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Region 22 Quartet Contest Summary Mic testers 2012 champions Region 22. Premiere Crosstown Harmony, Fox Valley, CAL Colleen Matt, Nancy Charles, Brenda Krueger, Brenda Follensbee 1) Bye Baby Medley 2) Time After Time Costume. Deep pink jackets, black pants and shells, silver shoes and jewelry Will miss hearing this quartet Cool handoff of post from tenor to bass 1. Con Brio Red Cedar Sounds Norene Lueck, Dawn Roberts, Pat Eggert, Kathy Tape 1) Have You Ever Been Lonely 2) Keep Your Sunny Side Up; comedic moment when all hugged, including one in a wheelchair Costume. Black pants with black, pink, and red? Sparkly tops 2. Loose Change River City Sound Renee O'Dell, Kathy Blosser, Deborah Bauch, Denise Gorski 1) I'm Sitting On Top of the World 2) All Dresse Up With a Broken Heart. Nice softs in this song. Costume. Black pants, purple sparkly, sequined, ruffle jackets. Fitted. Very pretty. 3. By Request Yahara River Angie Williams, Marie Grafwallner-Huseth, Jennifer Johnson, Jane Richard 1) Never Too Late to Fall in Love. Some cute movements accompanying this performance. 2) The Street Where You Live. This is June Berg's yummy arrangement, sung by Marie's rich lead voice. Costume. Black pants, red individualized jackets with black embroidery 4. Vocal Union Sound of Madison Dawn Ashley, Nancy Pike, Karen Hundley, Lesley Mylrea 1) Mary You're a Little Bit Old Fashioned. This is a song sung many times at contest by Sound of Madison chorus. 2) Bye Baby Medley parody, alluding to the end of Region 22. We'll be sad, oh so blue. We will miss you, Twenty-Two. Costume. Each one is wearing a different past chorus costume, with Miss America-type white Sash with the year written on it. 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011 5. DreamRide Center Point, Yahara River, CAL 22 Kathleen Harris, Joanne Gauthier, Molly Heimerdinger, Andrea Cool 1) Never Say Never. Some cute moves from this younger quartet. Clear tenor post. 2) Once Upon a Time. Unrushed bass swipe at end. Costume. Beautiful sleeveless knee-length dresses, red and black brocade heels. Sparkly bracelets on outside wrists

6. Epix Milwaukee Showcase, Crosstown Harmony, CAL 22 Rochelle Hackman, Michelle Brantman, Cricky Dietrich, Cathie Zimmerman 1) Bill Bailey. Amazing tenor post by Rochelle and bass swipes by Cathie 2) Lover Come Back to Me. Musically beautiful rendition of this song by these seasoned Sweet Adelines. Costume black pantsuits, royal blue sparkly tanks and heels - yes sparkly blue heels. Matching blue cut glass jewelry 7. Charisma! Yahara River Jody Johnson, Deanna Grade, April Luedtke, Joan Rettig 1) Roses in Picardy 2) I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine Stepping Out With My Baby Tonight. Lively presentation of this uptune. Costume. VERY sparkly black and hot pink tunics over black pants 8. Vocalicious Fox Valley Darla Hackel, Brenna Kempf, Carol Christiansen, Karen Newhouse 1) Zing Went the Strings of My Heart 2) If I Give My Heart to You. Spunky little kick on exit. Costume. Black and silver long tunic over black leggings. Black flowing jackets over all. Black and silver open heels. INTERMISSION 9. Malarkey Crosstown Harmony Karen Wysocky, Kari Midtbo Schwartz, Ilse Bartkowski, Mary (MJ) Mortillaro 1) Drivin Me Crazy. From the quartet that brought us Joe Liles' I Can't Recall His Name last year -. A fool that's drivin me, I'm goin insane, when a man is full of malarkey... Find that man! This quartet can't resist a funny line. 2) Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone. MJ: "I'm so gone" Costume. Orange jackets with silver trim over black pants. 10. Plezant Company Cedar Harmony Jo Wyatt, Paula Steimel, Patti Blockhus, Shirley Riggle 1) I Got Rhythm/Rhythm. Energetic performance. This quartet has found their Voice! 2) That Old Quartet of Mine Another spunky exit. Costume. Sparkly palazzo black pants, red sparkly tops 11. 4Kicks Spirit of the Lakes, Riverport Jo Coehoorn, June Berg, Susan Musgrave, Carolyn Perrine WITHDRAWN 12. Chord-on-Blue Crosstown Harmony Carolyn Senzig, Sally Fritzch, Gayle Newton, Bonnie Senkowski 1) Someone to Watch Over Me

2) Ain't We Got Fun? There is no iPhone... Some cute moves (was Renee involved?) Costume. Blue twinset style top over black pants. 13. Whistle Junction CAL 3, CAL 22, Spirit of the Lakes Joan Albrecht, Elly Palmer, Susan Neuls, Dona Button 1) This Ocean's Jumpin. We could be as we've been taught, served up with melted butter. 2) Will It Be Me This Time? We know we're great but not on a plate..... Looks like we're really screwed.. Will I be fricassee. ...let it be she (Diane Porsch) No way could I capture all the funny lines. Look out Region 3 - here they come! Costume (highly anticipated). Red lobsters, with a feminine touch. 14. Noted CAL 22, Melodeers, CAL 3, Milwaukee Showcase Laurel Meyer, Rita Bertrand, Teri Junek, Marianne Tofte 1) The Land of Jazz. Great last chord! 2) Why Do You Love Me Only In My Dreams. Costume. Black knee length dresses with purplish patterned short jackets. 15. By the Book Riverport, CAL 22 Jamie Ellingstad, Dana Harvey, Lisa Mushel, Beth Malliet 1) Runnin Wild. I heard lots of chords ringing on this one. 2) Time After Time. Costume. Purple velvet tops, off one shoulder, with some individual variation. Silver belts with rhinestones. Black stretchy pants. 16. Cooler By the Lake Racine Chorus (formerly Opus 2000) Penny Johnson, Martha Colburn, Kristine Hincz, Linda Polcin 1) Someone to Watch Over Me. Solid performance by this novice quartet. 2) I'm Confessin That I Love You (Over Again) Costume. All black pants with silver bodice accents and silver jewelry. Performance by Premiere, outgoing champions Everything's Coming Up Roses Eyes Medley Fly Me to the Moon 5th. 490. Charisma! 4th. 510. Malarkey 3rd. 515. Noted 2nd. 545 By Request 1st. 606 Epix

Region 22 Chorus Contest Summary 1. Sound of Madison, Eval only. 18 plus D Madison, WI Nancy Pike 1) I'm Getting Married in the Morning. Audience participation 2) Just a Song At Twilight Costume. Sparkly tunics in easter egg colorsover black pants 2. Center Point. 17 plus D, 18 plus D Stevens Point, WI Kathleen and Roger Harris 1) I'm All Alone 2) You Gotta Know How to Love Em Costume. Red diagonal sparkly tunics over black pants. 3. Westosha Lakes. 18 plus D Antioch, IL Nancy Kiddoo 1) This Is My Night 2) Give Em the Old Razzle Dazzle Costume. Black and red flapper-style tunics over hlack pants. 4. Cedar Harmony. 30? Plus D Cedar Falls, IA Carol Anhalt 1) A Change in the Weather/so Long Dearie Medley 2) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Clever song choices! Costume. Dazzling orange-patterned tunics over black pants 5. Riverport. 36 plus D, 37 Bristol, WI June Berg, Certified Director 1) Broadway Baby 2) The Street Where You Live Costume. Blue the-dye 6. Milwaukee Showcase. 29 plus D Milwaukee, WI Frank Marzocco, Certified Director 1) Once Upon a Time 2) I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Stepping Out With My Baby Medley Costume. Purple and black glitter top brocade effect over black pants 7. Yahara River. 35 plus D, 36 Madison, WI Jennifer Johnson 1) I Can't Begin to Tell You 2) I Told the Moon Costume. Aqua and black tunic over black pants, pink pouffy accents on wrists and as corsage

8. Heart O Wisconsin 23 plus Ds, 24 plus D Marshfield, WI Mary Castner and Cathy Heuer 1) Side By Side 2) Where Is Your Heart Costume two piece glittery dresses, uneven hem. INTERMISSION 9. Red Cedar Sounds. 16 plus D Colfax, WI Dawn Roberts 1) A Change In the Weather/Who's Sorry Now 2) If You Love Me Really Love Me Costume. All over red with silver accents 10. Spirit of the Lakes 24 plus D, 23plus d Lake Geneva, WI Kay and Joe Liles, Certified Directors 1) Chordbusters March 2) Drivin Me Crazy Costume. Long red tunic vests over black 11. Cedar Sounds. 15 plus D Cedar Rapids, IA Marilyn Fairchild 1) Laughing On the Outside, Crying On the Inside 2) Get Happy! Costume. Black and silver sparkly tunics over black pants 12. Racine. 18 plus D Racine, WI Jarmela Speta 1) Where the Boys Are 2) Takin a Chance On Love Costume. Short blue vests over black 13. River City Sound. 44 plus D Rockford, IL Joan Boutilier, Master Director 1) My Buddy 2) Cry Baby Costume. Black with pink sparkly scarves and flared cuffs 14. Crosstown Harmony. 42 plus D West Allis, WI Lynda Keever, Interim Director 1) If I Give My Heart 2) Oh You Beautiful Doll Costume. Blue and aqua swirl tunic over blue pant

15. Fox Valley, Eval Only. 29 plus D, 30 Neenah, WI Heather Johnston, Master Director 1) At Last 2) I'm Getting Married in the Morning Costume. Green very sparkly dresses Yahara River Chorus Harmony Classic package for Hawaii Fox Valley Chorus Hawaii send off Most improved Racine. +45 Div A Small 3. Milwaukee Showcase 2. Spirit of the Lakes 1. Cedar Harmony Div AA Mid 3. Yahara River 2. Crosstown Harmony 1. River City Sound Overall 5. 552. Cedar Harmony 4. 559. Riverport 3. 577 Yahara River 2. 611 Crosstown Harmony 1. 640. River City Sound

Region 22 Contest Summary  

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