately the RC has the final say on the acceptance or rejection of any bid.

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Commissioning of

USS SILVER MOON NCCNCC-75024 To: All Stations, All Commands -- Attention To Orders From: STARFLEET Headquarters, Office of ADM Johnathan Simmons STARFLEET Chief of Operations CC: RADM Jerry Tien, Chief of Shakedown Operations Command Re: Commissioning of USS SILVER MOON • NCC-75024 To RADM Chrissy Killian, Fourth Fleet: You are hereby directed and required to deliver USS Silver Moon, Sovereign-class Heavy Cruiser, STARFLEET NCC-75024, into commission as of this date as a STARFLEET Ship of the Line. This starship is based in Henderson, Nevada, USA. To Captain Jeff Salamon, Herein appointed Commanding Officer of USS Silver Moon: You are hereby directed and required to repair forthwith on board of the said ship and take upon you the charge and command of Captain of her accordingly; and all the officers and company of said ship subordinate to you are further charged and commanded to behave themselves jointly and severally in their respective employments with all due respect and obedience to you, their Captain. To Lieutenant Commander Elen Frei, Herein appointed Executive Officer of USS Silver Moon: You are hereby directed and required to repair forthwith on board of the said ship and take upon you the charge and command of Executive Officer of her accordingly; and all the officers and company of said ship subordinate to you are further charged and commanded to behave themselves jointly and severally in their respective employments with all due respect and obedience to you, their Executive Officer. The Commissioning of a new Starship is the proudest duty that I have as Chief of STARFLEET Operations. Your official orders for the Ship's records will be forthcoming via regular STARFLEET dispatch. On behalf of STARFLEET Operations, Good Luck and Godspeed in your STARFLEET journey. Given under my hand and the seal of STARFLEET Command, stardate 10701.07 Admiral Johnathan Simmons Chief of Operations STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.

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Fleet NORTHERN SECTOR Cascade Station – NCC-SS003 ADM Ed Nowlin PO Box 494781 Redding, CA 96049-4781 Commissioned – 04-20-93 Patrol Area – Redding, CA Patrol Status – Meeting - We meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month around 2:30 PM at Angelos Pizza, 1774 California St, Redding, CA Contact Person Ed Nowlin at Chapter URL - USS Augusta Ada – NCC-55011 CMDR Heather Stern 903 Harriet Campbell, CA 95008 Commissioned - 10-21-00 Patrol Area – San Francisco, CA Patrol Status – Meeting - We meet on the 4th Saturday of each month at 1 PM in the backroom of the Round Table located at 3567 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA Contact Person Heather Stern at Chapter URL - USS Eagle – NCC-1719 Oldest Chapter in STARFLEET RADM Jerry Tien 45018 Cougar Circle Fremont, CA 94539 Commissioned – 07-01-78 Patrol Area – Fremont, CA Patrol Status – Meeting - 3rd Saturday of each month. Contact Person - Jerry Tien at Chapter URL - none available at this time USS Northern Lights – NCC-27001 FCPT Tracy Newby 6167 Jarvis Ave #282 Newark, CA 94560-1210

Subspace Communicator

Commissioned – 12-01-93 Patrol Area – San Jose/Milpitas, CA Patrol Status – Meeting - We meet at 7:00 PM in the Food Court at the Great Mall in Milpitas, usually on the 3rd Friday of the month, followed by a social event. Check our website or newsletter for schedule changes (usually due to a convention or other event conflicting) Contact Person - Tracy Newby at Chapter URL - USS Oberon – NCC-71820 CAPT Brenda Smith PO Box 279164 Sacramento, CA 95827 Commissioned – 01-08-94 Patrol Area – Sacramento, CA Patrol Status – Meeting - 2nd Friday of each month 7:30 pm at SMUID Service Center, Forestview Room 1 - 6301 S Street Sacramento, CA Contact Person - Brenda Smith at atlantismeditation@sbcglobal.netor or 916 361-1522. Chapter URL - none available at this time USS Onizuka – NCC-71815 CMDR Alvin D. Rupp 2485 Notre Dame Blvd. #370, PMB 190 Chico, CA 95928 Commissioned – 04-25-92 Patrol Area – Chico, CA Patrol Status - Correspondence - Currently sitting up on-line chat room for meetings and correspondents. Contact Person - Alvin Rupp at Chapter URL - USS Tikopai – NCC-1800 CAPT John May PO Box 5031 San Jose, CA 95150-5031 Commissioned - 07-29-89 Patrol Area – San Jose/Silicon Valley Patrol Status – Meeting - Meets on the 4th Saturday of each month, usually a different members residences. For meeting location contact the contact person. Contact Person - John May at Chapter URL -

CENTRAL SECTOR USS Dragons Cub – NCC-81003 CAPT Dee Horn 114 Washington Ave. #8 Bakersfield, CA 93308 Commissioned – 01-25-98 Patrol Area - Bakersfield, CA

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Patrol Status - Correspondence - Currently we do not have a regular meeting date, time and location, as we are made up mostly of family members. We keep in touch by phone, email or IM several times a month. Contact person - Dee Horn at Chapter URL - USS Gallant NCC-4890 COMM Larry Barnes 182 W. Minarets Pinedale, CA Commissioned – 03-31-03 Patrol Area – Fresno / Clovis & Central Valley Patrol Status – Meeting _ Currently we do not have a regular meeting date, time and location, Contact for next meeting date and location. Contact Person - Larry A. Barnes, CO at Chapter URL - USS PeaceKeeper – NCC-72300 Region 4 Flagship CAPT James Coulter 1610 E. Springville Ave Porterville, Ca 83257 Commissioned – 11-06-93 Patrol Area - Visalia, Ca Patrol Status – Correspondence - We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 7pm on IRC Chat Contact Person James Coulter at Chapter URL -

EASTERN SECTOR USS Angelfire – NCC-75025 COL John O. Nelson 6378 N. 78th Drive Glendale, AZ 85303 Commissioned – 10-19-00 Patrol Area – Phoenix, AZ Patrol Status – Meeting - 2nd weekend of the month (varies depending on events of the month). Usually meet at the CO’s or XO’s home between 2-5 PM, depending on events and command staff availability. Contact Person - John Nelson at or Joe Butts at Ship URL - none available at this time

K’Ehleyr Station – NCC-SS009 COMM Robert Fillmore 6770 E. Judson Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89156 Commissioned – 02-11-96 Patrol Area - Las Vegas, NV Patrol Status – Meeting - We meet on the last Tuesday of the month at the IHOP on Boulder Highway & Flamingo Road Contact Person - Bob Fillmore at Chapter URL - ISS Pegasus – NCC-9755 COMM Brian Schreur 4730 Desert Vista Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89121-5627 Commissioned – 06-05-02 Patrol Area – Patrol Status – Contact Person Chapter URL - none available at this time USS Silver Moon - NCC-75024 CAPT Jeff Salamon 301 Taylor Street #512 Henderson NV, 89015 Launched – 12-08-05 Patrol Area – Henderson/Las Vegas Area, NV Patrol Status – Meeting - 1st Saturday of each month at 1 PM at the Denny's located at corner of Charleston and Fremont., Las Vegas. Contact Person - Jeff Salamon at 702.553.2058 or Chapter URL - none available at this time Shuttle Battleborn – NCC-23104/01 CMDR Anthony Spotts 1001 South Meadows Parkway #415 Reno, NV 89521 Launched – 09-01-03 Patrol Area – Reno/Carson City, NV Patrol Status – Meeting - Every 3rd Thursday of the Month at 6:30pm at Geno’s Pizza, 2629 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV. Contact Person Anthony Spotts at or 775-853-7731 Chapter URL - none available at this time

SOUTHERN SECTOR USS Angeles – NCC-71840 RADM Jennifer Cole PO Box 241221 Los Angeles, CA 90024-1221

Subspace Communicator

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Page 12 Commissioned – 03-01-95 Patrol Area - Los Angeles area Patrol Status – Meeting - We alternate our meetings either on a Saturday or Sunday, usually at different member's residences. Contact Person - Jennifer Cole at Chapter URL -

Patrol Area – Riverside, CA Patrol Status – Correspondence - We meet on mIrc in #starfleet every once in a while, but our official annual meeting is a party that we host at Starfest in April of each year. This is usually the third weekend in April at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. Contact Person - Boyd Harmon at Chapter URL -

USS Centurion – NCC-74801 MGN Truman Temple 1783 N. Fairfax Dr. #D San Bernardino CA 92404 Commissioned – 07-04-98 Patrol Area – San Bernardino CA Patrol Status – Meeting - We meet on the 2nd Saturday every month at San Bernardino City Library, Kiwanis Room, 2-3 PM. Contact Person - Truman Temple at Chapter URL - none available at this time

USS William O. Darby – NCC-12474 MGN James W. Monroe 22711 Brentwood Street Grand Terrace, CA 92313-4906 Commissioned – 12-16-02 Patrol Area –Grand Terrace, CA Patrol Status –Meeting, 1st Saturday of each month. Contact the contact person for location information. Contact Person -Jim Monroe at Chapter URL - none available at this time

USS Stormbringer – NCC-74213 FCPT Boyd Harmon 2910 Canyon Crest Drive Apt #3 Riverside, CA 92507 Commissioned – 12-04-97

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WESTERN SECTOR No Ships or Stations currently in this sector.

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December 06 Northern Sector Cascade Station NCC-SS003 LATE: Hosted annual Gift Exchange with USS Onizuka, where one of the token Borg shows that indeed, resistance is futile and successfully pulled something never before done during the 10+ year history of this exchange. We all draw numbers, number 1 picks a gift and opens it, number 2 gets to pick a gift or steal number 1's gift. Well, the Borg had number 15, and she stole number 16's NUMBER, hence giving her the final pick of the exchange! Leave it to a Borg to mess up your whole system.

USS Augusta Ada NCC-55011 Failed to Report

USS Eagle NCC-1719 Holiday gift exchange party on 12/16. Worked on shipwide communication systems. Discussed activity plans for 2007.

USS Northern Lights NCC-27001 LATE: Holiday potluck and solstice obs. Plans for upcoming year and conventions.

USS Gallant NCC-4890 No activities this month.

USS PeaceKeeper NCC-72300 Flagship of Region 4 LATE: Working on Updating the website. COMMENTS: Proud to be the Flagship of Region 4!

Eastern Sector USS Angelfire NCC-75025 LATE: USS Angelfire was to of held it's annual Holiday Party on the 23rd of December, but due to a flu bug it will be held in conjunction with our Super Bowl party the first weekend of February, 2007. Angelfire has been invited to attend the final shoot for the series Hidden Frontier, a Trek based fan film set in the TNG/DS9/Voyager era. Chapter CO John Nelson has held a small part as the "evil" Cardassian Gul Malek. The shoot is planed for April.

USS William O. Darby NCC-12474

Shuttle Battleborn NCC-23104/01

Failed to Report

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Shuttle Silver Moon NCC-75024/?? Do to the nature of the month and such the club go together but did not have a club party this year. This will be changed for next year. We will be planning a bunch of parties and activities during the up coming year.

January 07 Northern Sector Cascade Station NCC-SS003

Southern Sector USS Angeles NCC-71840

USS Dragon’s Cub NCC-81003

Work with local ST/BSG clubs on joint events. Xmas party planning. Away Missions for next year planning. Paintball event in Jan 07 discussed--Shatner Paintball event local area.

No meeting this month due to the holidays and illness.

USS Tikopai NCC-1800

Central Sector

USS Stormbringer NCC-74213

ISS Pegasus NCC-9755

Still actively recruiting Chapter and Starfleet members COMENTS: Retroactive MSR for August 2006

Failed to Report

Marched in San Bernardino YMCA Christmas parade early December. Collected soda tabs for Ronald McDonald House.

Holiday party & dinner meeting

K’Ehleyr Station NCC-SS009

USS Oberon NCC-71820

LATE: We got together with the Cascade Station for our annual gift exchange. a turkey dinner and lots of fun was had by all. On Christmas Day we delivered cookies to the police officers and sheriff in Chico to show our appreciation for all their hard work.

USS Centurion NCC-74801

CO flew into Denver the night before NYE for the annual Stormbringer party at Gumby's house. He shoveled some snow out of the driveway to make room for more cars in anticipation of the event. On Thursday Dec 14th, he also went to west L.A. to see the screening of the mid-season finale of Battlestar Galactica. All of the writers from the show were there, and thus had a GREAT Q & A session.

Launched shuttle Silver Moon on the 8th of Dec. Recount pop tops very, very close to 400000. Toys for Tots program had 7 toys year.

USS Onizuka NCC-71815

traveling to Las Vegas in May (not only for the ST Experience but also to visit the Valley of Fire, where parts of ST Generations were filmed - everyone is invited to join us!) And since Griffith's Observatory has finally reopened, we have a trip planned for March and again, everyone is invited to join us! Just contact either CO, COMM Janice Willcocks or XO, RADM Jennifer Cole for details.

Crew held it's annual Holiday Party on December 9th. We had a small turnout, but a great time was had by all. The Angeles Command Staff completed the 2007 Angeles calendar, and some of the highlights include

Failed to Report

USS Augusta Ada NCC-55011 Failed to Report

USS Eagle NCC-1719 Crew gathered for a movie night on 1/20.

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We discussed activity & community service plans such as Super Bowl party and OCP donations. Planning an away mission to Gallifrey convention on 2/16-18.

USS Northern Lights NCC-27001 Post holiday meeting and gaming night to see who survived the holiday hoopla.

USS Oberon NCC-71820 Still actively seeking Charter and Fleet members.

USS Onizuka NCC-71815 January is down-time for the Onizuka. after all the baking from last month, we just sit around and relax. One member went to the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas. Another member moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to his family.

USS Tikopai NCC-1800

K’Ehleyr Station NCC-SS009 Joined USS Las Vegas, USS Columbia, and other local clubs for their monthly meeting at Quark's.

ISS Pegasus NCC-9755 Pop top reach 450,000. Personal may be forming another new shuttle in Vegas

USS Silver Moon NCC-75024 Ship was commissioned as a ship of the line on 2007-01-07. The entire crew celebrated this event. Crew is busy in the planning stage for up coming events and activities. Once we have things in a proper format we will advise as to what is coming along. As usual we continue to recruit for members.

Shuttle Battleborn NCC-23104/01 Will be doing a chapter by-law revision at the next meeting. Discussed recruiting ideas to increase membership.

Failed to Report

Central Sector USS Dragon’s Cub NCC-81003 LATE: Amber Altrock reported snow in Tucson, AZ , Jan 21, what a shock. Also will be celebrating her 22 birthday the end of January. Cadets Layona and Elly Alderman are in a school play "Snow White" Layla Alderman had to have surgery. Dee Horn taking classes on resume writing etc. Had family party for New Years Eve.

USS Gallant NCC-4890 No activities this month. Prepping for reactivating monthly meetings.

USS PeaceKeeper NCC-72300 Flagship of Region 4 Moved ship to it new home and turned in it new address.

Eastern Sector USS Angelfire NCC-75025 USS Angelfire had several members participate in charity events at the first of the year. 2nd LT Rachel Butts is participating for the second year the Arizona Rennasance Fair. Also Brigadier John Nelson is beginning his 16th year of umpiring for High School and Jr. College athletics. Angelfire will have it's postponed Awards ceremony with the annual Super Bowl Party on the 4th of February

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Southern Sector USS Angeles NCC-71840 The January Crew meeting was held at Commanding Officer Janice Willcocks' home, with a small gathering. We discussed the plans that the Command Staff had already made for the year. Among the activities we have planned is a group trip to Griffith's Observatory. Since the famous landmark re-opened in mid-November, we are really looking forward to seeing all the improvements, changes and cool new additions that have been made. In addition to Griffith's, we are also planning a group trip to the California Science Center in Los Angeles, which houses the Air & Space Museum and features a Mercury Capsule among many cool artifacts; plus the Science Center is also featuring a cool Star Wars exhibit. By the term “group trip” we mean to include as many groups – SFI, UFPI, IFT and independent - to join us on our Away Missions. The more, the merrier! On January 14th, members of a Canadian film group, who are currently making a documentary on TNG Trek fans, filmed Angeles members at Vasquez Rocks, doing what we do best – having FUN and talking Trek! Pictures of this are currently up on our website for all to see. We hope to get a copy of the finished segment, but if not, those who showed up – and some folks drove a LONG way to get there – had a great time and a lot of FUN! There are many other activities we have planned for the year. We expect to hit a lot of the same locations we took SFI members too when we hosted the 2005 R4 Conference; as

well as visit local Los Angeles museums, and our big trip for 2007 will be returning to Las Vegas in May, to include a side day-trip to the Valley of Fire, where ST Generations was filmed. All this and more will be posted to the Angeles website, and anyone who would like further information about our meetings and activities need only email us for the details. Coming up for our February 10th meeting, we will have a special guest – STAR TREK author, David R. George, III, along with his wife Karen, will visit us after our crew meeting. David’s current Trek titles include the threepart Original Series “Crucible” trilogy.

USS Centurion NCC-74801 Been kinda quiet. Marched in YMCA Christmas parade, Dec.

USS Stormbringer NCC-74213 .NYE Party at the StormCellar at Gumby's house in Denver. It turns out that digging all that snow out of the driveway was worth it-- I think around 40 to 45 people showed up for the party. Fun and consumption of mass quantities was had! I'd like to thank "spooky" (he looks a lot like Mulder from XFiles) for bringing a bag of chopped apples that had been soaked in various kinds of alcohol for about a month (or so he claims)! I now affectionately call them Fire Apples, because that's what my tongue felt like after having just one.. Anyway, the CO flew back to southern CA and then spent Monday thru Thursday of the next week (Jan 8 thru 11) in Las Vegas at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, checking out all kinds of new gadgets, a lot of which have not hit the market yet. Finally, on Sunday 1/28 he met up with folks from the SFI-based USS Angeles (L.A. chapter) and the IFT-based USS Athena (Santa Ana chapter) at the Aquarium of the Pacific at Long Beach harbor. After that a couple of us went on a Sea Battle Sail. We rode aboard a big ol' ship called the Hawaii Chieftain. See https:// for details. The ship we 'battled' against was the Lady Washington, used at the beginning of Star Trek: Generations. Those cannons were noisy!

USS William O. Darby NCC-12474 Working with local BSG/ST clubs on joint events; planning for 07 IC Away Mission; planning several spring events/Away Missions; Impromptu "Snow" party with snow fall--limited as it was :-(

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#sfi-r4 Join R4 RC RADM Chrissy Killian and other R4 staff in the R4 IRC (#sfi-r4) chat room from 7 - 9 PM Pacific Standard Time every Sunday evening for questions you might have about R4 and some friendly chat. For those outside of the R4 borders who might be on Correspondents Ships/Chapters or others who just might like to pop in, you too are welcome to attend. If you don't have IRC or know what's it about, you can go to for more information. Come read what you are missing. No wine and cheese, I'm sure we will get enough of that.

run out now into the yard naked carrying a 40oz... have the wife chase you for effect

As I pulled away from the movie theatre, the engine settled into a dull hum. I shifted into third and pulled onto the parkway, thinking about the cup of Nesquik I'd put in the refrigerator before I'd left. I'll be home soon, my sweet... Best you'd be prepared for my consumption!

Turn to them politely and say, 'My fandom pays your bills, acting-skank. Sign here or I club you like the baby seal you are.'

after getting new tires for car, getting a microwave would be a nice idea. ...suddenly, a pirate ship appeared on the horizon!

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Regional Coordinator

FADM Les Rickard *OR*

RADM Chrissy Killian *OR* IRC R4 room - #sfi-r4. 7-9PM every Sunday

Vice Commander GEN Mark H. Anbinder

Vice Regional Coordinator RADM Jennifer Cole

Chief of Operations ADM Jonathan Simmons

Chief of Staff & Shuttle/Shakedown Operations Director

Chief of Communications

ADM Jonathan Simmons

COMM Dixie Halber

Shakedown Operations RADM Jerry Tien

Chief of Computer Operations BGEN Susan Ueffing

Chief Financial Officer ADM Pat Spillers

Commandant STARFLEET Academy RADM Wayne Killough

Quartermaster VADM Pete Mohney or


Chief of Communications FCPT J. Unicorn Escobedo

Chief of Computer Operations CMDR Emmett Plant

Awards Director ADM Ed Nowlin

OIC 4th Brigade - STARFLEET Marines BGN Cyndi Temple

Chapter MSR’s Send to both the RC and Starfleet Ops &

Shuttle/Shakedown MSR’s Send to both RC and STARFLEET ShOC &


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YMCA Christmas Parade By: MGN Truman Temple - USS Centurion On December 2nd, members of the SFI chapter USS CENTURION gathered together under the guise of Santa’s Intergalactic Helpers, and marched in the 29th Annual YMCA Children’s Christmas parade. The parade, which went just a little under a half a mile, marched directly through downtown San Bernardino, taking us past the Main City Library and several central landmarks. This year the group was positioned behind Herbie the Love Bug and in front of a band, so keeping in step wasn’t a problem; especially with the booming of the drum line. Roy and Howard holding the STARFLEET flag led off, with Truman, Robert and Cyndi bringing up the flanks. Carolyn rode with Herbie. As in the past years, the group was accompanied by Herbie, and his driver, Jerry Cason, who was right in front of us and got most of the attention. Each participant was given a blue ribbon to wear and the group was awarded a trophy. This parade marked the groups fifth year participating. The following Fleet members participated: F Row - SGT Robert Temple (Starfleet duty jacket and ball cap) LCDR Howard Leidner (wearing red SF uniform) BGN Cyndi Temple (SFMC duty jacket holding trophy) LTC Roy Henderson (Battlestar Galactica uniform) B Row - Carolyn Henderson (Santa hat) Jerry Cason (driving Herbie) MGN Truman Temple (in Marine BDU’s)

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A Visit With David R. George III By Lt. Commander Jackie Bundy - USS Angeles At the U.S.S. Angeles February meeting we were privileged to have as our guest bestselling Star Trek author David R. George III and his lovely wife Karen. Both David and Karen are avid Star Trek fans, both admitting that the original is their favorite series. An aspiring screenwriter, David made several story pitches to both DS9 and Voyager, selling a story, with his good friend and co-writer Eric Stillwell to Voyager, the episode “Prime Factors”. He broke into the prose market when Armin Shimmerman convinced him to write his first novel, The 34th Rule, which was based on a story pitch that DS9 declined to buy. The 34th Rule not only made it to the New York Times bestseller list but is known among avid readers of the Star Trek novels as one of the top ten Star Trek novels of all time. David has gone on to write several other DS9 novels, including the bestselling Twilight, Olympus Descending, and the bestselling Lost Era tale of Capt. Harriman and the Enterprise-B, Serpent Among the Ruins, which tells the story of the infamous Tomed Incident. David’s latest prose effort, the Crucible trilogy is his first set in the TOS era. McCoy: Provenance of Shadows, Spock: The Fire and the Rose, and Kirk: The Star to Every Wandering are in stores now and in addition to signing his books and taking questions from those in attendance at the meeting David came prepared with a special presentation about how a Star Trek novel goes from a concept to the finished product on book store shelves. It all begins with a multi-page outline of the plot and character arch’s that is submitted to the publisher Pocket Books. If editorial approval is received the next step is submitting the outline to Paramount (now CBS) for approval. If both the editor and studio sign off on the outline then and only then can the author sit down and write their first draft. Depending on the project the first draft is due within a few weeks, or occasionally five to six months. After the editor has been through the first draft with a fine tooth comb it’s time to refine the story and make the corrections and changes the editor has noted. With the second draft it’s do or die and if the editor is at last satisfied with the story the typesetting marks are set and it’s off to the typesetter to be prepared for the printer and returned for one final look over in galley form. Once the manuscript has reached the galley stage no further changes in the story can be made but its one final chance to catch spelling or punctuation er-

Subspace Communicator

rors with a process that’s known as the line edit. When the line edits are complete, and the typesetter has made any necessary changes the now finished book goes off to the printer, and the author anxiously watches the mail to receive their customary five free copies in the mail approximately two to four weeks before the book hits stores. From start to finish the entire process, depending on the length and type of book takes 8 to 18 months. David brought copies of each stage which he circulated using his Crucible book Spock: The Fire and the Rose as his example so that those interested could see the author notes, editorial notes and typesetting notes. It was fascinating to see the various stages. Some of our trek neighbors to the north from Nemesis Station in Bakersfield drove down to join us, Daryl and Jennifer Curtis and their friend Michelle. David proved to be a very entertaining speaker and everyone really enjoyed themselves. In addition we had a small auction of donated Star Trek items, some of which were autographed books donated by various authors, including David George, and we were able to raise $145.00 toward the cost of our next shipment of care packages for troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan which we will be assembling at our March meeting.

David & Karen George holding a binder with the first draft of Spock: The Fire and the Rose along with a copy of the book.

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would’ve been as inspired to be a part of SFI or the Angeles to the extent that I have. Sh e r ecently announced that she’s planning on stepping back from her duties aboard our fine ship to pursue some wonderful opportunities in her career and education. I know this decision was not made in haste, or without great deliberation, as she loves the chapter she created back in 1995. But I also know that she takes great pride in the people that are part of her leadership crew, and knows that they’ll do her proud, just like she’s done us proud. This edition’s “Year of Thank You” nod goes to Commodore Janice Willcocks, Commanding Officer of the USS Angeles, a great CO, and an even finer friend. You’ve taken great care of us all over the years, Janice. It’s time for us to show that we can do the same for you, and I know we’ll make you even prouder of us now. Folks, if you’ve got a special nod of thank you that you’d like to tell the Region about, please let me know. Nothing would make me happier than to talk about the fine folks that do the work that makes our chapters, and our region, one of the best and brightest jewels in the STARFLEET crown. Please send any e-mail to

Year of Thanks I bid you all greetings, and hope the fine chapters of Region 4 are doing well, and prospering in the first part of our new year! On my own chapter, I’m hearing of lots of good news, including new memberships, and even an engagement of a long-standing member! I had originally intended to write my first article with a series of announcements regarding the reported “thank you’s” of my fellow SFI’ers. But since I’ve not yet received them just yet, I’ve decided to devote this article to a very special thank you directed at one of my own chapter. Throughout the 12 years the Angeles has been officially active, first as a shuttle, then as a SFI chapter, then as an UFPI chapter, and then back to an SFI chapter, this person has led the ship with confidence, fairness, enthusiasm and dedication. Her hard work and attention to the members of the Angeles has never wavered, even when the odds were against her. I personally have been the recipient of many acts of kindness and support, as well as teaching and encouragement over the past 7 years I’ve known this woman; and I have to say that without her in my life, I don’t think I

Did you k now Source:


Needs YOU!!! YOU





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{ {

......that every time the mirror universe has been visited on Deep Space Nine, a Ferengi has been killed? In "Crossover", Kira Nerys had Quark executed; in "Through the Looking Glass", Rom was killed; in "Shattered Mirror", Nog was shot by Kira; in "The Emperor's New Cloak", Brunt was shot by Kira. ...that Sito Jaxa, presumed killed in The Next Generation episode "Lower Decks", was at one point intended to turn up alive in an episode of Deep Space Nine? The proposed story would have found Sito in a Cardassian prison and would have climaxed with her killing her own cellmate. ...that the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Encounter at Farpoint" was the final television appearance of DeForest Kelley before his death on 11 June 1999? .....that the year in which Star Trek takes place (2364) wasn't mentioned until TNG: "The Neutral Zone"? Using other time measurements, such as how old Dr. McCoy was in "Encounter at Farpoint", fans were able to place the years of the original series and other episodes.

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Star Trek Prop & Wardrobe Auction By FCPT Unicorn - USS Angeles

It’s A Wrap Hollywood, a memorabilia seller is handling the sale of original, some one of a kind, Star Trek items from all 5 series and all 10 films. Thousand of available pieces include props, wardrobe and set pieces. Due to the enormous volume of items, the sale will be conducted via Ebay, with new items added every Friday online. To learn more go to Follow the links to their Ebay auction site, where you just might be able to own a piece of Trek history for yourself. These photos show some of the items on display at their Burbank store .

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Empire Eavesdropping Greetings, my Federation neighbors and erstwhile allies,

By: Marine Major Moragh-epetai-pan’qaQs IKV Black Dragon - CO

I realize you have not heard from your friend, Major Moraghepetai-pan’qaQs of the Klingon Imperial Marines, for some time now. We Klingons have been busy keeping the Alpha and Beta Quadrants safe for our allies so you may continue to eat rich foods and sleep in soft beds and dream sweet dreams. I take a break from my duties as Kaptain of the IKV Lun’ga’Qlj (or in your tera’gnan tongue, the Black Dragon) to let you know what has been and will be happening with the Klingon Empire. I will start with sad news. Just last month, a long time and highly respected member of the Klingon Empire and the Ring of Fire Fleet passed away from a long fight with cancer. Commander qraS sutai-pachDoq (also known as Sally Field) of the IKV Bloodlust was very well known and had even been immortalized once in a tera’gnan publication known as TV Guide. She was a familiar face for many years at local conventions and always made the Empire and its officer proud of how she represented the Klingons. On February 10th, warriors from all over the Bay Area gathered at various locations and drank to her memory and did deathhowls for her. Her magnificent presence among us will be missed and the doors of Sto-Vol-Kor have been thrown open wide as she approaches. Qapla’ forever qraS! March 2-4 marks Wondercon in San Francisco and your friends of the Empire will be in attendance. Here is a website from your primitive Internet that will give you more information. If you seek to greet your Klingon friends, you should attend on Saturday. We will look for your polo shirts and blue jeans as we now understand how you seek to avoid contact with these dangerous and angry 21st century tera’gnans. As we are angry and dangerous too, we will be in full uniform, as we do not fear them. April will bring Grand Slam in Los Angeles although this year they are no longer in Pasadena but Burbank. So far no major stars have signed up but many of the best 2nd rung actors will be there and more accessible than the “A-list Trek celebs”. It looks like it might have more of a fan-run convention this way, but only time will tell. Rumor has it that Chancellors Gowron and Martok will be there and that is enough reason for the Klingons. In May, there is Baycon (May 25-28) which has also moved to a new location as it has outgrown it’s old one. On the 26th, the Klingons will be there in force and once again, overseeing the operation of Mara’s Bar, a long standing Klingon party bar. You will not come as I think Klingons drinking heavily might scare you…but then again, Binars drinking heavily might scare you…so do what you will. Finally, the event you all live to hear about. The StarFire Region of the Ring of Fire Fleet’s Day of Honor 11 will take place June 23rd at the Chabot Science Center. It is much like your Region 4 Conference…only without the long winded speeches about how many cookies were brought to some meeting and the comparing of number of pips. Oh and there is much drinking and fun. As always, we invited ALL Region 4 UNIFORMED Federation personnel to attend and usually only a handful of brave souls show up to represent their ships and Starfleet. I challenge you all to get the word out and bring your crews and come in numbers to join us in camaraderie and song and food (much, much food!) as we celebrate the Klingon way. So mark your calendars. I must get back to running my ship. You have been informed of what we are doing. What you do with that information is up to you. Qapla’ Starfleet Major Moragh-epetai-pan’qaQs, Imperial Klingon Marines Commanding Officer, IKV Black Dragon “Look into the eyes of the dragon… and despair”

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By: LCDR Jackie Bundy - USS Angeles

Exploring the Lives of Star Trek Legends Title: Star Trek Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows Author: David R. George III Release Date: September 2006 Format: Mass-Market Paperback ISBN: 0-7434-9168-8 In the forward of the new novel Star Trek Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows, the first book in an allnew trilogy that celebrates Star Trek's 40th anniversary, bestselling author David R. George III explains that initially he struggled to come up with an idea for a trilogy that wouldn't just rehash old ground. After all, how much more was there to learn about Starfleet legends James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy? What aspect of their lives hadn't already been thoroughly explored? Then the light bulb came on. The back cover description for Provenance of Shadows begins with the sentence, "In a single moment the lives of three men will be forever changed." That could be said of a lot of moments in the careers of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. The defining moment that David George has chosen as the launching point for this trilogy is one that most Star Trek fans are intimately familiar with: the fateful choice that allows Edith Keeler to die in the classic episode "The City on the Edge of Forever." The premise that the consequences of that choice affected everything that followed in the lives and careers of Star Trek's three main characters is what drives the plot of this epic story as each novel in the trilogy explores the consequences and ramifications of that decision by focusing one book on the life of each character. Provenance of Shadows, the longest of the three books and possibly the

longest Star Trek novel ever written, starts things off brilliantly. This detailed character study employs dual storylines: one that explores what was, and another that imagines what might have been. The main timeframe of the story spans approximately thirty years, from right after the events depicted in "The City on the Edge of Forever" to shortly after Kirk's death in the movie Star Trek: Generations. The alternate timeline begins with McCoy saving Edith Keeler at the critical moment and unfolds from there through a World War II that doesn't quite match up with what is taught in a high school history class. In both timeframes, McCoy must confront the echoes of his own past, keeping the shadows that haunt him buried, hidden from both himself and those closest to him. It takes a while for the "how" and "why" to become apparent, but both storylines ultimately intertwine in the final chapters of the story. George's richly detailed writing style with its nuanced prose will not be to everyone's taste and the story does start off very slowly, but patience is amply rewarded and you soon find yourself carried away by the narrative flow. The verbose style at times threatens to overwhelm the character development but for the most part it enhances it. One of the highlights of the book for me is the exploration of the love/hate relationship between Spock and McCoy. The respect and affection they have for each other is beautifully depicted. The author also does an excellent job with the characterizations of the entire Enterprise crew and makes good use of characters like Tonia Barrows, McCoy's romantic interest in "Shore Leave", who has a central role in this story.

***************************** The three books in the Crucible Trilogy: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows (Sept. 2006), Spock: The Fire and the Rose (Dec. 2006) and Kirk: The Star to Every Wandering (March 2007) each stand alone. You do not have to read all of them to enjoy the detailed character study they each present of the character they focus on.

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Article reprinted with permission from Kyle Patullo, Admin -

Part 2 of 2 DM: So that brings me into the different types of players. There’s obviously the hardcore players and the people who read our site and listen to this podcast are likely more in that regard, and then there’s the casual players. How do you hope to capture both? DS: Well, it’s the age-old question. I think that a well-designed game does capture both because it is – to me, companies are lazy when they, teams are lazy when they build a game that is so hard to get into, that takes a long time to learn. There’s a lot of things that you can do to make a game accessible and yet, still deep. That’s a big focus for us and you have to design your game in such a way that you don’t present all the complexity right up front, that the complexity tends to unfold over time, and I think that everyone enjoys an experience like that whether they are hardcore or casual. DM: You guys have chosen to pick the Federation as your primary focus in terms of races, ships and space. Why did you do this, and what do you have to say to those people who really, really want, say, Romulans, or Klingons, or Borg, or whatever? DS: Well, this question has a long history. When we started out, we were – we knew that to make a great Star Trek game and a great Starfleet game that we would have to take advantage of a lot of the mechanics that you see in Starfleet, and in the Federation; things like rank, and the way chain of command is handled, and the way training is handled, the way missions are handed out, the way rewards are given. All those those things – there are a lot of characteristics of Starfleet that we really needed to deliver on, and we were worried that if we went and tried to do other races that had a totally different set of structures in the way they ran their societies that we’d be building – well, we’re already building two games on some level, right, because we have space and ground. We don’t want to then have to take on a whole different kind of society model and model that as well. We were just looking at it from a point of view of wanting to focus on a few things and do it really well. Over time, as we got more and more into the design, I think we realized that, one way or the other, people still do want to play a lot of these different factions, and they want to feel like they’re part of something other than just- you know, being part of the military structure is great, I think people will want to do that, I think there’s people that want to have a more independent existence in the world. So we’ve actually brought in a lot of different races to allow us to deliver that, and we’ve created a faction system within the game that allows players

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to join different factions while still being part of the Federation, which is totally in line with canon. And it works rather nicely, especially within our timeframe. And this allows players to – you know, can’t say that we’re creating factions to be at war with each other, but it certainly creates a sense of people that are generally working towards the same goals but are not always in exact alignment, and just like in any organization you always end up with different sort of subfactions within the organization, and there’s a lot of material for us to work with and we plan to take this quite a ways. DM: Does that mean there will be some elements of PVP? DS: Oh, sure. There definitely will be. We will certainly have casual PVP – we’ll call it “war games” – where people can just strike up a PVP match anywhere they want if two people want to get involved. We’re also talking about larger-scale PVP areas for the game, sort of a “Wild West” for the game, and we’ll see if we get there by launch. There’s obviously a lot of work to do to get that stuff up and running, but it’s something we’ve been talking about. DM: So when you chose to do the Federation and then some factions within, does that mean you will opt to do other areas and other races in expansions? DS: Yea, for sure, although I think we’re hitting a lot of the really great ones in the initial product. And our list of races has changed, I’m not ready to talk about them quite yet because there’s a lot to talk about in that area and we want to reveal it when we’re ready to show a lot of graphics and things like that. There are races that we’re not covering as deeply as we would like to and there’s some of them that will make great expansion races. DM: So for the future, right now the game has been pretty quiet. There’s a few screenshots floating around, but not much else. When do you guys plan to ramp up the noise, so to speak? DS: Yea, we are keeping a fairly low profile. Part of that’s because we’re just so heads down working on building the basic game right now, and dealing with PR requests and things like that certainly can be very time consuming. I can’t say there’s a specific date in mind right now; it’ll probably be in the early part of next year. I think people will get the sense that – when we think that we’re about a year out from launch is when we’ll ramp up the PR machine. So we’re not there yet, so we’re working on it. DM: And then the final obligatory question – when is, I guess, beta? DS: [Laughter] How many people answer that question, Dana? (Continued on page 29)

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VRC (Continued from page 7) Angeles, Gallifrey One to be exact, which I have attended just about every year since the first one… I had a great time, attended a lot of cool panels, most of which were about Dr. Who, but also Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica, and many others. I spent way too much money – something that I generally don’t do… Just usually buy some Dr. Who books, audio adventures CDs, but, this time I bought way more than that! I bought a lot of the new Dr. Who toys! :) So, I now have way more Dr. Who toys than I ever did! Add those to my few Battlestar Galactica toys, and numerous Trek toys, it’s no wonder I have very little room left in my bedroom! By ‘toys’, I mean action figures, dolls, some ships, etc. I also like to read a lot, so I have just a ton of books, from many different SF genre’s. I could probably start a wee small library… Heh! Some other fun conventions I hope to attend this year, include the annual Creation (boo!) Conventions’ Grand Slam & Sci-Fi Summit, which will be the weekend of April 13-15 in Burbank, CA. If you plan to attend, give us (the Angeles) a holler and hopefully we can meet up! Of course, I am really looking forward to attending the IC in Denver, CO! I hope you can too! In other business… One of my jobs is to put together all the R4 chapter MSR summaries for the SC. I get a little excited each month to read what every group has done and what they plan on doing… But, of course, not everyone is reporting. Which just makes me a little sad, oh, heck, I know everyone is busy! Everyone has a lot of other, equally, if not more important tasks to do, but, really, it only takes just a few minutes to log in to the SFI database and fill out the report. Honest! You don’t have to write a whole lot! Even if your chapter did nothing, or just watched the latest Re-mastered episode of The Original Series, or saw a movie together – write about it!!! Let us know what your group is doing! If the CO doesn’t have the time, then please designate another member of your crew or your XO or a member of your chapter’s command staff – anyone!!! :) Don’t look at it as a chore, or a ‘requirement’, but one way to tell the rest of STARFLEET what FUN your group is having! Isn’t that what is really important? Sharing your groups FUN activities, stories, plans, etc??? Isn’t that what it should be about? It is for me! I hope it is also for you! I recently read that the USS Tikopai has been moved back to active duty status, along with the USS Oberon – yee-haw!!!! Glad to have you both back on active duty! Really looking forward to sharing ‘war’ stories with y’all! Heh, heh! Lastly, while an official announcement hasn’t been made yet, do keep in mind that we’ll be seeking bids for the 2007 Region 4 Conference! Keep your eyes and ship’s sensors poised to intercept the message from Chrissy soon! Oh, one more thing – submit those people on your chapter that deserve to be recognized! That’s right, here’s my plug for the 2006 Region 4 Awards – start submitting now!!! Send your nominations to VAdm.

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Ed Nowlin at Get them in quick! You don’t want to miss out on seeing their faces at this year’s R4 Conference or at your chapter’s meeting, do you?? Heh, heh! If you need help, advice, or just want to chat – please feel free to contact me, thank you all and I’ll see you again next issue! Jenn RAdm. Jennifer Cole Commanding Officer, USS Angeles, R4 Vice Regional Coordinator, R4

MSR's are due by the 5th of each month. MSR’s received between the 6th & 10th, will be marked


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Failed to Report. Comp Ops (Continued from page 7) Point your browser of choice over to http:// and start picking out your favorite templates! You can search from the most popular templates or even the highest rated by members that contribute to the site. There's even a few blogs there written by web designers that link you to interesting HTML tricks and tips. Bury yourself within the content of OSWD, and you're likely to save yourself a lot of time and learn a lot in the process. Next issue, I'll be talking about the Region 4 website a little more and bring you some information on VoiceOver-IP technology that can help keep your chapter connected without the cost of high phone bills. If you have any suggestions or tips for CompOps, please don't hesitate to drop me a line via E-mail to, or find me as 'Emm' on FleetChat IRC. Have fun, and I'll see you next time!

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Awards (Continued from page 8)

Junior Member of the Year Award

the individual who best demonstrates outstanding direction, a consistent level of guidance for fellow members, and leadership in STARFLEET through both word and action. The officer of the year also demonstrates consistent conduct in accordance with the philosophy of Star Trek, and supports the series' vision of a positive future through community service and scholastic accomplishment (where appropriate), in addition to participation in STARFLEET, region, and chapter functions.

This award is reserved for members 18 years old or younger. The junior member of the year, to the best of his or her abilities, takes an active role in chapter and STARFLEET functions and demonstrates commitment to the organization through both word and action. The junior member of the year also demonstrates the potential for leadership, consistent conduct in accordance with the philosophy of Star Trek, and support for the series' vision of a positive future through community service and scholastic accomplishment (where appropriate), in addition to participation in STARFLEET and chapter functions.

Enlisted Member of the Year Award This award is reserved for members who hold the rank of PO3 through CPO. This award is given to the individual who best displays, through his/her individual contributions, consistent support for and contribution to STARFLEET, as well as a consistent level of direction, as appropriate. The enlisted member of the year also demonstrates consistent conduct in accordance with the philosophy of Star Trek, and supports the series' vision of a positive future through community service and scholastic accomplishment (where appropriate), in addition to participation in STARFLEET and chapter functions. This individual is willing to do what it takes to get a quality job done quickly and efficiently.

Commanding Officer of the Year Award This award is reserved for the Commanding Officer of a STARFLEET Chapter. This award is given to an individual who has shown exemplary leadership and motivational skills, and helps set the direction and vision for his/ her chapter. The commanding officer of the year encourages crewmembers to work hard for their chapter, and to take interest in Regional and STARFLEET activities. The commanding officer of the year demonstrates conduct consistent with the philosophies of Star Trek and promotes the vision of the various series. To be eligible for this award, the member must have been a commanding officer for at least six months of the calendar year for which he or she is nominated.

Floats (Continued from cover) not yet February of 2006, but already plans were getting underway for making floats that would not be seen by the public until New Years Day of 2007, eleven months later. Float designs were submitted and reviewed by the parade committee, and out of 200 designs, fewer than 50 were chosen. Festival Artists, a professional float builder located in Azusa, California, about 10 miles east of Pasadena, was hired by Lucasfilm to construct two floats, one featuring the beautiful landscape of Naboo, complete with towers, archways, and even five separate waterfalls. The other float would envision the forest (Continued on page 27)

Jon Lane works on the back tower of Naboo A tower of work to do! Jon Lane's first task as a volunteer was making those colored "stones" really pop off of the back tower of the Naboo palace by applying extra layers of rose clover seeds and millet.

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Floats (Continued from page 26) moon of Endor, with trees rising 30 feet off the ground and Ewoks running around and swinging between the trees. Festival Artists was also hired by China Airlines to build a float for them and would also create the two Rose Bowl football floats for USC and the University of Michigan. Designs and engineering specifications were worked on for the next three months, figuring out how to support the weight of the design and which elements might actually move independently on each float. While there is no limit to the height a float can be, there is a requirement that all floats must be able to lower themselves to no higher than 17 feet in just 25 seconds! And then they have to rise up again just as quickly. Why? Along the parade route, all the floats must pass underneath the 210 freeway, an overpass that is only 18 feet high. Any collision would disrupt the parade and ruin the experience for millions of people. Therefore, as part of the judging on each float, the 25-second “lowering drill” is executed for the judges to observe. Starting in June, while almost no one was thinking about New Years Day, float chasses were being constructed, steel was being welded, hydraulics were installed, and aluminum wire meshes began to create the inner “skin” of the floats. Polyvinyl plastic liquid was sprayed over the wire and tested to make certain it could support the weight of a fully-grown person. By Jon Lane and Laurie Michnal September, the main construction of the floats was complete, but things USS Angeles members Jon Lane and Laurie Michnal work in tandem on the back were just getting started! tower of the Naboo Palace float. Note the bottom left of the photo: This is a Perhaps the most famous rule for close-up of some of the incredible detailing that covered almost all areas of the float. Rose Parade floats is that every exand deliver a huge volume of a wide variety of flowers posed surface must be covered entirely by something that during the last days of December. Seeds and beans, was once alive and growing. Roses and other colorful which aren’t perishable, start arriving in October. flowers are obvious to see on the outside of floats, but This is about where I started to come into the picture. look closer and you’ll notice things like rice and millet, George Lucas had already invited the costuming fan club oats, split peas, lima beans, ground walnut shells, cocoknown as the 501st Legion to come march in the Rose nut shavings, dried orange slices, pieces of tree bark, and Parade wearing their Storm Trooper outfits. Over 200 even whole potatoes! Most of that can’t be put onto the Star Wars fans from all over the world (including two from float until the very last couple of days, otherwise flowers Starfleet—Damien Metz from Las Vegas and Max would wilt and other items would discolor (like coconut Cervantes from the USS Angeles here in L.A.) took part shavings turning from white to yellow after four days). in the 5.5 mile parade route, practicing days before on So the process of ordering all the live materials to the football field of Pasadena high school. It would be cover the float has to be carefully timed. Growers have to (Continued on page 28) plan their cycles months in advance so that they can pick

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passing them through a sieve to separate the larger grains from the really small, fine grains…each to be used for different purposes later on. Sound like fun? Well, it the largest organized, international assemblage of costumed Star Wars fans to ever take part in a public event. was actually infinitely preferable work to task number two. At the same time as the 501st Legion was making That task involved preparing the plastic vials that their plans to travel to southern California, other local Star would hold the roses. Tens of thousands of roses are used to decorate each float, but you can’t just stick a rose Wars clubs were trying to entice their members to volunonto a float and expect it to stay. The secret is special teer to help decorate the floats. Turnout was decent, but green vials that have pointy, serrated ends which ultiultimately, Star Wars fan organizer Rachel Miller exmately will get pushed into foam core material on the panded her invitation to the other local sci-fi clubs, includfloats, keeping the roses in place. The vials themselves ing their friendly neighbors in the Star Trek community. are first filled with a mixture of water and flat 7-up and And that’s how I came to volunteer. Rachel was trying to fill numerous 8-hour volunteer shifts starting on then stoppered with a rubber cork that has a small hole to let in the rose stem. The mixture of water and sugar December 16 and continuing straight through till judging helps the rose live a few days longer than normal. After on the morning of December 31. Amateur photojournalist that I am, I signed up for two shifts: one of the first ones the float is done with the parade and a few days of public on December 17 so I could see how the floats looked display, all the vials are taken off, the roses are thrown before being decorated, and also for the very last shift, out, and the vials are tossed into large metal storage drums, where they sit for the next 11 and a half months. going from 3:00 a.m. until the final morning judging. Was So imagine these tens of thousands of vials, each I crazy? Of course! But I would be there to see the finished floats in all their glory. filled with leftover, gunky water and 7-up and rose juice! The problem is, the vials all still have stoppers on them, The first volunteer session was, to be honest, pretty and those stoppers have to be removed so that the vials boring…and a little disgusting. The advantage was that I can be refilled and restoppered. So, along with dozens of got to see and photograph the floats in a very early state other volunteers, we sat for hours, uncorking vial after without much of any covering on the outside. But bevile vial, spilling out the leftover liquid, and dropping the cause it was still two weeks early, few flowers had arrived vials in one container and the stoppers into another. yet. I ended up spending most of my time doing two Hours of that, but it was work that had to be done by things: sieving rice and uncorking vials. The rice-sieving someone. At least I could chat with the other volunteers was essentially just taking cup after cup of dried rice and about sci-fi and stuff, but now you understand why I preferred separating rice grains! So now that I’ve thoroughly disgusted you, let me say that coming back two weeks later was an entirely different experience and infinitely more fun. Based on some of the e-mails I received from the Star Wars volunteers, it sounded like things were accelerating amazingly quickly as we approached New Years Day. More volunteers were showing up—not just sci-fi fans, but local school kids, friends and neighbors, scout troops, etc. And the floats were taking shape and changing almost hourly. So I decided to pull two shifts during the last two days. I showed up on Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. till about 4:00 p.m., left to have dinner and take a nap, and then got up again at 2:00 a.m. to return at 3:00 in the morning for the last Endor through the out door shift! It's a tight fit! The Endor float just barely clears the top of the warehouse door as the 55-foot- Part II in the next issue of the long, 17-foot-tall float is driven slowly outside into the parking lot. Subspace Communicator Floats (Continued from page 27)

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STOGalaxy (Continued from page 24) DM: [Laughter] Not a single one in the history of the podcast, but I have to ask. DS: Yea, I’m not gonna break that trend. [Laughter] These things are just too enormous to predict as this point. As we get closer, and as we start to get into betas, and I think as we start doing beta cycles we’ll get a clearer sense of when we’ll get to launch. There’s so much to get together, and of course you never know quite what you have until you start getting players into the game and then you start figuring out what it’s really going to take to launch. It’s one of the things that makes these games a lot of fun to build, but hard to predict. I can say we’re at least a year out, because we haven’t started that PR campaign I mentioned, but I can’t really say for sure where we’re at. DM: OK, well, let me ask you in a different way then. What kind of beta test do you guys believe in? Do you want to do the long, World of Warcraft-style test that goes on forever, or are you more the big, giant, open-beta-rightbefore-launch type of crew? DS: I think – I would suspect that every developer wants to do the longer, open beta that World of Warcraft had. They certainly had a long development cycle that allowed them to do that, and they had a bunch of experience with doing that kind of stuff from other products so they were able to do that. I think we’re going to have the opportunity to do that as well because we’re building on top of existing technology that the company has built for our other title, called Gods and Heroes. That’s going to put us in a position to – to give you an example, we’re logging into our servers and we’re playing multiplayer games – having multiple players in the game today. A lot of games in development have a

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difficult time achieving that this early because they’re building up their technology for the first time, and that forces them into a position where they’re not able to go and have a beta until late in the process. With our technology in place, we’ll have the opportunity to open up and do probably private betas, small private betas, throughout the last year of development. So people will get the opportunity to check it out, but it of course won’t be until the very end until we open it up and do a public beta. DM: And as for a final question then, do you have any plans in terms of retail publishing, or given specifically since Gods and Heroes is published by Sony DS: Mmhmm. DM: - is that something people should expect for Star Trek? DS: Sony is just our partner for Gods and Heroes. We actually don’t have a publisher in mind for Star Trek yet; Star Trek is being entirely funded by Perpetual, which has been great for us, because it gives us a lot of freedom to figure out how we want to proceed with this. I don’t honestly know who will publish it, and actually another way to think about this is – on some levels, Perpetual will publish it, just in the way with Gods and Heroes, we are operating Gods and Heroes. Sony is handling the distribution and marketing side of things for them, but we’ll see what happens with Star Trek. DM: Okay – thank you for coming on the podcast, it was a pleasure to have you. DS: You bet, it’s always a pleasure for me as well. Thanks Dana. DM: Take care. You can find this entire article and graphics at:

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1st - Grace Lee "Janice Rand" Whitney's Birthday 2nd - Passover begins at sunset 5th - MSR’s DUE First Contact Day (2063) 8th - Easter 12th - Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space (1961) NASA launches its first Space Shuttle mission (1981) 20th - George "Sulu" Takei's Birthday 29th - Kate "Janeway" Mulgrew's Birthday

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MSR's are due the 5th of each month. They will be marked Late if received between the 6th & 10th. All MSR’s received after the 10th will be counted as Failed to Report. August 10-12, 2007 - STARFLEET IC in Denver, CO ( June 27-29, 2008 - STARFLEET IC in Ithaca, NY (

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Compiled by Corporal Captain Blair Learn - Shuttle Schweitzer - R1 Mar 2 - 4, 2007 ConDor XIV, San Diego, California Info: PO Box 15771, San Diego, CA 92175-5771 Ph: 858-278-2228 Guests: Jeff Berkwits, David Brin, Sean Bryant, Dr. Christine Carmichael, Amy Sterling Casil, Bret Culpepper, Genevieve Dazzo, John DeChancie, Dawn Devine, Sue Dawe, Sheila Finch, Lorna Freeman, Susan Gleason, Cody Goodfellow, Jeannie Graham, Wendy Greene, Greg Gross, Howard Hendrix, Rilla Heslin, Nancy Holder, Judy Lazar, Maria Lima, Todd McCaffrey, Lynn Maudlin, Craig Miller, Tiffany Moon, Ronald B. Moore, Vera Nazarian, Atanielle Noel, Matt Pallamary, David Parish-Whittaker, Janet Parish-Whittaker, Jonathan Vos Post, Stephen Potts, Karen Rodgers, David Ross, David Rankin, Tucker Smallwood, Rod Stansfield, William Stoddard, Kaytee Sumida, Jefferson Swycaffer, T.N.Todaro, Michael Underwood, Dr. Vernor Vinge, Chandra Visser, Chris Weber, Karen Willson, Gerry Williams Mar 2 - 4 Consonance, Milpitas, California Info: 6167 Jarvis Ave #174, Newark CA 94560- 1210 http:// Guests: Jeff Bohnhoff, MayaBohnhoff, Alex Bohnhoff, Dave Rood, Kathy Mar, Gwen Knighton Mar 2 - 4 WonderCon, San Francisco, California Info: PO Box 128458, San Diego, CA 92112-8458 Ph: 619-4912475 Guests: Tony Harris, Phil Jimenez, Patrick McDonnell, Linda Medley, Brian K. Vaughan Mar 9 - 11 Creation, Burbank, California Info: 217 S. Kenwood Street, Glendale, CA 91202 Ph: 818-409-0960 Mar 16 - 18 Wizard World Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California Info: 151 Wells Avenue, Congers, NY 10920 Ph: 954565- 6 58 8 ht tp:/ / www.wi zar d un iv er s e.c om / c o n v e n t i o n s / l a . c f m c o n v e n Guests: Christos Gage, Jeph Loeb, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Turner, Marv Wolfman Mar 24 San Jose Super Toy Show, San Jose, California Info: 532 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose, CA 95128 Ph: 4082 9 8 - 1 7 09 h t tp : // ww w . t im e t u n ne l t o ys . c om / toyshow.html

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Apr 5 - 8, 2007 AniZona 3, Phoenix, Arizona Info: PO Box 67641, Phoenix, AZ 85082 Apr 13 - 15 ConQuest SAC, Rancho Cordova, California Info: 2510F Las Posas Rd., Camarillo, CA 93010 Ph: 805-2189590 Apr 13 - 15 Creation, Burbank, California Info: 217 S. Kenwood Street, Glendale, CA 91202 Ph: 818-409-0960 http:// Apr 21 - 22 Alternative Press Expo, San Francisco, California Info: PO Box 128458, San Diego, CA 92112-8458 Ph: 619491-2475 Guests: Kevin Huizenga, Hope Larson, Francoise Mouly, Bryan Lee O'Malley, art spiegelman, Gene Yang Apr 27 - 28 Hollywood Collectors Show, Burbank, California Info: PO Box 5040, Spring Hill, Florida 34611 Ph: 352-6835110 May 4 - 5, 2007 CaliFur, Costa Mesa, California Info: PO Box 1958, Garden Grove, CA, 92842-1958 Ph: 714-516-8143 http:// May 11 - 13 LepreCon 33, Phoenix, Arizona Info: PO Box 26665, Tempe, AZ 85285 Ph: 480-945-6890 http:// Guests: Jael, Karen Traviss May 18 - 20 Creation, Burbank, California Info: 217 S. Kenwood Street, Glendale, CA 91202 Ph: 818-409-0960 http:// May 24 - 28 Star Wars Celebration IV, Los Angeles, California Info: 120 Lakeside Ave, #100, Seattle, WA 98122 Ph: 206957-3976 May 25 - 27 BayCon, San Mateo, California Info: PO Box 610427, San Jose, Ca. 95161-0427 Ph: 408-450-1788 http:// Guests: Alan Dean Foster, Diana L. Paxson, Linda VonBraskat-Crowe, Seanan McGuire May 25 - 28 FanimeCon, San Jose, California Info: 798 Auzerais Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126

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Page 31 Guests: Hiroyuki Yamaga May 25 - 28 KublaCon, Burlingame, California Info: PO Box 170436, San Francisco, CA 94117 Ph: 877-6262337 Guests: Darrin Watts, Dana Lombardy, Charles Sharp, Guido Teuber, Dungeon Majesty, Keith Baker, Aldie and Derk, Jamie Chambers, Matthew Sprange, Eric Roof, James Ernest, Andy Chambers, Simon Mackenzie May 25 - 28 Strategicon, Los Angeles, California Info: PO Box 92103, Long Beach, CA 90809 Ph: 562-425-1436 Jun 14 - 17, 2007 Phoenix ConGames, Phoenix, Arizona Info: PO Box 8829, Scottsdale, Arizona 85252 Ph: 480-8359102 main.asp Info@ConEvents.Com Jun 29 - Jul 2 Anime Expo, Long Beach, California Info: 1733 S. Douglass Road, Suite G, Anaheim, CA 92806 Ph: 714-937-2994 Jun 29 - Jul 1 PolyCon XXV, San Luis Obispo, California Info: University Union Box 168, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 Ph: 805-541-3665 Subspace Communicator

Jul 6 - 9, 2007 Westercon 60 (Gnomeward Bound), San Jose, California Info: 1757 Peartree Lane, Mountain View, CA 94040 Guests: Tad Williams, Theresa Mather, Christian McGuire Jul 20 - 21 Hollywood Collectors Show, Burbank, California Info: PO Box 5040, Spring Hill, Florida 34611 Ph: 352-683-5110 Jul 26 - 29 Comic-Con International, San Diego, California Info: PO Box 128458, San Diego, CA 92112-8458 Ph: 619-491-2475 Jul 27 - 29 Con-x-treme, San Jose, California Info: 4061 E. Castro Valley Blvd #315, Castro Valley, Ca 94552 Ph: 510-4278810 Aug 3 - 5, 2007 Costume College, Van Nuys, California Info: 2148 S. Fremont Ave. Box 24, Alhambra, CA 91803 http:// Aug 3 - 6 Mythcon XXXVIII, Berkeley, California Info: 2231 10th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 mythcon38.html Guests: Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman Aug 9 - 12 Creation, Las Vegas, Nevada Info: 217 S. Kenwood Street, Glendale, CA 91202 Ph: 818-409-0960 http:// Aug 17 - 19 ConChord 20, Woodland Hills, California Info: PO Box 61172, Pasadena, CA 91116 Guests: Tanya Huff, Andrea Dale, Tom Digby Aug 31 - Sep 3 Strategicon, Los Angeles, California Info: PO Box 92103, Long Beach, CA 90809 Ph: 562-425-1436 http:// Sep 7 - 9, 2007 CopperCon 27, Phoenix, Arizona Info: PO Box 62613, Phoenix, AZ 85082 Guests: Charlaine Harris Sep 13 - 15 NCIS Fan Fest, Van Nuys, California Info: PO Box 10424, Columbus, OH 43201 Benefits: Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and Operation Gratitude Sep 28 - 30 Conjecture, San Diego, California Info: PO Box 927388, San Diego, CA 92192-7388 Guests: Larry Niven

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Sep 28 - 30 Creation, Sacramento, California Info: 217 S. Kenwood Street, Glendale, CA 91202 Ph: 818-409-0960 Sep 28 - 30 Otaku University Anime Conference, Mesa, Arizona Info: 1624 E Monterey St, Chandler, AZ 85225 Ph: 48 0- 6 20- 2 5 94 ht tp : // ww w. ot ak u uc o nf . or g Oct 5 - 7, 2007 Ani-Magic, Lancaster, California Info: PO Box 221, Lancaster, CA 93584 Guests: June Foray, Vic Mignogna, Kyle Hebert, Michael Dobson, Spike Spencer Oct 5 - 6 Hollywood Collectors Show, Burbank, California Info: PO Box 5040, Spring Hill, Florida 34611 Ph: 352683-5110 Oct 5 - 7 SiliCon 2007, San Jose, California Info: 1009 E. Capitol Expressway #415, San Jose, California 951212415 Guests: Barbara Hambly, Steve Englehart, Molly Kiely, Jim Mahfood, Lela Dowling, Greg Lamberson, Josh Fialkov, Mark Bode Nov 2, 2007 Creation, Burbank, California Info: 217 S. Kenwood Street, Glendale, CA 91202 Ph: 818-409-0960 Nov 16 Creation, Burbank, California Info: 217 S. Kenwood Street, Glendale, CA 91202 Ph: 818-409-0960 http:// Nov 23 - 25 LosCon 34: The Dig, Los Angeles, California Info: 11513 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 Ph: 818760-9234 Guests: Robert J. Sawyer, Theresa Mather, David West Reynolds, Dr. James Robinson Dec 1 - 6, 2007 Browncoat Cruise, San Diego, California Info: c/o Jeremy Neish, 2220 S. Alaska Ave, Provo, UT 84606 http:// Guests: The Bedlam Bards Feb 15 - 16, 2008 Hollywood Collectors Show, Burbank, California Info: PO Box 5040, Spring Hill, Florida 34611 Ph: 352-6835110

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Mar 25, 07 = CQ #140 May 25, 07 = CQ #141 Jul 25, 07 = CQ #142 Sep 25, 07 = CQ #143 Nov 25, 07 = CQ #144 Convention attendees: When calling conventions for information, don’t call collect and don’t call too late in the evening (many organizers list their home phone numbers). When writing for information, it’s frequently a good idea to include a self-addressed stamped envelope. A full world-wide listing can be viewed online at: Convention Organizers: Please send the event's name, dates, location, and contact information to Blair Learn at 11604 King’s Arrow CT, Germantown, MD 20876 or to Please allow a minimum of three months time between your submission and the convention’s date. Thank you to everyone who's contributed information to the list, including: James Jackson, Larry White, Violet Paille, Susan Gleason, Nat Saenz, Gilder Anne McCarroll, Jeremy Neish, Nick Winks, Alex Geairns, Todd Carlton, Lauren Sefchik, MJ Coates, John Payne, Larry Wooters, Matt McIntosh, Chris Jackson, Myra Lochner, Felix Diaz, Eric Malloy, Robyn A. Winans, Paul Maiellaro and Laura Inglis

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Are you new to STARFLEET and not yet decided on a chapter or a returning member looking for something different? Then the USS PeaceKeeper may just be the home for you. We are a Correspondence Chapter in Region 4, seeking new members. As a Correspondence Chapter we stay in contact with our members via a yahoo group list as well as regular emails. We also have an IRC chat room and an electronic quarterly newsletter. If you would like to join our merry little group or have questions, contact Capt. James Coulter at or Please put “New Member Info� in the subject line. For more information visit our web site at

Join the Region 4 m^iling list! Gener^l inform^tion ^bout the m^iling list c^n be found ^t:

Get your hands on the latest in Region 4 Merchandise by logging onto http//

STARFLEET International Conference 2007 STARFLEET's Largest Annual Gathering August 10th thru 12th Denver, Colorado Subspace Communicator

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Page 34 STARFLEET Shirts Starfleet has a huge variety of shirts and types to offer. For order forms or the complete SFQM catalog showing all the items the quartermaster has to offer go to or e-mail the QM at

Polo shirts are available in sizes from Small to 4XL in colors of maroon, gold, dark blue, black, purple and teal. A few shirts in white & light blue are available, but please e-mail to confirm availability of size and color before ordering. The Starfleet logo is embroidered in the front upper left .

Denim shirts are available in sizes from Small to 4XL in long or short sleeve and denim blue in color. The Starfleet logo is embroidered in the front upper left.

Starfleet T-shirts and Starfleet Academy T-shirts are available in sizes Small to 3XL as shown.

As of March 1, the prices on all Starfleet polo shirts from size 2XL up will be reduced to $22.

Rules of Acquisition #16 - A deal is a deal Subspace Communicator

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The International STAR TREK Fan Association, Inc. Visit STARFLEET on the World Wide Web at: STARFLEET is the fan organization with something for everyone. Members the world over are united in appreciation of the human adventure of STAR TREK. Hundreds of chapters spread around the planet link members into local fandom and the central organization. Annual membership in STARFLEET begins with a package containing a membership card, membership certificate, handbook, and a listing of chapters throughout the world, including the one nearest you! The membership handbook will introduce you to STARFLEET’s unique infrastructure that offers two membership options. One allows you to be an Associate Member with no obligation other than receiving membership materials and magazines. The other option provides a more futuristic atmosphere for those fans intrigued by the fleet structure within the STAR TREK universe. After receiving the membership package, a new member will have the opportunity to sign aboard the starship (chapter) of their choice, hold a fictional rank and position and take part in the chapter’s STAR TREK related activities and community service projects. Another element of your STARFLEET membership is your subscription to six issues of the Communiqué, our bi-monthly magazine. The Communiqué contains current information on STARFLEET operations and chapter activities, list of upcoming conventions, news and information on STAR TREK media and articles on the space program in related areas. To Join STARFLEET, simply complete this form and mail it with your check or Money Order (in U.S. funds  New Membership payable to STARFLEET) to:  Renewal - SCC#____________ STARFLEET MEMBERSHIP PROCESSING P.O. Box 94288 Lubbock, TX 79493-4288 Please assign me Starship Duty with: ATTN: Membership Processing Retain a copy of your cancelled check or Money  USS ______________, NCC-________ Order receipt for your records. In 6-8 weeks you’ll receive your membership package and the adventure  I prefer to choose my Chapter later. will begin. Welcome aboard!

# of Members: Individual Family of Two: Family of Three: Family of Four: Family of Five: Family of Six:

US Residents  $15  $22  $25  $28  $31  $34

Canada Residents  $16  $23  $26  $29  $32  $35





International Residents  $20  $27  $30  $33  $36  $39

EXP. DATE: EMAIL: STARFLEET accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit Cards. Please indicate your card here:

This space for family information only (Attach additional sheet if necessary)

Additional Names

SCC# (Renewals)

I want to donate $1.00 to the STARFLEET Scholarship Fund for:  LeVar Burton  James Doohan

 DeForest Kelley  Gene Roddenberry

Internet Access

New Members

Date of Birth

My Total Scholarship donations enclosed: $ _____

 Armin Shimerman  Marina Sirtis

 Patrick Stewart  George Takei Renewing Members

 Space Explorers  Law & Order

Updates at Revised: 05-06-05. Revised: 10-21-06 for R4 Subspace Communicator

Subspace Communicator

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For a bid it could be yours USS Angeles at Vasquez Rocks away mission to assist a Canadian film crew making a documentary about ST:TNG F Row: CRM Paul Lester, ENS Goldie Frankel B Row: FCPT Unicorn, LT Gloria Rodriquez, RADM Jennifer Cole, COMM Jon Lane, COMM Janice Willcocks, CRM Albert Cromedy, and ENS Max Cervantes.

ENS Virginia (T'Vin) Wilson with guest Luis & LCDR Jackie Bundy with auction items at the meeting.

Find the Trekker Angeles crew with David R. George III and his wife Karen. Pictured to the right are Daryl and Jennifer Curtis from Nemesis Station in Bakersfield.

Subspace Communicator

Canadian film crew Daniel - director; Andrew - camera man; Joe - sound technician; & Elio - production assistant. ENS Cervantes in background

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Subspace Communicator (Volume 18, Issue 2)  

The March/April 2007 edition of the Subspace Communicator. Editor-in-Chief: FCAPT J. Unicorn Escobedo.

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